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SYNAGRAM June-August 2017

Sivan-Av 5777



Members of CSAIR: As much as we would like to believe otherwise, and as hard as it can be to comprehend, all youth serving institutions have the potential to attract people who might intentionally do harm to children. We read about this in the newspaper too frequently. It is our responsibility to do everything we can to protect our children from danger or abuse.

CSAIR is part of an interfaith coalition that has adopted a refugee from Iraq. We are partnering with Catholic Charities with support from HIAS. Here are some updates by Ralph Leezenbaum, the Chair of the Coalition: The Coalition welcomed Suhail, who flew from Baghdad via Amman Jordan in March. He was quite open to everything he saw. It was raining gently and he said rain made him happy. We all found Suhail very likable, open, very polite, and quite intelligent and in many small ways demonstrating he wanted to be independent. He has a dry sense of humor which made us laugh on occasion.

With that goal in mind, a small committee has been working for over a year to create “Safeguarding Our Children, A Child Protection Statement.” This document proactively outlines how we will create a positive and enriching Jewish, educational, spiritual, social and cultural environment for the children who enter in our doors. It details the steps we are (Continued on page 2)

Suhail would like to become a professional translator. His spoken English is good, though he needs work on nuances. His written English needs significant work. A retired high school English teacher has offered his services as a tutor. Suhail has looked at several English as a second language classes in the area. He has had two job interviews to date, one with Starbucks and one for a translator position in NYC. Currently, he is in something of a catch 22 because potential employers will not hire him until he has a home address. Suhail has been in an Airbnb at a reduced rate, but can only stay there through the end of the month. Our group is searching for an affordable housing option in an area where he will feel safe. To date we are looking into apartment shares

The CSAIR Synagram is published by the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale; Nanci Brickman, editor. Please submit articles by email to If you have any questions, please call the Office at 718-543-8400.

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CSAIR ▌475 West 250th Street, Bronx, New York 10471 ▌ Tel: 718-543-8400 ▌

CALLING ALL CALENDARS!! Affiliates and Committee Chairs... We are deep in calendar planning for the 2017-2018 year ahead. Please send Jennifer Knobe your list of meeting and event request dates for events planned for July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. The goal is to CENTRALIZE programming and meetings during the week and focus on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings. ALL program events should be sent via email to by June 26th. In mid-July committees and affiliate groups will be notified of all calendared and scheduled activities. To prevent programmatic overlap, please be open to examining an alternate date if a dual date occurs. Many thanks!

NOTEWORTHY SHABBAT SPEAKERS Educational and Spiritual Legacies: Letters To Our Children Rabbi Aaron Frank, Head of School, Kinneret Day School June 3 (Dvar Torah during shul) Syria and Beyond: A Jewish Response to Today’s Refugee Crisis Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, Vice President for Community Engagement of HIAS June 9-10 (Dvar Torah during shul and then talk/discussion after Kiddush) The View from Whitefish, Montana: Anti-Semitism in America Rabbi Francine Roston, Rabbi of the Glacier Jewish Community/ B'nai Shalom July 21-22 (Dvar Torah during shul)


and contacting local colleges and universities for possible dormitory space during the summer or possibly an apartment owned by Columbia University. If anyone has a connection to Columbia, we would love to talk to you! The budget is $800-1100/ month and we'd obviously prefer to stay near the lower end. If anyone knows of an affordable housing option in Riverdale we'd also love to hear about that too! Suhail attended the recent interfaith event at Manhattan College. As you can imagine, this is an enormous adjustment for him, making a new life in America even though he seems particularly well-equipped to do so. If you would like to be part of our shul’s efforts at refugee resettlement, contact Kathy Solomon at

SAFEGUARDING OUR CHILDREN (Continued from page 1)

taking to protect children, how our synagogue will respond to violations of our policy and allegations of abuse, and the culture we want to create in our community. Drafts of the document were shared with experts in the field, psychologists, educators, and lawyers. We are delighted to share that on March 2, 2017 this document was unanimously endorsed by our Board of Trustees. While the work to create the statement and the process of Board approval were big tasks, the real work lies ahead. It is now time to put that statement into practice. In the coming weeks you will be receiving information about the new guidelines: where it can be found and what it means for our community. We will plan opportunities for raising awareness, for discussion, educational opportunities and for child abuse prevention training. We will have a page on our website with background articles, information and the policy itself in order to educate and sensitize our members. These guidelines will provide our commu-


nity with the tools to implement a vital change of culture where every member of our shul family is empowered with the task of ensuring that our children are safe. We all understand that adopting a new policy will take time. And this particular one can be difficult to consider and discuss. We look forward to addressing congregants’ questions and concerns and taking steps to protect our children. The members of the Child Protection Committee (Dr. Cliff Nerwen, chair; Miriam Westheimer, Sandy Mislow, Mason Voit, Abby Pitkowsky and Rabbi Barry Dov Katz) welcome your thoughts, reactions and feedback. Jewish tradition cares deeply about children and their welfare. In this spirit, we are deeply committed to safeguarding the young people in our community. Barry Dov Katz, Rabbi Abby Pitkowsky, President

