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CRYPTO CryptoExpo Dubai Special 2022

Expo Map and Schedule inside The Great Crypto Con Russia Legalizes Crypto The Money Revolution Who is Jeetu and what is DiFX? Is the Metaverse a Publicity Stunt?

WEEKLY $2 March 2022

altFINS: The Rise and Rise of Russia Invades Bitcoin Surges Biggest Companies in Crypto Modern Living: Buy property with crypto.

YBETA: Instant cash to crypto transactions.

CONTENTS CryptoExpo Dubai Special 2022

$2 March 2022



Crypto Expo Floor Plan & Details


Vets Benefit from Military. Finance and it’s Cryptocurrency


The Great Crypto Con


CMC Coin is Uniquely Qualified for Real Use and Long-Term Growth


Getting to know the BitAlpha and partner


Cryptocurrency is a Revolution of Money that Can’t be Stopped


What if the Metaverse Was Just a Publicity Stunt Rather than a Reality?


Who is Jeetu and what is DiFX?


altFINS: The rise and rise of


A Declaration of the Interdependence of Cyberspace


Mysterious Crypto world with Anait CryptoQueen


Ukraine’s Central Bank Suspension of Electronic Cash Transfers, Bolsters Crypto’s Utility


Wall Street’s Biggest Companies are Into Crypto, Yet, Regulators Don’t Like it a Bit


Donations to the Ukrainian military in Bitcoins are surging as Russia invades

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THE EDITOR Publisher: Colin Woolley Editor: Robert Stone

Welcome to Crypto Weekly

H Editorial: Anthony Burton

Crypto Weekly Magazine is the brainchild of the guys at CMC and I am Rob Stone, Editor, and I hope to bring you an informative read on everything crypto.

Director of Advertising and Corporate Relations: Philip Greenwood Design: Dilin Divan Web: Bill Trevor

Crypto Weekly Magazine is published by the Crypto Marketing Company 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

ello and a warm welcome to the Dubai Expo Edition of Crypto Weekly!

I entered the blockchain revolution back in 2011, and I had little clue about what I was getting myself into when I invested in a single Bitcoin for about 15 U.S. dollars for the first time. I was also only just beginning my journalistic career. All of this was from the back of an old United States Army Deuce n’ Half truck we used as a chuckwagon on the Spanish Ranch, where I worked for a time as a buckaroo and cook on the North Nevada range. I had just been introduced to my first computer that we used to keep track of things and in touch with the main ranch by satellite. By the time I was ready to leave my work there in late fall, I had accomplished my first success at what I call pulling money from the sky, writing press releases for companies, and publishing them online. Ten years later, I have become a part of the blockchain revolution that can only be called the “inevitable future of world finance”. I feel incredibly fortunate to be an active participant in changing the world for the better. This publication has given me the outlet to share ideas that people would have thought were crazy to have only a decade ago. Cryptocurrency is for action takers and people who believe in the future. My colleagues and I are proud to serve all of you as curators of the best information we know how to dig up to give you what you need to keep abreast of the industry’s most recent developments. We will explore how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are solving some of the most significant issues of our time. We will discuss smart contracts, decentralization, IDOs, ICOs, and DeFi, along with the regulatory environments that rule them. We will cover the top crypto influencers in social media and teach you, as they say, how to DYODD “do your own due diligence.” Every week we cover newsworthy moments happening in the space. We will talk about exchanges and platforms, and wallets. We will have a section to feature NFTs and another to cover undiscovered gems. Crypto Weekly will address all your questions. If you’re new to crypto, we’re here for you, no matter what level of understanding you have. Hold onto your hats and welcome to Crypto Weekly, you are in for a wild ride! So without further ado, it’s time to turn the page but please let us know your thoughts, and if you would like to see something featured please do get in touch.

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Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition




16-17 MAR


Floor Plan STAGE


















































































102 107










Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition


PLATINUM powered by CMC coin





































































































































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Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition




March 16th

10:30 am - 10:50 am

14:10 pm to 14:25 pm

Decentralizing web service

To Be Announced

10:50 am to 11:30 am

14:25 pm to 14:55 pm

What's next after Metaverse in the crypto space?

Can an Inu token be taken seriously? 14:55 pm to 15:25 pm

11:30 am to 12:00 pm Launch your business in DeFi industry

From Meme to Fame: How Saitama Transits Into a Portal to Crypto

12:00 pm to 12:20 pm

15:25 pm to 15:55 pm

Can Crypto Save the World

Why are crypto exchanges still flourishing?

12:20 pm to 12:40 pm

15:55 pm to 16:25 pm

Turning Bitcoin & Gold Into Income Generating Digital Assets Using Innovative Financial Engineering & Quantitative Science

Making an Impact: how a sustainable platform can be built from the Web3 16:25 pm to 16:40 pm

12:40 pm to 13:00 pm


The Future of Digital Payment 16:40 pm to 17:10 pm 13:00 pm to 13:20 pm DevTeamSix The Future of Authenticity, Transparency and Accountability in Cryptocurrency 13:20 pm to 13:50 pm How to Include Crypto in you portfolio

Transparency in Crypto 17:10 pm to 17:40 pm To Be Announced 17:40 pm to 18:00 pm To Be Announced

13:50 pm to 14:10 pm To Be Announced


Dubai Expo Crypto Weekly Volume 17 Edition powered powered bybyCMC CMCcoin coin



March 16th

10:30 am to 10:45 am

14:05 pm to 14:20 pm

To Be Announced

Convert your Tokens into Rela Estate

10:45 am to 11:05 am

14:20 pm to 14:35 pm

Entering the MENA frontier/ Engaging the Arab audience

Explore it, Experience it, own it

11:05 am to 11:25 am

How to Trade CFD’s in Crypto

Paysenger: A New Ethic of Communication

14:55 pm to 15:10 pm

11:25 am to 11:40 am

Revolutionizing Real Estate Investing via Zenihub

Business and Sales Development Management

15:10 pm to 15:30 pm

11:40 am to 11:55 am Trade Crypto Safe, Secure & Rewarding 11:55 am to 12:10 pm

14:35 pm to 14:55 pm

Crypto P2P 15:30 pm to 15:50 pm To Be Announced

To Be Announced

15:50 pm to 16:10 pm

12:10 pm to 12:25 pm

Crypto, you’re doing it wrong: how to use DeFi to enhance returns

AI Powered Blockchain Solutions

16:10 pm to 16:40 pm

12:25 pm to 12:45 pm

To Be Announced

DOREN’s World with you

16:40 pm to 16:55 pm

12:45 pm to 13:00 pm Powered P2P: Unlocking the potential 500M Global Crypto Users 13:00 pm to 13:20 pm Metaverse of Health & Wellness

Lovely Inu Finance 16:55 pm to 17:10 pm Bringing NFC technology to the Blockchain! 17:10 pm to 17:25 pm CMC Coin

13:20 pm to 13:35 pm How NFT’S will change Music 13:35 pm to 13:50 pm One Simple Crypto Platform Solution For Every Exchange 13:50 pm to 14:05 pm Democratising Finance powered powered by CMC by CMC coin coin

17:25 pm to 17:40 pm To Be Announced 17:40 pm to 17:55 pm To Be Announced 21:00 pm to 23:00 pm GALA NIGHT (VIP and Invited Guests)

Crypto Crypto Weekly Magazine Dubai Expo Volume Edition 17




9:30 am to 10:00 am

13:30 pm to 14:00 pm

Development of technology and its effect on monetization methods

Development of technology and its effect on monetization methods

Omid Asefi

Omid Asefi

10:00 am to 10:20 am The importance of human interaction in today’s high-tech world Vikas Lakhwani 10:20 am to 10:40 am How to trade like the pros Milica Nikolic 10:40 am to 11:00 am Trading psychology George Pavel 11:00 am to 11:15 am Refreshment Break 11.15 am to 11.45 pm Growth of Multi-Asset Trading in 2021

14:00 pm to 14:15 pm What to look for in a Liquidity Provider? Peter Leonidou 14:15 pm to 14:45 pm Is Bitcoin the new gold Danny Salman 14:45 pm to 15:05 pm An alternative way to consider Risk Avramis Despotis 15:05 pm 15:25 pm Traders journey in the global financial markets Mohammad Taha 15:25 pm to 15:45 pm

Ali Rupani, David Dubrulle

What could the Future Hold for Cryptocurrency? (Arabic Seminar)

11:45 pm to 12:05 pm

Sherif Khorshied

Climate change, economic instability and gold

15:45 pm to 16:05 pm

Farah Mourad

Risk management is the secret of success in the financial markets

12:05 pm to 12:25 pm Effective Techniques for Risk Management Shaik Mohammed Jabri

Ahmed Zaman Abdelsaheb 16:05 pm to 16:25 pm

12:25 pm to 12:55 pm

Copy Trading – The future of the trading industry

Building Ecosystem in the FX and Crypto Industries. Experience and Challenges

Tiago Cardoso

Evgeniya Mykuliak 12:55 pm to 13:10 pm How Central Banks policies in 2022 would affect Market trends?


