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Masters Exhibition 2014 | Cardiff School of Art & Design | 6th – 12th September 2014

Masters Exhibition 2014 | Cardiff School of Art & Design | 6th – 12th September 2014 Master of Fine Art (MFA) Master of Design (MDES) MA Art & Design MA Ceramics MSc Advanced Product Design SADI MDes 6th – 12th September 2014 Cardiff School of Art & Design Cardiff Metropolitan University Llandaff Campus Western Avenue Cardiff CF5 2YB website: csad.me cover image: Hayley Danaher, MA Fine Art

Clare Adams | UK | Master of Art & Design: Fine Art  

PHOTOGRAPHY THAT FEELS - TOWARDS AN ENACTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY On the surface, photography appears doomed to represent the external world as in dualism, whereby the ‘black box’ of the camera swallows all relation to the world. My practice seeks to reconcile photography in an embodied or enactive sense where the photographer, camera and viewer are in dialogue with the scene to create new forms. The importance of these images is that, rather than being photographic representations, they are new forms that invite us to attend to the way in which our bodies and senses are acted upon and instructed by the technologies that are all to easy to reject as mere tools. “The pictures which such a photographer will produce will no longer “document” the outside world, but rather the camera program. They will render visible the hidden program, and they will thus whiten the black box.” Vilém Flusser

e: clare@loveseen.co.uk w: www.clareadams.co.uk t: 07876 288452 @ SeriouslyClare


right: Exploded Tree.

Weam Ahmed Alarfaj | Saudi Arabia | MA Art & Design (Communication)  

FREESTANDING EXHIBIT FOR PUBLIC SPACES This project is to improve the young adult communication within museums and exhibitions. It is aiming to successfully engage them in this situation of enjoyable learning, and to motivate them to visit and explore more museums. The project is a freestanding exhibit that will be situated in public spaces. Its design will consider the Contextual Model of Learning, a study by John Flak and Lynn Dierking, that all learning is situated within three overlapped contexts, which are personal, sociocultural, and the physical. The project will apply this study and understand how could these three aspects enhance the experience of communicating with the museums and exhibitions.

e: waarfaj@yahoo.com t: 07462 749615

right: The initial design for the Exhibit.  

Danah Fouad Alhussain | Saudi Arabia | MSc Advanced Product Design  

FLICK K.O.P I believe that creative environments create creative minds in the way they think, they work or even the way they react . For That reason, I designed Flick a kit of parts (K.O.P) that allows space users (students, staff) to reflect their own need from the space without conflicting the principles and aims of the school of art and design (CSAD) or the learning process and creativity. The K.O.P may considered as foldable working station which works mainly as partition with 90 cm height that has working surface attached to it which could be pulled out and used when needed. It also has the ability to be extended doubled in size to create longer partition to be used specially by the time where show is held of galleries.

e: dana.alhussain@gmail.com facebook: Dana Fouad Alhussain t: 07463 483330


Paul Blainey | Wales | MSc Advanced Product Design  

OTIS - THE SELF-FILLING WATER BOILING JUG Otis provides a new method of boiling water in the home. The strong need to reduce water consumption drove the evolution of Otis. The self-filling feature of the boiling water jug eliminates the occurrence of over-filling when boiling water with an electric kettle. Development of Otis continued not only with the need for sustainability and efficiency in mind, but driven equally by enthusiasm to improve the user experience of boiling water daily. Otis has been designed to be versatile, simple and sophisticated, in line with the current kitchen and market trends.

e: paulblainey.design@aol.co.uk w: facebook.com/paulblaineydesign w: linkedin.com/in/paulblaineydesign t: 07837 417777


Martin Browning | UK | MA Ceramics  

TERRITORIES Contextualised and underpinned within a Deleuzian philosophical framework Martins ceramic sculptures explore theological , social and political constructs through the material metaphor of clay The cohesive integration of process , theory and form is achieved through an intuitive , practical approach that exploits the territorial relationships between materials and the physical and psychological commonalities with the human form. Studio processes of moulding and modelling serve to exploit the philosophical principle of 'Territorialisation and the relation between 'Content and Expression' and the sculptural forms maintain an organic thread of material expression and theory , profoundly embedded in the realised body of work .

e: 00.saudade@gmail.com t: 0780321923


right: ‘Territories’: stoneware, organic matter, slip , frit , oxides , hessian.