UPCOMING EVENTS Celebrate Israel All Together at the Israel Day Parade Sunday, June 4, 11:00 AM-4:00 PM Rain or Shine. There are numerous spectator sections along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, 57th to 74th Streets. Come and celebrate Israel with NYC and CSAIR!...Group bus not available. For info: email Mason Voit at

Shortly thereafter, he negotiates a cordial “understanding” with Adolf Hitler, while the new government embarks on a program of folksy anti-Semitism. For one boy growing up in Newark, Lindbergh’s election is the first in a series of ruptures that threaten to destroy his small, safe corner of America. Coordinated by Sharon Kern-Taub. Pre-registration required. Call the CSAIR office.

several stories in which non-human beings speak intelligibly. We will examine these fables to see what they reveal about Biblical theology and about the mysterious ways in which God works in the Bible. Please bring a complete Tanakh, the JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh is suggested. Taught by Dr. Diane Sharon, Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning. Free and open to all.

Book Discussion: The Plot Against America Sunday, June 4, 10:30 AM Author Philip Roth imagines an alternate version of American history. In 1940 Charles A. Lindbergh, heroic aviator and rabid isolationist, is elected President.

Fables and Talking Donkeys in the Hebrew Bible Thursdays June 8 & 15, 8:00 PM In general, the Bible is realistic in its depiction of events, limiting supernatural phenomena to the effect of God’s presence in the world. However, there are

Annual Congregational Meeting Tuesday, June 20, following evening minyan, which begins at 7:30 PM We will hear a review of the year from CSAIR President Abby Pitkowsky and words from Rabbi Barry Dov Katz.



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World-class chamber music in an intimate setting Sheila Reinhold Music Director

Stay tuned for news of our 2017-2018 season! Visit us at:

As the school year nears an end, this is the time to reflect on some highlights at CSAIR for our kids and their families. 2016-2017 has been an ambitious year for kids at CSAIR. The Fall included expansive learning experiences for our kids over the high holidays – five separate age-appropriate youth services each day of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. In addition, our Hebrew School began the year with enrollment near the highest in over a decade. Our Project Chaverim Teen Fellows included a record 18 teens to start the year. Among the highlights from the Fall, we welcomed the Pizmon a capella group to lead Jewish singing workshops for our kids on Shabbat morning and at Hebrew School. Highlights from the Winter included the Hebrew School Chanukah workshop, welcoming middle school kids from the Pelham Jewish Center for our first ever 6th8th grade Havdallah and comedy night and the launch of our new Shabbat morning Pick-up Davenning for 8-11 year olds in our new Beit Midrash.

A moment in one of our family programs.


and paperwork are submitted by June 11th.

 Register in the lower lobby on Wednesdays and Sundays or on line.

 For all related materials and information, please go to: school

As we waited for Winter to end, our kids had a memorable Purim, including a Carnival led by our Project Chaverim teens and a Teen Shabbaton that culminated with a trek to the Escape the Room in Manhattan. This Spring, CSAIR adopted and is in the process of implementing a Child Protection policy and launched our first Hebrew School Parent Association that previously laid dormant. We welcomed the Torah/improv/comedians. Bible Players to celebrate our Hebrew School 6th-7th grade year of learning the book of Exodus and marked an annual milestone in our Hebrew School as our 3rd graders received their Siddurim as part of a Ruach Shabbat Friday Evening Experience. Additionally, our community Yom Hashoah remembrance was held on a Sunday morning to include Hebrew School 5th-7th graders, their parents and our teens. Our 5th-7th graders studied material parallel to the event speaker and joined the community for the remembrance ceremony that included the opportunity for our kids and their parents to hear the powerful stories of survival shared by those honored with lighting a memorial candle. In the coming weeks, our 5th graders will continue our community tradition of reading Torah on Erev Shavuot and our 5th-12th graders will learn late into the night at the Shavuot Kids Tikkun. Our excitement will continue as we welcome the Tzofim Israeli Scout Caravan for the Shabbat of June 2-3. We will mark the end of our year of Jewish learning with our Hebrew School Zimriyah, Jewish song festival, on our final day of Hebrew School, June 11th.

Early registrants will be entered in a raffle to win 1 Free Ruach Shabbat Dinner (up to a family of 5).

As we approach the summer, reflect on our past year and plan for the year to come, we can appreciate that the CSAIR community is a great place to be a kid. This is the result of the efforts of an entire community including many volunteers, all of our parents and our staff. We are eager to continue our work to grow and deepen the experience for our kids and their families for the coming year.

