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6 Poses to Treat Neck Text -Vanessa


Simple Steps to SERIOUS STUDY -Kylie



28 Lessons for 28 Years - Rhi



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It feels like I have lived three lives this year. There has been a lot of ups and downs but I have come through it more grateful. I want to thank our beautiful contributors and our marvelous advertisers as there wouldn't be a mag without you guys. I want to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your time with loved ones.

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This issue is full of amazing content with a Wedding Special with a WOW factor. Our Gorgeous Gift Guide has something for everyone this Christmas. Whether you're Crushing Your Core with Kylie our PT or heading off on our Family Adventures courtesy of Destination NSW I wish you all the best for the Festive Season. Have a Happy New Year and see you all on the other side. XX









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o an outsider, the Australian Police Service is a well-oiled machine responsible for maintaining law and order while looking brilliant in blue. However, looks can deceive. After a memorable career, Leanne Taylor saw it all – deadly home invasions, underworld shootings and falling victim to a drug addict’s syringe. In her debut book, The Dark Side of the Thin Blue Line, Taylor shares the untold reality of her life in the police force and it’s nothing like we see on television. Taylor raises important issues about drug-related crime, mental illness, domestic violence


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and a fundamentally broken court structure. Taylor shares colourful stories while pulling no punches about the dark side of working in law enforcement. The Dark Side of the Thin Blue Line is a fresh and gutsy behind-the-scenes look at the police force filled with action, drama, suspense and humour. A must read for cop buffs, true crime readers and anyone wanting to see what the world looks like through the windshield of a police car. The book will intrigue and entertain you as you gain a new appreciation for the job of a police officer.


Top 10 Tips




t’s never been easier to connect with someone on the other side of the world, yet it’s so easy to feel disconnected to the people closest to us. We have more tools than ever to simplify tasks and accomplish more things quickly, yet our to-do lists have never been longer. During this time in particular, we have all been forced to slow down and reflect. Life is short, and time flies, especially in today’s fast-paced world. These exercises are meant to help you slow down, enjoy life, and focus on the important things.


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By focusing on the most important tasks to get done, we eliminate the stress of trying to accomplish everything at once. Especially when things have been so uncertain recently we could do by taking a step back and evaluating everything before selecting one thing at a time to work through. Just remember you don’t need to do it all at once, take it one step at a time and you will get there. Ask for support whenever you need it.



Technology has become a major element in most of our lives. The past few months is has become essential for work but at the same time social networking, email, surfing the net all hinder our ability to focus by throwing hundreds of ideas at us. Try to reduce your internet use by 50% (work use aside) and use that time to explore new hobbies, exercise or meditate.



Take a 5 – 10 minute break to step outside and breathe fresh air. Disconnect from the rest of the world and admire the beauty of nature. In addition, if you want to feel more grounded, walk bare foot on the earth to really connect with nature. 9



A lot of us speed through meals, missing the chance to appreciate our food’s texture of your food. Be really present, don’t eat in front of the TV or read at the same time. Enjoy every mouthful. You will find you will probably eat less this way as you are more connected with your body and will notice when you are full rather that eating until you have finished everything on your plate.



We all want to spend quality time with close friends and family, but how often do we truly get to listen and connect? Put away the distractions, steer clear of noisy environments (when we are not physically distancing) and connect on a deeper level.

10 Crush It Magazine





When did you last spend valuable time with yourself? If you live alone you may have done this a lot during the past few months of lockdown but how much time alone did you spend nourishing yourself. Take a night to find a new book, try yoga, meditate, run a bath, pamper yourself or cook a new recipe. Giving yourself this time and spending it doing something nice for yourself is a great way to recharge your mind, body and soul.

Some of us like to stick to a tight schedule and plan all our daily events which can be helpful but also exhausting. Next time you’re jotting down new tasks in your planner, factor in a few extra minutes when estimating how long things will take. This will help you not rush through daily tasks. Also try to change how you think by saying ‘I have all the time I need’ rather than, ‘I don’t have enough time’ to see an instant shift in how you are feeling.




Next time you’re driving or walking somewhere, take the scenic route. Driving through open fields, mountains, or in view of a city skyline can be very relaxing. Walking through a park and being in nature can be really grounding.



Even just a few moments of meditation can set the tone for the rest of the day. Try to empty your mind and take a few slow, conscious, deep breaths before jumping into your tasks.

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Each morning when you wake up, take a few moments to think about your life goals and aspirations. Recall the milestones you’ve already reached in your life, and your drive to achieve new ones. Try doing this for five minutes before getting out of bed to start your day. This will help you to refocus and not stay stuck where you are if you’re having a particularly challenging time. Remember this too shall pass and nothing is permanent. Yes, this moment is creating your future but there is only so much you can do right now so just take it one moment at a time. Today is a new day, anything can happen.

Jessie Laute

Breathwork & Wellbeing Coach | Mentor | Speaker

Website: LinkedIn: Jessie Laute Instagram: @jessielaute / @phoenixbreathwork Facebook: @coachjessielaute / @phoenixbreathwork



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SURFBOARDS Based on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW ideally situated half way between Sydney and Newcastle smack bang on the coast, we live, breathe and love the surf. It’s our passion and we want you to experience the feeling of being one with the ocean. Whether sitting on your board surrounded by mother nature’s vast sky, crystal blue sea and sand or riding the wave, it’s pure bliss and a feeling like no other. Just you and the ocean-it’s your time to just be you.


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The ECS team grew up in the water with a love for the sport. It’s this devotion and attention to detail that has seen us grow from humble beginnings shaping just a few boards to where we are today. Our Founder Ryan Briggs-is head shaper and constantly evolving with new techniques and technology providing quality shapes using only the best materials sourced locally and abroad. Our CEO Clint Ledden is also hands on doing R&D, working the showroom and connecting with the local community to share his excitement for surfing with families from around the Central Coast. Remember, surfing is a family sport that everyone can enjoy and there is nothing better than spending a few hours down the beach with your tribe.


