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Connecting people in a world of need

Cover photo: Today’s world sees many displaced by conflict. We seek to represent their situation through our Global X-perience programmes (pictured) and to be a crossroads for these and other global challenges, partnering those in need with those who can help.

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Some names and details of individuals we serve have been changed in this report to respect their privacy.

What is Crossroads Foundation?

Our goal is to be a crossroads in a broken world: connecting people in need with those who can help.

In today’s world, many for-profit and nonprofit organisations are trying to make a difference. Both are often looking for partners, but may struggle to find them. Global Hand offers a ‘matching’ website service. It helps connect people who want to help with poverty, climate change, education, employment, migration, HIV/AIDS, disaster response/reduction, water issues, shelter, food security, environmental responsibility or the many other global challenges. Whether you are a company or an NGO, Global Hand can help ‘match’ you if you are interested in strategic partnerships, humanitarian aid, gifts-in-kind, capacity building, advocacy, skilled volunteering, philanthropy, project funding, academic support or more. Global Hand has also built an online matching system for the United Nations to facilitate UN partnerships with corporations.

For many in poverty, humanitarian aid is not enough. They need a job with a reliable income. So we provide ‘business solutions’ for people in poverty: fair trade and social enterprises. Our Global Handicrafts shop, at the Crossroads Village site, is an enchanting, multicultural marketplace of items from Hong Kong and around the world. They are purchased on a ‘fair trade’ basis that sees a ‘fair’ income go to artisans and producers who are living in economic need. The Silk Road Café sells fair trade teas and coffees from around the world. It also serves snacks from local Hong Kong social enterprise businesses. All sales help provide income for people in need. It’s an oasis of refreshment and community, themed with the colours, patterns and textiles of the Silk Road.

Crossroads’ Global Distribution provides aid for relief and development in over 90 countries, as well as in Hong Kong, our headquarters. Welfare: In Hong Kong, we actively support the Social Welfare Department and a wide range of NGOs in providing help to individuals and families living in vulnerable circumstances. Development: Our humanitarian aid targets entrenched poverty. We redistribute quality goods donated by the Hong Kong community to NGOs, in over 90 countries, who have applied to us with details of their needs and development plans. Follow up and feedback provide ways for all of us to track the effectiveness of the distribution and the sustainability of its outcomes.

The old proverb says: I cannot understand a man until I have walked a mile in his shoes. When people participate in Global X-periences, they do not watch a video or listen to a presentation about global issues. They take a few steps ‘in the shoes’ of people in need. If they are interested in poverty, for example, they x-perience simulated manual labour and corrupt market practice together with the battle for shelter, food, education and medical care.

Relief: Crossroads’ Global Distribution also addresses major disasters. We target disaster reduction, prepositioning and response, seeking to comply with Sphere standards to ensure best practice.

We offer x-periential programmes on war, HIV/AIDS, blindness, hunger, water access, inequality in trade and the complex global range of issues that hold billions in poverty. Many people find experiential learning far more powerful than the spoken or written word. Over 100,000 participants have undertaken x-periential programmes, with interest in them growing. Participants include students, business teams, community groups, families and individual visitors.


Connecting with the world In our world, where people in need struggle to find people who can help, the name ‘Crossroads’ makes more and more sense to us. It is our deepest longing and our greatest goal. We want, as an organisation, to be a place where those: • who suffer can find people with the wherewithal to help them, whether us or others. • who would like to help can deepen their understanding of the issues facing our world and respond in ways that are strategic. In this Annual Report, you will see how, in 2012, we sought to fulfil both these goals in the range of global issues targetted:

disasters, war, education, gender concerns, the digital divide, health challenges, disabilities, people at risk, social welfare and community development, job creation and global partnerships. If these challenges are of concern to you, we would be very glad to be a ‘crossroads’ in your life: helping connect you to change our needy world. We have developed a range of inroads into a world in need. You will find them in a special section on p. 52. As we look around our world today, there is no doubt that none of us can say we have won the battle against world need. The more we can connect, the better chance we will have to see the world changed in our lifetime. But it will take all of us.


In 2012, Crossroads’ founders Malcolm and Sally Begbie were recognised with one of Australia’s highest civilian honours: Officers of the Order of Australia.

Crossroads’ work honoured

On 24th October 2012, Australia’s ConsulGeneral to Hong Kong and Macau, Paul Tighe, made the formal presentation of the awards in a ceremony witnessed by family and friends, including the Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong SAR, Mrs Carrie Lam. Appointments to the Order of Australia confer Australia’s highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service. Australian citizens Malcolm and Sally were honoured for: “distinguished service to the international community in the provision of humanitarian relief, particularly through Crossroads Foundation, and as a significant contributor to United Nations efforts to connect business organisations with those in need.” Asked to comment, Malcolm and Sally said, “We are very deeply grateful for these awards. Yet we must say we feel unworthy of them. “Firstly, anything ‘we’ have done has happened only because the two of us are surrounded by a magnificent, dedicated team in Crossroads: people who pour massive effort into helping a world in need. So the real ‘we’ in this scenario is that broader, wonderful group of colleagues. It also includes the magnificent support of the Government of the HKSAR. “Secondly, while we do all we can to address global need, we know that even the best we can do will make only a small dent in it. We are painfully aware of the millions who, tonight, will go to sleep hungry, sick, abused, homeless, under-educated and vulnerable. In comparison to the magnitude of unmet need, we don’t feel we deserve so wonderful an award.”

Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR, kindly attended the ceremony.


Impacting lives across the globe Global Hand

Red dots show areas impacted in 2012 by Global Hand: our match-making service that helps companies and charities around the world. Businesses use our website to offer help, while non-profits use it to describe the partnerships they would like.

Global Handicrafts

Purple dots indicate the locations of those people whose products we sell, on a fair trade basis, in our Global Handicrafts marketplace and our Silk Road Café. We delight in creating a fair income for those, in poverty, and to display the beauty of their rich cultures.

Global Distribution

Blue dots show the destinations of our international shipments in 2012. While 50% of our goods go to Hong Kong people, the other 50% go around the world. Where these are numbered, they indicate the number of shipments we sent to those locations in 2012.

Global Hand, UK Global Hand, UK, helps match-make UK companies who wish to exercise Corporate Social Responsibility and UK non-profits who need partnerships to help a world in need.

Global X-perience The green dots show locations around the world where we ran Global X-periences in 2012. These x-periences are interactive, immersive simulations which allow participants to ‘walk in the shoes’ of the poor, refugees, people with HIV, and other situations of need.

2012 field visits Our team members try, where possible, to visit our partners around the world: it is a chance to encourage their work and follow up on the impact of Crossroads’ partnerships.

Philippines: Typhoon Sendong, in the Philippines, saw damage amounting to just on US$50 million. Crossroads helped out and Olivia Cho followed up with survivors. Philippines: Children from impoverished families struggle for quality education in the Philippines. Crossroads provided 80% of the furniture and equipment needed for a school there providing free, high quality education. Olivia Cho visited.


Brazil: The tragedy of thalidomide has, even in recent years, seen ongoing suffering as people manage life without limbs. Our staff, Kate Falconer and Matt Gow, visited a support group in Brazil to whom we have shipped.

Moldova: Orphan care in Moldova is often severely under-resourced. Crossroads’ shipments have supported two orphanage care groups. Olivia Cho travelled to Moldova where she met orphans now placed in loving foster families.

Crossroads Central Asia Crossroads Central Asia serves the area many of us call the ‘Stans’: Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan. The work has grown over the past ten years and we are hoping to see it develop towards independence, in 2013, through Salem Union, our partner group in Kazakhstan.

India: Children in an Indian slum

area were so eager for education that they were willing to attend school under a tree. Crossroads is helping equip proper facilities for them. Josh Begbie, our Global Handicrafts manager, visited the area.

Nigeria: Nigerian youth can be dangerously unaware of the risks posed by the HIV virus. Crossroads sent computers to set up a resource library to build HIV awareness. Our West African representative, Bona Achinefu, followed up to see the impact of the programme.

India: Supporting impoverished Indian children, Crossroads has shipped more than 10 containers, throughout a 15 year partnership, to a school providing for them. Helen and Mike Tozer followed up.

Botswana: A Botswana partner, caring for impoverished communities, was visited by Patrick Mankhanamba.


Impacting lives in Hong Kong

The dots show locations around Hong Kong in which Crossroads has supported people in need or run its other programmes.


Furniture from Crossroads equipped the rehabilitation area and other parts of Hong Kong’s New Life Psychiatric Centre.

Hong Kong school students take part in the Struggle for Survival x-perience, simulating life in an urban slum.

A family gives their time to serve the needy, volunteering together at Crossroads.

Household items, appliances and furniture equipped NGOs across Hong Kong in 2012, helping people like this resident at a rehabilitation facility.


2012 at a glance





There are more disasters, today, than ever, affecting over 2.7 billion people in the past decade and costing the world US$1.5 trillion. Yet the experts’ comments are sobering. The United Nations writes: “There is no such thing as a ‘natural’ disaster, only natural hazards.” ( It is not Nature’s fault that hazards turn into disasters. It is man’s. We too often make wrong decisions about, for example, where we locate towns/villages, how we grow food, how we educate, how we build, how we govern. As well as responding to disasters, therefore, Crossroads is seeking to help reduce the risk of disasters and prepare for them in advance.

‘Is your business disaster-proof?’

Typhoon Bopha

Disasters have caused global economic losses of some US$1.5 trillion since 2000.

Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines in December, 2012, with deadly force. The combination of 200km/h winds, landslides and flooding took homes in its path. People huddled in schools and other ‘safe’ places, only to find the waters swept them, too, away.

The facts are sobering. •

An estimated 25% of businesses never re-open after a disaster.

75% of companies without business continuity plans fail within three years of a disaster.

In light of that, smart business people are asking: •

How would my business be affected by a cyclone or a flood?

How might a natural hazard impact my employees and our ability to maintain business continuity?

If I lose key suppliers to a disaster, will I still be operational?

In 2012, Global Hand co-authored a brochure with the UNISDR, the UN’s Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. It is a call to businesses to ensure they are disaster proof. It contains a 12 point plan for resilience in the face of natural hazards.

“There was no place for them to run,” said one aid worker, recalling the scene. “People are still traumatised today,” she told us, months after the disaster. “They are homeless. They don’t have food to eat. Their lives have been washed away.”


of businesses never re-open after a disaster

Source: United Nations

Pre-positioning for disaster response Often you hear people say, after a disaster, “I could never have imagined it possible!” Yet, as disasters increase around the world, there are increasing calls for humanity to be taken less by surprise and pre-position aid in advance of them. When emergency supplies are at the ready, we can act immediately a disaster strikes. Crossroads seeks to pre-position needed goods on a routine basis. In China, for example, Crossroads routinely prepositions disaster response provision in partnership with the China Federation for Poverty Alleviation.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, Crossroads had pre-prepared disaster kits and was able to ship these to those affected, supplying kitchen utensils and emergency items, blankets and mattresses to those in tents and makeshift homes.

You can see it on the UNISDR website at http://www. privatesectorghd.pdf

Lives washed away in the devastation of Typhoon Bopha


In the aftermath, Filipinos struggled to re-build their communities.

Hong Kong business people, committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, join youth from Tin Shui Wai to pack disaster kits on Community Business’ Day of Action 2012.