March 17th

16:25 pm to 16:35 pm Trading Strategy Mohammed Allemullah 16:35 pm to 16:45 pm

Assem Mansour


13:10 pm to 13:30 pm

16:45 pm to 17:00 pm

The Alpha Trading Strategy

Refreshment Break

Andreas Thalassinos

George Pavel

Dubai Expo Crypto Weekly Volume 17 Edition powered powered bybyCMC CMCcoin coin


17:00 pm to 17:30 pm

18:20 pm to 18:35 pm

Trading Vs Investing in Capital Markets

“Cash Flow w.r.t. Technology using major markets

(Fx View, Equiti, FX Cubic, Ilimits)

Viraj Patil

17:30 pm to 17:50 pm The Impact of Social Media on Online Trading: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 17:50 pm to 18:05 pm

18:35 pm to 18:50 pm The cycle of Greed and Fear when Trading Investment

Why there is an immediate need for a cross-asset trading platform and how DIFX revolutionizes the global trading landscape.

Wieland Arlt

Jeetu Kataria


18:50 pm to 19:30 pm

18:05 pm to 18:20 pm How to trade gold into the year end Giles Coghlan

HALL 2 9:30 am to 10:00 am

12:30 pm to 13:00 pm

Investing in Investment is the future

To be announced soon

Siddharth Ajwani

Divya keshari

10:00 am to 10:30 am

13:00 pm to 13:15 pm

What makes VertexFX one of the best trading platforms in the industry

To be announced soon

Omar Hanash

13:15 pm to 13:30 pm

10:30 am to 11:00 am

To be announced soon

Financial Forecasting Using Intelligent Neural Networks

Mohamad A. Mneimne

Ilya Sorokin 11:00 am to 11:30 am Crypto currenices: Trending and Expectations for 2021 Mohammed Amer 11:30 am to 11:45 am REFRESHMENT BREAK 11:45 am to 12:00 pm How can modern liquidity solution boost the growth of Broker’s Business Andreas Kapsos 12:00 pm to 12:15 pm Smart trading with robot Oleksandr Novosiadlyi 12:15 pm to 12:30 pm

Fadi Reyad

13:30 pm to 14:00 pm LUNCH BREAK 14:00 pm to 14:30 pm Hedge Fund, Fund management opportunities Maahesh Darashivkar 14:30 pm to 14:45 pm Can you make a living at Trading? Ali Rupani 14:45 pm to 15:15 pm CONVERT YOUR TRADING STRATEGY IN TO ROBOTIC SOFTWARE JAMSHEER 15:15 pm to 15:45 pm VT App how to use it for Crypto and Gold Trading Mr. Angelo Themistokli

Is It Good Time To Invest In Gold and Bitcoin?

15:45 pm to 16:15 pm

Naeem Aslam

Avatrade - Silver powered powered by CMC by CMC coin coin

CryptoCrypto Weekly Magazine Dubai Expo Volume Edition 17



Vets Benefit from Military.Finance and it’s Cryptocurrency M

ilitary.Finance announced its partnership with the Heart of a Lion Foundation in parallel with launching a new cryptocurrency some months ago now. It is the company's goal to provide financial assistance and support to the families of service members who have returned from war. This is a fully decentralized, community-built project to help veterans and charities. Veterans and veteran organizations can take part in Military.Finance donations. In its core, the project helps connect members of the armed forces and charitable organizations to cryptocurrencies. With Military.Finance, veterans can farm, lend, stake, and earn passive income. Military.Finance's project aims to empower community members and reward them for helping those in need. As well, Military.Finance rewards those who buy and hold $MIL tokens. As well as achieving its mandate, the project will build trust and transparency. $MIL tokens, developed by Military. Finance, a team dedicated to supporting our military heroes, were named "The Hottest Crypto To Watch In 2022" by Crypto Weekly Magazine. Within five weeks, Military.Finance took their first token from $10K to a market cap of $70 million, and they're more determined than ever to improve the lives of veterans and first responders.


Military.Finance ($MIL) is expected to be a hot topic at the upcoming Crypto Expo in Dubai on March 16-17, to which Crypto Weekly Magazine is an official sponsor. Over 60 other speakers from over 30 countries will attend the conference, including Nathan Hill, co-owner of the CMC group, which owns Crypto Weekly. The event is expected to attract over 10,000 traders and investors, and Stumpf is keen to raise awareness of Military.Finance's goals: The token empowers the public to make a significant impact on restoring the lives of veterans across the country. This is a project for those heroes, backed by heroes. As one of the few charities that can accept cryptocurrency donations, the company was able to partner up with the Lion Foundation, which helped remove some legal hurdles for both parties. Pancake Swap is now offering this new currency at $MIL, and all proceeds will help provide mental, physical, and wellness support to American veterans. Andy Stumpf, Lead Advisor for Military. Finance, said: "Veterans and first responders are often the first ones putting their lives at risk to ensure we have opportunities in the future. To help ensure they

Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition

have opportunities that haven't been readily available in the past, the $MIL community is ready to open new doors." The Heart of a Lion Foundation's Major Ed Pulido said, "We're really excited about working with people we trust. Investing in something that also supports the veteran community is a great opportunity." Providing support and care for veterans is a problem Military.Finance seeks to solve. Traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression are three of the most common mental health concerns for veterans. There are 1.533 million uninsured veterans, and 2 million veterans cannot afford medical care according to a new HarvardPublic report. Military.Finance allocates funds directly to charities that share a similar mission using blockchain technology. Due to their reputation and background with veterans, Major Ed and The Heart of a Lion Foundation were selected as the first partners. In addition to partnering with more organizations that are dedicated to helping veterans, Military.Finance is looking for new partners. Interested non-profit organizations can request more information by emailing Partner@ Military.Finance.  powered by CMC coin


“The Hottest Crypto To Watch in 2022!” -

Learn how Military.Finance can benefit you AND our veteran heroes at www.Military.Finance/cw1 What Makes Military.Finance The Next Big Thing In Crypto? The Team

• This all-star team took their first token from $10K to $70 Million marketcap in 5 weeks on the Binance Blockchain • Poised with experience and an even better strategy to establish a bigger impact on the Ethereum Blockchain



The Market Opportunity

• $2.5 billion is donated to veteran charities annually • 81,793,890 Americans donate to these charities

The Mission

• This token creates an opportunity to make a huge impact in restoring the lives of veterans nationwide



Get Started today at www.Military.Finance/cw1




e have seen many clients from all walks of life who dream and want to turn it into reality within the crypto-sphere.

projects, with liquidity locks and token locks in place, which is certainly sensible.

Clients are pouring their life savings into getting some great projects off the ground with some fantastic use cases that can benefit us all!

Unfortunately, this sea of change has come too little too late in the crypto industry with many of us losing our hard-earned cash.

As most of us know, there are many rug-pull scams out there that promise fast and high returns. Unfortunately, the seasoned investor has learned that ‘all that glitters isn’t gold’ and has woken up one morning to realize their hard-earned cash has disappeared, crushing their dreams of financial freedom and a Lambo on the drive.

We have seen, and will expose, the very dark underbelly in the crypto industry. Those unscrupulous companies and individuals that lie, cheat, and scam budding projects out of their holders’ funds, leaving everyone heartbroken and distraught.

There have been many projects set up with this as its sole focus and use case, and whilst they have been effective, they have failed to break the big-time heights that we all dream of. The industry and investors alike have become wiser to the offerings out there, and we are certainly seeing a change in investors’ choices. They are opting for less risky, fully doxed


Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition

This, to my mind, needs to be the starting point on the witch hunt! So, let’s look in-depth at how some of these individuals and so-called reputable companies work to undermine and, in essence, steal your hard-earned investments. The main ways in which projects are conned into parting with their investor’s funds are broken down into several fields. powered by CMC coin

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Shilling and DM:

Well on the face of it, it looks good, right?

Using the Telegram platform correctly can be an effective way of communicating to your audience and building engagement.

The answer is no! It’s fugazi – it’s not real! The reality is that it doesn’t matter how many followers, viewers, or posts someone claims they have. What matters is the engagement, value, and return that these social media posts create.

However, thousands of people have cottoned on to cryptos' use of Telegram and have jumped on the bandwagon with promises of community building, engagement, and awareness. The issue here is that these are mainly performed by BOTS, written and programmed using Python. The thought into catchment and engagement is not measured and what is not measured is ineffective in a marketing sense. The only way to do this is with an effective strategy, well-researched demographic, and overlaying the projects’ use case and values. This is just something that hasn’t been done in this space. However, we do see a continual bleed of the client’s cash trying to build an effective community. While several people join these groups, they don’t add value to the project and therefore do not result in the buys that are needed. Social Media Wow! A big one here and a very important marketing vehicle for projects.We all hear about the power of influencers and grandiose claims of followers on Twitter or YouTube but what does it mean?


Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition

There are several effective ways of measuring this – as no one size fits all here. Each project would need to be looked at individually and have a marketing strategy tailored to its personal need. Contact us to find out more! If you are lucky enough to come across a genuine influencer, you need to see if they are buying their followers. If that’s the case, then again, they have little or no value. AMAs AMAs are a great tool and a fantastic and invaluable medium. There are some genuine AMA rooms out there, with the likes of Space Lounge, the Crypto 411, and Whale Coin Talk that spring to mind. However, some have botted numbers, and those who pay people in poorer countries a small fee to ask pre-proposed questions to boost the numbers on the VC. This irritates me greatly as they are just simply conning projects out of their money and are purely set up with that intention! The final stage! If your project and community has survived the onslaught on your hard earned funds, we look at the greatest con of them all: the Exchange! powered by CMC coin


I have written this article with you in mind, your money and the communities and projects that you represent. It’s time that we educate ourselves on the crypto con and take steps to protect all those things we hold dear. If you or a project you know has been affected by any of these things, we would love to hear from you. If you would like any information on how The Crypto Marketing Company can help your project avoid these pitfalls, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Holy Grail for any new unseasoned project to raise the cash, get listed, and make millions, right?