18 Crush It Magazine


e have affordable options for everyone at ECS and we won’t be satisfied till you are on the right board. Our range includes high performance short boards, summer boards, classic mals and beginner soft boards. They are sold and surfed worldwide and team riders live locally on the Central Coast, USA and several riders based internationally.

Harry Maskell is one of our local legends and team riders. He also does R&D and makes sure our customers are satisfied with their board choice. That’s why we love you to drop in to our showroom so you can see and feel the boards first hand. We aren’t happy till you are, so come on in or give us a call so we can get you on the best affordable board. Let’s start your affection for the ocean and surfing today as it’s a life long love you can’t shake!


Web: Insta: @ecsboards_australia Harry Maskell @harrymaskell Ikit Agudo @ikit_agudo John Mark Tokong @maramatokong Philmar Alipayo @chepoxz Hannah Finlay-Jones @hannnahf_j Facebook: @ecsboards1

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ECS showroom: Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm Other times by appointment. Address: 2/87 Gavenlock Road, Tuggerah, New South Wales 2259 Just off the M1, only 1 hour from both Sydney and Newcastle



Therapeutic Poses

to Treat Text Neck


y lower back hurts…. and it has a lot to do with my phone. The position of our neck and head throughout the day can have a big impact on our overall posture and muscular strain.

For me, when I’ve spent a long time looking down at my phone or laptop I feel the effects in my lower back and hips. For others it shows up as an aching neck, pain between the shoulder blades, shoulder disfunction or even headaches. Looking straight ahead with the skull aligned on top of the spine the head weighs 5.5kg. Our neck and shoulders are designed to carry this load. Taking the head forward by just 30 degrees (the way it is when you are looking at your phone) increases the weight of the head more than 3 times to 18kg. Take that angle of the head forward to 45 degrees and the head now weighs 22kg. This extra weight of the head when it’s in a forward and down position wreaks havoc on our necks and the downstream effects of that can be felt in the shoulders and even down into the lower back, pelvis and knees.

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1. Neck Reset at wall Stand against a wall with your bum, shoulders and back of the head against the wall. Keeping the back of the head against the wall, tuck your chin towards your chest creating a serious double chin. Continue to press the back of the head into the wall with the chin tucked but step your feet one step forward away from your wall. Now the only thing pressing against the wall will be the back of the head. Keep pressing the head back into the wall with the chin down. Hold for 30 seconds and then step everything away from the wall to come out. You may even feel your head move back in space after performing this reset. Find time to do this in the morning and at night, even throughout the day if possible. Link it with another activity like making coffee or brushing your teeth to habit stack and make it a part of your everyday life.


2. Bird dog with book Come to an all fours position hands stacked under the shoulders, knees under hips. Tuck your chin down slightly and press the neck back in space.

Lift your leg no higher than hip height and the arm no higher than the shoulder. Balance here holding for up to 60 seconds. Lower then repeat with the l eft leg and right arm.

Place a heavy book (or yoga block if you have one) on the back of the neck. The book/block will help you keep a lengthened You can repeat this 3-5 times each side. See how many you can do before you neutral neck position. drop the block. Now float your right toes behind you, left fingers reach out in front.

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4. Low Lunge with neck strengthening chest lift One foot steps forward with the back knee down. Position the pelvis above the lowered knee. Again, interlacing the fingers behind the head press the back of the head into the hands and tuck the chin down.

3. Forward Fold with neck release

Elbows open wide Chest is lifting to the ceiling Hold for 5-10 breaths then change sides.

Start standing with feet hip width apart. Bend forward with really, really bent knees. Interlace the fingers behind the head bringing the thumbs down to the hairline. Press the head backwards into the hands and tuck chin to chest. Feel a release along the back of the neck. Hold for as long as you like. Repeat as often as you like.


5. Kneeling side neck stretch In your low lunge position with the right foot forward angle the lowered left shin out to the side. Place the right hand down on the inside of the right foot. You can elevate the hand with a block or a stack of books if you can’t get it to the floor. Lift the l eft arm all the way overhead. Let the right ear drop down to the right shoulder to lengthen the l eft side of the neck. Hold for 5-10 breaths then change sides.

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6. Cobra Lifts Lie on your tummy placing your hands beside the body in line with your chest Elbows tucked into the side of the body. Lift your shoulders up and back. Lift your chest up off the ground. Keep your eyes looking down at the floor to keep your neck long.

Phone Posture Check Help minimise the forward tilt of your head with this posture check. It works whether you are standing or sitting. First, bring your phone or screen up to eye level as much as possible. We want to move the head back in space so imagine the back of your body was pressed against a wall. Press the back of the throat, shoulder blades and base of the spine to the imaginary wall. This will create a more upright posture from hips to skull and draw the head back over the centre line of the body reducing the load of stress on the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Want to lie down and look at a screen? Try lying on your tummy resting on the forearms. This position i s so great as i t opposes the rounded posture we usually take when looking at a screen.

Don’t press down into the hands too much. You want to be using the strength of the upper back and neck to lift you up. Hold for 3 breaths then lower. Repeat 3 times.

VANESSA KELLY YOGA FB: INSTA: @vanessakellyyoga


Wedding Special

Photographer Insta @woodwaterco Location Insta @stanleyparkk Florist Insta @thenakedfloristau Dress Insta @studiocbridal 28 Crush It Magazine

Hair and Make up Insta @georgiabelleartistry Model Insta @jess_navin Suit Insta @rundletailoring

Model Insta @shreddedjoelfruit Styling Insta @flamingoflareevents Signs Insta @loveglowsletterslightslove


