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Junior League of High Point, Inc.

ENGAGE Letter from the President

Emily Thiel

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” - Aristotle When our founding members met on April 28, 1928, I imagine their initiative to create positive change was along the lines of Aristotle. Our Junior League of High Point (JLHP) has been ‘doing good’ for countless individuals and institutions for over ninety years! As you read further in this issue you will find a timeline of many of our good deeds. As JLHP members, be extremely proud of your actions that carry on the legacy of our predecessors. We as an organization continue pushing the envelope on how we serve others while addressing the needs of our community. In addition to community focus we also provide service to you, our JLHP individual members. Training the member is a primary goal; helping each woman gain the tools to serve the community well, in both the private and public sector. One definition of ‘train’ is: teach a person a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time. Training takes place in a multitude of forms, whether through formal training sessions, serving as a chair on a committee, even observing the actions of others. I want to thank each of you for the training I received over my years as a Junior League member. In particular, this past year as President has been a remarkable leap forward in my personal growth journey. Having the Junior League as a driving force during this phase in my life is something I will always cherish. In fact, it is another quote that summarizes what JLHP means to me: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Gandhi

Thank You to our 2017-2018 Board of Directors President Emily Thiel President-Elect Sadie Leder Elder Treasurer Heidi Poth Secretary Liz Moore Executive Vice-President Donna Cumby Nominating Chair Jackie Kohlenberg Board Member Laura Johnston Not pictured: Shea Barnett - Board Member Edith Brady - Sustaining Advisor 4

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Letter from the President-Elect

Sadie Leder Elder

When I joined the JLHP, it did not occur to me that I may someday have the honor of serving as its President. I was merely looking for a way to give back to my community and make new friends. As the start of my Presidency draws closer, I am overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude and excitement. The League has become a home away from home for me, and I find my mind abuzz with thoughts about how to continue building on the momentum that we have made to make this organization even better. The theme for the 2018-2019 League year is, “Celebrating Our Past Inspiring Our Future” and we will commemorate this anniversary year with a retrospective of our past accomplishments. Several of our scheduled speakers and trainings will feature community partners that the JLHP helped to create and support. In addition, I hope to usher in a number of exciting new initiatives that will allow us to build on our rich heritage of service, but in a manner that facilitates novel partnerships and makes the League more accessible and relevant to our members and our community. As I think about the coming year I am convinced that there has never been a better time to lead a women’s organization. There is a momentum in our culture that is encouraging women to believe in themselves, better themselves, and be all that they can be. It is my hope to utilize my training as an educator to encourage and inspire my peers within the League. By building upon the feedback of the Active members and guidance of the Sustainers, I hope to facilitate new ways for our ladies to find growth and personal fulfillment as they serve our community. The League has a robust history of producing servant leaders, and I aim to continue that tradition with increased training and service opportunities. As the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) touts, we are not just creating leaders in the community, we are creating leaders of the community. I look forward to upholding the legacy put in place by the amazing women who came before me, as well as fostering the growth of the next generation of community leaders. I am humbled to be a member of this long-standing and significant women’s organization and will work hard to fill the shoes of the great women who have come before me as leaders of this preeminent women’s organization. It’s an exciting time to be in the Junior League and here’s to a truly remarkable year ahead!

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Year in Review 2017-2018


Welcome to our 2018-2019 Board of Directors President

Sadie Leder Elder Executive Vice-President

Rebecca McCarter Secretary

Marilyn Nowell Treasurer

Tracy Dixon Nominating Chair

Heather Rouse Board Members


pu r


re high r a po b


re 6




r re


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

p h g i

Hannah Weant and Liz Moore

Sustaining Advisor

Cindy Jarrell

Conference Thoughts

Sadie Leder Elder

I want to thank you for allowing me to represent JLHP at this year’s AJLI Annual Conference. Each year hundreds of women from the 291 Junior Leagues across four countries gather at the AJLI Annual Conference for three days of workshops and business meetings. This year the conference was held April 18th through the 21st in Memphis, TN. During that time, participants were immersed in learning opportunities related to bettering our community impact initiatives, taking steps toward ushering in more diversity and inclusion, as well as learning about how to navigate the unique challenges of running a volunteer-based nonprofit organization. It was a truly inspiring opportunity to be around other women dedicated to serving as catalysts of change in their respective communities. This end-of-the-year ritual is always a wonderful time to reflect on what we have done during the previous League year and plan for what is still yet to come. I am proud of what JLHP has accomplished this past year, particularly as it relates to our community impact projects within the High Point community. I am also enthusiastic about using what I have learned as President-Elect and at this year’s Annual Conference to make next year another extraordinary one.

President-Elect, Sadie Leder Elder, at the ALJI Conference in Memphis, TN.

On a personal note, I was fortunate to have my husband and daughter accompany me to the Annual Conference. Knowing that my “Little Leaguer” was there with me made the experience that much more meaningful. I hope, and fully anticipate, that she will grow up to understand the role of service in a life well lived (and of course, be a member of the Junior League when she is old enough). Thank you again for the privilege of gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to PROTECTION SYSTEMS, INC. propel our League forward. Residential & Commercial Security Systems Private Protective License 1246-CSA BURGLAR ACCESS

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Year in Review 2017-2018


Who are we?

