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CONTENTS Contents.........................................................................................................................1 Membership details .......................................................................................................2 Officers and Committee of the MCLRC..........................................................................3 Chairman’s Report .........................................................................................................4 MCLRC Shop...................................................................................................................5 Editorial...................................................................................................................... 6-7 Obituaries.......................................................................................................................8 Membership Information & Subscriptions....................................................................9 Treasurer’s Report .......................................................................................................10 Accounts/Balance Year ending Dec. 2019............................................................. 11-12 Puppy Register & Advice for the Puppy Buyer...................................................... 14-15 Lab Rescue SE & Central Annual Report............................................................... 16-17 Labrador Rescue Contacts & Coordinators.................................................................18 MCLRC January Open Show 2020 Report and Photos......................................... 20-32 Field Trials Report ................................................................................................. 34-37 ‘Mini’ Show Days .................................................................................................... 38-41 Jack Vanderwyk’s article on Dilutes ..................................................................... 42-44 Runners-up of the online photo competition.............................................................45 Winners of the online photo competition ............................................................ 46-47 Schedule of 2021 Championship Shows .............................................................. 48-49


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THE MIDLAND COUNTIES LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB Patron: His Grace The Duke of Rutland Hon. Life Members: Mrs G. M. Benson, Mr C. Chase, Mr F. Gawthorpe, Mrs M. Gawthorpe, Mrs J. M. Hayes, Mrs S. A. Hill, Mr A. C. Ireland, Mrs M. Jewitt, Mr N. McCorquadale, Mr R. Parker, Mr A. Saul President: Mrs. J. M. Hayes Chairman: Mrs M. Hopkinson Vice Chairman: Mrs C. Bailiss Hon Secretary: Mrs Julia Lewis, 98 Lower Town End Road, Wooldale, Holmfirth,West Yorkshire HD9 1QD. Tel: 07774 244051 Email: jlewisuk@aol.com Hon Treasurer: Mrs Penny Smith, 8 Rayls Rise, Todwick, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S26 1HY. Tel: 07939 550261 Email: pennyteasdale@hotmail.com Field Trial Secretary: Mrs Paula Gravett, 2 Guildway Close, Bonby, North Lincs., DN20 0QT. Tel: 01652 618234 Email: sykes_paula@yahoo.co.uk Editor of Yearbook: Mrs Jenny Dobson, 88 Church Lane, Bessacarr, Doncaster, South Yorks. DN4 6QD. Tel: 07887 840723 Email: jredobson@hotmail.com Membership Secretary: Mrs Sharon Lambert, 69 Haddon Street, Tibshelf, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 5QB. Tel: 01773 590343 Email: midlandcountieslrc@gmail.com Show Secretary: Mr Ryan Ennis-Holden, Ravenscroft, Liverpool Old Road, Much Hoole, Lancs. PR4 5JU. Tel: 01772 384725/07984 150977 Email: mariank-labradors@hotmail.co.uk Hon. Auditor: Mr Ian Walters

Bankers: Lloyds TSB

GENERAL COMMITTEE (2019/20) Resign 2020: Miss L. Finney, Mrs G. Flockton, Miss M. Smith, Mrs E. Young, Mr H. Young Resign 2021: Miss S. Bean, Mr D. Hopkinson, Mr M. Reynolds, Miss C. Rowe, Mrs S. Thorpe Resign 2022: Mrs E. Grummitt, Miss N. Hutchinson, Mrs L. Lesley, Mr M. Neachell, Mr N. Woodburn Field Trial Sub Committee (2019/20) Paula Gravett, Paul Sykes, Cliff Chase, Joan Hayes, Sue Hill, Emma Sanderson, Deborah Green, Jim Christon, Chris Busse, Margaret Jewitt, Chris Green 3

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT 2020 Dear Member — what a year this has turned out to be — one like no other, and hopefully, no other like it to come again! However, your club has been very proactive since the first open show, which we all enjoyed at the Speedwell Rooms. Mrs. Butler-Holly was our judge on the day, and she drew a lovely entry, the day was so relaxed, and everyone enjoyed the excellent catering, stewards were super as ever, our trophy table was gleaming, raffle was teaming, food was superb as ever – Big thank you to all our hard-working committee—pictures of the principal winners are in the yearbook. WELL, the bombshell hit us all just before Crufts, which managed to ‘go ahead’ by the skin of its teeth!! So with lockdown in place, we lost both our championship show and our September open show, and also our annual puppy fun day. However, as soon as the restrictions allowed, we DID have two super days at Wellfield House – our mini fun, socially distanced shows, with some new and upcoming judges officiating were just great… we had classes for baby puppies, bigger puppies, graduates, opens and veterans, so it was just the ‘good day out’ that everyone needed. We were also pleased to present Mervyn and Carol Reynolds with a super acer tree and planter in recognition of their outstanding contribution to this Club over many years – see photos in the book.

Your Field Trial Secretary and committee have also been doing a fantastic job, although they lost the working tests due to lockdown, they did manage to get two trials off the mark – some super photos and descriptions of the days further in the book. It’s never ever been easy to run the tests and trials but Paula and Paul have pulled it off in great style. In December we had an online photograph competition with 7 categories and 7 judges — the last day in January was the cut off for entry and beginning of February we will see the results of the winners in each class - you will be able to see all the results of this in the 2021 yearbook – It was so well received. it may well become an annual favourite. I will make a brief reference to the very many puppies that have been bred during lockdown, where prices have been drastically inflated to an almost obscene level – It’s pretty worrying that our lovely breed is now being so horribly commercialised – we will see how long it lasts and where these puppies end up – I think the rescues will no doubt be very busy post lockdown, that’s the sad bit. We will continue to keep this great club doing what it does best – everything it can for the members. Take great care, stay safe and well. Marion Hopkinson, Chair

Chairmen of Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club 1946 – 1985 Mr H. I. P. Taylor 1990 – 2010 Mr F. Whitbread 1985 – 1990 Mr N. D. Robinson 2010 – present Mrs M. Hopkinson Secretaries Terms of Office 1947 - 1956 – Mrs H Taylor 1991 - 1999 – Mrs Sue Hill 1956 - 1973 – Mrs Jessie Taylor 1999 - 2005 – Mrs Jean Allen 1973 - 1991 – Mr Frank Whitbread 2005 - present – Mrs Julia K. Lewis 4

