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Visit our online store! CryoVation offers an online marketplace, shop for all replacement parts for our equipment, theri equipment, and MORE!

Cylinder Filling Systems

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CryoVation specializes in customized plant systems, handling all your needs from layout and design to installation and training. CryoVation also provides service, consulting and on-going technical support.

Manifold systems that fit your distribution system and facility space.

Control Packages for all levels. From manual to semi-automated to fully automated. Pressure, Temperature or Gravimetric.

Our Sales and Engineering team can help to provide the most efficient layout and size your equipment to handle current and future volumes.

Quality Control & Safety

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CryoVation has made quality control and safety our #1 priority. We are investing the time and have developed the procedures to ensure that the products that leave our dock each day have been thoroughly checked and cleared by the following departments. Departments working together: ● Parts Inspection ● Oxygen Cleaning ● Pressure and Vacuum Testing ● Calibration of Weight, Temperature or Pressure ● Trained and Experienced Technicians

Oxygen Cleaning

Thorough Evaluation

Product Inspection

Pumps - Heavy Duty

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CV40 Cryogenic Filling Pump – to deliver up to 4 gpm (15 lpm), and up to 4000 psi (275 bar) MAWP. Includes: ● Motor, 20 hp TEFC energy efficient model with motor adjustment ● Galvanized Heavy Steel Skid with Stainless Belt Guard Cover ● Pressure Switch ● Reference Pressure Gauge ● Surge Chamber with high pressure relief valve ● Cold End, XL 1.75" diameter piston ● Vacuum-jacketed sump with V-Band Clamp ● Drive End, XL 1.50" stroke Extra heavy duty ● Pushrod Gas Seal Covers with Seal Leak Thermocouple port



● Flow rate of 1.7 - 3.5 gpm (13 liters/ min.) at 4000 psi (275 bar) MAWP ● 10-20 hp TEFC motor ● NEMA 4 eletrical control with manual disconnect,motor starter, hour meter, liquid-filled pressure gauge, overpressure switch and On/Off button control ● Large diameter cold end ● Vacuum-jacketed, sump ● Heavy-duty drive end ● Surge chamber and pressure relief valve ● Stainless steel belt guard

NDPD Syle - Refurbished and Exchange Pumps ● Vacuum jacketed cold end helps minimize heat leak and reduce product loss ● Krytox lubricated grease packed bearings with re-greasable fittings for extended operation ● Split drive end housing for easy maintenance access ● Intermediate purge connection allows for extended packing life


Pumps - Cryogenic

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Models CV10 to CV22

● Flow Rate: 0.5 - 2.2 gpm ● Pressure: 3000 - 6000 psi ● Product: LIN/LOX/LAR

CV22/4 Cryogenic Filling Pump

● Delivers up to 2.2 gpm (8.3 liters/min.) at 3500 psi (240 bar) maximum working presure ● 7.5 hp/10 hp TEFC motor ● NEMA 4 electrical control with manual disconnect, motor starter, hour meter, pressure gauge, over-pressure switch and On-Off button control ● Vacuum jacketed cold end, Krytox lubricated drive end ● Surge chamber with pressure relief valve ● Powder painted heavy steel skid Available up to 6000 psi Available with motor frequency control to provide easy adjustment of flow rate

We manufacture and stock parts for all major makes and models, including: ● CryoVation - CV, WCP, W50 P1600, P1700, P1800, P1100 ● WDPD, NDPD, P2K, SPD ● SDPD, PD3000, LXR ● Cardox CFU CO2 Pump ● Woodland

Ask About our Pump Exchange Program

Vacuum Pumps

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A full line of single and 2-stage rotary vacuum pumps for all industrial and specialty gas applications. Accessories include Vacuum Stands, Motor Starters, Inert and O2 compatible lubricants and Safety Devices.

