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Crystal Clear Our vision for The Spot Mag from the beginning has always been to inspire greatness inside of you, as we all strive to be the best version of ourselves coming into this New Year! What are the things you are most excited to discover about yourself in 2022? This issue provides tips on growing your business with specific and actionable goals. Setting boundaries for your life is our Mindfulness topic to start the year off right! We also cover taking chances and Finding the Authentic You through personal development. I hope you enjoy this latest issue, and thank you for your continued support through the years! Make sure to follow us on, where you can find all of our past issues and check out some of our advertisers’ digital offers.

Crystal Swearingen, Co-Founder | Editorial Director

The Spot Mag





Happiest of New Year! 2022 brings so much goodness, I’m not sure where to begin. With the new energy of January, we’re all feeling quite optimistic, as if we’ve mastered how to surrender to change. Typically we’re a little slower going into the new year, but not this time. We’re moving full speed ahead and so are the opportunities. This January feels not only abundant, but productive. My only advice for you, so that you can receive the full benefits, is to be present. Enjoy this month. In past years, you may have wanted to “get through” January. This year, you’ll quickly feel excited and optimistic for what 2022 has to offer. February has a very similar feeling, and now you’re in full swing. All the manifesting for abundance is finally catching up with your calendar. Enjoy the progress you’ve made. We all went through a bit of spiritual work last year, and we deeply felt all the ups and downs. This year will show us it was all for our highest good. We needed those lessons so we could truly appreciate what this year has to offer. We learned that it’s not more work that gives us the steady flow of abundance. Instead, it’s Joy. So, use the word Joy in everything you do, and you’ll continue to be a Joy Magnet. I look forward to seeing all of your amazing progress and many more smiles this year. I hope you and your family had a fantastic holiday, and I look forward to the Celebration that 2022 has to offer! Best Wishes, Angie Campbell The Southern Psychic



Mindful Boundaries


Boundaries - those invisible fences that help to both protect our self-respect and keep us feeling safe when stepping out of our comfort zone. The hard truth is that many of us can enforce boundaries with such uncertainty that we begin to forget where we start and others begin. And, with this lack of clarity, we can become increasingly stressed and frustrated that we feel overwhelmed or taken advantage of by others. The healthiest boundaries we can set are flexible, meaning we can go with the flow and are willing to say no when we feel our values are being violated. We can then prioritize our personal needs without guilt. We can trust our intuition and accept when we are mistaken. With flexible boundaries, are willing to try new things and experiences, and we can validate when we are overextended and when we need to say no. With flexible boundaries, we can have fun with

less self-consciousness, and we can be willing to accept changes beyond our control. With flexible boundaries we can be mindfully self-aware. When our boundaries are too rigid, we often feel we need control. Sometimes, we treat the world with inelastic rules that guide decisions moreso than the facts at hand. These are often born out of childhood and adolescent experiences, or environments where we needed firm rules to feel safe and could not trust the environment or the self. Diffuse boundaries are often too open, and we tend to say “yes” to everything no matter how uncomfortable we may feel in agreeing. Diffuse boundaries often lead to emotional exhaustion and feeling less valued in relationships where the other person’s needs or wants are always put first. As we enter the new year, no matter the resolution or goals you put in place, becoming more mindful of how to set boundaries will help you become much more caring with yourself. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy provides a guide for how to make better decisions with mindfulness of our boundaries. These are not concrete answers, rather elements we consider without judgment, in order to find the best self-affirming choices. 1. Capability – Consider if you genuinely can do what others are asking of you, or if someone can fully meet your needs before you ask. 2. Priorities – Does the request fit into your needs within the relationship, or is saying “no”more important than the relationship at that point in time? 3. Self-respect – Be curious how you feel about yourself if you say yes or no to a request, or if you will feel uneasy if you forgo making a request of someone. 4. Rights – Consider if there is a moral or ethical obligation you feel to agree or say no in each situation. And, if there is a rule in place, explore the roots and intention of this rule for yourself before you impulsively answer, or stop yourself from asking. 5. Authority – Reflect on if a request falls into a role of responsibility, like a parent and child, or a supervisor/employee relationship. Our values still need to be prioritized even when there is an understandable authority dynamic in place. 6. Relationship – When determining your boundaries in a situation, explore if a request fits into the nature of the relationship. Does saying yes or making a request make sense within the context of the relationship, or can you feel confident saying no because it does not? 7. Goals – Mindfulness of your own short term and long-term goals helps to guide your boundaries. Saying yes to requests needs to fit into your personal goals, or it can erode your energy. If not making requests of others or a system will set you back or cause regret, you can push and expand your comfort zone further by making your wishes known. 8. Reciprocity – Is there enough give and take within the relationship for you to make a sacrifice? We can put thought into our willingness to give more if the relationship reflects that nature. When it does not, we can be more confident in saying no or setting more rigid limits. 9. Homework – Weigh how much you know about the situation before you provide a definitive yes or no. It is incredibly mindful to give ourselves permission to gather information before we ask more of others or make a commitment. 10. Timing – Validate if the timing of a request works for you or if it does not. When you are mindful that it does not, saying no can honor your truest needs. Mindfulness of our limits and boundaries will almost always be determined by the circumstance in the moment. We do our best to practice mindfulness of the moment, and this allows us to honor our boundaries more consistently. Flexibility is our greatest strength to navigate into a new year! Anthony Gonzalez, LCSW, QS



