SJU Giving Report and Honor Roll

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Giving Report & Honor Roll

Dear Friends, We are pleased to present the 2010-11 Giving Report & Honor Roll, covering the period from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. At first glance, it may seem that this publication is about numbers, graphs and lists. But it is about much more. It is about you. Behind the numbers and graphs in the giving report and the list of names in the honor roll is the inspiring story of your great generosity, loyalty and commitment to Saint John’s. Thank you. Among this past academic year’s highlights are three significant measures we’d like to touch on as prelude to the rest of the report: financial strength, enrollment and event participation.

2010—the largest crowd ever in Division III football. In addition, we had one of our largest turnouts at the Twin Cities Standup, and thousands of alumni celebrated their Saint John’s ties in chapter events and affinity groups across the country.

Saint John’s had an outstanding fundraising year, raising $20.1 million in gifts and pledges. This includes $18.5 million for the university and $1.6 million for the abbey—our highest total since the great recession. Our investment results for the same period also bring good news. The investment portfolio grew by an impressive 20.8 percent and compares favorably with peer colleges and universities.

The next four pages are filled with pictures and captions of highlights of the past year—students, faculty, visiting scholars and alumni creating the rich tapestry of life that is the Saint John’s community. This is the community that you make possible year after year through your gifts of time, talent and treasure. We offer our heartfelt gratitude for your extraordinary generosity.

We are also proud to call attention to our enrollment and graduation figures. These continued to hold strong. In August 2010, 503 Johnnies entered the Class of 2014 to begin four formative years together. And this past May, the 2011 SJU graduating class numbered 475, making it the largest graduating class in school history.

Sincerely, Fr. Robert Koopmann ’68, OSB President

Ann Huntrods Chair, Board of Regents

Saint John’s event participation also made history. A record-setting 16,400 alumni, parents, friends and students packed Clemens Stadium for Homecoming


Highlights of the Year

Sen. Amy Klobuchar delivers fourth annual Eugene McCarthy Lecture


Johnnies win MIAC outdoor track and field title

Management department renamed Global Business Leadership, and the Ralph Gross Chair in Global Business Leadership established

Student choral groups sing at Spring Concert with world famous choir of St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, London

Arts & Culture

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library featured in documentary on Twin Cities Public Television

Donald Jackson, artistic director and calligrapher, completes The Saint John’s Bible



Minga Batsukh ’11 wins third national wrestling title

Golf ties for third at NCAA Championship


SJU and CSB named Fiske Guide “Best Buy” School SJU and CSB among the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the country in the U.S. News & World Report college rankings

SJU and CSB ranked No.1 nationally in mid-length study abroad 5

Alumni News Thousands of alumni connect in chapter events nationwide, from Washington, D.C. to California

16,400 fans pack Clemens Stadium for Homecoming 2010—the largest crowd in SJU and DIII history

President Obama appoints Denis McDonough ’92 deputy national security adviser

Awards & Honors Bill Kling ’64 receives honorary doctorate from SJU in recognition of his work in building MPR into a flagship public radio station

Donald and Mabel Jackson receive Colman J. Barry Award for Contributions to Religion and Society for their role in creating The Saint John’s Bible 6

Highlights of the Year “Celebrating Benedict: Faith and Public Service” panel discussion features SJU and CSB alumni in public service careers

Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, is keynote speaker at Collegeville National Symposium on Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Benedictine Values Students The Class of 2011 includes 475 undergraduate men—the largest in school history—and 27 School of Theology•Seminary graduates

503 students enter the Class of 2014 7


Giving Report Total Giving Saint John’s had another outstanding fundraising year in FY ’11, raising $20.1 million in gifts and pledges. This includes $18.5 million for the University and $1.6 million for the Abbey, our highest total since the onset of the great recession. In the first three years since the completion of our last capital campaign, Saint John’s has raised approximately $57 million.

Dan Whalen ’70 Chair, Resource Development Committee

Annual Fund This past year, Saint John’s achieved impressive results with our Annual Fund campaigns, raising $3.64 million in unrestricted annual gifts. This included the highest annual funds ever for the College of Arts & Sciences ($2.9 million), the School of Theology•Seminary ($306,137) and the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library ($227,276). The Abbey also raised $215,548 in unrestricted annual support.

Joe Mucha ’66 Member, Resource Development Committee

Investment Report I am pleased to report that our investment results for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011, are quite positive. The investment portfolio grew by an impressive 20.8 percent. On a five- and 10-year basis, the portfolio outperformed a blended index return for the same period. Our returns also compare favorably with peer colleges and universities. As a result of these returns, as well as new gifts to endowment, and after deducting the annual draw, the Saint John’s University endowment grew considerably over the past year. The fund balance on July 1, 2010, was approximately $122 million, and for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011, it grew to more than $144 million. This increase bodes well for Saint John’s as well as the students, faculty and programs that benefit from the endowment.

John Agee ’70 Chair, Investment Subcommittee (FY 11)




01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11





$3.6 $3.1




Annual Fund $2.0

$1.8 FY





$12.5 FY



$32.1 $20.8

Total Giving

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Investment Report


Blended Index*

SJU Three-Year Annualized

Five-Year Annualized

Ten-Year Annualized

*70 S&P 500, 30% Barclay’s Aggregate


Figures in millions

Total Donors–University 9,266











Total Donors–University Donor participation remains steady at Saint John’s. This past year, more than 9,266 donors— alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations— made gifts to Saint John’s University, ranging in size from $1 to $3 million. This is the tenth straight year we’ve had more than 9,000 donors.


01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Rob Culligan ’82 Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Alumni Donors 5,855











Alumni Donors From FY ’00 to FY’05, the number of alumni donors grew from 5,700 to more than 7,000. In the past few years, that number has slipped back to just under 5,900. With your help, we’re confident that we can boost that number to more than 7,000.


01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Ryan Heining ’91 President, Alumni Association (FY 11) 8

Figures in millions


Honor Roll July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011

The 2010-11 Honor Roll recognizes those who have contributed to the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Theology•Seminary and the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. Saint John’s deeply appreciates the generous support of thousands of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, corporations, foundations and friends who support our educational mission each year and over the course of their lifetimes. These gifts allow Saint John’s to fund worthy endeavors, including student scholarships and initiatives to enhance teaching, research, cultural activities and student development programs. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this report. If an error has occurred in your listing, we encourage you to contact us at 800-635-7303 so that we may correct our error.

Donor Recognition Societies Over the years, Saint John’s has established several honorary giving societies to recognize donors for their loyal commitment and steadfast, high-level support. In recognition of their generous contributions, donors are accorded membership in three benefactor societies based on their cumulative, deferred giving and annual giving.

Cumulative Giving – The Founders Society Established in 2004, the Founders Society recognizes those who, through a

Wimmer Founders

$5 million or more

one-time gift or through years of giving, have contributed $50,000 or more

di Marogna Founders

$1 million to $4,999,999

to Saint John’s University or any of its sponsored programs.

Wittman Founders

$500,000 to $999,999

Riss Founders

$250,000 to $499,999

Muckenthaler Founders

$100,000 to $249,999

Greil Founders

$50,000 to $99,999

Planned Giving – The Benedictine Legacy Society Established in 2000, The Benedictine Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have included Saint John’s University or Abbey in their estate plans or who have made provisions for the university through a life income gift.

Annual Giving – The Fellows Society Established in 1971, the Fellows Society recognizes benefactors who

Don Talafous Fellows

$25,000 or more

contribute $1,000 or more to the unrestricted Annual Fund yearly.

Donald LeMay Fellows

$10,000 to $24,999

Virgil Michel Fellows

$5,000 to $9,999

Established in 2009, the Young Fellows Society recognizes benefactors from

Martin Schirber Fellows

$2,500 to $4,999

the most recent ten graduating classes who contribute $500–$999 to the

Walter Reger Fellows

$1,000 to $2,499

unrestricted Annual Fund yearly.

Young Fellows

$500 to $999


Class Participation Annual Fund Giving






Annual Fund Giving


Donors 7




1900-37 11

Watershed Awards are given each year to those classes that excel in annual giving participation.

$430,400.05 63.64% $12,050.00

1975 367 111 $105,440.36 30.25% $87,310.36

1938 0 3 $3,300.00 100.00% $300.00

1976 368 117 $127,303.10 31.79% $61,406.45

Sagatagan Award

1939 8 3 $500.00 37.50% $200.00

1977 394 109 $116,899.30 27.66% $62,058.30

For total giving

1940 10 4 $24,300.00 40.00% $200.00

1978 350 129 $830,539.60 36.86% $70,121.60

1941 15 7 $1,025.00 46.67% $975.00

1979 376 103 $86,951.70 27.39% $49,230.70


1942 15 15 $7,670.00 100% $5,295.00

1980 395 101 $74,216.36 25.57% $47,996.30


1943 29 18 $27,100.00 62.07% $2,000.00

1981 412 134 $157,919.53 32.52% $65,269.53

1944 20 5 $470.00 25.00% $270.00

1982 440 117 $258,057.46 26.59% $49,778.30

Gemini Award

1945 16 4 $675.00 25.00% $125.00

1983 425 126 $186,773.43 29.65% $59,583.43

1946 17 10 $4,295.00 58.82% $1,295.00

1984 469 100 $110,408.00 21.32% $43,238.00

For largest percentage of alumni who participated

1947 26 12 $15,941.13 46.15% $13,075.00

1985 422 105 $99,486.48 24.88% $59,571.48

1948 35 25 $74,784.05 71.43% $63,327.55

1986 421 95 $29,506.11 22.57% $27,099.11

1949 70 45 $26,765.00 64.29% $6,580.00

1987 466 99 $22,085.26 21.24% $18,161.26

1950 130 69 $23,318.47 53.08% $21,846.47

1988 484 106 $64,344.49 21.90% $40,365.49

1951 126 68 $258,851.03 53.97% $53,812.71

1989 469 100 $62,118.00 21.32% $25,308.00

1952 106 75 $238,757.83 70.75% $32,565.00

1990 449 88 $66,569.64 19.60% $30,319.54

1953 125 61 $57,310.00 48.80% $12,210.00

1991 492 117 $91,455.25 23.78% $64,765.25

1954 86 54 $74,424.00 62.79% $14,180.00

1992 507 94 $39,700.02 18.54% $35,303.02


1955 113 55 $192,375.00 48.67% $38,525.00

1993 469 73 $19,805.80 15.57% $16,065.80


1956 145 77 $38,270.00 53.10% $19,290.00

1994 462 74 $17,881.00 16.02% $15,511.00

1957 144 89 $202,750.00 61.81% $34,345.00

1995 406 58 $44,173.00 14.29% $39,408.00

Watab Award

1958 208 94 $106,245.68 45.19% $39,680.08

1996 431 71 $21,821.21 16.47% $20,564.21

For total number of donors

1959 184 103 $66,884.48 55.98% $29,799.48

1997 452 76 $17,207.04 16.81% $15,177.04

1960 182 85 $104,469.06 46.70% $44,554.06

1998 411 68 $13,014.70 16.55% $11,394.70


1961 199 113 $255,437.75 56.78% $64,637.00

1999 430 75 $19,148.00 17.44% $17,288.00


1962 206 113 $74,575.71 54.85% $59,635.00

2000 432 84 $16,878.16 19.44% $15,913.76

1963 220 90 $527,076.10 40.91% $96,178.50

2001 437 90 $16,303.18 20.59% $13,477.18

1964 282 123 $233,698.77 43.62% $64,320.77

2002 451 78 $8,970.60 17.29% $8,595.60


228 106 $2,083,020.42 46.49% $79,571.88

2003 460 74 $19,612.46 16.09% $12,102.46

1966 233 81 $84,900.51 34.76% $30,619.00

2004 537 77 $15,770.00 14.34% $11,220.00

1967 258 92 $128,722.00 35.66% $46,172.00

2005 505 65 $5,404.00 12.87% $5,054.00

1968 297 91 $36,013.00 30.64% $31,583.00

2006 456 65 $7,019.28 14.25% $6,034.28

1969 331 127 $45,286.02 38.37% $36,683.56

2007 498 72 $6,297.00 14.46% $5,397.00


348 133 $222,736.99 38.22% $135,318.99

2008 529 67 $6,575.44 12.67% $4,445.44

1971 324 114 $174,187.60 35.19% $94,721.60

2009 473 60 $5,863.20 12.68% $4,553.20

1972 309 121 $98,248.48 39.16% $63,360.80

2010 510 79 $6,347.33 15.49% $5,267.33

1973 328 100 $66,916.00 30.49% $54,194.00

2011 484 85 $2,364.72 17.56% $2,099.72

1974 357 121 $210,788.20 33.89% $93,558.25

Updated December 2011


1938, 1942 (tie) 100%

Stumpf Award For largest increase in participation

Wimmer Award For increase in number of new donors

1961 20 new donors

Ingatius Award For total Annual Fund Giving

1970 $135,319

College of Arts & Sciences

Alumni 1900-46


Robert J. Thielman†

Dr. Gordon J.† and Patricia Plattes

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Dean’s Level

John R. Twohy†

Rev. William J. Rickert

Dr. Henry M.† and Lois M.† Broker

Adam J. Schweitzer*

1900 - 1937

Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Benedictine Legacy Society

Founders Society

Martin Schirber Fellows

Regent’s Level

Rev. Donald J. Feller†

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Dr. Jere D.† and Sylvia Knight

Norbert T. Vos*

Everett J.† and Donna Kulas

Duncan A.† and Gertrude† Campbell ’36

Dean’s Level

Dean’s Level

Frank J.† and Donna Rajkowski

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Earl† and Margaret Morrison*

Dr. Lyle B. Egerman*†

Col. Louis H.† and Donna† Steman

Wilfred F. Engel ’28†

Ermin J. Windschill*†

Msgr. Alvan P. Heuring*†

Thomas S.† and Margaret† Welch ’32 Bruno Riss Founders Andrew G. Ditsch ’21† Peter J. Oster ’11†

1939 Founders Society Bruno Riss Founders

Alfred A.† and Elisabeth† Terhaar ’34

Wally L.† and Geraldine Johnson

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

J. John† and Margaret† Larson

Herbert M.† and Bernnes† Adrian ’29

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Lawrence† and Barbara Iten ’35

Charles† and Bernice Ward* Faithful Donors Vernon J. and Rita Berning* Gerald and Patricia Gelbmann* Rev. William J. Rickert

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Dr. John B.† and Jean Drahmann Regent’s Level Walter Kost* President’s Level

Faithful Donors Roger G. and Doris Landwehr* Edward J. and Mary Melkon*

1946 Founders Society Bruno Riss Founders Monsignor Allan F. Nilles Benne Muckenthaler Founders Robert A.† and Norie T. Mahowald A. L. and Margaret Wegleitner


Leon and Mary Shannon Frost*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Dean’s Level

Douglas P. and Lois Dick

Fred W.† and Leone† Cary

Founders Society

Joseph V.† and Lillian Dahlstrom*

Br. Samuel Lickteig, OSB†

George† and Margaret† Klasen ’34

Loren A.† and Bette Jane† May

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Ernest R.† and Justine Fleck*

Robert A.† and Norie T. Mahowald

Jerome M. Schroeder† ’32

Patrick Greil Founders

William E. and Virginia† Clemens

Hon. John† and Loretta Knapp*

Monsignor Allan F. Nilles

Patrick Greil Founders

Harry L.† and Patricia† Holtz

Bruno Riss Founders

Everett† and Donna Kulas*

A. L. and Margaret Wegleitner

Henry G. Borgerding, ’07†

Donald J.† and Agnes† Murphy

Rev. John E. Moore†

Frank J.† and Donna Rajkowski*

George L. Carufel ’29†

Rev. Jordan Stovik, OSB†

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Franklin J. Ross*

C. Wallace† and Dorothy M. Dierickx

Lionel† and Eileen Spaniol*

Daniel J. Hoolihan

Warren E.† and Patricia K. Zapp*

Vincent E.† and Magda Lamm

Faithful Donors

Dr. Martin J.† and Jo† Schirber

John J.† and Monica Bossenmaier*

Patrick Greil Founders

Lee B. and Donna Henry*

Robert P.† and Jeanette Wander

John F. McGuire*

Norbert S. Henkes ’21† Mathias† and Lois† Himsl ’34

Benedictine Legacy Society

Fred J.† and Valeria† Hughes ’31

Albert P.† and Viola† Hansen

Stephen J. Muggli, Sr.† and

Dr. Robert M. Joyer†

Martinella Muggli ’22

Benedictine Legacy Society Duncan A.† and Gertrude† Campbell ’36 Mathias A.† and Mildred† Ethen ’30

Loren A.† and Bette Jane† May Donald J.† and Agnes† Murphy Capt. Joseph J.† and Elizabeth† Smisek Dr. Ernest J. Sowada†

Mathias† and Lois† Himsl ’34

Annual Giving

Lawrence† and Barbara Iten ’35

President’s Level

George† and Margaret† Klasen ’34

Wally L.† and Geraldine Johnson

George† and Dee Korbel ’37

Dean’s Level

John† and Mildred† Pascoe ’28*

Leander E.† and Josephine Terwey*

Anthony† and Mary† Rhomberg ’31 Rev. Msgr. Alfred Schneider† ’34


Jerome M. Schroeder† ’32

Founders Society

Alfred A.† and Elisabeth† Terhaar ’34

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Thomas S.† and Margaret† Welch ’32

Robert J. and Lucille† Bray

Benedictine Legacy Society Paul G.† and Edna† Baer Vincent E.† and Magda Lamm Rev. Michael G. Mertens Rev. John E. Moore† Dr. Konald A. and Phyllis Prem

Benedictine Legacy Society

$50,000 - $99,999

Bernard J.† and Joan† Andert

Benedictine Legacy Society

Dr. Henry R. Lyons*

Rev. Donald M. Berg

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

A. John and Electa† Strub

Dean’s Level

Eugene A.† and Bettye Luckemeyer

Rev. Fintan Bromenshenkel, OSB •

Marcus J.† and Agnes Steil ’26

James T. Daily*

Dean’s Level

Walter† and Maria Spilos*

George† and Dee Korbel ’37

Rev. George V. Wolf, OSB •

Stephen J. Muggli, Sr.† and Martinella Muggli ’22*


James S.† and Alice Hoolihan* Robert S. Hughes* Vincent† and Magda Lamm* John and Virginia O’Connell* Robert† and Jennie Peternell* Rev. Magnus Wenninger, OSB • Joseph J.† and Renee Willenbring Faithful Donors

Annual Giving Dean’s Level

Richard† and Mary Tavis*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Faithful Donors

$5,000 - $9,999

John and Mary Gilman*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Dr. George W. Miner*

$2,500 - $4,999


$1,000 - $2,499

Michael C.† and Dorothy Coy*

Bruno Riss Founders

Theodore and Frances Olson*

Francis G.† and Norma Culhane

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Louis B. Prickril*

Patrick Greil Founders

Dr. Jere D.† and Sylvia Knight

Dr. Lyle B.† and Hazel† Egerman

Patrick Greil Founders

Most Rev. Mark F. Schmitt


$25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows

Founders Society

Benedictine Legacy Society

Don Talafous Fellows

$10,000 - $24,999

Founders Society

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Annual Giving

Dr. Kenneth and Alice Tauer*

Bernard J.† and Alice Bot*

Founders Society

$250,000 - $499,999

John Strub


Dr. Gordon J.† and Patricia Plattes

$500,000 - $999,999

C. Wallace† and Dorothy Dierickx*

Dr. Konald A. and Phyllis Prem*

Dean’s Level

Wittmann Founders

Walter Reger Fellows

Jack† and Lois M.† Kelly

President’s Level

$1 million - $4,999,999

Greil Founders

Robert J. and Lucille† Bray

John† and Stella Symanitz ’26*

di Marogna Founders

$100,000 - $249,999

Robert P.† and Jeanette Wander*

Thomas S.† and Margaret† Welch ’32*

Eugene† and Bettye Luckemeyer

$5 million or more

A. John and Electa† Strub

Martin Schirber Fellows

Duncan A. Campbell† ’36

Donald LeMay Fellows

Wimmer Founders

Muckenthaler Founders

Regent’s Level

Lawrence† and Barbara Iten ’35*

Dr. Arthur and Ruth Turek*

Founders Society

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Benedictine Legacy Society

Annual Giving

Dr. Bernard P.† and Barbara Strouth*

Donor Key

Founders Society

Annual Giving

Don Talafous Fellows

Walter Reger Fellows

Charles A.† and Ann Rudnicki*

A. L. and Margaret Wegleitner

Riss Founders

Robert P.† and Jeanette Wander

Eugene A.† and Bettye Luckemeyer

John† and Mildred† Pascoe ’28*

Francis Nierengarten*

Martin Schirber Fellows


Annual Giving

Virgil Michel Fellows

David C. McKenzie*

Annual Giving

Walter Reger Fellows Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499

Benedictine Legacy Society

Dean’s Level

Founders Society

Francis G.† and Norma Culhane

$100 - $249

Deacon Elmer† and Georgina† Eichers

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Ralph A.† and Anita Krebs

Bernard A. and Dolores† Hennig

Faithful Donor

George† and Eleanore Gmeinder

Rev. William G. Anderson†

Robert J.† and Marjorie McGuigan

Dr. John B.† and Jean Drahmann

Annual Giving

Up to $99

Benedictine Legacy Society Dr. Jere D.† and Sylvia Knight

Peter J. Odenbrett†

Regent’s Level Most Rev. Mark F. Schmitt


† deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Alumni 1946-51

Regent’s Level

John M. Haupt

Dr. Austin and Fran Loeffler*

Dr. Robert A. and Lois Liners*

Rev. Gerald N. Scherer*

Robert H. and Jean Ebner*

Rev. Florian Muggli, OSB†

Lloyd W.† and Betty Miller*

Rev. J. Patrick McDarby, OSB •

Thomas and Lois Sinner*

President’s Level

Rev. Thomas J. Reardon†

Frederick J.† and Kathleen Pusch*

Rev. Kilian McDonnell, OSB •

Dean’s Level

Allan and Anne Schmid*

Patrick H.† and Eleanor McHale*

William J. Becker*

Sylvester† and Rose Mary Thielman*

Vernon M.† and Helen Sames*

David J. and Leona G. Braun*

Ralph E. and Rosemarie Weber*

Robert Schanhaar*

Bob† and Martha Brophy*

Clifford and Edith Scherer*

John E. Cronin, Jr. and Mary Cronin*

Faithful Donors

Michael J. and Mary Dressen*

Arthur J. and Veronica Buchl*

John N.† and Rita† Dwyer*

William L. and Lorraine Cofell

Dick F. Eich*

John D.† and Mary Connell*

Dr. Roger Greer*

Paul† and Ruth† Eisenzimmer*

Robert and Nancy Gresbrink*

Dr. Bernard† and Janet Gervais*

William B. and Colette Kauffman*

Ralph P.† and Mary Ann Hackert*

John and Jean Kosch*

Hon. Joseph A. and Jeanne Harren*

Charles and Barbara Kranz*

Thomas P. Hockert*

Dr. Allen and Rose Krebs*

Willem T. Ibes

Thomas R. Leimer*

John G.† and Joyce Lawrence*

William E. Murray*

Paul and Mary Loeffler*

Robert and Helen Nicklaus*

Albert and Louise Nieters*

Michael D. O’Brien*

James W. Quinlivan*

Rev. Thomas J. Ryan*

George† and LaDonna Reisdorf*

Donald and Myra Schimmels*

Msgr. Rev. Donald W. Rose*

Eugene Scribner*

George D.† and Patricia Weidner*

John C. Smith*

Eldor A. and CalVerna Wilfahrt*

Richard and Jean Stranik*

Dr. Hubert and Army Theissen* Dean’s Level Robert A. and Bernadette Bachman* Thomas J. and Mary F. Matejcek* Dr. Richard J. and Jean Salk* Faithful Donors

Annual Giving Donald LeMay Fellows Rev. Thomas J. Reardon†* Walter Reger Fellows Harry W. John*


Hon. Robert G.† and Catherine Renner*

Founders Society

President’s Level

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Wallace F. and Marge Pattock*


Dean’s Level

Bruno Riss Founders

Alfred G.† and Anne Andrea*

Thomas E.† and Mae L. Bolger

Frederick F. Fandel*

Dr. Theodore and Bernadine† Gimenez

Thomas and Gwendolyn Kingsley*

Rev. Peter W. Grady

Founders Society

George and Dolores Schmidt*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Eddie and Audrey Zins*

Rev. Eugene G. Belair†

Dr. J. Raymond† and Mary Helbert

Faithful Donors

James H. Garfunkel†

Patrick Greil Founders

Rev. Leander E. Dosch, OCSO*

George E. and Jeanine Hawkins

Dr. Harris D. and Mary Hanson

Donald I.† and Patricia Hackert*

Lawrence and Marilyn† Schwietz

Rev. Sylvester M. Kleinschmidt*

Rev. William A. Wenninger†

Donald W. Conway* Douglas P. and Lois Dick* LeRoy J. and Marilyn Haugh* Col. Marvin and Marjorie Weber*


Benedictine Legacy Society Dr. Robert R. and Megan Haan

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders


Patrick Greil Founders Rev. Donald LeMay, OSB

Founders Society

Benedictine Legacy Society

Boniface Wimmer Founders

Rev. Eugene G. Belair†

Frank and Julia Ladner

Ernest J. and Eileen Bergeron

Bruno Riss Founders

Dr. Theodore and Bernadine† Gimenez

Robert J. and Jeanette Welle

Rev. Peter W. Grady

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

John E. and Geraldine Happe

W. Bronson† and Dorothy Simonet

George E. and Jeanine Hawkins

Patrick Greil Founders

Arthur J. and Esther Hessburg

Francis W.† and Lee Miller

Dr. Robert A. and Lois Liners

J. Patrick Rooney†

Ralph and Gitta Opatz

Benedictine Legacy Society

Muckenthaler Founders

Frank and Julia Ladner

$100,000 - $249,999

Jerome H. and Lois† Terhaar

Annual Giving

Greil Founders

Robert J. and Jeanette Welle

Donald LeMay Fellows

Annual Giving

Benedictine Legacy Society

Don Talafous Fellows

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Frank and Julia Ladner*

Annual Giving

Virgil Michel Fellows

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Robert J. and Jeanette Welle* Regent’s Level Edward W. Edelbrock* President’s Level William H. Meyers* Russell F. Weisser* Dean’s Level E. William† and Elizabeth Bunkers* Gordon J. Durenberger* Frank H.† and Dolores Grundman* Rev. Barnabas Laubach, OSB • Lt. Col. James A. Mahoney* Mark T. and Mary McDonnell* Lewis C. and Vivian McGonagle* Phillip E. and Mary Jane McManus* Dolores and Roger J. Nierengarten Robert and Joann Sauter* Hon. John E.† and Doris Simonett* Rev. Don F. Talafous, OSB • Rev. Arnold J. Weber, OSB • Faithful Donors Frederic and Geraldine Koshiol*

Founders Society Benne Muckenthaler Founders George and Shirley Borgerding Rev. Alan W. Moss† John D. O’Dougherty† Patrick Greil Founders Rev. Thomas J. Ryan

Rev. Gerald L. Potter

$250,000 - $499,999

$50,000 - $99,999


Rev. William A. Wenninger†

Anonymous Martin Schirber Fellows Rev. Gerald L. Potter Walter Reger Fellows

Frederic† and Rita Templeman* Rev. Hilary D. Thimmesh, OSB • Jerry and Kay Ulschmid* John W. and Sylvia Winkelman* Richard and Marian Zejdlik* Faithful Donors Edward F. Bitzan* Gabe J.† and Shirley Brusseau* Max J. and Janine Burbach* John R. and Mary Conlin*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Anthony M. and Margaret Cremers*

Eugene R. Hawkins

Paul and Priscilla Garvin*

Rev. John E. Malik†

George B. and Mary Hickner*

Rev. Thomas J. Ryan

Leo and Lucia Huntington*

Thomas and Lois Sinner

Bernard and Kathryn Jansen*

Richard and Jean Stranik

Farrell F.† and Patricia Johnson*

Dr. Gordon C. Zahn†

Tom Landwehr* Gerald F. and Faye Michaletz*

George E. and Jeanine Hawkins*

Annual Giving

George W. Lund*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Regent’s Level

George and Shirley Borgerding*

Ralph R. Opatz*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Lawrence E. and Carole Schwietz

James and DeLoris Gits*

President’s Level

Walter Reger Fellows

John T. Cassidy*

James and Rita Gassner*

Donald A. and Rosemary Kalkman*

Robert and Anita Peffer*

Joseph P. Martin*

Rev. Joseph J. Senger*

Donald and Charleen Peterson*

Regent’s Level

Dean’s Level

Ellery J. and Jeanne Bresnahan*

Ernest J. and Eileen Bergeron*

Eugene R. Hawkins*

Andre Chaveton*

Jacob J. and Ruth Polta*

Ernest J. Demuth*

Dr. Raymond† and Charlotte Shirley*

Frederick J.† and Lois Gelbmann*

Roger† and Carol Terhaar*

Rev. Douglas J. Gits*

President’s Level

Founders Society

Donald† and Pat Gray

Clinton R.† and Mary Boo*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Raymond L. and Barbara Hackert*

Dr. Douglas J Coy*

Rev. Kenneth F. Knoke†

John E. and Geraldine Happe*

Valerius N. Gasperlin*

Bruno Riss Founders

Dr. Eugene C. and Sally Herzog*

Linus L. Guggenberger*

Vincent and Elizabeth† Paul

Arthur J. and Esther Hessburg*

Thomas C. and Shirley Herzog*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

George W. and Audrey Hinger*

Rev. John E. Malik†*

Peter M.† and Norma† Mies

Rev. Donald LeMay, OSB •

Dr. Joseph W. and Dawn Miller*

Leander and Mary Torborg


Dr. James J. Michels and Colleen Thompson Michels* James and Rita Mullen* Fredric E. and Rosemary Petters* George and Ellen Ramier* Francis Rausch* James and Billie Seifert* Louis† and Jo Senta* Arthur S. Severson* John and Bette Streeter James and Carol Unger* John S. Wagner*


Alumni 1951-53

Patrick Greil Founders

Rev. Hugh Leo Witzmann, OSB •

Robert and Anne Simons

Wayne F. Martin†*

Walter Reger Fellows

Terry and Kathy Dooley

Sylvester J. Zylla*

William R. Stary†

Richard J. and Loretta Miller*

Bernard and Peggy Althoff*

Donald F. Meyers†

Faithful Donors

Dr. Felix E. and Bibiana Tristani

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien*

Robert F. and Elodia Dixon*

Robert J. and Rita Rengel

Patrick W. and Catherine Achatz*

Richard V.† and Sunny Wicka

Col. William T. Schwob, USAF Ret.*

Harold J. and Mary Duffy*

Rev. Edward J. Sherman*

Dr. Robert and Mary Foley*

Ramon E. and Barbara Thomes*

Dr. David† and Betty McMahon*

Rev. Robert L. Valit*

Francis H. and Ludmila Voelker*

Rev. James F. Vennix*

Eugene J.† and Phyllis Volk

Charles and Nancy Wenner*

Regent’s Level

Bernard Wenninger*

John and Ruth Ann Franta*

Faithful Donors

Roland and Rose Anne Ley*

Robert† and Shirley Boeser*

Bob W. and Mary Mareck

Andrew F. and Elaine Buchl*

Aloysius W. Then*

Richard J. and Catherine Carey*

President’s Level

Francis J. Dichtel*

Lawrence J. and Candy Hayes*

Wallace A. and Betty Diekman*

Dale Lungwitz*

Richard J. and Shirley Donovan

Francis and Rosemary Roehl*

Thomas E. and Margaret Hanson*

Rev. Marc C. Tillia*

Joseph A. Kimlinger*

Rev. Nicholas M. Zimmer*

Robert E. and Vivian King*

Dean’s Level

Jerome and Ardell Plantenberg*

Roger and Mary Braun*

Charles V.† and Mary Ann Randall*

James E. and Helen Burkart*

Dr. Thomas and Virginia Reichert*

William O. and Mary Christopherson*

Robert and Katherine Scheuer*

Rev. Corwin Collins, OSB •

Urban J. and Julia Schumacher*

Dr. Robert L. Delorme*

Deacon Glenn and Patricia Teske*

Robert H. Engels*

Benedictine Legacy Society Rev. Kenneth F. Knoke† Donald F. Meyers† Peter M.† and Norma† Mies Raymond Muskat Vincent and Elizabeth† Paul James D. Schumacher Dr. James H. Weber John W. Zapp

William J. and Claudine Athmann* Norman J. and Shirlee Bauer* Robert M. and Deloris Condon* John R. and Arlaine Delebo* Eugene L. and Rose Deutsch* Rev. Lawrence S. Gerend* Robert J. Hasling* George E. and Anne C. Hildahl* Charles and Julie Hundemer* Vernon and Betty Lahr*

Annual Giving

Francis J.† and Maxine Macioch*

Don Talafous Fellows

Paul H. and Kathleen Marcotte*

Donald F. Meyers†

Rev. Gerald A. McCarthy*

Peter M.† and Norma† Mies*

Lt. Col. Donald Miller*

Donald LeMay Fellows

John B. Moriarty*

John W. Zapp

Raymond Muskat*

Virgil Michel Fellows

George† and Margaret Nelson*

Vincent J. Paul*

Richard† and Mary Pluth Palmquist*

Robert J. and Rita Rengel*

Dr. George and Twila Richter*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Bernard and Dorothy Schaefer*

Terry and Kathy Dooley*

Rev. William C. Sherman*

Walter Reger Fellows

John E. and Rosemary Woell*

Lawrence O. and Claire Chouinard*

Kenneth H.† and Jane Zirbes*

Vernon W. Fahrenkrug* William J. Herzog* Patrick† and Marianne Murphy* Robert and Marilyn Obermiller* John S. and Peggy Spalding* Leander and Mary Torborg* Joseph A. Wilfahrt* Regent’s Level Jack and Claire Stary* Rev. Kenneth E. Thielman* DePaul Willette and Judith Willis* President’s Level Dave and Marian Aylmer* Glen A. and Janaan Happe* Dr. Robert and Theresa Kelsch* Ch, Col. G. R. Pryor, USAF (Ret)* Gerald and Patricia Schnobrich* Anthony Schulzetenberg* Dean’s Level Patrick W. and Elaine Bresnahan* John E. and Carole Broeren* Raymond J. and Loretta Colwell* John B. and Mary Kay Dougherty* Rev. Richard Eckroth, OSB • Frank and Betty Fischer*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Daniel G. and Mabel Coborn Paul and Mavis Gannon E. Joseph and Jane E. Welle Donald LeMay Fellows Roger E. and Mary Lou Birk Thomas and Mary McKeown* Virgil Michel Fellows William R. Stary†* Martin Schirber Fellows Dr. Ev and Ardeth Duthoy* William R. VanSloun* Walter Reger Fellows Joseph A. and Gloria Cascalenda* Henry R. Chirhart* James H. Disney* Edgar A. and Betty Harthman* Dr. John N. and Marjorie Heinz* Raymond and Jean Keating* William O.† and Elizabeth Nilles* Dr. Felix E. and Bibiana Tristani* Richard V.† and Sunny Wicka*



Regent’s Level Peter M. and Joan Herges*

Founders Society

Founders Society

William T. Mosso*

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Boniface Wimmer Founders

Lt. Col. Francis and Margie Riley*

Eugene W. McCarthy†

Robert and Anne Simons

Robert and Anne Simons*

Dr. James and Marlene McKeown

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

President’s Level

Benne Muckenthaler Founders


Roger G.† and Mary Anne Boos*

Rev. Martin T. Cullen

The Coborn Family and Coborn’s, Inc.

Eugene and Claire Fox*

Gerald J. and Maurna Donovan

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Rev. Jerome J. Holtzman*

Dr. Robert and Mary Foley

Roger E. and Mary Lou Birk

John and Rita Lange*

Capt. John J. and Jan Lahr

Dr. Ev and Ardeth Duthoy

Norman J. and Rosemary Meyer*

Patrick Greil Founders

William O.† and Elizabeth Nilles

R. Ted and Lorraine Peller

Dr. Robert L. Delorme

Bruno Riss Founders

Eugene P.† and Margaret Preiss*

Harold J. and Mary Duffy

Paul and Mavis Gannon

Claude and Mary Schneider*

Thomas and Carol Jean Krause

Thomas and Mary McKeown

Rev. Wilfred R. Theisen, OSB* •

Lyle and Marilyn Theisen

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Dean’s Level

Raymond and Jean Keating


Edwin M.† and Kathleen† Theisen

Roger L.† and Margaret Abler

Patrick Greil Founders

Rev. Knute Anderson, OSB •

Peter W.† and Mary† Demery

Dr. Donald E. and Sandra Chisholm*

H. James Gahr, LLB

Lou P. Cotroneo

Lt. Col. Francis and Margie Riley

Donald E. and Annie Couchigan*

William R. Stary

Rev. Alberic Culhane, OSB •

Richard V.† and Sunny Wicka

Timothy M.† and Stella Curran*

Robert C. Henry*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Jack Hyneman*


Richard and Mary Kramer*

Roger G.† and Mary Anne Boos

James and Darlene Leinen*

Dr. Donald E. and Sandra Chisholm

Louis and Sarah Reilly*

Daniel G. and Mabel Coborn

James D. Schumacher*

Dr. Ev and Ardeth Duthoy

Jerome and Elizabeth Spaeth*

Paul and Mavis Gannon

James and Margaret Sturm*

Rev. Jerome J. Holtzman

Rev. Allen Tarlton, OSB •

Thomas and Mary McKeown

Charles and Margaret Traxler*

William O.† and Elizabeth Nilles

Duane R.† and Dolores Van Orsow*

Rev. David J. Reider†

Richard J. and Jeré Wasko*

Lt. Col. Francis and Margie Riley

William J. and Kathleen Wimmer*

Claude and Mary Schneider

Eugene E. Daugherty* Larry A. and Rita Donlin* Charles E. and Carmelle Dowdle* Rev. Daniel D. Durken, OSB • James J. and Virginia Engel* Jerome and Catherine Engleson*

John J. and Rita Hunt* Roger C. and Thelma Huyink* Rev. Joseph Kieselbach Rev. John Kulas, OSB • Capt. John J. and Jan Lahr Donald and Frances Lamm* Patrick and Marilyn Lewis* James and Patricia Loonan Charles D. and Margaret McCarthy* Dr. Hilary T. and Elizabeth Mohr* Deacon Thomas J. and Marilyn Murray Rev. Raymond Pedrizetti, OSB • Dr. Richard and Rita Schaefer* R. Conrad and Georgia Schmid* John and Theresa Thurmes* Leo H. and Betty Sue Wolf*

George F. and Geri Bodmer

Faithful Donors

Dr. Zdenek Cernohous

George F. and Geri Bodmer*

William O. and Mary Christopherson

Robert J.† and Irene Casey*

Rev. Martin T. Cullen

George M. Crow*

Dr. Robert L. Delorme

Rev. Martin T. Cullen

Dr. Robert and Mary Foley

Terence L. and Millicent Dosh

Rev. Theodore F. Gustin†

Gene A. and Frances J. Eiden*

Capt. John J. and Jan Lahr

Donald E. Futrell*

Rev. Eugene K. Lemm†

Gerald R. and Margaret Hovey*

Dr. James and Marlene McKeown

Richard T. and Donna King*

Lyle and Marilyn Theisen

Richard A. and Marjorie LeBrun*

Francis H. and Ludmila Voelker

John L. and Janet Martin*

Rev. Arthur A. Vogel

John W. and Wendy McKenzie*

Annual Giving

Paul and Julia Frawley*

Don Talafous Fellows

Bert and Barbara Hartinger*

Dr. James and Marlene McKeown

Philip J.† and Rose Marie Hartman*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Dr. Philip and Elizabeth Hessburg*

Lyle and Marilyn Theisen

Hector F. and Mary Hoenig, MD*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Rev. Richard G. Kalkman*

Thomas and Carol Jean Krause


Robert J. and Betty Healy*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Robley B.† and Rita Evans*

Dr. J. Anthony Malerich*

Julian J. Gasperlin*

Emmett and Dianne Mulcare* Richard† and Marie Notermann* Col. (Ret.) James and Margaret Rogers* Donald W. and Lorraine Rubertus* William and Kathryne Sather* Chris and Patricia Traxler* Lambert X. and Virginia Zenner*

Alumni 1954-57


Richard A. and Regina McCarthy*

Dr. Gerald and Kathleen Gretsch*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Antonio and Mary Beth Mediavilla*

Founders Society

Earl F. and Carol McMillin*

Thomas P. and Jeanne Hartmann*

Dr. Gregory and Jeanette Swenson

Dr. Michael and Colleen Mikkelson*

Jerre A. Miller*

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly

Patrick Greil Founders

Paul G. Mohrbacher*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Roger L. and Elaine Popp*

Rev. D. William Wingert*

Kevin P. and MaryAnn Howe

James and Mary Ellen Muchlinski*

Rev. Alexander P. Ludwig

Rev. Julian Schmiesing, OSB •

Regent’s Level

Dean C. Laurance

Denis A. and Mary Novak*

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Darrell C. Sorenson*

Richard C. Hardes*

Allan E. Mulligan†

Lawrence and Terri Nowak*

Robert C. and Sybil Johnson

Rev. Thomas Thole, OSB •

Rev. Bernard W. Kahlhamer*

Jeremiah and Mary Ann Reedy

Steven Pederson and John Burns*

H.E. Ambassador Robert and Ellen Shafer

Casey A. and Mary Ann Vilandre*

Robert B. Tai*

Gerald and Lorraine Sande

Dr. Rene and Barbara Pelletier*

Dr. Waldemar H. Wenner

Rev. Thomas Wahl, OSB •

Dr. Mark M. Welter*

Bruno Riss Founders

Faithful Donors

President’s Level

Charles F. and Sally Cammack

Bernard J. Beaudry*

Dr. Paul J. Gilles*

James A. and Joan Pierret

George J.† and Mary Berry*

Paul J. and Dolores Huber*

John G.† and Lois Schwob

Bill and Georgia Braun*

George and Marcia Lowe*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

James H. and Marjorie Brutger*

James and Yvonne Sexton*

Leonard S. and Margie Busch

W. Donald and Sheila Coy

John P. and Mary Stackpool*

Donald J. and Mary Lu Herzog

Rev. Leonard A. Eckroth*

Dean’s Level

Rev. Richard M. VerBust†

Robert† and Patricia Forster*

Gerald R. and Mary Ann Armour*

Patrick Greil Founders

Dennis and Mary Jane Grebner*

Richard L. Berg*

Joe B. Eikmeier

LaVern J. and Helen Hoelscher*

Robert D. and Ann Brown*

Annual Giving

Aaron J. and Marian Wolff*

Rev. Kenneth Russell

Dr. Earl C. and Jane Hutchins*

Jim and Valerie Collison*

Donald LeMay Fellows

Faithful Donors

Benedictine Legacy Society

Glenn and Shirley Kirsch*

Dean† and Joleen Durken*


Rev. Patrick A. Bernardy*

Charles F. and Sally Cammack

James and Rose Ann Loechler*

William M. and Noreen Hayden*

Virgil Michel Fellows

John C. and Mariam Calkins*

Joe B. Eikmeier

James J. and Mary Ann McDonald*

J. Richard Heinzkill*

Dean C. Laurance*

Charles and Evelyn Eckroth*

Donald J. and Mary Lu Herzog

Dr. Joseph M. Moser*

John P.† and Rita Hillenbrand*

Dr. Gregory and Jeanette Swenson

Donald† and Jeanette Flynn*

Robert C. and Sybil Johnson

James B.† and Suzanne Peyton

James L. and Mary Hoffman*

Walter Reger Fellows

Edward C. Foley*

Rev. Alexander P. Ludwig

Richard F.† and Moira Rummel*

Roman J. and Constance Hondl*

Kevin P. and MaryAnn Howe*

Jerald L. and Juliann Howard*

Dr. Joseph M. Moser

Douglas E. Shauer*

Joseph B. Hunn

Dr. Vincent R. and Mary Kay Hunt*

Louis F.† and Rose Jost*

James A. and Joan Pierret

Dominic and Rose St. Peter*

Donald W. Kelley*

Robert G. McTaggart*

Joseph and Lenore Kuelbs*

Dr. John E. and Irene Rielly

Cornelius Vahle and Nancy Scotton*

Thomas and Helen Krebsbach*

Rev. Edward G. Meulemans

Ronald D. and Bernadine May*

Rev. Kenneth Russell

David P. and Di Ann Vinck*

John P. and Iris McAlpin*

W. M. and Judith O’Fallon*

Michael and Eva McKay*

John G.† and Lois Schwob

Jacob W. Wagner, Jr.*

Rev. John F. O’Brien*

Gerald and Lorraine Sande*

Dr. Robert P. and Mary Gwen Miller*

Dr. Waldemar H. Wenner

Cletus and Valerie Windschitl*

Casimir A. Paluck*

Cletus and Ardis Schroepfer*

Robert and Dorothy Mushel*

Rev. James Reichert, OSB •

Regent’s Level

DeVaughn and Emily Nelson*

Paul and Betty Schaeppi*

Harold C. Harrison*

Dr. Paul Purdy*

Clarence and Erna Scherping*

Kent P. and Marylyn Howe*

Ronald E. and Catherine Putz*

Joseph L. and Marilyn Schmit*

Robert and Phyllis Kleinschmidt*

Rev. James D. Russell*

Col. James A. Silver*

Rev. Philip J. Krogman*

Dennis Studer*

Flip and Pat Spanier*

James F. and Patricia Masterjohn*

Robert and Shirley Tekippe*

Robert and Mary Ann Stenger*

David J. and Karen Sinner*

Leonard M. and Mary Ann Valley*

President’s Level

Edward and Patricia Zeman*

Donald D. Carlson*

Faithful Donors

Dr. Robert and Nancy Clements*

Peter L. and Gloria E. Castner*

Terrence and Mary Ann McKenna*

David F. and Susan Durenberger

Dean’s Level

Harvey E. and Bonnie Fiala*


Alvin L. and Mary Lou Houle*

Richard A. and Edith G. Betting*

Paul J. and Claudia Iten*

Rev. Roger J. Botz, OSB •

Annual Giving Donald LeMay Fellows


Benedictine Legacy Society Anonymous Donald D. Carlson Dr. Vincent R. and Mary Kay Hunt Rev. Philip J. Krogman Robert G. McTaggart Steven Pederson and John Burns Jeremiah and Mary Ann Reedy John Schlumpberger

Leonard S. and Margie Busch

Founders Society

Rev. Alexander P. Ludwig

Boniface Wimmer Founders

H.E. Ambassador Robert and Ellen Shafer

William and Joyce Sexton Family

Virgil Michel Fellows

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

James A. and Joan Pierret*

Norbert R. and Marilyn F. Berg

Martin Schirber Fellows

Dean† and Joleen Durken

Daniel and LaVonne Nicolai*

Flip and Pat Spanier

Walter Reger Fellows

Patrick Greil Founders

Michael M. and Mary Donahue

Richard C. Hardes

Joe B. Eikmeier*

Rev. Bernard W. Kahlhamer

Francis and Harriet Giesen*

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly

Louis M. and Eileen Gottwalt*

Robert B. Tai

Dale J. and Joan Happe*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Joseph and Carol Lutz*

Lane J. and Elaine Carlson*

Dr. Waldemar H. Wenner*

Rev. Patrick T. Devine†

Alvin H. and Virginia Meyer*

Harry F. and Fran Christian*

Regent’s Level

Gerald M.† and Colleen Donlin

Charles G. and Marie Miller

Donald H. and Virginia Clark*

John C. Massmann*

Dean† and Joleen Durken

Michael and Barbara Nilles*

Rev. Jerome Coller, OSB •

President’s Level

Richard C. Hardes

William J. Schneider*

Eugene J. and Maebelle Crosby*

Dr. Henry† and Ruth Brattensborg*

Paul J. and Dolores Huber

Fred and Gladys Sickler*

Gregory and Nancy Cummings*

Louis and Peggy Filiatrault*

Joseph B. Hunn

J. Greg and Rita Sullivan*

David and Elvira Eizenhoefer*

Paul and Sallie Goebel*

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly

James M. TeVogt*

Thomas G. Gits*

Leo J.† and Barbara Kemper*

William and Joyce Sexton

Ralph and Laverne Torborg*

Dr. Dean and Leila Goblirsch*

Clement C. and Winnie Kroll*

Flip and Pat Spanier

Dr. Hugo M. and Agnes Wolf*

Eugene C. and Jean Heltemes*

Dr. John E. and Irene Rielly*

Dr. Mark M. Welter

Hon. Kenneth G. and Maxine Ziebarth*


Dean’s Level

Annual Giving

Gerald J.† and Vivian Anderson*

Don Talafous Fellows

Founders Society

Rev. Meinrad J. Dindorf, OSB •

William and Joyce Sexton*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Rev. Peter J. Fransco*

Martin Schirber Fellows


Jerome† and Veronica Grandpre

Robert J. Aufenthie and Ramona Nagel*

Steven Pederson and John Burns

John R. and Greta Gravelle*

Walter Reger Fellows

Bruno Riss Founders

Patrick and Jackie Loney*

Martin Elser† and Joan Riemer-Elser*

Dr. Vincent R. and Mary Kay Hunt


James F. and Shirley Ramsay* Edmund J. and Barbara Regan* Richard and Sharon Savageau* Douglas J. and Theresa St. Onge* Rev. Bernard J. Steiner* Patrick and Julie Sweetman Raymond and Alice Thull* Robert and Helen Verkuilen* F. W. and Phyllis Wall* Herbert and Bernetta Windschitl*

1957 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Gordon J. and JoAnne Bailey Cornelius Wittmann Founders Harvey E. Bock Bruno Riss Founders James J. Clemens† Rt. Rev. Timothy T. Kelly, OSB† John P. and Rosemarie McGuire Benne Muckenthaler Founders Robert G. Claesgens Clement J. and Molly Commers Patrick Greil Founders William F. Droessler Rev. Conan Mawhorr, OSB† Richard and Janet Muellerleile

Jude E. and Shirley Hermsen*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Ronald C. and Ruth Ann Howard*


Jack J. and Christina Karnowski*

Gordon J. and JoAnne Bailey

Rev. Roger Kasprick, OSB •

Harvey E. Bock

Rev. Walter J. Kleinfehn*

Robert G. Claesgens

Richard J. Malek*

Clement J. and Molly Commers

Rev. Eugene McGlothlin, OSB •

William F. Droessler

Thomas and Patricia McMahon*

James and Mary Grace Galvin

Alumni 1957-59

John R. and Vivian Herder

Thomas F. and Michelle Matchie*

John D. Taylor and Leigh W. Dillard

Kevin J. and Joanne Hughes*

Richard and Janet Muellerleile

Richard F. and Jacqueline Matchinsky*

Terrence J. Martin†

Thomas J. and Kathy Jambeck*

David C. Prem

Rev. Finian R. McDonald, OSB •

Dr. Mark W. and Judith† Weigel

Leonard J. and Dona Kos*

Robert J. and Anita Sue Miller*

John G. and Lois Schrantz Welshons

Thomas and Judith LeRoux*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Gordon J. and JoAnne Bailey* Virgil Michel Fellows Anonymous† Martin Schirber Fellows John P. and Rosemarie McGuire* Sheldon R. Mielke* Walter Reger Fellows John M. Becker and Carole Mickschl* Robert G. Claesgens Clement J. and Molly Commers* Wayne A. and Marge Hergott* Wesley and Kate Laseski* Rev. Rene McGraw, OSB* • Thomas J. Mitchell* Richard and Janet Muellerleile* Michael and Dorothy Murray* David Pfeffer* Wallace and Mary Ann Tintes* Paul E.† and Lois Umhoefer* Regent’s Level James and Mary Grace Galvin* John R. and Vivian Herder* William C. and Patti Huber* Dr. Adrian L. and Jacqueline Kapsner* James and Beverly Laing* John G. and Geraldine D. Marek* Joseph A. and Doris Meyer* David C. Prem* Ronald R. Sandeen* Dr. Richard and Barbara Schissel* President’s Level Bob and Bev Bresnahan* Rod L. and Suzanne Dachel* Hub Levandowski and Karol Moorman* John T. and Jane Lynch* Raphael J. and Mary Miller*

Donald A. and Marla Montbriand* Dennis J. Morgeson, Sr. and Elizabeth Morgeson* Robert J. and Mary Mulligan* Michael and Anita O’Connor* John and Jean Peloquin* Mike† and Marlene Plantenberg* John F. and Sally Rian* William J. and Roseann Rogers* Edward J. and June Roos* Lt. Col. Francis J. and Joan Ruf* Dale C.† and Nancy Vaughan* James and Janet Wenninger* Edwin C. and Carolyn Wensman* Hon. John J. and Kate Weyrens* Peter E. and J. Diane Wielinski* Faithful Donors Charles R. and Carol Berens* John G.† and Patricia Berling* James V. Blaha* Theodore H. Dullum* Gerald P. and Joan Ehresmann* Darrell P. and Irene Eiden* James and Marilyn Gephart* Jim and Mary Graeve* Allan and Mary Jirele Timothy and Elizabeth McCartney* James and Eva Murphy* Harold F. Nilles* Paul A. Pearson* Edward P. and Catherine Queenan* Duane P. and Mary Rubertus* Robert and Mary Scheetz* George and Diane Sedivy* Frank T. Struchen* Jim and Gen Waller*


Robert and Yvonne Lindquist*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows John G. and Lois Schrantz Welshons* Virgil Michel Fellows Richard J. and Sandra Pope* Roger and Irma Scherer* Mark W. Weigel Martin Schirber Fellows James M. and Joyce Braus* Robert C. and Agnes Flynn* John D. Taylor and Leigh W. Dillard* Walter Reger Fellows James W. and Mary L. Bassett* Frederick H. and Molly Commers James A. and Joyce Donohoe* Len and Kay Mrachek* Dr. Neal and Marianne Olson* John and Mary Payette* Charles C. and Rita I. Pfeffer, Jr.* Jerome P. and Barbara Schliep* Dr. Richard J. and Mary Wagner* Dr. Thomas E. and Marlene Wollner* Regent’s Level Daniel Boyle and Ann MacKay* Albert and Moira Eisele Dr. Dennis J. Kelsh* Drs. Bernard C. and Virginia Kinnick* Laurence and Susan Koll* President’s Level

Thomas and Kathryn Lindquist* John and Catherine Maas* Thomas E. and Susan Melchior* William and Barbara Mueller* Gerald and Alice Pahl* Paul and Marvel Pryor* Arnold R. and Deanna Rasmussen* Dr. Russel Reiter* Gerald J. Rieder* Daniel L. and Kay Rorabeck*

Ronald A. and Mary Deutz* Nicholas J. and Nancy Eltgroth Thomas and Yvonne Foster* Rev. Thomas E. Geelan* Keith F. and Julie Hughes* Arthur A. and Kathleen Johnson* Christopher J. and Helen Kauffman* Martin and Catherine Lynch*

Benedictine Legacy Society Anonymous Paul J. and Edna Berres Don J. and Dorothy A. Hodapp Robert J. and Rita† Ilg David P. and Sharon Jasper Robert and Dixie Labat Dr. Patrick M.† and Wanda Malone Merritt Nequette and Pauline Lambert† Gary O. Sauer James and Shari Schlosser Richard and Mary Shea Ernie and Mary Stelzer

Urban A. and Rose Salonek*

Annual Giving

John and Margie Sauer*

Don Talafous Fellows

Joseph and Betty Spano*

Don J. and Dorothy A. Hodapp*

Eugene P. and Irene Sullivan*

Donald LeMay Fellows

William B.† and Mary Sullivan*

David P. and Sharon Jasper

Rev. Simeon J. Thole, OSB •

Martin Schirber Fellows

Peter and Susannah Trebtoske*


Richard and Mary Trudell*

Mark W. and Ruth H. Dundon*

David and Diane Vos* Richard A. Wadden* J. Patrick and Arlene Walrath* Patrick Wangen and Esther Arroyo* Phabe and Rita Wartman* James B.† and Carol M. Welle* William S. and Mary Lee Widman* Faithful Donors Francis J. and Sheryl Barnett* William J. and Kayreen Burns Edward J. and Carol M. Casey

Richard E. Brudos*

Dr. Patrick M.† and Wanda Malone

Robert C. and Carol Cibuzar* James H. and Mary Eddy James and Darlene Gaebel* Raymond and Janice Gellerman* Lee Hanley* Duane and Jane Heitz*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Gary C. and Darnell Klein*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Mark and Marilyn Lohmann*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Leon J. and Anne Lysher*

Annual Giving

Richard A. and Nerie Moga*

Founders Society

Terrence J. Martin†

Drs. John and Jean Oberpriller*

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Raymond and Joyce Omann*

Charlie Rush*


Joseph L. Plut*

Dean’s Level

John D. Taylor and Leigh W. Dillard

Charles N. and Kay Thomey*

Francis J. and Jean Berres*

John G. and Lois Schrantz Welshons

Dean’s Level

Hon. George R. Corsiglia*

Bruno Riss Founders

Alfred and Rosemary Abati*

Walter M. and Mary Crowell*

James W. and Mary L. Bassett

William A. and Kathleen M. Anderson*

Founders Society

$5,000 - $9,999

Charles W. and Nina Cullen

Roger and Irma Scherer

James W. and Nancy Archbold*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Martin Schirber Fellows

James M. and Joanne Dalglish*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

James Cesnik† and Barbara Nelson*


$2,500 - $4,999

Donald J. and Mercedes Dvorak*

Dr. Mark W. and Judith† Weigel

James F. and Bonnie K. Chan*

Don J. and Dorothy A. Hodapp

Walter Reger Fellows

David and Rose Marie Ederer*

Patrick Greil Founders

Thomas G. and Judith Clifford*

David P. and Sharon Jasper

$1,000 - $2,499

Rev. Jonathan Fischer, OSB •

James M. and Joyce Braus

James P. Coyne*

Bruno Riss Founders

Regent’s Level

John and Patricia Franz*

James A. and Joyce Donohoe

Doug T. and Elaine Cunningham*

Robert J. and Rita† Ilg

$500 - $999

Bernard L. Galm*

Richard J. and Sandra Pope

Darien and Mary DeRocher*

Merritt Nequette and Pauline Lambert†

Young Fellows

Michael P. and Nancy Fandel*

James and Shari Schlosser


Louis E. and Mary Faust*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

President’s Level

George M. Gales*


$250 - $499

John A. Grise*

Richard and Mary Shea

Dean’s Level

Dr. William and Julie Haas*

Patrick Greil Founders

$100 - $249

Robert J. and Barbara Hartinger*

Paul J. and Edna Berres

Faithful Donor

Paul V.† and Millie Hemmelgarn

Drs. John E.† and Rochelle Brandl

Up to $99

William B. and Mary J. Horak*

Patrick J. and Kitty Dolan

Frank R.† and Bernadette Hughes*

Mark W. and Ruth H. Dundon

† deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

John P. and Jeanne Hynes* Rev. William J. Jablonske Kevin J. and Clara Jonas* Rt. Rev. Timothy T. Kelly, OSB†• Charles A. and Mary Kelsh* Rev. Anthony J. Kroll Dr. Louis and JoAnn Kucera* Rev. Nicholas J. Landsberger* Thomas and Dolores Latzka*

Benedictine Legacy Society Anonymous Bernie E.† and Carol† Archbold James W. and Mary L. Bassett James H. and Mary Eddy Louis E. and Mary Faust Robert C. and Agnes Flynn Lee Hanley


Richard and Dorothy Pappenfus* Kenneth and Rosamond Reding* Leo J. and Mary Kay Toninato*


Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows

Alumni 1959-61

Walter Reger Fellows

Dr. Richard and Elizabeth Harano*

Vern A. and Carolyn Langenfeld*

Dr. Anthony P. Thein*

Dr. John Giesen and Helen Talkington*


Drs. Thomas† and Kathleen Hobday

Dr. Joseph and Marion Lechowicz*

Regent’s Level

Edward† and Rosemary Hagerott*

Patrick J. and Kitty Dolan*

Dr. Patrick M.† and Wanda Malone*

Rev. Gregory J. Lieser*

Rev. Gerald E. Dalseth*

Bob and Donna Haggerty*

Dr. John R. O’Fallon*

Robert W. McDonald*

John and Joanne Lischke*

Richard R. and Judie Hanson*

Rolland and Karlene Jendro*

James L. and Suzanne Rielly*

Frank Moran*

Larry and Jo Ann Luetmer*

Jerry J. and Gwen Hudrlik*

John T. and Rita Jette*

Richard and Mary Shea*

Thomas and Marlene Murray*

George L. and Anne Martin*

Capt. Thomas E. and Nicole Irving*

Jean A. and Jeanette Kappel*

Paul J. Stary*

Dr. Lawrence M. and Vera Poston

Bernard F. and Sandra McNab*

J. Buford and Diane Johnson*

James E. and Rosemary Meath*

Regent’s Level

Jack and Alice Quesnell*

George H. and Rita Meyer*

Jim and Polly Kuelbs*

Quintin T. and Delores Rubald*

Russell J. Banner*

Jay and Anne Theder*

Duane and Judy Muyres*

President’s Level

Gregory and Carol Stein*

Roger F. and Judith Buscher*

Mark J. Twomey*

Emy E. and Marie Picard*


Donn and Patricia Thurk*

Joseph L. and Delphine A. Casey*

Dean’s Level

David N. and Judith Reese*

Michael C. and Karen Becker*

Col. Charles and Cynthia Woodbeck*

Henry and Kathleen Fischer*


James and Jeannette Rohlik*

Richard H. and Katherine Breen*

Most Rev. Roger Gries, OSB*

John S. Barbour*†

Gary O. Sauer*

Rev. Laurence J. Burns*

Merritt C. Nequette and Pauline Lambert†*

Paul J. and Edna Berres

Louis J. Sciez*

William F. and Lydia Colberg*

Dr. Ron and Myrna Ohmann*

James J.† and Sherry Bias

George J. and Rose Marie Steiner*

Gary N. and Beverly Fruth*

Hon. Vernon J.† and Susan Rausch*

Wayne and Arlene Borgmann*

Robert A. Sullivan

Roger and Sally Labat*

Dr. Anthony F. and Agnes Yapel*

Rev. Allan R. Bouley, OSB •

Dr. J. James and Linda Walch*

L. Wayne and Sharon Larson*

Roger and Dixie Yurczyk*

Drs. John E.† and Rochelle Brandl*

Peter B. Zazzali*

Thomas Lux and Carolyn Britton*

President’s Level

Rev. Kenneth Brenny*

David J. and Margaret T. Boyle*

David and Margaret Christopherson*

Dr. Daniel C. Conlon*

Robert F. Cisco*

Rev. Jerome Cosgrove*

Bruce J. Cripe*

Donald M. Ehlen*

Joseph I. Crotty* Dr. Peter A. and Nancy D’Heilly*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Benedictine Legacy Society

J. David Enestvedt* Robert and Renee Fischer* Laurence N. and Elna Goodspeed* Louis and Lois Gravel* Fr. Lawrence W. Haas* Marvin A. and Pamola E. Hartung* Charles A. and Renee Hoenig* Herman H. Janzen* Dennis R. and Carole Keefe*