The Junior League of High Point

M I S S I ON S TAT E M E N T A social activist from New York, Mary Harriman, founded The Junior League in 1901. Over the last 117 years, the organization has evolved into one of the oldest, largest and most effective women's volunteer organizations in the world. 150,000 Members in 291 Leagues across 4 countries.

Junior League of High Point, Inc. 1103 N. Main Street High Point, North Carolina 27262 Phone: (336) 889-5479 • Fax: (336) 889-8508 E-mail - info@jlhp.org • Website - www.jlhp.org

The Junior League of High Point, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.


Our members have a shared vision of the organization, which is to be a catalyst for community change by empowering women who are passionately focused on the health, education, and welfare of women and children.

The Junior Service League was organized in 1928 with twenty-four charter members and a project of volunteer service. Twenty years later, in 1948, application for membership in The Association of Junior Leagues of America was made. The League was accepted into the association in 1952 and "Service" was dropped from the name. Over the past 90 years, the JLHP has pioneered in four major fields of volunteer service: health, welfare, education, and cultural arts.

People first. Community first. Forever First.

“Respect what matters, honor that which you love most, revere the legacies left for us”



1015 Eastchester Dr. High Point, NC 27262 336-889-5045


206 Trindale Rd. Archdale, NC 27263 336-431-9124 www.cumbyfuneral.com


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Member FDIC

JOIN US Who can join the League?

• • • •

• Women with an interest in voluntarism, a commitment to community service and a desire to develop the skills and abilities that will better enable them to serve the community • Each prospective member must: 

Have reached her 21st birthday by August 1, 2018

Be a resident of High Point or the surrounding area for at least 6 months

Be sponsored by a current Active or Sustainer Member (can also propose oneself if membership qualifications are met)

Pay dues Attend monthly membership meetings Participate on a committee Support League projects, fundraising initiatives and Community Impact events

What does the League do for me?

100% American-farmed soy wax

• • • •

What do I do for the League?

Training in various skills that enrich both your personal and professional life Meaningful and lasting friendships Personal fulfillment in that you have made a difference in your community The more you give to the League the more it gives to you in return!

Proudly made in High Point

1109 North Main Street • High Point, NC 27262 336.289.6242 (call or text) • michelle@mshrevestudio.com Facebook: High Point Candle

Interested in joining? • Contact the Junior League of High Point, Inc at:  336-889-5479  info@jlhp.org • Visit the website at www.jlhp.org

Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. - Julia Child (Junior League of Pasadena)

Year in Review 2017-2018


A Visit

From the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. On the brink of our 90-year anniversary, JLHP kicked off the 2017-2018 League year with a special guest from the ALJI. At-Large Director, Michelle Vaeth, visited High Point to meet with us and lead our first General Membership Meeting of the year. Michelle spent time with our Board of Directors and members to discuss member engagement, the pursuance of member’s personal interests and passions, in addition to strategies for effective action that will improve the High Point Community. Michelle reminded our members to never lose sight of the mission and purpose of the Junior League.

Michelle Vaeth and JLHP President Emily Thiel

The Provisional Class The JLHP is excited to welcome the 2017-2018 Provisional Class into the next League year as active members. This is a group of dynamic women, who have already strengthened our organization by empowering each other to make a tangible difference in our community. Read more about their special project on page 13.

Bottom (L-R) Melina Davis, Carissa Osborne, Kate Roberts, Judy Sweger Middle (L-R) Taylor Travers, Dana Wichman, Amy Cooper-Cline, Crystal Staley Back (L-R) Grace Lackey, Erin Randall

Capturing the moments you will cherish for a lifetime SERVING THE TRIAD, NORTH CAROLINA, AND VIRGINIA WWW.BRITTANYBUTTERWORTHPHOTOGRAPHY.COM 336 701-2074Â


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org


Annual event emphasizing healthy eating & exercising



Year in Review 2017-2018



Advocating for & Supporting Women, Children & Families in Our Community Did you know? In 2015, the Greensboro-High Point area ranked 9th for highest food hardship rates among metropolitan statistical areas in the United States. This was an improvement from 2014 when the area ranked 1st, but there is still much work to be done [Food Research & Action Center]. The Junior League of High Point is working to improve the community with a strong focus on hunger and poverty barriers that affect many women, children and families in High Point. Events, fundraisers and projects that occurred during the 2017-2018 League year were dedicated to these issues.

Another year, another successful Kids in the Kitchen event! Through a partnership with the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club and the Millis Regional Health Education Center, this event was dedicated to serving local children and focused on healthy eating and living. An emphasis was placed on simple changes that children and their families can make to add nutritional value to their meals and on the importance of exercise for optimal physical and mental health. Children participated in an exercise program, a nutrition tutorial and a healthy-eating cooking class. Fun was had by all!

