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I am Eric aka Crunkatlanta & Promotewho.com ( no longer being used) The Internet Promoter, the one that is in love with Hip Hop. Follow me on Twitter @crunkatlantaMag . Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Yep, I'm from Seven Mile Rd and GreenfieldWhuddup Doe!! My first inspiration to get involved in the industry was when I found out that nobody heard of any Detroit rappers outside of Detroit ( Michigan). My first gig was with a friend (“T”) that I assisted with promoting Cam’ron back when he was a lil chunky in 1997. From there I found what my purpose was supposed to be. My all time fantasy career was to become a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Once that dream was cut short from not getting the response back from -tryouts and competition over the years. I became hooked on music and brand marketing. HISTORY My history includes affiliations & working with Crunk Energy Drink, Ozone Magazine (Detroit Rapquest), Murder One Clothing, On Tha Real Magazine, Mafia Magazine, Yeyo Tequila, Def Jam, (The Ying Yang Twins,Stat Quo, DJ PAUL, 4-IZE, Nappy Roots, MC Lyte, Da Muzicians, Young Tone, DJ Source - The German Giant all on The DAM MIXTAPE) ,Lil Jon, BXC, Bohagon and several Indie and underground artist. Steadily building relationships around the country and the world - If you wanna work together - “LETS WORK” What's Crunkatlanta.com all about and what do I do? I been doing this officially since 2004. But I've been into the business since1994. Crunkatlanta Promotions initially was started with the intent to help: Business Owners - Sales People - Bands - DJ's - Nightclub Owners Promoters - Entrepreneurs - Artist - Musicians and anybody else seeking Internet brand marketing.


Over the years I've changed my marketing ways to promote with various social networks like Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube and even on Myspace. Follow me on those sites under (CRUNKATLANTA). I am dedicated at what I do and feel that I can and will help you increase your exposure on social media sites- all the while saving you time and money. Hire me to grind for you around the clock. ..come holla at me--http://www.pinterest.com/crunkatlanta http://www.crunkatlanta.com Wanna do business or have questions.. CRUNKATLANTA@GMAIL.COM

CRUNKATLANTA DIGITAL MAGAZINE does not take responsibility for unsolicited materials, mis-information, typographical errors, or misprints. The views contained herein do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher or its advertisers. Ads appearing in this magazine are not an endorsement or validation by CRUNKATLANTA DIGITAL MAGAZINE for products or services offered. All photos and illustrations are copyrighted by their respective artists. All other content is copyrighted by CRUNKATLANTA DIGITAL MAGAZINE, all rights reserved. No portion of this magazine may be reproduced in any way without the written consent of the publisher. Printed in the USA.

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A T N A L T A Are you Ready to Buy a Car Or Truck…

DJ Skroog Mkduk Flavor Friday's "French Vanilla" Josie Warner Model name :

Josie Fox Measurements are : 32 DD waist 24 hips 35 Contact for work: cell 224 619 0813


The joke's on Snoop: Rapper ‘faces lawsuit’ after mocking appearance of gay carer on Instagram and now internet jokers point out the pair look rather alike

-Snoop Dogg posted a picture of carer Cortez Booze on his Instagram - Rapper posted image and asked the question: 'Whose auntcle is this?' -Mr Booze received torrents of abuse including being called a 'shemale' -But some Snoop Dogg followers said the rapper looked like Mr Booze - Carer wants to sue Snoop Dogg over the post, which has been removed.

