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GENTLE AND LOWLY The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers Christians know that God loves them, but can easily feel that

GENTLE AND LOWLY 5.25" x 8", Hardcover (jacket), 224 pages 978-1-4335-6613-4, $19.99 RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth (REL012120)

Available April 7, 2020

he is perpetually disappointed and frustrated, maybe even close to giving up on them. As a result, they focus a lot—and rightly so—on what Jesus has done to appease God’s wrath


for sin. But how does Jesus Christ actually feel about his people amid all their sins and failures? This book draws us to Matthew 11, where Jesus describes himself as “gentle and lowly in heart,” longing for his people to find rest in him. The gospel flows from God’s deepest heart for his people, a heart of tender love for the sinful and suffering. These chapters take us into the depths of Christ’s very heart for sinners, diving deep into Bible passages that speak of who Christ is and encouraging readers with the affections of Christ for his people. His longing heart for sinners comforts and sustains readers in their up-and-down lives.

Edwards on the Christian Life 978-1-4335-3505-5 $19.99

The Gospel

Unlimited Grace

978-1-4335-4083-7 $14.99

978-1-4335-5231-1 $14.99

DISTIN CTI V ES • Draws from Puritan writings on the topic of Jesus’s heart for sinners • Confronts readers’ typical beliefs about God’s heart and attitude toward his people • Explores passages throughout the whole Bible to get a full picture of God’s heart for sinners AUDIEN CE Christians interested in understanding the heart of Christ; those in ministry; those who are suffering

DANE ORTLUND (PhD, Wheaton College) is chief publishing officer and Bible publisher at Crossway. He serves as an editor for the Knowing the Bible series and the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series, and is the author of several books, including Edwards on the Christian Life. He is an elder at Naperville Presbyterian Church in Naperville, Illinois. Dane lives with his wife, Stacey, and their five children in Wheaton, Illinois.

CO N TE N TS Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

His Very Heart His Heart in Action The Happiness of Christ Able to Sympathize He Can Deal Gently I Will Never Cast Out What Our Sins Evoke To the Uttermost An Advocate The Beauty of the Heart of Christ The Emotional Life of Christ A Tender Friend Why the Spirit? Father of Mercies His “Natural Work” and His “Strange Work” The LORD, the LORD His Ways Are Not Our Ways Yearning Bowels Rich in Mercy Our Law-ish Hearts, His Lavish Heart He Loved Us Then; He’ll Love Us Now To the End Buried in His Heart Forevermore








The story of Jesus includes all kinds of characters. Some see

RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational (REL012040)

these people as mere examples to follow or to avoid, and

5.5" x 8.5", Trade Paperback, 240 pages 978-1-4335-6609-7, $16.99 Available April 14, 2020

some have only heard about them in Sunday school stories. But their interactions with Jesus actually reveal much more


about Jesus himself and the message he has for us today. Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus tells the story of 10 people or groups of people who are integral to the story of Jesus told in the Gospels. Each chapter takes a character off the Sunday school felt board and reveals them as a threedimensional person with desires, motivations, flaws, and limitations. More than examples, these characters show us a unique angle on the grace available through Jesus for sinners. Each chapter also offers challenging applications to the lives of readers. DISTIN CTI V ES

Even Better than Eden

The Promised One

978-1-4335-6125-2 $16.99

978-1-4335-2625-1 $16.99

What Grieving People Wished You Knew 978-1-4335-5235-9 $12.99

• Traces the stories of 10 people or groups of people central to the story of Jesus in the Gospels and Acts • Connects each character with how they fit into the context of the whole story of the Bible • Offers challenging applications to the lives of readers at the end of each chapter • Companion Bible study available at nancyguthrie.com AUDIEN CE Readers of Nancy Guthrie’s previous Bible studies; readers interested in biblical theology; Bible study leaders; new Christians learning about the story of Jesus

NANCY GUTHRIE teaches the Bible at her

CO N TE N TS Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The The The The The The The The The The

Voice Family Rock Hypocrites Crook Opportunist Priest Criminals Disciple Worst

Group Discussion Guide

church, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and at conferences worldwide. She and her husband, David, are the cohosts of the GriefShare video series used in more than 10,000 churches nationwide and also host Respite Retreats for couples who have experienced the death of a child. Guthrie is also the host of Help Me Teach the Bible, a podcast of the Gospel Coalition.






EXPLORING THE BIBLE TOGETHER 5.5" x 8.5", Trade Paperback, 224 pages 978-1-4335-6750-6, $17.99 RELIGION / Devotional (REL022000)

Available May 12, 2020

A 52-Week Family Worship Plan Many parents have good intentions for daily times of family


worship. But these good intentions often fail to last because of 3 main problems: an overly ambitious plan, the absence of a plan, or the perceived lack of a spiritual benefit. This new resource by David Murray will help families establish regular family devotions through realistic aims, a clear plan and direction, and stimulating interaction with Scripture and prayer. Exploring the Bible Together covers key passages in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, providing a big-picture overview of the whole Bible over the course of a year. Fiftytwo weekly “expeditions” are each divided into 6 days, with a small passage of Scripture, two questions, a brief application lesson, and a short prayer prompt. Artwork by illustrator Scotty Reifsnyder accompanies each page. In just a few

Exploring the Bible

Meeting with Jesus

Family Worship

978-1-4335-5686-9 $14.99

978-1-4335-6595-3 $19.99

978-1-4335-6722-3 $8.99


minutes a day, families can explore the whole story of the

Expedition 1: A Beautiful World

Bible together.

Expedition 2: A Ruined World


Expedition 3: A Flooded World

• Covers key passages in the Bible, from Genesis to

Expedition 4: A Special Promise of a Special Son


Expedition 5: A Long and Painful Test

• Includes 52 weekly plans, each consisting of 6 daily readings with two interactive questions, one sentence of

Expedition 6: Saved from Slavery

application, a brief prayer, space to fill in family prayer

Expedition 7: A New Nation

requests and needs, and a verse to memorize

Expedition 8: Blood and Dust

• Offers instruction on how to conduct family worship using this guide • Includes artwork by illustrator Scotty Reifsnyder, illustration and design instructor at the University of Pennsylvania,

Expedition 9: Look Back, Look Forward, Look Up Expedition 10: Entering the Promised Land Expedition 11: A Bad King and a Good King

whose work has been featured by Time magazine, The

Expedition 12: A Special Promise of a Special King

Boston Globe, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The

Expedition 13: Songs in the Midst of Sadness

Wall Street Journal, and more

Expedition 14: A Captive Nation


Expedition 15: A Rebuilt Nation

Parents; pastors and ministry leaders; children’s ministry

Expedition 16: The Devil Attacks

leaders; daycare and Christian school workers

Expedition 17: Songs about the Coming King Expedition 18: Songs about the Coming King II

DAVID MURRAY (PhD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is professor of Old Testament and practical theology at Puritan Reformed

Expedition 19: A Fork in the Road Expedition 20: The Choice

Theological Seminary. He is also a counselor, a

Expedition 21: A Dangerous Detour

regular speaker at conferences, and the author of

Expedition 22: Love Songs

Exploring the Bible. David and his wife, Shona,

Expedition 23: Looking into the Distance

attend Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church.

Expedition 24: The Growing Excitement






ARLO AND THE GREAT BIG COVER-UP 8.5" x 8.5", Hardcover (Jacket), 40 pages 978-1-4335-6852-7, $12.99 JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Values & Virtues (JUV033240)

Available June 2, 2020

With easy-to-understand language and engaging images, this book shows children ages 3–7 the freedom that comes through confessing sin rather than trying to cover it up.


During naptime, Arlo colors on his bedroom wall and then tries desperately to hide his disobedience from his mother. His efforts fail, but he discovers relief that comes when he finally confesses his sin. In the end, children will learn along with Arlo that although we cannot hide our sin from God, confession opens the door to mercy and reconciliation. DISTIN CTI V ES • Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition

The Biggest Story

You Are Special

• Designed to help parents build a doctrinal foundation for

978-1-4335-4244-2 $17.99

978-0-89107-931-6 $16.99

their children

Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat 978-1-4335-6418-5 $12.99

• Shows children their need for reconciliation with God • Presents the gospel of grace rather than the self-help messages prevalent in our society AUDIEN CE Children ages 3–7; parents and grandparents; Christian school teachers; followers of the Gospel Coalition

BETSY CHILDS HOWARD (MA, Beeson Divinity School) is an editor for the Gospel Coalition and oversaw the New City Catechism project. She is the author of Seasons of Waiting and lives with her husband, Bernard, in Manhattan, where they planted Good Shepherd Anglican Church in 2017.

SAMARA HARDY is a freelance illustrator and designer who creates artwork for greeting cards, stationery, housewares, children’s books, and more. She has worked with clients across the globe such as Hallmark, Trader Joe’s, Oxford University Press, and American Greetings.



Se e pa ge s 26 –2 7 fo r m or e

se rie


in fo rm

at io




WAYNE GRUDEM (PhD, University of


Cambridge; DD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary, having previously

Adapted from Wayne Grudem’s Christian Ethics: An

taught for twenty years at Trinity

Introduction to Biblical Moral Reasoning, these short volumes

Evangelical Divinity School. He is a former

offer brief but clear answers to many ethical questions in

president of the Evangelical Theological


Society, a member of the Translation Oversight Committee for the English

What the Bible Says about How to Know God’s Will Available April 28, 2020 Trade Paperback, 5" x 7" 978-1-4335-6990-6, $9.99, 80 pages

At some point, every Christian wonders, What is God’s will for me in this situation? There are many situations for which Scripture doesn’t provide a black-and-white answer. In this book, Grudem helps readers stop overcomplicating God’s will and instead embrace the different ways to acquire

Standard Version of the Bible, and the general editor of the ESV Study Bible, and has published over twenty books. AU D I E N C E Readers of Wayne Grudem’s previous books; any Christian who wants a framework for understanding common ethical questions; pastors; counselors; high school and college students

wisdom for daily life. He lays out guidelines for making


decisions both big and small. Grudem works through 9

• Answers critical questions for the Christian life

sources of information and guidance, both objective and

• Offers biblical and scientific evidence to understand

subjective, to help readers gain insight into how to make the right decisions about situations that arise in their lives.

What the Bible Says about Abortion, Euthanasia, and End-of-Life Medical Decisions

important issues regarding a variety of ethical topics • Written by well-known theologian Wayne Grudem, author of the best-selling Systematic Theology • Adapted from his larger work Christian Ethics

Available April 28, 2020 Trade Paperback, 5" x 7" 978-1-4335-6830-5, $9.99, 96 pages


Abortion and euthanasia are hot-button issues in our world

What the Bible Says about Birth Control, Infertility,

today, accompanied by many differing views, deeply held

What the Bible Says about Divorce and Remarriage

Reproductive Technology, and Adoption

convictions, and personal experiences related to privacy, sexual behavior, personal desires and responsibility, pregnancy, and children—but deeper than all these is the nature of human life itself. Grudem offers a biblical guide to these topics—answering questions about the protection of an unborn child, abortion in the case of rape or danger to the mother’s life, and when to stop medical treatment at the end of someone’s life.





WHEN PAIN IS REAL AND GOD SEEMS SILENT Finding Hope in the Psalms [Foreword by Mark Dever] In dark times, God can seem silent. We feel isolated,

WHEN PAIN IS REAL AND GOD SEEMS SILENT 5.25" x 8", Trade Paperback, 64 pages 978-1-4335-6905-0, $8.99 RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Counseling & Recovery (REL050000)

Available April 7, 2020


confused, and alone. Everyone experiences suffering—even the biblical writers express similar feelings in the Psalms. Through brief meditations on Psalms 88 and 89, Ligon Duncan points to hope amid the pain of feeling abandoned by God. These examples of crying out to God show readers how to respond to their own suffering and assure them of our heavenly Father’s mercy, which sustains trust even in the darkest of circumstances. With clarity, empathy, and compassion, Duncan points us to the powerful hope found in these psalms, which ultimately point us to Christ’s promise to never leave us alone. DISTIN CTI V ES • Includes a foreword by Mark Dever, president of 9Marks and pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church • Meditates on Psalms 88 and 89, pointing to God’s promises to sustain Christians in the midst of suffering • Points to examples of lament in Scripture in the midst of lonely and confusing circumstances • Written by the chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary AUDIEN CE Christians who are suffering; RTS students and alumni; pastors; counselors

Kiss the Wave

Therefore I Have Hope

978-1-4335-5645-6 $14.99

978-1-4335-5877-1 $14.99

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy 978-1-4335-6148-1 $15.99

CO N TE N TS Foreword by Mark Dever 1. Psalm 88 A. What Can Miserable Christians Sing? B. Surveying the Psalm: Four Observations C. Four Lessons for Suffering Well D. Our Suffering and the Suffering of Jesus 2. Psalm 89 A. Three Hope-Filled Observations from Psalm 89 B. Three Doctrines That Sustain Us in Suffering C. One Final Hope: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

LIGON DUNCAN (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is the chancellor, CEO, and John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. He previously served as the senior minister of the historic First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi, for seventeen years. He is a cofounder of Together for the Gospel and a senior fellow of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and he was the president of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals from 2004 to 2012. Duncan has edited, written, or contributed to numerous books. He and his wife, Anne, have two children and live in Jackson, Mississippi.



Se e pa ge s 36 –3 7 fo r m or e

se rie


in fo rm

at io





STOTT ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE 6" x 9", Trade Paperback, 272 pages 978-1-4335-6057-6, $21.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Religious (BIO018000)

Available June 23, 2020

Known for his clear and precise speaking and writing, John Stott, a 20th-century pastor-theologian, shaped


evangelicalism’s contemporary understanding of Christianity.

Theologians on the Christian LIfe

This book explores key themes he emphasized related to the Christian life, such as the development of the mind,

Editor: Stephen J. Nichols and Justin Taylor

expository preaching, balance in the Christian life, and

This series provides accessible introductions to some

“double listening,” illuminating his enduring influence on the

of church history’s greatest teachers—exploring their

church, evangelism, and missions today. Painting a full picture

personal lives and writings, especially as they pertain to

of the marvelously faithful preacher, this book will encourage

the walk of faith—and offers readers wisdom from the

a new generation of evangelical Christians to benefit from

past for life in the present.

Stott’s life and teaching. See page 36-37 for a full list of series volumes. DISTIN CTI V ES • Systematizes what John Stott taught about the Christian life • Explores the enduring influence of John Stott on the church • Highlights the importance of rigorous Christian thinking and the development of the mind • Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series

CO N TE N TS Introduction 1. An Evangelical Life 2. A Christian Mind 3. Preaching the Word 4. Satisfaction through Substitution


5. Repudiation and Surrender

Thoughtful Christians; pastors; seminary students

6. Life in the Spirit 7. Embedded in the Church

TIM CHESTER (PhD, University of Wales) is a

8. Reaching a Lost World

faculty member of Crosslands and a pastor

9. Loving a Needy World

with Grace Church, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. He is an author or coauthor of over forty books, including A Meal with Jesus;

10. All of Life under the Lord of All 11. A Vision of Christ

Reforming Joy; and, with Michael Reeves, Why the Reformation Still Matters.





GROWING TOGETHER Taking Mentoring beyond Small Talk and Prayer Requests

GROWING TOGETHER 5.5" x 8.5", Trade Paperback, 192 pages 978-1-4335-6801-5, $17.99 RELIGION / Christian Life / Women’s Issues (REL012130)

Available June 9, 2020

Women in all seasons of life can feel alone, longing for encouragement, guidance, and wisdom from someone who has been there before. They would value the wealth of


knowledge and wisdom from older women’s experiences, but often these women don’t feel equipped to offer help. This book is a starting place, meant to be a springboard for mentoring discussions between older and younger women, setting the biblical basis for mentoring from Titus 2 before outlining 11 lessons that guide their time together. Each lesson focuses on a topic such as God’s word, prayer, contentment, temptation, and church, with activities for before, during, and after the mentoring session. Younger and older women will grow together as they use these lessons to walk through life. DISTIN CTI V ES • Includes 11 lessons that women can use in a variety of schedules and life stages • Each chapter teaches what the Bible says about the topic, explores why we struggle to follow God’s teaching, and considers how we should live in light of the truth • Features activities and questions for before, during, and after the sessions • Concludes with an appendix with further reading on each topic outlined in the lessons

Word-Filled Women’s Ministry 978-1-4335-4523-8 $16.99

involved in mentoring relationships

MELISSA B. KRUGER (BS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) serves as director of women’s content for the Gospel Coalition and as

Women of the Word

978-1-4335-5239-7 $17.99

978-1-4335-6714-8 $12.99

CO N TE N TS Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

AUDIENCE Women in the church; women’s ministry leaders; those

Spiritual Mothering

8. 9. 10. 11.

We Need One Another Setting Expectations and Sharing Your Story Taste and See: Savoring the Word of God The Church: Our Home Away from Home It’s Good News! Sharing Your Faith with others Prayer: Pouring Out Your Heart to God Family and Friendship: Loving your Nearest Neighbors Temptations: In the World, But Not of It Cultivating Contentment in all Seasons Service: Spending your Life on Others Discernment: Choosing What Is Best

Appendix A: Recommended Reading Appendix B: When Callings Clash: Submission

women’s ministry coordinator at Uptown Church (PCA) in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the author of multiple books, including The Envy of Eve and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood. Her husband, Mike, is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte.





FINDING THE RIGHT HILLS TO DIE ON The Case for Theological Triage [Foreword by D. A. Carson] In theology, just as in battle, some hills are worth dying on.

FINDING THE RIGHT HILLS TO DIE ON 5.25” x 8”, Trade Paperback, 176 pages 978-1-4335-6742-1, $17.99 RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Pastoral Resources (REL074000) Available April 21, 2020


But how do we know which ones? When should doctrine divide, and when should unity prevail? Pastor Gavin Ortlund makes the case that while all doctrines matter, some are more essential than others. He considers how and what to prioritize in doctrine and ministry, encouraging humility and grace along the way. Using four basic categories of doctrine in order of importance, this book helps new and seasoned church leaders alike wisely labor both to uphold doctrine and to preserve unity. DISTIN CTI V ES • Helps pastors prioritize doctrines and practical issues they

Theological Retrieval for Evangelicals 978-1-4335-6526-7 $21.99

Faithful Endurance 978-1-4335-6265-5 $15.99

15 Things Seminary Couldn’t Teach Me 978-1-4335-5814-6 $17.99

encounter while pastoring a church • Answers questions related to when doctrine should divide


and when to maintain unity • Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition

Introduction Part 1: Why Theological Triage?

AUDIEN CE Church members; pastors and church leaders; Christian college professors and students

1. The Danger of Doctrinal Sectarianism 2. The Danger of Doctrinal Minimalism 3. My Journey on Secondary and Tertiary Doctrines Part 1: Theological Triage at Work

GAVIN ORTLUND (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) serves as senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Ojai in Ojai, California. He is the author of Theological Retrieval for Evangelicals.

4. Why Primary Doctrines Are Worth Fighting For 5. Navigating the Complexity of Secondary Doctrines 6. Why We Should Not Divide over Tertiary Doctrines Conclusion: A Call to Theological Humility




ONE ASSEMBLY Rethinking the Multisite and Multiservice Church Models Many churches are switching to the multisite or multiservice model to manage crowded sanctuaries due to growing attendance. This solution seems sensible in the short term, but too often churches adopt this model without taking into consideration what the Bible says about it. Illuminating the importance of physical togetherness as a way to protect the gospel, this book argues that maintaining a single assembly best embodies the unity the church possesses in Jesus Christ. Jonathan Leeman considers a series of biblical, theological, and pastoral arguments that ask us to stop and examine intuitions or assumptions about what a church is. He reorients our minds to a biblical definition of church, offering examples of churches that have thrived with a single service at a single site and compelling alternatives for those looking to solve the complications that come with a growing church. DI STI N C TI V E S • Makes the case that keeping presence and authority together best allows a church to protect the gospel • Offers compelling alternatives to the multisite model for dealing with growing attendance other than simply building a bigger space, such as planting, revitalizing, learning to work with other churches, or encouraging attendees to attend a church closer to where they live • Sets forth a biblical definition of church based on the ONE ASSEMBLY

words of Jesus and the New Testament model

5.5" x 8.5", Trade Paperback, 176 pages 978-1-4335-5959-4, $15.99 RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Pastoral Resources (REL074000) Available April 7, 2020

• Focuses on long-term gospel ministry rather than shortterm logistical fixes AU DI E N C E Church members; pastors and church leaders; Christian


college professors and students

JONATHAN LEEMAN (PhD, University of Wales) is the editorial director for 9Marks and an elder at Cheverly Baptist Church. He also teaches at several Southern Baptist seminaries and is the author of The Rule of Love and Church Membership.


The Rule of Love

Church Membership

Church Discipline

978-1-4335-5963-1 $17.99

978-1-4335-3237-5 $14.99

978-1-4335-3233-7 $14.99



A PLACE TO BELONG Learning to Love the Local Church Christians know church is important, but sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the effort to connect. An eclectic assortment of people with differing personalities, political views, and parenting styles can make for awkward interactions and difficult connections. What’s the point of putting in the tough work to build relationships? But the Bible says God’s people ought to be bound together. It uses words like beloved, brothers and sisters, saints, and fellow laborers to describe their mutual relationship in the church. In this book, Megan Hill answers a common question of churchgoers: What’s so great about the church? With rich theology, practical direction, and study questions for group use, Hill encourages and equips both first-time visitors and regular members to delight in being a part of the local church—no matter how messy and ordinary it seems today. It is only when God’s people begin to see one another as the Lord sees them that they will truly find a place to belong. DISTIN CTI V ES • Examines what the Bible says about the priority and blessing of the church • Encourages and equips readers for commitment to local church life • Focuses on the relationships of the members to the church • Includes discussion questions and further study recommendations for each chapter A PLACE TO BELONG

AUDIENCE Church members; pastors and church leaders; readers investigating the local church; Sunday school and small-group leaders

MEGAN HILL (BA, Grove City College) is a

5.5" x 8.5", Trade Paperback, 176 pages 978-1-4335-6373-7, $15.99 RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Discipleship (REL023000) Available May 19, 2020


pastor’s wife and a pastor’s daughter who has spent her life praying with others. She attends West Springfield Covenant Community Church (PCA) in West Springfield, Massachusetts. She also serves as an editor for the Gospel Coalition and lives in West Springfield, Massachusetts, with her husband and three children.

Praying Together


978-1-4335-5051-5 $12.99

978-1-4335-5425-4 $15.99

The Compelling Community 978-1-4335-4354-8 $15.99




HOW CAN I LOVE CHURCH MEMBERS WITH DIFFERENT POLITICS? Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors are looking for resources to pass along to their congregations to help them think biblically about the Christian life. 9Marks Church Questions is a series that seeks to provide ordinary Christians with sound and accessible biblical teaching by answering common questions Christians have about church life. Each volume offers biblical answers and practical applications with the goal of nurturing healthy church practice and commitment. This booklet offers six practical recommendations for Christians who are divided on political issues. Authors Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli propose that Christians should learn how to disagree on many such issues with a spirit of gracious understanding by recognizing the importance of what binds us together as a local church body. DI STI N C TI V E S • Part of a series that helps Christians understand the centrality of the local church in Christian discipleship • Small booklet ideal for sharing • Six recommendations for how to love church members with different political views AU D I E N C E HOW CAN I LOVE CHURCH MEMBERS WITH DIFFERENT POLITICS? 4” x 7”, Trade Paperback, 64 pages 978-1-4335-7179-4, $4.99 RELIGION / Religion, Politics & State (REL084000) Available March 10, 2020

Anyone searching for advice on how Christians should handle political differences; Sunday school or small-group study; Church membership classes; pastors and teachers

JONATHAN LEEMAN (PhD, University of Wales) is the editorial director for 9Marks. He SERIES:

has written for a number of publications and is

Church Questions

the author or editor of over a dozen books. He

Editor: Sam Emadi

teaches adjunctively at various seminaries. Jonathan lives with his wife and four daughters

What’s so important about the local church? The 9Marks

in a suburb of Washington, DC, and is an elder

Church Questions booklets answer common questions

of Cheverly Baptist Church.

about the local church and what it means for the daily life of a Christian. See pages 38-39 for a full list of series volumes.

ANDY NASELLI (PhD, Bob Jones University; PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is associate professor of systematic theology and New Testament at Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and an elder of Bethlehem Baptist Church. He lives with his wife and four daughters in Minneapolis.




WHAT IF I DON’T FEEL LIKE GOING TO CHURCH? Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors are looking for resources to pass along to their congregations to help them think biblically about the Christian life. 9Marks Church Questions is a series that seeks to provide ordinary Christians with sound and accessible biblical teaching by answering common questions Christians have about church life. Each volume offers biblical answers and practical applications with the goal of nurturing healthy church practice and commitment. This booklet motivates Christians to still go to church even when they feel like it will be unsatisfying, unhelpful, or just plain awkward by helping them discern their feelings, ask for help, and rediscover the power of being present at their church’s gathering. DISTIN CTI V ES • Part of a series that helps Christians understand the centrality of the local church in Christian discipleship • Helps readers diagnose the reasons they don’t feel like going to church • Gives readers practical steps to begin to feel glad about going to church again • Encourages Christians with the power of the warm nurturing grace of their local church gatherings AUDIENCE Hurting Christians; new Christians; church members; pastors


and church leaders

4" x 7", Trade Paperback, 64 pages 978-1-4335-6889-3, $4.99 RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Pastoral Resources (REL074000) Available June 30, 2020

DAVID GUNDERSEN (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as lead pastor at BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston, Texas. He previously spent fifteen years teaching and training Christian college students as a resident director, associate dean, and professor.


Church Questions Editor: Sam Emadi What’s so important about the local church? The 9Marks Church Questions booklets answer common questions about the local church and what it means for the daily life of a Christian. See pages 38-39 for a full list of series volumes.




EVERYDAY FAITHFULNESS The Beauty of Ordinary Perseverance in a Demanding World What does the Christian life look like when life is unpredictable, hard, or just plain ordinary? We live in an instant-gratification world, where results are quickly measured and words like discipline and perseverance evoke thoughts of legalism or asceticism. But Everyday Faithfulness explores what daily perseverance in Christ looks like during various seasons when spiritual growth seems especially difficult. Working through the unique challenges that come with seasons of waiting, caretaking, suffering, worry, spiritual dryness, and more, this book delves into practical ways to build habits into everyday life that will aid in spiritual growth throughout a lifetime. Each chapter closes with a real-life example of a woman whose life of regular, everyday faithfulness will encourage readers to remain steadfast in theirs. DI STI N C TI V E S • Features chapters on what daily faithfulness looks like during seasons that are particularly demanding: waiting for marriage or a family, taking care of children or elderly parents, or fighting spiritual dryness • Focuses on practical ways to build habits into everyday life that will aid in spiritual growth over the course of a lifetime • Includes real-life examples of ordinary women who display regular, everyday faithfulness even when their lives are EVERYDAY FAITHFULNESS

demanding, mundane, or discouraging

5.25" x 8", Trade Paperback, 176 pages 978-1-4335-6729-2, $15.99 RELIGION / Christian Life / Women’s Issues (REL012130) Available June 2, 2020

• Published in partnership with the Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Initiative AU D I E N C E Women; moms and caretakers; women’s ministry leaders

RELATED T I T L ES GLENNA MARSHALL (BA, Union University) is a pastor’s wife and mother of two energetic sons. She is the author of The Promise Is His Presence and writes regularly at GlennaMarshall.com on biblical literacy, suffering, and the faithfulness of God. She is a member of Trinity Baptist Church in Sikeston, Missouri.


Glory in the Ordinary

Glimpses of Grace

978-1-4335-5267-0 $14.99

978-1-4335-3605-2 $14.99

Joyfully Spreading the Word 978-1-4335-5943-3 $16.99



INTERPRETING THE NEW TESTAMENT TEXT Introduction to the Art and Science of Exegesis Why bother with the hard work of biblical exegesis? Computers can translate foreign languages and many English translations take us very close to the original words and meaning of the Bible. But the answer is clear: the deepest truths of the Bible are found through the deepest study. This book teaches the principles, methods, and fundamentals of exegeting the New Testament, and offers examples of textual exegesis that clearly and helpfully show the value of exegeting a text well. Serious students of Scripture will benefit from using this book in their study of the Bible. DISTINCTI V ES • Offers instruction on exegetical methods such as grammatical analysis, sentence diagramming, background studies, studying different genres, lexical analysis, and more • Includes many illustrations of how to do biblical exegesis from many texts from throughout the New Testament • Contributors are well-known professors and exegetes of the New Testament • Now available in paperback, replacing ISBN 978-1-58134408-0 AUDIEN CE Seminary and Bible college professors; seminary students;


pastors; regular Bible readers

6" x 9", Trade Paperback, 480 pages 978-1-4335-7079-7, $35.00 RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / New Testament (REL006070) Available April 14, 2020

DARRELL L. BOCK (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is executive director for cultural engagement at the Hendricks Center, senior


research professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and senior Bible teacher for Back to the Bible radio. He is the author of over forty books.

BUIST M. FANNING (DPhil, University of Oxford) is the department chair and senior professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he has taught for more than forty years. He is the author of or contributor to many books, including Biblical Theology of the New Testament and the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology.

A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament 978-1-4335-3676-2 $55.00

The Message of the New Testament 978-1-58134-716-6 $35.00

Reading the Word of God in the Presence of God 978-1-4335-4324-1 $35.00




EXPERIENCING THE NEW BIRTH Studies in John 3 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the famed Welsh minister, is widely hailed as one of the greatest preachers of the last 100 years—a man Dr. Albert Mohler has called “one of the titanic figures of 20th-century Christianity.” Over the course of his career, “the Doctor” preached 28 sermons on the third chapter of the Gospel of John. However, until now, these sermons have remained unpublished and largely out of reach of today’s Christians. Reflecting on the powerful story of Jesus’s encounter with Nicodemus and what it means to be “born again,” this collection of biblical expositions highlights God’s stunning love for the world as expressed through his unique Son, Jesus Christ. Readers will be encouraged to turn to the One who promises eternal life to all who trust in him. D I STI N C TI V E S • Walks readers through one of the most well-known chapters of Scripture, including reflections on John 3:16 • Author is widely hailed as one of the greatest preachers of the 20th century • Serves as a companion volume to Living Water, a collection of sermons Lloyd-Jones preached on John 4 • Now available in paperback, replacing ISBN 978-1-43356960-2 AU DI E N C E

EXPERIENCING THE NEW BIRTH 6" x 9", Trade Paperback, 400 pages 978-1-4335-7080-3, $27.99 RELIGION / Biblical Studies / New Testament (REL006220) Available May 5, 2020

Church members; pastors and church leaders; Christian college professors and students

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES (1899–1981) served as minister of Westminster Chapel in London for RELATED T I T L ES

thirty years and was one of the foremost preachers of his day. His many books have brought profound spiritual encouragement to millions around the world.

The Gospel in Genesis

Living Water

978-1-4335-0120-3 $16.99

978-1-4335-0127-2 $40.00

The Christ-Centered Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones 978-1-4335-4102-5 $17.99




A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST Studies in the Book of Hebrews The book of Hebrews was written to magnify the supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and our Great High Priest. It exhorts and encourages the church to hold fast to its faith, persevering through persecution and trials because of the great salvation found in Christ. This collection pulls together sermons from Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the book of Hebrews, helping readers understand how it applies to their daily lives. Lloyd-Jones walks readers through Hebrews 2 and other important passages in this book, pointing Christians to their need of salvation and their identity as the people of God. DISTINCTI V ES • Preserves the legacy of renowned preacher Martyn LloydJones for generations to come • Walks readers through Hebrews 2 and other important passages from the book of Hebrews, giving them an in-depth study and application for their lives • Helps readers see the glory of Christ as revealed in the book of Hebrews • Now available in paperback, replacing ISBN 978-1-43356994-4 AUDIENCE Readers of Martyn Lloyd-Jones; pastors; seminary students

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES (1899–1981) served as minister of Westminster Chapel in London for thirty years and was one of the foremost preachers of his day. His many books have

A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST 6" x 9", Trade Paperback, 224 pages 978-1-4335-6994-4, $19.99 RELIGION / Biblical Studies / New Testament (REL006220) Available Now

brought profound spiritual encouragement to millions around the world.


Life in Christ

Living Water

The Gospel in Genesis

978-1-58134-439-4 $40.00

978-1-4335-0127-2 $40.00

978-1-4335-0120-3 $17.99


WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT . . . (SERIES) Wayne Grudem In recent years, Christians have faced an influx of difficult moral and ethical questions that demand a response. Although there is no shortage of opinions on each question, there is a need for clear, Biblical answers. The What the Bible Says about series by Wayne Grudem is adapted from his larger work Christian Ethics, offering brief but clear answers to many ethical dilemmas Christians grapple with, such as abortion, divorce and remarriage, God’s will, and more.


W HAT T H E B I B L E SAYS A B O U T HOW TO K N OW GO D’ S WIL L 978-1-4335-6990-6, $9.99, 80 pages


W H AT T H E B IB LE SAYS AB O U T AB O RT IO N, E U T H ANAS IA, AND E ND-O F-LIFE ME DICAL DE CIS IONS 978-1-4335-6830-5, $9.99, 96 pages

Drawn from extensive study on biblical ethics,


Grudem helps readers stop overcomplicating

Wayne Grudem offers a biblical and ethical guide

God’s will and instead embrace the different ways

to controversial issues surrounding abortion and

in which they acquire wisdom for various situa-

euthanasia, defining his terms clearly and explor-

tions in their lives.

ing science, politics, and opposing arguments.



• Laypeople interested in Christian ethics

• Answers critical questions for the Christian life

• Pastors and church leaders

• Offers biblical and scientific evidence to understand

• Seminary and college students

important issues regarding a variety of ethical topics • Written by well-known theologian Wayne Grudem,


author of the best-selling Systematic Theology

• Trade Paperback

• Adapted from his larger work Christian Ethics

• 5" x 7"

A BOUT T HE ED I TOR S WAYNE GRUDEM (PhD, University of Cambridge; DD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies

FO RTH CO MI N G VO LU ME S What the Bible Says about Divorce and Remarriage What the Bible Says about Birth Control, Infertility, Reproductive Technology, and Adoption

at Phoenix Seminary, having previously taught for twenty years at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is a former president of the Evangelical Theological Society, a member of the Translation Oversight Committee for the English Standard Version of the Bible, and the general editor of the ESV Study Bible, and has published over twenty books.


SHORT STUDIES IN SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY Editors: Graham A. Cole and Oren R. Martin The Short Studies in Systematic Theology series aims to equip readers to understand, teach, love, and apply what God has revealed in Scripture about a variety of topics. Each volume introduces a major doctrine, develops it from Scripture, and brings it to bear on the Christian life. These accessible volumes draw from both the Christian tradition and contemporary theology, and are perfect for introducing laypeople, pastors, students, and teachers to what God has revealed in his written word.

FA I TH F U L TH E O LO GY: A N I N TR O DU C TI O N 978-1-4335-5911-2, $14.99, 128 pages

The first volume in the new Short Studies in Systematic Theology series explores what it means to do theology, why theology matters, and what it looks like to derive doctrine from God’s word—helping us understand what to believe, what to value, and how to live. Each chapter looks at 1 of 5 crucial components for constructing good theology: revelation from God, tradition from the past, worship, wisdom, and experience of brokenness, with case studies illustrating how doctrine is developed from each of these important sources. Readers will be left with a deeper understanding of how to make sure their theology faithfully reflects the truth of God’s word.




• Pastors and church leaders

• Introduces major topics of systematic theology

• Seminary and Bible college students • Readers interested in theology

simply and concisely • Written by a variety of evangelical theologians • Each volume introduces the doctrine, sets it in


context within the whole of Christian theology,

• Trade Paperback

develops it from Scripture, draws the various threads

• 5.25" x 8"

together from throughout the Bible, and brings it to bear on the Christian life

A BOUT T HE ED I TOR S GRAHAM A. COLE (ThD, Australian College of Theology) is the dean and professor of biblical and systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. An ordained Anglican minister, he has served in two parishes and was formerly the principal of Ridley College. Graham lives in Libertyville, Illinois, with his wife, Jules. He is a member at Church of the Redeemer in Highwood, Illinois.

FO RTH CO MI N G VO LU ME S God in Us: A Theology of the Holy Spirit (Fred Sanders) The Attributes of God (Gerald Bray) The Trinity: An Introduction (Scott Swain) The Church (Greg Allison) Christology: The Person of Christ (Stephen J. Wellum)

OREN R. MARTIN (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of Christian theology and

The Best Is Yet to Be: The Doctrine of Glorification (Graham A. Cole)

program coordinator for the seminary track at Boyce College. He serves as a pastor at Clifton Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the author of Bound for the Promised Land.


ESV EXPOSITORY COMMENTARY Editors: Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., and Jay Sklar Designed to strengthen the global church with a widely accessible, theologically sound, and pastorally wise resource for understanding and applying the overarching storyline of the Bible, this commentary series features the full text of the ESV Bible passage by passage, with crisp and theologically rich exposition and application. Editors Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., and Jay Sklar have gathered a team of experienced pastor-theologians to provide a new generation of pastors and other teachers of the Bible around the world with a globally minded commentary series rich in biblical theology and broadly Reformed doctrine, making the message of redemption found in Scripture clear and available to all.


Volume 3: 1 Samuel–2 Chronicles

Volume 7: Daniel–Malachi

Volume 11: Ephesians–Philemon

Volume 12: Hebrews–Revelation

Volume 9: John–Acts



• Pastors and church leaders

• Features passage-by-passage commentary on every

• Serious Bible readers

book of the Bible, taking a biblical-theological and

• Bible college and seminary students

broadly Reformed approach to interpreting and

• Bible teachers

applying the text • Includes introductions to each book of the Bible,


featuring an outline, key themes, author and date

• Hardcover

information, literary features, relationship to the rest

• 7" x 10"

of the Bible, and interpretive challenges



Genesis–Numbers (Volume 1)

Cambridge) is professor of Old

Deuteronomy–Ruth (Volume 2)

Testament at Westminster Theological

Ezra–Job (Volume 4)

Seminary. He also serves as pastor of

Psalms–Song of Solomon (Volume 5)

Christ Presbyterian Church in Glenside,

Isaiah–Ezekiel (Volume 6)


Matthew–Luke (Volume 8) Romans–Galatians (Volume 10)

JAMES M. HAMILTON JR. (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor of biblical theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and preaching pastor at Kenwood

JAY SKLAR (PhD, University of Gloucestershire) is professor of Old Seminary.

“Biblically sound, theologically faithful, and practically helpful.” DANIEL L . AKIN, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Baptist Church.

Testament at Covenant Theological


“This twelve-volume set seems destined to become a standard Bible reference tool for serious students of Scripture around the world.” PHILIP GRAHAM RYKEN, President, Wheaton College

“It warms my heart to know this series is being provided to the church, with the intention to bless the nations with access to faithful, solid exposition of the Scriptures.” IAN CHEW, Pastor, Kay Poh Road Baptist Church, Singapore

CURRENT VOLUMES 1 Samuel–2 Chronicles




$60.00 $50.00











REFORMED SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley The aim of systematic theology is to engage not only the head, but also the heart and hands. Only recently has the church compartmentalized these aspects of life—separating the academic discipline of theology from the spiritual disciplines of faith and obedience. This new series brings together rigorous, historical, theological scholarship with spiritual disciplines and practicality—characterized by its simple, accessible, comprehensive, Reformed, experiential approach. Based on decades of studying the Puritans and teaching systematic theology, Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley explore 8 central themes of theology: revelation, God, man, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, church, and last things.

VO LU M E 1 : R E V E L ATI O N A N D GO D 978-1-4335-5983-9, $60.00, 1312 pages

The first volume in the Reformed Systematic Theology series draws on the historical theology of the Reformed tradition, exploring 2 of 8 central points of systematic theology—revelation and God—with an accessible, comprehensive, and experiential approach.




• Pastors and church leaders

• Multivolume work that will cover the entire scope

• Seminary students

of systematic theology based on 8 central themes:

• Educated laypeople

revelation, God, man, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and last things


• Draws extensively from historic Reformed and

• Hardcover (jacket)

Puritan sources

• 6" x 9"

• Written in a modern and broadly accessible style



JOEL R. BEEKE (PhD, Westminster

Volume 2: Man and Christ

Theological Seminary) has written,

Volume 3: Pneumatology and Soteriology

coauthored, or edited one hundred books.

Volume 4: Ecclesiology and Eschatology

He is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, a pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as the editor of Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth. PAUL M. SMALLEY (ThM, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) is faculty teaching assistant to Joel Beeke at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He serves as a bivocational pastor at Grace Immanuel Reformed Baptist Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and previously served for twelve years as a pastor in the Baptist General Conference in the midwestern United States.


SHORT STUDIES IN BIBLICAL THEOLOGY ® Editors: Dane C. Ortlund and Miles Van Pelt The Short Studies in Biblical Theology series is designed to help readers see the whole Bible as a unified story— culminating in Jesus. Written by a host of trusted biblical scholars, the volumes in this unique series each trace an important topic throughout God’s word, from Genesis to Revelation, and explore its relevance to the Christian life. Insightful, accessible, and practical, these books are perfect for laypeople looking for bite-sized introductions to major subjects in biblical theology. Furthermore, pastors and professors will find this series to be an invaluable resource for brushing up on their grasp of the field as a whole.




• Sunday school and small-group leaders

• Short, accessible, and practical volumes focused on

• Pastors

key themes in biblical theology

• Seminary students and professors

• Written for laypeople, students, and church leaders

• Anyone interested in biblical theology

of all levels • Explores key themes in biblical theology throughout


the Old and New Testaments and in the world today • Authors are well-known biblical scholars, pastors,

• Trade Paperback

professors, and leaders

• 5.25" x 8"



DANE C. ORTLUND (PhD, Wheaton College) is chief publishing officer and Bible publisher at Crossway and the author of Edwards on the Christian Life.

“This series will help provide pastors and their congregations with studies that foster a growing appreciation of the redemptive-historical flow and Christ-centered focus of Scripture as a whole.” RICHARD B . GAFFIN JR., Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

MILES VAN PELT (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Alan Belcher Professor of Old Testament and

FO RTH CO MI N G VO LU ME S Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the

Biblical Languages and academic dean at

Presence of God

Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson.

(William R. Osbourne) The New Creation (Frank Thielman) The Royal Priesthood and the Glory of God (David S. Schrock) The Serpent and the Serpent Slayer (Andrew David Naselli)

CURRENT VOLUMES The City of God and the Goal of Creation

T. Desmond Alexander



Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World

Thomas R. Schreiner



From Chaos to Cosmos

Sidney Greidanus



The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross

Patrick Schreiner



The Lord’s Supper as the Sign and Meal of the New Covenant

Guy Prentiss Waters



Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel

Ray Ortlund



Redemptive Reversals and the Ironic Overturning of Human Wisdom

G. K. Beale



The Son of God and the New Creation

Graeme Goldsworthy



Work and Our Labor in the Lord

James M. Hamilton Jr.




THEOLOGIANS ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Editors: Stephen J. Nichols and Justin Taylor This series provides accessible introductions to some of church history’s greatest teachers, exploring their personal lives and writings, especially as they pertain to the walk of faith, and gives insights into how each one viewed the Christian life. Organized around themes that characterized their lives and teachings, these portraits of famous theologians are more than biographies—they are wisdom from the past for life in the present.





• Pastors and church leaders

• Serve as accessible guides to the life and thought of

• Seminary students

influential Christian leaders from history

• Those who love theology

• Uniquely look to the theology and spirituality of past

• Those interested in church history

Christians to inform how we should live today • Focus on physical, theological, and spiritual factors


to paint a holistic portrait of each Christian figure

• Trade Paperback • 6" x 9"



STEPHEN J. NICHOLS (PhD, Westminster

“No mere biographies, these books reveal how some of

Theological Seminary) serves as the

history’s greatest pastors and scholars weave together

president of Reformation Bible College

the life of the mind and the heart in practical devotion

and the chief academic officer of

to the triune God.”

Ligonier Ministries.

