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YEARS Year in Review 2020-2021



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OUR MISSION The Junior League of High Point, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

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18 Community Impact

5 Sustainer’s Message

20 Monthly Mini Service Projects


6 Treasurer’s Report

22 Burn the Mortgage

7 Leadership Boards

24 Meet the New Members Event

8 Annual Report

26 Annual JLHP Dinner

Our members have a shared vision of the organization, which is to be a catalyst for community change by empowering women who are passionately focused on the health, education, and welfare of women and children.

10 Membership

28 Trucks, Taps, & Tunes

11 Shining Stars & Member Accomplishments

30 Poinsettia Sale

12 Joining the League 13 Recruitment 14 New Members

32 End of Year Report 33 Donors 39 Rent the Briles House

16 New Member Project

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DIVERSITY & INCLUSION The Junior League of High Point welcomes all women who value our Mission. We are committed to inclusive environments of individuals, organizations, and communities. The League does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, and national origin.

CONTACT US 336.889.5479 www.jlhp.org | info@jlhp.org @jlhighpoint 1103 North Main Street High Point, NC 27262 Year in Review 2020-2021


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE When I said “yes” to becoming the president of the Junior League of High Point, I wasn’t expecting to lead through a pandemic. When I joined our organization in 2012, I didn’t even consider myself presidential material. Yet, in the words of one of my childhood heroes, Bob Ross, “things that just happen are sometimes more beautiful than things you really sit and plan.” The successes of the past year have far outweighed its challenges. We paid off the debt on our headquarters, the Briles House, and we also implemented a new-to-us holiday greenery fundraiser. The addition of fresh garland and wreaths to our annual poinsettia sale grants us the opportunity to double our annual fundraising goal this coming fall. We’ve made a strategic decision to forego an additional fundraiser in the coming spring which allows us to focus the remainder of the League year on community impact and membership development. Our mission is to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women, and improve the community. The spelling of voluntarism is very important here. It’s not volunteerism with two e’s. Volunteers are people who do work without getting paid. Voluntarism, with an “a”, is bigger than that. It’s the conscious choice we make when we give freely of ourselves without being asked. Each of our members made that choice during a year when it would have been easy to step away. In the non-profit world, we often hear people mention time, talent, and treasure or wisdom, wealth, and work. It’s a catchy way of saying there are many ways we can give in the spirit of voluntarism. We give time and work when planning General Membership Meetings. We give talent and wisdom when we serve on committees. We give treasure and wealth when we sell poinsettias and donate to community partners. And while we’ll never receive a paycheck for it, what we will receive is worth so much more. For me, the greatest reward has been the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and achieve things I never thought were possible, all the while having the unwavering support of the women who have come before me and those who will follow in my footsteps. I’ve come to embrace the alliterative ring of “pandemic president”, but it doesn’t give due credit to the women who served with me on the board this past year. Beth, Carissa, Carter, Courtney, Judy, and Zafeira were right there with me, making thoughtful decisions that kept our organization moving forward in a time of uncertainty. I will miss our time together, but I am thrilled to work with our incoming leadership team in the months ahead as we plan and strategize for the future of our League. I know no matter what lies ahead, we are always better together.

Rebecca McCarter President, 2020-2022


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

SUSTAINER’S MESSAGE It’s certainly been an unusual past year for the sustainers, as we didn’t host our traditional events such as the Sustainer Annual Luncheon, our Bake Sale during the Uptown Holiday Stroll, or our famous Soup Sale in January. We did host a few virtual meetings, as we all improved our talent around Zoom, Teams and WebEx! As vaccines became more available, we decided to move forward with one of our traditional events of celebrating the newest Junior League members. We held a “Meet the New Members” event on May 2, where we were thrilled to recognize the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 new member classes. We were happy to host this event at our Briles House, but more importantly, we enjoyed having the opportunity to personally meet and officially welcome the new members of the Junior League. To each of our newest members, please know how grateful we are that you have joined this special group of ladies. Thank you for saying YES to the Junior League of High Point. As referenced earlier, our fundraising this past year was a bit different; however, the sustainers were proud to continue the tradition of donating back to the Junior League. Over the last several years, we have asked that the monies be applied to the Briles House mortgage, so this year was no different. As we no longer have the mortgage, we asked the funds to be directed to support the maintenance of the Briles House, so that she can continue to always look her best! Thanks to each of our sustainers for their continued support of the Junior League, and I share much gratitude to our wonderful board of directors; Cindy Armfield, Rebecca Atwell, Edith Brady (president-elect), Susan Culp, Holly Davis (secretary), Shay Edwards (treasurer), Nancy Laney, Rena Norcross, and Nancy Warburton. And a special thank you to Edith Brady, the new president of our sustainer board of directors. Your love of the Junior League of High Point is evident through the generosity of your time, your willingness to serve, and the gift to share your knowledge and support for this organization. We’re excited for the new year! Alisha Boger Sustainer President, 2020-2022