This is the driving force behind, to offer a viable alternative that has a real marketing platform at its heart. Until next time…. 

Er, no!

Colin Woolley

There are so many exchanges out there that will bombard you with offers - let’s start there!

Colin is a Senior Partner and media expert at the Crypto Marketing Company

The first thing you need to realize is that the exchanges offer around a 20% commission on the listing fee. This is quite a whack of cash, which is why you will be inundated with offers!

The reality is that the big boys don’t employ this sort of tactic and instead have a listing process that has projects queuing up to meet their criteria and get listed. Why the different approach you may ask? Well, it’s simple, with the likes of Coinbase or Binance, they rely on user volume and commissions which they generate from each transaction. At the other end of the spectrum, the exchange will look to charge a listing fee to the token or coin, and this is where they earn their money.

As most of us know, there are many rug-pull scams out there that promise fast and high returns. Unfortunately, the seasoned investor has learned that ‘all that glitters isn’t gold’ and has woken up one morning to realize their hardearned cash has disappeared, crushing their dreams of financial freedom and a Lambo on the drive.

Not an issue you may think, but you need to look deeper, much deeper! Exchanges employ market-makers to create volume on the exchange platform, therefore pushing market confidence for the client. Which, in turn, is recorded on trading figures and reported, regardless if they are real buys or sells. Which of course makes it impossible for the investor to determine the real trading figures and why they employ a hard sales tactic. They want your listing fee because they aren’t producing the real volume to pay for the platform. Are you seeing a pattern here? Yeap, you guessed it, yet another fugazi system, but this time unlike the small cash bleeds of shillers and influencers this is a big hit of cash based on the same system. Fake numbers, fake volume created and perpetuated to take your cash and your dreams. I must be sounding like Donald Trump but that’s the reality, FAKE NEWS! powered by CMC coin

Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition




MC Coin (CMCC) is a token devised from the profound experience of the founders dealing with new, and launching, tokens over time, and have analyzed many crypto projects to determine the issues that many have. CMC spent 12 months creating unique tokenomics that eliminates all of these issues. Dozens of coin projects were tackled, and problems were addressed one by one. The project will give

investors a strong chance of growth encouraging them to hold for maximum returns and was developed with some core principles in mind. On top of the CMC project Crypto Magazine is going to be the first-ever magazine in history to hit the shelves in just a few short weeks and be made available on magazine racks at major retailers near you in the U.K., the U.S., and Australia.

CMCC Core Principles 1. A doxed and transparent team of founders each bringing a unique set of skills to the table. 2. T o create a coin with a real potential for continuous price growth. 3. T o create a coin that encourages people to hold it for as long as possible in a way that no other token does. 4. T o create a coin with an actual use case that can expand in the future. 5. T o create a coin with a continuous marketing campaign with an ongoing daily increasing budget. 6. T o create a coin with many legitimate uses, such as a retail platform that will allow holders to spend their CMC Coin on one of 25,000 Amazon products, and an industry-leading Crypto Magazine that other projects can spend CMC Coin at a 45% discount from standard rates.


Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition powered by CMC coin


5 – Liquidity pool

Developing Tokenomics as a Vehicle for CMCC to Achieve Its Goals CMC founders have deeply researched market trends and the reasons why prices will increase and decrease. Every aspect found was tackled individually, as has been briefly discussed. Below is a more extensive illustration of what gives the CMC project the best chances of success, what negatively impacts other projects, and what has been done to create the most robust project possible. 1 - Market Manipulation Sometimes a very wealthy investor referred to as a "whale" in the crypto world decides to buy or sell many coins at once. A large market order can impact the supply and demand dynamics and change the price. CMC has implemented two safeguards to reduce the chances of a dump and benefit coin holders even more if whales decide to dump some of their coins. A maximum sell feature for orders of 50,000 coins each hour is implemented along with a fee of 20% to discourage people that want to sell for small profits. 2 – HODL Benefits Everyone knows that the more people who hold their coins, the chance of the coin price rising and pumping increases! So CMC has designed a project that TRULY offers a regular income for holders, and after all, why would anyone want to sell if they can earn a real income from holding their coins while watching the value of those coins grow. powered by CMC coin

3 – Marketing Marketing is where the CMCC project comes into its own and has been one of the driving forces in its creation! The Crypto Marketing Company "CMC" owns the native coin CMCC! Who better to build a successful marketing campaign than a marketing company itself? A lot of crypto projects fail to understand the need for regular ongoing marketing and often only have an initial budget they spend very quickly, causing the coin to pump hard but then crash hard. CMC has included an initial marketing budget of 15% in CMC coins to get the CMCC project off to a flying start and ensure that it continues to grow. The marketing wallet will gain USDT rewards from reflections - the same as holders - at the rate of 4% per buy order and 5% per sell order. CMC can promote the project effectively without the need for continuous coin dumping. 4 – Founders and Devs Dumping Coins It is a major problem in the crypto sector that many developers and project founders dump their coins for maximum gains. Some might argue they get to decide when to sell their investments, and it remains an unavoidable concern when it harms other investors. A team of three founders and developers will be sharing a total of 18% token allocation. To avoid any chance that one of them will dump their coins at once, they will be released slowly over 18 months, giving all future investors the confidence that the coins can't be dumped at once and crash the price.

The liquidity is set against the circulating tokens that give the coin its value. There is always a fear of the liquidity pool being drained. In order to ensure a constant increase in liquidity, 50% of presale funds and 4% of all buy orders, and 5% of all sell orders will be deposited into the liquidity pool. Because of the large number of CMC staking coins locked up and the slow-release of founders' tokens, the liquidity pool will be strong against the circulating supply. The contract will be coded to lock in liquidity for a period to ensure the project stands the test of time, making it "rug-proof." 6 – Use case Many failed crypto projects have collapsed very quickly due to having no actual use for their currency. CMC has been secretly developing its own cryptocurrency payment platform. The intent is to launch a website CMC owns that will allow users to make purchases among 25,000 Amazon products and growing, available worldwide, and delivered directly to their door, by Amazon. Over the coming weeks and months, CMC will also integrate a few other cryptocurrencies and allow owners of other coins to purchase the same products, thus gaining even more awareness for the brand. The CMC group has also launched this magazine, "Crypto Weekly." It already has a weekly subscription base of over 125,000 crypto enthusiasts, making it the largest subscribed to weekly crypto magazine in the world. With such a high readership level, it will most certainly become an essential tool when other projects are looking to advertise themselves. With this in mind, and encouraging other crypto projects to buy CMC coins, CMC will be offering a massive 45% discount from standard advertising rates if they pay with CMC coins. It provides a strong reason for projects to purchase and use CMC for advertising space and banner ads, earning investors high reflections and more significant price increases over time. 

Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition



GETTING TO KNOW BITALPHA AND PARTNERS! Brought together under one umbrella to provide a host of crypto, property and financial services for the financially agile. In the report, we talk to BitAlpha and two of their key partners that help clients in the purchase or otherwise of real estate, physical fiat currency, cars, and other assets by offering conversion services.

Meet Marc Kloepfel, the man behind BitAlpha Many have worked with Marc and BitAlpha and consider them trusted partners in their crypto requirements and exclusions. Marc says “We make things possible. We stand together in tokenization of the future. We invest in people and projects”.

BitAlpha (crypto educational, investment & development company) is an organization that enables companies to establish and provide crypto-related services on the Middle East market. BitAlpha is a company born from the experience of professionals eager to share their expertise supporting the crypto community members. BitAlpha achieves its mission by offering holistic crypto services - education, opportunities to invest in highly prospective projects, and financing for innovative projects. Vision is to become a top source of information and business innovation in crypto, an ultimate place for investing in crypto-related projects, and the ultimate place for getting funds for crypto projects. The company has three main areas of expertise: Crypto education and crypto trading training. BitAlpha offers numerous

courses and training for beginners in the crypto field to advanced traders. Moreover, BitAlpha aims to become the no. 1 trusted source of information and guidance for the crypto community members. NFTs presentation and market placement. BitAlpha recognizes trends in the crypto sector and continuously advances its services and areas of operating, supporting crypto innovations. NFTs became the core segment of crypto, and BitAlpha takes great pride in supporting new digital artists and their art. Through mentoring and financing, BitAlpha helps new NFTs to establish marketing plans and place their art on the market. Moreover, BitAlpha is currently working on establishing a physical NFT gallery in Dubai, where the visitors will be able to see displayed digital artworks. NFT projects. One of the NFT projects supported by BitAlpha will presale on March 28th. For more information and how you can become the owner of one visit our website. |


Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition |

Marc Kloepfel is a European entrepreneur who successfully established companies in supply chain optimization, real estate, trading, digitalization of procurement, and outsourcing. He opened businesses in the UAE and concentrated on incubating start-ups in blockchain, tokenization, fintech, and gaming. Crypto incubator - mentoring and financing innovative projects. No matter what your project is about and in which stage of development, BitAlpha recognizes and supports great ideas and innovative potential of crypto community members investing in them. No matter your level of expertise, BitAlpha mentors you and takes ownership of your growth from day one until its full flourishment. Nevertheless, BitAlpha fuels your ideas with capital that secures them to be put in motion and reach their full potential. BitAlpha has a portfolio of successfully mentored and established companies that provide various crypto-related services. A successful project supported by BitAlpha is Modern Living - the newly established real-estate company that enables buyers to purchase properties in crypto through fully-compliant blockchain transactions. Another promising company is YBETA, focused on blockchain technology and its integration into the real world, transforming old network transactions into more secure solutions and allowing its customers to benefit from hustle-free investment in crypto. powered by CMC coin


BUY YOUR DREAM HOME With Crypto with Modern Living Modern Living, A new kind of real estate agent the market that’s clearly ahead of the curve. For the first time, investors around the globe can now buy into the booming Dubai real estate market through fully-compliant blockchain transactions and by using crypto to pay for it. Since this option is finally on the market, many of us may ask ourselves, “Why would I”, it’s a fair question, there is no one way to answer, but for many, the advantages of being able to use Cryptocurrency to buy real estate is a long time in the making.