THOMAS S. KIDD, Professor of History, Baylor University; author, The Great Awakening

JUSTIN TAYLOR (PhD, The Southern

“These books are far more than biographies. They are

Baptist Theological Seminary) is the

guides to daily living that help us learn from some of the

executive vice president of book

wisest life coaches the Christian church has ever had.”

publishing and book publisher at

DOUGLAS A . SWEENEY, Professor of Church History, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Crossway. He is a regular blogger and has edited and contributed to several books.

CURRENT VOLUMES Augustine on the Christian Life

Gerald Bray



Bavinck on the Christian Life

John Bolt



Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life

Stephen J. Nichols



Calvin on the Christian Life

Michael Horton



Edwards on the Christian Life

Dane C. Ortlund



Lewis on the Christian Life

Joe Rigney



Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life

Jason Meyer


$19.99 $18.99

Luther on the Christian Life

Carl R. Trueman


Newton on the Christian Life

Tony Reinke



Owen on the Christian Life

Matthew Barrett and Michael A. G. Haykin



Packer on the Christian Life

Sam Storms



Schaeffer on the Christian Life

William Edgar



Stott on the Christian Life

Tim Chester



Spurgeon on the Christian Life

Michael Reeves



Warfield on the Christian Life

Fred G. Zaspel



Wesley on the Christian Life

Fred Sanders




CHURCH QUESTIONS Editor: Sam Emadi Church Questions is a new series from 9Marks that provides ordinary Christians with answers to common questions about the local church. Each booklet is predicated on a question asked in a local church setting and offers sound teaching from Scripture and practical applications that help connect commitment to the local church with the daily life of a Christian.






• New Christians

• Provides short, accessible resources for pastors to help church members think more biblically about the

• Church members

Christian life in a local congregation

• Pastors and church leaders

• Addresses a number of practical subjects related to church life, polity, and Christian discipleship in the FORMAT

context of the local church • Includes both biblical information about each topic

• Trade Paperback

and practical applications for churches and Christians

• 4" x 7"



SAM EMADI (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as senior editor at 9Marks, where he writes, edits, and manages special publishing projects. He previously served as a pastoral intern

What If I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church? (David Gundersen) How Can Our Church Find a Faithful Pastor? (Mark Dever) Is It Loving to Practice Church Discipline?

at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in

(Jonathan Leeman)

Washington, DC.

Why Should I Be Baptized? (Bobby Jamieson)

CURRENT VOLUMES How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics?

Jonathan Leeman & Andy Naselli



What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian?

Sam Emadi



What If I Don’t Feel Like Going to Chuch?

David Gunderson



Why Should I Join a Church?

Mark Dever



What If I Don’t Desire to Pray?

John Onwuchekwa



What If I’m Discouraged in My Evangelism?

Isaac Adams




BIG THEOLOGY FOR LITTLE HEARTS Devon and Jessica Robyn Provencher Big Theology for Little Hearts is a board-book series that teaches children ages 1–5 key Christian truths in easy-tounderstand terms. Separated into three segments—God, the Gospel, and Jesus—each book introduces a big idea from the Bible with ten simple definitions and corresponding illustrations to help young minds grasp a foundational understanding of theology.




• Children ages 1–5

• Contains foundational theological truths for young

• Parents and grandparents • Children’s ministry leaders and workers

children, intended to provide building blocks for further learning • Each book includes 10 terms, each with a simple definition and a corresponding illustration


• Equips parents to talk about big theological topics

• Board Book

with their little ones

• 7" x 7"



in Islamic studies at the Southern Baptist




Theological Seminary after having spent




three years in college ministry with the

The Gospel



North American Mission Board. Devon is a member of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

JESSICA ROBYN PROVENCHER is an illustrator, the wife of Devon, and a mom of two children. She studied visual arts at California Baptist University and now designs products for Illustrated Faith, illustrates custom family portraits, and is the author of ABC: An Illustrated Alphabet Primer. Jessica is a member of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sample spread (46% actual size)


9MARKS: BUILDING HEALTHY CHURCHES Editors: Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman Each of these short, readable books covers one of the nine marks originally made famous by pastor Mark Dever in his best-selling book, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church. Useful for group studies, or even as visitors’ gifts, these books are ideal for everyone from the casual attendee to ministry leaders. This series helps readers grasp the basic biblical commands regarding the local church so they can play their part in building a healthy congregation.




• Pastors and church leaders

• Written for anyone, from the casual church attendee

• Sunday school and small-group leaders

to the ministry leader

• Church members

• Concise and accessible for individual or group use • Helps readers grasp basic biblical commands regarding the local church


• Based on the best-selling book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever

• Hardcover (printed case) • 5" x 7"



MARK DEVER (PhD, Cambridge University) is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC,

“Practical. Convicting. Biblically faithful. Church Membership is punchy and provocative, but at the same time it is permeated with the gospel of grace.” THOMAS R. SCHREINER, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

and president of 9Marks (9Marks.org). Dever has authored over a dozen books and speaks at conferences nationwide.

JONATHAN LEEMAN (PhD, University of

“Evangelism is rich in practical implications, not despite its incessant focus on Jesus and the gospel, but precisely because of such focus. It deserves to be read, pondered, and implemented.”

Wales) is the editorial director for 9Marks. He has written for a number of

D. A . CARSON, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Cofounder, The Gospel Coalition

publications and is the author or editor of several books. He is also an occasional lecturer at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and adjunct professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jonathan lives with his wife and four daughters in a suburb of Washington, DC, and is an elder at Cheverly Baptist Church.

CURRENT VOLUMES Biblical Theology

Nick Roark and Robert Cline



Church Discipline

Jonathan Leeman



Church Elders

Jeramie Rinne



Church Membership

Jonathan Leeman




Michael Lawrence




Mark Dever




J. Mack Stiles



Expositional Preaching

David R. Helm



The Gospel

Ray Ortlund




Andy Johnson




John Onwuchekwa



Sound Doctrine

Bobby Jamieson




PREACHING THE WORD ® Editor: R. Kent Hughes This commentary series was written by pastors for pastors and their churches. With R. Kent Hughes, former professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, as the general editor, these volumes feature experienced pastors and teachers who model expository preaching and practical application. This series is noted for its steadfast commitment to biblical authority, clear exposition of Scripture, and readability—making it widely accessible for both new and seasoned pastors, as well as for men and women who are eager to read the Bible in a fresh way.

ENDORSEMENTS FOR THE SERIES “Throughout the Christian centuries, working pastors have been proving themselves to be the best of all Bible expositors. Kent Hughes stands in this great tradition, and his exciting expositions uphold it worthily.” J. I. PACKER, Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College

“There is a long history of informed, edifying Biblical expositions that have been mightily used of God to shape and strengthen the church. These volumes admirably fit this tradition.” D. A . CARSON, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


“It is a pleasure to commend this series of homiletical commentaries. They fill an enormous vacuum that exists between the practical needs of the pastor/ teacher and the critical exegetical depth of most commentaries.” WALTER C. KAISER JR., President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and Ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“This series resonates with the priorities of the pulpit. No academic aloofness here, but down-to-earth, preacher-to-preacher meat for God’s people.” BRYAN CHAPELL , Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA), Peoria, Illinois



• Preachers and teachers

• Drawing on years of pastoral ministry experience,

• Seminary and college students

each author offers readers a unique combination of

• Bible study and small-group leaders

nuanced pastoral insights, careful biblical exegesis,

• Serious Bible readers

and relevant practical application • Series is edited by pastor R. Kent Hughes, former


professor of practical theology at Westminster

• Hardcover (jacket)

Theological Seminary and senior pastor emeritus of

• 6" x 9"

College Church in Wheaton, Illinois


R. Kent Hughes




Philip Graham Ryken




Kenneth A. Mathews




Iain M. Duguid




Ajith Fernando




David Jackman



Judges and Ruth

Barry G. Webb



1 Samuel

John Woodhouse



2 Samuel

John Woodhouse


$42.99 $44.99

1 Kings

John Woodhouse



Christopher Ash



The Psalms: Volume 1

James Johnston




Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.




Philip Graham Ryken



The Song of Solomon

Douglas Sean O’Donnell




Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.



Jeremiah and Lamentations

Philip Graham Ryken




Rodney Stortz




Douglas Sean O’Donnell



The Sermon on the Mount

R. Kent Hughes




R. Kent Hughes


$35.99 $49.99


R. Kent Hughes



R. Kent Hughes




R. Kent Hughes




R. Kent Hughes



1 Corinthians

Stephen Um



2 Corinthians

R. Kent Hughes




Todd Wilson




R. Kent Hughes



Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon

R. Kent Hughes



1–2 Thessalonians

James H. Grant Jr.



1–2 Timothy and Titus

R. Kent Hughes and Bryan Chapell




R. Kent Hughes




R. Kent Hughes



1–2 Peter and Jude

David R. Helm



1–3 John

David L. Allen




James M. Hamilton Jr.



New Testament Set





KNOWING THE BIBLE ® Theological Editor: J. I. Packer | Series Editor: Dane C. Ortlund This Bible study series is designed to help readers better understand and apply God’s word. These 12-week studies lead participants through books of the Bible, asking reflection questions and making practical applications and connections to the rest of Scripture. With contributions from an array of church leaders, these studies will help Christians cherish the message of God’s grace on every page of the Bible.

ENDOR SEM EN TS FOR T HE SER I E S “Knowing the Bible brings together a gifted team of Bible teachers to produce a high–quality series of study guides.” PHILIP GRAHAM RYKEN, President, Wheaton College

“What a gift to earnest, Bible-loving, Bible-searching believers! What potential growth in depth and breadth of understanding these studies offer. One can only pray that vast numbers of believers will discover more of God and the beauty of his Word through these rich studies.” BRUCE A. WARE, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


“I heartily endorse this orientation of individual books to the whole Bible and the gospel, and I applaud the demonstration that sound theology was not something invented later by Christians, but is right there in the pages of Scripture.” GRAEME GOLDSWORTHY, Former Lecturer in Old Testament, Biblical Theology, and Hermeneutics, Moore Theological College

“The skilled authors and notable editors provide the contours of each book of the Bible as well as the grand theological themes that bind them together.” R. KENT HUGHES, Former Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary



• Bible study and small-group leaders

• Includes reflection questions and space for writing responses

• Pastors and church leaders

• Highlights whole-Bible themes passage by passage,

• College and high school students

helping readers see and understand the overarching

• Readers of the ESV Study Bible

storyline of the Bible FORMAT

• Benefits from the scholarly oversight of renowned theologian J. I. Packer

• Trade Paperback • 6" x 9"


Mitchell M. Kim




Matthew R. Newkirk




Michael LeFebvre




Michael LeFebvre




Matthew H. Patton




Trent Hunter




Miles V. Van Pelt



Ruth and Esther

Kathleen B. Nielson



1–2 Samuel

Ryan Kelly



1–2 Kings

Gavin Ortlund



1–2 Chronicles

James Duguid



Ezra and Nehemiah

Kathleen B. Nielson




Eric Ortlund




Douglas Sean O’Donnell


$8.99 $8.99


Lydia Brownback



Justin S. Holcomb



Song of Solomon

Jay Harvey


$8.99 $8.99


Drew Hunter



Matthew S. Harmon



Lamentations, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah

Camden M. Bucey




Michael Lawrence




Todd Wilson




Lydia Brownback



Joel, Amos, and Obadiah

Kristofer D. Holroyd



Jonah, Micah, and Nahum

Kristofer D. Holroyd



Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi

Stephen M. Coleman




Drew Hunter




Dane C. Ortlund




C. D. “Jimmy” Agan III




Justin Buzzard




Justin S. Holcomb




Jared C. Wilson


$8.99 $8.99

1 Corinthians

Jay Thomas


2 Corinthians

Dane C. Ortlund




Geoff Ziegler




Eric C. Redmond




Ryan Kelly



Colossians and Philemon

Christopher A. Beetham



1–2 Thessalonians

Matt Smethurst



1–2 Timothy and Titus

Brian J. Tabb




Matthew Z. Capps




Greg Gilbert



1–2 Peter and Jude

Jonathan K. Dodson



1–3 John

Michael LeFebvre




Stephen Witmer




RECLAIMING THE CHRISTIAN INTELLECTUAL TRADITION ® Editor: David S. Dockery Advocating for vigorous Christian thinking and a commitment to the integration of faith and scholarship, these reader-friendly guidebooks offer a robust introduction to each of the major fields of study while equipping readers to integrate their Christian beliefs with their academic pursuits. Trade Paperback, 5.25" x 7.75"

S E R I E S D I STI N C TI V E S • Helps students of all ages better understand, evaluate, and appreciate major fields of academic study • Includes reflection questions and a list of resources for further study • Examines academic disciplines from a distinctly Christian perspective • Includes illustrations, reflection questions, and a list of resources for further study


Paul Munson and Joshua Farris Drake



Biblical and Theological Studies

Michael J. Wilkins and Erik Thoennes



Christian Worldview

Philip Graham Ryken




Greg Forster




Ted Newell



Ethics and Moral Reasoning

C. Ben Mitchell



The Great Tradition of Christian Thinking

David S. Dockery and Timothy George




Nathan A. Finn



The Liberal Arts

Gene C. Fant Jr.




Louis Markos



Media, Journalism, and Communication

Read Mercer Schuchardt



The Natural Sciences

John A. Bloom




David K. Naugle



Political Thought

Hunter Baker




Stanton L. Jones



ENDOR SEM EN TS FOR T HE SER I E S “Assembling a formidable cohort of respected evangelical scholars, this series promises to supply must-read orientations to the disciplines for the next generation of Christian students.” THOMAS S. KIDD, Professor of History, Baylor University


“This series promises to provide students with an important key to unlock the treasure store of the Christian tradition.” GERALD BRAY, Research Professor, Beeson Divinity School

CROSSWAY CLASSIC COMMENTARIES Editors: Alister McGrath and J. I. Packer Crossway Classic Commentaries offer the very best commentaries written by great men of God over the centuries. Highly accessible and adapted for maximum understanding and usefulness, these commentaries present time-tested works on individual books of the Bible for today’s believers. Trade Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5"

S E R I E S D I STI N C TI V E S • Accessible to both pastors and laypeople • Provides time-tested commentaries for anyone interested in studying the Bible • Introduces readers to the teachings of major leaders in church history, including John Calvin, Charles H. Spurgeon, and Martin Luther


John Calvin



Psalms (Vol. 1)

Charles H. Spurgeon



Psalms (Vol. 2)

Charles H. Spurgeon




Charles Bridges




John Calvin



Jeremiah and Lamentations

John Calvin




J. C. Ryle




J. C. Ryle




J. C. Ryle




John Calvin




John Calvin




Charles Hodge



1 Corinthians

Charles Hodge



2 Corinthians

Charles Hodge




Martin Luther


$23.99 $21.99


Charles Hodge



J. B. Lightfoot



Colossians and Philemon

J. B. Lightfoot



1 and 2 Thessalonians

John Calvin



1 and 2 Timothy and Titus

John Calvin




John Owen




Thomas Manton



1 and 2 Peter

Robert Leighton and Griffith Thomas



1, 2, and 3 John

John Calvin and Matthew Henry




Thomas Manton




Matthew Henry




FOUNDATIONS OF EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY ® Editor: John S. Feinberg These volumes incorporate insights from Scripture, historical theology, philosophy, and other sources to produce an up-to-date systematic theology. This series rests on the very best of evangelical scholarship, and is accessible to everyone from the beginner to the academic theologian. Hardcover, 6" x 9"

S E R I E S D I STI N C TI V E S • Includes both comprehensive doctrinal reflection and practical application • Written by leading evangelical theologians • Ideal for pastors, teachers, and students of theology • With contributions from prominent evangelical scholars • Covers a broad range of systematic topics such as the doctrine of God, Christology, sin, the church, and the Holy Spirit.

CURRENT VOLUMES Against God and Nature

Thomas H. McCall



Against the Darkness

Graham A. Cole



The Cross and Salvation

Bruce Demarest



God the Son Incarnate

Stephen J. Wellum



He Who Gives Life

Graham A. Cole



Light in a Dark Place

John S. Feinberg



No One Like Him

John S. Feinberg



Sojourners and Strangers

Gregg R. Allison



To Know and Love God

David K. Clark



ENDOR SEM EN TS FOR SER I ES VO LU M E S “No One Like Him is a magisterial work, one that truly deserves to be called a magnum opus.” HAROLD O. J. BROWN, Late Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary


“No comparable across-the-board vindication of evangelical mental method exists; To Know and Love God is a landmark book.” J. I. PACKER, Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College

THEOLOGY IN COMMUNITY ® Editors: Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson The Theology in Community series assembles a world-class team of scholars bringing their unique expertise to bear on biblical and theological topics from the perspectives of biblical theology, systematic theology, history, pastoral application, missiology, and cultural analysis. Trade Paperback, 6" x 9"

S E R I E S DI STI N C TI V E S • Edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson • Contributors bring expertise from a variety of fields • Accessible for both leaders and laypeople • Multidisciplinary approach to a range of theological doctrines • Bridging the gap between academia and the church

CURRENT VOLUMES Biblical Spirituality




$28.00 $18.99

The Love of God



EN DO R SEM EN TS FOR T HE SER I E S “Characterized by rigor and reverence, these volumes remain accessible to all serious readers.” D. A . CARSON, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Some of the best theological work on the greatest themes of the Christian faith. A treasury of devout scholarship not to be missed!” TIMOTHY GEORGE , Founding Dean, Beeson Divinity School; General Editor, Reformation Commentary on Scripture



9MARKS: HEALTHY CHURCH STUDY GUIDES A series of ten 6- to 7-week Bible studies covering the distinctives of a healthy church as originally laid out in Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever. Trade Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5"



Built upon the Rock

Bobby Jamieson



Committing to One Another

Bobby Jamieson



God’s Good News

Bobby Jamieson



Growing One Another

Bobby Jamieson



Guarding One Another

Bobby Jamieson



Hearing God’s Word

Bobby Jamieson



Leading One Another

Bobby Jamieson


$7.99 $7.99

Reaching the Lost

Bobby Jamieson


Real Change

Bobby Jamieson



The Whole Truth About God

Bobby Jamieson




978-1-4335-4138-4, $22.99

978-1-4335-5193-2, $22.99

978-1-4335-6714-8, $12.99

978-1-4335-4945-8, $17.99

978-1-4335-4983-0, $12.99

978-1-4335-6423-9, $24.99

978-1-4335-5514-5 $14.99

978-1-4335-6125-2, $16.99

978-1-4335-4244-2, $17.99

978-1-4335-5507-7, $7.99

978-1-4335-5786-6, $21.99

978-1-4335-5550-3, $14.99

978-1-4335-5983-9, $60.00

978-1-4335-4603-7, $22.99

978-1-4335-6148-1, $15.99

978-1-4335-4987-8, $12.99




978-0-89107-931-6, $16.99

978-1-58134-561-2, $21.99

978-1-4335-5550-3, $14.99

978-1-58134-758-6, $16.99

978-1-4335-4211-4, $14.99

978-1-4335-1500-2, $12.99

978-1-58134-824-8, $18.99

978-1-4335-3338-9, $11.99

978-1-4335-3888-9, $10.99

978-1-4335-2009-9, $14.99

978-1-4335-4311-1, $29.99

978-1-58134-536-0, $21.99

978-1-4335-3998-5, $17.99

978-1-58134-788-3, $9.99

978-1-58134-466-0, $22.99

978-1-4335-4784-3 , $13.99


1 CORINTHIANS Charles Hodge This epistle to the church at Corinth is a masterpiece of spiritual truth applied to church crises of both belief and practice. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-867-8, $23.99

1 CORINTHIANS Jay Thomas This 12-week study leads readers through the book of 1 Corinthians, highlighting how the gospel of Jesus Christ replaces pride with love and unites Christians to God and to each other. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4423-1, $8.99

1 CORINTHIANS Stephen Um Filled with personal stories and powerful illustrations, this accessible commentary on 1 Corinthians will help Christians engage with the biblical text in a powerful and authentic way. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-1200-1, $34.99

1 KINGS John Woodhouse This commentary, written by an experienced Bible expositor, helps modern readers, especially pastors and Bible teachers, understand and apply the message of 1 Kings to their own lives. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-1457-9, $44.99

1 SAMUEL (REDESIGN) John Woodhouse Focused on the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel, this volume explores God’s solution to ancient Israel’s leadership crisis, while offering scriptural discernment for leaders and followers today. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4884-0, $37.99

1 SAMUEL–2 CHRONICLES Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., and Jay Sklar, series eds. A team of pastors and scholars walks through 6 historical books of the Old Testament, showing how they fit in with the rest of redemptive history and God’s plan for his people throughout the ages. Part of the ESV Expository Commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4636-5, $60.00

1–2 CHRONICLES James Duguid This accessible study walks readers through the books of 1–2 Chronicles over the course of 12 weeks, helping them see the mercy of God in always bringing his people back to himself. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-6105-4, $8.99

1–2 KINGS Gavin Ortlund This accessible study guide helps readers see God’s mercy and grace toward his people as he offers blessings instead of curses in response to their disobedience—pointing forward to the faithfulness of the Redeemer who was to come. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5370-7, $8.99

1 AND 2 PETER Robert Leighton, Griffith Thomas Robert Leighton explores Peter’s first letter to suffering believers while Griffith Thomas looks at the second epistle. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-064-8, $24.99

1–2 PETER AND JUDE Jonathan K. Dodson This 12-week study looks at the letters written by Peter and Jude to churches, encouraging them to persevere in the midst of trials and look ahead to the return of Christ. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5441-4, $8.99

1–2 PETER AND JUDE (REDESIGN) David R. Helm A stirring commentary that explores 1–2 Peter and Jude, reminding believers that there is no cause for despair when they face trials as long as their identity and foundation are in Christ. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-5016-4, $37.99

1–2 SAMUEL Ryan Kelly This 12-week study offers insights into the stories of the prophet Samuel and Israel’s first kings, Saul and David— showing God’s continued care for his people as he promises to establish a kingdom that will never pass away. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5374-5, $8.99

1 AND 2 THESSALONIANS John Calvin John Calvin studies key passages of the epistles to the believers at Thessalonica. This excellent resource has been edited and abridged for today’s reader. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-117-1, $17.99

1–2 THESSALONIANS Matt Smethurst Connecting Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians to the lives of Christians today, this 12-week study encourages readers with reassurance and hope—strengthening them as they pursue lives of holiness and love in anticipation of Christ’s return. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5385-1, $8.99

1–2 THESSALONIANS (REDESIGN) James H. Grant Jr. James Grant Jr. unpacks these two letters by the apostle Paul and applies their message to our lives. He delivers careful exposition and urges us to live in light of Christ’s second coming. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-5012-6, $32.99

1 AND 2 TIMOTHY & TITUS John Calvin In this timeless work, John Calvin explores the aging Paul’s pastoral counsel to two younger apostles on church and doctrinal issues. Abridged and adapted for today’s reader. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-021-1, $19.99

1–2 TIMOTHY AND TITUS (ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes, Bryan Chapell Offering timely instruction to the local church, Hughes and Chapell teach through three of Paul’s pastoral letters. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3053-1, $37.99

1–2 TIMOTHY AND TITUS Brian J. Tabb This accessible study shows how the books of 1–2 Timothy and Titus exhort all Christians to protect and pass on the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which has the power to save and transform sinners. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5389-9, $8.99




1–3 JOHN David L. Allen This commentary on 1–3 John examines the deeply theological yet intensely practical teaching on the foundational nature of truth and love in the context of the local church. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-0285-9, $37.99

1, 2, AND 3 JOHN John Calvin, Matthew Henry Calvin’s and Henry’s work has been abridged and stylistically adapted for today’s readers, while carefully preserving the original meaning and message of the expositors. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-993-4, $17.99

1–3 JOHN Michael LeFebvre Over the course of 12 weeks, this study will help readers understand the practical wisdom found in 1–3 John regarding what it looks like to follow Jesus and walk according to his commandments. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5489-6, $8.99

2 CORINTHIANS Charles Hodge Second Corinthians shows the value of earthly trials—God’s power at work in our weakness, inner renewal, and eternal treasures. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-868-5, $21.99

2 CORINTHIANS Dane C. Ortlund In this 12-week study, Dane C. Ortlund guides readers through Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth, showing readers the glory of a gospel that humbles the powerful while strengthening the weak. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4792-8, $8.99

2 CORINTHIANS (REDESIGN) R. Kent Hughes This new expositional commentary reveals the treasures in Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth and reminds people that they need to love and comfort each other, and live in peace. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3549-9, $32.99

2 SAMUEL John Woodhouse This commentary for pastors introduces readers to the tumultuous reign of King David, highlighting his foundational significance in God’s plan to redeem the world through Christ. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4613-6, $42.99

6 WAYS THE OLD TESTAMENT SPEAKS TODAY Alec Motyer Exploring 6 key themes in the Old Testament—history, religion, worship, prophecy, wisdom, and theology— theologian Alec Motyer helps readers understand the Old Testament for themselves and discover its relevance to life today. TPB, 978-1-4335-5851-1, $19.99

7 MYTHS ABOUT SINGLENESS Sam Allberry This book sets forth a positive vision of singleness by responding to 7 common misconceptions about singleness in the church today. TPB, 978-1-4335-6152-8, $14.99

12 CHALLENGES CHURCHES FACE Mark Dever Mark Dever draws from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians to discuss and respond to 12 major challenges facing the church today. Part of the 9Marks series. HC, 978‑1‑58134‑944‑3, $15.99

12 WAYS YOUR PHONE IS CHANGING YOU Tony Reinke Writer Tony Reinke identifies 12 potent ways our smartphones have changed our lives—for good and ill— and calls us to develop healthy habits for life in the digital age. TPB, 978-1-4335-5243-4, $14.99

15 THINGS SEMINARY COULDN’T TEACH ME Collin Hansen, Jeff Robinson Sr., eds. This book aims to help young pastors bridge the gap between seminary training and ministry in a local church, offering real-world wisdom from the experience of 15 veteran pastors. TPB, 978-1-4335-5814-6, $17.99

21 SERVANTS OF SOVEREIGN JOY John Piper In this book, John Piper explores the lives of 21 leaders from church history, offering a close look at their perseverance amidst opposition, weakness, and suffering—inspiring readers toward a life of Christ-exalting courage, passion, and joy. Part of the Swans are Not Silent series. HC, 978-1-4335-6252-5, $35.00

25 BASIC BIBLE STUDIES Francis A. Schaeffer Ideal for seekers who want to systematically discover what the Bible says regarding real problems in the real world and the most fundamental questions about God. Lets God’s Word speak for itself. TPB, 978-0-89107-893-7, $15.99

50 CRUCIAL QUESTIONS John Piper, Wayne Grudem In this concise and accessible resource, John Piper and Wayne Grudem offer compelling answers to the top 50 questions often asked in regard to biblical manhood and womanhood, engaging common objections winsomely and biblically. TPB, 978-1-4335-5181-9, $9.99

THE ACCIDENTAL FEMINIST Courtney Reissig Combining personal narrative, practical examples, and biblical teaching, this book pushes back against both feminism and 1950s stereotypes related to gender roles in an effort to help Christians recover God’s good design for women. TPB, 978-1-4335-4548-1, $14.99

ACTING THE MIRACLE John Piper, David Mathis, eds. We all struggle with sin, whether it’s pride, lust, anger, or something else. In this gospel-centered resource, 5 church leaders offer practical advice for “acting” the miracle of sanctification God has already worked within us. TPB, 978-1-4335-3787-5, $16.99

ACTS John Calvin One of history’s greatest Bible expositors looks at the central themes of the book of Acts and the formation of the New Testament church. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-725-1, $27.99

ACTS Justin S. Holcomb Designed for individuals and small groups alike, this 12-week study through the book of Acts explores the history of the early church after Christ’s ascension. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4014-1, $9.99

ACTS (ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes This commentary on the book of Acts explores the history of the early church, examining the spread of Christianity in the years following Christ’s death and resurrection. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3826-1, $34.99

ACTS (6 VOLUMES IN 3) Martyn Lloyd-Jones Lloyd-Jones explains the message of the first 8 chapters of the book of Acts, from the birth of the church at Pentecost to the dramatic stoning of Stephen. Now available as a 3-volume collection of sermons, originally released as 6 separate volumes. TPB, 978-1-4335-4002-8, $99.00

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T ADOPTED FOR LIFE (UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION) Russell Moore In this practical book, now in its second edition, Moore highlights the importance of adoption for all Christians, encouraging readers to lead the way in adoption and orphan advocacy out of our identity as adopted children of God. TPB, 978-1-4335-4921-2, $18.99

ADOPTION Russell Moore Looking to Joseph’s adoption of Jesus as a model, this short book encourages readers to view adoption as a way to protect children—born and unborn—from the injustices of abortion, abuse, and neglect. Adapted from Adopted for Life. TPB, 978-1-4335-4991-5, $7.99

AFFIRMING THE APOSTLES’ CREED J. I. Packer Noted Bible scholar J. I. Packer examines each phrase of the Apostles’ Creed, inviting readers to dive further into the essentials of the Christian faith. His book is both theologically sound and practical for everyday living. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0210‑1, $11.99

AGAINST GOD AND NATURE Thomas H. McCall This up-to-date monograph on the doctrine of sin looks at what the Bible teaches about sin, exploring its origin, nature, and consequences, and engages with historical and contemporary movements. Part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-4335-0117-3, $40.00

AGAINST THE DARKNESS Graham A. Cole This book explores the doctrine of angels and demons, answering key questions about their nature and the implications for Christians’ beliefs and behavior. Part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-4335-3315-0, $40.00

AGAINST THE GODS John D. Currid Did the writers of Scripture borrow ideas from their cultural neighbors? What is the relationship between the Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern mythology? Currid examines the evidence, arguing that the Old Testament is highly polemical as he stresses differentiation over continuity. TPB, 978-1-4335-3183-5, $19.99

ALIVE IN HIM Gloria Furman This book explores the main themes in the book of Ephesians, showing us how the blessings we have received in Christ empower us to walk in a new way rooted in God’s love for us in Jesus. TPB, 978-1-4335-4977-9, $16.99

ALL GOD’S CHILDREN AND BLUE SUEDE SHOES Ken Myers Skillfully analyzes American popular culture, tracing its development and influence throughout history, and ultimately exposes its impact on character. TPB, 978-1-4335-2822-4, $17.99

AMAZING GRACE IN THE LIFE OF WILLIAM WILBERFORCE John Piper This biography of William Wilberforce takes readers beyond Wilberforce’s battle against slavery and explores the beliefs and motivations of this influential evangelical politician. Also available as an audio book. TPB, 978-1-58134-875-0, $7.99 CD, 978-1-58134-918-4, $12.99

AM I CALLED? Dave Harvey Sharing from his wealth of personal experience and illustrating from history, Harvey explores biblical principles and revealing questions to help prospective pastors discern their calling. TPB, 978-1-4335-2748-7, $15.99

AM I REALLY A CHRISTIAN? Mike McKinley McKinley challenges new and nominal Christians to take a deeper look at their Christian faith. The book addresses 5 key criteria to evaluate one’s standing before God. Part of the 9Marks series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2576-6, $14.99

ANCIENT WORD, CHANGING WORLDS Stephen J. Nichols, Eric T. Brandt A user-friendly narrative of the formation of the doctrine of Scripture in the modern age, interspersed with primary source materials. Covers modern challenges to 3 main subject areas: the authority, sufficiency, and interpretation of Scripture. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0260‑6, $17.99

ANDREW FULLER John Piper Best-selling author John Piper puts the life of Baptist Missionary Society founder Andrew Fuller on display as an inspiration for all Christians to devote themselves to knowing, guarding, and spreading the true gospel of Jesus Christ—to the ends of the earth. TPB, 978-1-4335-5189-5, $8.99

APOLOGETICS FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY Louis Markos Using the work of C. S. Lewis as a starting point, Markos examines the key popular apologists and arguments that shape the intellectual defense of the Christian faith today. TPB, 978-1-4335-1448-7, $19.99

ARLO AND THE GREAT BIG COVER-UP Betsy Childs Howard In easy-to-understand language and engaging images, this storybook shows children ages 3–7 the freedom that comes through confessing sin rather than trying to cover it up. HC, 978-1-4335-6852-7, $12.99

ART AND MUSIC Paul Munson, Joshua Farris Drake Created to help students better understand and evaluate art and music, this accessible guide introduces readers to the study of aesthetics in artistic expression. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3896-4, $11.99

ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL (3RD EDITION) John MacArthur In this newly revised and expanded edition, John MacArthur issues a warning against preaching and teaching a candy-coated gospel that neither offends nor convicts anyone. He challenges readers to return to the roots of the Great Commission. TPB, 978-1-4335-6675-2, $19.99

ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS Matthew S. Harmon In this incisive and accessible book, Matthew Harmon trains Bible readers to ask the right questions when reading God’s Word to help them understand how to apply the text to their lives and grow in godliness. TPB, 978-1-4335-5429-2, $12.99

THE ASSURANCE OF OUR SALVATION (REDESIGN) Martyn Lloyd-Jones Drawing out the timeless truths from Christ’s prayer in the garden just before he was betrayed (John 17), LloydJones highlights our union with Christ, assurance of salvation, and confidence in the love and grace of God. TPB, 978-1-4335-4051-6, $40.00

(A)TYPICAL WOMAN Abigail Dodds Seeking to rediscover the full reality of what it means to be female, this book looks to God’s Word as the foundation to help Christian women to live out their callings as free and authentic members of Christ’s mission. TPB, 978-1-4335-6269-3, $14.99

AUGUSTINE ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Gerald Bray Focusing on Augustine’s personal transformation and dependence on the Word of God, author Gerald Bray shows us how this ancient theologian can sharpen and encourage Christians today. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4494-1, $18.99




AWE Paul David Tripp Helping us cultivate an evergrowing passion for God, this book by best-selling author Paul David Tripp highlights the importance of the concept of awe for everything we think, say, and do and leads readers to rediscover their awe for God and the gospel. HC, 978-1-4335-4707-2, $19.99

THE BARBER WHO WANTED TO PRAY R. C. Sproul An imaginative, beautifully illustrated tale from R. C. Sproul that teaches children to pray from the Bible. One day Martin Luther’s barber asks him how to pray, and his life is changed. Includes a biography of Martin Luther. HC, 978-1-4335-2703-6, $17.99

BAVINCK ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE John Bolt This book about influential Reformed theologian Herman Bavinck will help modern believers obey Christ and find joy in the gospel. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4074-5, $19.99

BECAUSE HE LOVES ME Elyse M. Fitzpatrick A trained biblical counselor points Christians to their true identity as beloved children of God and teaches them how to become who they already are, without giving in to legalism or lawlessness. TPB, 978-1-4335-1951-2, $16.99

BECAUSE I LOVE YOU Max Lucado A charming, fully illustrated children’s tale that uses a curious boy’s choice and a caring man’s response to communicate to kids how much God loves them. HC, 978-0-89107-992-7, $16.99

BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (BOARD BOOK) Max Lucado Even the youngest of readers can now enjoy the story of Paladin’s choice and Shaddai’s response in this tender tale that illustrates God’s love for his children and the lengths to which he will go to protect them. BB, 978-1-58134-273-4, $7.99

BECOMING C. S. LEWIS Harry Lee Poe This unique biography reveals how C. S. Lewis’s adolescent years shaped his later writing—tracing themes such as his delight in literature, his key relationships, his suffering and struggles, and his intense pursuit of joy. HC, 978-1-4335-6273-0, $22.99

BECOMING GOD’S TRUE WOMAN Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, ed. Seven beloved teachers—Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Susan Hunt, Mary Kassian, Carolyn Mahaney, Bunny Wilson, Dorothy Patterson, and Barbara Hughes—exhort women to restore the beauty and truth of their godly calling with hope, humility, obedience, and prayer. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0366‑5, $19.99

THE BEGINNING AND END OF WISDOM Douglas Sean O’Donnell O’Donnell opens up the Old Testament genre of wisdom literature through 6 chapters that look at how the gospel shines through the first and last chapters of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. TPB, 978-1-4335-2334-2, $17.99

BEING THERE Dave Furman Writing from the unique perspective of one who needs care on a daily basis, Dave Furman offers support, wisdom, and encouragement to caregivers as they help those who are hurting. TPB, 978-1-4335-5003-4, $12.99

BE STILL, MY SOUL Nancy Guthrie, ed. Every Christian must deal with suffering at some point in his or her life. This collection of 27 essays includes words of wisdom from well-known Christians such as Luther, Spurgeon, Piper, ten Boom, and Eareckson Tada. TPB, 978-1-4335-1185-1, $12.99

BEST OF ALL Max Lucado Punchinello learns a valuable lesson when Eli the woodcarver helps him see that he is special because the Maker made him. Part of the bestselling Max Lucado’s Wemmicks series. HC, 978-1-58134-501-8, $16.99

BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH Kathryn Butler, MD This book aims to equip Christians facing end-of-life decisions by simplifying confusing jargon and exploring biblical principles families need in order to navigate the transition from this life to the next. TPB, 978-1-4335-6101-6, $17.99

BIBLE HISTORY ABCS Stephen J. Nichols This one-of-a-kind ABC book follows the timeline of the Bible from A to Z, containing corresponding Scripture passages, descriptions, classical fine art, and whimsical illustrations. Written for kids up to age 7, but engaging enough for the whole family. HC, 978-1-4335-6437-6, $16.99

THE BIBLE’S PROMISES FOR LIFE (REDESIGN) This favorite collection of verses from the English Standard Version® Bible has been repackaged and helps readers find biblical wisdom for everyday life. TPB, 978-1-4335-3171-2, $6.99

THE BIBLE STORY HANDBOOK John H. Walton, Kim E. Walton This resource assists Sunday school teachers and parents to teach Bible stories in such a way that the authoritative teaching of Scripture shines forth. Each of the 175 lessons includes story focus and application, historical background, interpretational issues, and more. TPB, 978-1-4335-0648-2, $26.99

BIBLICAL AND THEOLOGICAL STUDIES Michael J. Wilkins, Erik Thoennes A New Testament scholar and a theologian offer readers a guide to biblical and theological studies from an evangelical perspective, highlighting foundational convictions while exploring contemporary issues. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3489-8, $11.99

THE BIBLICAL COUNSELING MOVEMENT AFTER ADAMS Heath Lambert This groundbreaking exploration of the biblical counseling movement’s development since Jay Adams shows how shifts in methodology and style are producing a new generation of increasingly well-balanced counselors. TPB, 978-1-4335-2813-2, $19.99

BIBLICAL DOCTRINE John MacArthur, Richard Mayhue, gen. eds. Systematizing the robust theology that has undergirded Dr. John MacArthur’s well-known preaching ministry for decades, this comprehensive overview of basic doctrines will give Christians a solid foundation for what they believe. HC, 978-1-4335-4591-7, $60.00

BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS FOR MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD Wayne Grudem, ed. In this resource, respected teachers consider the glorious, God-designed differences between men and women while comparing the Bible’s definition to the world’s definition. TPB, 978-1-58134-409-7, $24.99

BIBLICAL SPIRITUALITY Christopher W. Morgan, ed. This new book in the Theology in Community series looks at spirituality from the perspective of different books in the Bible and addresses practical questions regarding the workplace, embodied disciplines, and more. TPB, 978-1-4335-4788-1, $28.00

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T A BIBLICAL-THEOLOGICAL INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW TESTAMENT Michael J. Kruger, ed. This introduction to the New Testament orients readers and teachers to the message of each book from a Reformed, covenantal, and redemptive-historical perspective. HC, 978-1-4335-3676-2, $55.00

A BIBLICAL-THEOLOGICAL INTRODUCTION TO THE OLD TESTAMENT Miles V. Van Pelt, ed. Written from a Reformed, covenantal, and redemptive-historical perspective, this introduction to each book of the Old Testament views the Bible through the lens of the gospel promised from the beginning. HC, 978-1-4335-3346-4, $50.00

BIBLICAL THEOLOGY Nick Roark, Robert Cline In response to false teaching around the world, such as the prosperity gospel and various forms of syncretism, this book is an exhortation for churches to use biblical theology to help guard the true gospel. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-5606-7, $14.99

BIBLICAL THEOLOGY IN THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH Michael Lawrence Biblical theology is presented here to pastors as a practical, everyday tool. Pastors and church leaders will benefit from a careful examination of a foundation for biblical theology that leads to rich application in ministry. Part of the 9Marks series. TPB, 978-1-4335-1508-8, $19.99

THE BIGGEST STORY Kevin DeYoung This illustrated children’s book imaginatively retells the biblical narrative in one continuous story, helping kids connect the dots from Genesis to Revelation. For children ages 5–10. HC, 978-1-4335-4244-2, $17.99 CD, 978-1-4335-5479-7, $9.99

THE BIGGEST STORY ABC Kevin DeYoung This board book, written by bestselling author Kevin DeYoung and featuring original artwork by Don Clark, introduces young children to the big story of the Bible one letter of the alphabet at a time. BB, 978-1-4335-5818-4, $12.99

THE BIGGEST STORY: THE ANIMATED SHORT FILM Kevin DeYoung Featuring beautifully animated illustrations adapted from the book, this film will captivate children as they are led on an exciting journey through the Bible. Narrated by the author. DVD, 978-1-4335-5480-3, $14.99

BIG PICTURE® BIBLE CRAFTS Gail Schoonmaker This book of 101 reproducible Bible crafts will supplement Bible lessons for children of a variety of ages, helping them engage with God’s Word in fun and creative ways. Part of the Big Picture® Bible product suite. TPB, 978-1-4335-5869-6, $24.99

THE BIG PICTURE® BIBLE VERSES David R. Helm This simple resource featuring 45 memory verses will help both children and adults memorize God’s Word through its easy-toremember Q&A format. Designed as a companion volume for The Big Picture Story Bible. SS, 978-1-4335-4221-3, $3.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-4804-8, $29.99

THE BIG PICTURE® FAMILY DEVOTIONAL David R. Helm, ed. This 50-week family devotional helps parents teach their children about the Bible through memory verses, short lessons, and discussion questions for the whole family. Designed as a companion volume for The Big Picture Story Bible. TPB, 978-1-4335-4225-1, $14.99

THE BIG PICTURE® STORY BIBLE (REDESIGN) David R. Helm Designed for kids ages 2–7, this children’s Bible presents the remarkable true story of God’s love for the world from both the Old and New Testaments with simple words and striking illustrations. Free audio download available online. HC, 978-1-4335-4311-1, $29.99

BIG TRUTHS FOR LITTLE KIDS Susan Hunt, Richie Hunt Adults can systematically teach kids the basics of the Christian faith using this fun, illustrated book. HC, 978-1-58134-106-5, $24.99

BIG TRUTHS FOR YOUNG HEARTS Bruce A. Ware Encourages and enables parents of children 6–14 years of age to teach through the whole of systematic theology in an understandable, chapter-a-day format. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0601‑7, $17.99

BIOETHICS AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE David VanDrunen An introduction to bioethics decision making within the context of the theological principles, wisdom, and virtue underlying the broader Christian life. For thoughtful laypeople, pastors, elders, and seminarians. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0144‑9, $25.00

BLIND SPOTS Collin Hansen Written to address the problem of disunity within evangelicalism, this book will help Christians who are committed to the gospel view their differences as opportunities for more effective ministry. Part of the Cultural Renewal series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4623-5, $12.99

BLOODLINES John Piper Piper guides us through the difficulties of racial sin, turning us to the gospel and Scripture as our source of a common bloodline. Through Christ’s blood, race and ethnicity become secondary for a common people of God. HC, 978-1-4335-2852-1, $22.99

BONHOEFFER ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Stephen J. Nichols An accessible tour of the life and work of Germany’s famous theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Explores the costliness of grace and the necessity of obedience. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-1188-2, $19.99

BONHOEFFER’S SEMINARY VISION Paul R. House Exploring a neglected facet of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life and legacy, this book examines his work training seminary students for pastoral ministry, arguing for personal, face-to-face education in response to the rise of online education in our own day. TPB, 978-1-4335-4544-3, $17.99

THE BOOKENDS OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Jerry Bridges, Bob Bevington Bridges and Bevington use “bookends” as an extended metaphor to help readers grasp two essentials for an authentic Christian life and a personal relationship with God. TPB, 978-1-4335-4318-0, $12.99