Want to help? You can help prepare for disasters by collecting goods for kits or donating money to purchase them. HK$400 will help prepare kits for 6 people. Types of kits: ‘Back to School’, ‘Hygiene’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘First Aid’. For more info, see

Helping flood victims in DPR Korea Flooding in DPR Korea, in 2012, killed 170 people and left more than 212,000 people homeless, according to official reports. The devastation continued long after the waters subsided. 160,000 acres of cropland were affected, seriously damaging local agriculture and food production. We were asked to help and rushed supplies of hygiene kits, pre-prepared by Crossroads’ volunteers, sanitizers, blankets, face masks and more.



President Dwight Eisenhower wrote, of war: “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” When war strikes, it is the poor who often suffer most heavily. We grieve at the price they pay and make it a goal to help them rebuild their lives and nations.

War debris brings message of peace

Bombs to jewellery Young Heang, just three or four months of age, did not enjoy the fun of babyhood that is the ‘norm’ for many little ones, the world over. He lived in a refugee camp, together with his parents, in order to escape war torn Cambodia. That was in 1980. Today, in one of life’s extraordinary ironies, Heang works with the bomb shells from the war, turning them into ‘peace jewellery’. There is no shortage of the raw material in Cambodia, with its tragic legacy of shells littering the landscape and, where unexploded, still claiming lives. Heang works as a metal smith for Rajana Crafts, a Fair Trade group that teaches its people valuable skills and then employs them, ensuring a fair return on their work. He cuts, solders and polishes the once deadly metal into necklaces featuring the classic ‘Peace sign’, made famous during the Vietnam war, and into doves, bearing the word ‘peace’. He also leaves some metal in its original form and makes it into small bells, its raw surface a poignant reminder of the shells’ first, deadly purpose. As well as producing a powerful message, though, Heang’s exquisite jewellery gives him a ‘fair’ income, consistent with Rajana’s Fair Trade ethos, as he receives a salary he has never known before. Heang’s father drove a taxi and his mother sold vegetables to support their family. Now, Heang has enough to meet the needs of his own wife and children, and to finance his BA studies. The ancient words, ‘swords into ploughshares’, have seen life come full circle for this child of war. Watch Heang’s story: news/story.php?id=6 Global Handicrafts sells the jewellery made by artisans like Heang, like their dove earrings (right).


Young Heang makes jewellery from discarded bombshells with Rajana Crafts, Cambodia.

In a modern twist on the ancient words, ‘swords into ploughshares’, Cambodian craftsmen are seeing bomb shells transformed into ‘peace’ jewellery. (See story, left.)

DR Congo’s “Next President”? The BBC calls it “Africa’s World War”. Over the years, the fighting in DR Congo has, extraordinarily, seen more deaths than any conflict since World War Two. Life for children is tough here: one in five will die before his/her fifth birthday. The NGO, Save the Children, ranks DR Congo as the worst country in the world to bring up kids. Geslin is one young boy who fell victim to the conflict. His father died in the fighting when he was just 5. Who knows how Geslin survived beyond that point, living by his wits until a local NGO found the desperate boy and gave him cover. The NGO bears the name “Chirezi”. The word describes one who takes care of a baby in the absence of a parent: an apt choice in a country where so many are orphaned by the war. Foundation Chirezi does not limit its care to children, though. It also seeks to rebuild lives, post conflict, from the inside out. It detraumatises women who have been abused in the fighting. It offers medical care and training. It offers peace-building programmes. And it provides free schooling. In 2012, we sent a shipment to this foundation: one which, their people say, ‘brought unity and peace in our community’. Geslin, meanwhile, is thriving under their care. Now 8 years old, “His dream is to become the next president of DR Congo!” the agency told us. If little Geslin comes to embody the peace-keeping values of this group, he might not be a bad choice of president in a country still battling to see conflict finally resolved.


Bringing Hope

People at risk ‘People at risk’. The term can mean many things but, at Crossroads, we use it to represent those whom life’s hardships have left particularly vulnerable.

Helping Hong Kong families in crisis The Chan sisters know they have to stick together. The three young women have been ‘mothers’ to each other since 2002, when, as children, they suffered traumatic domestic abuse and were sent into residential care. Living away from their natural parents, they learned independence earlier than most children. When the older Chan sisters grew to adulthood, they were allocated their own public housing unit: an opportunity to leave their painful past behind and start a life of their own. With such a difficult start to life, though, the Chan sisters didn’t have enough money to purchase basic furniture to fit out the apartment. They visited Crossroads and were able to select what they needed, from chairs to appliances, to small household items. They left grateful and relieved that this part of their burden, at least, was lifted. In 2012, Crossroads impacted 13,716 people in need within Hong Kong: people like the Chans, who come to us referred by the Social Welfare Department. We are deeply grateful for this partnership and the opportunity to serve Hong Kong families and individuals at some of their most desperate times.


Released from the sex trade It is midnight in the red light Asian district where little Bao, a three year old girl, is already at work beside her father. Like him, she calls to the cars passing by, “Girls for sale!” Bao’s mother was almost a child herself – a girl of just 16 – when she worked as a prostitute and, in time, became pregnant with little Bao. Her story is a chilling reminder that, with untold thousands of Asian women trapped in prostitution, many, sadly, bear children into that same world and the cycle continues. Thankfully for tiny Bao, she and her father were met by a very creative charity, Eden, dedicated to seeing people come off the streets into other employment. Its programmes teach former prostitutes to make beautiful jewellery. They then sell the jewellery, around the world, on a fair trade basis. Eden took Bao into their care, enrolled her in kindergarten, and helped her father find a job outside the sex industry. We now support their endeavours by selling their necklaces, earrings and bracelets in our Global Handicrafts marketplace: some, happily, of our top-selling jewellery items. Our Global Handicrafts marketplace also sells fair trade products from other international groups that provide training and alternative employment for people trapped in the sex industry. It is a delight to know that, whenever such items are sold, we help rescue little Bao’s, and older ones, from a life with no options.

Women formerly involved in the sex industry now have alternative employment making jewellery with Eden, an NGO committed to bringing hope to women in Asia who have been victims of sexual abuse and trafficking.

Katya’s story

The events of Katya’s life should probably have been a death sentence. She lost her mother when alcohol saw her abandon her child. She lost her older brother when he was killed in a car crash. She lost all her carers and lived, alone, in a filthy environment when she sheltered in a small village house. (Pictured left)

Katya shows Crossroads staff the squalid conditions of the home in which she lived with her brother before being fostered.

Today, Katya is happy, healthy and thriving in her foster family.


2.1 MILLION children are trafficked each year

What she could have lost would have been one step further. She could have lost her freedom, had she not been found by people who refused to let that happen. Girls like Katya are easy pickings for the human traffickers who do good business in Moldova. Official statistics estimate there are 25,000 Moldovan victims of human trafficking, and 40% of them are children. Girls like Katya simply disappear, without a trace, and no one comes looking for them. They are tragically at risk. A local schoolteacher, Eva, however, made sure Katya’s life went in another direction. She found the young girl, infested with lice, living in squalor. Eva and her husband took Katya into their home as a foster daughter.

Global Hand match helps fight human trafficking

Today, Katya is a bright, well-dressed, articulate teenager, loving life with her foster parents. Her new family, though, struggles to make ends meet in a place that has been classified as Europe’s poorest nation.

It is tempting to think the issue of ‘slavery’ belongs to yesteryear. Yet, extraordinarily, the world has, today, more slaves than it has ever known before.

In 2012, we sent a shipment to this part of the world to help foster families like Katya’s. We shipped household goods, stationery, toys and a large quantity of educational items for use in the families and support centres.

Romania is a tragic ‘trifecta’: a source, transit and a destination country for human trafficking. Global Hand saw a unique match come about when an Australian research organisation, Social Compass, wanted to help.

In this area, many families battle poverty at a depth which may make them wonder about giving up their children to staterun institutions. We are partnering with those on the ground who can give them the care, support and respite they need to keep their children within the family home.

When we think of ‘slavery’, we easily picture 18th century shiploads of people in appalling conditions, or Roman captives under a merciless whip.

One hot spot is Romania where many are lured by the offer of work in other countries only to find, upon arrival, they have been sold into the sex trade or other ‘forced labour’.

They used the Global Hand website to offer pro bono research and evaluation for any NGO working in the field of sex trafficking. The offer was snapped up by Romanian NGO Pro Prietenia Arad, who does indeed serve people tangled up in such heart-breaking situations. The two parties are now working together to see research that will bring freedom to some of those who are trapped by this modern tragedy.


Gender equality and empowerment Women continue to battle unseen walls in today’s world: economic, political, social and ethnic. We delight to partner with organisations that break through those walls and see women empowered to live lives of security, fulfilment and dignity.

Hong Kong innovation: So...Soap! What’s the ideal solution for a mother who wants to work in Hong Kong while caring for the family and for the environment? Bella Ip describes the journey she took, one that found answers, first for herself and then for other Hong Kong women. She writes: “Being a mother, I wanted to work near home with flexible working hours. “Being an idealist, I would not compromise on any unethical commercial activities. “Being an environmentalist, I wanted to help ease the burden on Mother Earth.” Bella took out a loan and began making environmentally friendly soap. Now, she says, “I want to share this experience, knowledge and skills with more people, especially women. By becoming a soap-maker, they can spend more time at home taking care of their family, especially their children.” So...Soap is not only responsible to the women it employs, it is also responsible to the environment. The soap is produced with eco-friendly, all natural components and bottled in sterilised, re-cycled soy milk packaging. Their goal is a lofty one: “We attempt to spread our positive influence towards every corner of our society.” Their success offers proof of concept that innovative social enterprise can get it right with both its people and the planet. We sell So...Soap products in our Global Handicrafts marketplace.


Modern employment/ ancient craft

Philanthropist and film-maker Abigal Disney, descendent of Walt Disney, in Refugee Run.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner at Refugee Run The mountains of Hunan, China, may seem picturesque to tourists, but, for its people, the high peaks can pose an insuperable barrier to markets and to a steady income. Hunan Ethnic Crafts employs women, using centuriesold embroidery techniques, and markets their products on a fair trade basis. Seamstress Wu Ying Xiang says: “It means a lot to be able to do the embroidery at home so I can take care of my family. My husband does not have a steady job. The income I make here really helps.”

“We are tired! We are tired of our children being killed! We are tired of being raped! Women, wake up – you have a voice in the peace process!”

safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peacebuilding work.”

This was the message that Leymah Gbowee, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, sent to the women of Liberia when the conflict in their country seemed as if it would never end. She realised, she says, that “if any changes were to be made in society, it had to be by the mothers.”

Leymah’s astonishing story has been told in an award winning documentary work produced by film-maker Abigail Disney, grandniece of Walt Disney. Following one of our Refugee Runs (see p.28) at Davos, the two had a special session on women in war, showing excerpts from the film and addressing a hushed audience.

The women responded in their thousands, birthing a peace movement that, ultimately, was instrumental in ending 14 years of war. Leymah was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the “non-violent struggle for the

For more on the Refugee Run, one of our Global X-periences, see p. 28.


Digital divide “Technology is only as powerful as it is accessible. Broader access brings education, information, and a sense of community that can help combat AIDS, malnutrition, ignorance and neglect. The power of a connected and enlightened world community is just beginning.” Hector Ruiz, ex-Chairman/President AMD Our world has a long way to go before we see the digital divide bridged across countries and communities.

Digital support for Hong Kong children in need WebOrganic, a Hong Kong NGO, is on a mission to equip Hong Kong’s poorest children, digitally, so they do not lag behind their peers. As part of their programmes to cross the digital divide, they received 200 digital cameras from Crossroads, donated new from Cisco, to give children from low-income families the chance to tell their stories. The cameras are Flip Cams: ultra userfriendly technology. WebOrganic is seeing 600 disadvantaged Hong Kong families benefit from their Flip Cam project.