(Front, L-R) Lauren Grant, Emily Thiel, Elizabeth Ermis, Elizabeth Lynch, Zafeira Paradis, Deana Kelly, Dana Wichman, Amanda LeFever (Back, L-R) Donna Cumby, Laura Johnston


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

(Back L-R) Amanda LeFever, Elizabeth Ermis, Jackie Kohlenberg, Vicki Brown, Deana Kelly, Ashley Tillery, Emily Thiel, Misty Roberts, Rebecca McCarter (Front L-R) Lyall Moore, Heidi Poth, Laura Johnston, Marilyn Nowell, Kathryn Harrell, Kristin Crowe

Prepare, serve and provide fellowship. The third annual Dinner with the League event was held at the Carpenter House just before the holidays. Through a partnership with Family Service of the Piedmont, a hearty Thanksgiving meal was prepared and provided to residents, accompanied by care packages with personal hygiene products, toiletries and children’s items. The Carpenter House is a local home in High Point that provides temporary shelters to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence. Providing a generous meal and fellowship was a wonderful way to give back and kick off the holiday season.

Sharing tools and resources that make a difference. Our members held the second annual Crock-Pot Cooking Class for the High Point YWCA Parenting Program. This event provided young mothers with a cookbook, a crockpot, and a tutorial on how to prepare a healthy and affordable meal for their family. Equipping these young women with the tools and resources they need to provide for their families as they balance competing demands of family, work, and/or school can make a big difference on their lives and their health.

(L-R) Laura Johnston, Judy Sweger, Ashley Tillery, Alison Kelly, Lauren Grant, Crystal Staley, Sadie Leder Elder, Deana Kelly

Making poverty unfashionable. Over 50% of High Point households must choose between shelter, food, medicines, or utilities and 23% face food hardships. The JLHP’s Little Black Dress Initiative raises awareness for the choices many women face in High Point and across the country. Led by the Provisional Class, the Little Black Dress Initiative was designed to assist women seeking to better their lives through employment by facilitating access to necessary attire. A week long awareness campaign was held where JLHP members wore the same dress each day to encourage discussion and gain insight into the lives of women who are forced to make difficult decisions. The campaign ended in an event at Theatre Art Galleries: Common Threads: A Little Black Dress Initiative where attendees learned about the issue within our community and raised funds to support the cause. This initiative led by our Provisional Class raised $6,300 and we proudly donated $1,250 to the High Point YWCA Career Closet.

The Provisional Class presented a donation to the YWCA to support their Career Closet. (L-R) Laura Johnston, Taylor Travers, Hannah Weant, Crystal Staley, YWCA Board Member President Melody Burnett, Grace Lackey, YWCA Executive Director Heidi Majors, Sadie Leder Elder, Amy Cooper-Cline.

Year in Review 2017-2018


Meeting the Needs of the Community

Dana Wichman, Zafeira Paradis and Emily Thiel are all smiles as they help serve a holiday dinner to residents of the Carpenter House.

Community Impact Chair, Amanda LeFever, helped to deliver 563 non-perishable food items to the Triad Holiday Food Drive that were donated by JLHP members just before the holiday season.


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Joann Godwin and her daughter donated care packages with personal hygiene products, toiletries and children’s items for residents of the Carpenter House.

JLHP Sustainer, Meredith Covington, accepted the award for the Guild of Family Service 2017 AFP Philanthropic Organization of the Year in High Point. JLHP is proud of the impact Meredith has in our community.

& Making High Point a Better Place!

High Point is preparing for its very own Children’s Museum. JLHP Member, Marilyn Nowell, and Sustainers, Leslie Culp and Deena Samuel, are serving as board members for this project. The JLHP is thrilled to have our Members involved in this important community project.

JLHP Member, Laura Johnston, was recognized by the YWCA with the Emerging Leader award. The JLHP is so proud of the difference Laura makes in our community.

Each year, the JLHP opens its doors to local fourth-grade students to teach them about historic preservation and the benefit of preserving the history of our town.

JLHP members donated and assembled baby care packages for the High Point YWCA Baby Basics Closet which provides baby care necessities to more than 600 families per year.

Year in Review 2017-2018



Celebrating 90 Years of Service On April 1, 1928 twenty-four women met at the High Point Country Club to discuss forming a Junior Service League. “Their purpose was to devote, under a well-organized and constructive plan, their leisure time to the betterment of the community through volunteer service”. This quote is taken directly from JLHP historical documents and is still an accurate description of our League today.

Emily Thiel, Amanda LeFever and Laura Johnston

Fun at the JLHP 90-year celebrations held at the Briles House.