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Well, what can one say about 2020! I think it’s probably safe to assume most of us are glad that 2020 is finally over, and when writing my editorial this time last year, I certainly could never have imagined the sort of year we have just lived through. Committee decided that, as it was very unlikely that people would be submitting kennel reviews this year, the printing and distribution costs of producing an actual printed copy of the yearbook would be prohibitively expensive for the Club, we would therefore produce a review of the year/ newsletter in the form of a “mini” online yearbook, which will be available on the Club’s website (www.mclrc.net ) for members to access. Sadly, 2020 saw the passing of two long standing members of M.C.L.R.C., Les Brabban (Cambremer Labradors) and Catherine Hadwen (Beltarn Labradors). Obituaries appear in the yearbook, courtesy of Ann Britton, who has also reproduced Richard Edward’s account of the Cambremer Labradors in her Our Dogs Breed Notes on 27th. November and 4th. December 2020. Our sincere condolences are sent to their families and friends. Dog shows and virtually all other canine events came to a halt shortly after Crufts in March. M.C.L.R.C. lost both the Championship show (including the later re-scheduled show) and the September Open Show, while the working side lost all their working tests, and a few trials, including the 2 day Open. We also had to cancel the A.G.M., the Puppy Fun Day and a further planned Judges’ Seminar Day. However, the January Open Show was able to go ahead prior to the first lockdown, and the working/field trial side managed to run a couple of Novice trials in October, and photos and reports of each of these events appear in the book. We did manage to hold, as soon as the first lockdown was lifted, a couple of socially distanced committee meetings and in conjunction with these, a couple of informal “mini shows”. These took place, thanks to the hospitality of Michael and Judi Neachell, who also kindly took the photographs, at Wellfield House and were well appreciated by all those who attended. We were blessed with excellent weather and it was great to be able to meet up with friends again, as can be seen from the photo montage of these mini shows, which appears in the yearbook. At the second of these shows, committee made a presentation to Mervyn and Carol Reynolds to thank them for all that they have done for the Club over many years; again, there is a photo in the yearbook. At the end of September, the Kennel Club launched its new website, which has turned out to be something of a disaster and has caused lots of issues for those attempting to register puppies, and many people had information missing from their accounts. In addition to these problems, it was a shock to see that the first colour option for those registering Labrador litters online was silver! Consequently, I have re-published an article that the late Jack Vanderwyk kindly wrote for the M.C.L.R.C. 6

2015 Yearbook. His excellent article is still truly relevant today. Throughout December and January, the Club has been running an online photo competition via our facebook page. This has attracted a huge number of entries for the 7 categories, with some excellent photos, which were a pleasure to see, particularly after the rather bleak year. The judging has now just been completed and the winning entry in each group has been reproduced in the yearbook. Congratulations to the winners. We are now still in the middle of a lockdown (mid February) and many of the shows which should have gone ahead early in this year are now attempting to re-schedule for later on. Consequently, the list of championship shows in the yearbook, whilst correct to date, is constantly being revised. It is hoped that our own open show which should have gone ahead in January can be re-scheduled, and similarly, the championship show, originally planned for April. As the vaccination program is currently getting rolled out, hopefully it will not be too long before we can resume some of our schedule of events for this coming year. In the meantime, committee will endeavour to plan and arrange events for our members, details of which will be posted on the Club’s website and facebook page as soon as is possible. I do hope to be able see you all back enjoying the hobby we share before too long, and that the M.C.L.R.C. Yearbook will be back again as usual next year. Take care, Jenny Dobson (Editor M.C.L.R.C. Yearbook)


OBITUARIES Les Brabban - Cambremer Labradors

Those of us who have been showing a long time will be very sorry to hear that Les Brabban of the Cambremer Labradors has passed away. A friend to us all, the kindest of men, polite, charming, never loud, or big-headed, just a thoroughly decent man, who with his wife, Joyce, bred, reared, and showed some of the best Labradors that judges and exhibitors could ever wish to see. Les’ dogs were often benched next to mine at shows, and a memory I shall always retain was Les, whilst waiting for his classes at shows, would sit on an empty bench, oblivious of what was going on in the dog show ring, quietly studying horse racing form in the newspaper. I think he was quite successful with his wagers. When the time came to show his dogs, he did so very gently, with no fuss or fidgeting, just calm and gentle… the dogs adored him. The Cambremer kennel was built up by Les and his wife, Joyce over many years, the lines were used successfully by top kennels throughout the show Labrador world. Les and Joyce both judged the breed and had many friends throughout the Labrador world. Richard Edwards has written about the Cambremer kennel and the stock sired for other kennels in minute detail in his book “The Show Labrador Retriever in Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1945 - 1995”, and he has kindly allowed me to reproduce his account of the Cambremer Labradors in my Our Dogs Breed Notes of the 27th. November and 4th. December 2020. Wonderful people, lovely dogs. I understand that Les had not enjoyed the best of health for a while. Our sincere heartfelt condolences go to Joyce and their sons. Ann Britton

Catherine Hadwen - Beltarn Labradors

Over Christmas sad news came from Anne Johnson, of the passing of Catherine Hadwen, Beltarn Labradors. She was a breeder of excellent Labradors and a longstanding member of Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club. Catherine was the school nurse/matron of Repton School for many years, and on her retirement, she moved from the Midlands back to her home near Swansea. Although asthmatic and suffering with breathing problems for a long time, it was a brain tumour which finally took her in the end. Catherine’s best known Labrador was the champion black dog, Sh. Ch. Beltarn Diuma of Newinn, who was owned and campaigned by Rosemary Hewitt (Newinn). Born in 1986, he was sired by Ch. Kupros Master Mariner out of Beltarn Princess Goda, a daughter of Newinn Natterjack. Diuma won 15 CCs, 8 RCCs and eight Best of Breeds, was Top Winning Labrador in 1988, including Best in Show at the Labrador Retriever Club’s championship show from a near 500 dog entry, under Erica Jayes and referee, Jo Coulton. He sired the black dog, Sh. Ch. Newinn Clint Black and black bitch, Sh. Ch. Newinn Greenfinch and her yellow sister, Newinn Goldfinch, who won 1 CC. Yet another page in our breed history has turned. Our condolences go to Catherine’s husband and family. Ann Britton 8

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As you can all see from the year’s accounts, 2019 left us in good stead to cope with the trials and tribulations that were to face us in 2020. Unlike some breed clubs, with lesser membership numbers we had a good surplus to withstand the year ahead. We are lucky to maintain such a loyal member base, who support our club, shows and field trails and a dedicated committee who work tirelessly to ensure we remain financially secure. When we look at the circulated balance sheets and accounts, we have to use the previous year, 2018, as a direct comparison. I would urge our committee and members to remember though, that 2018 was a ‘bumper’ year for the club. It seems a long time ago now but 2018 saw us hold our extra championship show in December, which had an excellent entry. Consequently 2018 shows a dramatically higher show income and gave us more surplus overall. If we look at 2017 as a more accurate comparison, we can see that the 2019 accounts fall in- line with the usual pattern with regards to income and expenditure. In fact, compared to 2017 and previous years we have made a greater surplus. Show income versus expenditure gave us a surplus of £1,590 and our FT section ended the year with a surplus of £1,709. Well done to everybody who works hard to ensure expenditure very rarely exceeds income at all of our events. We brought in additional income with the inclusion of two very successful education days, very well attended with a full capacity of students on both occasions. Another addition to the club calendar which served to not only benefit the breed and newer judges, but also gave a little extra income for our club. I like to close by saying a big thank you once again to the committee and membership. All the hard work, dedication and sheer generosity of the committee ensures the club continues to thrive, without making a large dent in expenditure. Our dedicated members continue their support year on year and enable us to continue a varied calendar of events. Thank you everybody. Penny Smith Hon. Treasurer, M.C.L.R.C.