Jenny Cashmore | Britain | MFA Fine Art  

SPACE UNTITLED Concerned with using artistic practice as an investigative platform to challenge and explore socio political concerns in relation to space. This current body of work references the move of campus from Howard Gardens to Llandaff, analysing notions of property and the commodification of space which is seemingly inherent within todays constantly changing cityscape and capitalist society. Inspiration is taken from the life and works of Gordon Matta-Clark and the concept of Anarchitecture which is considered, ‘as an open and continuous process of the mutability of space’ 1. Changing throughout the period of exhibition, Space Untitled draws on a montage of the everyday fabric of architectural space. It acknowledges restrictions within today’s society yet encourages the viewer to take a creative and playful attitude towards the environment. 1.

Matta-Clark G, Moure G. Gordon Matta-Clark, 1st ed. Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia; 2006. Pg 12.

e: jennycashmore@hotmail.com w: jennycashmore.tumblr.com cashmore-johnson-artcollective.tumblr.com t: 07890679560


top left: Jenny Cashmore & Space Untitled (Installation View; Detail). right: Space Untitled (Installation View; Detail).

Kate Haywood | England | MA Ceramics  

THE POETICS OF MAKING ‘The haiku that reveals seventy to eighty percent of a subject is good. Those that reveal fifty to sixty percent we never tire of’. Matsuo Bashō

My work is concerned with aspects of ritual, body and place. It functions as a visual haiku both revealing and concealing, inviting the viewer to enter into a dialogue, which is at once sensuous and perceptual. Initially this is communicated through an immediate, intuitive, tactile language but a closer reading of these assemblages will evoke further associations linked to experiences bound by object, time, sequencing and memory. A precise economy of material and metaphorical language is employed. Experiential ways of knowing can help explain, and make concrete, the intangibility of some direct human experiences. Information that is untranslatable through the written word alone can be glimpsed through the language of objects, material and process. It is because of this that I choose to work with a ‘thinking through making’ approach as it allows me to explore aspects of these intangible experiences and provides me with a method to express ideas.

e: kate-haywood@hotmail.co.uk w: www.axisweb.org/p/katehaywood


top left: White Tango, 2014 (detail). Porcelain, rope, goldwork pearl purl, cotton. 50 x 190 cm.. right: Gavotte, 2014. Porcelain, wool, silk, steel, gold leaf. 90 x 80 cm.

Layla Holzer | UK | MA Art and Design  

THE JAWS THAT BITE, THE CLAWS THAT CATCH! I am an Illustrator who works with puppetry and narratives to convey the confrontational interactions between the patriarchal regime and the monstrous-feminine. In the tradition of fairy tale illustrators, I aim to create cautionary tales to illuminate audiences and make them question their own actions to take a greater look at contemporary society and the world around them. In order to ensure my work has maximum impact, I explore how the uncanny can be used to create beguiling and disturbing visual narratives.

e: enchant@laylaholzer.com w: www.laylaholzer.com @laylaholzer

top left: Mr Punch right: The Erl-King

Celia Johnson | Master of Fine Art  


e: celia.johnson@talktalk.net w: celiajohnson.tumblr.com cashmore-johnson-artcollective.tumblr.com t: 07785 796653


Katherine Fiona Jones | Wales/UK | Master of Fine Art  

INVISIBLE REALMS Invisible Realms is an exploratory body of work that examines fertile and feminine spaces without resorting to explicit depictions of female anatomy in order to encourage an audience to suspend their disbelief and enter a realm of deathlessness, a realm of the invisible (Luna 2004, p.98). The work itself encourages the audience to interact with artefacts and objects that have drawn influences from ritual coupled with their metaphorical reference to contemporary beauty plights such as; crows feet, hair and cosmetic procedures. The underlying themes and motifs for this body of work is the uncanny (as defined by Freud, 1919) and ritual, which have been substantiated by my research into the themes of the Mari Llwyd as a strong and empathic female archetype for the modern and historical woman. Finally this body of work is hugely influenced by the fears of castration and its historical reference to beauty and power, which are particularly linked to Goddesses like Aphrodite and the Great Mother. This body of work asks you to suspend your disbelief and to interact with these plinths in order to encourage your dialogue and discourses on modern contemporary depictions of female form. May the artefacts entice you, may the plinths influence you and may the conclusions be your own.