Anti-suckback is built into all our rotary vane pumps

High Vacuum Models

Leybold D25B Trivac is a durable vacuum pump with a superior vapor handling capability. This dual stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump offers an excellent ultimate pressure of 1x104 Torr. The Leybold D25 vacuum pumps have a pumping speed displacement of 20.9 CFM

High Flow Models

Leybold Sogevac SV65 single stage oil sealed vacuum pump is designed for continuous operation over the working pressure range from atmosphere to less than 1 Torr. It consists of the pump body oil casing and drive cooling system. The Leybold Sogevac SV65 has built in exhaust filters, gas ballast valve, and an automatic oil return system. It is low noise, compact, low vibration, and easy to operate. This Leybold Sogevac SV65 is also easy to maintain, service and repair. Pumping Speed 46 CFM.

SuperPro - Pump Protection

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The leading cause of pump failure is prolonged cavitation. Save money on excess repairs with one of our Pump Protection Kits! Cavitation - Pump Prime Protection Kit

To monitor pump discharge temperature and interrupt operation if temperature rises above, and maintains for 45 seconds, a higher temperature than set point. Includes the following:

Blow-By Protection

Monitoring for cryogenic temperatures leaking or blowing-by the cold end. Preventing Drive end from freezing up.

Liquid Saver Kit

Provides remote control of liquid supply to the pump with automatic shut-off after selected time delay of inactivity Includes liquid supply solenoid valve; fittings and safety relief for installation in liquid line, and control panel

Pump Unloader Kit

Super Pro Panel Can be added to any make or model of pump

Automatically “unloads� the pressure from the pump discharge line to allow start-up against a low back-pressure. Pump life is increased and cavitation minimized. Vent silencer optional.


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W50 Carbon Dioxide Pump

● 50 lbs. / min. (22.7 kg. / min.) at 1500 psi maximum working pressure ● 7.5 hp motor with surge chamber, relief valve, liquid- filled pressure gauge, safety bypass valve set @ 1000 psi, cool-down valve and heavy duty base

Auto CO2 Fill Manifold - Switchover

Allows for automatic switching between (2) fill manifolds upon “full” sensing of either cylinder. Includes the following: ● Control panel with necessary relays, “Ready” SC-5 Low Volume CO2 pump push-buttons, and status indicator lights ● SC-5 is splash lubricated ● Solenoid Valves – (2) ea. cylinder fill and (1) ● Pumps at a rate of 6 pounds per minute ● ea. bypass Discharge pressure of 1200-1500 psi. ● Scales – (2) digital, 36” platform ● Fill hoses, gauges, safety relief valves and support stand


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Maximum Current






Save Electricity... CryoVation’s Waterbath Vaporizer uses less electricity than a traditional electric vaporizer. Reduce your power consumption and start saving money!

“ Reduce fill times

Faster Fill...


Filling Time 30




CryoVation’s Waterbath Vaporizer

Traditional Electric Vaporizer

and save on electricity consumption ”

Upgrade to a Waterbath Vaporizer and reduce your fill times by 60% when you switch from your old style electric vaporizer.




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Issue: Interrupted gas supply at pressures above 400 PSI

Many fabrication shops require a constant, uninterrupted gas supply at pressures exceeding bulk tank capability (laser cutting, injection molding, etc.). For these applications, any pause in the gas supply can result in lost productivity, ruined work-pieces, and even downtime for an entire operation. Gas changeover manifolds can be utilized by smaller operations that are using only a limited amount of product. However, the process of delivering and changing out empty cylinders is tedious, labor intensive and expensive.

Solution: Smart Control Systems

CryoVation offers its PAC-1 (Pump Automated Control) Console and its CV Cryogenic Pump to pressurize a high pressure gas pack or reserve bank of cylinders. The PAC-1 is PLC controlled and will sense a programmed low pressure in the reserve gas bank to turn on and, at high pressure set-point, turn off again. Regulators control the desired flow of product into the building. This entire process is automated and requires virtually no human interaction as long as the liquid source is maintained.

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SureGasTM System

Providing unattended and constant gas flow to keep customers producing

Vaporizers - Low Pressure

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Flow Boosting Vaporizers

The SOS Series Vaporizers are designed to quickly install on any Liquid Cylinder to increase the output gas use capaity. The SOS Vaporzier can be used with one or two cylinders. While one cylinder is “on-line” the other is on standby, with any excess pressure build-up venting into the gas use stream. Includes brass manifold, liquid and economizer hoses, check valves and vaporizer module.