New Year, New Goals! Erin Wolfram

January marks the new year — often the perfect time to prepare for new professional and personal goals and aspirations. However, before leaving 2021 in the past, use your successes and opportunities to help propel you into 2022 with a tangible action plan! To begin, it may be helpful to evaluate the past year. Reflecting on 2021 will help you develop achievable goals utilizing what you learned from your recent wins and identify opportunities for improvement. Think about what went well, challenges you faced, and goals that were or were not achieved and why. Make a list of your achievements and what contributed to those successes. Write down goals you did not reach, along with reasons why you could not complete them. Decide if you want to move any unaccomplished goals to 2022 or move on to all new ones. 8

While your 2021 accomplishments are on your mind, now is a great time to update your resume with powerful, new impact statements that demonstrate the value you bring to an organization. Next, think about the upcoming year, and write down any new responsibilities or changes in your job or life that you anticipate could shape your focus areas. Now, start brainstorming what you want to accomplish! Start by developing three goals — this is typically a manageable number within a year. As you start considering goals, remember that to evaluate whether or not you achieve them, they must be measurable. Success, for example, is not measurable. Define what success would look like, and use that to establish your goals. For instance, if you want to execute a successful fundraising event in 2022, “success” likely is defined by how many donors attend, how much money is raised, and the quantitative and qualitative feedback from attendees through formal evaluations conducted after the event. All of these elements of success are measurable and can easily be turned into goals. You are now ready to develop your own goals for the coming year! Once your goals are established, place them in a location where you see them regularly. Set aside time at least once a month to review your goals, evaluate your progress, and make modifications as needed, based on available resources or new information that may impact a goal positively or negatively. This will help you stay on track to accomplish your goals by their anticipated completion dates and have a productive 2022!

FOR EACH GOAL STATE: The Goal: Goals should be specific and have a measurable outcome and completion date. Strong: By July 1st, 2022, the business’s online review rating average will increase by at least .5 stars. Weak: I will deliver excellent customer service. The Actions: These are the actions you will take to accomplish the goal. Strong: To increase the online review rating, I will have all customers’ orders shipped within 24 hours, follow up with any customer who leaves a review of a score lower than 4 to find out what I could have done differently to enhance their experience, and ask each customer for a review after they receive their products. Weak: I will be friendly to each customer and deliver fast service. The Evaluation: This is the measurable result. The easiest way to ensure a goal is measurable is to tie a number to it, so think about how you will quantify your anticipated outcomes. Strong: By July 1st, the business’s online review rating will average at least 4 stars. Weak: Customers will be happy.


KB & Co. is a collective boutique filled with the latest apparel, accessories, handbags, shoes, home decor, and gifts.


