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Due to the early bulletin deadline these two weeks approaching Easter, this week’s Stewardship Report (and next week’s report) will be published one week later than normal. This week’s report will appear in next week’s bulletin.

APRIL 17, 2011



Listed Alphabetically E-Mails for Staff: Example: Rev. Mr. Jim Bauhs, Deacon 227-4000 Eric Crowell, Dir of Operations & Communications 227-4008 Amy Gallus, School Principal 227-4010 Fr. Paul Jarvis, Pastor 227-4000 Fr. Thomas Joseph, Sacramental Minister within the Latino Community 227-4093 Emily Klinker, Director of Faith Formation 227-4007 Maria Koehn, Latino Administrative Assistant 227-4015 Lori Reznick, School Administrative Assistant 227-4010 Jean Rief, Pastoral Associate 227-4095 Jerry Roth, Parish Director 227-4002 Miguel Salinas, Room Scheduling 227-4004 Jennifer Salwei, Accounting 227-4001 Teresa Schmidt, Director of Worship 361-0181 Fr. Conran Schneider, O.F.M. (Pastoral Care) 361-0414 Brian Winfield, Maintenance Supervisor 227-4013


TRUSTEES Steve Rasmussen 448-5922 Mark Sanda 277-4283 Bill Meyer, Trustee Emeritus PARISH COUNCIL, Tim Collins 270-2341 FINANCE COUNCIL, Matthew Udermann (Interim) FAITH FORMATION COMMISSION, Ed Hajek 960-4940 SCHOOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE, Tom Tierney, 239-8799 PARENT/TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO) Cecilia Laube, laubes2006@yahoo,com 448-6161 Keith Erickson, 368-7349 PASTORAL CARE COMMISSION Susan Keough, 220-6005 USHERS/GREETERS Marty O’Keefe, 368-7541 PRAYER LINE, Jessica Oberpriller 361-3165


Monday, April  18,  2011  -­‐  Sunday,  April  24,  2011   Tuesday Wednesday:

Mass Intentions

Living & Deceased members of the Urban Fritz Family Daughters of Isabella for sick members & their families / Joe Graff +

Upcoming Coffee & Donuts: Today: April 17 : TBD, April 24: Easter Sunday - No Hospitality, May 1: Marriage Encounter, May 8: Loaves & Fishes, May 15: School Advisory Committee, May 22: Finance Council Next Weekendʼs Readings First Reading — Peter is an eyewitness: The Lord is risen (Acts 10:34a, 37-43). Psalm — This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad (Psalm 118). (1) Second Reading — All who are baptized, set your hearts in heaven (Colossians 3:1-4) or (2) Second Reading — Christ our Passover is sacri-ficed; therefore let us celebrate (1 Corinthians 5:6b-8). Gospel — Three witnesses, Mary, Peter, and John; each responds to the empty tomb (John 20:1-9) or Matthew 28:1-10 (or, at an afternoon or evening Mass, Luke 24:13-35).

Knights of Columbus Calendar Raffle Results

Please call Steve at (952) 448-3127 or Chuck at (952) 448-2819 to collect your winnings. Congratulations! This Week’s Sponsor: Dahlgren Golf Club

LAY MINISTER SCHEDULE Easter Sunday April 24: Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Servers - Candle 1 Servers - Candle 2 Server - Cross/Incense Server - Cross/Incense Homebound Homebound

8:00 am Steve Ritz Annette Hritz Greg Boe Emily Klinker ----------Jenna Boe Thomas Klinker Alison Gagnon Aaron Glaeser Susan Rooney A. Hritz

10:00 am Martha Radick Dennis Meyer Lola Meyer Cathy Cress Joanne Wintroath Karen Atkinson Patrick Wintroath Erin O’Keefe Mary Wintroath Liam Wintroath -----------

6:15p.m. Guy Drees Sara Heitkamp Kathleen Orland Chris Donato


G.A. Council  of  Catholic  Women

Meeting on April 25 in St. Francis Hall at 6:30 p.m. with a potluck dinner. Please attend!