Total Flow capacity: 500 scfh

Part No.


Total Flow capacity: 1000 scfh



SOS-500, Liquid Cylinder Mount, O2 service, with hoses / ftgs.


SOS-500, Liquid Cylinder Mount, Inert service, with hoses / ftgs.


SOS-500, Liquid Cylinder Mount, CO2 service, with hoses / ftgs.


SOS-1000, Liquid Cylinder Mount, Inert service, with hoses / ftgs.


SOS-1000, Liquid Cylinder Mount, O2 service, with hoses / ftgs.


VD1000B, 1000 SCFH, Free Standing


V1500ALW, 1500 SCFH, Wall / Tank Mount


V02KAL ,

2000 SCFH


V02KAL ,

2000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V04KAL ,

4000 SCFH


V04KAL ,

4000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V05KAL ,

5000 SCFH


V05KAL ,

5000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V08KAL ,

8000 SCFH


V08KAL ,

8000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V10KAL , 10,000 SCFH


V10KAL , 10,000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V12KAL , 12,000 SCFH


V12KAL , 12,000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V15KAL , 15,000 SCFH


V15KAL , 15,000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V18KAL , 18,000 SCFH


V18KAL , 18,000 SCFH, O2 Clean


V22KAL , 22,000 SCFH


V22KAL , 22,000 SCFH, O2 Clean

Vaporizers - High Pressure

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Ambient Vaporizers

Ambient vaporizers are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and working pressures: ● High Pressure – 4000 psi & 6000 psi ● Size – Calculated based upon fluid, duty cycle, climate and pressure ● Tubing – Stainless, Brass & Monel

AMBIENT VAPORIZERS - HIGH PRESSURE, 4000 PSI 3046-2880 3046-2881 3046-3280 3046-3281 3046-3480 3046-3481 3046-3400 3046-3680 3046-3681 3046-3600 3046-3860 3046-3862 3046-3780 3046-3970 3046-3971 3046-3990 3046-4010 3046-4012 3046-4011

V05KSS, 5000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Inert Service V05KSS, 5000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Oxygen service V08KSS, 8000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Inert Service V08KSS, 8000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Oxygen Service V10KSS, 10,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Inert Service V10KSS, 10,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Oxygen Service V10KBR, 10,000 SCFH, Brass lined, 3600 PSI V12KSS, 12,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Inert Service V12KSS, 12,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Oxygen Service V12KBR, 12,000 SCFH, Brass lined, 3600 PSI V15KSS, 15,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Inert Service V15KSS, 15,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Oxygen Service V15KBR, 15,000 SCFH, Brass lined, 3600 PSI V18KSS, 18,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Inert Service V18KSS, 18,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Oxygen Service V18KBR, 18,000 SCFH, Brass lined, 3600 PSI V22KSS, 22,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Inert Service V22KSS, 22,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined, Oxygen Service V22KBR, 22,000 SCFH, Brass lined, 3600 PSI AMBIENT VAPORIZERS - ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE, 6000 PSI

3066-2900 3066-3300 3066-3500 3066-3700 3066-3880

V05KSS6, 5000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined V08KSS6, 8000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined V10KSS6, 10,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined V12KSS6, 12,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined V15KSS6, 15,000 SCFH, Stainless steel lined

Vaporizer Accessories

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Fan Ambient Vaporizer

Improve vaporizer rating up to 100% by adding thermoswitch, automatically controlled fan to push air through fins. Includes 34" Enclosed Steel Fan, Thermocouple, Temperature controller and motor starter control box.