Year in Review 2020-2021


TREASURER’S REPORT 2020-2021 was an exciting year for our League. After years of hard work, the mortgage on our beloved Briles House was finally paid off! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the mortgage over the years to help us achieve this goal! Now that this debt has been relieved, we are excited to make much needed improvements to the house spearheaded by our newly-formed Briles House Maintenance Committee. This year we were also presented with an opportunity to take over a greenery fundraiser that has been in place for over 20+ years. Last fall we learned more about this opportunity and how to incorporate it with our annual poinsettia sale. We believe this, along with our poinsettias, will make JLHP a “one-stop shop” for your holiday floral needs. In addition to our beautiful poinsettias, the League will now offer wreaths and garland. We continued our poinsettia sale this year despite the pandemic. The poinsettia committee was up to the challenge and arranged curbside pickup for all orders to protect our members and customers. I would like to thank this committee for continuing with this sale during a challenging year! Lastly, we were able to have our Trucks, Taps and Tunes event this summer! After multiple postponements, we were finally able to gather outside of the Briles House with members of the community. Thank you to Liz Moore and Ashley Lansford for co-chairing this committee and putting on a great event for all to enjoy! We appreciate your dedication! Carissa Osborne Treasurer 2020-2021

THANK YOU, 2020-2021: BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rebecca McCarter, President Carissa Osborne, Treasurer Zafeira Paradis, Executive Vice-President Judy Sweger, Secretary Beth Earnst, Nominating Chair Carter Chaney, Board Member Courtney Best, Sustainer Advisor


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

THANK YOU, 2020-2021: MANAGEMENT TEAM Zafeira Paradis, Executive Vice-President Lauren Bott, Fundraising Team Leader Amy Robinson, Community Impact Team Leader Melina Antoniou Davis, Membership Team Leader

SUSTAINER BOARD OF DIRECTORS Alisha Boger-President Edith Brady-VP/President Elect Holly Davis-Secretary Shay Edwards-Treasurer Nancy Warburton

Cindy Armfield Rebecca Atwell Susan Culp Nancy Laney Rena Norcross


Rebecca McCarter President

Laura Johnston President Elect

Lauren Bott Treasurer

Quineece Huntley Secretary

Amy Robinson Executive Vice-President

Melina Davis Board Member at Large

Hannah Weant Nominating & Placement Chair

Caryl Adams Sustainer Advisor

Year in Review 2020-2021



ANNUAL REPORT One Hundred & Eight

Pieces of clothing and toiletries donated to West End Ministries’ Women’s Winter Shelter


Pieces of school supplies donated

to the Guilford Education Alliance’s Teacher Supply Warehouse


Items donated to the Salvation

Army of High Point’s Center of Hope Family Shelter and the Boys and Girls Club


Items donated to the High Point

Police Department’s Angels in Blue Initiative


Items to BackPack Beginnings

to help support the health and well-being of children in our community


Poinsettias sold

during our 14th Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser

One Hundred & Fifteen Baby care packages supplied to the YWCA Baby Basics Closet


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org


Crock-Pot Cooking Classes


Books donated to

the United Way’s Free Little Library


Women from The Leslie’s House hosted during our 2 Dinner with the League events this past year

266+ Members

7 New Active Members welcomed into the League

Why JLHP? Community Partnerships I N C L U D I N G : YWCA Guilford Education Alliance High Point Police Department Backpack Beginnings Salvation Army of High Point West End Ministries Bikes for Kids Foundation Reading Connections Boys & Girls Club of High Point Qubein Children Museum High Point Fire Department United Way of Greater High Point Greater High Point Food Alliance

WE PROMOTE VOLUNTARISM. Since 1928, League members have provided countless dollars and volunteer hours to support our community!

WE DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS. League members gain valuable skills from guest speakers, League-wide training opportunities, and hands-on experiences.

WE IMPROVE OUR COMMUNITY. League members improve our communities through ongoing projects and “Done-in-a-Day” volunteering – and we have fun doing it!

MEMBERSHIP As a community, High Point has been through a lot this past year. We’ve all been affected by the pandemic emotionally, physically and mentally in some way. We as members of the Junior League were tasked with creating new ways to not only keep in touch, but also continuing to support and assist our community in unprecedented times. General Membership Meetings were very different for many of our members who chose to attend virtually. We no longer had dinner or childcare, both of which are essential for many of our working and stay-at-home parents. Socials were done on a very small scale and many were eliminated from the calendar altogether. However, through it all, we were still able to support and provide for our High Point community with smaller projects. We partnered with Angels in Blue, Backpack Beginnings, YMCA and various other organizations. Not only were we as a League able to come together, but we did it with hope in our heart that things could and would get better. We showed that no matter what, we are dedicated to helping the people of High Point! Quineece Huntley Membership Chair 2020-2021

October GMM


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

November GMM

April GMM

SHINING STARS These ladies have gone above and beyond in their roles this League year. Thank you for your sharing your dedication, passion, and talents with the League!