Questions? Email, Mason Voit at

Mason Voit Director, Education and Jewish Family Life



TISHA B'AV A day of mourning for many sad events in Jewish history, Tisha b'Av is a day to consider the brokenness of our world. Monday, July 31 Minha – 8:00 PM, Taub Room Fast begins at 8:12 PM Minha followed by Maariv/ Eikha (Book of Lamentations) by candlelight.

Gwen Kaplan, Alex Kaplan, Jeremy Scholem, and Tamara Sulzbach (pictured). The Riverdale Jewish Project is planning an exciting trip for this summer. Visit us on Facebook at Riverdale Jewish Project, and watch the weekly CSAIR bulletin and emails for details of the trip as well as our upcoming programming.

CSAIR MEMBERS PITCH IN TO RESTORE COMMUNITY GARDEN A coalition of community groups including the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale, Christ Church Riverdale, HGI: Holocaust, Genocide, and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College along with other community faith groups will join forces with gardeners in the Melrose section of the Bronx to restore and enhance the Community Garden of Happiness (2158 Prospect Avenue) on Sunday, June 11, 2017. The first team will work from 10:00 AM–Noon. The second shift will work from 1:00-3:00 PM. From Noon to one, a light lunch will be served.

ing the name of the garden, “If you come into the garden feeling sad, you will leave feeling happy.” (Sept 19, 2014)

For her work, Washington was named as one of Ebony Magazine’s 2012 “Power 100” of influential African-Americans, and received the James Beard Foundation Leadership Award. This day in the garden is being organized by Bob Jacobs, a Riverdale resident and CSAIR member, who said, “I am looking for people who believe that now is the time to do something real and meaningful to help heal and restore our broken earth. Our goal is to The Garden of Happiness was established come together as a community and restore in 1988 by Karen Washington, a commu- one green space, garden and urban farm at a time. No experience needed except nity activist who was once called “urban farming’s de facto godmother.” Partner- for a caring heart and a willingness to ing with neighbor Jose Lugo, they created sweat and smile.” a 36-plot community garden for people who live near the Bronx Zoo. A New York To RSVP, please email Bob Jacobs rjaTimes article quoted Washington explain-


Tuesday, August 1 Shaharit/Torah/Kinot (special Tisha b'Av poetry) 7:00 AM Minha/Torah/Haftarah (with tallit and tefillin) 2:00 PM Maariv 8:45 PM Fast ends 8:58 PM A light break-fast will follow services.

THANK YOU!!!! Thank you to all the Gala participants who helped make this year’s fundraiser a success! From comedian Joel Chasnoff through to the silent auction, this year’s event was truly a laugh out loud evening.

CONNECTING TO A PLACE We all have our own CSAIR memories. Here is a letter Rabbi Katz received from Jamie GranfieldCarroll, a young woman who grew up in the shul. Jamie lives in Vermont but thinks of the shul often. Here’s what she wrote after a recent visit: CSAIR will always be my shul. It is where I feel most at home; it is where I first learned my '‫א‬-‫ּב‬s; where I made my first Havdalah spice box; where I ate a date for the first time at a Tu B'Shevat Seder; where as a 9-year-old, I married a classmate at our mock Jewish wedding; where I sat next to my Mom and Gramma every Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur… CSAIR is where I remember learning the words to Hatikvah. My class was sitting on the stage, and the large windows in the social hall were open so I could see it was dark outside. The darkness in the hall coupled with the melody of Hatikvah were especially haunting. It was one of those moments that I will never forget. I was just a kid, but in that moment I was moved so much- I felt a strange combination of joy, sadness and fear that stays with me every time I hear Hatikvah. CSAIR is also where, dressed as Queen Esther, I tossed many a bean bag through holes in a wooden board and ate too many hamentashen; where I became a Bat Mitzvah, where we got a "new young rabbi"; and where I cried to the "new young rabbi," who was no longer new, after my best friend (my Gramma) died, before her funeral…I didn't attend shul every Shabbat, and there may have been a Tuesday or a Thursday here and there that I just didn't want to go to Hebrew school, but it was another home. To still feel that connection is again, a comfort and a blessing.

CSAIR WELCOMES ITS NEW MEMBERS New and “not-so-new-ish” CSAIR members schmoozed, shared their Jewish journey to Riverdale and exchanged areas of interest with CSAIR member facilitators at a New Members Brunch in April (organized by CSAIR Membership Co-Chairwomen Deborah Lupkin-Unger and Roni Richter) at Shoshi and Rabbi Katz’s home.