Guardian Angels Leadership Discernment Evening Thursday, April 28th at 7:00 p.m. in Guardian Angels Church Remember the famous commercial for a major cell phone service, Can You Hear Me Now? I often think of these words when I am talking with parish members about their interest in participating in the new parish leadership selection process. This process is based on the concept of discernment. As Catholics we believe that God has uniquely gifted each one of us. We are then called by God to use those gifts in service to one another.

for our life at this time. On April 28th, you are invited to join in this process with other members of the parish who are discerning if God is calling them at this time to be a member of one of the new Commissions. The evening will begin with prayer and song, inviting each of us to open our hearts and our thoughts to God’s call. At the end of this prayer discernment time, you will be invited to join one of the Commission groups to share what God is saying to you and exploring if now is the time for you to become a leader in that Commission. The assembled group, led by a facilitator, will self discern who w i l l b e c o m e t h e l e a d e r s fo r t h at Commission for the coming year.

Discernment means to “see” or to “know” or to “acknowledge” what is. It is a time to quiet ourselves and listen for the wisdom of the Spirit of God. The Spirit prays within us with sighs too deep for words. As we listen to the Spirit, God’s call to us begins to enter our conscious thoughts. Guardian Angels Commissions The new leadership selection Administration Commission process is designed with this Faith Formation Commission intent. Each of us must quiet our Parish Life Commission own spirit and listen for God’s Pastoral Care Commission Spirit to reveal our calling. We School Commission are not making a decision to Worship Commission become a leader. We are seeking to discover or uncover God’s will

How to Prepare for Leadership Discernment Night • Find quiet times to listen to the Spirit (take a walk on a beautiful Spring day). • Pray for clarity and wisdom in discerning God’s call. • Explore which Commission would best fit your interests and gifts. • Pray for others who are also discerning God’s call.

Our loving God has blessed our faith community with amazing gifts through each one of us. Now it is our turn to respond to God’s question, “Can you hear me now?” with a resounding “Yes I can!”

Agenda for the Evening... 6:45 p.m. - Gather/Sign-in 7:00 p.m. - Opening Prayer 7:05 p.m. - Welcome/Overview/Leadership Structure Q&A 7:20 p.m. - Discernment Prayer 7:40 p.m. - Move to Council/Commission Leadership Discernment Groups 7:50 p.m. - Leadership Discernment For More Information, please contact Jerry Roth,, (952) 227-4002 Information about the new leadership structure is also available on the Guardian Angels Website.

PARISH CALENDAR & EVENTS For the most updated calendar information for events at G.A., please check our online calendar at


18 TUE

19 WED

20 THU


8 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

Word & Communion Service, Church Prayer Shawl Ministry, Office Capital Campaign Town Hall, Church Knights of Columbus Mtg, Conf

8 a.m. 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m.

Mass, Church AngelFest Committee Mtg, Parish Hse Card Making Ministry, SFH Holy Thursday Bilingual Choir, Church RCIA at Chrism Mass, Basilica

8 a.m. 9:20 a.m. 6 p.m. 6:15 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m.

Mass, Church Mass with School, Church Finance Council Meeting, Conf Faith Formation, School/SCC Confessions (in Spanish), SFH Church Decorating for Easter, Church 6.1.5 Mass Music Rehearsal, Church

6:15p.m. 7 p.m.

Holy Thursday Holy Thurs. Bilingual Choir Rehearsal Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Church

Noon 3 p.m. 6:15 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 8 p.m.





Baptism … Sacramental preparation is required for all parents. Godparents and Grandparents are also encouraged to attend. Baptismal prep sessions are given every other month and Baptism Masses are held once a month. Call Jean in the parish office (see contacts, opposite page) to schedule a child for Baptism and the parents for baptismal prep. Prayers of the Faithful ….If you would like a name included in our Prayers of the Faithful for the sick, please call the Parish Office. Penance...Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and anytime by appointment. Matrimony...pre-registration required one year in advance; marriage preparation course is required. Anointing… 1st weekend of the month following each Mass. For other requests, please contact the office.