Photographer -

Insta : @abbymuendelphoto

Hair -

Insta : @xquisitehairbyemma

Make up artist -

Insta : @zaybeautymakeupartist

Cakes -

Insta : @melrose_cakes

Stylist -

Insta : @cinderinas



Insta : @bridestobecentralcoast

Signage -

Insta : @pinkswann

Florist -

Insta : @couture_botanical

Venue -

Insta : @couture_botanical

Videography -

Insta : @sandyfeetfilms

Suit -

Insta : @rundletailoring

Caravan Bar/Grazing Table/Picnic Set Up Insta : @memorylaneweddingsandevents

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Venue Insta @weddings_saltwaterfingalbay Venue Management Insta @wedding.road Photography Insta @musephotography_thelifeofamuse Styling Insta @a_beautiful_occasion Hair and Makeup Insta @empire_artistries Bridal Wear Insta @_lunajoy_ Men’s Wear Insta @rundletailoring Neon Signs Insta @loveglowsletterslightslove Stationary Insta @lifeispeachyinvites 31

Venue: Insta @stonehurstweddings Bridal Gown: Insta @bellesandbeauxbridal Suit: Insta @rundletailoring Hair and Makeup: Insta @elizabethjeanartistry Model: Insta @reneecallander Model: Insta @konnahmorgan

Vintage Wedding Coat: Insta @marce_lvintage Styling: Insta @crabapplehire_style Vows and Placecards: Insta @ink_and_snow Florist: Insta @littlewrenflowers Photographer: Insta

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Photographer Insta @justinavelingphotography Videographer Insta @morelifefilms Hair & Makeup Insta @chicartistry Florist Insta @wornoutwares_wowflowers_ Furniture Insta @opulenteventsau Calligraphy & Leather Jacket Insta Neon Signs Insta @loveglowsletterslightslove Stylist & Producer, Tableset, Candles & Chandeliers Insta @loveandprotect Caravan Bar Insta @the.wandering.gypsy.caravanbar Catering Insta @dvinecateringaus

Wedding Cake Insta @hellonaomicakes Mens Suits Insta @rundletailoring Bridal Gowns Insta @breeannamareeofficial Bridesmaids Gowns Insta @rhondahemmingwaycouture

Jewellery Insta @mariaelenaheadpiecesau Insta @dulongfinejewelry Model Insta @tiffadcock VENUE Insta @WinmarkWines


Dress: Insta @lunawillowbridal Suit: Insta @rundletailoring Florist: Insta @1969floristry Venue: Insta @valhallarestaurantbar Make Up: Insta @georgiabelleartistry Picnic platter: Insta @sharpandcoplatters Styling: Insta @whimsicalfoxevents 34 Crush It Magazine

Model: Chelsie Holman_ + husband 35

Ashleigh from The Naked Florist Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Port Stephens


he Naked Florist is all about creating a raw and natural style. We take inspiration directly from our surrounds through use of foraged and found goods from our farm in the Hunter Valley. We pair this with locally sourced seasonal flowers to create a truly unique and bespoke creation for your special day. We put a lot of love and care into creating for each and every wedding. This starts from the very moment we first hear from you. Behind the scenes we are busy researching into how to best represent your personality and style through your florals and create something that will leave lasting memories for years to come. We believe that each and every couple is different with their own individual dream. There is never anything that we can’t create so don’t be afraid to ask! We can't wait to hear from you! Insta @thenakedfloristau Facebook: thenaakedflorist

Muse Photography of Demi & Zac @musephotography_thelifeofamuse 36 Crush It Magazine

Little Black Bow Photography Ashleigh and her son Insta @littleblackbowphotography

Insta: 37

Muse Photography of Demi & Zac @musephotography_thelifeofamuse

38 Crush It Magazine


Dee-Deelush Hair

Sydney, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Blue Mountains


" , I’m Dee from Deelush Hair. I am a freelance hairstylist specialising in beautiful, effortless looking bridal hair. I’m based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and service many areas such as greater Sydney, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, and the Blue Mountains. I’ve been in the hair industry for nearly 20 years and running my own business for over 10 years. I love creating romantic soft waves, textured ponytails and effortless looking up-styles. If you want a hair stylist that will work with you to create something truly special using only the best products, I will listen to you and work with you to find the perfect hair style for your wedding day."

40 Crush It Magazine

Insta: @deelushhair Facebook: Deelushhair Pinterest: deelushhair

Dreamcatcher Bridal I originally started has a hairstylists many years ago -I’m talking around 20years ago when I was 17 (!!). I had moved from my small hometown in New Zealand to what I considered the big smoke which was Wellington. Pretty funny now that I live in Melbourne a city of 5 million! I had the opportunity to work on some fashion shows through my salon and it was there that I realised makeup artistry was a thing and you could do it as a job! From there I set of on my big OE leaving the salon behind and fully intending to get back to it once I’d gotten the travel bug out of my system. I came to Melbourne as a stepping stone and when I continued on I knew I’d left a piece of my heart there. Through my travels I ended up in Vancouver Canada, which is considered Hollywood of the North. The makeup schools over there are amazing and produce incredible opportunities. I decided this was the place that I would study and start honing my skills as a makeup artist to compliment my hairstyling skills. I realised through my time there that I really missed Melbourne it’s creative vibe, opportunities and maybe more importantly it’s coffee!! When I came back I was starting fresh and with no contacts in the industry I had to start from the ground up. I worked on a lot of shoots, met loads of great industry folk and started to see some work come in. In the process of this I met some amazing wedding vendors and we got together to shoot some beautiful images for our portfolios, and it was around then that I decided to create Dreamcatcher Bridal.

Beck Rocchi Photography Insta: @dreamcatcher.bridal

Facebook: dreamcatcherbridalmakeup 41

My favourite kind of hair and makeup is that effortless, timeless beauty. The style where you can look back on the images in 10-20 years and still absolutely love it. So going into bridal was just a given, and I was excited to get my business off the ground. It took me about 2 years to really get going and it was about then that I realised with the amount of work coming in there was no way I could continue doing it on my own! It’s a scary leap to entrust other artists with your brides and their parties. I had worked with many great artists over the years so I started to get in touch with my favourites and see if they’d be interested in coming to help me in my team. And one by one I built my team up. I now have a team of seven artists that I can book for pretty much any sized bridal party. We are a team of highly experienced and passionate artists and love making women (and sometimes even men!) feel comfortable and most of all confident on their wedding days.