SHAVUOT Tuesday, May 30 Erev Shavuot Minha, 7:45 PM, *Note Time* Encountering the text of the Torah first hand is a powerful way for our children to feel that this story belongs to them. The 5th grade class has been learning how to chant Torah with Cantor Stevens, and now is their chance to step up to the Torah as part of our celebration of Shavuot. Each student will chant a short section from the Torah as family and friends hold the unfurled scroll up all around them. It is a profoundly moving experience! The theme of the reading this year is “On second thought – regrets and second chances in the Torah. ” Listen as God regrets having created human

beings, Judah has second thoughts about killing his brother Joseph, the Jubilee year gives everyone another shot at inhabiting their ancestral land, God allows for reconciliation and a return to the Promised Land after exile, and more. Maariv, 9:02 PM Evening service followed by Tikkun and a dairy meal co-sponsored by Havurah. Tikkun, 10:00 PM Late-night learning. The topic is “Unity and Diversity Within Community." Come join us for cheesecake and wonderful teachers and snacks and early morning davening - and did we mention cheesecake? We will learn about what Jewish tradition, history, and literature can teach us about the challenges that

a community faces when it wants to be diverse without losing its feeling of belonging and solidarity. Our wonderful teachers include Rabbi Miriam Weidberg, Rabbi Michael Pitkowsky, Freda Kleinburd, Eric Fischer, Jeff Wechselblatt, Rabbi Joel Schwab and Phil Keisman. Youth Tikun Sessions 5th-8th Graders, 10:00-11:00 PM 9th-12 Graders, 11:00 PM-Midnight Wednesday, May 31 Shaharit, 9:00 AM Minha/Maariv, 8:02 PM Thursday, June 1 Shaharit, 9:00 AM Yizkor, approximately 10:45 AM Minha/Maariv, 8:02 PM

Our mission is to nourish joyful and meaningful Jewish living and build an inclusive community through diverse approaches to learning, prayer, and acts of loving kindness.

THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR CSAIR. You may already know about sponsoring a Shabbat or Holiday Kiddush, but did you know that there are other opportunities where co-sponsorships can help to defray the programming cost to the shul, ensure broad communal participation, or allow for individuals who are not able to afford programs to participate? These include:  Sponsorship of a Shabbat Dinner such as Ruach Shabbat or Lechu Neranena  Sponsorship of an Adult Education program  Sponsorship of a special Holiday observance such as Yom Hashoah or Yom Ha’atzmaut  Sponsorship of a Shabbat Kiddush to mark a Yahrzeit or simcha  Sponsorship of a special Hebrew School program  Hebrew School Support Donations to help us provide tuition assistance to families in need Sponsorship opportunities vary by program but begin for as little as $180. Sponsor names will be listed in event programs and/or the Synagram. For more information on these and other giving opportunities, please contact Executive Director Jennifer Knobe at 718.543.8400 x1 or at


MENS CLUB UPDATE Hello Friends: The Men’s Club wishes you a happy and healthySpring. Yes, when the weather turns warmer a young man’s thoughts turn to…well, to Men’s Club business of course! First on the list is our recent, well attended, and much appreciated lecture by our own David Cohen. When he’s not busy being a Men’s Club VIP, David is Director of Education, Research and Outreach at Sesame Workshop (and we hear he reports directly to Big Bird!). David’s talk was about Sesame Street’s new and very special Muppet Character: Julia, a young girl on the Autism spectrum. With video clips, handouts, and behind the scenes stories – David explained how Sesame Workshop introduced Julia to raise awareness of Autism, give kids clues about how to interact with Autistic children, and show people on the Autism spectrum a character they can identify with. Attended by adults and children, including those who are on the Autism spectrum, the event was a great success. David urges anyone who wants more information about Julia and Sesame Workshops efforts concerning Autism to contact him at his work email: Next, we want to thank CSAIR for restoring the Holocaust Garden near the main entrance of the shul. For those of us who fondly remember Sam and Edith Sobel, it was especially encouraging to see their project reinstated. Men’s Club has donated $1,500 towards these efforts, money raised thanks to your participation in our Yellow Candle programs through the past few years. So don't thank us thank each other for your donations. One last item – the Men’s Club has added two new Vice Presidents: Marshall Kaminer and Mark Kanter. (Not Marshall Kanter, but we completely understand if you are confused.) Marshall is our Vice President in charge of supporting the Thursday Morning Minyan, which thanks to his efforts, including tasty treats for attendees, has had a resurgence these past few months. Mark Kanter, who has been helping us for years, has also been named a Vice President. And the previously mentioned David Cohen has been promoted to Senior Vice President at double the salary (that is – zero times two). Congratulations to Marshall, Mark, and David, and we’ll see you all at Kiddush! David LaDue & Joel Chaiken Men’s Club Co-Presidents


Sisterhood Tallit Project This is an ongoing project of Sisterhood, creating a ritual item and loving archive. Skilled volunteers hand embroider children’s names on a large size Tallit to be used on the bima as a canopy during the Children’s Aliyah on Simhat Torah. For $10 per name, a child’s name may be added to this special Tallit which is displayed at the synagogue through the entire High Holiday season. Please fill out the form below and return it to the synagogue office to have a name added in time for Simhat Torah.