Grace Lackey New Member Chair

Quineece Huntley Membership Chair

Crystal Staley Poinsettia Chair

Emma Ruggery Poinsettia Asst. Chair

ANNUAL AWARDS Most Active Sustainer Erin Miller Spirit of the League Stephanie Young Mara Wedekind Marketing Chair

Hannah Holcomb Community Action

Stephanie Young Community Action Chair

MEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS Congratulations to Active Members Ashley Lansford and Heather Thornbrough Rouse, who completed Business High Point - Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership High Point this past Spring! We’re so proud of you ladies!

Heather Rouse

Ashley Lansford

Leadership High Point Class of 2021

Year in Review 2020-2021


JOINING THE LEAGUE WHO CAN JOIN THE LEAGUE? Women with an interest in voluntarism, a commitment to community service, and a desire to develop the skills and abilities that will better enable them to serve the community Complete an application (located on our website) and return it to the League office by the deadline Each prospective member must: Have reached her 21st birthday by August 1, 2021 Be a resident of High Point or the surrounding area for at least 6 months

WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THE LEAGUE? Participate on a committee Attend monthly membership meetings Support League projects, fundraising initiatives, and Community Impact events Pay dues and financially contribute

WHAT CAN THE LEAGUE DO FOR YOU? Meaningful and lasting friendships Training in various skills that enrich both your personal and professional life Personal fulfillment in that you have made a difference in your community The more you give to the League, the more it gives to you in return

INTERESTED IN JOINING? Contact us at: 336.889.5479 or info@jlhp.org Visit our website at www.jlhp.org


Develop your leadership skills

DO GOOD Make friends while making a difference

BE INSPIRED Change your community... and the world


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

RECRUITMENT Since the start of the New Members’ journey, this group of ladies have come together in the midst of a pandemic and shown their passion for the League and the High Point community. I am blessed to have served as guidance as they impacted the League with their “Little League Library” and summer reading book distribution to High Point third graders. Each member brings a variety of talents and experiences to the overall group of women. Having them a part of our League will impact the community greatly. They have been able to navigate these assets as individuals and as a strong group of now Active Members to serve the community. Grace Lackey New Member Chair 2020-2021



Year in Review 2020-2021


NEW MEMBERS The Junior League of High Point is delighted to introduce our newest Active members. We are grateful for their talent and passion, and we look forward to seeing the impact they will have on our League and the High Point community.

Meg Williams HOMETOWN: High Point, NC EMPLOYMENT: Southwest District Campus Life Director for Greater

Greensboro Youth For Christ COLLEGE: UNCG WHY JLHP: I chose to join the JLHP because I grew up in this community and now I want to give back. I love how the JLHP is a group of women who encourage and support each other in whatever stage of life they are in.

Jacqueline Gravely HOMETOWN: Greensboro, NC EMPLOYMENT: Account Executive for The Design Network COLLEGE: Elon University WHY JLHP: I really wanted to join JLHP to meet new people while also

being able to serve and get involved in my community.

Monica Stabb HOMETOWN: Lebanon, PA COLLEGE: Undergraduate - Valparaiso University; Graduate: RUSH University EMPLOYMENT: Family Nurse Practitioner at MEDIQ Urgent Care WHY JLHP: I have a passion for community volunteering while being

surrounded by strong women.


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Audrey McManus HOMETOWN: Hazel Park, MI COLLEGE: BA, Psychology at Olivet College and an MA in Human

Resources Management at Central Michigan University EMPLOYMENT: Thomas Built Buses WHY JLHP: I wanted to get involved with a local organization that focuses on serving its community and JLHP does this.

Sydney Spring HOMETOWN: High Point, NC COLLEGE: NC State University EMPLOYMENT: Account Specialist at Ralph Lauren WHY JLHP: I chose to join JLHP for the opportunity to meet great women

and to be a part of an amazing organization that does so much for the community we live in.

Allison Jarrell HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN COLLEGE: Davidson College EMPLOYMENT: 8th grade ELA teacher at Flat Rock Middle School

(Forsyth County) WHY JLHP: After moving to town last year during the pandemic, I joined JLHP to meet new people and to find opportunities to serve our community. I have loved being a part of this new member class!

Katie Cottam HOMETOWN: High Point, NC COLLEGE: Duke University EMPLOYMENT: Senior Manager, Performance Media at Merkle Inc. WHY JLHP: I was looking for a way to reconnect with the community

after moving back to High Point during the COVID lockdowns.

Year in Review 2020-2021


NEW MEMBER PROJECT Each year, the Junior League of High Point is honored to welcome talented women into its New Member Class. These women spend a year learning about the League, including its nearly century-long history and current community impact efforts. At the culmination of their first year, these members create a service project designed to enrich and enhance our community. This year’s class did an exceptional job, building on the Junior League of High Point’s current focus of education and literacy. “Our new member class exceeded all of our expectations. They developed and executed two distinct service projects underwritten by a successful fundraising strategy that engaged all of our members. It is evident that they embody our mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community.”, says JLHP President Rebecca McCarter. The JLHP New Member Class of 2020-2021 knew COVID might be holding students back when it comes to reading and education, so they contacted the Bikes For Kids Foundation and Guilford County Schools to see how they could partner with them. The new members then collected donations to sponsor a summer reading book for all rising 3rd graders enrolled in High Point and Jamestown Public Schools. The book that was chosen was "Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream, Kindness and Happiness", by Robert Krumroy. The message of the book is: when you’re kind to people, you don’t need to look for happiness - happiness will find you. Over 1,200 summer reading books were distributed, along with a recorded video for students to read along with at home. In extension of their project, the new members also built a ‘Little League Library’ behind the Briles House, where the community can take a book to read and/or give a book for someone else to use. “I really loved getting to meet the children and seeing their faces when they opened up the 16