RAPPER TINY DOO FACING LIFE IN PRISON for LYRICS Freedom of Speech is going away -----in California A man could be jailed for life for rapping about gang violence. Brandon Duncan, also known as Tiny Doo, has been accused of breaking anti-gangster laws in California that make it illegal to profit in any way from gang activity. Prosecutors are seeking 25 years to life in prison for Duncan, pointing to lyrics on his album which they say correlate to specific crimes by a known gang in Los Angeles, California. UP and COMING RAPPERS MOVE OUTTA CALIFORNIA if you RAP about GANG VIOLENCE... or you next According to CNN, Duncan and 14 other alleged gangsters were able to enhance their reputations following a spate of shootings in 2013. Lawyers have pointed to violent scenes and imagery in his album, called No Safety, as proof that he should be convicted on nine counts of criminal street gang conspiracy. Duncan has said the charges are ludicrous, and his defense has pointed out that he has no criminal record and is not even suspected of any actual gang activity. He told CNN: 'The studio is my canvas. I'm just painting a picture. I'm not telling anybody to go out and kill somebody... these people [the prosecutors] have you scared to do anything around here.' FAIR or UNFAIR Any artist should be able to rap about whatever they choose. At the same time , there are many subject they can choose as the subject beside drugs and violence. To educate the listeners should be their first priority. - Crunkatlanta


Losing Freedumb, in association with ONAWJO, is proud to present a new release, a EP titled “GDLU: The Revival” by Dugee F. Buller from the DMV. This cd is a collection covers everything from personal interest to social commentary, with an ability that matches the talent of today’s top tier. Work, love, hate, fear and victory all wrapped up in a nice 20 minute. Production from Ricky P, 1500 or Nothing, and Cardiack Flatline; Dugee dsplays lyrical wit and cleverness.

Bio: I'm from Columbus, GA, 21 years old and i was born May 14, 1993. I've been a singer for most of my life and a dancer as well. I been rapping off and on for some years now and finally started to become more consisted. I wanted to be different from other artist so i decided i would do all three things: Singing, Rapping, and Dancing. I named myself Lil J at first but i wanted a named that would fit me. So a friend of mine came up with the name J Trio. As of now, the name "J Trio" now consist of "Expect the unexpected". Music has always been my passion since I was four years of age. I'm always thinking of something new to write about. I also have a new mixtape coming out sometime this year titled "Reincarnation". I'm a lover of both Hip Hop and R&B so thats the type of music fans can expect from me. Contact Info: Cell Number 762-524-3311 Twitter name- JTrio105 Gmail-Jtrio66@gmail.com

Atlanta Music Promoter- Marc Payne

Why is Marc Payne not just another rapper? As a talented lyricist and charismatic performer, Marc Payne has the gift to connect with the streets and relate to a more affluent audience. Growing up in the diverse streets of Los Angeles, Marc Payne's versatility over Super Producer TC Turner Classic's New West-Coast sound and production is timeless.

YOUNG TWIZZY East Harlem artist Young Twizzy brings you his first single of 2015 "It Doesn't Matter" produced by Cash Money ap. Twizzy's mixtape "When The Smoke Clears " is due for the first quarter of the year . Stream Link:https://soundcloud.com/youngtwizzy/itdoesnt-matter Twitter - @YoungTwizzyAbm Instagram - YoungTwizzy_


AYE JOSEPH Aye Joseph Adrian White, also known as his stage name aye.Joseph, is a Dayton, Ohio raised rapper/songwriter. At the tender age of 22, aye. has mastered the science behind creating music that instantly catches your attention. With his use of creative track concepts that relate to everyday life, aye.Joseph's music can be felt by anyone with a pulse.

ROZAY5IVE Chiraq (CHICAGO) cont. to heat up with it's latest Representative "Rozay 5ive" aka "Rozay Nickle" holding it down for the Wild 100's section with the release of his latest release #productofthe100s available on IAPSTORE.COM http://www.iapstore.com/rozay-5ive-product-ofthe-100s.html So peep the visual for the 1st single off #ProductOfThe100s "#AndWhat" so watch an then go cop!!!! an hit Rozay up via twitter @ROZAY5IVE


Bio: Up and coming artist m33zydac3o comes correct with a HOT first single Skurr. Teaming up with WZRD Beats he uses this track as an announcement for his mixtape in the works by the name of F.D.I.G.D. If you like hard beats and bars, you should give this track a chance. Stay tuned.

