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CBS cancels ‘Arsenio Hall’

I enjoyed the show while it lasted once again after all these years- I salute Arsenio Hall for giving it another try. Maybe my generation that viewed the show in the beginning don't watch late night TV these days.-Crunkatlanta

At first CBS announced that the network was renewing “The Arsenio Hall Show” for another season, CBS backtracked and canceled the late-night talk show, due to poor ratings.

In a statement released by CBS, the network stated that the show dropped from 1.9 million viewers to just under 700,000.

“While there are many loyal fans of the show, the series did not grow its audience enough to continue,” a CBSTD spokesperson said. “Arsenio is a tremendous talent and we’d like to thank him for all the hard work and energy he put into the show. We’d also like to thank Tribune and all our station group partners for their support of the show.”

“When I started this adventure with CTD and Tribune, we all knew it would be a challenge – I’m gratified for the year we’ve had and proud of the show we created. I’d like to thank everyone on my staff for rallying around me and striving to make the best show possible every night,” said Hall.

Will miss the show -- again See more at:


Crunkatlanta Magazine 2014

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JANKINS - Gettin' Drunk

JANKINS - Purchase "Gettin' Drunk" by #JANKINS on iTunes!

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& N M O A D D N R O E L ST M A

OFFICIAL BASTA C.S.Rijke commonly know as ‘’Official Basta’’ or ‘’Basta’’, is a dutch Music artist, songwriter. Born on the 12th of February 1988 in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He started making music when he reached the age of 10. He started of rapping and writing to exciting beats and recorded them with voice notes. At the age of 12 he finally got enough money to buy his own studio so he could get started on making real recordings in his studio. When he reached the age of 14 he had his first performance into the club industry, with his jumpy and danceable dance hall beats and groovy song lyrics he gets everyone to the dance floor. The music he makes is influenced by dance hall and other Caribbean music styles. As well as his Dancehall tracks the real hip hop work is as well something that is under the control of ‘’Basta’’, with good strong lyrics he always knows how to deliver. By getting support from some of the older major artists that took ‘’Basta’’ by the hand at a young age he was able to build up a good name into it. Now days he still relies to it, because however the music industry changed alot the past few years some things will never change. Basta haven’t performed recently due to the fact that he is working on a new EP The EP will be called ‘’Pass Di Dutch’’ This is going to be a EP with a lot of Summer Tunes and energetic music. This is what people out of the industry have to say about Basta and his music Dj chelseaboy based in London, UK ‘’ Basta likes to create upfront poppy sound a lot like your carnival sounds but he adds something different to his approach. U always get a feelgood vibe with basta. He had collaborated with some of the best rising American stars including Jay Reezy.’’ Dj Monski based in California, US ‘’Basta is one of the hardest working artists around. He has a very unique sound and is able to change up his style when needed. Basta is also humble and works with other artists in order to continue to produce great music. He has outstanding music and is always looking to collab with others. Overall Basta is a great artist.’’ People who want to contact Basta can find his contact below: Email: Twitter: @basta01 Instagram: official_basta BBM: 7BE98C83 Skype: Bastamusic020 Website: Music review:

Wakefield is a 17 year old phenom from Chicago Illinois, which is booming with young talent. He brings a different style of music to his region. He is nothing near the traditional trap or drill music coming out of Chicago. His music is extremely likeable and catchy. The young boy has performed two sold out shows as well as selling 70+ units of $25 sweatshirts. He is serious about his craft and his music has the potential to take him where he wants to go. He is unsigned and is making a lot of noise on his own. He has over 350,000 youtube views as well as two mix tapes out as well. Hopefully I can hear from you soon.

FRIDA - Free The Precariat -Crunkatlanta Promo Frida Precariat is a female performance-artist and dancer making noisy glitter bedroom pop-jams with a hip-hop soul; She has been living beyond her means since 1991.

The following song, "frida-style (prod. by RogueWav)" encompasses several of the elements that recur in Frida's artistic work: static, improvisation, and melody. Other songs to check out on her soundcloud include "o yea her" and "cigars on the cape" ( Additionally here is a video of Frida performing "fame" live in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA: Twitter|Instagram: @fridaprecariat for show dates:

A t D a I i r R a F c e r P e h T e e r F


Atlanta Music Promoter is proud to post this joint-It’s hard to believe that just 12 months ago Vanessa Elisha, the artist, was non-existent.

Without the help of a label, Vanessa released her GXNXVS produced EP Don’t Go in early 2013 to an unexpected swell of support. Her single’s Blur and Home To Me earned her an online following, and before long she was counting the likes of Hypetrak, 2dopeboyz, The 405, Singers Room & YVYNYL as her most fervent supporters. As a writer for other artists, Vanessa’s work has been featured on Karen Civil, AllHipHop, Prefix Magazine, BET, The Source, Ear Milk and more.

