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A Note from Our CEO and Board Chair

Creating Opportunity in Every Classroom

Twenty years ago, our founders, Eric Schwarz and Ned Rimer, had a simple idea: everyone can help educate—and impact—our children. In 1995, Citizen Schools worked with one class of 12 students. Today, thanks to the support of tens of thousands of people like you, Citizen Schools has helped more than 40,000 students discover and achieve their dreams through an expanded learning day with hands-on apprenticeships and academic support. We have proven that a collaborative approach to education can change students’ lives. Now we believe it’s time for a new chapter of growth and innovation for Citizen Schools.

It’s time to reach more students Vision Citizen Schools envisions a day when all students from low-income communities will participate in a school day that builds the skills, access, and beliefs required for them to thrive as students and succeed as adults.


Too many students still lack access to vital performance-boosting opportunities. Middle school is a time when young people begin to ask who they are and what’s possible in their lives. Meeting inspiring, committed adults helps them discover career paths and possibilities they never would have imagined.

It’s time for more citizens in our schools Adults sharing their experience, knowledge, and passion are the core of what we do. Last year, more than 2,500 Citizen Teachers in seven states across the country taught apprenticeships. The collective results for our students are dramatic and documented in this 20th Anniversary Report.

Looking to the future, we are ready to build on our success. We want to expand our footprint and our impact by partnering with more schools, corporations, foundations, and individuals like you to build our apprenticeships through our new Apprentice Exclusive (AppEX) Program; link more students to STEM field mentors in cities across the country through our work with US2020; innovate with our program and research & evaluation teams; kickstart new work supporting blended learning and social-emotional learning; and advocate for government policies and programs supporting an expanded learning day for middle school students. We are deeply grateful to the more than 100,000 individuals, corporations, and foundations that have stepped forward over the past 20 years to support the work we do and the students whom we are dedicated to support. It is you and our students we celebrate in this Anniversary Report. Collectively, you have helped us achieve so much in these 20 years and that is why the bar is so high for our work in the next 20. We thank you for your truly meaningful support. Sincerely,

Steven M. Rothstein, Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence H. Summers, Chairman, Board of Directors



OUR STRATEGY The Challenge

Our Approach

Our nation faces a growing opportunity gap.

No matter what their background, all children deserve chances to explore, to learn, and to prepare for their futures.

Higher-income families spend seven times more than low-income families on enrichment activities for their children each year. This gap has tripled in a generation, and it’s one reason that low-income students face a 6,000-hour learning deficit compared to their peers by the time they enter sixth grade.

Citizen Schools is designed to close the opportunity gap. Our two direct-service models serve as innovation labs, generating knowledge about what works. Our systems change initiatives use this knowledge to help the country re-imagine models of teaching and learning.

Educating Children, Strengthening Communities Citizen Schools mobilizes ordinary citizens to create extraordinary enrichment and academic opportunities for low-income children to erase the income-based achievement gaps. Through hands-on, project-based learning and academic support, we: • Increase students’ access to mentors, professional networks, and career pathways • Develop essential academic, 21st-century, and social-emotional learning skills • Foster students’ beliefs in education and in their own ability to succeed


DIRECT IMPACT Innovate and prove affordable and effective models.




All children have access to quality educational opportunities and all citizens are engaged in education reform



Creating a Road to Success Closing the opportunity and achievement gaps in middle school, high school, and college for students from low-income communities.

Success Students who


The impact is clear: accelerated academic gains and a clearer path to real-world skills and higher education

2x more likely to select a

participate in Citizen Schools programming embark on a road to success

college-track high school than matched peers

Salem, MA Chelsea, MA Boston, MA Allentown, PA

San Francisco, CA Oakland, CA

Chicago, IL

San Jose, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Indianapolis, IN Wichita, KS

3 months of learning in math

68% of students

each year of Citizen Schools

Tulsa, OK

mastered 21st-century skills (in 2014–2015 school year)

Houston, TX

2.5x more likely to express interest in STEM careers than students nationally

2x more likely to

participate in college and career activities than matched peers


61% enroll in college

compared to 41% of lowincome students nationally

71% graduate high

school on time, compared to 59% of matched peers

New York, NY Newark, NJ

Durham, NC Research Triangle, NC Charlotte, NC

Baton Rouge, LA

Expanded Learning Time Program AppEx US2020 City Network (independent coalitions supported, but not directly managed, by US2020)




Citizen Schools reaches 1,000th student

Citizen Schools New York launches




Citizen Schools founded on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The AmeriCorps Teaching Fellowship launches, mobilizing 1,400 AmeriCorps members who have served for more than 2.9 million hours through 2015

Citizen Schools North Carolina launches




Co-founder Eric Schwarz teaches 1st apprenticeship, McCormack Middle School in Dorchester, Massachusetts

The first Expanded Learning Time site launches at Edwards Middle School in Charlestown, Massachusetts

Citizen Schools New Jersey launches

2001 Citizen Schools sites launch in Houston, Texas and San Jose, California

1997 Expansion to five Boston schools



2012 Citizen Schools Illinois launches

Citizen Schools serves its 40,000th student, co-hosts an Expanded Learning Time Summit in Washington, D.C., and reaches over 7,500 students through our US2020 division

2008 2006 The first Citizen Schools alumnus graduates from college

Citizen Schools serves its 10,000th student

2013 US2020 launches at the White House Science Fair to mobilize more mentors in tech fields


CALIFORNIA Executive Director


Key Funding Partners

Maria Drake

• Greenleaf Elementary School, Oakland, CA

2014–2015 School Year

• Joseph George Middle School, San Jose, CA

• Bank of America • Cisco • Citibank • Educational Promise Foundation • EMC • HP • Koret • Lending Club • Oracle • Special Relativity Promise Foundation • Symantec • Thermo Fisher Scientific • Warriors Foundation

847 48 304

Students enrolled AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows in service Citizen Teachers mobilized

• Renaissance Academy at Fischer Middle School, San Jose, CA • Renaissance Academy at Mathson Middle School, San Jose, CA • William Sheppard Middle School, San Jose, CA

CALIFORNIA IMPACT “Choose happiness” Citizen Schools California Teaching Fellow Meg recalled the wisdom of her departed mother: Choose happiness when you can. “She explained that happiness is not a right or a given — that I had to work for it. The experience of caring for my mom while doing service in my community through AmeriCorps had a profound impact on my life and vision of the world. I could not be more proud of the service I have done through the National Teaching Fellowship or more driven to continue seeking and sharing happiness in the world.”

From the community into the classroom Amika Guillaume, principal at Cesar Chavez Academy, captures the essence of Citizen Schools when she says, “It crosses so many boundaries in terms of business and cultural background. Citizen Schools does something we can’t in the traditional setting, which is expedite someone from the community into the classroom.”  