Although for some, certain features such as:

Privacy when buying property

Easier international and overseas transactions

Liquidity in real estate investing

Reducing the cost of real estate transactions

Balancing the security of brick and mortar real estate with the flexibility of bitcoin

Are seen as some of the key reasons more and more transactions will be conducted this way in the property space. So, whatever your preference, we have the right solutions. Modern Living has an enviable portfolio of properties across Dubai and some of the city’s most prestigious regions. | powered by CMC coin | |

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Many of our clients are just looking for better investments in their range of some of the best living spaces in Dubai. We have stunning properties available for their investments, needs, or pleasure.



Get 8% to 10% per annum ROI on properties. If you are looking to invest in the lucrative Dubai real estate market, we are your one-stop shop for everything you need to get started.

Why leave your holiday home vacant when you are away? You can make the most of your home by renting out. Let us keep an eye on things while you are abroad. We provide a comprehensive service for all your real estate needs, especially if you buy from abroad. You need not worry about technicalities because we have you covered. We assist in making the process smooth and easy. We are always ready to serve you. At Modern Living, our mission is to grow and provide top-notch service.

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So now you have you found that perfect property,investment you want to make or car you want to buy, or sell, talk to YBETA, a trusted partner offering unique crypto financial solutions that might not seem or even be possible with traditional old world financial models |

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Many see YBETA as a safe place to manage their investments and specialist financial transactional requirements between physical FIAT and the wider cryptosphere. With an additional array of financial services designed to grow your capital. With YBETA providing fast and reliable crypto exchange services. The primary mission of our exchange is to have customer-oriented, convenient services with efficiency at the heart of everything we do. Our clients enjoy fast, secure, confidential, and hassle-free cryptocurrency trading with our highquality service. Investing in crypto with YBETA’s approach is accessible and easy to follow. Benefits of owning cryptocurrency with YBETA: Sell crypto: trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without exception. Easy Transactions: Crypto transactions can be made quickly, at a low cost, and more private than most other transactions. |

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Transactional Freedom: One of the great benefits of crypto is that it can be used to exchange value between two parties. This can be done independently of any third party, making the transaction more accessible and censorship-resistant. Incredible Security: Because they are based on cryptography and blockchain security, decentralized cryptocurrencies tend to make for secure forms of payment. Short Settlement: While some people only want to invest in cryptocurrency for price appreciation, others might find benefit in the ability to use crypto as a medium of exchange. Exponential Industry Growth: The cryptocurrency industry has been one of the fastest-growing markets that most of us have seen in our lifetimes. These services were designed specifically for Modern Living but are enjoyed by a range of beneficiaries of BitAlpha’s intelligent and agile financial dexterity unique to the financial services sector by its attend to innovation where traditional has not attempted to disrupt before.

Services we can offer to all clients: Crypto to Manager cheque

Crypto to Cash

Cash to Crypto

Delivery of cash to client/developer location

Omar Karanib, the sales manager in YBETA, will take you on your investment journey. He has extensive experience in trading and is recognized in B2B Binance trading and is available for consultant any time.

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CRYPTOCURRENCY is a Revolution of Money that Can’t be Stopped O

ne day neither governments nor central banks will control the money. With cryptocurrency, people are taking their power back. Throughout most of recorded history, religion and the state’s power have been ruthlessly linked by the power of laws contrived to serve their interests and the threat they have always maintained over the people. In more modern times, we all became exceedingly freer when we separated religious morals and authority from the power of governments. One of the most critical developments in history for world freedom has been the separation of church and state. But the state retained an unjust, unequal level of control & limitation on freedom by monopolizing the same tool we use


to express the sweat of our brow and the value that it holds. The separation of money and government is the most essential evolution of civilization ever. The Separation of Money and State Money is more important to many people than being allowed to choose a religion. Separation of money and state might be as – if not more important than – freedom of religion. Money is just as fundamental to our lives as religion, and it affects how our lives are led. The choices that we make about money dictate the ramifications of our lives and those of our communities. And as Erik Voorhees, founder of the Shapeshift exchange, has said, “to have an institution like money so controlled by a central entity — by a monopoly —

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is absurd, and it is immoral.” We, as free human beings, must abolish it. Globally, the idea of free markets is still somewhat popular, but this logic does not seem to hold true for money. Although many conservatives often espouse the benefits of a free market in various speeches, almost none of them mention the idea of competing currencies. Politicians worldwide tend to be selective in allowing the market to function without government interference. There is an underhanded monopoly on money due to the power government thugs hold around the world. There has always been a battle to convince politicians that fiat currency can compete with other forms of money. Cryptocurrency has created a situation where powered by CMC coin


governments don’t have a choice in the matter. Long-term, governments have very little control over the decentralization cryptocurrency will maintain. Every country of the world will have to join together in partnership to stop it by turning off the electricity. We know that will never happen. The competition in money is necessary, just as competition in finances is permitted and applies to religion. It is okay to have different churches. Our children will someday look back and realize how apparent removing state control over money was when they learn the history of government power over people and their money. Governments are way too prone to corruption and too prone to thinking short-term. Most people are not good at managing things most efficiently. Crypto represents immutable truth by a logical consensus-driven force called the blockchain, an unhackable code for all practical purposes. We, the people, have the power to choose, or not, a system that overcomes the weaknesses of the human spirit and those who choose to control us. It is truly up to us and not the bullies who would control us. Crypto is a tool that can solve money problems more efficiently - optimizing costs, providing additional benefits, providing better security, better speed, better flexibility. Still, it doesn’t mean that everything will be replaced immediately. Like all innovations, it will take time, and like all tools, will slowly be replaced by a more efficient tool as a matter of natural selection. The idea of “survival of the fittest” is seriously at play here. The Will of the People Everything comes down to the people’s will – what they believe has value and what they choose to use. It’s only a matter of time and what people demand. We all intuitively know the current system is broken, and many people opt out of the fiat system whenever they get a real chance. If enough people do that, a tipping point will be reached. The new system is more efficient and uncheatable. Crypto is a safety mechanism that gives people their freedom, and the people will take it because it belongs to them. Freedom is ours and not for governments to take. The people have the power to shape what is coming.  powered by CMC coin

Money is just as fundamental to our lives as religion, and it affects how our lives are led. The choices that we make about money dictate the ramifications of our lives and those of our communities.

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that piece of real estate near Snoop Dogg in the future. Could you imagine living next door to Snoop Dogg? It is technically possible. A single company controlling either the cryptocurrency supply or the scarcity of real estate is always risky when it creates artificial scarcity. What prevents them from inflating the supply whenever they feel like it? That's always "a worrying place to be, he warns."

What if the Metaverse Was Just a Publicity Stunt Rather than a Reality? T he Metaverse is embraced by almost every company, but usually without conviction. Due to Facebook's rebranding as Meta Platforms (FB), the Metaverse has become one of the most discussed topics in business circles. CEOs feel they are being judged by the standard of this new buzzword which promises to create a virtual world in which we will interact socially through avatars. With virtual reality headsets and other technological tools, we could attend concerts, restaurants, and art exhibitions.

It is rare for companies that desire to be at the forefront of technology to mention the word Metaverse, let alone describe how their Metaverse will look or how they intend to make money from it. Often, they talk about creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and studying cryptocurrencies in depth. Because of the benefits NFTs offer artists and athletes, the question often arises, “what are the economic opportunities they offer companies?”


There is an attempt to create demand and scarcity. They want people to invest quickly. However, this isn't a sign of investment. Instead, Vaughan described it as speculation. “Interactive web experiences are comprised of pieces of code that represent virtual real estate. As NFTs on the blockchain, some Metaverse platforms separate code into separate "plots."