Rev. John T. Mullarkey*


Benedict and Frances Neubauer*

Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Terence Fruth and Mary McEvoy Bruno Riss Founders David L. and Kathy Hardwick Benne Muckenthaler Founders Gary N. and Beverly Fruth Patrick Greil Founders Dr. Charles P. Ehlen Gerald F. and Joyce E. Moran Jacob and Geraldine Muhvic Charles W. Seabright†

Dr. Marvin E. and Nancy Rensink* Bernard and Marion Simon* Paul and Marlene Weber* Dean’s Level Terrance J. and Jane Armon* Geno Beniek* Donald L. and Patricia Brandl*

John and Elizabeth Larson

David and Mary Ann Haberman*

Stephen A. and Lora Muggli

Harvey and Helen Kruchten*


David K.† and Joanne Hawkins*

Jim and Mary Jean Nussbaum

Robert and Dixie Labat*

James W.† and Mary Cunningham

Thomas G. and Lucille Helfter*

Paul R. Winter

Joseph and Gwendolyn Ladner*

Robert J.† and Donna Haggerty

Dr. Robert J. Herickhoff*

Stewart W. and Kathleen Laird*

Terence Fruth and Mary McEvoy

Donald J. and Margaret Heurung*

Rev. Brennan Maiers, OSB •

David L. and Kathy Hardwick

Dick and Ginny Hoeschen*

Roger J. Martin*

Gerald F. and Joyce E. Moran

Gerald G. and Karen Johnson*

Louis F. and Rosemary Masonick*

$500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Jim and Mary Jean Nussbaum

Benedictine Legacy Society

John Uldrich

Young Fellows

William H. and Rose Hood

Jerome C.† and Deborah Kollodge*

Jerald R.† and Beth Schultheis*

$500 - $999

Patrick Greil Founders

Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins

Carlyle J.† and Sandy Lommel*

Regent’s Level

Joseph W. and Elaine Fraune

Rev. Thomas Gillespie, OSB •

Dr. Anthony P. Thein

$1,000 - $2,499

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

William H. and Rose Hood

Howard F. and Alice Rassier*

Walter Reger Fellows

Stephen A. and Lora Muggli

Rudolph and Leona Gapko*

Annual Giving

$2,500 - $4,999

Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins

Joseph W. and Elaine Fraune

David and Karen Loegering*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Dr. Larry Gallagher*

Richard W. and Ellie Sabers

$5,000 - $9,999

Paul R. Winter

David M. and Mary Bjorklund

Gerald J. and Jean Pierre*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Dale J. Curran*

Donald L. and Patricia Kercher*

$10,000 - $24,999

Stephen and Barbara Slaggie

Benedictine Legacy Society

Rev. John T. Mullarkey

Donald LeMay Fellows

Boniface Wimmer Founders

William and Judy Cunningham*

Rev. Raymond G. Monsour*

$25,000 or more

Founders Society

J. Keith and M. Corinne Connelly*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Don Talafous Fellows


Rev. William F. Skudlarek, OSB • Donald† and Carol Tillman* Rev. Laurn C. Virnig* Henry L. Wagener* Lt. Col. Thomas and JoAnn Warner* Tomas M. and Nancy Willette* Faithful Donors Kevin P.† and Donna Curry* William G. and Mary Joan Draxler* William F. and Dolores Edelbrock* Rev. Dennis D. Evenson* Peter H. and Caroline Froehle* Dennis and Janet Gacke* Larry and Myrna Habstritt* Richard L. and Eileen Haeg* Dr. Tom and Dianne Hart* James W. and Dannielle Higgins* Dr. Michael H. and Judy Kao* Norbert T. and Donna Kinnick* Perry J. and Elizabeth Knapp* William F. and Margaret Koska

James and Carole McMillin*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Terence Fruth and Mary McEvoy* Donald LeMay Fellows Pierre and Susan Dupuch Virgil Michel Fellows David L. and Kathy Hardwick* Michael L. and Karen Wagner* Martin Schirber Fellows Stephen and Sally Lisle* Walter Reger Fellows Austin D. and Brenna Ditzler* Richard J.† and Mary Drew* Dr. Charles P. Ehlen* Dr. John and Kathleen Ficenec* Felix A. and Dawn Mannella* Jacob and Geraldine Muhvic* Richard W. and Ellie Sabers* James and Wanda Singsank* Robert and Leah Stich* Dr. Joseph and Judith Sullivan*


Gerald F. and Joyce E. Moran* Richard F. Nettleton* James and Aileen Nowatzki* Mr. and Mrs. Ray R. Olson* Thomas L. Piazza* Dr. Frank E. Rapley* Kenneth J. and Marion Roos* Rev. David G. Russell* Michael P. and Patricia Salm* Daniel and Sandi Schneider* Dr. Richard J.† and Jane Schoenecker* Rev. James A. Thoennes* Rev. Vincent P. Velas, OSB* Edward F. Zganjar* James J. and Pat Zimmerman* Faithful Donors James H. and Jennie Bachman* Donald R. and Anna Blais* Glen M. and Ardith Eiden* Donald A. and Sheila Exner*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins* Stephen A. and Lora Muggli* Paul R. Winter* Donald LeMay Fellows Henry T. and LeChi Gallagher* Dr. and Mrs. John Huberty* John and Elizabeth Larson* Virgil Michel Fellows Michael E. and Jane Murphy* Walter Reger Fellows Jerome F. and Elaine Donohoe* Donald E. and Barbara Hazelwood* Theodore E. and Judith Heimer* Dr. Robert D. and Patricia Henry* John and Arlene Leisen* Dr. George and Ann Nemanich* Dr. James and Mary Nordlund* Jim and Mary Jean Nussbaum* Stephen and Barbara Slaggie* Dr. Thomas F. and Connie Smith* James H. Stewart* Dr. James E. and Perha Varley* Edward C. and Mary Jo Votruba* Robert M. and Carol Weber Dr. Michael J. and Nyla Zender* Regent’s Level David Albert and Laura Klugherz*

Alumni 1961-63

Monsignor James E. Dillenburg*

Robert V. Withrow*

Wayne and Sara Thein*

Dr. Curtis G. and Ruth Kurtz*

David A. and Karin† Wendt

Dr. John C. and Patricia Manion*

Faithful Donors

Walter Reger Fellows

Dr. James and Judy Layer*

Albert and Kathleen Woodward

Dr. Gregory and Joyce Pappenfus*

Charles G. Calhoun*

Dr. Robert and Nancy Christensen*

Adrian Ledermann and Gale Maxwell*

Patrick Greil Founders

Richard J. and Elizabeth Sauer*

Michael O. Childs*

Dr. Dale and Mary Gerding*

Dr. William E. and Jane McBride*

Thomas C. and Rosalie Roth

Rev. Frank S. Tomasiewicz*

Lance B. and Eleanor Crombie*

Robert and Kathleen Goff*

Dr. James J. and Karen Meyer*

Drs. William and Jean Wagner

Dr. William F. and Daryl Vincze*

Richard W. and Susanne DeFore*

Col. Helmut F. and Sylvia Hacker*

John J. Mitchell, Jr.*

President’s Level

Deacon Frederick and Nancy Fritsch*

Peter H. Herzog*

Jay E. and Sue Morgan*

Lyle E. and Jan Christie*

Daniel and Patricia Gaffaney*

Marvin R. Kaisersatt*

Rev. Michael Naughton, OSB •

Robert and Evelyn Dumonceaux*

Gerald and Annette Grzeskowiak*

Michael and Judy Kammerer*

Alan and Kathie Newhouse*

Dr. Thomas and Sara Froehle*

Harold C. Grzeskowiak*

Dr. and Mrs. L. Charles Landman, Jr.*

Rev. Roman M. Paur, OSB •

David K. Hebert*

David and Diane Haedt*

Robert D. Lewis, Jr. and Nadine P. Lewis

Cap Pearson*

William H. and Rose Hood*

Thomas W. and Marlene Herzing*

Dr. Joseph H. Merickel*

Thomas A. and Marcia Ries*

Richard H. and Dorothy Johnson*

John J. Hohn*

Philip and Rosemary Murphy*

Richard A. and Elizabeth Rolfson*

Gene and Patricia Lebrun*

Kenneth W. and Rosalie Klimisch*

John W. Ozbun*

James and Marjorie Schiefelbein*

Robert A. and Judi McCown*

Benjamin and Elizabeth McPherson*

Charles H. and Lucy Rieland

Rev. Mel Taylor, OSB •

John M. and Marilyn McGill*

Patrick C. and Jan Pesek-Herriges*

Dr. Donald and Patricia Seitz*

William E. and Barbara Walker*

David and Beverly Norris*

Leo F. and Joan Pohl*

John A. Siebenand*

Rev. Blane H. Wasnie, OSB •

Colonel John and Lynn O’Keefe*

Joel and Susan Princeton*

Michael Vertin and Margaret O’Gara*

Dr. Edward R. and Becky Weber*

Julian G. Plante*

Gerald L. Prochaska*

William and Mary Jane Winter*

Dennis E. and Nancy Weimerskirch*

Robert C. and Madonna Polta*

Robert and Mary Schmitt*

Regent’s Level

Rev. Timothy W. Wenzel

Joseph and Sharon Reid*

Michael and Jeri Schottenbauer*

John M. and Julie Ditzler

James M. Williams*

Annual Giving

Michael J. and Karen Skwira*

Anthony and Cynthia Schreiner*

Peter D. and Helen Gareri

Maurice C. and Sophie Winker*

Don Talafous Fellows

William Walsh and Jo Roebuck-Pearson*

Charles and Susan Schwartz*

Michael A. and Audrey Ricci

Frank E. and Diane Wohletz*

Jerome E. and Barbara Malone*

Dean’s Level

Donald W. Severson*

Robert and Margaret Schwob*

Faithful Donors

John E. and Lois Rogers*

William and Linda Allen*

David and Bernie Sieben*

Joseph and Barbara Scoblic*

Dr. Ismael and Adelita Aldrich*

Thomas C. and Rosalie Roth*

Anthony and Mary Jo Bechtold*

Chuck and Bobbi Stoetzel*

Gerald F. and Mary C. Wocken*

David J. and Artini Beauchamp*

Virgil Michel Fellows

David M. and Mary Bjorklund*

Stephen Tell*

James T. and Janis Wrich*

Ronald A. Bisson, Sr. and Anne Bisson*

Theodore and Glaudia Jacobson*

James C. DeMorett*

Dr. Jerome F. Zetah*

Edward J. Zapp*

Donald J. and Joyce Danneker*

Vincent R. and Jean Kinney*

President’s Level

George H. and Catherine Davis*

Martin Schirber Fellows

John E. and Terrie Brandt*

John P. Dullea*

Garrett E. Mulrooney*

J. Michael and Joanne Brecount*

Henry and Karin Fischer*

James S. and Lori A. Rausch*

James and Lois Fisch*

RADM Kenneth and Ruthann Fisher*

William J. Temmler*

Denis M. and Cathy Haggerty*

George and Linda Fuller*

David N.M. and Meridel Turch

Rev. Robert C. Harren*

James and Loraine Glowack*

Walter Reger Fellows

Thomas P. Hickey*

Peter and Marla Goihl*

Dick and Diane Casey*

Hon. Franklin J. and Margot Knoll*

Stephen L. and Addie Gryskiewicz*

Drake and Madeline Dierkhising*

Patrick and Kathryn Kotten*

Patrick E. and Lori Henriksen

Bert Fellows*

Lt. Col. Norman and Patricia Lorsung*

Patrick W. and Kristine Kelly

Dennis D. Ginther

Brian J. and Aleta Millette*

Michael M. Kiess*

Dr. Robert J. and Polly Hart*

Rev. M. Charles Palluck

Arthur and Ione LaFond*

Steven M. and Mary Kin*

William P. and Donna Schneider*

Vincent and Kathy Laubach*

Hon. John and Mary Lindstrom*

Joseph R. and Judith Tembrock*

John E. Matthys*

Dr. Thomas and Karen McNamara*

Thomas J. and Susan Withrow*

Donald Noltimier*

Dr. Kenneth and Gretchen Preimesberger*

Frank R. and Kathleen Ziegler*

Marlyn and Ruth Schroepfer*

John P. and Susan Ryan*

Dean’s Level

Thomas and Barbara Seeger*

Dr. Michael T. Spilane*

Dr. Jerome D. and Jane Dirkers* Roberto L. Escribano* Robert J. and Arva Frank* Lloyd J. and Libby Guggenberger* Thomas S. and Darlene Helget* Dr. Kenneth and Mary Ann Herfkens* James Honl, O.D. and Carolyn Honl* Paul Hunstiger* Charles H. Irwin* Otto F. and Evelyn Jensen* Thomas A. and Roswitha Kamla* Rev. Joel Daniel Kelly, OSB • John H. and Alexandra Klein* Lawrence R. and Jane Koenig* Dr. Robert and Rosalyn Kraft* Eugene and Susan Kramer* Paul T. and Kathryn Kulas*

1962 Founders Society Cornelius Wittmann Founders Daniel and Peggy Liemandt Benne Muckenthaler Founders Dr. Robert and Nancy Christensen Robert and Charlotte Gavin Rev. Roman M. Paur, OSB James P. and Jacqueline Rogers Patrick Greil Founders Robert and Kathleen Goff Michael L. and Paula Gross Terry J.† and Judy Schmid Bill and Judy Schubert Joseph and Barbara Scoblic

Benedictine Legacy Society Lt. Col. Richard J. and Gayle Arbes James E. and Sandra Conway Dr. Paul R. and Mary Hamann Hon. John and Mary Lindstrom Garrett E. and Diane† Mulrooney Robert D. O’Hara James S. and Lori A. Rausch John and Theresa Seckinger William J. Temmler Drs. William and Jean Wagner Dr. Stephen and Mary Ellen Weber David A. and Karin† Wendt Albert and Kathleen Woodward

Ronald and Barbara Labat*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Dr. Jordan J.† and Sandra Antonelli*

Thomas and Lois Stein*

Albert A. and Kathleen Woodward*

Alfred G. Larson*

Wayne T. and Janet Belisle

Donald J. Basch*

James H. and Charlotte Winzenburg*

Regent’s Level

Dr. Dennis and Karolyn Leahy*

Dr. Robert and Nancy Christensen

William D. and Lora Beaupre*

James and Patricia Leahy*

Patrick E. and Lori Henriksen

Stephen C. and Lola Blattner*

Dr. Gilbert† and Patricia Mages*

Daniel and Peggy Liemandt

M. Don and Nancy Bolke*

Patrick J. and Colette Mahowald*

Michael A. and Audrey Ricci

Gary A. and Lynn Chalupsky*

Leonard L. and Mary Kay Matthys*

Charles H. and Lucy Rieland

John V. and Marie Curtis*

James F. and Patricia Meyer*

John A. Siebenand

Ron and Crystal Ebnet*

Edward P. and Sharon Nilan*

Michael J. Weller†

Dennis H. and Diane Flicker*

Rev. Bernard A. Pfau* Michael and Janice Pikal* David J. and Joyce Sauer* Allan and Betty Schaefer* Philip and Elizabeth Schlangen* Dennis† and Patricia Seitz* Rev. Donald Tauscher, OSB • Robert and Renee Ullo* Dr. Mathias and Lyla Vetter* Dr. Norman L. and Kathy Virnig* H. Patrick and Diane Weir*

Annual Giving Donald LeMay Fellows James P. and Jacqueline Rogers* Bill and Judy Schubert* Virgil Michel Fellows Michael L. and Paula Gross Martin Schirber Fellows Thomas and Karen Flaig* Robert and Charlotte Gavin* Bernard and Mary Kukar* Robert J. and Sally Praus*

John and Judi Fritz* John J. and Jean Hartert* Charles P. Harty* Gerald† and Barbara Heiderscheidt* Bernard A. Hennig* James R. and Koyla J. Hrabe* Col. James and Judith Jagielski* Jerome J. and Carylynn Jurek* John F. and Patricia Kemper* Rev. Roger P. Klassen, OSB • Richard G. Kuchera*

1963 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders John E. and Lois Rogers Cornelius Wittmann Founders Dr. Paul R. and Mary Hamann James S. and Lori A. Rausch William J. Temmler Bruno Riss Founders Dr. Stephen and Mary Ellen Weber Benne Muckenthaler Founders Dr. William and Patricia Hanson Vincent R. and Jean Kinney Hon. John and Mary Lindstrom Jerome E. and Barbara Malone Garrett E. and Diane† Mulrooney Robert D. O’Hara


Stephen Albert and Barbara Wachter* Dr. Daniel V. and Kathleen Goulet* Thomas M. and Kathleen Jelinek* Robert and Teresse Krause* Richard J. and Mary Meyer* Robert D. O’Hara* Kenneth and Yvonne Schilling* President’s Level Dr. Ronald T. and Therese Amel Lt. Col. Richard J. and Gayle Arbes* Dr. Stephen and Eileen Benzian* Thomas H. and Betty Canar* Michael J. Candell* Dr. Paul R. and Mary Hamann* Richard T. and Patricia M. Jessen* Dr. Roger A. and Barbara Kleve* James P. and Angela Lennon* Rev. Vincent P. Lieser*

Alumni 1963-65

Daniel and Edie Lynch*

Frederick and Heidi Senn

President’s Level

Thomas and Cheryl Glisczinski*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Frederick J. McNew*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Anthony A. and Rebecca Bombich*

Arthur Haessig and Linda Corcoran*

Donald E. and Marion Holec*

Vincent C. and Marcia Pletcher*

Dr. James H. Callahan

Tom Borak and Marie-Louise Borak*

John N. Hein*

Walter Reger Fellows

Dr. Bernie and Mary Anne Schroeder*

George† and Jean Flynn

Timothy C. and Nancy Cronin*

Dr. John M. and Kathleen Herrick*

James F.† and Barbara Brum*

Eugene and Maria Schuster*

Kenneth and Betsy Roering

John B. and Kathryn Diffley*

Thomas J. and Nancy Hockert*

Thomas R. and Kathleen Diffley*

Dean’s Level

Robert and Patti Spinner

Leon and Patricia Grahn*

Samuel T. and Karen Hunt*

Col. Richard J. and Ione Knapp*

Rev. Stephen Beauclair, OSB •

Patrick Greil Founders

James W. and Brenda Hoolihan*

Denis E. and Susanna Hynes*

William D. and Margaret Marrin*

Dr. James P. and Kay Birk*


James E. and Berteil Mahoney*

James J. and Lisa Kajer*

Pierre N. and Judith Regnier*

Paul A. and Johanna Bisek*

Jack and Janie Amundson

Thomas A. and Lynn McKasy*

Rev. Donald A. Leiphon

Hardy C. Reyerson and Sharon Roper*

Col. Joseph and Linda Mrozinski*

Gerald and Rose Linnihan, Sr.*

David and Eileen Rutten*

Craig and Carole Muyres*

Gerald E. and Yvonne Lorenz*

Max and Molly Schott*

Michael W. Obler*

Eldon† and Elaine O’Brien*

John D. Sipe*

William H. and Margaret Rand*

Jerome M. Petry*

Ronald and Sandra Tomczik*

James and Leslie Senden*

Lee A. and Patricia Pierson*

Regent’s Level

Thomas and Eleanor Thelen*

Philip E. and Mary Ellen Radford*

John and Erma Anderson*

Dean’s Level

Clarence J. and Donna Mae V. Ross*

Dr. William P. DDS, and Glenda Cruse*

Robert R. and Diane Beutz*

James and Kathleen Rundquist*

Jeff† and Janice Dunn*

Richard and Corinne Bonin*

Patrick and Carol Sheridan*

Bernard F. and Nancy Evans

Loren J. and Astrid Brenny*

Thomas J. Stockfisch*

Carmen and Sally Fernholz*

Dr. Timothy J. and Mary Ann Cady*

James and Marie Stolpa

Dr. John J. Kulus*

James Casserly and Mary Molzahn*

Dr. James and Vicci Sweeney*

Bernard J. and Susan McKigney*

John R. and Cathleen Danielson*

Robert and Judy Theis*

Dr. Paul and Joyce Ossmann*

Kenneth J. and Carol Coskran* Kimball and Luz Devoy* Dr. Charles M. and Carol F. Evans* Arthur F. and Rosemary Froehle* David and Carla Gibson* Jerome W. and Sharon Kelly* Jerome and Kristi Klukas* Melvin F. and Diane Kohorst* Joel V. Kussman* Dr. Virgil and Mary Laing* Eugene and Sharon Machacek* John and Catherine Mamer* Robert and Judy Mannella*

Benedictine Legacy Society Anonymous Jack and Janie Amundson Dr. James H. Callahan James A. and Ruth Herickhoff James Casserly and Mary Molzahn John W. and Nora Chromy Warren D. and Dianne Janzen William H. and Sally Kling Dr. Thomas and Sue Larkin Thomas and Joyce Schlough Frederick and Heidi Senn

Thomas O. and Maureen Meyer*

Annual Giving

Bernard H. and Jan DeMaster*

Joseph F. and Carol Timmins*

Dr. Roman W. and Irene Rossmeisl*

James W.† and Jeanne Nelson*

Don Talafous Fellows

A. Arthur and Charlotte Drenckhahn*

Dr. Richard and Karen Wiberg*

Kenneth and Jeannie Saffert*

John and Jeanne Nemanich*

William H. and Sally Kling*

Thomas A. and Patricia Ehlen*

Bernard and Tomiko Novotny*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Dr. James and Kerri Fellman*

Dr. Patrick and Pat Nugent*


Joseph and Kathleen Friedrich*

Patrick and Karyl O’Neill*

George McKenzie*

Dr. Thomas and Cathy Fritz*

Rev. Anthony J. Ozimek, OSB*

Kenneth and Betsy Roering*

Francis and Judith Fullenkamp*

Gianfranco and Susan Pagnucci*

Thomas and Joyce Schlough*

Michael and Julia Goeb*

Richard H. and Mary Ann Renner*

Martin Schirber Fellows

James A. and Ruth Herickhoff

Terry A. and Judith Rothstein*

Richard L. and Kathi Merrill*

Thomas J. and Sharon Hesselmann*

Rev. Bernard R. Schneider*

John and Gigi Ossanna*

Dr. Robert W. Hollenhorst*

Ronald and Sharon Spanier*

Walter and Chris Schirber

Daniel J. and Phyllis Hollihan*

Jack and Pat Sticha

Frederick and Heidi Senn*

David T. and Amanda Huber*

Lawrence and Carole Strauss*

Robert and Patti Spinner*

James P. and Judith Kearney*

Robert and Barbara Sykora*

Walter Reger Fellows

Timothy J. and Mary Keaveny*

Dr. Joseph and Kay Tempel*


James M. and Lee Klebba*

Myron J. and Mary Sue Hall Thielman*

Dr. Thomas J. Allenburg*

Timothy and Paula Leahy*

Urban A. and Kathy Torborg*

Jack and Janie Amundson*

Ralph B. Meyer*

Richard A. and Linda Virden*

Paul T. and Maureen Brinkman*

Dr. James and Margaret Nathe*

Dr. Stephen and Mary Ellen Weber*

Robert E. and Miranda Helfter*

Robert and Donna O’Donnell*

David A. and Karin† Wendt*

John M. and Mary Jane Hicks*

Jeffrey and Evalyn Postlewaite*

Faithful Donors

Warren D. and Dianne Janzen*

Henry A. and Diane Roehrich*

Damian A. and Jan Barthle*

Dr. James N. and Clarice Kellen*

Julian and Betty Slowinski*

Earl M. Belisle*

Gary A. and Noreen Kordosky*

Edward and Anita Smith*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Richard A. and Liz Anderson*

Donald Chvatal*

Dr. Thomas and Sue Larkin*

Dr. Leroy and Patricia Thielman*

James F.† and Barbara Brum

Dr. Robert J. and Donna Backes

Darell and Theresa Evers*

Thomas R. and Janet Manthey*

Dr. Victor and Kathleen Tschida*

Ralph E. Gross†

Lt. Col. John A. and Patty Bierden*

Charles and Emelda Filteau*

John L. and Olivia McCormick*

Roger A. and Laura Wagner*

Donald E. and Marion Holec

Thomas A. and Judy A. Bierman*

John P. and Judy Gallagher*

John M. and Mary Ann Meyer*

Thomas K. and Marcia Waugh*

Edward J. LeMay

Harold H. and Judie Buerman*

James and Gail Lein*

Dr. James and Judy Paradis*

Robert J. and Rosalind Whalen*

Pierre N. and Judith Regnier

Leonard L. and Jeri Coequyt*

Terry and Lynn Schones*

James G. and Virginia Ranweiler*

Dennis H. and Kathleen Wicht*

Dr. Edward (Fox) Vogt

James M. Conroy*

Michael and Margaret White*

James Seckinger and Sheila Block

Charles and Eileen Zimmer*

Daryl L. and Bonnie G. Zimmer

Dr. James W. and Catherine Dey*

James L. and Carole I. Wirz*

Gene M. and Judy Weber

Faithful Donors

Ralph J.† and Jo Anne Wolters*

Robert L. Wicker*

Hon. Richard and Karen Ahles*

John J. and Marilyn Wolkerstorfer*

Dr. Kenneth A. Bromen*

Regent’s Level

Thomas E. and Joanne Carroll

Dr. David B. and Katherine Bruzek*

James P. and Nancy Jo Cassidy*

Michael T. and Gerrie Healy*

Raymond and Kathleen Cipriano*

Dr. Robert and Linda Johnson*

Jim and Anita Conn*

Joseph J. Lauer*

Richard P. and Sheila Devine*

Robert J. and Helen Malby*

Joseph J. and Barbara Eitter*

Dr. William M. and Mary Reif*

Larry and Joyce Engel*

David and Patricia Schieffert*

Robert J. Faust*

Charles and Nancy Tarara*

John and Sheila Garot*

1964 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Anonymous Dr. Thomas and Sue Larkin Thomas and Joyce Schlough Bruno Riss Founders Warren D. and Dianne Janzen William H. and Sally Kling


1965 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Ralph E. Gross† Cornelius Wittmann Founders Daryl L. and Bonnie G. Zimmer Bruno Riss Founders James F.† and Barbara Brum Don and Kitty Schumacher Benne Muckenthaler Founders Peter A. and Mary Jo Conzemius John D. Fruth Len Gallagher Gregory J. Liemandt† Robert and Joanne Neis Dr. Edward (Fox) Vogt Patrick Greil Founders Edward J. LeMay Joel A. and Judy Montpetit

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Peter A. and Mary Jo Conzemius* Len Gallagher* Ralph E. Gross†* Don and Kitty Schumacher* Dr. Edward (Fox) Vogt* Donald LeMay Fellows Robert and Joanne Neis* Virgil Michel Fellows Donald B. Schreifels Daryl L. and Bonnie G. Zimmer*

John W. and Lynn Schubert* Dr. Terrence and Camille Schulte* Dr. James and Anne-Marie Schwankl* Robert and Dottie VanDerHagen* President’s Level Dr. William and Gina Blake* Robert G. and Jean Canar* Rev. John E. Davis* Dr. Dean D. and Susan Hageman* Dennis F. and Patricia Hanley* Thomas W. Hart* Raymond and Pat Maertens* Jack and Marlene Moore* Col. David and Kathleen Nelson* Patrick J. and JoAnn Roche* William and Patricia Seiler* Donald J. Simon* Paul and Elizabeth Steil* Dr. Daniel J. and Judy Whitlock* Dean’s Level Daniel G. and Geraldine Anderson*

C. Thomas and Alison Enestvedt* Richard M. and Patricia Evans* Gerald W. Foley* Richard J. and Eileen Froehle* John D. Fruth Thomas and Pamela Hazelton* Dale L. and Kay Heimermann* John M. Hickey* Dr. William M. Kaczrowski* Dr. John Kubicek* Daniel J. and Kathy Loegering* James B. and Annette McConnell*

Alumni 1965-68

Dr. Bruce W. Menning*

Anthony and Donna Zahorik*

Thomas W. and Patricia Younghans*

Regent’s Level

Frederick F. Carriere*

John and Pauline Morris*

Walter Reger Fellows

Faithful Donors

Dr. Peter J. Albert and Charlotte Mahoney*

Fulton J. and Monica Fahrner*

William Morrison, III and Ann Morrison*

William J. and Barbara Hassing*

Chester R. and Rosie Blascziek*

J. Greg and Christine Bauleke*

Charles and Mary Griffith*

James and Marie Nadeau*

Daniel D. and Rosemary Hoolihan*

Daniel and Marian Elliott*

James L. and Virginia Bisek*

Michael J. and Cathy Gruidl*

James R. Nagle*

Dr. J. David and Betsy Rowekamp*

Thomas G. Eversen*

Dr. Peter M. and Mary Cermak*

Marlin C. and Carol Helget*

Br. Kelly Ryan, OSB •

Robert B. and Sandy Sexton*

Deacon Bill and Anne Frankman*

Robert A. and Christine Ingraffia*

Rev. Kenneth E. Irrgang*

Gudrun and Peter Schmitz*

Dr. James and Esther Strom*

John and JoAnn Glady*

Dr. H. Michael and Mary Noack*

Jon W. and Margaret Jarvinen*

Dave† and Diane Schulte*

Stanley and Connie Suchta*

Dr. Randy M. and Mary Halstrom

Dr. Harold and Patricia Pearson*

Frederick and Mary Lou Juettner*

Leon G. and Beverly Stadtherr*

Lee and Ruth Wilwerding*

John R. and Carol Hirschfeld*

Hon. Michael D. and Karen Ryan*

Kurt Kaiser and Mary Clark-Kaiser*

Ernest and Jeanette Stauffenecker*

Regent’s Level

Tony and Kathy Kluk*

Earl Peter Schoenberg, Jr.*

James N. Leitschuh*

Michael and Mary Ellen Sullivan*

Douglas and Linda Diederich

Gerald and Diana Langner*

Dr. William and Mary Shimp*

Robert P. Russell, Jr.

Leonard and Judith Tomsich*

Gary P. and Barbara Kelly*

Ryan and Sheila Mulcahy*

Augustus and Aleda Stuhldreher*

John J. Ryan

David and Judith Volk*

Abbot Peter W. Novecosky, OSB*

Philip J. and Sheila P. Murray*

Mark J. and Cynthia S. Wiederin*

William and Jean Schmitz*

Faithful Donors

John and Catherine Silver*

Joseph and Stephanie Palen*

President’s Level

James and Cheryl Schubert*

Thomas A. Albert*

President’s Level

Arthur and Barbara Speck*

Dr. Mark J. and Mary D. Carlson*

Kenneth and Emily Steil*

M. Joseph and Theresa Berg*

John J. Albert*

Terry J. and Janell Zenner*

Raymond P. and Donna Cunningham*

Robert J.† and Carmen Birk*

Terrance J. and Renee Hartman*

Donald H. and Bea Bloch

David D. Heimer*

Bill Brockway and Kathleen M. Brown*

James and Suzanne Murphy*

Carl R. and Diana Chalupsky*

Dennis J. O’Grady*

Edward D. and Eileen K. Curley*

Joseph L. and Lynn Pilon*

John W. and Kathleen Dorn*

Thomas T. and Linda L. Rein*

Robert R. and Janet Findlay*

John M.† and Carol Rossini

Col. Stephen R. Gerlach*

James and Gay Trachsel*

John T. and Marie Kahlert*

Michael W. and Carol Weber*

Dave and Joann Keller*

Dean’s Level

David H. and Jean Ann Kelley*

Thomas J. and Carol Arth*

Rev. Robert J. Kieffer

Stephen J. and Carol Askew*

Duke B. and LaDes Klassen*

John Barnett and Sue Sullivan*

Dale C. and Karen Kleinschmidt*

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Barrett*

Joseph F. McKenna*

James G. and Mary Jo Bruggeman*

Royce W. and Marjorie Morrissette*

John J. Cane, Jr. and Vicki Knoepfel*

Thomas C. and Twylla Rausch*

Bernard J. and Ethel Carlson*

Jon P. and Joan Schaefer*

James M. Crimmings*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Dr. Lee D. and Mary Kay Hagen*

Wilfred and Donna Schulte*

Robert J. and Robbie Dircks*

J. Greg and Christine Bauleke

Steven W. and Diana Haskins*

George and Katie Smith*

William B. and Edith Elkjer*

Daniel C. and Lynn Fazendin

Dr. Darwin Hendel and Bonnie Gray*

Takao and Masako Suzuki*

Joseph P. Fellegy*

John and Ginny Ford

John H. and Teresa Hoffman*

Myron and Carol Van de Ven*

Thomas J. Fider*

Thomas Hilgers and Michael Molloy

Thomas W. and Trudy Kattner*

Col. Joseph and Mary Yanchar*

William and Sandra Goblirsch*

Daniel C. O’Meara

James and Janet Kozick*

Joseph M. and Jean Hartle*

Michael and Susanne Scherer

Richard and Barbara Litzen*

J. Martin and Judy Igo*

Thomas E. Trisko and John E. Rittman

Kevin and Rosemary Lynch*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Milbert S. Meier*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Joe E. Nussbaum*

Annual Giving

1966 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Joseph and Kathleen Mucha Cornelius Wittmann Founders Anonymous Benne Muckenthaler Founders Thomas and Katherine Super Dr. James L. Tuohy Philip H. von Lintel, MD

Dr. Robert W. and Sandra Jones* Most Rev. Donald J. Kettler* Jim and Sue Keul* James J. and Gail Kohanek* William and Nancy Koupal* Dr. James and Mary Krook* William and Judy LaCasse* Dr. Hans C. and Patricia Langner* Ernie and Jan Lawrence* Rev. John McGuirk*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Steve Munstenteiger and Mary Bakken*


John and Deborah Neill*

Thomas G. Eversen

John and Lois Novotny*

Joseph and Kathleen Mucha

Dr. John J. and Gail Ponterio*

Philip H. von Lintel, MD

Thomas and Mary Jane Reif*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Joseph and Kathleen Mucha* Donald LeMay Fellows Anonymous Martin Schirber Fellows Joseph E. and Sandy Commers R. Patrick and Molly Maxwell David and Mary Jo Pedersen*

Richard R. and Sharon Schemmel* John P. and Meridith Schifsky* Kenneth and Kathleen Schumacher* Michael and Katharine Shields* Thomas G. and Mary Ann Sullivan* Thomas L. Tucker* Ronald F. and Joyce Vesel* James D. and Patricia Williams* Skip and Valentyna Wittrock*

Patrick B. and Sara Doerning*


Dr. James M. and Shirley Evans*

Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Michael and Susanne Scherer Cornelius Wittmann Founders John and Ginny Ford Bruno Riss Founders Daniel C. and Lynn Fazendin Gary A. Youso Benne Muckenthaler Founders Thomas J. and Margaret Barrett J. Greg and Christine Bauleke Lawrence P. and Mary Haeg Thomas Hilgers and Michael Molloy Thomas E. Trisko and John E. Rittman

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Lawrence P. and Mary Haeg* Gary A. Youso Donald LeMay Fellows Thomas C. Mullery*

Dr. Michael J. and Suzanne Hennessy* Phil and Rebecca Mulvaney* David and Jan Olson* Leonardo M. Williams and Catherine Fisher* Dean’s Level

Virgil Michel Fellows Thomas J. and Margaret Barrett Michael and Susanne Scherer* Jon and Lea Theobald* Martin Schirber Fellows Paul E. Cormier* Daniel C. and Lynn Fazendin John and Ginny Ford* Walter Reger Fellows Lyndon and Kay Kratochwill* Patrick McDonnell and Pam Johnson* Peter K. and Linda Pichetti* Frank J. and Colleen Pintozzi* Joseph and Marsha Stencel* Dr. Thomas and Rita Turek* Jack and Dee Dee VandeNorth*


Founders Society Bruno Riss Founders Anonymous Benne Muckenthaler Founders Dr. Dennis Theis and Ann Fromell-Theis

Michael J. and Susan Arens* Dr. Richard L. Baron* Joseph V. Bot* Michael and Karen Brenteson* William F. and Nanette Dagnon* Peter R. and LuJean Deichert* John D. and Nora Eull* Dr. Keith and Cherry Friendshuh* Thomas Gillham Stephen and Jewell Glady*

John and DeNae O’Connell* James and Nancy O’Neill* Donald C. and Ann Orth* Leland J. and Jo Ellen M. Rodell* Dr. Robert G. and Maureen Ryan*

Daniel C. O’Meara


Robert Ryan* Michael J. and Charleen Sadusky* LeRoy and Peggy Schlangen* Ronald and Kathleen Schlangen* Michael S. Seymour* Lawrence and Lorna Smith* Dr. Michael and Christine Smith* James Stephens* Ronald A. Story* Gary and Rebecca Terhaar* Gary S. and Hilary B. Tomczik* John and Patricia Trakselis* Thomas and Linda Troskey* Rev. Daniel Ward, OSB • Douglas A. and Eugenia Wilhelmi* Faithful Donors James L. Bettendorf*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Alumni 1968-70

Patrick Greil Founders

Dr. C. M. and Angela Rubald*

Paul M. and Jill Coudron*

Patrick W. and Betsy Boyarski*

Charles and Susan Roeder*

Dr. Paul and Jane Steingraeber Family

Dr. Timothy and Kimberly Scanlan*

Patrick V. and Deanne Doherty*

William M. and Bernice Farmer*

Dr. Daniel and Katie Saunders*

Michael and Patricia Sipe

Richard J. and Laura Duthoy*

Michael P. Fiala*

Mark and Sandy Schaefer*

William P. Sweeney and Janis Theobald*

Roger and Renee Eichten*

Colonel Bill and Helen Franta*

Stephen J. and Anne Schneider*

Thomas J. and Patricia Yencho*

Dr. John W. and Barbara Engel*

Douglas U. and Mary Gwost*

David and Susan Smith*

Regent’s Level

William and Katherine Fogarty*

Michael J. Holdvogt*

Lt. Col. John and Jerry Stube*

Dr. Thomas E. Davis*

John S. and Christine Gilroy*

John C. and Carol Kapsner*

William J. Supalla*

Jerome Hertel and Toni DeRosier*

Thomas H. and Shirley Henderson*

David and Yvette Krech*

Gary and Marlene Svatos*

Annual Giving

Thomas and Rose Mary Meyer*

Gregory T. Jacobs*

Charles and Ruth Lorsung*

Michael C. Virnig*

Martin Schirber Fellows

William E. and Kathlyn Stangler*

Michael J. and Judith B. Kigin*

J. Brian and Evelyn Martin*

Dr. John S. and Lyle Anne White*

Dr. Thomas and Mary Gross*

Richard and Lynn Torney*

Dr. Joseph and Loretta LaMothe*

James J. and Maribeth Mohan*

Faithful Donors

Rev. Robert Koopmann, OSB* •

Lt. Col. Thomas C. and Maria Wegleitner*

Dr. William and Donna Luckemeyer*

Dr. Robert and Kathy Nelimark*

Daniel P. Babcock*

Prince and Sandra Wallace*

President’s Level

Deacon Robert L. and Joan Precourt*

Michael E. and Ava Roeder*

Paul A. and Paula Bernabei*

Walter Reger Fellows

Gary F. and Virginia Bellinghausen*

Scott P. Stager*

James and Sharon Schlick*

David P. and Susan Sorrells Braun*

Alex R. Bromen*

Thomas P. and Patricia Ersfeld*

Patrick T. and Gayle Vincelli*

David Schlough*

William and Bernie Brinkman*

Joseph and Joan Cronin*

Paul A. Flasch

Raymond H. and Mary Beth Weier*

Raymond H. and Diane Schulte*

Thomas A. and Sandra Byers*

Terry and Carol Gleason*

Dr. James and Cheryl Gelbmann*

Patrick J. and Katherine Wing*

Jonathan Sieve*

Michael J. and Julie Dailey*

John and Jane Guild*

Drs. John and Mary Grim*

Michael J. and Yvonne Yapuncich*

Robert and Sandra Teiken*

Warren F. Determan*

John A. Herlick*

Stephen J.† and Kathleen Hartman*

Joseph J. Uhan*

Jerome J. and Betty Elfert*

Randall L. Johnson*

Dr. Allen L. and Laura Horn*

Bernard J. and Sandra Wixon*

Thomas J. and Kathleen Emond*

Bruce E. Meyer*

Robert and Diane Ladner*

Dean’s Level

John J. Fitzgerald*

Robert and Judy Mosford*

Gary and Vickie Loosbrock*

Charles T. and Brenda Achter*

Mark and Rosemary Glesener*

Dr. John R. and Christine Musich*

Joseph and Jane Mullen*

John A. and Maria Balestri*

Philip and Frances Goerger*

Kurtis M. and Jeannie Bares*

Lawrence J. and Judith A. Kidder*

Thomas J. Bechtold*

James and Mary Kaye Kramer*

James R. and Kristine Boudreau*

John E. and Chris McCambridge

Gary V. and Joann Eichten*

Rev. Canon Dennis G. Michno*

Lawrence G. and Rebecca Erickson*

Gary P. and Barbara Mitchell*

Very Rev. Robert B. Flannery*

Jeffrey and Lana Peterson*

Joel P. and Constance M. Fleck*

Ronald W. and Doris Rothstein

Benedictine Legacy Society Anonymous† Dr. Patrick A. O’Dougherty Rev. Gary B. Snyder Dr. Dennis Theis and Ann Fromell-Theis

Dr. Robert and Patricia Schubert*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Benedictine Legacy Society

Dr. Stephen and Kathleen Schultenover* Dr. Stephen and Ann Schwalbach* James and Dianne Shiely* William L. and Karen Walter* Dean’s Level Richard E. and Marilyn Berens*

1969 Founders Society Benne Muckenthaler Founders Samuel R. Aggie Raymond and Mary Turcotte Patrick Greil Founders Timothy F. and Sharon Kelly Philip and Carolyn Kostolnik Tom Schneeweis and Alison Sundgren Terry R. Underwood

Daniel J. and Libby Boyarski*

Annual Giving

Daniel and Cheryl Forrest*

Dr. Daniel A.† and Jacqueline Schulte*

Michael H.† and Kathleen Casey*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Terrence J. Garvey*

James E. Schulte and Cathy Belmont*

Thomas L. and Margaret Dueber*

Robert J. and Gayle M. Ranweiler*

Donald L. Genereux*

Gregory and Deborah Thibodeau*

John H. and Janice Duscher*

Walter Reger Fellows

John and Barb Gerend*

James and Kathleen Thomes*

Arnold and Sidney Foster*

Robert J. Barten*

L. Bruce and Suzann Gooding*

William P. Walsh, Jr. and Shirley Walsh*

Jerome and Beth Geis*

Dennis J. and Mary Bell*

Gerald W. and Corrine Grochowski*

Dr. Lawrence and Diane Hergott

Thomas R. and Sharon Engels*

D. Patrick and Patricia Hare*

John O. and Mary Holbrook*

John J. Finnegan, Jr. and Donna Finnegan*

Bradley R. and Sandra Haycraft*

Jerome C. and Bonnie Kettleson*

Thomas and Jo Ann Gelbmann*

Rev. Gregory J. Heille, OP*

David and Pamela Lamm

Wayne Hoeschen and Dianne Matejcek*

John and Jennifer Hemmer*

1970 Founders Society Boniface Wimmer Founders Daniel A. and Katharine Whalen

Col. James and Rhona Martin*

Peter and Sheila Lind*

Dr. Patrick R. and Sara Hermanson*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Thomas Melancon and Elizabeth Dichter*

Dr. Jim M. McGreevy*

Dominic and Sandra Hillesheim*

Annual Giving

Butch Middleton*

Dr. Herbert W. and Juliana Schulte*

James G. Holmes*

Jake and Cindy Moore*

Thomas Tucker and Dana Berry*

Michael E. and Louise Huppert*

James and Susan Nicholson*

Rev. Jerome Tupa, OSB* •

James and Jeana Koenig*

Dr. Peter S. and Mary Nolan*

Terry R. Underwood*

Michael and Kathleen Kraker*

Dr. Patrick A. O’Dougherty

Dr. Michael J. Veverka*

Edward and Shelly Kranz*

Bernard and Judith Pekarek*

Regent’s Level

Michael J. and Nancy Laliberte*

Paul L. and Linda Ringsmuth*

Richard R. and Carol Arend*

Charles and Maxine Lang*

Robert and Mimi Schoffman*

Dr. Matthew E. and Judy Berven*

Michael and Marilee Loduha*

Harold and Judy Schultz*

John R. and Stacia Bonifaci*

Daniel M. and Linda Marrin*

Frank and Mary Schwab*

George O. and Roberta Carroll*

James J. and Mary Michaud*

Rev. Gary B. Snyder*

Jon C. and Mary Crook*

Lawrence E. Millett and Jodie Ahern*

Walter Spindler*

Nicholas Hayes and Marcia Gahagan Hayes

Dennis P. and Mary Moriarty*

Roger and Anna Mae Trobec*

Christopher B. Hitchcock*

Terrence and Karen Nelson*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Rev. Cyprian Weaver, OSB •

John J. Hovanec, Jr.*

Lt. Col. Dr. John and Vicky Nolan*

Dr. Roy A. Glover and Nerys Parry

Everett C. Weber

David Johnson and Kathy

Thomas and Becky O’Connell*

Edward W. Lehmann, Jr. and

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Roger and Judi Young*


Jerome J. Oberembt*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders Edward W. Lehmann, Jr. and Susan Lehmann William and Jeanie O’Connell Bruno Riss Founders John and Catherine Agee Benne Muckenthaler Founders Patrick J. and Kris Ellingsworth William and Virginia Laliberte Richard J. and Mary Nigon Patrick Greil Founders Bruce and Linda Magelky Robert M. and Sharon Mattison

Susan Lehmann

Faithful Donors

Dr. Robert J. and Bonnie Y. Johnson*

John and Karen Ostrom*

William and Jeanie O’Connell

Michael C. and Karren A. Beutz*

Philip and Carolyn Kostolnik*

Vitas and Cynthia Paskauskas*

Rev. Michael V. Tegeder

Bruce and Frances Biagini*

Dr. Richard and Margaret Schmelzer*

Dr. William H. Percy*

Dennis M. and Barbara Bianconi*

James M. and Mary Woodruff*

Michael Pierce and Kim Shapiro*

Rev. Kenneth G. Boyack, CSP*

President’s Level

John C. and Jannine Provinzino*

William G. and Kathleen Brown*

Gregory J. and Elizabeth Beckel*

Eugene J. and Kristine Ranieri*

Michael S. Chisarik*

Dr. Jerome M. and Susan Blake*

Dr. John D. and Mary Rhoades


Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Edward W. Lehmann, Jr. and Susan Lehmann* Daniel A. and Katharine Whalen*

Alumni 1970-72

Donald LeMay Fellows

Leslie F. Budmayr*

Thomas J. LaLiberte*

President’s Level

Dr. Gregory D. Carroll*

Patrick J. and Kris Ellingsworth*

Dr. Joseph G. and Eileen Capecchi*

Stephen and Barbara London*

Axel H. Bergman, Jr.*

Thomas M. and Shirlee Feneis*

William and Virginia Laliberte*

John A. and Linda Cesnik*

Thomas W. Marincel*

Lt. Col. P.M. and Betty Fenlon, USMC*

Bob and Marilyn Fisher*

Richard J. and Mary Nigon*

John M. and Linda Cherek*

Herman J. Mathern*

Steven and Deirdre Gollinger*

Michael J. Flood and Bonnie Neumeier*

Rev. John W. Steiner*

Dr. Stephen M. Danaher*

James R. and Jane Nissen*

Mark H. and Kathleen Karnowski*

Richard and Sandra Groebner*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Duan T. and Mary Dixon*

Dr. John T. and Judith O’Regan*

Michael J. and Calverna Letts*

Thomas Haller and Patricia Moses*

John and Catherine Agee*

Lindy and Maxine Donat*

Steven and Vicki Siebenaler*

Paul M. Liemandt*

Richard and Adrienne Haugen*

William and Jeanie O’Connell*

Reynold P. Flom, Jr.*

Brian and Charleen Simonet*

Jerry L. and Maureen McCarter*

Lawrence K. and Rita Hoare*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Patrick and Kathleen Foley*

Steven F. Zwisler*

Joseph D. and Sharon Mullin*

Nicholas G. and Darlene Hueser*

Andrew R. and Anne Biebl*

James and Wanda Lee Forsting*

Richard C. and Janet Polanski*

Steven N. and Sandra L. Hunt*

Walter Reger Fellows

Michael K. Halloran*

Dr. Perry and Theresa Severance*

Donald J. and Carol Kluk


Paul F. and Renee Hayden*

Mark and Tanna Sobocinski*

Charles J. Mahowald*

William Cunningham and Joyce Swierbut*

Myron A. and Joanne Henrickson*

Thomas and Jane Steidl*

Bruce J. and Michelle McQuade*

Dr. Daniel F. and Barbara Dolan*

Richard and Rose Hinkemeyer*

Patrick J. and Susan Vandrovec*

Michael J. and Rita Moore*

Dr. Roy A. Glover and Nerys Parry*

John J. and Debra L. Hoefs*

Paul N. and Jacqueline Welle*

Jeffrey L. and Grace Moshea*

William V. and Patricia Hall*

Jeff Janacek and Sarah Colwell*

Blair M. and Sharon Witt*

Bob and Wendy Perez*

David A. and Jean Heying*

Dr. Gregory M. and Linda Joiner*

Chun Tung and Susan Wong*

Steven L. and Gail Ruether*

William G. and Sue Johnson*

Lawrence and Jean Larsen*

Dean’s Level

Gregory and Patricia Solien*

Thomas P. Knapp*

James Leitner*

James R. Anderson

Mark and Irene Stolpman*

William F. and Suzan-Oda Knese*

Steven and Ellen Lepinski*

John H. Beckner*

Robert and Marianne Sullivan*

Bruce and Linda Magelky*

John and Mary Linnemann*

Michael M. and Nancy Bennett*

Rolf and Jean Ulland*

Michael J. and Janice Marchand*

Richard and Maria Loeber*

Joseph and Mary Jo Schlick*

Rev. William F. Martin*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Tim Chirhart and Jeanne Soleim*

Thomas A. and Connie Schutta*

Daniel E. and Kathy Mayer*

J. Michael Dady

Thomas R. and Kathleen Colaizy*

Patrick J. and Linda Spellacy*

Justin and Nancy McBride*

Nicholas G. and Darlene Hueser

James M. Davies and Gary Peterson*

Donald Venne and Mary Rose Cossi*

Daniel G. and Jeanne McCarthy*

Dr. Daniel S. Sulzbach

Stephen A. and Jeanne Dirksen

Jerome W. Voigt*

Dr. Virgil J. and Carol Meyer*

Thomas H. and Ann Walerius*

David J. and Catherine Mumma*

Robert G. Webber*

Robert and Joyce Neary*

Regent’s Level

Thomas Nelson and Donna Taylor*

Charles P. and Carolyn Ceronsky

David and Julia Ann Nester*

Michael and Rose Ford*

Kin and Linda Ng*

James L. and Sandra A. Keyes*

William A. O’Connor*

George and Kay Logajan*

Dr. Rodney and Carol Olson*

Thomas L. Macy*

Bill and Karen Patefield*

Robert M. and Sharon Mattison*

Eugene D. and Pamela Prudhomme*

Peter B. Meier*

Frank and Marilyn Rajkowski*

Joseph P. and Ruth Noack*

Jack D. and Pam L. Ramsay*

Charles L. Rasmussen, PhD*

James W. and Patricia C. Reuter*

Dr. Larry and Bonnie Schafer*

Rev. Dominic Ruiz, OSB •

Jerome and Ann Simons*

James P. and Carol Ryczek*

Rev. Michael V. Tegeder*

Martin and Judith Schmidt*

Frederick G. Thielman*

Deacon Joseph and Becky Schmitt

Thom and Jeanne Woodward*

Dr. Charles and Nancy Schotzko*

President’s Level

Kevin and Sheila Stangler*

Dr. Marcus and Gloria Ahmed*

Daniel D. and Jeanne Van Overbeke*

Dr. Roger J. and Kathleen Bauer*

James A. and Barbara Varani*

John M. Blin*

Jamie and Penny Volin*

Dr. David F. and Mary Boran*

David R. and Linda Whiteman*

John A. and Linda L. Breviu*

Robert P. and Laurie Wilson*

Hon. Thomas F. and Susan Haeg*

Peter M. and Ann d’Entremont*

John and Mary Hartmann*

Faithful Donors

James E. and Anita McDonnell*

Daniel J. and Anne Alberts*

Dr. Greg Motl and Dr. Laurel Brooks*

Timothy C. Blackburn*

Mark Muggli and Carol Gilbertson*

Kevin J. and Beverly Bohrer*

Martin and Kathleen Passe*

Dr. Louis F. and Bonnie Cooper*

Duane M. Pufpaff*

Leo H. and Janis Dehler*

Eric P. Schluter*

James F. and Sue B. Hamburge*

Patrick and Joyce Sweeney*

William R. Hoffman*

James and Mary Sue Urick*

Dan Hollenhorst and Juliana Elchert*

Gregory and Beatrice Vasterling*

John and Geri Hotz*

Dean’s Level

Bernard and Beatrice Imholte

Rev. Thomas Andert, OSB •

Gary and Mary Keifenheim*

Everett and Julie Arnold*

Joseph A. and Deborah Klenken*

Timothy K. and Linda Baumgartner*

Dr. Daniel and Anne Klenow*

1971 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders J. Michael Dady Cornelius Wittmann Founders Anthony W. and Kathleen Biebl Bruno Riss Founders Jim and Sandee Hoesley Benne Muckenthaler Founders Tom and Jan Kordonowy Daniel E. and Elaine Korman

Stephen D. Chambers*

Michael and Jean Doran*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Anthony W. and Kathleen Biebl* Jim and Sandee Hoesley* Donald LeMay Fellows John A. and Maureen Knapp* Daniel E. and Elaine Korman* Virgil Michel Fellows Dr. John Cretzmeyer and Barbara Jacobson* Tom and Jan Kordonowy* Martin Schirber Fellows J. Michael Dady and Kim Monahan Dady* Rt. Rev. John Klassen, OSB* • Dr. Axel Theimer Walter Reger Fellows Thomas G. and Joan Barry* Merle J.† and Marcia Baumhover* Dr. Dennis P. Brady* Cole T. and Laura Carley* David and Karen Farrington* Dr. Daniel and Judy Foley* Raymond H. Ho* Jon R. Kallman* John and Katherine Lynch* William and Christine Piotrowski* Larry and Patricia Spurzem* Steven Wilcox and Vickie Rasmussen-Wilcox* Miles and Sue Wimer* Regent’s Level Philip J. and Lynn Blavat* John and Mary Gregory* Bill and Kitty Hanz* Joseph R. and Mary Hayden* Victor J. and Kathy Klimoski Bernie and Karen Kunkel* James McCarthy and Gloria Peterson* William A. Schafer* Dr. Daniel S. Sulzbach*


Patrick W. and Jill Dorn* Steven Downing and Katherine Dodge* David and Barbara Finn* Jerry and Judy Fiola* Stephen and Elizabeth Forestell* James G. and Mary Ann Gunville* Russell D. and Kathleen Hart* Dr. Timothy and Carolyn Hogan* Dr. Thomas J. and Pamela Keul* John and Nancy LePeau* Robert and Margaret Lietzke* William A. and Ann Moeller* Bruce M. Mogren* Timothy R. and Christine Muller* Lewis and Evon Nixon*

1972 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Gregory Soukup and Mary Jo Carr Steven D. and Susan Zimmerman Bruno Riss Founders Dr. Robert and Renee Hatlelid Thomas R. and Mary Hokr Benne Muckenthaler Founders David A. and Terri Van Landschoot Patrick Greil Founders James A. and Gerette M. Belland Robert H. and Janis M. Bertoni Dr. David P. and Diane Blake Charles G. and Stephanie E. Dopp Thomas G. and Mary Grudnowski Dennis A. and Catherine Rothstein James Springer and Nancy Eickman Thomas J. and Janet Vandendriessche

Daniel O’Brien and Catherine Dolan*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Daniel J. and Sheryl Orr*

Thomas H. and Florence Farnham

Mark J. Ploumen*

Dr. Robert and Renee Hatlelid

Jerome A. Sand, Jr. and Kristine Sand*

Thomas R. and Mary Hokr

Michael and Mary Jo Saunders*

Richard J. and Christine Howard

James and Patricia Schafter*

Gregory Soukup and Mary Jo Carr

Gary and Kathy Schemmel*

David A. and Terri Van Landschoot

Michael P. and Laura Schenk*

Thomas J. and Janet Vandendriessche

Thomas and Tracey Sheehan*

Steven D. and Susan Zimmerman

John and Nancy Siebenand* John P. Slauson* Karl J. Tise* James A. Vivaldelli* Ned and Joan Walton* John M. and Deanna Wilber Thomas C. and Kathleen Wozniak* Randall B. and Marti Wright* Faithful Donors Anonymous* Rick and Mary Althoff* Thomas G. and Katherine Bambenek* Barry Bayerl and Bobbi Bell* Dr. Thomas A. and Kathleen Breen*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Gregory Soukup and Mary Jo Carr* Donald LeMay Fellows Dr. Robert and Renee Hatlelid* Virgil Michel Fellows Robert H. and Janis M. Bertoni* Thomas R. and Mary Hokr* Michael Urbanos and Rosann Fischer* Martin Schirber Fellows Dennis A. and Catherine Rothstein* Walter Reger Fellows James A. Belland* Charles G. and Stephanie E. Dopp*

Alumni 1972-74

Steven and Judith Hawkins*

Benedictine Legacy Society

William F and Vicki L Hawn*


Joe L. and Marielaine Hegel*

Lt. Col. Craig E. and Judith Anderson

Hilary G. Holm*

Steven T. and Catherine Chavez

Michael D. and Kathleen Jensen*

Annual Giving

Dr. Timothy and Susan Grode

Peter W. and Laurie Johnson*

John H. and Colleen Hooley

James D. and Susan Moll*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Michael and Kathleen Kraling*

J. Scott and Mary Kay May

Victor R. Moore*

Rev. Dunstan R. Moorse, OSB •

Dr. Steven M. and Julie Begich*

Martin and Coby LaVenture*

Thomas E. and Ethel Muchlinski*

Michael Murphy*

Michael R. and Nancy McCarthy*

Rev. Dale F. Launderville, OSB •

John P. and Mary Sellner*

James R. and Terry Reed*

Dennis and Mary Kay Smid*

Patrick and Maria Leung*

Mark Spinler and Dominique Surel-Spinler*

Michael A. and Nancy Robertson*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Jack and Janice Muhar*

James Springer and Nancy Eickman*

Rev. Robert E. Rolfes*


Steve Radosevich and Gretchen Ibele*

Gary G. Stanoch*

Mark and Nola Schmitt*

Steve and Cindy Armstrong*

John P. and Pamela Reilly*

Thomas J. and Janet Vandendriessche

Robert J. Schulz*

Larry D. Beckel*

Dr. Michael and Karen Santori*

Greg and Jeanette Wakefield*

Jerry C. Vandrovec*

Kevin J. Cashman*

John and Lauren Thavis*

Mark A. and Lisa Wegleitner*

Michael C. White*

Richard A. and Donna Humphrey*

William M. Toenies*

Steven D. and Susan Zimmerman

William C. and Mary Jo Wocken*

Philip L. and Emily Leung*

Dr. Philip S. C. Tsui*

Regent’s Level

Brian and Janine Wojtalewicz*

Thomas J. Mahoney*

Bruce and Ruth Tweto*

Dr. David P. and Diane Blake*

Wayne R. and Phyllis Zenk*

Dr. Sun Wong*

James D. Vickery*

David A. and Joyce Eickhoff*

Faithful Donors

Walter Reger Fellows

Roger A. and Roxanne Wacek*

John W. and Margaret Faber*

Kenneth A. and Elizabeth Backe*


Dr. Thomas A. Weber*

James and Cathy Franta*

Joseph and Kathryn Bainbridge*

Rolf T. Anderson*

Faithful Donors

Stephen and MaryEllen Hecimovich*

Drs. Kenneth and Patti Baum*

Kim A. and Carol Culp*

George B. Boos*

Dr. Lawrence and Mariann Kukla*

Stephen D. and Heidi Caskey*

Dr. Stephen and Ann Harrington*

Craig and Patti Bradash*

Michael and Barbara Meyer*

Todd K. and Suzanne Clark*

Mike and Kate Kiely*

Thomas Cash and Jane Jacobson-Cash*

Randolph D. Miller*

John F.† and Corinne Dwyer

Dr. Jeffrey M. and Mary Milbert*

Weston L. Cutter*

Michael P. Patterson*

John L. and Roberta Erickson*

Robert E. and Jane Schneeweis*

Francis P. and Erlene DeCock*

Terry Wander and Teresa Hudoba*

Anthony C. and Jill Fike*

Rev. Mark L. Thamert, OSB* •

Greg Gaffaney*

President’s Level

Patrick and Sandra Foley*

Stephen J. Yanisch*

Patrick L. and Carolyn Held*

Gilbert P. and Linda Becker*

Charles G. and Christine Honzay*

Regent’s Level

William A. and Sharon Kemp*

John L. Bodette and Maria V.