TRILL CUT Bio: Budding artist, Trill Cut, is making his money dreams a reality. Following the release of his first solo project, the '#MoneyDreams' artist from Bunnell Florida pioneers the art of Hip Hop Soul while establishing a uniquely familiar sound that has placed him on the music map! One-fourth of the super group Blu Ray, Trill Cut emerges to solidify his position as a bonafide artist with his freshmen EP album, Underground Sounds.

About the Project: Verbal van Gogh, the self-proclaimed "RapGod" returns with his most personal and progressive project titled "Reality of A Dreamworld". The 10 track EP is also packaged with a mini-documentary which can be obtained by downloading the EP at VvG704.bandcamp.com. Production appearances from Yung Exclusive, Promise Da Gawd, Stacks A. Million, Lexi Banks, Supa Nyce, and more! Sponsored x AntiHype & HarStudios. Social Media: IG/Twitter (@VvG704)

Billionaire Buck (@ComptonsBuck) x Wiz Khalifa x Future - Around Tha Way (Remix) The song sparking airwaves everywhere "Around Tha Way" has sparked a remix courtesy of Wiz khalifa's dj.... not only does the unofficial remix include "Wiz Khalifa", "Future" comes along for this ride. ...so enjoy an keep up with "Buck" via twitter: https://twitter.com/ComptonsBuck https://twitter.com/TEAMBLOCKBALLIN

Rest in Peace - ERIC GARNER This is a song from Eric Garner's daughter "Erica Garner" in dedication, memory and protest of the wrongful choking death of Eric Garner 43 years old, father of 6 children, who on July 17, 2014 was put into a choke-hold after apparently breaking up a fight outside a local storefront in Staten Island, New York. Five New York Police Officers surround him and one of the Police Officers put him in a choke-hold, then they forced him onto the ground with the choke-hold still applied around his neck. Eric Garner shouted out "I can't breathe" 11 times. As a result, Eric Garner died shortly thereafter. A Staten Island Grand Jury has voted not to indict the New York Police Officer in the killing of Eric Garner, which emotionally disturb the Nation....

DJ TwenTY OFFICIAL URBAN MIXTAPE OF DJ TWENTY ! FOLLOW ME ! FOLLOW ME REGRADE A GAUCHE ! https://soundcloud.com/djtwenty-1/kingofmycity If you want the Complete Version Including the Missing 40 Mins : King Of My City Part 1 AND 2 (include 40 missing minutes)

Senny sen SENNY SEN Music videos: Purple Hearts- Senny Sen (EXPLICIT): http://youtu.be/iXHHbTZsvWo Senny Sen- Fuck With Me (Explicit): http://youtu.be/Uo2BHhOZvio Twitter name: SennySen21 Contact Info: sennysen@sosenful.com Link: facebook.com/sennysenmusic To Check out the videos click the picture‌


FAH HOOKS BIO by Artist Born n raised in Philly been a Music lover all my life we use to record in my homie basement wit basic equipment when i was 16 jus for fun only been pursuing Music as a pro for the last 2 and a half yrs butI’m in it to win it! http://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=tw&v=OUfX0UtBH84 http://m.soundcloud.com/fah-hooks Twiiter & IG @hooks267

Born in Aurora, IL, JaQuay Fields, known to the local hip–hop scene as “QuaVo”, has been setting her path to being the hottest female artist in the game. Now that her skills are razor sharp she has joined forces with Rhapsidi Productionz as the first lady. Holding down being an artist and partner in Rhapsidi Productionz leaves QuaVo jus enuff time to tackle being a single parent. QuaVo’s first years in the game were spent performing with the group “School Yard Hotties”.. Now a solo act.. QuaVo has dedicated her time working on her upcoming EP, set to release late Fall 2014.