e: applesandtea@hotmail.co.uk w: www.keaillustration.co.uk www.keaillustration.blogspot.co.uk t: 07769311896


Matthew King | Wales - UK | MSc Advanced Product Design  

THE APPLICATION OF USER CENTRED DESIGN TO CUT THE RATE OF HUMAN ERRORS WHEN USING INFUSION PUMPS WITHIN HOSPITAL WARDS Having been interested in the way things work from a young age, I have always set my sights on a career within the design and engineering industry, with a particular interest within the medical sector. I greet all tasks with enthusiasm, and thrive upon challenging situations that allow me to think outside the box to discover new and unique solutions. Throughout life everyone makes unintentional errors and mistakes; human errors. However nowhere else in society can human errors have such serious and detrimental consequences than within the medical environment. Infusion Pumps are used within our Hospitals thousands of time each day with the primary function to administer pain relief to patients intravenously. Their frequent use means infusion pumps are often susceptible to human error. Through utilising a user centred design process the developed product eradicates complicated components and replaces them with easy to use interaction methods. Whilst it would be impossible to completely remove human error from daily life, this pump drastically reduces the possibility of impeding patient care due to its effective, simple to use design.

e: matthew_king_@live.co.uk w: www.mkingdesigns.wix.com/portfolio linkedin.com/in/mking3914/ t: 07918020983


right: A user focused Infusion Pump designed with the primary objective to reduce the risk of human error occurring and thereby avoid preventable harm that could be fatal.

Thomas Alan Knowles | England/Wales | (MDes) Master of Design  

DUMBALLS ROAD MASTERPLAN The relationship between nature and built space - green and brown space, is multi dimensional in mass housing developments. Green space is courtyards, gardens, parks, planting, vegetation, fields etc. Brown space is buildings, roads, pathways, infrastructure etc. It is this relationship, alongside the boundaries where these spaces meet, that could become important when planning successful mass housing developments in the UK. This project is an exploration of master-planning and urban design. The projects focus is on creating greener city districts that include key elements of high density living and mass housing within their design. The ‘Dumballs Road Masterplan’ becomes a vehicle to express the way that my ideas have come together. It is through this primary practical exploration, that I have explored a number of key historic concepts, projects and theories and brought them up to date with present thinking. The project could provide the basis for exploring and illustrating potential solutions to the issues and challenges with the Dumballs Road Industrial Estate area and Cardiff. However, it also poses an alternative method of thinking with replanning city districts.

e: knowleser_5@hotmail.co.uk w: tknowlesdesign.tumblr.com t: 07917 003646


Gayoung Lee | South Korea | MSc Advanced Product Design  

SELF ASSEMBLY SHOE "GADOUT" This project relates to a self assembled shoe that the each part of the shoe without the use of glue or sew can assembly with each part. In general, slippers, sneakers or other various shoes are be consisted of different materials and many structures. For assembly each part of shoe, they use glue or sew which is able to occur environmental issues for example that is not able to be recyclable or sustainable. Therefore This self assembled shoe will be achieved by environmental issues. This can be divided each material part easily and also those materials are came from nature which are able to be biodegradable or others can be recyclable. Therefore the proposal of this project is to solve a problem of previous shoe and satisfy to customers with fast-changing trend.

e: gapiee@hotmail.com t: 07462126503

right: The images in the box explain a way to assemble shoe and the images of the bottom are shown some examples of, assembled shoe.