Lance D. Jacobs*

Dr. Charles J. and Susan Hipp*

Daryl R. and Kathleen Kohlhaas*

Patrick D. and Gail Evans*

Rev. Michael A. Kwatera, OSB •

Thomas H. and Florence Farnham*

John Mahowald, MD and Donna Kuhl

Robert J. and Linda Foster*

James and Peggy McAllister*

Patrick J. and Mary Ann Haws

Michael C. and Josephine Meillier*

Richard J. and Christine Howard*

Drs. John and Patricia D’Aquila Merickel*

Dr. Mark R. Hughes*

Thomas D. Miller*

Terrence M. and Lynn Maloney


Kevin J. Cashman

Benedictine Legacy Society Jeffrey P. Pyan† Timothy J. Touhy

Col. Tommy L. and Susan Johnson*

John C. and Karla Koenig*

John and Jane Lebens*

Joseph J. and Lissa Brand*

Lee E. and Max Jordan*

James P. Kortz*

James and Jeanne Ludowese*

Robert T. and Nancy Brick*

Paul M. Kraemer*

James and Diane Nolan*

Thomas T. and Mary Pat McGuire*

Dayrrl R. Butler*

Blaine E. Krogh and Mary Anna

Jonathan J. and Linda L. Witt*

William and Stephanie McNamara*

President’s Level

Daniel A. and Renee Metzler*

Dr. John P. and Lora Decker*

Gerald and Susan Kuelbs*

David C. and Marybeth Arnold*

Craig and Rebecca Mortell*

Thomas and Penny Graham*

James and Martha Landmark*

Clifford B. and Linda Borgerding

Rev. David J. Petron

Hon. Michael J. Grigsby*

Francis M. Mancl*

Anthony J. and Mary Crea*

Stuart and LuAnn Reif*

James A. and Maxine Hecimovich*

Gary W. and Mary Marlow*

Joseph C. and Mary Dirksen*

Charles G. Ryan*

Dr. Robert E. and Vicki Hersman

John Miller and Sandy Bot-Miller

Dale and Linda Goergen*

Dennis and LouAnn Schreiber*

Mark and Jeanne Loosbrock*

Michael A. and Jean Minks

Dr. Michael J. and Jule Henry*

Kevin J. and Cheri Spoo*

Steven J. and Julie Meyer*

Lawrence E. and Irene Mullen*

Robert J. Lenhardt*

Donald and Ann Steuer*

Michael J. Peterson*

David A. and Mary Plafcan*

Lyle J. and Barbara Mathiasen*

Dr. Jerome and Sandra Tempel*

Thomas Romens and Moira Keane*

Wayne I. Polley*

Maurice S. and Linda Meyer*

Richard A. and Anne Weber*

Dean’s Level

James C. and Judy Quinlivan*

Brian J. Racette*

Richard G. and Cheryl Wilhelmi*

Douglas R. and Linda Appelgren*

Dr. Deryck and Nadya Richardson*

Dr. Christopher G. and Rebecca Rose*

Charles B. and Barb Wocken*

Thomas M. and Janis Atkins*

Norbert R. Schneider

Robert C. Welle*

Mark C. and Kim Young*

Richard C. Aune*

David and Janice Schnobrich*

Dean’s Level

Mark and Janice Ziegler*

Rev. Timothy H. Baltes*

Michael D. Seymour*

Robert J. and Mary Jeanne Bauer*

Mark H. and Mary Belisle*

Mark and Nancy Studer*

Daryl R. and Donna Beckmann*

David and Karen Blaylock*

Peter L. and Julie Theismann*

Dr. Timothy D. and Doreen Beddow*

Jerry L. and Colleen E. Cebula*

David and Shary VanSant*

James Boehlke and Marissa

Kevin T. and Carol Coleman

Mark J. and Maureen Wehner*

James R. Carlson, Jr.*

William E. Dorgan* Ronald W. Dudek* Jim and Jenni Eveslage* Patrick J. and Marlene Flynn* John F. and Joan Grobe* Dr. John C. and Jill Hayden* Bruce L. and Colleen Hentges* David V. and Ann Johnson* Dr. Charles L. and Sheryle Kaluza* Terrance J. and Carol Kapsen* Thomas W. Klick*


1973 Founders Society Bruno Riss Founders Steve and Cindy Armstrong Benne Muckenthaler Founders Thomas J. Mahoney Michael R. and Nancy McCarthy Dennis and Mary Kay Smid Patrick Greil Founders Dr. Steven M. and Julie Begich

Moser-Boehlke* Dr. Richard W. and Jill Bunting* Br. Isaac Connolly, OSB • Dr. Thomas A. and Lynne Coudron* David M. and Judith Daniel* Richard F. and Suzie Deuser* Steven L. and Lynette Dooley* Thomas M. and Cheri Elenz* John W. Elwell and Maureen Peltier* Kevin J. Farrell* Sylvester Fernandez and Eileen Binek* Peter Ginder*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Canning and Eliza Ho Fok* Donald LeMay Fellows John H. and Colleen Hooley* Virgil Michel Fellows Dennis Byron* Anton J. and Paige Christianson* John J. and Debra Erhart* Chris and Nancy Heckman* J. Scott and Mary Kay May Martin Schirber Fellows Larry and Vicki Kubiak* Phil and Rose Kunkel* Todd and Michele Mueller* Mark L. and Jeanne Rotert* Walter Reger Fellows William and Jennifer Cahoy* James and Jeanne Fier* Dr. Timothy and Susan Grode* Timothy J. and Kathy Hesse* Gregory J. and Barbara Melsen* James C. and Barbara Platten* Michael F. Schneider* Robert and Mary Super* Regent’s Level Lt. Col. Craig E. and Judith Anderson* David K. and Lorelei Arch* Charles J. and Deborah Blomme* Drs. Rene and Christina Darveaux* Kevin and Mary Lee Kane* Allyn and Kathryn Kramer* Edward J. and Cathy Laubach* Peter D. Lund and Deborah Klein* Thomas C. and Mary Kay Mans* Michael and Mary Beth Mavetz* Dr. Raymond Nims* Thomas and Deborah Ratelle* Paul and Connie Schnepf* President’s Level John T. and Susan Capecchi* Steven T. and Catherine Chavez*


Robert J. and Paula Dinndorf*

Founders Society

Jerome and Linda Gohl*

Dr. Richard Evans and Lynn Davis*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Thomas Janson and Martha Risch*


Mark J. and Mary Jane Jantzer*

J. Scott and Mary Kay May

George R. and Charlene Kelzer*

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Richard A. Lamusga*

Canning and Eliza Ho Fok

David and Barbara Lyndgaard*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Lawrence and Mary Kay Novakoske*

John H. and Colleen Hooley

Dr. David and Karen VanDeVelde*

Gregory J. and Barbara Melsen

Daniel P. and Liza Wollmering*

Patrick Greil Founders

Dean’s Level

Lt. Col. Craig E. and Judith Anderson

Dr. John J. and Mary Jo Baden*

Anton J. and Paige Christianson

Thomas E. Becker*

Eric Emanuel

James L. and Jill Berg* Lawrence K. and Gretchen Bussman*


Alumni 1974-76

Thomas J. and Judith Dellenbach*

Richard and Darla Schwegel*

Thomas E. and Bonita Brever

Jeffrey Bonneville*

John G. and Beth Asmussen*

Vernon J. Dobis*

Michael C. Sedivy*

Martin S. and Lisa Cella*

Eugene D. and Elizabeth Dehler*

Kevin F. Breen*

Michael N. and Vicki Engelen*

J. Fred and Domenica Simms*

Dr. Stewart J. Hazel and Ms. Mary E.

Michael A. Fahey

Richard J. and Colette Bresnahan

Robert P. and Georgia M. Fay*

Patrick L. Speltz*

Mark C. Fossum*

John G. and Joyce Eisenmenger*

John and Maureen Forsythe*

Martin J. Stachnik*

Jon Heimerman and Karen McKeon*

Dr. Robert C. Frisch*

Tim and Carol Graupman*

Rev. Kenneth J. Frisch

Paul and Susan Tembrock*

Larry T. and Laura Herrig*

Dr. Tom and Mary Gelhaus*

Dr. John and Ann Gray*

Rev. Edward M. Girres*

Gregory and Catherine Tetrault*

John P. and Kathleen Kampa*

Stephen L. and Sue Jacobs*

Peter B. and Barbara Hill*

Edwin and Judy Grelson*

Daniel C. and Elizabeth Weber*

Martin A. and Betsy Mahowald*

Robert J. and Carolyn Kluk*

Gregory C. and Delanie Johnsen*

Dr. James Henry and Mary

Lawrence F. York, Jr.*

James K. and Kathleen McClellan*

William J. and Jane Matter*

Dr. Michael J. and Caroline Kelner*

Paul G. and Denise McGillivray*

James R. Nordlund*

Terrence L. King*

Timothy R. and Rhonda McIntire*

Jon Petters and Colleen Hollinger

Clarence F. and Stephanie McCarthy*

Alan and Michele Muchlinski*

John T. and Gailyn Ryan*

Dr. Joseph L. Quetsch*

Barima and Josephine Opong-Owusu*

Michael and Dona Schroetke*

William J. Roche*

Timothy D. and Susan Phenow*

Jeffrey and Marva Smith*

Lawrence M. Schultz*

Laurence and Helen D. Schroepfer*

Thomas R. and Linda H. Wallraff

Gordon D. and Dorothy Wrobel*

Duane Smith*

Gerard G. and Mary Wollak*

Dean’s Level

Baumgerger-Henry* Patrick R. and Diane Hirigoyen* Steven Johnson and Susan Iverson Robert and Nancy Kaczrowski* Craig and Mary Lietzke* Patrick A. and Judy Mandile* William and Dannielle Manthey Timothy L. and Cynthia McCarthy* Robert S. and Jennifer Oschwald* Nicholas E. and Diane Overby* Tom and Mary Ozbun*

1975 Founders Society Benne Muckenthaler Founders Dr. Timothy J. and Beth Egan Rev. Peter Lambert Francis T. Yuen and Rose Lee Patrick Greil Founders Dan and Lynn Montgomery Steven Shipley


Dean’s Level Dr. Donald L. Auger and Cynthia Ostlie* Michael F. and Lori Barg* Jerry Berg and Vicky Pueppka-Berg*

Dr. Lawrence and Christine Pompili*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Francis G. Biagioli*

James T. and Dianne Quinn*

Rev. Peter Lambert

Monsignor Colin F. Bircumshaw*

Leon and Jan Schilmoeller*

Timothy R. and Rhonda McIntire

Dennis M. and Colleen Bracco

Todd and Colleen Schweiger*

David J. Morreim

Marlene and Steve Bresnahan*

William Seidl* Thomas M. and Ann C. Springer* William and Paula Sullivan* Dr. Stephen J. and Mae Tinguely* Joseph and Yvonne Toussaint* Leo and Margaret Vos* Brian E. and JoAnn Vucinovich* Kurt P. and Cynthia Wachtler* John and Mary Kay Welle* Daniel L. and Audrey Zurn* Faithful Donors Ernest J. and Ruth Bedor* Paul A. Brenner* Michael and Rhonda Charboneau Thomas J. and Barbara Costello* Steven J. and Ann Felton* Steven J. Froemming* Kevin L. and Marie Gallagher* Timothy D. and Barbara L. Gerdes* Gary and Mary Pat Goodman* John E. and Cynthia Hartnett* John S. Henke and Cora McCoy* Thomas R. and Mary Ellen Johnson* Gerald M. and Carol Kittok* Paul W. Kohanski* Dr. Thomas and Karen Jansky Koll* John P. and Nikki Laliberte W. Steven and Joan Lasslo* Patrick D. and Rebecca Lindsay Bruce Mancini and Betty Nystrom Paul D. Martineau* Patrick R. and Mary Miller* Brian P. and Lisa Moehn* Michael D. and Lisa Montag* Michael and Patricia Moriarity* Daniel and Laurie Moudry Chris Reicher and Patty Hackett* Christopher and Marilyn Reilly* Geoffrey and Joyce Schmitt* Paul and Cleone M. Schreier* Richard and Monica Schulzetenberg*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Francis T. Yuen and Rose Lee* Donald LeMay Fellows Dr. Timothy J. and Beth Egan* Steven Shipley* Virgil Michel Fellows Rev. Peter Lambert* Dan and Lynn Montgomery* Martin Schirber Fellows Mark A. and Mary Caven* James M. and Jennifer Dwyer* Thomas and Nancy Gruber* Dr. Steven E. and Debra Koop* Walter Reger Fellows Dr. William R. and Rhonda Bachand* Gary M. and Lorrie Bellair* James F. and Maureen Brewi* Dr. Gregory J. and Marcia DeWerd* Dr. Terrence and Toni Hughes* Thomas and Diane Iacarella* Steve and Sharon Judge* Jeffrey and Mary Kuhn* Frank H. Miu* Br. Robin Pierzina, OSB* • Thomas A. and Lori P. Rocheford* Dana and Ellen Schnobrich* Jeffrey and Lori Starbird* John and Christine Twohy Dr. John J. and Susan Weitz* Matthew S. Williams* Regent’s Level Richard L. Dretsch* Mark and Deborah Ginder* Michael and Marnie Lee Gould* Michael and Laurie Kozlak* Thomas Piekarczyk and Carol Graczyk* John and Frances Povolny* Larry E. Simon* President’s Level John and Karen Becker*

John Breunig* Michael L. and Pat Bromelkamp* Robert L. Brown* Thomas and Ann Gregory Brownell* Alan D. Brutger*

1976 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Anonymous Dan and Deb McGlynn Cornelius Wittmann Founders Bruno Riss Founders Dr. Kevin and Rosanne Healy

Dr. Kevin and Rosanne Healy

Lowell Frye and Elizabeth Deis* David J. Gilderman* Curtis L. and Jeannette Hanson* Russell L. and Constance Hanson* Charles L. and Julie Hiemenz* James P. and Sharon Hirsch* Charles Huyink and Celinda Doyle* Thomas Johnson and Jinx Howell* Michael J. Jones and DeeAnn L. Thompson* Richard T. and Catherine Lally* Dennis J. and Jean McMenimen* Jim and Mona Myott* William and Susan Noth* Robert C. and Renee Pearson* Paul and Jill Radzicki* David and Dianne Redman* Jeffrey and Linda Schnobrich* Donald and Charlotte Schuld* Jeffrey and Jeanne Smith* Lt. Col. Paul and Lisa Spinler* Steven J. Ujioka* Daniel J. and Beverly Wacek* Steven L. and Jean M. Ward* John J. Weber* Faithful Donors Richard J. and Debra Baron Patrick A. and Mary Jo Barry* Charlie and Kathleen Blesener*


Thomas and Mary Novak Brodersen* Michael F. Brown and Patsy Murphy-Brown

Donor Key Wimmer Founders

Steven and Michaela Tilgner DeCock*

Paul A. Fronts*

Tony and Mary Beth Broccolo*

Founders Society


John M. Fee*

Dr. Michael and Ruth Bettendorf*

Richard J. and Colette Bresnahan

Kim O. and Mary Kay Daugherty*

Joseph and Mary Conover Faltesek*

Rev. Thomas G. Becker

Patrick Greil Founders

Benedictine Legacy Society

R. Douglass Faherty and Elizabeth Owens*

Rev. Timothy Backous, OSB •

Steven T. and Diane Halverson

Steven and Andrea Corbin*

Kevin J. and Diane Devereaux*

John W. and Sally Clark Arden*

$5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders

Annual Giving

$500,000 - $999,999

Don Talafous Fellows

Riss Founders

Steven T. and Diane Halverson*

$250,000 - $499,999

Dan and Deb McGlynn*

Muckenthaler Founders

Donald LeMay Fellows

$100,000 - $249,999

Dr. Kevin and Rosanne Healy

Greil Founders

Virgil Michel Fellows

$50,000 - $99,999

Buzz and Vicki Benson*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Edward J. and Peggy Bonach* Walter Reger Fellows

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Michael T. and Lucille G. Bauer*

Annual Giving

C. Fred and Cornelia Madsen*

Don Talafous Fellows

James Malters*

$25,000 or more

Jeffrey and Arlene Platten*

Donald LeMay Fellows

John N. and Ann Renckens*

$10,000 - $24,999

Gordon J. and Laurie Vetsch*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Dr. Thomas J. and Elizabeth Witt*

$5,000 - $9,999

Regent’s Level

Martin Schirber Fellows

John E. Cronin*

$2,500 - $4,999

Larry and Mary Degen*

Walter Reger Fellows

Frank Dooley and Pamela Hermes*

$1,000 - $2,499

Russell Ehman*

Regent’s Level

Dr. Michael J. and Peggy Jung*

$500 - $999

Dennis W. Kurtz*

Young Fellows

Daniel W. Meinz


Michael W. Schley and Peggy T.

President’s Level

O’Brien Schley*

$250 - $499

Roy S. and Judy Schumacher*

Dean’s Level

Joleen and Michael Smith*

$100 - $249

Rev. David J. Super*

Faithful Donor

President’s Level

Up to $99

Mark B. Abeln and Monica Little

† deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Roger J. Aronson*

Alumni 1976-78

Timothy M. Browne*

Thomas and Patricia Bohan Nolan*

Bruce R. Nolan*

Dr. Patrick R. Danaher*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Joseph Byrne and Clare Rossini*

Paul J. and Mary Nord*

Gregory R. and Peg Palen*

Rev. Randy J. Guerdet*

Mark and Diane Flynn

David A. and Nancy Coppin*

Mark and Nina Peschel*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Robert and Janice Hahn*

Kevin D. and Shannon Seggelke

Roderick C. and Jamie Cosgriff*

Edward F. Poniewaz*

Joseph C. and Shelly Hoesley*

Steven and Diane Hanson*

John Coughlin and MaryBeth Arthaud*

Gordon J. and Yvonne Przybylski*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Bradley G. Hill*

Dr. Bruce A. and Linda Cross*

Peter and Marilyn Rasmussen*

Dr. Jon A. and Mary Kay Bakken*

Fung Ho and I-Kuan Wu*

Terry D. and Katherine Froemming*

Martin P. and Mary Rigney*

Thomas W. Bernardson*

Jeffrey and Janice Hylden*

Nick and Carol Ganas*

Clark L. and Annette Rivard*

Michael T. and Susan H. Brand*

Kenneth and Barbara Kleckner*

Glen Geremia*

Dr. Eugene D. and Jane Roush*

Steven and Renee Pavlik*

Thomas A. and Anne Kozlak*

Paul J. and Barbara Gustafson*

Ronald J. and Barbara Saffert*

Harry Pforzheimer*

Robert Kuschke*

Paul D. and Brenda Hart*

Rev. Francisco R. Schulte, OSB •

James H. and Marcia Zrust*

Rev. Daniel T. McMullin

David and Denise Homstad*

Mark and Jill Sebek*

Walter Reger Fellows

D. Kevin and Aileen McNew*

Patrick J. Irlbeck*

Kevin and Rebecca Sexton*

Brian C. and Sara Hillen Boevers*

Dr. Fredrick and Mary Mitzel*

Dr. Cyril and Susan Kapsner*

Mark P. Sperka*

Chris and Lisa Boyd*

Joseph M. and Patricia Pfannenstein*

Peter M. and Nancy Koenig*

Paul and Jere Thompson*

Drs. Timothy and Betty Cross*

David R. and Peggy Philp

Michael P. and Joan Krause*

Mark R. and Gayla Wierzbinski*

Daniel P. and Cathy Dorgan*

Frank J. and Maribeth Radermacher*

Philip and Debra LaPorte*

Keith G. Wright*

John and Jill Hamburger*

Charles E. and Darlene Rau*

Dr. Gregory A. and Patricia Lee*

Stephen W. and Lois Zauhar*

Thomas S. Jensen*

Lee E. and Mary Rivard*

Dr. Gary and Susan Leo*

Faithful Donors

David Kordonowy*

Jon M. and Susan Ruth*

Col. (Ret.) Timothy and Jane Lindsay*

Patrick D. Borden*

Christopher and Kathleen Lee

Joseph H. and Cheryl Schleper*

John S. Mathias*

David and Diane Budzien*

Thomas A. and Mary Jo Mahowald*

Peter Schmidt and Lucia Lesar*

Timothy J. Miles*

David M. Erspamer and Heidi

Matthew and Deborah Martin*

Richard and Jean Schmidt*

Mark and Katherine Muedeking*

Gerald Schnabel and Linda

Rev. Douglas L. Mullin, OSB •

Smith-Erspamer* Richard and Lori Fiocchi*

Joseph Nilan*

Jeffrey G. and Kathy Hall*

Timothy D. and Carrie Sellner*

Joseph C. and Marie Speltz*

David E. Hansen and Carol Hemelt-Hansen*

Terry P. Welsh*

Timothy P. and Rose Marie Talbot

Dennis M. and Janet Harty*

Regent’s Level

Faithful Donors

Major Richard W. and Amy Heaser*

Thomas M. and Jane Cummings*

Randy P. and Gloria Althoff*

Gregory A. Hiemenz*

Alan J. and Mary Erickson*

Tony Aspholm and Beth Rademacher*

Franz J. Kitzberger*

Steven M. and Laurie Gathje*

Michael D. and Margaret Bosanko*

David J. Koeneman*

Drs. Lawrence George and Karen Wyatt*

Timothy J. and Jacki Brennan*

Charles Kost and Elizabeth Desy*

Lawrence and Mary Lynn Gross*

Arthur B. and Merrilee Byron*

Kim Edward and Marilyn Krzenski

Mark L. Kosiek and Joan Loftus

Michael C. and Susan J. Carr

Ronald R. Kurpiers*

Thomas E. and Michele Marrinan*

Richard J. and Ramona Chavez*

Romuald and Erin LaVerdiere*

Donald F. and Catherine Schwarz*

Dennis and Kathryn Devereaux*

Richard A. Landis*

President’s Level

Paul F. and Beverly Barten Doyle*

Gary and Diana Lein*


Dr. Richard and Susan Fleming*

Thomas W. and Deanne Leither

Gerard M. and Patricia Balder*

David and Katherine Grovum*

Gary and Mary Ann Pagliaccetti*

James Bloms and Gwen Martin*

Robert A. Keiser*

Rev. Scott and Bonnie Peterson*

Brian G. and Karen Borgerding*

Robert W. Kigin*

Stephen P. and Mary Santele*

Paul A. and Ellen Capecchi*

Richard and Elizabeth Kroschel*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Ronald M. and Mary Ann Scheet*

William F. Drimel*

Joseph E. and Barbara Miller*

Annual Giving

Douglas and Mary Schoen*

Mark L. Gerlach*

Bruce G. and Linda Richter*

Paul and Margaret Schroeder*

John P. Hoffman*

Michael J. and Peggy Landwehr Roske*

Kevin and Claire Smith*

Dr. John R. and Annissa Kasmirski*

Thomas and Jodi Sandberg*

Stephen and Dee Ann Smith*

Jeffrey J. and Lynn Kaster

David G. and Julie Seykora*

Frederick and Roxanne Soukup*

Dr. Kenneth and Patricia Korte*

Scott K. and Renotta Stainbrook*

James M. Stastny*

Dr. Greg Kutcher and Maura Randall*

Daniel J. and Mary Jane Wander*

Steven and Jane Stromme*

Paul J. and Anne L. Maxa*

Timothy E. and Jeanne Welch*

Mark and Sharon McCormick*

Thomas G. and Brenda Kaye Young*

Timothy F. and Doris McNamara*

Robert P.† and Deborah Zachman*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Benedictine Legacy Society

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999


Walter Reger Fellows

Founders Society

$1,000 - $2,499

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Regent’s Level

Gregory R. and Peg Palen

$500 - $999

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Young Fellows

Bruce R. Nolan


Benne Muckenthaler Founders

President’s Level

Scott L. and Julie Becker

$250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor


Dr. George and Peg Noesen* Timothy and Dana O’Connor* Dr. John Olsen and Lynn Cairns* Drs. Steven J. and Celeste Perron* Ferdinand and Gisela Peters* Michael H. and Janice Poepping* David J. and Beth-Anne M. Rowe* Thomas and Jan Sinner*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Jerome and Mary Walerius*

Bruce R. Nolan

Dean’s Level

Timothy D. and Carrie Sellner

Jeffrey N. and Maria Bakken*

Up to $99

Annual Giving

† deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Don Talafous Fellows Scott L. and Julie Becker*

Dennis and Julie Bennett* Charles E. and Deb Brecht* Stephen L. and Sandi Busch*


Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows James and Mary Frey* Martin Schirber Fellows Kevin R. and Connie DeVaan* Mark and Diane Flynn* Walter Reger Fellows Br. Dennis A. Beach, OSB* • Robert F. and Karen Brigham* Jerry and Katie Felicelli* Michael and Linda Finley* Keith J. and Elizabeth Kerfeld* Francis J. Knapp* Michael J. and Paula M. Koshmrl* John P. and Maryanne Mahowald* Dr. Brian J. Neil* John A. and Jill E. O’Donnell* Thomas and Anita O’Reilly* John and Mary Pat Osterhaus* Kevin and Cathy Palmer* Dr. Col. James A. and Gay Pfaff* Dr. Bennett J. Porter, III and Mary Jo Porter* Richard T. and Shelley Renner* John M. and Catherine A. Ries* Michael R. and Julie Ruether* Kevin D. and Shannon Seggelke* Dr. Robert W. Smith and Christine A. MacKenzie* Louis J. Speltz and Vicki L. Bailey* Regent’s Level Allan J. and Jean Beckel* Timothy and Lisa Benusa* Dr. Stephen C. Fuller* Gregg A. and Jeanette Gunter* David J. and Michelle Hawkins* Dr. John S. and Melinda Kopec* James J. Manhart* Jay and Kim Olson* Randall A. Propp* Peter and Dorothy Strening* Richard M. and Ann Van Lith* Rev. Ronald L. Weyrens President’s Level Gregory J. and Kathleen Budzien* Patrick D. and Pat Christopherson* Gary and Kim Gillitzer John and Jane Goodrich* Edward R. Goossens*


Dick and Robbianne Gramer*

Founders Society

Steven G. Johnson*

Jeffrey P. Hutson*

Boniface Wimmer Founders

Terry M. Kelly*

James and Mary Frey

Wayne A. and Georgiana Koska*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Thomas and Sheryl Kost*

Mark and Diane Flynn

Joseph J. and Barbara Kruse*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Joseph G. and Katherine Lauer*

Kevin D. and Shannon Seggelke

Fr. Stan P. Mader*

Patrick Greil Founders

John P. and Teresa Ringle*

Br. Dennis A. Beach, OSB

Gordy and Gwen Spengler*

Dr. Robert W. Smith and Christine A.

Joseph and Lorrie Tucker*

MacKenzie Paul Zenk and Kathleen Weatherstone

Dean’s Level Rev. Kevin P. Anderson

Alumni 1978-80

Philip G. and Beverly Beckstrand*

Craig Mueller and Vicki Whipple-Mueller*

Gregory J. and Elizabeth Engel*

Thomas M. and Diane Meidl*

John H. and Margaret Carney*

Jim Brummer*

John M. Olson*

Robert and Mary Gonderinger*

Richard L. and D. Colette Murphy*

Michael L. Erpenbach*

William Dane and Margaret Russell*

Joseph and Jan Perske*

Gregory and Jane Greene*

Theodore and Susan Nowak*

Franc Fennessy and Jennifer Noyes*

Dean A. Danielson*

Paul and Joan Peterson*

Bruce G. Hendricks*

Hon. Frank L. and Margaret Racek*

John L. Haubrich*

Patrick J. and Kathleen Engesser*

Kenneth and Patricia Schrapp*

Michael G. and Stephanie Kennedy*

Stephen and Laurie Scott*

Kyle and Lauri Jones*

Joseph G. and Deborah Gubbels*

Scott and Kim Shipley*

Robert A. Kost*

Gordon and Beth Skjerseth*

Thomas P. and Denise Kelly*

Virgil L. and Mary Gustafson*

Matthew L. and Theresa Stergios*

Joseph Malters and Kathryn Kirk-Malters*

Joseph D. and Judy Sullivan*

James A. Kolmer*

Br. John D. Hanson, OSB •

Gregory J. Theissen*

Timothy E. and Monica Marx*

Gregory and Gail Thomes*

Paul and Anna Lillyblad*

James P. and Carol Hausauer*

Paul G. and Maureen Theobald*

Dwayne G. Meier*

Thomas M. and Vickie Wicks*

Bob Martineau and Pamela Eddy*

Roger B. Hess, Jr.*

Mark E. and M. Colleen Tracy*

John and Deborah Patterson*

Ronald J. Wozniak*

Daniel J. and Jane Murphy*

Steven and Susan Holupchinski

Dec. John and Laura Wocken

Dr. Joseph and Lisa Skemp*

Dr. Jon R. and Karen van der Hagen

Charles R. Opatz*

Timothy R. Hopkins* Edwin A. and Quonnella M. Hurd* Jacob J. and Joan Jordan* Patrick G. and Mary Jo Kaiser* Michael and Barbara Krmpotich* Mark and Sheila Lenss* Robert Maue and Leslie Henderson* Dr. Patrick and Patricia McCann* Dr. Douglas and Julia McDonald* Daniel K. McGuinn* Rev. John R. Meoska, OSB •

1979 Founders Society Bruno Riss Founders Thomas Schnettler and Cheryl Appeldorn Benne Muckenthaler Founders Anonymous Patrick Greil Founders Dr. Joseph and Beth Perra Michael J. and Wendy Wethington

Peter W. and Christine Weum* John and Mary Worley* Dr. Paul and Nina Gresser Writz* Dean’s Level George Baboila and Margaret Ryan* Rev. John-Leonard Berg* John and Margaret Brossart* Dr. Paul L. Claus and Mary Jones* Kevin C. and Gia Des Lauriers* Gary P. and Deb Donahue Dr. Thomas B. Doyle*

1980 Founders Society Benne Muckenthaler Founders Gregory T. McNamer Cary and Regina Musech Stephen and Jana Sommers Patrick Greil Founders James Jarocki and Kris Blakeslee Timothy and Millie Kosiek

Dr. Tom C. and Amy Pagonis* William and Kathleen Neil Palmer* William and Ruth Plante* Gregory D. and Katy Pusch* Richard J. and Joy B. Remer* Joseph Swanson* John Traxler* Dr. Thomas A. and Kathleen Voelker* Dr. Donald and Renee Wirtanen* Dean’s Level Dr. Michael H. and Mary Bauer*

Jeffrey J. Mracek*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Jeffrey and Caren Fenske*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Scott W. and Mary Lou Black*

Leo and Jane Neuman*


Kevin and Margaret Fink*

Gregory T. McNamer

Michael and Katerine Bruckbauer*

Greg and Leslie Nicholson*

Frederick P. Ellis

Thomas and LaRae Foehrenbacher*

Rev. Robert M. Pierson, OSB •

Bruce A. and Judy Leier

Daniel P. and Cindee Forby*

Gary C. and Margaret Putz*

Thomas Schnettler and Cheryl Appeldorn

Richard and Rose Gaetz*

Richard and Laurel Sauer*

John A. and Sharon Spies

John Gans and Stephanie Kessler*

Dr. Thomas J. and Lynn Schoen* Michael and Jane Scully Stephen Seidel and Deborah Keenan* 1st Sgt. Timothy and Susan Solinger* Scott and Therese Stratman* Gregory and Betty Thomes* Dr. Thomas and Paula Trainer* Mark A. and Cristina Undeberg* Mark F. and Barbara Uphus* Dr. Steven and Susan VanHooser* Thomas W. and Carol Vetter* Rev. Thomas J. Walker* Patrick J. and Cynthia Wielinski* Bradley M. and Stephanie Windschill* Steven J. and Irene Wright* Faithful Donors Rev. David B. Beaudry* Timothy E. and Susan Bergs* Kevin J. and Donna Blanchette Bernie M. and Lori Borschke* Doug and Eva Borys* Dr. Paul W. and Susan Child* John F. and RoxAnne Close* Dennis P. and Carol Coghlin* John T. and Lori Connor* David E. and Valerie Cooley* Bradley J. and Mary Coon* Keith J. and Celeste Davis* Mark Homer and Joanne Loritz* James H. Horwath* Scott J. and Charlene Johnson* Daniel P. and Cindy Koziolek* Gregory J. Lais and Patricia Thurber* Mark and Nona Lauer* Joseph† and Nancy Lenczewski* Bruce A. Linnemeyer* L. J. McGovern*

Annual Giving Donald LeMay Fellows Dr. Patrick J. and Anne McKenzie Dr. Joseph and Beth Perra* Thomas Schnettler and Cheryl Appeldorn* Virgil Michel Fellows Joseph and Suzanne Sullivan* Martin Schirber Fellows William Berghoff, Jr. and Pauline Berghoff* Dr. Michael LaDouceur* Rich and Mary Ostlund* Michael J. and Wendy Wethington* Walter Reger Fellows Anonymous* Peter and Stephanie Christianson* Michael and Colleen Grant* John and Laura Kessler* Dr. Brian and Joann Mulrennan* Kevin L. and Sandra O’Brien* Charles and Anita Rynda* Dr. Steve and Therese Sornsin* John A. and Sharon Spies* Col. Scott E. Thein* R. John Welsh, Jr. and Cecilia Welsh* Regent’s Level Norton J. and Kathy J. Hatlie* Charles and Marcia Hendrickson* William P. and Ellen Kain* Patrick and Renee Lilly John A. and Anne T. Polta* Kenneth C. Sun* Dr. Terrence J. and Elizabeth Witt* Paul R. and Diane Wotta President’s Level Robert and Pamela Douglas* Patrick Dwyer and Jeanne Cofell Frederick P. Ellis*

Dr. Peter Gathje John W. and Lou Harvey* Robert H. and Kathleen M. Hendrickson* Tom Herbst, Ph.D. & Kathy Herbst* Jeffery D. and Susan Johnson* James M. and Janet H. Knoblach* James J. Kramer*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Cary and Regina Musech* Virgil Michel Fellows Dr. Michael and Mary Nauertz Richie* Martin Schirber Fellows Dr. Walter H. and Maura Halloran* John J. Kriz* John H. Kurth Walter Reger Fellows John and Margaret Arnold*

Gary R. Lust* Kevin F. and Laura Marinan* Charles H. Maternus Shaun M. and LuAnn McHale* Timothy J. and Kathleen McKenna* Jeffrey C. and Nancy Miller* Patrick W. and Joyce T. Murphy* Daniel and Elizabeth Rockers* John and Susan Schmidtbauer* Thomas Schuld and Gail Morland* Timothy and Janet Wensman* Daniel T. and Diane Zimmermann* Faithful Donors

David and Cathy DeSutter* Dr. Brian and Debra Dvorak* Thomas L. and Julie Guetzke* James Jarocki and Kris Blakeslee* Michael R. Kilian* Jeff and Jeanne Kramer* James and Maureen O’Connell Lehman Anthony and Gail Lusvardi* Michael W. and Colleen Malone* Timothy S. and Jeanne McIntee* Paul D. Pieschel* Perry M. and Leah Rynders* Jim Vucinovich and Patricia Kuderer*

Anonymous* Thomas and Susan Adkins* Joseph E. and Theresa Arnold* Terrance W. and Mary Ann Baumgart* Daniel J. and Jolene Bergner* Kevin J. and Nancy Brennan* Donald F. and Wendy Butzen* Mark B. and Mary Kay Capecchi* Gregory C. and Ann Danaher* Daniel B. Darling* Bruce M. and Marie Doyle* Mark Doyle and Susan Skoglund-Doyle* Daniel J. and Mary Franta* Joseph E. and Martha Henry* Randall J. and Pamela Krzmarzick* Charles J. LaQua* Bruce A. and Judy Leier*


James F. and Diana Ward* Steven D. and Kathryn Woodley* James and Vicki Yanisch* Regent’s Level Dr. Peter J. and Joan Donner* Robley D. and Joan M. Evans* Robert and Rebecca Foley* Thomas J. and Colleen Garrity* Andrew B. and Roxanne Kimbell David R. and Doreen Kishel* Dr. Bernard and Peggy Long* Theodore L. Petron* Lawrence M. and Beth Rocheford* William T. and Sarah Unger* President’s Level John and Alison Berg* Timothy J. and Carrie Boys*

Jay D. and Susan Chrastil* Michael G. and Lori Coleman* David and Pamela Coughlan* Col. Roger Heger* Don J. and Connie S. Jackson* John D. and Jaclyn Jeffrey* Gery and Gail Kosel* Robert and Kathryn Krebsbach* Casey and Royce Lawler* James T. and Kathleen McKeown Michael P. and Erin Merrigan* Greg Muellerleile and Virginia Steinhagen* Michael E. O’Brien* David M. and Laureen Osberg* John M. Prosen* Richmond B. and Mary T. Z. Rolfs* David J. and Susan Rotert* Alan Schmitt and Susan Zimny* Timothy J. Scott* Charles and Bonnie Seykora* Paul and Julie Simonett* Mark Stepan* Ralph and Kathleen Van Keulen* Mathew J. Wenner* Faithful Donors Deacon Charles and Mary Bobertz* John B. and Joan Elton Joseph Fitzgerald and Ane Kvale Fitzgerald* Mark V. and Mary Franta* Scott P. and Susan Goettl* Stephen J. and Claudia Hirschey* Brian A. and Tammy Kerfeld* Vincent W. and Barbara King* Kevin M. Kuhlman* Allan M. Lai and Cecilia Tsang* Terence and Loren Langan* James and Jane Loizeaux* Dr. Paul A. and Carol Luetmer James and Karla Lynch* Gregory G. and Rose Mader* Gregory D. and Sharon Maurer*

Alumni 1980-83

Timothy R. McClernon*

David L. and Joan Clark*

Michael P. and Dawna L. Tierney*

Walter Reger Fellows

Michael and Carol O’Keefe*

Donald and Linda Olson*

Dennis C. and Nancy Cusack*

Robert C. and Carol L. Vaughan*

David J. and Kay Bromelkamp*

Michael J. and Michelle O’Leary*

Mark G. and Julia M. Poepping*

John J. and Donna Davis*

Thomas P. and Deb Williams*

Robert E. and Susan Culligan*

Daniel O’Loughlin and Rebecca Halvorson*

Mark A. and Jean Simmet*

Rick DesLauriers and Mary

Peter A. Yelle and Jackie Lantry*

John E. and Sharon Hite*

Duane and Lynn Olawsky*

William D. Zweber

Br. Benedict Leuthner, OSB* •

Joseph and Elaine Omann*

Peter J. and Cheryl Franta*

Faithful Donors

Edgar C. and Brenda Ray*

David A. and Jean Renner*

Capt. David M. and Deanna Hesse*

Daniel P. and Kelly Bishop*

Robert and Ruth Schilmoeller*

Matt A. Richie and Mary Kennedy Richie*

Kip and Mary Lager*

Daniel L. and Janice M. Foley*

Richard D. and Cathryn J. Teigen*

Daniel W. and Linda Rietz*

Robert and Kathy Lahr*

Robert A. Freed*

Robert and Rosanne Wiechmann*

Daniel J. Ringhofer*

Paul A. and Jamie Marsnik*

Timothy M. and Susan Gossman*

Dr. Jeffry and Tonya Young*

Gary R. and Susan Schwieters*

Mark L. Patzloff and Ruth E.

Robert W. Hart*

Regent’s Level

Daniel and Amy Sharkey*

Louis D. and Janelle Hibbard*


Kent and Chris Sticha*

Louis J. and Maureen Pistulka*

Rob Hofman and Kathleen McQuillan*

Mark E. and Cheryl Dobberstein*

Dr. Timothy and Julie Theisen*

Steven E. and Linda Rolsch*

Thomas E. and Diane Gerdts Hovey*

Timothy M. and Ann Fleming*

John and Larisa Thurston*

Stanley R. Schmidt and Beth Guiffre*

Terrence L. and Lori Humbert*

Jeffrey S. Guillemette*

Dr. Mark G. Trainor and Rosanne Fischer

Thomas and Kimberly Smith*

Tsuneo and Patrice Imai

David J. and Lori Johnston*

John T. and Muffet Trout*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Dr. Michael and Connie Toninato

David J. and Julie Klein*

Robert C. Klein*

Dirk J. Westveer and Barb Olson*

Patrick J. and Laurie Erlandson

John D. and Grace Wachlarowicz*

Loren L. Lorenz*

Mark L. and Mary Pat McKeown*

Faithful Donors

Paul and Christel Webber*

Nick and Laura Lynch*

Caesar Tabet and Kathleen Smith*

Joseph P. and Jennifer Armitage*

Dean’s Level

James H. and Teresa A. Matetich*

John and Renee Tushaus Wurm*

Robert S. and Naomi Baumgart*


Timothy P. and Carol McShane*

President’s Level

Michael J. and Brigid Borka

Craig W. Ainsworth*

Joseph and Lora Oberle*

Anonymous* (2)

Geoffrey B. Brunkhorst

Thomas G. and Jean Auron*

Ray L. and Julie Reuter*

Dr. John Fennig and Dr. Martha Wright*

William and Cynthia Lynch Conger*

Michael R. Bauer*

Dr. Mark V. and Susan Rotty*

Steven and Kareen Ferry*

Scott R. Daninger

Neal W. and Jeanne Binsfeld*

Joseph M. and Susan Rubbelke*

James C. Gleason*

Michael and Lona DeSutter*

Nathan A. and Gaylene Bissonette*

Mark Shimota*

Thomas and Maria Gottwalt*

Gregory J. and Cheryl Doyle*

James E. Cashman and Mary Germscheid*

Scott and Jan Simkins*

Steven and Nancy Hanousek*

Michael F. Doyle

Tim D. Claar

Richard and Elizabeth Spieker*

Alan R. and Anne Hauser*

Pat J. and Charon Doyscher*

Carter J. and Connie DeWerd*

Richard P. Stackpool

Darryl L. Hensel*

Gary M. and Cindy Fasching*

Dr. Stephen G.J. and Lynn Eckrich*

Gregory and Peggy Steveken*

Thomas J. and Kathryn Hentges*

Timothy S. Gaetz*

Tom and Sue Eickhoff*

Paul and Denise Styrvoky*

Timothy and Kathleen Keegan*

Don J. and Susan Hodapp*

Bruce and Bernice Ervin*

Mark and Jacqueline Svejkovsky*

Dr. Patrick and Lisa Luetmer*

Dr. Maj. Luke S. and Lisa Janowiak*

Rev. Brian J. Fier*

Dr. David A. and Marie Uppgaard*

William C. and Sarah Meredith*

Dr. Chas. Jennissen and Laurie Stange*

Rev. Michael H. Foltz

Gregory J. and Karen Vievering*

Dr. Brian G. and Tricia Huberty Prokosch*

Gary R. and Lisa Kellen*

Lt. Col. Vincent E. Glidden*

Dave C. and LuAnn Wood*

L. John and Susan Rynda*

Rev. Peter K. Kirchner*

Daniel P. Sullivan*

Thomas L. and Jill Kuhn*

Fred J. and Kristy Taccolini*

David P. and Jacqueline McClernon*

Robert and Shannon Thissen*

Terrance and Ellen Muller*

Dean’s Level

James and Barbara Murphy


Paul and Martha Norton*

Robert and Elli Alpers*

Michael and Robin O’Keeffe*

John B. and Patricia Barry*

James and Narrah Palmquist*

Steven R. and Jane Beauchaine*

Jeffrey and Nancy Pederson*

George and Zeny Brewster*

Carl and Elena Procario-Foley*

Timothy J. and Carrie Brown

John F. and Susan J. Rooney*

Stephen G. and Anne M. Carlson*

William A. Smoger*

James F. and Anne Condon*

David J. and Michelle Stangler*

Kevin S. and Sheila VanHooser*

1981 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Christopher M. and Rebecca Coborn James F. and Georgianna† Sexton Bruno Riss Founders Brian P. and Joy L. Crevoiserat Patrick Greil Founders Steven and Mary Kennedy

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Christopher M. and Rebecca Coborn* Brian P. and Joy L. Crevoiserat* Donald LeMay Fellows Steven and Mary Kennedy* Virgil Michel Fellows James F. Sexton* Martin Schirber Fellows Gregory D. and Marsha Cook* Patrick J. and Laurie Erlandson* Timothy and Marie B. Humbert* Dr. Christopher and Valorie Jackson* David K. and Ashley Rehr* Jon J. and Julz Schwingler* Thomas and Patricia Sexton* Walter Reger Fellows Hugh R. and Melissa Cullen Dr. Paul R. and Rebecca Diekmann Timothy M. and Cindy Drury* Dr. Peter and Dr. Lisa Germscheid* Michael Hemesath and Elizabeth Galbraith* Richard A. and Sarah J. Hoban* William O. Kenney and Margaret Kilpatrick* Alex Kuta* Vincent M. and Sharon Martinek* Charles P. and Penny Moorse* Brad Neary and Suzette Sutherland* Scott M. and Barbara Nelson* Dr. Gregory and Julie Schoen* Kenneth M. and Susan Seiler* James J. Suel* Michael and Patricia Tillman* Terrence and Jan Ward* Robert P. and Laura Walsh* Regent’s Level Bill and Ann Burns* Shaun P. McElhatton* Dean Neuburger* K. Henry and Julie O’Brien* Len and Mary Powell* President’s Level Kevin D. and Clare F. Bjork* Timothy M. and Susan Bloomquist* Rev. J. Michael Byron* Joe and Jane Cavanaugh* Paul D. Cerkvenik*


Jakobsen Patzloff*

Noel and Wendie Graczyk* Michael Hagstrom* Dr. Nick W. and Mona Hamel* Frank and Mary Beth Hess* Steven E. and Julie Jacobs* Phillip M. and Meredith Johnson* Steve F. and Diane Keup Kevin and Paula Koktan* Gregory J. and Cady Lindeberg Joseph and Beatrix Lindquist* Dr. William R. and Sharon Maus* Michael J. Nentl*

1982 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Paul J. Krump and Anne M. Schmidt-Krump Bruno Riss Founders Joseph and Deann Speltz Patrick Greil Founders Kevin C. and Kathleen Eichler John and Peggy Scholz John C. Shaw

Thomas A. Novak and Louise Wolf-Novak*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Neal P. and Cindy Cronin*

James A. and Lynn Staricka*

Terry M. and Cathy Ochs*

David J. and Kay Bromelkamp

Gregory and Diane Eichten*

Lee J. Storhaug*

Thomas and Laurie Paal*

Paul J. Krump and Anne M. Schmidt-Krump

Richard G. and Michelle Faber*

Gary Zweber and Denise Stibal*

Steven and Donna Packard*

John C. Shaw

Robert T. and Julie Fischer*

Anthony D. Payette*

Joseph and Deann Speltz

Col. (Ret.) Mark Flasch & Pamela

Michael and Therese Peck*

Thomas R. and Maureen Starmack

Steven J. and Heidi Pfefferle* Jeffrey R. Pribyl* Peter F. and Susan Rockers Lawrence R. and Vicki J. Rothstein* William and Rhonda Schumer* Jon T.† and Beverly Schwarz* Mark Schwietz and Marti Elliott Eugene and Debra Selbitschka* Patrick J. and Cheryl Spellacy* Timothy and Deborah Stevens* Patrick and Sandy Stone* Peter Thelen and Lynne Gibeau*

McNeely Flasch* Dr. Steven Fling*

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Paul J. Krump and Anne M. Schmidt-Krump* Virgil Michel Fellows Kevin C. and Kathleen Eichler* Joseph and Deann Speltz* Martin Schirber Fellows Anonymous* William D. and Amy Jeatran* Christopher and Christine Palmer* Richard A. Pletcher*

Michael J. and Jeaneine Gohman* Rev. Anthony W. Gorman, OSB • Kevin and Maggie Gray Michael G. Hamilton* Dr. Timothy J. Hayden* Denis Houle and Rebecca Borrud*

Founders Society Benne Muckenthaler Founders Bernard W. and Jody Dan Steven T. and Dr. Kristen Nelson Patrick Greil Founders John R. and Sharon Miner Dennis and Brenda Schleper

Joseph M. and Beth Kiley*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Alan and Deborah Lanners*

Steven T. and Dr. Kristen Nelson

Peter D. and Martha Magnuson* Michael Miller and Mary Olk* Brian E. and Joanne Mullen*



Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Bernard W. and Jody Dan

Alumni 1983-85

Donald LeMay Fellows

Henry P. and Betsy Brummer*

Rick Villalta and Cecilia Michel*

Robert J. and Kathy Huebsch*

Benedictine Legacy Society

John R. and Sharon Miner*

Drs. Brian and Kari Bunkers*

Charles Williams*

Timothy M. Kedrowski*


Russell and Tina Sherlock*

Timothy J. and Carrie Cleary*

Theodore Yank and Linda Paulson*

Scott J. and Julie Kelly*

Stephen and Susann Stenbeck*

James P. and Mie Cook*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Dr. Frank R. and Holly Crain*

Paul and Lisa Noack*

Steven and Pamela Fink*

Dennis and Brenda Schleper*

Joseph and Karen Fonti*

Martin Schirber Fellows

David Forster

David J. Keeley*

Bart A. and Stacie Franta*

Gerald and Karen Morris*

Dan Goodrich*

Annual Giving

Steven C. Larson*

Walter Reger Fellows

Paul J. and Joan Goossens*

Donald LeMay Fellows

John G. Lundberg*

Rick and Ann Bell*

Michael L. and Theresa Jacobson*

John P. and Margaret Wiehoff*

Martin E. and Maggie McCaslin*

Steven B. and Laurie Cummings*

Donald L. and Michelle Kalkman*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Joseph McCue and Mary Sullivan McCue

Kevin and Mary Fitzgerald*

Joseph P. and Jean A. Kelly*

Michael J. and Suzanne M. Becker*

James F. and Katherine McHugh*

Thomas and Carmen Foley*

Robert P. and Jean Laue*

Daniel F. Riley and Kristi Koelfgen*

Robert T. and Sharon Meekin*

Patrick and Michelle Fox*

Daniel P. Lee*

Martin Schirber Fellows

George A. and Charlene Nottoli*

Stuart C. Harvey, Jr. and Mary Neal Harvey*

Timothy J. and Jana Leonard*

Stephen R. Yurek*

William J. Nowak*

Mark S. and Mary Stuart Irion*

Leonard J. and Nadia McNally*

Walter Reger Fellows

Bradley A. Paschke*

Greg and Lisa LaFrance*

Jeffrey P. and Susan Minea*

Dr. Christopher Bannochie and David Key*

Kurt and Susan Patz*

Pete and Monica Lawyer*

Daniel P. and Jamie Moloney*

James G. and Rosemarie Condon*

Michael J. and Mary Pat Smith*

Martin and Denise Long*

Timothy and Patricia Murphy*

Bernard and Catherine DeLaRosa*

Peter A. and Idalia Stark*

Anthony W. and Marlene Mailhot*

John and Ann Olson*

Mark J. Giura*

Michael J. and Nancy Terseck*

Michael P. and Frances McCloskey*

Patrick and Beth Pederson*

Gregory M. and Mary Heymans*

Faithful Donors

Michael and Barbara Randall*

Rev. Kevin M. Richter*

Michael J. Huberty*

Thomas J. and Maria Barron*

Jeffrey T. and Mary Rathmanner

Mark G. and Julie Ritter*

Mark J. and Karen Ludick*

James T. Becker*

Brian and Margaret Reagan*

David W. and Jane Rymanowski*

James A. Pierret and Kathryn Kramer*

Christopher and Susette Brandt*

Thomas and Holly Ruether*

Robert Sauer and Therese Blaine*

Dr. Michael E. and Marjory Ryan*

Mike and Kimberly Brattensborg*

Dr. Michael P. Schmidt*

Robert A. and Mary B. Seng*

Patrick M. Ryan*

Mark and Pam Broadwell*

Joseph P. Shaughnessy*

Charles and Mary Jo Skemp*

J. Thomas Vitt and Kamala Udayamurthy*

Scott R. and Celine Campbell*

Michael and Kathy Spanier*

Robert and Karen Spies*

Peter T. Welle*

Ludovicus J. and Susan DeHoog*

Michael J. and Karen Thul*

Mark C. Wagner and Beth Garni-Wagner*

Regent’s Level

David J. and Cynthia Emanuelson*

John T. and Kim Unger*

James F. and Jane Williams*

Anthony R. and Kathleen Bassett*

Patrick and Darlene Endres*

Michael J. and Aimee Wagner*

Edward L. Yanisch*

James J. Byrne

Gregory A. and Susan A. Engel*

John and Christine Young*

Dr. Michael J. & Margaret Zyzda*

Terrence and Susan Leiendecker*

Dr. Michael P. and Julie Fautsch

Regent’s Level

Faithful Donors

Jon D. McGee and Ann Nicklawske McGee*

Steven J. and Ann R. Gravelle*

Lt. Cols. James and Lisa Beckmann*

Thomas and Shannon Allen*

Scott M. and Elizabeth Meyer*

Gregory R. Haeg and Megan McNair

Thomas and Kathy Duxbury

Patrick and Natalia Armitage*

David W. Tiffin

Wayne W. and Leah Hall*

John C. Fritz and Benjamin Dutoit*

James R. Auron*

President’s Level

Anthony J. and Mary Klein*

Robert J. and Denise Loonan

Roger B. Bechtold*

Troy L. and Elizabeth Amaris*

Matthew R. and Jennifer Larson*

Dr. Patrick J. and Kathleen O’Leary*

Mathew J. and Teresa Callahan*

Daniel M. Bowler*

Rev. William M. Lies, CSC*

Brad and Melissa Riebel*

Joseph M. and Connie Chouinard*

Thomas L. and Anne Deetz*

James J. and Monica Loye*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Scott and Kathleen Schaefers*

Robert A. and Susan Cron*

John S. and Joyce Hajostek*

Colin P. and Claire McGinnis*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

President’s Level

Mark G. and Cara Downing*

Douglas and Brenda Jarmoluk*

Michael A. and Patricia Molitor*

Tim and Julie Archbold*

William A. and Elizabeth Eull*

Mark J. Knapp*

Michael J. and Linda Muehlenbein*

Annual Giving

Joe and Anne Butorac

Frank Forsberg*

John P. and Susan Lenczewski*

Steven M. and Barbara Murray*

Daniel J. and Kim Doyle*

Dr. Patrick and Amy S. Gaffney*

Daniel P. and Mary Beth Liska*

Dr. David J. and Sara Petullo*

Edward J. and Michele Driscoll*

Dr. S. Douglas and Cindee George*

Paul A. and Maureen Maus*

Steven E. and Marilynn Poss*

David and Kathleen Funk*

David C. and Pam Gilmer*

Daniel M. and Sarah McDermott*

Scott A. Robinson*

Charles Gagnon and Elizabeth Grob*

Mike Goblirsch and Mariana Ginder*

Jesus A. and Pia Salazar*

Douglas L. and Pamela Schleif*

Edmund L. and Susan Hart*

Timothy E. and Anna Heidinger*

Mr. Michael Scott*

Paul L. and Toni Schrupp*

William P. and Ellen Hoye*

David L. and Terri Hutchinson*

Mr. Jason Wilkinson*

Jeffrey T. and Ann L. Sheetz*

Brian J. and Tracee Hughes*

Mark J. Kappelhoff*

Dean’s Level

Daniel E. and Sandra Steichen*

Dennis and Elizabeth King Keenan*

Patrick M. and Kim Kern*

David I. and Suanne Beauchaine*

John P. and Kim Vchulek*

Michael J. and Carol Morgan*

Michael and Cheryl Lais*

John P. Bresnahan*

Robert R. and Amy Pfefferle*

David D. and Teresa Ryan Lassegard*

Thomas R. and Julie Connell*

Steven and Christine St. George*

Jeffrey and Cindy Lichtscheidl*

Timothy A. Davisson*

James and L.Y. Floria Whitcomb*

Brian J. and Jennifer McCarthy*

Jerome E. and Kimberly Eklund*

Jon P. Wind*

Michael J. and Joy McGowan*

Bob and Beth Elfstrand*

Dr. David D. and Laura Witschen

Jerome and Mary Moynagh*

John P. and Janet Fahey*

Dean’s Level

Alan J. and Bette Revering*

Kevin and Michelle Gerdes*


Arnel A. and Lisa Rillo*

James E. and Brenda Gerster*

Dr. Todd and Linda Anderson*

Michael J. and Jennifer Sandeen*

Dr. Shawn P. Gillen and Dr. Barbara Higgins*

Bradley J. and Robin Ayers

Mark and Cathy Sauer

David Hermerding and Kathleen

Edward J. and Charlene Barder*

Luke H.† and Noma Terhaar*

John E. and Mary Bartek*

Patrick and Kristin Toegel*

Mark J. and Debbie Kinney*


Dr. Stephen P. Kramer*

Founders Society Patrick Greil Founders John P. and Margaret Wiehoff

Maloney Hermerding* Paul E. and Michelle Holtorf*


Robert D. Krause Jeffrey P. and Shelly Kremers* Mark and Karen LaLiberte* Kevin O. and Beth Lafeber*


Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Daniel and Heidi McKeown* Donald LeMay Fellows Anonymous* Virgil Michel Fellows Eric and Julianna Olson Dr. Kevin A. and Karla Rahn* Martin Schirber Fellows Benedict P. Mondloch* Bennett and Sharon Morgan* Robert and Margaret Simmet* Walter Reger Fellows David and Nancy Fuchs* John and Deborah Kramer* Timothy and Jennifer McCollow Jeffrey R. Murphy* Dr. David A. and Leslie Severance* Brian and Kelly Stromen Patrick W. Tinucci*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999

Founders Society

Young Fellows

Demetrius di Marogna Founders


Daniel and Heidi McKeown

President’s Level

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

$250 - $499


Dean’s Level

Patrick Greil Founders

$100 - $249

Robert and Margaret Simmet

Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Alumni 1985-87

Regent’s Level

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Kennedy*

Michael P. McNeil*

Todd T. Fritz*

Richard J. and Jane Odenthal*

Todd G. and Cheryl Alkire*

Jim and Becky Laing*

David and Kathleen Mead*

Steven J. Froeschl*

Paul and Kathleen Rothstein*

James T. Booth*

Patrick Plonski and Judy Hawkinson*

Thomas and Maureen Modl*

James L. and Jeanne Gathje*

P. Michael and Vera Sidders*

Randall W. and Catherine A. Kight*

Paul J. and Heather Rocheford*

Joseph and Angela Pederson*

Mark and Unju Goetemann*

Regent’s Level

Mark W. Lambert*

Tom and Rhonda Sullivan*

Joseph and Karen Polta*

Michael A. and Kristine Haas*

Jay and Julie Bartkowski*

Mark Lasswell and Megan Kalina*

James and Kathryn Thornton*

Scott L. and Julia Theisen*

Joseph and Wendy Haefliger*

Michael B. and Barbara A. Baumann*

Michael Meyer and Katie Mahigan*

David M. Weigel*

Thomas R. and Randi Wherley*

Joseph and Catherine Kalkman*

Tim J. and Helen Healy*

Stephen and RaNae Pelner*

William and Kimberly Ziegler*

Joost de Hoog and Debra Averbeck*

Peter T. and Barbara Keith*

David R. Jourdan*

William J. and Susan Sweeney*

Dean’s Level

Kevin and Diane Kenkel*

Timothy M. Murnane and Sarah

Richard J. and Lisa A. Ungar*


Paul and Andrea Vogel*

Douglas and Jennifer Anderson*

James and Jolene Warnke*

Scott and Mary Sue Backus*

Bruce Wolff and Therese Rasmussen*

Michael Blomker*

Thomas and Theresa Zrust*

Daniel W. Boeding*

President’s Level

Michael and Lori Brown*

Brian and Molly Baker

Leo J. Byron*

Dr. Valerian Chyle and Mary Walker-Chyle*

David and Julie Collins*

Jonathon and Pamela Dagen*

Steven J. Couture*

Michael W. and Elizabeth Farley*

Jerry C. and Christina Dagen*

Aaron Franta and Jennifer Lahmann*

Richard and Cindy Dockendorf*

Gregory L. and Julie H. Grothe*

Steven M. and Mary Drew*

Dr. Charles J. Holden*

Mark and Marie Gorham*

Dr. John F. Kelly

Peter and Jane Greenheck* Brian P. and Megan Irion*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Benedictine Legacy Society

Jerry and Lisa Keup* Ronald T. and Mary Klinker* Mark and Karen Lanz* Sean A. and Carol L. Leavitt* James E. and Laura A. Levandoski* Michael L. and Mary Lynn* Kevin and Kate McMahon* Paul P. and Suzanne Melchior* William R. and Lisa Milbert* Shawn E. O’Brien* Greg and Bridget Peller* Eric and Jennifer Prestrud* Dr. Timothy J. and Martha Probst* Michael and Connie Ricci* Joel R. and Molly Jo Rohlik* John and Jan Schnettler* Christopher and Jane Schrantz*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Thomas M. Sullivan*

Annual Giving

Michael E. and Teri Thimmesch*

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

David Thoreen and Julie Koshgarian* Brian E. and Becky Tschida* William A. Wimmer* Paul F. Woida* Faithful Donors Titus and Cynthia Akumiah* Philip and Marion Bailey* Thomas A. Bedford and Catherine Luzum* Terry J. and Christine Conrad* Michael J. Flicker and Rika Ito* Sean and Shelli-Kae Foster* Richard and Susan Frericks* Thomas and Mary Jo Froehle* Bruce E. and Roberta Fujan* John J. and Melissa Gathje* John and Britt Hawkins* Kevin F. and Anne Hayden* Kevin and Julie Keane* Dr. Gary J. and Janet Kerkvliet* John and Valerie LeTendre* Tom and Marcy MacAulay* Daniel G. and Amy Mathews*


Andrew and Kathleen Kovacs*


Thomas J. and Kathryn Kubinski*

Dr James and Valerie Nesselroad*

Mike and Lisa Maurer*

President’s Level

James C. and Martha McGrory*

Dr. Anthony and Mary Amon*

Leonard G. Meger*

Mark C. and Michelle R. Bailey*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Richard J. Mikos*

Ben G. and Patti Campbell*

Joseph and Karla Vaughan

Thomas and Deb Morgan*

Barry M. Guettler and Lara Livgard*

Brian J. Nett*

John F. and Katie Kasel*

Francis Ng*

Victor and Isabel Kurpiers*

Gabriel G. Olszewski*

James and Kathy Lesnar*

Rev. Anthony W. Ruff, OSB •

Xiao Guang Liu and Xue Guan*

Michael W. and Sue Sullivan*

Dr. Lt. Col. Bradley J. and Teresa Nelson*

Dennis J. and Judith M. Symalla*

Dr. John W. and Lisa Rogers*

Jeffrey J. Takala

Randolph and Gayle Schueller*

Daniel and Rebecca Torborg*

Joseph and Michelle Skemp*

John and Cynthia Weber*

Brian E. and Melody Sweeney

John and Karen Wedin*

Carl J. and Jeanine Thelen*

Timothy S. and Lisa Zitur*

Michael Weber*

Faithful Donors

Dean’s Level

Rev. Timothy G. Agar*

David W. and Amy Ace*

Dr. Jeffrey L. and Kathryn Anderson*

Bryan J. and Karen Backes*

Donald P. and Kathleen Bartemes*

John and Kelly Barsody*

Christopher J. and Mona Benson*

Raymond J. Benning*

Stephen E. and Christine Boerner*

Mark C. Bingham*

Richard and Kristin Cleary*

Jaime W. Delage*

William J. and Michelle Coy*

Paul M. and Julie Dingmann*

James and Joy Dwyer*

Dr. Timothy and Nancy Ebel*

Robert T. and Ranette Fischer*

Patrick J. and Therese Farley*

Jon A. and Lisa Fred*

Scott Fenske and Mary Gillen Fenske*

Mark and Ramona Griffin*

Dr. Paul and Nancy Foley*

Guy R. and Lauren Hummel*

Mark T. and Cindy Fritz*

David and Christine Kennedy*

Timothy and Susan Gallagher*

Thomas J. Kiesner

Tom and Cami Gibbons*

Joseph C. and Olga Leuer*

Max J. and Kim Grodnick*

Charles A. McCormick and Nita Ghei*

Wesley and Christine Grootwassink*

Paul W. and Shelly Miner*

Douglas A. and Nancy Imholte*

Michael Schmit and Pamela Ament-Schmit*

Matthew A. and Hope Kapsner*

Douglas D. and Amy Scott*

William C. and Jeanne Kauffmann*

Joseph Simms*

Joseph and Susan Kroska*

Maj. Michael and Kristine Trombley*

David R. and Mary Kunze*

Joseph and Karla Vaughan*

Timothy J. and Laurie Lloyd*

Peter Watkins and Mary Bausman-Watkins*

Maj. Donald L. Loegering*

R. Frank and Gina Weidner*

Michael J. Ochs*

Syed and Margarita Zaki*

Brian and Jennifer Palo*

Founders Society Patrick Greil Founders Br. John K. Brudney, OSB

Annual Giving Martin Schirber Fellows Anonymous* Walter Reger Fellows Dr. Joseph J. and Alicia Baraga* Tom and Ann Bastian* Timothy E. and Patrice A. Bot* James J. and Mary Cron* Thomas A. and Theresa Lydon Martin J. and Jennifer McAlpin* Mark E. and Tercora Munnings* Steven T. and Juli Sanders* Mark A. and Amy L. Spaniol* Michael Zumwinkle and Lori Bodensteiner Zumwinkle* Regent’s Level Paul A. and Fumie Cornelison* Steven M. Gallagher* Dr. Scott P. Henry* Michael A. and Kristin Hughes* Dr. Daniel P. and Trudy Malone* Brig. Gen. Paul Nakasone* Kevin M. Schnell* Stanley D. Venne* President’s Level Patrick and Jane Belisle* Jeffrey T. and Danette Benning* Dr. Dante and Jaime Beretta* Clint and Vanessa Bogard* Chuck and Meghan Breen* John and Marla Couch* Dr. Stephen P. Garrity* Charles and Anne Johnson* Matthew A. Keller* Thomas M. and Marie LaForce* Thomas P. and Jean Levandowski* Thomas A. Mahowald and Tracy Meyer* Dr. Brian P. and Pamela McGlinch* James N. and Kerry Meyer*


Steven and Cynthia Moss*

Founders Society

Dean’s Level

Patrick Greil Founders

George M. and Terri L. Alexander*

John M. Pohlad and Catherine Peterson

Tony Andersen and Ann Pryor Andersen* Jeffrey Armon* Patrick and Laura Bailey* Fritz Banfield* Blaine and Gail Brecht* Mark R. and Guilette Douvier* William and Amy Eickhoff*


Dr. Antony C. Pearson and Ann Martin* Michael D. and Christi Pellegrene* John and Nancy Quinlan Alex J. and Susan Schleper* Ted and Julie Schmid* Rick Sitarz*

Annual Giving

Eric Skjeveland*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Scott M. and Rachelle Streed*

Paul D. and Michele Marvin

Jeffrey and Barbara Striker

Walter Reger Fellows

Scott and Janet Swedal*

David Anderla and Sarah Welle-Anderla*

Daniel P. and Johanna Toninato*

Dr. Jon and Barb Bowar*

Capt. Fredrick and Vivian Wagner*

Alumni 1987-90

Gig and Kris Willson*

Regent’s Level

Faithful Donors

Peter Chan Wing On*

David and Susan Cebulla*

Faithful Donors

Michael W. and Kimberly Burr*

John J. and Nelsonja Bastian*

Eric R. Christensen*

John W. and Kathryn Donner*

Kevin K. and Jean Ahlstrom*

Alexander C. Dascalos*

Paul A. and Megan Bennett*

Jeffrey S. and Kelly Deters*

Rich Holland*

Michael F. Bednarek*

John M. DeVos*

Paul W. and Kerry Beton*

Michael D. and Monica Dougherty*

Theodore J. and Maria Koppy*

Craig R. Berdan*

John S. and Min Ehlers*

Timothy A. Carroll*

Mark C. and Julie Krause*

Richard J. and Amy Kroeten*

James L. Cacciatore*

Robert W. and Mary Ann Fairbank*

Christopher A. and Melissa Czech*

Joseph B. and Julie Krekelberg*

David W. and Wendy Larson*

David and April Close*

Gregory P. Faue*

David and Beth Driste*

Dr. David and Deb Lutz*

Mark S. and Kristine Lindquist*

Brad and Joan Cunningham*

John H. and Jennifer Gans*

Joseph L. and Lisa Eltgroth*

James P. and Linda Mueller*

Thomas H. and Erin Lisle*

Richard and Nancy Cyr*

Dr. Benedict R. and Claire Haeg*

Michael D. and Kristi Etzell*

Dr. Steven R. and Candace Sabers*

Joseph J. and Christine Majeski*

John J. and Heidi Degan*

Jonathan R. and Peggy Hanson*

John D. and Peggy Gawarecki*

Daniel J. Thompson and Jill Gebhardt*

Daniel R. Misgen*

Daniel J. Dundon and Molly Hueffed*

Bill W. and Becky Koop*

Michael Gottfried and Lisa Sinden-Gottfried*

Henri V. Tran*

Douglas E. Neeser*

Thomas J. and Mary Franta*

John S. and Margrette Newhouse*

Jon K. and Julie Guldan*

Peter Vandeberg and Karin Pihel*

Steven J. and Renee Neuharth*

Scott M. Gossman*

Peter J. and Laura Stoddart*

John P. and Erika Jessen*

Thomas P. Wilson*

Kevin D. and Kerry Putzke*

Kurt and Anne Marie Guggenberger*

President’s Level

Jeffrey and Jessica Allen-Johnson*

Dean’s Level

Glenn F. Rose

Matthew J. Haines*

Todd A. and Jane Bock*

Michael and Laurie Fontaine Junker*

Douglas T. and Kristine Asmussen*

Bob T. and Julie Nikolai Sullivan

Louis J. and Becky Hall*

Christopher A. and Jennifer Chalmers*

William G. and Leanne Lehn*

William S. Becker*

Joseph R. and Kate Tinguely*

Rev. Kermit M. Holl, OSC*

Charles W. and Denise Chmielewski*

Thomas J. Low*

Stephen R. and Sarah Bennett*

Michael Tracy and Katia Almeida*

Joseph and Deanne Hoppe*

Peter R. and Jennifer Daugherty*

Joseph M. and Kathryn Mallak

Kevin R. Blonigen*

Aaron L. Van Moorlehem*

Philip and Kathy Johnson

John D. and Sara J. Ellis*

George Maurer

James W. Burke and Maria T. Doce*

Steven J. and Gail Kohl*

William L. and Laurie Faller*

Greg L. and Margaret Mueller*

Dr. Paul T. Chlebeck*

Paul C. Krenzelok*

Ryan J. and Tamre Logan*

Daniel G. Ratka*

Robert A. Dewey*

Edward and Gretchen Lynch*

Timothy and Katherine Murphy*

Michael T. and Barbara Rummel*

Mark J. and Robin Dockery*

Darren T. and Tracy Matthews*

Toby Pearson*

Jay E. and Michelle Schlorf*

Peter M. and Johanna Farrell*

Thomas and Paula Mertens*

Steven and Kathleen Persian*

Bill Schmelzer and Jeanne Gleason

Thomas R. and Deanna Gebeck*

Ian P. Murphy*

Michael W. and Kristin Schimek*


Christopher and Kimberli Hassel*

Annual Giving

George and Mary Nemanich*

Dr. Kevin L. and Angie Smith*

Matthew W. Schoen and Laura

Michael J. and Valerie Hoffman*

Don Talafous Fellows

Kevin J. and Michelle Pelkey*

Dr. Joseph G. and Michelle Will*

Thomas R. and Natalie Horrmann*

Michael S. and Katie Magnuson*

James and Michele Seifert*

Dean’s Level

Drs. Kurt E. and Mary Schwieters*

Michael P. and Margaret Kane*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Joseph C. and Claudia Trepanier*

Raymond and Jill Banfield*

Maximillian T. and K. Dawn Shemesh*

Scott, Patti, and Xavier Kopp*

James D. and Amy Wolford*

Steven and Erin Voller*

Dan and Lisa Brummer*

Michael S. Skwira*

Daniel Kramer and Debra Prager*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Michael D. and Robin Warner*

Michael P. and Lisa Carlson*

Jon M. and Theresa Strom*

Brian J. and Jill Leary*

Timothy and Susan Gruidl*

Michael J. and Susan West*

Robert M. Christensen*

Matthew and Karen Thurnau*

Kyle A. and Kari Loven*

Alan and Melissa Spaulding*

John C. Wickner*

Michael T. Crowley, III and Anne-Marie

Richard A. Trueman*

Randy A. and Lara Lowenberg*

Walter Reger Fellows

Michael R. and Charlette Vecellio*

Thomas R. and Anne Lundstrom*

Peter and Angela Amann*

Pierre V. Willette*


Thier Schoen*

1990 Founders Society Patrick Greil Founders Michael S. and Katie Magnuson

Brian J. and Melissa Woods*

Dean R. and Kim Daninger

James R. and Stacey Wasenius*

Mark A. and Kammey Mahowald*

Daniel and Angela Bastian*

John and Rochelle Woodward*

Michael and Kimberly Davis*

William J. and Donna Wolf*

Christopher and Sarah McLaughlin*

Stephen and Julie Benson*

Dr. Todd A. Meeker and Connie J.

