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Kristina Decheva is a two-time Miss Illinois Earth winner for 2018 and 2020. After being on the Miss Earth National stage twice, Kristina is preparing to compete at Miss Illinois USA 2021 for the first time on June 27, 2021 representing Oak Brook, Illinois. Kristina?s platform as Miss Oak Brook 2021 is ?You are Enough?. In her platform, Kristina focuses on women?s development and mentorship. In only three months, Kristina mentored over 200 women in her community and across state lines. Her partnership with Ambassador Queens United has allowed her to reach a wide audience of women who need guidance in their early modeling and pageant career. As Miss Illinois USA 2021, Kristina strives to reach over 3,000 women in helping them develop their image and self-esteem.

Photos by Eva Flis and The Code Creatives







JOYCEBROWNLIVINGHERBESTLIFE At 63, I am the current title holder for the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant. The purpose of the organization is to represent the positive image of aging for women 60 and older. The goal is to empower and enrich the lives of all seniors and promote the senior woman in all her glory. The ladies have reached the ?Age of Elegance? and are the foundation of America. The pageant champions healthy aging, wellness and mental well-being. The contestants exemplify the ?positive image of aging.? I have a B.S degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. I worked 38 years in the technology field (at 2 major companies). I spent 30 years in various forms of engineering management. During that time, I had the opportunity to mentor, develop and empower many of my employees and others. I recently retired from Abbott Laboratories after 30 years of service. At 59, I decided to define 60 for myself and not let 60 define me. I became serious about working out and completely changed my eating habits. I started attending boot camp classes 4 to 5 times a week and became stronger. I began losing the weight and in 4 months, I lost 30 lbs. and was in the best shape of my adult life. The transformation was phenomenal! I became the role model of others. Three years later, I continue to work out, eat healthy, and inspire others. I became a certified Health Coach in 2018. The certification supports my platform of Health and Fitness. I understand the challenges and control that food have on people. Unfortunately, many diseases that people suffer from are because of lifestyle choices (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, joint problem, etc.). Modification to our eating habits and incorporating light exercises (walking) can make significant health and wellness improvements. My goal is to educate and encourage people to make better choices to improve their health and confidence. My platform also empowers and encourages people to step outside their comfort zone and stretch themselves to live their best life. We should live our lives intentionally and purposefully. We were not created to live an average life. We were created to be so much more, but we have to overcome fear to become our best selves. As a title holder, my goal over the next year is to enrich the lives of others. I want to talk to as many people as I can reach to inspire and empower them to become healthy and live their best lives. I want to let them know that failure is impossible when they stretch themselves. Those are lessons learned that can be applied to future endeavors. Regardless of the choices we?ve made or our age, it?s never too late to begin living our best life! Since winning the title, I have accomplished so many firsts: motivational speaker, interviews, featured on the cover of Celebration Magazine, United Way Board of Director member in Denton County, published co-author of 2 books (one is on the best seller ?s list), I started my website (electronic magazine) and others. At 63, my life has improved tremendously because I kicked open the box, I had created for myself. I?m stretching myself in ways I never would have considered 5 years ago. I am living my best life! I would love to speak or appear at your event. There is no fee for my appearance. My contact information is below: Joyce Brown (972) 400-7045 joyceMTSA19@gmail.com PHOTOS BY DAVID SMITH



A high school graduate also received the first annual ?Kristina Henderson Empowering Young Women Scholarship? for college. Additionally, Henderson has used her reign to spread awareness about hunger and opioid addiction in our community. She works closely with ?Fulfill Food Bank?, an organization to prevent drug abuse called ?Tigger House Foundation,? and a nonprofit called ?Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation? which provides free dance and music lessons for children in need. Kristina and her husband have also started a nonprofit of their own, ?The Kristina and Bart Henderson Foundation?, which will help fund community projects. During the height of the pandemic, Kristina and her husband donated more than 125,000 masks to frontline workers and families in need through a collaboration with Feeding America. They donated the masks to food banks and nonprofits in five states to help keep employees, volunteers, and the community COVID-safe. Their efforts received local and national attention on Good Morning America, NBC, and ABC. Henderson graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. She is the Co-Founder of ?The Giving Back Forum? - an event that brings together 65+ non-profits in the community to one space, where they can learn from one another, share resources, and promote awareness for their causes. Henderson became a flight attendant at the age of 19. She went on to be a television news producer in New Hampshire. When Kristina's not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Bart, co-owner of Henderson Promos, and her two dogs, Gatsby and Kona, at the Jersey Shore.