DID YOU KNOW? G.A. has a Can Recycling Program? Be sure to drop off your aluminum cans in the shed behind the church! This is a great way to support the ministries at G.A.! Where is  Divine  Mercy  Sunday’s  devo<on  this  year?



PARISH INFORMATION Mass Intentions … Mass intentions may be for the living and the departed, with a + designating in the bulletin a deceased person. There is a $10 suggested donation per Mass intention. Permission from the sick person or his/her family must be granted before a name’s inclusion in these prayers. To schedule a Mass intention, call Jean in the parish office (see contacts, page 2)

Good Friday No School Stations of the Cross, Church Seven Last Words, Church Good Friday Choir Rehearsal, School Rm. 206 Divine LIturgy of the Lord’s Passion, Church Divine LIturgy of the Lord’s Passion (Spanish), Church

8:30 p.m.

Easter Vigil Decorate Church for Easter Sunday, Church Overeaters Anonymous Group, Conf. RCIA Rehearsal, Church Server Practice, Church Adult Easter Choir Rehearsal, School Rm. 206 Easter Vigil Mass, Church

8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 4:30 p.m. 6:15 p.m. 7 p.m.

Easter Sunday Mass, Church Mass, Church Mass in Spanish, Church 6.1.5. Music Rehearsal, Church 6.1.5 Mass, Church Sunday Evening Basketball, Gym

9 a.m. 9 a.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Excelsior, May 1, 2011, 3:00 p.m. (Area churches rotate responsibilities for this beautiful devotion.) Jesus said to St. Faustina Kowalska: “I desire that there be a Feast of Mercy … On this day, the very depths of My tender mercy are open...The soul that will go to Confession [on that day or, preferably, beforehand] and receive Holy communion [on that day] shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment... and this is why the first Sunday after Easter is to be the Feast of Mercy, and on that day priests are to tell everyone about My great and unfathomable mercy.” Come to the Feast of Divine Mercy at St. John the Baptist. Learn about the Image of the Merciful Jesus, St. Faustina, the hour of Divine Mercy, the chaplet of Divine Mercy, and a plenary indulgence associated with Divine Mercy Sunday.

Easter Flowers/Church  Decora<ng

If you would like to remember a deceased loved one or just want to help brighten the church for Easter, Guardian Angels has an opportunity for you. We are seeking donations to purchase the flowers to decorate Its time to start thinking about playing softball in summer for the for Easter. Donations can be sent/dropped off at the parish GA Softball team! Guardian Angels takes part in the Church Softball office or dropped in the collection basket with the envelope League, offered through the Chaska Community Center. Players must marked "Easter Flowers". A donation of any size is greatly live or work in Chaska to participate in this fun, co-ed softball league, and games are on Monday nights. We are in need of a team captain! appreciated. If interested in being a captain, please contact Brian Busch at Also, people are invited to help decorate the church for Easter 952-288-3385 and he can assist you. You can also contact Megan on April 23 at 9 a.m. Wahl at the Chaska Community Center to learn about the captain's meeting.

FAITH FORMATION Reminder – the Wednesday Evening Faith Formation Programs are in session on Wednesday, April 20. It is a great time to learn about the Catholic faith – HOLY WEEK! Your children’s catechists have wonderful activities planned to enhance their learning and grow in their faith during our highest liturgical time.

Registration information for the 2011/2012 Faith Formation Season will be sent home with students on Wednesday, April 20th. If you are not currently registered in our programs please call Mary Kingsbury to be added to our mailing list. 227-4091 Catechist of the Week – This week we would like to feature our amazing Sunday School catechists! Nicole Rogers, Karen Urivg, Sara Hamrick, and Melanie Coppersmith. This is a dynamic team of ladies who share their gifts and talents with our Sunday School kids each and every week. Nicole Rogers, coordinates the group (along with her other ministries – 1st grade catechist and Winged Warrior coordinator). She brings her experience from her vocation as a preschool teacher to GA and has done amazing things with the program. It continues to grow each and every year, and she and the other catechists are already thinking about new ideas for next year! Karen has been sharing her gifts with this ministry for a number of years, and each and every year she comes back more energized! Karen is a great multitasker and has so many imaginative ideas to share with the kids. Sara is one of those amazing volunteers who came to the office in the fall and said, I feel like God is calling me to give back to the parish that gave me so much as a child/teen! Sara is not only one of the SS catechists, but a children’s liturgy catechist, member of the adult and HS committees as well! Sara has a natural talent for kids, they love to play and learn from her! Melanie also came to us asking to help with SS, there was no recruiting necessary when we have volunteers like these ladies! Melanie has a very kind heart and very sweet to the kids that helps the kids and parents feel welcome! We are extremely blessed to have SS catechists who are so full of the Christian life and want to share that life with our young children of the parish!