Come check out 13 small, women-owned boutiques! We pride ourselves on having the perfect something for everyone, while you enjoy a little retail therapy and fun!

Stacie Hulshof

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Julia Cha 12

Best-selling author and international Success Coach Julia Cha shares how she is helping alpha women smash their glass ceilings by helping them leverage the genius of their subconscious mind power.

She explains, “What I do differently is that I don't leave any stones unturned. A woman's success has to be set up right at the foundation. Then, it becomes effortless! The subconscious reprogramming is an important process for

her to work through the gender, family, and societal conditioning that hold her back. At the same time, with the right support, ecosystem, guidance, and a vibrant network, she's now got an unfair advantage to success!” She continues, “Back in 2012, I began my journey as a broke, single mom with two little kids, struggling, and hustling to build my career from scratch. So much of this journey was about overcoming my tendency to fall into toxic relationships, being strong, yet still having an invisible pull where I "needed" a man, and doubting my own abilities as a mom and a career woman. No matter my circumstances, I had a dream. That dream kept me going to do the work, even when the outcome had no guarantees. I took massive action that felt so scary and risky. I worked through the hurdles, obstacles, and major triggers, to "make it" to where I am today.” Cha’s life today, “I am extraordinarily happy and proud to have accomplished the dream of working from home, building the business of my dreams, and having a network of wonderful, connected, healthy relationships. My journey has been about learning the right things from the hurdles and applying them, as well as how to make the best of limited resources: time, focus, energy, money. No circumstances are ever greater than your power.A lot of times, the one thing that stops many women from starting their own ventures is confidence.” When asked about the definining moment that pushed her to the right direction Cha said, “I went through a series of career successes, pivots, and new jobs, only to find myself dissatisfied. I was waiting for my kids to be older, so my potential "failure" won't affect their standards of living. I was waiting until I was older, wiser, and more experienced, to do the work that I knew deep inside, I was meant to do. I was waiting for "something" to get better, until I started heading in the right direction. But that someday never came. I became a financial advisor, and made my first $10,000 a month. That was the most deflating and defining moment. I made the money, but I didn't feel happy. I felt really sad that if this works out,

I won't be forced to change and do what I'm called to do, and make a great living doing what I love.” When asked to give advice to future women entrepreneurs Julia said, “When you start the right business, that's when you'll be required to do more self-development than you've ever done. Even if you think right now that you've done a lot, you will be challenged more than ever when building the business that is your life mission. Don't wait until you're more ready. Instead, start now, and deal with the growth you need as they come up. This is the only way.” Discussing her future, Julia shares, “Taking the business to 8 figures to help more women around the globe. We'd like to have contracts with corporations to support women leaders in fortune 500 companies. Then, opening a not-for-profit that helps to support women in developing countries who do not have access to such resources and support. One of the biggest hurdles I have worked through at each level of my success are layers of blocks around money and success. Our gender and cultural conditioning is so deeply ingrained, and is revealed in layers. With each level of achievement, we notice new blocks we never saw before.” She continues, “This is not just me. Women and money /success blocks are a prominent problem. This is why every industry is male-dominated at the top. We're working against the conditioning deeply ingrained via millenias of patriarchy. I created a short, minicourse to help her start getting to the root of the issues, and start resolving them. I also have a program for women in business where we do this work together, and form a strong, supportive community, exactly what she needs to reach her highest potential.” Julia can be found online at:



Growth Leadership Advocacy Grow your business with us

We support the diverse and inclusive community in which we live, work, & shop.