ILLINOIS Executive Director


Key Funding Partners

Jeanette Castellanos Butt

• Carter G. Woodson South Elementary School, Chicago, IL

• A Better Chicago

• Carter School of Excellence, Chicago, IL

• Chicago Public Schools

• Salmon P. Chase Elementary School, Chicago, IL

• Cognizant Technology Solutions

2014–2015 School Year

360 22 212

Students enrolled AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows in service Citizen Teachers mobilized

• James Monroe Elementary School, Chicago, IL • Theophilus Schmid Elementary School, Chicago, IL

• Barclays Capital • Cisco • Fidelity Investments • Finnegan Family Foundation • Lloyd A. Fry Foundation • Lefkofsky Family Foundation • MB Financial • Motorola Mobility Foundation

ILLINOIS IMPACT What’s cool? Good grades. With the average student two or more years behind in reading, Carter G. Woodson Elementary Principal Tamara Littlejohn partnered with Citizen Schools in 2012. One year later, students scored an average of two years beyond expected targets on the English Language Arts NWEA (state assessment) and the school was promoted on the School Quality Rating Policy. Principal Littlejohn says the school culture has transformed, and now, she says, “Nerdy is cool.”

Landing the job During his apprenticeship, Darnell, a Schmid Elementary School 8th grader, met Justin Castleberry, a leader for UBS’s Wealth Management Group in Chicago. Justin saw that Darnell was a natural; he invited him to visit UBS’s Chicago headquarters for a first-round interview for a potential future job. Darnell learned that when he finishes high school and college, he can finish the interview. Darnell vows, “I am going to get that job at UBS.”



MASSACHUSETTS Executive Director and Chief Growth Officer Pat Kirby


Key Funding Partners

• Collins Middle School, Salem, MA

• Bank of America

• Edwards Middle School, Charlestown, MA

2014–2015 School Year

• Joseph Browne School, Chelsea, MA

1,427 AmeriCorps Teaching 73 Fellows in service Teachers 752 Citizen mobilized

• McCormack Middle School, Dorchester, MA

Students enrolled

• Orchard Gardens K-8 School, Roxbury, MA • Trotter Innovation School, Dorchester, MA • Eugene Wright Science and Technology Academy, Chelsea, MA

• Biogen Foundation • EMC • Fidelity Investments • Google • Thermo Fisher Scientific • TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation • WilmerHale

MASSACHUSETTS IMPACT A talent pipeline for public schools As a Citizen Schools Campus Director for 7 years, Megan Webb grew the McCormack school program by 500% during her tenure. After serving as a resident fellow at the Orchard Gardens K-8 School (another Citizen Schools partner school), she’s now the principal.

A perfect fit Hugo wore his Hamilton College sweatshirt on a Citizen Schools 8th Grade Academy field trip to the school for a tour. Little did he know how well it fit him. Four years later, he was accepted as an undergraduate there. There is no mistaking the power of exposure and access to open new pathways to college and career opportunities.



NORTH CAROLINA Executive Director


Key Funding Partners

Vanessa Benton

• Lowe’s Grove Middle School, Durham, NC

• Bank of America

• Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, Charlotte, NC

• Biogen Foundation

2014–2015 School Year

529 20 310

Students enrolled

• Neal Middle School, Durham, NC

AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows in service

• Quail Hollow Middle School, Charlotte, NC

Citizen Teachers

• Sherwood Githens Middle School, Durham, NC

• Belk • Cisco • City of Charlotte • Cognizant Technology Solutions • EMC • Fidelity Investments

NORTH CAROLINA IMPACT “It’s so awesome. You should join 100%.” When we asked Cedric, a 6th grader at Quail Hollow Middle School, how Citizen Schools has affected him, he told us, “It is so helpful! It helps you with working out problems, college, life, even job skills. We do apprenticeships with Bank of America, Microsoft, and even do computer programming! It’s so awesome. You should join 100%!”

An apprenticeship transforms New to Charlotte, Cameron struggled through some bad choices until Citizen Schools apprenticeships helped him turn a new page. Suddenly, Cameron was now a film producer in the class “Flip Cam PSA,” led by Bank of America and Fox Sports. In “What’s In My PC?,” led by Microsoft, he learned how to build a computer and taught binary coding skills to local government staff. At his semester-end WOW! event, his mother expressed her gratitude for Citizen Schools. Cameron’s grades improved, and he was even teaching his younger siblings what he learned during apprenticeships.



NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY Executive Director


Key Funding Partners

Kathrine Mott

• Bronx Writing Academy, Bronx, NY

• AB

• Chancellor Avenue School, Newark, NJ

• Google

• Global Technology Preparatory, New York, NY

• Prudential

2014–2015 School Year

1,269 Students enrolled Teaching 79 AmeriCorps Fellows in service 606 Citizen Teachers mobilized

• Isaac Newton Middle School for Math and Science, New York, NY • Renaissance Leadership Academy, New York, NY • Renaissance School of the Arts, New York, NY • The Urban Assembly Unison School, Brooklyn, NY

• Fidelity Investments • New York Life • Dean and Denise Vanech

NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY IMPACT Future investigators Brenda was argumentative and struggling in school, but her Citizen Schools teacher, Ms. Osias, helped her get back on track. “She is my backbone,” Brenda says. Inspired to become an FBI agent when she grows up, she inquired about a potential fraud investigation apprenticeship. It’s not available yet, but she’ll be first in line when it is.

Culture and connections The “Beautiful Girls” apprenticeship builds self-esteem in young girls to help them achieve their personal and career goals. Georgina, a student in New Jersey, says, “I’m learning it’s not about how you look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside. My favorite moment was when I was talking to Citizen Teacher Ms. Vanessa during girl talk. We’re both from Ghana, so we talked a lot about Ghana. Most people in my school aren’t African, so I got to share my culture and connect with someone.”



TEXAS Executive Director


Key Funding Partners

Greg Meyers

• Edison Middle School, Houston, TX

• The Brown Foundation

• Jackson Middle School, Houston, TX

• Hess Corporation

2014–2015 School Year

445 19 130

Students enrolled AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows in service Citizen Teachers mobilized

• Patrick Henry Middle School, Houston, TX

• Cognizant Technology Solutions • Holthouse Foundation for Kids • Houston Endowment • The Nau Family Foundation • The Powell Foundation • Rockwell Fund • Wells Fargo & Company

TEXAS IMPACT What’s possible “My role is to be a real-world role model and show students that someone who looks and talks like them can work at NASA,” said Dr. Baraquiel Reyna, deputy manager in the Human Research Program at NASA and a Citizen Teacher. “Growing up, I had access to plenty of individuals who showed me what was possible and available,” he said. Dr. Reyna is working to extend that opportunity to his students. He incorporates different kinds of learning activities that appeal to auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learners. “Taking an abstract thought and showing it physically only reinforces the lesson. The more senses you use, the better you will retain information.”

Supporting personal growth Sebastian was an only child who grew into a very shy boy. His mother recalls his tendency to seek solitude, isolating himself in school and moving at his own pace. Through Sebastian’s involvement with Citizen Schools, he has taken risks, experienced success, and felt supported by Citizen Schools, Jackson Middle School teachers, and his family — each one committed to ensuring his success.



US2020 US2020 is Citizen Schools’ initiative aimed at increasing the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professionals who mentor and teach students. The initiative launched in 2013 at the White House Science Fair. Through US2020, we look to create moments of discovery — life-changing opportunities for students to launch rockets, build robots, write computer programs, and explore the farthest reaches of the universe.