MRS. NEW JERSEY AMERICAN Kr ist in a Hen der son CEO, Business Owner, Philanthropist, Advocate for Women in Business, and Motivational Speaker Kristina Henderson, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of Henderson Promos in Red Bank, New Jersey, was crowned 2020 Mrs. New Jersey American in the Mrs. America Pageant on August 8, 2020. The 29-year-old who grew up in Colts Neck, New Jersey, placed top 6 in the Mrs. American 2021 pageant in Las Vegas in March. Henderson is using her reign to empower other women in business to take their existing companies to the next level. During her reign, she has visited with women in all 21 counties of New Jersey to support them and the local economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. ?I encourage women to look for other successful women in business for inspiration, guidance, encouragement, and mentorship,? said Mrs. New Jersey Kristina Henderson. ?Women really need to embrace each other 's triumphs and build a network of support with each other. When one woman succeeds, we all succeed.? Recently, Henderson held an extraordinary red-carpet event in Red Bank, New Jersey, honoring the ?Stars of Women in Business? in New Jersey. About 100 women attended the networking event and awards presentation where several women leaders in television, business, and the nonprofit arena were honored for their contributions to the community and to the advancement of women.


Chimere was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. According to her, ?serving and representing the city was an honor. As Mrs. New Jersey, her objective is to advocate for the state as a whole while spreading the #GirlYes message. She plans to use the platform to advance local businesses and foster hope to disadvantaged communities.? Furthermore, she enjoys working and nurturing relationships with people from various backgrounds and cultures; this is achieved through her excellent communication skills, establishing a good rapport with them. Finally, Chimere is a leader who is dedicated to the greater good of all. She is always eager to try new things just for the sake of experiencing new highs and lows. Chimere is, without a doubt, an inspiration and source of motivation to lots of people and is very much appreciated both in her local community and amongst all who have encountered her.

MRS NEW JERSEY AMERICA Ch im er e Nicole Hask in s Chimere Nicole Haskins is the CEO of Chimere Nicole Salon LLC, a wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters (Ariel and Leah), a humanitarian, entrepreneur, writer, social media influencer, and a great all-round personality. After years of building a following and strong social media influence, Chimere decided to foster that same influence within her community by creating the organization "Girl Yes." "Girl Yes" was created to teach women to be Bold, Ambitious, and Beautiful by focusing on changing their mindset. The goal is to help women with everything from beauty to branding, business to the boardroom, "Girl Yes" covers it all. She recently wrote and released her first book, "Girl Yes," after creating the mentorship program in 2018. Chimere harnesses her ability to make a difference in her mentees' lives by challenging the status quo, prompting innovative ways to better their lives. She is renowned for her strategic thinking, excellent analytical skills, work ethics, and unwavering commitment towards helping her mentees. Everybody who has crossed paths with Chimere will testify of her resourcefulness, open-mindedness, mental flexibility, and that she's quite a good listener. Additionally, Chimere is the current Mrs. New Jersey America 2020. Prior to winning, she held the local title of Mrs. Trenton where she was a community advocate for various organizations within the city.


Poffie Girls is a premiere, full service salon serving North and South Carolina in the areas of bridal, bridesmaids, pageant, prom, and party gowns. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of gowns to meet every customer?s fashion needs. We work with and carry designers that are current, fresh, and forecast trends in order to create unique styles every season. Our professional stylists are knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous ? collectively, they view themselves as a concierge service, not just sales consultants. They are here to help you every step of the way through planning your wedding or pulling together the perfect style for your prom, pageant, or special occasion. Pof f ie Gir ls Ow n er s Pam an d Syble Lat t a

Poffie Girls reputation for honesty, high quality products, competitive pricing, and of course, real customer service has allowed Poffie Girls to expand and become one of the top Bridal Salons in the Southeast. In 1991 Syble and her husband, Bob,








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Plantation style home built in 1917. W here did the name Poffie Girls come from? W hen Syble?s daughter, Pam, was very young her brother, Tim, gave her the nickname Poffie because of her frilly dresses and


mannerisms. W hat a splendid name for the business, a name as unique as every bride that would walk through its doors. As a single mother of modest means in the 70?s with

After 40 years of serving women in all of their

no retail or business experience, Syble faced many

special events, Syble is passing along her

challenges when she decided to open a local bridal

knowledge and experience to her daughter. Pam

salon. The economic times were bad and banks felt

has worked in every aspect of the business with

that women were a loan risk and treated them

guidance from her mom and will continue to work

differently from men in business. However, Syble had

as Operations Manager. She now looks forward to

a passion, determination, and a commitment to

taking Poffie Girls to a whole new level by making

meeting the needs of her custom.

it more efficient and by working smarter and not harder. Syble still stops in occasionally to be sure the store is continuing her legacy and commitment to details that made Poffie Girls what it is today.