Helena Lewis | England | MSc Advanced Product Design  

THE RE-DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE NEUROCONN TDCS MOBILE FOR ROGUE RESOLUTIONS This major project was undertaken during a 4 month work placement at the National Centre for Product Design and Development Research (PDR). The project was a live brief for the client Rogue Resolutions, who specialise in the field of neuroscience and brain research. A re-design of the neuroConn tDCS mobile, a key product in Rogue Resolution's portfolio, was required in order to improve the product as a whole aswell as make it user friendly and intuitve to aid in the issue of patient compliance and overall product experience. The neuroConn tDCS mobile is a non-invasive brain stimulation device which can be used for clinical trials and home use to combat various disorders of the brain. The product is based around the use of neuromodulation, a process which is used to enhance or suppress activity of the brain / nervous system in the research of brain function and the treatment of disease. The design process used during this project focused heavily on user centered design and conceptual development to create a viable, functional redesign of the device.

e: helena_angela_lewis@hotmail.co.uk t: 07809458383


Georgie Manly | England, UK | Ceramics  

By creating extruder dies from adapted handsaws- by subverting the tool, I have created a body of work that presents the language or ‘accent’ of the tool by which it was made. Oneoff extruded forms are shaped quickly into a ‘U’ configuration, that being the only time the clay is handled. The work is glazed with a vitreous slip, giving the impression of surface and form are one. Their tool-like quality invites the viewer to enter a fictional dialogue around the work that questions its function. The work exhibited is about ceramics, it is an expression of its own materiality and process, they are not made to be beautiful objects, they have chosen their own form to a certain degree, they are the outcome of a process.

e: georgiemanly@gmail.com w: clayincontemporaryart.tumblr.com


Romil Mehta | India | MSc Advanced Product Design  

THE NEXT GENERATION TYPE 9 BIKE RACK The type 9 Bike Rack is one of Odoni-Elwell's bestselling products. It is also one of their oldest products.The type 9 is showing its age in terms of its dated aesthetics. The product itself and the auxiliary items such as shelters and provision for security and inclusivity have become crude in appearance and therefore there is a need for a fresh take on the best selling product. The brief was to design a suite of products based around the dated Type 9 Bike Rack. The solution is a shelter/canopy to house the racking system and a modified locking hoop allowing greater inclusivity and cost effective manufacture. The final design is galvanized mild steel construction with optional polyester powder coating and polycarbonate roof or red cedar wood cladding with a green roof.

e: romilhmehta_89@hotmail.com romilhmehta@gmail.com t: 07438105710


Annabelle Metcalfe | Wales | MA Art and Design Ecologies  

A MANIFESTO FOR WORLD-ORIENTATION IN CREATIVE INDUSTRIES “Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” - Nikola Tesla

The illusion of Western capitalism as we know it is under siege. An evolution is well under way - an evolution of knowledge. Acting today, we join a lineage of artists and social movements that have sought to disturb the Spectacle and it's stranglehold on our lives. The World-orientation project seeks to bring together disenchanted creatives working towards common social, environmental and political goals through collaboration and ongoing dialogue. We do not seek to change the world, we realise we are the world.

e: nab@nabcreative.co.uk w: www.nabcreative.co.uk t: 07510400336


Anne Mills | United Kingdom | Master of Fine Art  

My project consists of a series of sculptures exploring the relationship between man and nature where survival is a natural instinct. As life is transient there is a need to create a quality of existence; a necessity to protect the future. My work has been influenced by the current events based on social political issues following the implementation of austerity measures. I wanted to capture the intensity of emotion displayed by the body language of the sculptured figures. As a painter I have diversified following a new direction by creating 3d forms and the working with new materials. Thus my current project now consists of figurative images constructed from porcelain and clay the latter is used to create sculptures in bronze and jesmonite. A symbiotic relationship develops when working with clay, as the figurative images evolve into their distinctive forms; encapsulating mood and emotion.

e: annemills46@yahoo.com w: www.anneselfe.co.uk


Sarah Muir | Wales, UK | MSc Advanced  Product  Design    

THE RE-DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR TY GWYN SCHOOL'S ACCESS PLAY PROJECT A new switch system for Ty Gwyn's Access Play project. The new system has multiple accesses methods to toys that provide different modes of interaction, this allows less physically able children to play with toys they usually wouldn’t be able to play with. The system is controlled via an application and means that any access method can be used with any toy connected to the system. The application also allows the access method to be assigned to any actions. These access methods not only provide the children with a wider range of interactions but also introduce a much stronger element of play and fun to the switch design which in turn improves the quality of their play experiences.

