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1964 Francis “Mike” Fullenkamp, Dec. ’19 1965

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Charles Mertensotto, SOT/Sem, Aug. ’19 Joseph Coyne, Jan. ’19 Roderick Dougherty, Jr., Nov. ’18 Hazel Howes, spouse of Ron, mother of Joe ’00, Aug. ’19 Hardy Reyerson, brother of Maurice ’73, Nov. ’19 Sandra Sexton, spouse of Bob, Sept. ’19 Robert Connor, Sept. ’19 John Flynn, father of Gabriel ’90, Jan. ’20 Don Nett, brother of John ’61 and Joe ’71, Dec. ’19 Alison Sundgren-Schneeweis, spouse of Tom, Jan. ’20 Marcus Ahmed, Dec. ’19 Dennis Merritt, Nov. ’19 Rev. John Steiner, SOT/Sem ’74, Oct. ’19 William Dalsin, brother of Jim ’76, Oct. ’19 David Farrington, brother of Terry ’75, Nov. ’19 Thomas Whalen, SOT/Sem, Sept. ’19 Kathleen Haws, mother of Pat ’72 and deceased son, Brian ’75, Sept. ’19

1972 S. Mary Benita Jasurda, OSB,

1973 1974 1975

1976 1977 1977

1978 1979

SOT/Sem, Dec. ’18 S. Mary Gabriel Roeder, SSND, SOT/Sem, Aug. ’19 Diane Aulwes, spouse of Joe, Oct. ’19 Msgr. Donald Krebs, SOT/Sem, Sept. ’19 Doug Chalupsky, brother of Gary ’62 and Carl ’65, Aug. ’19 Stan Johnson, Sept. ’19 Dorothy Pierzina, mother of Br. Robin, OSB, Dec. ’19 John Asmussen, father of Jess ’01, Feb. ’20 Camilla Degen, mother of Larry, Dec. ’19 Jean Davis, mother of Michael, David ’86 and deceased, Patrick ’78, Oct. ’19 Kent Seaman, brother of Kristopher ’97 SOT/Sem ’01, nephew of Fr. Don Talafous, OSB ’48, SOT/Sem ’52, Aug. ’19 Thomas Willenbring, brother of Bede ’70, son of deceased, Joseph ’42, Feb. ’20 Pastor John Berg, SOT/Sem ’83, Nov. ’19

Become an Enrollment Partner Today The Saint John’s Alumni Association has partnered with the SJU/CSB Admission office to create a new volunteer program called Enrollment Partners. This program matches alumni with specific recruitment activities to make it easy for alumni to share their love for SJU/CSB with future Johnnies and Bennies in fun and engaging ways. Specific volunteer roles for alumni include: • Admission Event Panelist – share college, career and professional experiences and advice with prospective students and their parents at Admission events • Admission College Fair Assistant – represent SJU/CSB at local college fairs • Admission Young Alum Ambassador – for our youngest 10 graduating classes, provide prospective students with oncall information and experience about specific majors and career targets • Student Mentor – support prospective high school students from the time they are admitted to the time they enroll • Admission Video Spotlight Volunteer – create a personal video message that is shared with prospective students


1980 Ruth Moore, mother of John ’80, 1981


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July ’19 Norbert Hemesath, father of Michael, Dec. ’19 Jeanne Mevisen, spouse of Greg, Aug. ’19 Steve Galvin, brother of Jim and Mike ’78, Sept. ’19 Chuck Kajer, Nov. ’19 S. Anne Malerich, OSB, SOT/Sem, sister of Tony ’72, Oct. ’19 Michael Schwartz, Dec. ’19 Joe Vaughn, father of Danny ’18, brother of Bob ’81, Michael ’93, son of deceased, Dale ’57, Sept. ’19 Rhoda Anderson, Oct. ’19 Jeff Gewedik, Dec. ’19 Thomas Murphy, father of Tom, Vic ’92 and Dan ’05, Sept. ’19 Rick Pihl, Jan. ’20 Mark Hoolihan, son of deceased, Hon. James ’64, Aug. ’19 Gregg Schreiner, Nov. ’19 Maria Pitt, spouse of David, SOT/Sem, Nov. ’19 Kathy Braaten, sister of Br. Walter Kieffer, SOT/Sem, Nov. ’19

and their families that may be used geographically and/or within an alums high school alma mater. Tom Mahowald ’86 and wife Tracy Meyer ’87 signed up to become Enrollment Partners. They partnered with SJU/CSB Admission representative Carol Gadd-Marshall to meet a prospective family in their hometown of Eagan, Minnesota. Tom and Tracy were able to add insight to the recent and current student experiences of their sons Joe ’17 and John ’21. “The informal setting allowed us to share with prospective students how alums are involved with the student experience,” Mahowald said. “Alums attend Accepted Student Receptions, the annual Job and Internship Fair Networking Reception and participate in the alum to student mentor program InterAction. “These are great examples of how the Johnnie/Bennie network becomes real to the students and their families.” To find more information and apply to become an alum Enrollment Partner volunteer, visit and click the Volunteer tab.