Sisterhood’s Embroidered Tallit Project Please add the following children’s names to the Special Tallit: (Please Print) 1.________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________ 4._______________________________________________ Your Name__________________________________________________ Telephone______________________________ Total names submitted _____ at $10 per name. Total payment enclosed $__________ Please make checks payable to: Sisterhood CSAIR Return this form to: CSAIR Sisterhood, 475 West 250th Street, Bronx, New York 10471


The Congregation gratefully acknowledges the following DONATIONS YAHRZEITS: Pearl Abend Jeffrey Abend Israel Aylman Carl Aylman Hayim-Leib Balter Rabbi Shlomo Balter Philip Baumel Betty Baumel David H. Entes Sheryl Berger Ida Dreyfuss Jean Bloch Israel Aylman Sandra Brass Hulda Edwards Zillah Byrd Solomon A. Barotz Barbara Chase Anna Lefkowitz Vivian Chasin Morris Chudy Leona Chudy Cohen Joseph Crane,Irene Weiss Ed Cohen Naomi Azaria Ilana Davidov Carrye & Martin Dodell Sue Ellen Dodell Claude Dreyfuss Yolande Dreyfuss Rose Hecht Ida Drucker Ronya Berlinger Boss, Irving Eiferman, Frieda Moser Berlinger, Jack Berlinger Deborah Eiferman Samuel Melcer Elaine Epps Edward Ezrapour Robert Ezrapour Bessie Fensterheim, Laura Fensterheim Alvin Fensterheim Samuel Levine Norma Finkelstein Raymond Fleishman Doris Fleishman Irving Bogash Blossom Flohr Johanna Andorn Susanne & Ben Fruchter Arthur Sands Peter Goldfinger Philip Leibovitz, Alan N. Friedman Lila Friedman Jack Schlein Joyce Genee

Tillie Hackmyer Sally Gensler Leo German Jeffrey German Dorothy Gerstein Victor Gerstein Esther Hoffman Sarah Giller Leah Anmuth Hirschfeld Charles Golfischer William Lee Fishman, Terry Gothelf Carole & Mark Gothelf Deborah Grunberg Arlene Green Estelle Gurland Judith Gurland Albert Hanig Louise Hanig Cherie Hearst Linker Elliott Hearst Bella Baer Madeline Heumann Simon Salomon Renee & Rudolph Hirsch David Horwitz, Helen Jerome, S, Gerald Horwitz Leon Horwitz Sylvia Blank Sharon Hyman David Jacobs Ruth Jacobs George Jacoby Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield Celia Kalet Morton Kalet Mordechai Kaplansky Ze’ev Kaplansky Leonard Kasen Vivian Kasen Mollie Kastein, Abraham Cotler Elliot & Grace Kastein Martha Beirponch Deborah & Arnold Kramer Charlie Kresch Dorothy Kresch Klein Sam Lander Helen Laufer Barnet Levine Andrew Levine Carl Levine Bruce Levine Arnold Magaliff Millie Magaliff, Bill Magaliff Samuel Jacobs, Rabbi Michael Malach Randye & Solomon Malach James Federman Florence Mann


Fred & Else Marcus Andy Marcus David Rabinowitz Harris Marmor Evelyn Matthews Steven Matthews Lillian & Robert Budabin Kathy McQuown Adele Kuehne Harriet Mehl-Rottenberg Beatrice Rosborne Dianne Meranus Adelya Strishevskaya Ella Murad Elias Norel Raquel Norel Gloria Orin Gary Orin Kenneth Palter Sandra Palter Selig Port Theodore Port Megan Charlop Powers Richard Powers Louis Resnik Paul Resnik Mollie Richter Adele Richter Leonard Richter Roni Richter Ruth Rizick Many Rizick Leo Friss Alice Rosen Abraham Rosenzweig Matthew Rosenzweig Selma & Simon Oppenheimer Elsie Ruzal Paula Rezak Renee Ryzak Anna & Alexander Samuels, Clara Avins Roslyn & Sam Samuels Ethel Stolzer Arlene Sandner Harry Gitelman Phyllis & Charlie Schulberg George Gross Aviva Schwab George J. Seidenberg Robert Seidenberg Walter Levy Eva Shulman Eugene Siegel Lisa Siegel Jerome Levine Nancy Siegel (Continued on page 12)


Above: Jo-Ann Kanter. Left: Benjamin Chaidell.

Above: Rabbi Barry Dov Katz and Margaret Danishefsky.