2019 7075 3981 3800 8167 830 251 907 0 60 25071

11,180.90 30,157.14 0 1707 43,045.04

Total Income

Show Income Field Trial Income Year book Membership subs and joining fees Club Shop Sales Garden Party Education Days Misc Income Bank Interest

Cash in Bank- Classic Account (Dec 19) Cash in Bank- Saver (Dec 19) Cash in hand Club Shop Stock


13223 4221 4675 7922 1698 252 0 0 57 32048


29924 2018 2,124 44,114

24126 2019 945 41,338 Income over expenditure Surplus for year Total in Bank 31/12/19

1093 525 414 523

977 525 400 421

Printing & Stationary Crufts expenses Telephone costs Breed Council expenses

8193 1982 9739 1961 1404 45 43 150 2700 367 433 102 250


5485 2272 8184 1080 974 45 200 150 2250 367 440 106 250


Show Expenditure FT Expenditure Year Book costs & Postage General Postage Shop cost of sales KC Fees Sundry Subs & Donations OOP expenses Equipment Depreciation Insurance Room hire Accountancy fees

Total Expenditure

Income and Expediture Year Ending December 2019

Accounts 2019 Show Income



Donations Entry Fees Catalogue Sales Trade stands Raffles & Catering

146 5,665.45 405.5 30 828

468 10,953 260 30 1512




Show Expenditure



Prize Money Printing & Stationary Catering Venues Online fees Rosettes KC Fees Accomodation & Meals Sundry expenses Judges/Stewards Expenses Raffle prizes Postage Fuel/travel

550 758 170 2973 133 245 267 229 0 98 0 62 0

555 1278 468 4556 280 412 312 116 44 80 0 72 20






170 97 52 533 500 480 110 130 200

273 85 50 516 300 450 110 0 198



Field Trial Income



Field Trial Expenditure

Nominations & Entries Other Income

3981 0

4221 0




Judges Expenses/gifts Prize Money Printing/Stationary Accomodation & Meals Gamekeepers Gratuities Ground & Birds KC Fees Rosettes Sundry Expenses (Beaters)


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below. Forms can be downloaded if required from our website www.mclrc. net or contact the Hon. Secretary/Puppy Register Co-ordinator, who will forward an application form. Potential owners are sent the register of puppies for sale including a very useful and informative ‘advice to the puppy buyer’ sheet. For further details please contact: Julia Lewis Mob. 07774 244051 Email: jlewisuk@aol.com 14

MIDLAND COUNTIES LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB ADVICE FOR THE PUPPY BUYER THE TEMPERAMENT IS MOST IMPORTANT. YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO SEE THE DAM ALONG WITH HER PUPPIES From the Breeder of your puppy, you should receive the following: 1. A signed Pedigree Form 2. A signed Kennel Club Registration Certificate 3. An understanding and agreement to any Kennel club endorsements 4. A Diet Sheet 5. An advice sheet on your puppy’s vaccination programme.(until the vaccination programme is completed, your puppy must not mix with other dogs) 6. Advice on training of your puppy 7. A Worming Form (showing the dates your puppy was wormed whilst with the Breeder) 8. A copy of both Sire & Dam’s Hip Score Certificate & Eye Test Certificate BUYERS SHOULD BE ESPECIALLY VIGILANT IN THESE TIMES OF COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS AND CURRENT VERY HIGH PUPPY DEMAND, AS THIS HAS RESULTED IN AN INCREASE OF UNSCRUPULOUS BREEDERS AND OF SCAMMERS PLEASE BE AWARE, THE CERTIFICATES WILL ONLY SHOW THE STATUS OF THE SIRE AND DAM, AND CANNOT BE TAKEN AS A GUARANTEE OF THE STATUS OF THE PUPPY You are strongly advised to have made an appointment with your vet, as soon as possible after the purchase of your puppy, for a health check. At the same time, you can discuss with him/her, the worming and vaccination programmes. Your puppy should already be identified by microchip. You are strongly advised to take out insurance for your puppy (usually the breeder will offer a temporary insurance package with your puppy). The buyer of a Labrador Retriever puppy or adult, should be aware of the possible diseases, both genetic and otherwise, to which the breed is prone. KC/BVA HIP SCORE CERTIFICATE Hip dysplasia is a term which encompasses several specific developmental and other abnormalities involving the hip joint. The lower the score, the less the degree of Hip Dysplasia. The score range is 0 - 106. The breed’s mean score is 15. KC/BVA EYE CERTIFICATE & ECVO (European Eye Certificate) These examinations are for several hereditary eye conditions. Certificates are valid for one year only. You are advised to check the date of the examination on the relevant certificate. KC/BVA HIP ELBOW DYSPLASIA SCHEME The lower the overall grade (graded on a scale of 0 - 3), the less the degree of elbow dysplasia (not all breeders participate in this scheme). 15

Registered charity No. 1059122

I suspect there are many of us beavering away with deadlines looming, November means the chairman is called upon to write a Christmas message for the supporters and volunteers of the charity as you can imagine ‘Thank you’ features frequently, the message from the chairman is then reproduced in our magazine and on the website. At the same time editors of club yearbooks are hoping that they will not have to spend the festive season frantically reminding contributors to pull their finger out and get writing. The charity covers a large chunk of England, well the South, East and much of the Central bit as the name suggests and Chris Bailliss (Tissalian Labradors) is the co-ordinator for much of the region covered by Midland Counties. The charity can assist with rehoming and may also be in a position to assist in emergency situations for example where people are unexpectedly taken ill or are facing financial difficulty with veterinary costs and if you are aware of anyone within our catchment who may benefit from the help of the charity please contact Chris in the first instance. In recent years the charity has found that owners are tending to rehome young, fit and healthy dogs by themselves using their own various social media outlets and only turning to the charity when there is urgency or health or behavioural issues or great age. This has resulted in far fewer dogs to rehome but each case tending to be far more complicated to place and far more expensive for the charity. We are not daunted and where we can help we will endeavour to do so and my uplifting story is Dolly who came to the charity as a young dog with a significant palate defect, conventional 16

Dolly is a beautiful affectionate advocate for a little bit of ‘wait and see’.

Dolly and her chums on the beach.

wisdom has tended towards euthanasia as they can struggle to suck effectively and subsequently there is a risk of aspiration and nasal infections but conventional wisdom is not always reliable and Dolly has lived a normal active life eating or probably wolfing down the large kibble of Royal Canin Labrador. I am not suggesting they will all do as well but without trying there is no way of knowing and Dolly is a beautiful affectionate advocate for a little bit of ‘wait and see’. The charity will continue our work as best we can through the months ahead within the restrictions laid down by the government. 2020 has been a difficult year for many and at the same time as wishing you and your dogs every health and happiness, I would ask you to also use your dogs as a way of reaching out to your family and friends who may be quietly struggling with all that has been going on, there is no better way to chat than on a walk with your dogs and no better excuse to meet up and catch up.