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

books,” says new member Jacqueline Gravely. “It was so great to see the impact we had and get involved in our community.” “One girl looked up at me when I handed her the book and said, “This is mine? All mine? My very own book!” I responded back with a “Yes,” and a smile”, says new member Meg Williams, “I guess I never realized that a lot of these students have never owned a book. The joy in their faces when they realized they were going to take it home. One girl took her pencil out and went ahead and wrote her name on the inside of the front page. She looked up at me and said, “It is really mine now, you see.” While doing this project I figured we would make an impact on the students, but I had no idea the students would make an impact on us.” The League appreciates all the community members who have already donated books to facilitate literacy. If others would like to donate new or gently used children’s books, particularly chapter books, the League is graciously accepting donations at its headquarters located at 1103 N. Main Street in High Point.

Year in Review 2020-2021


COMMUNITY IMPACT DINNER WITH THE LEAGUE The mission of Leslie’s House is to provide a safe haven for homeless women without dependents. In Fall of 2020, we hosted a Thanksgivingthemed Dinner with the League at the Leslie’s House feeding 15 women and providing them all with goodie bags and household supplies. In Spring 2021, we hosted another Dinner with the League for 17 women at the House and provided a picnic style dinner, goodies bags with summer supplies, cleaning supplies and gift cards to use at the House. Stephanie Young Community Action Chair 2020-2021



Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

CROCK-POT COOKING CLASS We hosted two Crock-Pot Cooking Classes this past year. In Fall 2020, we worked with the Salvation Army and in Spring 2021, the YWCA. The Crock-Pot Cooking Class is an educational workshop designed to meet the nutritional needs of women & children. Included is a tutorial by a registered dietitian and nutritionist, as well as a meal demonstration on how participants could use a Crock-Pot to provide healthy and hearty meals for their families. The demonstration concludes with each participant receiving lunch, as well as her own Crock-Pot and cookbook. In total, we provided 20 women with a Crock-Pot, some kitchen supplies and a recipe book. We are so appreciative to the Greater High Point Food Alliance for awarding us a $2,190 grant for the 2021-2022 year - which will allow us the opportunity to serve more women in the community!

Year in Review 2020-2021


MONTHLY MINI SERVICE Every month, members of the Junior League supported local organizations by bringing items that supported their mission to our General Membership Meetings. This past League year, we supported The United Way’s Free Little Libraries, Guilford Education Alliance’s Teacher Warehouse, the YWCA’s Baby Basics Closet, the High Point Police Department’s Angels in Blue, Backpack Beginnings, The Salvation Army of High Point, and West End Ministries’ Women’s Winter Shelter.

THE UNITED WAY’S LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES September is National Literacy Month! This year we shifted our community impact efforts to focus on Education & Literacy. To kick off our League year, our members donated books for local Little Free Libraries. This free book exchange, offered by the United Way of Greater High Point, allows families in our community to “take a book, return a book, or bring a book to share”.

GUILFORD EDUCATION ALLIANCE’S TEACHER SUPPLY WAREHOUSE The average teacher spends $650 of their own money on classroom supplies each year. Having started as a collaboration between Guilford County Schools, Guilford Education Alliance and numerous community partners, the Teacher Supply Warehouse was designed to help offset that cost by offering GCS educators new and gently used classroom supplies at no cost. GCS educators can shop at the Warehouse up to four times a year. Donations of new or gently used items help keep the Warehouse shelves stocked. We collected over 800 pieces of school supplies including report covers, paper, pencils, color pencils, index cards, glue sticks, tissues, markers, pens rulers, spirals, tape, and scissors this past October to take to the Supply Warehouse.

YWCA BABY BASICS CLOSET The YWCA Baby Basics Closet is the only one of its kind in Guilford County, and it provides diapers, wipes, clothes and other baby care necessities to more than 600 families per year. Every month, over 225 low-income babies receive aid from the Baby Basics Closet. However, the Baby Basics Closet does not provide essential personal hygiene products such as soap, wipes, diaper cream, lotion, toothbrushes, etc. Many families have multiple children under the age of 5 and struggle every day to provide food and


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

shelter for their children, let alone buy basic hygiene products. In November, we collected 115 Baby wipes, diaper rash paste, baby wash, baby lotion, baby powder, tissue packs, and toothbrush sets for the YWCA’s closet.

HIGH POINT POLICE DEPARTMENT’S ANGELS IN BLUE INITIATIVE Angels in Blue are High Point police officers and community partners who donate money & goods to surprise deserving families during the holiday season. In addition, they help to provide the people of High Point with access to basic needs. In December, we collected 92 canned goods, non-perishable food items, and toiletries to support this initiative.