THE BOY AND THE OCEAN Max Lucado Best-selling author Max Lucado helps young children grasp the unending love of God in this beautifully painted story of discovery and wonder in exploring the amazing world that God has made. Paintings by T. Lively Fluharty. Ages 2 and up. HC, 978-1-4335-3931-2, $17.99

BRINGING THE GOSPEL HOME Randy Newman Recognizing that not all Christians are gifted evangelists, Newman offers holistic strategies for witnessing to family members and others close to us. He bases his practical advice on biblical truth and sensitivity to the difficulty of the task. TPB, 978-1-4335-1371-8, $17.99




BUILT UPON THE ROCK Bobby Jamieson Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series, this study examines key biblical images of the church to help participants discover what the church should look like and how it should operate. TPB, 978-1-4335-2524-7, $7.99

BUSINESS FOR THE GLORY OF GOD Wayne Grudem Exploring the many ways in which we glorify God by engaging in work and business, Grudem shows how we are imitating God’s own creative work. HC, 978-1-58134-517-9, $16.99

THE CALL TO JOY AND PAIN Ajith Fernando These biblical, theological, and devotional insights and advice show how joy and pain are an integral part of the life of service. Fernando encourages readers to joyfully embrace the life of service and total devotion to Jesus. TPB, 978-1-58134-888-0, $19.99

CALVIN ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Michael Horton Drawing heavily on Calvin’s letters, commentaries, the Institutes, and other lesser-known writings, Horton explores the riches of Calvin’s piety and its significance for contemporary Christian living. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3956-5, $19.99

A CAMARADERIE OF CONFIDENCE John Piper This book explores how Charles Spurgeon’s, George Müller’s, and Hudson Taylor’s trust in God’s sovereignty fueled their faith, enabling them to live in obedience, persevere through hardships, and bear fruit for the glory of God. Volume 7 in the Swans Are Not Silent series. HC, 978-1-4335-5185-7, $19.99

CANON REVISITED Michael J. Kruger Explores the history of the New Testament text from a theological perspective, helping Christians at various levels understand the historical reliability and theological authority of the New Testament canon as the Word of God. HC, 978-1-4335-0500-3, $32.00

CAN WE TRUST THE GOSPELS? Peter J. Williams Written for the skeptic, the scholar, and everyone in between, this introduction to the historical and theological reliability of the four Gospels helps readers better understand the arguments in favor of trusting them. TPB, 978-1-4335-5295-3, $14.99

CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER Edward T. Welch Ed Welch guides small groups through 8 lessons aimed at helping ordinary Christians create a community where people bear one another’s burdens and care for each other in times of trouble. TPB, 978-1-4335-6109-2, $8.99

CARING FOR WIDOWS Brian Croft, Austin Walker This important book calls pastors and church leaders to take biblical exhortations to care for widows seriously, offering wise guidance and practical suggestions for ensuring that widows in their congregations receive the support and encouragement they need. TPB, 978-1-4335-4691-4, $12.99

THE CASE FOR CLASSICAL CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Douglas Wilson An educator diagnoses the causes of America’s deteriorating school system and proposes not only remedies, but also a viable curriculum. TPB, 978-1-58134-384-7, $23.99

THE CASE FOR LIFE Scott Klusendorf The pro-life message can compete in the marketplace of ideas—provided Christians properly understand and articulate that message. This book helps pro-life Christians make a persuasive case for the lives of the unborn. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0320‑7, $18.99

CHANCE AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD Vern S. Poythress Helping Christians trust God in the midst of an unpredictable world, this comprehensive resource introduces readers to a well-reasoned approach to studying chance and probability, exploring implications for the fields of math and science. TPB, 978-1-4335-3695-3, $25.00

CHARITY AND ITS FRUITS Jonathan Edwards; Kyle Strobel, ed. This classic, unabridged work by Jonathan Edwards on 1 Corinthians 13 is made accessible via annotations, definitions, and callouts written by Edwards scholar Kyle Strobel. TPB, 978-1-4335-2970-2, $31.99

CHASING CONTENTMENT Erik Raymond In this immensely practical and encouraging book, Erik Raymond establishes what contentment is and how to learn it, teaching us to trust in the God who keeps his promises rather than our changing circumstances. TPB, 978-1-4335-5366-0, $14.99

THE CHILDREN OF THE KING (REDESIGN) Max Lucado Heartwarming and beautifully illustrated, this book by best-selling author Max Lucado helps children understand and cherish God’s unconditional love and affection—reminding them that God accepts them just the way they are. HC, 978-1-4335-4091-2, $17.99

CHOOSING A BIBLE Leland Ryken This book, adapted from Ryken’s Crossway title The Word of God in English, is a basic guide for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the many different English Bible translations today. SS, 978-1-58134-730-2, $3.99

CHOSEN FOR LIFE Sam Storms This book takes an in-depth look at the doctrine of divine election, with an attempt to clarify precisely what is at stake and to correct misrepresentations. TPB, 978-1-58134-843-9, $19.99

THE CHRIST-CENTERED PREACHING OF MARTYN LLOYD-JONES Martyn Lloyd-Jones; Elizabeth Catherwood, Christopher Catherwood, eds. This collection of sermons acquaints readers with famed preacher LloydJones, explaining each message’s historical context and relevance for the church today. TPB, 978-1-4335-4102-5, $17.99

CHRIST + CITY Jon M. Dennis Over half of the world’s population now lives in cities, but the gospel has not yet flourished in many important urban centers. Dennis calls Christians to reach city-dwellers through passionate proclamation and whole-life engagement. TPB, 978-1-4335-3687-8, $14.99

CHRIST HAS SET US FREE D. A. Carson, Jeff Robinson Sr., eds. Nine seasoned Bible teachers walk through the entire book of Galatians, pointing out key doctrinal truths and offering insights on how to preach and teach the book. TPB, 978-1-4335-6261-7, $19.99

CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS PAST AND PRESENT (VOLUME 1) William Edgar, K. Scott Oliphint, eds. This unprecedented anthology of apologetics texts with selections from the first century AD through the Middle Ages includes introductions to each period and author, and discussion questions after each primary source text. HC, 978-1-58134-906-1, $45.00

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS PAST AND PRESENT (VOLUME 2) William Edgar, K. Scott Oliphint, eds. Volume 2 of a substantial anthology covers Christian apologetics from the Reformation (AD 1500) through the present. Includes excerpts from 26 apologists, along with introductions and reflection questions. HC, 978-1-58134-907-8, $55.00

CHRISTIAN ETHICS Wayne Grudem Best-selling author Wayne Grudem explains in detail what the whole Bible says about living as a Christian in this highly practical, biblically based volume on Christian ethics. HC, 978-1-4335-4965-6, $59.99

A CHRISTIAN GUIDE TO THE CLASSICS Leland Ryken Helping readers understand, engage with, and enjoy the classics of Western literature, this companion volume to the Christian Guides to the Classics series answers questions and provides tips for reading some of the greatest works of the last 2,000 years. TPB, 978-1-4335-4703-4, $9.99

CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION David S. Dockery and Christopher W. Morgan, eds. Twenty-nine experts from a wide variety of fields and institutions have come together to offer a renewed vision for the value of a distinctly Christian approach to higher education. HC, 978-1-4335-5653-1, $50.00

THE CHRISTIAN HOMEMAKER’S HANDBOOK Pat Ennis, Dorothy Kelley Patterson, eds. The ultimate guide to Christian homemaking advises readers on everything from meal planning to interior decorating, biblical womanhood to budgeting, serving as a comprehensive handbook for the woman and her home. TPB, 978-1-4335-2838-5, $38.99

A CHRISTIAN MANIFESTO Francis A. Schaeffer A special 25th anniversary edition of the provocative best-selling book, calling Christians to take active steps against the flood of humanism in our society. TPB, 978-1-58134-692-3, $17.99

CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW Herman Bavinck; Nathaniel Gray Sutanto, James Eglinton, Cory C. Brock, eds. Herman Bavinck’s Christian Worldview compellingly explores and explains why only a Christian worldview can offer solutions to our deepest needs. HC, 978-1-4335-6319-5, $24.99

CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW Philip Graham Ryken Our worldview shapes everything about us. In this student’s guide, Ryken explains the Christian worldview, from the existence of God to the nature of sin and redemption. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3540-6, $11.99

THE CHURCH AND THE SURPRISING OFFENSE OF GOD’S LOVE Jonathan Leeman A church elder and 9Marks staff member presents a biblical and theological defense of local church authority, illustrating how divinely established boundaries regarding member practices represent God’s holy love to a watching world. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-0905-6, $23.99

CHURCH DISCIPLINE Jonathan Leeman Provides an accessible framework for understanding church discipline, offering 9 case studies and several practical considerations for leading a church through disciplinary situations with grace and truth. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-3233-7, $14.99

CHURCH ELDERS Jeramie Rinne Emphasizing purposeful ministry over project management, this book outlines a clear and concise “job description” for elders, helping church leaders to shepherd their congregations well. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-4087-5, $14.99

CHURCHES PARTNERING TOGETHER Chris Bruno, Matt Dirks This book sets forth a compelling vision related to helping churches— big and small—develop interdependent partnerships and make a significant impact for the sake of the gospel—in their own communities and around the world. TPB, 978-1-4335-4126-1, $15.99

THE CHURCH HISTORY ABCS Stephen J. Nichols This book follows the alphabet as it introduces parents and children to 26 pillars of the Christian faith. Whimsical, full-color illustrations and engaging prose teach church history in a fun and creative way. HC, 978-1-4335-1472-2, $16.99

CHURCH IN HARD PLACES Mez McConnell, Mike McKinley This book offers biblical guidelines and practical strategies for ministering among the poor, helping pastors and other church leaders mobilize Christians to take the gospel to the “hard places” in our communities. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4904-5, $14.99

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP Jonathan Leeman Jonathan Leeman offers a short, readable book on why church membership is a critical element in every healthy Christian’s maturation. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-3237-5, $14.99

CHURCH PLANTING IS FOR WIMPS (REDESIGN) Mike McKinley This humorous and engaging story of a church revitalization helps young pastors look beyond their church’s size and the marketplace of planting models to what is most essential: the faithful ministry of God’s Word. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5704-0, $12.99

THE CITY OF GOD AND THE GOAL OF CREATION T. Desmond Alexander Linking the garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, this volume traces the development of the theme of city throughout the Scriptures—instilling hope in readers for the greatest city to come. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5574-9, $15.99

THE COLLECTED WORKS OF JOHN PIPER (13 VOLUME SET PLUS INDEX) John Piper; David Mathis, Justin Taylor, series eds. This set includes all of Piper’s published writings from 1970 to 2015, featuring each of his 50 books along with hundreds of articles and chapters, compiled in one beautiful set. HC, 978-1-4335-4627-3, $699.00

COLOSSIANS AND PHILEMON Christopher A. Beetham This 12-week study walks readers through two Pauline letters that highlight the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it informs Christians’ relationships with one another. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4371-5, $9.99

COLOSSIANS AND PHILEMON J. B. Lightfoot This historic work has been stylistically adapted for the modern reader while preserving the original message. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-951-4, $19.99

COME, LET US ADORE HIM Paul David Tripp Thirty-one daily readings from Paul David Tripp equip us to do the one thing that matters most each December—celebrating the glory of the incarnation of God’s Son. HC, 978-1-4335-5669-2, $17.99




COME, THOU LONG-EXPECTED JESUS Nancy Guthrie, ed. Solidly scriptural advent readings that will challenge the mind and change the heart, collected from the writings and sermons of 22 classic and contemporary theologians and Bible teachers. TPB, 978-1-4335-0180-7, $12.99

COMFORTS FROM ROMANS Elyse M. Fitzpatrick Seasoned counselor and author Elyse Fitzpatrick makes the message of Romans readily accessible in 31 devotional-like chapters that encourage prayer and further study. This book helps readers to experience the deep comforts articulated in the book of Romans. TPB, 978-1-4335-3319-8, $14.99

COMFORTS FROM THE CROSS (REDESIGN) Elyse M. Fitzpatrick This book provides bite-sized readings to remind women of their place in Christ and of his love in the midst of their busy lives. Fitzpatrick shows how gospel truths can refresh women’s souls every day. TPB, 978-1-4335-2821-7, $14.99

COMMITTING TO ONE ANOTHER Bobby Jamieson This study establishes the biblical basis for church membership and teaches how to be a healthy church member. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2548-3, $7.99

COMMUNION WITH THE TRIUNE GOD John Owen; Kelly M. Kapic, Justin Taylor, eds. This book challenges believers to enjoy true communion with God as they better understand the ministry that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit have in their lives. TPB, 978-1-58134-831-6, $30.00

COMMUNITY Brad House This guide for churches brings practical insight into growing a healthy, gospel-centered small-group ministry. With wisdom and candor, House helps churches think carefully about the state of their own small groups. TPB, 978-1-4335-2306-9, $18.99

A COMPANY OF HEROES Tim Keesee This book, written by a missions journalist as he traveled throughout 20 different countries, highlights the lives of Christians past and present whose examples of endurance, courage, sacrifice, and humility will connect readers with God’s unstoppable work across the world. TPB, 978-1-4335-6257-0, $17.99

THE COMPELLING COMMUNITY Mark Dever, Jamie Dunlop Written to help pastors guide their churches toward authentic fellowship, this book offers theological principles and practical advice related to the two crucial ingredients in a compelling community: commitment and diversity. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4354-8, $15.99

COMPETING SPECTACLES Tony Reinke In a world of shiny attractions that grab our attention and demand our affections, Competing Spectacles helps us to thrive spiritually by asking critical questions about where we place our focus. TPB, 978-1-4335-6379-9, $14.99

THE COMPLETE WORKS OF FRANCIS A. SCHAEFFER Francis A. Schaeffer In a beautifully crafted 5-volume set, the complete works of Francis Schaeffer—all 22 books—have been revised and indexed. An ECPA Gold Medallion winner. TPB, 978-0-89107-331-4, $175.00

CONFRONTING CHRISTIANITY Rebecca McLaughlin Addressing 12 controversial issues about Christianity—the Bible’s teaching on gender and sexuality, the reality of heaven and hell, and more—this book shows how current psychological and scientific research actually aligns with teaching from the Bible. HC, 978-1-4335-6423-9, $24.99

CONSCIENCE Andrew David Naselli, J. D. Crowley The topic of conscience is largely neglected today, but has massive implications for church unity and ministry. This book walks readers through what the Scriptures say about aligning our consciences with God’s will. TPB, 978-1-4335-5074-4, $15.99

THE CONSEQUENCES OF IDEAS (REDESIGN) R. C. Sproul R. C. Sproul surveys history’s greatest philosophers and thinkers, helping readers understand the ideas that have shaped the world—and continue to shape nearly everything we think and do. TPB, 978-1-4335-6377-5, $16.99

CONTENDING FOR OUR ALL John Piper Athanasius, John Owen, and J. Gresham Machen each stood for the truth of God’s Word in the face of opposition—all out of a deep love for Christ and a desire for people to know God as he truly is. Volume 4 in the Swans Are Not Silent series. TPB, 978-1-4335-1928-4, $14.99

CONTENTMENT Lydia Brownback Though happiness is fleeting, this convenient on-the-go devotional reorients women from living for the wrong things and guides them to what they really long for: a contentment that never fades in any circumstance. An On-the-Go Devotional. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑958‑0, $10.99

CONVERSION Michael Lawrence In this concise book, Michael Lawrence explains the relationship between what we believe about how people are saved and our approach to sharing the gospel in the context of the local church. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-5649-4, $14.99

THE COOPER KIDS® ADVENTURE SERIES SET Frank E. Peretti This 4-volume set of Frank Peretti’s “Indiana Jones-style” adventure stories builds sound values in kids while keeping them glued to their seats. BOX, 978-1-58134-691-6, $27.96

COUNSEL FROM THE CROSS (REDESIGN) Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Dennis E. Johnson Freshly redesigned, this edition demonstrates the why and the how of consistently biblical, gospel-centric counseling, whether in the pastor’s study or over coffee with a friend. TPB, 978-1-4335-3413-3, $17.99

COVENANTAL APOLOGETICS K. Scott Oliphint With the rise of unbelief—from skeptics to adherents of other religions— knowing how to defend the Christian faith has never been more important. This introduction to Reformed apologetics explores foundational principles and offers guidance for talking with unbelievers. TPB, 978-1-4335-2817-0, $21.99

COVENANT AND GOD’S PURPOSE FOR THE WORLD Thomas R. Schreiner This book shows how the kingdom of God has advanced through the progression of distinct covenants, collectively serving as the foundation for God’s promise to bring redemption to his people. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4999-1, $14.99

CRAZY BUSY Kevin DeYoung Constant busyness is dangerous for our souls. In this short, honest, and often humorous book, DeYoung rejects the “busyness as usual” mindset, helping us to make time for the things that really matter. Winner of the 2014 Christian Book of the Year award. TPB, 978-1-4335-3338-9, $11.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-4748-5, $119.90

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T CREATED TO DRAW NEAR Edward T. Welch This meditative and devotional book traces iterations of the priestly job description throughout the Bible, helping believers discover their identity as royal priests who were created to draw near to God. TPB, 978-1-4335-6638-7, $17.99

THE CREEDAL IMPERATIVE Carl R. Trueman Pastor and theologian Carl Trueman offers a compelling analysis of why creeds and confessions are necessary, how they have developed over time, and how they can function in the church of today and tomorrow. TPB, 978-1-4335-2190-4, $16.99

THE CROSS Martyn Lloyd-Jones This volume contains time-tested sermons about the redemptive act of Christ’s crucifixion. Lloyd-Jones’s classic expository style will encourage clergy, exhort believers, and challenge new Christians. TPB, 978-0-89107-382-6, $22.99

THE CROSS AND SALVATION Bruce Demarest This singular, comprehensive treatment of one of Christianity’s essential doctrines gives definitive, Bible-based answers about salvation and the cross—and about related theological issues such as grace and regeneration. Part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-58134-812-5, $45.00

CROSSWAY ESV BIBLE ATLAS John D. Currid, David P. Barrett This companion to the ESV Bible sets a new standard in Bible atlases, combining visual appeal with a full spectrum of state-of-the-art historical and geographical resources in one user-friendly volume. Free online access to downloads included. HC, 978-1-4335-0192-0, $55.00

DAILY LIGHT ON THE DAILY PATH One of the most popular devotionals since the 1800s, here is a redesigned collection of Scripture verses centered on a theme for each of two daily readings. HC, 978-1-4335-2997-9, $24.99

DANGEROUS CALLING Paul David Tripp Recognizing the widespread struggles facing pastors today, Tripp exposes and exhorts the cultures that train and support our church leaders so that they can lead well and our churches can be healthy. TPB, 978-1-4335-4137-7, $18.99

DANIEL Todd Wilson This 12-week study leads readers through the book of Daniel, highlighting God’s reign over all the earth as the sovereign Lord of history. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4342-5, $8.99

DANIEL (ESV EDITION) Rodney Stortz This commentary explores Daniel’s prophecies in light of the New Testament, helping preachers and Bible teachers understand, explain, and apply the prophet’s message for Christians today. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4876-5, $29.99

DANIEL–MALACHI Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., and Jay Sklar, series eds. Thirteen contributors explain the shorter Prophetic Books of the Old Testament with biblical insight and pastoral wisdom, showing readers the hope that is offered even amidst judgment. Part of the ESV Expository Commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4652-5, $50.00

DARK CLOUDS, DEEP MERCY Mark Vroegop This book seeks to restore the lost art of lament in order to help readers discover the power of honest wrestling with the questions that come with grief and suffering. TPB, 978-1-4335-6148-1, $15.99

DATE YOUR WIFE Justin Buzzard This is an intensely practical guide for husbands looking to strengthen, save, or spice up their marriage and pursue their wives from a place of security in the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-3135-4, $10.99

THE DAWNING OF INDESTRUCTIBLE JOY John Piper This book of 24 devotionals from John Piper helps readers refocus and meditate on the one thing that makes the Christmas season worth celebrating: the birth of Jesus, Israel’s long-awaited Messiah. TPB, 978-1-4335-4236-7, $7.99

DEATH IN THE CITY Francis A. Schaeffer Studies in Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Romans, paralleled with contemporary times, show how the removal of the biblical roots in our lives brings death to a society’s morals, ethics, and creativity. TPB, 978-1-58134-402-8, $17.99

THE DEEP THINGS OF GOD (2ND EDITION) Fred Sanders A specialist on the doctrine of the Trinity explains how the gospel is inherently Trinitarian. Readers will see that recognizing the work of the Trinity in the gospel adds depth and richness to faith and the Christian life. TPB, 978-1-4335-5637-1, $19.99

DEFENDING YOUR FAITH (REDESIGN) R. C. Sproul R. C. Sproul surveys the history and fundamentals of apologetics to show that reason and scientific inquiry can be strong allies in defending the existence of God and the authority of the Bible. TPB, 978-1-4335-6378-2, $16.99

THE DELIBERATE CHURCH Mark Dever, Paul Alexander Pastors Mark Dever and Paul Alexander provide a model of a biblical church in this resource for pastors, elders, and all who are interested in the health of their church. TPB, 978-1-58134-738-8, $18.99

DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Michael S. Lundy, MD This book presents 17th-century pastor Richard Baxter’s wise, gentle advice to comfort and strengthen all who struggle with depression or know someone who does. TPB, 978-1-4335-4206-0, $14.99

DESIGNED FOR JOY Jonathan Parnell, Owen Strachan, eds. Featuring contributions from a variety of young evangelical voices, this book explores what the Bible’s teaching on men and women looks like in practice and helps readers embrace God’s good design as a path to true joy and lasting fulfillment. TPB, 978-1-4335-4925-0, $14.99

DEUTERONOMY Ajith Fernando This commentary applies the message of Deuteronomy to Christians today, showing that obedience is a response of love to God who first loved us. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3100-2, $54.99

DEUTERONOMY Matthew H. Patton This study through Deuteronomy recounts as Moses calls Israel to faithful obedience while remembering the past faithfulness of God, helping Christians understand that the only hope for obedience to God’s commands is the grace of God found in Jesus. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5378-3, $8.99




DID JESUS REALLY RISE FROM THE DEAD? Thomas A. Miller, MD Long-time surgeon Thomas Miller carefully investigates the evidence of the resurrection, making a compelling case for the empty tomb from a scientific perspective. TPB, 978-1-4335-3307-5, $16.99

THE DIFFICULT DOCTRINE OF THE LOVE OF GOD D. A. Carson Here is an honest, biblically sound handling of the difficulties and problematic passages regarding the love of God, blended with consideration of his sovereignty and wrath. TPB, 978-1-58134-126-3, $14.99

DIG DEEPER Nigel Beynon, Andrew Sach This book presents 16 different tools for reading the Bible and understanding it correctly. The book’s brevity and easy-to-read format make it ideal for Christians who want to get the most out of their Bible. TPB, 978-1-58134-971-9, $17.99

DISABILITY AND THE GOSPEL Michael S. Beates Explores key Bible passages on brokenness and disability to develop helpful principles for believers and churches, teaching them first to embrace their own brokenness and then to embrace those who are more physically and visibly broken. TPB, 978-1-4335-3045-6, $17.99

DISCIPLE Bill Clem This helpful guide uses Scripture and real-life stories to illustrate the essential elements of Christian discipleship. It does so by looking at image, worship, community, and mission. TPB, 978-1-4335-2349-6, $19.99

THE DISCIPLINE OF SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT Tim Challies Using the Bible as its guide, this book shows thoughtful readers what God teaches on spiritual discernment and how to develop and apply it as a valuable, day-to-day practice in the Christian life. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑909‑2, $17.99

DISCIPLINES OF A GODLY FAMILY Kent Hughes, Barbara Hughes The authors share their wisdom on how to rear children who love and honor God and others. Also includes an extensive appendix containing resources to help your family cultivate godly disciplines. TPB, 978-1-58134-941-2, $19.99

DISCIPLINES OF A GODLY MAN (UPDATED EDITION) R. Kent Hughes This updated edition of a best-selling classic by a seasoned pastor aims to empower men to take seriously the call to godliness and direct their energy toward the things that matter most. TPB, 978-1-4335-6130-6, $17.99 HC, 978-1-4335-6904-3, $24.99

DISCIPLINES OF A GODLY WOMAN (REDESIGN) Barbara Hughes Barbara Hughes encourages women to joyfully pursue a disciplined life of godliness through insightful reflections on Scripture, wise questions for self-evaluation, and helpful suggestions for direct application. TPB, 978-1-4335-3791-2, $16.99

DISCIPLINES OF A GODLY YOUNG MAN R. Kent Hughes, W. Carey Hughes This book carries the momentum of Disciplines of a Godly Man to the next generation of Christians, featuring a relevant, no-nonsense angle that appeals to the sensibilities of young men. HC, 978-1-4335-2602-2, $16.99

DISCIPLING Mark Dever Aimed at equipping Christians to obey Jesus’s command to make disciples, this book by a widely respected pastor walks through the who, what, where, why, and how of discipling in the context of the local church. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-5122-2, $14.99

DISCIPLING IN A MULTICULTURAL WORLD Ajith Fernando This book will equip Christians to effectively carry out the biblical principles of discipleship in a world where many who come to Christ have little or no prior knowledge about Christianity. TPB, 978-1-4335-6285-3, $19.99

DISCOVERING THE GOOD LIFE Tim Savage Tim Savage sets forth a distinctly Christian vision of “the good life,” explaining how being “in Christ” leads to the most liberating, fulfilling life any human could experience. TPB, 978-1-4335-3037-1, $17.99

DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONT Tim Keesee This compelling travelogue shares stories of the bold faith and brave witness of Christians living in more than 20 of the most dangerous countries in the world, including China, Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. TPB, 978-1-4335-4069-1, $16.99

THE DOCTRINE ON WHICH THE CHURCH STANDS OR FALLS Matthew Barrett, ed. This collaborative volume of 26 essays explores the doctrine of justification in history, the Bible, theology, and pastoral practice—revealing the enduring significance of this pillar of Protestant theology. HC, 978-1-4335-5541-1, $60.00

THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE James Montgomery Boice, Philip Graham Ryken Two noted pastors denounce casual Christianity and proclaim the fundamental doctrines of the faith: total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and the perseverance of the saints. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑1128‑8, $21.99

DOES GOD DESIRE ALL TO BE SAVED? John Piper There are few doctrines more difficult or divisive than election. With humility and grace, Piper argues for God’s absolute sovereignty in salvation, explains challenging texts, and winsomely engages with key opponents. TPB, 978-1-4335-3719-6, $9.99

DON’T WASTE YOUR CANCER John Piper On the eve of his own cancer surgery, John Piper writes about cancer as an opportunity to glorify God. Piper gently but firmly helps readers understand that we can indeed waste our cancer. Also sold in packs of 10. SS, 978-1-4335-2322-9, $2.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-2458-5, $27.99

DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE John Piper In this best-selling book that has sold more than 1 million copies, John Piper makes a passionate plea to the next generation to not waste their lives, but to live wholeheartedly for Christ. Redesigned. TPB, 978-1-4335-5550-3, $14.99

DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE (GIFT EDITION) John Piper In this best-selling book, John Piper makes a passionate plea to the next generation to not waste their lives, but live wholeheartedly for Christ. Now with a cloth-over-board cover and ribbon marker. COB, 978-1-4335-5020-1, $21.99

DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE STUDY GUIDE John Piper This study guide based on the best-selling book Don’t Waste Your Life includes reflection questions and prompts for discussion from each chapter, helping Christians examine the call to make their lives count for eternity. LF, 978-1-4335-5554-1, $10.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T DON’T WASTE YOUR SPORTS C.J. Mahaney Self-described “pastor-athlete” C.J. Mahaney exhorts athletes not to waste their sports. This booklet looks to Scripture for principles that speak to the role of sports in our lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-2247-5, $4.99

THE DOOR IN THE DRAGON’S THROAT Frank E. Peretti Teenagers Jay and Lila Cooper travel with their archaeologist father to Nepur, an uninviting land of deserts and danger, to uncover the truth behind an ancient legend. Book 1 in The Cooper Kids Adventure series. YPB, 978-1-58134-618-3, $6.99

DO YOU WANT A FRIEND? Noël Piper In this colorfully illustrated sequel to Most of All, Jesus Loves You!, children ages 3–7 learn to recognize not just the potential friends that are all around them but to recognize and desire Jesus’s friendship most of all. HC, 978‑1‑4335‑0621‑5, $12.99

DRAWING NEAR John MacArthur This daily devotional guide takes a uniquely expository, rather than a thematic or topical, approach to Scripture. Each reading provides insight, as well as suggestions for prayer and further study. TPB, 978-1-58134-413-4, $21.99

ECCLESIASTES Justin S. Holcomb This 12-week study through the book of Ecclesiastes helps Christians understand the necessity of fearing God in a fallen and frustrating world, pointing us to God’s ultimate mission to restore creation from the curse through the power of the gospel. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4853-6, $8.99

ECCLESIASTES (REDESIGN) Philip Graham Ryken This commentary presents clear, passage-by-passage exposition of Ecclesiastes while revealing how the book teaches us to trust God with life’s difficult questions and the frustrations of a fallen world. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4888-8, $34.99

ECHOES OF EDEN Jerram Barrs Art is all around us, but few people truly understand it. Barrs helps readers identify the key elements for evaluating and defining great art through an investigation of the work of Lewis, Tolkien, Rowling, Shakespeare, and Austen. TPB, 978-1-4335-3597-0, $18.99

ECHOES OF EXODUS Alastair J. Roberts, Andrew Wilson Exploring how the theme of exodus is echoed throughout both the Old and New Testaments, this book sheds light on Scripture’s unified message of redemption from slavery through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-5798-9, $17.99

ECONOMICS Greg Forster This book draws on the legacy of the Christian tradition to introduce readers to the study of economics, challenging them to carefully apply biblically rooted economic values. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3923-7, $11.99

EDUCATION Ted Newell This book looks at various educational perspectives throughout history to equip educators today for the task of reclaiming Christian education. TPB, 978-1-4335-5493-3, $12.99

EDWARDS ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Dane C. Ortlund Offering readers an accessible portrait of Jonathan Edwards’s life and theology, this book highlights the central role of beauty in his understanding of the Christian life. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3505-5, $19.99

EIGHT WOMEN OF FAITH Michael A. G. Haykin Historian Michael Haykin reminds contemporary Christians of the important contributions 8 women have made in the history of the church, including Jane Austen, Lady Jane Grey, and Sarah Edwards. TPB, 978-1-4335-4892-5, $14.99

EMBLEMS OF THE INFINITE KING J. Ryan Lister, Anthony M. Benedetto Emblems of the Infinite King seeks to introduce young readers to the beauty of God’s Word using the categories of systematic theology in bright, creative, and innovative ways. Written for kids ages 8–14. HC, 978-1-4335-6338-6, $24.99

EMOTIONAL PURITY Heather Arnel Paulsen God wants his children to be pure— not just physically but emotionally. This book shows Christian singles how to remain emotionally pure in their relationships with members of the opposite sex. TPB, 978-1-58134-855-2, $15.99

ENOUGH ABOUT ME Jen Oshman This book calls women to look away from new self-improvement strategies in order to find the abundant life and joy God offers them in Jesus. TPB, 978-1-4335-6599-1, $14.99

EPHESIANS Charles Hodge This in-depth work outlines the apostle Paul’s suggestions for spiritual growth and explains why the Christian life is worthwhile. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-784-8, $21.99

EPHESIANS Eric C. Redmond In this 12-week study through the book of Ephesians, Eric Redmond opens our eyes to Paul’s teaching about the astonishing grace of God that enables us to walk in love, holiness, and wisdom. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑4845‑1, $8.99

EPHESIANS (ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes This commentary on Ephesians celebrates our full redemption in Christ and explores the mystery of the church. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3626-7, $32.99

EPHESIANS–PHILEMON Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., and Jay Sklar, series eds. A team of pastors and scholars walks readers through 9 of Paul’s epistles, revealing how each fits in with the storyline of Scripture and applies today. Part of the ESV Expository Commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4668-6, $40.00

ESCAPE FROM THE ISLAND OF AQUARIUS Frank E. Peretti A cryptic message from a missing man leads Jay and Lila Cooper to a rescue mission on a doomed South Sea island. Book 2 of The Cooper Kids Adventure Series. YPB, 978-1-58134-619-0, $6.99

ESSENTIAL EVANGELICALISM Matthew J. Hall, Owen Strachan, eds. This collection of essays explores afresh the life and legacy of Carl F. H. Henry, a neglected giant of 20thcentury evangelicalism. The team of evangelical scholars assembled in Essential Evangelicalism contends masterfully for Henry’s continued relevance in a changing world. TPB, 978-1-4335-4726-3, $22.99




ESV CONCISE BIBLE ATLAS David P. Barrett This affordable resource contains the essential maps needed for a basic understanding of biblical geography along with a helpful assortment of photographs and illustrations. SS, 978-1-4335-1374-9, $14.99

ESV EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE With more than 340,000 references connected to every verse in the Bible, the ESV Exhaustive Concordance is an ideal reference tool for quickly locating particular passages or for conducting in-depth word studies. HC, 978-1-4335-6200-6, $54.99

ETHICS AND MORAL REASONING C. Ben Mitchell Challenging moral relativism, Mitchell equips Christians to offer biblically faithful, theologically nuanced, and historically informed answers to the most pressing moral questions facing our world today. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3767-7, $11.99

ETHICS FOR A BRAVE NEW WORLD (2ND EDITION) John S. Feinberg, Paul D. Feinberg This updated and revised second edition analyzes the current literature regarding various ethical issues. Includes a new chapter on stem cell research and expanded material on other topics. TPB, 978-1-58134-712-8, $45.00

EVANGELICAL FEMINISM AND BIBLICAL TRUTH Wayne Grudem A comprehensive defense of biblical manhood and womanhood, this handbook provides readers with an invaluable “encyclopedia” of responses to 118 evangelical feminist arguments against traditional gender roles. TPB, 978-1-4335-3261-0, $50.00

EVANGELISM J. Mack Stiles Offering practical guidance for those seeking to share their faith, this book will help churches cultivate a culture of evangelism within the context of community. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-4465-1, $14.99

EVEN BETTER THAN EDEN Nancy Guthrie Tracing 9 themes throughout the Bible, this book reveals how God’s plan for the new heaven and the new earth, far better than restoration to Eden, is already having an impact in the world today TPB, 978-1-4335-6125-2, $16.99

EVERYDAY CHURCH Tim Chester, Steve Timmis This book offers a missional reflection on the book of 1 Peter as well as practical ideas for churches to engage those who are unchurched in an increasingly post-Christian context. TPB, 978-1-4335-3222-1, $15.99

EVERYDAY FAITHFULNESS Glenna Marshall This book explores what daily faithfulness to Christ looks like when spiritual growth seems hard to measure, working through the unique challenges to faithfulness during seasons of waiting, doubting, caretaking, suffering, and more. TPB, 978-1-4335-6729-2, $15.99

EXCELLENCE Andreas J. Köstenberger Calling all Christians, especially aspiring pastors, scholars, and teachers, to a life of virtue lived out in excellence, this book is an important character check for all Christians engaged in teaching and ministry. TPB, 978-1-58134-910-8, $17.99

EXODUS Matthew R. Newkirk Featuring reflection questions and various other helps, this 12-week study leads readers through the book of Exodus, emphasizing God’s faithfulness and mercy in the midst of human rebellion. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4306-7, $8.99

EXODUS (ESV EDITION) Philip Graham Ryken This commentary on the book of Exodus recounts the story of the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt, shedding light on who God is and the spiritual freedom he offers to all people. Now with ESV Scripture references. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4872-7, $59.99

EXPERIENCING THE NEW BIRTH Martyn Lloyd-Jones In this collection of 28 previously unpublished sermons, famed preacher Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones offers pastoral insights into one of the most wellknown chapters in the Bible: John 3. TPB, 978-1-4335-7080-3, $27.99

EXPERIENCING THE TRINITY Joe Thorn This collection of 50 meditations on the Trinity will help readers connect their theology to everyday life, encouraging them to turn to God for strength when facing doubt, fear, and temptation. TPB, 978-1-4335-4168-1, $10.99

THE EXPLICIT GOSPEL Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson Popular pastor and worldwide speaker Matt Chandler writes his first book to remind the church of what is of first and utmost importance—the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-4211-4, $14.99

EXPLORING GRACE TOGETHER Jessica Thompson In this collection of 40 gospelcentered devotionals, Thompson helps parents teach their children about the grace of God through engaging stories, key memory verses, simple reflection questions, and suggestions for prayer. Suitable for children ages 6–10. TPB, 978-1-4335-3691-5, $10.99

EXPLORING THE BIBLE David Murray This simple, gospel-centered, 365-day Bible reading plan guides children ages 6–12 through the most important passages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, helping them see and appreciate the big-picture storyline of Scripture. LF, 978-1-4335-5686-9, $14.99

EXPLORING THE BIBLE TOGETHER David Murray This resource will help families establish and practice regular family devotions through realistic aims, a clear plan and direction, and stimulating interaction with Scripture and prayer. TPB, 978-1-4335-6750-6, $17.99

EXPOSITIONAL PREACHING David R. Helm Expository preaching is crucial for the health and vitality of the church. Helm explores 4 foundational elements underlying all good preaching, helping preachers remain relevant and biblical. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-4313-5, $14.99

EXPOSITORY APOLOGETICS Voddie Baucham Jr. This book encourages and equips Bible teachers to answer the challenges and questions of skeptics, offering practical guidance and real-world examples related to engaging in apologetic conversations. TPB, 978-1-4335-3379-2, $19.99

EXPOSITORY EXULTATION John Piper Revealing insights from over 30 years of experience, John Piper shows pastors how and what to communicate from the pulpit in a way that takes seriously the God-appointed task of preaching. HC, 978-1-4335-6113-9, $29.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T EZEKIEL Michael Lawrence This 12-week study walks readers through the prophecies of Ezekiel, pointing them to trust in the God who promises to restore his people so that they can be a display of his glory to the nations. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5527-5, $8.99

EZRA AND NEHEMIAH Kathleen B. Nielson In this 12-week study, Kathleen Nielson shows readers God’s mercy and faithfulness demonstrated in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, encouraging Christians toward sincere repentance and persevering hope. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4916-8, $8.99

FAITHFUL ENDURANCE Collin Hansen, Jeff Robinson Sr., eds. Written by a team of long-serving pastors, this book explores 11 issues that could threaten to undermine a pastor’s ministry, encouraging young pastors to press on in the midst of the unique challenges that come with leading a church. TPB, 978-1-4335-6265-5, $15.99

FAITHFULNESS AND HOLINESS J. I. Packer J. I. Packer’s biography of J. C. Ryle details the service of this faithful minister. Readers new to Ryle’s work will especially benefit from his essay “Holiness,” published alongside Packer’s tribute. TPB, 978-1-4335-1582-8, $19.99

FAITHFUL THEOLOGY Graham A. Cole The first volume in the new Short Studies in Systematic Theology series explores why theology is important and how to derive good theology from Scripture. TPB, 978-1-4335-5911-2, $14.99

FAITHFUL WOMEN AND THEIR EXTRAORDINARY GOD Noël Piper Noël Piper shares 7 biographies of Christian women who did extraordinary things. These stories encourage and challenge today’s women to make a difference in their families, the church, and the world. TPB, 978-1-58134-673-2, $15.99

FAITH. HOPE. LOVE. Mark Jones This book features short chapters— written in the form of questions and answers—offering a practical theological guide to understanding the necessity and interconnectedness of faith, hope, and love in the Christian’s life. TPB, 978-1-4335-5566-4, $19.99

FAMILY DRIVEN FAITH Voddie Baucham Jr. Voddie Baucham’s celebrated guide for godly families is now available in paperback, with study questions added. Parents will find this a critical resource for the spiritual nourishment and protection of the next generation. TPB, 978-1-4335-2812-5, $19.99

A FAMILY GUIDE TO NARNIA Christin Ditchfield An experienced educator and children’s book author offers a devotional and practical guide to the spiritual treasures embedded in C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series. TPB, 978-1-58134-515-5, $16.99

THE FAMILY LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN LEADER Ajith Fernando This book equips leaders to cultivate a God-centered home, covering topics such as disciplining children, loving one’s spouse, dealing with disappointment, and more. TPB, 978-1-4335-5290-8, $17.99

FAMILY SHEPHERDS Voddie Baucham Jr. The author of Family Driven Faith equips men to model and transfer God’s truth within their homes, covering topics that span from marriage and parenting to media habits and overcoming difficult family dynamics. TPB, 978-1-4335-2369-4, $16.99

FAMILY VOCATION Gene Edward Veith Jr., Mary J. Moerbe Convinced that the transforming, liberating truths of vocation and calling can have a deep impact on the Christian family, Veith and Moerbe show how these doctrines help to generate healthier and happier families. TPB, 978-1-4335-2406-6, $15.99

FAMILY WORSHIP Donald S. Whitney This short book offers parents practical guidance for leading their families in daily worship of God through reading Scripture, praying together, and singing songs. Includes an accessible discussion guide to use with the whole family. TPB, 978-1-4335-6722-3, $8.99

FEELINGS AND FAITH Brian S. Borgman This practical theology of emotions explores what the Bible teaches about our emotions and their relationship to our walk of faith. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0363‑4, $19.99

FEMININE APPEAL (REDESIGN) Carolyn Mahaney A popular speaker and pastor’s wife mines the treasures of Titus 2 to explore 7 feminine virtues that have transformed the lives of countless wives and mothers. TPB, 978-1-4335-3414-0, $15.99

FIFTY REASONS WHY JESUS CAME TO DIE John Piper Best-selling author John Piper explores 50 things that Jesus accomplished through his death on the cross. This book was previously published as The Passion of Jesus Christ and sold nearly 1.9 million copies. TPB, 978-1-58134-788-3, $9.99

FILLING UP THE AFFLICTIONS OF CHRIST John Piper This book explores how God used suffering in the lives of Tyndale, Judson, and Paton to spread the gospel and advance his kingdom. Volume 5 in the Swans Are Not Silent series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3383-9, $15.99

THE FINAL DAYS OF JESUS Andreas J. Köstenberger, Justin Taylor with Alexander Stewart Combining a chronological arrangement of the biblical text with insightful commentary, this book serves as a day-by-day guide to Jesus’s final week on earth, complete with a quick-reference glossary and maps. TPB, 978-1-4335-3510-9, $19.99

FINDING FAITHFUL ELDERS AND DEACONS Thabiti M. Anyabwile This book provides a robust approach to seeking out and developing qualified church leaders. Thoughtful analysis of key passages in Acts and 1 Timothy are balanced with practical action points in a contemporary context. Part of the 9Marks series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2992-4, $11.99

FINDING GOD IN MY LONELINESS Lydia Brownback Lydia Brownback offers biblical encouragement for women to help them see how God can redeem seasons of loneliness and draw them to the only true and lasting remedy: union with Jesus. TPB, 978-1-4335-5393-6, $12.99

FINDING GRACE IN THE FACE OF DEMENTIA John Dunlop, MD This book calls Christians to respond to dementia in a way that offers the best care to patients, honors the inherent dignity of all people, and brings glory to God. TPB, 978-1-4335-5209-0, $18.99




FIND THE RIGHT HILLS TO DIE ON Gavin Ortlund Contributors including David Platt, Louie Giglio, and John Piper join forces to compel Christians to cross cultural and linguistic barriers to reach the unengaged and unreached people groups with the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-6742-1, $17.99

THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST Francis A. Schaeffer In this dynamic commentary on the first 8 chapters of Romans, one of the most influential Christian thinkers of this century provides fresh biblical insights and an arresting perspective on our times. TPB, 978-1-4335-3154-5, $19.99

FINISHING OUR COURSE WITH JOY J. I. Packer Rejecting the advice of the world, J. I. Packer calls seniors to press on with endurance in the final years of their lives and encourages them to finish strong for the sake of God’s glory and their joy. TPB, 978-1-4335-4106-3, $10.99

FINISHING WELL TO THE GLORY OF GOD John Dunlop, MD Well-respected physician John Dunlop proposes 9 strategies for facing the end of life, contending that dying well is living well, right to the end. This book will prove to be a sensitive and helpful resource for anyone facing end-of-life issues. TPB, 978-1-4335-1347-3, $18.99