Crystal Swearingen, Founder Crystal Clear Realty and Co-Founder Clear Choice Commercial


In 2018, Crystal Swearingen opened her signature residential real estate brokerage. In a town where most brokers/owners were men and part of a traditional business model, Swearingen decided she would create a company that focused instead on teaching and educating her agents to think as entrepreneurs. Training agents to think as business owners came naturally for someone who truly believes her mission is to motivate, inspire, and educate future leaders. As a serial entrepreneur herself, with businesses ranging from The Spot Mag to Crystal Clear Realty, and from Crystal’s Spot Cafe & Lounge to Crystal’s Famous Cobblers, Swearingen has now added Clear Choice Commercial and Clear Solutions Property Management to her portfolio. Licensed since 2007, Crystal has always stepped into leadership, from her role as Lawrence Board President to State Chair of Governmental Affairs for the Kansas Association of Realtors ®, as well as national roles in identifying future leaders on the National Association of Realtors ® Committees. Looking through this lens has allowed her to have a larger perspective in recognizing the impact of global markets on local communities. Licensed in both California and Kansas, she works with clients ranging from first-time homebuyers to new and repeat sellers, and from seasoned residential and commercial investors to clients shopping in luxury markets.



Kirsten Flory, Co-Founder Clear Choice Commercial & Clear Solutions Property Mangagemet


Kirsten Flory is an experienced commercial real estate agent who strives to motivate herself and her clients to achieve the ultimate success in business and in life. Kirsten is known for providing her clients with the utmost confidentiality, industry knowledge, and professionalism to exceed their expectations. Leaving her previous firm of 8 years, Kirsten decided it was time to take charge of her future. As an associate with a national franchise since 2013, she has worked with business clients across the state of Kansas and has transacted over $60 million in commercial real estate. An avid member of the community and a volunteer, Kirsten served as Board Chair for the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and is on the Board of the Kansas Department of Credit Unions Advisory Council, as well as Peaslee Technical College, KU Innovation Park, EDC of Lawrence and Douglas County, and Cottonwood, Inc.

Sara Schrock As an experienced Realtor specializing in the Kansas City Metro and Lawrence area, I’ve lived in the area for over 15 years. I truly enjoy helping people find homes that cater to their needs and their wants as well. Focusing on assisting buyers and sellers navigate the process, my objective is to be there with you every step of the way and long after closing. My leadership experience in running highly successful, multi-million dollar businesses benefits my clients as I negotiate for their best interest. Sara Schrock 785-764-9966

Jasmine Place I live in Spring Hill, KS with my husband and 4 beautiful children. I love Kansas and all the fun things it has to offer. Originally from a small town in Arkansas, I moved here to finish my degree in Business & Psychology. I graduated from JCCC in 2015 and became a residential Real Estate Agent in 2019. I specialize in single family home and land sales in the Greater Kansas City Metro area. I am so happy to be apart of this amazing team at Crystal Clear Realty, and I am looking forward to helping more families in 2022. Jasmine Place 785-766-8941

Stacie Hulshof

I’m bringing my experience as a registered nurse to Crystal Clear Realty. I’ve worked as a labor and delivery nurse at Stormont-Vail since 1998. I grew up in Topeka and graduated from the University of Kansas. I moved to Lawrence in 1993 and knew it was the place for me. I love nursing, but I wanted more. Now, I love real estate just as much! After all, our home is the most expensive purchase many of us will ever make, and it is our safe haven. Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, I will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. I know this process can be stressful, but it can also be very rewarding and exciting, especially if you have the right person helping you along the way. As a proud member of the Crystal Clear Realty family, I carry the value of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything I do. I truly care about what is best for you! Stacie Hulshof 785-424-4549

Amanda Barclay My name is Amanda Barclay, and I am a mom of two, an avid baker, and have lived in Lawrence for 10 years. As a former educator, I’ve transfered my skills in planning, communication, and attention to detail to my real estate career. I love working with families in all stages of life, whether you‘re buying your first home, growing into a larger house, or purchasing an investment property to secure your family for generations to come! Amanda Barclay 785-766-8941

Lynette Woodard Hardworking, professional, and dedicated, I’m committed to serving each of your real estate needs. I’m ready to help make your dream come true based on your lifestyle and I’m looking forward to working with clients throughout NE Kansas. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or relocating to the area, I am here to help. Lynette Woodard 785-917-1185

Chas Wiggan Cultivating a family-like mentality, while utilizing my strong management and customer service background, I’m focused on building positive relationships and truly putting your needs as the client first. Chas Wiggan 818-679-0873


As a National Mortgage Lender, I have a passion for helping people purchase their new home, refinance their current loan or build their dream home. In addition, I am a Certified Military Home Specialist and have the privilege of assisting both service members and veterans through the VA loan process. Whether you are a seasoned or first time homebuyer, I am dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. Additionally, let’s explore the numerous loan programs, how credit scores are calculated, and loan limits based on area.