BACKPACK BEGINNINGS BackPack Beginnings’ mission is to deliver child-centric services to feed, comfort and clothe children in need. By ensuring food and basic necessities are given directly to children in need, a positive and lasting impact is made on their health and well-being. This past January, we collected 170 necessity items for BackPack Beginnings.

SALVATIO N ARMY OF HIGH POINT The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. In February, we collected over 307 items including socks, toilet paper, napkins, gardening equipment, utensils, crayons, markers, clay, and drinks for the Salvation Army of High Point.

WEST END MINISTRIES’ WOMEN’S WINTER SHELTER The goal of the Women’s Winter Shelter is to offer a safe, warm, loving and helpful place to sleep and receive nutrition, encouragement and case management. The women are given a clean bed, three meals, and care. Toiletries and other helpful items are provided, as well as referrals. The Shelter operates yearly, December 1 - April 1 and is open to women, without dependents, ages 18 years of age and older. It offers 20 emergency shelter beds and hope. In March, we donated 108 items to the Shelter, including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, socks, pajama pants, and underwear.

Year in Review 2020-2021


BURN THE MORTGAGE On April 28, 2021, our League held its long-awaited Burn the Mortgage celebration. This event, which was held on our organization’s 93rd anniversary marked the completion of a nearly twenty-year long process that culminated in the debt-free ownership of our beloved headquarters, the Mary Strickland Froelich Headquarters – The Briles House. Our League purchased this home located at 1103 N. Main Street in High Point, NC, in December of 2002. Between purchase and extensive renovations, the League spent nearly a million dollars restoring this historical gem. During the summer of 2020, as part of the Legacy Investor Initiative, we received the final pledge necessary to reach our goal of paying off the mortgage. We made the final principle payment on our headquarters in February of 2021. Speakers at the Burn the Mortgage event were Past-Presidents Cindy Armfield, Mary Powell DeLille, Sadie Leder Elder, and President Rebecca McCarter. Cindy discussed the history of acquiring the house, Mary Powell discussed the renovation of the property, Sadie discussed the fundraising efforts over the past two decades, and Rebecca discussed the future of the League now that we have accomplished this major goal. The event also included a parade of Past Presidents and Treasurers burning cards that noted the amount of the mortgage at the time of their leadership. In addition to League members, we were joined by the High Point Fire Department to oversee our controlled burn. Although this was an in-house celebration for our members, we hope to be able to host a community celebration thanking all of our supporters in the fall. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the many generous League and community members who have helped us reach this important milestone. This includes dozens of individuals who generously donated to the house as Awesome


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Actives, Super Sustainers, and those who have purchased naming rights within the house. We would also like to thank the individuals, families, and corporations who have contributed as part of the Pledge Plus Two, Burn the Mortgage, and Legacy Investor Initiatives. The League would also like to thank the Burn the Mortgage Planning Committee, which included Courtney Best, Beth Earnst, and Sadie Leder Elder. Finally, we are grateful to the Beautiful the Briles House Committee, led by Judy Sweger, for their efforts making our headquarters shine prior to these festivities. Now that our beloved headquarters is officially debt-free, the Briles House Maintenance Committee is hard at work undertaking several necessary maintenance issues. These include replacing the water line that runs from our headquarters to Main Street, as well as repairs to our parking lot. Sadie Leder Elder Nominating & Placement 2020-2021 Past President 2018-2020

Year in Review 2020-2021


MEET THE NEW MEMBERS EVENT On Sunday, May 2nd, New Members, Active Members, and Sustainers gathered at The Briles House for a ‘Meet the New Members’ outdoor drop-in event. Hosted by our Sustainers, we celebrated and officially welcomed the 2019-20 and 2020-21 new member classes. These ladies are wonderful additions to the Junior League of High Point and we are so lucky to have them join us.

2 0 19 -2 02 0 N E W MEMBERS Jamiss Baker Samantha Berg Katie Borza Christiana Conrad Caroline Georgiadis

Kathryn Cushwa Gerace Macy Maness Emma Ruggery Kostantina Sarrimanolis Molly Smith

Erin Stone Ashley Varnadore Mara Wedekind

2 0 20 -2 02 1 N E W MEMBERS Katie Cottam Jacqueline Gravely Allison Jarrell


Audrey McManus Sydney Spring

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Monica Stabb Meg Williams

Year in Review 2020-2021


ANNUAL JLHP DINNER Each year the Junior League of High Point marks the end of its League year with a celebratory Annual Dinner. This year’s festivities took place inperson at the String & Splinter Club and included granting the Junior League’s annual Spirit of the League and Most Active Sustainer awards. “Our members are the heartbeat of our volunteer organization and give tirelessly of themselves in many ways, day in and day out. This makes for a difficult task when the board of directors is evaluating the award nominations and selecting winners. Ultimately, we felt that this year’s recipients have demonstrated a commitment to our organization’s mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community during a year that was unlike any other,” says president Rebecca McCarter. The Junior League of High Point’s Spirit of the League Award recognizes an Active member who has contributed exceptional service through her efforts to go above and beyond to meet the needs of others. Our 2021 winner was Stephanie Young. Stephanie demonstrated inspiring leadership of our organization’s Community Impact efforts. Although this past year our programs and services had to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID, Stephanie and her committee stewarded our efforts to remain engaged in projects designed to empower women and support our community. Stephanie and her committee hosted several of the League’s signature programs, including our CrockPot Cooking Class and Dinner with the League. “I am truly honored to receive the Spirit of the League award for the 2020-2021 year,” says Stephanie Young. “The League has been a great way to get involved in the community! We were able to support and serve multiple organizations in High Point during this challenging year and I can’t wait to see what the next year takes us!” 26