Richard Best Chairman


MCLRC SUPPORTED CHARITIES Labrador Rescue and Labrador Welfare LABRADOR RESCUE SOUTH EAST AND CENTRAL CO-ORDINATORS Area 1 COUNTIES SOUTH OF M4 Hants, Surrey, Sussex, Berks, Middx, Wilts & SW London Julie Hammond Tel. 01424 210846 julie@loveyourlabrador.co.uk Area 2 COUNTIES NORTH OF M4 Herts, Beds, Bucks part Northants, Cambs and NW London Barbara Wilkinson Tel. 01234 831854 barbara@loveyourlabrador.co.uk Jacky Garvey Tel. 07736 791899 jacky@loveyourlabrador.co.uk


6 7


2 1

Area 3 MIDLANDS inc. Birmingham, Stafford, part Warwicks, Shrops, Worcs Christine Bailiss Tel. 01455 821775 christine@loveyourlabrador.co.uk Area 4 Kent, S.E. London Steve and Margaret Waller Tel. 0208 310 6101 margaret-steve@loveyourlabrador.co.uk

Area 6 Norfolk, Lincolnshire Janet Andrews Tel. 01508 494388 janet@loveyourlabrador.co.uk

Area 5 Essex, Suffolk, N.E. London Vivienne Wheeler Tel. 01379 642622 vivienne@loveyourlabrador.co.uk

Area 7 Oxfordshire, part Gloucs. Fiona Miller Tel. 07977 884952 fiona@loveyourlabrador.co.uk

LABRADOR WELFARE June Roberts, Sheffield. Tel. 0114 266 1756 EAST MIDLANDS LABRADOR RESCUE Harry Cooke Tel. 0115 921 378





BEST IN SHOW Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society JW

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Metcalf’s Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale JW, BEL JNR CH 20


BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Hind’s Tawnybank Smooth ‘N’ Debonair 21


RESERVE BEST DOG IN SHOW Dawsons’ Beskerby Pageant

RESERVE BEST BITCH IN SHOW Hopkinson’s Rocheby Serenity 22


BEST BITCH PUPPY & RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Metcalfes’ Baileykin Barley Sugar for Baileydale

BEST CHOCOLATE IN SHOW Coodes’ Warringah’s Gulwarra JW 23


The Chairman and Judge



SUNDAY 12TH JANUARY 2020 Judge: Mrs Pat Butler-Holley Best In Show: Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society JW Reserve Best In Show: Metcalf’s Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale JW, Bel Jnr Ch Best Puppy In Show: Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff Could I take this opportunity to thank the Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club, my stewards for the day and all the exhibitors for today. It was a pleasure and much appreciated to receive good applause for all the classes. Thank you very much. And thank you for the wonderful gift, something I will treasure for a long time. MINOR PUPPY DOG (4) 1. Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff. A 9 month old black youngster, so very well balanced and everything in proportion. For me today he displayed everything that is required of a Labrador but in puppy form. Nothing exaggerated at all. Moved free covering ground well. Best Puppy Dog and delighted to award him BPIS. I look forward to watching him progress in the ring. 2. Metcalfes’ Bailykin Smartiepants for Baileydale. At just 6 months old presented a picture of balance, so very happy on the day. Unfortunate to meet winner today but again a very promising puppy. 3. Lesley’s Steeleigh Love Machine. PUPPY DOG (2) 1. Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff. A 9 month old black youngster, so very well balanced and everything in proportion. For me today he displayed everything that is required of a Labrador but in puppy form. Nothing exaggerated at all. Moved free covering ground well. Best Puppy Dog and delighted to award him BPIS. I look forward to watching him progress in the ring 2. Bailiss’ Tissalain Hi Chaperal. Loved his overall balance in body and head. Great shape moved well. Presented in great condition. JUNIOR DOG (5) 1. Dawsons’ Beskerby Pageant. In my opinion today the winner was more positive on the move which gave him the class. He is more finished at this moment in time. But I am sure these two will change places many times. RBD. 2. Hopkinsons’ Rocheby Old Timer. I love his overall outline and conformation. The best of heads and good clean neck and shoulders. As I have said the winner just had the edge on movement today. 3. Young’s Potterspiney Silas. 25

YEARLING DOG (4:1) 1. Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Grendadier JW. Love the overall balance of this young dog’s head, good clean neck, and good shoulder placement. Strong body but not overdone in anyway. He enjoyed his day out a little too much at times on the move but a lot to like about him. 2. Digweed’s Marlyford Valentino at Willokin. At first look around I liked this dog overall conformation and shape, however I preferred winner in head today. 3. Young’s Potterspiney Vanner. MAIDEN DOG (3) 1. Young’s Potterspiney Vanner. A little proud of his tail today which spoils the overall outline, but in overall body shape and conformation he won the class. 2. Perkin’s Carromer Tequlia by Keeninspires. Longer cast than I prefer, but he has a good head with kind expression, pleasing shoulders. Moved OK. 3. Konury’s Benrevic Peneven. NOVICE DOG (3) 1. Dawson’s Beskerby Pageant In my opinion today the winner was more positive on the move which gave him the class. He is more finished at this moment in time. But I am sure these two will change places many times. RBD. 2. Perkin’s Carromer Tequlia by Keeninspires Longer cast than I prefer, but he has a good head with kind expression, pleasing shoulders. Moved OK. 3. Ways’ Wynfaul Wind Talker. UNDERGRADUATE DOG (6) 1. Hopkinsons’ Rocheby Stockman. Loved his movement today, so free covering the ground well, moved true in front and rear, but in particular I liked viewing his profile movement. Good dog like his overall shape and size. 2. Hind’s Tawnybank Heroes ‘n’ Villains. A dog with a lot to like about him, so well balanced from his head to his tail. Moved well. 3. Ayres & Jacksons’ Hannabee To Hull n Back with Musubi. POST GRADUATE DOG (2:1) 1. O’dell and Bills’ Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box. He obviously enjoys eating and sadly possibly he enjoyed a few too many of the chocolates. However, his overall outline is good. Moved Ok. MID LIMIT DOG (2:1) 1. Perkin’s Keeninspires Houdini. Pleasing in body and in good overall condition. I am not sure if he enjoyed moving on the mat today. OPEN DOG (3) 1. Metcalf’s Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale JW Bel Jnr Ch. An impressive dog from all angles, loved his head and expression, good neck setting clean into good shoulders. Good width and depth of body, well sprung ribs, short couplings and very strong. I enjoyed watching his movement today. Delighted to award him Best Dog and RBIS. 2. Ayres’ Ramsayville Reflection of Musubi JW. Longer cast than winner but still a lot of things to like about him. Good head and expression, good shoulder angulation and moved well. 3. Young’s Potterspiney Richochet. 26

Veteran Dog (4:2) 1. Hind’s Tawnybank Smooth ‘N’ Debonair. Well up to size. Lots to like about him from his good strong body to his wonderful hindquarters which he certainly put to good use when on the move. Delighted to be able to award him best veteran later in the day. 2. Young’s Suttonpark Brogue. Would have liked to see him with a little less weight. Moved well, preferred winner today in overall balance. Special Working Dog /Bitch (1) 1. Coodes’ Warringah’s Gulwarra JW. This 4 year old bitch is certainly fit for function. She displays all the attributes of the breed, being strongly built, and short coupled. I loved her attitude; her expression displays so much intelligence in her eyes. Loved her. MINOR PUPPY BITCH (6:1) A wonderful class of puppies, all so happy and pleased to be with the handlers. Difficult decision to decide on a winner today but felt the 6month old just had the edge on overall structure. Best of luck everybody for the future. 1. Metcalfes’ Baileykin Barley Sugar for Baileydale. 2. Burrough’s Annakay Billy Jean. 3. Smith’s Rudidale Lucky Bug. PUPPY BITCH (8:1) 1. Hopkinsons’ Rocheby String of Pearls. Lovely bitch who oozed quality, love her head and expression so well balanced in all departments. 2. Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Class. So close up to winner today a little longer cast than winner, but she has a wonderful head and expression. I shall watch these two with interest as they develop over time. 3. Beecham’s Baileydale Rondo. JUNIOR BITCH (12:4) 1. Neachell’s Suttonpark Penny Farthing. So very feminine in all departments, loved her shape and overall quality, moved effortlessly around the ring. 2. Metcalfe’s Baileydale Mrs Tiggywinkle. Close up to winner today again displaying all the attributes of a Labrador, so well built. 3. Neals’ Amberstope Tullibardine. YEARLING BITCH (5:1) 1. Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society JW. Just loved this bitch in all departments, she shone from her head to her tail, looked every bit a Labrador. So very well constructed, so well balanced she couldn’t do anything else but move well. Delighted to award her BB and later in the day BIS. 2. Woodburn’s Centenalee Meadow Mint. I preferred the topline of the winner today, but lots to like about her. Good head and expression so well balanced. Moved ok. 3. Risorto’s Netherdene A Star is Born. MAIDEN BITCH (8:1) 1. Flocton’s Dylsonleigh A Touch of Pink. Good head and eye, not overdone so well balanced to her body. Strong topline which she held on the move. 2. Hopkinsons’ Good Evening Rocheby. I preferred this bitch when on the move, but she didn’t put her all into it when standing. I loved her head and the clean strong neck, flowing smoothly in to good shoulders. 3. Woodburn’s Centenalee Spring Time. 27