Friends and family gathered on Sunday, May 7 at the Annual Sisterhood Torah Fund Brunch to honor current CSAIR Sisterhood President Margaret Danishefsky and Jo-Ann Kanter, a past CSAIR Sisterhood’s Social Secretary. The guest speaker was Benjamin Chaidell, a fourth year Rabbinical student at JTS and son of CSAIR members Sue Ellen Dodell and Joel Chaiken. Benjamin attended CSAIR Hebrew School and was a member of the congregation’s youth group. The Torah Fund campaign supports the

education of future Rabbis and Cantors who will go on to serve as leaders of the Conservative Movement. Torah Fund raises funds for specific projects. CSAIR Sisterhood has recognition plaques for its contributions in the building of library shelves at JTS and the residence halls at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, California. In recent years, the Sisterhood’s raised funds have been used towards scholarships to all schools connected to the Conservative Movement including The Jewish Theological Seminary of America in NYC, American


Jewish University, the Ziegler School of Rabbinical Studies, Los Angeles California, the Seminario Rabinico LatinoAmericos in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Zacharias Frankel College, in Potsdam Germany. Sisterhood wishes to thank those who contributed to the campaign, as well as those who attended our Brunch. With those funds we will be able to continue helping to build toward the future of our Conservative Movement.

The Congregation gratefully acknowledges the following DONATIONS (Continued from page 10)

Sam Simkin Irwin Simkin Miriam Soicher Barry Soicher Simon Katter Ethel & Stephen Speiser Lola & Henry Sperling Rhoda Sperling Ethel Stolzer Alan Stolzer Stephen Friedland Marj & Walter Tolub Harry L. Trambert Jonathan Trambert Leo Schachter, Edward Waldman Larry Waldman Paul Rosenzweig Ettie Ward Isabel Litterman Leslee Wechsler Samuel Wegsman Ron Wegsman Jacob Weintraub Morris Weintraub Anna Lurie Madeline Weitsman Yetta Weitsman Barton Weitz Bill Weitz Manfred Westheimer Miriam Westheimer Anne Whyne David Whyne Sam Milchman, Samuel Witrock Goldie & Alan Witrock Elsie Robetz, Eva Woda Barbara & Seymour Woda Gertrude Weinstein Martin Wolpoff Hyman Schulson, Richard Young Anne & Stephen Young Judith Kleiner, Lillian & Philip Young Miriam & Howard Young Frank Zizmor Matthew Zizmor Fred Zurndorfer Susan Zurndorfer IN HONOR OF: Leo Deener’s Bar Mitzvah Noam Benson-Tilsen Erica Edelman, with much love to a very strong woman Malka Edelman Our anniversary Marj & Walter Tolub

Deborah Lupkin and Abe Unger on their marriage Fran Turitz Elsie Ruzal & the Ruzal/Shapiro family on the Aufruf & upcoming marriage of Billy Shapiro to Beth Seraydarian Alice & Martin Cooper Blossom Flohr Susanne & Ben Fruchter Margo Golos Leon Horwitz Friedel Leopold Sheila Lesser Fran Turitz The Stern/Shapira family on the Bat Mitzvah of Kayla Estelle & Ed Cohen The Fenster family The runners of The Riverdale Y on May 14 Bob Jacobs IN MEMORY OF: Rabbi Joel Danishefsky, beloved father of Fred Danishefsky Carolyn & Mark Kanter Fran Turitz Gladys Kanter, loving mother, grandmother & great grandmother Bootsie Alperstein Estelle & Ed Cohen Sheila Lesser Marshall Kaminer & Terri Kornicki Rebecca & Michael Kaye Heather Minoff Leslie Minoff Edith Oppenheimer Renee Schwartz Jodie & Jonathan Sorkenn Susan Sorkenn Marj & Walter Tolub Ellen & Raymond Torge Fran Turitz Sarah H. Lewis Leon Horwitz Charles Reich, beloved father, grandfather & great grandfather Dianne & Philip Meranus Eric Nussbaum Marj & Walter Tolub Jean Sable, beloved mother of Rabbi Laurie Levy Marj & Walter Tolub Steven Schwartz, beloved husband & father Arlene & Joe Braunstein & family Arlene Flohr Blossom Flohr Susan & Jeff Grant Marj & Walter Tolub