David and Denise Faust*

1988 Founders Society Demetrius di Marogna Founders Patrick E. Lynch Patrick Greil Founders Steven Tse and Wynne Weiss Thomas and Melanie Tse Kwong Leung

Todd M. Decker* Robert M. Dingmann* John T. Enestvedt* Martin S. and Margaret Fallon* Troy J. and Sheila Fritz* Shawn and Di Govern* Peter E. and Catherine Hacker* Michael R. and Rosalaine Heffernan* Daniel S. and Leah Heggerston

Benedictine Legacy Society

Michael A. and Julie Jindra*

Patrick E. Lynch

David T. and Jeanne Kapsner*

Annual Giving Donald LeMay Fellows Patrick E. Lynch* Virgil Michel Fellows Karl J. Baltes* William L. and Rebecca Pelfrey Martin Schirber Fellows Paul and Molly Johnston* Thomas G. and Allison Sweetman Walter Reger Fellows Robert Conlin and Sarah Pfatteicher* Robert J. Conzemius* Kevin P. and Nancy J. Cummings* Paul and Michele Hattenhauer* Steven Tse and Wynne Weiss Thomas and Melanie Tse Kwong Leung Richard and Erin Wojciechowski*

John C. and Susan M.P. Kolb* James and Carla Krcmarik* Shawn R. and Mary Kruse* Erich K. and Nancy Martens* Timothy F. and Ann McGlennen* Ian B. Meeker and Holly Evenson* Mark and Tracy Mooney* Joseph T. and Lisa Moriarity* Stephen F. and Elaine O’Keefe* Gregory A. and Christine Page* Cory S. and Brenda Ploen* Timothy P. and Catherine Rossini Stephen G. Schmid* Patrick W. and Donna Seng* Timothy Stelzer and Rebecca Mead* Dr. Chris and Amy Stuart* Kevin P. and Robin Weis* Dennis R. Wilson



Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Brian L. and Jane Williams Virgil Michel Fellows Steven K. and Mary Holmgren Patrick J. and Carrie J. Maurer* Walter Reger Fellows Michael R. and Beth Cummings* Eric and Jill Haverkamp* Paul M. Herold* Dr. Allan F. and Dianna Hunt* Douglas W. and Laura Jaeger* Brian W. and Michelle Kueppers* Timothy R. and Laura Lebens* Dr. Michael J. and Carol Nemanich* Chris and Sara Parrington* Steven P. and Connie Simonett* Regent’s Level Patrick M. and Suzan Hall* Eric T. and Meloney G. Linder* Paul K. and Kim Olberding* John D. Sipe, Jr.* Jonathan K. and Jacqueline Yeung Dr. Gary H. and Elena Zupfer* President’s Level Blair B. Allen* Joseph J. and Kim Bohlke*


H. Daniel and Wendy Levene*

John M. and Patti Meyer*

Philip E. and Kathy Postlewaite*

Jose G. and Paola Miralles*

Thomas M. and Michelle Schlehuber*

Mark and Amy Moeller*

Todd and Molly Stoffel*

Michael J. and Margaret E. Moynagh*

Thomas J. Theobald*

David J. Pope*

Stephen A. and Stephanie Varley*

Stephen and Tonya Praus*

Thomas C. and Angela Wicka*

Joseph P. and Sara Rogers

Regent’s Level

John C. and Christy Schmalzer*

Major John A. and Jill Boucher*

Terrence T. and Angela Schwagel*

Dr. Michael D. and LaRae Heaney*

Mark J. Schwob and Judy

Craig and Lisa Herold*

Rosenberger Schwob*

Daniel L. and M. Colleen Koll*

Michael P. and Teresa Seifert*

Timothy S. Neis*

Thomas and Tracy Spanier*

Mark A. Schweiss*

Peter M. and Sharon Strobel*

Kenneth and Neda Winter*

Michael A. Swenson*

President’s Level

Timothy J. and Kimberly Teske*

Tyler P. Bergien*

Todd J. and Sandy Thelen*

Jeffery and Tani Bialek*

Chris and Karin Erickson-Thoemke*

Terry P. and Elizabeth Bodensteiner*

John N. and Mary Beth Tuvey*

Edward R. Friesen*

Richard Witteman and Cheryl Ley*

Matthew J. and Susan Keeler*

Ka Yeung Wong*

Michael and Dawn Kunerth*

Faithful Donors

Brett and Catherine Loeb*

James F. Albright*

John D. and Jean Noack*

Eric J. and Ronda Allis*

Donald and Julie Savelkoul*

David R. and Carla Bock*

Mark and Brenda Schwieters*

Patrick C. and Angela Bodine*

Timothy A. and Rozanne Stoffel*

Mark J. and Nancy Boerboom*

James and Susan VanHouse*

Alumni 1990-93

Scott W. and RaeAnn Vandeputte*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Timothy J. and Susan Graves*

Walter Reger Fellows

Joseph Twomey and Annette Marthaler*

Joseph J. and Kelly Witt*

Thomas and Elizabeth Nicol*

Jeffrey E. and Jodi Kosel*

Thomas C. Bassett*

Raymond P. and Stacie Vennewitz*

Dean’s Level

Jon L. Reissner and Ann Ferreira Reissner*

Timothy C. Krsul and Shannon M. Zetah*

Mr. Michael J. and Catherine Knapp*

Steven A. Westby*

Peter J. Bergner*

Douglas D. and Kristen Urbanciz*

Dr. Peter F. and Linda Leonovicz*

Eric and Nichole Lindquist*

Faithful Donors

Aaron C. and Michelle Choquette*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Arnold J. and Heather Liati*

Matthew Lindstrom and Amy

Jay R. and Colette Alger*

Kevin D. and Catherine Cunningham*

Richard L. and Helga Bauerly*

Mark and Tina Litchy*

David P. and Elizabeth Eickhoff

Gregory A. and Stacy Schumacher*

M. Todd Lundquist*

C.J. and Patricia Lyngen*

Bryan Beel*

Frank J. Emanuelson*

Walter Reger Fellows

Murray F. and Carol McCartan*

Jay R. and Ellen Ruble*

Timothy A. Cayler*

Kirk M. and Molly Fischer*

Peter J. Anderson and Virginia Marvin*

Paul and Tricia Middleton*

Kevin J. and Alicia Schimnich*

Scott P. Foster*

James and Shauna Hajek*

Kevin and Stacey Burns*

Robb S. and Laura Neuenschwander*

Eric C. and Mary Beth Schubert*

David R. and Stacey Geist*

Anne and Raymond Kenney*

Stephen and Angela Bushlack*

Steven J. Perry*

Aaron M. and Anne M. Smith*

Steve A. and Jennifer Genereau*

Christopher and Karen Kirchberg*

Jay H. and Elizabeth Cavanagh*

Geraint D. and Julie Powell*

Troy M. and Stacy Tonnessen

Rob S. and Anne Gerlach*

Lt. Col. Mark E. and Kristin Kjorness*

David P. and Kelly Dolan*

James and Nicole Regan

Steven J. and Marcy Wolfe*

David W. Hammer*

Mark J. and Maria Lange*

Dr. Troy D. and Catherine Erickson*

Christopher T. and Jane Reichert*

Regent’s Level

Brian Hayes and Krista Ewers-Hayes*

James A. Mahowald*

Timothy M. and Jamie Flynn*

Anthony F. Ricker and Lisa M. Westgard*

Christopher and Karen De La Forest*

James A. and Nicole Hennig*

Mark and Ann Panian*

David M. and Molly K. Foster

John and Amy Schneider*

Christian M. and Kedzie Fernholz*

Christopher D. and Bridget Henrich*

Edward and Susan Pfeifer*

Dr. James R. and Heather Hebl*

James and Tina Shaw*

Ryan D. and Stephanie Kray*

Charles E. and Mary Kay Kern*

Michael and Cynthia Ramler*

Jeffrey D. and Olivia Hornig*

Robert Thompson and Amy Ducharme*

Jeffrey J. and Chantel Scherman*

Sean D. Lacy*

Nick T. and Jennifer Ridgeway*

Barry J. and Kazumi Klos

Thomas J. Thone*

Donn G. and Christine Scroggins*

Brian A. and Betsy Jo Lenzmeier*

Paul A. Robinette*

William J. and Dana Kozlak*

Jeremy M. and Stefeni Tupy*

President’s Level

Christopher T. and Heidi Mack*

James Romer and Katherine

Timothy and Kimberly Krause*

Eric Willette and Elizabeth Roe*


Steven and Theresa Marchek*

John D. Martin*

John and Beth Wood*

David B. Abel*

Gerald D. and Kristen Marthaler*

Patrick W. and Sarah Turley*

Eric D. and Naomi Mechels*

Faithful Donors

Christopher R. and Tina Arend*

James R. and Laura Merritt*

David L. and Kelly Vaaler*

Michael and Amie Moonan*

Peter H. and Katie Anderson*

Stephen Augustine and Tricia Sullivan*

Lee R. and Melissa Olmscheid*

David R. and Lizzie Wareham*

Dr. John P. Mrachek*

Robert F. Bader*

Lawrence P. Bassett*

Mitchell J. and Kristin Petrie*

Faithful Donors

Bill and Becky Olson*

Steven C. and Kimberly Blum*

Jeffrey E. and Helen Bureau*

Michael D. and Elizabeth Reisbig*

Mark W. and Hellen Baker*

Dr. Bryan P. and Amy Rolph*

Gregory Brewers*

Thomas A. and Mary M. Drake*

Michael J. and Gina Schupanitz*

Robert and Jaci Beix*

Michael J. and Amanda Slaggie*

Mark S. and Deborah K. Brown*

John A. Ehresman*

Tom F. and Jennifer Schutte*

David D. Burbidge and Jan Waterhouse*

Gary D. and Jill Stang*

Jeffrey and Anne Brzozowski*

Mark A. and Michelle Fernholz*

Anthony D. and Lesley Smith*

Scott A. Cyert*

Joseph and Lisa Torborg*

Darrick and Tracy Buettner*

Frederic W. and Emilia Hotz*

Michael W. Ulferts*

Stephen T. and Amy Dornbach*

Regent’s Level

Matthew E. Burke*

J. Neil and Jean Kelly*

Todd Witcraft*

Gabriel J. and Kristee Flynn*

Michael G. and Soojin Kim Atkins*

Derek R. and Victoire Clements*

William J. and Namico Murphy*

David J. and Lorie Wuolu

Jeffrey J. Hansen*

Kyle V. Kirsch and Kelly Quinn-Kirsch*

Dr. Thomas R. and Mary Corrigan*

Steven K. and Jill O’Toole*

Craig and Jennifer Junker*

Jeffrey T. and Victoria J. Kluge

Donald F. and Dana Donahue*

Mark J. Scholtes

James B. and Jennifer Kenney*

Dr. Casey S. and Sara Martin*

Scott and Terri Ebinger*

Scott J. Schueller and Petra Noble*

Michael P. and Christine Koalska*

John C. Mueller*

William and Kelly Gallagher*

Kevin L. and Nicole St. John*

John and Kristen Kohl*

Kyle R. Notch*

Robert J. and Jennifer Hesse*

Joseph P. and Kristine Sullivan*

John T. and Paulette Krawczyk*

Kurt D. Rothstein*

Michael R. and Kristen Hoheisel*

John M. and Shannon Wolkerstorfer*

Gregory J. Luedke*

President’s Level

Matthew C. and Christine Howard*

Dean’s Level

Arnold J. and Yvette Maijala*

Kevin and Susanne Bassett*

Thomas E. and Karen Laird*

James J. and Christina Bertsch*

Paul D. and Nicole Mayer*

John C. and Natalie Bohlke*

Paul J. and Mary Lauerman*

Mark D. and Laurel Bot*

Maury P. O’Brien*

Timothy J. and Jessica Bromelkamp*

Wm. Scott and Amy Lindell

Tony and Kristina Bowar*

Patrick R. and Barbara O’Gorman*

Christopher and Nancy Calder*

Donald J. McCabe*

Brent A. and Angela Christian*

Thomas P. and Sara Preimesberger*

Mark and Kristen Chua*

John H. and Mary E. McGuigan*

Michael E. and Dawn Davern*

Paul F. and Paula Rabaey*

Molly and Patrick J. Cronin*

Rodger H. and Lisa Narloch*

Jeffrey P. and Lisa Diebel

Dean A. and Ellen Rademacher*

Kevin R. Farley*

Ben H. Nicholson*

Mark J. Encell*

Kraig R. and Doreen Runquist

David L. and Kimberly Kohorst*

David D. and Michele Norton*

Chris A. Fairchild and Kristi Riley*

Thomas R. Schlader*

Daniel and Lisa Miller*

Eric J. C. and Tricia Olson*

Robert and Chandra Fischer*

Peter T. and Mary Schmelzer*

Lt. Col. Douglas and Dr. Susan Pietrowski*

Robert Paulsen and Stacy Kuebelbeck*

Jason D. Fodstad*

Thomas and Melissa Steck*

Michael S. and Sarah Rowley*

Philip J. and Jacque Polipnick*

Bradley and Lacey Hennen*

J. Timothy and Andrea Sticha*

Dale J. and Molly Schoonover*

Bruce A. Pritchard*

Thomas J. Houle*

William L. Sullivan, Jr*

Chris and Tammy Schulte*

Dean. and Jeanine Reder

Lt. Col. Timothy D. and Ver-Gina Kundinger*

Adam and Joy Tebbutt*

Regan F. Smith and Libby Farrell Smith*

Daniel L. and Anna Sitzman*

Rodney A. and Bridget Link*

Eric J. and Molly Trettel*

Troy D. and Carol Thelen*

Randy J. Snyder*

Dr. James and Karalee Loeffelholz*

Thomas Wehmhoff and Rochelle

Daniel J. Tracy*

Lance D. Stoeber*

Jhon R. Manning, Jr. and Zulfiya Manning*

Brent and Kelly Weber*

Adam R. and Stephanie Tollefson*

Todd and Kristi Masser*

Joseph L. and Kathleen Weyer*

Ryan M. and Donna Zipf*

Richard and Shawn Walczynski*

Patrick J. and Jannell McCollins*

Paul G. Willenbring*

Dean’s Level


Rohlik Wehmhoff*

1991 Annual Giving Donald LeMay Fellows Ryan A. and Michelle Heining* David W. and Lori Rom*

Michael H. Benning* William and Bridget Berigan* Dr. Matthew and Laurie Anne Broghammer* Robert M. and Marlo L. Chelberg* Drs. Terry and Michelle Cowgill* Allen L. Debes* Kerem and Mary Durdag*


David R. and Deborah Merten*


Douglas E. Meyer* Jason and Wendy Naber*

Annual Giving

Andrew R. and Yvonne Pearson*

Virgil Michel Fellows Sharm and Lisa Scheuerman* David and Beth Schulte* Martin Schirber Fellows Joseph R. and Jennifer Moore*


Jared T. and Megan Prom* David R. and Lynn Schwob* John J. and Hazel Shackleton* Stephen F. and Kari Thein*

Todd W. and Caprice Bass*

1993 Annual Giving Walter Reger Fellows John D. and Michelle Henningsgard* Brian J. and Kathleen McGrane* Robert J. Randall* Dr. John D. Schaffhausen Drs. Neil and Anne Skemp* Christopher R. Volker* Kreg S. and Julie Kay Weigand Regent’s Level Chadwick J. and Kirsten Baker* Andrew P. DeCoux* Patrick R. and Christine Imdieke* Jason and Joann Meyer* Timothy J. O’Reilly and Jackie Notch* Thomas C. and Paula J. Pogreba* Dr. Thomas W. and Erika Scheider* President’s Level Dominic D. and Orit Ackerman* Rev. Timothy E. Biren* Bradley G. and Pauline Blaschko* Bryan J. and Karen Dieleman* Michael R. and Renee Hollenback* Mark Kleive and Nicole Groves* Peter G. Magnuson* Patrick M. Murray* Bob and Michelle Holschuh Simmons* Jon J. Simon* Todd A. and Amy Wentworth* Dean’s Level Paul Binkley and Laura Dillon-Binkley*

Alumni 1993-1996


Matthew T. and Anita Sonnek*

Matthew A. and Brenda Toohey* Faithful Donors

Aaron M. and Jill Anderson*

Founders Society

Scott Springman and Julie Sexton* Shane M. and Suzanne Strack*

Jeff T. and Tera Atkins*

John L. and Carmen Devney*

Matthew R. and Kimberly Baker*

Patrick Greil Founders

Robert E. and Terri Terry*

Scott and Meaghan Baynes*

David Donnay and Jill Hooper*

Gregory L. and Jennifer Bastian*

Joseph M. and Megan K. Deignan

James P. and Ann Timmerman*

Eron L. and Gretchen E. Bordson*

Jacques P. and Dorothy Duquette*

Mark J. and Lisa Evans*

Peter J. Wegner*

Benjamin J. Brown*

Christopher T. and Dana L. Fretheim*

William Farniok and Maren Bassett*

Annual Giving

Jason A. and Janell Wesenberg*

Joseph S. and Meghan Burgess*

Charles and Nicole Giraud*

Christopher M. and Joy Fischer*

Joseph M. and Megan K. Deignan*

John M. and Kimberly Grams*

Robert F. and Leah Frascone*

Virgil Michel Fellows


Eric Gronholz*

Joseph and Nicole Hoelz*

Gregory F. Schlaefer*

Patrick T. and Kassi Grove*

Peter M. Kennedy*

Annual Giving

Martin Schirber Fellows

Kevin R. and Erin Iverson*

Eric P. and Sara Kohn*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Christopher J. and Leah Altman*

Brent M. and Carla Johnson*

Jason P. and Sarah Kruger*

Dan and Sarah Schumacher*

Walter Reger Fellows

Jason M. and Suzanne Kelly*

F. Michael and Susan McGoldrick*

J.T. Starzecki*

Bradley J. Brooksbank*

Hermann Klaas and Kimberly Knish*

Mr. Corey D. Sauer*

Walter Reger Fellows

Craig and Nicole Steele*

Jon and Susan Krook*

William J. and Jill Seiler*

Daniel Boland and Heidi Muller*

James and Colleen Winn*

Scott and Kristin Lauerman*

Stephen A. and Britt Weber

Eric L. and Erin Burggraff*

Regent’s Level

Christopher J. and Liz Ortmann*

Dean’s Level

Adam J. and Heather Koering*

Warren Bostrom*

Brian H. and Rachel Sande*

Arturo R. and Heather Albanesi*

John W. and Tracy Pierron*

Dr. Ryan A. and Diana Flannery*

Kevin R. and Ann Schooler

Daniel D. Bokinskie*

Jason G. and Jodi Radel*

Daniel J. and Julie Jost*

Mark R.and Jennifer Schottler*

Kevin J. and Jill Brenner*

Jonathan A. and Joy Ruis*

President’s Level

Steven M. and Sheila Schumacher*

Daniel D. Burke*

Regent’s Level

Paul and Julie Engleson*

Michael R. and Sarah Sorenson*

Jason J. and Alba Dillon*

Michael P. and Sheril Foster*

Andrew E. and Kathryn Lang*

Daniel R. and Lisa Tupy*

Jonathan C. Dold*

Benjamin K. Knuth*

James R. McDonough*

Paul A. and Janelle Wegner*

Timothy M. and Cristine Emerson*

Christopher and Julie Nelson*

Jon P. Notch*

Faithful Donors

Richard F. Heydet*

Christopher J. and Cassandra Palmer*

Richard A. and Erica Olson*

Robert K. and Melissa Anderson*

Brian J. Holbrook*

James J. and Amy Wojciechowski*

Erik A. and Jean Pedersen*

Troy and Sally Battig

Bart T. and Amy J. Meath*

President’s Level

Founders Society

P. John and Heidi Ruth*

William D. Donohue*

Sean P. and Colleen O’Malley*

Thomas J. Bartl*

Wimmer Founders

Dean’s Level

Dr. Daniel J. and Janice Glisczinski*

Daniel J. and JoAnn O’Rourke*

Erik A. Jensen*

$5 million or more

Eugene P. and Amanda Bertrand*

George B. Griffiths*

Bryant and Julie Pfeiffer*

Patrick T. and Ann Kelly*

di Marogna Founders

Doug and Stacy Ferderer*

Jody J. Illies and Marcy Young Illies*

Michael D. Regan*

Todd M. and Michelle Krenke*

$1 million - $4,999,999

Thomas W. Flaig, M.D.*

Jason J. Kloss and Cindy Walen*

Brian E. and Emily Rice*

Damon R. Kuehl*

Wittmann Founders

Patrick G. and Shannon Glynn*

Allen P. Malicsi*

Todd M. and Megann Sauer*

Robert J. and Kim Lyngen*

$500,000 - $999,999

Scott G. and Bridget Hamak*

Travis S. and Lisa McKercher*

Darrell A. Schulte*

Chad and Helen Mountain*

Riss Founders

Jeffrey R. and Stephanie Hanson

Gregory Meyer and Joanne Bongaarts*

Ernest Shriver and Kristen Findley*

Peter and Michelle Nagel*

$250,000 - $499,999

Anthony M. and Laurie Kocanda*

Michael C. Monnens*

Brett T. and Christina Stolzenberg*

Brian T. and Anna Parham*

Muckenthaler Founders

Joel R. and Heidi Kram*

Thomas J. and Kathleen Otte*

Steven L. and Amanda T. Thielen*

Mason V. and Laura Sorenson*

$100,000 - $249,999

Patrick J. and Sarah Larkin*

Steven W. and Deb Peters*

Brad S. and Jennifer West*

Douglas D. and Susan Stang*

Greil Founders

Rev. Matthew M. Luft, OSB •

Damien G. and Donelle Poling

Scott J. and Kellyanna Westbrock*

Daniel T. and Molly Steffen*

$50,000 - $99,999

John P. and Mahowald*

Jay D. and Jackie Reuvers*

Faithful Donors

Paul D. Swanson*

Bradley J. and Nichole Matuska*

Jason A. and Rebecca Anakkala*

Glen Tautges and Jenny Richason*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Jess W. and Karen Richards*

Patrick T. and Tessia Melvin*

Eric J. and Julie Smisek*

Robert D. Bell*

Michael D. and Lisa Wolf*

Nathan G. and Jennifer Modeen*

Dean L. and Jennifer Sorum*

Robert M. and Kelly Bellin*

David A. and Traci Wulff*

Annual Giving

Bradley C. Nelson*

William S. Steinke

Timothy F. and Kristen M. Cibulka*

Dean’s Level

Don Talafous Fellows

Michael and Lindsey Roering*

Michael D. Theisen*

John J. and Lisa A. Conzemius*

Anthony and Sherry Amelse*

$25,000 or more

John and Molly Sweetman*

Daniel and Marie Wood*

Brian J. and Melissa Dingmann*

Bradley M. and Julie Anderson*

Donald LeMay Fellows

Brandon J. and Tanya Taival*

Jon and Michelle Ziebarth*

Steven J. and Lisa Fait*

Patrick M. and Dawn Biren*

$10,000 - $24,999

David F. and Dena Walz*

Timothy R. and Kelly Haeg

Daniel and Nicole Cronin*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Brian and Valerie Wise*

Kevin C. and Shannon Korb*

Gage W. and Jelena Dennison*

$5,000 - $9,999

Faithful Donors

Jeffrey and Melissa Lage*

Robert D. and Colleen Frank*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Fernando Z. and Samantha Amorim*

Gardner Lepp and Kerry Fierke

Rick and Amy Goebel*

$2,500 - $4,999

Christian Antoine and Megan Dahlen*

Joshua W. and Theresa Legato*

Terrence J. Gotz*

Walter Reger Fellows

Andrew T. and Libby Auger*

Andrew J. and Stacy Reiff*

Joe and Susan Hommes*

$1,000 - $2,499

Eric B. Carlson*

Matthew S. and Amy Saam*

Steven and Michelle Just*

Regent’s Level

Jamie J. and Julie Dukowitz*

Richard J. and Shannon Savelkoul

Steven A. Knapp*

$500 - $999

Jason and Jennifer Engel*

Timothy J. and Meg Schmidt*

Kon A. and Winnie Leung

Young Fellows

Chad A. Forkrud*

Michael D. and Juliane Sieben*

Ryan P. and Carrie McGovern*


Stephen and Lori Jeske*

Paul Slininger and Kim Christianson*

John R. and Tammy Meyerhofer*

President’s Level

Joshua N. Klick*

Michael R. Smith*

Jeremy P. Myrom*

$250 - $499

John F. and Cindy Kwacala*

Daniel and Elizabeth Stattelman-Scanlan*

Gregory J. and Jill P. Nathe*

Dean’s Level

Mark T. and Molly McGeary*

William C. Vance, Jr. and Jeanette Vance*

Edward J. and Sara Pepin*

$100 - $249

Jason S. and Tara McLellan*

Daniel J. and Ashleigh Varley*

John C. Pihaly*

Faithful Donor

Kurt E. and Heidi Meyer*

Gregory P. and Allison Wacek*

David Rocchio and Michele Houston*

Up to $99

Shawn P. and Kristi O’Keefe*

Robert B. and Kara A. Wickenhauser*

Joseph F. and Takako Sandkamp*

John J. and Karin Saari*

Douglas and Melissa Sturm-Smith*

† deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Casey and Angela Breen*

President’s Level

Eric G. and Constance Carlson*

Mark A. and Amanda Allen*

Matthew R. and Karen Cherry*

1994 Annual Giving Walter Reger Fellows J. Rogan Beckman* Paul N. and Amy Mattson* Mark Mills* David E. Moe* Dr. Christopher A. and Melissa Wanner* Regent’s Level Michael J. Carrels* Kurt R. and Amy N. Halstrom* Mark Johnson and Rachel Nichols-Johnson* James D. and Johanna L. Lamm Daniel D. and Sara Miller* Daniel J. and Melissa Nosal* Marty M. Wolske and Amy Hutchinson*

Don Talafous Fellows


Tony J. and Erica Bushard* Gregory D. Cebulla* Jason R.and Emalee Dressler* Kevin M. and Jennifer Fuller* Schawn P. and Kelly Johnson* Nathan R. and Martina Jones* Andrew J. and Karen Kaus* Scott A. Lammers* James E. and Laura Lee O’Neill* Jon D. and Betsy Olson* Geoffrey R. Passe* Gregory and Laura Peichel Mark and Stephanie Regnier* Curtis J. and Rachel L. Ricard* Adam D. and Amy Sparks*

Donor Key

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Alumni 1997-2000


Robert C. and Amanda Millhollin*


George R. and Shannon Martenson*

Jason J. and Tina Velinsky* Michael R. and Jessica Wehmhoff

Andrew C. and Michelle Venne*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Ryan L. and Margaret Mitchell

Annual Giving

Matthew G. and Amy Ode*

Lucas C. and Jennifer Weigelt*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Jacob M. and Susan Wrobel*

Jacob R.† and Laura L. VanValkenburg

Jason S. and Tehara Ramert*

Matthew E. and Erica Wiisanen*

Shad M. and Danielle Baloun*

Robb J. and Jennifer Zavitz*

Annual Giving

Michael A. Rein*

Faithful Donors

Walter Reger Fellows

Todd A. and Michelle Rohrer

Matthew T. and Anne Brown*

Andrew M. and Jill Schroepfer*

Dean’s Level Walter Reger Fellows

Michael R. Allen*

John P. and Rachel Rossman

Joel and Kathryn Cargill

Thomas R. and Julie Ferguson*

Andrew J. Heuer and Pairin Hongsoongnern*

Todd and Angela Birk*

Michael and Molly Setnicker*

Ryan D. Deibele*

Michael T. and Michelle Hemmesch*

Ryan J. Jense and Helena Baldasty*

Corey J. and Marti’ Brenner*

Mark and Angela Slattery

Paul C. and Sara Freid*

Theodore W. and Rachel Ruzanic*

Kyle P. Nolan*

Curtis and Rachel Brown*

Jacob R.† and Laura L. VanValkenburg

James A. and Laura Fuschetto*

Jason A. and Treva Vogt

Eric and Tracey Ruzicka*

David E. and Marcy Camarotto*

Ryan J. and Lucie Wegner*

John D. and Christina Geissler*

Matthew A. and Amy Warpinski*

Jason R. and Megan Scheiderer*

Alan R. and Lisa Christenson*

Eric L. and Kerri Werner*

Tom L. and Amy Gerads*

Regent’s Level

Regent’s Level

John C. and Kathryn Devlin

Peter C. Wylie*

Joshua J. Hagel*

Erik D. Leaver*

Brett Baloun and Jennifer White*

Michael F. Eidenshink*

John T. and Christy McBroom*

Lance A. and Rachel Bodeen*

Peter B. and Molly Griffith*


Darren L. and Sara McKeever*

Brent R. and Dawn Cobb*

Heath A. and Stacy Johnson*

President’s Level

Daniel B. and Molly Stangler*

Paul W. and Anne Jones*

Founders Society

Clinton Doroff and Beth Gerchman*

President’s Level

Kevin M. Kane*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Nicholas D. and Christi Frattalone*

Andrew C. and Rachel Heyer

Br. Kenneth Kroeker, OSB •

Timothy J. Enright

Brooks R. and Rebecca Hagen*

Micah D. and Eleanor Kiel*

Brian J. Neidermeier*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Todd M. and Jenny Lang*

Jeffrey J. and Carrie E. Kram*

Eric L. and Jenny Kraus*

Peter and Sally Raih*

Timothy J. Enright

Kyhl D. and Marian Lyndgaard

Jeffrey J. Lorsung*

Craig W. and Erin Maki*

Kurt M. Ramler

Brian Manternach and Erika Edberg*

Daniel J. and Rachel Smoot*

John S. and Kerry Schwalbach*

Annual Giving

Dean’s Level

Nathan W. and Carisa Stangler*

Walter Reger Fellows

William W. Arend, Jr.*

Ryan R. Steines and Sara Lindquist*


Sean P. and Andrea Bagan*

Cory M. and Stephanie Swingen*

Craig T. Arth*

Matthew J. and Sheila Brix*

Josh and Anita Trutwin*

Mark D. Connelly*

Matthew J. and Vivaka Emmerich*

Ryan and Alison VanDeWiele*

Steven J. Fischer*

Wallace L. and Pam Fritz*

Jason T. Woolwine*

Adam A. and Charitie Herbst*

Bryan M. and Tracy Gilbert*

Faithful Donors

John R. and Catherine Kirchner*

Christopher L. and Emily Govern*

Karl B. and Lori Ann Anderson*

Scott N. and Jennifer Welle*

Brian T. Hertzog and Jenny Hsu*

Dominic M. Andrea*

Regent’s Level

Chase Jewett*

Sean A. Conrad*

Timothy J. and Emily Enright*

Patrick D. and Anne Josephson*

Brian J. and Becky Deters

Brian R. and Carin Kelly*

Scott M. and Jill Kelly*

Chad E. Dockendorf*

Peter M. and Brenda Klaphake*

Michael A. Kordosky*

Joshua J. and Maureen C. Flynn*

Kevin J. and Alanna Monn*

Matthew M. and Heidi Kraker*

Daniel T. and Molly Haske*

Eric B. and Rebecca Roggeman*

Art Marty*

Drs. Aaron and Leah Holmgren

Aaron E. and Kelly Schoenecker

Patrick H. and Robin Marushin*

Riley C and Lacy Kieffer*

Jesse M. and Sarah Stremcha*

Darin K. and Sara McKee*

Thomas R. Kilzer*

Dr. Marcus B. and Maura Tanabe*

Dominic P. and Nancy Misurek*

Daniel Klein and Sarah Shimota*

President’s Level

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Michael J. and Dawn Mohs*

Daniel J. Knoblach and Colleen Nugent

Charles W. and Melissa Carstensen*

Annual Giving

Ryan P. and Kristen Monnens*

Annual Giving

Bryan L. Koenig*

Leye Fadahunsi*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Zachary and Amy Papenhausen*

Joseph M. and Susan Kreklau*

Keith C. and Karen Gallus*

John S. and Sandy Ager*

Matthew Schiller and Betsy Schwartz*

Brian M. Laughlin*

Kip M. and Jamie Knippel*

Walter Reger Fellows

Aaron D. and Elizabeth Schmucker

Gregory E. and Courtney Lotzer*

Tad M. and Kelli Palmquist*

Andrew P. Carlson*

Eric and Jennifer Schneider*

James M. and Jean Michael*

Christopher M. Toner*

Benjamin L. and Lindsey Dahl*

Nathaniel and Christine Schutta

Stacy L. and Norah Morris*

Dean’s Level

Michael B. Hoffman*

Nicholas J. and Jill Schwarz*

Joseph P. and Laurie Nemanich*

Randy and Shannon Braaten*

Dr. Grant R. and Rebekah Seeger*

Eric J. and Mellissa Stalboerger*

Aaron M. and Becky Olson*

Patrick J. Brady*

Robert Zelada and Lindsay Schwab*

Faithful Donors

Steven and Yarrow Pasche*

Joseph A. and Amanda Collins*

Regent’s Level

Bradley R. and Leah Asplund*

Maj. Jeffrey L. and April Reibestein*

Jeremiah J. and Sarah Flynn*

William E. Gibson*

Daniel P. Bassett

Mark D. and Marianne Reisbig*

Mark and Jennifer Foster*

President’s Level

Richard M. and Juliette Bellefeuille*

Eduardo L. Rojo*

Samuel J. and Kristin Francois*

Darren M. Grahsl*

Christopher M. Blake*

Jeffrey S. and Amy Sieben

John T. and Jennifer Haws*

James M. Healy*

Christian Breczinski and Tamara Moore

Daniel J. Swanson*

Daniel Hinrichs and Heather

Benjamin G. and Marie Lentz*

Mathias A. and Sara Erickson*

Joseph J. and Erin Tasto*

Mathew P. and Alexandra Gifford*

Jeffrey R. Treml*

Anthony and Cheryl Hyk*

Spencer J. Sokoly*

Joseph and Michelle Heiland*

Aaron J. and Rachael Wachlarowicz*

Travis and Mary Jenniges*

Kevin M. and Jennifer Sullivan*

Brian and Tanya Hilliard*

Chad L. and Darci Wagner*

Andy W. and Barbara Moll*

Richard Wendt and Renita Eidenschink*

Vinh T. Ho*

Benjamin D. and Lisa Wannebo*

Grant and Karmyn Nelson*

Paul J. and Amy Wolvert*

Christopher and Sandra Jerdee

Michael P. and Kelly Willette*

John J. Norton*

Dean’s Level

Philip M. and Melanie Kern*

John W. Wolhaupter*

Brian J. Pomerleau*

Guy A. Boysen*

Charles J. and Allison Klein*

Jason J. and Jocelyn Rowe*

Benjamin P. Clasen*

Brandy M. Lamb*

Benjamin and Shannon Tempel*

Christopher J. and Andrea Daly*

Jeremy and Erin Macheel*

David M. and Jessica Tierney*

Jeff A. and Ann Dingman*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Benedictine Legacy Society

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey



Gregory D. Hartley* Todd and Jennifer Hesli* Scott T. and Theresa Johnson* Nathan D. Jorgensen* Nick C. Kakos and Judee Martoccio* Steven R. and Anne Kimble*

Peter Maselter and Sarah Fastner* Marcellus J. McMullen* Brent R. Merritt* Bradley J. and Courtney Messerich Theodore and Michelle Miron* Shane A. and Dana Pemrick* Brendan P. and Jenny Riley* Samuel and Moriya Rufer Chris and Rebecca Schimming* Daniel T. Simmons Mark L. and Kari Slade* Jeffrey J. Smith Timothy C. and Jill Smith* Paul and Angela Trobec* Ryan P. and Lisa Vaske* Eric R. and Molly Zenk* Andrew J. and Sally Zimney*


Bryan M. and Kim Skavnak*

Alumni 2000-03


Nicholas T. and Katy Charboneau*

Jamie J. Louwagie*

Christopher J. and Kelli Allen*

Michael T. McKeon*

Anthony W. and Kelly Anderson

Eric M. and Jessica Hammerberg*

Annual Giving

Nicholas D. and Elizabeth Dittrich* Ryan J. and Mollie Dusha

Aaron M. and Sarah Mohs*

Mark T. and Gina Danielson*

Anthony R. and Kristi Hanson*

Walter Reger Fellows

John G. Fanucci*

Joseph D. and Kelli Reitzel*

Gregory M. and Margaret Dukinfield*

Joshua J. and Anna Hart*

Isaac J. Budd*

Lucas D. and Theresa Ferkinhoff*

Nicholas R. and Katie Rendahl*

Blake E. and Noelle Elliott

Daniel E. and Megan Heffernan*

Michael and Amy Halverson*

Sean T. and Michelle Flannery*

Neil F. Roers*

Benjamin R. and Michelle Goodman

Jeffrey and Sarah Hildebrand*

Brandon A. Moore*

Patrick and Amanda France*

Robert J. and Adina Schneeweis*

Kristopher M. and Valerie Olson*

Michael R. and Heather Johnson*

Michael K. and Maria Slavik*

Adam and Mindy Gallagher*

Chris J. and Jana Schuver*

Gavin J. Poindexter*

Paul D. Kleinschmidt*

Matthew S. and Anne Steele*

David A. and Janna Galloway*

Alex M. Siebenaler*

Paul A. and Allison Ponath

Martin D. and Leah Klinkhammer*

Nels and Susan Ylitalo*

Kenneth M. and Catherine U. Graeve

Alounsak and Susan Sivongsay*

Benjamin L. and Sarah Ries*

Nicholas G. Konat*

Regent’s Level

Michael A. Hohberger*

Jeffrey W. and Jennifer Stender*

Jonathan J. Rucks*

Matthew and Kerry Kresl*

Matthew J. Boran

Daniel P. Johnson*

Andrew R. and Maria Stolp*

Thomas F. and Kathryn Sullivan*

Chad D. and Kelly Krueger*

Blair F. and Valerie Folkens*

Nathan E. and Jessica Kirschner*

Thomas Stukel and Elizabeth Deziel*

Dean’s Level

Daniel J. LaVigne*

Joshua R. and Carrie Otto*

Thomas L. Lewandowski*

Robert B. Yankovich*

Adam S. Anderson*

Nicholas and Katherine Lamecker*

President’s Level

Patrick J. and Stacey Malley*

Adam and Julie Zimny*

Gabriel T. and Ann Berendes*

Andrew W. Landkammer*

Christopher E. and Colleen Chambs*

Kyle R. and Larissa Mrozek*

Faithful Donors

Russell T. and Crystal Boe*

Daniel L. and Robyn Liebl*

Joseph R. Gehlen*

Capt. Patrick J. amd Erin Murray*

Jonathan and Katherine Aligada*

Gregory W. and Sarah Brandt*

Thomas J. and Danica Linnemann

Christopher J. Jacobson*

Andrew P. and Jamie Omann*

Matthew R. Belford*

Charles J. and Megan Carr*

Scott and Sara Martinka*

Marc and Becky Kettleson*

Joseph A. Rotondi*

Charles A. and Polly Berendes*

Patrick M. and Beth Cleary*

Joseph R. and Brianna Matel*

Kevin M. and Katie Kohnen

Jeremiah J. Rygh*

Aaron T. and Katherine Brown*

Nicholas M. Curtis*

Stephen M. Norton*

Scott McMahon and Melanie LaComb*

Christopher G. and Alissa Salvato*

Matthew B. Caughey*

Thomas G. Engwall*

Matthew R. Nugent*

Adam M. and Natalie Miller*

John Sandberg and Beth Holbrook

Stanley Coleby*

Michael J. and Melissa Fandrich*

Bradley J. and Brooks O’Keefe*

Nathen T. Peterfeso*

Robert J. Schmitt*

Jeffrey S. Dehn*

Chuck R. Griffith*

James E. Pontius*

John H. Schaus*

Derrick D. and Kelly Schroeder*

Matthew P. Dolan*

Brady W. and Katherine Jahnke*

Joshua A. and Miheka Raub*

Daniel J. and Lisa Scherer*

Daniel J. and Megan Stepaniak*

James J. and Jill Farenbaugh*

Loren G. Kaake*

John H. and Jennifer Scheef*

Shane E. and Kelly Stork

Matthew J. Stockinger*

Dale E. and Karrie Fredrickson*

Edward L. and Melissa Kaiser*

Brent S. and Heidi Schloe*

Dean’s Level

Nicholas and Sarah Thoemke

Matthew E. Gomer*

Ryan P. and Jennifer Kutter

Andrew J. and Amy Schneider*


Matthew A. Thomas*

Joseph T. Hansen*

Timothy J. Moore*

Patrick M. Sexton*

Joseph P. and Angela Begnaud*

Thomas P. Ward*

Shane S. and Melinda Hoefer*

Eric N. and Martina Morud

Gabriel and Anne Sinna*

Troy G. and Stacy Bigalke

David P. and Noelia Weber*

Mark T. and Jessica Horning*

James M. and Natalie Mulrooney*

Michael N. Thielman*

John T. and Katie Borgen*

Brian N. and Molly Willaert*

Nathan J. Huerkamp*

Justin A. Pattee*

Joshua and Kimberly VanValkenburg

Eric B. Brever*

Thomas F. and Christine Ziegler*

Jesse J. and Kirsten Jennissen*

Aaron L. Rothstein*

Andrew K. and Amy Vohs*

Samuel A. and Sara Bugbee*

Thomas C. Johnson*

Andrew E. and Laura Stellmacher*

Faithful Donors

Chad M. and Kari Capra*

Jeffrey R. and Victoria Jurek*

Bryan T. Talbot*

Steven L. and Sarah Aldrich*

Robert J. Cliff

Brendon J. and Sara Krieg*

Craig C. and Holly Toycen*

Bashiru A. Allison*

Joseph L. Cottew*

Annual Giving

Kyle and Jenna Veenis*

Christopher J. Brueske*

Shaun M. Crumb*

Young Fellows

Dustin A. Lamker* Derrick D. and Christina Lindstrom*

Brian C. Walseth*

Matthew D. and Lori Byrne

Daniel T. Dailey*

Justin H. Marchant*

Faithful Donors

Nathan P. and Jessica Collins*

Frederick M. and Colleen Ebinger*

Matthew P. Schmit*

Raymond A. and Parií Luna* Ryan McCarthy and Hongjuan Zhou*

Michael J. Bendewald*

Kristopher K. and Kimberly Dorn*

Thomas H. Farnham, II*

President’s Level

Michael W. and Jacqueline Boldt*

Daniel J. DuHamel*

Gabriel W. and Becky Hulsey*

Joshua E. and Jennifer Eager*

Zachary R. McBroom Ryan P. Mccabe*

Anthony J. and Krista Buesing*

Chad R. and Erin Edlund*

Kristopher W. Kampshoff*

Kristian M. and Christine Hokanson*

Steven P. Dehmer*

Michael J. and Desiree C. Faletti*

Guthrie G. and Megann Kellom

Shawn D. and Jessica Knorr*

Joshua L. and Kristina Noble* Travis J. and Katherine O’Hara*

Christopher A. Deming*

Ryan M. and Kristina Fey*

Michael C. and Laura Kramer*

Mark C. and Sarah Kupfer*

Jeffrey A. and Emily Donnay*

John G. and Heather Frie

Bryon and Lindsey Krause

Matthew M. and Julie Murphy*

Jeffrey D. and Kim Radel Ryan B. and Heidi Reuter*

Luke J. and Kate Doubler*

Curtis S. and Kamla Jacobson*

Beau T. LaBore*

Matthew H. O’Meara*

Christopher L. and Amanda Dykhoff*

John and Andrea Kannas*

Thomas J. and Michelle Lanz*

Andrew W. Peterson*

Riley K. Sharbonno and Bianca Matter* Ryan J. and Nicole Sherwood*

Kevin C. Flynn*

Steven and Leigh Klaverkamp*

Nicholas G. and Bridget Leonard*

Brandon and Lora Smith*

Patrick J. Garay-Heelan*

Jacob M. and Brenda Krotzer*

David Mayer and Wendy Rychwalski*

Richard B. Talbot*

Lyle A. and Keri Sothern* Steven G. and Gederah Waver*

Joshua M. and Mara Halverson*

John and Andrea Krueger

Matthew T. and Kelli McGovern

Justin F. VanBeusekom*

Brett D. Hendrickson*

David J. and Kristina Laliberte*

Nicholas P. and Laura Meyer*

Dean’s Level

Matthew S. Weber* James M. and Janet Willenbring*

Cory D. and Ann Jacobs*

Jason M. Ley

Timothy J. and Jennifer Otremba*

Paul E. and Mary Ahlers*

Trent L. Johnson*

Jeremy N. Manternach*

Adam and Katie Phenow*

Justin M. and Becky Ahlstrom*

Ryan A. and Jannah Wittwer*

Karl E. and Sally Nathe*

Justin D. and Elizabeth Piggush*

Charles J. and Melissa Black*

Todd R. and Laura Nielsen*

Nicholas J. and Marcy Rowland*

Michael R. and Sarah Carey*

Kevin J. and Jennifer Peterson*

Matthew R. and Maria Schnobrich*

Denard B. Cleare*

Annual Giving

Richard C. Peterson*

Christopher J. Shearen

Bryan M. Dahl*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Brent D. Poole*

Christopher and Emily Suedbeck*

Ryan P. and Shelley Egan*

Joshua P. Dirlam

Daniel J. Ryan*

Michael J. and Tricia Tempel*

James D. and Krista Hagen*

Walter Reger Fellows

Robert J. Shidla*

Brian J. Traxler*

Chad D. and Lyndsay Hemminger*

Jason P. Betchkal*

Seth C. and Radhika Snyder*

Jason P. and Amy Wittak*

Eric A. and Laura Hendrickson*

Christopher A. and Angela Marsh*

Jeremy C. Steil*

Mark E. Woell and Naomi Loges*

Scott and Theresa Hennis*

Joseph M. and Caroline Smith*

Michael R. Timm

Faithful Donors

Noah J. Hommerding*

Young Fellows

Matthew J. and Christina Tinguely*

Brian T. and Kristin Bellicot*

James P. Kuhn*

Joshua P. Fiedler*

Joel T. and Melissa Torborg*

Todd C. and Kate Blumhoefer*

Andrew D. and Georgia Lane*

Daniel T. and Wendy Kosel*

Br. Theophane (Kraig) Windschitl, OSB*

Peter A. and Laura Carlson*

Stephen and Erin Lasslo*

President’s Level

Andrew J. and Margo Dvoracek Bjorn K. Gustafson*




Robert and Amanda Kieffer* Derek J. Kimmes* Brian J. and Kimberly Kuhl* Nate G. Lamusga* Adam M. and Jennie Lanz* Nathan A. and Alexis Meyer* Zachary D. and Carrie Mohs* Matthew B. and Laura Novak* Ross G. and Kirsten Olness* Brian K. and Kelly Peterson* Douglas R. Peterson* Lonnie L. and Katie Provencher* Nelson L. Rhodus, Jr.* Nathan D. Rose*

Alumni 2004-08

Mason D. Sullivan*

Edward J. Kasner*

Nicholas J. Cunningham*

Corey C. Weber*

Matthew and Kylee Ohme

John J. Thames*

Justin W. Kelly*

Chase T. and Lauren Dankers*

Faithful Donors

Robert C. and Katherine Pomerleau*

Steven and Katherine Wolf*

Nathan J. Langer

Andy F. Dirksen*


Michael G. Ramczyk*

Joshua P. Yank*

Kevin J. Manthie*

Jonathan P. and Jessica Dumm*

Matthew R. Baumgartner*

Justin C. Theodotou*

Michael J. and Ann Marschel*

Damien D. and Patricia Dumonceaux

Matthew J. Beiswanger*

Daniel B. Viessman*

Richard W. Martinson and Emily

Lukas J. Ekelund

Adam Blaszkiewicz and Ewa Wysokinska*

Patrick A. Wicker*

Paul J. and Ellen Gans*

Ryan M. Brown*

Faithful Donors

Capt. John D. and Angelica Moore*

Kevin H. and Elizabeth Gust*

Kyle J. Camp*

Michael D. Anderson*

Thomas P. and Juliet O’Keefe*

Patrick A. and Mara Hegel*

Blake A. and Laura Cheeley*

Cory J. Bemis*

Jacob J. and Leah Omann*

Matthew D. Hendricks*

Chase M. Cushman*

Jonathan P. Carlson

Michael W. and Patricia Rusert*

Joseph R. and Jaclyn Henry*

Tannon C. Dvorak*

John A. Corbo*

John P. Schell*

Mark D. Hoffman*

Scott A. and Shanna Dykhoff*

Kevin D. Crampton

Brian J. Schnese*

Max D. Holmquist*

Benjamin T. Dziengel*

Joseph M. Dauwalter*

Brian S. Senger*

Jeffrey S. Kay*

Michael J. Edgar*

Samuel J. Eckrich*

Joshua J. Smith-Hanen*

Michael J. Klobes*

Ryan M. and Sarah Engdahl*

Colt J. Edin*

Jerod S. Spilman*

Peter M. Knabel*

Joshua and Kathryn Enke*

Jay E. Eidsness*

Christopher and Claire Stocker*

Ryan R. and Kathleen Kroschel*

Mark C. Frees*

Jeffrey A. Eiffler

Christopher R. Stroh*

Justin L. Larson*

Daniel D. and Amy Fremling*

Michael R. Evans*

Matthew Syzdek and Beatriz

Christopher and Amber Lusvardi*

Jason and Lindsay Good

Benjamin A. Ficklin*

Shaun G. and Tricia Meling*

Matthew J. Hoffman*

Ryan and Jennifer Finke*

Robert M. and Meghan Teigen

Jeffrey W. Morency*

Derek D. Johnson*

Jeffrey M. Flynn*

Joshua J. and Alissa Theis*

Cheval C. Morrison*

Stephen K. Keimel*

Daniel I. Greenwood*

Jacob M. Vacek*

Casey J. Nepper*

Benjamin M. Kruse*

Erik M. Hendrickson*

Brian and Megan Vetter*

Matthew M. Pahl*

Seth G. and Megan Kuhl-Stennes*

Chad A. Henfling*

Keith D. Vos*

Dhiraj D. Pant*

Patrick T. McCarty*

Timothy N. Herby*

Robert A. Wessman*

Karl T. Pazdernik*

Jason D. Pfeilsticker*

Andrew A. Humann*

Jack M. Zipoy*

Keenan M. Reed*

Michael A. and Mary Beth Plucinski*

Samuel M. Koelbl*

Benjamin J. and Erin Scherer*

Matthew W. and Ashley Reubendale*

Scott M. Kranz*

Christopher T. Tolbert*

Michael D. Schmidt*

Jason D. Kreger*

Adam J. and Lori Vander Poel*

Brian and Holly Shea*

Samuel A. Krystosek*

Paul D. Walters*

Jeffrey A. Snegosky*

Casey A. Larson*

Matthew W. Welle, EIT*

Andrew F. and Danielle Spaanem*

Benjamin T. and Erin Lauer*

Adrian Wijasa*

Ryan A. Stark*

Stephen J. LeVoir

Eric and Katie Stinson*

Matthew D. and Megan Logering

Stephen N. Szczodroski*

Jeffrey and Emily Cook-Lundgren*

Weston W. Walker*

Luke A. and Holly McMahon*

Daniel T. and Abby Willaert*

Andrew M. Minck*

Michael C. Young*

Nicholas T. Moe

Nicholas A. and Amy Zarns*

Matthew E. Mogensen*

Michael J. and Jamie Zauhar*

Anthony R. Nicholls*

2004 Annual Giving Martin Schirber Fellows Derek J. and Melinda Tamm* Walter Reger Fellows Charles B. and Jenni Block* Timothy J. and Linda Durnan* Brian J. and Gretta Eder* Aaron C. and Elizabeth Hirsch* Joseph and Elizabeth Housman* Timothy P. Lyons* Young Fellows Christopher J. and Erin Gervais* President’s Level Nicholas M. Anderson* Tracy J. Grossman Ryan M. and Jaclyn Klinkner* Nathan S. Proshek Dean’s Level Patrick M. Albrecht* Max P. Bahr Christopher J. and Malina Bedtke* Michael J. Behr* Michael T. Brakke*

van der Hagen*



Nathaniel and Melissa Dalbec*

Annual Giving

Isaac J. Flenner

President’s Level

Matthew P. Germscheid*

Benjamin J. Brinkman*

Ryan L. and Maggie Green*

Jonathan G. and Jessica Bruns*

Travis E. and Sondra Grotz*

Christopher M. Downing*

Eric M. and Jana Hennen*

Nathan H. and Susan Haasken*

Matthew J. Horning*

Christopher C. Loth*

Annual Giving

Tyler B. Johnson*

Michael L. Orth*

Walter Reger Fellows

Luke A. and Andrea Lisell

Russell T. Peterson*

Scott I. Cummings*

David and Emily McGee*

Dean’s Level

Brent T. and Tara Putz*

Eric S. and Becca Oelrich*

Matthew and Shelli Allen*

Young Fellows

Ryan P. Orwoll*

Bret M. Amundson*

Nicholas W. Fischenich

Brandon R. and Lisa Overman*

Jonathan P. and Elizabeth Dahl*

Dean’s Level

Marc T. and Kay Roe*

Michael D. Dahlheim*


Annual Giving

Paul M. Sexton*

James R. and Elizabeth Diley

Brian J. Adamek*

Young Fellows

Michael G. Stoffel*

John P. Elliott*

Eric P. Anderson*

Luke M. and Josi Hellier*

Marcus A. Syverson*

Christopher M. Froelke*

Paul C. Bachand*

Nicholas L. Pariseau*

Kevin G. Willey*

Thomas M. Kain*

Alex D. and Sarah Bakkum*

President’s Level

Faithful Donors

Brandon L. Keller*

Nicholas S. Briese*

Thomas G. Barry*

Karl J. Antolak*

Michael J. and Bridget Kelly*

Garret T. Flood*

Daniel J. Belknap*

Jesse B. Atkins*

Jeffrey W. and Gustie Lewis*

Jason D. Hardie*

Ryan R. Fader*

Noel J. and Emily Barrick*

John T. and Carrie Melsen*

Michael D. and Elizabeth Henderson*

Marc G. and Elizabeth Kohlhof*

Bryan M. and Kate Blessing*

John P. Naughton*

Christopher C. Herby*

Dean’s Level

Aaron B. Bumgarner*

T. Matthew and Theresa Reichert*

John P. and Jessica Jantzer*

Brian W. Brodersen*

John T. Costello*

Blake A. Sardina*

Patrick J. Kalmi*

Justin M. Clark*

Ryan P. and April Damlo*

Joseph A. Wenker*

Korey G. Kallstrom*

Cody M. Fischer*

Eric J. Daniel*

Faithful Donors

Blake T. Kraemer*

Simon Fortune and Gretchen Enninga*

James J. Durfey*

Michael R. Anderson*

Shawn T. Kremer*

Stephen J. and Katie Gunville*

Annual Giving

Peter D. Ehresmann*

William R. and Leah Asp*

Michael R. Kubovec*

Thomas V. Hartman*

Walter Reger Fellows

Stephen and Dayna Francis*

Donald M. Beaudette*

Joseph J. and Lindsay McKean

Andrew G. Kelzer

Bruce E. Walkley

Brent F. Genereux*

John R. and Stephanie Berg*

Chad M. Michelson

Thomas J. Liedl*

Young Fellows

Jeremy M. and Sara Goltz*

Kevin J. Boggeman*

Matthew P. Proulx*

Andrew C. Longbella

Rajiv S. and Emily Chaphalkar*

Anthony M. Hirte*

Brian M. and Meghan Bos*

Andrew J. and Brittany Schou*

Andrew W. Lyons*

Jonathan A. Mosier*

Anthony H. Hoffman*

Christopher P. and Abby Brossart*

Nathan A. Schraan*

Christopher R. and Angela McAllister*

James P. Murn*

Matthew F. and Amanda Hoffman*

Andrew P. Burkhardt*

Corey D. Sisson*

Mark D. Murphy*

Brett S. Saladin*

Jeffrey S. and Angela Kaczrowski*

Jeffrey D. Byron*

Timothy J. Smit*

Daniel J. Murray




William T. Novitsky* Christopher J. Orcutt* Daniel J. Parker* Benjamin R. and Naomi Passe* Todd M. and Kellie Perry* Ted O. Rendahl* Morgan A. and Anna Skidmore* Benjamin R. Tollefson* Kyle R. Triggs Christopher W. and Nicole Truso* Francis C. Welsh Andrew and Kelsey Wiechman Jeremy S. Willenbring* Daniel J. Young*


Alumni 2008-11

President’s Level Christopher J. Erichsen


Aaron D. Walsh*

Charles D. Russell*

Bryan R. Jasperson

Lance M. Wheeler*

Alex G. Schafer*

Brian A. Jennissen*

Michael H. Schmalen*

Miles J. Johnson*

Derek T. Schnobrich*

Paul K. Johnson*

Peter N. and Katelyn Schoen

Kamau T. Joseph*

Nicholas T. Schulte*

Thomas M. Joyce*

Caleb A. Schwecke*

Justin R. Jurek*

Drew R. Seeger*

Curtis J. Klein*

Patrick J. Sinner*

Nicholas J. Kroll

Matteson J. Smith*

Kory L. LaCroix

Fredrick M. Soukup*

Aaron G. Laine*

Chad T. Stanton*

John S. Lano*

Michael L. Steck*

Zachary R. Lauer*

Sasa and Snjezana Subic*

Robert J. Lennon*

Sean J. Suter*

Andrew W. Lick*

Michael J. Thurmes*

Thomas R. Loonan*

Douglas M. Trumm*

Fernando C. Maeda*

Alastair J. Tulloch*

Matthew H. McKay*

Nicholas J. Ukestad*

Christopher P. Morgan

Stuart R. Van Ess*

Eric T. Nead

Joseph A. Wonderlich*

Jonathan J. Neitzke*

Kenan N. Woodberry*

William D. Olson*

Lance T. Radziej*

Annual Giving

Dean’s Level

Walter Reger Fellows

Thomas R. Connelly*

J. Bryan Hughes*

David G. Deutz*

Young Fellows

Annual Giving

Daniel C. Ebner*

Patrick M. Deering*

Young Fellows

Nathan Michael Farrell

David J. Goblirsch*

Gabriel J. Harren*

Erik G. Gamradt

Jonathan E. Goodman

Ryan D. Minnehan*

David K. Horn*

Ryan R. Tansom*

Ryan J. Noack*

Jeffrey P. Jackson*

Alex M. Wieme*

Luke A. Odegaard

Darren A. Lofquist*

President’s Level

Scott P. Sand*

Thomas G. Mix*

Daniel J. Kirscht

President’s Level

Peter P. Mullin*

Nicholas W. Truso*

Thomas J. Henderson*

Noah J. Petersen*

Dean’s Level

Drew H. Percival*

Michael G. and Rebecca Rubbelke*

Brian R. Baker*

Michael D. Wollmering*

Ryan and Anna Sandquist*

Andrew J. and Sonya Gaydos*

Dean’s Level

Adam J. Schleper*

Brandon S. Haggerty*

Blake R. Bauer*

Anthony R. Schmidt*

Christopher L. Johnson*

Ian M. Bouman*

Anthony J. Tufte*

Ryan L. Millis*

Aaron D. Dolney*

Faithful Donors

William R. Roiger*

Thomas J. Dunlap*

Thomas H. Anderson, Jr.