Donna Cumby, Beth Earnst, Emily Thiel, Jackie Kohlenberg, Holly Davis


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

A lot has changed since 1928. Today, the majority of our members work outside of the home, leaving less leisure time in their week. In turn, much has stayed the same - especially our organization’s commitment to improve the lives of the citizens in High Point. Whether through the milk fund, Kindergarten readiness classes or serving the needs of our hungry citizens, our League members continue to be a strong catalyst for positive change. The 90th birthday of the JLHP made this League year particularly special. We paid homage to our predecessors and reflected on our accomplishments. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, three events were held the week of February 5th at the Briles House. We hosted an afternoon tea in honor of Ruth Briles and our 15th year headquartered in her majestic former home. We also held a breakfast commemorating our 65th year as members of the AJLI and ended the week with a cocktail party recognizing our 90 years serving the High Point community. At all three events, the Briles House was abuzz with conversations between League members, both active and sustaining, and the public. We were thrilled and grateful to have the support of city officials, local businesses, and our fellow High Point citizens at each function.

Wink Cottam, Evie Cottam, and Beth Earnst

in the High Point Community

Cindy Jarrell and Carol Young

JLHP President, Emily Thiel, gave a compelling speech at each event. She emphasized the League’s importance in our city’s past and recognized the visionary women who saw the world changing 90 years ago and started the Junior Service League to make a positive impact. Emily also spoke to our League’s relevance in today’s society and how we continue to be a leader in this community 90 years later. Perhaps the most significant example of this are our preservation efforts towards a true piece of High Point history, the Briles House, which has been our largest Community Impact project to date. At our celebration events, it was asked of each individual to support the JLHP with a donation of $90 - one dollar to honor each of our 90 years in High Point. As of June 1, nearly $6,000 had been contributed towards this goal. This stands as a testament of the faith our members and the community as a whole have in our League. Fast forward 90 years and the Junior Service League’s membership has grown to over 250 members! On pages 18 and 19 you will see a summary of major accomplishments and the impact our organization has had in High Point since 1928. For 90 years this powerful group of women have been dedicated to solving issues and overcoming challenges for women and children in our community. We are proud to follow in the footsteps of the women before us and continue to forge new pathways for improvement in the future. Here is to the next 90 years of the JLHP! Matthew Thiel

proudly supports

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(L-R) Donna Cumby, Lyall Moore, Deana Kelly, Holly Davis, Heidi Poth, Julie Delgaudio, Kelly Jablonski

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Year in Review 2017-2018



Looking Back at 90 Years



1928-1930 Provided entertainment at Guilford County Tuberculosis Sanatorium

The Junior League of High Point started on April 28, 1928 with 24 charter members

Financed home nurse visits for Well-Baby Clinic families

Transitioned Well-Baby Clinic to Burrus Memorial Hospital (now HP Regional)


Purchased Keystone Eye-Testing for remedial reading program

Endorsed House Bill No 203 & 204

Committed $15,967 to United Community Services of HP

Brought creative dramatics into public schools for 1st time

Gave $3,000 to Council of Aging Received Halifax Award for efforts in restoring Haley House



Held Juvenile Justice Seminar

Supported NC Shakespeare Festival Actors in the Schools with $6,000 and volunteer advisors Supported HP Women’s Shelter with allocation of up to $12,000 for a directors salary

Set-up hospital library

Family Service Bureau established with Community Chest



Gave 29 puppet show performances with Police Dept. Community Service Unit

Formed Mental Health Association for High Point

Sent 43 pairs of eyeglasses to “Eyes for Needy” in NY


Donated $100 to YWCA for training Y-Teen officers and advisors

Employed Job Placement Director to place special class students in jobs

Decorated Pediatrics Playroom at HP Memorial Established Art Education Hospital Program in 6 city elementary schools Committed $25,000 over 3 years to restore Sponsored local art Haley House teacher for Art Study Tour




Featured Furniture City Feasts cookbook at Southern Furniture Market Press Party

Participated in LPGA Henredon Golf Tournament concessionaires

Held Hallelujah HP Follies - raised $122,000

Committed up to $100,000 to HP Memorial Hospital by 1982 for primary prevention program and quality pediatric care

All-time high profit of $36,855 made by Bargain Boutique

Sold out 4th and final printing of Furniture City Feasts Cookbook (16,000 copies since 1971)

2016-2017 Held 10th Poinsettia Sale


Initiated pellagra program through Public Welfare Dept.


Funded salary for 1st director of newly formed Community Planning Council

Established Environmental Action Committee


“Hansel and Gretel” play and added puppets in “Jack and the Beanstalk"

Expanded Art Education program in public schools

Helped establish community-wide Drug Task Force

Committed $6,600 toward new Environmental Center

Donated milk & shoes to needy school children Established Thrift Store to raise money for community efforts

$350 to equip City Lake playground

Voted to give $800 to “Volunteers to Court”


Established Well-Baby clinics

First play for elementary children; “Cinderella”


Committed $57,550 to city schools over 3 years for Comprehensive Evaluative and Prescriptive Education programs


First diphtheria toxoid clinic


Assisted with formation of High Point Friends of Children & Youth


$1,000 to welfare agency to help unemployed

Established milk station for undernourished preschool children



Awarded $5,500 in Teacher Mini-Grants

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org


Held 9th Poinsettia Sale – raised $11,900 Conducted 1st 4th-grade student house tours