Novice Bitch (2:1) 1. Hopkinson’s Rocheby Serenity. Stood alone in a novice class, but what you see is what you get, a classy bitch, in my opinion. Loved her head, neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and well sprung ribs, and loved her quarters which she used on the move. Delighted to award her RBB and even more thrilled to see that she is out of a bitch I gave a group to a few years ago. Undergraduate Bitch (4:1) 1. Woodall’s Mattand A Million Dreams for Thirlmere. Pleasing bitch in all departments, good to go over. Moved well, true both fore and aft. 2. Bordacs & Glaisters’ Rudidale Hidden Secret. Substantial bitch, good expression and kind eye, strong body and good quarters. Moved OK. 3. Needham’s Danryl Brooklyn. POST GRADUATE BITCH (5:2) 1. Digweed’s Notonlyblack Eclipse of Moon at Willokin (IMP IT). Black bitch, for me personally, I felt her a little overdone in head, however really well balanced in all other departments. When on the move she certainly used her quarters to full advantage. 2. Kullesaid’s Centenalee Shining Light. Pleasing body, good overall shape and balance, moved soundly. MID LIMIT (7:2) 1. Reynolds’ Carromer Shimmering in Pink JW. The best of heads so well balanced and so pretty, she moved so well around the ring. 2. Young’s Potterspiney Angel Delight. Preferred winner in overall conformation and balance, however this bitch was handled to perfection by her young handler, showing empathy at all times. 3. Neal’s Amberstope Wynn Dixie. OPEN BITCH (6:4) 1. Reynolds’ Sh Ch Carromer Shimmering Satin. She presents a picture of overall strength while still remaining so very feminine all aspects, Deep chest and ribs, broad and strong over loin. Moved well in class sadly in the challenge she changed her mind! 2. Smith’s Rudidales Story Teller. Again a bitch with a lot to like about her, she moved so soundly and true, showing all aspects of the breed. VETERAN BITCH (3:2) 1. Kulleseid’s Sh Ch Centenalee Sparkling Snow. At 9 years young she shouted out breed type, she looked wonderful so well balanced moved with style. Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick)


MIDLAND COUNTIES LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB JANUARY OPEN SHOW CUP WINNERS 2020 12TH January 2020 – Judge Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick) TIBSHELF LABRADOR CHALLENGE CUP Best Exhibit in Show – presented by the late Mr. J. G. Severn Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society JW. KINLEY TROPHY Best Opposite Sex in Show – presented by Mr. F. G. Wrigley Metcalf’s Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale JW Bel Jnr Ch. SH. CH. RAYBOOTH SOCKS TROPHY Reserve Best in Show – presented by Mr. B. Lowe Metcalf’s Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale JW Bel Jnr Ch. STORMLEY CUP Best Puppy in Show – presented by Miss M. B. Booth Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff LONGLEY TROPHY Best Black Labrador in Show – presented by Mr. and Mrs. G. Kenningley Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff WOODBOROUGH CUP Best Yellow Labrador in Show – presented by Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hallam Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society JW. TIBSHELF CHOCOLATE CUP Best Chocolate Labrador in Show – presented by the late Mr. J. G. Severn Coodes’ Warringah’s Gulwarra JW. ROCHEBY HONESUCKLE AT MIRAMONTE TROPHY Best Veteran in Show – presented by Mrs. S. Hibbert Hind’s Tawnybank Smooth ‘N’ Debonair TANRONENS BLACK ROSE TROPHY Best Minor Puppy in Show – presented by Mrs. A. Deane Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff PETHERTON CUP Winner of Minor Puppy Dog Class – presented by Miss Golland Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff CH. LOUVIL OF TIBSHELF CHALLENGE CUP Winner of Puppy Dog Class – presented by the late Mr. J. G. Severn Coodes’ Warringah’s The Bluff


NETHERTON CUP Winner of Junior Dog Class – presented by Mr. and Mrs. B. Daly Dawsons’ Beskerby Pageant ROCHEBY ROYAL OAK TROPHY Winner of Yearling Dog Class – presented by Mr. and Mrs. D. Hopkinson Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Grendadier JW. MARFELL TROPHY Winner of Maiden Dog Class – presented by Mr. E. and Mrs. C. Margerrison Young’s Potterspiney Vanner ALKAMHURST CUP Winner of Novice Dog Class – presented by Mrs. M. Crocker-Williams Dawsons’ Beskerby Pageant SCARTHO TROPHY Winner of Undergraduate Dog Class – presented by Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hopkinsons’ Rocheby Stockman CARROMER TROPHY Winner of Post Graduate Dog – presented by Mr. and Mr. M. Reynolds O’dell and Bills’ Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box AMESLEAGH AWARD Winner of Mid Limit Dog Class – presented by Mr. and Mrs. L. Hepworth Perkin’s Keeninspires Houdini TEAZELDOWN TROPHY Winner of Open Dog Class – presented by Mrs. J. Bruce and Miss A. Johnson Metcalf’s Carromer Jack Flash to Baileydale JW Bel Jnr Ch. NAIKEN TROPHY Winner of Veteran Dog Class – presented by Mrs. J. Hodge Hind’s Tawnybank Smooth ‘N’ Debonair AMBERSTOPE TROPHY Winner of Special Graduate Dog/Bitch Class - presented by Mr. and Mrs. L. Neal (Not awarded – no entries) FOXRUSH TANKARD Winner of Minor Puppy Bitch Class – presented by Mrs. J. Charlton Metcalfes’ Baileykin Barley Sugar for Baileydale ROSBURN TROPHY Winner of Puppy Bitch Class – presented by Mr. and Mrs. B. Swaby Hopkinsons’ Rocheby String of Pearls LYNDHURST TROPHY Winner of Junior Bitch Class – presented by Mrs. I. L. Hurst Neachell’s Suttonpark Penny Farthing 30