FINISH THE MISSION John Piper, David Mathis, eds. Contributors including David Platt, Louie Giglio, and John Piper join forces to compel Christians to cross cultural and linguistic barriers to reach the unengaged and unreached people groups with the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-3483-6, $18.99

THE FIRST DAYS OF JESUS Andreas J. Köstenberger, Alexander E. Stewart Takes readers step by step through the miraculous events surrounding the birth of Jesus. This book and the accompanying advent devotional plan will help you celebrate Christmas and advent with a joy rooted in Scripture rather than in culture. TPB, 978-1-4335-4278-7, $17.99

FLOURISH Lydia Brownback This book aims to free women from self-focus and replace it with truth from God’s word about the abundant life Jesus promises them in the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-6065-1, $12.99

FOOL MOON RISING Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty Through this rhyming, rollicking tale about the moon stealing the sun’s glory, children learn about the importance of humility and the dangers of pride. Written and beautifully illustrated by a husband-and-wife team. HC, 978‑1‑4335‑0682‑6, $16.99

FOR THE CHILDREN’S SAKE Susan Schaeffer Macaulay This simple, practical, user-friendly resource helps parents enrich their children’s education by extending learning experiences to all of life. Now with an updated cover design. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0695‑6, $15.99

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (VOLUME 1) D. A. Carson This book provides edifying comment and reflection for each day of the year, walking readers through the entire Bible. Carson’s perspective places each reading into the larger framework of history and God’s eternal plan. TPB, 978-1-58134-815-6, $23.99

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (VOLUME 2) D. A. Carson This book guides readers in their personal study through the Bible for a second year. This second volume includes an index to help readers develop their biblical theology and trace entire themes throughout the canon of Scripture. TPB, 978-1-58134-816-3, $23.99

FOUND IN HIM Elyse M. Fitzpatrick Our union with Christ stands at the heart of the gospel. This devotional book reflects on the incarnation as well as the Christian’s position in Christ—two doctrines that are foundational for truly understanding and rejoicing in salvation. TPB, 978-1-4335-3323-5, $16.99

A FRANCIS A. SCHAEFFER TRILOGY Francis A. Schaeffer Considered foundational to his entire life’s work, the text of these 3 essential books was revised shortly before the renowned thinker’s death. All in one volume. HC, 978-0-89107-561-5, $35.00

THE FREEDOM AND POWER OF FORGIVENESS John MacArthur Forgiveness matters to us and to others, but most of all, to God. Here is a thoroughly biblical exploration of the hows, whens, and whys of forgiveness—and all its benefits. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑1130‑1, $19.99

“FREE GRACE” THEOLOGY Wayne Grudem Concerned that the “Free Grace” movement has distorted the Bible’s teaching about justification by faith alone, theologian Wayne Grudem explains the core beliefs of the movement and critiques major teachings that he argues are inconsistent with the Bible. TPB, 978-1-4335-5114-7, $19.99

FROM CHAOS TO COSMOS Sidney Greidanus Tracing the order-out-of-chaos theme from Genesis to Revelation, this volume reveals how God is restoring order from chaos through Jesus Christ once and for all. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5497-1, $15.99

FROM HEAVEN HE CAME AND SOUGHT HER David Gibson, Jonathan Gibson, eds. With contributions from a number of well-respected Reformed theologians and church leaders, this volume offers a comprehensive defense for the doctrine of limited atonement. HC, 978-1-4335-1276-6, $50.00

THE FRUITFUL WIFE Hayley DiMarco Author Hayley DiMarco applies the fruit of the Spirit to wives, taking a look at how each fruit impacts a woman’s day-to-day life and manifests itself as she attempts to love others the way God loves her. TPB, 978-1-4335-3070-8, $17.99

THE FUTURE OF JUSTIFICATION John Piper As John Piper carefully examines the teachings of N. T. Wright on justification and New Testament interpretation, he warns Christians to hold fast to biblical doctrine and the intent of the New Testament writers. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑964‑1, $19.99

THE FUTURE OF ORTHODOX ANGLICANISM Gerald R. McDermott, ed. In 11 essays by leading Anglican scholars, this book clarifies what sets Anglicanism apart from other denominations and offers clarity for the future of the communion. TPB, 978-1-4335-6617-2, $22.99

GALATIANS Martin Luther Luther’s commentary on Galatians is considered among the finest of all time. Abridged and stylistically adapted for today’s readers. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-994-1, $23.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T GALATIANS Todd Wilson Paul’s letter to the Galatians provides key insights into salvation and the nature of grace. Drawing on years of pastoral ministry, Wilson leads readers through the book’s major themes with exegetical clarity and theological care. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-0575-1, $32.99

GALATIANS Geoff Ziegler This 12-week study leads readers through the book of Galatians, highlighting how the gospel gives Christians a new identity as adopted sons and daughters of God. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4302-9, $8.99

GENESIS John Calvin Carefully abridged and stylistically adapted for today’s reader, Calvin’s insights are an excellent guide for students interested in fathoming the depths of Genesis. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-301-4, $24.99

GENESIS Mitchell M. Kim Pastor Mitchell Kim explores the beginning of the Bible in this 12-week Bible study through the book of Genesis. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3501-7, $9.99

GENESIS (REDESIGN) R. Kent Hughes The book of Genesis lays the groundwork for God’s relationship with humanity and his plan for our salvation. Hughes explores this book with care and insight. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3552-9, $49.99

GENTLE AND LOWLY Dane Ortlund How does Jesus feel about his people amid all their sins and failures? This book takes readers into the depths of Christ’s very heart—a heart of tender love drawn to sinners and sufferers. HC, 978-1-4335-6613-4, $19.99

GEORGE WHITEFIELD Arnold A. Dallimore This stirring biography of the prolific preacher is a must-read for ministers of God’s Word and for anyone who prays for revival in our day. Condensed from the historic, two-volume work into one newly redesigned book. TPB, 978-1-4335-1341-1, $21.99

THE GIFT Bryan M. Litfin After their exile from Chiveis in The Sword, Teo and Ana journey into new lands in search of the New Testament. In the midst of dangerous terrain, elite societies, and new enemies, will they be successful in their mission? Second in the Chiveis Trilogy. TPB, 978-1-4335-2516-2, $18.99

THE GIFT OF MUSIC (3RD EDITION) Jane Stuart Smith, Betty Carlson Fascinating descriptions of 40 leading composers whose faith—or lack of it—had an influence on Western civilization. Indexed. Great for all students of music. Foreword by Francis A. Schaeffer. TPB, 978-0-89107-869-2, $23.99

THE GIFT OF PROPHECY IN THE NEW TESTAMENT AND TODAY (REVISED EDITION) Wayne Grudem An updated edition of this comprehensive work brings understanding and reconciliation between charismatic and noncharismatic viewpoints on the use of prophecy in today’s church. TPB, 978-1-58134-243-7, $35.00

GIRL TALK (REDESIGN) Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Whitacre This book will help mothers and daughters communicate and pass on the legacy of God’s design for womanhood from one generation to the next. TPB, 978-1-4335-5259-5, $15.99

GIVE THEM GRACE Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Jessica Thompson A mother/daughter team helps Christian parents raise their children with grace and the gospel. They address topics such as the law, God’s forgiveness and love, and true heart obedience. A great resource for raising grace-filled, Jesus-loving kids. TPB, 978-1-4335-2009-9, $14.99

GLIMPSES OF GRACE Gloria Furman The work that goes into managing a home can sometimes feel boring and insignificant. Furman reminds women of the gospel’s extraordinary power over ordinary life, helping homemakers see and savor the miraculous in the mundane. TPB, 978-1-4335-3605-2, $14.99

GLORY HUNGER JR Vassar Encouraging readers to pursue God’s glory above all else, this book helps us diagnose and combat our incessant— and ultimately enslaving—desire for approval, recognition, and praise. Includes a foreword by Matt Chandler. TPB, 978-1-4335-4010-3, $14.99

GLORY IN THE ORDINARY Courtney Reissig This book combats misunderstandings about the value of at-home work to help moms see how Christ infuses glorious meaning and significance into every facet of ordinary life. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5267-0, $14.99

THE GLORY OF HEAVEN (2ND EDITION) John MacArthur This in-depth look at what the Bible has to say about heaven, angels, and the afterlife gives Christians an encouraging glimpse of the home that awaits them. Now redesigned and expanded to include 3 new chapters and a revised introduction. HC, 978-1-4335-3868-1, $22.99

GLORY ROAD Anthony J. Carter, ed. Ten African American pastors and scholars tell how they came to embrace Reformed theology. Includes contributions from Thabiti Anyabwile, Ken Jones, Michael Leach, and Eric Redmond. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0584‑3, $17.99

GOD Devon and Jessica Robyn Provencher The first volume in the new Big Theology for Little Hearts series, a board-book series for toddlers that presents broad theological principles in simple, easy-to-understand terms, introduces who God is and how to follow him. BB, 978-1-4335-6523-6, $9.99

GOD AND GALILEO David L. Block, Kenneth C. Freeman Using excerpts from a letter written by famed astronomer Galileo in 1615, two modern-day astronomers explore the relationship between science and faith, arguing that our notion of ultimate truth must include both the physical and spiritual domains. HC, 978-1-4335-6289-1, $24.99

GOD AT WORK (REDESIGN) Gene Edward Veith Jr. In his newly redesigned book, Veith unpacks the Bible’s teaching about the doctrine of vocation. Veith guides readers in discovering God’s purpose and calling in the seemingly ordinary areas of life. TPB, 978-1-4335-2447-9, $15.99

GOD HAS SPOKEN Gerald Bray Intended for nonspecialists, this book introduces readers to the history of Christian theology and is uniquely organized around a Trinitarian framework designed to present a more holistic account of the development of Christian doctrine. HC, 978-1-4335-2694-7, $55.00




GOD IN THE DARK Os Guinness Here is a forthright but compassionate work that examines the problem of doubt thoroughly, in a way that will respond to people’s questions, settle their fears, and strengthen their faith. TPB, 978-0-89107-845-6, $21.99

GOD IN THE WHIRLWIND David F. Wells Offering a remedy for evangelicalism’s superficial theology, Wells points readers to the paradox of God’s “holy love,” exploring how the interplay of his characteristics reorient our lives and change the world. HC, 978-1-4335-3131-6, $24.99

GOD IS Mark Jones With brevity and clarity, Mark Jones makes the doctrine of God accessible to the modern reader—with a specific focus on how each of God’s attributes is seen most fully in Christ and impacts the life of every Christian. HC, 978-1-4335-5562-6, $21.99

GOD IS IMPASSIBLE AND IMPASSIONED Rob Lister The doctrine of divine impassibility has sparked much controversy. After reviewing relevant historical, biblical, and theological issues, Lister proposes an understanding of God as fundamentally impassible and yet profoundly impassioned. TPB, 978-1-4335-3241-2, $22.99

GOD IS LOVE Gerald Bray This uniquely accessible volume on systematic theology is written for the average Christian and traces the theme of God’s love through all the major doctrines of the Bible. HC, 978-1-4335-2269-7, $50.00

GOD IS THE GOSPEL John Piper In this reflective, paradigmchallenging book, John Piper drives home the point that what is most loving about God is not his making much of us, but his enabling us, at great cost to himself, to enjoy making much of him forever. TPB, 978-1-4335-2049-5, $14.99

GOD KNOWS MY NAME Debby Anderson Through God’s own promises and colorful illustrations, young children can discover the reality that God knows everything—and he knows and cares for them. A tool for planting the Bible in little hearts. HC, 978-1-58134-415-8, $12.99

GOD, MARRIAGE, AND FAMILY (2ND EDITION) Andreas J. Köstenberger with David W. Jones This updated edition of Köstenberger and Jones’s landmark work tackles the latest debates and cultural challenges to God’s plan for marriage and the family and urges a return to a biblical foundation. TPB, 978-1-4335-0364-1, $24.99

GOD, REVELATION AND AUTHORITY (SET OF 6) Carl F. H. Henry This is a monumental 6-volume set that presents an undeniable case for the revealed authority of God to a generation who has forgotten who he is and what he has done. TPB, 978-1-58134-056-3, $250.00

GOD’S DESIGN FOR MAN AND WOMAN Andreas J. Köstenberger, Margaret E. Köstenberger A husband-and-wife team—both highly respected biblical scholars— lead us on a journey through God’s Word, outlining its teaching on men and women from Genesis to Revelation. TPB, 978-1-4335-3699-1, $25.99

GOD’S GLORY IN SALVATION THROUGH JUDGMENT James M. Hamilton Jr. Drawing from God’s self-revelation in Exodus 34, Hamilton moves through the Bible book by book, showing that there is one theological center to the whole Bible: God’s glory in salvation through judgment. HC, 978-1-58134-976-4, $50.00

GOD’S GOOD NEWS Bobby Jamieson This study reviews the Bible’s teaching on the good news of Jesus and how the gospel applies to every aspect of church life. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2536-0, $7.99

GOD’S GRACE IN YOUR SUFFERING David Powlison Exploring the biblical truths found in each stanza of the classic hymn “How Firm a Foundation,” biblical counselor David Powlison invites us to see God’s perspective on and purpose for our suffering. TPB, 978-1-4335-5618-0, $11.99

GOD’S GREATER GLORY Bruce A. Ware Theologian Bruce Ware investigates Scripture to understand God both as a supreme, perfect being and as the Creator who condescends to have a genuine relationship with us, his creatures. TPB, 978-1-58134-443-1, $21.99

GOD’S KINGDOM THROUGH GOD’S COVENANTS Peter J. Gentry, Stephen J. Wellum This book introduces readers to the biblical covenants, charting a middle course between dispensationalism and covenant theology. An abridged version of the influential work Kingdom through Covenant. TPB, 978-1-4335-4191-9, $21.99

GOD’S LESSER GLORY Bruce A. Ware This thoroughly biblical treatment of both the classical and openness views of God explores their implications and faithfully pinpoints the subtle ways that open theism undermines our trust in God. TPB, 978-1-58134-229-1, $22.99

GOD’S MIGHTY ACTS IN CREATION Starr Meade This resource guides children ages 8–12 through Scripture’s account of creation, teaching them to see how God reveals himself through the things he has made. Great for use in family devotions or for children to read on their own. TPB, 978-1-4335-1398-5, $10.99

GOD’S MIGHTY ACTS IN SALVATION Starr Meade Forty interactive readings for children ages 8–12 unpack Paul’s teachings in Galatians about God’s saving work and the gospel. Great for children to read alone or with parents or teachers. TPB, 978-1-4335-1401-2, $11.99

GOD’S PASSION FOR HIS GLORY John Piper Piper demonstrates the relevance of Jonathan Edwards’s ideals for the personal and public lives of Christians today through his introduction to Edwards’s The End for Which God Created the World. Also includes the original, unabridged work by Edwards. TPB, 978-1-58134-745-6, $19.99

GOD THE SON INCARNATE Stephen J. Wellum Laying out a systematic summary of Christology from philosophical, biblical, and historical perspectives, this book leads to the ultimate conclusion that Christ is God the Son incarnate. Part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-58134-647-3, $45.00

THE GOSPEL Ray Ortlund This book helps us experience the power of the gospel and see the beauty it creates as we allow God to transform our beliefs, perspectives, and practices. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-4083-7, $14.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T THE GOSPEL Devon and Jessica Robyn Provencher This volume in the new Big Theology for Little Hearts series, a board-book series for toddlers that presents broad theological principles in simple, easy-to-understand terms, teaches children about the person and work of Jesus Christ. BB, 978-1-4335-6525-0, $9.99

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO GOD John MacArthur Pastor John MacArthur walks readers through the prophecy of the suffering servant in Isaiah 53 verse by verse, pointing readers to the passage’s fulfillment in the person and work of Jesus Christ. HC, 978-1-4335-4957-1, $24.99

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOB Mike Mason The personal meditations in this book remind us that it’s okay to doubt, be confused, even get angry in our pain, but that even then, we must seek to give ourselves to God just as Job did. TPB, 978-1-58134-449-3, $35.00

THE GOSPEL AND PERSONAL EVANGELISM (REDESIGN) Mark Dever Mark Dever seeks to encourage readers to understand the fundamentals of evangelism and to challenge them to develop a culture of evangelism in their lives and their local churches. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5724-8, $12.99

GOSPEL-CENTERED DISCIPLESHIP Jonathan K. Dodson Experienced discipler and church leader Jonathan Dodson addresses defective forms of discipleship and offers a gospel-centered alternative. TPB, 978-1-4335-3021-0, $14.99

GOSPEL-CENTERED YOUTH MINISTRY Cameron Cole, Jon Nielson, eds. This handbook looks at every facet of youth ministry from a gospelcentered perspective, offering practical advice related to everything from planning short-term mission trips to cultivating healthy relationships. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4695-2, $17.99

THE GOSPEL COMES WITH A HOUSE KEY Rosaria Butterfield With engaging stories from her own life-changing encounter with radically ordinary hospitality, Butterfield equips Christians to use their homes as a means to showing a post-Christian world what authentic love and faith really look like. HC, 978-1-4335-5786-6, $21.99

GOSPEL FLUENCY Jeff Vanderstelt Teaching believers what it looks like for the gospel to become a natural part of our everyday conversations, Vanderstelt shows that the good news about Jesus impacts every facet of our lives. HC, 978-1-4335-4603-7, $22.99

THE GOSPEL IN GENESIS Martyn Lloyd-Jones Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ from the pages of Genesis. These 9 sermons are classic Lloyd-Jones, featuring the eternal perspective, sense of urgency, and unapologetic honesty that characterized his preaching. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0120‑3, $17.99

GOSPEL WAKEFULNESS Jared C. Wilson Wilson’s book will stir churches to live out the power of the gospel with a fervent, genuine zeal. Pastors, church leaders, and all in ministry, especially those who are tired or discouraged, will be uplifted, emboldened, and empowered by this book. TPB, 978-1-4335-2636-7, $19.99

GRACE DEFINED AND DEFENDED Kevin DeYoung Best-selling author Kevin DeYoung equips Christians to clearly define grace by looking at the Canons of Dort, exploring the historical context, theological implications, and practical applications of this important document in the Reformed tradition. HC, 978-1-4335-6439-0, $19.99

THE GRACE OF REPENTANCE (REDESIGN) Sinclair Ferguson This book provides a biblical definition of repentance and details implications for evangelical churches. Ferguson finds many churches have reverted to a type of medieval theology and outlines steps to return to a biblical understanding of the doctrine. TPB, 978-1-4335-1983-3, $6.99

GREAT DOCTRINES OF THE BIBLE (3 VOLUMES IN 1) Martyn Lloyd-Jones Including 3 classic volumes—God the Father, God the Son; God the Holy Spirit ; and The Church and the Last Things—this set helps people understand and apply Christian theology. Now available in paperback with a new cover. TPB, 978-1-4335-3879-7, $45.00

THE GREAT TRADITION OF CHRISTIAN THINKING David S. Dockery, Timothy George This user-friendly guide equips Christian students to apply their faith in various academic fields and make the most of their education. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2513-1, $11.99

GROWING IN CHRIST J. I. Packer Christianity is not instinctive to anyone, nor is it picked up casually without effort. Ours is a faith that must be learned, and we must never stop striving to mature. TPB, 978-1-58134-852-1, $21.99

GROWING IN GODLINESS Lindsey Carlson Through 10 practical lessons, young girls will learn to apply God’s Word to the challenges of the teen years, laying the foundation for growth in maturity throughout the rest of their lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-6384-3, $14.99

GROWING ONE ANOTHER Bobby Jamieson This study discusses biblical teaching on discipleship and explores practical application in the life of the church. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2556-8, $7.99

GROWING TOGETHER Melissa B. Kruger Growing Together outlines 11 lessons for younger women to go through with older women, with the goal of growing together as they walk through life. TPB, 978-1-4335-6801-5, $17.99

GUARDING ONE ANOTHER Bobby Jamieson This study examines key New Testament texts on church discipline and explains how to practice it in love. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2552-0, $7.99

HABITS OF GRACE David Mathis David Mathis explores how Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians—3 foundational “habits of grace”—have the power to awaken our souls to God’s glory and stir our hearts for joyful service. Study guide also available. HC, 978-1-4335-5047-8, $16.99

HABITS OF GRACE STUDY GUIDE David Mathis Designed as a supplement to Habits of Grace, this study guide includes Scripture readings, discussion questions, and key quotations from the book, and is designed for both individual and small-group use. TPB, 978-1-4335-5353-0, $11.99




HAGGAI, ZECHARIAH, AND MALACHI Stephen M. Coleman Through this 12-week study, readers will see how the temple is a picture of God restoring his presence with his people—a foretaste of the promised Messiah who would come to bring God’s presence to his people forever. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5733-0, $8.99

HARD QUESTIONS, REAL ANSWERS William Lane Craig A respected evangelical philosopher and theologian offers compassionate yet honest answers to the difficult questions that Christians often ask. TPB, 978-1-58134-487-5, $18.99

A HAT FOR IVAN (REDESIGN) Max Lucado This beautifully illustrated book is a wonderful reminder that everyone was created by God for a special purpose. HC, 978-1-4335-5833-7, $14.99

HE WHO GIVES LIFE Graham A. Cole This book is a comprehensive and clear theology of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Cole explores the entirety of Scripture to explain the works and ways of the Spirit. Volume 4 in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-58134-792-0, $40.00

HEARING GOD’S WORD Bobby Jamieson This study explores how God’s Word builds up, shapes, and guides the practice of a local church. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2528-5, $7.99

THE HEART OF EVANGELISM Jerram Barrs With compassion for the lost filling every page, Jerram Barrs shows the variety of approaches to evangelism used in the New Testament—where the same unchanging gospel was packaged as differently as the audience, calling you to follow its example. TPB, 978-1-58134-715-9, $22.99

HEAVEN Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, eds. This comprehensive study, featuring contributions from a wide range of evangelical scholars, explores the doctrine of heaven from a variety of angles. Volume 6 in the Theology in Community series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2781-4, $18.99

HEAVEN ON EARTH Stephen J. Nichols Heaven is not just our final destination. This book displays Jonathan Edwards’s contagious vision of a heaven-inspired, heaven-directed, and heaven-centered life on earth. TPB, 978-1-58134-785-2, $14.99

HEBREWS Matthew Z. Capps This 12-week study will help readers understand and appreciate how the book of Hebrews testifies to Christ’s supremacy through imagery, metaphor, and Old Testament analogy. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4358-6, $8.99

HEBREWS John Owen Owen’s commentary on Hebrews will inspire contemporary believers as they seek to uphold and defend Christianity in a pluralistic world. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-026-6, $23.99

HEBREWS (2 VOLUMES IN 1 / ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes Focused on the book of Hebrews, this updated commentary explores Jesus’s supremacy as the Son of God, providing preachers and Bible teachers with valuable insights into the biblical text. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3842-1, $39.99

HEBREWS–REVELATION Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., and Jay Sklar, series eds. Six experienced Bible teachers walk through some of the richest but more challenging books of the New Testament, explaining what they mean and how to apply them. Part of the ESV Expository Commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4672-3, $45.00

HERE IS OUR GOD Kathleen B. Nielson, D. A. Carson, eds. With contributions from various popular Bible teachers, this collection of 8 biblical expositions explores the incredible accounts of God revealing himself visibly to his followers in Scripture. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-3967-1, $16.99

THE HERESY OF ORTHODOXY Andreas J. Köstenberger, Michael J. Kruger This polemic against the “BauerEhrman Thesis” examines the evidence used by modern New Testament criticism against orthodoxy in early Christianity. Throughout, vigilance is shown toward the modern adherence to postmodern ideals of diversity. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0143-2, $21.99

THE HIDDEN SMILE OF GOD John Piper John Piper encourages Christians to persevere by exploring the “mysterious ways” in which God performed his wonders in the wounded lives of William Cowper, John Bunyan, and David Brainerd. Volume 2 in the Swans Are Not Silent series. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0189‑0, $16.99

HIS MISSION D. A. Carson, Kathleen Nielson, eds. With contributions from popular Bible teachers such as Tim Keller, Kevin DeYoung, and John Piper, this collection of 8 biblical expositions walks readers through the Gospel of Luke, exploring Jesus’s blameless life, atoning death, and vindicating resurrection. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4375-3, $16.99

HISTORIES AND FALLACIES Carl R. Trueman This book is a primer for dealing with conceptual and methodological problems in history and presents classic historical problems as a way to examine what history is, what it means, and how it can be told and understood. TPB, 978-1-58134-923-8, $18.99

HISTORY Nathan A. Finn In this introduction to history, two historians help students understand what it means to study the past from a distinctly Christian perspective. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3763-9, $11.99

THE HOLE IN OUR HOLINESS Kevin DeYoung Given the lack of holiness in our culture today, DeYoung presents a popular-level treatment of sanctification and union with Christ, helping readers to see what matters most— being like Jesus. TPB, 978-1-4335-4135-3, $14.99

THE HOPE OF GLORY Sam Storms Here is a collection of 100 daily meditations on Paul’s letter to the Colossians designed to deepen one’s knowledge and enjoyment of the glory and greatness of Christ. Each meditation can be read in 5 to 10 minutes. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑931‑3, $24.99

HOPE . . . THE BEST OF THINGS Joni Eareckson Tada This is a special booklet for those who long to understand, find, and rest in hope—from a beloved author whose experiences have given her fresh perspective on suffering and the greatness of hope. SS, 978‑1‑4335‑0219‑4, $3.99 5-PACK, 978-1-4335-0302-3, $16.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T HOSEA Lydia Brownback Highlighting God’s faithfulness to his people, this 12-week study through the book of Hosea points readers to the symbolic nature of Hosea’s relationship with his unfaithful wife, revealing God’s redemptive purposes in Christ. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4849-9, $9.99

HOW CAN I LOVE CHURCH MEMBERS WITH DIFFERENT POLITICS? Jonathan Leeman, Andy Naselli In this short volume, readers will discover that the gospel creates unity amid diversity, not uniformity, as they learn how to engage with those who disagree on political issues. Part of the 9Marks Church Questions series. TPB, 978-1-4335-7179-4, $4.99

HOW DOES SANTIFICATION WORK? David Powlison Arguing against a reductionist view of sanctification, this book offers wisdom to help us minister to others in a deeper way in light of the specific ways Scripture conforms us into the image of Jesus Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-5610-4, $9.99

HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE? Francis A. Schaeffer This brilliant summary of Christianity and description of the rise and decline of Western thought and culture is available in a special L’Abri 50th anniversary edition. TPB, 978-1-58134-536-0, $21.99

HOW TO BE AN ATHEIST Mitch Stokes Challenging atheists to be more skeptical about their own worldview, this book by an accomplished philosopher shows how Christianity offers the best explanation for the world, humanity, and morality. TPB, 978-1-4335-4298-5, $18.99

HOW TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE BIBLICAL PROPHETS Peter J. Gentry Using illustrations and clear examples, leading Old Testament scholar Peter Gentry helps readers understand how to read the prophetic texts as they were intended to be read. TPB, 978-1-4335-5403-2, $17.99

HOW TO STAY CHRISTIAN IN SEMINARY David Mathis, Jonathan Parnell This short book gives pastors-intraining the keys not only to survive seminary, but also to keep their faith intact during a season that often leaves many feeling drained, disillusioned, and dissatisfied. TPB, 978-1-4335-4030-1, $9.99

A HUNGER FOR GOD (REDESIGN) John Piper John Piper invites readers to turn from the dulling effects of food and other appetites to the all-satisfying glory of God through fasting and prayer. Foreword by David Platt and Francis Chan. TPB, 978-1-4335-3726-4, $17.99

IDOLS FOR DESTRUCTION Herbert Schlossberg This analysis of our times examines the wrong beliefs America has held supreme—“idols” that are to blame for our nation’s decay—and suggests how our problems can be healed. TPB, 978-0-89107-738-1, $30.00

I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FAITH TO BE AN ATHEIST Norman L. Geisler, Frank Turek This book argues that Christianity requires the least faith of all worldviews because it is the most reasonable. Here is a firm challenge to the beliefs of doubters and skeptics. TPB, 978-1-58134-561-2, $21.99

IF ONLY I HAD A GREEN NOSE Max Lucado Green noses are the latest “musthave” and Punchinello goes on a colorful journey just to remember a valuable lesson of the heart: we were made to be unique for a reason. Ages 5 and up. A Max Lucado’s Wemmicks story. HC, 978-1-58134-397-7, $16.99

IMAGINATION REDEEMED Gene Edward Veith Jr., Matthew P. Ristuccia Exploring an often-forgotten part of the mind, the authors examine biblical and historical precedents to highlight the importance of the imagination for knowing God, understanding his Word, and living in the world. TPB, 978-1-4335-4183-4, $16.99

IMMANUEL, GOD WITH US Robert Doares Fifty-two museum-quality illustrations—with accompanying text by the artist—brilliantly depict the life, ministry, and death of Jesus Christ. A masterpiece and ECPA Gold Medallion winner. HC, 978-0-89107-792-3, $60.00

THE IMPERFECT PASTOR Zack Eswine Written in a compelling memoir style, Eswine reflects on the failures, burnout, pain, and complexities that come with pastoral ministry. The Imperfect Pastor will help readers find significance in the ordinary through honest conversation and theological reflection. TPB, 978-1-4335-4933-5, $16.99

THE INCARNATION OF GOD John C. Clark, Marcus Peter Johnson Two theology professors explore the doctrine of the incarnation—the central fact of human history and the greatest mystery of the Christian faith—highlighting implications for all of Christian theology, including the atonement and the church’s worship. TPB, 978-1-4335-4187-2, $21.99

INERRANCY AND THE GOSPELS Vern Sheridan Poythress All scholars who affirm the authority of Scripture will find in this volume great encouragement and insight as Poythress provides an arresting case for biblical inerrancy and stems the tide of skepticism. TPB, 978-1-4335-2860-6, $17.99

INERRANCY AND WORLDVIEW Vern Sheridan Poythress This groundbreaking, worldviewbased defense of scriptural inerrancy offers a positive case for the Bible’s trustworthiness while implicitly critiquing modern materialist worldviews. TPB, 978-1-4335-2387-8, $17.99

THE INERRANT WORD John MacArthur, ed. This collection of essays by a host of evangelical pastors, theologians, historians, and biblical scholars presents compelling arguments from a variety of disciplines in defense of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy. HC, 978-1-4335-4861-1, $35.00

IN HIS IMAGE Jen Wilkin This book by the best-selling author of Women of the Word explores 10 attributes of God that Christians are called to reflect, helping readers discover the freedom and purpose in becoming all that God made them to be. TPB, 978-1-4335-4987-8, $12.99

IN MY PLACE CONDEMNED HE STOOD J. I. Packer, Mark Dever Combining 3 classic articles by J. I. Packer with a recent article by Mark Dever, this anthology gives thoughtful readers a compact classic on the increasingly controversial doctrine of substitutionary atonement. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0200‑2, $19.99

THE INNKEEPER John Piper John Piper’s classic poem about the innkeeper who provided the stable for Jesus’s birth has been redesigned. This beautiful book will help you celebrate Christ’s birth and the power of his death and resurrection. HC, 978-1-4335-3025-8, $19.99




INTERPRETING EDEN Vern S. Poythress Highlighting proper hermeneutical principles for interpreting Genesis 1–3, this book offers a clear direction for approaching these early chapters correctly. TPB, 978-1-4335-5873-3, $32.99

INTERPRETING THE NEW TESTAMENT TEXT Darrell L. Bock, Buist M. Fanning, eds. This book teaches the principles, methods, and fundamentals of exegeting the New Testament. Any serious student of Scripture would benefit from utilizing this book in their study of the Bible. TPB, 978-1-4335-7079-7, $35.00

IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD Vern Sheridan Poythress By drawing on scriptural teaching and biblically informed examples, this follow-up to Redeeming Science seeks to reform our thinking about language and build a Christian view of its theology with rich application across multiple disciplines. TPB, 978-1-4335-0179-1, $28.00

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT, PRODUCED AT TYNDALE HOUSE, CAMBRIDGE Dirk Jongkind This short book offers Greek students answers to crucial questions about The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge and the Greek New Testament in general. TPB, 978-1-4335-6409-3, $14.99

ISAIAH John Calvin Calvin expounds upon and emphasizes how Isaiah teaches that salvation is God’s principal work. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-156-0, $27.99

ISAIAH Drew Hunter Pastor Drew Hunter helps readers grasp the message of Isaiah, a prophetic book about the God who saves his people from their sins. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3434-8, $8.99

ISAIAH (REDESIGN) Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. Pastor and former Old Testament professor Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. has made a worthy contribution to this series in his expositional commentary on Isaiah. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3547-5, $37.99

IS JESUS THE ONLY WAY? (REDESIGN) Philip Graham Ryken This small, well-reasoned book tackles the 4 major issues that pluralists find most troublesome within Christianity, ultimately proving that Jesus is indeed the only way. TPB, 978-1-4335-2975-7, $6.99

IT IS WELL Mark Dever, Michael Lawrence Pastors Dever and Lawrence expound 14 key biblical texts on the atonement to reveal its centrality throughout Scripture, strengthen the church’s commitment to this crucial doctrine, and demonstrate its rich application to the Christian life. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-1476-0, $17.99

JAMES Greg Gilbert Through clear exposition and application questions, Gilbert helps us rightly understand the book of James, which was written to fortify the connection between genuine faith and heartfelt obedience. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3479-9, $8.99

JAMES Thomas Manton Preacher and author Thomas Manton provides enlightening discussion on the book of James, the “Proverbs of the New Testament.” A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-832-6, $24.99

JAMES (ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes An insightful look at the convicting book of James, this commentary offers clear scriptural exposition and practical application for pastors, teachers, and personal Bible study. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3846-9, $34.99

J-CURVE Paul E. Miller This book explores what it means for Christians to live out Jesus’s pattern of dying and rising in order to root our hope and tether our faith to Christ in all the ups and downs of life. TPB, 978-1-4335-6156-6, $22.99

JEREMIAH Matthew S. Harmon In this 12-week study, Matthew S. Harmon walks through Jeremiah’s prophecies, showing readers how the judgment proclaimed in the book of Jeremiah serves as a backdrop for the beauty of God’s promised salvation through Jesus Christ. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4908-3, $9.99

JEREMIAH AND LAMENTATIONS John Calvin This excellent resource explains Jeremiah’s emphasis on God’s mercy and kindness toward his chosen but erring people. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-157-7, $21.99

JEREMIAH AND LAMENTATIONS (ESV EDITION) Philip Graham Ryken Philip Ryken offers a practical exposition of and insight into the books of the weeping prophet. Now with ESV Scripture references. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4880-2, $44.99

JESUS Devon and Jessica Robyn Provencher This volume in the new Big Theology for Little Hearts series, a board-book series for toddlers that presents broad theological principles in simple, easy-to-understand terms, helps children understand who Jesus Christ is and what he did for us on the cross. BB, 978-1-4335-6524-3, $9.99

JESUS DRIVEN MINISTRY Ajith Fernando Ajith Fernando believes that much ministry failure results from neglecting the basics of the faith. He aims to turn the reader’s focus from ministry technique to leadership lifestyle. TPB, 978-1-58134-851-4, $21.99

JESUS, KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS Nancy Guthrie, ed. This collection of Easter readings encourages thoughtful contemplation of the cross and deepens people’s experience of the resurrection, gathered from the writings and sermons of 25 classic and contemporary theologians and Bible teachers. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0181‑4, $12.99

JESUS THE SON OF GOD D. A. Carson Carson surveys the meaning and implications of Jesus’s divine sonship for how modern Christians think and speak about Christ, especially in relation to Bible translation and missionary engagement with Muslims across the globe. TPB, 978-1-4335-3796-7, $15.99

J. I. PACKER Leland Ryken Introducing readers to one of evangelicalism’s most important figures, this biography explores J. I. Packer’s life and legacy through a detailed accounting of his life, personal anecdotes, and an exploration of key themes that shaped his ministry. HC, 978-1-4335-4252-7, $30.00

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T JOB Christopher Ash This meditative commentary on the book of Job engages head on with suffering, exploring God’s purposes in pain while directing us to our ultimate hope: Jesus Christ. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-1312-1, $37.99

JOB Eric Ortlund This 12-week study invites us to take an honest look at the agony and pain experienced by Job, which are immediately relevant in many ways to the suffering we all experience while on earth. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5104-8, $9.99

JOEL, AMOS, AND OBADIAH Kristofer D. Holroyd In 12 weeks, this study will help readers see how the justice and mercy of God seen in 3 prophetic books lead to assurance of a glorious restoration. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5806-1, $8.99

JOHN Justin Buzzard In this study of John’s Gospel, pastor and author Justin Buzzard helps readers understand the most theologically and philosophically profound account of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection in the New Testament. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3452-2, $8.99

JOHN John Calvin Calvin capsulizes the basics of the faith, including Christ’s nature and the profound meaning of his presence and works on earth. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-778-7, $29.99

JOHN (ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes In this commentary on the Gospel of John, pastor R. Kent Hughes explores John’s unique emphasis on the deity of Christ and the enduring significance of Jesus’s words and works. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3919-0, $39.99

JOHN–ACTS Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., and Jay Sklar, series eds. Two New Testament scholars offer passage-by-passage commentary through the narratives of John and Acts, explaining difficult doctrines, shedding light on overlooked sections, and making applications to life and ministry today. Part of the ESV Expository Commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-4660-0, $50.00

JOHN CALVIN W. Robert Godfrey Though he was one of western civilization’s most influential men, John Calvin considered himself a pilgrim and pastor first. This book introduces his essential life and thought to modern readers . TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0132‑6, $18.99

JOHN CALVIN Derek W. H. Thomas, John W. Tweeddale, eds. Leading Reformed pastors and scholars reflect on the importance of John Calvin’s life and teaching for the church today. HC, 978-1-4335-1281-0, $40.00

JOHN NEWTON Jonathan Aitken A fascinating, colorful, and historically significant portrait of slave-traderturned-Christ-follower John Newton, and the first biography to utilize Newton’s unpublished diaries and correspondence. TPB, 978-1-4335-4181-0, $27.99

JONAH, MICAH, AND NAHUM Kristofer D. Holroyd In 12 weeks, this study guides readers through 3 prophetic books to see the goodness, mercy, and faithfulness of the Lord, the deliverer and protector of all who trust in him. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5810-8, $8.99

JOSEPH John C. Lennox Emphasizing the major themes in the Joseph narrative—such as the sovereignty of God, suffering, temptation, forgiveness, and faith—John Lennox applies the life of Joseph to readers’ lives today. TPB, 978-1-4335-6293-8, $19.99

JOSEPH AND THE GOSPEL OF MANY COLORS Voddie Baucham Jr. The story of Joseph is more than just the story of one man. Baucham explores the redemptive-historical significance of Joseph’s amazing life, highlighting God’s ultimate plan to save his people in and through Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-2373-1, $19.99

JOSHUA Trent Hunter Connecting the story of Joshua to God’s larger promises, pastor Trent Hunter offers readers rich insights into the book’s overarching story of salvation and helps them apply its message to their lives today. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4912-0, $9.99

JOSHUA David Jackman Tracing the history of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land, this commentary on the book of Joshua explores the fulfillment of God’s covenant promises to his chosen people. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-1197-4, $29.99

JOSHUA AND THE FLOW OF BIBLICAL HISTORY Francis A. Schaeffer Francis Schaeffer examines the book of Joshua and uncovers both God’s sorrow over human sin and his love for his people. TPB, 978-1-58134-520-9, $22.99

JOY Lydia Brownback This devotional addresses a problem universal to all women: the pursuit of joy in today’s world. Forty-two short devotionals look to Scripture for words of encouragement, correction, and wisdom to adorn women with joy. An On-the-Go Devotional. TPB, 978-1-4335-1301-5, $10.99

JOY FOR THE WORLD Greg Forster Offering an antidote to the church’s cultural irrelevance, this book helps us to cultivate and live out the joy of God as the key to having a transformative impact on the world. Part of the Cultural Renewal series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3800-1, $18.99

JOYFULLY SPREADING THE WORD Kathleen Nielson, Gloria Furman, eds. With a clear articulation of the gospel alongside practical examples from 10 women, this book supplies role models for learning how to faithfully and effectively share the gospel in any context. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5943-3, $16.99

JUDE Thomas Manton Thomas Manton provides insights on Jude’s epistle, which was devoted to revealing the character of godless men who turned God’s grace into a license for immorality. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-120-1, $17.99

JUDGES Miles V. Van Pelt This accessible study guide reveals how the unfaithfulness of Israel under the leadership of judges pointed to the need for a faithful King who would rule the people in righteousness. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5729-3, $9.99




JUDGES AND RUTH Barry G. Webb This commentary traces the stories of figures such as Gideon, Samson, Naomi, and Ruth, highlighting God’s redeeming love in the midst of rebellion and disobedience. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-0676-5, $32.99

JUSTIFIED BY FAITH ALONE R. C. Sproul This repackaged and republished work outlines the doctrine of justification by faith. Clearly written and rich in theology, it will challenge readers to think discerningly about the implications of the doctrine’s historic dispute. TPB, 978-1-4335-1556-9, $7.99

KEEPING HOLIDAY Starr Meade Blending allegory and fantasy, a boy’s adventures provide a charming way for children and families to experience the wonder of the incarnation and better understand the “Founder of Holiday.” TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0142‑5, $14.99

KEEPING THE TEN COMMANDMENTS J. I. Packer The Ten Commandments not only summarize the way to live, but how to live the best life possible. J. I. Packer wisely explores each command, giving readers God’s blueprint for relational, spiritual, and even societal well-being. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑983‑2, $11.99

KEPT FOR JESUS Sam Storms This pastoral book answers the question “Can Christians lose their salvation?” by examining every relevant New Testament passage related to believers’ assurance and perseverance, including classic “problem” texts that warn Christians of apostasy. TPB, 978-1-4335-4202-2, $15.99

THE KEYS TO SPIRITUAL GROWTH John MacArthur Pastor John MacArthur thoroughly explores a multitude of biblical passages to reveal the riches of God in Jesus Christ that will help readers continue growing in both faith and spirit. TPB, 978-1-58134-269-7, $19.99

KINDNESS COUNTS! Debby Anderson Here is a fun, creative book that teaches kids basic math through colorful and interactive illustrations while also showing them ways they can be kind to others. HC, 978-1-58134-861-3, $9.99

THE KINGDOM Bryan M. Litfin This epic conclusion to the Chiveis Trilogy moves at a breathtaking pace to a final show-down between good and evil. TPB, 978-1-4335-2520-9, $18.99

THE KINGDOM OF GOD Martyn Lloyd-Jones When Jesus came, he proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God. Yet nothing he said has been more misunderstood than this. A definitive, thorough analysis of one of today’s divisive issues. TPB, 978-1-4335-1340-4, $19.99

THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND THE GLORY OF THE CROSS Patrick Schreiner Defining the kingdom of God as the interplay of 3 concepts—the king’s power over the king’s people in the king’s place—this volume explains how God accomplishes his purpose for the world. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5823-8, $14.99

KINGDOM THROUGH COVENANT (2ND EDITION) Peter J. Gentry, Stephen J. Wellum Gentry and Wellum present a thoughtful and viable alternative to both covenant theology and dispensationalism. Second edition features updated and revised content, clarifying key material and providing up-to-date research. HC, 978-1-4335-5307-3, $55.00

KISS THE WAVE Dave Furman Written to address the heart of the sufferer, this book will help us see the way God designs and uses trials for our good, encouraging us to embrace the God who is near to us even as we suffer. TPB, 978-1-4335-5645-6, $14.99

LABOR WITH HOPE Gloria Furman with Jesse Scheumann In 25 short meditations, Furman helps women see labor and birth in the framework of the larger biblical narrative, infusing cosmic meaning into their personal experience and directing their focus off of themselves and onto Christ. HC, 978-1-4335-6307-2, $19.99

L’ABRI Edith Schaeffer In this expanded edition, Edith Schaeffer chronicles the history of the L’Abri community from its founding to the present day. An unforgettable true story of God’s faithfulness. TPB, 978-0-89107-668-1, $19.99

THE LAMB OF GOD Nancy Guthrie This 10-week Bible study completes Guthrie’s coverage of the Pentateuch, showing how to see the person and work of Jesus in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Part of the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3298-6, $16.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-3680-9, $103.94