Teacher Mini-Grants awarded $10,000

Funded Labor and Delivery Suite at HP Regional Hospital


Granted $2,500 to Greensboro Symphony Orchestra for in-school music program

Began 13 years of financial support to Teachers Arts Grants Program with HP Arts Council

Directed decorating and furnishing of Ray B. Culler, Jr. Senior Center


Held 8th Poinsettia Sale – Held 7th Poinsettia Sale raised $15,000 – raised $14,500

Held Designer Showhouse fundraiser – raised $92,000 Sponsored Go-Far at Northwood Elementary

Partnered with Out of the Garden – mobile food pantry and backpack stuffing

Burn the Mortgage campaign generated $115,000 in principal reduction funds

Adopted AJLI’s Governance Management Model, restructuring our board and creating a new management structure


Held 6th Poinsettia Sale

Awarded $15,000 from Community Foundation of HP for historic preservation of Briles House Support low-income children and families at Parkview Elementary


of the Junior League of High Point 1940-1942





Turned over Family Service Bureau to Community Chest

War Volunteer Services programs

Assisted in forming HP Tuberculosis Association

Created Arts & Crafts Workshop with City Rec. Dept. & city schools

Turned over Well-Baby Clinic to City Health Dept.

Helped to fund City Health Dept.

Organized Community Radio Council & showcased local talent: “Music Mirrors”

Financed tonsil operations

Established a loan closet of sickroom supplies

Published 1st mimeographed newsletter


Assisted in establishing a teen recreation center Underwrote a student music scholarship

Produced 1st League Follies with $4,000 profit President terms changed from 2 to 1 year



Assisted with Tetanus Clinic Donated $9,000 to Armfield Assisted in citywide Polio School Vaccination program Donated $1,500 Donated piano to to newly formed Armfield school HP Fine Arts Gave $500 to Virginia Frank Council Scholarship Fund Committed Gave $400 to Arts Council $1,000 annually for 3 years for Furnished visitation room hospital chaplain at Welfare Dept. for


Held ABC (Anything but Clothes) sale and raised $10,300 Sponsored Teen Health Fair and Bloodmobile

Funded Community Assistance Program with $7,000 donation

Founded ChildWatch


Assisted Chamber of Commerce in clean-up campaign

Initiated project with Guilford County Survey of the Chronically Ill

Donated funds for new filter at Salvation Army pool

Held 1st Shrimp Boil – raised $8,500 for Briles House

Held 4th Poinsettia Sale – raised $12,000

Held 5th Poinsettia Sale – raised $11,500

Launched Pledge+2 for Briles House

Planned and participated in High Point Centennial Celebration

Sponsored mental hygiene clinic



Assisted in forming Accepted by AJLA Center School for (now known as ALJI) Exceptional Children Assisted Parents of Handicapped (named Armfield Children’s Association School in honor of JL Formed Children’s Theatre Committee: Member Virginia “Sleeping Beauty” Fraley Armfield) Host for Guilford County Fine Arts Festival

Worked with City School Board to address Special Education and introduce special needs classes

Moved location of Thrift Shop



Celebrated Held American Girls Bargain Fashion Show – Boutique’s 60th raised $20,000 anniversary – over Formed Kids on the Block Began 18-month $1 million for use puppet troupe Hallelujah HP in the community fundraising Held Hallelujah HP Follies Assisted with campaign – raised $300,000 grand opening Developed goal Held ABC Sales & Silent of Belk at Oak to open Women’s Auction – raised $12,000 Hollow Mall – Resource Center Opened Hallelujah House raised $48,000 in HP


City schools took over Speech Clinic

Established Corrective Speech Clinic in public schools

Received key to the city from Mayor


1950-1952 Pledged $1,000 to High Point College for buildings

Submitted application to Association of Junior Leagues

Donated $5,000 to Armfield School

Began Mini-Grants Program for Teacher Arts Grants


Reorganized Board of Directors




Continued Pledge+2 – raised $32,927 as of May 31, 2012

Turned over sickroom loan closet to Council of Jewish Women

Contributed $7,500 to YWCA Building Fund

foster children


Updated constitution and by-laws with incorporation of Junior Service League


Up to $6,500 for Center School for Exceptional Children Turned over Arts & Craft Workshop to city Committed up to $6,500 for Center School or Exceptional Children 2004-2006


Closed Bargain Held 1st and 2nd Boutique Annual Hallelujah Holiday Market – Published Furniture raised $55,000 City Feasts Purchased Briles Restored –10,000 copies House Turned over Women’s Resource Center to YWCA

Participated in Kids Voting USA Held 1st Kitchen Thyme Tour




Held 3rd Poinsettia Sale – raised $12,000

Held 2nd Poinsettia Sale – raised $17,000

Launched JLHP website

Renamed JLHP headquarters: “The Mary Strickland Froelich Junior League of High Point, Inc Headquarters - The Briles House”

Held 1st Kentucky Derby Fundraiser – raised $10,000

Opened Children’s Learning Center at Little Red Schoolhouse – received Jack & Marsha Slane Child Advocate Award from United Way of HP