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Spirit of the League Award Winner, Stephanie Young, and her husband, Allen, at the Junior League Annual Dinner.

The Junior League of High Point’s Most Active Sustainer Award recognizes the ongoing dedication to the Junior League by a Sustaining member. The winner demonstrates her pride for the Junior League by continuing to advance its mission and support its current initiatives. This year’s winner was Erin Miller. Erin has been an integral member of our Fall Fundraising Committee for several years, helping to make our annual poinsettia sale a continued success. Her leadership and experience within the League models a lifelong commitment to service for our Active members.

Most Active Sustainer Award Winner, Erin Miller

The Junior League of High Point continues to remain a steadfast and vibrant women’s empowerment organization because of the efforts of members like Stephanie and Erin.

2021-2022 Board

We celebrated Emeritus Member, Mary Lou Brinson, on her 98th Birthday!

2020-2021 Board

New Members with Grace Lackey

Year in Review 2020-2021


TRUCKS, TAPS, & TUNES Trucks, Taps, & Tunes 2021 was a wonderful familyfriendly community celebration enjoyed by many, right outside the Junior League of High Point’s headquarters - The Briles House. Event-goers listened to music provided by crowd favorite Shane Key, while dining on food and beverages from local vendors, including Frady Family Farms and Brown Truck Brewery. The event also included local artists and artisans like Ethel B Designs, Izzy Creative Services, and LIV in Color. “Personally, I was blown away by the income driven by Raffle Items donated by local businesses such as; Just Priceless, Simon Jewelers, Monkee’s of High Point, High Point Jewelers, The JLHP, Plank Street Tavern, Wynnie’s Children’s Boutique, Michael Hayworth, Zack Allison Design, High Point Gymnastics, and, lastly, Molly Ragan of Chevalrie Salon.”, says Liz Moore, Junior League of High Point Spring Fundraiser Co-Chair. The crowd swooned around the Alpha-Lit Triad “JLHP” signage provided by Ashley Tillery, and the ever-so-fun surprise guest, Hype, from the High Point Rockers! Following the event, the attendees moved their support down to Truist Point to cheer on our High Point Rockers baseball team. With over $7,000 in profits, we are so proud that we can put significant work into our programs, which serve women and children in High Point. Needless to say, the goal to highlight the arts and local businesses while having a good time and making a difference in our community, was achieved by far! “It was a joy to finally open our headquarters for a community-wide event for the first time in over a year!” says Rebecca McCarter, President of the Junior League of High Point. “The guest appearance by Hype was a highlight for all of the kids and kids at heart. We are grateful to everyone who volunteered, brought friends and family, participated in our raffles, and sponsored the event. Their support of


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

our organization is invaluable. We look forward to hosting more events in the coming year and inviting the community to join us.” The League would like to thank our many sponsors for their support of this event, as well as their ongoing support of our organization. This year’s sponsors included Crescent Ford, Samet Corporation, Blakely Financial, Otto & Moore, Pure Barre, DeLille HOME, Stallard Studio, Helen Congdon, Caryl and Ben Adams, Kelley Fenn, Thomas Built Buses, Kathryn Harrell, Marilyn Nowell, Kristin and John Crowe, Pat and Fred Sams, Kyle & Tiffany Klawetter, and Tracy Dixon. We would like to extend a special thank you to Chevalrie, Ethel B Designs, High Point Gymnastics, High Point Jewelers, Just Priceless, Michael Hayworth, Monkee’s of High Point, Plank Street Tavern, Simon Jewelers, Wynnie’s Boutique, and Zack Allison Designs for donating raffle items, as well as Alpha-Lit Triad, Izzy Creative Services, and Gracie Mae Photography for their generous in-kind support.