Thomas J. Ryan*

Bruce P. Frank*

Justin V. and Angela Athman*

John M. Spiten*

Jacob D. Haider*

Mark D. Bachand*

Chad W. and Cassy Vos*

Kyle A. Louwagie*

Michael P. Bancks*

Brayden C. Wagner

Carson P. Sievert*

Benjamin D. Bennett*

Faithful Donors

Benjamin J. Vanderheyden*

Annual Giving

Bret D. Callinan*


Faithful Donors

Dean’s Level

Trevor A. Chambers*

James M. Albrecht*

David J. Bernardy*

Justin L. Bork*

Founders Society

Benjamin T. Demarais*

Jacob Barvels*

Nicholas J. Blanco*

Matt J. Boys*

Wimmer Founders

Robert A. and Raeleen Fandrich*

Kellen R. Blaser*

Thomas D. Bowman*

Benjamin J. Crist*

$5 million or more

Luke W. and Rachael Fischer*

Christopher W. Boline*

John K. Buckeye*

Brandon S. Dale*

di Marogna Founders

Peter J. Frey*

Michael P. Clare*

Matthew R. Clasen*

Joseph M. Meyer*

$1 million - $4,999,999

Rand W. Gallagher*

Dustin L. Clintsman*

Joel A. Coleman*

Steven C. Poppler*

Wittmann Founders

Alan M. Gleisner*

Matthew A. Cotton*

Marcus M. Conway*

James J. Reeve*

$500,000 - $999,999

Matthew E. Haider*

Nicholas B. Ehret

Matthew J. DeMay*

Andrew J. Rotschafer*

Riss Founders

Daniel M. Hansen*

Jeffrey J. and Amanda Foell*

Brady J. DeVaan*

Colman T. Silbernagel*

$250,000 - $499,999

Phillip L. Hanson*

Stephen M. Foertsch*

Eric M. Deluca

Grady T. Sloan*

Muckenthaler Founders

Jason J. Hoffmann*

Matthew W. Haas*

Joseph P. Feldmeier*

Charles R. Swanson*

$100,000 - $249,999

Michael J. Johnson*

Mitchell L. Hallan

Mark J. Gottwalt*

Faithful Donors

Greil Founders

Nathaniel J. Johnson*

Zachary D. Hunter*

Curtis J. Groebner*

Joseph J. Allen*

$50,000 - $99,999

Jonathan P. Keillor*

Adam R. Johnson*

Shawn P. Gust*

James M. Backes*

Thomas R. Kaster*

Benjamin K. Hansberry*

Andre M. Blaine*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Timothy J. Kennealy* Christopher J. Kerber*

Benjamin A. Kitt*

Nicholas A. Hansen*

Samuel M. Blank*

John W. Kohlhaas*

Thomas H. Knofczynski*

Brennan P. Harrington*

Peter J. Blattner*

Annual Giving

Andrew C. Lebovsky*

Jacob J. Lantry*

Jonathan M. Hauff*

Nicholas A. Blee*

Don Talafous Fellows

Theodore C. Leonard*

John A. Lenczewski*

John A. Haupert*

Eugene L. Brine*

$25,000 or more

Ross A. Louwagie*

Levi B. Lowell*

Aaron R. Hellem*

Aaron T. Burtzel*

Donald LeMay Fellows

Craig M. Luberts*

Peter F. Lund*

Kyle R. Henkemeyer*

Matthew T. Butorac*

$10,000 - $24,999

Ryan J. Myklebust*

Stanley F. Mack*

Edward D. Hooley*

Benedict C. Cahill*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Ryan S. and Catherine Nelson*

Theo J. Manahan*

Mark R. Isaacson*

Corbin J. Cleary*

$5,000 - $9,999

Thomas J. Nelson*

Robert K. and Stephanie McMillan*

David A. Johnson*

Edward C. Colosky

Martin Schirber Fellows

James E. Peterson*

Jeffrey A. Nechas

Michael R. Johnson*

James G. Condon*

$2,500 - $4,999

Michael T. and Angela Risch-Janson

Brandon W. Nordhues*

Michael J. Koltes*

Matthew J. Coulter

Walter Reger Fellows

Stephen A. and Ashley Salvato

Tyler J. Oachs*

Brian J. Kubovec*

Ashley L. Farrington*

$1,000 - $2,499

Zachary S. Samuelson*

Alec C. Pramhus*

Michael J. Latterell*

Garrett P. Genereux

Regent’s Level

Kevin C. Schnese*

Jeffrey S. Schnobrich*

Steven W. Liska*

Tyson R. Gerdes*

$500 - $999

Daniel R. Sebastian*

Kevin J. Schreck*

Jeffrey A. Ludwig*

Jeffrey A. Gilbertson

Young Fellows

Bryan C. Sieh*

Ryan N. Schroeder*

Tyler D. McKay*

Aaron M. Haakonson*


Matthew R. Steele*

Christopher M. Schultz*

Benjamin R. Morris*

Colin B. Hall*

President’s Level

Shea J. Stremcha*†

Zachary R. and Jessica Shaheen*

Erik P. Morse*

Dustin T. Hansen*

$250 - $499

Eric G. Swanlund*

Adam J. Sheldon*

Matthew P. Mulligan*

David J. Hartung*

Dean’s Level

Daniel G. Vitali*

Adam J. Skemp*

Lucas D. Nelson*

Andrew J. Hatzenbihler

$100 - $249

Robert P. Walsh*

Heath P. Stoll*

John P. O’Grady*

Thomas R. Hoffman*

Faithful Donor

Justin G. and Alison Wilkes*

Brian A. Strauss*

Roger B. Pieper

Joshua R. Huot*

Up to $99

Cole S. Woodward*

Erik T. Sundstrom*

Kevin D. Poindexter*

Benjamin B. Jagger*

Ryan J. Turbes*

Craig R. Ruhoff*

Matthew N. Jagger*

† deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey




Donor Key

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Alumni 2011-14/Parents and Friends

Aaron J. Otterson*

Christopher M. Van Hove*

Lois and John Rogers

Eugene and Paulette Cichowicz

Kathleen† and Edwin M.†Theisen

Samuel T. Patnoe*

Bennett S. Vathing*

Florence M. Rooney†

Margaret Collins†

Louise Theisen

Michael E. Pederson*

Michael T. Wallgren*

William (Bart) Rooney†

Claire Crandall†

Thomas E. Tschida†

Benjamin J. Provenzano*

Matthew V. Williamson*

Eldon R. Siehl†

Judy and Kenneth† Dayton

Kae and Maurice† Vandeputte

Michael G. Rausch*

Ryan M. Witty*

Phillip and Kathleen Wolf

Thomas F. and Reta Diedrich

Paul A. and Carolyn Verret

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Patricia Diepenbrock

Donald† Volkmuth

Anonymous (2)

Dorothy M. and Dr. C. Wallace† Dierickx

Joan Volkmuth and Klaus Haelf

Jean and Dr. John B.† Drahmann

Helen Donovan†

Maxine and Winston R.† Wallin

Carrie Weyerhaeuser Farmer

Rev. Charles J. Duerr†

Martha Warczek†

Eugene and Mary Frey

Joleen and Dean† Durken

John P. and Mary Weitzel

Dorlene and Roger† Ilstrup

Theresa J. Finken†

Edward L. (Chuck) Wenzel†

Martin R.† and Gertrude† Kirschner

Jean and George W.† Flynn

Gregory and Patricia Wesolek

Sylvia and Dr. Jere D.† Knight

Barbara L. Forster

George† and Lillian† Wright

Eugene O. Ludowese†

Timothy and Teresa Foster

C. Angus and Margaret Wurtele

Burton J. and Rosalyn McGlynn

John T. Gerlach

The Ven. Irma M. Wyman


Henry A. Morof

Gary K. Grooters

Patrick Greil Founders

Elizabeth and William O.† Nilles

Judith Grooters

Anonymous (4)

Patrick M. Toninato*

Annual Giving

Edward J. Phillips

Marybelle B. Hanna

Harriet Acheson†

Turner S. Tracy*

Dean’s Level

Herman and Therese Ratelle

John M. and Kimiko Hardaway

Graziella and Daniel† Bacardi

Travis R. Tufte*

Philipp E. Roye*

Stephen and Cynthia Saboe

Elmer Hoeschen†

Florian L† and Kathleen† Baumgartner

Scott R. Twelves*

Faithful Donors

William R. and Margaret L. Stott

Linda and Jack Hoeschler

Marge† and William H.† Blattner

Ryan L. Urlick*

Andrew D. Hilger

Margaret V.† and Thomas S.† Welch

Barbara and Lawrence M.† Iten

Beatrice Bloms†

John P. Vaith*

Michael T. Humbert

Charles A. Weyerhaeuser

Margaret Kane†

Dr. John F. Boylan†

Michael J. Lockwood

Bruno Riss Founders

Helen T. Katz†

Dr. Rochelle J. and Dr. John E.† Brandl

Isaac J. Meyer

Anonymous (2)

Madeleine Kinney†

Jane H. Browning

Thomas M. Moore

Richard† and Irene† Barry

Severyn† and Margaret† Kipka

Margaret A. Bucher

Benjamin D. Seefeldt

Mae L. and Thomas E.† Bolger

George† and Margaret† Klasen

Phyllis S. Carmien

Joshua D. Smith*

Betsy Chace

Sally and Bill Kling

Paul† and Esther† Carufel

Norma and Francis G.† Culhane

Dr. Severin H.† and Ruth† Koop, Sr.

John and Laura Crosby

Earl M. Danforth†

Magda and Vincent E.† Lamm

Peter W.† and Mary† Demery

Frances M. Ditsch†

Helen M. Liljedahl†

Uva and Gerald R.† Dillon

Roger and Mary Dombrovski

Jean Ljungkull

Ruth K. Dindorf†

Raymond A. and Sally Haik

Bettye and Eugene A.† Luckemeyer

Clara Dolan

Herbert J.† and Birdella M.† Hall

Judith Mahoney

George† and Skip† Donovan

Louis Fors and Kathrine E. Hill

Norie T. and Robert A.† Mahowald

C. Curtis Dunnavan

Lucy R. Jones and Jim Johnson

Dusty and George A.† Mairs

Woodrow† and Ella† Eckroth

Helen S.† and Francis† Jordan

Jean Manas and Rebecca Haile

Marie and Henry† Ehmke

Br. Frank Kacmarcik, OBL†

Jack and Terri McKeon

Peter† and Gertrude† Ffolliott

Bernard Kathmann

Leona R.† and William M.† Meinz

Rita G. Fisher†

Morton Katz

Joseph S. and Jane Micallef

Dolly Fiterman

Ann and Herbert L.† Kelly

Michael Molloy and Thomas Hilgers

Marisa de la Vega and Michael† Fitzgerald

Parents and Friends

Margaret Larson

Louise Muggli†

Lambert† and Muriel† Fleckenstein

Bernice Locci†

Diane A. Mulrooney

Sylvester L. Friederichs†

Founders Society

Dr. Paul L. and Kay Loeffelholz

Harlan J. Nickel

William and Pat Friedman

Boniface Wimmer Founders

Mary M. Muckley†

Milton J. Nietfeld†

Jo Anne and Dr. Lyle R.† Fuller

Jackie Breher

Janet H. and George V.† Nelson

Dr. Mary Ellen Newton Obert and Dr. Gerard

Richard O. and Kathy Hanousek

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Gordon L. Peters

J. Obert†

Don P. Helgeson and Sue Shepard

Anonymous (4)

John F. and Eunice Ruff

Evelyn A. Pallas

Lois† and Mathias A.† Himsl

Dr. M. George and Gloria Allen

Lois C. and John G.† Schwob

John and Connie Pellegrene

R. Ann and Terrance Huntrods

JoAnne and Gordon Bailey

Daniel P. Studer and Winnifred Henslee

Clare Peyton†

Herman J.† and Margaret† Juenemann

James L. and Theo Baustert

LuVerne F. Tannehill

Patricia and Dr. Gordon J.† Plattes

Marjorie Kalinowski

Bruce W. and Mary F. Bean

Elisabeth† and Alfred A.† Terhaar

Joseph† and Caroline† Portz

Michael D. and Jane Kathman

Nicky Carpenter

Alfred C.† and Dorothy† Wagman

Betty and Harry† Quadracci

F. Alexandra and Robert Klas

Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Ralph Schad

Leonette and Fred T.† Lanners

Lyle C. and Kathleen Kasprick

Anonymous (9)

Harold G. Schaefers†

Kenneth R. and Barbara J. Larson

Albert F. Kosek†

Bernnes† and Herbert M.† Adrian

Dr. Martin J.† and Jo† Schirber

Harold W. Leedy

Bob and Rita Kuester

James Hurd and Virginia Anderson

Marguerite Schriver†

Edward and Catherine Mahoney

Diane Liemandt-Reimann and

Eugene J. Bauer†

Ottilia Schubert†

Wanda and Dr. Patrick M.† Malone

Bonnie Reim Bifulk and Phillip Bifulk

Emilie Schweizer†

Betty E. McDowall

Edmund Luzine, Jr., KM

Robert Binger

Margaret Schweizer†

Theodore E. and M. Irene Micke

Lawrence and Andrea McGough

Leigh F. Birkeland†

James P.† and Ruth Shannon

Lee and Francis W.† Miller

Ms. Hella Mears and Dr. William Hueg

Michael J. and Ethel† Boyle

Dorothy and W. Bronson† Simonet

Robert J. and Sharon Moeller

Kingsley and Katherine Murphy

Dr. Henry M.† and Lois M.† Broker

Robert J. and Sarah-Maud† Sivertsen

Regina Biegler Mowery†

Melvin Pervais

Marion† and Charlotte† Butcher

Mary Jean Smith†

Martinella and Stephen J.† Muggli, Sr.

Alice R.† and Patrick† Rogers

Leone† and Fred W.† Cary

John D. and Eleanor Steichen

Dr. William and Imelda Muggli

Jacob R. Reiter* Marcus J. Rien* Jack P. Ries* Paul J. Schoeneberger* Christopher L. Schwartz* Alec D. Shern* Patrick M. Smalley* Jared P. Smith* William A. Solinger* Patrick J. Spaniol* Patrick J. Spanjers Matthew F. Theisen*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more

2012 Annual Giving Faithful Donors Kyle D. Auringer Tychiko D. Cox* Parker S. Deutz Robert S. Gabrielson Ryan P. Miller

di Marogna Founders


$1 million - $4,999,999

Annual Giving

Wittmann Founders

Faithful Donors

$500,000 - $999,999

Christopher J. Armstrong

Riss Founders

Alexander H. Forster

$250,000 - $499,999

Cody J. Groen

Muckenthaler Founders

Connor W. Klausing

$100,000 - $249,999

Joshua M. Lindquist

Greil Founders

Alexander V. Trujillo

$50,000 - $99,999

Caleb J. VandeWege

Benedictine Legacy Society Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Ronald Reimann


Parents and Friends

Diana E. and Joseph Murphy

Rita B. Dwyer†

Melvin Pervais

Carrie Weyerhaeuser Farmer

Richard and Julie Herrick

Alvina and Thomond† O’Brien, Sr.

Woodrow† and Ella† Eckroth

Patricia and Dr. Gordon J.† Plattes

Eugene and Mary Frey*

Teddy Herzfeld

James P.† and Margaret† O’Keefe

Marie and Henry† Ehmke

Mardelle M. Proulx

Bob and Rita Kuester

Ellen E. Joyce

Lawrence and Bonnie O’Shaughnessy

Georginia† and Deacon Elmer† Eichers

Richard T. Proulx†

Kenneth R. and Barbara J. Larson

Lyle C. and Kathleen Kasprick*

Tim and Rosie Owens

Mildred† and Mathias A.† Ethen

Donna and Frank J.† Rajkowski

Lawrence and Andrea McGough*

John and Ellen Keimel*

John and Nancy Patz

Rose Ann Faber

William H. Rasch

Ms. Hella Mears and Dr. William Hueg

Sylvia Knight

Jerry and Ruth Peltier

Geraldine Farnan†

Herman and Therese Ratelle

Kingsley and Katherine Murphy*

R. Vance Morey

Martin Peretz

Mark S. Farnan

Carol Rees

Herman and Therese Ratelle*

Mary Ann and Thomas L. Okner

Carl† and Eloise† Pohlad

Louise M. Faust†

A. Margaret Regnier†

Thomas E. Tschida*†

Mary Jo and David Pedersen*

Robert and Rebecca Pohlad

Timothy and Teresa Foster

Mary† and Anthony† Rhomberg

Margaret V. Welch*†

Jose A. Peris and Diana L. Gulden*

Eugene B.† and Sadye† Power

Jo Anne and Dr. Lyle R.† Fuller

Bernice Robe

Charles A. Weyerhaeuser

James W. Reagan*

Richard T. Proulx†

Eleanore and George† Gmeinder

Evelyn Roelike

Donald LeMay Fellows

Rev. Alvin C.† and Beulah† Rueter

James W. and Renee† Reagan

Prof. George D. Greenia

Alice R.† and Patrick† Rogers


Rachael Scherer and Steve Imholte

Carl J. Remick, Jr.†

Patricia and Donald I.† Hackert

Laurel Rudolph-Kniech and James Kniech

Bruce W. and Mary F. Bean

Roland D. and Leann Sullivan*

Bruce A. Richard

Donna and Robert J.† Haggerty

Cheryl and Thorpe† Running

Francis and Ann Burke*

Jeanette Wander*

Marcella Rotty†

Raymond A. and Sally Haik

Stephen and Cynthia Saboe

Janet Dolan and William Moore*

S. Linn and Noriko Williams

Frances Scherer

Ann C. Hammer†

Ralph Schad

Ann C. Hammer†

Dr. Joseph Zeleny†

Judy and Terry† Schmid

John M. and Kimiko Hardaway

Harold G. Schaefers†

Don P. Helgeson and Sue Shepard

Walter Reger Fellows

James P. and D’Arcy† Secord

Greg and Sue Harren

Carryl Schloesser†

Linda and Jack Hoeschler*

Anonymous (2)

Dr. J. Weston and Marilyn Smith

Ellen Johanna Hays†

Connie† and Larry† Schriver

Cara and Frederick Hostetler

Thomas S. Acker, S.J.

Warren R. and Mary Lynn Staley

Dr. A.A.† and Carol† Heckman

Dr. and Mrs. T.J. Schueller

Bettye Luckemeyer

Robert and Margaret Agnew

Lorraine G. Stewart

Mary and Dr. J. Raymond† Helbert

Jack L. and Phyllis Schwartz

Jean Manas and Rebecca Haile

Jean C. and Jack Ambler*

Virgil M. Stovik†

Lois† and Mathias A.† Himsl

Lois C. and John G.† Schwob

Jack and Terri McKeon*

Janie and Jack Amundson*

Michael and Marilyn Sullivan

Adelaide M. Hinz

Ruth and James P.† Shannon

Mary Scheller

James and Joan Anderson

Roland D. and Leann Sullivan

Brigid Hynes-Cherin

A. Jane Sinner

Eloise M. Wright

James Hurd and Virginia Anderson

Br. Sean Sullivan, OSB†

Dorlene and Roger† Ilstrup

Rev. Michael Slusser

Virgil Michel Fellows

Dr. Nina and John Archabal

Nick and Jennifer Swenson

Barbara and Lawrence M.† Iten

Elizabeth† and Capt. Joseph J.† Smisek

Marilyn Beddor*

Margaret and John Arnold*

Mark and Susana Tavel

John M. Jacobs

Robert† and Ernestine† Smutny

John and Bonita Benschoter

S. Mary Beth Banken, OSB

Margaret and Raymond† Tembrock

Helen S.† and Francis† Jordan

John D. and Eleanor Steichen

Bonnie Reim Bifulk and Phillip Bifulk*

Phillip and Michelle Barry

Dr. R. Lawrence and Deborah Thienes

Marjorie Kalinowski

Donna† and Col. Louis H.† Steman

Jean and Deborah Brunel

Fred Bartlett

Hubert† and Laverne† Tintes

Lyle C. and Kathleen Kasprick

Lorraine G. Stewart

Albert J. and Susan Colianni

Patricia Basista

Arthur L.† and Romana† Wahl

Michael D. and Jane Kathman

William R. and Margaret L. Stott

Marilyn Dahl*

Marcia and Merle J.† Baumhover*

Jeanette and Robert P.† Wander

Ann and Herbert L.† Kelly

Daniel P. Studer and Winnifred Henslee

Brian and Mary Dalsin

Robert and Rebecca Bennett

Sunny and Richard V.† Wicka

Madeleine Kinney†

Michael and Marilyn Sullivan

Etienne DuPuch, Jr.

Frank and Doris Betchkal*

Harriet Wicklace†

Margaret† and George† Klasen

Rev. David K. Taylor

Louise M. Faust*†

Hon. Consul General of Austria Ronald

Jo and John† Wilch

Sylvia and Dr. Jere D.† Knight

Theresa J. Terfehr†

Judith K. and Michael Healey

Bosrock and Mary Bosrock

Stephen and Regina Wolfe

Dr. Severin H.† and Ruth† Koop, Sr.

Elisabeth† and Alfred A.† Terhaar

Peter Henry

John P. and Kathleen Boyle

Eloise M. Wright

Dee and George M.† Korbel

Kathleen† and Edwin M.†Theisen

R. Ann and Terrance Huntrods*

Jackie Breher*

Albert F. Kosek†

Louise Theisen

Lucy R. Jones and Jim Johnson

Richard Buchanan

Benedictine Legacy Society

Anita and Ralph A.† Krebs

Cecilia V. and James J.† Trobec

William and Kathleen Lockwood*

Robert and Susan Burns

Anonymous (4)

Bob and Rita Kuester

Thomas E. Tschida†

Joseph S. and Jane Micallef

Thomas and Laurie Burns

Carol† and Bernie E.† Archbold

Donna and Everett J.† Kulas

Earl and Pauline Underbrink

Debra Mitts-Smith and Marschall Smith

Robert Cahill*

Richard† and Irene† Barry

Magda and Vincent E.† Lamm

Laura L. and Jacob R.† VanValkenburg

Jeff Neuman

Thomas K. Carpenter*

Patty† and Arvid† Benson

Helen C. Lauer†

Kathleen† and Joseph M.† Vertin

Mildred Pascoe*†

Dennis and Marilyn Cavanaugh

James M. Bifaro

Dr. Paul L. and Kay Loeffelholz

Richard and Gayle Vogel

Charles and Susan Percival

Norbert and Mary Ellen Conzemius

Leigh F. Birkeland†

Bettye and Eugene A.† Luckemeyer

Jeanette and Robert P.† Wander

Stephen Riendl and Paul Hanson

John and Jean Dahlke*

Lorraine and Earl† Blaylock

Edmund Luzine, Jr., KM

Margaret V.† and Thomas S.† Welch

Robert J. Sivertsen

Patricia and Ervin Deering

Howard C. and Patricia Boeser

Edward and Catherine Mahoney

Elizabeth Weniger†

Virginia and Thomas Stillwell

Charles and Carol Denny*

Mary Anne and Roger G.† Boos

Norie T. and Robert A.† Mahowald

Gregory and Patricia Wesolek

Chris Wesnofske

Patrick Dewane and Mona

John P. and Kathleen Boyle

Wanda and Dr. Patrick M.† Malone

Hugo B. and Rita Weyrens

Gail Weyerhaeuser

Michael J. and Ethel† Boyle

Richard† and Dolores T.† Manthey

Sunny and Richard V.† Wicka

Stephen and Regina Wolfe

Dorothy M. and Dr. C. Wallace† Dierickx*

Jackie Breher

Marjorie McGuigan

Jo and John† Wilch

Martin Schirber Fellows

Mary G. Drew*

Eugene and Paulette Cichowicz

Jack and Terri McKeon

Phillip and Kathleen Wolf

Jay and Julie Abdo

Bernadette S. and Ed Dunn

Norbert and Mary Ellen Conzemius

Leona R.† and William M.† Meinz

Lillian† and George† Wright

Rita M. Benzmiller

Marilou and Donald Eldred*

John and Laura Crosby

Gerald N. and Kathleen Meyer

Mary Boeckers Wycoff†

Richard and Patricia Berendes*

Russel R. Engleson

Norma and Francis G.† Culhane

Theodore E. and M. Irene Micke

Michael Ziomko

John and Cindy Beuerlein

Bob and Mary Evans

Mary and James W.† Cunningham

Robert J. and Sharon Moeller

Conley and Carol Brooks, Jr.

Dr. Scott and Ann Fairbairn*

Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB

Janet H. and George V.† Nelson

Annual Giving

Scott and Celeste Chapman*

Michael J. and Diane Feldman

Ann and Alex D.† Didier

Harlan J. Nickel

Don Talafous Fellows

Dr. John and Paula Farquhar

C. Roger Finney and Jeannine Lee

Thomas F. and Reta Diedrich

Milton J. Nietfeld†

Anonymous (5)

Dolly Fiterman

Kathleen Fluegel, Ph.D.

Dorothy M. and Dr. C. Wallace† Dierickx

Elizabeth and William O.† Nilles

Dr. M. George and Gloria Allen

Mary and Robert Forecki

Daniel and Jean Frie

Roger and Mary Dombrovski

Kathleen Norris

JoAnne and Gordon Bailey*

Dennis P. and Kathleen Galle*

William and Pat Friedman

Colleen L. and Gerald M.† Donlin

Mildred† and John† Pascoe

Nicky B. Carpenter*

Raymond A. and Sally Haik

Jo Anne Fuller

Joleen and Dean† Durken

Gregory J. and Ellen Pelletier

Patricia Diepenbrock

Todd and Lori Ann Hall*

John T. Gerlach*

Mary C. Dwyer

Jerry and Ruth Peltier

Jean Drahmann

Marie L. Hanna†

Marian G. Goodich


Bergman Dewane

Parents and Friends

Ginny Hansen

Dr. J. Weston and Marilyn Smith

Paul and Kathleen Klis*

Lance and Pam Charbonneau*

Tony and Patricia Peroutky

Jon and Maria Hansen

Abbot Placid Solari, OSB

Thomas Klosowski

Paul E. and Mary M. Choiniere*

Jean R. and Virginia Perrette

Mark J. and Susan Heurung

Clark and Noel Stanton*

Maureen Kucera-Walsh and Michael Walsh

Joseph and Margaret Ann Comito*

Anthony J. and Leanne Peters*

Donald and Dorothy Hilligoss

John D. and Eleanor Steichen*

Philip Lacovara

Robert and Cynthia Conlon*

Stephen and Laura Plantenberg

Patricia and Thomas Holloran*

Frank Sullivan

John F. and Rita A. Lamoureux*

Susan and David Cooke*

Margaret Preiss*

Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad

Michael and Marilyn Sullivan*

Leo J. and Helen Langer

Richard F. Cotter

Jane Richards*

Barbara Iten*

Stella Symanitz*

Mark and Patricia Latzka

Thomas and Barbara Daggett*

Joseph M. and Darlene Robenhorst

Lyndel I. and Blaine King

Henry and Marlene Syverson*

Joyce and John Matsuura

Gerald L. and Carol Deetz*

Dennis J. and Jennifer Rosemark

Kenneth and Marlys Knuth*

Anthony and Joyce Tillemans*

James and Mary McCarthy*

Jay and Nancy Diley*

Carol Rossini

Al and Yvonne Kremers*

Lois A. Umhoefer*

Barbara C. McGinnis

Donald B. and Marilynn Drever*

Reno and Rosemary Rossini

John and Jean Lavelle

Earl and Pauline Underbrink

Michele McKeown and John Reilly

Kevin and Betsy Egan*

James and Kathern Ruehl*

Al and Jean Leighton

Phyllis L. Volk

Mark and Ann Merchlewitz*

Alan and Lollie Eidsness*

Dr. Eddie and Marion Ryshavy*

Diane R. Liemandt-Reimann and

Robert Wahlert*

Caroline W. Niebauer

Russel Engleson*

Stephen and Linda Saupe

Stephen and Amy Wehr

Gregory and Patric O’Brien*

Charles W. and Cynthia Farnham

John and Judy Schubert*

Jean Ljungkull

Robert and Mary Weinzierl*

Gregory and Rhoda Olsen*

Dr. Joseph and Jill Farry

Thomas and Gigi Schumacher*

Vincent and Deborah Louwagie*

John P. and Mary Weitzel*

Richard and Nancy Perrine*

Robert W. and Barbara Felkel

Joan E. Semmer

Nivin S. MacMillan

Brian D. Wenger

Theresa Pesch*

Robert and Sharon Flynn*

Timothy and Margaret Sitzer*

Jeffrey J. Manderfeld

Sunny Wicka*

Ernest and Dorothy Pierzina*

Eileen and Dr. William A.† Foley*

Daniel and Jennifer Spiller

Robert Marzik and Alice Caldwell*

Ronald Wienhold

Susan Rausch*

Andrew and Laura Forecki

Dr. Vernon and Phyllis Steffens

Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell

Jo Wilch*

Jerome E. and Carole Reid

Aubrey I. Forecki

Agnes M. Steil

Malcolm W. McDonald and Patricia Johnston

Joseph W. and Michelle Witchger

Katherine S. and Gerald Roehl

Kathryn Forecki

Glenn and Susan Stoffel*

Colleen McKeown

Scott A. Wolf

Kenneth and Heidi Ryan*

Warren and Susan Fujii*

Mark and Susana Tavel*

Mary McKeown and John Syverud

Daniel and Carole Wolfe*

Thomas and Cynthia Schweich

Clifford and Peg Gawne-Mark

Rev. Terry and Martha Teigen

Stephen and Anita McKeown

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wright

Charlotte Shirley*

Luella and Stanley Goldberg

Peg Thomas and Steven Lassiter

Thomas R. McKeown

Maureen Wright

J.T. Snow

Robert and Katherine Goodale

John and Patricia Tracy

Betty McMahon*

The Ven. Irma M. Wyman

William R. and Margaret L. Stott

Wayne and Mary Gregoire*

Timothy and Mitzi Tracy*

Terence and Carol McTigue

Regent’s Level

Ross and Pauline Strehlow*

Dr. Getatchew and Misrak Haile

Robert L. Tritt

Anne W. Miller

Anonymous (2)

Mark and Joan Strobel

James and Bonnie Hamm*

Angelina L. Trujillo, M.D.*

Harry Miller

Jeffrey and Mary Jo Anderson*

Joseph H. Tashjian, M.D. and Sandra Savik

Kristen V. Hansen

Carl and Doris Tuura*

Dee and Joe Minnerath

Lyle K. and Marian Anderson*

Peter and Barbara Telthorst*

Kathleen Hartman*

Richard and Lori Weyrauch*

Paul and Nancy Moran*

John J. and Val Bahnak*

Carol Terhaar*

A.E. Hauwiller*

Clair C. and Virginia Wilcox*

Calvin Mosley and Claudia Ryan-Mosley*

Robert and Pamela Baker*

Michael and Gloria Thurmes*

Al Heckman and Nina Heckman

Bradford Winters

Dr. William and Imelda Muggli*

Shelly Bauerly Kopel and Scott Kopel*

Bonnie Thurston

Mary Jo and John Heiberger

John A. and Sherry Wood*

Diana E. and Joseph Murphy

Jean and Allan Beckel*

Cecilia V. Trobec*

Michael and Karel Helgeson

Charles and Nancy Young

Marianne Murphy*

Merrill Black

Sharon H. Tupa

Christopher and Ann Hilger*

Michael Ziomko

Rickey and Cheryl Murray*

Edward Bodensteiner*

Stephanie Cain Van D’Elden

Dr. Kathleen Hobday

Dean’s Level

Robert A. Murray, Jr. and Joan Murray

Donald R. and Mary Jo Browne

Patrick and Annette Verdun*

Carol and Steve Howe-Veenstra*

Mark and Maryann Aaron*

Edwin M. and Mary Anne Nakasone*

Victoria Byrd-Rinck

Mark and Cindy Vierkant*

Timothy and Rosemary Hughes*

Deacon Courtney Abel

Glen D. and Marilyn C. Nelson*

Gerald D. and Norma Cashill*

Mary and Walter Warpeha*

James E. Jernberg*

Margaret Abler

Waldo Niebauer

Joseph and Doreen Cullen

Leslie D. and Mary S. Weigelt

Dorothy and Richard Johnson*

Lauralee A. Alben

Elizabeth Nilles*

William G. De Mers†

Fred and Kay de Sam Lazaro*

Gerry Jones and Berhane Tadesse

Nancy Smith Alesch

Kevin and Tanya Noble

Renate and Dieter Dellmann

President’s Level

David and Shirley Kelly

Carolyn and Dan Alexander

Kathleen Norris*

Bruce and Jacqueline Dreon*


Barbara and Leo J.† Kemper*

Rose Alexander

Albert and Maureen O’Connell

Dr. T. Jeffrey and Janice Dunn*

Jeff Adams

Frank A. and Marian Byron*

A. Thomas and Elaine Allen*

Margaret O’Gara and Michael Vertin*

Franklin and Sarah Earnest

Gretchen and Richard† Alper*

David and Alice Kraker*

Marie A. Altman

Lawrence and Bonnie O’Shaughnessy*

Dorothy Farnham

David and Mary Lynn Bachand*

Joseph and Teresa Lahti*

James and Patricia Anderson*

Dr. Mary Ellen Newton Obert

Gene and Jan Faulhaber

Caroline Bacon

Alfred and Elizabeth Lais*

Michael and Carol Anderson*

Don Ottenhoff and Kathleen Cahalan*

Patrick and Joann Fay*

Steve and Mary Battista*

Brad Lapsley

Richard and Tamra Anderson*

Bob and Ginny Padzieski*

Judy Scott Feldman and Neil Feldman

Randal and Cindy Bauer*

James and Mary Jane Lauerman*

Robert Anderson

John and Nancy Patz

Richard J. and Dottie Frey

Barbara A. and Nicholas Bauler

John E. and Evelyn Lawyer

Vivian E. Anderson*

John and Connie Pellegrene*

Jerry and Ellen Gallagher*

Aimee Beckmann-Collier and David Collier*

Wanda Malone*

Anne Andrea*

John and Shannon Quinlivan*

Perry and Patti Good

Donald A. Best

John D. and Mary Mariani*

Rev. Alexander Andrews, OSB •

Laurie M. Rahr

Kathryn Grafsgaard*

Richard and Mary Bitzan*

Jackline and Michael Matosian

Sandra A. Antonelli*

William H. Rasch

Jerome and Kathleen Graney*

Dale and Elizabeth† Bonham*

Dr. David P. and Mary† Mayer*

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Anusbigian

Catherine Renner*

Philip J. Harder

Mary Boo*

Drs. Eric and Lynn McFarling*

William and Elizabeth Arend*

Bruce A. Richard*

Dr. Norbert and Suzanne Hemesath*

Mary Anne Boos*

Marilyn J. and John† McKenzie*

Rosemary F. Argent

Joan Riemer-Elser*

Sally and Bruce Iverson*

Patrick and Roseann Boran*

Harvey and Claudia Mills

Claire Aris

Robert and Anna Rogalla*

Bruce Janiga

David and Felicia Boyd*

Katherine E. Molitor

Roy and Patricia Avery*

Cheryl Running

Leonard and Mary Lou Jennings

Ruth Brattensborg*

Paul and Roberta Murphy*

Tom and Kathy Awe*

Rachel and Theodore Ruzanic*

Leo Johnson and RaeAnne Mitsch-Johnson*

Duane and Jenifer Breczinski

Mary Jane Myers

Timothy and Patricia Babineau*

Stephen and Chacke Scallen

Marjorie and Scott Johnson

Dr. Frank T. and Alice Brown*

Roger and Kara Nagaoka*

Ken Bachofer

Michael and Debbie Schaefer

Phyllis Judge*

Michael and Anne Brutlag*

Patrick and Mary Needham*

John and Misty Baker*

Frances Scherer*

Dwain J. and Mary Kasel*

Michael and Jean Buller*

Ed M. and Cora Neisen*

Thomas A. and Jane Ballon*

Dr. and Mrs. T.J. Schueller

Joanne Kendall

Frank A. and Marian Byron*

Joan K. O’Brien†

Dr. Frederick and Gilda Banfield*

E. Marita Sheeran

F. Alexandra and Robert Klas

Michael and Brenda Capps*

Edward O’Reilly

Gregory and Susan Barmore

Ronald Reimann*


Parents and Friends

Robert A. Barutt

Tom and Shelly Carlson

William G. and Patricia Eustice

Dale and Theresa Hardy*

Marie A. Kapsner*†

Rick and Sharon Battis*

Thomas and Elizabeth Carrico*

Nancy Evans

Gerald E. and Eileen Harriman*

John and Melanie Kasner*

Merle and Claire Bauer*

B. J. and Joanne Case

Rita Evans*

Rose Marie Hartman*

Genevieve Katkov

Martin and Kathleen Beach*

Kathleen Casey*

Richard and Audrey Falk

Elaine M. Hartz*

Susan A. Keefe

Fred and Patricia Beckman*

Peter W.† and Betty† Cashman*

Geraldine Farnan*†

Joan M. Hasper

James and Patricia Keegan*

Rodney and Janet Beckman*

Dr. Gerald and Polly Cavanaugh*

James and Joanne Farver*

Richard A. and Eileen Hassel*

Kenneth and Marilyn Keller*

Dale and Beth Beckmann*

Thomas and Patricia Christensen*

Thomas and Kathleen Fellman*

David and Eileen Hauff*

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly*

Robert and Marie Bell*

Lawrence and Kathleen Cihlar*

Ken and Doris Fennell*

Joanne Hawkins*

Raymond and Kathleen Kelly

Stephen and Diane Bennett*

Shawn and Julie Cleary*

Roger and Janice Fenstad*

Kenneth and Maureen Hayes*

Laurence and Mary S. Kennedy

Roger W. and Margaret Berg*

George and Kathleen Cliff

Peter J. Fergusson

Barbara Heiderscheidt*

Michael J. and Elizabeth Kenney*

William and Mary Lou Berghoff*

Patrick and Lisa Cline*

Richard and Cheryl Fey*

John and Joyce Heiland*

Gertrude Kessler*

Thomas Berkelman*

Ralph E. Congdon*

John and Judith Fischer*

Thomas Heinen and Tamra Phillippi*

Susan and Lawrence Diamond

Gordon and Mary Hynes Berry

Rev. Cletus Connors, OSB •

Elizabeth A. Fisher

Daniel and Sara Heisler*

Rev. Chrysostom Kim, OSB •

James M. and Mary Berry

Prof. Giles Constable

Barbara Fitzpatrick

Stefan and Lonnie Helgeson

Jean and Thomas King*

Richard J. Bess*

Patrick F. and Nancy Corkrean*

Justine Fleck*

Mildred Hemmelgarn

Vincent and Ursula King*

Rev. Dr. Helen Betenbaugh

Clayton J. and Darlene Coughlin*

Daniel and Terri Ann Flynn*

J. Michael and Ellen Heneghan

Paul and Janice Klaus*

Sherry Bias

Professor William J. Courtenay

Mark and Elizabeth Fogarty*

Thomas J. and Carol Hennessey*

Christopher and Margaret Kleinhenz

Tony E. and Wendy J. Biel*

Richard and Sara Crawford*

Staney and Florence Frederick*

Dr. Roger and Marlene Herold*

Loretta Knapp†*

Anibal A. Biglieri

John and Laura Crosby*

John and Barbara Freeman*

Charles and Lori Herrig*

Dr. Georg N. Knauer

Alfred and Sharon Bigot

Michael T. and Nancy Crowley*

John D. French

Mrs. Philomena Hesse*

Matthew Knopf and Terri Bonoff*

Nancy K. Birrell

James and Clare Cullen*

George Frey*

Gene and Karene Heupel*

Joel and Jennifer Knutson*

Donald J. and Patricia Bitzan*

Karayn and Edward Cunnington

Jack M. Fribley

Rita Hillenbrand*

Bernard and Marcia Koalska

Jonathan and Deborah Black

Paul and Kathleen Curran*

Mark and Patricia Frie

Allen and Joanne Hinderaker

Gerald and Frances Kocmich*

Most Rev. Leonard P. Blair

Stella and Timothy† Curran

Roger J. Friesen*

James and Betsy Jo Hiniker

Kathleen Kohn*

Dr. Lee A. Blaske*

Kathleen Curtice*

Karlfried and Ricarda Froehlich

Martin and Linda Hirte*

Hank and Vicky Kohorst*

John and DeeDee Blattner

Mark and Barbara Curwick*

John Gabel

Douglas and Christine Hlavacek*

Deborah Kollodge*

Michael and Rose Blessing*

James and Karen Dahl*

Kevin G. and Mary Gaffney*

Dr. James R. and Nanette Hockin*

Marcella Kooi*

Leroy and Margaret Blohm*

Adele W. Dahlberg

Thomas and Janan Gainor

Janet M. Hoffman*

Stephen and Judith Koopmeiners*

Velma Blomgren*

Lillian A. Dahlstrom*

Prof. Julia H. and Thomas Gaisser

Matthew Hoffman*

Dee Korbel

Thomas and Jo Boe*

Mary P. Danaher

Dennis and Karen Gajeski*

Hon. Paul and Patricia Hoffman*

Mary Kosak*

John E. Bohan

Thomas and Teresa Darcy*

Richard Gardner

Ed and Joan Hogan*

Walter J. Kosel*

Richard and Gail Bohr

Catherine A. Davidson

James and Karen Garrison*

George and Sandra Hohberger*

Paul and Carol Kraus*

Lynn and Jan Bonebright*

Allan H. and Rosemary Davisson

Mebratu Kiras Gebru

Leofranc Holford-Strevens

Arden and Marie Kreft*

John and Kathleen Boone*

Beach and Teresa Day*

Lois Gelbmann*

Roy F. Holm, Jr. and Ruth Holm*

Tim Kroll

Neil and Vicki Bosch*

Thomas and Annmarie DeMarais*

Jan Gembol and Larry Pfeger

Kenny Holtz

Donna J. Kulas*

Warren R. and Gloria Bostrom*

Margaret DePauw-Buckley and

William Gentrup, Ph.D.

Alice L. Hoolihan*

Wayne and Sharon Kutter

Richard A. Gerberding

Max B. Horton

Cynthia Labatte

Magdaline G. Bovis and Patricia J. Lalley

James Buckley*

Jeffrey and Karilyn Bowers

David and Nancy Deda*

Gary M. Gerlach

Julianne Howard*

Randel and Judith Lage*

The Hon. Reginald Boyle

James and Mary Degiovanni

Nancy Gianoli

David and Cindy Howe

Daniel W. Laginya

Dr. Milosh S. and Jane Bozanich*

Martin J. Deignan*

Jane Gilbert-Howard and Kenneth Howard*

Gregory J. and Cynthia J. Hromatka*

Magda R. Lamm*

Dr. Rochelle J. Brandl*

Jeff and Mina Denike*

Dale and Barbara Gilbertson*

Carrie K. and Gary Huff

Gary and Jean Lamusga*

Michael Brandt and Jacqueline Roehl*

Mark and Brenda Deutz*

Michael and Barbara Giorgi*

Thomas R. Huffman

Helen Landkammer*

Mark and Tamara Bratland*

Bruce and Norma Dickau

Richard and Karen Goodwin*

Bernadette F. Hughes*

Kenneth and Betty Lou Lang*

Dennis C. and Cynthia Bremer

Roger L. and Rosemary Dickhausen*

Owen and Wendy Gorman*

C. Ray Hughes*

Kathleen M. and Gerald Langer

John P. Brennan

Ann Didier

Barry F. H. Graham

Michael S. and Judith Humnicky

David and Janet Larsen*

Robert and Mary Rae Briggle*

Jean Didier and Neil Franz

Shirley M. Graham*

Michael and Terilynn Hutton*

Dr. Derek Larson and Ms. Theresa Anderson

Dr. Benjamin and Marilyn Broghammer*

Allan and Diane Dingman*

Karl and Mary Lou Grahek

Leona Hycner

Wendy Larson

Elaine Bromelkamp*

David and Patricia Dittrich*

Rita Grams*

August A. and Clare Imholtz

Gerald and Cynthia LeGarde*

Daniel and Angela Broos*

Patricia and Rick Dobbe

Veronica Grandpre

William and Rebecca Ingham*

Michael and Yvonne Leedahl

Martha Brophy*

Nafi Donat

John and Lucille Gravelle*

Thomas and Mary Inglis*

Patricia Lenczewski*

Lawrence C. and Mary Brown

David J. and Catherine Dooley*

Patricia Gray

Veronica Ivans

Norman and Christine Lentz*

Ann Brownell*

Andrew and Kathleen Doom*

Charles W. Greene*

Thomas and Caroline Jacobs*

Gerald and Mary Lou Lenz

Josephine A. Brummer*

Robert and Judith Douglas*

Marsha Greene

Kathrine L. and Michael Janku

Cindy A. Ley

James A. Brundage

Jeff Downing*

Charles and Lyubomira Gribble

Prof. James J. John

Rosemary S. Link*

Philip and Carolyn Brunelle*

Scott P. Drawe

Lyle Grimmer*

Cecil and Mary Johnson*

Gregory and Mary Liska*

Jackson Bryce

Dr. Michael and Sharon Dukinfield*

Lois J. Gruenenfelder

David Johnson and Peggy Hess-Johnson

David and Barb Liske*

Joseph and Barbara Buesing*

Joleen Durken*

Dolores Grundman*

Debbie Johnson*

Robert H. Locke

Elizabeth Bunkers*

Charles and Paulette Durnan*

Allan and Patricia Guennigsman*

Dr. Dennis A. Johnson*

Sandy Lommel*

Lee J. and Marguerite A. Burke*

Rita B. Dwyer†*

John Guevremont

Frank and Meredith Johnson*

Earle H. Luikens, Jr.

Mary Burrichter and Robert Kierlin

Kimberley Dykhoff-Green*

Matthew Gulling and Mary Stalter-Gulling*

John and Alice Johnson*

Dale and Jeanne Lund*

David and Mary Butterwick*

Rev. John Patrick Earls, OSB •

Gary and Barbara Gunderson*

Andrew and Mona Jordan*

Ann S. Lynch

Janet Byrnes*

Timm and Debra Ehret*

Mary Ann Haines*

J.D. and Sara Jorgenson

Darrell and Anne Lynn*

Karen P. Callinan*

Gregory and Jeanne Eisinger*

Laurie and William Hamen*

Jerome and Dianna Juelich*

Gregg and Kelli Machemehl*

Mario and Arlea Camarotto*

Dr. Stewart C. and Tildy Ellis

Ronald and Michelle Hanson*

Brian Jungels

Thomas C. and Anne Mack*

Deacon Roger B. Carlson

Paul and Roberta Essling*

Doyle and Donna Hardie*

Kenneth and Barbara Kampshoff*

Mary Carol Madej


Parents and Friends

Patricia Mages*

Maurice W. McGrath*

June Patrin*

Robert R. and Mary C. Roth*

Mary Sullivan*

Ann Mailander

Eleanor McHale*

Alvin and Joan Patton*

Jeff and Linda Rotschafer*

Eris Super*

Linda and Daniel Marrin*

James McKeown and Robin Rusconi

John and Julia del Carme Peacher*

John F. and Eunice Ruff

James and Janet Suter*

Dennis D. and Carol Martin

James McMahon*

Benjamin and Kathleen Pease*

Gerald and Karen Ruis*

Jerry and Terri Swan*

Kevin and Sue Martin*

Julia Meech

Daniel and Barbara Pederson*

Michael and Mary Ann Russo*

Joan Swanson*

Dr. Lawrence T. and Claire Martin

Ted and Cindy Menzel*

George and Mary Peichel*

Lyle Rustad

John and Michaeleen Swanson*

Peter and Francine Martin*

Rev. Daniel J. Merz

Paulette Pepin

Dr. Norman and Patricia Rustad*

Michaeleen M. and John Swanson*

Larry and Melanie Mastellar*

Erik and Paula Metling*

John and Rose Perra*

Joan and Roy Ruzika

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore N. Swanson

Harriett Mathews

David A. and Lynn Meyer

Jennie Peternell*

Robert J. Rynders*

Howard E. and Margaret Sweeney*

Thomas and Mary Mathews*

Gerald N. and Kathleen Meyer*

Eldon and Barbara Peterson*

Mark and Mary Saladin*

David and Cheryl Swenson*

Elizabeth J. Mathias*

Martha M. Meyer*

Kristin E. Peterson

Don and Jane Saliers

Drs. Jan H. and Mary A. Tanghe*

Donald E. and Gerri Mayew*

Vernon P. Meyer

Richard and Kathleen Peterson*

Helen M. Sames*

Mary Tavis*

Mark and Katie McCartan

Bill and Sharon Michailidis*

Rosemary Peterson*

Stephen and Lynn Sandquist*

Rita Templeman*

Joseph M. and Lynn McCarthy*

Michael and Lisa Miest*

Robert and Ann Petrzelka*

Kayla Saunders*

Jerry and Janice Terrell*

Margaret McCarthy and Timothy Brown

Drs. Tim G. and Mary Zitur Miley

David and Robyn Pfarr

Troy and Jeannette Saunders*

Josephine Terwey*

Mike McClure*

Glenn and Beth Miller

Robert and Helen Pfefferle*

Fredrick Schilling and Debra Hamilton*

Elizabeth C. Teviotdale

Erika McCreedy*

Harvey and Ida Miller*

Ruth Pflipsen

Leona Schleper*

Nancy A. and Robert G. Thompson

Charles and Mary Jo McCullough*

Paul and Tamra Milligan*

Dr. David and Charlotte Philp*

John A. and Margaret Schmidt*

Oliver and Mary Thompson*

Terence and Jane McElroy*

Wesley and Robin Millis*

Donn and Kathleen Piatt*

Joseph P. Schmidt

Carol Tillman*

Russell and Belinda McGinty*

John and Kathryn Miranda*

Robert and Mary Pierce*

Brian and Catherine Schmucker

Orton R. and Karen Tofte

Francis and Virginia McGoldrick*

Herbert F. and Betty Mischke*

James and Nancy Piggush*

Janet Schnabel*

Dr. Hana Tomasek and Danelle Ronn

Michael and Ann McGovern*

Kay J. Mitchell*

Marlene Plantenberg*

Frank† and Freda† Schochet

James D. Tracy and Suzanne K. Swan

Thomas and Mary McGovern

Jerry and Carolee Mock

Dominic and Jean Plucinski*

Jane Schoenecker*

Michael and Theresa Tracy*

Steven and Rachael Mock*

Bernard and Mary Ann Poepping*

Mr. R. J. Schork

David A. Traill

Timothy and Marianne Moe

Prof. Emil J. Polak

Walter J. Schuiling*

Lawrence A. Trobec*

Robert J. and Sharon Moeller*

Gary and Charlene Pomerleau*

Diane Schulte*

Thomas and Laurie Ufnowski*

Founders Society

John and Adelaide Mohs*

Nancy L. Powell

Beth S. Schultheis*

Stephen and Gayle Van Ess

Wimmer Founders

William Moldestad*

Kenneth and Lorraine Pumper*

Robert H. Schumacher

Dolores M. Van Orsow*

$5 million or more

Steve and Jennifer Molenaar

William E. Quick*

Beverly Schwarz*

Dr. Johanna Van Winter

di Marogna Founders

Lawrence and LaVonne Moorse*

Mary J. and William† Quinn*

Kirby and Kathleen Schwarzkopf*

Teresa Vanselow*

$1 million - $4,999,999

Pamela J. Moroder

Richard and Lorna Rademacher*

George and Terri Seck*

Nancy Vaughan*

Wittmann Founders

Margaret Morrison*

Laverne Rahming*

Patricia Seitz*

Dr. Steven and Joan Vincent*

$500,000 - $999,999

Kenneth and Joanne Mosier*

Donna C. Rajkowski*

David and Patricia Serreyn

Elaine Vogel*

Riss Founders

Martinella Muggli*

Donald and Snowell Raleigh*

Norman and Mary Ann Setnicker*

Kenneth and Jane Vohs*

$250,000 - $499,999

Jack Muhar*

Vivian and Subbiah Ramalingam

Hiroko T. and John Shade

Kristin Vonnegut and Tom Huffman

Muckenthaler Founders

James and Barbara Mulrooney*

Leela Rao*

Mary R. Shaw-Wilson*

Dr. Richard and Bernal Wagner

$100,000 - $249,999

Prof. Charles E. Murgia

Chris Rasmussen

Daniel and Lorretta Shea*

Mary L. Walker

Greil Founders

Timothy and Sheila Murphy*

Alfred and Nancy Rausch*

Peter and Kelly Shelquist*

Katherine Wallace

$50,000 - $99,999

Ann G. Murray*

Joseph and Susan Reeve*

Dr. Charles R. Shrader

Harry M. Walsh

Daniel and June Murray

Lynn and Beth Reeve*

Barbara Sidders*

Mark and Elizabeth Wanning*

Louis M. and Elenne Najarian

Dr. James and Mary Regan*

Marian D. Simon*

Bernice Ward*

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Roger D. and Bonnie Neeser*

Steve Regnier*

Doris Simonett*

Diane Weber*

Annual Giving

Barbara Nelson*

Mark and Sonia Rego

Rev. Michael Slusser

James and Paula Weinzettel

Don Talafous Fellows

Jeanne M. Nelson*

Matt and Theresa Reichert

Florence Smid

Douglas and Mary Beth Weldon*

$25,000 or more

Sandra Nelson

Thomas and Judith Reichert

Brian A. Smith

Carol M. Welle*

Donald LeMay Fellows

Joseph and Anne Nezworski*

Prof. Bernard and Margaret Reilly

Bruce and Laura Smith

Dennis and Linda Welle*

$10,000 - $24,999

Michael and Judith Noonan

Byron and Lellie Rhodes*

Rev. Christopher Smith and Mary Lund

Raymond J. and Joan Welsh*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Dr. Michael and Janis Norton

Dr. Nelson L. and Patricia Rhodus*

Eileen Smith

James R. and Carole Wentz*

$5,000 - $9,999

Halbert and Bonnie Notermann*

Jan L. Richardson

Phillip and Mary Sneve*

Jerome and Martha Wilczyk*

Martin Schirber Fellows

Most Rev. Edwin F. O’Brien

Joseph D. Richey*

Bruce and Gloria Soma*

E. Keith and Jean Wilkinson*

$2,500 - $4,999

Thomas and Margaret O’Grady*

Robin Rieper

Robert and Beatrice T. Somerville

Renee Willenbring

Walter Reger Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas O’Reilly*

Jean Rittmueller

Eileen Spaniol*

Kevin W. Winneroski

$1,000 - $2,499

Jerry and Nancy Obritsch*

Mary E. Rivett

John and Julianne Spanjers*

Carl L. and Karen Winstead

Regent’s Level

Daniel and Sheryle Ohme

Nathaniel and Linda Robbins*

Steve and Jean Sperl*

Richard J. and Colleen Witt*

$500 - $999

Dr. John and Lois Olinger*

Susan and Gary Robinson*

John F. and Jeanine Spies*

Patricia Wolesky*

Young Fellows

Jo Ann Olson

Gertrude O. Rocheford*

Maria Spilos*

David and Mary Woodward*


Ronald J. and Michele Olson*

Charles E. Roemer*

Dean and Susan Stanton*

Richard and Katharine Workman*

President’s Level

Linda and David Orzechowski

Carole Rog*

Paul Stein*

William E. Wright

$250 - $499

Doug and Judy Osland*

Barbara and John† Rogan*

Ramona and Thomas J.† Steinke*

Paul and Candace Wuebben*

Dean’s Level

Maureen T. Houlihan Otremba and

Larry and Pamela Rogers*

Catherine Stepanek

James P. and Melissa Yakura

Peter M. Rogers*

Mark and Thea Stockinger*

Chester and Sandra Yanik*

Donor Key

Benedictine Legacy Society

$100 - $249

James C. Otremba*

Faithful Donor

Joe and Denise Otterstetter*

Roger and Janice Rohne*

John F. and Phyllis P. Stone*

Sheryl Yassin

Up to $99

Evelyn A. Pallas*

Alan and Paula Roiger*

Jack and Sue Stoner*

Helen E. Zabel

Dennis and Kathleen Parker*

Mr. and Mrs. Jose E. Rossi*

Anne Studer*

Patricia K. Zapp*

Charles T. Parks, Jr.