Conventional Loans • FHA Loans • VA Loans USDA Loans • Jumbo Loans Second and Investment Property Loans Down Payment Assistance Loans Give me a call today to get started.

Ashley Zeller Mortgage Banker | NMLS 1623544

785.760.5746 4831 W 6th Street | Lawrence, KS 66049

Apply online at NMLS 465954





From child actress to successful lawyer, and from political commentator, and pundit, Kelly Hyman remains a determined changemaker. Kelly has created a notable name for herself in the worlds of politics and law as a female voice in an often male dominated spaces. Her unconventional and multi-faceted background began in Hollywood and landed in a courtroom. Her strong will has allowed her to break barriers and succeed within each path she takes. Born in Miami Beach, Florida, Kelly was raised by a single mother where she spent most of her childhood in New York City and Los Angeles. The Australian-American began her career at a very young age, debuting in commercials and Off-Broadway plays in the 80’s. After being nominated for a Youth-in-Film Award, she appeared in television shows, including The Young and the Restless and Gettin’ There, as well as the comedy film Doin’ Time On Planet Earth. Once Kelly arrived at UCLA for college, she decided to switch her career. After a successful internship at the Office of Presidential Inquiries at The White House, she decided to pursue law and politics, where her drive, dedication, and professional abilities fit in most. Kelly graduated with a B.A. in Communications from UCLA and was awarded her Juris Doctor degree cum laude from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. She then decided to move back to home and begin her career as an attorney in Miami Beach. As a third-generation lawyer, Kelly has been able to achieve her dreams of advocating for others and making a difference in people’s lives. Hyman worked as an attorney for various law firms, including Kozyak, Tropin, & Throckmorton and Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, PA. She was also a clerk to former

District Court Judge Brian Sandoval and became licensed to practice in Florida, California, Colorado, and Washington D.C. From 2017-18, Hyman also served as President of the Palm Beach Federal Bar Association. Hyman’s leadership skills and case-winning abilities ultimately led her to start her own firm, The Hyman Law Firm, located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Specializing in mass tort litigation and class-action lawsuits, she has representied hundreds of claimants involving water contamination, tobacco, and transvaginal mesh and bladder slings - including products sold by Bard, Coloplast, Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon, Mentor, Boston Scientific, AMS, and ARIS. She’s been awarded the status of a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated attorney, and in 2021 became a Lawdragon Leading Plaintiff Lawyer. Using her platform as a successful attorney, Kelly has taken on cases from sex trafficking to police brutality as she continuously advocates for those whose voices are not always heard in and out of the courtroom. Kelly has also made a name for herself as a legal and political commentator, regularly appearing on Fox News, BBC, ABC, Newsmax, and Court TV. As a lifelong Democrat, she’s volunteered for President Obama’s election and re-election, as well as a poll watcher to protect voters’ rights. She’s continuously used her platform to try to bridge the political divide and lift women’s voices. This led her to be dubbed a “Modern Day Erin Brockovich” by Forbes, which commended her for “her ability to communicate the intricacies of law and politics in an accessible manner to the average American.” She often uses her acting experience to get through stressful on-camera moments. When giving her expert opinion on issues from the Harvey Weinstein trial, to the 2020 Presidential


Election, Hyman uses her improvisation skills to deliver her message clearly, concisely, and professionally. In June 2021, Kelly showcased her vast political and legal knowledge and released a book entitled, Build Back Better: The First 100 Days of the Biden Administration, and Beyond. This brief guide reviews the Administration’s actions in comparision with the President’s promises as a candidate, as well as detailing his actions when it comes to healthcare, the COVID-19 pandemic, gun safety, and environmental policy. Kelly Hyman has become a strong example for women and girls to stay determined and focus on their dreams, no matter the obstacle. From taking on corporations and banks to represent-

ing citizens who have been harmed, she continually stands her political ground in front of large television audiences. She continues to fight for others, lift muted voices, and stay mindful and present throughout her journey.