Vaporizer Segment System

Split an existing vaporizer (or connecting 2 separate vaporizers) with an automatic valve and temperature controller. When cold temperature is sensed past the vaporizer, the valve opens and allows for additional vaporization. Available for LIN / LAR / LOX Service

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5 Gas Mix Panel with Fill-Free™

5 Gas Mix Panel

Control Panels

Fill-FreeTM - Semi Automated

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Fill-Free™ 1.0

Add new technology to your old fill system! The Fill-Free™ 1.0 semi-automated control package can be added to an existing filling system or built into a new panel like the one at left. The system as shown includes:

● Panel Mount, Color Touch Screen ● Pressure Transducers (2) ● Vacuum Transducer (1) ● Programmable Controller (PLC) with fill "recipes" ● Thermocouple

The Fill-Free™ 1.0 allows the operator to enter the desired DOT fill pressure and vacuum level, on either the Manifold “A” or “B” set-up screen, and start the fill process. The cylinder temperature is monitored and the ultimate fill pressure is automatically calculated and displayed. The operator is alerted at vent completion, at vacuum completion, and for leak check during fill cycle. Once full, the pump is automatically stopped and the operator is again alerted. Optional high-pressure valves may be added to shut off the vent, vacuum and/or fill lines.

Automated Filling With Touch-Screen Controls

Fill-Free™ 2.0

Similar to above Fill-Free™1.0, but programmed with all of customer's mix "Recipes" to guide operator through accurate mixture filling

ph: 609.914.4792

Fill-FreeTM - Automated

Fill-Free™ 4.0 and 5.0 Automatic Cylinder Filling System ● Completely automatic, unattended filling of high-pressure oxygen or mixed gases ● Control system with Mitsubishi PLC controller for all input and output interfacing with all other major components. Program is designed, installed tested and designprotected by CryoVation ● Temperature/pressure filling of oxygen ● Gravimetric filling of mixes and pure inert gases ● PC supported, full-color 19” “touch-screen” display, Wonder ware® (windowsbased) software. ● Enclosure, NEMA 4, housing all control components; free standing ● Control valve manifold with air-actuated valves ● Audible or visual signaling of leak check requirement ● Ethernet connection for remote monitoring ● Control panel for manual operation.


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Linear Manifolds

Available in a wide variety of sizes, working pressures and gas types. ● ● ● ●

Cap tray Flex hoses Heavy steel frame, powder painted Individual station valves with burst disc

Traversing Manifolds

Maximize the use of floor space while minimizing cylinder handling. Cylinders are stored and filled in the same location, and the manifolds are moved on a track to the cylinders to be filled. Most include: ● Structural frame with parallel tracks ● Flexible hoses to allow manifold movement ● High-capacity manifolds with station valves and hoses

Palletized Manifolds

A wide array of pre-engineered palletized fill islands are available. Designs range from single-sided stationary fill heads to double-sided traversing fill heads. Fill islands have a control center for either manual or automated filling. Along with a customized fill island, a matching cylinder prep-and-sort island can be designed. ● 15, 16, 18 and 21-cylinder designs ● Permanently fixed or track-mounted traversing ● Removable side panel for easy maintenance ● 360-degree swivel and quick-connect up grades available ● Individual shut-off valves optional

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Helium Systems

Helium Remote Cascade with optional Booster Pump - Requires trailers to be manifolded into zones Remote Helium Zone Management System: Includes installing remote solenoid valves and pressure transducers at the tubes. Each “zone” which includes one or two tubes per zone and has a remote valve and pressure transducer. Inside, at the control center, a panel is installed with local control for each zone and a digital pressure readout for each zone. Control Components are fully enclosed in a NEMA 4 enclosure and mounted at tube storage. Operator interface is located in fill area.

Helium Booster System:

Includes the following major components: ● Booster Pump ● Relief Valve ● Gauges ● Vent Valve with Silencer ● Check Valve ● Custom Stand, powder painted steel ● Associated fittings and tubing

Liquid Filling

Automatic CO2 Dual Fill System

ph: 609.914.4792

Allows for automatic switching between (2) fill manifolds upon “full” sensing of either cylinder. Includes the following: ● Control panel with necessary relays, “Ready” push-buttons, and status indicator lights ● Solenoid Valves – (2) ea. cylinder fill and (1) ea. bypass ● Scales – (2) digital, 36” platform ● Fill hoses, gauges, safety relief valves and support stand

Liquid Filling

ph: 609.914.4792


The LiquiFill™ automated system provides minimal loss while reducing fill time. It includes a PLC control console, fill manifold with manual and actuated valves, hoses, safeties, pressure gauge and pressure switch, and centrifugal pump skid with 1x2x4.5 pump, 7.5 hp motor; and digital scale. Fills 180-liter container in approximately 4-5 minutes.