Co-hosted NC Executive Exchange with JL Greensboro & Winston Salem

Held 1st annual Kids in the Kitchen event Moved into the Briles House Held 1st annual Poinsettia Sale – raised $7,482 Held 1st Kick-Off to Kindergarten

Year in Review 2017-2018



Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart. The JLHP is a group of women committed to supporting women, children and education in High Point. Each year, they dedicate their time and hearts to planning and hosting events and programs that make a positive impact in our city. This would not be possible without support from members and the community through fundraisers hosted by the JLHP. YOUR support of the JLHP helps to expand Community Impact programs and build future leaders. To learn more and/or donate, please visit our website: www.jlhp.org

Fundraising with a Purpose “We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone… and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one another that creates something.” - Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (Junior League of Phoenix)

Make your holidays brighter with poinsettias! The JLHP ushered in the holiday season with its 11th annual Poinsettia Sale. These beautiful plants are the perfect holiday décor and adorn many local business and High Point University. Net proceeds exceeded $11,500 and went directly to benefit community-based projects and events while supporting the JLHP mission. JLHP Members with our favorite poinsettia delivery driver. These same plants are used at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

Decorative Pillow Sale


Through a partnership with Eastern Accents, beautiful decorative pillows were available for purchase at the JLHP headquarters at discounted prices. We raised $1,850 from this joint venture. Thank you Eastern Accents for this wonderful opportunity!

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org


BACK! tour

This year saw the return of the Kitchen Thyme Tour, a wildly successful fundraiser hosted by the JLHP 10 years ago. This year’s event showcased seven exquisite homes right here in High Point. Event attendees had the opportunity to tour each home and learn about interior design and dÊcor. This event raised $10,900 to support JLHP events and programs dedicated to women and children in High Point. In addition to raising critical funds, the Kitchen Thyme Tour also increased awareness of community needs by engaging past, present, and future members of the JLHP.

Providing our members with fine dining, extraordinary service & incomparable Southern hospitality in warm and gracious surroundings sine 1957 JLHP Members Jackie Kohlenberg and Marilyn Nowell greet community members at a High Point home during the 2018 Kitchen Thyme Tour.

305 West High Ave . High Point, NC 27261 . 336-882-8191 . www.stringandsplinter.com

Year in Review 2017-2018


Recipes that Stand the Test of Time Furniture City Feasts was the first cookbook published by JLHP in 1971. The original book was filled with delectable and timeless recipes. Today, Furniture City Feasts – Restored is the updated version filled with 274 recipe favorites from JLHP members, past presidents and local chefs. At the low price of $5, these cookbooks make a fantastic gift and the perfect addition to your kitchen. Proceeds from sales of these cookbooks go directly to support the mission of JLHP.

R E C I PE Cheddar Cheese Straws From the kitchen of: The Junior League of High Point


• 1 cup butter, softened • ½ cup margarine, softened • 3 cups sharp Cheddar cheese, shredded • 1 cup medium Cheddar cheese, shredded • 1 teaspoon salt • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper 22

Yield: makes 48


• Preheat oven to 375 degrees. • Combine butter, margarine and Cheddar cheese in a large mixing bowl and beat until combined. • Add flour, salt ,and cayenne pepper. Mix well. • Shape dough into a ball and then into 2 logs. • Force each log into a cookie press with star design. Press onto ungreased baking sheet. • Bake 10-12 minutes or until lightly browned.

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

JLHP President, Emily Thiel, and Rebecca McCarter deliver Furniture City Feast cookbooks to the High Point Market Authority, who added them to their swag bags for the Furniture Market!

These Cheddar Cheese Stars were a huge hit among Junior League members and community friends at the 90year anniversary celebr ations. They are sure to be a cro wdpleaser at your next par ty!

The Briles House

A Historic High Point Home

Constructed in 1907, the

Briles House is a treasure for the High Point Community and one of the few remaining original homes along Main Street. For nearly 100 years the home remained in the Briles Family until the death of daughter Ruth Briles in 2002. Ruth asked that the home be left to a local organization dedicated to improving High Point. It was then that the JLHP purchased the home. It is named The Junior League of High Point, Inc. – Mary Strickland Froelich Headquarters – The Briles House in honor of Froelich (Maize) who was a past President of the League, a former member of the AJLI Board of Directors and a driving force in the non-profit sector. Historic preservation is more than saving old buildings, it champions and protects places that tell stories of the past. This year, the JLHP celebrated our 15th year leading the historic preservation efforts for the Briles House. The home was open for tours during the 90-year anniversary celebrations, Uptowne Strolls and was shared with elementary school students during our annual fourth-grade tours.

perfect place

Looking for the

to host a meeting, celebrate a bridal shower, wedding reception, or host a cocktail party

in High Point?