RICH and RECKLESS RRMG drops their latest mixtape offering "Rich & Reckless" hosted by DJ Skroog Mkduk. The 7 track playlist is more of a EP leading off with the STREET ANTHEM "Shoot". Check it out and follow us on twitter @skroogmkduk @KutThecheck

D-12 member Bizarre drops "Dab Life" mixtape. The mixtape is about drugs, suspect lyrics, and well...... Gotta give a fellow Detroiter a SALUTE--WHUDDUP DOE!!

Mixtape Tracks 1.Intro 2.Dab Life [Prod. By Super] 3.Never Turn Down [Prod. By Super] 4.Who Want It (Ft. B Boy Fidget) [Prod. By Super] 5.Juice N Gin 6.Pill Headz (Ft. Yung L.A & Fabo) 7.Intoxicated 8.Swag [Prod. By Super] 9.She My Bitch 10.Lit 11.Turnt 12.Hollywood 13.Party Life (Ft. Fat Trel & LV) 14.Outro

SOUTH FULTON MUSIC Hip-Hop tandem “South Fulton Music” represents a sense of relief to those with an appetite for quality in today’s Rap. While countless artists continue to replicate popular trends for acceptance, members Mr. Green, Dione Bell and Bigg Dane stand their ground, and demonstrate to the world that real Hip-Hop is still alive.

DAWN DEWAN Out of the Darkness Comes the D.A.W.N. of a New Beginning.... I just got back from Washington, D.C. Performed at the Kennedy Center and The Smithsonian and this is only the Beginning!!!... I hail from Birmingham, AL with a Cincinnati, OH Mind of Thinking. Some People Make Music to get Famous. I make music to Inspire the soul and for people all over the world to enjoy. Forget F.A.M.E, Let's get Success..

Silent Assasin Silent Assasin who's real name is Crystal was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. She has many talents and decided to add artist too the category during the summer of 2013. Silent Assasin has been through some trials and her strength has been tested on many occasions. Therefore, she decided to put her emotions and thoughts in writing. Writing is a stress reliever for Silent Assasin, so she decided it was time to record. Silent Assasin loves music from all Genres and some of her favorite artist are Master P, La Chat, Rocko, Chris Brown, August Alsina, and Bobby Rush. Silent Assasin is the mother of three children. One whom she gave birth to at age 13 which did not stop her from accomplishing her goals. Silent Assasin received her high school diploma at age 16, completed Culinary Arts and Certified Nurse Assistant training by the age 17. Silent Assasin is 33 and currently a college student studying Business Management.

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Natashia 140 lbs 5'6 : facebook tasha cromer : Instagram hairstudiobytasha

DonWon DOA Born and Raised in Detroit Michigan Fell in love with Music at a early age of 7 started rapping at the age of 13 . His Biggest Music influence are 2pac, Notorious B.I.G. ,Scarface.etc With a unique Rapping Style & Ready to Reach new heights in his career to become a Legend in the music world he started his own Group D.O.A. in 2008 . Also Follow me on: Twitter @DonWon_DOA Facebook Donwon Doa https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCSCS2lEX61f_B140S2 K6InA https://m.soundcloud.com/donwon-doa https://www.reverbnation.com/DonWon_DOA donwondoa@gmail.com

AKIL Contact Info for Akil

Steven Gerod 678-799-2092 Stevegbridges@comcast.net https://soundcloud.com/akil-bridges www.sonicbids.com/akil https://www.facebook.com/akilbridgesrap instagram@a.k.i.l_b

Bio - 19 years old from Detroit, Michigan. I just want to be one the greatest to ever do it when it's all set and done. Contact info email: callmerahs@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/HooRah313 Links Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/youngrahs/sets/my-songs Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spicjR6Pps DescriptionKing Sesame liberates the first single off his upcoming EP ‘KISS.’ Listen to ‘Magazine Bitch’ produced by Jahlil Beats video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-Avlu6dzs Facebook-facebook.com/kstunes twitter-@kingsesame soundcloud-soundcloud/kingsesame IG:kingsesame