However, the real question is: Who benefits from the Metaverse buzz? Dr. Owen Vaughan, director of research at nChain, Europe's foremost data integrity, and blockchain development firm, observes a particular vocabulary developed around this concept. The proponents of the Metaverse refer to the new space as a place to "invest." "The word investment is a dynamic one. It makes me think that I will make money over time if I put my savings into it. However, what's happening is speculation in a technical sense, where people put in money expecting a quick profit and trade much more frequently," Vaughan explained. Thus, the language used evokes an emotional reaction that is not necessarily based on fundamental principles. Those who love the Metaverse have mastered the art of creating a sense of scarcity. “If you do not sign up now, you might miss out on great opportunities.” Fear of missing out is powerful in virtual real estate. Maybe it will be too late to get

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According to MetaMetric Solutions, Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium are the top players in this market, and real estate sales on these platforms reached $501 million in 2021. It is estimated that the company's sales will reach nearly $1 billion by 2022, topping $85 million in January. “Currently, companies make statements about the Metaverse quite often since it doesn't cost them anything," Vaughan says. Take this into account when researching Metaverse companies. How do they work? How do they do it? Nevertheless, he believes there will be opportunities for sectors such as art and education. For example, you can enroll in a course at Harvard University from anywhere in the world. You can attend an engineering laboratory and get practical experience inside the Metaverse that you couldn't have gotten outside it.  powered by CMC coin



JEETU and what is



igital Financial Exchange is a centralized crypto exchange committed to bringing forth a new financial order for the digital economy. A true exchange that bridges the gap between traditional and digital assets. Founded by Jeetu Kataria, a serial fintech entrepreneur and early adopter of the crypto revolution. He has established himself as a highly desired holistic investor with diverse core competencies through multiple entrepreneurial endeavors and has worked as a financial consultant for reputable family offices in the Middle East and South-East Asia. DIFX, to him, is the culmination of years of passion and effort to redefine the financial industry and bring into a new era.

hen was the exchange W founded and Why? Please explain what you mean by the new world financial order. The DIFX exchange has been in the making since 2019, with an adamant vision to find a solution to integrate traditional trading with cryptocurrencies. The exchange was launched in September 2021 with a unique dual ecosystem that hosts a custom MT5 and spot exchange that lets users cross-asset trade seamlessly. The world is changing at a pace that no one can fathom, that is especially true in the world of crypto, blockchain, and the fintech industry as a whole. Even with such strides in innovation, the everyday man finds it hard to follow along with the quick pace.


The DIFX Cross-asset Trading Platform allows users to transact seamlessly between traditional assets and cryptocurrencies. It is an award-winning, fully insured platform. DIFX users can trade between over 600 different instruments, such as BTC & gold, Ethereum & Apple stocks, and many other exotic combinations. In my experience as a lifelong multi-asset trader and venture capitalist, it seemed impossible that I could trade on different platforms for different assets. I had to constantly switch between my traditional assets, like commodities, forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, once I began investing in digital assets. My idea was to develop a platform that would offer a multi-asset trading environment that was insured to solve this inconvenience for many other people who were experiencing the same

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problem as me. My team and I formed a strong development team, which set out to create a cross-asset platform that would enable cryptocurrencies to be traded with traditional assets by using cross-pairs between each asset. Consequently, we created “DIFX” to provide traders with the convenience of trading on a variety of assets from a single platform. That is why DIFX is resolute in creating a new financial order that educates, empowers and bridges the gap of knowledge and digital trading. hat is the ultimate business W goal of your exchange.? Like the big vision. The goal is really quite simple and straightforward. It is to create an powered by CMC coin


ecosystem that is beneficial to all traders, whether newbies or old-timers.First of all, DIFX stands for Digital Financial Exchange - DIFX was created to signify our traditional roots and digital forward-thinking. We wanted to create a platform that is central for all types of financial individuals and institutions. Similar to how there is a mall with multiple shops and stores in it, we wanted to create a digital environment that would host all types of financial assets under one roof. A place for digital traders to come to and choose from any type of asset to trade/invest in! We had a great firstmover advantage as we were the first CEX to hit the market that allowed us to do cross-asset trading all while being fully insured.

blockchain, this digital asset is ERC-20/ BEP-20 compliant and decentralized. DIFX’s value is dependent in part on the reputation of its crypto exchange.

ow is DIFX different from H competitors?

The brand relaunch is our strategy to present DIFX with a cleaner, updated look. It is to align ourselves with our upcoming features, updated trading experience, and exciting integrations that will allow global crypto adoption to flourish. We, as an exchange, are committed to listening and solving our users’ concerns and to continually facilitate that relationship we will be updating ourselves. With DIFX, we want to ensure endless possibilities for all our users and clients.

With so many players in the industry, we stand out because of our fully insured crypto wallet and our 24/7 customer support chat that has real people to answer your questions and queries. We are able to confidently say we are fully insured due to our unique partnership with Fireblocks, who is one of the leading digital asset custodians of the industry. We are also partnered with Sum & Substance (Sumsub) who give us the top notch KYC features that help us ensure that our exchange is secure and free of any threats. Karm Legal, who are highly respected in the crypto field, also serves as our legal partners and sits on our board of directors. We have also partnered with Crypton Media to help with all our global marketing efforts.Some of our USPs would definitely be having the ability to do cross-asset trading, having a single wallet to trade on both MT5 and spot exchange. In addition, we created our own Digital Financial Exchange token (DIFX) which is the native token associated with the cryptocurrency exchange DIFX. Based on the Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain powered by CMC coin

Furthermore, a key factor that sets us apart from the rest is our mission to help the masses understand and adopt blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For this, we have created our very own DIFX Academy which is a set of carefully curated content that explains everything there is to trading and cryptocurrencies. The academy is a completely free service that requires only downloading the app/visiting our website to access it! hy are you going through a W brand relaunch?

ould you tell the community C how to contact DIFX and the social media pages? To contact us please feel free to drop us an email at or chat with one of our live support teams on the website and exchange. For a detailed FAQ and exchange related information, visit - To be regularly updated on our activities follow us on Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: difxexchange

Telegram: Medium: Reddit: difx_exchange/ hat are your plans for DIFX in W 2022, and the future in general? For 2022, we are looking forward to having more people adopt cryptocurrencies and increase the number of users on our exchange. On top of that we will also be looking to get our token, DIFX, listed on the top crypto exchanges of the world. We plan to use blockchain technology to make remittance services more accessible and to provide value to our customers through wise digital asset use. Adoption is key, and we will promote a global adoption of blockchain and the perks involved not only for the old-timers, but also for the newbies. ow about we talk about H the milestones you have achieved so far and about your future plans. I am proud to say that DIFX - Digital Financial Exchange is the fastest and the most-secure cryptocurrency exchange. By Forex Expo and Entrepreneur Middle East, DIFX has been named “Best New Trading Platform 2021” and Crypto Expo Dubai awarded us “the most trusted cross-asset trading platform”. On top of that we are officially a member of the Blockchain and Crypto Assets Council We have been part of several big conferences, including the Future Blockchain Summit, World Blockchain Summit, as well as the Expo 2020, in Dubai. We’ll be building a hybrid cross-asset exchange with more than 2000 cross pairs between cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, stocks, and indices between centralized and decentralized exchanges with atomic swaps over the next 1 and a half years. 

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The rise and rise of



rading platforms have always been a bit…tricky for users, and in the crypto space this issue has tended to be magnified. Many professional mid-level traders simply do not have the tools they need to trade effectively that they are used to using when working with more traditional and established platforms that offer an array of analytical, trade discovery and execution tools they are used to when trading FIAT and traditional assets. One barrier to entry has been the 100,000’s of hours of development time and extremely specialist knowledge needed to create such a feat. That was until one day a man decided to devote every fibre of his being, intellect and energy into tackling this obviously, and some might say, embarrassing problem that exists for traders in the


By Philip Greenwood crypto space. Meet Richard Fetyko, a man who is ahead of the curve and providing a platform that simply isn’t available on the market. A man that has stayed the course over the last 5 years to bring a platform to the Crypto space that is currently in a league of its own. As I sit down to talk to Richard, a calm, quiet yet engaged and relaxed man, I begin to pour over questions to understand exactly who he is, why altFINs is developing an almost cult like following with crypto trading geeks, elites, intellects and plain old “when Lambo” fanboys alike!

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Ok Richard, just what is altFINS? I spent 14 years on Wall Street as an equity research analyst at investment banks like Janney Montgomerry Scott, covering Internet and Tech sectors, and then 7 years as a portfolio manager at a family fund, Twin Capital. Launched in 2020, altFINS is a cloud-based platform for retail and institutional investors to conduct technical and fundamental investment analysis, trade and track digital assets across exchanges and wallets. It is now used by tens of thousands of active crypto traders to discover trading ideas and strategies. Do you have a story or anything to say about who and why altFINS was created, also is there a backstory to that story? When was the PLATFORM founded and Why? I caught the crypto bug in 2017 during the ICO craze. powered by CMC coin


Frustrated with a lack of robust analytical tools that I was used to working with (Bloomberg, etc.), I and a team of local developers decided to develop one. altFINS launched in August 2020 after two years of development. What is the ultimate business goal of your Platform.? Like the big vision. altFINS platform will focus on pre-trade analytics, becoming an indispensable tool for crypto traders and investors seeking information about crypto projects and their digital tokens. We will keep adding data and analytics, both off- and on-chain analytics, but also research content. What made you come to the Crypto space? After years spent analysing emerging tech trends and companies, I was itching to create a start-up and go through the entire process from an idea to product design, development, product launch, funding, marketing, partnerships and building a team. It’s been a rewarding experience, albeit as volatile as the crypto market itself. It’s a challenge building a business in an entirely new technology space that is rapidly evolving. How much experience did you have when you created the platform? This is my first start-up but I’m leveraging years of knowledge accumulated while researching emerging tech sectors and startups. Admittedly, I’m learning a lot on the go.