Greta Tedoff, beloved sister of David Levine Marj & Walter Tolub Pauline Wexler Marj & Walter Tolub SYNAGOGUE: Esther Bezborodko Wayne Brown Gail & Elliott Hearst Robert Jacobs Pushkantser family Randi Schwartz Sherbakov family In memory of Sy Ruzal’s yahrzeit Rita Engel Sponsoring the bus for the Israeli Day Parade Shirley Bender ALIYAH AND TORAH HONORS: Zillah & James Byrd Sue Ellen Dodell Marci Greenberg Charles Goldfischer Tanya & Allan Katz Fran Turitz HEBREW SCHOOL: Future Ruach Shabbat dinners Linda & Bruce Hack In honor of Susan Schwartz Cindy & Bruce Levine In memory of Gladys Kanter Linda & Bruce Hack On the yahrzeit of Abraham Cohen Jennifer Feldman On the yahrzeit of Mildred Overbach Jennifer Feldman HEBREW SCHOOL SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND: In memory of Gladys Kanter Annette & David LaDue & family In memory of Charles Reich Annette & David LaDue & family In memory of Jean Sable Annette & David LaDue & family In memory of Steven Schwartz Annette & David LaDue & family YIZKOR: Estelle & Ed Cohen Jennifer Fenster Blossom Flohr Elise & Larry Friedman Friedel Leopold (Continued on page 13)

The Congregation gratefully acknowledges the following DONATIONS (Continued from page 12)

RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND: In honor of Rabbi Barry D. Katz to thank you how wonderful you made our wedding Hannah Lipman & James Moloney In honor of Dara & Eric’s wedding Audrey & Aaron Singer In honor of our wedding & your beautiful words Deborah Lupkin-Unger & Abe Unger In honor of Carrie Ruzal-Shapiro & Peter Shapiro on the Aufruf of Billy & Beth and their forthcoming wedding Norma Finkelstein In honor of Max’s Pidyonhaben Adriana & Benjamin Rabunski In honor of Jenna’s Bat Mitzvah & to thank you for all your work and preparation Wendy & Eugene Tomkiel In honor of Jo-Ann Kanter being a Torah Fund honoree Linda & Bruce Hack In appreciation Margo Golos In appreciation Tilda Landovitz In appreciation of Rabbi Katz leading our minyan during shiva Hila Reichman & Joshua Podietz

In memory of Joseph Feldschuh Faye & Meyer Lieman In memory of Otto Katz & thank you for your support Judith Katz & Dean Solomon Lauren & Steven Katz In memory of Gladys Kanter Marci Greenberg & Mark Zozula Faye & Meyer Lieman In memory of Charles Reich William Reich & family In memory of Steven Schwartz & thank you for your support Blossom Flohr Renee Schwartz & family In memory of Steven Schwartz Harriet Granfield In memory of Dorothy Gerstein’s yahrzeit Victor Gerstein In memory of Ignace Kaminer’s yahrzeit Marshall Kaminer In memory of Robert Praskin’s yahrzeit & your support Alexi Praskin & The Praskin family In memory of Philip Smookler’s yahrzeit Irene Smookler-Keisman In memory of Steven Kail’s yahrzeit Adam Stoler Glacier Jewish Community Leon Horwitz Robert Jacobs Dianne & Philip Meranus

CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND: In honor of our wedding Hannah Lipman & James Moloney In appreciation Deborah Eiferman In appreciation & thank you for your kindness Rebecca & Michael Kaye In memory of Otto Katz & thank you for your support Judith Katz & Dean Solomon Lauren & Steven Katz In memory of Steven Schwartz Blossom Flohr Renee Schwartz & family SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: In appreciation to Brian Gelfand for generously providing his time and talent in performing the music at our wedding. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Deborah Lupkin-Unger & Abe Unger

Sincere thanks to the CSAIR community for your care and support during my Shiva. Renee Schwartz

Many thanks to Prestige Cleaners for all the years they have cleaned our tallitot and robes. Please thank them when you bring your items to be cleaned!

PRESTIGE CLEANERS Dry Cleaning-Organic Cleaning-Wet Cleaning Shirts, Laundry, Alterations, Suede, Leather FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY 563 West 235th Street Bronx, New York 718-884-6500 13


Greetings from Sisterhood. With Passover, Yom Hashoah commemoration, Yom HaZikaron and then celebrating Israel’s 69th birthday on Yom Haatzmaut, it’s been a busy time for all. Sisterhood has numerous “behind the scenes” activities that I would like to call your attention to. We have a Bikur Cholim committee, chaired by Norma Finkelstein; we send cards, make phone calls, and visit elderly and homebound members in our congregation. We also have a Shabbat Shalom club - regular volunteers call members who are unable to get to Shul every Friday to wish them Shabbat Shalom. Our social secretary, Terri Levine, sends out cards for all occasions – births, marriages, special occasions, condolences. Please email Terri at if you would like her to send a card on your behalf. We have ongoing collections of shoes (gently used), eyeglasses, and hearing aids which are recycled and go to individuals who benefit from them; we receive money back from our shoe collection which benefits our Shul. Thanks to Phyllis Schulberg, Faye Lieman, and Yolande Dreyfuss for their hard work on these initiatives. Please support our gift shop which in turn supports the Shul. The gift shop sells Judaica items, toys, jewelry, holiday items, and so much more. There is a 10% discount for Sisterhood members. Hours are Sunday mornings, and Marj and Susanne, our amazing gift shop stewards, can open the shop during other times (email Check out selections from our collection on the Shul’s website, and also browse the showcase outside the Sanctuary on the upper level. Sisterhood needs your help and support to keep up the amazing work that Sisterhood does. Please shop at our gift shop, join our membership, and attend our programs and fundraisers. We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about how to reach more of you. Please contact me at or call me at 917-453-6617. Happy summer!! Margaret Danishefsky Sisterhood President