Little Roy, formerly known as Gemini 3rd Twin, now goes by just 3rd Twin. Born Roy Moore III in Portland, OR. 3rd twin is a 20 yr rap veteran who has done it all from winning rap battles all across the country, to being signed to a major label. 3rd Twin started writing raps at the tender age of 12. He landed his first recording contract with DM entertainment at the age of 14. Konflic his first group, was formed with three other child hood friends. One of their first performances was at Portland's second installment of its only local hip hop showcase PO HOP2. Konflic by far were the youngest to hit the stage. From then on, Konflic paved the way for the young mc's around town.

My name is Christopher Evans aka LOVABOY bka LB. I'm from Columbia, South Carolina and I now reside in Houston, Texas to pursue my dream as a rapper. I've performed at a lot of events over the years, but I'm proud to say that since I've moved down here to Texas, Hip-Hop is very popular down here. When I first started, I had a radio, cd and a dream. I took that dream, and I turned it into reality. I remember, going to my first performance. It was at a club called "Party Hall�. It was up the street from my grandma house and it was packed when I got there. I was nervous, anxious, scared, and ready to show my neighborhood what I was made of. -

Bio: Mike Bizness aka "Sir King Trill" born on October 2nd 1991 is a Hip Hop artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He doesn't only spit rhymes, but he also writes, produces, mixes, masters, engineers, designs, photography, his roles are basically endless. Mr. Bizness has his hands on everything he creates. He's also creating a clothing line with his family that should pop up soon enough. Mike's style of rap is kind of unexplainable, I mean if you were to compare him to other MC's you would have to name quite a few because his style switches according to how he feels. Rapping off of beats from hip hop, hype, twerk/party, to smooth and calm this young MC can adapt pretty well to it all, and can give you anything you want, in his words "I don't care what kind of music you ask for, you want a party song.. fine, you want something to chill to.. cool, I'll give you what you want, but ima do it how I feel it should be done."









LIL BANKHEAD @LILBANKHEAD945 Sat & Sun 6pm-10pm Live broadcast 10 pm-12am live on Streets94.5

@C ru n


k atla Check out ntaM The commercial ag

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Danai Cooper - Mocha 773-993-8464 danaicooper9@gmail.com IG: nsane_rhebel Youtube : Danai Cooper




@BIGJOHNKAP The “Biker” in the movie with Kevin Hart/ Ice Cube Ride Along


Mercedes Ashley is a professional adult entertainer that has been featured in over 180 adult films and has been featured in popular magazines such as Penthouse, Gents, Club International, Hustler, Black Tail and Black Gold Magazine. This aggressive hot-blooded Puerto Rican woman hit the adult industry by storm giving the industry a new taste of lively, hot, dominant sex scenes. To find out more about Mercedes Ashley, feel free to drop her a line and visit her websites or simply type her name in any major search engine and you will find all her movies and her fanatical XXX adult film career will speak for themselves. Not only is she a talented film star, by day she is also a notorious website developer, graphic artist & IT specialist. The woman is the epitome of a triple threat, possessing beauty, intelligence and talent. Compared to other women, knowing her will be an enlightening experience that cannot be duplicated. You can’t get anymore woman than Mercedes.


Private Companion Hosting/Appearances Feature Dancing/Strip Club Appearances Bachelor Party Appearances Private Online Webcam Shows Phone Fun Webmaster Web Development & Interactive Media Student Social Network Management/Advertising Student

Booking Info: 877-413-6085 Email: mercedes@mercedesashley.com Currently in Los Angeles/Las Vegas but travels nationwide for bookings.

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Carmel Johnson Instagram - @just_carmel Bust 34B Waist 26in Hips 37in 5'7 135lbs

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Carmel Johnson

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