e: Sarahmuir18@hotmail.co.uk t: 07713115022


right: Access methods: Flex Switch, Tilt Switch, Sound Switch, and Proximity Switch

Lea Munzer | Lebanon | Master of Design  

‘TO SMELL IS TO BE TOUCHED’ David Abram once said: ‘The built environment around us, and the devices that populate it, seem sadly superfluous and dull when we identify with our bodies and taste the world with our animal sense’. This project intends to awaken us to celebrate our lived experience while re-establishing our connection to primal senses linked to memory and identity. It focuses on the study of the sense of smell, as scent has the power to influence our emotions and behaviour. The research aims at identifying people’s responses to sensation in a designed setting while investigating how everyday environments and experiences could be reshaped to better engage our senses. While inhabiting the installation, the body passes through experiences where sensations are conveyed, revived and transformed in the space of the body. The practical outcome challenges the notion of design as a focused process and encourages a more open exploration where it is fed by aspects drawn from other disciplines such as ‘Interactive Art’ and ‘Ceramics’. This approach to design may lead us to rediscover our environments and things around us might not look like the objects we now use or know.

e: lea.mounzer@hotmail.com w: leamunzer.portfoliobox.me t: 07523929306


top left: The Spell of the Sensuous. right: To Smell is to be Touched.

Susana Oviedo M. | Ecuador | Master of Fine Art  

... AND IS STILL ENGRAVED IN MY MEMORY Femininity, considered as a process of social construction, refers to what has historically been considered as belonging to the female gender. These parameters have been established on each time, on each culture, dictated for male hegemonic power and have guided how women should behave in certain time. Memory is one of the most distinctive characteristics of a person. Our recollections are the ones that define who we are, and are a record of our personal background, which acts as a guide for the present and future. My work reflects the traces that we as women have in our memories, the way they were built by conceptions of people around us, and how they have shaped our perception of our femininity. My work explores the boundary between the reminiscent memories and forgotten ones, the forgettable and unforgettable, the unforgettable that we want to forget, the forgettable that we do not want to let go. How can I let them go, how can I call them again? My aim is to create an experience that suggests confrontation and challenge of those memories in a process to release them.

e: soviedo@ziette.com w: www.susanaoviedo.com t: 07776620906 UK (593 2) 2445855 Ecuador


top left: Reflection in the mirror. right: Engraving process.

Kathryn Owen | Wales | Master of Fine Art  

“CHWEDL WERIN” The Mabinogion is a well-known collection of tales which has been part of Welsh culture since Celtic Britain. It is a highly visual and interesting narrative and so it is regularly used within artwork however, the materials and processes which are traditionally used remain sympathetic to the age of the stories and so place the artwork and the stories in a historical context. The portrayal of these stories has a strong effect on how it is perceived and can affect how people are able to relate to the content. In order to allow the evolution of the Mabinogion to continue it must be updated into a context which better suits the modern environment. My work challenges this typical depiction with an update in materials which better reflects the newer, modern era in which the Mabinogion now exists. This work marks the culmination of my experimentation in the application of man-made materials and technologies to the Mabinogion. It signifies the communicative journey the Mabinogion has embarked upon to reach our current time and the different transformations it has undertaken in adapting to the age it lives in. Oral communication/ Tangible documentation/ Existence in digital non-space.

e: katowen1989@yahoo.co.uk w: kathrynowenblog.wordpress.com t: 07851305620


JongJin Park | South Korea | MA Ceramics  

MATERIAL POSSIBILITY - IN TERMS OF DECEPTIVE AND DECONSTRUCTIVE EXPRESSION OF CERAMICS. I have worked with the relationship between paper and clay. It was from my staring point which is ancient jewellery in the National Museum, Cardiff. I have found keyword from it, Materiality and tension. Even though metal was not my part but it reminded me characteristic which originated from each materials. Tension by shape also allowed me to think various concept of tension. Now, my practice explores the remarkable ability of ceramics to deceive the eye. By using tissue paper and clay slip, I can make various materials looks like paper, wood and stratum but it is definitely ceramics at the same time. These effects meet with simple shapes and structures, contrasting with the straight porcelain. My practice asks us to think what is real? At the same time, you experience another deception ‘how was it made?’ I always enjoy the audience’s reaction to my work.

e: jongjinpark00@gmail.com w: www.jongjinpark.com t: 44 7455 217518


right: Definitely Ceramics, 2014, Porcelain, stoneware, tissues, newspapers, celadon glaze, 1280 reduction firing.