Stepping across the digital divide At just 5 years old, Khang, of Vietnam, had almost no way to ‘make it’ with the options life had left him. Khang’s father had died in prison: a concept that, at 5, he could hardly understand. He and his mother lived on the streets where she turned to prostitution so she could pay for his needs. Eventually, though, she found life overwhelming and abandoned Khang.

“We encourage these kids to dream big,” said one of the staff, perhaps because nobody else has told them they can. It is a privilege to work alongside those who help make those dreams a reality.

The little boy ended up in the care of a charity that provides shelter for young ones in crisis. His ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ in the home are there because their parents, too, cannot take care of them. They may be drug addicts, homeless or simply too poor to manage another mouth to feed. Each one of the children’s backgrounds is a tragedy. In their new ‘home’, though, their future has been redeemed. The children receive a golden opportunity twice a week: computer classes, where they learn skills that their wealthier counterparts take for granted. The computers they use are laptops from a shipment Crossroads sent in 2012. The desks they sit at came from our warehouse too. We were also able to supply them with clothing and school supplies. Khang, now 15, wants to be an accountant and work for an international bank. Living on the streets, it is unlikely he would ever have gone to school, or even survived. Today, Khang has every chance of achieving his dream.


Vietnam: Teenaged boys from disadvantaged families use laptops from Crossroads for their research assignments at an NGO’s home for boys.

‘Honourable’ work Life had not done the ‘Honourable’ thing by the young African boy of that name. Young ‘Honourable’ was born into a very poor Nigerian family and despite a bright, active mind, he couldn’t afford to go on to college or university. Crossroads’ West African representative, Bona Achinefu, saw potential in Honourable. “He’s one of those kids that breaks your heart when they can’t get more education,” he said. Bona was in a position to do something about it. Some years before, he had set up a training centre with computers from Crossroads. Bona enrolled Honourable in the centre and, when Honourable graduated, helped him establish his own ‘Business Centre’, with another Crossroads computer. The business centre started small, as a place where customers could get basic photocopying and word processing services, but thanks to Honourable’s computer training and a good head for business, it soon began to turn a profit. With it, he invested in 5 more computers and, in turn, set up a computer training centre of his own. Today, his new centre has trained more than 1,000 young underprivileged youth, many from his own home village. From one donated computer, a tree of opportunity grows, bears fruit and continues to flourish. An ‘Honourable’ outcome indeed.

If your company has good quality computers you no longer require, please let us know. We would be delighted to partner with you and see them placed in schools, training centres, hospitals and offices in Hong Kong and in the developing world. Many organisations in Hong Kong partnered with Crossroads in 2012 to provide quality refurbished computers to help bridge the digital divide, including Bloomberg, JP Morgan, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong Productivity Council, British Council, Securities and Futures Commission, Marymount Secondary College and Carrefour.


What is the HIV/AIDS X-perience?

Health Poverty and poor health co-exist in a vicious cycle. Poverty begets poor health and poor health begets poverty. As a result, many of our partners, around the world, feel they cannot simply target one of the two. They must address both.

One of our Global X-periences simulates something of the challenge faced by people facing HIV/AIDS.

Hong Kong’s nursing trainees When we designed our AIDS and Blind X-periences, we imagined they would reach school students, business people and even non-profit workers. One group that routinely attends, however, caught us by surprise. The Nethersole School of Nursing sees its trainees participate in both, annually, to bring depth and compassion to their training. These nursing students could, at some point, give care to those who are blind or visually impaired and those with HIV/AIDS. It is a delight to see them, through simulation, ‘step into the shoes’ of people who live with these conditions, for even a brief first-hand x-perience of the challenges they face. A trainee medical worker from Hong Kong’s Nethersole School of Nursing takes part in our HIV/AIDS x-perience. The school annually sends its trainees to participate.

Toilet twinning In the heart of the Burundi countryside there’s a toilet with Crossroads’ name on it! In Cambodia, too, there sits a village toilet that has our supporters to thank for its existence. We proudly ‘twinned’ four of our toilets in 2012. ‘Toilet twinning’ is a simple yet effective strategy. For any toilet in your own establishment, you can raise the money for a ‘twin’: a hygienic toilet provided in some of the poorest places in the world. It is the creative idea of NGOs Cord and Tearfund. The statistics are appalling. 37% of the global population doesn’t have access to a safe, clean toilet, causing millions of deaths a year. We therefore believed this was a cause to support. Now, all those who use the ‘twinned’ toilets on our site read the ‘twinning’ story and are encouraged to do the same. Want to twin your own toilets? Go to where, as one of their writers quips, you too can help ‘flush away poverty’.


Poverty, in all its complexity, has allowed HIV/AIDS to hold many in its grip. In our HIV/AIDS X-perience, participants are invited to ‘step into the shoes’ of those whose lives are left vulnerable by the virus. They briefly ‘x-perience’ the impact of poverty, poor medical care, human trafficking, war and abuse, as well as recreational choices. Book an x-perience at lifex-perience.

One of Crossroads’ toilets in Tuen Mun (left) ‘twinned’ with a newlybuilt toilet in DR Congo (right).

Pok Oi Hospital donates beds to Malawi Pok Oi Hospital in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, generously donated 82 hospital beds to Crossroads for distribution to people in need. They brought welcome relief to this medical clinic in Malawi.

Crossroads’ incubators save lives during Haiti recovery This newborn’s life was saved because a Haitian hospital received incubators as part of a Crossroads medical shipment. Health problems plague the recovering nation and many hospitals are desperately under-resourced. (Photo: © Thomas Williams Photography)


What is the Blind X-perience?

Disability “If much has been denied me, much, very much, has been given me...” wrote Helen Keller, the first known deafblind person in history to graduate from university. Her words are a salutary reminder. It is easy to see people with disabilities in terms of their limitations, rather than their gifts. At Crossroads, we seek to support the special needs of those who have disabilities in the hope of seeing them maximise their many abilities.

Esther: Helping sighted people ‘see’ Esther, of Hong Kong, wasn’t born blind. She was three years old when an episode of measles took most of her sight, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that glaucoma claimed the rest. It was a bitter blow. “At the beginning, I couldn’t accept that this happened to me. I was scared. I didn’t dare go out,” Esther says, “but then I realised that if I stayed home for the rest of my life, it wouldn’t help.” Esther decided to get skills training. That was ten years ago. Today, Esther is one of four guides we employ to run our Blind X-perience (See box, right). She leads thousands of business people, students and others from the community through the x-perience. “When they first step into the darkness, people feel afraid,” she says. “But they tell me, as soon as they hear my voice, they feel comfortable and safe.” Esther is painfully aware of the employment challenges facing people with visual impairment. “I know many blind people who can’t find a job,” she says, “even if they are university trained.” Having this part time job in the Blind X-perience is more than just welcome extra income, though. Esther loves letting visitors ‘x-perience’ the challenges of visual impairment, and the empathy that comes from stepping into those shoes for just 45 minutes. “People tell me after this experience that now they understand blind people a lot better,” she says. She also give participants a glimpse of what life is like for the visually impaired in poorer parts of the world. For blind people in a Nigerian village, the setting for our Blind X-perience, there is no such thing as special schools for the blind, talking computers, braille books or even proper canes. Esther’s outer eyes may no longer work, but her insight is profound. We are deeply grateful for this talented, dedicated woman. She does a brilliant job opening the eyes of those of us who already thought we could see.

One of our Global X-periences invites sighted people to step into the shoes of those who are visually impaired.

Partnership with Ebenezer’s blind school Life’s brighter for Hong Kong’s visually impaired kids, thanks to the rich education they can access at Ebenezer School for the Visually Impaired. Crossroads was delighted to partner with the school and to bring a smile to scores of little faces, by donating toys for their 2012 Christmas party. In our Blind X-perience, participants ‘step into the shoes’ of those who battle sight impairment and poverty. They are led through an African village, in total darkness, by guides who are themselves blind. Without sight, they learn to navigate using sound, touch and scent. At the same time, participants also get to ‘see’ how blind people in poor communities have very little by way of support: often they have no schools, no braille, no talking computers, no proper canes. (See also story of Esther, one of our blind guides, left.) Book an x-perience at


Baba Nina Baba Nina’s life has been almost a catalogue of hardship for Kazakh’s elderly poor. Her back was badly injured after a fall, cleaning windows. Her sight had almost gone. Her living conditions were minimal. When, not long ago, water pipes burst in the flat upstairs, the water flooded Nina’s kitchen. Our Central Asian team had already been visiting Nina regularly, through their Community Care programme. With our Central Asian warehouse, they were well placed to help. They recounted her reaction in detail. “She stood, bent, both hands upon a short, wooden stool for support. When we put a laminated cupboard in the kitchen, Baba Nina… put her head on the bench top, smiled and said, ‘I could fall over with joy.’ We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.” Baba Nina’s story is multiplied many times over in Central Asia, where we shipped 4 containers of goods from Hong Kong during 2012 to help the region’s poor, lonely, unemployed and disabled.


Hero of Hope: Haiti earthquake victim becomes Olympic athlete He had to be one of the least likely candidates in London’s 2012 Paralympics. In 2010, Haiti’s massive earthquake had robbed Leon of his wife, eight children, home and mobility. Our Global Hand UK director, Ben Solanky, met him, soon after, while visiting the devastated area to follow up on a Crossroads medical support shipment. Starting new life, as a paraplegic, was tough. As one observer put it, “If you are disabled, you are a nobody in Haiti.” In response, the hospital caring for Leon came up with a bold idea. What if Leon could be trained for the London Paralympics? Might he become a hero of hope, a champion for those with disabilities? It was, clearly, a dream. The resources needed were massive and Haiti, already a struggling economy, was stretched to capacity by the earthquake damage. The hospital team rated their chances of success at 1%. Undaunted, though, the group called their project ‘The Dream’ and looked for partners. Ben’s team responded. It seemed a good fit for Global Hand: given our stated goal of being ‘the partnership people’, those who bring together partners to make a difference. Ben and his UK team joined The Dream and brought together a range of parties. Companies included the international legal firm Hogan Lovells and Virgin Unite. Committed individuals included a UK based family who had lost a son, a UN worker, to the earthquake. Leon received the care, the training and the massive international support needed to qualify. One week before the Olympics, he heard he would be going. As Leon finished his hand cycle race, seventh on the international stage, he told The Times: “If my family were here they would be proud of me. I raced this for them.” Ben Solanky concludes, “We believe partnerships are powerful. Seeing The Dream achieved was a wonderful illustration of this principle.” Global Hand is all about bringing strategic partnerships together to change lives.


Photo: © Thomas Williams Photography

Middle Eastern Oasis Bethlehem is at the heart of the Christmas story, but, for those of its residents who have cognitive challenges, life may offer little of the promised joy to the world. Shunned by society, they often spend their lives at home, unwanted in the workplace or at social events.

18 people with disabilities were employed to make our Christmas cards in 2012.

The Oasis Workshop is a paper re-cycling and card production project that provides them with employment, support and creative stimulus. The production of our 2012 Christmas cards gave employment to 18 people with mental disabilities. The work is, indeed, an oasis of refreshment, hope and friendship for these people and their families.


What is the Refugee Run?

Refugees & IDPs “While every refugee’s story is different and their anguish personal, they all share a common thread of uncommon courage: the courage not only to survive, but to persevere and rebuild their shattered lives.” Antonio Guterres, the United Nations’ High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)

The Refugee Run is another of our Global X-periences, focussing on those who, through war, must flee the place they have called home.