Executive Director

Key Accomplishments

Key Funding Partners

Nick Hutchinson

• Expanded to 13 cities

• Alcoa Foundation • CA Technologies • Carnegie Corporation of New York • Chevron • Cisco • Cognizant Technology Solutions • Corporation for National and Community Service • Discovery Communications • Raytheon • SanDisk • Tata Consulting Services • Texas Instruments

• Built a network of 250 education partners • Relanched a STEM mentor–matching program

US2020 IMPACT STEM Mentoring Awards The first-ever STEM Mentoring Awards took place at the White House Complex in July 2015. US2020, with co-founding sponsors Chevron and Tata Consultancy Services, launched the awards to recognize and celebrate exceptional work in the STEM mentoring field and surface best practices of some of the leading practitioners in STEM mentoring.

Expanding STEM through City Learning Networks Sponsored by Cisco, the US2020 City Competition challenged communities to dramatically increase the scale and quality of mentorship between professionals working in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and students underrepresented in the sciences. The winners of this competition now form the core of US2020’s City Network. In 2014–2015, US2020 reached over 7,500 students, including 5,700 students in the nine cities that now make up this network: Allentown, PA; Baton Rouge, LA; Boston, MA; Indianapolis, IN; Philadelphia, PA; Research Triangle Park, NC; San Francisco, CA; Tulsa, OK; and Wichita, KS.



20 EXTRAORDINARY CITIZENS As we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we would like to recognize and honor all of those who have helped make Citizen Schools possible. From our students to our Citizen Teachers, AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows, school administrators, parents, supporters, and others, this would not have been possible without you. As a start, we’d like to celebrate twenty citizens who exemplify the values and achievements of our first twenty years, and inspire us to reach even further in the next twenty.


Ned Rimer Co-Founder, Citizen Schools Faculty Director, Health Sector Management Program Lecturer & Executive in Residence, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

Andrew Balson Citizen Schools Board Chair, 2006–2014 CEO, Match Beyond

Tony Kingsley President, Biogen Foundation

MacCalvin Romain Citizen Schools Alumnus, 2000–2003 Citizen Teacher Senior Technology Analyst, DigitasLBi

Alex Belous Education Portfolio Manager, Cisco Foundation, Cisco Public Benefit Investments

Woodrow McCutchen Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

Yaritza Sanchez Citizen Schools Alumna, 2007–2010 Stonehill College, Class of 2018

Anne Bowie Citizen Teacher Public Service Manager, WilmerHale

Tulaine Montgomery Citizen Schools Founding Staff Member Partner, New Profit Inc.

Steven Schwartz Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Marsha Feinberg Citizen Schools Board Chair, 1996–2001 Founder and CEO, Beacon Academy

Sherif Nada Citizen Schools Board Chair, 2001–2006 Retired President, Fidelity Brokerage Group

Bill Joyce Citizen Teacher Senior Data Analytics Manager, Fidelity Investments

Nicole Perdue Outgoing Chair, Citizen Schools Texas Advisory Board Of Counsel, Perdue & Kidd, L.L.P.

Eric Schwarz Citizen Schools Co-Founder and Former CEO Co-Founder and President, College for Social Innovation

Moriska Selby AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow Alumna Former Campus Director and Managing Director of Program, Citizen Schools Massachusetts Doctor of Education Leadership Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education Wendy Spencer CEO, Corporation for National and Community Service Lawrence H. Summers Citizen Schools Board Chair, 2014–Present Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus, Harvard University Megan Webb Campus Director, Citizen Schools Massachusetts, 2007–2013 Principal, Orchard Gardens K-8 School John Werner Founding Staff Member Head of Innovation and New Ventures, Camera Culture Group, MIT Media Lab


FINANCIAL TRENDS Over the past 10 years, Citizen Schools has grown more than 250%; diversified its revenue stream, and expanded its support from corporations, foundations, and the public sector in regions around the country.

In the same period of time, we have grown the number of students we serve by an average of 11% per year, while reducing the cost per student by 2% each year. In addition, we served over 7,500 students in 2014–2015 through our US2020 division, and in 2015–2016 we expect to serve over 15,000. This brings the total number of students we expect to serve this year to over 20,000.

Programmatic Scale FY2005–FY2015

Revenue Growth FY2005 –FY2015 Growth Capital




Public $30,000,000


7,000 6,000

Average Annual Reduction: 2%





















Foundation Individual




Corporate 68%

Average Annual Growth: 11%

1,000 2005













Number of Students Cost of Enrollment




NATIONAL PARTNERS National Leadership Partners AmeriCorps Thank you to AmeriCorps for its sustained commitment to the Citizen Schools AmeriCorps Teaching Fellowship. Over 12 years, AmeriCorps has placed approximately 1,400 Fellows, who have provided over 2.9 million hours of service in schools across the country.

Biogen Foundation Citizen Schools thanks the Biogen Foundation, our National Innovation Partner, for its investment in our STEM programs in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Together, we’re changing the way students across the country learn science, technology, engineering, and math, inspiring our country’s next generation of STEM leaders.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Thank you to Cognizant Technology Solutions, which has provided strategic support since 2011 by engaging its leaders on our national and regional boards, via financial support, and by delivering hundreds of hours of volunteer service through its corps of volunteer Citizen Teachers. To date, over 250 Cognizant employees have helped change the lives of more than 1,600 students.

Fidelity Investments Thank you to Fidelity Investments for its deep commitment to Citizen Schools since 1998. As one of Citizen Schools’s longest-standing national partners, Fidelity Investments has supported our continued organizational growth through volunteer engagement, curriculum development, board leadership, and financial support. To date, over 1,500 Fidelity employees have given a collective 20,000 hours of their time to change the lives of more than 5,200 students across the country.

National Strategic Partner Bain & Company

Cisco Thank you to Cisco Systems and the Cisco Foundation for their continued support of Citizen Schools. Cisco has partnered with Citizen Schools since 2009, fueling growth with a focus on STEM and personalized learning through the engagement of over 200 employee volunteers, board and committee leadership, product donations, and financial support.


Thank you to Bain & Company for their continued support of Citizen Schools and our students. Over the past five years, Bain has supported Citizen Schools in assessing, developing, and implementing our national strategy; in developing curricula for students and training for staff; and in sharing their team’s time with us as Citizen Teachers, mentors, and strategic coaches.