How does altFINS stack up against market competitors? Most fintech providers in the digital assets space focus simply on trade execution or just asset tracking, but they neglect the pre-trade analysis that is required to answer investor’s key question: “which digital asset should I own, why and when?”. altFINS is building a tool that covers the entire investment workflow from pre-trade analysis to trading and post-trade analysis and tracking of digital assets. How long did it take to develop the platform and what were some of all the challenges and hurdles of development in the early stages and what development challenges do you see today? The platform took twice as long (2 years) and was 2-3x more costly than we initially expected. It took us a lot of time because it is really data intensive. One of the big challenges that exist in our

ecosystem is that it is very fragmented – there are perhaps as many as 400 crypto exchanges. This makes the price data for those coins very fragmented as well. The platform is ingesting market data from 30 exchanges and that means that we are ingesting around 600 million data records a day. After ingesting the data, the platform calculates around 120 different types of analytics in 5 different time frames across 6,000+ assets. What all that means is that our platform is doing well over 1 billion calculations a day, which has to be stored and backed up. The result, however, is that the users can screen the market quickly and easily and find the coins that fit their investment criteria. What are the current features of your offering and what new features do you have planned for the future. altFINS seeks to bring efficiency into the investment process in the digital assets space by covering the entire workflow from 1) pre-trade analysis (investment idea generation, technical indicators, fundamental data, screening, charting, alerts, news, research), to 2) trade execution across exchanges, and 3) post-trade analysis (asset tracking, P&L, NAV, risk analysis). We still have a lot of wood to chop on the latter two areas. Need to add more exchange connectivity and tools for users to analyse and track their trading performance. In 2022, altFINS will launch a Community-Driven Research Marketplace. There is a dire need for research coverage of the growing list of altcoins. Centralised research providers cannot keep up. Instead, our Research Marketplace will empower and reward all users to contribute their research and insights. Both contributors and readers will need to stake altFINS, our native token, to participate in the Marketplace. This will align participants’ interests to benefit the entire investor community and create a more equitable mechanism for users to share in the value they create. powered by CMC coin

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What things do you do to keep the platform relevant or connected with your customers? for example a newsletter or holding contests or rewards? During 2022, altFINS will be launching its native token, altFINS. The intention of the altFINS token is to stimulate adoption of the altFINS platform among the crypto community. By rewarding our community for the use and contribution to the platform, the community awareness and utility value of the platform will grow, attracting additional users. Growing user base and fee revenues should drive more demand for AFINS tokens through staking and buy-backs / burns, which could exert upward pressure on token price, further rewarding our community and ecosystem. What do you see as the current state of the trading analytics platforms Exchange market landscape, in terms of the general state of current offerings on the market? Our closest competitor on the trading analytics and market screener solution is TradingView, although it appears a bit of an afterthought for them since their bread and butter is their charting app and

mostly in equities. altFINS has created a workflow for traders that is unmatched in the crypto space currently. In terms of on-chain data, there are many emerging providers including Dune Analytics, Glassnode, Coinmetrics, Sentiment and Nasen. The problem is that their data and analytics are overwhelming the users, it is unclear what is actionable and what is just noise. We will integrate on-chain analytics into our platform this year but we will focus on a subset that is most valuable to the traders and investors. Is altFINS aimed just at private traders and retail, or does altFINS seek to offer its services to institutions and trading houses/prop desks/investment fund and investor clubs etc? Well, to answer this, we need to break the landscape in accordance with what segment of the users

is the app targeting. Let us think of the user base as a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid, there are the investor novices – these are the people who are just learning how to invest in cryptocurrencies, exploring various strategies and technical indicators. Next, we have intermediate investors, who are used to trading; they’re not day traders but are actively managing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. At the top of the pyramid are the very advanced users some of whom even code their own strategies. There are various competitors for each segment of the user base. At this stage of our development, I would say that we are aiming at the bottom and middle segments of this pyramid. In fact, there are a lot of platforms that provide automation of trading and algorithmic trading and that are intended for the top segment of the pyramid, so for now we are targeting the other two segments, which make up the majority of the estimated 200 million crypto investors worldwide currently. Do you offer altFINS a white-label service for other businesses looking to enter the space? This year, we will be launching plug-in widgets that 3rd party websites (crypto media sites or trading apps) can easily integrate. These widgets will include some of our analytics and content, such as coins in an uptrend, or with strong momentum, or coins that are breaking out. These are essentially trading ideas and building blocks for traders. Does your platform also provide Liquidity reports on the exchanges they are integrated with? NO What exchanges are you integrated with? For trading, we have integrated seven exchanges: Binance, Binance US, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Poloniex. For analytics, we ingest data from 30 exchanges. To see for yourself how altFINS can elevate your trade discovery on the alternative coin market take a free trial and see for yourself BY using the barcode below or code: 154 on the website. 


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Automated trading signal Ethereum (ETH) is approaching resistance level

Want to know what happens next?


A Declaration of the Interdependence of

Cyberspace Countries will compete with corporations in the Metaverse when all of us as Freefolk truly own It. Meta on Facebook versus open DAOs, the battle will be won or lost based on the microchip mostly, and hardware next, and of course the nature of the blockchain. What kind of Metaverse would you want to live in? With the announcement of Face-

book’s rebrand to “Meta” – where the social media giant designs and builds “the Metaverse” intent on co-opting the name and claiming the next digital frontier for themselves – the battle for the future of cyberspace is on. Of course, Facebook would not be the director or sole owner of the so-called Metaverse. The total Metaverse and all the mini Metverse’s that will make it up will be a battle to conquer, and the claims of one company, government, entity, or individual persons are guaranteed to be a perpetual battle. What the Heck is a “Metaverse”? Metaverses are virtual worlds that blur the lines between digital and physical spaces. The Metaverse has been described as an “asynchronous and persistent network of real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds that can be encountered by virtually unlimited numbers of users with a continuity of data, such as identity, history, entitlements, objects, communications, and payments.” Wrap your head around


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that, and next consider that the potential is so mind-blowing no one can say for sure how it’s all going to look after a few years of evolution. It’s like when computers first came on the scene, or the internet for that matter, and the world had no clue they would turn out to be the indispensable tools they are now. Technology will be so embedded and a part of our society in the future that the Metaverse will comprise a huge percentage of the world’s economic worth. This is only the beginning. Culture and language will also be altered significantly worldwide. As a part of my education and passion, I focused on the history and origins of our most fundamental ideas as humans. Literally, it was the study of where we get our ideas from and how they evolve. The world as we know it is at a place where the evolution of ideas is far removed from our humble past and what brought us this far. It is plain to see that humanity will never be the same. We are in for a shock so huge powered by CMC coin


that our survival may be at stake. The Metaverse is a quantum leap that also may have the power to save us from our past mistakes. It’s all about what we do with it from this point on. Centralized Power, Decentralized Autonomy, & Points In Between Private and public perspectives on the Metaverse are competing visions. As in the privatized Metaverse, big corporations, like Facebook’s “Meta,” will decide how people interact through virtual reality (via headsets that project a digital world) and augmented reality (such as glasses that project digital images over the real world). Many competing private entities are creating Metaverses of their own vision. Users act as consumers to extract value from Facebook’s private Metaverse, owned and managed by Facebook. Facebook first experimented with blockchain and cryptocurrency with Libra (rebranded to Diem). Facebook’s attempt to monopolize another Web 3.0 idea that is really owned by all of us that relies on non-fungible tokens has the crypto community outraged. It’s like Facebook wants to own the entire internet or all the space we inhabit in the physical world in comparison. Governments also have the same ideas in mind. powered by CMC coin

We All Must Declare and Take the Metaverse as Our Own as Humans Companies and governments have always wanted all the power in the world. With their weapons and economic power as the Prime Bullies of all, they just take it themselves. It is not theirs to take when it comes down to it. All of us need to demand our rightful ownership of the world as Freefolk, and it is the same with the Metaverse. It is time to take your independence. When the first cities began to spring from the evolution of mankind and all the rules of conduct were first formulated in these wellsprings of all we are now. It became dominant that the bullies who began to govern us all through wealth and power took their places as lords and masters. The people were once free and then they were not. All our future behaviors of conduct in the world have evolved from the headwaters that fed the cities of Babylon in ancient times. We now have the technology through the blockchain to take our power back and become the Freefolk of Babylon. Now is your chance. On the other hand, Public Metaverses are a vision of numerous, decentralized digital worlds that are built and controlled by participants. An

open, interoperable, decentralized technological architecture underpins the public Metaverse. This project integrates a suite of crypto community innovations in decentralized finance for payments and in-world nodes for real value items. Metaverses are governed and owned by “decentralized autonomous organizations” or DAOs, governed and managed by distributed, goal-aligned communities. We can literally create our own free self-governed societies with blockchain technology. How Will We Inhabit and Use the Metaverse? It all starts with blockchain, but hardware is also involved just like we need computers and screens to use the internet. Because of this fact, companies, governments, and people are all in this together, and so we all must work together and support each other as the technology evolves. It will be a feat of survival of the fittest to find out who of these gains the most sway in the Metaverses to come. Perhaps the power that decentralization brings may grant the people their true power back. In order to get community help and take your place as a member of the Freefolk of Babylon sign this petition. Your future may count on it. 