2012 saw Crossroads partner with the UNHCR, and others, to help support the 42 million people in the world who have no place they can call ‘home’: both refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).

‘Marrying to survive’ in Uganda Madina, 17, faced a wretched set of options as a refugee in Uganda. She and her family fled the war in southern Sudan but there was little by way of support for her or the four younger sisters who needed care. Her mother asked her to marry so that the bridal price would help. Madina did not want to marry for that reason alone and sought to alleviate their need with income from occasional work.

In the Refugee Run, participants face simulated attacks, mine fields where they may be ‘injured’, life in a refugee camp, hunger, illness, lack of education, corruption and uncertain shelter or safety. Participants may also be marched under guard, subjected to ambush and, ultimately, offered a chance of re-settlement where they must rebuild their lives.

As a refugee, though, without much education or training, she couldn’t hope to get a good, steady job. Crossroads sent a shipment to the town where Madina lives, and she was identified by our local partner to benefit. They gave Madina a ‘start up package’ of things she could use to begin a small clothing business. Now, she owns a mobile business selling clothes door to door. “You are different,” she told them, with gratitude. “You have made me feel loved in a foreign land. With this new business, I will be able to provide for my mother and pay school fees for my sisters instead of marrying. You are changing our lives.’” Also included in Crossroads’ container was furniture for three schools, along with provision for many of the most impoverished families in the community . “You have helped put a smile on many of these faces,” the NGO told us. “You have helped restore hope to those that had lost hope.”


Women in Uganda receive sewing training to help them generate income for a secure future.

Crossroads has taken the Refugee Run to Davos, Switzerland, to coincide with the World Economic Forum, as well as running it for school groups and corporate groups in Hong Kong throughout the year. Book an x-perience at www.

Fair Trade for Refugees

Davos 2012 Crossroads, in partnership with the United Nations, again ran the ‘Refugee Run’ in Davos, Switzerland, as a side event to the World Economic Forum, 2012. Leaders from the corporate, academic and NGO sectors gathered, at the Forum, ‘to improve the state of the world’, as the WEF puts it. During that time, we invited them to attend the Refugee Run to ‘step into the shoes’ of refugees for just a brief moment in time. Afterwards, we invited them to become involved with the challenges faced by refugees. Refugees from different nations helped design and staff the event, so that it is as true to life as possible.

Where do people flee when they fall victim to the wars in DR Congo, the Sudan and other, nearby African trouble spots? For many, the answer is Kenya, with its relative safety. But, once there, how do they survive, avoiding prejudice and exploitation? Mikono Crafts, in Kenya, was set up to give them fair trade employment. One refugee craftsman explains that he can, now, afford to educate his son with disabilities. “By buying my products you have changed my life and my family’s.”

Senior UN official takes part in the Refugee Run at Davos, 2012.

David, a former child soldier, shares real life experiences with Refugee Run participants.

Refugee Run participants in Davos receive a language lesson in the ‘camp’.


Education “Education is a major driving force for human development. It opens doors to the job market, combats inequality, improves maternal health, reduces child mortality, fosters solidarity, and promotes environmental stewardship. Education empowers people with the knowledge, skills and values they need to build a better world.” Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations.

Keeping up with online education The boys and girls at Aplichau Kaifong Primary School face more challenges than most. Many of their families rely on welfare and the kids, often, don’t have the same computer advantages as their Hong Kong peers.

Disadvantaged students at Aplichau Kaifong Primary School enjoy computers from Crossroads.

The Rotary Club of Hong Kong South approached Crossroads, wanting to help upgrade AKPS’s computer systems. Like students everywhere, the kids pick up IT skills at lightning speed, but their computers had not been supporting the needed software, their Principal, Fung Pik Yee, told us. Crossroads was delighted to partner with Rotary and AKPS to supply refurbished, upto-date sets of computers and monitors, network equipment and a new firewall for security. “The children use them for reading programmes and exercises,” said Principal Fung. As soon as the computers were installed, the eager students began working them to the maximum.

“Confidence to face the future” UN chief The United Nations’ Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, tells a poignant story of his childhood. “I grew up in a society ravaged by war and mired in poverty. Schools had been destroyed. My classes were held in the open under a tree. We had no desks, chairs or other basic necessities. The Republic of Korea was on its knees, but education enabled the country to stand tall again. “Even in the worst circumstances, education helps to give children confidence to face the future... I want every child, without exception, to have the same opportunity that I had. The power of education to transform lives is universal.” In 2012, Ban Ki-moon called together a coalition of UN personnel, NGOs, politicians and corporations to fight together for the educational needs of the planet. The UN approached our Global Hand team, asking if we could support this by tailoring the software we developed for so that all these groups could formally commit to seeing education reach children around the world.

If you are upgrading your computers, at home or at work, please let Crossroads know. We may well be able to use your older computers, if they are still relevant to current usage, to help change the learning experience for more students like these.


Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, is calling for a world wide response to the need for children’s education.

© Un Photos

2012 saw Crossroads provide resources for Hong Kong’s Lutheran School for Girls.

“Millions of people face disaster and homelessness all over the world. Why don’t we give them a helping hand?” said Kiki Lam, Crossroads summer intern.

From Oz with love: Schoolbooks no longer needed in Australia were offered on our website, Global Hand, in the hope they could be ‘matched’ with students, elsewhere, in need. There was a quick response from an under-resourced school in Nakuru, Kenya, where students may number as many as 100 per class. The books are now safely there and in use.

The power of a pen For those used to well equipped schools, it is hard to picture life in parts of rural Gambia where students sit quietly, waiting their turn to use a pen. The idea of having one each, much less a traditional ‘pencil case’ with a set of pens and pencils, is a world away from these students.

Crossroads intern awarded ‘Intern of the Year’

Each year, Crossroads is empowered by a wave of youthful enthusiasm as the annual crowd of around 60 summer interns descends to serve with us. Kiki Lam, a HKIED student, wanted to use her summer internship not just to learn new skills and practise existing ones, but to serve the poor.

Volunteers as young as three helped us sort Cartorama’s donation of stationery, ready to ship to children in need in nations like Gambia.

“During my six weeks, I was deeply inspired by the experience of working at Crossroads,” Kiki says. “Not only is it a big charity, but also an immense family that includes different people from around the world. I realised that I could help people in need, even though my ability was limited. Donors’ willingness to give impressed me a lot.”

The need is widespread. We have been asked for stationery supplies by almost every one of our partners who work with children. Supplies often run low, though. So, when Hong Kong stationery manufacturer Cartorama offered a large quantity of school stationery, we leaped at the chance. The donation itself left us flabbergasted: 12 pallet loads of cartons containing felt tip pens, piles of school notepads, beautiful new backpacks, erasers, folders and more.

After a six week internship in our Incoming Goods department, it wasn’t just we who noticed Kiki’s hard work and motivation. HKIED honoured her with the ‘Intern of the Year’ award, thanks to her service with Crossroads. We’re all proud of Kiki.

We shipped these to Gambia, hopefully making a huge impact on those little ones who had previously shared a single pen. We had enough, too, to send to children in Uganda, orphans in Moldova and children here in Hong Kong.

We’re also very proud of the scores of student interns who work with us each summer, using the time and skills they have to build a better world. Children in a Gambian school eagerly await distribution of donated clothing and stationery from Crossroads’ shipment.

Interested in becoming an intern with us? Go to




International Baccleaureat

Preparing 21st century students for service leadership Service Learning Life-wide Learning

English practice with native speakers Liberal Studies


Professional Development Days

Programmes for Universities and Schools In 2012, Crossroads continued to focus on educational services for primary, secondary and tertiary students. They participated in both service and simulation activities.

SERVICE Volunteering options: •

Student service certificates: Students earn ‘Silver Certificates’ for 70 hours and ‘Gold Certificates’ for a further 70 hours.

Internships: Students over 16 undertake 6 weeks of full time volunteer service, during which they develop specialised skills in their designated area.

Curriculum participation: Our volunteer activities are incorporated, on a weekly basis, in the curriculum of a selection of Hong Kong schools.

Onsite school projects: Schools undertake a wide range of projects, on their own premises, to support Crossroads’ work.

Student field trips: Busloads of students may come for regular field trips.

SIMULATION Experiential learning options: We provide students with experiential learning programmes that simulate the following challenges. •

WAR: Refugee Run

POVERTY: Struggle for Survival

WATER: The Challenge of Water


BLINDNESS: Blind X-perience

Our service and simulation programmes are supportive of Hong Kong students, at university and school levels, in their pursuit of Service Learning, Liberal Studies, Life-wide Learning, Other Learning Experiences, and Volunteering. They are also supportive of international school curricula: the International Baccleaureat and similar. We also offer Professional Development Days for teachers/lecturers.


Job creation

Combatting Middle Eastern uneployment

“We believe that business can be a tool for social good”, says Pierre Omidyar, eBay founder and philanthropist. Few would dispute his words today, but business was not always seen that way. For decades, social need was met by philanthropy alone. Now, however, social enterprise is seeing jobs created, providing a chance for dignity and fulfilment, as well as a more secure future, for those they employ. We in Crossroads are eager to support those with this agenda, and to embrace it ourselves.

Hong Kong Social Enterprise • Groundworks Groundworks is a social enterprise set up by St James’ Settlement: a creative answer to a felt need. It provides employment for single mothers, giving them flexible hours and offering work in locations that are accessible. They produce organic, health products, including sesame paste and candies and jams. In 2012, we sold their sesame candy in our marketplace.

• Good Goods Often social enterprise products have limited sales because they can only be purchased in the location where the production takes place. Hong Kong’s Social Enterprise Business Centre therefore set up Good Goods as an outlet for social enterprise products in prime retail space, located in the heart of Wanchai. The shop is hosted by the Hong Kong Council for Social Services and the project sponsored by HSBC. Products from our marketplace are sold on their shelves.

• Hong Kong Factory for the Blind For Hong Kong’s 122,600 visually impaired people, employment can be a major challenge. The Hong Kong Factory for the Blind, in Kowloon, offers them both training and work. Their range is extremely broad, including products with cardboard boxes, textiles, tags, souvenirs and services including call centre support, airline products, massage, piano tuning and more. Popular sellers in our Global Handicrafts marketplace are the bags they make from Hong Kong’s favourite, iconic stripey fabric.


The conflict in the Middle East has seen jobs destroyed and many battling poverty. Among the region’s carpenters, over 70% are unemployed. The Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society was set up to help. It markets fair trade, traditional crafts internationally. We sell their wood carvings and other products in our Global Handicrafts shop.

A man of few words Chi Man is a man of few words, but is rarely without a smile. The 29-year-old was born with an intellectual disability into a family of 5 brothers and sisters, all similarly disabled. “If people with intellectual disabilities can’t work,” says his supervisor, “they simply live at home on their welfare allowance. Giving them a job helps them integrate into society.” Since 2011, Crossroads has employed Chi Man and two others as our on-site cleaning team. We found Chi Man through a creative Hong Kong social enterprise that trains and finds jobs for intellectually disabled adults. It is a privilege to have him: his cheerful presence is a delight to all he meets and greets on the job.

Crossroads employs Chi Man and other staff with disabilities to work with our on-site cleaning team.

In Hong Kong, social enterprise is increasingly seeing small businesses developed that are employing people who might not, otherwise, easily find work. Crossroads is committed to being part of this movement. Social enterprise is one of the tenets of our ethos. As Jacqueline Novorogratz, CEO of Acumen, puts it, aptly: “It’s about all of us, and the kind of world that we, together, want to live in and share.”