LEADERSHIP & BOARDS National Board of Directors

Steven M. Rothstein CEO, Citizen Schools

Past National Board Chairs

Lawrence H. Summers Chair, 2014–Present Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus, Harvard University

Steven Schwartz — through September 2015 Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Marsha Feinberg 1996–2001

Andrew Balson Past Chair, 2006–2014 CEO, Match Beyond Timothy Conway Chairman and CEO, NewStar Financial, Inc. Rob Dickey Executive Vice President, Leggat McCall Properties LLC Tripp Jones Principal, 2lc


Ned Rimer Co-founder, Citizen Schools Faculty Director, Health Sector Management Program Lecturer & Executive in Residence, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

Eric Schwarz Co-founder & Former CEO, Citizen Schools Co-founder and President, College for Social Innovation Susan Siebert Partner, Jones Day Edward Skloot Consultant Sanjeev Verma Co-founder, Airvana Omar Wasow Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, Princeton University Lynn Wiatrowski Executive Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Shashi Rajpal Co-Chair from 1996–1998 Sherif Nada 2001–2006 Andrew Balson 2006–2014

Leadership Team Steven M. Rothstein CEO Emily McCann President Vanessa Benton Executive Director, Citizen Schools North Carolina Jeanette Castellanos Butt Executive Director, Citizen Schools Illinois Priscilla Cohen Chief of Strategic Initiatives

Maria Drake Executive Director, Citizen Schools California Nick Hutchinson Executive Director, US2020 Bridget Keane Chief of External Engagement Pat Kirby Chief Growth Officer and Executive Director, Citizen Schools Massachusetts Mike Kubiak Chief Research and Evaluation Officer Adam Maurer Chief Talent Officer Greg Meyers Executive Director, Citizen Schools Texas Kathrine Mott Executive Director, Citizen Schools New York-New Jersey Kait Rogers Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

“Citizen Schools inspired me to

believe in myself and showed me that college was a realistic goal for me — that I was as deserving of a college education as any other individual.” Mary Espinosa Citizen Schools Alumna Charlotte, North Carolina 31

Melissa Rouette Chief Program Officer Joshua Singletary Chief Information Officer

National CEO Council Lisa Butler Independent Marketing Consultant Karyn Campbell Former Managing Director of Capital Advisors Group Laura Samberg Executive Director, Samberg Family Foundation Jeanie Ungerleider Director of Counseling Services, Boston IVF

National Science & Technology Advisory Committee Sean Belka Senior Vice President, Director of Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT), Fidelity Investments


Alex Belous Education Portfolio Manager, Cisco Foundation Deborah Boisvert Executive Director, BATEC Center for IT University College University of Massachusetts Boston Mark Greenlaw Vice President, Digital Engagement, FIRST Robotics Tony Kingsley President, Biogen Foundation Sherry Turkle Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Henry Vandermark Founder and President, Solar Wave Energy, Inc. John Werner Project Innovator and Research Scientist for Professor Ramesh Raskar, Director of the Camera Culture Group, MIT Media Lab

California Advisory Board

Illinois Executive Board

Kelly Pope, Chair Education Entrepreneur

John Sassaris, Chair Group President, MB Financial Bank

Bob France SanDisk Itzik Gilboa SanDisk

Patrick Burke Assistant Vice President, Cognizant Technology Solutions

David Hopkins Double Chase Management LLC

Edward Chandler Founder, Longboat Ventures

Deborah Hopkins Citigroup

Matt Guidarelli Owner, G3 Construction Group

Erin Baudo Felter Zynga Harbrinder Kang Cisco John Orwin Relypsa, Inc. David Rivinus Twitter

Robyn Konlon President, Konlon & Associates, Inc. Allison Levin Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Fidelity Investments

Matthew Schreiber Educational Promise Foundation

Tamara Littlejohn Principal, the Carter G. Woodson Elementary School, Chicago Public Schools

Trish Schreiber Schreiber Educational Services

Michael Oleshansky Principal, PSP Capital Partners

Britton Picciolini Sr. Business Development Manager, Google

George Ticknor Partner, Locke Lord Edwards

Roy Fralin Vice President, Fidelity Investments

Massachusetts Advisory Board

North Carolina Advisory Board

James Burton Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments

John Gilson, Chair Attorney, Moore and Van Allen

David Hoffman Real Estate Agent, David Hoffman Group at Keller Williams Realty

Pat Centanni Executive Vice President, State Street Brian Chu Operating Partner, Bain Capital Mark Greenlaw Vice President, Digital Engagement, FIRST Robotics Peni Garber Stacey Harris Student, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Rob Perez Former CEO, Cubist Pharmaceuticals Jack Regan Partner, WilmerHale

Philip Armstrong SVP, Strategic Marketing Executive Targeted Offers & Savings—Segment Marketing, Bank of America Sue Breckenridge Executive Director, NC Business Committee for Education JB Buxton Principal, Education Innovations Group Akeshia Craven-Howell Assistant Superintendent of School Options, Innovation and Design, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Ted Fiske Author, Fiske Guide to Colleges Former Education Editor, The New York Times

Michael Juby Partner, Parker Poe Peter Keane President, Keane Capital Management, Inc. Matt Melago Associate, Anderson LeNeave & Co.

New York Advisory Board Leigh Abramson, Chair Managing Director, Metalmark Capital Torrence Boone, President Vice President, Global Agency Sales and Services, Google Michael Baker President & Co-founder, Diligence Sheara Fredman Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Rashidah Morgan Consultant, Education First

Karen Gordon Managing Director, Providence Equity Partners

Tanisha Myers Vice President, Brokerage Technology Group, Wells Fargo

Mark Healy President & CEO, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company

Sandy Thompson Senior Director, Connected IT Services— Architecture, Cisco

Jaime Hobbeheydar Chief Marketing Officer, Elliott Management Corporation

Eileen Twomey Senior Human Resources Manager-NC Operations, EMC

Allan Levine CEO & Chairman, Global Atlantic Financial Group 33

Eliot Merrill Managing Director, The Carlyle Group Eric Pitt Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase Margaret Serravalli Executive Vice President, Client Experience, Fidelity Investments William Spiegel Founder & Managing Director, Pine Brook Partners

New Jersey Advisory Board Nagaraja Srivatsan Senior Vice President Venture Partner, Cognizant Technology Solutions Mammen Verghis Vice President, Product Marketing and Advanced Marketing, Prudential

Texas Advisory Board Abbi Antablin, Chair Community Volunteer Nicole Perdue Perdue & Kidd, LLP Christina Cabral Senior Marketing Manager, AT&T Anne Calder Counselor, Abanathy MacGregor Group Danny Davidson Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, U.S. Trust

Charlie Neuhaus Managing Director— Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Laurence Payne President, Educational Excellence Resource Group

Blair Christie Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco Systems

Andrew Price Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

Ken Jett Managing Director, Hines Tammy Kidd Attorney, Bires, Schaffer and DeBorde

Jay S. Zeidman Managing Director, Resolute Venture Partners

Todd Litton Founder & CEO, C-Change Consulting

US2020 Board of Directors Eric Schwarz, Chair Citizen Schools Co-founder and Founding President of the College for Social Innovation

Baraquiel Reyna Deputy Manager— Exploration Medical Capability Human Research Program, NASA Johnson Space Center

Diane Merrill Docent, Holocaust Museum


David Moriniere Vice President, Alloy Merchant Finance


Gordon Coburn President, Cognizant Technology Solutions Jan Cuny Program Director, National Science Foundation Talia Milgrom-Elcott Executive Director and Co-founder, 100Kin10 Jeff Shames Executive in Residence, MIT Sloan School of Management and former Chairman and CEO, MFS Investment Management Jeff VerHeul Senior Vice President of Corporate Engineering, SanDisk

“Citizen Schools brings a core

group of high-functioning, highachieving adults to help and inspire students, to make a clear transition between what’s happening in their classrooms and what it could mean for their life.” Kamar Samuels Principal of Bronx Writing Academy 35

THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS We are deeply grateful to the many donors who have made the work of the past twenty years possible through their generous support. We’d like to recognize the cumulative giving over the past twenty years of the organizations and individuals listed below. Thank you.