Automated Filling - Single or Multiple Stands

Includes all necessary manual and solenoid valve, hoses, pressure gauge, safeties, digital scale and support stand.

Shown above is CO2 Automatic Changeover System

Specialty Gas Controls

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Complete Specialty Gas Capabilites

● Training and support ● Full line of equipment manufactured in-house ● Rollers, analyzers, purifiers, bakeout systems, manifolds and controls

Level 1: Take your existing gases (N2, O2, Ar, CO2, He) to the next level using gravimetric and basic specialty gas analysis to achieve 10 ppm, UHP, USP, NF, zero gas, pure gas and blends. Recommended equipment package includes: Spec gas panel with gravimetric option, high accuracy scale, radial manifold, linear manifold, and reserve gas banks for each product. Additional options include bakeout ovens and cylinder rollers. Level 2: Introduce specialty and rare gases (H2, CH4, CO, Ethane, Ethylene, Propane, etc.) into the mix. Recommended equipment package includes: Auxiliary panel, supply manifold for each product and additional analyticals. Level 3: Add reactives and acidics. Recommended equipment package includes: Separate panel, manifolding, scubbers and abatement system.

ph: 609.914.4792

Specialty Gas Controls

● Large Color Touchscreen HMI ● PLC Control and Recipe Guide ● Sartorious Cylinder Filling Scale with 150 Kg capacity and 0.1 g accuracy ● Built-In High Vacuum Pump System ● Multiple Pressure and Vacuum Transducers ● 10-Gas Swing-Arm Selector ● Pump Start/Stop ● Additional Gravimetric Fill Lead for Primary Standards Production ● Scale Booth Enclosure with our New Stabilizer Arm ● 12 Cylinder Radial Manifold with individual isolation valves ● Ethernet Module for Remote Access

Fusion-10 Gravimetric Gas Blending Panel

Bake-Out System

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Cylinder Bake-Out System

Designed to prepare cylinders for specialty gas service by drying the internal cylinder walls. Cylinders are prepared by insertion into the bake-out enclosure that externally heats the cylinders. Simultaneously the cylinders are under a high vacuum to remove entrapped moisture. A Cold Trap, filled with liquid nitrogen, traps moisture before it can enter the vacuum pump. Likewise, the Trap also eliminates any possibility of lubrication molecules from back-flowing to the cylinders. An optional purge cycle is available. ● 12, 15 and 21 Cylinder Capacity ● All aluminum, double-wall insulated enclosure with convective heating system, thermostatic control and over-temperature safety switch ● PLC controlled cycle operation High Vacuum Meter, micron range Stainless Steel Vacuum ● Header with purge valve, Vacuum Pump Isolation Valve, Vacuum Gauge (reference), Vacuum Probe (for high vacuum meter) and flexible hoses with CGA-580 connections ● Hinged loading door with power interrupt safety switch ● Removable Lids ● Cold Trap – Free-standing all stainless steel with removable LN2 sump ● Touch Screen Control

ph: 609.914.4792

Cylinder Rollers & Inverters

SCGR-4 Cylinder Gas Mixing Roller

4-cylinder capacity (shown above) includes: ● Air actuated cylinder tilt rack ● Electrical control system to provide automatic, time delayed reversal of rolling direction ● Cylinder rollers, non-mar ● Safety Bar

Cylinder Inverter

Voltage options: ● 110v or 220v single-phase, or 240/480 Also available in 2- and 6-cylinder capacity


ph: 609.914.4792

Purifier, Trace Oxygen Removal

Deoxo 2.0 Purifier, 15,000 scfh inert gas capacity at 3000 PSI maximum working pressure