Guy Barton Photography


Ally Jenkins

Bekky Halls Photography

Georgia Wiggs Photography 42 Crush It Magazine

Photographer: Gus Reeves Florist: Grace at Floretta By Grace

Hi There! So, you’re getting married. Congratulations to you two. So many exciting times ahead. Choosing your official third wheel can be a daunting task – YOU want someone who listens, who ‘gets you’, someone who makes you feel at ease, that you know will be entertaining and who will tell your story – the way it deserves to be told. I’m Jaya; a young, fun and engaging celebrant and this is where I step in. Over at JBcchq (Civil Celebrant Head Quarters, for those playing at home) I work with you to create a fun, laid-back and super FLIPPIN’ lovely ceremony all about you. I ask you weird and wonderful questions about your relationship, delve into your quirks and mix-up a MAGICAL, heartfelt ceremony that tells your authentic LOVE story. I am so passionate about what I do, that I have even created some vows for you love BIRDS. So, before you take me, as your official third wheel – you know what you’re getting yourself into. But, before you read my vows – go back and read all the letters in CAPS and tell me you didn’t smile. I, Jaya Bargwanna Civil Celebrant, take thee, you coupla’ legends – to be your fun, vibrant and awesome celebrant. I promise that I will marry you – legally and legitimately. That you will feel relaxed and totally at ease about your big day. I promise to deliver all the warm and fuzzies and that both you and your guests will feel all giddy inside. And to help you nail that ‘first kiss’, get the perfect confetti photo and to hustle your friends and family into a big group shot. I promise not to wear my Sunday best, to preach about marriage or talk about myself. Instead, to create a flippin’ amazing ceremony full of fun, personality and all about you! Above all, I promise that I will stand by the two of you and tell your love story, because it’s your wedding day and you deserve to be celebrated. I can’t promise that I won’t become besties with one of your relatives (looking at you, Uncle Rob) or that I won’t tear up during your vows (it’s my favourite part of the ceremony) Or, that you won’t want to re-live your ceremony again and again and again – vow renewal anyone?

Scarlett and Daisy Photography Insta: @jayabargwannacelebrant

So, that’s me in a nutshell. I can’t wait to hear from you. CONGRATULATIONS again and I can’t wait to meet you both. 43

Monty Haron Civil Marriage Celebrant Newcastle NSW

Photo credit:

W this?!

hen someone tells you – “We’re getting married by a celebrant”, what do you instantly think of? I bet it wasn’t

Forget all of your preconceived ideas about marriage celebrants and get with the times! I’m young, I’m fun and I’ll expose you and your love story as much as me in my budgy smugglers. I don’t stand there and talk about me and my views on marriage because you know what? I’m not married, plus, no one gives a crap! Instead, I talk about you and only you! It’s your day, your special moment and I get to know you deep down (not as deep as budgy smugglers do but you get the point). So, if you want a celebrant who is fun and engaging and really cares about you and your story, then I’m your wingman Insta @holymatrimonty

44 Crush It Magazine

Suzie Crozier

Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Website : Insta : @suzie.crozier

Photo credit: Fame Park Studios

A huge high five and congratulations on your engagement. How exciting! There’s lots of planning and lots to think about when it comes to your wedding. I hope to make the process a little easier.

Matt Ashton Photography

A2Z Weddings


10 Family Adventures



here are plenty of activities and experiences across the state for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you want to play in the oceans and lakes or discover the World Heritage wildernesses, there's so much to see and do. Discover these adventures right on your doorstep:

Walls of China, Mungo National Park Outback New South Wales 46 Crush It Magazine

Photo credit: Destination NSW 47


Horse Riding on the Central Coast

Tucked in the hinterland of the Central Coast is Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures: Australia’s largest horse-riding centre. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never ridden a horse — try a guided trail ride for beginners or book a pony ride for the children.


See Scenic World

For nature-loving thrill seekers, Scenic World offers adventures such as cable car rides and rainforest walks in the majestic Jamison Valley. The Scenic Railway — the world’s steepest incline passenger train — commands awesome views as it emerges through a cliff-side tunnel into the valley. Scenic World, Katoomba Blue Mountains

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Scenic World, Katoomba Blue Mountains 48 Crush It Magazine

Photo credit: Destination NSW


Photo credit: Destination NSW

Let's go surfing, Byron Bay North Coast, NSW

Hit The Surf in Byron Bay

Byron’s picturesque beaches and surf breaks attract families and surfers all year round. Popular spots include the patrolled Main Beach, as well as Clarkes and Wategos beaches. Little Wategos is Australia's easternmost beach, accessible on foot, and The Pass is an Instagram-worthy surf beach with a famous right-hand point break. Let’s Go Surfing Byron Bay hosts surf lessons throughout Byron. Vivid Sydney 2019

4. See Native Wildlife in Western Sydney For an animal-loving child or a kid who’d love to be a zookeeper, there’s no better experience than the Mini Zookeeper for a Day program at Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney. The program teaches children what it takes to become a zookeeper and provides an opportunity to get hands-on experience feeding and caring for a range of different animals.

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Wild Life Sydney


5. An inland beach,

Canola and Countryside

Wagga Wagga is just a short flight or road trip from Sydney and it’s got lots to explore for the whole family. Enjoy a scenic walk or a picnic at Wagga Beach on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, right in the centre of town. Take the kids horse riding at Belisi Wellbeing & Equestrian Centre or drive The Canola Trail: a tourist loop between Temora, Coolamon and Junee that takes in the spectacular sight of golden fields of flowering canola.

Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga Riverina

Photo credit: Destination NSW 50 Crush It Magazine

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Thirsty Crow Brew, Wagga Wagga Riverina

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Food I Am, Wagga Wagga Riverina

Photo credit: Destination NSW


The Outback, Mungo National Park Outback New South Wales

Walls of China, Mungo National Park Outback New South Wales

Photo credit: Destination NSW

52 Crush It Magazine

Photo credit: Destination NSW


Take an Outback Road Trip

Be inspired by the unique land formations of outback NSW on a family road trip. Discover rare and luminous opals, fabulous underground art caves and natural heated springs in the majestic surrounds of historic Lightning Ridge. In Mungo National Park, uncover a starkly beautiful panorama of ancient dry lake basins and sand formations.