ALLENIE TROPHY Winner of Yearling Bitch Class – presented by Mr. and Mrs. G. Allen Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Society JW. TISSALIAN TROPHY Winner of Maiden Bitch Class – presented by Mr. I. and Mrs. C. Bailiss Flocton’s Dylsonleigh A Touch of Pink CARMEN MIRANDA TROPHY Winner of Novice Bitch Class – presented by Mr. and Mrs. M. Reynolds Hopkinson’s Rocheby Serenity AMESLEAGH BOWL Winner of Undergraduate Bitch – presented by Mr. and Mrs. L. Hepworth Woodall’s Mattand A Million Dreams for Thirlmere POLLY’S PRIDE OF GENISVAL CUP Winner of Post Graduate Bitch Class – presented by Mrs. M. Coddington Digweed’s Notonlyblack Eclipse of Moon at Willokin (IMP IT) ROCKABEE AWARD Winner of Mid Limit Bitch – presented by Miss M. Thorp and Miss E. Walker Reynolds’ Carromer Shimmering in Pink JW. ROCKABEE CUP Winner of Open Bitch Class – presented by Miss M. Thorp and Miss E. Walker Reynolds’ Sh Ch Carromer Shimmering Satin BELTARN BROOK BOWL Winner of Veteran Bitch Class – presented by Mrs. C. Hadwen Kulleseid’s Sh Ch Centenalee Sparkling Snow



Plus, Best Puppy & Best Veteran where declared. BOSTON & DISTRICT CANINE SOCIETY (04.01.19) Mrs. Angela Williams (Foulby) McRory’s MILLROSEGLEN MAKE MY DAY AT MEADOVILLABS (3) Dog C.C. (Baileydale Blaze A Trail x Baileydale Naughty Alice of Millroseglen) Dog Res C.C. Hodge’s NAIKEN ELITE ENVOY (AI) JW, IR. JUN. CH. B.O.B. Bitch C.C. Woodley’s SH CH A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S YLVI AT ALKHAMHURST (10) (Ch Ger A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x CIB, Ch Ger, Ch NL, & Ch Lux Waterlines Selleria) Bitch Res C.C. Casey & Jayes’ SANDYLANDS HIGH TIME Best Puppy Coode’s WARRINGAH’S THE BLUFF MANCHESTER DOG SHOW (29.01.19) Dogs: Mrs. Fiona Coward-Scholes (Rossgilde) B.O.B. Dog C.C. Jayes & Caseys’ SANDYLANDS HIT THE ROAD (2) (Sh Ch Tissalian Hi Jack x Sandylands Free Time) Dog Res C.C. Gaskell’s SHAROUNS VENTRILOQUIST FOR TEMPASKELL JW Bitches: Mrs Moa Persson Bitch C.C. Hopkinsons’ ROCHEBY STRING OF PEARLS (1) (Rocheby Town Cryer x Sh. Ch. Hayley Sun In Their Eyes) Bitch Res C.C. Bailiss’ TISSALIAN HI SOCIETY Hopkinsons’ ROCHEBY STRING OF PEALS Best Puppy CRUFTS DOG SHOW (06.03.20) Dogs: Mrs. Lucy Kent (Trewinnard) B.O.B. Dog C.C. Brown, Todd & Farquharsons’ SH CH RAMSAYVILLE RUBY WALSH (6) (Ramsayville Robert Downey x Sudeo Mystique at Ramsayville) Braddon’s SH CH TRENDLEWOOD BORN TO RUN JW Dog Res C.C. Bitches: Mrs. Carol Reynolds (Caromer) Bitch C.C Hopkinson’s HAYLEY SUN IN THEIR EYES (4) (Gateway’s Nothin’ But Trouble x Rocheby Sweet Crystal) Bitch Res C.C. Bailiss’ TISSALIAN HI SOCIETY Best Puppy Coodes’ WARRINGAH’S THE BLUFF Best Veteran Brown, Todd & Farquharsons’ SH CH RAMSAYVILLE RUBY WALSH EAST ANGLIAN LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB (07.03.20) Mrs. Julia Lewis (Nigabee) Dogs: Dog C.C. Bailiss’ SH CH TISSALIAN HI JACK JW (16) (Sh Ch Rocheby Hornblower x Tissalian Hide And Seek) Dog Res C.C. (Subsequently disqualified) Bitches: Mrs. Lynda Heron (Brigburn) B.O.B. Bitch C.C. Woodley’s SH CH A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S YLVI AT ALKHAMHURST (11) (Ch Ger A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x CIB, Ch Ger, Ch NL, & Ch Lux Waterlines Selleria) Bitch Res C.C. Mitchell’s AFINMORE ARDMORE Best Puppy Coodes’ WARRINGAH’S THE BLUFF Best Veteran Brown, Todd & Farquharsons’ SH CH RAMSAYVILLE RUBY WALSH 32


Field Trial Annual Review of 2020 As Chairperson of the Field Trial Committee, I have just a few words I would like to say. 2020 was a turbulent time for all of us, AGM cancelled, shows and committee meetings cancelled. On the Field Trial side, Working Tests were all cancelled; come later on in the year the Trials had been sorted, and we were ready to roll, only to have the rug pulled from underneath our feet again. Through the sterling work of our Hon. Field Trial Sec., Paula Gravett, we managed to hold two field trials in October 2020. These took place locally to us, as it helped us to adhere to the Covid19 rules in place. As I write this, I know that Paula is now sorting out Working Tests and Trials for 2021. Please bear with us while we can get something down on paper. Finally, all the best for 2021, being it Showing or Trialling. Paul W. Sykes, MCLRC Field Trial Chairman

Novice 1 Trial held at Roxby

on 8th October 2020 Judges: Clifford Chase, Phil Smithers, Mike Birchall and Andrew Curtis Results: 1ST Hanwoodgold Breeze - Lesley Crompton 2ND Hazeloaks Gretta - Dave Smith 3RD Fendawood Jackpot - Kevin Haynes 4TH Lowtrey Dan - Penny Oates C/M Jobeshill Masai Mara - Jane Fairclough Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club had their first field trial this season (Novice I) today. Thank you to the keeper Colin Stapleford for putting on the day for us and to the guns, Tim Shephardson, Brett Bartram, George Smith, Phillip Macer, Gareth William, David Baker and Levon White. Thank you to Paul William Sykes for being the Covid-19 officer, chief steward and for making sure the day went smoothly. Thank you also to the game courier Mick Tune and to the beaters and pickers up, Joe Tune, and Anthony Martin. Thank you to all the competitors for a lovely day, as I was stressed out hoping that it would be fine, and you all made the day a lovely day Paula Gravett, MCLRC Field Trial Secretary

Winner Lesley Crompton and Hanwoodgold Breeze. 34

Novice II Trial

held at Redbourne, North Lincs on 16TH October 2020

Judges: Clifford Chase, Sue Lowe, Charles Albone and Tom Birchall Results: 1ST Caitlin Primrose - Robert Smallman 2ND Labdom Barnacle Goose - Lynn Mitchell 3RD Diglake Napravnik - Dawn Scott 4TH Stauntonvale Affogato At Connisbrook - Doug Ingall C/M Castletioram Caledonia At Quingrave - Stephen Newitt C/M Willowmount Dawn Express Of Birdsgreen - Sara Gadd C/M Jobeshill Masai Mara - Jane Fairclough Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club had its second Novice trial today, 16 October, by kind invitation from C. and R. Day of Redbourne. Thank you very much for letting us have a day, well run, and lovely ground for the dogs to work on. Thank you to the keeper, James Beckerlag and his beater and picker up for all their help. Thank you to the guns for their good shooting and getting the birds on the ground, Paul William Sykes, Gareth William, David Baker, Levon White, Brett Bartram and Anthony Martin. Well shot lads! Thank you to the judges and to all the handlers. Paula Gravett, MCLRC Field Trial Secretary

Winner Robert Smallman and Caitlin Primrose. 35

The judges.