Purifier, Trace Moisture Removal

DeHydro 2.0 Purifier, 15,000 scfh inert gas capacity at 3000 PSI mawp

Helium Purifier

3 in 1 Purification System The CryoVation Grade 6.0 Helium Purification System is designed to purify inert gases utilizing three unique Purifiers either individually or in series. The Purifier System is comprised of the following: ● Deoxo 2.0 Purifier ● DeHydro 2.0 Purifier, ● Helium Purifier System

ph: 609.914.4792


Analytical Control Panel- Cabinet or In-Wall Mounting

Custom analyzer cabinets are built to suit the customers requirement. Includes support gas and sample inputs. Each analyzer control has a bypass flow meter, purge and sample needle valves and sample source 5-way valve. The package has two sample headers. Support gas connections include all zero and span gases and fuel and air for the HC analyzer.

Fill Racks

ph: 609.914.4792

Starboard R20 Rack

A-Frame Rack

R60 Rack

PSC-52 Rack

R30 Rack

ph: 609.914.4792

Medical O2 Fill Systems

PPS 2500, 5000 and 10,000 CryoVation manufactures several self-contained filling systems, with volumes ranging from 2,500 scfh to 10,000 scfh

Portable Pumping System for Mobile, On-Site Filling

Mobile Filling Systems

ph: 609.914.4792

CryoVation’s turnkey mobile filling systems give you the competitive advantage! Simplify your distribution chain by bringing gas and liquid oxygen directly to your customers and filling their cylinders on site.

With mobile filling, the gas supplier can bring product to the DME provider, so that oxygen cylinders never have to leave the DME’s provider’s possession. A mobile filling system also allows you to easily move your operations base, anytime you want. CryoVation can build a system for you in either a cargotrailer or box truck, and tailor it to meet your needs with features such as a built-in storage and workbench, lighting, designated electrical outlets, upgraded racking, built-in generators, heat/air conditioning, analytic station and more.

Benefits: ● ● ● ● ●

Reduction in cylinder handling Reduction in costs Improved sanitation/reduced infection risk Reduction in cylinder inventory Improved asset management and control of your oxygen invetory Operational and FDA Compliance training are also available

Mobile Filling Systems

ph: 609.914.4792

We offer the choice of a Box Truck or Cargo Trailer with interior layout options Standard Features Customizable Features ● ● ● ● ● ●

Diamond-plated walls Diamond-plated floor Reinforced sub-floor Ventilation system Electric outlets/switches Onboard generator

● ● ● ● ● ●

Storage cabinet Workbench Additional lighting Fans Manifolds Analytic station

Safety is very important when handling oxygen, so the CryoVation system is equipped with pressure and temperature safeties. Additionally, all contacting surfaces are specially cleaned and the excess product is carefully vented outside through a muffler. Once the system is installed, CryoVation will provide 1-2 days of operational training. We also offer FDA compliance training.

Accessorize: Two types of fill racks are available: a traditional linear design, or inverted fill racks. Both allow you to customize CryoVation offers all the accessories the number of cylinders you fill at one time from 20 to needed to fully equip your mobile filling system, including Servomex 200. analyzers, cylinder storage and transport carts, calibration gases, cylinder seals and labels, thermometers and more.

Medical Oxygen Support Services

Recalibration / Recertification

● Gauges certified by CryoVation are traceable to N.I.S.T. ● CryoVation certification and oxygen cleaning practices meet FDA requirements used for filling Medical Grade ● According to the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), the pressure and vacuum gauges as well as thermometer used for filling Medical Grade ● Oxygen must have annual recalibration by a certified NIST traceable gauge ● CryoVation provides customers with required documentation for your SOP manual traceable to N.I.S.T.

ph: 609.914.4792

FDA Compliance

ph: 609.914.4792

Model 5200 Servomex Analyzer

Ideal for the verification of oxygen concentration in industrial gas manufacture and oxygen transfilling. Easy to set up and operate. Meets all US FDA requirements for oxygen transfilling. Fully portable, with power supply included. Regulators, fittings and hoses needed to calibrate analyzer and analyze CGA 540 and 870 style cylinders. Calibration gases not included.

Spare Set of Gauges

Includes back-up 6” Perma Cal and 4” McDaniels, gauges, Oxygen clean and certified, making annual recertification easier.