Borja Perez Mielgo | Master of Fine Art  

My current project reflects the real political, social and state crisis of Spain. The economic crisis delicate now followed by an unlawful administration by the Spanish state. Corruption is the base of Spain's political government and the austerity cuts are taking the country into an uncertain and precarious situation. The unemployment rate covers a 26% of the population while the cases of corruption in the main political parties are entirety known by the population, without any political action available.Corruption is the basis of Spain's existence. After the death of dictator Franco, the new political parties divided among them the power creating a political class unconnected to the population needs. As an Artist I decided to create a symbolic work giving of what has been taken by the government to the spanish citizens: the willing to choose and the willing to decide in REAL democracy. The old system in represented by the King of Spain, that some argue will be the figure that will lead to a change. The new hope of a new Republic is represented by an allegory of the third Republic. Not a Republic as opposition against the king, but as a new values. Values of Democracy, of social investment, education, technology, industry, health and others in the context of a prosperous country where people can decide which is their destiny. As today this option is unfeasible I want to give symbolically this taken possibility to anyone who wants to decide. A oil portrait of the new monarch King Felipe VI (Philip VI) will represent the old system: A Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with the current political parties in the Congress of Deputies and in the senate. An oil painting of the third republic yet to come displaying Republican paraphernalia is the second option (or first): A new State made by the willing of its citizens, where direct democracy is the main centre of all decisions. A new and democratic country yet to build. Please feel free to decide and vote.


Pratheek Raviprakash | India | MSc Advanced Product Design  

Backache is a common problem that affects most people’s lives and livelihood. It accounts to half of all chronic pain and is the leading cause of sickness absence from work. A typical backache can be cured within few weeks, but improper ergonomic practise resulting in bad posture can lead to serious complications to the extent of paralysing the body. My project focused on the construction industry which reports significantly high number of back injuries. Workers in this profession are at a higher risk of experiencing a back injury due to the nature of this occupation. Xpino, is a product design solution for construction site workers to prevent back injuries. It is an exo-skeletal back support brace that provides optimal support while performing manual handling of relatively heavy construction material. It is a resultant of series of technical research and ethnographic studies of construction workers.

e: pratheek.rs@gmail.com t: 07412 987 824


Carla Sánchez AKA Budoka | Ecuador | Master of Fine Art  

“NEVER LET ME GROW” Budoka is currently exploring the tension between Japanese contemporary pop culture and the construction of femininity. The starting point of her research was the set of cute aesthetics spawned by Japanese sequential art ‘Manga’. Her work surrounds the concept of cuteness, or ‘kawaii’ in Japanese, as a tool for social control by softening the weight of a highly suppressive society and the relationship of this phenomenon with sexuality and gender.

e: budokastudio@gmail.com w: www.budokastudio.com t: (44) 07704295654


right: “Want to feel this?” Glazed stoneware.

Atika Shah | India | MSc Advanced Product Design  

I specifically wanted to solve the problem of back pain suffered by women during and after their pregnancy. Back pain and loss of abdomen shape are two of the major problems suffered by the women after pregnancy; therefore I aimed at designing a product which would solve both the problems. My product is a combination of a body shaper and a back support belt that is comfortable to be worn next to the skin and is sustainable at the same time. For me Designing is not about inventing new concepts or products, it is about identifying a missing link in the existing product and redesigning it, to address the problem, in a creative and sustainable way.