Sea Cave, Jervis Bay South Coast


Pristine Beaches

The beaches in the Shoalhaven region are among the safest and most beautiful in the country. The calm turquoise waters are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing and stand-up paddleboarding. Take the White Sand Walk which winds through the coastal forest of Jervis Bay National Park and past some of the purest sands in the world.

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Seal Pups, Jervis Bay South Coast

Photo credit: Destination NSW


Montague Island, Narooma South Coast 54 Crush It Magazine

Montague Island, Narooma South Coast

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Montague Island, Narooma South Coast

Photo credit: Destination NSW


Photo credit: Destination NSW

See Wildlife on Montague Island

Take the family to the intriguing ocean-bound wilderness of Montague Island for wildlife encounters and fascinating maritime history. Get up close and personal with fur seals and little penguins or explore historic Montague Lighthouse and stay overnight. Situated off the far South Coast of New South Wales, Montague Island Nature Reserve is instantly recognisable with its iconic lighthouse rising up over an undulating green landscape. 55

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Sydney

Photo credit: Destination NSW


Meet the kangaroos in Sydney

Did you know you can encounter native wildlife right in Darling Harbour? Bring the kids to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo to see all kinds of animals, but especially the four new sister kangaroos in the Kangaroo Walkabout precinct. The little kangaroos are ready to welcome guests for pats and selfies!

56 Crush It Magazine

Photo credit: Destination NSW

Dreamtime Southern X Tours, Sydney Dreamtime Southern X Tours, Sydney

10. Learn about Sydney’s Aboriginal Culture The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour by Dreamtime Southern X is a quintessential Sydney experience and an excellent introduction to the culture and history of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. The 90-minute walking tour is hosted by experienced Aboriginal guides familiar with educating youth and school groups.

Photo credit: Destination NSW

For more information, visit and For images, visit

Insta: @visitNSW | @sydney FB :

For the most up to date information go to: Visit NSW Travel Information COVID-19 resource page National Parks & Wildlife Service NSW


Has Your Aussie Christmas Covered

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ideAWAY is the child of Wendy Campbell and her Fiance Bruce Arms. The name ‘HideAWAY’ is very special and meaningful to Wendy and Bruce with the ever-romantic Bruce proposing to Wendy on the Shores of Hideaway Bay in Queensland’s beautiful Whitsundays. The whimsical branding portrays the azure waters and white sands of Hideaway Bay that mean so much to them. You might know Wendy as the mother of International Fitness Guru Ashy Bines (Evans) and the loving Mammy of Ashy's little boy Taj. Wendy is also mum to 2 grown up sons and fur kids Jax, George, Opie, JT and Nero. Bruce is a renowned professional yachtsman and World Record holder and was also the Project/Voyage Manager for Jessica Watson’s achievement of the youngest person to sail around the world solo. Steve and Ashy Evans have taken over the reigns from Wendy, and are now proudly running the hideAWAY operations along with other family members.


Through hideAWAY, Wendy has embraced her lifelong dream of crafting beautiful artisan soaps and wholesome body products that are made from the goodness of Mother Nature combined with a delicious selection of fragrance oils. Hideaway has a team of much loved artisan soap and body product makers who make the products by hand using traditional methods. They take pride in using sustainable and locally sourced natural ingredients where possible. HideAWAY products are lovingly handmade from Organic oils and butters that are rich in the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy, radiant skin. Hideaway proudly handcrafts a signature range of whipped soaps, soap bars, body custards, scrubs and other body and bath time treats in a unique selection of fragrances like no other. 60 Crush It Magazine

HideaAWAY’s values are based on the shared passion and love that Wendy and Bruce have for the planet and particularly the oceans and waterways. Bruce has sailed many thousands of miles across the oceans of Mother Earth and has seen firsthand, the mess that humans have made. HideAWAY wants to make a difference through the preservation of our oceans for future generations and dedicates a portion of revenue each year to make sure this happens. Bruce actively participates in community beach clean ups and HideAWAY makes donations to ocean and sea life preservation causes. No harm is caused to natural habitats during the production process and no products are tested on animals. HideAWAY supports ethical, sustainable production. Hideaway’s vision is to treat the earth and all its creatures with the utmost respect. Reverence to a kinder way of living is a big part of why they do what they do.

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28 lessons lifetime!



Hello homies!

Welcome back! Or if you are new here, hello! Thanks for being here with me on this journey of life! Last month (November) was my 28th birthday and I really want to share with you 28 lessons I have learnt in this lifetime! It was hard to narrow it down to 28 as so much has happened in life but I really hope atleast one of these lessons is a great remember for you, or something new you may learn :) After reading them, I would love if you were to jump over to my instagram page ( and tell me which lesson was your fav! Okay, lets get started!

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Success isn’t how much money you make or how hard you work. It’s how you FEEL each and every day.

I used to attach my success to how hard I worked, being busy was a sign of success. However now being a coach I have realised success comes from how you feel each day. Are you at peace when your head hits the pillow at night? Are you rushing through life and not enjoying it? Are you doing alot of things you don’t want to do, with no plan to stop doing these things? Something to ponder on…


Health isn’t determined by your body size. I have been 72kgs and been riddled with anxiety, had the flu more than I can count within in a year and had low self esteem. I have been 100kgs and had the best mindset of my life, barely ever sick and had high energy. Some people are slim and eat maccas everyday. Some people carry more weight and have a salad everyday. When it comes to your goal weight, you want to be aiming for health, not a number on the scale. Are you nourishing your body with great food? Are you moving your body because you love your body? Are you taking care of your mental health?

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Freedom requires self discipline.

If you want to be financially free, or free from strict work hours, debt, etc - It’s going to take self discipline. You can’t spend all your money and save for a house. You can’t retire without having a retirement plan and acting accordingly today. You can’t get into better shape without saying no to extra calories 80% of the time. Are you disciplined with your daily habits? If not, why not?