Year in Review 2020-2021


POINSETTIA SALE 2020 was a tough year for our league on all fronts. We lost many of our big supporters due to event cancellations. However, our annual Poinsettia Sale in the fall was still a success!

alive during a pandemic. These ladies deserve special mention. Emma Ruggery, Co-Chair Erin Miller*, Sustainer Advisor Christiana Conrad, Committee Member Beth Earnst, Committee Member Kathryn Cushwa, Committee Member Mary Cullen Dixon, Committee Member Sadie Leder Elder, Committee Member Emily Thiel*, Sustainer Volunteer I’d also like to give mention to our top sellers for poinsettias. Most of these ladies are sustainers which goes to show how beloved this fundraiser is to our league. These ladies are:

With the pandemic requiring social distancing, we were forced to re-evaluate our processes. To alleviate in-person interaction, we created a new online ordering form. This form streamlined our ordering process making it much easier to collect sales over the phone or from our website as well as track sales on the back end. During the distribution, we offered Curbside Pick-Up for the first time ever! Both changes were well received and appreciated by members and supporters. We have offered poinsettias in red, white, and pink with three size options in the past. However, we introduced a new product offering into the mix during the 2020 season. It was a 4” Red Poinsettia lovingly referred to as the “Mini”. While seemingly small, it made quite an impact selling 166 plants on its first run! In total, we sold 1,100 poinsettias and generated a net profit of $8,150 for the League. Thank you to the amazing committee who rallied and kept the tradition of selling poinsettias


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Erin Miller*, Emily Thiel*, Sadie Leder Elder, Cindy Jarrell*, Kathryn Harrell*, Beth Earnst, Liz Lynch*, Emma Ruggery and Donna Blakely*. *sustainer

Crystal Staley 2020-2022 Poinsettia Chair

1 5 T H



www.jlhp.org/poinsettias ORDER FORMS AND PAYMENTS DUE OCTOBER 28TH, 2021 Year in Review 2020-2021




Laura Gonzalez - Hampton Roads, VA Katie Rendiero - New York City, NY

Ann Morgan Ann Hutton Willodean Hoskins

T R ANSFE R O UT Grace Lackey Taylor Travers



A C TI VE TO N ON - R ES I D EN T A C TI V E Liz Moore

R ES I G N ED Rachael Cusick Mary Cullen Dixon Molly Harris Kathy McKenzie (S) Molly Ragan Liz Rogers (S) Laura Weaver

THANK YOU, COMMUNITY ADVISORS The Junior League of High Point is fortunate to have a Community Advisory Board that counsels the League on community needs and resources, assist in program development, and allows for networking opportunities among other organizations and community members. Each Advisor’s unique background and personal talents help us better serve our community. These individuals are ambassadors for the League providing advocacy on our behalf that increases the League’s visibility, credibility, and impact. On behalf of the Junior League of High Point, we would like to thank our 2020-2021 Community Advisors for their service to our organization!

Jeff Horney • Joseph Blosser • Mary Bogest • Gary Simon • Mena Parrish Beachy Allen • Heidi Majors • Monica Peters • Barry Kitley • Heather Cross


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

AWESOME ACTIVES Melina Antoniou-Davis Elizabeth Earnst Caroline Georgiadis Sadie Leder Elder

Rebecca McCarter Carissa Osborne Zafeira Paradis Amy Robinson

Heather Rouse Molly Smith Erin Stone Judy Sweger

Ashley Varnadore Meredith Welch

SUPER SUSTAINERS Amy Adams Caryl Adams Kay Anderson Cynthia Armfield Rebecca Atwell Shea Barnett Courtney Best Donna Blakely Wanna Blanton Lavon Boone Edith Brady Beth Breece Ann Brinson Mary Lou Brinson Sissie Burgess Brenda Carr Linda Chafin Alison Collins Helen Congdon Amanda Connor Evie Cottam Barbara Coughlin Jennifer Covington

Katherine Covington Meredith Covington Catharine Culp Susan Culp Julie Delgaudio Mary Powell DeLille Tracy Dixon Mary Drummond Mary Eliza Duckett Shayland Edwards Dorsay Eichhorn Lore Fariss Kelley Fenn Elizabeth Finch Kimberly Floyd Molly Froelich Ann Fulton Malia Grimes Anne Harris Jaclyn Hirschhaut Judyth Hustrulid Debbie Irvin Cynthia Jarrell

Lynn Jennette Mary M. Keever Dorothy Keever Lee Kemp Nan Kester Joni Lackey Nancy Laney Barbra Lassiter Lynne Ledford Vicki Leonard Marlene Levering Ann Lynch Elizabeth Lynch Amanda Magill Phyllis Ann McCoy Pam Mercer Carroll Ann Miller Elaine Morris Susan Morris Wood Deborah Novak Karen Odom Monica Peters Kay Phillips

Sallie Phillips Lauren Picha Karen McNeill Pond Mariana Qubein Emilie Rogers Kathy Rohrbeck Laine Ruehle Susan Samuel Leslie Sedberry Deborah Smothers Rebecca Smothers Kay Snow Jeanne Spillers Judith Stalder Mary Jo Stout Emily Thiel Donna Tucker Beth Tuttle Nancy Warburton Lee Webster Victoria Williams Carol Young

EMERITUS DONORS Wanna Blanton Lavon Boone Mary Lou Brinson

Gayle Kearns Lois Markham Carolyn Wilson

Year in Review 2020-2021


NEW MEMBER PROJECT DONORS Caryl Adams Evie Cottam Meredith Welch Emily Thiel Monica Stabb Amy Robinson Sadie Leder Elder Donna Blakely Kathryn Gerace Rebecca McCarter Elizabeth Boyd

Grace Hunt Mary Drummond Katie Macturk Lauren Grace Himes Laurie Mendenhall Alison Kelly Winnie Cottam Gail Sheffield Anne Andrews Beth Earnst Julie Zinsser