Vanessa’s latest release Midnight Swim with GXNXVS and “Waves”, with J.Louis (Soulection) and Haan808 gives us a taste of 2014; with collaborations with GXVXNS, Cviro, J.Louis, B.Lewis, Nick Nikon and more to follow. LINKS Website Soundcloud Twitter Facebook


With a mellow, melodic flow, Nineteen year old Sugene throws words onto the instrumental like some paint being splattered across a blank canvas. As scattered as his thoughts may seem, the young artist manages to mesh together a powerful message that may not be fully understood outside of the subconscious mind. Nonetheless, this joint has the catchiness and soothing quality that more music needs nowadays. The harmonious outro furthermore proves that Sugene can’t be defined as a rapper, but an artist with intentions to change music. Not just the rap game like every generic rapper you find out there. Maybe that’s what we truly need in up and coming talent, it probably is. Follow Sugene as he prepares to release his debut mixtape “Velo City” this fall. Twitter: Soundcloud: Website:


DANIELLE WALKER Synopsis: What do you do when your best friend cross that invisible line called 'trust'? Do you forgive and forget or do you seek revenge.... Fellas what would you do if you caught the woman you loved in bed with her exboyfriend? Would you fight for your love or would you start singing 'it ain't nothing to cut that bitch off'? Get a small glimpse into two best friends lives past and present day. From the beginning of this friendship, until... Shelly is continuously dragged into the mayhem that seems to follow Jasmine wherever she goes. Something's should only take common sense to see what's really going on. As Shelly attempts to make a name for herself with the people standing close to her, taking turns pushing a dagger in her back. A blast from their past comes and turns up the heat.

@Dannie_Babie On Twitter

When loyalty has no limits, can these two friends keep their sisterhood intact, or have they bit off more than they can chew. They say whatever is done in the dark, comes to the light. But how long can you creep around before the light shines on you? Can Jasmine stand the heat or will it be to much for her to bare? Find out in 'The Ultimate Betrayal

BIO: "Dream big and don't allow your fears to stop you from making them a reality." Danielle Walker, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, was inspired at an early age to express her feelings through writing, when she received her first diary. During that time in her life. She was writing about things that happened to her on a daily, but by reading over her entries. She found humor in the way she expressed herself. Curious when she reached middle school. Danielle tried her hand at her first short story. Which was written out of true boredom, but never realized it was a natural talent. As a adolescent, Danielle strive to become a Corporate Lawyer. But, when she received her first intern with one of Atlanta's most prestigious law firms. She decided it wasn't something she was passionate about anymore. Taking on odd jobs until she could figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She found herself in the music industry managing an up and coming artist on the rise 'J-dro' and working with some of the industry elites, behind the scene. But, before her career soared she resigned. Because her heart still wasn't satisfied. @DanielleWalker On And DannieBabie07 On IG

With life experiences taking a toll on her and her motivation to keep on pushing. Danielle picked up her pen and did what she felt came natural to her. Today Ms. Walker is the owner of 'YJLM Publishing House' and is the author of one of the best-selling books of 2014. Optimistic about the future, you can guarantee she is ready to take on her next challenge in life. One day at a time.

MONALISA HYPNOTIK Monalisa HYPNOTIK (Representing MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA) is known for her confident seductive attitude & ability to rock crowds. Very active in the local scene. The mistress is fiery, charismatic, unique, creative, passionate, self-made with a drive for success. Her first appearance in the local Hip-Hop scene was in 2001 with the mixtape ''The Mystic Storm''. Followed with various projects including singles, performances, hosting of shows, and openings for Trina, Bow Wow, Juicy J, Xzibit the Pussy Cat Dolls. & Ace Hood. Appeared in many night clubs in Eastern Canada and has done collabos, several video appearances, worked with various groups, producers and labels before delving into her own work as a solo ,independent artist & Ceo of so.hypnotik.ent . 2009 one of her singles was featured in the movie Sortie-67/Exit-67 which played in movie theaters in Canada & Germany. Slowly she started gaining more respect from her peers ,in 2011 Monalisa has been immortalized by being part of the first edition of the great Canadian hip hop trading card collection. She also featured in hip hop magazines. In 2013 she released a mix cd called so hypnotik Dubbed Montreal's unsigned hype!!. Her style is "so erotik, so exotik, so hypnotik". The rapstress is also known as a #model, #host #mc & #entrepreneur! Very musically versatile in her genres Monalisa can touch any style #rap #r&b #pop #latin #dancehall. An official website single & new video coming soon

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What if Jay Z and Beyonce made a double couples movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? - This joint would set records at the box office... hands down. Its just my idea... but I believe this would set major records. The "ON THE RUN" Trailer was a teaser to what could be... and by the feedback I can see them going through and making an action/drama movie. These two getting into the film arena together would take their careers to another level. Beyonce already had gotten her feet wet in the movie business. Jay Z himself would have the financial backing throughout his network. We can just anticipate the release on their movie pretty soon . Its gonna happen.. Jay-Z and BeyoncĂŠ "RUN" Starring Sean Penn and Don Cheadle! --


Teedra Moses (@TeedraMoses) Feat Rick Ross (@rickyrozay) – All I Ever Wanted (Remix) Teedra Moses (@TeedraMoses) Feat Rick Ross (@rickyrozay) – All I Ever Wanted (Remix)

Teedra Moses (@TeedraMoses) Feat Rick Ross (@rickyrozay) – All I Ever Wanted (Remix)


Cesqeaux & JSTJR get, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow & Bunji Garlin, “2 Di Ground.” Cesqeaux & JSTJR get, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow & Bunji Garlin, for, “2 Di Ground.” Cesqeaux & JSTJR get, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow & Bunji Garlin, for, “2 Di Ground.”