Briles House

Come experience the beautiful conveniently located at 1103 N. Main Street. The Briles House is the perfect location to host your next meeting, board retreat, bridal shower, baby shower or to take portraits. Rentals include the option of using single or multiple rooms including a fully equipped non-commercial kitchen. The Briles House also offers presentation equipment, on-site parking, handicap accessibility and piano access with a maximum adult capacity of 99. For more information and to schedule your next event, please contact the Junior League of High Point today! (info@jlhp.org, 336-889-5479)

Junior League of High Point, Inc.

Alison Kelly gives Northwood Elementary School fourth grade students a tour of the Briles House with a history lesson on life in High Point during the early 1900s.

1103 N. Main Street High Point, NC 27262 (336) 889-5479 www.jlhp.org

Year in Review 2017-2018



In 1928, a small, but powerful group of dedicated women formed the JLHP.

The sole purpose was to train women to a build a better, stronger High Point. For 90 years this organization has grown its involvement in the surrounding community by supporting a wide variety of programs to empower women and children. We love sharing our mission with the High Point Community! These holiday sweets were a special treat for Briles House visitors during the Holiday Uptowne Stroll.

Did you catch JLHP on Fox 8? Provisional member, Taylor Travers, and President, Emily Thiel, filmed a segment at the YWCA Career Closet that shared our Little Black Dress Initiative with the community.

Believe in something larg er than yourself.

-Former First Lady, Barbara Bush Junior League of Houston

High g Point Jewelers


JLHP President, Emily Thiel, shares ideas and a smile with Junior League of Winston Salem President, Aimee Rowe (L), and Vicki Clark (R).


Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org



No matter the occasion, we have heirloom quality jewelry that will impress for a lifetime. 800 N. Main Street Suite 104, High Point | highpointjewelers.com | 336.882.1011 Hours: Mon - Fri 9:30 - 6:00 | Sat. 9:30 - 4:00 | Closed Sun

High Point Happenings


, 2 0 1 8 th e O n A p ri l 2 8 th ad y Wa g n e r, re a J t, in o P h o f H ig o n o ri n g th e h n o ti a m la a p ro c th e J u n io r f o ry a rs e iv 9 0 th a n n T h is ig h P o in t. H f o e u g a at Le n t to o k p la c e e v e s u to n e t mom o f H ig h P o in e u g a e L r io n th e J u ri le s H o u s e . B e th r, e rt a u Headq Did you see us at the High Point Holiday Parade? JLHP members braved the cold to support High Point!

The Greater High Point Food Alliance hosted a summit on food security, focusing on sustainable solutions. The JLHP was a host sponsor for this event and had several of our members attend to discuss food security and how it aligns with the Junior League mission. Year in Review 2017-2018


SNAPSHOTS , el, Elizabeth Lynch Members Emily Thi avis and ren Picha, Holly D au L , ey al St al st ry ar C 2017-18 League ye e th f of gin ck ki er Judy Sweg . at the Briles House

Beth Burroughs, Grace Lackey, T aylor Travers and Judy Sweger celebrate the holid ays at the annual JLHP H oliday Social.

At the annual Holiday Social, JLHP members enjoy one another’s company before the hustle & bustle of the holiday season.

th getting ready Emily Thiel and Heidi Po and our for the Holiday Season aiser! Annual Poinsettia Fundr 26

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Our President, Emily Th iel, made JLHP proud as she represented our Leag ue at an AJLI conferenc e.

eth Earnst at the B d n a t es og B ry a M celebration. 90-year anniversary

On Valentine's Day, JLHP Members shared what love means to them. Pictured here is member Liz Moore.

Cindy Armfield and Jack ie Kohlenberg at the JLHP Annual D inner.

dams enjoy the A l ry a C d n a d ual Cindy Armfiel booth at our ann to o h p ed em th ya holid Holiday Social!

JLHP members bra instorming ideas fo r community impact p rojects at a High Point favorite: Brow n Truck Brewery. Year in Review 2017-2018



Annual Dinner

Each Spring, the JLHP ends the League year by inviting members and community leaders to our annual dinner. This event provides an opportunity for us to celebrate the League’s accomplishments and recognize the significant impact made during the year. At this year’s dinner, our Provisional Class was celebrated and welcomed to the League as active members. Amanda LeFever was honored with the “Spirit of the League” award due to her dedication to Community Impact, and Edith Brady was recognized as the “Most Active Sustainer”. Pandora's Manor was given our “Spirit of the Community Award” in honor of their support of the JLHP. The annual dinner was also an opportunity for the Sustainer Board to show their continued support of the League. Through their successful and popular soup and bake sales, the Sustainer Board donated $3,000 back to the League for mortgage principal reduction.

Beth Burroughs and Hannah Weant at our Annual Dinner held at String & Splinter.

This League year came to a close with a motion made by our Board of Directors to paint the exterior of the Briles House! Funds for this exciting project are from a grant from the Marion Stedman Covington Foundation, smart and frugal spending by the 2017-2018 Board Members and Management Team, and the donations received from our 90th anniversary celebrations. This job is expected to be complete before our first GMM in September. We can’t wait to see our headquarters shine!