Corporate $5,000,000+

Fidelity Investments


The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Biogen Foundation Cisco Cognizant Technology Solutions EMC Corporation Google Hewlett Packard Company Foundation MetLife Foundation Microsoft Partners in Learning The Prudential Foundation Walmart Foundation WilmerHale


Anonymous (1) AOL Bain & Company, Inc. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Hess Corporation New York Life Foundation SanDisk Corporation


AB AT&T Foundation Bain Capital Children’s Charity Ltd. Bank of America Corporation Barclays Capital Chevron Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The Hitachi Foundation Locke Lord LLP Motorola Mobility Foundation PIMCO Foundation


Putnam Senior Executives Foundation State Street Foundation TATA Consultancy Services Thermo Fisher Scientific Tides Foundation TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation Wells Fargo


Accenture Alcoa Foundation American Honda Foundation American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC Amgen Boston Children’s Museum The Boston Globe Boston Scientific CA Technologies Capital One Services, LLC Citi Foundation Citizens Bank Comcast Foundation FleetBoston Financial Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Juniper Networks Foundation Lending Club Corporation Liberty Mutual Foundation Mellon New England The Millipore Foundation NBC Universal Foundation Nielsen Olympus Holdings, LLC PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Putnam Investments Raytheon Company Ropes & Gray LLP Staples Foundation for Learning Texas Instruments Community Fund Thomson Reuters

The TJX Companies, Inc. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Bingham McCutchen LLP Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP CIBC World Markets Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Eaton Vance Management Inc. Elevation Church EY Genzyme Goodwin Procter LLP The Hearst Foundations IBM Corporation Jack Morton Worldwide Kronos Latham & Watkins LLP Merck & Co., Inc. Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC Morgan Stanley Motorola Solutions Foundation Oracle PSEG Foundation Foundation Stride Rite Philanthropic Foundation Verizon Communications Inc. Visa


Abbott Labs Ally Financial Barclays Nets Community Alliance Barclays Wealth Belk, Inc. Bloomberg L.P. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Boston Foundation for Architecture Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels LLP CB Richard Ellis/New England, LP

Civic Ventures CVS Caremark Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Deloitte Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation DigitasLBi Duke Energy Foundation Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, and Loewy, LLP GE Foundation General Dynamics Goldman Sachs Gives Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. Harvard Office of Government, Community & Public Affairs Jericho Capital Corp. John Moriarty & Associates Kirkland & Ellis, LLP Liberty Mutual Group Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc. Merck National Grid Foundation Nixon Peabody LLP Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation OrthoCarolina Perdue & Kidd, LLP Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation PNM Resources Inc Protégé Partners Foundation Protégé Partners, LLC Rothstein, Kass & Company SAP SEI Investments Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott Sherin and Lodgen LLP

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP Survey Sampling International Transwestern Turner Construction Company Verizon Foundation The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation Warriors Community Foundation Weber Shandwick New England Westfield Capital Management Company WFD Consulting

The Linde Family Foundation Charles Stewart Mott Foundation New Profit Picower Foundation The Pinkerton Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation Surdna Foundation, Inc. The Vanech Family Foundation


Anonymous (1) Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation Barr Foundation Carnegie Corporation of New York Jack Kent Cooke Foundation The Duke Endowment Ford Foundation The Charles Hayden Foundation The Leona M. & Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Highland Street Foundation The JPB Foundation Nellie Mae Education Foundation Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation The Skoll Foundation

A Better Chicago The Belk Foundation Blue Ridge Foundation New York Boston After School and Beyond The Brown Foundation, Inc. Carson Family Charitable Trust The Claneil Foundation, Inc. Finnegan Family Foundation Foundation for Newark’s Future Sidney E. Frank Foundation Houston Endowment Inc. The Seth A. & Beth S. Klarman Family Foundation Koret Foundation The Lemelson Foundation NewSchools Venture Fund The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Peery Foundation The Philanthropic Initiative William E. Schrafft and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation, Inc. Tiger Foundation Tipping Point Community Union Square Fund The Brin Wojcicki Foundation Yawkey Foundation



Foundation $10,000,000+

The Atlantic Philanthropies The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation


John S. and James L. Knight Foundation The Wallace Foundation


The Altman Foundation Stephen Bechtel Fund The Boston Foundation Daniels Fund Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Dorot Foundation

Anonymous (2) The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Booth Ferris Foundation Boston 2004 J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation Cabot Family Charitable Trust

The Children’s Fund, Inc. Cummings Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Edwin Gould Foundation The Heckscher Foundation for Children The Hestia Fund The Horner Foundation The Hyams Foundation Invest for Kids Jane’s Trust The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation Jones Day Foundation KDK-Harman Foundation The Kurr Foundation, Inc. Lefkofsky Family Foundation Newark Trust for Education Omidyar Network Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health The Powell Foundation J. Newton Rayzor Foundation Red Sox Foundation Mabel Louise Riley Foundation The Irene S. Scully Family Foundation Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund Stoneman Family Foundation United Way of Central New Mexico Victoria Foundation The Webber Family Foundation


The Brinson Foundation The Frances L. & Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund The Dolphin Trust The William H. Donner Foundation Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative The Flom Family Foundation The Fondren Foundation Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation Ernest Frerichs Hunt Alternatives Fund Roy A. Hunt Foundation Lehman Brothers Foundation The Lynch Foundation Massachusetts 2020 Foundation The MCJ Amelior Foundation National Christian Foundation The Otto Family Foundation

The RGK Foundation The Rockwell Fund, Inc. Santa Fe Community Foundation Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation The Silverton Foundation The Simmons Foundation The Sooch Foundation The Scoob Trust Foundation United Way of Essex and West Hudson United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley Vila B. Webber Charitable Trust Westly Foundation The WGN Radio Neediest Kids Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund YMCA of Central Massachusetts


Anonymous (1) Bloomberg Philanthropies Brooklyn Community Foundation Cantor Foundation Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Foundation Clipper Ship Foundation, Inc. Community Foundation of New Jersey The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation The Durst Family Foundation Foundation for the Carolinas Foundation to be Named Later Germeshausen Foundation The Hillandale Group The Holthouse Foundation for Kids Johnson Family Foundation Junior League of Houston Leonard and Hilda Kaplan Charitable Foundation Seymour H. Knox Foundation Massachusetts Charitable Society The McCrum Fund McCune Charitable Foundation The Merancas Foundation, Inc. Morgan Creek Foundation The San Francisco Foundation Sand Hill Foundation The Edith Glick Shoolman Children’s Foundation The Stecher Family Foundation The Topfer Family Foundation United Way of New York City


Individual $1,000,000+

Melora and Andrew Balson Anita and Josh Bekenstein Daniel and Lise Revers/ArcLight Capital Partners LLC Marjorie Findlay and Geoffrey Freeman The Koogle Foundation Samberg Family Foundation


Anonymous (2) Educational Promise Foundation The Lovett-Woodsum Foundation


Anonymous (2) Diane Garthwaite and Matthew Liang Denise and Dean Vanech Girija and Sanjeev Verma Susan and Matthew Weatherbie