SISTERHOOD JUDAICA SHOP For all your Holiday Shopping

The Judaica Shop will be open in September with many new and unusual items. Time to spruce up your holiday home. Stop by and browse! Or email for an appointment:


Sisterhood Expresses Thanks For The Following Donations In Memory of: Fred Danishefsky's father Deborah Eiferman Sam and Roz Samuels Susanne and Ben Fruchter Steve Schwartz, husband of Renee Yolande Dreyfuss Phyllis and Charlie Schulberg Tilda Landovitz Jean Bloch Baruch Katz, husband of Phyllis Jeannette and Gerald Ornstein Ruth Weintraub Marshall Kanter's mother, Gladys Kanter Yolande Dreyfuss Margaret and Fred Danishefsky Norma Finkelstein Roz and Sam Samuels Pauline Wexler Tilda Landovitz Ruth Weintraub Stanley Harrison Tilda Landovitz Eileen Feiertag Mina Schienberg

Mazel Tov to: Charlie Goldfischer on the birth of his grandson Phyllis and Charlie Schulberg

Refuah Shelayma: Tracy Winters Norma Finkelstein

Margaret Danishefsky, Torah Fund honoree Tilda Landovitz Terri Levine Liz and Gus Scheer

Donations to Sisterhood: Bette Baum - thank you for the book plates in my husband's books in the library

Jo-Ann Kanter, Torah Fund honoree Tilda Landovitz Liz and Gus Scheer Elsie Ruzal on the Aufruf of her grandson Billy Shapiro Yolande Dreyfuss Margaret and Fred Danishefsky Roz and Sam Samuels Fran Turitz Polly and Alan Schoenfeld on the marriage of their son Jeannette and Gerald Ornstein Evelyn Mutnick on the marriage of her granddaughter Phyllis and Charlie Schulberg Deborah Lupkin-Ungar and Abe Ungar on their marriage Dianne and Philip Meranus

Pamela Kaitlin's father Tilda Landovitz

Susanne and Ben Fruchter - in honor of the birth of our granddaughter, Sasha Dylan Ruth Meyer - thank you for thinking of me Ruth Mukherji - for Purim

CSAIR has cemetery plots available at Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, New York. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact Jennifer Knobe at From the CSAIR Office: The shul’s fiscal year ends June 30. Your effort to clear up all outstanding balances — dues, tuition, dinners, etc. — before June 30 helps CSAIR and is very much appreciated. Thank you.

DAILY MINYAN TIMES Morning Minyan Monday through Friday Sunday Legal Holidays

7:00 AM 9:00 AM 9:00 AM

(New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 25th)

Evening Sunday through Thursday

7:30 PM

For Shabbat service times, go to or call the shul office 718-543-8400


Rabbi Barry Dov Katz Cantor Elizabeth Stevens Rabbi Emeritus Dr. Shlomo Balter Rabbi Emily Barton

Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale 475 West 250th Street Bronx, New York 10471

Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage PAID Bronx, NY Permit NO. 523

STAFF Jennifer Knobe, Executive Director Mason Voit, Education Director Nanci Brickman, Bookkeeper Sandra Ghiorzo, Executive Assistant OFFICERS Abby Pitkowsky, President Elisa Marcus, VP Youth & Education Steve Matthews, VP Operations Mitchell Posilkin, VP Building & Grounds Eric Saidel, VP Community Engagement Ephraim Edelman, Treasurer Michael Stern, Secretary, Bd. Of Trustees AFFILIATES Joel Chaiken, Men’s Club Co-President David LaDue, Men’s Club Co-President Margaret Danishefsky, Sisterhood President Batsheva Halberstam, Havurah Ellen Werlin, Havurah Bernard Goldstein, YCFP Co-Chair Monica Stein Krausz, YCFP Co-Chair

Some weeks we’ll daven (pray) in the “Backyard.” Some weeks, the Library. (Sorry– the beach is not an option.) Still, there could be some surprises! Every week: Cool drinks, snacks and a relaxing vibe. Dress comfortably! Usually 7:00 PM (Mincha\Kabbalat Shabbat\Maariv) Check time and location in each week’s eblast and on website!

Summer FridayNights@CSAIR

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