THE LAMB OF GOD DVD Nancy Guthrie This 10-session DVD companion features Nancy Guthrie teaching through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, effectively supplementing The Lamb of God book in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. DVD, 978-1-4335-3653-3, $89.99

LAMENTATIONS, HABAKKUK, AND ZEPHANIAH Camden M. Bucey This accessible study guides readers through 3 books of prophecy over the course of 12 weeks, pointing to the hope found in God’s mercy and sovereign control over the world that will lead to eternal blessing for those who turn to him in faith. TPB, 978-1-4335-5741-5, $8.99

LEADERS WHO LAST Dave Kraft The Christian life is like a race, but too many Christian leaders stumble, burn out, or veer off the track. Dave Kraft explores what it takes to be a leader who finishes well. TPB, 978-1-4335-1318-3, $16.99

LEADING ONE ANOTHER Bobby Jamieson This study teaches participants about godly leadership, God’s example as a leader, and how to submit to authority. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2560-5, $7.99

LEARNING EVANGELISM FROM JESUS Jerram Barrs Studying Jesus’s conversations with a diversity of people, this director of the Francis Schaeffer Institute draws lessons and principles for modern evangelistic practice from the 4 Gospels, offering believers timeless wisdom in their approach to unbelievers. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0318‑4, $21.99

THE LEGACY OF BIBLICAL WOMANHOOD Susan Hunt, Barbara Thompson This book is a timely call to women to live out and leave a legacy of biblical womanhood to the next generation—includes practical guidance for ministering to women. TPB, 978-1-58134-454-7, $19.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T THE LEGACY OF SOVEREIGN JOY John Piper An uplifting look at 3 famous and flawed fathers of the Christian church and how their lives can inspire us to fall in love with God and, through him, find the power to overcome our weaknesses. Volume 1 in the Swans Are Not Silent series. TPB, 978-1-58134-813-2, $15.99

LESSONS FROM A HOSPITAL BED John Piper Short and practical, this book by bestselling author John Piper encourages those struggling with illness to focus their attention on God and his grace through reflections on 10 lessons he learned while in the hospital. Specially offered as a discounted pack of 10. TPB, 978-1-4335-5043-0, $7.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-5129-1, $65.00

LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED Martyn Lloyd-Jones Eight sermons on John 14:1–12 from one of the 20th century’s foremost preachers encourage Christians and point unbelievers to the only way to face matters of life and death. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0119‑7, $17.99

LETTERS AND LIFE Bret Lott Writing is both a significant and intimate activity. Acclaimed novelist Bret Lott reflects on his life as a writer through 5 essays exploring everything from the importance of literary fiction to the pain of personal loss. HC, 978-1-4335-3783-7, $22.99

LETTERS OF FRANCIS A. SCHAEFFER Francis A. Schaeffer This book contains letters that have never before been published, showing Dr. Schaeffer’s insights on relationships, sin and sexuality, and his care for the deep concerns of others. An ECPA Gold Medallion winner. TPB, 978-0-89107-409-0, $27.00

LEVITICUS Michael LeFebvre This accessible 12-week study through the book of Leviticus explores how the rituals of the Old Testament point to Christ’s saving work of atonement at the cross. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4796-6, $8.99

LEVITICUS (ESV EDITION) Kenneth A. Mathews Focused on the Old Testament book of Leviticus, this volume explores how a holy God has made enduring provision for his people to live setapart lives and worship him. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978‑1‑4335‑6574-8, $32.99

LEWIS ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Joe Rigney Joe Rigney explores particular themes that run throughout C. S. Lewis’s popular and lesser-known writings, illuminating how they help readers develop a deeper awareness of God’s presence and work in their lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-5055-3, $21.99

THE LIBERAL ARTS Gene C. Fant Jr. This resource lays out the Christian vision behind a liberal arts education that carefully prepares students to pursue their calling. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3123-1, $11.99

LIBERATING MINISTRY FROM THE SUCCESS SYNDROME Kent Hughes, Barbara Hughes How does one measure success in ministry? Many turn to numbers, but longtime pastor Kent Hughes and his wife Barbara urge readers to evaluate themselves and their ministry by God’s standards, not the world’s. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑974‑0, $17.99

LIFE IN CHRIST Martyn Lloyd-Jones Believers seeking both an in-depth study and a careful application of 1 John will be drawn to this eloquent exposition, which gives the straight truth about salvation, freedom from sin, and developing a deeper relationship with God. The original 5 volumes in 1. TPB, 978-1-58134-439-4, $40.00

LIFE’S BIGGEST QUESTIONS Erik Thoennes Erik Thoennes tackles 15 of life’s biggest questions relating to God and his relationship to humanity by presenting biblical answers. An excellent crash course on Christianity for believers and seekers alike. TPB, 978-1-4335-2671-8, $15.99

THE LIFE WE NEVER EXPECTED Andrew Wilson, Rachel Wilson Filled with personal stories and biblical encouragement, this touching memoir by two parents recounts the highs and lows of raising children with specials needs, ultimately directing readers to the God who promises us peace and joy, even in the midst of trials. TPB, 978-1-4335-5099-7, $12.99

LIGHT IN A DARK PLACE John S. Feinberg Theology professor John S. Feinberg has written a robust treatment of the doctrine of Scripture—the foundation of all theology. Part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-4335-3927-5, $50.00

LIT! Tony Reinke This book sounds the call for Christians to reclaim the priority, privilege, and practice of reading. Reinke reminds us that God is the author of all knowledge, and we read every book under his illumination. TPB, 978-1-4335-2226-0, $17.99

LITERARY INTRODUCTIONS TO THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE Leland Ryken Renowned literary scholar Leland Ryken helps readers navigate the genres and literary features found throughout Scripture. Designed as a companion volume to Ryken’s A Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible. TPB, 978-1-4335-4217-6, $35.00

LITERATURE Louis Markos A seasoned professor invites students into the great conversation of literature through the centuries and illuminates the wisdom to be found there. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3143-9, $11.99

LIVING FOR GOD Mark Jones What does it mean to be a Christian? This book seeks to answer this question by looking at 5 core aspects of Christianity: the Trinity, the Son of God, the Spirit, the church, and heaven and hell. TPB, 978-1-4335-6625-7, $19.99

LIVING IN GOD’S TWO KINGDOMS David VanDrunen VanDrunen uses the two-kingdoms theory to demonstrate how God’s response to the civil and spiritual kingdoms—preservation and redemption, respectively—inform an active yet critical Christian engagement with culture. TPB, 978-1-4335-1404-3, $17.99

LIVING LIFE BACKWARD David Gibson Drawing on wisdom from the book of Ecclesiastes, David Gibson persuades us that only with a proper perspective on death can we find meaning and satisfaction in life—and see just how great God is. TPB, 978-1-4335-5627-2, $17.99

LIVING WATER Martyn Lloyd-Jones Fifty-six previously unpublished sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones on John 4 are available here. His perceptive analysis is helpful for all who thirst for the living water that only Jesus can provide. HC, 978‑1‑4335‑0127‑2, $40.00




LLOYD-JONES ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Jason Meyer Jason Meyer highlights the life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, regarded as one of the most powerful preachers of the 20th century, teaching us the importance of the union between doctrine and life. TPB, 978-1-4335-4527-6, $19.99

LOGIC Vern Sheridan Poythress Poythress offers an accessible introduction to the study of logic (parts 1 & 2), as well as an in-depth treatment of the discipline (parts 3 & 4), built on a robust Christian worldview. Includes helpful charts, diagrams, and review questions. TPB, 978-1-4335-3229-0, $45.00

THE LORDSHIP OF CHRIST Vern S. Poythress Helping Christians understand the implications of Jesus’s lordship over all of life, Poythress explores what the call to serve Christ entails. He details the resources God has provided for the flourishing of his people, and the many areas in which service is possible. TPB, 978-1-4335-4953-3, $19.99

THE LORD’S SUPPER AS THE SIGN AND MEAL OF THE NEW COVENANT Guy Prentiss Waters This book seeks to help Christians recover the importance of the Lord’s Supper in the Christian life by explaining 3 purposes of the sacrament in light of God’s covenant signs. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5837-5, $14.99

THE LOVE OF GOD Christopher W. Morgan, ed. Featuring contributions from a number of well-known evangelical scholars, this comprehensive study sets forth a biblical understanding of the love of God from ​various​ perspectives.​Part of the Theology in Community series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3904-6, $25.00

THE LOVE OF LOVES IN THE SONG OF SONGS Philip Ryken Guiding readers through the Song of Songs verse by verse, this fresh, practical explanation will reveal important insights into romance, marriage, friendship, and human sexuality that are relevant today. TPB, 978-1-4335-6253-2, $16.99

LOVE THAT LASTS Gary Ricucci, Betsy Ricucci This valuable book, written for married or engaged couples or those in anticipation of marriage, is a biblical exposition of how to make the truth and principles of a godly marriage not just come alive, but last. TPB, 978-1-58134-782-1, $15.99

LOVING GOD WITH ALL YOUR MIND Gene Edward Veith This book offers a stimulating critique of the postmodern intellectual world with a goal of engaging our culture with Christian truth, while affirming the distinctive truth of the Christian faith. TPB, 978-1-58134-512-4, $17.99

LOVING JESUS MORE Phil Ryken In this powerful book, Phil Ryken reminds us of the true source of the Christian’s love, encouraging us to take Jesus’s words seriously and love him more than anything or anyone else. TPB, 978-1-4335-3408-9, $15.99

A LOVING LIFE Paul E. Miller Loving people is hard sometimes. Here is the help we need to embrace relationship, endure rejection, cultivate community, and reach out to even the most unlovable as we discover the power to live a loving life. TPB, 978-1-4335-3732-5, $12.99

LOVING THE WAY JESUS LOVES Phil Ryken Seasoned pastor and college president Phil Ryken offers a unique exploration of 1 Corinthians 13, showing how every aspect of this famous chapter is perfectly illustrated in the life of Jesus Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-2479-0, $16.99

LUKE C. D. “Jimmy” Agan III This 12-week study walks readers through the Gospel of Luke, showing how the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are just as relevant and important today as they were 2,000 years ago. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4469-9, $8.99

LUKE J. C. Ryle This commentary still speaks today, thanks to the careful work of series editors J. I. Packer and Alister McGrath, who have revived and tailored Ryle’s wisdom for modern readers. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-955-2, $21.99

LUKE (2 VOLUMES IN 1 / ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes Combining 2 volumes in 1 and featuring the ESV text, this insightful commentary will help pastors understand, apply, and preach the Gospel of Luke. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3834-6, $49.99

LUTHER ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Carl R. Trueman Offering readers an accessible portrait of Martin Luther’s life and theology, this book explores the impact of his cross-centered theology on living the Christian life. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2502-5, $18.99

MADE FOR FRIENDSHIP Drew Hunter Exploring a biblical vision of true friendship, this book demonstrates the universal need for friendship, what true friendship really looks like, and how to cultivate deeper relationships. TPB, 978-1-4335-5819-1, $16.99

MAKING ALL THINGS NEW David Powlison This book casts a vision for hope in the midst of sexual brokenness: the grace and mercy of Jesus, supplying true, lasting mercy to both the sexually immoral and the sexually victimized. TPB, 978-1-4335-5614-2, $11.99

THE MAN CHRIST JESUS Bruce A. Ware Jesus faced all the challenges that we face as humans, and yet he remained faithful to his Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. Ware helps us to explore Christ’s nature and to learn, through the same Spirit, to follow in his steps. TPB, 978-1-4335-1305-3, $16.99

MARK Dane C. Ortlund This study of the Gospel of Mark helps readers understand what vibrant faith and authentic discipleship looks like for those who follow a rejected king. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3371-6, $8.99

MARK J. C. Ryle One of 7 commentaries on the gospels written by Ryle, this book helps students of God’s Word to appreciate his thorough study and practical emphasis on the book of Mark. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-727-5, $21.99

MARK (2 VOLUMES IN 1 / ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes Combining 2 volumes in 1 and featuring the ESV text, this commentary on the Gospel of Mark overflows with careful exegesis and insightful illustrations. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3838-4, $37.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY Andreas Köstenberger with David W. Jones During a time of cultural ferment and crisis with regard to marriage and the family, this book provides a timely solution, speaking directly to current issues and explaining the Bible’s teaching on marriage and family. TPB, 978-1-4335-2856-9, $14.99

MARRIAGE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE GOSPEL Ray Ortlund By laying out a vision of marriage as the Bible teaches, this volume leads readers to e ​ ​xalt marriage as a grand display of the gospel, offering guidance and hope for our own marriages today. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4687-7, $14.99

MARRIED FOR GOD Christopher Ash Offering us the God-centered view of marriage that is so often missing, this book will help men and women experience the joy and fulfillment that result when a husband and wife focus on loving and serving God first and foremost. TPB, 978-1-4335-5078-2, $15.99

MARTIN LUTHER Herman Selderhuis This biography follows Martin Luther on his spiritual journey, revealing his dynamic personality, deep struggles, and durable faith—presenting him first and foremost as a man searching for God. HC, 978-1-4335-5694-4, $30.00

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES Christopher Catherwood Written by his eldest grandson, this biography of famed preacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones examines his remarkable life and legacy, reflecting on his enduring importance for Christians today. Written as a companion volume to The Christ-Centered Preaching of Martyn-Lloyd Jones. TPB, 978-1-4335-4595-5, $17.99

MATTHEW Drew Hunter In this 12-week study, pastor Drew Hunter leads readers through the Gospel of Matthew, helping them come face-to-face with Jesus Christ, Israel’s long-awaited Messiah. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4018-9, $8.99

MATTHEW Douglas Sean O’Donnell Deftly guiding us through the Gospel of Matthew, O’Donnell shows us how Jesus’s kingly authority is central to the book and has profound implications for how we live in God’s kingdom. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-0365-8, $54.99

MATTHEW J. C. Ryle After studying over 40 commentaries, J. C. Ryle wrote this examination of the book of Matthew, giving the church one of its great works on the Gospel. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-726-8 , $21.99

A MEAL WITH JESUS Tim Chester Meals are an important part of hospitality, and Chester demonstrates how they can be used to foster grace in our communities. He draws from 6 narratives in the Gospel of Luke to urge sacrificial giving and loving around the table. TPB, 978-1-4335-2136-2, $14.99

MEDIA, JOURNALISM, AND COMMUNICATION Read Mercer Schuchardt Helping Christian students think wisely in a digital age, this volume examines the impact of technological advances on how we process information and connect with others. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3514-7, $11.99

MEETING WITH JESUS David Murray This reading plan introduces children ages 6–12 to Jesus Christ over the course of a year, working through the 4 Gospel narratives and what they have to teach about the Savior of the world. TPB, 978-1-4335-6595-3, $19.99

MEMOIRS OF AN ORDINARY PASTOR D. A. Carson D. A. Carson gives a memorable firsthand account of not only the sacrifices and triumphs of full-time ministry but of a brutal, little-known era in recent North American church history. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0199‑9, $16.99

A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST Martyn Lloyd–Jones This collection pulls together sermons from Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the book of Hebrews, giving readers a deeper look at this important book of the Bible and helping them understand how it applies to their lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-6994-4, $19.99

THE MESSAGE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Mark Dever Mark Dever surveys the historical context, organization, and theology of each New Testament book, in light of God’s Old Testament promises. His message is that of the New Testament itself, one of hope fulfilled. HC, 978-1-58134-716-6, $35.00

THE MESSAGE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT Mark Dever This book introduces readers to the Old Testament as a glorious whole so that they are able to see the big picture of the majesty of God and the wonder of his promises. HC, 978-1-58134-717-3, $55.00

MISSIONAL MOTHERHOOD Gloria Furman Summarizing the Bible’s teaching on motherhood, Gloria Furman gives women a fresh perspective on their calling as nurturers, helping them live out God’s story of redemption in their daily lives as they hold out the message of the gospel to those around them. TPB, 978-1-4335-5227-4, $15.99

MISSIONS Andy Johnson Filled with practical, biblical wisdom, this book casts a vision for the local church as the engine of world missions—for the joy of all people and the glory of God. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-5570-1, $14.99

MISTAKES LEADERS MAKE Dave Kraft Using his extensive leadership experience, Kraft identifies the top 10 most fatal (and commonly unaddressed) mistakes leaders make to help readers avoid these errors and have ministries and relationships that last. TPB, 978-1-4335-3249-8, $15.99

MODERN ART AND THE DEATH OF A CULTURE H. R. Rookmaaker Rookmaaker uses well-known and lesser-known paintings to show how modern art reflects a dying culture and how Christian attitudes can create hope in current society. TPB, 978-0-89107-799-2, $24.00

MORNING AND EVENING Charles H. Spurgeon; Alistair Begg, ed. Alistair Begg provides a revision of Spurgeon’s devotional classic—updating the language and using the ESV as the Bible text. HC, 978-1-58134-466-0, $22.99

MORNING BY MORNING Charles H. Spurgeon; Alistair Begg, ed. Spurgeon’s devotional classic for beginning one’s day—updated by noted pastor Alistair Begg—uses the ESV for the Scripture text and features a more portable size with high-quality binding. TT, 978-1-4335-1358-9, $27.99




THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU’LL EVER STUDY: ANSWER KEY Starr Meade This volume provides answers to the rest of The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study series, helping students ages 12–16 understand the central messages and narratives of the Bible as they grow in knowledge and love for God’s word. TPB, 978-1-4335-2702-9, $19.99

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU’LL EVER STUDY: SET Starr Meade This overview of the Bible uses an easy-to-follow study guide format to teach students ages 12–16 the central messages and narratives of Scripture, helping them grow in knowledge and love for God’s word. TPB, 978-1-4335-1182-0, $79.99

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU’LL EVER STUDY: VOL. 1 Starr Meade This workbook teaches students ages 12–16 the central messages and narratives of the first part of the Old Testament, helping them grow in knowledge and love for God’s word.. TPB, 978-1-4335-2698-5, $19.99

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU’LL EVER STUDY: VOL. 2 Starr Meade This workbook teaches students ages 12–16 the central messages and narratives of the second part of the Old Testament, helping them grow in knowledge and love for God’s word. TPB, 978-1-4335-2699-2, $19.99

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU’LL EVER STUDY: VOL. 3 Starr Meade This workbook teaches students ages 12–16 the central messages and narratives of the first part of the New Testament, helping them grow in knowledge and love for God’s word. TPB, 978-1-4335-2700-5, $19.99

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU’LL EVER STUDY: VOL. 4 Starr Meade This workbook teaches students ages 12–16 the central messages of the second part of the New Testament, helping them grow in knowledge and love for God’s word. TPB, 978-1-4335-2701-2, $19.99

MOST OF ALL, JESUS LOVES YOU! Noël Piper This bedtime storybook tells children a great truth: of everyone who loves children, Jesus loves them the most! HC, 978-1-58134-630-5, $11.99

MY ABC BIBLE VERSES Susan Hunt Presented in an easy-to-use story format that applies Bible verses to everyday situations, here’s the alphabet and God’s Word too. Ages 3–7. HC, 978-1-58134-005-1, $17.99

MY ABC BIBLE VERSES FROM THE PSALMS Susan Hunt, Richie Hunt This colorfully illustrated children’s book presents a verse from the Psalms alongside each letter of the alphabet with a corresponding story—helping kids to memorize verses from the Psalms, learn their ABCs, and grow with God. Ages 3–8. HC, 978-1-4335-3107-1, $15.99

MY HEART CRIES OUT Paul David Tripp Paul David Tripp shares his celebrations, disappointments, cries for help, confessions, and confusions in the form of 121 poems written as he experienced God’s grace in various seasons of his life. TPB, 978-1-4335-5681-4, $24.99

NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES (PAPERBACK EDITION) Alistair Begg, Sinclair B. Ferguson Jesus is the most important person in the life of the Christian. In this stimulating book, Begg and Ferguson explore the Bible’s teaching on 7 key attributes of Jesus’s life and ministry, from Genesis to Revelation. TPB, 978-1-4335-6318-8, $17.99

THE NATURAL SCIENCES John A. Bloom This accessible student’s guide explores how the Christian faith impacts our understanding of science, arguing that the Christian worldview stands as the best foundation for scientific investigation. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3935-0, $11.99

THE NEW CITY CATECHISM This modern-day catechism sets forth 52 questions and answers designed to build a framework to help adults and children alike understand core Christian beliefs. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5507-7, $7.99

THE NEW CITY CATECHISM CURRICULUM The New City Catechism Curriculum expands the questions and answers of The New City Catechism into 52 engaging and informative lessons, helping children ages 8–11 better understand the truth of God’s Word and how it connects to their lives. LF, 978-1-4335-5511-4, $89.99

THE NEW CITY CATECHISM DEVOTIONAL Collin Hansen, gen. ed. This modern-day catechism sets forth 52 questions and answers with related devotional commentaries from leading contemporary and historical figures. A Gospel Coalition book. HC, 978-1-4335-5503-9, $19.99

THE NEW CITY CATECHISM FOR KIDS A simplified version of The New City Catechism designed for children, this 64-page booklet contains 52 short questions and answers aimed at helping them better understand God, humanity, sin, and salvation. TPB, 978-1-4335-6129-0, $1.99

NEW MORNING MERCIES Paul David Tripp This devotional by best-selling author Paul David Tripp offers daily encouragement through 365 gospelcentered meditations aimed at helping readers trust God and rely on his grace each and every day. HC, 978-1-4335-4138-4, $22.99

NEW MORNING MERCIES (GIFT EDITION) Paul David Tripp This devotional by Paul David Tripp offers daily encouragement through 365 meditations aimed at helping readers rely on God’s grace at the start of each day. Features a clothover-board cover and ribbon marker. COB, 978-1-4335-5501-5, $29.99

NEW MORNING MERCIES (TRUTONE® EDITION) Paul David Tripp This devotional by best-selling author Paul David Tripp offers daily encouragement through 365 gospelcentered meditations aimed at helping readers trust God and rely on his grace each and every day. TT, 978-1-4335-6963-0, $29.99

NEWTON ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Tony Reinke Exploring the life of a slave-traderturned-hymn-writer, this book looks to the pastoral legacy of John Newton, whose hundreds of extant letters offer modern Christians valuable insights into the Christian life. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3971-8, $21.99

NINE MARKS OF A HEALTHY CHURCH (3RD EDITION) Mark Dever This classic book is now revised in a 3rd edition with a new foreword, a fresh cover, and updated content, illustrations, and appendices. Part of the 9Marks series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3998-5, $17.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T NO LITTLE PEOPLE Francis A. Schaeffer Here is a collection of 16 of Francis A. Schaeffer’s sermons that take a realistic look at human weakness and significance in relationship to the infinite and personal God. TPB, 978-1-58134-518-6, $21.99

NO MORE EXCUSES (UPDATED EDITION) Tony Evans Popular pastor and radio host Tony Evans gives men the kind of advice and inspiration they need to battle on through the most difficult circumstances and be the men God made them to be. TPB, 978-1-4335-5659-3, $21.99

NONE LIKE HIM Jen Wilkin This exploration of 10 ways God is different from us aims to remind us of why our limits are a good thing in light of God’s limitlessness—helping us experience the freedom that comes from letting God be God. TPB, 978-1-4335-4983-0, $12.99

NO ONE LIKE HIM John S. Feinberg Second in a series that addresses all areas of evangelical theology to produce an up-to-date work in systematics that rests on the best scholarship and the authority of God’s Word. This volume focuses on the doctrine of God. Volume 2 in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-58134-811-8, $50.00

NO ORDINARY MARRIAGE Tim Savage A veteran pastor and marriage counselor calls couples to discover how the glory of God can infuse and transform their marriages. TPB, 978-1-4335-3033-3, $16.99

NOT BY SIGHT Jon Bloom Trusting Jesus is hard, especially when times are tough. Through the imaginative retelling of 35 Bible stories, this book helps us trust God’s promises over and against our perceptions and find rest in the faithfulness of God. TPB, 978-1-4335-3593-2, $13.99

NOTE TO SELF Joe Thorn For many Christians, preaching to themselves is a lost art. This book provides a practical introduction to the discipline alongside 50 brief devotionals that will challenge readers to apply the law and the gospel to their own lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-2206-2, $11.99

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH John MacArthur Pastor John MacArthur combines biblical study, an apologetic, and a practical approach to witnessing in order to present a well-rounded perspective that can give Christians confidence in sharing their faith. TPB, 978-1-58134-090-7, $17.99

NOT HOME YET Ian K. Smith Understanding God’s plan to renew the earth connects what Christians learn on Sunday mornings with the rest of the week—shaping their mission as they discover purpose in all their daily work here on earth. TPB, 978-1-4335-6277-8, $15.99

NOT YET MARRIED Marshall Segal This book will help single people make the most of their not-yetmarried life, seeing it as a unique, God-given period of unmatched and intentional devotion to Christ and ministry to others, even in the midst of waiting for a spouse. TPB, 978-1-4335-5545-9, $14.99

NOW THAT I’M A CHRISTIAN C. Michael Patton This accessible handbook on the Christian faith will serve as a go-to guide for new believers, helping them better understand what it means to follow Jesus with their heads and their hands. TPB, 978-1-4335-3804-9, $13.99

NUMBERS Michael LeFebvre Showing how the book of Numbers displays the steadfast commitment of God, LeFebvre provides readers with rich insights and lessons from this account of the Israelites’s 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5790-3, $8.99

NUMBERS (REDESIGN) Iain M. Duguid This expositional commentary helps pastors and laypeople grapple with the profundities of the ancient text while communicating the enduring message of God’s devotion to his people. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3548-2, $37.99

O LOVE THAT WILL NOT LET ME GO Nancy Guthrie, ed. This volume contains a collection of writings from classical and contemporary theologians and Bible teachers encouraging believers to face death with a firm and confident belief in the character and promises of God. TPB, 978-1-4335-1618-4, $13.99

ONE ASSEMBLY Jonathan Leeman This book considers a series of biblical and pastoral arguments against both the multisite and multiservice church model, making the claim that maintaining a single assembly best embodies the unity the church possesses in Jesus Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-5959-4, $15.99

ONE GOD IN THREE PERSONS Bruce A. Ware, John Starke, eds. Twelve evangelical scholars offer a comprehensive defense of the eternal submission of the Son and the Spirit to the Father, exploring the issue from exegetical, theological, historical, and pastoral perspectives. TPB, 978-1-4335-2842-2, $21.99

ONE WITH CHRIST Marcus Peter Johnson Foundational to believers’ salvation is their union with Christ. In this accessible introduction, Johnson argues that this neglected doctrine is the lens through which all other facets of salvation in the New Testament should be understood. TPB, 978-1-4335-3149-1, $21.99

OUR AWESOME GOD John MacArthur Packed with Scripture references and daily applications, this book looks at God’s divine attributes and encourages believers by opening their eyes to the fullness of God’s majesty and grace. TPB, 978-1-58134-289-5, $18.99

OUR SUFFICIENCY IN CHRIST John MacArthur Too many Christians have displaced their true spiritual resources with watered-down beliefs like mysticism, pragmatism, and psychology. Here is a renewed understanding of what it means to be complete in Christ. TPB, 978-1-58134-013-6, $22.99

OUT OF THE DEPTHS Martyn Lloyd-Jones Here is a classic volume detailing the steps of repentance and the process of receiving forgiveness as beautifully illustrated in Psalm 51. TPB, 978-0-89107-838-8, $15.99

OVERCOMING SIN AND TEMPTATION (REDESIGN) John Owen; Kelly M. Kapic, Justin Taylor, eds. This resource includes 3 classic works by John Owen on sin, temptation, and repentance in the Christian life. TPB, 978-1-4335-5008-9, $25.00




OWEN ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Matthew Barrett, Michael A. G. Haykin Introducing readers to the legacy of John Owen and his views on the Christian life, this book gives insights into his spiritual life, pastoral ministry, and historical context. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3728-8, $21.99

PACKER ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Sam Storms Offering readers an accessible portrait of J. I. Packer’s life and theology, this book explores his insights into prayer, Bible study, indwelling sin, and true godliness. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3952-7, $18.99

PARENTING Paul David Tripp This book by Paul David Tripp sets forth 14 practical and gospel-centered principles that help parents view their role through the lens of God’s grace, radically changing the way they think about every interaction with their children. HC, 978-1-4335-5193-2, $22.99

PARENTING WITH LOVING CORRECTION Sam Crabtree This guide offers parents practical steps and tips for wise, God-centered, and consistent correction aimed at transforming their children’s hearts. TPB, 978-1-4335-6061-3, $12.99

PARENTING WITH WORDS OF GRACE William P. Smith This book offers practical wisdom in the form of short chapters with real examples to guide parents into meaningful conversations with their children. TPB, 978-1-4335-6097-2, $14.99

A PASSION FOR FAITHFULNESS J. I. Packer J. I. Packer profiles Nehemiah, the zealous man of God who led his people into reconstruction and spiritual renewal, and who still speaks to anyone wanting to practice the presence of God in their everyday responsibilities. TPB, 978-1-58134-246-8, $18.99

THE PASTOR AND COUNSELING Jeremy Pierre, Deepak Reju Written as a step-by-step guide for pastors, this practical book provides an overview of the pastoral counseling process and offers suggestions for cultivating a culture of discipleship in a church. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4512-2, $14.99

THE PASTOR’S BOOK R. Kent Hughes; Douglas Sean O’Donnell, contributing ed. Written by 2 seasoned pastors, this practical book is a comprehensive guide to nearly every facet of pastoral ministry, including pastoral counseling, hospital visitations, funerals, weddings, the sacraments, holiday services, and congregational music. COB, 978-1-4335-4587-0, $50.00

THE PASTOR’S JUSTIFICATION Jared C. Wilson Neither a how-to manual nor an academic treatise on pastoral ministry, this book of biblical exposition, pastoral confession, and gospel exultation directs pastors to their only justification: the finished work of Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-3664-9, $18.99

THE PASTOR’S WIFE Gloria Furman Filled with wise advice from someone who’s “been there,” this short book encourages pastors’ wives to look to Christ when facing the challenges of ministry, whether it’s late-night counseling sessions, unfair complaints, or unrealistic expectations. TPB, 978-1-4335-4383-8, $12.99

A PECULIAR GLORY John Piper Best-selling author John Piper examines the Bible’s self-authenticating nature and unique ability to showcase God’s unmatched glory, laying a solid foundation for the belief that God’s word is absolutely perfect and totally reliable. HC, 978-1-4335-5263-2, $24.99

PHILIPPIANS Ryan Kelly In this 12-week study, pastor Ryan Kelly helps readers embrace and apply Paul’s message in his letter to the Philippians, encouraging them to endure hardships as faithful citizens of Christ’s kingdom. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4026-4, $8.99

PHILIPPIANS J. B. Lightfoot Lightfoot’s thorough study of the key concepts and passages in this hopeful text has been tailored for the understanding of today’s readers. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-800-5, $17.99

PHILIPPIANS, COLOSSIANS, AND PHILEMON (2 VOLUMES IN 1 / ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes This newly updated commentary— now combining 2 separate volumes into 1—covers a wide range of topics, from unjust suffering to Christian unity. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3630-4, $39.99

PHILOSOPHY David K. Naugle Purposed to help students engage contemporary challenges within the study of philosophy, professor and philosopher David Naugle offers an understanding of the basic issues, thinkers, and subdisciplines therein. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3127-9, $11.99

PIERCING THE DARKNESS Frank E. Peretti A colossal spiritual struggle breaks out in a small town—an attempted murder, a ruthless lawsuit—and a young woman is caught in the middle of it. Top-selling novel of forgiveness and the power of prayer. Also available as an audio book. TPB, 978-1-58134-527-8, $16.99 CD, 978-1-58134-524-7, $19.99

THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS John Bunyan; C. J. Lovik, ed. With updated language and 30 original illustrations, John Bunyan’s classic work is made accessible to modern readers—helping them dig into this classic tale illustrating key facets of the Christian life. COB, 978-1-4335-6250-1, $29.99

THE PILLARS OF CHRISTIAN CHARACTER John MacArthur One of Christianity’s most respected pastors examines 14 distinctive, biblical attitudes that demonstrate an active, living, maturing faith—and mark a person as one of God’s own. TPB, 978-0-89107-950-7, $16.99

A PLACE TO BELONG Megan Hill Award-winning professor Hunter Baker has written this guide to the essential issues inherent in politics, helping students find a solid footing in understanding basic political thought. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-6373-7, $15.99

POLITICAL THOUGHT Hunter Baker Award-winning professor Hunter Baker has written this guide to the essential issues inherent in politics, helping students find a solid footing in understanding basic political thought. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3119-4, $11.99

POLLUTION AND THE DEATH OF MAN Francis A. Schaeffer, Udo W. Middelmann Schaeffer’s important and relevant classic outlines a theology of ecology, arguing for a renewed understanding of the creation account and a return to the biblical mandate of godly stewardship. TPB, 978-1-4335-1947-5, $18.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T POST–CHRISTIAN Gene Edward Veith Jr. This illuminating and insightful book analyzes problems with the culture’s underlying worldviews and suggests how Christians can offer solutions to current problems as a way to rebuild culture and faith. TPB, 978-1-4335-6578-6, $24.99

POSTMODERN TIMES Gene Edward Veith Jr. Provides Christians with a guide to the contemporary landscape of the postmodern era, and tells how to embrace its opportunities while avoiding its trappings. TPB, 978-0-89107-768-8, $21.99

THE POVERTY OF NATIONS Wayne Grudem, Barry Asmus We can win the fight against global poverty. Combining penetrating economic analysis with insightful theological reflection, this book sketches a comprehensive plan for increasing wealth and protecting stability at a national level. TPB, 978-1-4335-3911-4, $35.00

THE POWER OF INTEGRITY John MacArthur Here is a compelling study of how to cultivate true integrity—which requires both internal and external commitment and obedience to God. TPB, 978-0-89107-942-2, $17.99

PRACTICAL THEOLOGY FOR WOMEN Wendy Horger Alsup This resource presents sound theological teaching and practical application for women. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0209‑5, $14.99

PRACTICING AFFIRMATION Sam Crabtree Commending what’s commendable in others refreshes them and honors God. This book helps readers strengthen communication and relationships through the practice of God-centered affirmation. TPB, 978-1-4335-2243-7, $15.99

PRACTICING HOSPITALITY Pat Ennis, Lisa Tatlock This practical resource defines biblical hospitality and illustrates how all believers can practice hospitality from a biblical perspective. Readers are encouraged to love both friends and strangers joyfully and sincerely through biblical hospitality. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑942‑9, $19.99

PRAYER John Onwuchekwa Examining what Jesus taught about prayer and how the first Christians approached prayer in the early church, this book offers practical advice for those eager to prioritize prayer in their churches. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-5947-1, $14.99

THE PRAYERS OF JESUS Mark Jones Reflecting on the content and structure of Jesus’s prayers during his earthly ministry, this book teaches readers why, how, and what to pray. TPB, 978-1-4335-6281-5, $17.99

PRAYING THE BIBLE Donald S. Whitney Offering Christians the encouragement and advice they’re looking for when it comes to reinvigorating their prayer lives, this practical resource outlines a foolproof plan for praying through the Bible—turning the duty of prayer into delight. HC, 978-1-4335-4784-3, $13.99

PRAYING THE LORD’S PRAYER J. I. Packer By introducing basic principles of prayer outlined in the Lord’s Prayer, J. I. Packer helps Christians recognize the purpose and power of prayer as they strengthen their own intimate, personal conversations with their Father in Heaven. TPB, 978-1-58134-963-4, $12.99

PRAYING TOGETHER Megan Hill Exploring the Bible’s teaching on the importance of corporate prayer, Praying Together lays a theological foundation and offers practical advice related to praying alongside other believers—in our families, churches, and communities. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5051-5, $12.99

THE PREACHER’S CATECHISM Lewis Allen This book offers nourishment to the busy, weary pastor in the thick of ministry, with brief chapters that combine a question-and-answer format reflecting historical catechisms with content concerned with the pastor’s personal spiritual health. HC, 978-1-4335-5935-8, $22.99

PREACHING Jason Meyer The sermon is under attack. This comprehensive biblical theology of preaching examines what it is, how to do it, and why it’s so important, exploring the concept’s canonical development and relevance for key doctrines. TPB, 978-1-4335-1971-0, $22.99

PREACHING CHRIST IN ALL OF SCRIPTURE Edmund P. Clowney A preacher with a lifetime of experience teaches and models preaching from all of Scripture with Christ as the ultimate focus. TPB, 978-1-58134-452-3, $19.99

PREACHING FOR GOD’S GLORY (REDESIGN) Alistair Begg A veteran pastor discusses the current state of Bible-based preaching, its distinctions, its importance to the church, and how it is used for the ongoing vitality of the body of Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-2253-6, $7.99

PREACHING THE WORD: NEW TESTAMENT SET [19 VOLUMES] R. Kent Hughes, gen. ed. This 18-volume collection of commentaries on the entirety of the New Testament is a multipurpose resource for anyone who loves to read and study God’s Word. HC, 978-1-4335-3634-2, $710.81

THE PRESENCE OF GOD J. Ryan Lister This book explores the importance of God’s presence in the Bible and how it relates to his plan for the world, helping readers understand what we really mean when we say God is with us. TPB, 978-1-4335-3915-2, $25.00

PROCLAIMING A CROSS-CENTERED THEOLOGY Mark Dever, J. Ligon Duncan III, R. Albert Mohler Jr., C.J. Mahaney Four authors, joined by Piper, Sproul, MacArthur, and Anyabwile, powerfully elaborate on the essence of pastoral ministry and the necessity of proclaiming a fully biblical theology. A Together for the Gospel book. HC, 978‑1‑4335‑0206‑4, $21.99

THE PRODIGAL CHURCH Jared C. Wilson Written in the voice of a trusted friend, this book gently challenges pastors to rethink the “attractional” church model in favor of an explicitly biblical approach that is gospel focused, grace based, and fruit oriented. TPB, 978-1-4335-4461-3, $18.99

THE PROMISED ONE Nancy Guthrie This 10-week Bible study helps readers understand the book of Genesis through a Christological, redemptive-historical lens. Book 1 in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2625-1, $16.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-3354-9, $103.94




THE PROMISED ONE DVD Nancy Guthrie Go deeper in your study of Genesis with Nancy Guthrie’s 10-episode DVD companion to the Bible study The Promised One. Part of the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. DVD, 978-1-4335-3221-4, $89.99

THE PROMISES OF GOD Charles H. Spurgeon, Tim Chester In this volume, Tim Chester updates a classic collection of devotional readings from Charles Spurgeon—one of the greatest preachers in church history—based on the promises of God. COB, 978-1-4335-6324-9, $29.99

PROPHET Frank E. Peretti Anchorman John Barrett knows something is wrong. Prompted by extraordinary spiritual experiences, he begins to uncover a story about abortion that no one wants to hear. TPB, 978-1-58134-526-1, $16.99

PROVERBS Charles Bridges Readers will want this book handy as they meditate on the kernels of truth found in Proverbs. Bridges’s original work has been stylistically adapted for today. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-300-7, $23.99

PROVERBS Lydia Brownback In this 12-week study, author Lydia Brownback leads readers through the book of Proverbs, uncovering its wisdom for godly living that both glorifies God and leads to blessing for his people. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4022-6, $8.99

PROVERBS Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. Unpacking Proverbs in 21 straightforward sermons, pastor Ray Ortlund provides a biblical view of money, sex, and power, showing the wisdom God offers to those who fear him. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-58134-883-5, $29.99

PSALMS Douglas Sean O’Donnell Designed for individuals and small groups alike, this 12-week study through the Psalms explores their ability to transform our emotions and incline our hearts toward worship. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4098-1, $8.99

PSALMS Charles H. Spurgeon Spurgeon’s timeless classic on Psalms is available here in 2 easy-toread volumes. A book readers can meditate on and share with others. A Crossway Classic Commentary. VOL. 1: TPB, 978-0-89107-739-8, $26.99 VOL. 2: TPB, 978-0-89107-740-4, $26.99

THE PSALMS (VOL. 1) James Johnston In this commentary on Psalms 1–44, readers will find encouragement and inspiration as they encounter the psalmists’ passionate pursuit of God. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3355-6, $34.99

THE PSALTER RECLAIMED Gordon Wenham The Psalms are an invaluable resource for passionate worship and profound spiritual formation. In this collection of 8 lectures, Wenham draws on his academic experience to craft a highly readable exploration of the wonders of the psalter. TPB, 978-1-4335-3396-9, $17.99

PSYCHOLOGY Stanton L. Jones This accessible volume introduces students to the study of psychology from a distinctly Christian perspective, examining issues such as morality and personal identity. Part of the Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3978-7, $11.99

PUNCHINELLO AND THE MOST MARVELOUS GIFT Max Lucado In this tale from Wemmicksville, Lucia learns through a disaster at the Maker-Day concert that the holiday is not about gifts and glitz, but about Eli, the Maker. Part of Max Lucado’s Wemmicks series. HC, 978-1-58134-546-9, $15.99

PURITY Lydia Brownback Purity addresses the challenges women face in the pursuit of purity. This compact devotional looks to Scripture as it exhorts women to adorn themselves with the purity of Christ. An On-the-Go Devotional. TPB, 978-1-4335-1298-8, $10.99

PURSUING HEALTH IN AN ANXIOUS AGE Bob Cutillo, MD Uncovering the ways our society has made an idol out of controlling our health, Dr. Bob Cutillo teaches us to think biblically about health by helping us accept the limitations of our bodies and see wellness as a gift from God. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5110-9, $17.99

PURSUING PEACE Robert D. Jones Here is a manageable book on reconciliation that offers a practical, grace-based plan with a simple 3-step model. Ultimately, it addresses various types of conflicted relationships so that peace might be established. TPB, 978-1-4335-3013-5, $16.99

A QUEST FOR GODLINESS J. I. Packer A moving and challenging exploration of the teachings and beliefs of the Puritans. Calls today’s Christians to move from spiritual superficiality and follow the Puritans’s example of spiritual maturity. TPB, 978-1-4335-1581-1, $30.00

REACHING THE LOST Bobby Jamieson This study explores the who, what, why, and how of evangelism and equips participants to share the good news with others. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2544-5, $7.99

A READER’S GUIDE TO THE MAJOR WRITINGS OF JONATHAN EDWARDS Nathan A. Finn, Jeremy M. Kimble, eds. This reader’s guide provides an entryway into the major writings of Edwards, offering key background information, concise summaries, strategies for reading, and applications for the modern reader. TPB, 978-1-4335-5481-0, $21.99

READING BETWEEN THE LINES (REDESIGN) Gene Edward Veith Jr. This book helps readers cultivate good literary taste and make informed choices by understanding how the major genres of literature communicate. TPB, 978-1-4335-2974-0, $19.99

READING THE BIBLE SUPERNATURALLY John Piper Best-selling author John Piper teaches us how to read the Bible in light of its unique ability to reveal God’s glory in a way that informs our minds, transforms our hearts, and ignites our love. HC, 978-1-4335-5349-3, $32.99

READING THE WORD OF GOD IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD Vern S. Poythress This comprehensive resource on biblical interpretation argues for the importance of reading the Bible as both a human and a divine document, advocating an explicitly Christcentered approach to understanding Scripture’s meaning. TPB, 978-1-4335-4324-1, $35.00

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T REAL CHANGE Bobby Jamieson This study explains what God does and what we do in conversion, as well as the implication for us and for the church in being saved. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2540-7, $7.99

REASONABLE FAITH (3RD EDITION) William Lane Craig This updated 3rd edition by a ranking apologist presents a systematic, positive justification of Christianity that reflects the latest thought on the existence of God, the problem of miracles, the claims of Christ, and other key topics. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0115‑9, $26.00

REASONS WE BELIEVE Nathan Busenitz This helpful resource offers believers clear, concise, and credible answers to the doubts and objections of unbelievers. Includes a foreword by John MacArthur. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0146‑3, $19.99

RECOVERING BIBLICAL MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD (REDESIGN) John Piper, Wayne Grudem, eds. This comprehensive defense of complementarianism contributes to the evanglical feminism debate with systematic argumentation and practical application. TPB, 978-1-4335-3712-7, $30.00