Joseph A. Rossini

John and Patricia Sullivan*

Kathleen Zassick and Eric Angyal

† deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey


Parents and Friends

Bernard Zeisel*†

John J. and Mary Beckmann*

Caitlin Brutger

Dr. Michael Contardo

Christopher L. Duffy

Larry E. Zins*

Daniel and Patricia Beddow*

Jerry and Leona Brutger

Stephen and Phyllis Convery

Bradley and Susan Dumm*

Michael and Sheralyn Zlonis

Judy Bednar*

Sandra J. Brutger

Sam and Phyllis Cook*

James and Carol Dunlay*

Faithful Donors

Mary Tolley Bedor*

Carl and Diane Bublitz

Bryce Cooper

Michael and Maureen Dunne*

Anonymous (2)

James and Maribeth Bedtke*

Mark and April Buchanan

Sandra and Thomas Cordie

G. R. Durenberger

Howard Abbott, Jr.*

John B. and Carol Matt Beirne*

Allen and Karen Buchert*

Hugh J. and Jacquelone Cosgrove

Consuelo and Dennis Dutschke

Lois Abbott*

Steven and Julie Bell*

Charles and Leah Budde*

Sarah J. Cosgrove

Gordon and Shannon Dvorak*

Gary and Ann-Marie Ablan*

John E. and Barbara Bellair*

Richard Bullock

Joan Courchane*

Corinne Dwyer

Michael and Sandra Aebly*

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Belland*

Anna Burgason

Michael and Mary Court*

Gerald and Lisa Dwyer*

Steven and Patricia Ahlschlager*

Josie Belter

William A. Burggraff*

Frank and Marie Couture*

Joseph H. and Deborah Dyer

Dr. Edwin Albrecht*

Hermilo and Isaura Beltran*

Earl and Evelyn Burk*

John and Kathleen Coval*

Daniel and Regina Dykhoff*

Dr. Joseph and Esther Alexanian

Howard and Pauline Bennett*

Dr. Robert W. and Rose Mary Burke*

Douglas C. Covert*

Janet Dysthe*

Anjanette and Dan Allard

Thomas T. and Rita L. Bennett*

Timothy and Kathryn Burkhardt*

David and Raeanna Covington*

Paul Ebnet and Jean Januschka Ebnet*

Daniel and Marcia Allen*

Alan and Lorri Benney*

Kelly and Edith Burlingame*

Dorothy Coy*

Jacqueline Edberg*

Rita B. Allen

Paul and Ann Berendes*

Douglas and Debra Burns*

Renate C. Craine-Sutterlin*

Bruce and Jean Edel*

Sheila Allen*

Patricia Berling*

Charles and Barbara Busker*

Nate and Maggie Crowe

Paul and Katherine Edelbrock*

Thomas and Mary Allinder*

Mark and Paulette Berndt*

Thomas and Cynthia Busse*

Daniel and Sandra Crowley*

Michael P. Eder

Mark and Catherine Almer*

Charlotte Berres

Robert and Zenia Butler*

Michael and Kristi Crowley*

Charles and Patricia Edstrom*

Loreto and Mary Alonzi*

Mary Berry*

John and Karen Buytaert*

Richard R. and Florence Crowley*

James R. and Ann Egan*

Robert and Norma Alpers*

Michael and Jeanne Besemann*

Marco and Cynthia Calabrese*

William J. and Mary Culbertson

Richard and Lucienne Egan

Gary and Steph Altfillisch*

Joan Bestgen*

Ralph and Diane Calabria*

Donn and Valerie Cunningham*

Ellory Eggermont

Jane E. Amble*

Paul and Tanya Bielejeski

Mary K. Camber

Donna Curry*

Diane M. Ehr and Jared Culbertson

Donald and Therese Andersen*

Paul L. and Lynne Billings

Francis and Mary Lou Campbell*

Stephen G. Daitz

Duane and Sandy Ehresmann*

Eric and Louella Anderson*

Annette Binder

John and Linda Campbell*

Randall and Judith Dallman*

Bruce and Tracee Eidenschink*

Gerald and M. Patricia Anderson*

Alison and Matthew Binsfeld

C. Patrick and Marlene Cannon*

Robert and Janet Daly

Leonette Eikens*

Kathleen Anderson*

Carmen Birk*

Dr. Amelia J. Carr

Dennis and Kathleen Danielson*

Gary and Susan Eisenman*

Michael and Barbara Anderson*

Leland and Helen Blair*

Richard and Joan Carr*

Jerry Danzl

Eugene and Dottie Eisenschenk*

Natalie A. Anderson*

Dr. William P. and Ann Blaisdell*

Peggy Carroll*

Susanne Daood*

Ruth Eisenzimmer*†

Renee Anderson*

Paul Blanco*

Chris and Catherine Carson*

Kevin and Susan Davis

Laura A. Eiynk and Steve Jacques

Russell and Anna Mae Anderson*

Dale and Judy Blommel

David L. and Sandra Carson

James K. Day

Keith and Jean Elfering*

Scott and Mary Anderson*

George and Virginia Bockwinkel*

Richard L. and Gayl Carson

Doug and Pam DeGeest

Susan K. Eliason

Thomas and Darlene Anderson*

Maurice and Jean Boeding*

Abbey Carver

Julio G. and Mary DeLaRosa*

Daniel and Norma Ellering*

Carly Andresen

Shirley C. Boeser*

Irene G. Casey*

Leo J. and Dolly DeSouzo

Steve and Sheila Ellingboe*

James F. and Maxine Antoine*

Frederick and Debra Bohl*

Gerald and Marcia Casper

Thomas and Linda DeWitt*

Eileen Elsen*

Roland and Joni Armstrong*

Jane M. Bonynge*

Dwayne and Mary Cates*

Jeanna Dean

Lois Elskamp*

Bernard and Julie Arseneau*

Chris Borgert

Gary and Ellen Cerra*

Brad and Diane Deering*

Richard A. and Louise Eltgroth*

Victoria Lynn Ashbrook

Monica Bossenmaier*

Shane and Laura Chambers*

Douglas and Michelle Dehmer*

Priscilla Elwell

Katherine N. Asproth

John and Mary Boston*

Steve and Sharon Chandler*

Darwin D. Demeny

Mary Ann Emanuelson*

Debra Averbeck and Joost de Hoog*

Alice Bot*

Jon and Mary Charlesworth*

Daniel and Patricia Derouin*

William S. and Kathleen Encell*

John and Sue Babcock*

Susan Bowe*

William R. and Maria Charlesworth

Lucien A. and Genoa Desalvo*

Jeffrey and Patricia Engelsgjerd*

George and Violet Baboila*

Carolyn Bowie

Art Cheney*

Mario and Christine Desouza

Daniel and Cynthia Enke*

Michael C. and Mary Baccoli

William T. Bowler*

David and Kathleen Chesness*

Deedra L. and Andrew Deuhs

Patrick L. and RoseMary Enslin*

David and Kristine Bach*

Victor and Mary Bowman*

Mary Ann Chladek*

Richard and Debra Deutz*

Lindsey Envall

Melissa Bach

Michael J. and Ethel† Boyle*

Douglas R. Christensen

Maria and Jose Diaz*

Terry and Karlyn Etheridge*

Robert and Janice Bach*

Thomas and Bonnie Boys*

Katherine Christensen

Randy and Jane Dick*

Joseph and Jean Etten*

Roger and Melanie Bachmeier*

Peter and Belle Brandenburger*

Joseph and Lynn Cicchese*

Michele Didier*

Preston and Linda Euerle*

David and Susan Backes*

Loren and Jane Brandt*

Gerald and Mary Claeys*

Richard and Geralyn Dietz

Kelly Cathleen Evans

Ted and Marlys Baebenroth*

John and Wanda Breimhorst*

Thomas and Linda Clancy*

Carol Dillon

Robert and Jane Evans*

Ronald and MaryAnn Baenninger

William and Raynee Bretherton*

Grant and Joyce Clavelle*

Robert and Mary Dimke*

JoAnn Evenson

Mark and Lisa Bailey*

Marshall Brewer and Debra Gold

Joseph and Audrey Cleary*

David and Caroline Dittberner

Richard and Cindy Eversman*

Thomas and Janet Baker

John J. and Elaine Brewers*

Ronald M. and Susan Cleveland*

Terry Dokman

Bill and Jean Fahrney

Dr. William and Eleanor Baldus*

Donald and Helen Breyen*

Thomas and Mary Jo Cobb*

Hannah Dolan

Curtis and Suzanne Fairchild*

Jon and Jane Baltes*

Catherine Briese*

Marc Cohen

Ervin and Marcy Dold*

Nicholas and Rose Falco

Elvi Bankey

Dennis and Kathy Brix*

David and Beverly Collins*

Jim and Liola Dold

James and Mary Louise Fandrich*

Dennis P. and Jerrice Barrett

Del Brobst

Pascale Collins

Joseph and Mary Doll*

Eugene and Annette Farrell*

Pete and Joy Barrett

Ronald W. Broekmeier

Winnie and Tom Collins

Charles and Julie Donaldson*

Thomas and Laurianne Farrell*

Robert and Beverly Barrett*

Grace Brogan and John Kamman

Mark and Linda Colman*

Thomas and Linda Dooher*

Gary and Cynthia Fasching*

Jeff and Linda Barrick*

Raymond and Margery Brown

Edward and Maria Colosky*

Alex Dorsey*

Elizabeth and Andrew Fazendin

Craig and Amy Barth*

Raymond and Nora Bruce*

Jodi Colton

Patricia Doyle*

Alan and Valerie Ferche*

John and Kim Bartholomew*

Joseph T. Brudney*

John J. and Virginia Condon*

Sara Doyle

Catherine Feyerherm

John and Linda Bavier*

William and Jennifer Bruening*

Thomas and Margaret Condon*

Kari Dresow

John Ficklin*

Richard J. and Sharon Beach*

John and Judy Brula*

Rev. Anthony M. Coniaris

Dr. George and JoAnne Droubie

Basil and Lidia Filonowich

Paul and Sharon Beaudry*

Andrew and Brandie Brummer

James D. Conley

Ken Dudek and Janet Reuter*

Lance Filter

Rose Dunbar Beavers*

Mary Bruno

Mary Connell*

Richard and Joy Duellman*

Bud and Jo Fink*

Marguerite M. Becker

Shirley E. Brusseau*

Anthony and Susan Connelly*

Ann L. Duffy

Donald and Anita Fischer


Parents and Friends

Don and Virginia Fisher*

John and Shelly Gooley*

Bill Hatling

Marlys Huebsch*

John and Elizabeth Kannas*

Jerome and Beth Flaherty*

Jana Graczyk

Joe and Marie Hauser*

John and Diane Hughes

Sophia Kapoor

Alan and Patty Fleischacker*

James G. and Patricia Graen*

Garry R. and Marjorie W. Hawkins*

Mary Benton Hummel

Michael G. and Jill Karel

Richard H. Fleming*â€

Arlan and Karla Grages*

Michael and Mary Kay Healy*

Dr. Kai K. and Myrna Hunt*

Paul and Angela Karel

John and Marlene Flenner*

Barbara Graham

Michael and Janet Healy*

Robert and Diane Huot*

Richard and Elizabeth Karel

Kevin and Judy Flicker

Steven and Constance Grausam*

Douglas and Julia Heck*

Robert Hurley and Chantal Tanguay*

Ronald and Margaret Karel

Margaret Fling and William Rolandelli*

Eleanor Gray

Kathleen E. Heck

Kenneth and Linda Hutchins*

Terrill and Joanne Katz*

Gerald T. Flom

James and Kathleen Green*

Scott Hedlund*

Diane Illies*

Natalie R. Keane

Thomas and Pamela Flood*

Thomas and Donna Gregory*

Wallace and Judy Hedlund*

David and Janice Imes*

Charles M. and Ellen Kearns

Danielle Fluke

Todd and Barbara Greguson*

Jessica Heim

Todd M. Irvine

Dwight and Renee Keene*

Jeanette Flynn*

John Grether and Mag Patridge

Gregory and Patricia Heimann*

Stanley A. Iverson

Stanley Keillor and Katherine Gornick*

Mrs. Roxanne Flynn*

Dan and Evelyn Griffith

Dennis and Jacquelyn Heinen*

Don and Cheri Jacobs*

James and Suzanne Kelleher

John E. and Linda Fodstad*

Todd and Jenny Grill*

Kent and Joan Heitkamp*

Kurt M. Jacobson*

Kevin and Sara Keller*

Raymond and Gloria Ford*

Maureen M. Gromley

Judson and Tracy Heitner*

Noel and Kathryn Jacobson*

Courtney A. Kelley

Patricia Forster*

Richard and Pamela Gronbeck*

John and Joanne Heller

Robert and Jennifer Jacobson*

Mary E. Kelly

Sydney and Connie Forster*

Peggy E. Gross*

Mary A. Heller

Wayne and Kathy Jacobson*

Thomas and Anna Maria Kelly*

Deborah Forstner

Rodney and Charleen Grossman*

Robert and Colleen Helms*

James and Mary Jo Jadwin*

Thomas R. and Mary Teresa Kelly*

Prentiss and Joyce Foster

Carol and Jeff Groth

James and Barbara Hemmesch*

Dr. Dwight and Audrey Jaeger*

Todd and Cynthia Kelsey*

Dave Fox

Darren and Pamela Groth*

Frank and Lou Heng*

Norman and Beth Jagger*

Keith and Cindy Kendall

Craig and Diane Francois*

Anne H. Groton

Stanley R. Henkel*

Jennifer Jakobek*

Thomas and Veronica Kennealy*

Mike and Terri Franklin

George G. and Eleanor Grudnowski*

Scott Henkemeyer

Janet M. Janicke*

Frank Kennedy

Agatha Franta*

Pat Guggenberger

Roger and Bonnie Hennis*

Michael and Kathrine Janku*

Terence J. and Patricia Kennedy*

James and Nancy Freeman*

Delores Guldan*

James and Patricia Henry

Bruce and Carol Jansky*

Jerome L. and Alice Kern*

John and Judy Friesen*

Stephen and Sheila Gutmann*

Patrick Henry

William and Ronita Janssen*

Michael and Stacia Kettner*

Jerome and Lynne Frigaard*

Rick and Susan Guzik*

Donald and Carol Hepler*

Duke and Lori Jarnot*

Kevin and Michele Kielsa*

Jerry and Toni Fritsch*

Mary Haag

Cassie and Gerard Herbst

Joseph Jastrzembski*

Donald and Mary Anne Kieser*

H. Timothy and Marilyn Fritz*

Susanne I. Haas

Duane and Bette Herbst*

Gary R. and Linda Jaworski

Jack and LaDonna Kiesner*

Thomas and Nancy Froehling

Mary Ann Hackert*

Paul and Susan Herby*

Katie Lynn Jedlicka

John D. Kiffmeyer

Erik M. and Aby Froiland

Charles and Elizabeth Hadley*

Nancy Hergott*

Marilyn Jensen

Timothy and Kathryn Kiminski*

David and Sally Frost

Harry and Donna Haefner*

Dennis and Ann Herold*

Gary and Joyce Jerabek*

Mark King*

Marilyn Fuchs

Leroy C. and Lois Hagel*

Joyce and Raymond†Hertaus*

Don R. and Marcia Jerdee*

John and Artemis Kirk

Andy and Gail Fulton*

Steven and Cynthia Hagen*

Annamary Herther*

Steven and Angela Jesme*

Steven J. and Ruth Kirsch

Joseph E. Furman

Rosemary Hagerott*

Brian Hessing and Cheryl Hessing-Ries*

Elizabeth A. and Theodore Jessen

Ronald and Julie Kirscht*

Patrick and Cecelia Fury*

Donna Haggerty*

Gregory and Katherine Hickman*

Antonio C. and Sarah Jimenez

Debra and Robert Kitt*

Bruce and Alice Gaarder

Joanne Hagstrom*

Gerald and Mary Hicks*

Andrew and Jane Jirik*

Abbey Klassen

Dr. John R. and Patricia Gaertner*

Jessica R. Haider

Matt and Sheila Higgins*

Bonnie Johannes

Robert and Rita Klassen

Ralph and Carol Gaffaney*

Daniel and Kathryn Hainlin*

Milton H. and Jean Hilbrecht*

Daniel and Judith Johannes

Richard and Janice Klaverkamp*

Margaret Gagnon-Pollard*

David and Corinne Hall

Pastor Steve and Leilin Hilde*

Courtney John

Janice Klein*

Donald J. and Erna Gallagher*

Jennifer R. Hall

Robert and Dana Hillesheim*

Alan and Cynthia Johnson*

Richard and Karen Klein*

Hugh M. Gallagher

La June R. Hall*

James P. and Patricia Hinton

Brian and Janelle Johnson*

Teresa Klein*

Thomas J. and Dorothy Gallagher*

Darnell and Mary Halverson*

Loren and Alice Hjelle*

Brom and Barb Johnson*

Thomas and Cynthia Kleinendorst*

Robert D. and Maureen Gallaher*

Gordon and Marjorie Hamak*

Adam G. Hjelm

Clifford G. and Betty Johnson

Shawn and Christine Klimpel

Robert and Linda Gander*

Mary J. Hammond

George and Dorothy Hnath*

Kenneth and Sheila Johnson*

Sandy and Randy Klocker

Stephen and Mary Jo Gassner*

Sookie Hammond

Dale and Colleen Hocking*

Kristin Johnson*

Darrell and Darlene Kloeppner*

Glenn R. Gaster*

Fredric Hanauer and Loretta Draths*

Jane and Stephen Hoese*

Larry and Letitia Johnson*

Jane Kloskowski

Steven and Dianne Gatz*

J. Bradley and Gayle Hanes*

Karen and Jim Hoff*

Mark and Joan Johnson*

Patricia and Harold Knecht

Francis and Kathleen Geis*

Edward and Norah Hanlon*

Lorilyn Hoglund*

Michael and Susan Johnson

Daniel Kneip

Richard and Gwen Geisenhof*

Dr. Hugh J. Hanlon*

Joseph V. and Lois M. Holland*

Mitchell and Amy Johnson*

Cliff and Teresa Knier*

Edward and Darcie Gergen*

Leslie Hanlon

Jay and Lisa Hollenback*

Patricia Johnson*

Troy A. and Jennifer Knight

Charles and Janice Geris*

Kathleen Hanowski*

Patrick and Deanne Hollermann*

Richard and Mary Johnson*

Joel and Heidi Knofczynski*

Jackie and Gary Gertken*

Richard and Kathryn Hansen*

James and Jayne Holm*

Sam Johnson

Kyra Knoff

Janet Gervais*

David and Charlotte Hanson*

Michael and Mary Holmgren*

Lawrence E. and Mary Johnston*

Tim and Barbara Kodet*

Judy Gessner*

Jamie Hanson

Kim and Robin Holt

Keith and Christine Jones*

Kenneth and Gail Kohler*

Edwin and Kathleen Ghostley*

Richard and Kathleen Hanson*

Janice Holth*

Roger and Peggy Jones*

Stanley and Anne Koich*

Mary Jo Gibbons*

Elizabeth Hanzlik

Don J. and Jeanne Hoodecheck

William and Julia Jones*

John and Linda Kolb

Gary and Nona Gibson*

Ralph and Carol Harlander

Mary Hoppe

L. Ann Jordan

Steven and Beverly Kolb*

Lawrence Gibson

John and Patricia Harren*

Emily L. Horner*

Peter Jordt

Bernard and Carol Koopmeiners*

Laurence and Mary Gillette*

Robert G. and Mary Lou Harris*

George and Patsy Hough*

Jerry and Mary Josephson*

Mary Korman*

Guy and Donna Gilmore*

Sally S. and Paul Harris

Beth House

John and Carol Joslin

Jeffrey Koshiol

Timothy and Judith Giuliani*

Sarah K. Harter

Patricia L. Houston

Rose M. Jost*

Mark and Almaz Kowal*

Thomas and Diana Gliadon*

Nora Hartley

Thomas and Antoinette Hovel*

Walter R. Jost and Ellie Brenny

Ruth Kraemer

Joseph and Susan Gnoza*

Robert and Mary Jo Hartnett*

Mary Ellen Howard*

John H. and Jeanne Jungbauer*

Dr. Robert A. Kraft

Mary Goblirsch*

Carolyn G. Hartz

Peter and Gladys Howell

Stephen and Susan Kady*

Roger and Mary Krause*

Michelle Gohl

Anthony J. and Nancy Haske*

Jerrold Hromatka and Catherine Schoener*

Corene Kain*

Rev. Michael Krejci*

John and Marleen Gomes*

Wilbur A. and Sarah Hass

Helen Hu

Shirley Kaiser*

Duane W. Krohnke


Parents and Friends

John and Susan Kroll

Gretchen Mach

Craig and Kathleen Miller*

Lawrence and Mary Nolan*

Carrol and Dolores Pederson*

Carol Krueger

Maxine Macioch*

Curtis and Camille Miller*

Kevin and Lynn Norby*

Marilyn Peitso and Peder Hegland

Dorothy Krueger*

Parent of Alumni*

Shaughnessy M. Miller

Mette Maj Norddahl Kirsch

Joseph Pekerna and Mary Pekarna*

Karen M. Kudrna

Rakesh and Seema Mahindru*

Van and Tori Miller*

Marie L. Notermann*

Jerry and Ruth Peltier

Margaret R. Kuduk*

Arnold J. and Yvette Maijala*

Craig and Marilyn Millhollin*

John J. and Audrey M. Novak*

Jamie and Jodi Pelzel

Mary and Ellen Kuhfeld

Thomas and Denise Maitrejean*

Geraldine Mock

Margaret Novakoske*

Duane and Helen Pemrick*

Emmett and Patricia Kuklock*

Abelardo and Lita Malicsi*

Linda and Bill Mock

Chris Nowak

Joseph and Marcia Penaz*

Victor and Mildred Kurpiers*

Kirk and Mary Malnor*

David and Cindy Moldan

James and Jean Nowak*

Ken and Linda Perrington

Craig and Sue Kuske*

Geraldine A. and Walter† Mandel*

Melvin and Deborah Moldan*

Mark and Lea Nowak*

Douglas and Colleen Perry*

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kuznia*

Paul and Lisa Mandell

John and Marcia Moline*

Mary V. and Steve Nowakowski

Richard and Sheryl Petersburg*

James and Lynn Kvidt*

Erica Manternach

Bart and Barbara Mollet*

Dan and Lisa O’Brien*

Sheryl Petersburg*

Michael and Christina LaFleur

Joan L. Marotzke*

Norma J. and Thomas Monson*

Elaine M. O’Brien*

Gwen Petersen*

Rose LaVelle*

Gerald and Therese Marquette*

Steve and Laura Montray*

Tom and Therese O’Brien*

James and Ann Peterson*

Stephen and Janette LaVoy*

Fred and Jean Marschall*

Wilhelmina Moos

Brian and Patricia O’Connell*

James and Sharon Peterson*

Dwight and Karen Lahti*

William and Catherine Marsella

Roger A. and Rose Moran

Jerome and Theresia O’Connell*

Lucille Peterson*

Arthur and LaVerne† Laliberte*

Gregory Massey*

Daniel and Cinthia Mord*

Alecea R. O’Connor

Michael and Patricia Peterson*

Marieanne Lambert*

Bruce and Lorinda Mathwig*

Patrick and Linda Moriarty*

Mary K. O’Connor*

P. Jane Petrie*

Dorothy E. Lamberton

William and Lorri Mattes*

John and Doris Morris*

Mike and Sue O’Hara

Suzanne Peyton

William J. Lamberts

Paul and Susan Maxbauer*

Amy and Tim Mortenson*

Miriam O’Hare

Loretta Pfannenstein*

Dennis and Karen Lamecker*

Bernadine and Ronald May*

Michael C. and Bonnie Moschkau*

Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe

Dr. Joanne H. Phillips

Douglas and Nancy Lane*

Gaylord and Mary May*

Kevin and Jean Motschke*

John and Jessica O’Reilly

Archie and Margaret Pickerign*

F. James and Carol M. Lang*

Glenn and Patricia Mayer*

James W. Moudry and Carole Kastigar

Malcolm and Mary O’Sullivan*

Thomas and Ellen Piersma*

Gerald and Cheryl Langsweirdt*

Richard and Colleen McCabe*

Betty Moynagh*

Daniel and Julie Oachs*

Keith and Mary Pietsch*

Thomas and Sandy Lanz*

Kevin and Laureen McCalib*

Gerald L. and Elizabeth Mruz

Robert and Mary Ann Ober

John and Debra Pikus*

Benedict and Dianne Lapos*

Michael and Elaine McCauley*

Jeremy Mucheel

Charles Obler and Lori Vikesland Obler*

Gary and Laura Pipenhagen

James B. Larkin

Adam and Wendy McCollum

Ramona Mueller Steele*

Larry and Karen Oelfke*

Timothy and Linda Pittman*

James and Glenda Larkin*

Jay and Stephanie McCoy*

Kimberly Muellner

Dr. Sherman and Kathleen Ogle*

Kenneth and Marian Pitz*

Michael and Emalie Larkin*

Wade and Kari McCoy*

Jon L. and Grace Muggli*

Diana Olds-Overton*

Brad Plank

Richard J. and Mary Lou Larkin*

Patrick L. McDowall

Pat and Catherine Mulligan

Renae Olimb*

Richard and Virginia Plastino

David and Sheryl Larsen*

Kerry and Nora McGrain

Robert T. and Jean Muntifering*

Peter J. and Bonnie Olin

Jeanne M. Plonski*

David A. Larson*

Rolland and Rosemary McGraw*

James and Linda Murphy*

Jerry and Barb Olsen*

Edward and Kathleen Ploof

Mary Latterell*

Denis and Stephanie McGuinness

Mary Murphy*

Philip and Victoria Olsen*

Patricia E. Podesta

Jean Lavigne

Nora McGuire*

Patricia Murphy

David and JoAnn Olson*

Roger and Joyce Poganski*

Joyce Lawrence*

Paul and Kathleen McHugh*

William and Darlene Murphy*

Dennis and Gayla Olson*

Jennifer Poliseno

Richard and Louise LeSavage*

Montgomery and Ann McKay*

Raymond and Sonya Murray*

Gloria and Ray Olson

Jenna Pollard

Joseph and Rosemary LeTendre*

Margaret M. McLaughlin*

Richard R. and Dorothy Murray*

Greg and Kim Olson*

William and Cynthia Poole*

Patrick and Devonne Lee*

Kerry and Wendy McLean*

Lois Musikov*

James and Sheryl Olson*

Kenneth and Sandra Porten*

Steve and Cindy Lefever*

Robert and Pam McLellan*

Connie Myers*

Jayson Olson

Michael and Beverly Prawalsky*

Clarence Legatt

Alexander and Kathleen McMillan*

George and Ina Myers*

Thomas and Ann Olson*

William and Deanna Preiss*

Carol B. Lehman

Alice L. McPherson*

Mark and Ann Myers*

Mary H. Magee Onofrietto, Ph.D.

Sheila F. Price

Richard C. and Nancy Lehn*

Francis Peter and Teresa McQuillan*

Arne Myrabo

Russell E. Oorlog

Hele Prill

Rosalie Leiner

Cyndy McRae

Joseph and Janet Nauman*

Terrance and Arliss Opatz*

Peter and Catherine Prindle*

Todd D. Lemke

James and Catherine McTiernan*

Barry and Vicki Neal*

Maureen and Michael Opitz

Edwin and Clementine Privratsky*

Nancy A. Lenczewski*

Michael and Julia McVaugh

F. Donald and Ida Neary*

Gregg and Sara Origer*

Frederick and Patricia Prom*

James and Jayme Levandoski*

Steve and Mary Means*

David and Nancy Nechas*

Ganard and Florence Orionzi

Jerald and Patricia Prostrollo*

Anne Lewis*

Dr. John K. and Pat Meinert

Prof. Carol Neel and John Horner

Daniel and Kathleen Orth*

Michael and Krista Proulx*

Norma J. Licht*

Rachel Melis and Tor Janson

Mary Neidermeier*

Thomas and Vicki Ortlieb*

Arthur and Anne Przybilla

Waldemar and Philippa Lindquist*

Everett and Margaret Melvin*

Jeffrey and Lori Neitzke*

Jack and Dorothy Orts*

Kathleen Pusch*

Dorothy Liszka-Vowles

Steven and Mary Menden*

Mark and Jeanne Nelsen*

Barbara Orzechowski

Mary A. Puza*

Eric and Stephanie Lloyd*

Alice Menning*

David P. and Sandra Nelson*

Thomas and Beverly Osiecki

James and Beverly Quast*

David and Deanne Longren

Kerry E. and Barbara Mergen

Michael Keeler and Lynn Nelson*

Douglas and Grace Ostien*

Paul and Mary Quin*

Mark Loso*

Alida Merrill*

Margaret Nelson*

Steven and Karen Ostovich

Hugh Quinn and Brenda Scott*

Daniel and Sandra Lotzer*

Robert and Bonnie Merritt*

Roy and Marilyn Nelson*

David J. Ouse*

John and Patricia Radabaugh*

Thomas and Patricia Lotzer*

Sara Meslow and Paul Vahle

Scott and Lisa Nelson*

John and Beverly Overman*

Mark Rademacher*

Peggy Louis

Ben P. and Ann Meuwissen*

John B. and Kathleen Nett*

Diane Pahl*

Rita Rademacher*

Mark and Darla Lowell*

Charles and Barbara Meyer*

Dean and Sue Neumann*

Walt and Arlene Palmer*

Johns and Kathleen Raible*

Roderic and Elizabeth Lubner*

Kenneth and Patricia Meyer*

Ellen C. Newkirk

Jack and Bonnie Palmquist*

Gene and Audrey Raiche*

Arthur A. Lucast

Susan Meyer

Gary and JoAnne Newman*

Mary Pluth Palmquist*

Eleanor D. Raidt

Genevieve Ludowese*

David and Catherine Meyers

Elaine M. and Thomas Newton

Mag Patridge and John Grether

Catha G. Rambusch

Paul M. and Patricia Ludwig

Robert G. and Kathryn Mickus*

Dean and Constance Nicholas*

Dan and Sara Patton*

Jeffrey and Christina Ramey*

John and Debra Luetmer

Patricia Milbert*

Robert M. and Peggy Nicholson*

Garrett and Betsy Paul*

Jerome Ramsey*

Kirk and Diane Lundmark

Betty Miller*

Mary and John Niedenfuer

Cecilia Paulus*

Mark and Connie Ranallo*

Edmund Luzine, Jr., KM

Burdette C. Miller-Lehn

Laura Nierengarten

Kenneth F. and Jean Pavelka*

Mary Ann Randall*

Patrick and Carole Lynch*

Caitlin Miller

Royce and Bonnie Nies

Gene and Lin Payne

Donald A. and Mary Lee Ranheim

Jean MacRae

Carl A. and Luane Miller

Greg and Rae Nohner*

LeRoy and Mary Pazdernik*

Raymond and Marian Rasmussen*


Parents and Friends

Colleen Rawlings-Bernick*

Clayton and Mary Rivard*

Christine R. Scholl

Dale P. Spong

Mike Theten

Rick and Cheri Redfield*

Laurie A. Rivard*

Mary Jane Scholtes*

John and Mary Spreiter*

Marsha Thiel*

Yvonne Reding and Robert Lieser*

Bernice Robe*

Bob and Norita Schottler*

Bradley Sprenger*

Rose Mary Thielman*

Richard M. and Margaret Reesor*

Phyllis B. and Earl Roberts

Steven and Judith Schotzko*

Louis St. George, Jr. and Patricia St. George*

Barbara Thode

Daniel and Margaret Reif

Charles and Suzanne Rodell

Steven and Kathleen Schou*

Glenn and Pamela Stading*

William and Sharon Thom*

Veronica Reilly*

Kathleen A. Rodne*

Everett and Karen Schraan*

John and Alice Stalboerger*

Kevin and Martie Thomes*

David L. and Mary Janet Reisbig*

Michael and Catherine Roe

Steve and Lisa Schroeder*

Margaret and Richard Stang

Colleen D. Thompson Michels*

LaDonna Reisdorf*

John R. and Mary Roeder*

Thomas and Nancy Schroeder*

Mary Stattelman*

John R. Thompson

Gerald and Rebecca Reiter*

Leonard and Katherine Roering*

David and Barbara Schueppert*

Douglas and Susan Steele*

Robert and Bonnie Thomsen

Debra Renckens*

William and Mary Roers*

Kathryn L. Schug*

Michael J. and Irene Steele*

Sandra Thornton*

Dawn Renner*

Daniel J. and Mary Ann Rogers

S. Dolores Schuh, C.H.M.

Michael and Roxanne Steffl*

Janine M. Thull*

Julianne and Marco Restani

John and Sue Rogers*

Glenn and Roxanne Schuler*

Bernadette Stein*

Kenneth R. and Mary Lou Thurnau*

Peggy Retka

Louise Rogers

Jacqueline Schulte*

Robert and Mary Stein

Patrick and Susan Tice*

Gary and Gloria Reuvers*

Arnold H. and Jane Rohe*

Maura Schumacher

John Steinbach*

Marianna Lee Tiller

Mark and Rebecca Revier*

John J. Ronan*

Steve and Alison Schumacher*

Donald and Jodi Steinfeldt*

Steve and Darlene Tinucci*

Lydia B. Ricard

Michael J. and Donna Rooker

Judith M. Schuman*

Mark and Carolyn Steingraeber*

Blanche and Allan Tirk

Bill and Millie Rice

William and Gloria Rose*

Gerald F. and Carol Schutte*

John Stemper and Diane Hageman*

Alivia M. Tison

Kate Rickert

Andrew J. and Karen Rosemark

Harold and Sylvia Schwartz

Daniel and Judy Stephens*

Bruce and Sharon Tollefson*

Heather Riddle and Michael McCue*

James A. and Louise Rosemark

Leonard J. Schwartz, Jr. and

Jenny L. Stephenson

Rodney and Lynn Tollefson*

Thomas and Cynthia Rignell*

Stephen M. Rosenberg*

William S. Sternberg*

James and Deborah Tollifson*

Rudy and Mary Ripple*

Harold J. and Dorothy Roske*

William and Bernice Schwegel

Arlene Stewart*

Leonard and Elizabeth Torson*

Rita and Al Meier

Lynda Ross*

Ana Scofield*

Joseph and Carol Sticha*

Leo and Patricia Traurig*

Pete and Mary Ritten

Marty P. and Patricia Rossini

Charles E. and Patricia Scott*

Gregory and Penelope Stinson*

Gary and Linda Traut*

Neal and Geraldine Roth*

Marvin and Florence Seda*

Donald Gregory and Barbara Stitts*

Herb and Linda Trenz

Jean E. Rothstein*

Richard and Barbara Seeger

Kayla Stock

James Trettel

Mike and Cheryl Rothstein

James R. and Jane Seifert*

John and Jeanie Stocker*

Thomas and Chong Ok Trooien*

Karen and Greg Rouw

Jo Senta*

Michael and Ann Stodolka*

John and Kathleen Trotta*

Evelyn Royal*

Therese Sersch*

Peggy Stokman

Paul and Debra Trumm*

Ann Rudnicki*

Dwaine and Dawn Sexton*

Colleen D. Stoller

Tom Trykowski

Albert and Kathryn Ruhland*

Daniel W. Shaffer

Elmer and Mary Stommes*

Dianne Tuff and Murdoch Johnson

Jacqueline Ruhland*

Clarence J. Shallbetter

Terence and Colette Stone*

Michael and Geri Twedt

Robert and Betty Ruhland*

Brian F. and Kathryn Sheehan*

Clayton and Judy Strand*

Kenneth and Ruth Twito

Moira Rummel*

Mary F. Sherry

Nancy A. Stranik

Eli Typhina and Killian Condon

Margaret Rundlett-Doom*

Donald G. and Bernice Shipley*

Barbara Strouth*

James and Rebecca Ukestad*

Sheelagh Frost Russell

John and Marsha Signorelli*

Paul J Strykowski

Robert and Mary Underwood*

Kevin and Karen Rust*

Chris and Patricia Sikich

Gary and Charrie Stumm*

Bruce and Joyce Uselman*

James and Charlotte Ryan*

Matthew and Betty Sikich

Steven and Linda Stumvoll*

Ernest Utecht*

Victoria Rydberg

William and Diane Simmons*

Monica Sturm

William and Susan Vacek*

Dr. Richard and Wendy Rysavy

Martha Anne Simms*

Andrew Subialka*

Paul and Jill Vaith*

Roger and Patricia Salay*

Jane and Robert Simon

Raymond and Marjorie Subialka

Todd Van Erp

Gregory and Kylie Salerno*

Mark and Mary Simone*

Mrs. Wayne A. Sullivan*

Daneiel J. and Elisabeth Van Orsow

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Lorenzo and Susan Salinas*

Julie Simonton

Thomas and Florine Sullivan

Francis and Jean VanKeulen*

Annual Giving

Joseph and Marie Sampair*

Thomas and Julianne Singleton*

Marcia Summers

Laura L. VanValkenburg

Bart and Kimberly Samuelson*

Kevin Sittauer

John F. and Helen Supalla*

Donald V. Vanderfin, Sr.

Brian and Sharon Sand*

Mae Skalicky*

G. R. and Patricia Svendsen*

Galeng and Xiu Lee Vang*

Prof. Lucy Freeman Sandler

Michele Jo Skeim

Wayne and Mary Swanger*

Randy and Ann Vargason*

Jessie and Jesus Sandoval

Tom and Janelle Sloon

Jay and Michele Swanson*

Frank and Barbara Velinsky*

Thomas and Colleen Sanft*

John and Minnie Sloot*

Linda M. Swanson

Lynne Vierling*

Robert and Katherine Sass*

Jay and Kathleen Smalley*

Rick and Janice Sweeter*

William A. and Sharon Vievering*

Charlene Sauer*

Donald and Joan Smith*

Robert and Sharon Swenson*

Gary and Lucy Vitali*

Gene and Geraldine Scaia*

Lisa A. Smith

Mark and Valerie Swingen*

Linda E. Voigts

David and Barbara Schempf*

Mary Ellen Smith†

Eugene Szczech*

Brigid M. Volk

Gwendolyn P. Schimek*

Paul and Nancy Smith*

Robert and Patricia Szerencse*

John and Vicki Volker*

Mark Schirmers

Robin and Jacqueline Smith*

John and Karen Tackaberry*

Arliss Vollbrecht*

Rose H. Schleper*

Mary Sneed*

Christopher and Karen Tacl*

Tolly and Karen Vollen

Merle and Kay Schleusener

Roger and Joanne Snyder*

Julie and Mike Tangredi

Michael and Susan Vos*

B. Robert Schmalzbauer*

Jeanette M. Sollom

Marshall Tanick

Frank J. Vouk

Dr. Claire D. Schmelzer*

Jay Sommer and Ann Swanson*

Rev. Youannes F. Tawfik

Kenneth and Hollis Vowels*

Douglas and Mary Schmidt*

Lawrence J. and Barbara Sommer*

Arnett and Madonna Taylor*

Ronald and Kathleen Vrchota*

Lloyd and Constance Schmidt*

Mary K. Sommers*

Melinda Tempe*

Robert and Laurie Wachholz*

Richard and Mary Schmit*

Robert and Delphie Sorenson*

David and Cheryl Terhaar*

John and Catherine Walczynski*

Jean Schneeweis*

Dr. Dennis and Donna Soukup*

Noma Terhaar*

James D. and Margaret Walker

Steven and Janelle Schoenbauer*

Cheryl A. Sowada*

Richard P. and Karen Teske*

Jan Wall

Daniel and Barbara Schoenecker*

Melvin and Etheline Spanier*

Richard and Mary Thamert*

Kenneth Wallin and Katherine Rygh*

Ron and Betty Schoephoerster*

Keith and Theresa Speltz*

Gary and Sharon Thelen*

Daniel and Nancy Walsh*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Benedictine Legacy Society

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Kathleen Schwartz*


Parents and Friends/Faculty and Administration/Corporations and Foundations

Harold and Deborah Walters*

Mary Boeckers Wycoff*†

Walter Reger Fellows

Dean’s Level

Julie and Gary Dietman*

Joseph and Mary Warner*

Stephen and Debra Yanda*



Sandra and Mark Dirkes

Mark and Sue Warpinski*

Lloyd E. Yanisch*

Richard and Mary Adamson*

Robert and Elli Alpers*

Andy F. Dirksen*

Jeff and Harriet Warren*

Ronald and Maria Sablo-Yates

Peter and Angela Amann*

Rev. Thomas Andert, OSB •

Damien D. and Patricia Dumonceaux

Leanne and Greg Wattenhofer*

Dennis Yelkin

Br. Dennis A. Beach, OSB* •

Bryan J. and Karen Backes*

Marie and Doug Eli*

Christine A. Waverek

Toshie Yokoyama

Kathleen Cahalan and Don Ottenhoff*

Rev. Timothy Backous, OSB •

John B. and Joan Elton

Fran Jansen Webb

Philip and Constance Yost*

William and Jennifer Cahoy*

Terri D. Barreiro and Jim Clifford

Karen L. Erickson*

Marie and William Weber*

Nicholas and Theresa Young*

Robert E. and Susan Culligan*

Rev. Michael Bik, OSB •

Laura and Franco Fanucci

Melissa Weber and Jason Dols

Deborah Zachman*

Michael R. and Beth Cummings*

Rev. Allan R. Bouley, OSB •

Gary M. and Cindy Fasching*

Timothy and Melanie Wege

Joseph and Dorothy Zahner*

Mary T. and Al Dehler

Dr. Ernest R. and Nancy Diedrich

Clarence and Leone Fowler*

Patricia Weidner*

Joseph J. and Beverly Zaine

Grace and Michael Ellens

Brendon M. and Megan Duffy

Sarah Gainey

Patricia and Gerald Welander*

Lisa Zapzalka

Patti Epsky

Rev. Daniel D. Durken, OSB •

Lois and John Harren

David and Heidi Wells*

Mark and Linda Zasmeta*

Michael and Amy Halverson*

Molly and Keith Ewing*

Matthew Z. and Marianne Heintzelman

Sylvia Wendrow

Abelino and Linda Zelada*

Mary Ann and Patrick Haws

Rev. Geoffrey Fecht, OSB •

Robert J. and Jennifer Hesse*

Elisabeth Wengler

Wayne and Shirley Zenzen*

Michael T. and Michelle Hemmesch*

Jerry Fogarty

J. Andrew Holey and Gary Whitford

Kaye Wenker*

Wayne P. Zetzman*

Adam A. and Charitie Herbst*

Rev. Thomas Gillespie, OSB •

Willem T. Ibes

Bill and Margaret Werlinger

Barry and Maureen Ziegler*

Rev. Eric Hollas, OSB* •

Rev. Anthony W. Gorman, OSB •

Janet and Kim Jahnke

Larry and Joan Werner*

Benedict and Lorraine Zilka*

Br. David J. Klingeman, OSB* •

Chuck and Debra Guertin*

Brian and Alison Johnson

James and Rochelle Westerhaus*

Thomas and Joy Zimitsch*

Br. Benedict Leuthner, OSB* •

Br. John D. Hanson, OSB •

Marilyn and Richard Koltes*

Westermeyer Family

Michael and Diane Zimmer*

Erin Lonergan

Heidi and John Harlander

Deborah and Craig Lehman

Dr. Scott D. Westrem

Robert and Marie Zimmer*

JoAnn and Ray Matheny*

John T. and Jennifer Haws*

Kyhl D. and Marian Lyndgaard

Hugo B. and Rita Weyrens

Marie and Nathan Zimmerman

Rev. Rene McGraw, OSB* •

Br. Paul Jasmer, OSB •

Doris A. and Peter Matter

Terry and Nancy Whaley

Rhonda Zimmerman

Brad Neary and Suzette Sutherland*

Drs. Kenneth and Diane Veale Jones

Bonnie and Jeff Meyer*

Andrea White

Randall and Shirley Zipf*

Margrette and John S. Newhouse*

Jason M. and Suzanne Kelly*

Nicholas T. Moe

Judith R. Wick

Jane Zirbes*

Kyle P. Nolan*

Norma and Dave Koetter*

Rodger H. and Lisa Narloch*

Mark and Joan Wick*

Betty and Frederick† Zollner*

Rev. Michael F. Patella, OSB* •

Br. Kenneth Kroeker, OSB •

Michael and Ann Percuoco*

James and Carol Wickenhauser*

Michael and JoAnne Zweber*

Br. Aaron Raverty, OSB* •

Tom and Mary Kroll

Stuart Perry and Lissa Staples*

Laura Wiechmann

Joseph and Joan Zwilling*

Jonathan A. and Joy Ruis*

Ryan P. and Jennifer Kutter

Rachel M. Peterson

Daniel and Susan Wiegmann*

Jean Scoon and Peter Losacano*

Rev. Michael A. Kwatera, OSB •

James and Chris Poff

Mark and Barbara Wieland*

Thomas R. and Lori Stock*

Rev. Dale F. Launderville, OSB •

Mary A. and Ronald Ritter

Rev. Mark L. Thamert, OSB* •

Kathryn Lilla Cox and Patrick Cox

Michael J. and Peggy Landwehr Roske*

R. John Welsh, Jr. and Cecilia Welsh*

Julie and Patrik Lynch*

Chadwick and Mary Ruble*

John and Christine Young*

Rev. Luke Mancuso, OSB •

Laura Schmitz*

Regent’s Level

Timothy J. Miles*

Mark Shimota*

Carol D. and Alan Abell*

Rev. Dunstan R. Moorse, OSB •

Josie and Ronald Stang

Rajiv S. and Emily Chaphalkar*

Rev. Douglas L. Mullin, OSB •

Wendy and Elmer Theisen*

Bernard F. and Nancy Evans

Bill and Karen Patefield*

Wayne Torborg

Nicholas Hayes and Marcia Gahagan Hayes

Br. John-Bede Pauley, OSB •

Dr. Theresa Vann

Dr. Noreen L. Herzfeld

Rev. Robert M. Pierson, OSB •

Shawn Vierzba

Brian D. Jose and Patty Candella

Charles and Agnes Rambeck

Adrian Wijasa*

Victor J. and Kathy Klimoski

T. Matthew and Theresa Reichert*

Brian J. and Melissa Woods*

Jon D. McGee and Ann Nicklawske McGee*

Joseph P. and Sara Rogers

David J. and Lorie Wuolu

Ryan D. Minnehan*

Rhonda and Jim Rossman*

Jane Moening*

Rev. Anthony W. Ruff, OSB •

Jim O’Meara

Joy and Jon Ruis*

Jim and Adrienne Smith

Rev. Dominic Ruiz, OSB •

Tim Ternes

Br. Kelly Ryan, OSB •

Leila and Jerry Utsch*

Rev. William F. Skudlarek, OSB •

Patricia A. Weishaar

Rev. Columba Stewart, OSB •

President’s Level

Rev. Donald Tauscher, OSB •

Richard J. and Colette Bresnahan

Josh and Anita Trutwin*

Robert and Evelyn Dumonceaux*

Richard A. and Linda Virden*

Daniel Finn and Nita Jo Rush

Roger and Judi Young*

Jennifer Galovich and Tom Sibley*

Faithful Donors

Greg and Roxanne Hoye*


Jeffrey J. and Lynn Kaster

Steven Adrian

John G. Kendall*

Dr. Jeffrey L. and Kathryn Anderson*

Ryan M. and Jaclyn Klinkner*

John and Ann Arndt

Rev. Vincent P. Lieser*

Ruth D. and Gary Athmann*

David and Barbara Lyndgaard*

Deacon Charles and Mary Bobertz*

Paul A. and Jamie Marsnik*

Michael J. and Brigid Borka

Tonya Miller*

Mathew J. and Teresa Callahan*

Karen and Dave Schoenberg*

Ruth and Larry Chambers*

Tom Sibley and Jennifer Galovich*

Steven P. Dehmer*

Cathy S. and Alvin Wieme*

Benjamin T. Demarais*

David A. Wikoff Laura Wildenborg Peter and Anne Wildenborg George and Venita Wilkes* Jeffrey and Jan Willaert* Paul and Mary Willaert* Thomas and Mary Willegalle* Daniel Williams* Ralph E. and Carol Williams Ricky and Nancy Williams* Robert and Mona Williams* Lindsay Wimmer Jerome Winkles James and Mary Winters* Roger and Jan Wise* Paul J. Witek Lauren M. Witt Ronald L. Woellhof Richard and Doreen Wojciechowski* Thomas and Joan Woldum Kevin and Louise Wolf Robert and Cindy Wolf* Debra Wolford Patricia Wollack* Jo Anne Wolters* Bonnie Woodard Kurt and Barbara Woodruff* Thomas and Juliana Woodruff Craig and Susan Woodward* Adam and Rachel Wright Scott and Betty Wright D. Dennis and Patricia Wulff* Robert C. and Anne M. Wuolu* Dr. P. Robert and Joanne Wurtz Stephen P. Wurtz

Faculty and Administration Founders Society Cornelius Wittmann Founders John D. Taylor and Leigh W. Dillard Bruno Riss Founders Annette Atkins and Thomas Joyce Benne Muckenthaler Founders Paul E. Lawson† Patrick Greil Founders Br. Dennis A. Beach, OSB Richard J. and Colette Bresnahan Br. John K. Brudney, OSB Ginger and Roger Delles John and Peggy Gagliardi Patricia A. Weishaar

Benedictine Legacy Society Mary T. and Al Dehler John D. Taylor and Leigh W. Dillard Patricia A. Weishaar

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows Annette Atkins and Thomas Joyce* Donald LeMay Fellows Ginger and Roger Delles* Virgil Michel Fellows Nikki L. Jochman* Martin Schirber Fellows James M. and Jennifer Dwyer* Rt. Rev. John Klassen, OSB* • Rev. Robert Koopmann, OSB* • John D. Taylor and Leigh W. Dillard* Dr. Axel Theimer


Corporations and Foundations Founders Society Boniface Wimmer Founders Bush Foundation Lilly Endowment, Inc. Saint John’s Abbey Demetrius di Marogna Founders Anonymous (2) 3M Foundation Alliss Educational Foundation Arcadia Athwin Foundation Brown Advisory - Whalen Family Trust Central Minnesota Community Foundation Coborn’s, Inc. Frey Foundation Kresge Foundation Lee and Rose Warner Foundation, The Manitou Fund and the Donald McNeely Family

Faculty and Administration/Corporations and Foundations

Minneapolis Foundation

Xcel Energy Foundation

Altria Group, Inc.

Willis of Minnesota, Inc.

Atomic Data Centers, LLC

Minnesota Private College Fund

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

American Diabetes Association, Inc.

Xcel Energy - St. Cloud

Capital Group Companies Charitable

National Endowment for Humanities

Anonymous (2)

American Express Travel Related Services

Northwest Area Foundation

Alice M. O’Brien Foundation

Arthur Andersen Foundation

Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation

Alpha and Omega Family Foundation

Bailey Nurseries, Inc

Saint Paul Foundation

American Express Charitable Fund

Bernick’s Pepsi-Cola Bottling, Co.

Target Corporation

Arthur Vining Davis Foundation

Birk Family Foundation

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Asia World Foundation Limited

Blandin Foundation

The Papal Foundation

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Borgerding Investment Company

The Phillips Foundation

Booth Ferris Foundation

CSX Corporation

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Bremer Bank, N.A.

Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation

Carl A. Weyerhaeuser ’66 Trust

Burlington Northern Sante Fe Foundation

Clorox Company Foundation

Cherbec Advancement Foundation

Butler Charitable Trust

Coleman Foundation

DeRance Inc., Foundation

Catholic Church Extension Society

D.H. Blattner & Sons Inc

Ford Foundation

Catholic Community Foundation

Deloitte Foundation

McGough Construction Company, Inc.

Catholic United Financial

Ecolab Foundation

McKnight Foundation

Center for Community Resources

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Murphy Family Charitable Irrevocable Trust

Charles E. Merrill Trust

ExxonMobil Foundation

National Science Foundation

Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical &

First Trust Company of St. Paul

Otto Bremer Foundation

Cultural Research

Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls

Dynabrade, Inc.

Greater Twin Cities United Way

Schwab Charitable Fund

Edwin and Catherine Davis Foundation

Hoerner Waldorf Corporation

St. Cloud National Bank & Trust

Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation

KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation

Wasie Foundation

Federal Agencies And Grants

Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation

Whalen Family Foundation

Fruth Beverage Company

Koch Foundation, Inc.

William and Joyce Sexton Family Foundation

Graco Foundation

Laura Jane Musser Fund

Bruno Riss Founders

Honeywell International Charity Matching

Tom and Frances Leach Foundation


International Business Machines

Liberty Mutual

Charitable Gift Fund

James R. and Mary Frey Charitable

M. A. Mortenson Companies, Inc.

Lead Trust

Marbrook Foundation

Engstrom, Lipscomb, & Lack

Katherine B. Andersen Fund

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers

Ernst & Young Foundation

Kent Family Charitable Trust

Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation

F.R. Bigelow Foundation

Louisville Seminary

McNeely Foundation

General Mills Foundation

Lucy Rosenberry Jones Charitable Trust

Medtronic Foundation

George A. MacPherson Fund

Minnesota Department of Public Welfare

Merck / AAAS

Gerald Rauenhorst Family Foundation

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Minnesota Humanities Commission

Golden Rule Life Insurance Company

Mardag Foundation

Mortenson Construction

Grotto Foundation, Inc.

Margaret and James E. Kelley Foundation

NBC Foundation

HRK Foundation

McGlynn Family Foundation

NCUR/Lancy Summer Scholarship Program

Hamm Foundation

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

Minnesota Community Foundation

Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation, Inc.

Hiawatha Education Foundation

Minnesota Public Radio

P.W. Skogmo Foundation

Hormel Foods Corporation

Minnesota State Arts Board

Phyllis S. Poehler and Walter E. Stremel

Jerome Foundation, Inc.

Omaha Community Foundation

Legislative-Citizen Commission on

Peter and Dorothy Lapp Foundation


Pfizer Foundation

Quebecor World of St. Cloud



SIT Investment Associates

May Bowle Benefit

Research Corporation

SPS Companies Incorporated

McGough Foundation

Sarah-Maud W. Sivertsen Trusts

Sexton Foundation

Mildred Kellogg Charitable Trust

Squam Lake Foundation

Shell Companies Foundation, Inc.

National Distillers Distributors Foundation

Target Foundation

Somerset Foundation

National Foundation on Arts & Humanities

Thomas and Judith Mahoney Foundation

Stanley and Marvel Chong Foundation

National Institute Of Health

Tozer Foundation

Star Tribune Foundation

PepsiCo Foundation

U.S. Department of Education

State Farm Companies Foundation

Philip L. Halenbeck Charitable Trust

U.S. Department of Health, Education &

State of Minnesota

Minnesota Resources

Patrick and Alice Rogers Foundation


Don Talafous Fellows Alliss Educational Foundation Asia World Foundation Limited* Brown Advisory - Whalen Family Trust* CSX Corporation Central Minnesota Community Foundation* Charitable Gift Fund* Cherbec Advancement Foundation Coborn’s, Inc. Ernst & Young Foundation* Frey Foundation* James R. and Mary Frey Charitable

Scherer Brothers Lumber Company

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

Annual Giving

Lead Trust Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation Larson Enterprises Lee and Rose Warner Foundation, The Manitou Fund and the Donald McNeely Family Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources M. A. Mortenson Companies, Inc. Manitou Fund Minnesota Private College Fund* Minnesota Public Radio Minnesota State Arts Board Mortenson Construction Schwab Charitable Fund* Minneapolis Foundation* Saint Paul Foundation* Wasie Foundation U.S. Library of Congress

Charitable Trust

William and Joyce Sexton Family Foundation* Donald LeMay Fellows Arizona Community Foundation Athwin Foundation Birk Family Foundation Central Indiana Community Foundation* Dynabrade, Inc. Cosgrove, Flynn, Gaskins & O’Connor George A. MacPherson Fund Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Greater Twin Cities United Way* Philip L. Halenbeck Charitable Trust John and Margie Wiehoff Foundation Katherine B. Andersen Fund Korman Marketing Group* M:Space, Inc. Moore Family Foundation* Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation, Inc.* Patrick and Anne McKenzie Foundation Peter and Dorothy Lapp Foundation

The Joyce Foundation

Robert and Doris Buril Foundation

U.S. Library of Congress

The Krump Family Foundation

Scholarship America

US Bank

Society For The Propagation Of Faith

Slaggie Family Foundation

W.M. Keck Foundation

Theresa A. and Vincent J. Baker

Saint Paul Companies, Inc.

Wells Fargo Foundation

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

Ziegler Incorporated

Twin Cities Chapter/CFMA

Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Trusts

Patrick Greil Founders

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Charles Weyerhaeuser Memorial Foundation


Viking Coca Cola Company

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

A.G. Edwards Trust Company

W.R. Hotchkiss Foundation

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Accenture Foundation, Inc.


Charitable Trust


Platinum Bank* Razoo Foundation* Robert and Doris Buril Foundation Stanley and Marvel Chong Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation* Virgil Michel Fellows Anonymous 3M Foundation* Adam Smith Growth Partners* Army ROTC

Foundation* Catholic Community Foundation* Central Minnesota Arts Board Charles Weyerhaeuser Memorial Foundation Clorox Company Foundation* Executive Printers ExxonMobil Foundation* Faegre & Benson LLP Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. GKJ Foundation Trust* General Mills Foundation* Hormel Foods Corporation* Huls Nursery J.A. Thomas & Associates* KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation Lucy Rosenberry Jones Charitable Trust Margaret and James E. Kelley Foundation Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers McGlynn Family Foundation* New Wave Components Omaha Community Foundation* Order of Malta - Federal Association Order of Malta - Western Association Order of Malta - American Association Phyllis S. Poehler and Walter E. Stremel Charitable Trust Red Barn Development, LLC Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company Sequoia Foundation for the Arts and Education Slaggie Family Foundation* State Farm Companies Foundation* The Tribune Limited Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program* Winona Community Foundation Martin Schirber Fellows Aberdeen Flying Service* Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes Boeing Company* CRESA Partners California Community Foundation* Chubb Group* Deloitte Foundation* Grotto Foundation, Inc. International Business Machines* Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation JPEV-PRO, LLC* Lutheran Community Foundation Medtronic Foundation* Minnesota Community Foundation* Minnesota Society of CPA’s Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program* Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc* Piper Jaffray Foundation* RJF Agencies, Inc. SIT Investment Associates Space Center, Inc.* Thomas R. Hokr & Associates, Inc. U.S. Bancorp Foundation* Walter Reger Fellows Anonymous* (2)

Corporations and Foundations

ADP Foundation*

Vos Family Foundation

Ball Corporation*

Knights of Columbus, No. 7538

Lake Country Furniture*

Abdo Consulting Group, Inc.

W. Duncan and Nivin MacMillan Foundation

Bay Paint Co.*

Larson King, LLP

Local Blend Coffee Shop and Wine Bar

Acker Foundation

Wisconsin Energy Corporation Foundation*

Bremer Bank, N.A. (Lake Elmo)*

Larson-Quinn Company*

Loso’s Mainstreet Pub*

American Center for Philanthropy*

Xcel Energy Foundation*

Center Point Energy, Minnegasco*

Macy’s Foundation*

Mauer Foundation

Ameriprise Financial*

Regent’s Level

Church of Saint Ann

Mako Construction Corporation

McKesson Foundation*

Bank Vista


Community Health Charities

Marco Business Products

Michael’s Stained Glass Studio

Belmont Abbey Monastery

AXA Foundation*

ConAgra Foods Foundation*

MediaPodium LLC*

Mount Saint Scholastica

Bremer Bank, N.A.*


Dallas Seminary Foundation

Messerli & Kramer P.A.

Mutual of Omaha Foundation*

CSG Systems, Inc.*

Amgen Foundation*

Diocese of Crookston

Mississippi Topsoils, Inc.

On a Lark

California Flexrake, Inc.

Arch Insurance Group Inc.*

Dorsey and Whitney Foundation*

New Melleray Abbey

PPG Industries Foundation*

Calumet Harbor Lumber Company*

Ayco Charitable Foundation*

Exelon Corporation*

Noesen & Associates P.A.

PPL Corporation*


Bailey Nurseries, Inc

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund*

Oroville Office*

RBC Foundation*

Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Trusts

Bank of America Foundation

Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

Pohlad Family Foundation*

Rinke Noonan, LTD.*

Catholic Foundation for Eastern

Brock White Company

H.B. Fuller Company Foundation*

Prime Therapeutics*

Saint John’s Preparatory School

CB&I Foundation*

Houghton Mifflin Company*

Residential Mortgage Group*

Sprint Foundation*

Chevron Humankind*

Catholic United Financial*

Illinois Tool Works Foundation*

Saint John’s Abbey

St. Ignatius Hickory

Coca-Cola Foundation*

Central Container Corporation

K. Johnson Construction, Inc.

Salonek Concrete and Construction*

St. Robert Congregation

Culp Family Foundation*

Church of St. John the Evangelist

Lake Geneva Oral & Maxillofacial


Stearns County Master Gardeners

Donlar Corporation

Dean Foods*

Schmid & Son Packaging, Inc.*

Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc*

Drury Development Corporation*

Deluxe Corporation Foundation*


The Bergen County United Way

Ecolab Foundation*

Dow Chemical Company Foundation*

St. Cloud Area Youth Ministers

Textron Charitable Trust*

Express Scripts Foundation*

Dow Corning Corporation*

Lockheed Martin Foundation*

St. Cloud Hospital Chapel Fund

Wild Bird Center

General Electric Foundation*

Ecolab, Inc.*

MMC Matching Gifts to Education Program*

Steve Sanner Photography, LLC

Williams Companies*

Gordon and Margaret Bailey Foundation

Farnham Charitable Fund

McKasy Rental Equipment & Sales, Inc.*

TCF Foundation*

Zinpro Corporation*

Harry L. and Janet M. Kitselman Foundation

Gannett Foundation*

MidAmerican Energy Foundation*

Technical Information Electronics Co.*

ING Foundation*


Oracle USA, Inc*

The Hershey Company*

John R. Wright and Eloise Mountain

Honeywell International Charity Matching*

Procter & Gamble Fund*

The Raleigh Foundation*

Honorary Gifts to Abby and University Ordination and Profession Jubilarians

South Dakota

Wright Foundation

Surgery. LTD* Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren, Ltd. Foundation*

Houlihan Lokey, Inc.*

St. Joseph Family Chiropractic

Thomas A. Foster & Associates LTD

Laura Jane Musser Fund

Klein Landscaping

St. Peter’s Abbey

TimesSquare Capital Management, LLC*

Lawrence and Elizabeth Dunlap Foundation

Kraft Foods Inc.*

SuperValu/Albertson’s Foundation*

Toro Company*

Marbrook Foundation

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc.*

Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation*

United Mortgage Services, Inc

Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad Foundation

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Foundation

The Grande Depot/Accentric

United States District Court

Staff and Caregivers at the Georgetown

McDowall Company

Nelnet Foundation*

The Leede Group LLC

United Way St. Croix Valley*

Retirement Residence

Merck Company Foundation*

Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation*

The Liturgical Press

Valley Investments Construction Company*

Microsoft Foundation*

Rebarfab, Inc.*

Dean’s Level

Ward Law Office*

Mid-State Chapter, MN Society of CPA’s

Rick Arend Rentals*

All Star Hockey, LLC

White Mountains Capital, Inc.*

Minnesota Association for Environmental

Sartell Youth Hockey Association

American Express Charitable Fund*

William H. Sadlier, Inc.

Securian Financial*

Armenian Cultural Organization of

Wright-Sherburne Realty, Inc.


Faithful Donors

Minnesota Mulch & Soil*

Shopko Foundation*

Mother of God Monastery

Smitty’s Workshop*

Audubon Society

AON Foundation

Naeve & Associates, Inc.

St. Jude Medical, Inc.*

Auto-Owners Insurance*

Abbey of the Holy Trinity*

New York Life Foundation*

Terramax, Inc.

Benefit Specialists, Inc.*

Adirondack Capital Management, Inc.

New York Life Insurance Company*

The Hanover Insurance Group

Bethel University

Adirondack Research Institute, Inc.

Northern Trust Company*

Brepols Publishers

BP Amoco Foundation, Inc.*

Novartis US Foundation*

The Prudential Foundation*

Budmayr Trucking*

Benedictine Sisters Cultural Center

One America Financial Partners, Inc.*

The T. Rowe Price Program for

C.H. Robinson Worldwide Foundation*

Bert’s Transmission Service Inc.

Cates & Ohme Associates

Blandin Foundation*

Owens Corning Foundation*

Foundation, Inc*


Charitable Giving*

S. Dolores Schuh, C.H.M. Prep Faculty member Troy and Sally Battig

Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell John and Cathy Agee The Minneapolis Foundation Cassidy Genevieve Auld Patricia and Rick Dobbe Mary Teresa Boennan Cindy A. Ley Robert Boeser Shirley C. Boeser Joseph Butorac The Leede Group LLC Gregory Cooke Susan and David Cooke Rob Culligan

Palmer Printing Company Inc

The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust*

Catholic Charities

Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine*

Pfizer Foundation*

The Windhover Foundation*

Church of the Annunciation

Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of

Plaza Park Bank

Thomsen’s Greenhouse and Garden Center

Coach’s Restaurant & Bar*

Rahr Foundation

Saint Paul Companies, Inc.*

Cold Spring Brewery

Cedar Valley United Way*

Stephen and Linda Saupe

Rivers Ridge Holding Co.

UBS Foundation USA*

Diffley Guitar Studio

Christ Church Newman Center

James E. Schaffhausen

Securian Foundation*

Umhoefer Foundation*

Donaldson Foundation*

Collegeville Artisan Bakery

Sempra Energy Foundation*

United Way of SouthEastern Pennsylvania*

Eich Motor Company

Crosier Fathers & Brothers*

Shell Companies Foundation, Inc.*

Valley Medical Services*

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation*

DST Systems, Inc.

Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey

Waste Management

Emily Forest Products, LLC

Danmarck Property Services*

St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Church*

Wilkie Sanderson

Fair, Isaac Corporation*

DeMars Gabriel Land Surveyors, Inc.

Sullivan Family Foundation, Inc.