Landmines disabling lives and livelihoods What does employment look like for victims of landmines? Take Cambodia, for example. Following its infamous years of the ‘Killing Fields’, 40,000 people now live as amputees. In a market with many unemployed, will businesses choose disabled employees over able-bodied ones? Poverty, experts say, is the chief problem. There is not enough demined land for everyone to work safely, so desperate people take the risk and work elsewhere. Over 50% of Cambodia’s casualties happen as people are carrying water, collecting firewood, fishing, farming and so on. Bin Manyan is a case in point. In 1989, she was a teenager who, while fishing, saw a landmine kill three of her friends and cost her one of her legs. Rehab Craft, a Cambodian social enterprise, has trained her in sewing skills and sells her product on a fair trade basis. With the income, Bin Manyan can meet her daily costs, including those of her daughter’s schooling. Our Global Handicrafts marketplace stocks products from Rehab Craft Cambodia, where every staff member has a disability. They produce exquisite handicrafts from silver, wood and recycled materials. Just walking through our marketplace is like hearing stories such as Bin Manyan’s spoken over and over again from every corner of the world, where lives are being restored, one by one.


What is Struggle for Survival?

Social welfare & community development It has always been part of Crossroads’ DNA to see help given to people who struggle with economic need. Here in Hong Kong, we assist individuals and families, daily, through NGOs and through the Social Welfare Department of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR. Internationally, we work with partner organisations targetting community development.

One of our Global X-periences, the ‘Struggle for Survival’, focusses on the complex web of poverty.

Po Leung Kuk Elderly Home, Hong Kong

A turning point had come for the Chen family. Four months after Mrs Chen’s stroke, her speech had not returned and confusion left her struggling to recognise friends and family. She battled, too, to sit upright in a chair. Her husband, after a valiant effort to care for her, knew it was beyond what he could provide. The answer came in the form of the Po Leung Kuk elderly home in Tung Chung. Visitors are struck by the compassion that emanates from staff and nurses who provide this haven. Mr Chen, visiting each day, saw them work gently with his wife, encouraging her to find new ways to manage her life. They taught her basic sign language. They helped strengthen her muscle system. Today, she recognises the voices of staff and her husband, smiling and gesturing to them, and can sit up on her own. It was need among Hong Kong’s elderly that birthed this particular home. As the staff sought to furnish it, however, they faced a challenge. “We didn’t want to purchase a lot of cheap, identical furniture,” said the director. “We wanted it to feel like home for our residents.” That’s where Crossroads could help! The elderly home’s directors visited our site and spent hours with colour swatches and lists, carefully choosing sets of tables, chairs and decorations that they used to create themed rooms, corners of comfort and community. They created a nursing home that, remarkably, truly does feel like home. “Around 40% of the furniture, and 90% or our office equipment, is from your warehouse,” said the director. That meant, she concluded, they could spend more money on medical support for the residents. It is precisely the kind of Hong Kong support Crossroads loves to provide.


Crossroads supplied much of the furniture at Po Leung Kuk’s new elderly home in Tung Chung, helping residents like this elderly woman feel at home.

“Around 40% of the furniture, and 90% or our office equipment, is from your warehouse. This means we could save that money to spend on the medical needs of the residents.” Elderly home director

In this simulation x-perience participants must survive by their wits, earning enough money to pay for rent, food, sanitation, medical needs and, if they are fortunate, education. They also combat corruption in the marketplace and the wiles of loan sharks. It is a brief chance to understand the complex web of poverty. Book an x-perience at lifex-perience.

Northern Uganda: Hope is the hardest thing to find... “Hope is the hardest thing to find…” say those trying to rebuild Uganda’s northern towns, devastated by two decades of war. “Yes, the fighting has stopped, but our people don’t know how to re-start life. They have no seed to sow, no wood for carpentry, no tools for mechanical work. It is hard not to give up.” Mama Maliamungu is a case in point. She fled Uganda during the fighting and returned ‘home’ only to find many family members dead and her house destroyed. Mama Maliamungu (pictured below, right) became the sole carer for several orphaned grandchildren. She could have become a further Ugandan statistic, had a non-profit organisation not come to her rescue. They taught her how to make market baskets from plastic strapping and, by selling six bags a day, Mama has managed to rebuild her home and send her grandchildren to school. She is more fortunate than most. “It’s hard to give people what they need to survive,” locals tell us. “Many have spent 20 years without education and, even if we teach them skills, how can we put the tools or resources in their hands so they can earn a living?”

Rwandan youth facing unemployment have the chance to learn carpentry skills at a brand new vocational centre. Some of the centre’s tools travelled all the way from the UK, thanks to a partnership made through Global Hand between the Rwandan NGO and Crossroads volunteer Ian Wells (pictured above left).

That’s where Crossroads has been involved. We have often shipped to Northern Uganda and 2012 was no exception. What Hong Kong doesn’t need can literally save a life in this devastated community.

RWANDA: Still battling a deadly legacy When Rwanda suffered its inimitable ethnic fighting, the result was not simply war. It was genocide. In 100 days, the country saw 500,000 people killed. Bertrand Russel called it, “The most horrible and systematic human massacre we have had occasion to witness since the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis.” The images of death from that period are searing. So is the legacy the country continues to battle as it tries to reconstruct, train its youth and equip them for a different future. The population averages US$1.57 per day. Good employment, and the training that enables it, are therefore critical. A simple gift of tools can make a difference. There are training centres in the country helping young people master employable skills. The equipment they need, however, may be beyond their reach. Knowing the depth of need in many communities, Ian Wells (pictured above left), one of Crossroads’ long term community volunteers, offered a huge set of tools on Global Hand, our match-making website. They were snapped up by a Rwandan carpentry centre. With drills, saws, vices, chisels, hammers, screwdrivers and more - a treasure trove for this impoverished area - the donation was collected from the UK and shipped to Rwanda. “Rwanda is clinically dead as a nation,” said Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, at the time of the genocide. As better quality employment opportunities open up, this country is, increasingly, able to give the next generation a greater chance at life.

War survivor Mama Maliamungu Corporate volunteers in Hong Kong prepare clothes for shipments benefited from Crossroads’ Uganda like the one sent to Mama Maliamungu’s community in Uganda. shipment.


Environmental sustainability In Crossroads, our goal is to care for both a hurting planet and the hurting people on it. As well as seeking to help meet economic need, therefore, we also try to support environmental need.

The Challenge of Water X-perience Our Global X-perience programmes include one with environmental focus for younger children.

Global Handicrafts and the Silk Road Cafe One of the tenets of our fair trade principles is care for the environment. In our cafe and marketplace, we therefore sold goods, throughout 2012, that were eco friendly as well as powerful in generating income for people in need. The creativity of our producers leave us in awe as they recycle and upcycle. • In Uganda, for example, victims of the war years were strapped for materials to generate income. They roll, colour and varnish newspaper to produce jewellery so elegant none of our shoppers can guess the source material.

A cappucino coffee in our Silk Road Cafe, both organic and fair trade.

• In Mongolia and Myanmar, artisans upcycle glass shards to produce Christmas ornaments. • In Cambodia, in the hands of craftsmen, rice sacks turn into funky bags, large and small. • In India, saris are upcycled to provide decorative features on hessian bags. • In Vietnam, crisp wrappers turn into tableware. Many of those farmers and suppliers also focus on organic food products: tea, coffee, jams, cocoa, chocolates and spices.

Earrings in our marketplace made from upcycled telephone wires .


Fun bags we sell made from recycled rice sacks.

Approximately one billion people on our planet lack access to clean water. A person taking a five minute shower in a developed nation uses more water than a person usually has access to in a developing nation slum. Water challenges on our planet are huge. Our x-periential programme, The Challenge of Water, simulates the struggle of gathering water shouldered by those who lack access to clean water. It also looks at solutions to help address this issue. Popular with school groups, this x-perience is targeted at students aged 5-15, often in groups of more than 20.

REUSE & RECYCLE Through our our Global Distribution services, we reuse and recycle many products which, otherwise, would end up in landfill. Every year, we report to Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department on the quantity of goods we save from landfill. Following are our statistics for 2012.


Supporting Hong Kong’s organic farmers In Crossroads, we are keen to support all efforts that help this planet operate as it should, both economically and environmentally. Every week, therefore, we support organic farmers who sell their produce in our village. Every year, in summer, we help them host a special festival here at Crossroads, focussing on a much loved fruit in Hong Kong: watermelons. The festival allows organic farmers to showcase organic vegetables and fruit of many kinds, along with the watermelons, in their market stalls. 4,438 people came through our gates for the 2012 Watermelon Festival, which we supplemented with talks, fair trade activities, access to our Global Handicrafts and Silk Road Cafe, face-painting and competitions. We delight in this opportunity to connect with the local community and support sustainable farming practices that protect the earth and its people!


Developing global partnerships In a broken world, we are committed to being a crossroads: to bringing strategic partners together, for-profit and non-profit organisations. We have been strategically empowered by partners who stand with us. We also want to see others benefit from effective partnerships. For that reason, we have built Global Hand: a match-making website that helps for-profit and non-profit organisations find one another to partner in our needy world. We have built a special adaptation of it, as well, for the United Nations in their partnering with the corporate sector.

Attending Rio+20: largest UN conference in history In 2012, Crossroads staff attended Rio+20, the largest United Nations conference in history. Twenty years before, in Rio de Janeiro, world leaders came together for a landmark ‘Earth Summit’. In 2012, they gathered again, this time with 55,000 people representing the corporate, academic, diplomatic and non-profit sectors.

Two of our Global Hand team, Matt Gow and Kate Falconer, attended and saw the new ‘Commitments Platform’ launched, built by our Global Hand team. Through it, companies express their commitment to sustainable development in a world of need.

Partnering with the UN: business commitments for a more sustainable planet. When Microsoft pledged to become carbon neutral by mid-2013, they announced it by using a website Crossroads built, through our Global Hand service, in partnership with the United Nations. Microsoft was just one of 282 corporates who have used the website to make a formal commitment towards sustainability. For example, H&M committed to using 100% sustainable cotton by 2020 and Dell pledged to reduce its worldwide Greenhouse Gas emissions by 40% by 2015. (See side box for further examples of companies making commitments towards sustainability.)

282 commitments were made through • H&M committed that by 2020, 100% of their cotton should come from more sustainable sources, i.e. a combination of organic cotton, recycled cotton and better cotton. These require less water, pesticides and fertilisers and also help farmers and communities to improve their standard of living. • Nike committed that by 2015 they would achieve 20% reduction in CO2 emissions per unit and by 2020 to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals for all products across all pathways in their supply chain. • Philips committed to improving the energy efficiency of its entire product and solutions portfolio by 50% in 2015 (compared to 2009). • Unilever committed to help more than a billion people to improve their hygiene habits and bring safe drinking water to 500 million people by 2020. • KPMG committed to pilot a new pro bono programme by 2013 to support a NGO globally in Disaster Risk Reduction Capacity. • Microsoft committed to be carbon neutral by the end of 2013. • Dell committed to reduce its worldwide facilities’ GHG emissions by 40% by 2015. • Glaxo Smith Kline committed to reduce its direct use of water by 20% by 2015.

© UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe


The Global Hand-built web tool helped companies like Microsoft, Dell and Glaxo Smith Kline make commitments for a more sustainable future.

• The Mastercard Foundation committed to enable 15,000 economically disadvantaged students to access and complete their secondary and university education by 2022.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong community is seeing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) playing an increasing part in businesses who seek to partner with non-profit undertakings in order to make their strengths available. Some assist with expertise. Some help with donated goods. Others provide financially.