Anonymous (7) Carrie and Leigh Abramson Steedman Bass Nonnie and Richard Burnes Karyn and Benjamin Campbell Marian Cross Lori and Paul Deninger Eric Di Benedetto Deborah and Robert Dickey Sandy and Paul Edgerley/Edgerley Family Foundation Elsie Lee Garthwaite Memorial Foundation FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Tracey Esherick Flaherty and Joe Flaherty Ramani Ganesh Shari Greenleaf and Ted Seides Christina and Adrian Jones Diane and Brian Lee Karen and Allan Levine Anne Lovett and Stephen Woodsum Ellen and Duncan McFarland Victoria Munroe and Eric Saltzman Mary and Sherif Nada Network For Good


Amy and Jean-Briac Perrette Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation Kelly Pope and David Bulfer Beverly Rimer Frederick Schwarz Jeff Shames Julia and Charles Simmons Elisa F. New and Lawrence H. Summers Nancy and Michael Tooke


Torrence Boone Charina Endowment Fund Charlotte Foundation Maureen Coffey and Eric Schwarz Holiday and David Collins Kathryn and Timothy Conway Jerry Corrigan Corinne and Tim Ferguson Atsuko Toko Fish and Lawrence Fish Victoria and Justin Gmelich Karen Gordon Ronnie Harrington Meg and Jaime Hobbeheydar Deborah and David Hopkins Renaud Laplanche Tristin and Martin Mannion Merrill Lynch Private Client Group Kristin and Stephen Mugford The Nau Family Foundation Pamela and Shashi Rajpal Reta Rupich and David Mantus Jack Satter Kay and Stanley Schlozman Margaret and Frank Serravalli Jeffrey Shames Bippy Siegal Jeanne Steig Jan and Thomas Thomas Lydia and Robb Turner Lynn Wiatrowski and Joren Madsen Elisha Wiesel Yoga Reaches Out


Anonymous (3) Eli Aheto Alchemy Foundation Marilyn and Marc Andersen Abbi and Robert Antablin

Kristen and James Atwood Elizabeth Berkowitz and Jonathan Lewinsohn Arthur Bilger Sophia and James Burton Sharon Cantor and Joseph Berman Code Family Foundation Gary Cohn Stephanie and John Connaughton Cynthia and Byron Deysher Maria and Robert Drake Marsha Feinberg Enrico Gaglioti Kevin Gasvoda Margaret Holen Janice and David House Lisa Kadin and William Spiegel Kathleen Kenahan and Thomas Craig Kendall Webb and Donald Kendall/ Kendall Family Foundation Laura and David Lamere Franna and Ted Litton Genevieve and Matthew Mallgrave Anne and Mark McKinnon Joy and Michael Millette Jeffrey Nedelman Denise and John Orwin Oswald Family Foundation Chris and Rob Perez John Pino John Rabinowitz Selwyn Rayzor and Rich Moses Ellen Remmer and Christopher Fox Avery Rimer and Richard Weissbourd Katie and Ned Rimer Susan and Steven Maze Rothstein Paul Russo Judy Samelson and William Schawbel Steven Schwartz Michael Simpson Dana and Robert Smith Special Relativity Education Foundation Ram Sundaram Kristen and Michael Swenson Lis Tarlow and Stephen Kay Jane and John Tisdale Lisa Tung and Spencer Glendon Jeff VerHeul Jeffrey Verschleiser Marcia Walsh and Eric Block


Anonymous (4) Jane and Steven Akin Andersen-Formolo Family Foundation Anne and Greg Avis Mitch Barns Anne and Sean Belka Fran Bermanzohn Eryn and Michael Bingle Gary Blank Allison and Jonathan Bordeau Jennifer Brown Nora Brownell Buckman Family Fund Anne Calder Polly Carpenter and George Perkins Margaret Caruso and Ronald Turiello Ed Chandler R. Martin Chavez Linda Chin Blair Christie Brian Chu Priscilla Cohen and Tony Weiner Combined Jewish Philanthropies Jack Connors Karen and Brian Conway Cravath, Swaine & Moore Credit Suisse Matching Gifts Anne Crowley Kristy and Thomas Cunningham Sue and John Curran Holly Dail and Alan Su Betsy and Michael Danziger Richard Davis Carol Taylor and John Deknatel Inge and Gilles Delleart Frank Driscoll Kristen and Todd Eckler Theo Epstein Carol Feinberg Tina and Kevin Felix Fred L. Emerson Foundation, Inc. Shanti Fry and Jeffrey Zinsmeyer Gabrieli Family Foundation Peni Garber Cheryl and Bruce Gardner Sandy and Dozier Gardner Shannon and Robert Gaudette

“When 11-year-olds can advise

when to invest in stocks instead of cash, prepare a budget, and explain why compound interest grows faster than simple interest, it’s hard not to be impressed.” Citizen Teacher


Andrea and Gessner Geyer Robyn and Frank Ghali Nan Giner and Thomas Craig Sandra and Philip Gordon Carol and Peter Grieve Denise Griffin Celeste Guth Scottie and John Held Kristin and Sam Hendler Julie and Bayard Henry Hestia Giving Circle of Santa Fe Martha and Benjamin Hincks Anne and Joseph Hogan The Holthouse Foundation for Kids Stephen Hopkins Jacob House Paul Huchro Swanee Hunt J. William and Elizabeth S. Robinson Foundation, Inc. Jewish Communal Fund Ann and Johnny Johnson Cheryl and Steve Jonas Maria Jones Marina Kalb and David Feinberg Thomas Knight Emily and Brett L’Esperance Laura and Gary Lauder Linda Lazor Laurie Endlar Lee and Michael Lee Bonnie and F. Leighton Muriel and Norman Leventhal Becky and Mark Levin Brian Levine Isabelle and Ian Loring Ellie and Phil Loughlin Lorraine and Robert Mazzarella McGuinn Family Foundation Janet McKinley and George Miller Bill McMahon Diane and John Merrill Ron Morgan Donald Mullen Kate Neave and David Bechhofer Pamela Nelson and Peter Fritschel Marybeth and Gavin O’Connor Laura Pappano and Thomas Lynch Payne Family Foundation Anne Peretz Jerry Perl


Deborah Porter Leslie and Kenneth Pucker Suzanne and Bernard Pucker Joan and Jack Regan Daniel Roitman Michael Rozen Pam and Chris Rupright Sheryl Sandberg and David Goldberg Susan and Bob Schechter Kathy and Paul Severino Shirley and David Toomim Foundation Katherine Shoja Susan Siebert and Bart Mitchell Jonathan Soros Laura and Winston Talbert Jeffrey Tarrant Thomas Teles Kathy and George Ticknor Lauren Uyeshiro and Will Robinson Eric Vincent Pat and Stephen Vinter Marcy and Thomas Vogel John Voulkos Theodore Wang Kathy Weinman and Cameron Kerry Cathy and John White Lucille Zanghi and James Dow


Dede and John Ale Patty Alper American Express Matching Gifts Andersen-Formolo Family Foundation Armstrong Family Investment Jan Avent and Dave Rossetti Ainsley and Brent Babin Rajeev Bajaj Alison Taggart-Barone and Larry Barone Elizabeth Bartle and David Boghossian Beacon Press Andrew Beck Amy and John Berylson Patricia and Timothy Blank Amy Boesky and Jacques Perold