Elizabeth Lynch recognizes the Provisional Class at our Annual Dinner.

Most Active Sustainer Award Edith Brady Spirit of the League Award Amanda LeFever

Spirit of the Community Award 28

Junior League of High Point | www.jlhp.org

Each year, the JLHP holds a Past President's Luncheon to honor the past presidents of our League. Held at the Briles House, this event is an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and brainstorm ideas for continued growth and impact in the High Point Community.

Thank you for your support of the Junior League of High Point!

Thank you for your donations in honor of the Junior League of High Point’s 90-year anniversary!

GIVING TUESDAY Dawn Fenner Liz Moore Heidi Poth Mary Simms

k n a h T ou Y

Caryl Adams

Mr & Mrs James Cumby

Deborah Novak

Rebecca Atwell

Ross & Holly Davis

Heidi & Rob Poth

Shea Barnett

Julie Delgaudio

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Donna & Robert Blakely

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Laura Johnston

Emily & Matt Thiel

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Donna Tucker

Winifred Cottam

Jackie Moore

Richard Wood

Barbara Coughlin

Liz Moore

Carol Young

IN HONOR OF EMILY THIEL Ann & Charles Lynch Alison & James Collins Edith Brady COMMUNITY IMPACT Donna & Andrew Cumby Matt & Emily Thiel CHRISTMAS GIFT Margaret Lewis

Thank you to the Kitchen Thyme Tour Sponsors! GOLD SPONSORS

HOSTS Katherine McMullan

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Sebastian Photography SILVER SPONSORS Caryl & Ben Adams

Lauren & Tom Picha

POINSETTIA FUNDRAISER Bradford Family Fund in honor of Tracy Dixon Caryl Adams

Laurie Mendenhall

PLANTS Donna Blakely Heather Alston Emily Thiel FIDELITY CHARITABLE GRANT Dr & Mrs Charles Woodlief WELCOME BACK SOCIAL Caryl Adams

Julie Delgaudio

Marilyn & Matt Nowell



Mary Powell DeLille

Liz Holmes

Amanda LeFever

Liz Moore

Heidi Poth

Emily Thiel

Elizabeth Earnst

Laura Johnston

Elizabeth Lynch

Jackie Moore

Misty Roberts

Ashley Tillery

Elizabeth Ermis

Sadie Leder Elder

Sharon Maney

Lauren Picha

Heather Rouse

SUPER Sustainers

Amy Adams Caryl Adams Rebecca Atwell Courtney Best Donna Blakely Becky Blue Edith Brady Teresa Bretzmann Ann Brinson Ann Busby Brenda Carr Linda Chafin Libby Cheek Alison Collins

Helen Congdon Barbara Coughlin Meredith Covington Jennifer Covington Catharine Culp Susan Culp Julie Delgaudio Mary Drummond Dorsay Eichhorn Lore Fariss Elizabeth Finch Kimberly Floyd Ann Fulton Marybeth Grein Malia Grimes

Anne Harris Virginia Hicks Jaclyn Hirschhaut Judyth Hustrulid Debbie Irvin Cynthia Jarrell Lynn Jennette Leigh Anne Kasias Dorothy Keever Nan Kester Nancy Laney Barbara Lassiter Lynne Ledford Marlene Levering

Margaret Lewis Ann Lynch Amanda Magill Phyllis Ann McCoy Erin Miller Carroll Ann Miller Katherine Montgomery Florence Mullin Rena Norcross Deborah Novak Kay Phillips Sallie Phillips Mariana Quebin Kathryn Ripple Emilie Rogers

Elisebeth Rogers Laine Ruehle Susan Samuel Marsha Slane Deborah Smothers Jeanne Spillers Judith Stadler Mary Jo Stout Donna Tucker Nancy Warburton Lee Webster Becky Weller Lee Worden Carol Young

Year in Review 2017-2018


End of Year Report TRANSFER IN Lane Butler Amy Robinson STATUS CHANGE TO SUSTAINER Shea Barnett Mary Powell DeLille Lauren Picha STATUS CHANGE TO EMERITUS Molly Miller Beard Peggy Honeycutt Gayle Kearns

DEATHS Ann Bencini Nelson Hartley Sara Howell Martha Slane MARRIED Jackie (Moore) Kohlenberg Carissa (Davis) Osborne Zafeira (Sarrimanolis) Paradis

REINSTATE Nancy Amos Melody (Emerson) Anderson Mary Cullen (Bills) Dixon Lee Holbrook Kemp Jenny Mayhew Kathy Rohrbeck

FIVE YEAR MILESTONE Kristin Crowe Sadie Leder Elder Kathryn Harrell Rebecca McCarter Marilyn Nowell TEN YEAR MILESTONE Elizabeth Lynch

Don’t miss these exciting upcoming events: • SEPTEMBER 8TH Junior League of High Point hosts “Kid Zone” at the High Point Cycling Classic • SEPTEMBER 14TH The Early Harvest Festival at the High Point Public Library • FALL 2018 Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser

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Year in Review 2017-2018



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