Home Affairs Bureau’s Recognition Scheme for provision of pro bono Legal Services The Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of the HKSAR annually awards legal firms who provide pro bono services. In 2012, they awarded Connie Carnabucci (below), of the legal firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, for her excellence in providing pro bono services to Crossroads. The company itself also received an award at the event.

WEF/KPMG In December, 2012, Crossroads’ director, Malcolm Begbie, spoke at a meeting in Hong Kong jointly organised by the World Economic Forum and KPMG.

Community Business Community Business is an NGO dedicated to advancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia. Its mission is clear: to lead, inspire and support businesses to improve their positive impact on people and communities. Community Business has, for many years, played an innovative role, leading many Hong Kong companies into deeper CSR practice. In 2012, Community Business brought a range of companies to Crossroads for a ‘Day of Action’ volunteering.

Swire Crossroads has routinely partnered with Swire’s Ethos programmes, helping give value based training to their staff.


Cisco has generously provided the technology that fundamentally underpins the entire operation of Crossroads. It has equipped us through its Product Grant and TechDonation programmes. It has given us technical and engineering support. It has donated the use of its WebEx platform. It has sponsored one of our trainees in IT studies for the Cisco CCNA exam. It has given us Flip Cams to pass on to the non-profit groups we serve so they can better show their needs. More broadly, Cisco is active in Community Business supporting NGOs in Hong Kong and Macau.

La Rose Noire Throughout 2012, La Rose Noire partnered with us in food provision. Rather than throwing away day old bread loaves, rolls and other baked items, the company donated them, three times per week, to help us feed the huge number of volunteers who eat at Crossroads each day. We are indebted.


Crossroads’ partnerships

One of the reasons we believe so strongly in partnerships is that we, ourselves, have seen the power of them. Corporate partnerships have made a strategic difference to our work as business organisations have donated skills, services, products and funds. Government and non-government partnerships also empower our work by provision of land, capacity and outreach. Such partnerships wonderfully reduce our financial overheads and give us expertise that would otherwise be beyond our reach. The full set of 2,369 organisations is listed from page 59 in this report. It is also available on our website at

Rent of the site

Architectural services

We remain indebted to the Government of the Hong Kong SAR for the use of 14 acres of the former Perowne Barracks site in Tuen Mun, now known as Crossroads Village. They have supplemented this with 74,600 square feet for container storage at Tsing Chau Wan.

Nelson Chen Architects donated architectural services throughout 2012.

Legal services Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer again donated vital legal services. Howell & Co likewise continued to give ongoing legal support. Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP provided pro bono services for our UK office.

Accounting BDO (formerly Grant Thornton) donated our annual audit.

Humanitarian transport Transport companies sponsored aid cargo on our behalf. They included: APL, Emirates Lines, Gold Star Line, Maersk Line, MOL, Pacific International Lines, Shenship Logistics, Sinovico, Wan Hai Lines and Zim International Shipping.

Information Technology Microsoft, Cisco, Google, and Atlassian are among a number of technology firms that have supported the work of Crossroads through the donation of their products and services. The generosity of these companies and others has allowed Crossroads to extend both the depth and impact of its programmes by increasing the effectiveness of Crossroads’ small IT team.

Engineering Arup donated engineering services for our plans to develop this site.

Design Hong Kong Disneyland donated creative design services, together with operational expertise, in planning of our site development.

Product donations Many organisations donated product which we pass on to people in need locally and internationally. For example, in 2012, we received donations from such groups as Allen & Overy, Benetton, British Council, Burberry, Café Deco, Carrefour, Chanel, Cirque Du Soleil, Cisco, Columbia, Canadian Consulate, Dymocks, Ferrero, Gateway Apartments, Goldman Sachs, H & M Hennes & Mauritz, Hang Lung Real Estate, Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Jarden Outdoor Solutions, Lane Crawford, Luxury Hotels International, Maclaren, Marks & Spencer, PizzaExpress, Prudential Corporation, TCC , Tesco International, The Merton Co, U.S. Consulate General.

Financial donations The corporate world has given significant financial donations to Crossroads for our own strategic/operational needs.


As well as companies graciously supporting our efforts, however, we also undertook partnerships through which we sought to support theirs:

Training/inspiration We worked routinely with Swire and UBS, among others, helping to provide training/inspiration for their staff/stakeholders through our x-periential programmes.

Off sites and team builds We routinely organised these for companies wishing to spend a half or full day here.

Meeting facilities We continued to make modest conference facilities available to companies wishing to meet.

Catering As part of their day, we catered for companies by inviting them to an x-perience of ‘dining with the poor’.

Partnership brokering Companies often ask us to help them find ways to engage with global challenges by partnering with Crossroads itself or other NGOs, locally or globally.

Struggle for Survival, London Crossroads Engagement Team: Partnering to make a difference The CEO, one used to wielding power on a global scale, clearly felt disempowered. He had just completed our Refugee Run (see p.28) and, struck by the depth of need, had responded with both head and heart. “What can my company do?” he asked, misty-eyed. “There must be a way we can make a difference.” His was not an unusual case. We’ve seen grown men cry after some of the x-periential activities we offer simulating tragic world issues. Often these companies stay in conversation with us, in times following, looking for ways to engage with people in need, supporting either Crossroads or other NGOs, locally and globally. Some use their expertise, product or finances. In 2012, we set up a new team dedicated to helping these engagement opportunities. If your company or NGO is interested in engagement, please let us know, emailing

Global Hand 10 year anniversary Ten years ago, we faced a question that changed our lives: “Why do organisations, like yours, operate in isolation? Shouldn’t you network? If one of you can’t use an offer of help from a company, you could pass it on to others and see more people helped!” Hard logic to fault. In 2002, we started creating a match-making service, Global Hand, to bring companies and NGOs into partnership. Over the course of these years, the United Nations asked us to build a matching website for them too. In 2012, to celebrate our tenth anniversary, we partnered with our Global X-perience team and ran Struggle for Survival (see p.36) in an old London bank building, kindly made available by HSBC. This is a simulation of slum life: a brief experience during which participants try to ‘survive’ while battling hunger, homelessness, educational need, manual labour and corruption. Afterwards, participants look for ways they can make a difference.

“Eye-opening and inspiring. Unforgettable.” Rowan Earl, British Red Cross “The simulation was almost instantaneously effective. I came out thinking about how I can change my ways, and that of my company, to improve the quality of life for others.” Melanie Helie, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

“Powerful and engaging. A fantastic experience.” Laura McGill, Merlin “Knowing about it is so different from experiencing it first hand. A lot of food for thought.” Lois Appleby, Department for International Development


Our people Volunteering is the lifeblood of Crossroads. All Crossroads staff, both full time and part time, are volunteers. No one receives a salary or remuneration of any kind. Residential staff, furthermore, raise funds to cover their own personal accommodation and living expenses. Our full time staff of approximately 70 people is augmented by hundreds of part time volunteers from across the Hong Kong community.

Nationalities Our community volunteers in 2012 were drawn from 71 countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Colombia, Congo, Denmark, DR Congo, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Rwanda, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Togo, Tonga, Uganda, UK, USA, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Our full time volunteers in 2012 came from 24 countries: Australia, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, China, Cook Islands, DR Congo, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malawi, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, UK, USA, Zambia.

Diversity of age, genders We have people of all ages volunteering at Crossroads, school students, university students, young singles/couples, families, middle aged singles/ couples and retirees. No one is too young, nor too old, to help!


Crossroads also provides a workspace where both men and women may work. Those with parental responsibilities have considerable flexibility in their work schedule. Care is provided for children of full time staff. Older full time staff are invited to work reduced hours, in accordance with their health and physical ability.

Length of service Even though fully volunteer staffed, Crossroads has seen significant longevity of service, from both full time and part time staff. In 2012, 25% of staff had served between 1 and 5 years, a further 26% had served for more than 5 years and 9.5% had served for over 10 years.

Closer look at part time volunteers from the community In 2012, our volunteering programmes were again heavily booked, with groups often booking their volunteering days 6-12 months in advance. Over the course of the year, we had 9,909 community volunteers contributing a total of 111,741 hours. Community volunteers have more than doubled the effectiveness of our full time team. We could not do the work of Crossroads without their massive effort.

Volunteering is the lifeblood of Crossroads. No staff member receives a salary or remuneration of any kind. Residential staff, furthermore, raise funds to cover their own personal accommodation and living expenses. Our full time staff of approximately 70 people is augmented by hundreds of part time volunteers from across Hong Kong.

“Nowhere in the workplace is there such a giving, loving environment, where people are there because they want to be there, giving of their time, strengths and not because they HAVE to.� Rajni, who has volunteered with Crossroads for 15 years


“No one is paid here. Instead, people serve from their hearts. Perhaps that is what enables so much work to get done!” Who volunteers with us? Throughout 2012, we received help from the following kinds of volunteers:

Business people Companies often book team builds or offer individual staff who assist with either skilled volunteering (e.g. logisticians, engineers, designers, lawyers, accountants, architects, etc) or unskilled volunteering (e.g. to paint walls, tend gardens, load containers, pack goods, etc.)

• Curriculum participation: We are a weekly ‘subject’ on the curriculum of a selection of Hong Kong schools. • Onsite school projects: Schools undertake a wide range of projects, on their own premises, to support Crossroads’ work.

Community groups Volunteer support is given by: • Community service groups, (e.g. Rotary, Round Table, Ladies’ Circle, Corona Women’s Society)

Armed forces Several navies e.g. US, UK, French and Australian, when in town, send men and women out for a day of community service. Some offer skilled volunteering, with expertise in logistics, IT, engineering, construction, etc. Others assist with general maintenance or warehouse needs.

CSSA The Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) programme of the Social Welfare Department send teams most days of the week.


• National associations (e.g. American Women’s Association, Spanish Speaking Women’s Association)

• Student service certificates: Students earn ‘Silver Certificates’ for 70 hours and ‘Gold Certificates’ for a further 70 hours.

• Religious organisations (Buddhist, Mormon, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu)

• Internships: Students over 16 undertake 6 weeks of full time volunteer service, during which they develop specialised skills in their designated area.

• Women’s groups

We are pleased to organise family days where parents and children serve together.

Rehabilitation organisations


• Field trips: Busloads of students may come for regular field trips.

Rehabilitation organisations regularly bring out teams of people to help load a container, or take on other teamwork.

Individuals from the Hong Kong community come and offer their time to volunteer.



111,741 Number of hours community volunteers worked for Crossroads

9,909 Nationalities represented by Crossroads’ volunteers

Number of community volunteers who served with Crossroads

What do volunteers do? We have tasks of all kinds: warehouse logistics, inventory management, sorting/ processing of basic goods, checking of computer/electrical items, administration, accounting, public relations, communications, design, research, computers and IT, translation, gardening, landscape care, tree care, retail services, product purchasing, barista services, handyman activities, catering.


Our finances Financial Results for 2012

Top 10 Donors

A copy of the audited accounts for 2012 is available on our website. 2012 was not without significant financial challenges yet it still resulted in increased and effective output. In terms of output, Global X-perience achieved an increase of 13.4% in the number of participants over 2011. Global Distribution’s donated goods volume increased by 27% over the volumes of 2011. The cafe achieved a turnover 38% increase over 2011 and the fair trade based Global Handicrafts increased turnover by 6%. The major donors during the year are listed opposite, each of which contributed significant gifts that average HK$548,000. As per the below summary, the total revenue received during the year was HK$12,173,377, which was significantly down from 2011. The prime reason for this was the fact that, the previous year, we had an unusual fundraising event: a major gala. A further factor was the impact of the economic downturn which significantly reduced the capacity of the traditional major donors. As a result, 2012 was partially financed through significant savings from the previous year, stemming largely from the gala. A range of new fundraising strategies are underway to broaden the future income base. These include encouraging the Café, Global Village Marketplace and Global Xperience in their ongoing development, all of which during 2012, have made increased surpluses over their direct costs. These three activities generated $2,891,000 in revenue, and with $1,642,000 in direct costs, contributed $1.25 million towards covering the overall organizational fixed cost total. A greater contribution is projected for 2013.