Charlesanna Marsh Dr Deborah Novak Kathy Rohrbeck Anne Brinson Amy Adams Pat Wheeler Tracy Dixon Cindy Jarrell Molly Miller Dorsay Eichhorn Jane McClennan

Mary Jarrell Stephanie Pfitzer Judyth Hustrulid Katherine Phillips Libby Cheek Jaclyn Hirschhaut Liz Lynch Pam Mercer Carolyn Wilson

IN MEMORY OF Susan Culp- in memory of Ann Morgan Donna Blakely- in memory of Ann Morgan

Donna Blakely- in memory of Betsy Hoake Jeanne Spillers- in memory of Betsy Hoake

HONORARIUMS Edith Brady-in honor of Rebecca McCarter

Edith Brady-in Honor of Sadie Leder Elder

LEGACY INVESTORS Ann Busby Doug Witcher Rena & Mark Norcross Kitty Congdon

Donna & Rob Blakely The Covington Family Sadie & Wil Elder Sally & Ken Hughes

Karen McNeill Pond & Steve Pond Ann & Jim Morgan Jordan Washburn Doug Witcher

END OF YEAR DONORS Shirlene Jones Randy & Carrie Carda Kathy Rohrbeck


Matthew Penley Lucille Duncan Beeson Hardware (Ed Spivey)

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

L’Tanya J Bailey Mary (Sissie) Burgess

DONORS Johnnie Springett Ashley Lansford Pinnacle Financial Partners Peggy & Tommy Ridge Rebecca Atwell

Courtney Best Brian Boger Audrey Congdon Tracy Dixon Caryl Adams

Jan Capp Greater HP Food Alliance HPU Class Communications

We thank you so much for your donation to the Junior League of High Point. Please know that each dollar you give supports our efforts to make a real and meaningful difference in the High Point community. The resources you provide allow us to remain active and are a signal to other supporters that we are all in this together. We are grateful for any amount you can give, no matter how small or large. A heartfelt "thank you!" from the Junior League of High Point. Online donation form available at www.jlhp.org/donate.

WE SPECIALIZE IN BRAND EVOLUTION. Whether it's a small logo change or a largescale marketing overhaul, our graphic designers have the expertise to maintain your brand equity while giving it new life. As proud members of the Junior League of High Point, we are honored to design this year's annual report. Interested in more of our work? Contact us today!

336-814-7718 • StallardStudio.com admin@stallardstudio.com @StallardStudio Wall art courtesy of Ashley Vanore. www.ashleyvanore.com

Year in Review 2020-2021



+ PERSONAL your first classTRAINING is free!

visit fithubhighpoint.com to check us out and sign up for classes your first class is free!


120 W. Lexingtonto Avenue High NC 27262 visit fithubhighpoint.com check•us outPoint, and sign up for classes 336-823-2612 • bshaw.fithub@gmail.com

FITHUBHIGHPOINT.COM 120 W. VISIT Lexington Avenue • High Point, NC 27262 TO CHECK US OUT AND 336-823-2612 • bshaw.fithub@gmail.com SIGN UP FOR CLASSES


C CHANGE WELLNESS 1109 N. Main St. High Point, NC 27262 336.437.2949 cece@cchangewellness.com


September 3 - December 5, 2021

Living History Demonstrations

Educational Programs

Drive the Big Yellow Thomas Built School Bus

Four Historic Buildings on Site

Special Traveling Exhibit Sponsored by DRIVE High Point Foundation & High Point Historical Society

Events, Programs & Exhibits for the entire family

1859 E. Lexington Ave., High Point - 336-885-1859 - www.highpointmuseum.org - Free Admission Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.,m. to 4:30 p.m. - Historical Park Saturday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

RENT THE BRILES HOUSE Did you know you can rent the Briles House?! The Junior League of High Point is excited to share this historic home with the community. The Briles House is the perfect location to host your next meeting, board retreat, planning session, bridal shower, baby shower or to take portraits. Rentals include the option of using multiple or single room spaces, including a kitchen, to meet the needs of organizations varying in size.



Maximum Capacity: 99 adults Fully equipped non-commercial kitchen Handicapped accessible Presentation equipment available On-site parking Piano access

Conference Room Dining Room Front Parlor

Music Room Kitchen

For rates, rental agreement, and floor plans, please contact us at info@jlhp.org.

STAY IN TOUCH WITH JLHP! The Communications team is using the free app Remind to send important information and updates via text. There are three ways to sign up: 1. Text @jlhp1928 to 81010 2. Visit www.remind.com/join/jlhp1928 3. Email your phone number to JLHPcommunications@gmail.com

Another great way to stay in the loop is to like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages:

The Junior League of High Point, Inc


Year in Review 2020-2021



HIGH POINT 1103 NORTH MAIN STREET HIGH POINT, NC 27262 336.889.5479 info@jlhp.org www.jlhp.org The Junior League of High Point, Inc. @JLHighPoint #JLHP #WeAreJLHP #WomenBuildingBetterCommunities

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