e: atika.shah6@gmail.com t: +447885520831


right: Maerials: recycled nylon, recycled cotton, elastic

Joshua Smith | Wales, UK | MSc Advanced Product Design  

MOBIUS Mobius is the all in one device to make linear measurement and calculations simple. The device has been designed to measure curved lines with the upmost accuracy, assisting designers, architects and map readers (to name a few) in rapidly calculating desired lengths. The device also assists in measuring area and rotation, and measurements can be relayed to a wirelessly connected phone, tablet or computer. The beautifully unique shape of the device is bold and eye catching, with a strong aluminium ‘unibody’ structure to hold everything in place. In the center, the glass filters are user changeable to adapt to various measuring situations. It’s also a fantastic teaching aid, giving users young or old the opportunity to literally get hands on with their work. The device works as a standalone unit as well, providing the most necessary features when the user is absent of a connected device. The internal 5-cell battery easily provides over 10 hours of continuous use, and can easily be charged through the use of inductive charging.

e: jpsmithdesign@gmail.com w: jpsmithdesign.carbonmade.com t: 07799 757470


right: Mobius, copyright Joshua Smith 2014

Carmen Stahl | United Kingdom | MA Ceramics  

THE ‘SUBLIME’ OF AN INDUSTRIAL LANDSCAPE The Sublime in a Post Industrial Age ‘The various feelings of enjoyment or of displeasure rest not so much upon the nature of the external things that arouse them as upon each person’s to be moved by these to pleasure or pain’ -Immanuel Kant ‘Splott Beach’, Cardiff: · Post Industrial Landscape or Nature · Historic or Organic · Terrifying or Sublime · Beauty or Toxicity · Delight or Terror Process The work commences with a sequential photographic montage. Each photograph is translated into a line drawing and then into an individual print. The drawings are the ‘Bones’ of the landscape, they consolidate and identify the graphic and chaotic order within the environment. Landscape Studies Organic quality is reintroduced through arrangement, optical camera distortion, and by adding ceramic materials to highlight elements of the imagery. The transformative process of firing adds ‘Flesh’ to the ‘Bones’ of the landscape. ‘Splott Beach’ Souvenirs These precious, wrapped ‘Pillow Forms’ contain pieces of beach debris, which are reunited and preserved in a ‘Landscape Time Capsule’. e: carmen@carmenstahl.com w: www.carmenstahl.com t: 07779223804


AJ Stockwell | Scotland | MA Ceramics  

IN PURSUIT OF PROCESS Material is an agent of form in pursuit of process.

e: ajstockwell@gmail.com w: www.aj-stockwell.com inpursuitofprocess.wordpress.com @AJ_STOCKWELL


top left: to seize. right: seized forms.

Robert Stockley | UK | MA Ceramics  

UNEQUAL TEMPERAMENT I work with clay using the wheel to make sculptural forms that can be seen either singly or in groups. The viewer is invited to respond to them as they would to music. I am interested in exploring the space beyond the liminal using rhythm and dissonance as my guides. My pots currently reflect the fluid filled vessels of 17th century Spanish Still Life. Their making hides the anguish of a vanquished hope and the remains of unresolved dissonance. They acknowledge their solitude but yearn for the companionship of the group. The arrow of time will expose the voids within.

e: enquiries@robert-stockley.com w: www.robert-stockley.com @robertsceramics


Catherine Taylor | Britain | MSc Advanced Product Design  

This project is based around the discovery of new insights surrounding the perceptions, use and usability of handheld domestic vacuum cleaners. Knowledge gained was used to generate new product concepts and features. A key focus of the project was around the use of rapid ethnographic analysis tools and video based observational analysis. These took the form of various user insight studies, analysing the retail context and usability of 3 existing products. The project was arranged and conducted as part of an industrial placement with PDR, the national centre for product design research and development. PDR has 20 years’ experience working in the field of product design with significant expertise in the development and application of User Centric Design methods. The user insight studies became the backbone of the project; underpinning design direction and identifying key issues with current products. The products usability has been vastly improved by, for example; adapting the handle to allow for enhanced manoeuvrability, using colour mapping and improved graphics to simplify the emptying process, and the inclusion of a charge indicator. All in all the project was really enjoyable and the heavy research weighting has led to a more intuitive, attractive and practical outcome. e: catherinetaylor.pd@gmail.com t: 07807195538

left: Photo of Catherine Taylor (2014). right: image 1 (2014). Concept Sketches. Image 2 (2014) Photograph of user insight study number 6, usability.  