Analyzer Support Package

Regulators, fittings and hoses needed to calibrate analyzer and analyze CGA 540 and 870 style cylinders. Calibration gases not included

On-Site Compliance Service Personal, on-site compliance training by CryoVation’s FDA consultant. Includes personalized SOP manual and 2 days on site.


ph: 609.914.4792

SequeFill™ Automated CO2 Cylinder Filling System Provides sequential, unattended filling of palletized System includes the following: cylinders, liquid cylinders or manifolded “packs.” ● Control console with Mitsubishi PLC, operator interface display station with Fill palletized CO2 or N2O cylinders automatically data entry keypad, digital weight display, emegency stop button and keyed On/Off switch. ● Platform scale, 5000-pound capacity (2272 kg.) ● Retracto manifold with retractable fill hoses, individual air-actuated ball valves, air-actuated control valves vent, vacuum, fill and bypass), pressure transducer, vacuum switch safety relief valves and aluminum frame with customer decaled side panels ● Variable frequency controller to adjust pump motor speed. Also available for nitrous oxide service

Reduces labor while providing consistent fill results


ph: 609.914.4792

Self Contained Filling System

Factory assembled and tested complete pumping unit. Available in flow rates of 2,500 to 10,000 SCFH and pressures to 6000 PSI. Argon/Nitrogen/CO2/O2 service, complete with the following components:

Built-in safety features include over-pressure, cavitation and under-temperature shut-off switches, high pressure safety relief valve and overpressurization vacuum line safety relief.

● Cryogenic Pump ● Vacuum Pump ● Electrical Control Panel ● Vaporizer ● Duplex Control Panel ● Heavy Steel Skid ● Fill Manifolds

Parts & Service

ph: 609.914.4792

CryoVation specializes in on-site installation of cylinder filling and piping systems, bulk tanks and medical van delivery systems. We also stock complete pump parts for repairs and exchanges. Let us help your plant stay operational!

Services include: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Cylinder filling equipment installation Vacuum pump repair Cryogenic pump repair Pump exchanges Cylinder filling equipment Parts and supplies Bulk tank installation Technical assistance and advice Medical office & hospital piping systems Medical tank truck installation Plant preventative maintenance In-house technician training

ph: 609.914.4792

A division of CryoVation, LLC



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“It has been 9 months and the CryoVation equipment has proven to be safe, reliable and has increased our cylinder filling capabilities tremendously. The fill plant is the core of our operation and a substantial investment. Teaming up with CryoVation gives me the confidence we can handle growth successfully and see a return on that investment.” Jim Shultz, COO Jackson Welding & Gas Products Jackson, NY “We could not have been happier with the installation process and how smoothly the transition went. We have been very pleased with CryoVation's equipment and their support throughout this project.” Trevor Kelsey Oxygen Service Company St. Paul, Minnesota

“Once you get the recipes established, the computer controls the filling process. Our guys can move on to the next piece of work and concentrate on managing cylinder distribution and setting up for the next fill instead of being tied to the pumping process.” Mark Haun, President Haun Welding Supply Syracuse, NY

As our company grew and production cycles became more demanding, it became too expensive to continue purchasing filled cylinders. After hearing positive comments from other oxygen companies, CryoVation’s PPS-5000 liquid-to-gas fill system was purchased. CryoVation not only has a superior system that fills at twice the rate of other systems, but the company also provided expert installation and on-site training. The investment has substantially paid off, dramatically dropping cylinder costs.The PPS system offers very minimal losses and has a flexible capacity, giving us the ability to increase production at any time. Ken Coombs First Community Care Multiple U.S. Locations

General Information

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OUR MISSION STATEMENT CryoVation is a custom manufacturer and installer of innovative cryogenic liquid and industrial gas cylinder filling and distribution systems. We are committed to improving the safety and efficiency of systems that transfer and package these resources. Partnering with our customers and associated product and service providers delivers mutually beneficial results for our companies, employees and their families. COMMITED TO Excellent Value Product Quality Right Solutions Personal Service


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CryoVation's Equipment Catalog  

CryoVation's Equipment Catalog

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