PRACTICE. SAFE. STRESS. Mud & Lotus is an outdoor soaking tub and sauna tucked away in a private garden in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Reserve an hour for yourself and/or your friends.

Book online at or Call 785-371-1141 @mud.lotus.lawrence


Finding The Authentic You I’ve been on a journey. A journey through time, relationships, doubt, raising children, taking chances, changing jobs, failing again and again, and cases of wine. This journey has taken me to places that I’d never dare go again, to places that feel so comfortable I want to sink down inside and curl up for a month. Through this journey, I have come to find the true me. With every journey there are moments of doubt. I hid my true self by purposely taking a step back, and turning my lips into a smile that only reached as far as….well, my lips. I stayed quiet. I took a backseat. I became small when others would question my motivation or dominate the conversation. I would apologize for the actions of others and make excuses for their behavior.


I was told that you learn by watching others. Strong, independent, successful people would run right over me because I let them. A few saw the spark that was hiding inside and offered me these opportunities that turned out to be one-sided. From the outside, these opportunities appeared like a golden ticket. Most of the time I was being seen as an assistant rather than an executive, with an affiliation with a big name, the ability to get in the door, and on occassion dealing with the sexual harrassment that came with it. This had to change. The voice inside my head was too powerful to ignore, and my belief in my own abilities needed to see the light. Now, don’t think I was ever a shy person - I’m not. I’m a very outgoing, pseudo-extrovert (is that even a word?) who thrives in the spotlight, but I need some downtime in her own cocoon every once in a while. Over time, I realized an outstanding truth about myself and others: FEAR is our greatest enemy. Fear can cause us to squash the ideas of others because they might be better than our own. Fear can keep us playing small. Fear means losing control. The fear we experience keeps us from taking steps to who we truly are meant to be. On September 10, 2021, I launched Clear Choice Commercial with my business partner (and The Spot Mag publisher) Crystal Swearingen. I had been thinking about starting my own company for years. I’d had the business plan, the understanding of the industry, and the financial ability to make it happen I understood the risks. I had a google docs library of spreadsheets and marketing plans that were tweaked and molded constantly with the changing economy and business environment. I had connections. I served on a multitude of Boards and Advisory Councils and had a database of contacts in the thousands. I had started a podcast, published two books, and created an online course. So, what was I waiting for?

I was waiting for permission. I was waiting for someone to tell me that now was the time and that it was ok to say “Yes.” I recognized I was the only person that could give that permission! It’s my life! I’m in charge. How often do we hold ourselves back because we have not yet been affirmed in our ideas? We tend to put way too much stock in what others think of us. I want to challenge you to overcome that. Put the power back in your own hands and create your own path! The way I tend to process ideas is to start asking a lot of questions. Very few people have completely original ideas, but instead have taken something that already exists and made it their own. There is no reason why you should have to start from scratch when others have already blazed a trail for you to follow. Take - - - -

the opportunity at the start of this new year to find out what you are made of. Ask yourself: What is it in my life that makes me come alive? What am I really good at? Where can I provide value? What do I need to learn and understand before taking the next step?

My hope is that my journey can help you along yours, so you can can determine just where the Authentic You resides!

Kirsten Flory is the Co-Owner of Clear Choice Commercial. She is the author of Golfing in Heels and the e-book, How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business. She’s also the host of the podcast The Small Business Mindset.