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Mysterious Crypto world with


CryptoQueen 6 most popular activities for those who missed the first waves in crypto risks and failures on your journey to our mysterious crypto world. I suggest checking these main options for entering this amazing industry: 1. I ’d like to start with the trading activities. A crypto portfolio includes both investing, I mean buying crypto for a long term, as well as trading itself when you buy and sell like you do on the stock market. “How to buy Bitcoin?” has been the most common question I receive from beginners for several years. 2. D evelopers. This point is great for two sides:

Anait Ambartsumyan Author of the book “Mysterious Crypto world”, lecturer, blogger, founder of a crypto channel, crypto enthusiast by philosophy, trader, investor. Let me begin by saying that I believe cryptocurrency is the next step in the evolution of money. It’s normal that so many people and institutions are still wary of crypto - every step forward is initially rejected, followed by understanding, and then a long period of mass adoption. So here we are right now. Even though Bitcoin was created in 2008, it is still a relatively new development, so you can be one of those early crypto adopters even if you join now. I’m here to help you with your first steps, so you can avoid any possible


a) blockchain developers (who knows solidity, simplicity, CX coding languages) have a large demand creating higher salaries, and b) blockchain companies need as many developers as the industry can provide because it is rapidly expanding. So if you know some coding, it’s time to turn to the blockchain. 3. M ining is still a big interest among beginners. Even though it became less profitable, many noobies want to start their crypto journey with mining. I think this point needs some explanation also, so message us if you are interested. 4. N FTs have become one of the most talked-about topics inside and outside the industry over the past several months. Why?

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Probably because they have been sold for millions. And who can enter this market? Creators with an amazing imagination, those who can make those visual masterpieces digital, those who can promote, and so on. Again, waiting for your questions, if interested. 5. M etaverse. Buying land and building construction on the planet Earth are in the past, everything has its owner. Another situation is in the virtual world, construction here just began so everyone can take their piece of the cake. The more creative you are, the more you’ll take. 6. O ther roles. Despite the differences between traditional marketing and crypto marketing, the industry still needs good professionals. Economists, as someone has to count the tokenomics, new world parts prices, DAO’s structure, and so on. And of course, the industry needs designers, community managers, sales, event managers, too etc. This industry changes not every day, but every hour, so when you are here you’ll need to research a lot, get ready. But at the same time, we are here to help, so don’t hesitate to send us your questions. We’ll check which is most popular and will explain the topic in our next edition. Also, which of the mentioned above occupancies are the most interesting for you? I can go deeper and share some details. Entering the crypto world is much easier with us.  powered by CMC coin










Military.Finance announced its partnership with the Heart of a Lion Foundation in parallel with launching a new cryptocurrency some months ago now. It is the company’s goal to provide financial assistance and support to the families of service members who have returned from war. This is a fully decentralized, community-built project to help veterans and charities. Veterans and veteran organizations can take part in receiving donations from Military.Finance. In its core, the project helps connect members of the armed forces and charitable organizations to cryptocurrencies. With Military.Finance, veterans can farm, lend, stake, and earn passive income. Military.Finance’s project aims to empower community members and reward them for helping those in need. As well, Military.Finance rewards those who buy and

hold $MIL tokens. As well as achieving its mandate, the project will build trust and transparency. Military.Finance ($MIL) is expected to be a hot topic at the upcoming Crypto Expo in Dubai on March 16-17, to which Crypto Weekly Magazine is an official sponsor. Over 60 other speakers from over 30 countries will attend the conference, including Nathan Hill, co-owner of the CMC group, which owns Crypto Weekly. The event is expected to attract over 10,000 traders and investors, and Stumpf is keen to raise awareness of Military. Finance’s goals: The token empowers the public to make a significant impact on restoring the lives of veterans across the country. This is a project for those heroes, backed by heroes.

PROJECT 2 FasTToken is a full-fledged blockchain ecosystem designed to deliver the benefits of the technology to all the industries that our partners operate in. We build scalable, unique solutions that will streamline business operations and open up the gates towards cryptocurrencies and decentralization. Our product line includes the cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency payments and cryptocurrency exchange, NFT marketplace, and our unique blockchain solution, based on the


FasTToken terminals, ultimately, Ethereum

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network, as well as supporting numerous decentralized applications.Besides this, FTN is the official cryptocurrency of SoftConstruct, which means, 1 million active users and 700 partners all over the globe, want to be one of our partners or just a friend. Come and say “hi”, we would love to tell you more about the future of our business, and how we are helping move the crypto revolution forward, with synergy as the catalyst. We are waiting for you at the #103 booth at Crypto Expo Dubai powered by CMC coin


Russian billionaires could use crypto to circumvent sanctions


ussia and its billionaires may be able to blunt the effects of western sanctions with cryptocurrency. U.S. President Joe Biden announced Thursday he has authorized “strong sanctions” against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. As part of the sanctions, five Russian banks with assets valued at $1 trillion will be penalized for doing business in dollars and other major currencies. The fines are in addition to those imposed earlier this week. The Russian elite and their family members will also be targeted. Sanctions may be less effective in countries that have legalized cryptocurrency and where digital assets are widely owned. Typically, nations use physical workarounds to circumvent sanctions, such as Venezuela and North Korea’s shipto-ship fuel transfers. However, digital assets, such as crypto and decentralized exchanges, may be most effective at circumventing sanctions. According to Matthew Sigel, Director of Digital Assets Research at VanEck, “neither dictators nor human rights activists would be subject to censorship on the Bitcoin network.” powered by CMC coin

If the U.S. and its allies impose sanctions on companies and individuals, they could be shut out of the West. Bitcoin, which employs blockchain technology to make transactions anonymous, could circumvent those penalties for billionaires, some of whom have already been targeted directly. They could buy goods and services and invest in assets outside of Russia without having to deal with banks or institutions that complied with sanctions and could track their transactions. According to Mati Greenspan, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of financial advisory firm Quantum Economics, “Bitcoin can be used by individuals and organizations who cannot conduct business through banks. The wealthy can hold their wealth in Bitcoin to avoid the freezing of their accounts due to sanctions.” Getting Around Sanctions Fiat currencies must go through third-party institutions that can track, freeze, or block them. By contrast, cryptocurrencies can potentially be sent directly from one person to

another regardless of government restrictions. It is also possible for cryptocurrency holders to create a web of wallets on multiple exchanges, making it impossible to track any activity and even more challenging to identify specific individuals. You can also choose a cryptocurrency exchange not located in a country with sanctions, so you are not required to adhere to regulations. Analysts say, however, that any crypto assets that trade hands are less fungible since they can’t be converted into fiat. For individuals to circumvent banks and exchanges that adhere to sanctions, they would have to convince any services they do business with to accept digital payment, which could be challenging. Russians who will be targeted with sanctions are “people who have benefited personally from the Kremlin’s policies and, they should share the pain,” Biden said. “In the days ahead, we will keep up the drumbeat against corrupt billionaires.” So far, none of the billionaires sanctioned before Thursday have publicly revealed whether they own crypto. 

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Ukraine’s Central Bank Suspension of Electronic Cash Transfers, Bolsters Crypto’s Utility


ne of the latest measures taken in connection with Ukraine’s declaration of martial law is cracking down on digital money transfers. According to Kuna, a famous Ukrainian crypto exchange, Ukrainian buyers pay a premium for Tether’s USDT stablecoin, pegged to the buck. One of the latest measures taken by Ukraine’s central bank is a crackdown on digital money transfers. Ukraine’s National Bank has ordered electronic money (e-money) issuers to stop issuing electronic money and reloading electronic wallets with electronic money. Also stated in the written order was the temporary suspension of e-money distribution. These are among many new rules being rolled out by the country’s central bank as Russian forces siege Ukraine. Fiat currencies are stored in digital accounts through platforms such as Venmo or PayPal. In a recent statement, the National Bank of Ukraine announced several resolutions, including suspending the foreign exchange


market, a limit on cash withdrawals, and the prohibition of foreign currency issuance from retail bank accounts. The Ukrainian government cracks down on sources of cash, while Moscow unleashes airstrikes and ground troops. In response, more people are turning to cryptocurrencies. Crypto adoption in Ukraine is now among the highest in the world. According to Kuna, a famous Ukrainian crypto exchange, domestic buyers pay a premium for Tether’s USDT stablecoin, pegged to the dollar. In an interview with Coindesk, Michael Chobanian, founder of Kuna, said, “We don’t trust the government, the banking system, or the local currency.” For the majority of people, crypto is the only option. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have experienced substantial volatility in recent weeks amid growing geopolitical tensions, Tether is generally relatively stable in value, like other stablecoins of its kind. Tether has the highest market cap of all stablecoins at almost $80 billion.

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However, at the current exchange rate, 1 USDT is approximately 32 Ukrainian hryvnia (the national currency), or $1.10, due to increased demand. Leaders of Ukraine have been trying to rebrand as a mecca for digital currencies for months. Earlier this year, the President and Parliament agreed on legislation regulating cryptocurrencies, following a law Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed in 2021 that allows the central bank to issue cryptocurrencies. During a state visit to the U.S. in 2021, Zelenskyy cited Ukraine’s “legal and innovative virtual asset market” as an “appealing feature for investors.” The Minister of Digital Transformation announced that Ukraine would modernize its payment systems to support digital currencies. According to the Kyiv Post, Ukraine planned to open cryptocurrency markets to investors and businesses before the Russian attack. The Russian invasion has distracted top state officials from touting their crypto credentials to investors and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.  powered by CMC coin


Wall Street’s Biggest Companies are Into Crypto, Yet, Regulators Don’t Like it a Bit Over the past year, banks and financial institutions have heavily invested in crypto. Still, regulators, including this week’s Financial Stability Board, are unsure of how to respond. Check out what the big banks are saying and doing about the digital world. Take a look at what the big banks have to say and do about the digital world. Even with its volatility, crypto attracts supporters, especially in traditional finance, where major banks and asset managers continue to extend their services to clients. According to CoinShares, crypto-asset investment


totaled $9.3 billion in 2021, up 36% over the $6.8 billion logged in 2020. Amateur and retail investors alike are affected, not just those at the beginner’s level. According to FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto market will attract significant institutional investment by 2022. He said several large banks, investment banks, and pension funds had been approached in early January. Not everyone should get into crypto. Regulators in particular, have expressed reservations. Financial Stability Board, the global banking watchdog, published a report this week warning of the dangers of crypto assets. It called upon