Learning to receive improves all areas of life.

I know, it can be hard to receive things, especially when you are not used to it. But from a woo-woo perspective. When you receive the compliment, the random pay it forward coffee, the gift, the client - you are telling the universe “Thanks! More of this please.” If you choose not to receive it, you are saying to the universe you don’t want it. So tell me, are you cock blocking your own manifestations by not receiving?


Experiences will keep happening until you learn the lesson.

The guy/girl will keep cheating on you, your weight will yo-yo, you will fall back into debt - if you do not become open to the lesson. So when things go wrong, ask yourself “What is the lesson in this?” Then act accordingly.


Saying yes to your own pleasure.

What I mean by this is don’t be serious Sally! Stop putting the things that give you joy last on your list. Say yes to the things that light you up. Stop saying “I don’t have time.” or “I am too old for that.” Do it now!


Celebrate the wins, no matter the size. Some days sucks and the best you can do is just survive, other days you are superhuman. But we need to celebrate our wins everyday. When we do this, we create the momentum and motivation to keep going because we are giving ourselves permission to be proud of our accomplishments. So celebrate! Whether it's a nice bubble bath, a night off to chill, a weekend away, the dress you have been eyeing off! Just do it! You deserve it!



Staying together for the kids isn’t ideal.

In my coaching calls, I have had a few clients tell me that they stay with their partner because of the kids. Now I was once a little girl, who had parents that stayed together for my brother and I. Let me tell you, it was horrible. I remember their fights, I remember their words. It taught me a not so nice example of what a relationship looked like. I now say to my clients, “What do you think this is teaching your kids?” “Do you think your kids want you to be happy, or miserable?” “Are you doing it really for your own sake, or theirs?”


The gift of giving is fulfilling.

I went to a Tony Robbins event once and he said you can’t be depressed when you are giving from your heart. It’s true. There is just something so magical in giving. It gives you a sense of purpose, a high. I try to give where I can (and when it’s in full alignment with myself) Giving doesn’t have to be money, it can be time, it can be donating things you don’t use, it can be a listening ear. When was the last time you gave from your heart?

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Self love/self care must be your number one priority.

If it isn’t your number one priority you will become flat, grumpy, resentful to the world. Your health suffers, which makes your family suffer. You have gotta move past feeling it’s selfish. There is nothing selfish about keeping your mental health in a good state.


Everyone puts themselves first.

I always use the example of Mother Teresa - was somebody that gave so much to other people and the reason why she did that is because of the way it made her feel. Everyone does everything because of the way that that makes them feel and when you remember that you kind can learn to lovingly accept it. At the end of the day wouldn’t you want the people you love to put their needs first?


Mastering your inner critic


You have to be her before you are her.

I guarantee you that the 2.0 version of you is not who you are today. You need to become her to achieve the things that you want to achieve. The woman that has lost 20 kg is not the person you are today. The woman who is a multimillionaire is not the person you are today. So I ask you, what does your 2.0 version of you look like and how can you show up as her today?


Everything great in life has challenges.

When I became pregnant so many people told me, “you wait until he’s here. Life is gonna be so hard, you’re not gonna have any time for yourself. The tantrums suck etc etc.” But guess what? Yes, kids chuck tantrums but they also give you so much love. Having a business to create financial freedom is amazing but there are going to be down times, there's gonna be failures, there's gonna be struggles but the positives are worth the challenges. So don’t shy away from great things because of the fear of a good challenge.

I first learnt about the inner critic when I read Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini and when I realised that the inner critic inside you is not really you - I realise it was something that you could master. It takes practice, it takes dedication but knowing that you can master the negative thoughts in your head so you can live more at peace is the best thing I’ve ever learnt. I highly recommend that book if you haven’t read it 67


Positive mind does not equal positive life.

This one took me awhile to embrace because in the self development world, they talk a lot about positive mind. The truth is if you ignore the negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions they are going to suppress and they’re gonna linger. They will create more pain for you. You need to address the negatives in your life so that you have more space to be positive.


Quality over quantity friends

I used to think it was cool to have so many friends but along the way I realised that quality over quantity is so much more important. You can have a lot of friends but that doesn’t necessarily mean they really know who you are and love you for everything that you are. I would much rather a small handful of friends that get me, understand me and love me for everything that I am then 20 or more friends that don’t know me from bar soap.

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This one challenges so many people because of their inner people pleaser. At the end of the day, if there are people that are no longer serving you, that are negative, that bring you down - it is important for your own mental health to slowly release yourself from their energy. You don’t have to do this in a mean or toxic way you can gently release them. You become the 5 people you spend the most time with. Would you want to be like them?

I used to be afraid of being in debt until I realised that there is good and bad. Bad debt is after paying the newest dress from Gucci or buying the best of the best car brand new. These things don’t improve your financial portfolio. They don’t make you money. Good debt is paying off a program that teaches you how to improve your sales, or anything that will improve how you make and keep money. Some debt serves your highest good, other debt doesn’t. Which debt are you currently in?



Letting go of people is important

Fear is your brain keeping you safe.

Back in the caveman days our fear signals was to keep us safe from danger. To keep us alive from sabertooth tigers. The thing is in today’s world there is no saber tooth tigers. We think that there is so much danger and so much to fear all around us that it stops us from going for the things that we want to do in life. Like the business, the dream job, the pay rise, the lover. So when fear pops up remember that it’s just your brain trying and keep you safe from harm. Not everything is harmful.

Debt isn’t the bad guy

Your kids are not you

We sometimes unconsciously control our kids and tell them what to do, thinking that they are like us. At the end of the day they are their own human being. They have their own lessons. They have their own personality - we can’t force them to be like us if they are naturally born to be different than us.



Being yourself changes every single day

We as humans change every single day. I am sure there are things in your life that you once believed that you no longer believe. Or maybe you loved the colour blue and now you love the colour red. Maybe you once didn’t agree with a certain way of living and now after learning more you can see how it benefits other people. We’re allowed to change - we are evolving human beings!