Income and expenditure summary for the year ended 31st December 2012 2012 (Management accounts Unaudited) Revenue/Turnover 792,809


Donations re Silk Rd Café HK




44,423 1,296,695

Interest Income 1,574

Total Revenue


Total expenditure (Deficit)Surplus

The British Chamber of Commerce - Donations toward operations Anonymous - General donations Cisco Systems (HK) Ltd – General donations Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation Ltd – General donations received via grant Lane Crawford (HK) LTD – General donations






HK$ (3,175,298)



UNHCR Headquarters SMS – Designated donations toward the running of the Refugee Run in Davos during the World Economic Forum



Other Income

GO Consulting Pty Ltd – Donations toward shipments and operations


Sales of goods Global Handicrafts Sales via Café Central Asia

Asia Brokers Charity Limited – General donation from the FABBAS event

Analysis of the 2012 expenditure by the various organisational functions indicates the following:

2011 (Audited)


Global Development Group – Facilitated funding for development projects

2011 %



Global Distribution





Global Hand





Global X-perience





Global Handicrafts














Development and Fundraising





Note: The comparison reveals the significant reduction in Development and Fundraising Expenses, down to 4% of expenditure in 2012 from 11% in 2011. This was due to the fundraising costs associated with the 2011 Crossroads Gala Event. There was no equivalent event during 2012.

Fundraising Fashion with Compassion Fashionistas of Hong Kong stepped out in style at the end of September, showing their generosity at Fashion with Compassion, an exclusive 2-day charity pop-up sale to benefit Crossroads Foundation. The sale was held alongside the fashion accessories fair, Fashion Access, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and was presented by UBM Asia, APLF and fashion maven Mary Yan Yan Chan. Many of Hong Kong’s top fashion designers and lifestyle brands generously donated highend clothing, shoes, accessories and other products, which shoppers then purchased at 50% discount or more. The funds raised by the event went towards Crossroads’ work serving people in need, both in Hong Kong and around the world.

British Chamber of Commerce ‘Britcham’ revved up their donors to help the poor when they raised enough money in 2012 to purchase a brand new truck for Crossroads, allowing us to send our pickup staff around Hong Kong collecting donated goods safely and efficiently. It also allowed us to put additional funds towards our Hong Kong distribution services, equipping more Hong Kong families in need.

FABBAS FABBAS turned ten in 2012 and so did our wonderful partnership with them. Ten years ago, in 2002, FABBAs began to raise money for charities through the Asia Broker Charity Ltd. They have been extremely successful, in part because of the seriousness of their commitment and in part because, as they put it, they ‘have fun doing it’. Fabulous FABBAS was, again, magnificent in supporting Crossroads in 2012, with a major event raising HK$1.4 million for Crossroads. Congratulations, FABBAS, on ten superb years!

Titan Triathalon When Hong Kong’s fittest and fastest of all ages came together for Titan Triathlon’s 2012 duathlon race, they were cycling for a cause: a portion of the race’s proceeds was generously donated to Crossroads.


Crossroads in the media

Antonio Guterres, the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Refugees, interviewed in Davos, Switzerland, at the Refugee Run Crossroads undertook with the UNHCR, Jan 2012.

Sally Begbie being interviewed when named one of the ‘Women of our Time’ in Hong Kong by South China Morning Post.

A selection of Crossroads’ media coverage in 2012, clockwise, from top right: The Australian website; South China Morning Post Sunday Magazine, ‘Women of our Time’; Weekend Weekly; South China Morning Post.


A selection of Crossroads’ media coverage from 2012, clockwise, from top left: South China Morning Post Family Post; Hong Kong newspaper, Apple Daily; Video interview with Global Hand partner David of Uganda; Hong Kong’s ATV channel feature on Global Handicrafts; ‘What is Global Hand?’ video; South China Morning Post.


Get connected! Can we help you? Or can you help us? We live in a needy world. As our name suggests, we are a crossroads that connects people in need with people who can help. How can we help you? Or how can you help us? These pages describe what you can do through Crossroads.

Donate Goods

Would you like to donate goods for people in need? We re-distribute quality goods from families, hotels, hospitals, businesses, educational institutions and more. If your surplus goods can help people in need, we would be delighted to send them on.

Types of goods we accept Medical equipment & supplies Computers Office appliances White goods/ appliances Educational toys Stationery supplies


Electrical goods Books & AV materials Exercise & physical therapy equipment Child playground/ orphanage equipment New clothing Office furniture

Household goods Educational furnishings Musical instruments Vehicles Food Tools Building materials

Donate Funds

Would you like to help financially? We can multiply the donation of dollars given. For every $25 we receive, we can impact a life. For every $100 given, we can send help worth $900. We would deeply appreciate your regular donations, fundraising support or sponsorship.

To find out more, visit:


Donate Time and Talent

Your time, talents and skills can provide vital help, especially when given regularly by individuals or teams. We have a full time team of volunteers but we cannot do this work alone. When volunteers come to us on a regular basis, bringing their talents and skill sets, we can see many more people helped.

Skills we need Accounting Administration/ office work Barista work in cafĂŠ Building projects Carpentry Catering/cooking Computers Container loading Creative design &

artwork Driving Electrical work Fair trade market Fork lift driving Fundraising Furniture repair Gardening Goods collection Handyman/ maintenance jobs


IT and software development Maintenance Medical eqiupment Photography Reception Sewing Translation Warehousing and stock movement

Organisations we resource

Request Goods

If you need donated goods from our warehouse, we’d love you to tell us. We give goods to non-profit groups here in Hong Kong and overseas, along with people who apply through the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department.

Adoption agencies Animal welfare Care for people at risk Community development Computer training centres Cultural needs Dental clinics Disaster response Drug rehabilitation services Educational institutions – preschool, primary, secondary & tertiary Elderly care Environmental care Eye clinics Fair trade initiatives Family services Halfway houses HIV/AIDS support Hygiene programmes Leadership training programmes

Medical clinics & hospitals Microbusiness initiatives Orphanages Prisoner care Refugee & IDP programmes Rehabilitation and therapy centres Service organisations Sports programmes for the disadvantaged Suicide prevention services Support for new arrivals Support for special needs: autism, epilepsy, people with disabilities Support for women Vocational training programmes Youth services

To find out more, visit: 2012 CROSSROADS ANNUAL REPORT 55

Book an X-perience

Deepen your understanding by taking a few steps ‘in the shoes’ of people battling the major issues which face our world today. We have a range of options you may book as an individual or a group. • War: Refugee run • health: HIV/AIDS • Visual impairment: Blind X-perience • Poverty: Struggle for Survival • Water needs: cHALLENGE OF Water • Hunger: None, tonnes, some • Fair Trade: Coffee Bean Trade And more...

To find out more, visit:


Shop ‘N Snack Empower people in poverty by buying their products at our fair trade marketplace and cafe.

Our marketplace and cafe sell products from people living in low income areas. Every sale helps give them a more secure future. At either the cafe or marketplace you can buy chocolate, tea/coffee, snacks, spices, jewellery, scarves, bags, carvings, toys, creches, accessories, stationery, homeware and much more. Come in and browse around. You can even do your Christmas shopping! The products come from all regions of the world: Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. You are welcome to visit our fair trade facilities, shop in our Global Handicrafts marketplace and be refreshed in our Silk Road Cafe!


Find Partners/Projects

Ask us about projects or partnership opportunities for NGOs and companies. We help ‘match-make’ in Hong Kong and around the world. Social Entrepreneurship

Corporate Social Responsibility



Disaster response


Poverty alleviation

Humanitarian Aid


Fair trade


Corporate volunteering

Job Creation

We help match for-profits, non-profits, foundations, trusts, governments, diplomats and more.

Guidelines/Best Practice Doing business with the poor Sustainable Development

To find out more, visit: 58 2012 CROSSROADS ANNUAL REPORT

Sponsorship list 1st Hong Kong Canadian Cub Scouts

Access (Asia) Co. Ltd.

Allen & Overy

Apax Group

Aspect Asia

4M Industrial Development Ltd.

Acme Fashion Works Ltd.


Apax Partners Hong Kong Ltd.

The ABM HK Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Assoc Ltd.

ACME Landis Operations Holding Ltd.

Alliance Francaise

APEX 88 Ltd.

Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women

Acton Freight International Ltd.

Alliance International Church

Aqua Pure Distilled Water Co. Ltd.


Addison Ltd.

Alliance Primary School Kowloon Tong

Arboricultural Society of Hong Kong

ABWE Shing Yan Christian Social Service Centre


Allianz Global Investors Hong Kong Ltd.

Arcfoto Photography

adidas Group

Allied Pickfords Ltd.

Ardex Hong Kong Ltd.

Adoptive Families of Hong Kong

Alpha Academy Ltd.

Arena Enterprises Ltd.

Adphocase Studio

Alpha Bright Ltd.

Argos Pacific Logistics Ltd.

Ad-Prom Specialty Ltd.

Alpha Centre for the Gifted

Argyll Scott International (HK) Ltd.

Advanced Learning Systems

Alpha Epsilon Chi, GCC, USA

The Ark Veterinary Clinic

The Advantage Trust

Alpha Technics Asia Ltd.

Armstrong-Hilton Ltd.

AIG Finance (HK) Ltd.

Advendise Ltd.

Alstom Hong Kong Ltd.


A. J.Vachha & Company


The Ambition Group Ltd.

Ashoka Trading Ltd.

A. M. International Manufactory Co. Ltd. (HK)

Aerobag Company Ltd.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Asia Airfreight Terminal


Ah Ngau Engineering Ltd.

The American Club

Asia Centre for Mobilisation (HK) Ltd.

ANZ Banking Group Ltd.

Aids Concern

American Design

Australian International School Hong Kong

Asia Goal Ltd.

American International School

Australian Navy

Asia Line Ltd.

American International School of Guangzhou

Australian Opal Cutters, Australia

Asia Pacific Inspection Ltd.

Autism Partnership Primary School

American President Lines Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.

Autumn Rain

Asia Securities Global Ltd.

ADRA Australia AEON AFS Hong Kong AIC Merchandizing (Japan) Ltd. AIESEC in the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Afasia Fashions (HK) Ltd.

A & L (Asia) International Ltd.

Air China

A & P International Ltd.

Air India

APT Design Co.

Air New Zealand

A. S. Watson & Co. Ltd.

Air Niugini


Airport Authority Hong Kong

American Women’s Association of Hong Kong Ltd.

AT & T Global Network Services Hong Kong Ltd.

Alcanta International College, China

The Amity Foundation

Alex Chu & Associates Ltd.

The Ammado Foundation

Alex Ho Associates Ltd.


Alexander Stuart Designs Ltd.

Andy World Club Ltd. Hong Kong Ltd. All Souls Church, UK

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) Singapore

All Star Sports Association Ltd.

Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Ltd.

A Triad Garment Factory Abbotsleigh, Australia Abertay Ltd. Absolute Trade Co. Accenture Acceptor Professional Directors

Asia Brokers Charity Ltd.