Fiona Jane Trumper | UK | Master of Art & Design: Fine Art  

‘TODAY, YOU RECEIVED A LETTER’ My current practice and research is concerned with exploring the links between repetition, handwriting and bereavement, to determine how repetitive handwriting might have the potential to act as a process to relieve or document feelings of grief. To explore how we repeat memories of the deceased from a present point in time, narratives have been made using fragments of text to create a disjointed sense of time and voice; these suggest a blurring of personal and impersonal conversations, recreating the sense of unreality we might feel during grief. These have then been repeatedly written out by hand, before being crumpled, and preserved in wax, with each letter gradually unfurling to reveal the handwritten narratives. Each narrative has also been treated with elements such as fingerprints, tea and water, as a comment on the DNA or vestiges we leave behind both in the form of handwriting and through handling letters. Overall, ‘Today, you received a letter’ aims to communicate the way grief narratives unfurl over time throughout the process of bereavement, alongside how these repeated narratives alter over time, as we are influenced by current events which affect our view on the past.

e: fiona.trumper@hotmail.co.uk w: fionatrumper.wordpress.com above left: ‘Narrative 1, Writing 3 (detail). right: ‘Today, you received a letter (detail)’.

Laura Claire Wilkinson | UK | Master of Fine Art  

REMNANTS OF THOSE PASSED My practice revolves around memories and the objects we may keep to remind us of those who have died. I am drawn to the things that are left behind in dusty antique shops; the unknown photographs of forgotten people and once treasured objects, being slowly lost in time. These forgotten items are something I strive to collect and make precious once more; I take the remnants of what is left of them, and create new and imagined memories for them. Through this installation I aim to subtly juxtapose the past and present together, creating an uncanny, haunting environment in which remembrance and memory can be evoked through the combination of materials, display and sound. It is important for me to create work which suggests memory and remembrance, allowing the viewer to interpret things for themselves, giving each individual a unique experience. I invite you to step inside and explore this uncanny space, which seems to be suspended between the real world, the spiritual world, and the past world.

e: laura.wilkinson@virgin.net w: lauraclairewilkinson.wordpress.com t: 07940727433


top left: ‘Faint gleams of purer fire’. right: ‘Remember that you will die’.

Régine Mercier Williams | Wales/France | Master of Fine Art, Painting and Mixed Media  

IN-BETWEENESS “I really discovered something at last…the front pattern does move- and no wonder! The woman behind shakes it! Sometimes I think there are a great many women behind, and sometimes only one, …” (Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1899, The Yellow Wallpaper, first published by Small & Maynard, Boston, MA) To be in a state of In-Betweeness is central to my working practice. This condition is filled with doubt, uncertainty, tension and pressure. My search is into Liminality and Identity. Not belonging fully to the society you are living in, not understanding fully the culture in which you are, not having a voice, to be in some kind of limbo, is the core of my search: To be in an In-Between space. My work is a mean to re-establish a new identity. Although my practice has been based on historical conceptions of portraiture through oil painting, I have developed a more mix media approach that embodies notions of transitional states of liminal identity.

e: regineyolande@hotmail.co.uk w: regineart.wordpress.com t: 07973751770


right: untitled.

Sarah Worgan | UK | MA Ceramics  


Exploring the Grey; Yielding the Colour Grey paradox, ideology, knowledge, relationship, position, movement, experience Colour paradox, ideas, learning, relationship, position, movement, experience “…revealing ceramics as an exploratory field that reflects on itself, in dialogue with many other areas of inquiry” Review of Alison Britton’s book Seeing Things, Collected Writing on Art, Craft and Design. Occasional Papers, 2013

e: sarah@sarahworgan.com w: www.sarahworgan.com

Masters Exhibition 2014 | Cardiff School of Art & Design | 6th – 12th September 2014

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Cardiff School of Art & Design Masters Exhibition 2014  

6th – 12th September 2014 Master of Fine Art (MFA), Master of Design (MDES), MA Art & Design, MA Ceramics, MSc Advanced Product Design,...

Cardiff School of Art & Design Masters Exhibition 2014  

6th – 12th September 2014 Master of Fine Art (MFA), Master of Design (MDES), MA Art & Design, MA Ceramics, MSc Advanced Product Design,...

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