Failing is required

When you open yourself up to the option of failing it means that there is growth, wisdom and so much more potential unfolding in front of you. You’re putting yourself out there to experience and learn new things. Without failing we will never learn, will never move forward. We have to start getting comfortable with failing. Failing to me is not doing anything at all.


Relationships need to be watered.

We can’t expect our relationships to blossom without us giving it attention and love and space. Remember when you were in school and you would see all these people all the time and you thought you were best friends? Then after school you didn’t make time to see each other so the relationship kind of faded away. That is proof that you need to actually water the relationship. 70 Crush It Magazine


Never go to bed angry

This is one of mine and Ashley’s (husband) golden rules. We never know what’s gonna happen. I know people that have lost those they love when they were angry at them. I would rather have the uncomfortable conversations to resolve and issue, than waking up to find out harsh words were the last things I said.


forgive and let go for your own sanity.

I know people can hurt you and don’t deserve an apology, however when you forgive energetically and let go without them even knowing that you’re doing it - it can really give you that breath out that you require. If they are still taking up so much of your energy they’re still winning so it’s important to learn to forgive and let go for your own sanity.


Thoughts are not real.

What we think is patterns and beliefs that we’ve taken from other people. We weren’t born believing that we weren’t good enough or we couldn’t do something or we all struggle. We were never born to believe those things. They are not a true definition of who we are as a human.


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Intuition is your best friend.

When you learn to connect with your intuition you will be able to coach yourself through so many different things. You will have a deep knowing of the right move. This can happen through meditation or journaling or just even being still. Learning about your intuition allows you to have an inner compass and you’ll never second-guess the path you take.


Gratitude is everything.

You can’t be depressed and be grateful at the same time. It’s two different vibrations. Gratitude allows you to ground yourself and be humble about the experiences that you’re going through. It moves you from the negative to the positive. Each day I ask myself what I am grateful for. I pause and reflect on all the things that I’m grateful for. This shows the universe that this is what I want more of and that’s the vibration I choose to sit in. So now I ask you what are you grateful for?

There you have it!

My 28 lessons for my 28 years! Which one was the most powerful for you? I would love to know! Have a fabulous Christmas, I will talk to you in the new year!



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Romance, Rest or Play‌ this

hidden hideaway has it all

Photo Credit : Peter Sechi

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Photo Credit : Peter Sechi


estled between the mountains and the ocean is the breathtakingly beautiful Charlesworth Bay.

If you want a private place to share with that special someone with full amenities at your fingertips then this is for you.

This holiday hideaway is situated in the lush grounds of Pacific Bay Resort. You are just steps away from feeling the sand between your toes and falling asleep to the sounds of rolling waves.

You can hit a few balls around the golf course, lay around the pool or walk along the white sands of Charlesworth Bay beach. Their restaurant has an indoor/outdoor dining option with fresh local seafood caught wild off the coast of Coffs Harbour.

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Photo Credit : Peter Sechi

Photo Credit : Peter Sechi

The region has a wealth of beauty just waiting to be explored. From the bohemian lifestyle of Bellingen where you can immerse yourself in the crystal clear river or stroll along the streets. This is a haven for handmade products from artisens that live locally in the township, from cheeses to soaps and clothing you will definitely need a full day here.

Photo Credit : Peter Sechi


Another little town not far away is Urunga. You can walk along the newly built boardwalk taking in the sites of the waterways or enjoy a cold brew at the Ocean View Hotel opposite. Head north to culturally diverse Woolgoolga where you can taste the spicy cuisine of India and the home of the famous Curry Fest. The beach is perfect for surfing or snorkelling or just enjoying the sun. Head up to Sealy Lookout which encompasses the Orara East State forest and walk out onto the Forest Sky Pier with sweeping uninterrupted views of the regions coastline. It’s Coffs Harbour’s first eco-certified tourism attraction.

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Photo Credit : Peter Sechi

Photo Credit : Peter Sechi

Photo Credit : Peter Sechi

So, if it’s rest, romance or play you are after this location has it all!

Limited availability

so email us to book that long awaited getaway with an affordable price tag. 79


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7 Steps FOR SANITY THIS Summer W

hether you are the obsessive adult scholar, such as myself, the coming-of-age teen moving in to the final years of formal schooling, or the parent forced to assess a post-pandemic resume and involuntary career changes, one thing is assured, there are ways and means to get a head start and begin the 2021 academic year with confidence, life-balance and energy to spare. So how do we adapt and evolve to SERIOUS study? And what is it anyway? It is important to note that we have all studied before, and whether we saw ourselves as proficient learners or hid in the dark recesses of backrows, coming into a new academic semester ensures that everybody has the opportunity to start out on top. To be serious about study is to realise it is a means to an end. It is more than something thrust upon us by overzealous parents, authoritarian government departments or company mission statements. It is our own personal choice as adults, or soon to be adults, to partake in an activity that will assist our future goals. Gathering knowledge and skills to better resource ourselves to be experts

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in our field, being our best selves and through this, inspiring and uplifting those around us. If this is not the reason for your serious study your first task is to re-evaluate why you are doing it. Life it too short to be giving hours, months and years of your precious time to something that is not meeting the key priorities of your heart and soul. It is important to define your goal, define what constitutes achievement and the steps that will secure this. Ultimately, whether you call it a game plan, a mission statement or vision; we need to create a picture of the best possible version of 2021, taking the positives and strengths from 2020 to refocus, redefine and recreate the future.


1. Resources:

What is it that you have or can access that will add value to your study goals? That can help you focus when your academic progress falters (which it will, if study was easy, everybody would be doing it!) Focus on all of the positive aspects of your current situation and how grateful you are for these things. It may be a home office, a parent’s ability to purchase all your texts, a week long family vacation that will include empty days lounging by the pool, an older sibling with recent experience, the incredibly intelligent retiree next door…Make a list of everything that you can control, influence and design in your favour, be that time, resources, support people, environments, or situations. To be the best possible version of yourself, envision the best possible support structures and start setting them up.