SCHOOL NEWS It’s not too late to register for the 2011-2012 school year. Registration forms can be downloaded from the GA website as well as received by calling the school office at 952-227-4010. Please pray for our 8th grade students and the chaperones who will be touring our nation’s capital city from April 16th through the 18th. This trip to Washington, D.C. is not only a wonderful experience for them, but is also a culmination of two years of study on American History as part of their middle school curriculum at GA.

Holy Basketball ~ April 29 – May 1 Guardian Angels Church’s 4th annual invitational basketball tournament is just around the corner. In addition to coming to watch southwest metro parish teams play on Saturday and Sunday, come to the Friday evening mini tournament between present and future priests. Bishop Piché is planning to be in attendance. What a great vocational opportunity for the young of our parish! Youth ministry members are especially invited to come watch Friday’s seminarian and priest mini-tournament. Seminarians/Priests mini-Tournament (Friday, April 29th, 7 p.m.): St. John Vianney Seminary students will play against St. Paul Seminary students, with the victors playing the priests of the Archdiocese. All are invited to cheer on the young guys and the not-so-young guys. A great vocational moment for the young in all our parishes. Prior to the games, we will have a "tailgater" in the school parking lot – 5:30 p.m. Food and drinks provided in the parking lot behind, to the east of the school. We are hopeful that Bishop Piché will be able to attend this family event. Men's Basketball Tournament (Saturday - Sunday, April 30- May 1st): 12 teams: Saturday 8:00am-9:00p.m.): Four, 3 team pools Sunday 10:00am-7:00p.m.): Three (gold, silver & bronze) 4 team, single elimination, pools on Sunday.

Here’s Why  I  Know  Even  Greater  Things  Lie  Ahead  for  G.A. Mike Hurley recently wrote in about a recent visitor’s impression of our parish. Of you! Mike is a “graduate” of our growing RCIA ministry – it is the spiritual journey led by Emily Klinker and her team of presenters, for those checking out and perhaps interested in being received into the Catholic Christian community. When I read this email, I knew that parishioners have the winning strategy for taking this parish to 1,500 households in five years, and tackling longdeferred repair and restoration issues over the next three years. Believe me, I’ve never encountered a parish community as friendly to newcomers as this one, not to forget truly intimate in an age of megachurches. Newer members always cite this welcoming hospitality as a chief reason for joining. And also engaging in ministry. Sisters and brothers, I can’t wait to see where G.A. is at in 2016. ~ Fr. Paul Emily and Fr. Paul: I have to send a quick email to both of you, before I log off. This morning, at the 10:00 am Mass, Fr. Paul, as he ALWAYS does, made visitors feel welcome. He asked if anyone was visiting. A gentlemen informed him that he was visiting from Rhode Island. As a fellow Rhode Islander, I couldn’t wait to meet this man after Mass. Right after the Recessional, I walked back to meet this guy and he was surrounded by parishioners, who all welcomed him. Mark Sanda (Parish Trustee) knew that I was from Rhode Island and was the first to introduce me to him. We talked for a while and he told me that he was visiting his cousin in Chaska. He was retired and liked to check out different churches’ Masses wherever he traveled. He looked me in the eyes and told me that Guardian Angels was the best church that he’d ever experienced. He said that his Catholic wife left the Church years ago, and that if she had ever visited G.A., that she would probably come back to her Catholic Faith. I told him my story…How my parents had left the Church when I was a kid. And that I never thought about coming back. Then, the day after “Christmas in May” in Chaska, I wanted to check out what I left behind. I walked into G.A. It was Mother’s Day and Fr. Paul gave us all homework during his homily. He told us to remember a lesson that our mom taught us and to live that lesson as a way of honoring them. I was hooked after that. G.A. parishioners clearly do a fantastic job welcoming EVERYONE. My wife, who is Lutheran Christian, always tells me how welcomed she feels at G.A.