When I think of a modern day super woman, I picture someone actively pursuing their dreams, while maintaining a family life and confidently putting one foot in front of the other. Perhaps there are no two individuals more suited for this definition in our Lawrence community than Betsy Pool and Meghan Morsches. With a combined seven children, active spouses, and their own community commitments, Betsy and Meghan added co-owning RPG (Restaurant, Pub and Games) to their list of accomplishments a little over two years ago. While not every day has been easy (they did open their doors just months before a worldwide pandemic started), they are making their dreams a reality and there is always something to be said for that. RPG opened in September of 2019 and features outstanding food and drinks, as well as a collection of a thousand board games. They also regularly host private events, public events, and have outdoor dining for the warmer months. RPG’s mission is this: To provide a space which connects people to the world, fostering face-toface connections between all types of people in the community. Betsy and Meghan own RPG with their spouses, Matt and Nate. The four of them, all close friends, created RPG after an idea was hatched in the summer of 2017. Upon opening, each of them found their unique role on the team. For Meghan, that meant when the kids were sleeping or at school she was building furniture and designing the space that created the welcoming feeling they wanted all of their customers to experience. Betsy currently manages the massive board game library, and plans ways to teach board games to others. Meghan and Betsy are also planning their next Meet the Game series, where they go live on Facebook to casually hang out and teach and talk about the board games they have on their shelf at RPG. I appreciate them taking time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions. What is your favorite thing about being a Lady Boss? Meghan: “I love the attitude of mutual respect

and support I’ve received from other Lady Bosses in the Lawrence community. We really want each other to succeed in our businesses.” Betsy: “I love that a woman can be a boss and that we all can and do set a standard for our daughters to follow in. I love how we have the capability in this day and age to work from home.” Who or what inspires you? Meghan: “I am constantly impressed by the attitudes and creativity of our staff. They have faced very difficult challenges by being in the service industry during a global pandemic, but they meet these challenges with innovation and commitment. I think that our staff is a large part of what makes RPG so special.” Betsy: “Currently, my two older sons inspire me. They see what their Dad and Mom are building, how much work goes into it, and how everyone at RPG has worked together to build a community. They want to build their own business/community when they grow up. My oldest son, Ain, says he wants to own a restaurant, particularly that he wants to be an owner of another RPG. I love showing them how, with hard work and determination, they can choose to build a business of their own.” How do you see yourself making our community better? Meghan: “Community is one of the core values of our business. We strive to create community by bringing people together, taking a break from our devices, and reconnecting face-to-face. As a business, we have made important relationships with agencies like Bert Nash, so we can have a more widespread impact on the mental health of our community. Personally, I am a part of the Leadership Lawrence Class of 2022 to discover how I can use my own skills and time to best help others in town.” Betsy: “The four owners at RPG have it as our mission to make our community better. We are starting by providing a good working environ-

ment for our staff, with living wages. We see that trickle down to how everyone at RPG, regardless of their position, is bringing their best and working to fulfill the mission of making RPG a community where everyone feels welcome. A guest once said that RPG is the most relevant cultural hub in Lawrence, and we take pride in that. I am also in this years’ Leadership Lawrence class and see that as a way to discover more ways I can serve others in our community” Where do you see your business 5 years from now? Meghan: “We never stop thinking about the next steps. We hope to emerge from this pandemic with a rock solid financial foundation and personal resolve. We plan to bring the RPG business model to other cities, beginning in the midwest.” What piece of advice would you encourage others with? Betsy: “With work, find something you are passionate about, or at least find the “why” you are

committed to the work. That will take you much further than you think. Knowing your “why” will also help when you’ve almost run out of money. You will come up with new ideas for revenue or new ways to keep the business going without losing the vision. Lastly, find a mentor and ask lots of questions.” Meghan: “Surround yourself with people whose skills are different from yours and help you see things from a new perspective. Trust them to make your business better with their insight.” Visit Meghan and Betsy in Downtown Lawrence at 724 Massachusetts Street, or on the web at Article written by Amanda Gregory, Creator of Lawrence Lady Boss. The Lawrence Lady Boss Project was built to connect Lady Bosses in Lawrence and the surrounding communities. Once a quarter, they bring you Networking Night Out events featuring local businesses both big and small. For more information find them on Facebook at Lawrence Lady Boss Project.



B U Y I N G O R S E L L I N G C H O I C E I S C R Y S T A L C L E A R 7 8 5 - 5 5 0 - 3 4 2 4 W W W . C R Y S T A L C L E A R S E L L S . C O M


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