Photos by Carlos Velez




Go f or it ! Wh at do I m ean ? Well, let m e explain . On ce u pon a t im e, w h en I w as on ly 18 year s old, I lived in t h e ver y sm all t ow n of William son , West Vir gin ia. Bu t I w as alr eady pu r su in g a ver y big dr eam ! See, I had just been crowned Miss Magnolia Fair and Miss Mingo County in 1983! I then went on to compete in the West Virginia State Pageant, which was a gateway in the Miss America Pageant System. But it was not to be. I did not even place in that competition. It was so heart-breaking, that I buried that dream like it was a lost hidden treasure for over 36 years! However, in the meantime, I attended Marshall University and earned a BA in Speech Communication. My love of travel led me to a career as a flight attendant. As a result, I traveled to over 20 different countries. Then I was based in Washington D.C. and that is where I met my prince charming, Paul Roberts! We married and now it's 15 years later, and we have a beautiful 12-year-old daughter and a handsome 14-year-old son. So, I felt very fulfilled in my happy home, surrounded by my loving family. Yet, gradually something began to gnaw at me. I realized that it was the longing for that big unfulfilled dream, first imagined by my 18-year-old self. So, at the age of 53, I made the decision to pursue my passion for modeling. I began by competing for the ?Face of Avon? and I came in 1st Place. Then my journey took me to New York, where I had my pictures taken by the distinguished New York modeling photographer, David Kaptein. And because of that, I ended up signing with two New York agencies and I booked five national campaigns that year. While living in the Washington D.C. area, I submitted for a fashion segment on Fox 5. Raquel Riley Thomas, who owned the Mrs. DC America Pageant, picked me as one of her models. When I arrived on set, she introduced herself and told me, ?If you run for Mrs. DC America, you will win?! I was shocked! Although I had been very successful in the modeling world, I thought I was too old to participate in a pageant. Yet, she assured me I could win as she felt I had a timeless beauty! I was thrilled and very grateful to her! Even so, I truly feel that the most amazing part of my story is that God saw this big dream buried in my heart. He brought it back into my life after 36 years. For when God puts a dream in your heart for HIS purpose, then he will make certain that it succeeds! In vying for the crown of Mrs. DC America 2020, the competition was so inspiring! I competed against some very beautiful and successful women. It was against all odds, that I won! Now you should know that the Mrs. DC pageant system requires a platform (which is a set of principles, that guides one on this quest.) My platform for the pageant was ?mentoring young girls to become future leaders through the Girl Scouts of the United States of America?. However, this is not merely a platform, because for me - like my big dream - it is a passion! I had been a Girl Scout and now, my daughter is continuing on my legacy. Being Mrs. DC America was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I was delighted when I received a letter from the Mayor of Washington DC, congratulating both myself and the organization for outstanding community service work with my Girl Scouts thru-out the COVID-19 pandemic. And finally, I went on to compete for Mrs. America in Las Vegas. It was such an honor to be chosen among 51 of the most beautiful and accomplished women in the nation.

Although, I did not win Mrs. America, when I came back to DC, I was embraced and honored by so many! For example, I had been loaned a lovely Cherry Blossom costume created by Irina Ciobanu. When I went to return it, I met her friends. These two other Ukrainian beauties are Alina Grechana-Karaman, a D C celebrity artist and hair stylist and Tanira Dove, a renowned Washington DC photographer. And they each wanted to take my picture in my onstage gown. So, we chose to take those photos with the breathtaking Washington National Cathedral as a back-drop. I was absolutely thrilled! And during the shoot, somehow, I felt as if these pictures were truly anointed by God!! In addition, recently, I was invited to have my own segment on Fox 5 Plus, A tv show which reaches 6.2 million viewers in the DMV. My segment is called ?Dream Big?. So, my big dream led to me being a loved and loving wife and mom, a Girl Scouts leader, a beauty queen, and a tv host. Most importantly I realized that I have the biggest crown of all as a child of God! ?So, my message, that I want to share is this. Do not let anyone ever take away your big dream. Let no one tell you, you can?t do something when you know you have a passion and a purpose. Believe me when I say that you are never too old to be beautiful and accomplished. God will see to it - if you seek His will - you can make a difference in your community and beyond!? What does the future hold? Well, I prepare for the next big dream of course! And in so doing, I still model and I further develop my talents in taking acting classes. I study with Cheryl Felicia Rhoads, an accomplished Los Angeles actress who relocated to the DC area. I believe I have already begun to focus on my new big dream. See, I want to be the next ?Wonder Woman? so that perhaps in my own small way, I can save the world! So, how about you? Do you have a long-ago hidden treasure buried somewhere in your heart? What's your big dream? Learn from my experience. Go for it! Ph ot os by Cyn t h ia Ben n et t , Tan ir a Dove