Fredo Santana - That's A No No Feat. Lil Reese WorldStarPromo Fredo Santana - That's A No No Feat. Lil Reese - WorldStarPromo Fredo Santana - That's A No No Feat. Lil Reese - WorldStarPromo

Check out the DISS TRACK

40 GLOCC Sometimes in life you have to know when to draw the line with certain things that come out of your mouth whether it be a conversation / blog or a rap song. 40 Glocc is still angry with the fact that rapper (The Game) tried to assassinate his character by displaying a brutal beat down on camera in 2013 . Since the incident 40 Glocc has sued The Game for 4.5 million in which he actually won, but Glocc is done yet in his latest and newest track called "Disrespectful" .

This new diss record 40 Glocc has put out for the world to hear is sure to get the attention of The Game with rhymes going at his kids, his wife and more. Checkout the diss record below and let us know what you think- Things can get really ugly like real fast Daddymack

RAY J SPIT When it comes to controversy Ray J has plenty of it to go around and he doesn't disappoint neither. According to TMZ Ray J made contact with a woman's ass at a swanky Bev Hills hotel, and that's why someone called the cops to report a sexual battery ... which led to a violent confrontation and his arrest.

The Beverly Hills PD tells us Ray J was in an altercation Friday night at the Beverly Wilshire hotel bar. He somehow made contact with a woman's butt and that's why cops were called. They determined it was NOT a sexual battery -- the contact was "incidental."

Apparently Ray J was asked to leave and all was ok, until he got to the valet area, where cops say he became belligerent and then refused drive off.Hotel security made a citizen's arrest and BHPD cops obliged and took Ray into custody.Ray kicked out the back window of the police vehicle and spit in an officer's face.

He was booked for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer. will keep you informed.


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Of course Natasha Stewart aka Pebbelz Da Model

Sentence Date 2 Tentative Release -1/9/2020

does not look like this any more-- check out her

Washington County Regional Correctional Facility

inmate photo taken this month of May 2014. Do


you still want to write her..?

Inmate # 189177

MDOC# 189177

60 Stokes King Road


Greenville, MS 38701


- See her pic at:

Sex FEMALE Date of Birth 8/3/1973 Height 5' 5'' Weight 140 Complexion MEDIUM Build EXTRA L Eye Color BROWN Hair Color BLACK Entry Date 3/3/2014 Location WASHINGTON CCF Unit WASHINGTON CCF POD D Location Change Date 5/8/2014 12:09:14 PM Number of Sentences 2 Total Length 7 YEARS Offense 1 MANSLAUGHTER Sentence Length 1 7 YEARS County of Conviction 1 HINDS Sentence Date 1 Offense 2 CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT A CRIME Sentence Length 2 5 YEARS County of Conviction 2 HINDS




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@BIGJOHNKAP The “Biker” in the movie with Kevin Hart/ Ice Cube Ride Along


Mercedes Ashley is a professional adult entertainer that has been featured in over 180 adult films and has been featured in popular magazines such as Penthouse, Gents, Club International, Hustler, Black Tail and Black Gold Magazine. This aggressive hot-blooded Puerto Rican woman hit the adult industry by storm giving the industry a new taste of lively, hot, dominant sex scenes. To find out more about Mercedes Ashley, feel free to drop her a line and visit her websites or simply type her name in any major search engine and you will find all her movies and her fanatical XXX adult film career will speak for themselves. Not only is she a talented film star, by day she is also a notorious website developer, graphic artist & IT specialist. The woman is the epitome of a triple threat, possessing beauty, intelligence and talent. Compared to other women, knowing her will be an enlightening experience that cannot be duplicated. You can’t get anymore woman than Mercedes. Private Companion Hosting/Appearances


Feature Dancing/Strip Club Appearances Bachelor Party Appearances Private Online Webcam Shows Phone Fun Webmaster Web Development & Interactive Media Student Social Network Management/Advertising Student

Booking Info: 877-413-6085 Email: Currently in Los Angeles/Las Vegas but travels nationwide for bookings.

DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THE TWITTER DIRECTORY? 3 WaysSELFIE - of you holding a sign or writing “Crunkatlanta Mag” yourself Tweet @ CrunkatlantaMag telling others to Follow 2 Times- then email me your info Make a “VINE / Youtube video saying you want in …


Milf! Cougar! Inked and HOT! Pornstar, TV Babe, Model and webcammer on Adultwork. Babestation. Rampant TV. Playboy. Chatgirl. Killergram. Shebang TV

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