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regulators to find ways to reduce the risks posed by the boom in crypto adoption as mainstream finance and crypto become more intertwined. The FSB said that systemically important banks and other financial institutions are increasingly willing to engage in crypto activities and gain exposure to crypto assets. Both, central banks and regulators, have expressed concern over the volatility of Bitcoin and Ether and the systemic risks digital coins may pose. However, many of the world’s largest investment banks offer their clients a variety of ways to engage with cryptocurrencies and the wider digital world. JPMorgan Chase became the powered by CMC coin


first bank to open a lounge on the Decentraland platform, a virtual version of Tokyo’s high-end shopping district. Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction on Wall Street, and some predict Bitcoin will reach $100,000 or more in the next few years. JPMorgan In July last year, JPMorgan introduced cryptocurrency funds for all its wealth management clients. JPMorgan Chase was the first major US bank to provide crypto access to retail clients. Jamie Dimon, the bank’s CEO, isn’t a big fan of cryptocurrency personally, saying “I personally think Bitcoin is worthless, but the bank has expanded its crypto offering to meet clients’ needs. Customer decisions are up to the customers,” Dimon says. With regards to the Metaverse, JPMorgan published a white paper this past week in which it said opportunities were relatively “limitless” and the digital world could generate $1 trillion in annual revenue. Goldman Sachs According to a Wall Street bank, cryptocurrency adoption will not necessarily translate into hefty gains for the likes of Bitcoin. The company is, however, a strong believer in the possibilities that digital currencies and the virtual world could present. A cryptocurrency trading desk was set up in 2021 to trade Bitcoin futures, making it the first large institution to do so. “GCEM (Global Currencies and Emerging Markets) will oversee the crypto trading team,” the bank said. With publicly traded derivatives tied to Bitcoin already available in 2018, Goldman Sachs has been building out its crypto-related services ever since. Clients of the bank’s wealth management division could also invest in crypto. A detailed research note was recently released by Goldman Sachs strategists. Crypto-based Metaverse in which people buy virtual goods with cryptocurrency - could be an $8 trillion investment opportunity. powered by CMC coin

Morgan Stanley For the first time, Morgan Stanley adopted crypto. It offered Bitcoin funds to wealthy clients 11 months ago, making it the first bank to do so. Clients had to invest at least $2 million with the bank. James Gorman, the bank’s chief executive, says crypto isn’t a big part of the bank’s business, but it won’t disappear anytime soon. “I do not think crypto is a fad,” he said on a recent earnings call. Morgan Stanley has about $300 million invested in Bitcoin, according to CoinTelegraph. Cryptocurrency research is also done by the bank. The company announced in a memo last year it had established a cryptocurrency research team to recognize the growing importance of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in global markets. Morgan Stanley analysts also predict the market for luxury-brand non-fungible tokens - a form of digital collectible residing on the blockchain - will grow to around $240 billion by 2030. Wells Fargo Crypto adoption is accelerating toward a “hyper-inflection point” that Wells Fargo believes is just beginning. Wells Fargo responded to the question about

whether it’s too late to jump on the crypto bandwagon last week by saying, “no, it’s not too late.” A year ago, the bank began offering cryptocurrency exposure to its high-net-worth wealth and investment management clients. “For investors who qualify and have an interest, there have been some good academic and moneymanagement studies suggesting that it can be a nice diversifier of portfolio holdings,” the bank said. The Fidelity and BlackRock companies A blockchain and technology ETF was filed last month with the SEC by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. The ETF would follow crypto-focused companies around the world. BlackRock is set to provide cryptocurrency trading services to some of its investor clients, according to a recent report from CoinDesk. One source told CoinDesk that BlackRock would allow its clients to trade crypto through its Aladdin wealth management platform, including big public pension funds and university endowments. Additionally, Fidelity launched its first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund in Europe this week. It has approved two ETFs that track the Metaverse and cryptocurrencies sectors through companies exposed to both. 

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DONATIONS TO THE UKRAINIAN MILITARY IN BITCOINS are surging as Russia invades T he number of Bitcoin donations to the Ukrainian army has soared after Moscow launched a massive offensive against Ukraine early Thursday morning.

provides blockchain tools to banks and cryptocurrency platforms, says, “cryptocurrency is increasingly being used to crowdfund wars with tacit government approval.”

E lliptic, a blockchain analytics company, reported that over 12 hours, nearly $400,000.00 was donated to Come Back Alive, a Ukrainian organization that assists Ukraine’s armed forces.

Censorship-proof and borderless

Following Moscow’s large-scale offensive against Ukraine, Bitcoin donations to the Ukrainian army are soaring. A blockchain analytics company, Elliptic reports that nearly $400k was donated to Come Back Alive in less than 12 hours, a non-governmental organization supporting the Ukrainian armed forces. Elliptic reports that the fresh round of cryptocurrency donations follows a recent trend where donations amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars have flooded into Ukrainian NGOs and volunteer groups battling against a Russian invasion. The crypto has been used for various purposes, including providing military equipment, medical supplies, and drones to the Ukrainian army and funding the development of a facial recognition app designed to identify Russian mercenaries and spies. Robinson, who is Chief Scientist at Elliptic, an analytics company that


By providing additional resources and manpower, volunteer groups have long augmented the military’s work in Ukraine. Volunteers stepped up to support protesters in 2014, for example, after pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted. Typically, these organizations receive funds through bank wires or mobile apps from private donors. Despite financial institutions blocking payments to Ukraine, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become more popular. According to Elliptic, volunteer groups and nonprofits have raised more than $1 million in cryptocurrency, though that number appears to be steadily increasing as donations pour in amid Russia’s recent offensive. The military receives medical supplies, training services, and equipment from Come Back Alive. In 2018, it began accepting cryptocurrency. On Thursday, Patreon suspended the nonprofit’s donation page after people donated hundreds of thousands of dollars during the invasion. Contributors were reimbursed. The Ukrainian Cyber Alliance has received over $100,000 in

Crypto Weekly Dubai Expo Edition

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and stablecoins. According to Elliptic, Alliance activists have conducted cyberattacks against Russian targets since 2016. Pro-Russian separatists have also used Bitcoin to raise funds since the conflict began. Fintech analyst Boaz Sobrado at CNBC says, “the Russian government doesn’t close opposition bank accounts because doing so forces the opposition to turn to crypto-fundraising, which is much harder to track.” Crypto fundraising has supported controversial causes, from WikiLeaks to Republican candidate Alexei Navalny. He has raised funds in Bitcoin as well. Ukrainians have also adopted cryptocurrencies on a national level. The Ukrainian President and Parliament have approved a law that legalizes and regulates cryptocurrencies. Even though this measure does not go as far as El Salvador’s law making Bitcoin legal tender in September, it nevertheless takes crypto out of the gray area where it currently resides. Zelenskyy advocated Ukraine’s budding “legal, innovative market for virtual assets” as a selling point for investors during an official state visit to the U.S. in August 2021, while Fedorov said Ukraine was modernizing its payment market to be able to issue digital currencies. All those plans may be moot if war breaks out with Russia.  powered by CMC coin


Russia will Require Licensed Crypto Trading Platforms and Wallets in a Proposal to the Ministry of Finance tions from trading platforms. It must take special note of funds coming from addresses of miners. Tax authorities will then be responsible for reporting miner income. Data centers owned by Russian entities can only provide facilities for miners. The biggest miners must be listed separately. Most small “home” miners do not have to do that unless their electricity consumption exceeds a certain threshold specified on the bill.


n the proposed bill on cryptocurrencies from the Ministry of Finance, residents would be required to transact digital currency through licensed operators, making peer-to-peer transactions illegal. Only certified cryptocurrency wallets will be permitted. A legal expert who obtained a draft of the document, titled “On Digital Currency,” shared it with CoinDesk even though it was not published on the parliament website. The Ministry of Finance introduced the proposal to regulate cryptocurrency trading and mining despite the objections from the Bank of Russia, which demands that cryptocurrency trading, mining, and ownership be banned entirely.

terrorism financing or extremism fall under this category - accusations that have been used against the Russian political opposition in recent years. Offshore companies won’t be able to operate as crypto intermediaries either. Traders will need at least 50 million rubles ($1.2 million) in assets to be approved for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the bill, these licensed platforms will only allow you to purchase cryptocurrency using Russian bank accounts. An antimoney laundering agency must obtain records about users and their transac-

During the half-decade, Mikhail Uspensky has been involved in the legislative discussions around crypto in Russia. He says the bill’s approach is the most comprehensive and severe he’s seen so far. Uspensky has called for a powerful coalition in the executive branch against a total crypto ban. In addition to this particular bill, a working group has been formed to regulate cryptocurrency more broadly. Uspensky noted that the bill focuses narrowly on regulating fiat-to-crypto on-ramps, touching mining first. Creating official registers [for cryptocurrency exchanges and miners] is a norm in Russia. However, the bill will most likely change during the legislative process and won’t be passed as it stands. 

In the bill, digital currency is defined as property and electronic data in an information system that can be used for payment but is not a legal tender in the Russian Federation or as an investment tool without any backing. As with traditional businesses, digital currency operators that facilitate transactions must maintain annual financial reports. Incarcerated persons are not allowed to serve as directors. Those accused of


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