Margot Botsford and Stephen Rosenfeld Danielle Boudreau and Patrick Moriarty Helen Hunt Bouscaren and Joseph Bouscaren Katie Brass and A.J. Sierra Bright Austin Buck Dinah Buechner-Vischer Katherine Burdon Paula and Mark Butler Tammy Butler and Don Kidd Hunter and John Buxton Diana and Jonathan Carson Sheila Cavanaugh and Albert Choy Maureen and Michael Champa Helen Hao Cheng and David Frey Christensen-Dunn Early Foundations Fund Theresa Coffey Jocelyn and Steve Cohen Ann Marie and Dick Connolly Janet Cooper and Ray Marcinowski Deborah and Thomas Daccord Paul Davis Sherry and Howard Davis Catherine Dickey and Peter Smith Deborah and Timothy Diggins Corrie and Tom Dretler Polly and P. Benjamin Duke Martha Eddison and Thomas Sieniewicz Anne and Stephen Elgin Doug Elliott Bridgitt and Bruce Evans ExxonMobil Matching Gifts Loren and Jeffrey Feingold Pete Finn Laura and John Fisher Kelly Fitzsimmons and Denis O’Brien Ruth and Jack Fitzsimmons Thomas Foley Donna Fontana L. Jo Forman and Mark Fuller David Fox Dianne and Bob France Sheara Fredman Megan Gadd and Nathan Wilson

Shanthi Ganeshan and Nagaraja Srivatsan Give With Liberty GlobalGiving Foundation Andrew Goldman Gene Graham Perrin and Bruns Grayson Melissa and Mark Greenlaw Rosa and Matt Guidarelli Jean de Gunzburg and Terry de Gunzberg Janet Hall and William Copacino Katie Hall Jamie Hanna and Glenn Hopkins Elizabeth and William Hansen Yvonne Hao Ambia Harper Donna and Charles Hazard Lorraine and Mark Healy Cristina and William Heiden Amanda and Matthew Henshon Diane and Robert Hildreth Stephanie and Richard Hofmann Elizabeth and Wyatt Hogan Mary T. Howard and Steve Mooney Amanda and Brad Howes Claire Huang and Mark Wildermuth Cassandra and Horace Irvine J Squared Family Foundation Rosemarie and Steve Johnson Michael Juby Stephen Judson Harriet and Warren Kantrowitz Frances and Jon Karlen Steve Kasoff Deborah Donahue-Keegan and Kevin Keegan Kevin Kells Trisha and Mike Kennealy Elizabeth and Albert Kidd Tom Kies Sueanne and John Kim Marie and David Kinder Seymour H. Knox Foundation Susan Lawhon Georgia and Richard Lee Anthony Lees Liza and Justin Lefkowski Peggy and Lawrence Levy Carolyn and David Light

GIVING TO CITIZEN SCHOOLS’ FUTURE Since 1998, Sherif and Mary Nada have championed Citizen Schools and its collaborative approach to education. As Citizen Schools launches its first-ever planned giving initiative on its 20th anniversary, Sherif and Mary are proud to be founding contributors. Citing the importance of planned giving, they see their long-term plans to support Citizen Schools as an extension of their current philanthropy. “We know that when we pass, our first priority is to our family. But we definitely wanted to leave something to our other ‘children’ — the nonprofit organizations that we care about.” Sherif and Mary note that giving by bequest is a way for donors at every gift level to make a difference. “Some people love organizations but aren’t able to contribute as much as they would like. Planned giving is another opportunity for them to give and continue to have impact.”

“Our hope is that Citizen Schools will take the experiences of its past 20 years and extend them to the next phase — continuing to make a real difference in the lives of students.” Citizen Schools is grateful to Sherif and Mary — and the leadership and generosity of all our donors and volunteers — for their help to make that possible. We welcome and honor those who include Citizen Schools in their estate or long-term charitable giving plans. Your support of our work — past, present, and future — makes a real difference. For information about planned giving to support Citizen Schools, please go to


Albert Lombardi Susan and Charles Longfield Suzanne and James Lowry Luetkemeyer Jr. Family Foundation Inc. Whitney Malkiel Dana Martin Christine Mastro and Frank Gallipoli Mary Ann and Peter Mattoon Emily and Sean McCann Chris McGroddy Claire and James McGuire Lucy McQuilken and Charles Agosta The Joseph Meyerhoff Fund Evvajean and Richard Mintz Carolyn Mugar Debra and Warren Nachlis Timothy O’Neill Finbarr O’Sullivan Tamara Olsen Jeryl and Steve Oristaglio John Osterweis Michael Pagano Gregory Palm William Pentney Nicole V. and Jim Perdue Andrew Perlmutter Sarah Perry and Tony Kingsley Eric Pitt Gigi Pritzker Pucker and Michael Pucker Estie Rappaport and Neil Aresty Alexa Reese Rosemary Reilly Arthur Rock Fran and Charles Rodgers Mary Root Wendi and Joseph Rose Maryann and Mort Rosenthal Nancy and Larry Rowe Judy Ryerson and Keld Agnar Susan and Stephen Scherr Daniel Schorr Deborah and Neal Shalom Risa Shames and Neil Silverston Fahim Siddiqui Ellen and Donald Siegel Jolie Siegel Punam Sinha and Dharmendra K. Sinha Suzanne and Edward Skloot Elaine and Graham Smith Sarah and Curtis Smith


Jason Sobol Ruth and Norman Spack Mary and Al Spagnolo Richard Spencer Molly Steiger Liz and Andy Stepanian Lori Stevens Jessica and Colin Stokes Tina and Gordon Strause Delia and Jim Stroud Suzi and Douglas Swanson Frederick Tanne Suki Tepperberg and David Stolow Thomas W. Haas Foundation Thomas Weisel Partners Susan McWhan Tobin and David Tobin Lindsay Tomenson Ali Vakili Rosamond Vaule James Veale Richard Vicens Viniar Family Foundation S. Desiree Visceglia and W. Jeffcoat Hillary and Carlo von Schroeter The Walther Foundation Heather Herndon-Ward and Carter Ward Kristie and Clint Wetmore Dulce and Mahlon Williams Kathryn Winn Christina Wire Christopher Wofford WPO New England, Inc. Christine and Michael Zambito

Public $10,000,000+

Corporation for National & Community Service


Boston Public Schools Department of Youth and Community Development, City of New York


Chelsea Public Schools Durham Public Schools

Houston Independent School District Massachusetts Service Alliance National Science Foundation New Mexico Public Education Department New York State Extended School Day/ School Violence Prevention North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Oakland Unified School District Redwood City School District U.S. Department of Education U.S. Department of Justice


The After-School Corporation Campbell Union School District Chicago Public Schools City of Charlotte Neighborhood Development Harris County Department of Education Massachusetts Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education New Jersey After 3 New York State Education Department Newark Public Schools North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Ravenswood City School District State of North Carolina Department of Social Services

Illinois State Board of Education Malden Public Schools Mescalero Apache Schools New Bedford Public Schools New Jersey Justice Assistance Grants New York City Council Safe Passages


Mecklenburg County Government Oakland Fund for Children and Youth Revere Public Schools San Mateo County Family Health Services City of Springfield Vance County Public Schools


City of Newark San Mateo County City of Santa Fe

ONE OPPORTUNITY Meet Toni-Chanelle: 10-year-old game designer and honored guest at the White House.