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

Foster & Brever, PLLC

Delta Air Lines Foundation

Susan Ann Stuart Family Foundation*

Xerox Foundation*

Graco Foundation*

Floral Arts

Target Corporation

President’s Level

Great River Bowl, Inc.*

Gene’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Thrifty Beverage*

AT&T Foundation*

Harris Foundation*

Good Earth Food Coop

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans*

Allian Techsystems, Inc.*

Hewitt Associates LLC*

Holy Rosary Church


American Transmission Co. LLC*

Invensys Systems, Inc.*



Arnold Implement, Inc. and Storage*

J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation*


Verizon Foundation*

Aronson & Associates, PA*

Josten’s Foundation*

Knights of Columbus 7057


St. Cloud

John and Colleen Hooley Br. Luke Doval, OSB Anonymous

Jon G. and Sue Westerhaus Rev. Daniel Durken, OSB, 50th Jubilee Gary and Catherine Carruthers Gavin J. Poindexter Rev. J. P. Earls, OSB, 50th Jubilee John L. and Jeune Dieterle Emil and Beverly Radaich Joseog Eikmeier’s 80th birthday Gerald L. and Elizabeth Mruz Ralph E. and Carol Williams Al Eisele Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell

Corporations and Foundations/Honorary Gifts/ Memorial Gifts

Dr. Richard Emery’s birthday Dr. Hana Tomasek and Danelle Ronn Joseph E. Flynn Timothy J. and Kathleen McKenna Francis and Rosemary Heiberger Kathryn Forecki Mary and Robert Forecki Joseph M. and Darlene Robenhorst Willem Ibes Mary Burrichter and Robert Kierlin

Thomas McCoy Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell Rev. Rene McGraw, OSB Michael T. and Michelle Hemmesch Bob and Susan McGuire Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell Dr. James J. McKeown

Pamela J. Moroder

Barbara L. Kirchner William H. Kling retirement Minnesota Public Radio Edward and Julianne Kocourek’s 50th wedding anniversary Wanda Malone Helen Landkammer Andrew W. Landkammer

Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders

Curtis C. and Nancy Cameron Elaine P. Churchill

Timothy J. Beckmann Dale and Beth Beckmann Patty Benson

Lynn Cronquist

Robert and Gretchen Froehle Gerald and Patricia Gelbmann Lois Gelbmann

Cheryl Running Marilyn Berg Monica Sturm James J. Bias Sherry Bias Rev. Burton Bloms, OSB

Leah Goff

Michael J. and Lois Gfrerer

Gavin J. Poindexter

Kimberly R. Hanggi

Henry R. Davis

Walter J. and Leslie Harrier

Rev. Michael G. Mertens

Joseph Pesch Theresa Pesch Bill Press Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell Rev. Paul Richards, OSB Michael T. and Michelle Hemmesch Matthew Rog Carole Rog John Roger’s 70th birthday Patricia L. Houston

Donor Key

Timothy J. and Mary Keaveny

James and Alice Fritscher

Br. Daniel P. Morgan, OSB

Richard Kirchner

Walter A. Brix

Michele McKeown and John Reilly Jerry Molitor

Susan and Lawrence Diamond Albert (Bud) Beckman

Tom Brewitz

J. Michael Dady and Kim Monahan Dady

Fran Jansen Webb Susan Nierengarten Cohen

James T. Borgestad

James McKeown and Robin Rusconi

Drew Jansen’s birthday Br. Mark Kelly, OSB 50th Jubilee

Eileen Bazzachini

Aileen M. Benesch

Michael Rubino Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell Stephen Saupe Stearns County Master Gardeners Greg Schumacher Alida Merrill

David and Mary Hauch Janice Hogan-Schiltgen Steve M. and Ellen Jackelen

Julian G. Plante Paul A. Bollmann Deacon Thomas and Elizabeth Langlois

Dr. William J. Ford John and Suzanne Haugen Dale E. Lindquist Peter Pierce Bob Whitlock and Peggy Weber Elaine Daniel Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB Margaret Danner Robert J. Bray Abbot Baldwin Dworschak, OSB Jim and Pat Selinsky Helen M. Ehlert, sister of Br. William Borgerding Melvin G. Ehlert George M. Elioff Mary Jean Elioff Gene Fachini Paul and Julie Weber

Gary A. and Alicia Jorgensen

Clinton R. Boo, Jr.

George W. Flynn

E. Milton and Dorothy Klohn

Richard “Dick” Boo - a steadfast and

Bradley J. and Robin Ayers

Gloria Knoblauch

true friend to Eugene McCarthy

Michael C. and Mary Baccoli

Elmer and Beverly Kopp

Mary Boo

Robert and Rebecca Bennett

Joan M. Lannon

Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell

Paul L. and Lynne Billings

Violet Bowman

Carol J. Loch James E. and Diane Lohmann Gary P. and Barbara Mitchell John and Peggy Parenteau Thomas and Linda Putschoegl Geoffrey S. and Jean Ratte

Susan and Lawrence Diamond Kay Bray Robert J. Bray Lucille Bray Robert J. Bray June M. Bruner

Virginia Rustad

Nancy K. Birrell John E. Bohan Dennis C. and Cynthia Bremer Lawrence C. and Mary Brown Thomas E. and Joanne Carroll Douglas R. Christensen Jodi Colton

$1 million - $4,999,999

Appreciation for the banquet prepared by

Stephen M. and Amalia Ryan

Aronson & Associates, PA

Hugh J. and Jacquelone Cosgrove

Wittmann Founders

Leonard Shambon and Josephine Russo

Aloysius and Dolores Schloesser

Joseph and Susan Gnoza

Sarah J. Cosgrove

$500,000 - $999,999

Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell

Arthur C. and Margaret Schoen

Debra and Robert Kitt

J. Michael Dady and Kim Monahan Dady

Rick and Connie Shand

Marie and William Weber

Diffley Guitar Studio

Margaret L. Shannon

Patricia and Gerald Welander

Robert J. and Robbie Dircks

Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999

Lawrence Smith Erika McCreedy

Muckenthaler Founders

Richard and Jean Stranik wedding

Kay F. Stinson

$100,000 - $249,999


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swanson

Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Benedictine Legacy Society Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Annual Giving Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499

Nancy A. Stranik

James and Carol Unger

Margaret Schwob

Gloria Vandemmeltraadt

Rev. Hilary Thimmesh, OSB Minnesota Community Foundation Alec Torigian Church of St. Raphael Karin Wendt’s 70th birthday William and Deanna Preiss Dr. Robert Wiechmann’s 50th birthday Kurt M. Jacobson Matthew Wildenborg Peter and Anne Wildenborg Dan and Mary Writz Dr. Paul and Nina Gresser Writz

$500 - $999 Young Fellows

Roger Abler

$500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

Margaret Abler Fr. Thomas Patrick Agar Rev. Timothy G. Agar Kelly Althoff Regina and Stephen Wolfe Bernard Andert Anonymous Leona M. Andert

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien E. William Bunkers

Donald L. Trooien

Rev. Don Talafous, OSB

Memorial Gifts to Abbey and University

Regent’s Level

Patricia Ann Buckvold

Linda Velasco

Elizabeth Bunkers John Byron Gerald and Lorraine Sande

Dolores A. Weinberger Minnie H. Weisz

Deacon Paul Carlson Deacon Thomas and Elizabeth Langlois

John and Lucille Zignego John R. and Marie Zimitsch Sharon Antenucci

James Cesnik Barbara Nelson Harry R. (Spunky) Chamberlain

William and Lorelle Ulfers Al Baiocchi

Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB Daniel Chippendale

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly George Ballis

Deacon Thomas and Elizabeth Langlois Mary Catherine Christie

Gerald and Lorraine Sande Luana M. Ballis

Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB Fred Coller

Gerald and Lorraine Sande Mary Jane Barrett

David and Shirley Kelly Jack Collins

Allen and Joanne Hinderaker Gerald and Lorraine Sande Patricia A. and Otto Witzmann Regina and Stephen Wolfe Friends and Relatives of John Bartek John F. and J. Clarice Bartek Ann Bates

Robert D. and Maureen Gallaher Dale Crawford Susan and Lawrence Diamond Kevin Curry

Dan Baumgarten Susan and Lawrence Diamond

Richard J. Andert


Christopher L. Duffy Susan K. Eliason Priscilla Elwell C. Roger Finney and Jeannine Lee Gerald T. Flom Dave Fox John D. French Jack M. Fribley Gary M. Gerlach Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Maureen M. Gromley Susanne I. Haas Mary J. Hammond Kristen V. Hansen Joan M. Hasper John and Diane Hughes Todd M. Irvine Elizabeth A. and Theodore Jessen Mary E. Kelly Steven J. and Ruth Kirsch

Donna Curry

Thomas Klosowski

Joseph Dahlstrom

Duane W. Krohnke

Lillian A. Dahlstrom

Paul and Julie Weber

Scott P. Drawe Ann L. Duffy

Jack F. Daly

Larson King, LLP Arthur A. Lucast

RoxAnne Daly

Earle H. Luikens, Jr.

Daniel and Darla Dammen

Thomas A. and Lynn McKasy

Nancy Jo and Louis DeMars

David A. and Lynn Meyer

Memorial Gifts

Naeve & Associates, Inc. Jayson Olson Russell E. Oorlog Charles T. Parks, Jr. Brad Plank Sheila F. Price Charles and Lucy Quaintance Michael J. and Donna Rooker

Doug Hruby Jeff and Linda Rotschafer Francis Hughes Bernadette F. Hughes Bill Jenkins Paul E. and Helen S. Meyer Foundation Donald B. Johnson Heather Thompson

James Lehman

Terence J. Martin

Richard Bullock Mattie Lewis Susan and Lawrence Diamond Br. Samuel Lickteig, OSB William L. and Lorraine Cofell Marlin G. and Betty Eich

Andrew J. and Karen Rosemark

Kristina Johnson, our daughter

Tom Fromelt

Dennis J. and Jennifer Rosemark


Danny and Sandra Hendrikson

James A. and Louise Rosemark Sheelagh Frost Russell Robert H. Schumacher Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey Dale P. Spong Linda M. Swanson Marshall Tanick Marianna Lee Tiller Robert L. Tritt United States District Court

Diane and Thomas Johnson David M. Judge Phyllis Judge Jerry Kafka Susan and Lawrence Diamond Rev. Matthew Keis, OSB Anonymous Sr. Moireen Kelly, OSB Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Abbot Timothy T. Kelly, OSB

Daneiel J. and Elisabeth Van Orsow


Brigid M. Volk

Robert A. and Jean Albrecht

Robert L. Wicker

Paul J. and Edna Berres

David A. Wikoff

David Christenson

Thomas and Joan Woldum

William L. and Lorraine Cofell

Dennis Yelkin

Cate and William Coghlan

Kathleen Zassick and Eric Angyal

Philip A. Dugan

Joseph E. Flynn Elizabeth J. Mathias Martin Fredericks Drake and Madeline Dierkhising Helen Freeburger David M. Rossman

Marlin G. and Betty Eich Margaret Elliot Edward R. Goossens

Leslie Pope Garnet

Steve Gwen Lickteig

Robert L. and Mary K. McClure

Thomas and Carol Rentz

Paul L. and Terry Weinle

S. Dolores Schuh, C.H.M. Josie and Ronald Stang

Dr. Adrian L. and Jacqueline Kapsner Dr. Louis and JoAnn Kucera Lloyd Lund Gilbert G. Mages Trudy Mahady

Robert and Delphie Sorenson

Michael T. and Barbara Rummel Eileen Mahoney Carol Marrin Joseph and Mary Bauer

Louise Gorman

Allan J. and Jean Beckel

Warren D. and Dianne Janzen

John Leddy

Phillip J. and Sarah Layne

Jeffrey and Wendy Lindquist

Cheryl A. Loetscher

Cecelia Martin

Erin Lonergan

James A. Mullin

Burdette C. Miller-Lehn

Paul and Carol Martin

National Association of College

Tannis Gruber Edward and Dorothy O’Brien David Halstrom Sally and Bruce Iverson Bernice Hamerlik Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Clare Hayes Drake and Madeline Dierkhising A.A. Heckman Nancy A. and Robert G. Thompson Edward Henry Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Robert Hill Terence L. and Millicent Dosh Mark Hirschey Jack Muhar Dr. Thomas Hobday Jay E. and Sue Morgan James S. Hoolihan Gerald and Rose Linnihan, Sr.

Raymond Paredes William and Lorelle Ulfers LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Tony Patz Richard and Julie Herrick Wayne Pickett LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Mary Gaspar Prahinski Stephen and Regina Wolfe Don Pribyl Richard and Julie Herrick Bernie Quinlivan

Stores, Inc.

McGough Construction Company, Inc.

Brad Neary and Suzette Sutherland

Paul and Nancy Moran

Maureen T. Houlihan Otremba and

Dr. John J. and Kimberly Mullon

David M. Rossman

Alyce Parsons

Robert and Dixie Labat

Veronica Grandpre

James and Diane Nolan Amy O’Brien

John and Margaret Arnold

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien

Robert and Kathleen Goff

David A. Wendt Philip A. Nolan

Gerald and Lorraine Sande

Thomas A. and Jane Ballon

Jerome D. Grandpre

Mary Korman Jeanne M. Nelson

Rose Mary Goossens

John and Monica McGill

Thomas A. and Judy A. Bierman

Lee Hanley

Patricia Mages

Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB

Mike Goff

James W. Nelson Glenn R. Gaster

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien

Robert E. and Susan Culligan

Drake and Madeline Dierkhising

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Sylvia Wendrow

Edith M. Kelly

Fredrick Gleich

Lois Beery Mosiman Karl Mueller

Elaine Vogel William Knipp

Denise A. Kelly and Michael Suglia

Carol Johnson Porter

Bernie Morgan

Mary Ann Krebsbach

Elaine Blommel

Julie Gerlach

Vigo G. and Arlene M. Nielsen Rev. Bede Michel, OSB

Anne D. Campbell

William and Jennifer Cahoy

Diane and Thomas Johnson

Joseph A. Rossini

Judith and James Weiler

Jerald L. and Juliann Howard

John and Elizabeth Kelly

Audrey Gerads

Carol Rossini

Terrence E. Martin


Rev. Roger Hessian

Br. Barry Gearman, OSB

Daniel and Margaret Reif

Stephen J. and Lynn Martin

Jaime and Blance Merino

Phyllis S. Carmien

James C. Otremba

John T. and Patricia Myser

Loretta Pfannenstein

Julian G. Plante

Danya R. Rice

S. Dolores Schuh, C.H.M.

Stephen M. Rosenberg

Delphine Statz

Mary and Luke Sakalosky

Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB Dr. Paul R. and Mary Hamann Lyle Rustad John Richards Saint John’s Boy’s Choir Dan Ringstrom

Miriam H. Sullivan

James P. Secord and Teresa Roberts

Colleen and Howard Thielman

Tri-State Bookstore Association

Mary Alice Tomporowski

Dr. Theresa Vann

Thomas M. and Patricia Daly

Mark J. Twomey

Dr. Joseph H. and Mary Wenner

Peter M. Rogers

Elaine Vogel Charles and Nancy Wenner George Krancke Brian J. Racette Sarah Kunza Deacon Thomas and Elizabeth Langlois Dr. Edward M. LaFond William P. and Ramona Mohs Ferrol Sue Lawin Annette Binder Blanche and Allan Tirk

Rev. Paul Marx, OSB

Richard and Virginia Plastino

Daniel J. and Julianne Martin

Timothy J. and Mary Keaveny Paul Roche

Rev. Stanley F. Roche, OSB

Marty P. and Patricia Rossini Joseph Rossini Cynthia Labatte Marty P. and Patricia Rossini Timothy P. and Catherine Rossini James and Helen Rudden Mary Ellen Rudden Francisco Ruiz Dr. Robert and Nancy Clements Dr. C. Thorpe Running Cheryl Running James Scheller LeRoy and Colleen Lilly Joseph Schulzetenberg Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB Rev. Paul L. Schwietz, OSB Maxine Z. and Patrick Flynn George Schwingle Ethelyn Theisen Richard Scanlan Dr. Timothy and Kimberly Scanlan Josephine Selinsky Jim and Pat Selinsky Betty Smith Deacon Thomas and Elizabeth Langlois William Soucy Dr. P. Robert and Joanne Wurtz Dr. Ernest Sowada Michael L. and Pat Bromelkamp Mercedes Stedman Gerald and Lorraine Sande John Stokman, OblSB Hermit Angela G. Del Greco, OblSB Jack Strain Michael T. and Barbara Rummel Bernard P. Strouth Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bellin Sr. Clarus Strouth John (father), Margaret (mother), John (son), and Margaret (daughter) Strucel Joseph and Cathlene Vene Rev. Edwin Stueber, OSB Julian G. Plante Br. Patrick Sullivan, OSB Phyllis S. Carmien DeLores Lorraine Teigen Rev. Terry and Martha Teigen Truman Dewey Teigen Rev. Terry and Martha Teigen Dr. Charles E. Theisen Homer R. Betts

Mr. and Mrs. Sam W. Bergeron, Jr.

Julian G. Plante

Marjorie T. Blubaugh

R. Conrad and Georgia Schmid

Eileen Souders

Cynthia T. Smith

Frank Machnik

Samuel R. and Nora Whitmore

Clarice M. Theisen

Mary McCaffrey

John M. Rossini

William and Lorelle Ulfers Eugene McCarthy Ellen McCarthy and Charles Howell James and Elizabeth M. McCarthy Clarence F. and Stephanie McCarthy Dr. David McMahon

John W. Theisen

William J. and Mary Culbertson

Kathleen E. Theisen

Robert J. and Robbie Dircks

Mary Theisen

John and Joanne Heller Antonio C. and Sarah Jimenez Carol B. Lehman

Betty McMahon

Thomas and Beverly Osiecki


Ethelyn F. Theisen

Dennis P. and Jerrice Barrett

Philip M. Theisen Gerald Thielman Colleen and Howard Thielman

Memorial Gifts/Volunteers

Verena Thielen Edward and Dorothy O’Brien Theresa J. Terfehr Harding Bond Ardenne Bunde

Brian F. and Kathryn Sheehan

Janice Bowman

Beth Hunt Erickson

Ronald R. Sandeen

William S. Sternberg

Emma Lou Brown

George B. and Adelaide Ingebrand

Ronald and Jean Sarrazin

Sara K. Bye

Louise A. Jacobson

Roger and Irma Scherer

Jayne Carey-Peterson

Hon. Consul of Austria Herbert F. Kahler

Sandra G. Schley

Julian P. and Emily Carlin

Lisa C. Kochiras

Kathryn Schmid

Cheryl Weber Dr. P. Robert and Joanne Wurtz George D. Weidner

Stanley R. Henkel

Burton and Evelyn Bancroft

Charles and Mary Carlsen

Grodon C. Lewis

Robert E. Schriver

Rosemary S. Link

Dolores Grundman

Nicky B. Carpenter

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly

John W. and Debra Scott

Melinda Tempe

Sylvester and Corrine Janochoski

Diane and Charles Cooley

Hon. John and Mary Lindstrom

James A. and Lucia Seidel

David J. and Julie Klein

Phyllis J. Cooper

Patricia A. Maas

Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation

Gary C. and Darnell Klein

W. Donald and Sheila Coy

Robert and Judy Mannella

Robert L. and Margaret Skarsten

Robert C. Klein

William and Judy Cunningham

Daniel A. Manning

Fred D. and Roxanne Steiner

James and Mary Jane Lauerman

John M. and Julie Ditzler

Francis and Virginia McGoldrick

David and Marlys Thies

Dr. Louis and Mary Loes

Thomas P. Egan, Jr.

Thomas and Mary McKeown

Ronald and Sandra Tomczik

Roger and Joyce Poganski

Terence L. and Mary Esbeck

Jean A. Morrison

Albert A. and Kathleen Woodward

John and Shannon Quinlivan

Manfred H. and Gerda Fiedler

Joseph and Kathleen Mucha

Frank R. and Kathleen Ziegler

Kathryn L. Schug

Edward L. and Barbara Finn

Michael T. Mulligan

Cheryl A. Sowada

Jerry and Ellen Gallagher

Newman Financial Services LLC

Patricia Weidner

Patricia Turner Gerard

Scott and Debra Newman

John and Mary Gould

Robert and Gail Onan, Jr.

Mary Hall

Lois B. Pearson

Dr. Paul R. and Mary Hamann

Jim and Ann Platt

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Matthew W. Reubendale ’06

Robert T. Stich ’60

Todd A. Meeker ’89

Glen A. Happe ’51

Charles T. Achter ’69

Mark J. Richards ’85

Robert M. Weber ’61

John N. Herbeck ’90

Donald E. Chisholm ’52

Brian J. Adamek ’06

Arnel A. Rillo ’83

Peter D. Gareri ’62

Robert M. Chelberg ’91

Larry Donlin ’52

Eric B. Brever ’01

David W. Rom ’91

David A. Wendt ’63

Chris A. Fairchild ’92

R. Ted Peller ’52

Eric L. Burggraff ’96

David R. Roy ’83

Bob L. Wicker ’64

William S. Steinke ’93

Harold J. Duffy ’53

Kevin R. DeVaan ’78

Jerome P. Schliep ’58

Ronald A. Tomczik ’65

Kurt R. Halstrom ’94

Charles D. McCarthy ’53

Michael L. Erpenbach ’80

Alex M. Siebenaler ’02

R. Patrick Maxwell ’66

Patrick T. Melvin ’95

Michael Nilles ’55

Kurt R. Halstrom ’94

Aaron M. Smith ’92

Pat J. McDonnell ’67

James M. Bifaro ’96

Kent P. Howe, Sr. ’56

Ryan A. Heining ’91

Jeffrey A. Snegosky ’06

Joseph F. Mullen ’68

J.T. Starzecki ’96

Rodney L. Dachel ’57

Luke M. Hellier ’07

Gregory J. Soukup ’72

Herbert W. Schulte ’69

James J. Wojciechowski ’96

Wayne A. Hergott ’57

John N. Herbeck ’90

Andrew F. Spaanem ’06

Michael J. Ford ’70

John T. McBroom ’97

David C. Prem ’57

Thomas R. Hokr ’72

Jeffrey W. Starbird ’75

Stephen E. Forestell ’71

Mark J. Sterk ’97

John J. Traxler ’57

Richard J. Howard ’72

Todd M. Stoffel ’90

Thomas A. Schoeneberger ’72

Craig W. Maki ’98

James H. Adams ’58

Marc P. Kettleson ’01

Jesse M. Stremcha ’99

James C. Platten ’74

Jesse M. Stremcha ’99

James W. Archbold ’58

Timothy R. Lebens ’89

Thomas F. Sullivan ’03

Thomas E. Brever ’75

Michael B. Hoffman ’00

Daniel G. Barnett ’58

Andrew P. Leonard ’06

Patrick W. Tinucci ’85

Lawrence M. Schultz ’76

Eric B. Brever ’01

James W. Bassett ’58

Robert J. Lyngen, II ’96

Richard L. Trautner ’75

Paul F. Doyle ’77

Michael K. Slavik ’01

Robert L. Biewen ’58

Craig W. Maki ’98

Brian J. Traxler ’01

Timothy E. Ward ’78

Matthew P. Schmit ’02

Thomas Cebulla ’58

George E. Maurer ’88

Michael A. Urbanos ’72

R. John Welsh, Jr. ’79

Joshua J. Smith-Hanen ’04

James P. Coyne ’58

Patrick J. Maurer ’89

Ryan M. VanDeWiele ’97

Michael L. Erpenbach ’80

Casey J. Nepper ’05

Albert A. Eisele ’58

Paul P. Melchior ’85

Michael J. Wagner ’83

Gregory P. Feldmeier ’80

Gabriel L. Hamilton ’07

Robert C. Flynn ’58

Daniel F. Miller ’91

Corey C. Weber ’06

Paul Webber, III ’81

Luke M. Hellier ’07

Thomas A. Foster ’58

Jonathan A. Mosier ’08

Michael W. Weber ’66

Nathan L. Nygren ’82

George N. Konstantinides ’07

James L. Franklin ’58

Jeffrey R. Murphy ’85

John S. Worwa ’83

Martin L. Long ’83

Rand W. Gallagher ’08

Charles L. Geroux ’58

Thomas J. Nicol ’91

Thomas J. Yencho ’68

Joseph P. Shaughnessy ’83

Brett S. Saladin ’08

Keith F. Hughes ’58

David F. Hermerding ’84

Patrick M. Deering ’09

Bernard C. Kinnick ’58

Patrick M. Ryan ’84

Gabriel J. Harren ’10

Laurence F. Koll ’58

William D. O’Connell ’70 Neal R. Olson ’58 Joshua R. Otto ’01 James C. Platten ’74 Michael P. Ramler ’90 Eugene J. Ranieri ’69 Jon L. Reissner ’91

Class Agents Ralph R. Opatz ’49 Robert A. Nicklaus ’50 Charles D. McCarthy ’53 Ronald R. Sandeen ’57 Leonard A. Mrachek ’58 Thomas M. Daly ’59

Patrick M. Kennedy ’85 Timothy E. Bot ’86

Class Committees William R. Oman ’44

Matthew A. Keller ’86

Jerome H. Terhaar ’48

David J. Jensen ’87

Ralph R. Opatz ’49

Peter J. Stoddart ’88

Robert A. Nicklaus ’50


Mark F. Lohmann ’58 John M. Maas ’58 Thomas E. Melchior ’58 John M. Morley ’58 Leonard A. Mrachek ’58


Neal R. Olson ’58

Quintin T. Rubald, Jr. ’60

Richard J. Ahles ’64

Carl W. Luxem ’68

Thomas A. Schoeneberger ’72

John J. Payette ’58

James P. Ryan ’60

Jack M. Amundson ’64

Thomas J. Mayer ’68

Mark D. Studer ’72

Charles C. Pfeffer, Jr. ’58

Richard W. Sabers ’60

Thomas B. Borak ’64

Thomas M. Meyer ’68

Michael A. Urbanos ’72

Richard J. Pope ’58

Robert T. Stich ’60

John W. Chromy ’64

James A. Mohs ’68

Daryl R. Beckmann ’73

James J. Scharenbroich ’58

Joseph F. Sullivan ’60

Donald J. Corbett ’64

Joseph F. Mullen ’68

Joseph C. Dirksen ’73

Roger H. Scherer ’58

Donn A. Thurk ’60

Robert J. Faust ’64

Patrick A. O’Dougherty ’68

Steven L. Dooley ’73

William B. Sullivan ’58

John T. Uldrich, Jr. ’60

James D. Fellman ’64

Gregory T. Scherer ’68

David F. Ebnet ’73

John D. Taylor ’58

Paul A. Weber ’60

Leon J. Grahn ’64

Michael E. Sipe, Sr. ’68

Steven J. Hawkins ’73

Charles N. Thomey ’58

Daniel F. Carle ’61

Lawrence J. Happe, Jr. ’64

Paul H. Steingraeber ’68

Richard A. Humphrey ’73

Peter J. Trebtoske ’58

Michael O. Childs ’61

James T. Hasslinger ’64

William P. Sweeney ’68

William A. Kemp ’73

Richard V. Trudell ’58

Leon F. Cook ’61

James A. Herickhoff ’64

John M. Tancabel ’68

Michael J. Lofberg ’73

John G. Welshons ’58

Jon L. Devenport ’61

John M. Herrick ’64

Thomas J. Yencho ’68

Daniel A. Metzler ’73

William S. Widman ’58

Joseph W. Fraune ’61

Walter M. Hinz ’64

Roger C. Young ’68

John J. Muhar ’73

Thomas E. Wollner ’58

Deacon Frederick Fritsch ’61

William H. Kling ’64

Charles T. Achter ’69

Dennis L. Smid ’73

Dennis N. Zimmer ’58

Henry T. Gallagher ’61

Gary A. Kordosky ’64

Daniel P. Babcock ’69

Edmund C. Theis ’73

Lawrence A. Betzler ’59

Robert D. Henry ’61

Thomas P. Larkin ’64

Dennis J. Bell ’69

Roger A. Wacek ’73

Roger F. Buscher ’59

Paul D. Hunstiger ’61

Robert J. Malby ’64

Paul A. Bernabei ’69

Stephen J. Yanisch ’73

Thomas F. Christian ’59

Lawrence R. Koenig ’61

Thomas A. McKasy ’64

Michael J. Bettendorf ’69

John P. Laliberte ’74

Dale J. Craft ’59

John P. Larson ’61

Robert G. O’Donnell ’64

William J. Churchill, Jr. ’69

Todd W. Mueller ’74

Joseph I. Crotty ’59

Robert A. McCown ’61

Robert F. Olsen ’64

Jon C. Crook ’69

James C. Platten ’74

Thomas M. Daly ’59

James F. Meyer ’61

John P. Ries ’64

William M. Farmer ’69

Leonard Przybylski ’74

Mark W. Dundon ’59

Michael E. Murphy ’61

Kenneth J. Roering ’64

Michael P. Fiala ’69

Thomas J. Ratelle ’74

Henry L. Fischer ’59

George J. Nemanich ’61

James W. Senden ’64

Daniel F. Forrest ’69

James C. Balogh ’75

Roman M. Fruth ’59

Joseph M. Reid ’61

Frederick M. Senn ’64

Nicholas P. Hayes ’69

Michael F. Barg ’75

Laurence N. Goodspeed ’59

Richard J. Sauer ’61

Thomas J. Skoog ’64

Philip J. Kostolnik, Jr. ’69

Richard J. Baron ’75

Richard L. Haeg ’59

David H. Sieben ’61

Charles M. Tarara ’64

Michael J. Laliberte ’69

Jerry T. Berg ’75

H. Thomas Hobday ’59

Michael J. Skwira ’61

Bob L. Wicker ’64

Peter E. Lind ’69

Michael C. Black ’75

Don J. Hodapp ’59

Thomas F. Smith ’61

John J. Wolkerstorfer ’64

Thomas K. Malerich ’69

Patrick M. Boulay ’75

Robert J. Huberty ’59

Robert M. Weber ’61

Daniel G. Anderson ’65

John E. McCambridge ’69

Dennis M. Bracco ’75

Robert D. Labat ’59

Ronald L. Bauerly ’62

William Blake ’65

John C. Provinzino ’69

Thomas E. Brever ’75

Stewart W. Laird ’59

Wayne T. Belisle ’62

James F. Brum ’65

Eugene J. Ranieri ’69

Michael L. Bromelkamp ’75

John G. Lischke ’59

John E. Brandt ’62

Bernard J. Cahill ’65

Robert J. Ranweiler ’69

Thomas M. Brownell ’75

Roger F. Ludwig ’59

Thomas V. Flaig ’62

Carl R. Chalupsky ’65

Thomas R. Schneeweis ’69

Michael A. Fahey ’75

Bruce E. Michels ’59

Dennis H. Flicker ’62

Thomas R. Diffley ’65

Herbert W. Schulte ’69

Gerald M. Faletti ’75

John A. Mullally ’59

Peter D. Gareri ’62

William P. Healey, Sr. ’65

Daniel J. Alberts ’70

Donald T. Geng ’75

Thomas G. Murray ’59

Robert M. Gavin, Jr. ’62

Kenneth E. Keller ’65

Timothy K. Baumgartner ’70

Mark Ginder ’75

Cyril L. Paul ’59

Robert J. Praus ’62

Richard J. Knapp ’65

Andrew R. Biebl ’70

Michael L. Gould ’75

Lawrence M. Poston ’59

Thomas A. Seeger ’62

Joel A. Montpetit ’65

Charles P. Ceronsky ’73

Sean F. Hanlon ’75

John G. Quesnell ’59

Robert L. Stolz, Jr. ’62

John P. Morris ’65

William C. Deuberry ’70

Charles R. Huyink ’75

Deacon Lawrence E. Sisterman ’59

Joseph R. Tembrock ’62

Pierre N. Regnier ’65

Michael A. Fastner ’70

Stephen L. Jacobs ’75

George J. Steiner ’59

Thomas J. Werran ’62

Donald B. Schreifels ’65

Alpheus A. Finlayson ’70

Thomas E. Johnson ’75

Ernie L. Stelzer ’59

Stephen C. Albert ’63

Donald J. Simon ’65

Michael J. Ford ’70

John P. Kampa ’75

Robert A. Sullivan ’59

Theodore J. Buselmeier ’63

John D. Sipe ’65

Roy A. Glover ’70

Frederic W. Knaak ’75

Robert F. Thimmesh ’59

Richard J. Chalmers ’63

Ronald A. Tomczik ’65

John J. Hoefs ’70

Steven E. Koop ’75

Michael C. Becker ’60

Daniel P. Commers ’63

Thomas D. Varley ’65

William G. Johnson ’70

Michael J. Kozlak ’75

Richard H. Breen ’60

Kimball J. Devoy ’63

Robert J. Dircks ’66

Thomas P. Knapp ’70

Richard T. Lally, Jr. ’75

Kenneth E. Broton ’60

Kenneth P. Fasching ’63

William B. Elkjer ’66

William F. Knese ’70

Daniel G. Mareck ’75

William J. Cavanagh ’60

Harold A. Froehle ’63

Terrance J. Hartman ’66

John R. Krueger ’70

Timothy Q. McIndoo ’75

William F. Cunningham ’60

Daniel V. Goulet ’63

R. Patrick Maxwell ’66

John F. Longtin ’70

Jeremy J. Raths ’75

Rev. Gerald E. Dalseth ’64

Paul R. Hamann ’63

Robert W. Mohs ’66

Bruce J. Magelky ’70

James A. Reichert ’75

Edward J. Dirkswager, Jr. ’60

Vincent R. Kinney ’63

Joseph R. Mucha ’66

Michael J. Marchand ’70

James A. Schnepf ’75

Austin D. Ditzler ’60

John C. Lindstrom ’63

John D. Rowekamp MD ’66

Robert M. Mattison ’70

Dana M. Schnobrich ’75

Charles P. Ehlen ’60

Robert Mannella ’63

John J. Silver ’66

James W. Reuter ’70

James F. Schoffman ’75

Terence M. Fruth ’60

Garrett E. Mulrooney, Jr. ’63

Stanley J. Suchta ’66

Joseph Schmitt ’74

Jeffrey W. Starbird ’75

Robert L. Hall ’60

James W. Nelson ’63

Anthony J. Zahorik ’66

Patrick J. Spellacy ’70

Steven L. Ward ’75

David L. Hardwick ’60

Robert D. O’Hara, Jr. ’63

Lyndon L. Kratochwill ’67

Jerome W. Voigt ’70

Matthew S. Williams ’75

Robert J. Herickhoff ’60

Patrick J. O’Neill ’63

Pat J. McDonnell ’67

Thom. W. Woodward ’70

Steven J. Wolfe ’75

Thomas E. Irving ’60

Vincent C. Pletcher ’63

John M. O’Connell ’67

Stephen E. Forestell ’71

John W. Arden, Jr. ’76

Richard D. Jarvinen ’60

Kenneth Preimesberger ’63

Michael J. Scherer ’67

James G. Gunville ’71

Roger J. Aronson ’76

Roger W. Junker ’60

John E. Rogers ’63

John J. Trakselis ’67

Daniel E. Korman ’71

John G. Asmussen ’76

Felix A. Mannella Sr ’60

Thomas C. Roth ’63

Donald Adamek ’68

Patrick J. Vandrovec ’71

Rev. Timothy P. Backous, OSB ’84

M. Ed McGaa ’60

Kenneth J. Schilling ’63

Joseph G. Cronin ’68

Thomas R. Buchkoe ’72

Gary K. Binsfeld ’76

James E. Meath ’60

Lawrence W. Wachendorf ’63

Patrick M. Doyle ’68

Patrick D. Evans ’72

Edward J. Bonach ’76

Thomas W. O’Reilly ’60

David A. Wendt ’63

Ronald J. Foss ’68

Robert J. Foster ’72

E. Anthony Broccolo, Jr. ’76

John R. Owen Sr ’60

Albert A. Woodward ’63

Gregory T. Jacobs ’68

Victor R. Moore ’72

Jay D. Carlson ’76



Kevin S. Carpenter ’76

Michael L. Erpenbach ’80

Steve B. Cummings ’83

Paul L. Schrupp ’84

John N. Tuvey ’89

Kevin J. Healy ’76

Gregory P. Feldmeier ’80

Kevin P. Deegan ’83

Kurt T. Werner ’84

Thomas P. Wilson ’89

David M. Homstad ’76

Timothy J. Frederick ’80

Edward J. Driscoll, III ’83

Thomas B. Archbold ’85

Peter J. Amann ’90

David F. Koebele ’76

Thomas J. Garrity ’80

Leon J. Duda ’83

Daniel J. Beumer ’85

Timothy J. Gruidl ’90

Dennis W. Kurtz ’76

Thomas L. Guetzke ’80

Leon H. Eichten ’83

Jeffrey P. Cannon ’85

John N. Herbeck ’90

Steve G. Lanz ’76

Mark F. Hackert ’80

Steven H. Fink ’83

Paul P. Elskamp ’85

Craig L. Herold ’90

Timothy C. Lindsay ’76

Mark S. Hemann ’80

David R. Forster ’83

Vincent J. Fahnlander ’85

Michael P. Koalska ’90

Daniel J. McGlynn ’76

Michael T. Kallas ’80

Bart A. Franta ’83

Aaron H. Franta ’85

Todd M. Stoffel ’90

Michael C. McIntyre ’76

John H. Kapsner ’80

Patrick M. Gaffney ’83

Patrick M. Kennedy ’85

Kent L. Winter ’90

Lawrence M. Schultz ’76

Mark B. Koch ’80

Michael J. Harris ’83

Mark W. Lambert ’85

Richard L. Bauerly ’91

Theodore L. Stortz ’76

Jeffrey O. Korsmo ’80

Edmund L. Hart ’83

Robert C. Martinka, Jr. ’85

Daniel J. Beix ’91

Rev. David J. Super ’80

Timothy M. Kosiek ’80

Nicholas J. Hernandez ’83

Daniel W. McKeown ’85

Kevin J. Burns ’91

Stephen W. Zauhar ’76

John H. Kurth, Jr. ’80

Mark S. Irion ’83

Michael C. Meyer ’85

Robert M. Chelberg ’91

John E. Adams ’77

Allan M. Lai ’80

Michael L. Jacobson ’83

Julio R. Ojeda-Zapata ’85

David M. Foster ’91

Randy P. Althoff ’77

James M. Lehman ’80

Donald L. Kalkman ’83

Stephen J. Pelner ’85

Timothy J. Graves ’91

Kevin W. Daly ’77

Michael W. Malone ’80

Richard B. King, Jr. ’83

Thomas J. Peterson ’85

Kevin J. Holmes ’91

William B. DeWitt ’77

Timothy S. McIntee ’80

Greg LaFrance ’83

Thomas P. Schaefer ’85

Douglas J. Lawrence ’91

Paul F. Doyle ’77

James T. McKeown ’80

Martin L. Long ’83

Patrick W. Tinucci ’85

Robert R. Liebl ’91

David Musielewicz ’77

Daniel E. Murphy ’80

Robert J. Loonan ’83

Timothy E. Bot ’86

John D. Martin ’91

Gregory R. Palen ’77

Cary Musech ’80

David G. Mazzoni ’83

James J. Cron, Jr. ’86

Murray F. McCartan ’91

Thomas J. Sinner, Jr. ’77

David M. Osberg ’80

Joseph J. Morley ’83

Matthew A. Keller ’86

Eric D. Mechels ’91

Chuck D. Waletzko ’77

Jerome J. Perra ’80

Jerome W. Moynagh ’83

James N. Meyer ’86

Erik W. Ogren ’91

John D. Barta ’78

Richard J. Remer ’80

Scott F. Oakes ’83

Mark A. Spaniol ’86

David W. Rom ’91

John J. Benda ’78

Michael G. Richie ’80

Jeffrey T. Rathmanner ’83

Joseph P. Vaughan ’86

Troy D. Thelen ’91

Robert F. Brigham ’78

Lawrence M. Rocheford ’80

Brian J. Reagan ’83

Richard L. Warzecha ’86

Ryan M. Zipf ’91

Steven M. Carrier ’78

Paul T. Warner ’80

Bradley J. Riebel ’83

Brian J. Werner ’86

Jay M. Conzemius ’92

John W. Conlin ’78

Charles W. Weum ’80

Arnel A. Rillo ’83

Michael P. Zumwinkle ’86

Chris A. Fairchild ’92

Kevin R. DeVaan ’78

Andrew A. Willaert, Jr. ’80

Michael J. Sandeen ’83

Michael F. Bednarek ’87

Alan D. Johnson ’92

Michael G. Dean ’78

Steven D. Woodley ’80

Scott J. Schaefers ’83

Bradley J. Cunningham ’87

C.J. Lyngen ’92

Gerald Felicelli ’78

Ned S. Arriola ’81

Dennis M. Schleper ’83

David J. Hamlin ’87

Denis R. McDonough ’92

Edward R. Goossens ’78

Elwood A. Chandler, Jr. ’81

Karl E. Schroeder ’83

Gregory J. Hasper ’87

Jason R. Naber ’92

David J. Hawkins ’78

John B. Delebo ’81

Joseph P. Shaughnessy ’83

William K. Husen ’87

Eric C. Schubert ’92

Patrick G. Kaiser ’78

Richard G. DesLauriers ’81

Michael T. Spanier ’83

David J. Jensen ’87

Peter J. Skwira ’92

Michael J. Koshmrl ’78

Noel J. Graczyk ’81

Andrew J. Stark ’83

Richard J. Odenthal ’87

Michael D. Witchger ’92

Thomas G. Kost ’78

Michael T. Hemesath ’81

Thomas R. Thompson ’83

Paul A. Bennett ’88

Matthew J. Arbeiter ’93

Valentine D. Kraljic ’78

Robert P. Hofmann ’81

Michael S. Towey ’83

Todd A. Bock ’88

John T. Beutz ’93

Joseph J. Kruse ’78

William O. Kenney ’81

Chris K. Traxler ’83

Charles W. Chmielewski ’88

Bradley G. Blaschko ’93

Thomas D. Merickel ’78

Shaun P. McElhatton ’81

Richard C. Villalta ’83

John D. Ellis ’88

Joseph E. Blee ’93

Win R. Miller ’78

Brad Neary ’81

Michael J. Wagner ’83

Troy J. Fritz ’88

Casey J. Breen ’93

Jeffrey J. Norman ’78

Scott M. Nelson ’81

Joseph R. Warner ’83

Shawn M. Govern ’88

Jefferson W. Bretherton ’93

Daniel P. O’Connell ’78

Joseph G. Oberle ’81

James F. Williams ’83

Jonathan R. Hanson ’88

Daniel P. Brown ’93

John A. O’Donnell ’78

Steven J. Packard ’81

John S. Worwa ’83

Kevin B. Hynes ’88

Brian D. Carpenter ’93

John M. Ries ’78

Joseph N. Pavicic, Jr. ’81

John M. Young ’83

Douglas R. Johnson ’88

Matthew J. Christopherson ’93

Edward F. Ryan ’78

John H. Pieper, Obl.S.B. ’81

Kevin M. Adams ’84

Paul R. Johnston ’88

William D. Donohue ’93

Kevin D. Seggelke ’78

David K. Rehr ’81

Anthony R. Bassett ’84

Patrick E. Lynch ’88

Gregory G. Dummer ’93

Timothy E. Ward ’78

Gregory G. Schoen ’81

Michael J. Becker ’84

George E. Maurer ’88

Terry M. Fasching ’93

Robert J. Douglas, Jr. ’79

Mark B. Schwietz ’81

James J. Byrne ’84

Andrew J. Miller ’88

John C. Feltl ’93

Lenard R. Eichten ’79

Jon J. Schwingler ’81

James G. Condon, Jr. ’84

Gregory J. Neeser ’88

Scott A. Fernholz ’93

Kevin M. Fenelon ’79

Mark J. Shimota ’81

Thomas R. Connell ’84

George C. Ramler ’88

Robert T. Gag ’93

Patrick J. Holmay ’79

Robert P. Walsh, Jr ’81

Peter J. Fogarty ’84

Scott J. Schneider ’88

Derek J. Gossman ’93

Mark R. Kennedy ’79

Paul Webber, III ’81

William R. Hennessey ’84

Peter J. Stoddart ’88

Patrick T. Grove ’93

John W. Kessler ’79

William D. Zweber ’81

David F. Hermerding ’84

Thomas G. Sweetman ’88

Thomas W. Haik ’93

Robert A. Kost ’79

David J. Bromelkamp ’82

Daniel J. Hughes ’84

Dale F. Wagener ’88

John D. Henningsgard ’93

Charles A. Martin ’79

Robert E. Culligan ’82

Paul M. Hussian ’84

Richard G. Wojciechowski ’88

Brant P. Hollenkamp ’93

Thomas P. Schnettler ’79

Paul M. Gelbmann ’82

Douglas J. Jarmoluk ’84

Joseph M. Bergmann ’89

Wade P. Labatte ’93

Thomas J. Schuld ’79

David J. Johnston ’82

James E. Kopp ’84

Mark J. Dockery ’89

Daniel J. Leary ’93

R. John Welsh, Jr. ’79

Paul J. Krump ’82

Michael P. Lamb ’84

Patrick M. Hall ’89

David J. Leary ’93

Peter W. Weum ’79

Alan J. Lanners ’82

Terrence P. Leiendecker ’84

Michael J. Klein ’89

Timothy W. Ledwein ’93

Timothy J. Boys ’80

Nathan L. Nygren ’82

William P. Lynch ’84

David Lutz ’89

Peter C. Lindstrom ’93

Michael J. Bruckbauer ’80

Terrence K. Pumper ’82

Floyd A. Mannella ’84

Todd A. Meeker ’89

Kurt A. Mareck ’93

Thomas R. Casey, III ’80

Gary J. Zweber ’82

Michael J. Manning ’84

Douglas E. Neeser ’89

Todd A. McDowell ’93

John R. Cella ’80

Rick T. Bell ’83

Daniel M. McDermott ’84

Bryan J. Olson ’89

Christopher M. McGuire ’93

Michael G. Coleman ’80

Kevin P. Berg ’83

Timothy M. McGowan ’84

Peter D. Seltz ’89

Gregory J. Meyer ’93

Timothy S. Collins ’80

Raymond F. Brau ’83

Joseph P. Reif ’84

Jeffrey A. Smith ’89

Daniel J. Oftedahl ’93

Daniel W. Dryer ’80

Joe J. Butorac ’83

Patrick M. Ryan ’84

Thomas N. Spanier ’89

Erick J. Reim ’93



John M. Rubischko ’93

Andrew P. Scheck ’97

Ryan D. Poindexter ’00

William R. Asp ’05

Lyndon L. Kratochwill ’67

Angelo G. Rulli ’95

John S. Schwalbach ’97

Mark E. Rice ’00

Matthew D. Goldade ’05

Thomas R. Schneeweis ’69

Thomas W. Scheider ’93

Jeffrey S. Sieben ’97

David R. Rynders ’00

Br. Michael Leonard Hahn, OSB ’05

Herbert W. Schulte ’69

Michael R. Sorenson ’93

Ryan R. Steines ’97

Todd J. Senger ’00

Casey J. Nepper ’05

William F. Knese ’70

Douglas P. Spanier ’93

Mark J. Sterk ’97

Zachary Wilczyk ’00

Jared V. Anderson ’06

Michael J. Marchand ’70

William S. Steinke ’93

Bradley R. Asplund ’98

Br. Theophane (Kraig) Windschitl,OSB ’00

Richard P. Crawford, III ’06

William D. O’Connell ’70

Dennis A. Wenzel ’93

Martin E. Barry ’98

James B. Berg ’01

Christopher C. Herby ’06

Patrick J. Spellacy ’70

Eric S. Westphal ’93

Richard M. Bellefeuille ’98

Eric B. Brever ’01

Shawn T. Kremer ’06

Anthony W. Biebl ’71

Jeffrey A. Windfeldt ’93

Jason L. Blashack ’98

Christopher E. Chambs ’01

Kevin M. Krueger ’06

J. Michael Dady ’71

Aaron M. Anderson ’94

Matthew J. Brix ’98

Joseph L. Cottew ’01

Michael D. Kuhlmann ’06

James B. Hoesley ’71

Luke J. Bassett ’94

Erik R. Brown ’98

Jordan P. Foley ’01

Jeremy J. Ploof ’06

John A. Knapp ’71

Daniel D. Bokinskie ’94

Matthew J. Emmerich ’98

Michael S. Halverson ’01

Brent T. Putz ’06

Tom F. Kordonowy ’71

Joseph J. Cavanaugh ’94

Eric C. Fowler ’98

Steven J. Hoemberg, Jr. ’01

Andrew F. Spaanem ’06

Daniel E. Korman ’71

Thomas J. Dey ’94

Matthew J. Frigaard ’98

Gabriel W. Hulsey ’01

Jason M. Stoffel ’06

Charles G. Dopp ’72

Matthew J. Etzell ’94

Bryan M. Gilbert ’98

Marc N. Jerzak ’01

Daniel T. Willaert ’06

Greg Wakefield ’72

Erik T. Klein ’94

Matthew B. Griffith ’98

Beau T. LaBore ’01

Brian Chen ’07

Mark A. Wegleitner ’72

Cyril J. Kobbermann ’94

Philip M. Kern ’98

Thomas J. Lanz ’01

Gabriel L. Hamilton ’07

Richard A. Humphrey ’73

F. Michael McGoldrick ’94

Matthew K. Klingelhutz ’98

Nicholas G. Leonard ’01

Luke M. Hellier ’07

D. C. Heckman ’74

Jason J. Miller ’94

Michael R. Kohler ’98

Brandon A. Moore ’01

George N. Konstantinides ’07

Phillip L. Kunkel ’74

David E. Moe ’94

Ryan C. Kompelien ’98

Bradley M. Neznik ’01

Chase V. Lenz ’07

Todd W. Mueller ’74

Ryan J. Murray ’94

John K. Kovar ’98

James R. Peichel ’01

Jeffrey Cook-Lundgren ’07

Timothy J. Egan ’75

Daniel J. Nosal ’94

Craig W. Maki ’98

Adam Phenow ’01

Matthew D. Ohme ’07

Joseph M. Sullivan ’75

Patrick G. Seaman ’94

Anthony M. Mirau ’98

Brian J. Roers ’01

Rand W. Gallagher ’08

Gordon J. Vetsch ’76

Peter M. Stolz ’94

Nathan D. Omann ’98

Matthew M. Schoenecker ’01

Michael J. Johnson ’08

John A. O’Donnell ’78

Thomas R. Tanghe ’94

Zachary P. Papenhausen ’98

Michael K. Slavik ’01

John E. Krebsbach ’08

Kevin D. Seggelke ’78

Todd J. Vanyo ’94

Christopher G. Polikowsky ’98

Robert M. Smith ’01

Jonathan A. Mosier ’08

John W. Kessler ’79

William P. White ’94

Jon P. Protaskey ’98

Matthew J. Stockinger ’01

Brett S. Saladin ’08

R. John Welsh, Jr. ’79

Scott R. Wilts ’94

Eric A. Ruzicka ’98

Julian I. Tasev ’01

Zachary S. Samuelson ’08

Steven D. Woodley ’80

Thomas M. Flicker ’95

James W. Schneider ’98

Joel D. Towers ’01

Brian R. Baker ’09

Peter H. Germscheid ’81

Paul M. Goebel ’95

Nicholas J. Schwarz ’98

Brian J. Traxler ’01

Patrick M. Deering ’09

Joseph C. Speltz ’82

William G. Johnson, Jr. ’95

Daniel B. Stangler ’98

Mark E. Woell ’01

Matthew W. Haas ’09

Rick T. Bell ’83

Bradley J. Matuska ’95

Jeremy D. Theis ’98

Matthew R. Belford ’02

Ryan R. Tansom ’09

Joe J. Butorac ’83

Patrick T. Melvin ’95

Jonathan P. Tupy ’98

Eric A. Hendrickson ’02

Alex M. Wieme ’09

Steve B. Cummings ’83

Craig M. Steele ’95

Jason L. Vinje ’98

Jesse T. Karich ’02

Joseph P. Feldmeier ’10

Martin L. Long ’83

Michael J. Stolp ’95

Eric L. Werner ’98

James P. Kuhn ’02

Gabriel J. Harren ’10

Jeffrey T. Rathmanner ’83

Walter D. Struck ’95

Mark D. Connelly, MD ’99

Michael E. Pocrnich ’02

Thomas J. Henderson ’10

Dennis M. Schleper ’83

Kenneth G. Twyman ’95

Timothy J. Enright ’99

Michael O. Rydell ’02

Benjamin J. Loonan ’10

Michael J. Wagner ’83

Anthony J. Amelse ’96

John C. Feste ’99

Matthew P. Schmit ’02

Ryan J. Noack ’10

Robert J. Jennissen ’85

James M. Bifaro ’96

Mark D. Foster ’99

Alex M. Siebenaler ’02

Patrick J. Sinner ’10

Douglas W. Jaeger ’89

David R. Bruni ’96

Adam A. Herbst ’99

Luke T. Witt ’02

Benjamin J. Vanderheyden ’10

Timothy R. Lebens ’89

Joseph S. Burgess ’96

Laurence K. Johnson ’99

Charles J. Carr ’03

Michael D. Wollmering ’10

Thomas C. Wicka ’90

Eric L. Burggraff ’96

Brian R. Kelly ’99

Nicholas M. Curtis ’03

Chad C. Carr ’96

John M. Knippel ’99

Joshua P. Fiedler ’03

Fellows Ambassadors

David P. Dolan ’91

Garrett A. Dietrick ’96

Kenneth J. Loehlein ’99

Nicholas A. Hydukovich ’03

James W. Bassett ’58

Ryan A. Heining ’91

Corey A. Donat ’96

Saul A. McBroom ’99

James M. Mulrooney ’03

Leonard A. Mrachek ’58

Thomas J. Nicol ’91

Daniel R. Jenks ’96

Kevin J. Monn ’99

Michael K. Neitzke ’03

Neal R. Olson ’58

William M. Olson ’91

Jason D. Jennissen ’96

Aaron D. Reznechek ’99

Gavin J. Poindexter ’03

Thomas E. Wollner ’58

Jon L. Reissner ’91

Nathan R. Jones ’96

Jesse M. Stremcha ’99

Thomas F. Sullivan ’03

David L. Hardwick ’60

David W. Rom ’91

Adam J. Koering ’96

Ryan C. Brown ’00

Noel J. Barrick ’04

Robert T. Stich ’60

Gregory A. Schumacher ’91

Nathan P. Koestlin ’96

Nicholas P. Cichowicz ’00

Ross A. Bauerly ’04

Joseph F. Sullivan ’60

Joseph G. Torborg ’91

Keith V. Kurpiers ’96

Jason T. Cooney ’00

Jordan C. Bewley ’04

Michael E. Murphy ’61

C.J. Lyngen ’92

Robert J. Lyngen, II ’96

Timothy A. Daniels ’00

Charles B. Block ’04

Stephen M. Slaggie ’61

Joseph R. Moore ’92

Chad D. Mountain ’96

Michael J. Faletti ’00

Brian C. Brooks ’04

Thomas F. Smith ’61

Kevin J. Schimnich ’92

John C. Pihaly ’96

Chad H. Gamradt ’00

Ryan L. Green ’04

Vincent R. Kinney ’63

David M. Schulte ’92

Mark J. Regnier ’96

Michael E. Garcia ’00

Daniel J. Groppoli ’04

John E. Rogers ’63

John D. Henningsgard ’93

Thomas W. Riitters ’96

Bjorn K. Gustafson ’00

Jeffrey S. Kaczrowski ’04

Thomas C. Roth ’63

William S. Steinke ’93

Patrick T. Ryan ’96

Eric K. Hayes ’00

Arthur E. Morrissey ’04

David N. Turch ’63

Andrew J. Crook ’95

Daniel J. Schumacher ’96

Michael B. Hoffman ’00

Thomas P. O’Keefe ’04

David A. Wendt ’63

J.T. Starzecki ’96

Michael D. Sufka ’96

Brian M. Kirchoff ’00

Benjamin H. Pardun ’04

Albert A. Woodward ’63

James J. Wojciechowski ’96

Glen R. Tautges ’96

Nicholas G. Konat ’00

Andrew B. Raun ’04

James F. Brum ’65

Eric A. Ruzicka ’98

James J. Wojciechowski ’96

Chad D. Krueger ’00

Michael J. Ryan ’04

John D. Sipe ’65

John C. Feste ’99

Thomas J. Corbett ’97

Benjamin G. Lentz ’00

Brian S. Senger ’04

R. Patrick Maxwell ’66

Brian R. Kelly ’99

Howard L. Day ’97

Anthony J. Minnich ’00

Joshua J. Smith-Hanen ’04

Robert W. Mohs ’66

Jesse M. Stremcha ’99

Michael T. Hemmesch ’97

Todd R. Nielsen ’00

Raymond J. Welsh, III ’04

Lee J. Wilwerding ’66

Michael K. Slavik ’01

John T. McBroom ’97

Stephen M. Norton ’00

Kyle P. Wirth ’04

Anthony J. Zahorik ’66

Christopher A. Marsh ’03

Richard L. Bauerly ’91



Joseph M. Smith ’03

Chicago Chapter

David P. Bennetts

Southwest Twin Cities Chapter

Peter S. Dubay ’88

Brian J. Eder ’04

John E. Adams ’77

Thomas M. Kain ’05

Todd M. Stoffel ’90

John B. Elton ’80

Joseph C. Housman ’04

Kevin J. Burns ’91

Brian P. Lynch ’98

Washington, DC Chapter

John A. Newman ’99

Andrew F. Spaanem ’06

James G. Condon, Jr. ’84

Joseph F. Sandkamp ’96

Rev. Timothy G. Agar ’86

Brandon G. Novak ’00

Jonathan A. Mosier ’08

Sean P. Kelly ’96

Aaron E. Toussaint ’05

Timothy J. Enright ’99

Gary C. Svendsen ’73

Patrick M. Deering ’09

Mark L. Kosiek ’77

Kansas City Chapter

Andrew G. Jones ’05

Thomas J. Henderson ’10

Michael C. McIntyre ’76

Colin N. Dart ’08

Christopher J. Kauffman ’58

J-Club Board

Andrew R. Stolp ’02

Jason R. Scheiderer ’98

Brendan C. Kelly ’99

Thomas J. Arth ’66

Alumni Chapters

Jeremy R. Sutton ’01

Mankato Chapter

Joshua N. Klick ’95

Brian J. Baker ’85

Atlanta Chapter

Robert P. Walsh ’08

Stephen R. Bennett ’89

John F. Kwacala ’95

Bryan J. Dieleman ’93

Simon P. Hansen ’08

Colorado Chapter

Andrew A. Willaert, Jr. ’80

Br. John Mary Lugemwa, OSB ’07

James R. Diley ’05

Christopher R. Johnson ’97

Todd W. Bass ’92

Mark S. Zallek ’80

John S. Mathias ’76

Blake E. Elliott ’03

Mark J. Ludick ’84

Matthew E. Gomer ’02

NW Twin Cities Chapter

Jeremy P. Monteiro ’99

Michael A. Fahey ’75

Paul R. Skrbec ’93

Mark C. Haeg ’87

Matthew D. Dooley ’95

Jeffrey S. Schnobrich ’09

Jason P. Good ’06

Arizona Chapter

Donald H. Rasure ’64

Christopher L. Dykhoff ’03

Timothy M. Serie ’06

Kurt R. Halstrom ’94

John D. Ford ’67

Kevin D. Seggelke ’78

Peter D. Gareri ’62

Valentin A. Sierra ’10

Robert J. Loonan ’83

Lawrence R. Fraher ’91

Central Iowa Chapter

Daniel M. McDermott ’84

John P. Taitt ’84

Zachary R. McBroom ’02

Thomas L. Gillham ’67

Curtis M. Brown ’97

David R. Roy ’83

Terry A. House ’94

William J. Buttell, III ’95

Donn G. Scroggins ’92

Alumni Affinity Groups

Augustus F. Stuhldreher ’67

Terry M. Kelly ’78

Michael R. Cummings ’89

Jeffrey T. Stangler ’00

Nordic Skiing

Rev. Wilfred R. Theisen, OSB ’56

Stephen N. Lisle Jr ’60

Douglas A. Sturm-Smith ’96

Kevin J. Stangler ’70

Oumar D. Cherif ’10

Thom. W. Woodward ’70

William J. Matt ’78

Marty M. Wolske ’94

Michael W. Weber ’66

Trevor L. Drake ’10

Christopher S. McCabe ’92

Central Minnesota Chapter

James J. Wojciechowski ’96

Erik M. Hendrickson ’07

Ryan J. Murray ’94

Mike Ford ’70

Owatonna / Faribault Chapter

Martin C. Morud ’06

Private Investment Fund Advisory Board

John F. Phelps, IV ’79

Jeremy J. Forsell ’01

Jeffrey R. Hanson ’95

Politics and Public Policy

Richard L. Bauerly ’91

James D. Schlosser ’59

Jacob R. Overman ’07

Rochester Chapter

Michael Charboneau ’74

Scott L. Becker ’77

Bahamas Chapter

Aaron D. Reznechek ’99

John G. Archbold ’85

David F. Durenberger ’55

Lloyd K. Benson, Jr. ’76

Todd M. Beneby ’87

Chris J. Schuver ’02

Gilbert P. Becker ’72

Albert A. Eisele ’58

Kevin C. Eichler ’82

Dayrrl R. Butler ’72

Dallas Chapter

Jeffrey O. Korsmo ’80

Michael S. Erlandson ’86

Mark W. Flynn ’78

Basil S. Christie ’66

James F. Brum† ’65

John T. McBroom ’97

Joseph R. Hoppe ’87

Cary Musech ’80

Pierre V. Dupuch ’60

Richard G. Wojciechowski ’88

Patrick B. McKee ’76

Lawrence J. Hosch ’00

Brad Neary ’81

Edward A. Fields ’81

East Twin Cities Chapter

Neal R. Olson ’58

Mark R. Kennedy ’79

Richard J. Nigon ’70

Earl V. Thompson Jr ’85

William G. Berigan ’91

Eric B. Reeve ’03

Matthew J. Lindstrom ’92

Kevin L. Ober ’83

Bay Area Chapter

Kevin G. Crane ’08

Scott J. Torborg ’96

Peter C. Lindstrom ’93

William J. Patefield ’70

Allen Chandler ’81

Brian J. Eder ’04

John W. Weiss ’72

William R. McGrann ’59

Edward F. Ryan ’78

Seth C. Snyder ’00

John P. Kaufman ’98

Gregory G. Worden ’04

Victor R. Moore ’72

David M. Schulte ’92

Bosnia-Herzegovina Chapter

Michael P. Koalska ’90

Sioux Falls Chapter

James M. Mulrooney ’03

Richard W. Weening ’67

Aleksandar Bundalo ’08

Pat J. McDonnell ’67

Benjamin E. Dold ’05

Richard M. Nolan ’66

Mario Fofic ’10

James L. Sexton ’06

Adam C. Fahrendorf ’08

Eugene J. Ranieri ’69

Planned Giving Board

Savo Heleta ’06

Andrew F. Spaanem ’06

Chad D. Hemminger ’02

David K. Rehr ’81

Todd A. Bock ’88

Ismir Hodzic ’09

Europe Chapter

Gregory A. Johnson ’89

George A. Sinner ’50

David J. Bromelkamp ’82

Rajko Ivanisevic ’10

John E. Fowler ’95

Joseph A. Zueger ’89

Philip G. Stalboerger ’95

Jay H. Cavanagh ’91

Dusan Kosic ’07

Fargo/Moorhead Chapter

Southern California Chapter

Daniel A. Whalen ’70

Donald J. Corbett ’64

Adem Lisicic ’07

Matthew J. Bradley ’01

Douglas A. Cleary ’85


David P. Dolan ’91

Danijel Lozancic ’07

Jeffrey M. Collins ’97

Justin Moehle ’10

Michael R. Cummings ’89

Patrick J. Dolan ’59

Adnan Mackovic ’07

Jeremy S. Donais ’97

Paul E. Noack ’83

Bryan J. Dieleman ’93

Mark C. Drexler ’89

Milan Naric ’10

Jeffrey T. Fellman ’04

Todd M. Setter ’88

John N. Herbeck ’90

Jeffrey S. Hagen ’77

Samir Omerefendic ’06

Brian D. Gilbertson ’05

Gregory J. Soukup ’72

Bryan J. Dieleman ’08

James D. Lamm ’94

Zeljko Ostojic ’08

Michael R. Hagstrom ’94

David H. Stern ’88

Ryan J. Logan ’88

Dan Leach ’61

Boris Sekulic ’09

Aaron M. Hill ’05

Henri Tran ’89

John C. Quinlan ’87

Scott M. Nelson ’81

Dusko Stojanovic ’08

Hong Kong Chapter

Kent L. Winter ’90


Jeffrey T. Rathmanner ’83

Sasa Subic ’10

Adrian P. Fung ’74

St. Louis Chapter

Brian J. Baker ’85

Dale J. Schoonover ’91

Damir Tokic ’06

Patrick P. Leung ’73

Kevin J. Carr ’79

David R. Barthel ’87

Robert W. Steinke ’92

Adnan Zisko ’08

Japan Chapter

Mark J. Dorn ’83

Steve D. Zimmerman ’72

Victor R. Moore ’72


School of Theology •Seminary

School of Theology•Seminary


Rev. Edward G. Meulemans*

Lori Dahlhoff*

Doris Murphy†*

Ronald and MaryAnn Wunderlin*

Founders Society

Augustine and Elizabeth Nolan*

Rev. John E. Davis*

Rev. Michael Naughton, OSB* •

Rev. Nicholas M. Zimmer*

Br. Aaron Raverty, OSB* •

Rev. Meinrad J. Dindorf, OSB* •

Br. Richard Oliver, OSB* •

Rev. Ralph G. Zimmerman*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Regent’s Level