RECOVERING THE LOST TOOLS OF LEARNING Douglas Wilson At the heart of the crisis in public education is the idea that education can exist in a moral vacuum. Wilson describes the melee in public education and calls for a return to classical teaching methods. A Turning Point book. TPB, 978-0-89107-583-7, $21.99

REDEEMING MATHEMATICS Vern S. Poythress This groundbreaking book lays a theistic foundation for the study of mathematics, exploring everything from simple concepts such as addition and subtraction to more complex topics such as set theory and the nature of infinity. TPB, 978-1-4335-4110-0, $21.99

REDEEMING MONEY Paul David Tripp Filled with biblical wisdom and aimed at debunking the false promises people often believe about money, this book by best-selling author Paul David Tripp gives a fresh understanding of money through the lens of the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-5673-9, $17.99

REDEEMING PHILOSOPHY Vern S. Poythress This robust volume explores life’s big questions related to God, human existence, meaning, and knowledge, sketching a distinctly Christian approach to philosophical inquiry that is founded on the Bible and informed by Christian theology. TPB, 978-1-4335-3946-6, $25.00

REDEEMING SCIENCE Vern S. Poythress This book attempts to kindle our appreciation for science as it ought to be—science that could serve as a path for praising God and serving fellow human beings. TPB, 978-1-58134-731-9, $30.00

REDEEMING SINGLENESS Barry Danylak Danylak explores the issue of singleness through a biblical-theological examination of the redemptive history from which biblical singleness emerges, revealing it to be an expression of the sufficiency of Christ for all things. TPB, 978-1-4335-0588-1, $22.99

REDEEMING SOCIOLOGY Vern Sheridan Poythress This book presents a biblically informed model for human relationships that shows their root in the Trinitarian character of God, his governance of the world, and his redemption accomplished in Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-2129-4, $25.00

REDEEMING THE LIFE OF THE MIND John M. Frame, Wayne Grudem, John J. Hughes, eds. Twenty leading evangelical scholars have each written essays demonstrating that all areas of knowledge can and must be redeemed by Christ, assembled in honor of Vern Poythress and his important contribution to evangelical scholarship. HC, 978-1-4335-5303-5, $50.00

REDEMPTIVE REVERSALS AND THE IRONIC OVERTURNING OF HUMAN WISDOM G. K. Beale A New Testament scholar shows how God has used irony throughout history in order to put his own wisdom and glory on display, using what is weak and foolish to accomplish his purposes. TPB, 978-1-4335-6328-7, $14.99

REDISCOVERING THE CHURCH FATHERS Michael A. G. Haykin An organized and convenient introduction to the church fathers from AD 100 to 500. Haykin surveys 16 church fathers, outlining their roles in church history and their teaching on a number of topics. TPB, 978-1-4335-1043-4, $19.99

THE REFORMATION Stephen J. Nichols Nichols uncovers the human side of Reformers like Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, Kings Henry VIII and Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, and Anne Bradstreet through user-friendly narrative stories on the Reformation. TPB, 978-1-58134-829-3, $15.99

REFORMATION ABCS Stephen J. Nichols Featuring easy-to-understand storytelling and whimsical illustrations, this accessible and informative book offers kids a fun way to learn about key events, ideas, and people from the Reformation. Written for kids ages 3–6, but engaging enough for the whole family. HC, 978-1-4335-5282-3, $16.99

REFORMATION ANGLICANISM (VOLUME 1) Ashley Null, John W. Yates III, eds. The first in a 6-volume series, Reformation Anglicanism seeks to be the go-to resource outlining the rich Reformation heritage undergirding Anglicanism and casting a clear vision for what it means to be Anglican today. HC, 978-1-4335-5213-7, $35.00

REFORMATION THEOLOGY Matthew Barrett, ed. Offering readers a comprehensive summary of the major tenets of Reformation theology, this volume convincingly demonstrates the Reformation’s enduring importance for the church today. HC, 978-1-4335-4328-9, $45.00

REFORMED PREACHING Joel R. Beeke This robust treatment of Reformed experiential preaching by experienced pastor and professor Joel Beeke explores what experiential preaching is, examines sermons by key preachers in history, and shows how experiential preaching can best be done today. HC, 978-1-4335-5927-3, $40.00

REFORMED SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY: VOLUME 1: GOD AND REVELATION Joel R. Beeke, Paul M. Smalley This volume draws on the historical theology of the Reformed tradition, exploring the first 2 of 8 central points of systematic theology with an accessible, comprehensive, and experiential approach. HC, 978-1-4335-5983-9, $60.00

REFORMING JOY Tim Chester Exploring how the Reformation was a rediscovery of the themes in the book of Galatians, this book helps believers today discover the true freedom and lasting joy found in Jesus. TPB, 978-1-4335-5842-9, $14.99




REFRESH Shona Murray, David Murray Writing to women in the midst of a busy, do-it-all culture, husband-andwife team Shona and David Murray offer practical tips for avoiding and recovering from exhaustion, depression, and anxiety—all centered on the grace of God. TPB, 978-1-4335-5522-0, $14.99

REMAINING FAITHFUL IN MINISTRY John MacArthur Through a glimpse into the heart of the apostle Paul through 9 convictions found in 2 Corinthians 4, veteran pastor John MacArthur calls church leaders to faithful endurance in ministry. TPB, 978-1-4335-6303-4, $9.99

REMEMBER DEATH Matthew McCullough Claiming that the best way to find meaning in life is to get honest about death, this book aims to show readers the practical effect of remembering their mortality in order to make the most of their lives today. HC, 978-1-4335-6053-8, $19.99

REPENTANCE Richard Owen Roberts An in-depth biblical study on repentance, this book includes an enlightening look at the character of God, plus chapters on the myths, maxims, marks, models and motives of repentance, as well as its accompanying graces and fruits. TPB, 978-1-58134-400-4, $25.00

RESET David Murray Although burnout is growing increasingly common among men in ministry, it doesn’t have to be inevitable. Pastor and counselor David Murray offers men gospel-centered hope for avoiding and recovering from burnout, setting a more sustainable pace. TPB, 978-1-4335-5518-3, $14.99

RESURRECTION LIFE IN A WORLD OF SUFFERING D. A. Carson, Kathleen Nielson, eds. With contributions from popular Bible teachers such as Piper, Wilkin, and Carson, this collection of biblical expositions explores the book of 1 Peter and the gospel perspective it gives on our lives. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5700-2, $22.99

RETHINKING RETIREMENT John Piper This brief book challenges fellow baby boomers to forego the American dream of retirement and to grow old with a zeal that shows God to be the all-satisfying treasure that he is. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0399-3, $2.99

REVELATION James M. Hamilton Jr. James Hamilton gives 37 sermons on the relevance of the book of Revelation, explaining the prophecies therein and their importance for all peoples. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-0541-6, $37.99

REVELATION Matthew Henry Henry explores Revelation’s imagery and symbolism as the church is reminded of God’s sovereignty to accomplish his will. Abridged and adapted for today’s reader. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-1-58134-065-5, $17.99

REVELATION Stephen Witmer Written for those who want to understand the book of Revelation, this 12-week study helps Christians see that Jesus has already defeated his enemies and freed Christians from their bondage to Satan, sin, and death. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4320-3, $8.99

REVIVAL Martyn Lloyd-Jones Here are clear and decisive messages about the need for revival in each generation, the circumstances leading to past revivals, and how to rekindle revival today, from the former minister of Westminster Chapel. TPB, 978-0-89107-415-1, $30.00

RHYTHMS OF GRACE Mike Cosper Designed to help Christians think more theologically about the nature of true biblical worship, this book shows how the gospel is all about worship and worship is all about the gospel. Cosper ultimately answers the question: What is worship? TPB, 978-1-4335-3342-6, $16.99

RID OF MY DISGRACE Justin S. Holcomb, Lindsey A. Holcomb A biblically sound resource to help adult victims of sexual assault move from brokenness to healing, this book outlines a theology of redemption and includes an application of how the disgrace of the cross can lead victims toward grace. TPB, 978-1-4335-1598-9, $18.99

RISK IS RIGHT John Piper Helping Christians put their faith into action and live for more than comfort, Piper offers this stand-alone edition of chapter 5 from his best-selling book Don’t Waste Your Life. He teaches us to choose risk for the cause of Christ, the fulfillment of our joy, and the good of others. TPB, 978-1-4335-3534-5, $7.99

ROMAN CATHOLIC THEOLOGY AND PRACTICE Gregg R. Allison A theologian and church historian walks readers through the catechism of the Catholic Church, winsomely evaluating Roman Catholic doctrine and practice from the perspective of both Scripture and evangelical theology. TPB, 978-1-4335-0116-6, $28.00

ROMANS Charles Hodge Hodge takes readers through this epistle a passage at a time, providing commentary on the themes of the faith that Paul set forth in Romans. A Crossway Classic Commentary. TPB, 978-0-89107-724-4, $26.99

ROMANS Jared C. Wilson Plumbing the theological depths of the book of Romans, Jared Wilson explains the biblical text with clarity and passion, helping readers follow along as Paul recounts the history of salvation and illuminates the glories of the cross of Christ. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3441-6, $8.99

ROMANS (ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes This commentary on Romans, redesigned with a new cover and updated ESV Bible references, explores justification by faith, freedom from sin, substitutionary atonement, and God’s adoption of sinners. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3615-1, $34.99

THE ROMANTIC RATIONALIST John Piper, David Mathis, eds. With contributions from a number of well-known evangelical leaders, this book explores the life, work, and theology of one of the most prominent Christians of the 20th century: C. S. Lewis. TPB, 978-1-4335-4498-9, $17.99

THE ROOTS OF ENDURANCE John Piper John Piper looks at the lives of John Newton, Charles Simeon, and William Wilberforce and focuses on how they not only endured great opposition, but did so with humility and joy. Volume 3 in the Swans Are Not Silent series. TPB, 978-1-58134-814-9, $16.99

THE RULE OF LOVE Jonathan Leeman In an age of consumerism, individualism, and skepticism, this book demonstrates how God’s holy love and authority are presented to a watching world through the church. A 9Marks book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5963-1, $17.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T RUN TO WIN THE PRIZE Thomas R. Schreiner In this clarifying overview of the biblical teaching on the doctrine of perseverance, Schreiner guides believers to carefully consider the overall message and purpose of Scripture’s warnings and exhortations to persevere. TPB, 978-1-4335-1436-4, $15.99

RUTH AND ESTHER Kathleen B. Nielson Exploring two of the most memorable stories in the Bible, this 12-week study highlights the love and faithfulness of God displayed in the books of Ruth and Esther. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4038-7, $8.99

SAINTS AND SCOUNDRELS IN THE STORY OF JESUS Nancy Guthrie Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus tells the story of 10 people who are integral to the story of Jesus, putting the characters in context of the whole Bible and delving into what they reveal about Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-6609-7, $16.99

SALVATION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE SON Robert A. Peterson After writing and teaching on the subject for nearly 30 years, this beloved professor of theology presents a major volume on the atoning work of Christ. HC, 978-1-4335-0760-1, $40.00

SALVATION APPLIED BY THE SPIRIT Robert A. Peterson Exploring a foundational Christian doctrine, this comprehensive volume unfolds believers’ union with Christ through the Spirit in a host of biblical passages and from the perspective of systematic theology. HC, 978-1-4335-3257-3, $35.00

SANCTIFICATION John MacArthur Veteran pastor John MacArthur makes the case that Jesus’s passion for his people is sanctification and encourages pastors to revolve their ministry around the increasing sanctification of their members through preaching and discipleship TPB, 978-1-4335-6738-4, $11.99

SATURATE Jeff Vanderstelt Arguing that there’s more to being a Christian than sitting in a pew and listening to a sermon, this book will help readers recover a biblical view of discipleship and joyfully embrace God’s mission in every facet of their lives. HC, 978-1-4335-4599-3, $22.99

SCANDALOUS D. A. Carson This exposition of 5 passages of Scripture examines the historicity and theological significance of the cross. This book preserves weighty theology while also exploring the irony and strangeness of the cross. TPB, 978-1-4335-1125-7, $17.99

SCHAEFFER ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE William Edgar Exploring the views of Francis Schaeffer on the Christian life, Edgar helps readers strive after the same kind of marriage of thought and life, of orthodoxy and love. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3139-2, $19.99

SCIENTISM AND SECULARISM J. P. Moreland This book exposes the inadequacy of scientism by demonstrating its self-defeating nature and 7 important facts it can never explain, arguing that together science and theology have true things to tell us about the world. TPB, 978-1-4335-5690-6, $16.99

SCRIPTURE AND THE PEOPLE OF GOD John DelHousaye, John J. Hughes, Jeff T. Purswell, eds. Compiled in honor of Wayne Grudem’s life and ministry, this volume of essays exploring topics related to Scripture stands as a testimony to the centrality and enduring worth of God’s Word. HC, 978-1-4335-5857-3, $55.00

THE SCRIPTURE CANNOT BE BROKEN John MacArthur, ed. Edited by pastor John MacArthur, this collection of essays by 20th century evangelical theologians is a valuable resource for Christians looking to better understand the doctrine of inerrancy and respond to critics, both inside and outside the church. TPB, 978-1-4335-4865-9, $25.00

SEASONS OF WAITING Betsy Childs Howard Using examples of waiting from the Bible, this book teaches us to understand God’s purpose in our waiting for a spouse, a child, a home, or healing, and to long for the day when Christ’s return will mark the end of all waiting. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4949-6, $12.99

THE SECOND COMING John MacArthur Focusing on the truths of Scripture and ignoring current sensationalism, the signs of Christ’s second coming as outlined in Jesus’s Olivet Discourse are explored. TPB, 978-1-58134-757-9, $21.99

SEEING AND SAVORING JESUS CHRIST (REVISED EDITION) John Piper Best-selling author John Piper urges readers to see Jesus Christ for who he really is and savor him in all his glory. Revised edition with new foreword by the author. TPB, 978-1-58134-623-7, $9.99

SEEING BEAUTY AND SAYING BEAUTIFULLY John Piper This book explores how God used the poetic eloquence of George Herbert, George Whitefield, and C. S. Lewis to build the church and spread the gospel. Volume 6 in the Swans Are Not Silent series. HC, 978-1-4335-4294-7, $19.99

SEEKING THE FACE OF GOD Martyn Lloyd-Jones One of the greatest preachers of the 20th century explores lessons that can be learned from the Psalms. Lloyd-Jones gives practical advice on how to apply these messages to our lives. TPB, 978-1-58134-675-6, $17.99

THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT (ESV EDITION) R. Kent Hughes This commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, with updated ESV Bible references, explores the profound truths and challenging instructions in Jesus’s most famous sermon. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-3621-2, $32.99

THE SERMONS OF GEORGE WHITEFIELD (TWO-VOLUME SET) George Whitefield; Lee Gatiss, ed. This edited and annotated edition of George Whitefield’s sermons gives valuable historical and theological insight into his powerful and passionate preaching that set the world on fire in the 18th century. HC, 978-1-4335-3245-0, $65.00

SET APART R. Kent Hughes With worldliness encroaching on the church, this book sounds a clear call to be holy and to reach out to our lost world—building a case for urging godliness in the church that echoes the biblical call to holiness. TPB, 978-1-58134-491-2, $17.99

SETTING OUR AFFECTIONS UPON GLORY Martyn Lloyd-Jones In this compilation of 9 sermons, wellknown pastor Martyn Lloyd-Jones powerfully exhorts Christians to focus their affections on the God of the Bible, addressing issues such as prayer, the church, and evangelism. TPB, 978-1-4335-3265-8, $16.99




SEX AND THE SUPREMACY OF CHRIST John Piper, Justin Taylor, gen. eds. The contributors use biblical truth to help free the church from her cultural and sexual captivity, while affirming the God-given goodness of sexuality. This book has something for all—men and women, married and single. TPB, 978-1-58134-697-8, $19.99

SEX, DATING, AND RELATIONSHIPS Gerald Hiestand, Jay Thomas Answering questions like “How far is too far?” the authors articulate a biblical theology of dating aimed at persuading a new generation of Christians to get serious about honoring Christ with their sexuality. TPB, 978-1-4335-2711-1, $14.99

SEX IN A BROKEN WORLD Paul David Tripp Best-selling author Paul David Tripp helps us see that only the gospel can redeem sexual brokenness, giving us a clear view of God’s original purpose for sex. TPB, 978-1-4335-5665-4, $17.99

SEX, ROMANCE, AND THE GLORY OF GOD (REDESIGN) C.J. Mahaney This book will help husbands understand God’s intentions for romance and sex as presented in the Bible, teaching them how to cultivate the intimacy with their wives that God intends. TPB, 978-1-4335-5942-6, $14.99

A SHELTER IN THE TIME OF STORM Paul David Tripp Here is a fresh, personal, challenging, and hopeful devotional on Psalm 27, a psalm that juxtaposes trouble and worship. A companion to Whiter Than Snow, a devotional based on Psalm 51. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0598‑0, $12.99

THE SHEPHERD LEADER AT HOME Timothy Z. Witmer Introducing 4 categories of shepherding (knowing, leading, feeding, and protecting), Witmer offers biblical counsel and practical direction to help men lead their families well. Includes discussion questions. TPB, 978-1-4335-3007-4, $15.99

SHOPPING FOR TIME (REDESIGN) Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Whitacre, Kristin Chesemore, Janelle Bradshaw Women often feel overwhelmed by the many demands on their time. This book weaves biblical principles with practical tips to help women fulfill and excel in the daily responsibilities to which God has called them. TPB, 978-1-4335-5299-1, $12.99

SIDE BY SIDE Edward T. Welch Written by a prominent biblical counselor with 3 decades of experience, this practical book aimed at everyday Christians will equip readers with the tools they need to wisely walk alongside one another in the midst of life’s struggles. TPB, 978-1-4335-4711-9, $14.99

SIGNS OF THE SPIRIT Sam Storms A thoughtful and accessible interpretation of Edwards’s immensely relevant and enriching work Religious Affections, this resource aims to motivate and equip readers to delve into the original. TPB, 978-1-58134-932-0, $21.99

SING A NEW SONG Lydia Brownback Featuring devotional teaching combined with helpful additional material for understanding the context of each psalm, Lydia Brownback guides us through the beloved book of Psalms as we see our lives as part of the unfolding plan of God. TPB, 978-1-4335-6791-9, $19.99

SOJOURNERS AND STRANGERS Gregg R. Allison This comprehensive resource investigates the Bible’s teaching on everything from church leadership to the nature of true worship. Volume 5 in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-58134-661-9, $45.00

SONG OF SOLOMON Jay Harvey This 12-week study highlights the practical wisdom embedded in the Song of Solomon and celebrates the beauty of marriage as a reflection of God’s love for his people. Part of the Knowing the Bible series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5558-9, $8.99

THE SONG OF SOLOMON Douglas Sean O’Donnell Exploring the poetry, themes, and wisdom of this song from a Christocentric perspective, O’Donnell elucidates on the greatest subject of all time: love. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series. HC, 978-1-4335-2338-0, $27.99

THE SONG OF THE KING (REDESIGN) Max Lucado Now redesigned with a new cover, this beautifully illustrated medieval tale by Max Lucado will encourage children to treasure God’s truth in their hearts and hold fast to it amid the world’s confusing messages. HC, 978-1-4335-4290-9, $17.99

THE SON OF DAVID Nancy Guthrie This 10-week Bible study highlights how the historical books point to the person and work of Jesus as the true Son of David. Volume 3 in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3656-4, $16.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-3681-6, $103.94

THE SON OF DAVID DVD Nancy Guthrie Go deeper in your study of the Old Testament history books with Nancy Guthrie’s 10-episode DVD companion to the Bible study The Son of David. Part of the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. DVD, 978-1-4335-3655-7, $89.99

THE SON OF GOD AND THE NEW CREATION (REDESIGN) Graeme Goldsworthy A renowned Bible scholar traces the theme of divine sonship through both the Old and New Testaments, highlighting Jesus’s identity as the ultimate Son of God and his role in launching the new creation. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5631-9, $14.99

SOPHIE AND THE HEIDELBERG CAT Andrew Wilson This book, meant to be read aloud to children ages 4–7, communicates rich theology and the gospel of grace through a conversation between a guilty child and a talking cat. HC, 978-1-4335-6418-5, $12.99

THE SOUL IN PARAPHRASE Leland Ryken, ed. A literary expert introduces 150 of the best of the best in devotional poetry, providing commentary that helps readers understand and appreciate the literary beauty and the spiritual truths they contain. COB, 978-1-4335-5861-0, $35.00

THE SOUL OF SCIENCE Nancy R. Pearcey, Charles B. Thaxton This book surveys the development of science and its historic and present relationship to Christianity, and reintroduces believers to their rich intellectual heritage. A Turning Point book. TPB, 978-0-89107-766-4, $23.99

SOUND DOCTRINE Bobby Jamieson Sound doctrine is the life-blood of God’s people, providing the foundation for the church’s unity and witness. This short, readable book speaks to the importance of good theology for godly living. Part of the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series. HC, 978-1-4335-3589-5, $14.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T SPECIAL GOD Julie Melilli Using simple illustrations and concrete, easy-to-understand language to explain important theological ideas, this book, written by a former teacher and a mother of a child with intellectual disabilities, makes the truths of the gospel accessible to children. Suitable for ages 5+. HC, 978-1-4335-6676-9 , $16.99

SPECTACULAR SINS John Piper Laying out what the Bible says about God’s sovereignty over the spectacular sins and terrible tragedies of human history, John Piper encourages readers to trust in God’s plan and purposes. TPB, 978-1-4335-3625-0, $12.99

SPIRITUAL MOTHERING (REDESIGN) Susan Hunt Drawing from Titus 2, this book encourages younger and older women to seek out godly mentoring relationships and experience the blessing of spiritual mothering with the aim of producing fruit for God’s glory. TPB, 978-1-4335-5239-7, $17.99

SPURGEON ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Michael Reeves This introduction to Spurgeon’s life and ministry—organized around themes such as the centrality of Christ and the importance of the new birth, will encourage and challenge readers to live their lives for the glory of God. TPB, 978-1-4335-4387-6, $19.99

STATE OF THE ARTS Gene Edward Veith Jr. Art permeates our culture, yet many have lost all criteria for making aesthetic judgments. This resource chronicles biblical foundations of art as well as the role of Christians in the artistic arena. A Turning Point book. TPB, 978-0-89107-608-7, $19.99

THE STORIES WE TELL Mike Cosper Americans love movies and watch a lot of TV. Cosper helps readers effectively engage with and evaluate what they watch, highlighting how the stories we tell reveal humanity’s universal longing for redemption. Part of the Cultural Renewal series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3708-0, $19.99

THE STORY OF EVERYTHING Jared C. Wilson The gospel isn’t just our ticket into heaven; it changes everything about everything. In this book, Jared Wilson shows what the gospel means for every aspect of our lives and our world—nothing remains unchanged by God’s story. TPB, 978-1-4335-4457-6, $15.99

THE STORY OF HIS GLORY Brian G. Hedges This book, which explains the story of the Bible in a clear, focused way, and is easily read in a single sitting, is perfect for churches, evangelists, and other ministries to connect people’s lives to the storyline of Scripture. TPB, 978-1-4335-6436-9, $4.99

THE STORYTELLING GOD Jared C. Wilson Jesus’s parables offer Christians brilliant insights into the heart and mind of God. Forsaking a moralistic approach to the text, Wilson helps readers experience afresh the glories of Christ in these simple yet profound stories. TPB, 978-1-4335-3668-7, $14.99

STOTT ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Tim Chester Exploring the enduring influence of John Stott’s views on the Christian life, this book will encourage a new generation of evangelical Christians to benefit from Stott’s life and teaching. TPB, 978-1-4335-6057-6, $21.99

STRENGTH FOR TODAY John MacArthur Gain strength for today through this unique daily devotional that takes an expository, rather than a thematic or topical, approach to Scripture. TPB, 978-1-58134-407-3, $25.99

SUFFERING Paul David Tripp Best-selling author Paul David Tripp weaves together his personal story, years of counseling experience, and biblical insights to help us in the midst of suffering, identifying 6 traps to avoid and 6 comforts to embrace. HC, 978-1-4335-5677-7, $22.99

SUFFERING AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD John Piper, Justin Taylor, gen. eds. Contributors John Piper, Joni Eareckson Tada, Steve Saint, Carl Ellis, David Powlison, Dustin Shramek, and Mark Talbot explore the many categories of God’s sovereignty as evidenced in his Word. TPB, 978-1-58134-809-5, $19.99

A SWEET AND BITTER PROVIDENCE John Piper Piper demonstrates the great relevance and unchanging realities of the book of Ruth by examining its overriding themes: the sovereignty of God, the sexual nature of humanity, and the gospel of God’s mercy for the undeserving. HC, 978-1-4335-1437-1, $17.99

THE SWORD (REDESIGN) Bryan M. Litfin This novel explores a world where society has no knowledge of Christianity, and a Bible is discovered after being lost for centuries. Book 1 in the Chiveis Trilogy. TPB, 978-1-4335-3372-3, $18.99

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY Robert Letham This single-volume systematic theology seeks to provide a clear and concise articulation of the Reformed faith, rooted in historical teaching while addressing current challenges in the life of the church. HC, 978-1-4335-4130-8, $50.00

TAKING GOD AT HIS WORD Kevin DeYoung Why is the Bible reliable, authoritative, or even necessary? DeYoung tackles these questions and more as he builds a compelling case for trusting, using, and relying on Scripture as the Word of God for all of life. Now available in paperback. TPB, 978-1-4335-5103-1, $14.99

TAKING GOD SERIOUSLY J. I. Packer This book clearly grounds us in our faith so that we can explain it to skeptics and maintain an ecumenical church that upholds orthodox beliefs. TPB, 978-1-4335-3327-3, $15.99

TELL ME ABOUT HEAVEN Randy Alcorn Jake struggles to understand his grandma’s death, but during his 2-week stay with Grandpa, Grandpa shares the truth about the reality and beauty of Heaven, which awaits all who place their faith in Christ. HC, 978-1-58134-853-8, $19.99

TELL ME THE SECRETS (REDESIGN) Max Lucado Max Lucado and Ron DiCianni join forces to create a unique and beautiful book of stories and illustrations that explore biblical truths for the entire family. HC, 978-1-4335-4195-7, $19.99

TELL ME THE STORY (REDESIGN) Max Lucado Combining powerful illustrations by Ron DiCianni with engaging writing that young children will enjoy, this book helps parents teach their kids about God’s overarching story of redemption—and their place within it. HC, 978-1-4335-4744-7, $19.99




TEMPTED AND TRIED Russell D. Moore This book examines the wilderness temptations of Christ to underscore the cosmic scale of temptation, the universal strategies of the Tempter, and the way of escape made possible for God’s people in Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-1580-4, $16.99

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Kevin DeYoung Pastor and best-selling author Kevin DeYoung delivers critical truth about the Ten Commandments as he explains what they are, why we should know them, and how we should apply them today. HC, 978-1-4335-5967-9, $17.99

THEISTIC EVOLUTION J. P. Moreland, Stephen C. Meyer, Christopher Shaw, Ann K. Gauger, Wayne Grudem, eds. Theistic Evolution brings together leading scholars from science, philosophy, and theology to demonstrate how theistic evolution contradicts Scripture—making a compelling case for an alternative model. HC, 978-1-4335-5286-1, $60.00

THEOLOGIANS YOU SHOULD KNOW Michael Reeves In this introduction to key figures from church history, Reeves helps modern readers see—perhaps for the first time—that the lives and thought of important theologians from the past are still relevant today, shaping what we believe and how we live as Christians. TPB, 978-1-4335-5086-7, $19.99

THEOLOGICAL RETRIEVAL FOR EVANGELICALS Gavin Ortlund This book aims to set forth a vision for theological retrieval, demonstrating through specific doctrines how engaging historical theology can enrich and strengthen the church today—without abandoning a Protestant identity. TPB, 978-1-4335-6526-7, $21.99

THE THEOLOGY OF B. B. WARFIELD Fred G. Zaspel The first comprehensive, systematic treatment of B. B. Warfield’s theology, this single volume gives scholars, pastors, and students a concise account of Warfield’s position on the entire spectrum of theological topics. HC, 978-1-4335-1395-4, $40.00

THE THEOLOGY OF THE WESTMINSTER STANDARDS J. V. Fesko This book introduces readers to the Westminster Standards—influential Christian documents published nearly 400 years ago—examining them within their original historical context and exploring their relevance for today. Part of the Refo500 series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3311-2, $28.00

THEOPHANY Vern S. Poythress Describing the various accounts of God’s visible presence from Genesis to Revelation, theologian Vern Poythress shows how these theophanies serve as revelations of God’s character and find their ultimate fulfillment in the incarnation of Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-5437-7, $40.00

THEREFORE I HAVE HOPE Cameron Cole This book considers 12 life-giving truths that Christians can cling to in the midst of tragedy—truths that brought vital hope and comfort to the author when grieving the sudden loss of his 3-year-old son. TPB, 978-1-4335-5877-1, $14.99

THINGS NOT SEEN Jon Bloom Featuring 35 imaginative retellings of stories from both the Old and New Testaments, this book will inspire readers to remember God’s promises, rely on his grace, and follow his leading regardless of the circumstances. A follow-up to the popular book Not by Sight. TPB, 978-1-4335-4699-0, $13.99

THE THINGS OF EARTH Joe Rigney Helping readers walk the line between idolatry and ingratitude, this book emphasizes our responsibility to glorify God by joyfully embracing his good gifts without letting them become worldly distractions that steal our affection. TPB, 978-1-4335-4473-6, $18.99

THINK John Piper John Piper demonstrates from Scripture that we don’t need to choose between glorifying God with our heart or with our mind. It’s not heart or mind, but heart and mind. TPB, 978-1-4335-2318-2, $18.99 CD, 978-1-4335-2601-5, $25.99

THINK BIBLICALLY! John MacArthur, gen. ed. In response to our postmodern world and its errors, John MacArthur and other Christian teachers help readers cultivate a biblical worldview on a wide range of issues. Now in paperback. TPB, 978-1-4335-0398-6 , $24.99

THINKING. LOVING. DOING. John Piper, David Mathis, gen. eds. Stemming from the 2010 Desiring God National Conference, this volume explores loving God with both the heart and the mind. Contributions by Warren, Chan, Piper, Mohler, Sproul, and Anyabwile. TPB, 978-1-4335-2651-0, $15.99

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING Jaquelle Crowe Written by a teenager for teenagers, This Changes Everything is a deeply theological yet practical and accessible book on how the gospel radically transforms every aspect of the teen years. HC, 978-1-4335-5514-5, $14.99

THIS MOMENTARY MARRIAGE John Piper Reflecting on 40 years of matrimony, John Piper exalts the biblical meaning of marriage over its emotion, exhorting couples to keep their covenant as a display of Christ’s covenant-keeping love for the church. TPB, 978-1-4335-3111-8, $15.99

THIS PRESENT DARKNESS Frank E. Peretti In this trailblazing novel on spiritual warfare, a prayerful pastor and a hard-boiled reporter compare notes and find themselves fighting a plot to subjugate the human race. Also available as an audio book. TPB, 978-1-58134-528-5, $14.99

TILLY Frank E. Peretti This novel tells a deeply moving story about a woman’s struggle to reconcile herself with a memory she buried 9 years ago. This powerful tale of forgiveness will shake the most stoic soul. TPB, 978-1-58134-560-5, $12.99

TIME AND ETERNITY William Lane Craig For those who want to grapple with the difficult topic of whether God is timeless or temporal, this work takes on the task with the truth of Scripture, rigorous analysis, and careful philosophical reflection. TPB, 978-1-58134-241-3, $28.00

TIME TO GET SERIOUS Tony Evans Tony Evans challenges Christians to get serious about their relationship with God by encouraging them to explore who God is—and who they are in him—through lively devotionals. TPB, 978-1-58134-951-1, $21.99

TO BE A CHRISTIAN J. I. Packer, Joel Scandrett, eds. With 360+ pairs of questions and answers, as well as Scripture references to support each teaching, this catechism instructs new believers and church members in the core beliefs of Christianity from an Anglican perspective. HC, 978-1-4335-6677-6, $29.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T THE TODDLER’S SONGBOOK Ellen Banks Elwell This collection of classic children’s songs, brought to life by lively illustrations and an accompanying audio CD, will have children singing, clapping, and learning important truths about God. HC W/CD, 978‑1‑4335‑0595‑9, $14.99

TO KNOW AND LOVE GOD David K. Clark For beginners and advanced students alike, this book deals with the nature of theology and presents a method for doing theology whose goal is both knowledge and wisdom. Volume 3 in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series. HC, 978-1-4335-2189-8, $45.00

THE TOMBS OF ANAK Frank E. Peretti When a coworker goes missing on an excavation site, Jay and Lila Cooper follow their father down a dark pit, wary of the angry terror lurking below. Book 3 of the Cooper Kids Adventure Series. YPB, 978-1-58134-620-6, $6.99

TOTAL CHURCH Tim Chester, Steve Timmis As two pastors outline and apply the biblical calling to make both the gospel and community central in Christian life and mission, they forge a much-needed middle path between the emergent church and conservative evangelicalism. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0208‑8, $16.99

TOTAL TRUTH (STUDY GUIDE EDITION) Nancy Pearcey Nancy Pearcey makes a passionate case that Christianity is not just religious truth but truth about all reality, showing how we can overcome the current divide and recover authentic spirituality. TPB, 978-1-4335-0220-0, $26.99

TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH Michael A. G. Haykin, C. Jeffrey Robinson Sr. Contrary to popular opinion, John Calvin was passionate about the spread of the gospel. This book examines the Reformer’s life, theology, and legacy. Part of the Refo500 series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2354-0, $15.99

TOUGH TOPICS Sam Storms Designed to shed biblical light on thorny issues, this book answers 25 of the toughest questions Christians are often too afraid to ask. TPB, 978-1-4335-3493-5, $23.99

TRANSFORMED BY TRUTH Katherine Forster This book outlines a clear, robust method of Bible study for teenagers to use every time they open the Bible so they can discover God’s truth for themselves. TPB, 978-1-4335-6405-5, $14.99

TRANSLATING TRUTH C. John Collins, Wayne Grudem, Vern S. Poythress, Leland Ryken, Bruce Winter This book is for anyone who desires to understand more about Bible translation and find out how God’s truth is most accurately translated. TPB, 978-1-58134-755-5, $15.99

TRAPPED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA Frank E. Peretti After her flight is hijacked and crashes into the sea, Lila Cooper anxiously waits while her brother Jay and their father race to locate her pod on the ocean floor. Book 4 of the Cooper Kids Adventure Series. YPB, 978-1-58134-621-3, $6.99

TREASURING CHRIST WHEN YOUR HANDS ARE FULL Gloria Furman Motherhood is a gift from God, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Reorienting exhausted moms to the soul-satisfying grace of God, Gloria Furman helps readers learn to treasure Christ in the mundane moments of life. TPB, 978-1-4335-3888-9, $10.99

TREASURING GOD IN OUR TRADITIONS Noël Piper Here is a helpful exploration of how thoughtful traditions can help families learn about God and display the image of Christ to the people around them. TPB, 978-1-58134-833-0, $15.99

TRUE BEAUTY Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Whitacre Mahaney and Whitacre help women find freedom from idolizing physical beauty by directing readers to the liberating truth of God’s Word and his definition of true beauty. TPB, 978-1-4335-5485-8, $14.99

TRUE FEELINGS Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Whitacre A mother-daughter team offers women a fresh perspective on their emotions straight from God’s Word, helping them handle their feelings in a way that honors God and others. TPB, 978-1-4335-5247-2, $14.99

THE TRUE WOMAN (UPDATED EDITION) Susan Hunt This book explores a woman’s God-given purpose, looking at Scripture and the lives of real women who serve as examples of what it means to reflect their heavenly Father in every season of life. TPB, 978-1-4335-6508-3, $19.99

TRUE WORSHIPERS Bob Kauflin This book connects Sunday worship to the rest of our lives, walking readers through what it looks like to live as a true worshiper of God who has been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-4230-5, $12.99

TRUST Lydia Brownback This devotional for women focuses on Scripture’s great truths about what underlies our fears and the means to overcome them, so that no woman has to live with chronic anxiety. An On-the-Go Devotional TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑957‑3, $10.99

TRUTH WE CAN TOUCH Tim Chester A theological exploration of how baptism and Communion shape our lives together as God’s people, explaining how the physical water, bread, and wine embody the promises, grace, and presence of Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-6657-8, $17.99

UNASHAMED Heather Davis Nelson Offering hope to those struggling under the burden of shame, this book shines the life-giving light of the gospel on the things that leave us feeling worthless and rejected, directing our attention to the God who promises to forgive and restore us—no matter what. TPB, 978-1-4335-5070-6, $14.99

UNCOMFORTABLE Brett McCracken Uncomfortable makes a compelling case that following Jesus and being in his church are not cool and comfortable, but rather call us to embrace the more difficult aspects of Christianity in the context of the local church. TPB, 978-1-4335-5425-4, $15.99

UNDERSTANDING SCRIPTURE Wayne Grudem, C. John Collins, Thomas R. Schreiner, eds. Originally published within the ESV Study Bible, these articles feature first-rate contributors delivering concise studies on topics such as the origin and meaning of Scripture, apologetics, and world religions. TPB, 978-1-4335-2999-3, $16.99




UNDERSTANDING THE BIG PICTURE OF THE BIBLE Wayne Grudem, C. John Collins, Thomas R. Schreiner, eds. Essays from leading evangelical scholars form this accessible introduction to reading the Bible with an understanding of its storyline, theology, and genres. TPB, 978-1-4335-3162-0, $15.99

THE UNDISTRACTED WIDOW Carol W. Cornish Offering a compassionate and practical guide to help mourning widows move toward finding comfort and joy as they live for God, Cornish leads the reader to find renewed identity and purpose after losing her husband. TPB, 978-1-4335-1232-2, $17.99

THE UNFINISHED CHURCH Rob Bentz Pastor Rob Bentz helps individuals and small groups grasp the importance of the local church for the Christian life through engaging anecdotes, powerful reflections on Scripture, and instructive lessons from church history. TPB, 978-1-4335-4006-6, $14.99

UNLIMITED GRACE Bryan Chapell By explaining the importance of God’s grace in all of life and leading us to see evidence of grace throughout Scripture, Bryan Chapell shows us how God’s kindness not only frees us from sin, but also serves as fuel for the Christian life. TPB, 978-1-4335-5231-1, $14.99

UNPACKING FORGIVENESS Chris Brauns This engaging, popular-level book examines God’s Word to form a sound theology of forgiveness, helping readers move beyond the wounds and baggage of bitterness, disagreements, and broken relationships. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑980‑1, $18.99

UNSHAKEN Crawford W. Loritts Jr. Calling readers to a faith that does not waver in a God who does not lie, this book reminds Christians of the sure hope they have in Christ and encourages them to live each day in light of that hope. TPB, 978-1-4335-4504-7, $14.99

UNTANGLING EMOTIONS J. Alasdair Groves, Winston T. Smith This book sets forth a holistic view of emotions rooted in the Bible, offering a practical approach to engaging with both positive and negative emotions in a God-honoring way. TPB, 978-1-4335-5782-8, $16.99

WALKING IN THE SPIRIT Kenneth Berding Here is an overview of what the Bible teaches about life in the Holy Spirit. Berding uses Romans 8 as his primary text in this practical, accessible guide. Includes discussion questions. TPB, 978-1-4335-2410-3, $14.99

WALKING THROUGH INFERTILITY Matthew Arbo This book offers hope and guidance from Scripture for the reality of infertility, addressing biblical, theological, and ethical questions in 4 essays. TPB, 978-1-4335-5931-0, $15.99

WALKING WITH GOD DAY BY DAY Martyn Lloyd-Jones; Robert Backhouse, ed. Daily readings from Scripture paired with insightful excerpts from the writings of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones help Christians read and be transformed by God’s Word each and every day. Now available in paperback. TPB, 978-1-4335-4182-7, $16.99

WARFIELD ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE (REDESIGN) Fred G. Zaspel This volume accessibly outlines B. B. Warfield’s teaching on a variety of topics concerning the Christian life, including prayer, Bible reading, and work. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4319-7, $17.99

WEAKNESS IS THE WAY J. I. Packer J. I. Packer helps Christians to embrace weakness as he shares about his own struggles in this book of meditations on 2 Corinthians. Ultimately, Packer directs us to the ultimate source of strength and power: Christ himself. TPB, 978-1-4335-6383-6, $12.99

WELLNESS FOR THE GLORY OF GOD John Dunlop, MD This book encourages older Christians to embrace aging as a gift from God, incorporating the physical, mental, social, financial, spiritual, and emotional aspects of a person’s life into a holistic definition of wellness. TPB, 978-1-4335-3812-4, $15.99

WESLEY ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Fred Sanders From prevenient grace to Christian perfection, Sanders guides readers through key facets of John Wesley’s theology. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series. TPB, 978-1-4335-1564-4, $19.99

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? (REDESIGN) Paul David Tripp This book presents reconciliation as a lifestyle for all marriages and illustrates this grace-based approach with six daily commitments that will equip couples to navigate the day-to-day realities of married life. TPB, 978-1-4335-4945-8, $17.99

WHAT DOES GOD WANT OF US ANYWAY? Mark Dever Dever introduces the reader to a panoramic view of Scripture, centering on the main burdens of the Bible. The reader’s gaze is directed to the One who makes promises and keeps them. Part of the 9Marks series. TPB, 978-1-4335-6633-2, $14.99

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY TEACH ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY? Kevin DeYoung Offering readers a helpful resource for thinking through a contentious issue, this timely book by award-winning author Kevin DeYoung summarizes the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and responds to popular objections raised by Christians and non-Christians alike. TPB, 978-1-4335-4937-3, $12.99

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT THAT? Carolyn Larsen Three hundred everyday topics from A to Z are spiced with 200 cartoons to assure elementary-age kids that God cares about the things they care about and that his Word is relevant to their lives. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0213‑2, $19.99

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE GOSPEL OF GRACE? James Montgomery Boice Boice’s explanation of the five solas of the Reformation offer the solution for the church today. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑1129‑5, $19.99

WHAT GRIEVING PEOPLE WISH YOU KNEW ABOUT WHAT REALLY HELPS (AND WHAT REALLY HURTS) Nancy Guthrie This short guide is filled with real examples from the lives of grieving people. Readers will be equipped to come alongside a loved one who is hurting and offer comfort in ways that really help. TPB, 978-1-4335-5235-9, $12.99

WHAT HE MUST BE Voddie Baucham Jr. This book guides parents in evaluating young men seeking their daughter’s hand, assists young women in understanding the only kind of man they should consider marrying, and teaches young men how to grow in biblical manhood. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑930‑6, $17.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T WHAT IF I DON’T DESIRE TO PRAY? John Onwuchekwa This minibook for new Christians unpacks the fundamentals of prayer, seeking to nurture in readers a desire to pray by showing its purpose and value in the context of the local church. TPB, 978-1-4335-6805-3, $4.99

WHAT IF I DON’T FEEL LIKE GOING TO CHURCH? David Gundersen This booklet motivates Christians to go to church even when they feel like it will be unsatisfying, unhelpful, or just plain awkward by helping them rediscover the power of being present at their church’s gathering. TPB, 978-1-4335-6889-3, $4.99

WHAT IF I’M DISCOURAGED IN MY EVANGELISM? Isaac Adams This short book for new Christians unpacks what the Bible says about evangelism, outlines what it looks like in the local church, and offers practical suggestions for making it a part of their daily Christian life. TPB, 978-1-4335-6820-6, $4.99

WHAT IS A HEALTHY CHURCH? Mark Dever Mark Dever helps pastors and church members recognize the key characteristics of a healthy church and challenges them to fulfill their God-given roles as they work together to improve the health of their church. Part of the 9Marks series. HC, 978-1-58134-937-5, $12.99

WHAT IS A HEALTHY CHURCH MEMBER? Thabiti M. Anyabwile Anyabwile explains how membership in the local church can produce spiritual growth in its members and how each member can contribute to the growth and health of the whole. Part of the 9Marks series. HC, 978‑1‑4335‑0212‑5, $12.99