The Rauceby Cup Kindly presented by A. C. Ireland Esq Awarded to the Winner of this Stake. Lesley Crompton’s Hanwoodgold Breeze The Marsh Cup Kindly presented by A. P. Marsh, Esq OBE for the best dog or bitch gaining at least a Certificate of Merit, which has not been in the hands of a Professional Trainer for at least six months prior to this Stake. N/A The Woodfield Cup Kindly presented by R. H. Wood Esq Awarded for the best-looking dog or bitch in the awards list N/A The Shooting Gazette Trophy Kindly presented by Mr M. Barnes editor of the ‘Shooting Gazette’ Presented to the ‘Guns Choice’ Lesley Crompton’s Hanwoodgold Breeze Special Prize Kindly presented by C. W. Chase Esq in memory of Mr Robin Hayes Presented to the handler of the dog or bitch that was awarded the second prize. Dave Smith’s Hazeloaks Gretta Special Prize Ice block memento kindly presented by Mrs Emma Sanderson to the winner of the stake Lesley Crompton’s Hanwoodgold Breeze NOVICE II STAKE 16th October 2020 The Player Cup Kindly presented by Stephen Player Esq Awarded to the Winner of this Stake. Robert Smallman’s Caitlin Primrose The Shooting Gazette Trophy Kindly presented by Mr M. Barnes editor of the ‘Shooting Gazette’ Awarded to the ‘Guns Choice’ Robert Smallman’s Caitlin Primrose Special Prize Kindly presented by Mrs Joan Hayes Presented to the handler of the dog or bitch that was awarded the second prize. Lynn Mitchell’s Labdom Barnacle Goose Special Prize Ice block memento kindly presented by Mrs Sue Hill to the Winner of this Stake Robert Smallman’s Caitlin Primrose 37

At the beginning of August we combined a MCLRC committee meeting with a very small, and socially distanced show, following Covid guide lines … it was good to get out! On 5th September MCLRC committee was again delighted to be able to hold another small, informal, Covid compliant show; a socially distanced, outdoor committee meeting and to make a presentation to Mervyn Reynolds for everything that he and Carol have done for the Club over the years that Mervyn has served on the committee. Both these events were able to take place thanks to the hospitality of Michael and Judi Neachell, who very kindly allowed us to use their home, as we have done previously for the Puppy Fun Day, which sadly had to be cancelled in 2020. Both events provided a lovely opportunity to meet up with friends (albeit under very different conditions to normal), and they also gave some young and novice judges a chance to go over the dogs in a “show setting”. Thank you to all those involved. Jenny Dobson

Scenes from the August Show…


Scenes from the September Show…

A presentation took place at the September “mini show” to Mervyn Reynolds for all the work he has done on behalf of Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club over many years, along with Carol. Thank you, Mervyn. We also wished them both all the very best in their new home.

The Silver Labrador - A Trojan Horse Following recent Kennel Club actions (in offering “silver” as the first colour option when making an online application to register a litter on their new website), and in grateful tribute to Labrador enthusiast, Jack Vanderwyk, who sadly died in August 2016, I am delighted to republish below Jack’s excellent article on this topic, which he kindly wrote for the Club’s 2015 M.C.L.R.C. Yearbook. Readers will note that references in Jack’s article relate to circumstances at that time.

The Kennel Club Registers Dilutes as Purebred Labrador Retrievers – A Trojan Horse Caroline Kisko ([then] Kennel Club Secretary and Communications Director) has admitted that The Kennel Club will register any pups from KC registered parents, whether they are black, yellow, chocolate, ‘silver’, ‘charcoal’ or ‘champagne’. Furthermore, these diluted dogs can be entered in shows. The Kennel Club leaves it to the Judges to decide whether these dogs meet the standard. Our first problem is that the dilution gene (d) is alien to the Labrador Retriever breed. The dilution gene originated in a shabby puppy mill in the United States several decades ago where several pointing breeds were running loose together. In an effort to create a “pointing Lab”, the dogs were allowed to cross breed with Labradors. One of these breeds was the Weimaraner, and many of the diluted “Labradors” we see, especially those of the past, resemble the Weimaraner in several ways. It’s not only their appearance and behaviour, but also their diseases, which shouldn’t be introduced to our bloodlines. Various expressions of the dilution gene have been noted. Some dogs with dilute colour display minimal or no health problems, other dogs experience hair loss and skin problems. Colour dilution alopecia (CDA) and black hair follicular dysplasia (BHFD) can accompany coat colour dilution. These diseases cause recurrent skin inflammation and drying, bacterial infections of hair follicles and severe hair loss. Late 2013 a 12-week-old female silver Labrador Retriever was submitted to the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin and was diagnosed with Malignant Uveal Schwannoma. Scientists believe that the dilute colour mutation may contribute to the cause. Other disorders that could travel with the dilution gene are heritable Weimaraner genetic issues such as trembling disorders, autoimmune related vaccination sensitivity and intolerance, Von Willebrands Disease, hyperuricosuria causing painful bladder and kidney disease, and behavioural problems that are more common in the Weimaraner, such as separation anxiety, and dominant, protective, territorial temperament. Minimizing occurrence of these conditions would mean minimization of the dilute mutation. Selection against dilution is important in breeds that display health issues associated with the mutation. It is also important 42

to minimize the dilution mutation in breeds that do not have a standard written which include these colours. The Labrador Retriever is currently one of these breeds. Dilute coloured Labrador retrievers are a disqualification according to breed standards. Those dogs carrying the dilute gene should not be registered as purebred Labrador Retrievers. The Labrador Retriever Club Inc. is the AKC Parent Club of the Labrador Retriever. On May 12, 2014, the LRC published the following message on their website: “Very exciting news – the OFA has agreed to maintain a database of Labradors who have been permanently identified (microchip or tattoo) and have been tested for the d gene. Dogs having the genotype dd will be listed as affected, Dd as carriers of the dilute gene and DD as clear of the dilute gene. This is great news for us.” Note: The Orthopaedic Foundations for Animals (OFA) only registers hereditary diseases (or the lack of those) in their databases. So, it’s not a simple matter of “a different colour”. Our second problem is the fact that The Kennel Club has already registered 400+ dilutes as purebred Labradors, some as “Colour Not Recognised”, but all of them without any restrictions with regard to showing, breeding or anything else for that matter. These dogs are now part of the Labrador gene pool in the United Kingdom. Our third problem is the fact that not all of these dilutes are affected by the dilution gene. Many of them are “only” carriers of the dilution gene, which means that they are able to produce dilutes. So not only could these dogs enter shows, but they could also come to your doorstep for a mating with your Champion stud. Many breeders have been duped this way and were unpleasantly surprised to see that their Champion is the sire or grandsire of diluted puppies. 43