They say, Confession is Good for the Soul

It’s also liberating. And it can be the first step towards transformation and wisdom. I was reminded again of this at our last phenomenal Taizé Prayer and Reconciliation Service. Maybe it was the beautiful music. Maybe it was how packed the place was. Maybe it was Sue Johnson’s and Susan Rooney’s amazing decorative set up. Maybe it was the wise confessor. I’d lost a night’s sleep the previous evening. I was profoundly disappointed with myself, wallowing in self-loathing. I had sinned in a way that I detested in others: The previous evening, at a gathering of parishioners, alumni, as well as G.A. School teachers and parents, I committed, in my mind, the sin of boastful comparison and competition. I’m not talking about athletic performance or business competition. Competition makes sense in those arenas. You see, I had responded to an attendee’s question asking for a comparison of our parochial school with other schools. Normally, I keep to the program – a spiritual program of seeing how we all contribute to the good, and how we all contribute some gift, some excellence. Not competition, but collaboration. I fell. And I boasted about our G.A. School, how it tries harder, is more innovative, and provides a safe and intimate setting where no one can be anonymous … even if one tried. And then – argh! – boasted of our school being better. I wish I could say that the moment I said it, I regretted it. But I was too caught up in boastful pride. I had forgotten what I often preach and teach: That it’s not a matter of better and best, but a matter of each contributing excellence. Leading up to the Taizé service, I was wallowing in self-loathing. I’m just another example of a minister preaching one thing, and doing another. And then my guardian angel guided me to a confessor. Getting it off my chest was like lancing a boil. Like an alcoholic acknowledging alcoholism, like a liar owning up to a lie, my owning up “better than thou” boasting, hypocrisy and disrespect not only felt being liberated from the sin. It, I believe, is the first toward transformation. New behavior. I’m not sure I would have felt as liberated … or the sin possibly alchemized into wiser action … if I had not gone to a confessor: been heard, given a transformational penance, and absolved. Sisters and brothers, we are all imperfect. We make mistakes. We sin. This Lenten season should serve as a reminder to all of us – including pastors – to prayerfully consider the liberation and transformation that can come from confession, spiritual direction, retreats, and gatherings like Cursillo, TEC, Koinonia, Marriage You may not be unemployed or Encounter, Retrouvaille. underemployed. But you probably This lent, do some research on retreats and encounters with Christ. know someone who is. Give this Confession will be an opportunity at all of them. Contact websites: information to someone you know in Demontreville (Demontreville, MN) retreats – need of a job or a better job. We should be helping other parishioners demontreville.html and family members during this Prior Lake Franciscan (Prior Lake, MN) retreats – recession. Remember, not everyone attends church every week, reads the bulletin every time, and thoroughly reads the bulletin. Christ the King (Buffalo, MN) retreats – Some people just don’t know that there is help out there. You have to let them Pacem in Terris (St. Francis, MN) hermitage retreats – know. ~ Fr. Paul Career Alternatives for the Second Half of Life Cursillo – TEC – Thursday, May 5; 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Room 103, The Basilica School. This free workshop focuses on those 45 and older who are going through job Koinonia – transition. What do you want to do for the rest of your life? What has meaning to Marriage Encounter – you now? Presented by career coach George Dow. Register by calling Janet Grove at 612-317-3508 All workshops Retrouvaille (for challenged marriages) – are free but we request registration. Tell Janet that Fr. Paul sent ya. ; )