WHAT IS BIBLICAL THEOLOGY? James M. Hamilton Jr. This concise and highly readable book orients readers to the unified story of Scripture, helping Christians grasp the perspective of the biblical writers and follow their lead in reading and interpreting God’s Word. TPB, 978-1-4335-3771-4, $12.99

WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? Greg Gilbert This contribution to the 9Marks series presents a straightforward statement of the gospel. Author Greg Gilbert guides both Christians and nonChristians to the Bible as we gain a clear understanding of the central message of God’s Word. A 9Marks book. HC, 978-1-4335-1500-2, $12.99

WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? STUDY GUIDE Greg Gilbert with Alex Duke Intended for small groups, one-onone studies, or individual use, this study guide works alongside the book What Is the Gospel? to help readers center every part of their lives around the good news of the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-6825-1, $7.99

WHAT IS THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH? Kevin DeYoung, Greg Gilbert DeYoung and Gilbert help us slow down and think carefully about what the church is sent into the world to do. Looking at the Bible’s teaching, they explore the what, why, and how of the church’s mission for today. TPB, 978-1-4335-2690-9, $17.99

WHAT JESUS DEMANDS FROM THE WORLD John Piper In this book, John Piper examines 50 of Jesus’s demands from the 4 Gospels and explains how these demands teach us who Jesus is and what he expects of us. TPB, 978-1-4335-2057-0, $21.99

WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW THAT I’M A CHRISTIAN? Sam Emadi This minibook for new Christians unpacks the fundamentals of following Jesus, outlining 7 steps for readers to take once they have believed in Jesus. TPB, 978-1-4335-6810-7, $4.99

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? John Piper John Piper examines gender issues from a biblical perspective, showing how the teaching of true biblical manhood and womanhood affects the roles of men and women in the home, the church, and the wider society. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0278‑1, $10.99

WHAT’S YOUR WORLDVIEW? James N. Anderson Highly creative and interactive, this apologetics resource helps readers identify and evaluate 21 different worldviews through engaging yes-orno questions and easy-to-understand descriptions. Appendices include answers to common questions and suggestions for further reading. TPB, 978-1-4335-3892-6, $10.99

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, AND END-OF-LIFE MEDICAL DECISIONS Wayne Grudem Wayne Grudem offers a biblical and ethical guide to controversial issues surrounding abortion and euthanasia, exploring science, politics, and opposing arguments. TPB, 978-1-4335-6830-5, $9.99

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT HOW TO KNOW GOD’S WILL Wayne Grudem Drawn from extensive study on biblical ethics, Grudem helps readers stop overcomplicating God’s will and instead embrace the different ways in which they acquire wisdom for various situations in their lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-6990-6, $9.99

WHEN CHILDREN LOVE TO LEARN Elaine Cooper, gen. ed. Christian educators and parents will learn how to use methods pioneered by Charlotte Mason to create a learning environment that encourages children’s natural love of learning. TPB, 978-1-58134-259-8, $18.99

WHEN I DON’T DESIRE GOD (REDESIGN) John Piper In this 10th anniversary edition, Piper offers us practical encouragement for holding onto the only source of true and lasting joy: God himself. Redesigned with an updated cover and new preface. TPB, 978-1-4335-4317-3, $18.99

WHEN PAIN IS REAL AND GOD SEEMS SILENT Ligon Duncan Through brief meditations on Psalms 88 and 89, Ligon Duncan points to God’s promises that sustain Christians even when he seems silent through their suffering. TPB, 978-1-4335-6905-0, $8.99

WHEN THE DARKNESS WILL NOT LIFT John Piper John Piper examines depression from a spiritual perspective, guiding and encouraging those for whom joy seems to stay out of reach. Also available as an audio book. TPB, 978-1-58134-876-7, $8.99 CD, 978-1-58134-919-1, $12.99

WHEN TROUBLE COMES Phil Ryken Exploring the universal nature of suffering, this hope-filled book uses personal anecdotes and biblical examples to illustrate the strength that God offers to those dealing with trouble of any kind—reminding sufferers that they are never alone. TPB, 978-1-4335-4973-1, $12.99

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE R. C. Sproul How should we think about God in instances of terror and man-wrought disaster? R. C. Sproul discusses this very issue in his redesigned book—the presence of God when ideological differences turn violent. TPB, 978-1-4335-2753-1, $9.99




WHITER THAN SNOW Paul David Tripp Fifty-two meditations on David’s words in Psalm 51 reveal that there is mercy for every wrong and grace for every new beginning. Designed for busy believers, these reflections are brief, engaging, and practical. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0230‑9, $12.99

WHO IS JESUS? Greg Gilbert Designed for non-Christians and new Christians alike, this succinct book examines the extraordinary life and remarkable teachings of the most important figure in history: Jesus Christ. A 9Marks book. HC, 978-1-4335-4350-0, $12.99

THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD Iain M. Duguid Duguid walks through the “armor of God” passage in Ephesians, examining the Old Testament context of each piece of armor and encouraging readers as they fight sin while resting in the finished victory of Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-6500-7, $14.99

THE WHOLE CHRIST Sinclair B. Ferguson Helping modern Christians walk the line between legalism on the one hand and antinomianism on the other, this book looks to a 300-year-old controversy to shed valuable light on the law, the gospel, sanctification, and more. HC, 978-1-4335-4800-0, $24.99

THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD Tim Patrick, Andrew Reid This book provides some of the theological, pastoral, and practical resources that preachers will require if they are to prepare effective longrange preaching programs that cover the breadth of Scripture. TPB, 978-1-4335-6007-1, $22.99

THE WHOLE MESSAGE OF THE BIBLE IN 16 WORDS Chris Bruno This accessible overview of biblical theology traces the development of 16 key themes from Genesis to Revelation, showing how each theme contributes to the one main storyline of Scripture. TPB, 978-1-4335-5362-2, $10.99

THE WHOLE STORY OF THE BIBLE IN 16 VERSES Chris Bruno Helping readers grasp the overarching storyline of the Bible, this concise resource explores 16 key verses that serve as “turning points” in the biblical narrative, highlighting God’s sovereignty, glory, and grace throughout his Word. TPB, 978-1-4335-4282-4, $10.99

THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT GOD Bobby Jamieson This study defines sound doctrine and examines the pastoral Epistles’ teaching on why it is so important to the church. Part of the 9Marks: Healthy Church Study Guides series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2532-2, $7.99

WHY CITIES MATTER Stephen T. Um, Justin Buzzard Using sociological research and data, urban pastors Um and Buzzard lay out the vision and rationale for church planting, cultural engagement, and missionary impulses in our world’s cities as they provide a solid theological foundation for making the city our home. TPB, 978-1-4335-3289-4, $15.99

WHY I LOVE THE APOSTLE PAUL John Piper Through short chapters that meditate on the apostle Paul’s awe-inspiring life and teaching, John Piper gives 24 reasons why he loves the person and work of this murderer-turned-apostle. TPB, 978-1-4335-6504-5, $14.99

WHY, O GOD? Larry J. Waters, Roy B. Zuck, eds. Joni Eareckson Tada and others join seminary professors, ministry leaders, and medical professionals to deliver theological reflections on suffering with real-world application, all with an aim to train Christians in ministering to those who hurt. TPB, 978-1-4335-2580-3, $22.00

WHY OUR CHURCH SWITCHED TO THE ESV Kevin DeYoung DeYoung shares 7 reasons why his congregation switched Bible translations to the English Standard Version. An excellent tool for pastors or lay leaders seeking to learn more about the ESV. SS, 978-1-4335-2744-9, $3.99

WHY SHOULD I JOIN A CHURCH? Mark Dever This volume in the 9Marks Church Questions series unpacks Scripture’s teaching on the necessity of church membership and the Bible’s beautiful picture of life in a local church. TPB, 978-1-4335-6815-2, $4.99

WHY THE REFORMATION STILL MATTERS Michael Reeves, Tim Chester This accessible introduction to the Protestant Reformation answers 11 key questions raised by the Reformers, arguing that the Reformation remains vitally important for the church and is still relevant to our lives today. TPB, 978-1-4335-4531-3, $16.99

WHY TRUST THE BIBLE? Greg Gilbert A perfect resource for outreach or small groups, this short book examines convincing historical and theological arguments that demonstrate the Bible’s reliability. A 9Marks book. HC, 978-1-4335-4346-3, $12.99

WHY WE PRAY William Philip Aimed at encouraging readers rather than making them feel guilty, this book explores 4 reasons to approach God in joyful prayer, reawakening Christians to the privilege of speaking directly to their heavenly Father. TPB, 978-1-4335-4286-2, $11.99

WISDOM AND ELOQUENCE Robert Littlejohn, Charles T. Evans This book is a how-to manual for returning to the classical liberal arts educational system so that students are prepared for lifelong learning. TPB, 978-1-58134-552-0, $19.99

THE WISDOM OF GOD Nancy Guthrie This study leads readers on a 10-week study of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon, highlighting how the Wisdom Literature points to Christ. Volume 2 in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series TPB, 978-1-4335-2632-9, $16.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-3638-0, $103.94

THE WISDOM OF GOD DVD Nancy Guthrie Supplementing The Wisdom of God book in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series, this 10-session DVD set features Nancy Guthrie teaching through Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. DVD, 978-1-4335-3451-5, $89.99

WITH ALL YOUR HEART A. Craig Troxel This book reveals the complexity of the heart and what that means for how we understand sin and renewal, with principles for how believers can truly love and obey God with all that they are. TPB, 978-1-4335-3553-6, $17.99

A WOMAN’S WISDOM Lydia Brownback Author and speaker Lydia Brownback teaches women about true wisdom through the practical wisdom found in the book of Proverbs. TPB, 978-1-4335-2827-9, $15.99

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T A WOMAN’S WISDOM DVD Lydia Brownback This one-disc DVD features popular Bible teacher Lydia Brownback unpacking the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs and serves as a companion to her book A Woman’s Wisdom. It includes 10 sessions, approximately 20 minutes in length, and is ideal for small-group use. DVD, 978-1-4335-3852-0, $29.99

WOMEN IN THE CHURCH (3RD EDITION) Andreas J. Köstenberger, Thomas R. Schreiner, eds. Offering a rigorous exegesis of 1 Timothy 2:9–15, this classic volume explores Paul’s teaching on women’s roles in the local church. Now includes a new preface, a new conclusion, and new and updated chapters. TPB, 978-1-4335-4961-8, $30.00

WOMEN OF THE WORD (2ND EDITION) Jen Wilkin A popular Bible teacher offers practical guidance and helpful tips for women who want to go deeper in their study of the Bible and learn how to teach others to do the same. TPB, 978-1-4335-6714-8, $12.99

WOMEN’S MINISTRY IN THE LOCAL CHURCH J. Ligon Duncan, Susan Hunt Drawing on the principles of Titus 2, this handbook helps women find their calling in the church and to mentor younger women to be more like Christ. TPB, 978-1-58134-750-0, $18.99

THE WONDER-WORKING GOD Jared C. Wilson Following up where The Storytelling God left off, this book by Jared Wilson examines Jesus’s miracles as recorded in the Gospels, defending their historicity, explaining their meaning, and highlighting their significance for Christians today. TPB, 978-1-4335-3672-4, $14.99

WONDROUS WORKS OF GOD Starr Meade Families with young children will love this illustrated Bible story book that teaches kids about the character of God. A sequel to the popular Mighty Acts of God. HC, 978-1-4335-3158-3, $24.99

WORD-FILLED WOMEN’S MINISTRY Gloria Furman, Kathleen B. Nielson, eds. Laying a biblical foundation and addressing a host of issues related to women’s ministry in the local church, this book features contributions from a number of prominent Bible teachers, including Gloria Furman and Nancy Guthrie. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4523-8, $16.99

THE WORD OF THE LORD Nancy Guthrie This 10-week Bible study leads participants through the Old Testament prophetic books, showing how they point to the true and living Word of God—Jesus. Volume 5 in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. TPB, 978-1-4335-3660-1, $16.99 10-PACK, 978-1-4335-3682-3, $103.94

THE WORD OF THE LORD DVD Nancy Guthrie Go deeper in your study of the Old Testament prophetic books with Nancy Guthrie’s 10-episode DVD companion to the Bible study The Word of the Lord. Part of the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. DVD, 978-1-4335-3654-0, $89.99

WORK AND OUR LABOR IN THE LORD James M. Hamilton Jr. A well-known biblical scholar explores the theme of work throughout the whole Bible—its original purpose, how it was affected by the fall, and how we should think about it today. Part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. TPB, 978-1-4335-4995-3, $14.99

WORK MATTERS Tom Nelson This book connects Sunday worship to Monday morning by engaging the theological basis of God’s plan for everyday work and giving readers practical tools for understanding their own gifts. TPB, 978-1-4335-2667-1, $17.99

WORLDLINESS (REDESIGN) C.J. Mahaney, ed. Worldliness equips readers to avoid the dangers of being shaped by the subtle influences of the world and offers practical help for instead pursuing godliness through the grace of the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-5663-0, $12.99

WORSHIP MATTERS Bob Kauflin Appropriate for Christians from varied backgrounds and denominations, this book brings a vital perspective to what readers think they understand about praising God as it clarifies what the calling to worship God really means. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑824‑8, $18.99

YOU ARE MINE Max Lucado Once again, things are getting out of control among the Wemmicks, and Punchinello needs to be reminded of a very important lesson: It’s not what you have, it’s whose you are. Part of the best-selling Max Lucado’s Wemmicks series. HC, 978-1-58134-276-5, $16.99

YOU ARE MINE (BOARD BOOK) Max Lucado Complete with the original illustrations and same powerful truth, Punchinello’s lesson that he is loved and cherished because he is his Maker’s, not because of the things he collects, is available for kids ages 3 and up. BB, 978-1-58134-429-5, $7.99

YOU ARE SPECIAL Max Lucado An illustrated tale of how the woodcarver helps Punchinello realize just how special he is, showing kids that God cherishes them regardless of how the world evaluates them. Part of the best-selling Max Lucado’s Wemmicks series. HC, 978-0-89107-931-6, $16.99

YOU ARE SPECIAL (BOARD BOOK) Max Lucado The best-selling story of Punchinello learning that he is special despite all his flaws. This board book is a condensed version for younger children, but with the same beautiful message and illustrations. BB, 978-1-58134-219-2, $8.99

YOU ARE SPECIAL (GIFT EDITION) Max Lucado The award-winning words are accompanied by elegant drawings in this gift-sized format of the classic best seller so that hearts of all ages can be reassured. TPB, 978-1-4335-2267-3, $6.99

YOU CAN CHANGE Tim Chester A practical, interactive, and solidly biblical book designed to help Christians in all stages of life find victory over sin, author Tim Chester focuses on heart change, not mere change of behavior. TPB, 978-1-4335-1231-5, $15.99

YOUR SPECIAL GIFT Max Lucado This is a delightful tale that helps children discover that they are uniquely gifted by God to serve him and others. Part of Max Lucado’s Wemmicks series. HC, 978-1-58134-698-5, $16.99

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AMAZING GRACE (2ND EDITION) Timothy George This concise introduction to God’s amazing grace aims to address the “Calvinism controversy” and promote unity in the church’s understanding of the doctrine of grace. Updated and expanded. TPB, 978-1-4335-1548-4, $17.99

ART AND THE CHRISTIAN MIND Laurel Gasque Laurel Gasque delves into Hans Rookmaaker’s spiritual life and shows how he incorporated his biblical beliefs into his teaching, writing, and interaction with the arts and individuals. TPB, 978-1-58134-694-7, $19.99

ATHEISM REMIX R. Albert Mohler Jr. Informs serious-minded Christians about the cultural conditions that have made atheism a respectable intellectual position, and equips them to both defend Christianity against New Atheist attacks and challenge atheist arguments. TPB, 978-1-4335-6608-0, $14.99

BEYOND THE BOUNDS John Piper, Justin Taylor, Paul Kjoss Helseth, eds. This book addresses the rise of open theism within evangelicalism by bringing together respected scholars who examine the latest literature, address the issues, and give guidance to the church. TPB, 978-1-58134-462-2, $28.00

BEYOND THE SHADOWLANDS Wayne Martindale A C. S. Lewis scholar takes on the weighty theme of eternity in this exploration of heaven and hell in Lewis’s writings. TPB, 978-1-58134-513-1, $20.00

BIBLICAL HERMENEUTICS Gerhard Maier This book outlines the alternative “biblical-historical” method of interpretation, which emphasizes the interpreter’s need to know God—and thereby the Holy Spirit’s centrality to valid exegesis. TPB, 978-0-89107-767-1, $40.00

BOOKS CHILDREN LOVE (REVISED EDITION) Elizabeth Wilson This comprehensive guide offers readers commentaries on hundreds of the best available children’s books in over two dozen subject areas. Indexed with an easy-to-reference design. TPB, 978-1-58134-198-0, $24.99

BY DESIGN Susan Hunt An inspiring and practical introduction to understanding God’s “helper” design for women, and a rallying cry to the church to fully utilize the nearly forgotten resources of its women. TPB, 978-0-89107-976-7, $22.50

BY FAITH ALONE Gary L. W. Johnson, Guy P. Waters, eds. A thorough look at the false and empty doctrines that are attacking evangelicalism’s commitment to one of its key doctrines—sola fide, by faith alone. TPB, 978-1-58134-840-8, $22.00

CAN WE TRUST THE GOSPELS? Mark D. Roberts Mark D. Roberts shares his personal odyssey of how his confidence was once rocked by what critical scholarship had to say about the Bible and how he can confidently trust the Gospels today. TPB, 978-1-58134-866-8, $19.99

CHRIST OR CHAOS Dan DeWitt This book explores the implications of an atheistic worldview through the fictional story of a student named Brent—helping readers to see that Christianity is the best explanation for life as we know it. Written as a follow-up to Jesus or Nothing. TPB, 978-1-4335-4896-3, $15.00

CHURCH HISTORY Christopher Catherwood The history of the Christian church is far more than a dull list of dates. This brief summary will whet your appetite to discover more about the story of Christianity. TPB, 978-1-58134-841-5, $19.99

COLLECTED WRITINGS ON SCRIPTURE D. A. Carson A collection of essays and reviews from 30 years of a respected scholar’s reflection on the doctrine of Scripture. Carson defends the inspiration and authority of Scripture through a theologically balanced and confessional perspective. HC, 978-1-4335-1441-8, $30.00

COMING HOME D. A. Carson, Jeff Robinson Sr., eds. Featuring contributions from leading Bible teachers such as John Piper, D. A. Carson, and Tim Keller, this compilation of 8 expository messages explores the theme of redemption from Genesis to Revelation, filling us with joyful hope in light of Jesus’s return. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-5397-4, $18.99

A COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF LITERARY FORMS IN THE BIBLE Leland Ryken A renowned literary scholar explains more than 250 literary forms found throughout Scripture in this alphabetically arranged handbook, offering succinct definitions, helpful illustrations, and key biblical references. TPB, 978-1-4335-4114-8, $22.50


THE CONCISE DICTIONARY OF CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY (REVISED EDITION) Millard J. Erickson With clear and succinct definitions of theological terms from the first 19 centuries of the Christian era, this updated classic is a must-have resource for every student of the Word. TPB, 978-1-58134-281-9, $21.99

CONFRONTING KINGDOM CHALLENGES Samuel T. Logan Jr., gen. ed. A denominationally and ethnically diverse group of contributors addresses a wide range of critical issues facing the church and suggests ways in which Christians can respond. TPB, 978-1-58134-863-7, $25.00

CONTINUITY AND DISCONTINUITY John S. Feinberg, ed. Perspectives on the relationship between the Old and New Testaments as it concerns theological systems, Mosaic law, salvation, hermeneutics, the people of God, and kingdom promises. TPB, 978-0-89107-468-7, $35.00

COUNTED RIGHTEOUS IN CHRIST John Piper John Piper counters common misconceptions and examines the doctrine of Christ’s righteousness and its role in the justification of sinners. TPB, 978-1-58134-447-9, $17.99

CREATION AND THE COURTS Norman Geisler With never-before-published eyewitness testimony, Norman Geisler challenges Christians to recognize the erosion of Christian influence in the public schools and to stand against the influence of secular humanism in the classroom. TPB, 978-1-58134-836-1, $30.00

THE DEITY OF CHRIST (REDESIGN) Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, eds. This multidisciplinary treatment of the doctrine of Christ’s deity combines first-rate evangelical scholarship and rich application with substantial and accessible theological content. Volume 3 in the noted Theology in Community series. TPB, 978-1-4335-5725-5, $25.00

DELIGHTING IN THE LAW OF THE LORD Jerram Barrs Sometimes the Bible’s rules can appear to be outdated and overbearing, even to Christians! In this eye-opening book, Barrs highlights the wisdom and beauty of God’s perfect law, demonstrating its crucial importance for living healthy and fulfilling lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-3713-4, $30.00

DID ADAM AND EVE REALLY EXIST? C. John Collins Examining the biblical storyline as the worldview of God’s people, Collins shows how the Bible presupposes a real Adam and Eve and how even our modern experience of human life points to the same conclusion. TPB, 978-1-4335-2425-7, $19.99

DID I KISS MARRIAGE GOODBYE? Carolyn McCulley Single women unsure of God’s plan for them will be stirred by this challenge to regard their singleness not as a burden, but as a useful gift that allows them to perform a unique role in the body of Christ. TPB, 978-1-58134-579-7, $19.99

DISCOVERING JESUS T. D. Alexander Who is Jesus Christ in each of the 4 canonical Gospels? This introductory guide helps readers understand why we have 4 Gospels and what each teaches about the nature and ministry of Jesus Christ. TPB, 978-1-4335-2005-1, $16.99

DO HISTORICAL MATTERS MATTER TO FAITH? James K. Hoffmeier, Dennis R. Magary, eds. This timely collection of scholarly essays equips Christians to defend the key doctrine of inerrancy against the skeptical attitudes of culture and the academy toward the Bible’s historical claims. TPB, 978-1-4335-2571-1, $35.00

DOING THINGS RIGHT IN MATTERS OF THE HEART John Ensor This easy-to-read guide for men and women presents a biblical alternative to the culture’s broken system of serial dating. TPB, 978-1-58134-842-2, $16.99

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK Kevin DeYoung, ed. This resource unites some of today’s most promising young evangelicals in a bold assertion of the stability, relevance, and necessity of Christian orthodoxy, and reasserts the theological nature of evangelicalism. Part of the Gospel Coalition series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2169-0, $17.99

THE END OF SECULARISM Hunter Baker Is secularism really the best guarantor of social peace and a rationally superior alternative in a religiously pluralistic environment? This groundbreaking work puts secularism under a microscope and ultimately proposes a more positive and viable solution. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0654‑3, $21.99

ENGAGING WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Graham A. Cole This brief, reader-friendly book seeks to sequentially address from throughout Scripture 6 crucial and common questions about the works and the person of the Holy Spirit while offering application for personal belief and behavior. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑972‑6, $17.99

THE EROSION OF INERRANCY IN EVANGELICALISM G. K. Beale A leading biblical scholar examines recent efforts to redefine the traditional evangelical view of scriptural authority. Providing arguments that demonstrate inerrancy, his sound logic presents formidable challenges to postmodern suppositions. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0203‑3, $25.00

THE ESV AND THE ENGLISH BIBLE LEGACY Leland Ryken Literary expert Leland Ryken outlines the chief characteristics of historic English Bible translation and surveys how modern Bible translations relate to the Tyndale-KJV legacy. Ryken firmly argues that the ESV is an heir of this classical stream. TPB, 978-1-4335-3066-1, $20.00

EVANGELICAL FEMINISM Wayne Grudem This books offers critical examination of the writing of egalitarians, showing that their scholarship and practice reveal an effective rejection of the authority of Scripture. TPB, 978-1-58134-734-0, $25.00

THE EVANGELICALS Christopher Catherwood An overview of the global evangelical Christian movement, this book explores its historical roots, doctrinal distinctives, and current strength. Church historian Christopher Catherwood sets out to prove that the term evangelical is worth keeping. TPB, 978-1-4335-0401-3, $20.00

EXPERIENCING THE TRUTH Anthony J. Carter, ed. Experiencing the Truth presents the need for Reformed Christianity among African-Americans and all believers. TPB, 978-1-58134-887-3, $20.00

THE FAITHFUL PREACHER Thabiti M. Anyabwile From the faithful ministry of 3 pioneering African-American pastors— Lemuel Haynes, Daniel A. Payne, and Francis J. Grimké—readers will gain a fresh vision for their own ministry. TPB, 978-1-58134-827-9, $18.99




FALLEN Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, eds. Everyone knows the world is broken. Leading evangelical scholars join forces to explore the biblical doctrine of sin from a variety of angles, including historical theology and the modern world. Volume 5 of the Theology in Community series. TPB, 978-1-4335-2212-3, $28.00

A FAMILY GUIDE TO THE BIBLE Christin Ditchfield This book takes parents, grandparents, and teachers on a whirlwind tour through each of the 66 books of the Bible, giving them everything they need to understand Scripture for themselves and introduce kids to it with confidence. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑891‑0, $25.00

FOOL’S GOLD? John MacArthur, gen. ed. In this hard-hitting, uncompromising book, the contributors lay a foundation for biblical discernment and use these principles to assess several current Christian trends. TPB, 978-1-58134-726-5, $22.50

FOR THE FAMILY’S SAKE Susan Schaeffer Macaulay This book presents a clear blueprint for constructing homes that build hearts and lives—havens of peace that survive the variety of situations that comprise the modern lifestyle. TPB, 978-1-58134-111-9, $19.99

FOR US AND FOR OUR SALVATION Stephen J. Nichols Tells the very human story of the formation of the doctrine of Christ in the early centuries of the church. Offers some sure footing for Christians to respond to contemporary challenges to this central doctrine. TPB, 978-1-58134-867-5, $19.99

FRANCIS SCHAEFFER Colin Duriez Drawing on specially collected oral history, this authoritative biography gives a full portrait of the man, his work, and his teaching to reveal how Schaeffer became one of the foremost shapers of modern evangelical Christianity. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑5223‑6, $24.99

THE GENESIS FACTOR David R. Helm, Jon M. Dennis For those who are seeking answers to life’s big questions, such as “Who am I?,” “Is there a God?,” and others, this challenging guide invites them into a dialogue to hear what the voice of the book of Genesis has to say. TPB, 978-1-58134-285-7, $17.99

THE GLORY OF GOD (REDESIGN) Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, eds. Scholars from a variety of disciplines guide believers through a biblical and theological treatment of the glory of God in a way that is both theologically substantial and accessible. TPB, 978-1-4335-5726-2, $25.00

A GOD ENTRANCED VISION OF ALL THINGS John Piper, Justin Taylor, gen. eds. Commemorating Jonathan Edwards’s 300th birthday, this book includes 10 essays that highlight various aspects of his dynamic life and legacy— prompting us all to view the world through his God-centered lens. TPB, 978-1-58134-563-6, $25.00

THE GODLY HOME Richard Baxter; Randall J. Pederson, ed. More than 3 centuries ago, prolific Puritan writer Richard Baxter wrote about godly families. His methodological and comprehensive look at marriage, children, family worship, and more will encourage Christian families today. TPB, 978-1-4335-1344-2, $19.99

THE GOD OF MIRACLES C. John Collins Collins lays a thorough exegetical foundation for discussing God’s action in the world and offers a concise examination of the philosophical, theological, scientific, and apologetic questions that the biblical view raises. TPB, 978-1-58134-141-6, $21.99

THE GOD OF PROMISE AND THE LIFE OF FAITH Scott J. Hafemann To help all Christians truly know and understand the God of the Bible, this primer in biblical theology avoids academic terminology and allows the Word to speak for itself. TPB, 978-1-58134-261-1, $21.99

GOD’S GRAND DESIGN Sean Michael Lucas This book presents Jonathan Edwards’s theology, exploring both the grand framework of redemption history and the application of God’s redemptive work in the believer’s life. TPB, 978-1-4335-1445-6, $21.99

GOD’S LOVE COMPELS US D. A. Carson, Kathleen Nielson, eds. With contributions from popular Bible teachers such as David Platt, John Piper, and D. A. Carson, this collection of 7 biblical expositions explores how God’s love for us is meant to drive Christians out into the world on mission for him. A Gospel Coalition book. TPB, 978-1-4335-4379-1, $20.00

GOD’S PLANS FOR YOU J. I. Packer A respected teacher and preacher offers biblical perspective on some of the problems that are most threatening to a Christian’s walk with God so that all will better understand both the journey and how to navigate it in a godly way. TPB, 978-1-58134-290-1, $21.99

GOOD NEWS TO THE POOR Tim Chester The chasm between evangelism and social action needs to be bridged. Chester convincingly argues that the truth of the gospel is best understood and embraced in the context of loving action and gospel-centered community. TPB, 978-1-4335-3703-5, $22.50

THE GOSPEL AND THE MIND Bradley G. Green By establishing central themes of the West’s Christian inheritance as the basis of the intellectual life, Green demonstrates that the recovery of the life of the mind depends upon a recovery of the gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-1442-5, $19.99

GOSPEL DEEPS Jared C. Wilson Award-winning writer Jared Wilson helps readers to see the pertinence and profundity of the gospel as he examines the astonishing things God has done in and through Christ. Foreword by Matt Chandler. TPB, 978-1-4335-2640-4, $22.50

GRACE TRANSFORMING Phil Ryken The 9 messages in this volume are masterful and built on Scripture, edifying and applicable for all Christians who want to grow in their understanding of grace and how it transforms us. TPB, 978-1-4335-3400-3, $20.00

GREAT CHRISTIAN HYMN WRITERS Jane Stuart Smith, Betty Carlson This book contains intriguing accounts of the personal triumphs and tragedies that surrounded the writing of some of our best-loved hymns. Great for worship leaders, homeschoolers, and personal devotions. TPB, 978-0-89107-944-6, $17.99

THE GREAT EVANGELICAL DISASTER Francis A. Schaeffer Have Christians compromised their stand on truth? Has the evangelical church sold out to the world? This book takes a serious look at the spread of accommodation in the Christian world. TPB, 978-0-89107-308-6, $21.99


THE GREAT EXCHANGE Jerry Bridges, Bob Bevington This book offers believers a greater understanding of the atoning work of Christ, helping them realize that though we deserve condemnation, God has given us the opportunity to experience his riches through Jesus Christ. TPB, 978-1-58134-927-6, $21.99

A GRIEF SANCTIFIED J. I. Packer A moving tribute to love, marriage, and life by a prominent Puritan pastor, Richard Baxter, who lost his young wife. J. I. Packer adds his own wise reflections to touch those who are mourning or questioning life’s difficulties. TPB, 978-1-58134-440-0, $20.00

HEALING FOR A BROKEN WORLD Steve Monsma This practical resource offers every believer sound biblical principles for living and responding as thoughtful, conscientious citizens in today’s global arena, where public policy issues now include genocide, global AIDS, global warming, and human trafficking. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑961‑0, $17.99

HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER Garry J. Williams Addressing the ways we often confuse God’s love with human love, this book looks to the Bible for a reliable explanation of how and what God loves—helping readers recalibrate their understanding of the truth that God is fundamentally a God of love. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑5082‑9, $22.50

HIS LOVING LAW, OUR LASTING LEGACY Jani Ortlund This book presents each of the Ten Commandments not as another rule to follow, but as an expression of God’s love that current and future generations can embrace and share with the unsaved. TPB, 978-1-58134-868-2, $20.00

HOLINESS BY GRACE (REDESIGN) Bryan Chapell Bryan Chapell offers a potent reminder that resting on God’s grace does not relieve us of our obligation to live a holy life; rather, grace enables us to live righteously as a grateful response to God’s mercy. TPB, 978-1-4335-2442-4, $25.00

HOLY SUBVERSION Trevin Wax This book challenges Christians to stop privatizing their faith and live by the early church’s proclamation, “Jesus is Lord”—a message that directly opposed the Caesar worship of their time and can serve to undermine the competing “Caesars” within today’s Western culture. TPB, 978-1-4335-0702-1, $20.00

HOW TO ARGUE LIKE JESUS Joe Carter, John Coleman Leaders in business, ministry, education, and other fields can improve their ability to communicate effectively by studying the words and methods of history’s greatest communicator, Jesus of Nazareth. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0271‑2, $19.99

INDUCTIVE PREACHING Ralph L. Lewis, Gregg Lewis This book gives workable ideas that will help preachers grab and hold the interest of their listeners without sacrificing the spiritual content of their message. TPB, 978-0-89107-287-4, $25.00

JACK George Sayer Written by a long-time friend and colleague of the man his friends called “Jack,” this definitive biography of C. S. Lewis recounts the great scholar’s relationships and experiences. TPB, 978-1-58134-739-5, $29.99

JESUS AND THE FEMINISTS Margaret Elizabeth Köstenberger This practical resource desires to expose and point the way to a better understanding of the biblical message regarding Jesus’s stance toward women. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑959‑7, $25.00

JESUS’ BLOOD AND RIGHTEOUSNESS Brian Vickers New Testament professor Brian Vickers provides a historically and theologically informed exegetical investigation of the doctrine of imputation in the teaching of Paul. TPB, 978-1-58134-754-8, $17.99

JESUS OR NOTHING Dan DeWitt Responding to the “pop” atheism trend, DeWitt challenges high school and college students to seriously consider the implications of an atheistic worldview while setting forth a compelling case for Christianity. TPB, 978-1-4335-4046-2, $15.00

JONATHAN EDWARDS AND JUSTIFICATION Josh Moody, ed. Six renowned Edwards scholars make a credible case for Jonathan Edwards’s doctrine of justification to be solidly Reformational, while also addressing some of the contemporary discussions on justification. TPB, 978-1-4335-3293-1, $20.00

JOURNEY TO JOY Josh Moody The Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120–134) were intended to help God’s people think and feel rightly about the world and their circumstances. Josh Moody leads readers through 15 powerful psalms, touching on relevant issues such as family, peace, injustice, and guilt. TPB, 978-1-4335-3497-3, $20.00

THE JOY OF CALVINISM Greg Forster Offering a positive guide to the principles of Calvinism, Forster shows how God’s love and our joy lie at the heart of this often misunderstood theology by deconstructing misconceptions and reshaping the truths they reflect. TPB, 978-1-4335-2834-7, $19.99

KINGDOM, COME! Phil Ryken Christians have a secure hope: Jesus is coming back. Full of engaging anecdotes, contemporary illustrations, and insightful reflections on Scripture, this book encourages readers to trust in God’s promises and long for Christ’s second coming. TPB, 978-1-4335-3404-1, $15.00

THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST Russell D. Moore In this book, Russell Moore explores how a kingdom consensus among evangelicals led to their renewed engagement in social and political realms. TPB, 978-1-58134-627-5, $25.00

THE KINGDOM OF GOD Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, eds. First-rate evangelical scholars collaborate to articulate a robust theology of the kingdom of God across multiple disciplines. Volume 4 in the Theology in Community series. TPB, 978-1-4335-0918-6, $25.00

KING SOLOMON Philip Graham Ryken Tracing King Solomon’s life from triumph to tragic failure, Philip Ryken helps readers connect Solomon’s experiences to the Christian life. Ryken urges readers to avoid Solomon’s mistakes, and to use money, sex, and power for God’s glory. Study guide included. TPB, 978-1-4335-2154-6, $25.00

LETTERS ALONG THE WAY D. A. Carson, John D. Woodbridge This book chronicles the spiritual pilgrimage of Tim Journeyman, evidenced through his correspondence with his father’s friend. Their letters contain wisdom and insight on maturing in Christ. TPB, 978-0-89107-673-5, $19.99




LIBERAL ARTS FOR THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Jeffry C. Davis, Philip G. Ryken, eds. Comprehensive in scope, this substantial volume was compiled in honor of Leland Ryken and champions the importance of an approach to faith and learning grounded in the Christian liberal arts. TPB, 978-1-4335-2394-6, $19.99

LIBERATING BLACK THEOLOGY Anthony B. Bradley This interdisciplinary critique by an African American theologian explores the role that “victimology” has played in the anthropology of the black church and concludes with an alternative understanding of the black experience in America that is more faithful to Scripture. TPB, 978-1-4335-1147-9, $19.99

LOVE IN HARD PLACES D. A. Carson Carson focuses on the aspects of Christian love that are difficult—like loving our enemies and forgiving those who have hurt us. He also helps readers understand what biblical love is and what biblical forgiveness looks like in life’s hard places. TPB, 978-1-58134-425-7, $19.99

LOVE YOUR ENEMIES John Piper This dissertation work by John Piper provides an in-depth exploration of Jesus’s command to love one’s enemies. TPB, 978-1-4335-3475-1, $25.00

LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR Norman L. Geisler, Ryan P. Snuffer In this concise introduction to Christian ethics, readers are challenged to think biblically and critically through several specific ethical issues, such as war, poverty, ecology, capital punishment, stem cell research, human cloning, and more. TPB, 978-1-58134-945-0, $19.99

THE MANY FACES OF EVIL (REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION) John S. Feinberg This book addresses the philosophical and theological issues relating to the problem of evil in its various forms. TPB, 978-1-58134-567-4, $40.00

THE MIRACLES OF JESUS Vern S. Poythress Showing how Jesus’s miracles serve as “signs of redemption,” this book gives readers a framework for applying such stories to their own lives and then examines specific miracles from the Gospels of Matthew and John. TPB, 978-1-4335-4607-5, $25.00

MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD Sam Storms Theologian and pastor Sam Storms urges readers to discover and delight in the treasures of Psalms through 50 days of brief but theologically substantive meditations that explore God’s work in the world, God’s work in us, and God’s nature. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0261-3, $21.99

THE NEW MEDIA FRONTIER John Mark Reynolds, Roger Overton, eds. This book explains what the new media frontier is and how Christians may use it effectively in specific fields such as theology, pastoral ministry, evangelism, and social justice, while challenging them to engage in it with discernment and grace. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0211‑8, $25.00

NO OTHER GOSPEL Josh Moody Stemming from a series of sermons delivered at his church, pastor Josh Moody presents the gospel of justification by faith alone, as proclaimed in Galatians. He examines 31 reasons Paul gives for this gospel. TPB, 978-1-4335-1567-5, $25.00

OUR TRIUNE GOD Philip Ryken, Michael LeFebvre Relating to God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can have a deep impact on one’s faith. Ryken and LeFebvre outline the saving, mysterious, practical, and glorious Trinity in this theologically rich resource. TPB, 978-1-4335-1987-1, $15.00

PAST DARKNESS Laurel Woiwode Where do we turn when tragedy strikes? That’s the question Gabrielle Larson must wrestle with in this uplifting story of healing in the midst of brokenness, of God’s grace breaking through the hardness of a human heart. TPB, 978-1-4335-3518-5, $20.00

THE PASTOR AS SCHOLAR AND THE SCHOLAR AS PASTOR John Piper, D. A. Carson Piper and Carson reflect on the interrelationship of pastoral ministry and scholarship. With introduction and conclusion by Owen Strachan and David Mathis. TPB, 978-1-4335-2647-3, $15.00

PIERCED FOR OUR TRANSGRESSIONS Steve Jeffery, Michael Ovey, Andrew Sach With the penal substitutionary view of Christ’s atoning death increasingly under attack, this systematic response to specific theological and cultural objections offers a defining declaration of the doctrine of the cross for concerned readers. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0108‑1, $29.00

THE POSTMODERN WORLD Millard J. Erickson Millard Erickson explains the characteristics of postmodernism so that readers can understand how it undermines the basic teachings of God’s Word, and recognize how its presence has permeated our everyday lives. Part of the Turning Point series. TPB, 978-1-58134-342-7, $20.00

PRACTICAL WISDOM FOR PASTORS Curtis C. Thomas Practical insights from 44 years in the pastorate blended with the author’s commitment to biblical ministry makes this a rich resource of help and encouragement for shepherds young and old. TPB, 978-1-58134-252-9, $21.99

THE PRAYER OF OUR LORD Philip Graham Ryken A warm exploration of the pattern for prayer that Jesus gave to his disciples, this book guides readers to discover the peace and contentment, hope and forgiveness, truth and assurance that come from God alone through prayer. TPB, 978-1-58134-921-4, $16.99

PREACH THE WORD Leland Ryken, Todd Wilson, eds. Here are 15 essays written by friends and colleagues of R. Kent Hughes on biblical and historical perspective, hermeneutical principles and practices, contemporary challenges and aims, and what it means to be an expository preacher. TPB, 978-1-4335-3297-9, $25.00

RAISED WITH CHRIST Adrian Warnock How does Jesus’s resurrection provide comfort, hope, and empowerment to individuals and churches? Adrian Warnock explores the doctrinal, experiential, and evangelistic implications of the doctrine of the resurrection. TPB, 978-1-4335-0716-8, $25.00

REASONS FOR FAITH Norman L. Geisler, Chad V. Meister, eds. This book gives Christians the tools they need to stand firm in their faith and to share that faith with anyone who asks for a reason for the hope within them. TPB, 978-1-58134-787-6, $30.00

RECLAIMING THE CENTER Millard J. Erickson, Paul Kjoss Helseth, Justin Taylor, eds. This volume contains a collection of essays by well-known theologians and scholars who analyze the problems arising from postconservative accommodations to the postmodern era. TPB, 978-1-58134-568-1, $25.00

C O M P L E T E B AC K L I S T RECOVERING CLASSIC EVANGELICALISM Gregory Alan Thornbury Carl F. H. Henry, one of the founding patriarchs of evangelicalism, has much to offer the church today. Covering topics such as inerrancy and culture, this book assists theologians and church-goers alike in renewed engagement with today’s world. TPB, 978-1-4335-3062-3, $21.99

RETHINKING WORLDVIEW J. Mark Bertrand This book seeks to rethink worldview, restore wisdom to its central role in the Christian life, and regain a credible and creative witness in the wider culture. TPB, 978-1-58134-934-4, $22.99

RETROCHRISTIANITY Michael J. Svigel Svigel addresses the current exodus of Christians from evangelical churches and argues for a return to historical roots. TPB, 978-1-4335-2848-4, $21.99

SCIENCE AND FAITH C. John Collins Collins investigates specific topics of “conflict” between faith and science, including the age of the earth and evolution. Written for parents, students and for anyone interested in the interplay between science and faith. TPB, 978-1-58134-430-1, $32.00

THE SECRET PROVIDENCE OF GOD John Calvin; Paul Helm, ed. A new English translation of John Calvin’s neglected work on the doctrine of divine providence, with an introduction and notes by prominent British theologian Paul Helm, this book provides a small window into the boisterous, argumentative Reformation era. TPB, 978-1-4335-0705-2, $17.99

A SINCERE AND PURE DEVOTION TO CHRIST (2 VOLUMES) Sam Storms Each of these two volumes contains 50 brief, daily meditations on 2 Corinthians that are both accessible and substantive. VOL 1: TPB, 978-1-4335-1150-9, $22.50 VOL 2: TPB, 978-1-4335-1308-4, $22.50

STAND John Piper, Justin Taylor, gen. eds. These powerful calls to godly endurance from John Piper, John MacArthur, Jerry Bridges, Randy Alcorn, and Helen Roseveare hold up the value, necessity, and beauty of Christian perseverance in a vacillating generation. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0114‑2, $17.99

SUFFERING AND THE GOODNESS OF GOD (REDESIGN) Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, eds. Suffering and the Goodness of God offers biblical truths concerning suffering, challenging believers to promote justice in the harsh, unsure world and to emulate God’s grace as they minister to those who are suffering. TPB, 978-1-4335-5727-9, $25.00

THE SUPREMACY OF CHRIST IN A POSTMODERN WORLD John Piper, Justin Taylor, gen. eds. John Piper and 5 leading theologians ground Christians in the doctrinal truths of Christ’s deity and the gospel so they will be prepared to share God’s truth and love with a postmodern society. TPB, 978-1-58134-922-1, $19.99

TEN THINGS I WISH JESUS NEVER SAID Victor Kuligin This book takes a look at the struggles involved in following Jesus, specifically as they relate to 10 of his most difficult teachings. TPB, 978-1-58134-775-3, $17.99

THROUGH HIS EYES Jerram Barrs This happy expostion of the dignity and glory the Lord showers on women answers the question “What does God think about women, and how does he treat them?” by walking readers through several biblical case studies. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0224‑8, $26.00

THE TRAGEDY OF AMERICAN COMPASSION Marvin Olasky This modern-day classic on welfare reform and social policy looks backwards into history to define an approach to benevolence that is both biblically faithful and socially effective. Now reissued for a new generation. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0110‑4, $28.00

TRUE HAPPINESS Martyn Lloyd-Jones These brief but powerful expositions on Psalms 1 and 107 by one of the 20th century’s greatest preachers are brought together in one book to guide Christians to the secrets of happiness and praise. TPB, 978-1-58134-287-1, $21.99

TRUE SEXUAL MORALITY Daniel R. Heimbach This practical and highly readable book provides an unflinching, soundly biblical corrective to the sexual chaos of our age. TPB, 978-1-58134-485-1, $40.00

TRUTH UNCHANGED, UNCHANGING Martyn Lloyd-Jones This book scrutinizes views that elevate mankind, emphasize sincerity instead of truth, and question the simplicity of the gospel, and shows how the unchanging truth of God’s Word must guide our thinking. TPB, 978-0-89107-706-0, $17.99

TRUTH WITH LOVE Bryan A. Follis This book explores the theology and thinking that fueled the ministry of the influential apologist and thinker Francis Schaeffer. A beneficial resource for all who appreciate truth and its defense in the face of opposition. TPB, 978-1-58134-774-6, $16.99

THE UNADJUSTED GOSPEL Mark Dever, J. Ligon Duncan III, R. Albert Mohler Jr., C.J. Mahaney This compilation highlights the importance of holding fast to a pure and unadulterated gospel, in both preaching and cultural engagement. A Together for the Gospel book. TPB, 978-1-4335-3187-3, $22.50

UNDERSTANDING ENGLISH BIBLE TRANSLATION Leland Ryken Ryken provides a clear path through the maze of English Bible translations, defining the issues, contrasting the main traditions of modern Bible translation, and making a strong case for an essentially literal translation philosophy. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0279‑8, $20.00

USING ILLUSTRATIONS TO PREACH WITH POWER (REVISED EDITION) Bryan Chapell Illustrations are integral to powerful, biblical preaching, and this book demonstrates why. It also shares how to find and integrate illustrations effectively without compromising the Bible’s message. TPB, 978-1-58134-264-2, $22.50

WAR, PEACE, AND CHRISTIANITY J. Daryl Charles, Timothy J. Demy This informed Christian response to more than 100 common questions regarding the ethics of war demonstrates the viability of just-war reasoning in responding to contemporary geopolitical challenges. TPB, 978-1-4335-1383-1, $27.99

WELCOME TO THE STORY Stephen J. Nichols This examination of the biblical narrative teaches Christians to read the Bible in a way that deepens their love for God and fuels their desire to see his Word lived out in their daily lives. TPB, 978-1-4335-2230-7, $15.99



WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN RACE? (REVISED EDITION) C. Everett Koop, MD; Francis A. Schaeffer Here is an unforgettable depiction of the implications of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia for our society—and a call to Christians to stand up for the right to life. TPB, 978-0-89107-291-1, $21.99

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I DIE? Michael Allen Rogers A helpful guidebook answering one of humanity’s most fundamental questions, “What happens after I die?” this resource summarizes the Bible’s teaching on the meaning of death, the wonders of heaven, and the reality of hell. TPB, 978-1-4335-3302-0, $22.50

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF SEX? Denny Burk Sex was created by God for his glory. With clarity and compassion, this book sets forth the Bible’s teaching on sexuality from a complementarian perspective, dealing with controversial issues such as homosexuality, the transgender movement, and polygamy. TPB, 978-1-4335-3609-0, $25.00

WHERE ARE ALL THE BROTHERS? Eric C. Redmond In a candid, straightforward style, the author explores where the black men in the African American church have gone by confronting them about their reasons for not placing trust in Christ and the church. TPB, 978‑1‑4335‑0178‑4, $9.99

WHY DOES GOD ALLOW WAR? Martyn Lloyd-Jones This book examines the title question and other troubling issues that tragedy raises, including how Christians are affected when they are forced to face adversity. TPB, 978-1-58134-469-1, $17.99

WHY WE BELONG Anthony L. Chute, Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, eds. Denominations, although often maligned, are important for the continued health and vitality of the church. Contributors from a variety of evangelical traditions share their personal stories for the sake of unity across denominational lines. TPB, 978-1-4335-1483-8, $25.00

WITH CALVIN IN THE THEATER OF GOD John Piper, David Mathis, gen. eds. Stemming from the Desiring God 2009 National Conference, Julius Kim, Douglas Wilson, Marvin Olasky, Mark Talbot, Sam Storms, and John Piper invite us to sit with Calvin in the theater of God, awed by the ongoing display of God’s glory in the world. TPB, 978-1-4335-1412-8, $20.00

WOMEN AND MINISTRY Dan Doriani Doriani offers concrete and credible guidance for Christians who want to see women use their spiritual gifts to advance the kingdom of God. TPB, 978-1-58134-385-4, $19.99

THE WORD OF GOD IN ENGLISH Leland Ryken An expert in English literature establishes the context for understanding contemporary English Bible translation theory and practice, and the effects upon our interpretation of God’s Word. TPB, 978-1-58134-464-6, $27.00

WORDS FOR READERS AND WRITERS Larry Woiwode Writing is foundational, allowing us to communicate with others and construct meaning for our lives. This collection of 21 essays by famed author Larry Woiwode invites readers to explore the significance of writing from a distinctly Christian perspective. TPB, 978-1-4335-3522-2, $25.00

WORD VERSUS DEED Duane Litfin This book is a timely call to pursue a much-needed balance between preaching the gospel and living it out. TPB, 978-1-4335-3112-5, $22.50

WRITERS TO READ Douglas Wilson Helping writers, bloggers, and avid readers prioritize and learn from the great works of English literature, this book introduces Christians to 9 great authors whose work deserves to be read, such as Chesterton, Lewis, and Robinson. TPB, 978-1-4335-4583-2, $22.50

YOUNG, RESTLESS, REFORMED Collin Hansen A desire for transcendence and tradition among young evangelicals has contributed to a Reformed resurgence. In locales as diverse as Birmingham, Alabama, and New Haven, Connecticut, Collin Hansen seeks to find out what makes these young Calvinists tick. TPB, 978‑1‑58134‑940‑5, $17.99

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BAUCHAM, VODDIE, JR. Family Driven Faith

What He Must Be

BAVINCK, HERMAN Christian Worldview



BEALE, G. K. Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism, The


BIBLE/NO AUTHOR Bible’s Promises for Life, The


Daily Light on the Daily Path

Bookends of the Christian Life, The

ESV Exhaustive Concordance

Great Exchange, The

New City Catechism, The (TGC) New City Catechism Curriculum, The (TGC)

(9M) What Is a Healthy Church Member?