After designing and coding a video game called “Flappy Unicorn” during her apprenticeship at the Browne Middle School in Chelsea, MA, Toni-Chanelle found herself invited to the White House Science Fair.


Toni-Chanelle’s great work earned her the invitation, and her network of supporters helped make it possible: the caring adults who taught her to code and shared their expertise, and a public school where the learning day has been reimagined through Citizen Schools.

Aspire Public Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Jefferson Elementary School District New York State Office of Children and Family Services Partners in Out-of-School Time Santa Fe Public Schools Albuquerque Public Schools Alum Rock Union Elementary School District Austin Independent School District Boston Educational Development Foundation The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education City of Revere

One key mentor is MacCalvin Romain, a former Citizen Schools student and now DigitasLBi employee and Citizen Teacher. Superintendent Mary M.

Bourque and Principal David Liebowitz work hard leading Chelsea students to opportunities like this. “This experience would not have been possible without the support of Toni-Chanelle’s Citizen Teacher and our school’s partnership with Citizen Schools,” they said. Not only did Toni-Chanelle visit the White House, she met President Obama himself. “We talked about women having equal rights in science and what we like learning about,” she said. Toni-Chanelle responded to opportunity. Her story is an inspiration, and there are so many more like it waiting to be written. It’s time for more.



We are so thankful to the donors who have helped to launch and support the US2020 initiative as it got off the ground after the White House Science Fair in 2013. Since then US2020 has already reached over 11,000 students through its partnership with STEM companies and its City Competition.







Chevron Cisco TATA Consultancy Services


Alcoa Foundation CA Technologies Cognizant Technology Solutions Raytheon Texas Instruments

$25,000+ Foundation

Carnegie Corporation of New York


Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Individual $50,000+

Jeffrey Shames


Jeff VerHeul


Blair Christie


Patty Alper



Citizen Schools would not be possible without the partnership and support of our public schools, districts, and other public entities and community organizations. We would like to thank all of the schools, districts, and other public entities who have partnered with us over the past twenty years for your commitment to innovative and participatory education. Thank you. Accelerated Learning Laboratory Albemarle Middle School Albuquerque Public Schools Alliance for Inclusion & Prevention, Inc Alum Rock Union Elementary School District Arts & Science Council Aspire Public Schools Austin Independent School District Bay Area Community Resources Bedichek Middle School Ben Franklin Middle School Boston After School and Beyond Boston Educational Development Foundation Boston Public Schools Bronx Writing Academy (M.S. 323) Brooklyn School for Global Studies Browne School Campbell Middle School Campbell Union School District Carter G. Woodson South Elementary School Carter School of Excellence CASE Castro Cedar Bayou Cesar Chavez Academy Cesar E. Chavez MAC Chancellor Avenue Elementary School Chase Elementary Chelsea Public Schools Chicago Public Schools City of Charlotte City of Charlotte Neighborhood Development City of Newark City of Revere City of Santa Fe City of Springfield Cleveland

Collins Middle School Corporation for National & Community Service De Vargas Middle School Department of Youth and Community Development, City of New York Desert Sky Middle School Dorchester Community Campus Dorchester Youth Collaborative Durham Public Schools Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark Eastway Middle School Edison Middle School Edwards Middle School Elmhurst Community Prep First Avenue Middle School Fischer Middle School Fondren Middle School Garfield Middle School Gavin Middle School Global Technology Preparatory (M.S. 406) Grady Middle School Greenleaf Academy Harbor Harris County Department of Education Henderson Middle School Hernandez Horace Mann Houston Independent School District Illinois State Board of Education Irving Middle School Isaac Newton Middle School for Math and Science (M.S. 825) Ivy Hill School Jackson Middle School James A. Garfield Elementary School Jane Long Middle School Jefferson Elementary School District Joseph George Middle School

Kealing Middle School Keith Middle School Kennedy Middle School Killough Middle School Lamar Fleming Middle School Lee School Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy Louise A. Spencer Elementary School Lowe’s Grove Middle School Malden Public Schools Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Charlotte, NC Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Newark, NJ Massachusetts Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Massachusetts Service Alliance Mathson Middle School McCormack Middle School McKinley Community School McKinley Institute of Technology Mecklenburg County Government Mescalero Apache Schools Mildred Ave. Middle School Mission Hill Mollison Elementary Monroe Elementary Monroe Middle School Bronx School of Young Leaders Mt. Vernon National Science Foundation Neal Middle School New Bedford Public Schools New Design Middle School New Jersey After 3 New Jersey Justice Assistance Grants New Mexico Public Education Department

New York City Council New York City Department of Education New York State Education Department New York State ESD/SVP New York State Office of Children and Family Services Newark Early College High School Newark Public Schools Newark Trust for Education Normandin Middle School North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services North Carolina Department of Public Instruction NYC Service Oakland Fund for Children and Youth Oakland Unified School District Office of Councilman Stephen Levin Office of State Senator Jose M. Serrano Orchard Gardens K-8 School Partners in Out-of-School Time Patrick Henry Middle School Paul A. Dever Elementary School Paul Revere Middle School Quail Hollow Middle School Ravenswood City School District Redwood City School District Renaissance Leadership Academy Renaissance School of the Arts Revere Public Schools Robinson Middle School Rogers Middle School Ronald McNair Middle School Safe Passages Salemwood School San Francisco 49ers Academy San Mateo County San Mateo County Family Health Services Santa Fe Public Schools Schmid Elementary


Sharpstown International School Shaw Sherwood Githens Middle School STARS Prep Academy – MS45 State of Massachusetts State of New York State of North Carolina Department of Social Services Texas Workforce Commission The After-School Corporation The Brooklyn School for Global Studies The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education The Duggan Middle School The Eagle Academy Foundation Thomas R. Pollicita Middle School Thorp Elementary Academy Timilty Trotter Innovation School

U.S. Department of Education U.S. Department of Justice Umana Barnes Middle School United for Success Academy University Park Campus School Urban Assembly Academy of Arts & Letters Urban Assembly Institute of New Technologies Urban Assembly Unison School Vailsburg Middle School Van Buren Middle School Vance County Public Schools Walsh Elementary School Wang West Prep Academy Wheatley William Sheppard Middle School Wilson Middle School

Woodrow Wilson Middle School Worcester East Wright School

JOIN US to create opportunity in every classroom. TEACH. SERVE. GIVE.

A note about our listings in this report: Every effort was made to ensure that contributors and partners were recognized in these listings at the appropriate level and in the manner in which they prefer. Donor listings reflect contributions recognized from the founding of Citizen Schools through June 30, 2015. If you believe that an error has been made in any way, we apologize and invite you to reach out to us at



Citizen Schools 308 Congress Street 5th Floor Boston, MA 02210

Profile for Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools 20th Anniversary Report  

Citizen Schools 20th Anniversary Report  

Profile for cschools