What can we do? While DNA-tests are increasingly used as a valuable breeder’s tool, we can easily and reliably test Labradors for the dilution gene. DD is the only acceptable result, as Dd is a dilute carrier and dd is affected by the gene. So, any bitch you don’t know, which comes to be mated by your stud, should be tested for the dilution gene. Of course, The Kennel Club should require all imported “Labradors” to be tested, but they don’t. Despite the fact that we have been able to show the presence of the dilute gene in DNA since 2007, the Kennel Clubs just look at the phenotype of a Labrador, not at the genotype. So, a dilute who only carries the dilute gene without being affected by it, will be seen as a purebred Labrador, while a simple and inexpensive DNA test would show it is a Dd, able to produce dilutes eligible to be registered as purebred Labradors. And then there are the online LRCN and LabradorNet Databases, in which you can find the “Labradors” carrying, or affected by, the dilution gene. Note: not all of them are registered in the database, but most of their ancestry is. Studying pedigrees might give you an indication. From a showing point of view it would be helpful if there were an addition to the standard, such as “any colour other than black, yellow or chocolate is considered a disqualifying fault “. Last but not least, there’s the organised Labrador world. There is so much that should have been done, and so much more we can do. It all depends on the people we elect in the committees and the Labrador Breed Council. I refuse to believe that, in the end, a Kennel Club is able to decide something which dramatically affects the future of the Labrador breed, very much against the will of the Labrador Clubs and the Breed Council. Jack Vanderwyk

COAT COLOUR GENETICS FOR THE DILUTE GENE IN LABRADORS D Locus (DNA marker tested – C.22G > A) Associated with the dilution or lightening effect of solid colours, with D being the dominant allele, the dd genotype results in the diluted effect (like grey, blue, silver, lilac and champagne). Possible Genotypes: DD – does not carry the dilute, has 0 copies and will NOT pass dilute to offspring. Dd – dilute carrier - has 1 copy of dilute d, and 1 normal allele D, has 50% chance of passing dilute to offspring. dd – dilute phenotype - has 2 copies of dilute dd, will display dilution in their own coat and will ALWAYS pass dilute to any offspring.


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P hoto Competition Winners

Towards the end of the year, M.C.L.R.C. decided to hold an online photo competition, via the Club’s facebook page, after what had been a pretty miserable year with the cancellation of virtually all canine events. This proved to be hugely popular, with a large number of entries submitted in the 7 categories … (1) Action shots, (2) Captions, (3) Christmas, (4) Doing their job (5) Happiness is a Labrador, (6) One is not enough, (7) Puppies. Each category was judged by a different judge, with awards being made to 7 places. The following photos were each winners in their category, and all the other placements can be seen on the MCLRC Photographic facebook page. Congratulations to all. Jenny Dobson Hello to all our photograph competition entrants. We now have our judges’ results in and the winners in each category will be posted on the MCLRC Photographic page, and also on the MCLRC website, via the Yearbook. Please would all the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category) let Penny Smith, our treasurer (pennyteasdale@hotmail.com) have your bank details for your winnings. For those people who entered and are not yet members of the Club, we would be pleased to have you join us. You have all sent in some fantastic photographs which have made us smile at, wow at, and just enjoyed. Thank you all and we hope we can do it all again. Marion Hopkinson

“Action shots” 1st. Alison Scutcher

1 “I’l some

” “Caption rdac o B w e h 1st. Matt ag of screws, b a e v ll ha nd a bag ashers a ” w , s lt o b e e ges pleas of sausa

“Doing their job” 1st. Wendy Manning

ough” “One is not en vyeva lo So ila dm 1st. Lu

“Christmas” 1st. Lisa Davis

“Happin ess is 1st. Rach a Labrador” el Patters on

“Puppies” 1s t. Paula Woodb urn


Sheelin Cuthbert Mark Rawlinson Gary Johnson Maureen D’Arcy Mary O’Donoghue

Jackie Hodge

Tracey James

Sharon Lambert

Margaret Gardner

Susie Wiles Phillip Lammems

Bitch Judge

Due to Covid 19 Regulations, many shows are having to cancel or re-schedule for later in the year. The following link to Loubert Labradors Show Diary Page will give a more up to date list of forthcoming shows, since the information is regularly updated. https://loubertlabradors.co.uk/show-diary/

Boston & District Canine Society CANCELLED Claire Mills Manchester Dog Show Society CANCELLED Frank Whyte Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club Anne Lavelle Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club Mark Rawlinson West of England Ladies Kennel Society Jo McDonald Scottish Kennel Club Jeff Horswell Labrador Club of Scotland at Scottish Kennel Club Linda Miles Southern Counties Canine Association Jenny Dobson Three Counties Agricultural Society Lorraine Tooth Border Union Agricultural Society Tony Floyd Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever C Caron Morton at Border Union, Kelso Blackpool & District Canine Society Jane Eyeington North West Labrador Retriever Club Agnes Pollock Windsor Dog Show Society Jan Roger Sauge Joint L.R.C. (Yellow Labrador Club) David Craig Windsor @ 4.30pm East of England Agricultural Society Rosemary Hewitt East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club at E.of E. Ann Taylor Crufts David Hopkinson Cotswold & Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club Linda Heron Leeds City & District Canine Association Mrs M Taylor Three Ridings Labrador Club at Leeds Martin O’Donoghue Bath Canine Society Anne Hoban

Both Sexes

08/01/2021 14/01/2021 28/03/2021 17/04/2021 25/04/2021 23/05/2021 23/05/2021 06/06/2021 13/06/2021 19/06/2021 19/06/2021 26/06/2021 27/06/2021 01/07/2021 01/07/2021 10/07/2021 11/07/2021 17/07/2021 21/07/2021 24/07/2021 24/07/2021 31/07/2021

Dog Judge

Name of Show


(believed to be correct as at 30/01/2021)



Labrador Retriever Club Ann Britton Yellow Labrador Club Janet Cole Labrador Club of Northern Ireland T.B.C. Joint Labrador Retriever Clubs T.B.C.

Mac Percival Sven Slettedal

Julia Lewis Alec Douglas

Maxine Woodley

Leigh Lesley

Elaine Bradley Jenny King

Bitch Judge

Due to Covid 19 Regulations, many shows are having to cancel or re-schedule for later in the year. The following link to Loubert Labradors Show Diary Page will give a more up to date list of forthcoming shows, since the information is regularly updated. https://loubertlabradors.co.uk/show-diary/

07/2021 09/2021 10/2021 12/2021

The following shows are still awaiting confirmation of dates as of 30/01/2021

National Gundog Association Susie Wiles United Retriever Club Gary Johnson Paignton & District Fanciers’ Association T.B.C. Bournemouth Canine Association Frank Kane Welsh Kennel Club Rony Doedijns The Labrador Retriever Club of Wales at Lydney Chris Bailiss Driffield Agricultural Society Marion Hopkinson City of Birmingham Canine Association Einir Matulla Richmond Dog Show Society Karl Gawthorpe Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd Maureen Rees Birmingham Dog Show Society Rebecca Hodge Scottish Kennel Club Ian Ganney Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever C Rob Philips South Wales Kennel Association Carolyn Jones Gundog Society of Wales Ginette Oulton Belfast Dog Show Society T.B.C. Midland Counties Canine Society Sue Marskell West of England Labrador Retriever Club Mac Percival Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Alison Scutcher Ladies Kennel Association Shelagh Walton

Both Sexes

01/08/2021 04/08/2021 07/08/2021 14/08/2021 21/08/2021 22/08/2021 27/08/2021 05/09/2021 11/09/2021 18/09/2021 23/09/2021 02/10/2021 09/10/2021 10/10/2021 13/10/2021 23/10/2021 31/10/2021 07/11/2021 13/11/2021 11/12/2021

Dog Judge

Name of Show


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