From G.A.ʼs Employment Ministry

The Triduum / The Three-Day Day A single 24-hour day is not sufficient for the celebration of the passion, death, and resurrection of our Savior. From ancient days, Christians have dedicated a 72-hour day – a three-day day called the “Triduum” – for this most holy of holy days. The liturgies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening flow together ... they are one long three-day liturgy. This is why there is no dismissal at the end of Holy Thursday’s and Good Friday’s liturgies. This is also why there is complete meditative silence between the three days’ liturgical sections. Furthermore, Easter Sunday is not just one day. One day is not enough. Easter Sunday is an eight-day Sunday, called the Octave of Easter. The eight-day Sunday is symbolic of how creation has been recreated through this most holy of historical events. Finally, a single Sunday – albeit a 192-hour Sunday – is not sufficient for this sacred time of the year. This is why there is an Easter season that lasts all the way to Pentecost, June 12. (“Ascension Thursday” is now celebrated, in our diocese, on the Sabbath weekend, as the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord: June 4/5.) Pentecost celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the early disciples, and the beginning of the Spirit-led, mission-driven Church/People of God. It is ancient tradition that rose petals, symbolic of the tongues of flame, descend down upon the “ministers of the altar” during the recessional. “Holy Thursday” / Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Thursday, April 21, 7 p.m. • Memorializing the Last Supper/First Eucharist • Washing of feet; Eucharist processed to reservation tabernacle • No 8 am Mass, as only one liturgy is allowed on this day • Please remember that there is complete silence at the Thursday liturgy’s conclusion “Good Friday”/ Divine Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion, Friday, April 22, 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. (Spanish) • Please remember that there is complete silence before and after the Friday liturgies’ conclusion Other devotions on Good Friday: • Stations of the Cross from Mary’s perspective, read by Sue Johnson: Friday, noon. • “The Seven Last Words” with meditation by Fr. Paul and music by Teresa Schmidt: Friday 3 p.m. It is traditional to reverence the three hours that Christ hung upon the cross, noon to 3 p.m. (Christ died at around 3 p.m. in the afternoon.) Historically, Catholic Christians have not worked during this period of time, and have frequented churches or prayed/read scripture at home. If working, please remember the Crucifixion in some manner. “Easter Vigil” / The Vigil Mass of Resurrection Sunday, Saturday evening sunset (the beginning of Sunday in the Hebrew measurement of a day), April 23, 8:30 p.m. • Celebration begins for the mobile in front of the church, with the lighting of the Paschal (Easter) Candle. • The holiest of celebrations of the Christian Church; the Vigil celebration is liturgy in its most elevated form. • At this annual vigil, RCIA candidates complete their journey, and are baptized, communicated, and/or confirmed. • Please remember that there is complete silence before the Easter Vigil. “Easter Sunday” / The Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord, Sunday, April 24, 8 am, 10 am, noon (Spanish), 6:15 p.m. • These Sunday celebrations are more subdued than the Easter Vigil. Baptisms of children usually happen on this day. • Every Sunday subsequent to this “Great Sunday” is considered to be a “small Easter Sunday.” This is why fasting, abstinence, and penitential practices are not done on any Sunday of the year.



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• Life/Disability Insurance

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ADVERTISE! To lease this space, ring us at 612-867-1798. Dr. David Willey Dr. Michelle Johnson Lisa Larson, PA-C


Tax and Accounting Services • Form 1040 & State Returns Compilation and Review Services (612) 743-7439 (Cell) 116 2nd St. East (952) 448-9939 (Home) Chaska, MN 55318 Email:

River Gables Chaska Apartment Homes This Adult Community has all the conveniences Make life easier and more enjoyable. Here community and hospitality are basic beliefs.

Call 952-448-9201 for a tour

Providing comprehensive healthcare for Chaska families for 27 years Same day appointments are available

Auburn Courts

COMMUNITY BANK CHASKA 706 Walnut Street Chaska, MN. Telephone: 952-36-1BANK Fax: 952-361-2200 COMMUNITY IS MORE THAN JUST OUR NAME

Monday-Friday 9-6 • Saturday 9-1

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April 17  

Guardian Angels Bulletin for April 17

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