2. Outcomes:

Where is it that you would like to be? What does it look like? Can you describe your future as you would like it to be during study and after study? Remember, outcomes and goals are synonyms which indicates they are similar, not the same. Your outcomes are what you end up with by achieving the goal, it is the place you will find yourself after you have attained the goal. Now you know where you want to be it’s time to plan the goals. Goals are the gateways that lead to the desired outcome and these can be developed with a short, medium and long term focus. Note there are no hard and fast timeframe rules, your spacing will depend entirely on your perspective. Good examples could be as different as: Short: Christmas, Mid: First Day School, Long: Term break Short: Beginning Term 1, Mid: Semester 2, Long: End of year Short: This year, Mid: Next year, Long: 5

3. Rewards

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are also an important determinate to put in place at the beginning. Rewards are that which will help with both the conscious and the subconscious motivation and drive to succeed. Ask yourself how you will reward yourself after you achieve each desired result. Your ‘why’ is found in your outcome, but your goal will be strengthened by an associated reward. Write them down and refer back to this list when the going gets tough, the difference between those who can and those who do is the can-do attitude and this is fuelled by internal motivation.

4. Schedule:

Now with the preparation completed we need to build on this foundation. We are looking to our destination, we have a focus, now we need to pave the road. We need to plan the when, where, how and what of your journey. Many who study get a little lost at this point, relying on institutions and instructors to map their schedule for them. The most important thing to remember is small steps lead to big destinations and no one is going to map this for you. Small steps are involved with your dedication to daily routine, morning ritual and to-do-lists. Small steps are the way you block your time hour by hour during each workday. Do you know why they say, “If you need something done, ask a busy person”? Because busy people must block time and organise each small step. Don’t try to take huge bounds, the smaller the step the easier you will find movement and sustaining your momentum.

5. Style:

The final step before taking action is to assess your learning style. How do you, as a unique individual, learn best? Who is it that can best assist you with your learning? How would you best acquire knowledge? Is it through reading? Writing? Listening? Physically implementing? Is it working with your teacher? Your peers? A paid professional? Is it through accessing resources online? Is it through downloading resources? There are many people who are passionate about education, passionate about creating resources and passionate about sharing knowledge. Seek out these people and leverage their experience.


6. Read. Everything. Early.:

After two decades of being a registered teacher I am still mystified by how many students don’t utilise their down time. You know the year ahead will be hard, you know you will be time poor, you’ve seen the memes of all night study sessions and diabolical deadlines. Why make it harder on yourself? If you have downtime before you begin (and yes Year 12 students I am looking at you and your 6 weeks of holidays) why can’t you spare 30 minutes each day to make your own future more manageable? Why can’t you lounge by the pool reading a required text? This is a message from your future self, begging you to see the time-space continuum more logically. Read the texts now and you will have more time during the school year.

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7. And then, Take Action. :

You have focused on your gratitude and locked in a positive mindset. You have pictured your desired outcome in detail. You have outlined your short, medium and long term goals. You have strengthened these with associated rewards. You have calculated the strategic steps to take. And you have organised your resources including contacting the relevant parties to help you. Now is time to take action, the correct action, knowing you are working toward an attainable outcome.


ylie Mort works with individuals of all ages to embrace and support the academic mind, self-awareness & the mind-body connection. Assisting individuals by tailoring bespoke mentoring packages supporting academic, physical, and personal advancement and success. Kylie is an international author and writer for global magazines, writing both academically and creatively to connect with those who seek guidance and inspiration to be their best selves. A former secondary school teacher & VCE leader with 20 years teaching experience, Kylie is a qualified &

registered: School Teacher, Yoga Teacher & Performance Coach. She is also an entrepreneur, leading multiple-award winning companies. She is currently studying Psychological Science at Deakin University to better provide holistic mentoring to her clients, having spent decades honing her skills in face-to-face teaching, mentoring and business & company development. Now, she is focused on the human mind and its power to empower through reimaging, redesigning and recreating.

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Gift Guide by Lily

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MENS 4. 3.

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WORK OUT with Kylie


Having a strong core is beneficial for everybody. Not only to improve balance and stability it allows your body to function properly. Training with core exercises the muscles of your lower back, abdominals and hips helping them to work together for stability and balance Necessary for everyday life activities & exercise. Here are a few of my favourites.


FLUTTER KICKS:(20 REPS) Lying on your back on your mat. Either lying flat with hands under the small of your back or sitting on your sit bones in crunch position. Engage your core, abs and pelvic floor. Kick your legs alternatively keeping them straight & small. Works abs, core, hamstrings, glutes.

HEEL TAPS: (20 REPS) Lying on your back on a mat with your knees up feet hip width apart on mat. Start in half crunch position and touch each heel alternatively left to right staying in crunch position works. Do not strain neck by leaning forward.

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PLANK: (1MIN) This can be preformed on either your elbows or hands. Maintain core,abs,glute activation to hold a neutral spine. Place hands below shoulders and if on your elbows, keep elbows in line with shoulder next to chest. Keep legs straight with your feet together body raised in a push up position and hold. Works your chest, glutes,obliques, abs & core.

SWISS BALL TRANSFER (10 REPS) This would have to be my favourite core exercise. No Matter how bad you think you do this stick with it as it’s a great exercise to se you core strength progression and you soon will be transferring that ball like a pro. Lying on your back on a mat with arms above your head and legs straight with the fitness ball between your feet raise the ball into your hands then lower both your arms and legs to mat and repeat. Be sure to pull belly button to spine throughout engaging your core, abs & pelvic floor. This is a great total body movement. (Alternatively you can make this a V-UP with out using the fitness ball) or for more holding a weight plate for progression.)


(Complete 2 to 4 sets): As you gain strength add more repetitions eg: instead of 10 do 15. Kind Regards,

Kylie Haskell


WHO simply want some extra motivation or support or any questions reach me here: Instagram: @Kylie_pt Website: P.S- FOR ALL THE CRUSH IT ONLY MAG READERS, get your FREE THF 7 Day Healthy SPECIAL CRUSH IT MAG READERS ONLY 91

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