Rev. Ian J. Dommer, OSB* •

Martin and Betty Olsen*

Faithful Donors

Rev. Alexander P. Ludwig

Charles P. and Carolyn Ceronsky*

Rev. Daniel D. Durken, OSB* •

Richard A. and Erica Olson*

Theodore and Madonna Agniel*

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Monsignor James E. Dillenburg*

Rev. John Patrick Earls, OSB* •

James C. Otremba and Maureen

Linda and Robert Arnold*


Franklin and Sarah Earnest*

Rev. Richard Eckroth, OSB* •

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Bernard F. and Nancy Evans*

Rev. Geoffrey Fecht, OSB* •

Rev. Michael F. Patella, OSB* •

Msgr. Thomas F. Baxter*

Rev. John E. Moore†

Mary Lou and Leonard Jennings*

Rev. Joseph J. Feders, OSB* •

Br. John-Bede Pauley, OSB* •

Geno Beniek*

Rev. Richard Thomas Peeters†

Rev. Bernard W. Kahlhamer*

Rev. David T. Fenelon*

Rev. Roman M. Paur, OSB* •

William P. and Johnnie Bertrand*

Deacon Vernon J. and Diane Schmitz

Victor J. and Kathy Klimoski*

Rev. Jonathan Fischer, OSB* •

Rev. Raymond Pedrizetti, OSB* •

Monsignor Colin F. Bircumshaw*

Rev. Richard M. VerBust†

Rev. James M. Kolb, CSP*

Rosanne E. Fischer and Mark Trainor*

Rev. Jorge Perales*

Margaret A. Blenkush*

Patrick Greil Founders

Rev. Msgr. Donald H. Krebs*

Very Rev. Robert B. Flannery*

Gregory S. and Christina Peters*

S. Lorraine Brueggemann*

Rev. Peter W. Grady

Charles H. Mertensotto*

Rev. Michael H. Foltz*

Rev. Robert M. Pierson, OSB* •

William J. and Kayreen Burns*

Dr. J. Raymond† and Mary Helbert

Lisa D. Murphy and Steve Cohen*

Rev. Kenneth J. Frisch*

Br. Ephrem Poppish, OCSO*

Rev. Richard W. Burton*

Most Rev. Mark F. Schmitt

Most Rev. Mark F. Schmitt*

Deacon Bruce and Gail Geyer*

Maureen L. Pryor*

Rev. George A. Busto, Jr.*

Elizabeth Wang*

Rev. Thomas Gillespie, OSB* •

Rev. Martin F. Rath, OSB* •

Beatrice M. Callery*

Patricia A. Weishaar*

Rev. Anthony W. Gorman, OSB* •

Rev. James Reichert, OSB* •

Catherine Ann Cory*


Rev. Ronald L. Weyrens*

Br. John D. Hanson, OSB* •

Rev. Michael A. Resop*

Sean D. Cronan*

Paul J. and Edna Berres

President’s Level

Rev. Robert C. Harren*

Bret D. and Barbara E.† Reuter*

Rev. Martin T. Cullen*

Rev. Stephen J. Bird

Rose and Adolph Burckhardt*

Rev. Henry Bryan Hays, OSB* •

Rev. Michael Richel*

Carol E. Diethelm*

Frank W. Boler

Matthew P. and Donna Clark*

Rev. Virgil O. Heinen*

Kate E. Ritger*

Terence L. and Millicent Dosh*

John P. and Kathleen Boyle

Rev. Gerald E. Dalseth*

Paul V.† and Millie Hemmelgarn*

Rev. Anthony W. Ruff, OSB* •

Alice G. Duffy-Meyer*

Rev. Martin T. Cullen

Nicholas J. and Nancy Eltgroth*

Rev. Robert and Linda Hofstad*

Rev. Dominic Ruiz, OSB* •

Mathias A.† and Mildred† Ethen

Robert N. and Phyllis Gardner*

Rev. Eric Hollas, OSB* •

Rev. Stanley J. Russell*

Rev. Donald J. Feller†

Margaret A. and Clifford Gawne-Mark*

Rev. Jeffrey P. Horejsi*

Rev. Erich Rutten*

Rev. Peter W. Grady

Jeffrey J. and Lynn Kaster*

Bonnie M. and Gary Hugeback*

Br. Kelly Ryan, OSB* •

Dr. Daniel Gullo

Paula Koshiol Kraus and Tom Kraus*

Jeffrey P. Hutson*

LeRoy and Peggy Schlangen*

Dr. J. Raymond† and Mary Helbert

Rev. Vincent P. Lieser*

Rev. William J. Jablonske*

Rev. Julian Schmiesing, OSB* •

Rev. Bernard W. Kahlhamer

Corinna R. Moncada*

Kathrine L. and Michael Janku

Deacon Joseph and Becky Schmitt*

Rev. Kenneth F. Knoke†

Abbot Peter W. Novecosky, OSB*

Br. Paul Jasmer, OSB* •

Deacon Vernon J. and Diane Schmitz*

Anne Y. Koester

Rev. M. Charles Palluck*

Kaarin S. Johnston*

Rev. Francisco R. Schulte, OSB* •

Rev. Philip J. Krogman

Rev. Charles C. Parker*

Rev. Roger Kasprick, OSB* •

Russell D. and Laura E. Shupe*

Rev. Peter Lambert

Charles L. Rasmussen, PhD

Rev. Joel Daniel Kelly, OSB* •

Rev. William F. Skudlarek, OSB* •

Rev. Eugene K. Lemm†

Germaine R. Smith*

Rt. Rev. Timothy T. Kelly, OSB†*•

Rev. Wm. Andrew Smith*

Rev. Alexander P. Ludwig

Rev. David J. Super*

Deacon Walter Kieffer, OSB* •

Rev. Columba Stewart, OSB* •

Rev. Michael G. Mertens

Rev. Frank S. Tomasiewicz*

Rev. Joseph Kieselbach*

Rev. Don F. Talafous, OSB* •

Rev. John E. Moore†

Anne M. and Jont Tyson*

Rev. Chrysostom Kim, OSB* •

Rev. Allen Tarlton, OSB* •

Rev. John T. Mullarkey

Dean’s Level

Rev. Roger P. Klassen, OSB* •

Rev. Donald Tauscher, OSB* •

Rev. Harold J. Pavelis

Rev. Kevin P. Anderson*

Rev. Andrew J. Knopik*

Rev. Mel Taylor, OSB* •

Steven Pederson and John Burns

Rev. Knute Anderson, OSB* •

Br. Kenneth Kroeker, OSB* •

Rev. Mark L. Thamert, OSB* •

Benedictine Legacy Society

Rev. William J. Rickert

Rev. Thomas Andert, OSB* •

Rev. Philip J. Krogman*

Rev. Wilfred R. Theisen, OSB* •

Planned gifts to Abbey or University

Rev. Kenneth Russell

Rev. Alexander Andrews, OSB* •

Rev. Anthony J. Kroll*

Robert R. Thelen*

Rev. Msgr. Alfred Schneider†

Rev. Timothy Backous, OSB* •

Rev. John Kulas, OSB* •

Rev. Hilary D. Thimmesh, OSB* •

Annual Giving

Rev. Paul A. Schumacher†

Rev. Timothy H. Baltes*

Rev. Michael A. Kwatera, OSB* •

Rev. Simeon J. Thole, OSB* •

Sherri L. Vallee

Rev. Stephen Beauclair, OSB* •

Kathleen M. and Gerald Langer*

Rev. Thomas Thole, OSB* •

Rev. Arthur A. Vogel

Rev. Thomas G. Becker*

Rev. Barnabas Laubach, OSB* •

Evelyn M. Toft

Dr. Stephen and Mary Ellen Weber

Helen J. and Joseph Bettendorf*

Rev. Dale F. Launderville, OSB* •

Rev. Jerome Tupa, OSB* •

Patricia A. Weishaar

Rev. Michael Bik, OSB* •

Rev. Donald LeMay, OSB* •

August F. Turak*

Rev. William A. Wenninger†

Rev. Steven M. Binsfeld*

Rev. Jonathan Licari, OSB* •

Albrecht and Patricia UaSiaghail*

Laura E. Blabac*

Rev. Matthew M. Luft, OSB* •

Rev. Edward Vebelun, OSB* •

Rev. Roger J. Botz, OSB* •

Diana J. Macalintal*

Rev. James F. Vennix*

Donald LeMay Fellows

Robert and Judith Brezinski*

Rev. Brennan Maiers, OSB* •

Rev. Laurn C. Virnig*

William and Maryellen Griffiths

Pat Brink*

Rev. Luke Mancuso, OSB* •

Rev. Thomas Wahl, OSB* •

Rev. Alexander P. Ludwig*

Beatrice and Larry Britz*

Rev. J. Patrick McDarby, OSB* •

Rev. Daniel Ward, OSB* •

Virgil Michel Fellows

Rev. Fintan Bromenshenkel, OSB* •

Rev. Finian R. McDonald, OSB* •

Christine A. Warloski*

Virginia and Thomas Stillwell*

Helen Cianfaglione*

Rev. Kilian McDonnell, OSB* •

Rev. Blane H. Wasnie, OSB* •

Walter Reger Fellows

Rev. Jerome Coller, OSB* •

Rev. Eugene McGlothlin, OSB* •

Rev. Cyprian Weaver, OSB* •

Mark J. and Mary Beth Barder*

Rev. Corwin Collins, OSB* •

Rev. Rene McGraw, OSB* •

Rev. Arnold J. Weber, OSB* •

Rev. Stephen J. Bird

Br. Isaac Connolly, OSB* •

Rev. Daniel T. McMullin*

Rev. Magnus Wenninger, OSB* •

John P. and Kathleen Boyle*

Rev. Cletus Connors, OSB* •

Rev. John R. Meoska, OSB* •

Marge F. and Gerard Wentland*

Bernadette S. and Ed Dunn*

Nathaniel G. Costa*

Rev. Gregory L. Miller, OSB* •

Rev. Timothy W. Wenzel*

Very Rev. Timothy C. Hurd, V.F.*

Shaun M. Crumb*

Brian J. and Aleta Millette*

Cari L. White

Rt. Rev. John Klassen, OSB* •

Rev. Alberic Culhane, OSB* •

Rev. Dunstan R. Moorse, OSB* •

Rev. Hugh Leo Witzmann, OSB* •

Rev. Robert Koopmann, OSB* •

Paul T. Cyr*

Rev. Douglas L. Mullin, OSB* •

Rev. George V. Wolf, OSB* •

Benedictine Legacy Society

Annual Giving


Houlihan Otremba*

James and Barbara Barr*

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Don Talafous Fellows $25,000 or more Donald LeMay Fellows $10,000 - $24,999 Virgil Michel Fellows $5,000 - $9,999 Martin Schirber Fellows $2,500 - $4,999 Walter Reger Fellows $1,000 - $2,499 Regent’s Level $500 - $999 Young Fellows $500-$999 President’s Level $250 - $499 Dean’s Level $100 - $249 Faithful Donor Up to $99 † deceased * unrestricted annual fund gift • Saint John’s Abbey

School of Theology•Seminary

Laura and Franco Fanucci* S. Mary P. Ferguson, SSJ*

Parents and Friends

Deborah A. Forstner*

Founders Society

Norbert J. Gaier*

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Ms. Barbara K. Guenther*

William and Joyce Sexton

Rev. Randy J. Guerdet*

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Dr. Daniel Gullo*


Michael Hagstrom*

Frank and Julia Ladner

S. Michaela Hedican, OSB*

Diane Liemandt-Reimann &

S. Jonathan R. Herda, OSB*

Ronald Reimann

Clara Dina Hinojosa*

Bruno Riss Founders

Carolyn G. and Anthony Hunt*

Dr. M. George and Gloria Allen

Bernard and Beatrice Imholte*

Daniel C. and Lynn Fazendin

Rev. Kenneth E. Irrgang*

Florence G. Mortiz†

Timothy A. Johnston*

Edwin† and Adelle† Murray

Rosanne Keller*

James F. and Georgianna† Sexton

Jerome W. and Sharon Kelly*

Philip and Heidrun Toomey

Patrick W. and Kristine Kelly*

John C.† and Eileen† Weihs

Rev. Robert J. Kieffer*

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Rev. Paul H. and Tekla Knutson*


Anne Y. Koester*

Jackie Breher

William F. and Margaret Koska*

Leonard S. and Margie Busch

S. Mary Christa Kroening, OSB*

C. Harold Cashman†

Benjamin K. Lager*

Loretta Hager†

Rev. Robert C. Landsberger*

Raymond A. and Sally Haik

Karen R. Larson*

Edward P.† and Bernice† Herold

Diane E. LeBeau*

Daniel J. Hoolihan

Adrian Ledermann and Gale Maxwell*

Robert J. and Rita† Ilg

Daniel T. Leetch, Jr. and Marge Ursick*

Madeleine Kinney†

Rev. Donald A. Leiphon*

George† and Margaret† Klasen

Rev. Gregory J. Lieser*

Lawrence and Andrea McGough

Christopher and Mary Loetscher*

Helen Moritz†

Kateri Mancini and Michael Gallagher

Mary M. Muckley†

Francis M. Mancl*

Monsignor Allan F. Nilles

Lucinda Mareck, OSB*

Dr. Mary Ellen Newton Obert and

Thomas F. and Michelle Matchie*

Dr. Gerard J. Obert†

Timothy R. McClernon*

Peter J. Oster†

Aaron and Jennifer Miller*

Evelyn A. Pallas

Dottie Moss*

Melvin Pervais

Rev. Dale M. Nau*

James B. and Joan Peter

Elaine M. and Thomas Newton*

Herman and Therese Ratelle

S. Rosemary Perisich, SNJM*

Mary Roggeman†

Rev. Bernard A. Pfau*

Dick Ruhoff

Rev. Andrew J. Plesa*

Gertrude A. Schissel†

John B. and Sharon M.K. Prenger*

Jerome M. Schroeder†

Monica A. Priebe

H.E. Ambassador Robert and Ellen Shafer

Charles and Lucy Quaintance*

Daniel A. and Katharine Whalen

S. Mary Frances Reis, VHM*

Barbara Winters

Rev. William J. Rickert*

Patrick Greil Founders

Jean A. Royer*

Anonymous (4)

Rev. James F. Schaefer*

Joseph† and Pauline† Angelbeck

Thomas and Mary Schutz*

James M. Braun

Terrence and Colleen Sebora*

Eugene and Paulette Cichowicz

Gregory B. and Vicki Spofford*

Woodrow† and Ella† Eckroth

Ramona M. and Thomas J.† Steinke*

William and Bonnie Frels

James and Marie Stolpa*

Norbert S. Henkes†

S. Carla Mae Streeter, OP*

Herman Hiebel†

Rev. Claude G. Thibault*

Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins

Margaret Ursick and Dan Leetch*

Herman J.† and Margaret† Juenemann

Terry Utter*

Carl and Janet Kuhrmeyer

Patricia S. Vanni*

Patrick E. Lynch

Rev. Richard Walz*

John P. and Rosemarie McGuire

Timothy E. and Jeanne Welch*

Thomas and Mary McKeown

Ken Wendinger and Elizabeth Brannan*

Leona R.† and William M.† Meinz

S. Marie Zita Wenker, OSB*

Juanita G. Williams

S. Andrea Zbiegien, SFCC, DMin.*

Benedictine Legacy Society

Thomas and Lorrie Scheller

Eugene and Mary Frey*

Anonymous (2)

Dennis and Mary Kay Smid*

Richard J. and Dottie Frey*

Rev. Donald M. Berg

Martin Schirber Fellows

Alan J. Hommerding

Rev. James Bernauer

Richard and Patricia Berendes*

Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins*

Jackie Breher

Joseph E. and Sandy Commers*

Linus and Marina Koopmeiners*

Mathilda J. Burns†

Daniel C. and Lynn Fazendin*

Leo J. and Helen Langer

Dorothy and Dr. John A.† Callahan

Raymond A. and Sally Haik

Mark and Patricia Latzka*

C. Harold Cashman†

Dr. Steven E. and Debra Koop*

Mark and Tamara Leenay

Eugene and Paulette Cichowicz

Bradley D. and Jennifer Martin*

Thomas J. Mahoney

Thomas† and Hildegarde M.† Dattalo

R. Patrick and Molly Maxwell*

Bob W. and Mary Mareck*

Ann and Alex D.† Didier

Mary Ann and Thomas L. Okner*

Joyce and John Matsuura*

Mary C. Dwyer

David and Mary Jo Pedersen*

John and Lorna McGrory*

Woodrow† and Ella† Eckroth

Jerome Weber*

Leo McKigney*

Alfred G.† and Alverna† Enneking

Mary Wendl and Joe Zaborowski

Ernest and Dorothy Pierzina*

Mildred† and Mathias A.† Ethen

Dr. Joseph Zeleny*†

Charles H. and Lucy Rieland

Daniel C. and Lynn Fazendin

Walter Reger Fellows

Jo Etta Roehl*

Wilbur E.† and Florence† Gahm


Katherine S. and Gerald Roehl*

Loretta Hager†

S. Mary Beth Banken, OSB*

Gene and Marilyn Scapanski*

Raymond A. and Sally Haik

Robert and Susan Burns*

Joseph and Mary Jo Schlick*

Ann C. Hammer†

William and Jennifer Cahoy*

James F. Sexton*

Albert P.† and Viola† Hansen

Dorothy Callahan*

Dr. Robert W. Smith and

Greg and Sue Harren

Dennis and Marilyn Cavanaugh*

Geneva M. Heinen†

Frederick H. and Molly Commers*

William R. and Margaret L. Stott*

Herman Hiebel†

Norbert and Mary Ellen Conzemius*

Leslie D. and Mary S. Weigelt*

George† and Margaret† Klasen

Grace and Michael Ellens*

Stephen and Regina Wolfe*

Joan and Deacon Vincent J.† Leisen

Viola Elpert†

President’s Level

Leona R.† and William M.† Meinz

Patricia and Charles Ernst*

Mark B. Abeln and Monica Little*

Florence G. Mortiz†

Mary Jo and Peter Forrest

Zachary Aufenthie

Edwin† and Adelle† Murray

Daniel and Jean Frie*

George and Shirley Borgerding*

Monsignor Allan F. Nilles

Wilbur E. Gahm*†

Thomas E. and Bonita Brever*

Dr. Patrick A. O’Dougherty

Francis and Harriet Giesen

Elvira DeMorett*†

Melvin Pervais

Mary C. Hodapp

Ginger and Roger Delles*

Jeremiah and Mary Ann Reedy

Morris and Elizabeth Hund

John D. and Mary Doveton*

Eleanor A. Rieland†

Donald A. and Rita Kainz*

John W. and Margaret Faber*

Dick Ruhoff

Al and Jean Leighton*

George and Lynette Finger*

Lucille Schaefer†

Thomas R. and Janet Manthey*

John A. and Eileen M. Gau*

Henry and Ada† Schlick

Greg and Karen Miller

Richard Goldstrand*

Alphonse† and Magdalene† Schlosser

Harry Miller*

Craig R. and Katie Gould

Jerome M. Schroeder†

Dee and Joe Minnerath

Eugene R. Hawkins*

William and Joyce Sexton

Paul and Nancy Moran*

Dr. Robert E. and Vicki Hersman*

Alfred A.† and Elisabeth† Terhaar

Michael J. and Laurel Murry*

Dr. Kathleen Hobday*

Kathleen† and Joseph M.† Vertin

Elizabeth Nilles*

Geraldine S. Johnson*

John C.† and Eileen† Weihs

Kathleen Norris*

H. Daniel and Wendy Levene*

Hugo B. and Rita Weyrens

Dr. Mary Ellen Newton Obert

George and Lil Maruska*

Robert J. and Rita Rengel*

Dr. Joseph H. Merickel*

Annual Giving

Eleanor A. Rieland†

Rose M. Mettenburg*

Don Talafous Fellows

Donna J. Roering*

Ben Olk and Kris Berggren

Dr. M. George and Gloria Allen*

Dick Ruhoff

Alphonse and Hildegard Primus*

Donald LeMay Fellows

Mary E. Schaffner and Robert Lee*

Michael and Carol Rangitsch

Anonymous* (3)

Frederick and Heidi Senn*

Reno and Rosemary Rossini*

Leonard S. and Margie Busch*

Dr. J. Weston and Marilyn Smith*

Gerald and Lorraine Sande*

William and Bonnie Frels*

Abbot Placid Solari, OSB*

David J. and Karen Sinner*

Ann C. Hammer*†

Stella Symanitz*

Ronald P. and Mary Smith*

Patrick E. Lynch*

Dr. Axel Theimer

Dr. Vernon and Phyllis Steffens

Lawrence and Andrea McGough*

Francis H. and Ludmila Voelker*

Agnes M. Steil*

Thomas and Mary McKeown*

Thomas and Nansi Vos*

Victor J. and Lorrayne Traut*

Herman and Therese Ratelle*

Bruce E. Walkley

Dr. Felix E. and Bibiana Tristani*

Mary Scheller

Margaret Welle*

Rev. Donald Wagner

John W. Zapp

Joseph W. and Michelle Witchger*

Robert J. and Jeanette Welle*

Virgil Michel Fellows

Regent’s Level

Robert L. Wicker*

Bonnie Reim Bifulk and Phillip Bifulk*


Deacon Joseph G. and Louise Wierschem*

John J. and Debra Erhart*

John M. Becker and Carole Mickschl*

Dean’s Level

Lawrence P. and Mary Haeg*

Kathleen Cahalan and Don Ottenhoff*

Deacon Courtney Abel*

Marcia and Harlan Hanson*

William G. De Mers*†

Nancy Smith Alesch

Carl and Janet Kuhrmeyer*

Kathryn M. Droske

Rose Alexander*

Drs. Richard and Jane Rodeheffer*

Gene and Jan Faulhaber*

Hunter and Barbara Anderson*


Christine A. MacKenzie

School of Theology•Seminary

Dennis and Shari Anlauf*

LeRoy P. Keppers*

Thomas and Lois Sinner*

Lorraine M. Caster*

James P. and Patricia Hinton*

Michael Batcho

Donald L. and Patricia Kercher*

Florence Smid*

Nick Chanaka*

John and Marjorie Holl*

Allan J. and Jean Beckel*

Susan and Julian Kimbell

Barbara L. Smith*

Edithstein Cho

Eugenia C. Hopfer*

Patricia Beranek*

Robert and Phyllis Kleinschmidt*

Brian A. Smith

Lawrence and Rosemary Christensen*

Melissa Hund-Cerna

Most Rev. Leonard P. Blair

Bernard and Marcia Koalska*

Bruce and Laura Smith

Rita M. Clasemann*

Sister Pat Imdieke*

Stephen C. and Lola Blattner*

John C. and Karla Koenig*

Rev. Christopher Smith and Mary Lund

Christopher M. and Rebecca Coborn*

John F. Ingman

Bill and Marjorie Blubaugh*

Hank and Vicky Kohorst*

Janice and J. Charles Smith*

Emily A. Coborn*

John and JoAnn Ingman

Rev. Allan R. Bouley, OSB* •

Dee Korbel*

Michael and Lisa Smith*

Mary Lou Colbert*

Timothy J. Jendro*

Alice M. Bromen*

Mary Kruger and James Berg*

Anita and John Stoering*

Winnie and Tom Collins

Ben and Suzanna Johnson

Dr. Frank T. and Alice Brown*

Joseph J. and Barbara Kruse*

John Strub*

Gregory and Donna Cooley*

Gregory J. and Victoria A. Johnson*

Julie M. and Daniel Burkhardt*

Daniel W. Laginya

Ben and Holly Torrens*

Anthony M. and Margaret Cremers*

Merlene E. and Lenford Johnson

Hannah Byron

John and Rita Lange*

Dr. Mark G. Trainor and Rosanne Fischer*

Jacob Crippes

John and Carol Joslin*

Jane K. Campion*

David and Janet Larsen

Rev. Robert L. Tuzik*

Rev. James S. Crossman*

Robert and Mary Jost*

Mary Campion*

Sarah J. Larson*

Mark J. Twomey*

Gerald Czech*

Walter R. Jost and Ellie Brenny*

Deacon Roger B. Carlson*

John Leddy*

John and Judy Vanderlinde*

Leonard and Joan Czech*

Kathryn A. Karls

Rev. Damian Charboneau*

Cathy Lensing

Mae Virant*

Gary and Gloria Deick*

Megan Kelsey

Most Rev. Joseph L. Charron, CPPS

Kathryn Lilla Cox and Patrick Cox*

Raymond F. and Jeanne Wacker

Joan Demeules*

Rev. William J. Kenney*

Clement J. and Molly Commers*

Deborah Loftis

Jeanette Waldorf*

Richard and Geralyn Dietz*

George Kern*

Adeline Conlon*

M. Francis Mannion

Mary K. and Ralph Widmer*

Dennis A. and Nickie Dillon*

Michael M. Kiess*

John and Donna Conzemius*

Harold J. and Yolanda Mareck*

George and Colette Wynn*

Stephen A. and Jeanne Dirksen*

Jerome and Patricia Kirscht*

Michael and Renee Coyle*

Dr. David P. Mayer*

Wallace and Margaret Young*

Virgil M. and Florine Doll*

Ronald Kitz*

Korene and Thomas Crippes

Joseph and Imogene Mazur*

S. Maria de Angeli, OSB*

Sister Renee Domeier, OSB*

Rosie Koltes*

Vern Dahlheimer*

Barbara C. McGinnis*

Faithful Donors

Anne L. Doyle*

Parent of a Former Student*

David and Debra Dalbec

Michael and Ann McGovern*

Anonymous* (4)

Edward A. Duane

Walter J. Kosel*

Kurt and Annie Dale*

William H. Meyers*

Anthony and Diana Abts

Brian and Cora Duffy

Roy A. Kraemer*

Ann Didier

Timothy and Marianne Moe*

Mary Adams*

Thomas and Deanna Earl

Michael P. and Joan Krause*

Rev. Richard J. Dillon*

Martinella Muggli*

Steven Adrian*

Rev. Leonard A. Eckroth*

Darby and Terri Kurtin

Josephine Dodge*

Paula E. Muggli*

Emily V. Ammentorp

Richard and Lucienne Egan*

Michael and Gretchen LaBelle, Jr.

Michael D. and Mary Doshan*

Dolores and Roger J. Nierengarten*

Robert A. and Helen Anderson*

Richard A. and Louise Eltgroth*

Kory L. LaCroix*

Steven and Brenda Douvier

Most Rev. Edwin F. O’Brien

Russell and Anna Mae Anderson*

Howard and Avelina Engen

James and Sandra Laco*

Ricardo Duran and Cindy Kay Hall-Duran

Rev. Michael J. O’Connell*

Victoria Lynn Ashbrook*

Dave and Kelli Ercolano*

Dr. David J. and Kaaren Lamusga*

Dr. Ev and Ardeth Duthoy*

Basil O’Neil*

Robert J. Aufenthie and Ramona Nagel*

Christopher and Louise Erickson*

Tom Landwehr*

Dr. Stewart C. and Tildy Ellis*

Peg Obremski*

Will and Bernie Backes*

Patrick Etzel*

Nathan J. Langer

James J. and Virginia Engel*

Benjamin and Rita Olk

James and Sharon Balcom*

Lorraine Euteneuer*

John and Elizabeth Larson*

William G. and Patricia Eustice*

John R. Page*

Richard J. and Debra Baron*

Vernon W. Fahrenkrug*

Jillian Leenay

Dr. Joseph and Jill Farry*

Robert E. and Michaeline Pajor

Elizabeth Barringer*

Frederick F. Fandel*

Frank and Amy Leidenfrost*

Daniel Finn and Nita Jo Rush*

Carrie and Curtis Parker

Erin Barth

Jeanne L. Ferrian and Robert H. Byers*

Joan Leisen

Vernon and Lynn Fix*

Most Rev. Richard E. Pates*

Hero and Candace Barth

Louis and Mary Jean Filippi*

Edward and Dorothy Leuthner*

Thomas and Yvonne Foster*

Miguel and Cindy Paz

Charles and Dorothy Bauer

Pat Fillmore*

Robert and Margaret Lietzke*

Staney and Florence Frederick*

Donald and Charleen Peterson*

Michael R. Bauer*

James P. and Jan Finazzo

James C. and Kathleen Lingor*

Mark and Patricia Frie*

Ernest and Joanne Piche*

Robert G. and Donna Bauer*

Paul J. Friederichs*

Dr. Louis and Mary Loes*

Thomas and Janan Gainor*

Marlene Plantenberg*

Richard and Mary Becker*

Rev. Charles Froehle*

Paul and Joan Lombardi*

Rev. Francis A. Galles*

Margaret Preiss*

Vern and Sue Beckermann*

Valerius N. Gasperlin*

Geraldine Lommel*

Nancy Gianoli*

Thomas and Judith Reichert*

Shirley and Roger Bell*

Margaret Gillard*

Daniel and Kathleen Luberda*

Garth Gideon and Jean Duffy

Faye Reilly*

Robert E. and Karen Bellmont*

Nancy Gilliland*

Genevieve Ludowese*

Kevin Gleason and Rita Vitagliano

Michael A. and Audrey Ricci*

Richard J. Bess*

Lee and Val Gladitsch

Horst and Keiko Ludwig

Mary R. and Frederick Goetz*

Jim and Cathy Robin*

Joe and Janice Beste*

Dale and Linda Goergen

John and Debra Luetmer

Rev. Kevin M. Gordon*

Glenn Rood and Colleen Kane-Rood

Clement and Darlene Bias*

Rev. James Gorman*

Bruce Mancini and Betty Nystrom*

Lawrence and Marie Hansen*

Dr. Christopher G. and Rebecca Rose*

Meghan Bill

Francis J. and Mary Ann Goschy*

Dr. Michael Marchetti*

Richard C. Hardes*

Patrick and Gaynell Rozas

Robert J. and Marjorie Biniek*

Brenda Graber*

William and Catherine Marsella*

Gerald and Lisa Haus

John F. and Eunice Ruff

Rosemary and Robert Bird

Patricia Gray*

Charles D. and Margaret McCarthy*

Mildred Hemmelgarn*

Constance A. Ruhr*

Deacon Charles and Mary Bobertz*

Thomas Guenther*

David C. McKenzie*

Wayne A. and Marge Hergott

Rev. David G. Russell*

Jose and Margarita Botello

Mary J. Gundrum

Michael P. McNeil*

William J. and Jeanette Hiemenz*

Greg Rye*

Robert W. and Bernice Braun*

Mary Ann Halbritter

Kerry E. and Barbara Mergen*

Donald T. and Mary Lou Hilgers*

Don and Jane Saliers*

Bill and Joanne Braun*

Louise and Gary Haley*

Alice T. Meyer*

Patricia Hill*

Mary J. and David Sandquist*

Bill and Georgia Braun*

Kathryn M. Haney*

Randy and Joan Meyer*

Rev. Jerome J. Holtzman*

James and Rose Sauer*

Allen and Genevieve Brings

Kathleen Hanowski*

Susan Meyer*

Pauline Hoover*

Mark S. and Kathi Sauerer*

Delores Bromen*

Bob and Shirley Happke*

David and Cindy Moldan

David and Cindy Howe*

Leona Schleper*

Marie I. Brown†

S. Joanne Heim*

Rev. Raymond G. Monsour*

Ken and Jeanne Howell*

Paula Schleppenbach*

Bernard and Gertrude Bruening

Patrick L. and Carolyn Held*

Mary and Mark Moraczewski

Mary Lou Jameson*

Betty Schlosser*

Irene Bundy*

Sydney Henderson

James W. Moudry and Carole Kastigar*

Raymond and Lillian Jones*

Ronald S. and Irene Schmidt*

Carolina and Walker Butler*

Katherine F. and David Hendrickx

Helen Mueller

Joseph A. and Martha Kammer*

Anthony Schulzetenberg*

Mary K. Camber*

Rev. Roger Hessian*

LeRoy J. Neubauer*

Raymond and Kathleen Kelly*

David and Patricia Serreyn*

Gerald and Marcia Casper*

Nicole D. Hessig

Ellen C. Newkirk

Leo J. and Barbara Kemper*

Greg and Paula Sherman

Alcuin Caspers*

Lucille M. Hick*

Joyce Nikolai*


School of Theology•Seminary

Becca Walsh Meagher

Michael and Judith Noonan*

Raymond and Marjorie Subialka*

McGough Foundation

David Nordan*

Marcia Summers*

Robert and Doris Buril Foundation

Margaret Novakoske*

Ronald and Cynthia Sundboom

Saint Paul Foundation

S. Barbara O’ Brien*

Sara Swanson

John and Virginia O’Connell*

Janet Swenson*

Dr. Patrick A. O’Dougherty*

Charles and Joyce Taffe*

Leonard O’Koren*

Timothy and Karen Talberg*

Gertrude T. Obowa*

Angela Tate

Robert and Irene Ohmann*

Julia T. Taube*

Dr. Ron and Myrna Ohmann*

Alyssa Terry

Dr. John and Lois Olinger*

Delroy Theis*

Deacon Chris Orlowski

Kathleen M. Theisen*

Glen and Elizabeth Orren*

Agnes Thissen

Walter J. Orth*

Barbara Thode

Humberto and Maria Ortiz

Clyde N. and Virginia Tise*

Barbara Orzechowski*

Patricia M. Tomasek*

Mary Pluth Palmquist*

Mary Alice Tomporowski*

Collette Peterson*

Eileen Tschida*

Norman Petrik*

Stanley R. and Janice Tyrrell*

Suzanne Peyton*

William and Joan Urbanski*

Loretta Pfannenstein*

Janette Villanueva

Roger B. Pieper

Dennis V. and Janett Voigt*

William and Betty Pierson*

Brenda K. Walden*

Robert and Julie Plaetz*

Kay S. Walsh

Edward and Kathleen Ploof*

Roger and Mary Weber*

Norman Polasek*

S. Bernadette Welter*

Geoffrey and Bernadette Quist*

Helen Welter*

Julie and Robert Rahm

Erin Wendt

Lydia Rausch*

Bill and Margaret Werlinger*

Charles and Helen Revier*

Hugo B. and Rita Weyrens*

Pete and Mary Ritten*

Arthur L. and Marilyn C. Wick*

Gertrude O. Rocheford*

Ron G. and Katia Wieber*

Andrew J. and Martha Rothstein

Albert and Shirley Wielinski*

Marvin and Lois Rothstein

Linda Wilke*

John J. Ryan*

Raymond R. Will*

Anne Saevig*

Jim and Tammi Winbauer

Mark and Cathy Sauer*

Herbert and Bernetta Windschitl*

Rose H. Schleper*

Robert G. and Ramona Wippler*

John A. and Margaret Schmidt*

Vincent Wojchouski*

Elmer J. and Jane Schmitt*

Scott and Betty Wright*

Barbara L. Schmitz

Emily Wyatt

Rev. Bernard R. Schneider* Jerome and Bernice Schoenborn* Christine R. Scholl* Marcia B. Schug* S. Dolores Schuh, C.H.M.* David and Mary Schultz* Paul E. Schuster William and Bernice Schwegel* Adam J. Schweitzer* Clarence J. Shallbetter* Mary E. Sheeran* Michele Jo Skeim* Mark and Angela Slattery* Rev. Alfred E. Smith* Charles and Carol Snyder Henry F. Soenneker* Ian and Kelly Stade* Lorraine Stalboerger* Rev. Bernard J. Steiner* Robert and Rosemary Stewart* Peggy Stokman* Philip and Cynthia Stotesbery* Larry Strate and Mary-Jo Marshall Donna Mae Stroeing*

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations

Melissa Nelson (Vigne) marriage Cari L. White

Annual Giving Donald LeMay Fellows Dynabrade, Inc.* Virgil Michel Fellows Anonymous* Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.* Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Robert and Doris Buril Foundation* Saint Paul Foundation* Winona Community Foundation* Martin Schirber Fellows Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes Central Minnesota Community Foundation* Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation* Peter and Dorothy Lapp Foundation* Razoo Foundation*

Victoria Lynn Ashbrook

Walter Reger Fellows Belmont Abbey Monastery* Catholic Foundation for Eastern South Dakota

Mother of God Monastery Vos Family Foundation* Regent’s Level Catholic United Financial* Church of St. John the Evangelist Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation President’s Level Church of Saint Ann Community Health Charities* Diocese of Crookston Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation* St. Peter’s Abbey* Dean’s Level Church of the Annunciation* Knights of Columbus, No. 7538 Merck Company Foundation* New Melleray Abbey* Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation, Inc.*

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

St. Cloud Area Youth Ministers

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

St. Cloud Hospital Chapel Fund*

Saint John’s Abbey

Thomas A. Foster & Associates LTD*

Bruno Riss Founders

William H. Sadlier, Inc.

Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

Faithful Donors

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Benedictine Sisters Cultural Center*


Bert’s Transmission Service Inc.*

Arthur Vining Davis Foundation

Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of St. Cloud*

Dynabrade, Inc.

Christ Church Newman Center*

Kent Family Charitable Trust

Holy Rosary Church*

Louisville Seminary

Knights of Columbus 7057*

Patrick Greil Founders

St. Ignatius Hickory

A.G. Edwards Trust Company

Xcel Energy Foundation*

Ayco Charitable Foundation Charles E. Merrill Trust

Honorary Gifts to School of Theology

East Bay Community Foundation

Rev. Allan Bouley, OSB Clara Dina Hinojosa

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers


Realtor Roger Fazendin Realtors, Inc. Wayzata, Minnesota Very Rev. Robert B. Flannery Saint Francis Xavier Church

Bruce and Laura Smith

Carbondale, Illinois

Rev. Christopher Smith and Mary Lund

Mary O. Haeg

Rev. Don Talafous, OSB Mary Campion Rev. Vincent Weber, OSB’s birthday Dr. Vernon and Phyllis Steffens

Spiritual Director Raymond A. Haik Retired Attorney Hinshaw Law Office Minneapolis, Minnesota

Memorial Gifts to School of Theology

Marcia Hanson

MaryAnn Ahles

Ruth Ann Huntrods

John and Marjorie Holl John and Marjorie Holl Edward Digges John and Marjorie Holl

Lee Launderville Dale and Linda Goergen Wensel Leff John and Marjorie Holl Tom and Grace Scheller Thomas and Lorrie Scheller Leo Welter

Community Volunteer Attorney Briggs and Morgan Minneapolis, Minnesota Donald A. Kainz Owner Donlar Contractors/Builders/Managers Waite Park, Minnesota Rita Kainz Community Volunteer Most Rev. John Kinney Bishop Diocese of Saint Cloud St. Cloud, Minnesota Abbot John Klassen, OSB

S. Bernadette Welter

Abbot - Saint John’s Abbey

Helen Welter

Chancellor - Saint John’s University Collegeville, Minnesota

Current SOT Board Members

Debra Koop

Mark J. Barder

Theology Student/Community Volunteer

Director of Diaconate Office

Steven E. Koop

St. Cloud Chancery

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon/Deacon in

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Catholic Charities

Lynn Fazendin

Pastor; Dioc. & Nat’l Ecum. Officer

John and Marjorie Holl

Donlar Corporation*

Wayzata, Minnesota

Brian A. Smith

Helen Fugere

Charitable Gift Fund*

Roger Fazendin Realtors, Inc.

Nancy Smith Alesch

Catherine Ann Clark

Boniface Wimmer Founders

Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls

Deacon Ken Rosha Marilyn Colby Smith & J. Weston Smith

Founders Society

Catholic Church Extension Society

Kay S. Walsh

Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis

Richard Berendes

Gillette Children’s Speciality Healthcare

Retired Administrator Elder Services

St. Paul, Minnesota

Franciscan Skemp Healthcare

Rev. Robert Koopmann, OSB

La Crosse, Wisconsin


John P. Boyle

Saint John’s University


Collegeville, Minnesota

Moss & Barnett

Thomas R. Manthey

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Retired - Attorney

Joseph E. Commers

Dorsey & Whitney, LLP


Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Commers Company

R. Patrick Maxwell

St. Paul, Minnesota


Monsignor James E. Dillenburg

Entronix, Inc.

Retired - Ecclesial Administrator

Rogers, Minnesota

Rev. Marvin G. Enneking

Thomas W. McKeown


Retired Executive VP/C.A.O.

Church of St. Andrew

The Travelers Companies, Inc

Greenwald, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota

John J. Erhart

Kathleen Norris



Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Honolulu, Hawaii

Daniel C. Fazendin President

School of Theology•Seminary/Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Rev. Michael J. O’Connell

Mary Jo Pedersen

Richard Rodeheffer

Rev. Mark Scott, OCSO

Abbot Placid Solari, OSB


Retired - Family Ministries Specialist


Ecclesial Administration


Church of the Ascension

Archdiocese of Omaha

Mayo Clinic

Abbey of Gethsemani

Belmont Abbey

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Br. Aaron Raverty, OSB

Rochester, Minnesota

Trappist, Kentucky

Belmont, North Carolina

Mary Ann Okner

Communications Coordinator

Gene Scapanski, STD

Frederick M. Senn

Frank B. Wilderson, Jr.

Community Volunteer

Saint John’s Abbey

Retired Vice-President

Retired Founding Partner

Wilderson & Associates, Inc.

David M. Pedersen

Collegeville, Minnesota

University of St. Thomas

Fallon Worldwide

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Retired - Attorney

Jane Rodeheffer

St. Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Idalorraine Wilderson

Baird Holm, LLP

Professor of Philosophy

Marilyn Scapanski

Dennis L. Smid

Retired - Educator

Omaha, Nebraska

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Community Volunteer

Executive Director

Winona, Minnesota

CSG Systems, Inc. Omaha, Nebraska

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library Founders Society

H.E. Ambassador Robert and Ellen Shafer

Edmund Luzine, Jr., KM

Brian and Mary Dalsin

Demetrius di Marogna Founders

Robert J. and Sarah-Maud† Sivertsen

Norie T. and Robert A.† Mahowald

Judith K. and Michael Healey*


Thomas and Katherine Super

Dr. John K. and Pat Meinert

Lucy R. Jones and Jim Johnson*

Arcadia Fund

Target Foundation

Merritt Nequette and Pauline Lambert†

Lucy Rosenberry Jones Charitable Trust*

Athwin Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation

Kathleen Norris

Joseph S. and Jane Micallef

Bruce W. and Mary F. Bean

U.S. Library of Congress - World

William H. Rasch

Debra Mitts-Smith and Marschall Smith*

Jeremiah and Mary Ann Reedy

Order of Malta - American Association

Nicky Carpenter

Digital Library

Edmund Luzine, Jr., KM

Paul A. and Carolyn Verret

Rev. Michael Slusser

Order of Malta - Federal Association

National Endowment for Humanities

Maxine and Winston R.† Wallin

Robert† and Ernestine† Smutny

Order of Malta - Western Association

John E. and Lois Rogers

The Ven. Irma M. Wyman

Lorraine G. Stewart

Robert J. Sivertsen

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Patrick Greil Founders

William R. and Margaret L. Stott

Dr. Gregory and Jeanette Swenson*

Cornelius Wittmann Founders

Anonymous (2)

Donald† Volkmuth

Silver Leaf Circle

Carl A. Weyerhaeuser ’66 Trust

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Joan Volkmuth and Klaus Haelf

3M Foundation*

Cherbec Advancement Foundation

Catholic Community Foundation

Michael Ziomko

Jay and Julie Abdo*

Carrie Weyerhaeuser Farmer

C. Curtis Dunnavan

William R. and Margaret L. Stott

Peter† and Gertrude† Ffolliott

Annual Giving

Conley and Carol Brooks, Jr.*

Charles A. Weyerhaeuser

Laura Jane Musser Fund

Founders Circle

Catholic Community Foundation*

Bruno Riss Founders

Dr. Paul L. and Kay Loeffelholz


Grotto Foundation, Inc.*

Anonymous (2)

Marbrook Foundation

Cherbec Advancement Foundation

Marie L. Hanna*†

Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Trusts

NBC Foundation

Carrie Weyerhaeuser Farmer

Ellen E. Joyce

Gerald Rauenhorst Family Foundation

Northwest Area Foundation

Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins*

Steven and Mary Kennedy*

HRK Foundation

Alice R.† and Patrick† Rogers

Minneapolis Foundation

Thomas J. Mahoney*

Louis Fors and Kathrine E. Hill

SIT Investment Associates

U.S. Library of Congress - World

SIT Investment Associates*

Lucy R. Jones and Jim Johnson

Sarah-Maud W. Sivertsen Trusts

Rachael Scherer and Steve Imholte*

Annual Giving

Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins

Roger and Irma Scherer

Charles A. Weyerhaeuser

S. Linn and Noriko Williams

Founders Circle

Mildred Kellogg Charitable Trust

Lorraine G. Stewart

Curators Circle

Stephen and Regina Wolfe*


Saint Paul Foundation

Dr. Gregory and Jeanette Swenson

Gordon J. and JoAnne Bailey*

Bronze Leaf Circle

Curators Circle

Benne Muckenthaler Founders

Nick and Jennifer Swenson

Nicky B. Carpenter*

Anonymous (2)*

$25,000 - $49,999

Alice M. O’Brien Foundation

Donald† Volkmuth

John E. and Lois Rogers*

Abdo Consulting Group, Inc.*

Platinum Leaf Circle

James Hurd and Virginia Anderson

Joan Volkmuth and Klaus Haelf

Platinum Leaf Circle

Acker Foundation*

$10,000 - $24,999

Thomas J. and Margaret Barrett

Stephen and Regina Wolfe

Athwin Foundation*

Thomas S. Acker, S.J.*

Gold Leaf Circle

Jackie Breher

Eloise M. Wright

Bruce W. and Mary F. Bean*

James Hurd and Virginia Anderson*

$5,000 - $9,999

Katherine B. Andersen Fund*

Dr. Nina and John Archabal*

Silver Leaf Circle

Center for Community Resources

John and Cindy Beuerlein*

Digital Library

Donor Key Founders Society Wimmer Founders $5 million or more di Marogna Founders $1 million - $4,999,999 Wittmann Founders $500,000 - $999,999 Riss Founders $250,000 - $499,999 Muckenthaler Founders $100,000 - $249,999 Greil Founders $50,000 - $99,999

Charles Weyerhaeuser Memorial Foundation

Benedictine Legacy Society

Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation

Bank Vista*

$2,500 - $4,999

Edwin and Catherine Davis Foundation


Jean Manas and Rebecca Haile*

Phillip and Michelle Barry*

Bronze Leaf Circle

F.R. Bigelow Foundation

James Hurd and Virginia Anderson

Lawrence and Andrea McGough*

Fred Bartlett*

$1,000 - $2,499

Grotto Foundation, Inc.

Jackie Breher

Kingsley and Katherine Murphy*

Patricia Basista*


Katherine B. Andersen Fund

Brian and Mary Dalsin

H.E. Ambassador Robert and Ellen Shafer*

Hon. Consul General of Austria Ronald

$500 - $999

Jean Ljungkull

Dorothy M. and Dr. C. Wallace† Dierickx

Rev. John W. Steiner

Bosrock & Mary Bosrock*


Lucy Rosenberry Jones Charitable Trust

Mark S. Farnan

Saint Paul Foundation*

Bremer Bank, N.A. (St. Cloud)

$250 - $499

Dusty and George A.† Mairs

Prof. George D. Greenia

Eloise M. Wright*

Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Trusts


Jean Manas and Rebecca Haile

Dr. Daniel Gullo

Golf Leaf Circle

Patrick Dewane and Mona

$100 - $249

Lawrence and Andrea McGough

M. Lucille Hanna†

Thomas J. and Margaret Barrett*

Joseph S. and Jane Micallef

Judith K. and Michael Healey

Charitable Gift Fund*

Dr. Paul R. and Rebecca Diekmann*

Kingsley and Katherine Murphy

Dr. A.A.† and Carol† Heckman

Charles Weyerhaeuser Memorial Foundation

Bob and Mary Evans

Merritt Nequette and Pauline Lambert†

Dr. Paul L. and Kay Loeffelholz

Albert J. and Susan Colianni

Marian G. Goodich*


Bergman Dewane*

Faithful donors $1 - $99

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation*

Stephanie Cain Van D’Elden*

Prof. Julia H. and Thomas Gaisser*

Eileen Smith*

Peter and Gladys Howell*

Jon and Maria Hansen*


Richard Gardner*

Robert and Beatrice T. Somerville*

Helen Hu*

Don P. Helgeson and Sue Shepard*


Mebratu Kiras Gebru

William R. and Margaret L. Stott*

Mary Benton Hummel*

Donald and Dorothy Hilligoss*

Caroline Bacon*

William Gentrup, PhD*

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore N. Swanson*

Stanley A. Iverson*

Wayne Hoeschen and Dianne Matejcek*

Donald A. Best*

Richard A. Gerberding*

John D. Taylor and Leigh W. Dillard*

L. Ann Jordan*

Linda and Jack Hoeschler*

Paul T. and Maureen Brinkman*

Barry F. H. Graham*

Elizabeth C. Teviotdale*

Keith and Cindy Kendall*

Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad*

Dallas Seminary Foundation*

Karl and Mary Lou Grahek*

James D. Tracy and Suzanne K. Swan*

Frank Kennedy*

John R. Wright and Eloise Mountain

Robert W. and Barbara Felkel*

Marsha Greene*

David A. Traill*

John and Artemis Kirk*

Dr. Robert and Mary Foley*

Charles and Lyubomira Gribble*

Dr. Johanna Van Winter*

John and Linda Kolb*

Lyndel I. and Blaine King*

Dr. Getatchew and Misrak Haile*

Lois J. Gruenenfelder*

Harry M. Walsh*

Dr. Robert A. Kraft*

Rt. Rev. John Klassen, OSB* •

Gerry Jones and Berhane Tadesse*

John Guevremont*

Carl L. and Karen Winstead*

Mary and Ellen Kuhfeld*

Rev. Robert Koopmann, OSB* •

Dr. Adrian L. and Jacqueline Kapsner*

Raymond A. and Sally Haik*

William E. Wright*

Dorothy E. Lamberton*

Laura Jane Musser Fund

Joanne Kendall*

Leofranc Holford-Strevens*

James P. and Melissa Yakura

James B. Larkin*

John and Jean Lavelle*

Mary Kirk*

Max B. Horton*

Helen E. Zabel*

Peggy Louis*

Jean Ljungkull*

Dr. Steven E. and Debra Koop*

Carrie K. and Gary Huff*

Rev. Nicholas M. Zimmer*

Edmund Luzine, Jr., KM*

Erin Lonergan*

Brad Lapsley*

Michael S. and Judith Humnicky*

Michael and Sheralyn Zlonis*

Adam and Wendy McCollum*

Marbrook Foundation

John E. and Evelyn Lawyer*

August A. and Clare Imholtz*

Faithful Donors

Cyndy McRae*

Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad Foundation*

Jackline and Michael Matosian*

Prof. James J. John*

Adirondack Capital Management, Inc.*

Michael and Julia McVaugh*

Malcolm W. McDonald and

Medtronic Foundation*

Steven Johnson and Susan Iverson*

Adirondack Research Institute, Inc.*

Dr. John K. and Pat Meinert*

Mary Jane Myers*

Genevieve Katkov*

Dr. Joseph and Esther Alexanian*

Sara Meslow and Paul Vahle*

Thomas and Mary McKeown*

Merritt C. Nequette and Pauline Lambert†*

Susan A. Keefe*

Elvi Bankey*

Mount Saint Scholastica*

Anne W. Miller*

Joan K. O’Brien*†

Christopher and Margaret Kleinhenz*

Charlotte Berres*

Prof. Carol Neel and John Horner*

Minnesota Community Foundation*

Jean R. and Virginia Perrette*

Dr. Georg N. Knauer*

James J. and Christina Bertsch*

Michael and Judith Noonan*

Diana E. and Joseph Murphy*

Julian G. Plante*

Paul T. and Kathryn Kulas*

Richard J. Bess*

Kathleen Norris*

Edwin M. and Mary Anne Nakasone*

Dr. J. Weston and Marilyn Smith*

David and Pamela Lamm*

Ronald W. Broekmeier*

Miriam O’Hare*

Albert and Maureen O’Connell*

John and Patricia Tracy*

Wendy Larson*

Raymond and Margery Brown*

Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe*

Lawrence and Bonnie O’Shaughnessy*

Bradford Winters

Al and Jean Leighton*

Dr. Amelia J. Carr*

Mary H. Magee Onofrietto, PhD.*

Rahr Foundation*

Charles and Nancy Young*

LeRoy and Colleen Lilly*

William R. and Maria Charlesworth*

Steven and Karen Ostovich*

Laurie M. Rahr*


Robert H. Locke

Katherine Christensen*

Mag Patridge and John Grether*

William H. Rasch*

Carolyn and Dan Alexander*

Lockheed Martin Foundation*

Donald Chvatal*

Gene and Lin Payne*

Rivers Ridge Holding Co.*

Marie A. Altman*

Ann S. Lynch*

Pascale Collins*

Dr. Joanne H. Phillips*

Stephen and Chacke Scallen*

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Anusbigian*

Mary Carol Madej*

Rev. Anthony M. Coniaris*

Patricia E. Podesta*

Roger and Irma Scherer*

Rosemary F. Argent*

Dennis D. and Carol Martin*

James D. Conley*

Phyllis B. and Earl Roberts*

Bill and Judy Walter*

Armenian Cultural Organization

Dr. Lawrence T. and Claire Martin*

Stephen G. Daitz*

Daniel J. and Mary Ann Rogers*

Harriett Mathews*

James K. Day*

Louise Rogers

Wright Foundation*

Patricia Johnston*

Stephen and Amy Wehr*

of Minnesota

Brian D. and Kate Wenger*

Paul J. and Edna Berres*

Rev. Daniel J. Merz*

Delta Air Lines Foundation*

Prof. Lucy Freeman Sandler*

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wright*

Anibal A. Biglieri*

Drs. Tim G. and Mary Zitur Miley*

Julie and Gary Dietman*

Merle and Kay Schleusener*

Maureen Wright*

Alfred and Sharon Bigot*

Phil and Rebecca Mulvaney*

Carol Dillon*

Mary F. Sherry*

The Ven. Irma M. Wyman*

Jonathan and Deborah Black*

Prof. Charles E. Murgia*

Dr. George and JoAnne Droubie*

Julie Simonton*


Magdaline G. Bovis and Patricia J. Lalley*

Louis M. and Elenne Najarian*

G. R. Durenberger*

Mary Ellen Smith*†

Central Minnesota Community Foundation*

The Hon. Reginald Boyle*

Dr. Michael and Janis Norton*

Consuelo and Dennis Dutschke*

Colleen D. Stoller*

Albert and Moira Eisele*

John P. Brennan*

Dr. John and Lois Olinger*

Joseph H. and Deborah Dyer*

Thomas and Florine Sullivan*

Judy Scott Feldman and Neil Feldman*

Brepols Publishers*

Linda and David Orzechowski*

Nicholas and Rose Falco*

Julie and Mike Tangredi*

Philip J. Harder

James A. Brundage*

Paulette Pepin*

Catherine Feyerherm*

Rev. Youannes F. Tawfik*

Patricia and Thomas Holloran*

Jackson Bryce*

Kristin E. Peterson*

Basil and Lidia Filonowich*

Rev. Wilfred R. Theisen, OSB* •

F. Alexandra and Robert Klas*

B. J. and Joanne Case*

Prof. Emil J. Polak*

John J. Finnegan, Jr. and Donna Finnegan*

Wayne Torborg*

Philip Lacovara*

Prof. Giles Constable*

Nancy L. Powell*

Bruce and Alice Gaarder*

Tom Trykowski*

James D. and Johanna L. Lamm*

Professor William J. Courtenay*

Kelly M. Prosen*

Anne H. Groton*

Dr. Theresa Vann*

Caroline W. Niebauer*

Karayn and Edward Cunnington*

Vivian and Subbiah Ramalingam*

Dr. Daniel Gullo*

Linda E. Voigts*

Don Ottenhoff and Kathleen Cahalan*

Adele W. Dahlberg*

Prof. Bernard and Margaret Reilly*

Richard C. Hardes*

Jan Wall*

Daniel F. Riley and Kristi Koelfgen*

Nafi Donat*

Jan L. Richardson*

Sally S. and Paul Harris*

Dr. Scott D. Westrem*

Gerald and Lorraine Sande*

Nancy Evans*

Robin Rieper*

Carolyn G. Hartz*

Ronald L. Woellhof*

J.T. Snow*

Richard and Audrey Falk*

Jean Rittmueller

Wilbur A. and Sarah Hass*

Thomas and Juliana Woodruff

Sullivan Family Foundation, Inc.*

Peter J. Fergusson*

Joan and Roy Ruzika*

Patrick Henry*

Ronald and Maria Sablo-Yates*

Frank Sullivan*

Elizabeth A. Fisher*

Mr. R. J. Schork*

Andrew J. Heuer and Pairin Hongsoongnern*

Joseph J. and Beverly Zaine*

Joseph H. Tashjian M.D. and Sandra Savik*

Barbara Fitzpatrick*

Dr. Charles R. Shrader*

Mary Hoppe*

Tim Ternes*

Karlfried and Ricarda Froehlich*

Tom Sibley and Jennifer Galovich*

Beth House*

Bonnie Thurston*

John Gabel*

Rev. Michael Slusser*

Richard J. and Christine Howard*


2010-11 Saint John’s University Board of Regents John Agee ’70

Noreen Herzfeld SOT ’94

Kathleen Norris

Bill Schubert ’62

Retired President

Professor of Theology and Computer Science


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Carlson Holdings, LLC

Saint John’s University

Honolulu, Hawaii

Kitchell Corporation

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Collegeville, Minnesota

Phoenix, Arizona Bill O’Connell ’70

Steve Armstrong ’73

Linda Hoeschler

Retired National Partner

Don Schumacher ’65

Chief Financial Officer

National Consultant and Former Executive Director

Deloitte and Touche LLP

Retired Executive Vice President

Patterson Companies, Inc.

American Composers Forum

Dallas, Texas

Cretex Companies, Inc.

Mendota Heights, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota

Elk River, Minnesota Michael Patella, OSB ’90

Dennis Beach, OSB ’78

Eric Hollas, OSB SOT ’75

Professor/Rector, SOT• SEM

Fred Senn ’64

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Senior Associate for Arts & Cultural Affairs

Saint John’s University

Founding Partner

Saint John’s University

Saint John’s University

Collegeville, Minnesota

Fallon Worldwide

Collegeville, Minnesota

Collegeville, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota Jose Peris

Tony Christianson ’74

Ann Huntrods

Senior Vice Preisdent

Jim Sexton ’81

Chairman and Managing Partner


US Bank


Cherry Tree Companies

Briggs and Morgan Professional Association

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sexton Benefit Resources, Inc.

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tempe, AZ Robin Pierzina, OSB ’75

Chris Coborn ’81

Abbot John Klassen, OSB ’71 SOT ’76

Corporate Secretary - Order of Saint Benedict

Mark Thamert, OSB ’73 SOT ’79

President and

Abbot - Saint John’s Abbey

Faculty Resident - Saint John’s University

Associate Professor

Chief Executive Officer

Chancellor - Saint John’s University

Collegeville, Minnesota

Saint John’s University

Coborn’s Incorporated

Collegeville, Minnesota

Collegeville, Minnesota Aaron Raverty, OSB SOT ’77

St. Cloud, Minnesota David Klingeman, OSB

Coordinator Abbey Development and

Jerome Tupa, OSB ’68 SOT ’82

Marilyn Dahl

Guesthouse Director/Archivist


Chaplain of SJU/Faculty Resident/Artist


Saint John’s Abbey

Saint John’s Abbey

Saint John’s Abbey

Wells Fargo

Collegeville, Minnesota

Collegeville, Minnesota

Collegeville, Minnesota

Hopkins, MN Robert Koopmann, OSB ’68 SOT ’81

David Rehr ’81

Prince Wallace ’68

Bernie Dan ’83


Senior Advisor

Chief Executive Officer


Saint John’s University

Leading Authorities, Inc.

Independent Packing Services

Sun Holdings, LLC

Collegeville, Minnesota

Washington, District of Columbia

Maple Grove, Minnesota

Chicago, Illinois Paul Krump ’82

Dan Riley ’84

Dan Whalen ’70

Marilou Eldred

Executive Vice President and

Vice President, Property Development Operations



Chief Underwriting Officer

Target Corporation

Whalen Family Foundation

Catholic Community Foundation

Chubb & Son

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Oakland, California

St. Paul, Minnesota

Warren, New Jersey

Canning Fok ’74

Benedict Leuthner, OSB ’82

Retired Professor

Group Managing Director

Corporate Treasurer

Carlson School of Management

Hutchison Whampoa Limited

Order of Saint Benedict

University of Minnesota

Hong Kong

Collegeville, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Terry Fruth ’60

Rene McGraw, OSB ’58

Mike Scherer ’67


Associate Professor of Philosophy/Peace

Retired Vice President and

Fruth, Jamison & Elsass, PLLC

Saint John’s University

Chief Operating Officer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Collegeville, Minnesota

Scherer Brothers Lumber Company

Steve Halverson ’76

Thomas Nicol ’91

President and Chief Executive Officer

Managing Partner

Thomas Schnettler ’79

The Haskell Company

Excelsior Benefits, LLC

President and Chief Operating Officer

Photo credits:

Jacksonville, Florida

Excelsior, Minnesota

Piper Jaffray

Michael Becker

Ken Roering ’64

Wayzata, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dawid Chabowski Michael Crouser Adam Konczewski Paul Middlestaedt Matthew Semrad Donald Jackson in studio Courtesy of Scriptorium, Wales White House photo by Pete Souza

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INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT P.O. Box 7222 Collegeville, MN 56321-7222

In 2010-11, more than 9,250 alumni, parents and friends contributed to Saint John’s.

Thank you for making the Saint John’s experience possible for today’s Johnnies.