ERICA CARNEGIE Erica graduated high school and earned an Associate Degree from St. Johns River State College at 17 years old. She's now an 18-year-old college junior and attends Stetson University on an academic scholarship! She's an AVM survivor (Arteriovenous Malformation) and is the Founder of the Youth Ambassador Program for The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation. In 2019, she became their first Youth Ambassador. In two short years, the team has expanded from one Ambassador to a team of 17 Youth Ambassadors who advocate for and serve young Aneurysm and AVM survivors nationwide! Erica serves on youth panels, is a mentor to young girls, is the host of Today's Interview, an intern/columnist at Crowns Magazine, and has received numerous academic and community service awards. She's involved in various college organizations including SCUBA Club, Focus Orientation Campus Leader Program and serves as a Panhellenic Delegate for Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. She also competes in pageants and has held state and national titles. Erica is the reigning Miss Clay County Teen USA and will compete for the Miss Florida Teen USA title in July.


In her spare time, Erica enjoys playing piano, chess, Sudoku, and baking. Crown Images by Abiding Light Photography

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MODEL SHOWCASE - CHLOE ANN CASTILLO is 18 years old and was

raised in Naples, Florida. She recently graduated with honors from St. John Neumann High school and was captain of her cheer team. Chloe will be attending UCF in Fall 2021 majoring in Pre-med. Chloe has previous modeling and pageantry experience. She loves the beach, photography, art, music, and hanging with her friends. Photos by Abiding Light Photography


and was raised in Naples, Florida. She is currently a junior at St. John Neumann High school. She is a member of the cheer team, house leader, and student council. Sophia has previous modeling and pageantry experience. She loves the beach, animals, music, and hanging with her friends. Photos by Abiding Light Photography


Crystal is also no stranger to the catwalk having worked the runways during New York Fashion Week and has been a featured model on the billboards of NYC Times Square as one of Super Model?s Unlimited Magazines ?Beauty Icons of 2021.? In addition to a successful career in pageantry, Crystal is a successful executive in the Aerospace and Aviation industry. Specializing in supply chain solutions for the National and Foreign Ally Defense industry, she utilizes her education from Harvard Business School and MBA from Texas A&M University. As a S.T.E.M. mentor and role model, she is committed to using her education and background to speak at local events and schools to encourage youth to create, pursue, and achieve their educational and professional goals. Crystal will be competing in the National Elite Miss Pageant in July 2021 in Houston, Texas as the 2021 Ms. Southern States. She has had an exciting time promoting local businesses and looks forward to competing for the prestigious national title for the NEM MS! Good Luck Crystal!

CRYSTALWHITE June is the month Crystal White was born and how does a lady who seems to have it all celebrate? Crystal?s answer is a quick response, ?by giving back and being grateful for all of my blessings and especially grateful for the life struggles and lessons that have been overcome along the way.? Crystal White has not always had the easiest road, but she is now nurturing her family and living a blessed life with her son in the Dallas area. Crystal has been involved with raising awareness against domestic violence and using her titles in pageantry to make a positive difference for a cause that has become a deeply engrained passion. Her experience in pageantry has spanned over three decades and has been vital in raising thousands of dollars for various non-profit organizations. Her experience as a contestant, state/national/ and international beauty queen, judge, emcee, and director are evidence of her love for pageantry. Crystal says, "I truly believe in the positivity pageantry can bring. The sisterhood, empowering and celebrating women is something I'm passionate about and why I continue to be involved." In addition to pageantry, Crystal has graced the covers of Marcos Photog and International Face magazines. She has also been profiled in numerous other magazines: Addison, Your Prom, Seventeen, Tiara, Salt Fashion, Pageantry, Supermodels Unlimited, and World Class Beauty. She has been a featured extra in Oliver Stone's film, "Any Given Sunday," and featured extra and crew for the CBS series, "Walker Texas Ranger."

Photos by Kathy Whitaker Photography

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Crowns Magazine June 2021  

Check out the Crowns Magazine June 2021 Bridal issue. Crowns Magazine is a top pageantry, beauty and fashion magazine

Crowns Magazine June 2021  

Check out the Crowns Magazine June 2021 Bridal issue. Crowns Magazine is a top pageantry, beauty and fashion magazine


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