Augustine on the Christian Life (TCL)

Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors

Faithful Preacher, The


Great Exchange, The

Family Shepherds


Whatever Happened to the Gospel of

Through His Eyes

Kindness Counts!

What’s Your Worldview?


Learning Evangelism from Jesus

God Knows My Name


Interpreting the New Testament Text

Bookends of the Christian Life, The

Expository Apologetics



BARRETT, DAVID P. Crossway ESV Bible Atlas


Colossians and Philemon (KTB)

End of Secularism, The

The (SSBT) Discovering Jesus

Things Not Seen

Doctrines of Grace, The


Tell Me About Heaven


Not by Sight

Reformed Systematic Theology: Volume 1 (RST)


Natural Sciences, The (RCIT)


John Newton



New City Catechism for Kids, The (TGC) To Be a Christian

BLOCK, DAVID L. God and Galileo

BROCK, CORY C. Christian Worldview

BROWNBACK, LYDIA Contentment (OTGD) Finding God in My Loneliness Flourish Hosea (KTB)


AU T H O R I N D E X Joy (OTGD) Proverbs (KTB)

Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, The

Purity (OTGD)

For the Love of God (Volume 1)

Sing a New Song (Trade Paperback)

For the Love of God (Volume 2)

Trust (OTGD)

God’s Love Compels Us (TGC)

Woman’s Wisdom, A

Here Is Our God (TGC)

Woman’s Wisdom DVD, A

His Mission (TGC) Jesus the Son of God


Letters Along the Way

Churches Partnering Together

Love in Hard Places

Whole Message of the Bible in 16

Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor

Words, The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses, The

BUCEY, CAMDEN M. Lamentations, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah (KTB)

BUNYAN, JOHN Pilgrim’s Progress, The

BURK, DENNY What Is the Meaning of Sex?

BUSENITZ, NATHAN Reasons We Believe

BUTLER, KATHRYN Between Life and Death

Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor, The


CLARK, DAVID K. To Know and Love God (FET)

Suffering (TGC)


Incarnation of God, The

CLINE, ROBERT Biblical Theology (BHC)

CLOWNEY, EDMUND P. Preaching Christ in All of Scripture


COLE, GRAHAM A. Against the Darkness (FET) Engaging with the Holy Spirit Faithful Theology (SSST) He Who Gives Life (FET)

Lloyd-Jones, The Church History Evangelicals, The

COLEMAN, JOHN How to Argue like Jesus

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

BUTTERFIELD, ROSARIA Gospel Comes with a House Key, The


Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi (KTB)

Christ-Centered Preaching of Martyn

BUZZARD, JUSTIN Date Your Wife John (KTB) Why Cities Matter


Lloyd-Jones, The

Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, The

CHANDLER, MATT Explicit Gospel, The


1 & 2 Thessalonians (CCC)

1–2 Timothy and Titus (PTW)

1 & 2 Timothy & Titus (CCC)

Holiness by Grace

1, 2, and 3 John (CCC)

Unlimited Grace

Acts (CCC)

Using Illustrations to Preach with

Genesis (CCC)

John (CCC) Secret Providence of God, The



God of Miracles, The

War, Peace, and Christianity

Liberal Arts for the Christian Life

DELHOUSAYE, JOHN Scripture and the People of God

DEMAREST, BRUCE Cross and Salvation, The (FET)

DEMY, TIMOTHY J. War, Peace, and Christianity

DENNIS, JON M. Christ + City Genesis Factor, The


Deliberate Church, The (9M) Discipling (BHC)


COOPER, ELAINE When Children Love to Learn

CORNISH, CAROL W. Undistracted Widow, The

Gospel and Personal Evangelism (9M), The In My Place Condemned He Stood It Is Well (9M) Message of the New Testament, The (9M) Message of the Old Testament, The (9M)

Rhythms of Grace

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (9M)

Stories We Tell, The (CR)

Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology (T4G)

CHESEMORE, KRISTIN Shopping for Time

CHESTER, TIM Everyday Church

CRABTREE, SAM Parenting with Loving Correction Practicing Affirmation

CRAIG, WILLIAM LANE Reasonable Faith

Promises of God, The

Time and Eternity

Reforming Joy Stott on the Christian Life (TCL) Total Church Truth We Can Touch

Christ Has Set Us Free

Why the Reformation Still Matters

Collected Writings on Scripture

You Can Change

Unadjusted Gospel (T4G), The What Does God Want of Us Anyway? (9M) What Is a Healthy Church? (9M)

Meal with Jesus, A



Understanding the Big Picture of the

Great Christian Hymn Writers

Coming Home (TGC)

Redeeming Singleness

Compelling Community (9M), The

Hard Questions, Real Answers



Understanding Scripture

Good News to the Poor

Growing in Godliness

George Whitefield

12 Challenges Churches Face (9M)

Gift of Music, The



Translating Truth



Science and Faith


Isaiah (CCC) Jeremiah and Lamentations (CCC)

COLLINS, C. JOHN Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?




Therefore I Have Hope

Christ-Centered Preaching of Martyn

CUTILLO, BOB Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age

Glory Road


Against the Gods


Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry (TGC)

How to Argue like Jesus

CURRID, JOHN D. Crossway ESV Bible Atlas

Experiencing the Truth




Resurrection Life in a World of Scandalous


Why Should I Join a Church? (CQ)

DEWITT, DAN Christ or Chaos Jesus or Nothing

CROFT, BRIAN Caring for Widows

DEYOUNG, KEVIN L. Biggest Story, The

CROWE, JAQUELLE This Changes Everything

Biggest Story ABCs, The Biggest Story: The Animated Short Film, The

AU T H O R I N D E X Ethics for a Brave New World

Missional Motherhood

Crazy Busy

Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia

Light in a Dark Place (FET)

Pastor’s Wife, The

Don’t Call It a Comeback (TGC)

Finishing Well to the Glory of God

Many Faces of Evil, The

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands

Grace Defined and Defended

Wellness for the Glory of God

No One Like Him (FET)

Biggest Story: The Audio Book, The


Taking God At His Word Ten Commandments, The

DURIEZ, COLIN Francis Schaeffer

What Does the Bible Really Teach


Name above All Names

EDGAR, WILLIAM Christian Apologetics Past and

Fruitful Wife, The

DIRKS, MATT Churches Partnering Together

DITCHFIELD, CHRISTIN Family Guide to Narnia, A

Present (Volume 1) Christian Apologetics Past and Present (Volume 2) Schaeffer on the Christian Life (TCL)

EDWARDS, JONATHAN Charity and Its Fruits

Family Guide to the Bible, A


Christian Worldview

Immanuel, God With Us


Toddler’s Songbook, The

Christian Higher Education Great Tradition of Christian Thinking, The (RCIT)

EMADI, SAM What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian? (CQ)

DODDS, ABIGAIL (A)Typical Woman

ENNIS, PAT Christian Homemaker’s Handbook,

DODSON, JONATHAN K. 1–2 Peter and Jude (KTB)

The Practicing Hospitality

ENSOR, JOHN Doing Things Right in Matters of the

Women and Ministry



ERICKSON, MILLARD J. Concise Dictionary of Christian Theology, The

DUGUID, IAIN M. 1 Samuel–2 Chronicles (ESVEC)

Postmodern World, The Reclaiming the Center

Daniel–Malachi (ESVEC) Ephesians–Philemon (ESVEC) Hebrews–Revelation (ESVEC) John–Acts (ESVEC) Numbers (PTW) Whole Armor of God, The

DUGUID, JAMES 1–2 Chronicles (KTB)

ESWINE, ZACK Imperfect Pastor, The

EVANS, CHARLES T. Wisdom and Eloquence

EVANS, TONY No More Excuses Time to Get Serious


Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology (T4G)

F FANNING, BUIST M. Interpreting the New Testament Text

Unadjusted Gospel, The (T4G) When Pain Is Real and God Seems Silent

Deuteronomy (PTW) Discipling in a Multicultural World Family Life of a Christian Leader, The Jesus Driven Ministry

FESKO, J. V. Theology of the Westminster Standards (R500), The


G GASQUE, LAUREL Art and the Christian Mind

GATISS, LEE Sermons of George Whitefield (2-Volume Set), The

GAUGER, ANN K. Theistic Evolution

GEISLER, NORMAN L. Creation and the Courts I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist Love Your Neighbor Reasons for Faith

Reader’s Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan Edwards, A

GENTRY, PETER J. God’s Kingdom through God’s

FITZPATRICK, ELYSE M. Because He Loves Me Comforts from Romans Comforts from the Cross

Covenants How to Read and Understand the Biblical Prophets Kingdom through Covenant

Counsel from the Cross Found in Him

GEORGE, TIMOTHY Amazing Grace Great Tradition of Christian Thinking,


The (RCIT)

Fool Moon Rising


FOLLIS, BRYAN A. Truth with Love

FORSTER, GREG Economics (RCIT) Joy for the World (CR) Joy of Calvinism, The

FORSTER, KATHERINE Transformed by Truth

From Heaven He Came and Sought Her Living Life Backward

GIBSON, JONATHAN From Heaven He Came and Sought Her

GILBERT, GREG James (KTB) What Is the Gospel? (9M) What Is the Gospel? Study Guide What Is the Mission of the Church?

FRAME, JOHN M. Redeeming the Life of the Mind

God and Galileo

FURMAN, DAVE Being There

Who Is Jesus? (9M) Why Trust the Bible? (9M)


GOLDSWORTHY, GRAEME Son of God and the New Creation, The (SSBT)

FANT, GENE C., JR. Liberal Arts, The (RCIT)


FEINBERG, JOHN S. Compelling Community, The (9M)

Call to Joy and Pain, The

Kiss the Wave

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church




What Is the Gospel? Study Guide


Whole Christ, The

Give Them Grace

Gospel-Centered Discipleship


Ethics for a Brave New World

Grace of Repentance, The

Why Our Church Switched to the ESV




about Homosexuality? What Is the Mission of the Church?

Are Full Word-Filled Women’s Ministry (TGC)

Hole in Our Holiness, The

GRANT, JAMES H., JR. 1–2 Thessalonians (PTW)

Glimpses of Grace

Against the Darkness (FET)

Joyfully Spreading the Word (TGC)

Continuity and Discontinuity

Labor with Hope

GREEN, BRADLEY G. Gospel and the Mind, The


AU T H O R I N D E X GREIDANUS, SIDNEY From Chaos to Cosmos (SSBT)

GROVES, J. ALASDAIR Untangling Emotions


HALL, MATTHEW J. Essential Evangelicalism


Revelation (CCC)

HIESTAND, GERALD Sex, Dating, and Relationships


1 Samuel–2 Chronicles (ESVEC)

Place to Belong, A

50 Crucial Questions

Daniel–Malachi (ESVEC)

Praying Together (TGC)

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and

Ephesians–Philemon (ESVEC)


Womanhood Business for the Glory of God

God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment

HODGE, CHARLES 1 Corinthians (CCC)

Christian Ethics

Hebrews–Revelation (ESVEC)

2 Corinthians (CCC)

Evangelical Feminism

John–Acts (ESVEC)

Ephesians (CCC)

Evangelical Feminism and Biblical

Revelation (PTW)

Romans (CCC)

Truth “Free Grace” Theology Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today, The Poverty of Nations, The Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Redeeming the Life of the Mind Theistic Evolution Translating Truth Understanding Scripture Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible What the Bible Says about Abortion Euthanasia, and End-of-Life Medical Decisions What the Bible Says about How to

What Is Biblical Theology? Work and Our Labor in the Lord (SSBT)

HANSEN, COLLIN 15 Things Seminary Couldn’t Teach Me Blind Spots (CR) Faithful Endurance New City Catechism Devotional, The (TGC) Young, Restless, Reformed

HARMON, MATTHEW S. Asking the Right Questions Jeremiah (KTB)


Know God’s Will


HARVEY, JAY Song of Solomon (KTB)

God in the Dark

GUNDERSEN, DAVID What If I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church? (CQ)

GUTHRIE, NANCY Be Still, My Soul Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus Even Better than Eden Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross Lamb of God, The (SJOT)

HAYKIN, MICHAEL A. G. Eight Women of Faith Owen on the Christian Life (TCL)

HOLCOMB, JUSTIN S. Acts (KTB) Ecclesiastes (KTB) Rid of My Disgrace

Rid of My Disgrace

HOLROYD, KRISTOFER D. Joel, Amos, and Obadiah (KTB) Jonah, Micah, and Nahum (KTB)

HORTON, MICHAEL Calvin on the Christian Life (TCL)

HOUSE, BRAD Community

HOUSE, PAUL R. Bonhoeffer’s Seminary Vision


To the Ends of the Earth (R500)

Seasons of Waiting (TCG)

HEDGES, BRIAN G. Story of His Glory, The

HEIMBACH, DANIEL R. True Sexual Morality

HELM, DAVID R. 1–2 Peter and Jude (PTW)

Promised One DVD, The (SJOT)

Big Picture Bible Verses, The

Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of

Big Picture Family Devotional, The Big Picture Story Bible, The

Wisdom of God DVD, The (SJOT) Word of the Lord), The (SJOT Word of the Lord DVD, The (SJOT)

HELSETH, PAUL KJOSS Beyond the Bounds Reclaiming the Center



God, Revelation and Authority (Set of 6)

Disciplines of a Godly Young Man

HUNT, RICHIE Big Truths for Little Kids My ABC Bible Verses from the Psalms

HUNT, SUSAN Big Truths for Little Kids By Design Legacy of Biblical Womanhood, The My ABC Bible Verses Spiritual Mothering True Woman, The Women’s Ministry in the Local Church

HUNTER, DREW Isaiah (KTB) Made for Friendship Matthew (KTB)



Built upon the Rock (HCSG) God’s Good News (HCSG) Growing One Another (HCSG)


HUGHES, JOHN J. Redeeming the Life of the Mind Scripture and the People of God

HUGHES, R. KENT 2 Corinthians (PTW)

Wisdom of God, The (SJOT)


Liberating Ministry from the Success

Genesis Factor, The

Secret Providence of God, The

Set Apart

Committing to One Another (HCSG)

Son of David DVD, The (SJOT)

Really Hurts)

Sermon on the Mount, The (PTW)

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

1–2 Timothy and Titus (PTW)


Set [19 Volumes] (PTW) Romans (PTW)

Disciplines of a Godly Family

Expositional Preaching (BHC)

about What Really Helps (and What

(PTW) Preaching the Word: New Testament


Son of David, The (SJOT) What Grieving People Wish You Knew

Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon

My ABC Bible Verses from the Psalms


Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up

Promised One, The (SJOT)


Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?

Rediscovering the Church Fathers

Lamb of God DVD, The (SJOT) O Love That Will Not Let Me Go


Pastor’s Book, The

Acts (PTW) Disciplines of a Godly Family Disciplines of a Godly Man Disciplines of a Godly Young Man Ephesians (PTW) Genesis (PTW) Hebrews (PTW)

Guarding One Another (HCSG) Hearing God’s Word (HCSG) Leading One Another (HCSG) Reaching the Lost (HCSG) Real Change (HCSG) Sound Doctrine (BHC) Whole Truth About God, The (HCSG)

JEFFERY, STEVE Pierced for Our Transgressions


JOHNSON, DENNIS E. Counsel from the Cross

James (PTW) John (PTW) Liberating Ministry from the Success

JOHNSON, GARY L. W. By Faith Alone


HAFEMANN, SCOTT J. God of Promise and the Life of Faith,


HENRY, MATTHEW 1, 2, and 3 John (CCC)

Luke (PTW) Mark (PTW)

JOHNSON, MARCUS PETER Incarnation of God, The

AU T H O R I N D E X One with Christ

JOHNSTON, JAMES Psalms (Vol. 1), The (PTW)



Leaders Who Last

Marriage and the Family

Mistakes Leaders Make

Faith. Hope. Love.


Prayers of Jesus, The

JONES, ROBERT D. Pursuing Peace

Tell Me the Story You Are Mine (MLW) You Are Special (MLW)

Presence of God, The

You Are Special (Board Book) (MLW)

LISTER, ROB God Is Impassible and Impassioned

LITFIN, BRYAN M. KRUGER, MICHAEL J. Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament, A

Gift, The (CT) Kingdom, The (CT) Sword, The (CT)

Canon Revisited Heresy of Orthodoxy, The

LITFIN, DUANE Word versus Deed


KULIGIN, VICTOR Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

You Are Mine (Board Book) (MLW)

Emblems of the Infinite King

Growing Together

God Is Living for God

Tell Me the Secrets

Philippians (CCC)


Song of the King, The

Colossians and Philemon (CCC)

Jesus and the Feminists

God, Marriage, and Family




You Are Special (Gift Edition) (MLW) Your Special Gift (MLW)

LUCAS, SEAN MICHAEL God’s Grand Design

LUNDY, MICHAEL S. Depression, Anxiety, and the Christian Life


Wisdom and Eloquence

JONGKIND, DIRK Introduction to the Greek New Testament, An

L LAMBERT, HEATH Biblical Counseling Movement after Adams, The

K KAPIC, KELLY M. Communion with the Triune God Overcoming Sin and Temptation

KAUFLIN, BOB True Worshipers Worship Matters

KEESEE, TIM Company of Heroes, A Dispatches from the Front

KELLY, RYAN 1–2 Samuel (KTB) Philippians (KTB)


LARSEN, CAROLYN What Does the Bible Say about That?


Reader’s Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan Edwards, A

Case for Life, The

KOOP, C. EVERETT Whatever Happened to the Human Race?

KÖSTENBERGER, ANDREAS J. Excellence Final Days of Jesus, The First Days of Jesus, The God, Marriage, and Family God’s Design for Man and Woman

Women in the Church

Christ-Centered Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The

MACARTHUR, JOHN Ashamed of the Gospel Biblical Doctrine

Cross, The

Drawing Near

Experiencing the New Birth

Fool’s Gold?

Gospel in Genesis, The

Freedom and Power of Forgiveness,

Volumes in 1)

The Glory of Heaven, The

Kingdom of God, The

Gospel according to God, The

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Inerrant Word, The

Conversion (BHC)

Life in Christ

Keys to Spiritual Growth, The

Ezekiel (KTB)

Living Water

Nothing But the Truth

It Is Well (9M)

Merciful and Faithful High Priest, A

Our Awesome God

Out of the Depths

Our Sufficiency in Christ


Pillars of Christian Character, The

Seeking the Face of God

Power of Integrity, The

Setting Our Affections upon Glory

Remaining Faithful in Ministry

True Happiness


Truth Unchanged, Unchanging

Scripture Cannot be Broken, The

Walking with God Day by Day

Second Coming, The

Why Does God Allow War?

Strength for Today

LEEMAN, JONATHAN Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love, The (9M) Church Discipline (BHC) Church Membership (BHC) How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? (CQ) One Assembly (9M)

LEFEBVRE, MICHAEL 1–3 John (KTB) Numbers (KTB) Our Triune God

LEIGHTON, ROBERT 1 and 2 Peter (CCC)


LETHAM, ROBERT Systematic Theology

LEWIS, GREGG Inductive Preaching

Heresy of Orthodoxy, The Marriage and the Family

Assurance of Our Salvation, The

Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church (9M)

Leviticus (KTB)



Acts (6 Volumes in 3)

Great Doctrines of the Bible (3

Rule of Love, The (9M)



LEWIS, RALPH L. Inductive Preaching

Think Biblically!

LOGAN, SAMUEL T., JR. Confronting Kingdom Challenges



For the Family’s Sake



Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?

Letters and Life

MAHANEY, C.J. LOVIK, C. J. Pilgrim’s Progress, The

LUCADO, MAX Because I Love You Because I Love You (Board Book) Best of All (MLW) Boy and the Ocean, The

Don’t Waste Your Sports Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology (T4G) Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God Unadjusted Gospel, The (T4G) Worldliness


Children of the King, The

Feminine Appeal

Hat for Ivan, A

Girl Talk

If Only I Had a Green Nose (MLW)

Shopping for Time

Punchinello and the Most Marvelous

True Beauty

Gift (MLW)

True Feelings


AU T H O R I N D E X MARSHALL, GLENNA Everyday Faithfulness

MAIER, GERHARD Biblical Hermeneutics


MARKOS, LOUIS Apologetics for the Twenty-First Century Literature (RCIT)

MARTINDALE, WAYNE Beyond the Shadowlands

MARTIN, OREN R. Faithful Theology (SSST)

MASON, MIKE Gospel According to Job, The


MATHIS, DAVID Acting the Miracle Collected Works of John Piper (13 Volume Set Plus Index), The Finish the Mission

God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation

Biblical Spirituality (TIC)

Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: Answer Key, The

Christian Higher Education

Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: Set, The

Fallen (TIC)

Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: Vol. 1, The

Heaven (TIC)

Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: Vol. 2, The

Love of God, The (TIC)

Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: Vol. 3, The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: Vol. 4, The Wondrous Works of God

MEISTER, CHAD V. Reasons for Faith


MEYER, JASON Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life (TCL) Preaching

MEYER, STEPHEN C. Theistic Evolution

MIDDELMANN, UDO W. Pollution and the Death of Man

MILLER, PAUL E. J-Curve Loving Life, A

Thinking. Loving. Doing.

MILLER, THOMAS A. Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

MAYHUE, RICHARD MITCHELL, C. BEN Ethics and Moral Reasoning (RCIT)

MCCALL, THOMAS Against God and Nautre (FET)

MOERBE, MARY J. Family Vocation

MCCONNELL, MEZ Church in Hard Places (9M)

MCCRACKEN, BRETT Uncomfortable

MCCULLEY, CAROLYN Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?


MCDERMOTT, GERALD R. Future of Orthodox Anglicanism, The

MCKINLEY, MIKE Am I Really a Christian? (9M) Church in Hard Places (9M) Church Planting Is for Wimps (9M)

MCLAUGHLIN, REBECCA Confronting Christianity

MEADE, STARR God’s Mighty Acts in Creation


Kingdom of God, The (TIC) Suffering and the Goodness of God (TIC) Why We Belong

Reformation ABCs Welcome to the Story

NIELSON, JON Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry (TGC)

NIELSON, KATHLEEN B. Ezra and Nehemiah (KTB) God’s Love Compels Us (TGC) Here Is Our God (TGC) His Mission (TGC) Joyfully Spreading the Word (TGC) Resurrection Life in a World of

MOTYER, ALEC 6 Ways the Old Testament Speaks Today

MUNSON, PAUL Art and Music (RCIT)

Suffering (TGC) Ruth and Esther (KTB) Word-Filled Women’s Ministry (TGC)

NULL, ASHLEY Reformation Anglicanism (Volume 1) (RAEL)

MURRAY, DAVID Exploring the Bible Exploring the Bible Together Meeting with Jesus Refresh


O O’DONNELL, DOUGLAS SEAN Beginning and End of Wisdom, The Matthew (PTW) Pastor’s Book, The Psalms (KTB)


Song of Solomon, The (PTW)

All God’s Children and Blue Suede

Romantic Rationalist, The

Biblical Doctrine

Glory of God, The (TIC)


How to Stay Christian in Seminary

With Calvin in the Theater of God

Deity of Christ, The (TIC)


Habits of Grace Habits of Grace Study Guide


Keeping Holiday

MOHLER, R. ALBERT, JR. Atheism Remix Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology (T4G) Unadjusted Gospel, The (T4G)

MONSMA, STEVE Healing for a Broken World

MOODY, JOSH Jonathan Edwards and Justification

Shoes (TP)

Tragedy of American Compassion, The

N NASELLI, ANDREW DAVID Conscience How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? (CQ)

NAUGLE, DAVID K. Philosophy (RCIT)


NELSON, TOM Work Matters

Christian Apologetics Past and Present (Volume 1) Christian Apologetics Past and Present (Volume 2) Covenantal Apologetics

ONWUCHEKWA, JOHN Prayer (BHC) What If I Don’t Desire to Pray? (CQ)

ORTLUND, DANE C. 2 Corinthians (KTB) Edwards on the Christian Life (TCL) Gentle and Lowly Mark (KTB)

Education (RCIT)



NEWMAN, RANDY Bringing the Gospel Home

MOORE, RUSSELL D. Adopted for Life



Journey to Joy No Other Gospel




Ancient Word, Changing Worlds

Kingdom of Christ, The

Bible History ABCs

Tempted and Tried

Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life (TCL)

ORTLUND, GAVIN 1–2 Kings (KTB) Finding the Right Hills to Die On Theological Retrieval for Evangelicals

ORTLUND, JANI His Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy


Church History ABCs, The

Gospel, The (BHC)

For Us and for Our Salvation

Scientism and Secularism

Isaiah (PTW)

Heaven on Earth

Theistic Evolution

Marriage and the Mystery of the

Reformation, The


Gospel (SSBT)

AU T H O R I N D E X Proverbs (PTW)

OSHMAN, JEN Enough about Me

OVERTON, ROGER New Media Frontier, The

OVEY, MICHAEL Pierced for Our Transgressions

OWEN, JOHN Communion with the Triune God Hebrews (CCC) Overcoming Sin and Temptation


This Present Darkness

Finishing Our Course with Joy God’s Plans for You Grief Sanctified, A

God (BTLH)

Tombs of Anak, The (CK)

Risk Is Right

Gospel, The (BTLH)

Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea (CK)

Romantic Rationalist, The

Jesus (BTLH)

PETERSON, ROBERT A. Deity of Christ, The (TIC) Fallen (TIC) Glory of God, The (TIC) Heaven (TIC) Kingdom of God, The (TIC) Salvation Accomplished by the Son Salvation Applied by the Spirit Suffering and the Goodness of God (TIC) Why We Belong


PIERRE, JEREMY Pastor and Counseling, The (9M)

PIPER, JOHN 21 Servants of Sovereign Joy (SANS)

In My Place Condemned He Stood

50 Crucial Questions

Keeping the Ten Commandments

Acting the Miracle

Passion for Faithfulness, A

Amazing Grace in the Life of William

Quest for Godliness, A Taking God Seriously Weakness Is the Way


Wilberforce Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce CD

Christian Homemaker’s Handbook, The

Now That I’m a Christian

PATTON, MATTHEW H. Deuteronomy (KTB)



Expository Exultation Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ (SANS) Finish the Mission Future of Justification, The God Entranced Vision of All Things, A God’s Passion for His Glory Hidden Smile of God, The (SANS)

Cooper Kids Adventure Series Set, The (CK) Door in the Dragon’s Throat, The (CK)

Hunger for God, A Innkeeper, The Legacy of Sovereign Joy, The (SANS) Lessons from a Hospital Bed Love Your Enemies Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor, The

Escape from the Island of Aquarius (CK)

Peculiar Glory, A

Piercing the Darkness

Reading the Bible Supernaturally


Recovering Biblical Manhood and

REDMOND, ERIC C. Ephesians (KTB)

Think CD

Where Are All the Brothers?

Thinking. Loving. Doing. This Momentary Marriage What’s the Difference? When I Don’t Desire God When the Darkness Will Not Lift When the Darkness Will Not Lift CD

REEVES, MICHAEL Spurgeon on the Christian Life (TCL) Theologians You Should Know Why the Reformation Still Matters

REID, ANDREW Whole Counsel of God, The

Why I Love the Apostle Paul With Calvin in the Theater of God

REINKE, TONY 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You


Competing Spectacles

Do You Want a Friend?


Faithful Women and Their

Newton on the Christian Life (TCL)

Extraordinary God

REISSIG, COURTNEY Accidental Feminist, The Glory in the Ordinary (TCG)

POE, HARRY LEE Becoming C. S. Lewis

REJU, DEEPAK Pastor and Counseling, The (9M)


Does God Desire All to Be Saved?

Don’t Waste Your Life Study Guide

Chasing Contentment


Making All Things New

God Is the Gospel


Sweet and Bitter Providence, A

How Does Sanctification Work?

Don’t Waste Your Life (Gift Edition)


World, The

God’s Grace in Your Suffering

Total Truth

Godly Home, The

Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern

Dawning of Indestructible Joy, The

Soul of Science, The (TP)


Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Counted Righteous in Christ

Don’t Waste Your Cancer



Volume Set Plus Index), The

Don’t Waste Your Life


Spectacular Sins


Contending for Our All (SANS)

Scripture and the People of God

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

Treasuring God in Our Traditions

Collected Works of John Piper (13



Most of All, Jesus Loves You!

How to Stay Christian in Seminary


Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully

Beyond the Bounds Camaraderie of Confidence, A (SANS)

Whole Counsel of God, The

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

Andrew Fuller

Designed for Joy


Roots of Endurance, The (SANS)

What Jesus Demands from the World

Growing in Christ

Praying the Lord’s Prayer


Rethinking Retirement

Affirming the Apostles’ Creed Faithfulness and Holiness



REYNOLDS, JOHN MARK New Media Frontier, The


Love That Lasts

Chance and the Sovereignty of God Inerrancy and the Gospels


Inerrancy and Worldview

Love That Lasts

Interpreting Eden In the Beginning Was the Word Logic Lordship of Christ, The Miracles of Jesus, The Reading the Word of God in the

RIGNEY, JOE Lewis on the Christian Life (TCL) Things of Earth, The

RINNE, JERAMIE Church Elders (BHC)

Presence of God Redeeming Mathematics Redeeming Philosophy

RISTUCCIA, MATTHEW P. Imagination Redeemed

Redeeming Science Redeeming Sociology Theophany Translating Truth


ROARK, NICK Biblical Theology (BHC)

ROBERTS, ALASTAIR J. Echoes of Exodus

ROBERTS, MARK D. Can We Trust the Gospels?



SAVAGE, TIMOTHY Discovering the Good Life No Ordinary Marriage

SMALLEY, PAUL M. Reformed Systematic Theology:

Christ Has Set Us Free


To the Ends of the Earth (R500)

ROGERS, MICHAEL ALLEN What Happens After I Die?

ROOKMAAKER, H. R. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture



Choosing a Bible Christian Guide to the Classics, A (CGC) Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible, A


SMITH, JANE STUART Gift of Music, The

Christian Manifesto, A

Great Christian Hymn Writers

Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer, The Finished Work of Christ, The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy, A Great Evangelical Disaster, The How Should We Then Live? Joshua and the Flow of Biblical

SMITH, WILLIAM P. Parenting with Words of Grace

SMITH, WINSTON T. Untangling Emotions

SNUFFER, RYAN P. Love Your Neighbor

History Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer

J. I. Packer

No Little People

Barber Who Wanted to Pray, The

Literary Introductions to the Books of

Pollution and the Death of Man

Consequences of Ideas, The

Whatever Happened to the Human

Defending Your Faith

Preach the Word


Soul in Paraphrase, The Translating Truth Understanding English Bible

SCHEUMANN, JESSE Labor with Hope

Translation Word of God in English, The

SCHLOSSBERG, HERBERT Idols for Destruction

RYKEN, PHILIP GRAHAM Christian Worldview (RCIT) Doctrines of Grace, The Ecclesiastes (PTW) Exodus (PTW) Grace Transforming Is Jesus the Only Way? Jeremiah and Lamentations (PTW) Kingdom, Come! King Solomon

SCHOONMAKER, GAIL Big Picture Bible Crafts

SCHREINER, PATRICK Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross, The (SSBT)

SCHREINER, THOMAS R. Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World (SSBT)

Liberal Arts for the Christian Life

Run to Win the Prize

Love of Loves in the Song of Songs,

Understanding Scripture

The Loving Jesus More Loving the Way Jesus Loves

Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible Women in the Church

Our Triune God Prayer of Our Lord, The When Trouble Comes

SCHUCHARDT, READ MERCER Media, Journalism, and Communication (RCIT)

RYLE, J. C. Luke (CCC) Mark (CCC) Matthew (CCC)


SACH, ANDREW Dig Deeper Pierced for Our Transgressions



Justified by Faith Alone When Worlds Collide

SPURGEON, CHARLES H. Morning and Evening Morning by Morning Promises of God, The Psalms (Volumes 1 & 2) (CCC)

STARKE, JOHN One God in Three Persons

STEWART, ALEXANDER E. Final Days of Jesus, The First Days of Jesus, The

STILES, J. MACK Evangelism (BHC)

STOKES, MITCH How to Be an Atheist

STORMS, SAM Chosen for Life Hope of Glory, The Kept for Jesus More Precious Than Gold

TABB, BRIAN J. 1–2 Timothy and Titus (KTB)

TADA, JONI EARECKSON Hope . . . the Best of Things

TATLOCK, LISA Practicing Hospitality

TAYLOR, JUSTIN Beyond the Bounds Collected Works of John Piper (13 Volume Set Plus Index), The Communion with the Triune God Final Days of Jesus, The God Entranced Vision of All Things, A Overcoming Sin and Temptation Reclaiming the Center Sex and the Supremacy of Christ Stand Suffering and the Sovereignty of God Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World, The

THAXTON, CHARLES B. Soul of Science, The (TP)

THOENNES, ERIK Biblical and Theological Studies (RCIT) Life’s Biggest Questions

THOMAS, CURTIS C. Practical Wisdom for Pastors


THOMAS, GRIFFITH 1 and 2 Peter (CCC)


Packer on the Christian Life (TCL)

1 Corinthians (KTB)

Signs of the Spirit

Sex, Dating, and Relationships


(Vol. 1), A Sincere and Pure Devotion to Christ (Vol. 2), A


Tough Topics


Daniel (PTW)

1 Samuel–2 Chronicles (ESVEC) Daniel–Malachi (ESVEC)

THOMPSON, BARBARA Legacy of Biblical Womanhood, The

THOMPSON, JESSICA Exploring Grace Together

Theistic Evolution


Ephesians–Philemon (ESVEC)

Designed for Joy

Deep Things of God, The

Hebrews–Revelation (ESVEC)

Essential Evangelicalism

Wesley on the Christian Life (TCL)

John–Acts (ESVEC)



Sincere and Pure Devotion to Christ Martin Luther



Not Home Yet

ESV and the English Bible Legacy, The

the Bible

Christian Worldview

1–2 Thessalonians (KTB)

25 Basic Bible Studies

Death in the City




Coming Home (TGC) Faithful Endurance

Charity and Its Fruits

Volume 1

ROBINSON, C. JEFFREY, SR. 15 Things Seminary Couldn’t Teach Me


Give Them Grace

THORN, JOE Experiencing the Trinity Note to Self

AU T H O R I N D E X THORNBURY, GREGORY ALAN Recovering Classic Evangelicalism


Imagination Redeemed

Shopping for Time

Loving God With All Your Mind

True Beauty


True Feelings

Reading Between the Lines (TP)

Total Church

State of the Arts (TP)


Awe Come, Let Us Adore Him Dangerous Calling My Heart Cries Out

WHITNEY, DONALD S. Family Worship


Praying the Bible

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy


New Morning Mercies New Morning Mercies (Gift Edition)

In His Image

New Morning Mercies (TruTone Edition)


None Like Him



Redeeming Money Sex in a Broken World Shelter in the Time of Storm, A Suffering

Caring for Widows

WALTON, JOHN H. Bible Story Handbook, The

What Did You Expect? Whiter Than Snow

WALTON, KIM E. Bible Story Handbook, The

TROXEL, A. CRAIG With All Your Heart

TRUEMAN, CARL R. Creedal Imperative, The Histories and Fallacies Luther on the Christian Life (TCL)

TUREK, FRANK I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist


WARE, BRUCE A. Big Truths for Young Hearts God’s Greater Glory God’s Lesser Glory Man Christ Jesus, The One God in Three Persons

WARNOCK, ADRIAN Raised with Christ

WATERS, GUY PRENTISS By Faith Alone Lord’s Supper as the Sign and Meal of the New Covenant, The (SSBT)

U UM, STEPHEN T. 1 Corinthians (PTW) Why Cities Matter


WAX, TREVIN Holy Subversion


V VANDERSTELT, JEFF Gospel Fluency Saturate

Judges and Ruth (PTW)


VICKERS, BRIAN Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness

Words for Readers and Writers

Sermons of George Whitefield (2-Volume Set), The


Shepherd Leader at Home, The


Postmodern Times (TP)

Everyday Church


Women of the Word

WILKINS, MICHAEL J. Biblical and Theological Studies

WOLGEMUTH, NANCY DEMOSS Becoming God’s True Woman

WOODBRIDGE, JOHN D. Letters Along the Way

WOODHOUSE, JOHN 1 Kings (PTW) 1 Samuel (PTW) 2 Samuel (PTW)


WILLIAMS, GARRY J. His Love Endures Forever

WILLIAMS, PETER J. Can We Trust The Gospels?

Y YATES, JOHN W., III Reformation Anglicanism (Volume 1) (RAEL)

WILSON, ANDREW Echoes of Exodus Life We Never Expected, The


Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat

ZASPEL, FRED G. WILSON, DOUGLAS Case for Classical Christian Education,

Theology of B. B. Warfield, The Warfield on the Christian Life (TCL)

The Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning (TP) Writers to Read



ZUCK, ROY B. Why, O God?

Books Children Love

WILSON, JARED C. Explicit Gospel, The Gospel Deeps Gospel Wakefulness Pastor’s Justification, The Prodigal Church, The Romans (KTB)


Story of Everything, The

Caring for One Another

Storytelling God, The

Created to Draw Near

Wonder-Working God, The

Side by Side

VANDRUNEN, DAVID Bioethics and the Christian Life Living in God’s Two Kingdoms




Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament, A

God’s Kingdom through God’s

Judges (KTB)

God the Son Incarnate (FET)

Covenants Kingdom through Covenant

VASSAR, JR Glory Hunger

Galatians (PTW) Preach the Word

WINTER, BRUCE Translating Truth

Psalter Reclaimed, The

God at Work

Daniel (KTB)


VEITH, GENE EDWARD, JR. Family Vocation

Life We Never Expected, The

God in the Whirlwind





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