Asia Terminals Ltd. Asian Artworks Gallery Asian Corporate Services Ltd. Asian Games Marketing Ltd. Asian Quality Assurance Asian Tigers K. C. Dat AsiaNet Consultants Ltd.

Aston Wilson Ltd. Atlas Enterprises Ltd. Atlas Global Atlas Impex Atlassian ATOFINA Greater China Trading Co. Ltd. Audio Electronics Aussco HK Ltd. Austrade Hong Kong Australia-China Endeavour The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Australian Consulate General

Avery Dennison Aztec Information Services Azure Tax Ltd. BAA BAX Global Hong Kong BCJ Joint Ventures BDO Ltd. BIS Hong Kong BMT Asia Pacific Ltd.


BNP Paribas

Beijing Datang Power Generation Co. Ltd.


Broadway Trading Co.

CCC Kwei Wah Shan College

BNY Mellon

Belfuse Ltd.

Boom Solutions Ltd.

Broadwood Ltd.

CCC Ming Kei College

BSI Ltd.

Belilios Public School

Bootham School

Brownie Guides

CCC Ming Yin College

Babies Trendland Ltd.

Belkin Asia Pacific Ltd.

Bosideng International Holdings Ltd.

Bryan Cave

CCC Mong Man Wai College

Babtie BMT Harris & Sutherland (HK) Ltd.

Bellanis Ltd.

The Boston Consulting Group

CCC Mongkok Church Kai Oi School

Baby Express

Benetton Asia Pacific Ltd.

The Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong

Buddhist Chi Hong Chi Lam Memorial College

Baker & McKenzie

Berger Paints (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Bradbury School

CDS Overseas

Balli Steel Asia Ltd.

Berytos International Trading (HK) Ltd.

Brand Effect Companies

Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College

Bally Hong Kong Ltd.

Best Wishes Company Ltd.

Brandstorm Hong Kong Ltd.

BALtrans International Moving Ltd.

Best Young International Ltd.

Branford Ltd.

Buddhist Li Chong Yuet Ming Nursing Home for the Elderly

Bamboo Republic

Bestpo Enterprises Ltd.

Branson Ultrasonics (A/P) Co. Ltd.

Buddhist Po Kwong School

CLP Group

Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention

Bethel Christian Fellowship, Australia

Breakthrough Ltd.

Buddhist Sin Tak College

CLSA Hong Kong

Bethel College, USA

Breakthrough Youth Village


Brecon Ltd.

Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College

C&M Faith Memorial Church

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Buddhist Leung Chik Wai College

CCC Yenching College CFT Engineering Ltd. CITA International Ltd. CJP (HK) Ltd.

CM Holdings Ltd.

Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

Big Apple Ltd.

Brent Industrial Corporation

Buddhist Sum Ma Shui Ying

Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School

Bilkey Llinas Design Ltd.

Brigantine Services Ltd.

Buddhist Tai Hung College

CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School

Baptista Szeretetszolgalat

Bio-Supplies Ltd.

Bright Kingdom Development Ltd.

Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College

CMG Asia Ltd.

Bright Light Ltd.

Bühler Hong Kong

CMS Cameron McKenna CNN (Cable News International, Inc.)

Bar U Restaurant

Bird and Bird Solicitors

Barclays Capital Asia Ltd.

Bisous Hong Kong

Bright Services Co. Ltd.

Bumps to Babes

Barker College, Australia

Black Isle Consultants

Brilliant Global Ltd.

Burberry Asia Ltd.


Barmag Far East Ltd.

Bliss & Wisdom Fund Ltd.

Brilliant Standard Ltd.

Business Environment Council

CP Ships

Butterfly Bay Baptist Church Social Centre for the Elderly

CPS Group Ltd.

Barnabas Charitable Service Association

Bloomberg L.P.

Brio International Ltd.

Basic Point

Bloomsbury Books Ltd.

British Airways World Cargo

Basicline International Ltd.

Blue Star Ltd.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP, UK Bauhinia School

The Blues Filobranca Bobtex (Far East) Ltd.

Bayer MaterialScience Ltd.

The Body Shop

Beachside Building Services

Boehringer Ingelheim Hong Kong Ltd.

Beacon Hill School

Bondex International HK Ltd.

Beatitudes Drama Society

Bonnie Blair Ltd.

Beaver Scouts


BUZdesign Consultants ByBodyguard Ltd.


British Consulate-General

c.i.p (Asia) Ltd.

The British Council

C3 Church Hong Kong

British Mediterranean, UK

CCC Cheung Sha Wan Kei To Church

British Navy

CCC Heep Woh College

CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School

British Rollmakers (China) Ltd.

CCC Hoh Fuk Tong College

Café Colorado

Broadway Photo Supply

CCC Kei Wai Primary School (Ma Wan)

Caffe Perla Mora Asia

CST Capital Ltd. CTS (Cargo) Hong Kong Ltd.

California Fitness

Secondary School

Charming-Lite Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

China Orchid Energy Resources Ltd.

Cambridge Nursing Home

Carmel Pak U Secondary School

Charter Rich Corp Ltd.

CamelBak Products, LLC, USA

Carmel Secondary School

China Power International Development Company

Camelpaint Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Carrefour Global Sourcing Asia Ltd.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Canadian International School


Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd.



Cartorama (HK) Ltd.

Canossa College

CASH E-Trade Ltd.

Canossa Hospital

Casio Computer (HK) Ltd.

Canossian Girls School


Capital (CMC) Management Consultants Ltd.

Castores Magi (Hong Kong) Ltd.

The Capital Group Companies - Hong Kong Office

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

Cathay Holidays Ltd.

Capital Lease Ltd.

Catholic Joint School of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long

Capricorn Apparel Ltd.

Catholic Women’s League

Captivating International

Cazenova Capital Management Ltd.

Care for Children

The Cecilian Singers

Caritas Bianchi College of Careers

Cedar Fund Ltd.

Caritas Dr. & Mrs. Olinto De Sousa Family Service (Shatin)

Celebrity Exports Ltd.

Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School

Central Conference Center

Celki Medical Company

Caritas Fu Tung Home

Central Plaza Management Co. Ltd.

Caritas Integrated Service for Young People - Tak Tin

Century First Manufacturing Ltd.

Caritas Lok Yi School

Chai Wan Baptist Church

Caritas Medical Centre

Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College

Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School

Chanel Ltd.

Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School

Charlies International

Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial

Chabad of Hong Kong

Chan’s Creative School Charlotte Travel

Christian Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School Chu Kong Plan

Chinaplay Ltd.

Chu Yu Transportation Co. Ltd.

The Chase Manhattan Bank

ChinaVest Services Ltd.

Chubb Hong Kong Ltd.

Chef Gardens

Chinawood Associates

Chung Shing Hong Rice Co., Ltd.

Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation

Chinese Christian Association

Chenille (HK) Ltd.

Chinese Christian Mong Man Wei School

Chung Sing Benevolent Society Mrs Aw Boon Haw Secondary School

Chesga Ltd.

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Chunkie International Removal Ltd. Church Assembly Hall

Cheterson & Co.

Chinese International School

Church of All Nations

Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese YMCA

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Chi Tad Industrial (HK) Ltd.

Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School

Cinox (Hong Kong) Ltd. Cipher International Ltd.

Chinook Society

Cisco Systems Hong Kong Ltd.

Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School

Citadines Hongkong Ashley

Choi Designs

Citigroup Hong Kong

Choy Chan Timber Mill

City Garden Hotel

Chrisdon Trading Co. Ltd.

City Telecom (HK) Ltd.

Christ Church St Ives, Australia

City University of Hong Kong

Christ College Christar Hong Kong Ltd.

Civil Service Training and Development Institute

Christchurch Kindergarten


Christian Action School

Clariant (China) Ltd.

Christian Alliance College


Christian Alliance International School (CAIS)

Classic Packing & Removal Co. Ltd.

China Lilanz Ltd.

Christian Alliance P. C. Lau Memorial International School

Clearwater Bay School

China National Aviation Corporation Hong Kong Ltd.

Christian Disciples Church

Cheshire Home

Chiangs Optical Chiaphua Components Holdings Ltd. Chiaphua Industries Ltd. Chilab Ltd. Childprufe (HK) Ltd. Children at 818 Children’s Hope Fund Hong Kong Children’s Medical Foundation Childz Play Chiling & Co. Ltd. China Aerospace Telecommunications Ltd. China Coast Community Ltd. China Compass Publishing China Congregational Church

Christian Family Service Centre

Citibank N.A. Hong Kong

Classic Supplies Co. Ltd. CLOSTERMANN Design Clothing Solutions International (HK) Ltd.


Cloudvault (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Consulate General of Canada

Crown Worldwide Holdings, Ltd.

Deborah Oppenheimer International

Discovery Bay International School

Coastal Connections Ltd.

Consulate General of Switzerland

Crystal Apparel Ltd.

Debt Traders Ltd.

Discovery Bay Optical Shop


Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Crystal Computer Services


Discovery Bay Pirates Rugby Club

Crystal Group

Dehres International Ltd.

Discovery College

Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Culture Technology Ltd.

Delia Memorial School

Displaytech Ltd.

Cuttan Company Ltd.

Delia School of Canada

District Distributions Co. Ltd.

Cybelle Ltd.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, CPA

Dolly Expo Far East Ltd.

DBS Bank

Delphi Ltd.

Donald Chiu Photography

DDI International Ltd.

Delta Electrical & Engineering Services Ltd.

Dong Rong Electronics Co. Ltd.

Denton Wilde Sapte

Dongguan Luen Thai Garment Co. Ltd.


Design for Change

Door of Faith - HK Mission

Corporate Service Group

DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School

Design Link Company Ltd.

Douceur International Ltd.

Destiny Wellbeing Centre- Neutral Bay

Cosy Zone


DMK Asia Ltd.

Deutsche Bank AG

Dowell Trading Co.

Community Church Hong Kong

Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School

DMV International Ltd.

Deutsche Investments Hong Kong Ltd.

Downton Baptist Church, UK

Community Education and Resource Centre

Country Garden School - Guangzhou

DP World Asia-Pacific

Dexion (North Asia) Ltd.

Dr. Kong Footcare Ltd.

DSV Air & Sea Ltd.

Dick Smith Electronics, Australia



Dick’s Sporting Goods International Ltd.

Drake International

Dah Chong Hong Ltd.

Diligent Group & Diligent Factory

Drake Overload Ltd.

The Dairy Farm Company Ltd.

Dimple’s International

Dresdner Bank

Dama Kaya Society

Diocesan Boys’ School

Du Pont China Ltd.

Damrak Co. Ltd.

Diocesan Girls’ Junior School

Duchess of Kent Hospital

Dana Corporation

Diocesan Girls’ School

Dunham Bush Services Co. Ltd.

Danish Seamen’s Church

Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Workers

Duquesne Capital Asia

Danzas AEI (HK) Ltd.

Diocesan Youth Commission


Darling Child International Kindergarten

Direct Sales Ltd.

EC Harris

Darton Ltd.

Discovery Bay Community Groups


David Polk & Wardwell

Discovery Bay Girl Guides

EDS Asia

Debenhams PLC

Discovery Bay International Community Church

EFT (HK) Ltd.

Coffee Concepts (Hong Kong) Ltd. Coffs Harbour Carpet Court, Australia Cognitio College (Hong Kong) Color 6 Laboratories Ltd. Colour Bar Salon Colourful Workshop Columbia Sportswear Co (HK) Ltd. Comgest Far East Ltd. Commonwealth Optical Manufactory Ltd. Community Advice Bureau Community Business Ltd. The Community Chest of Hong Kong

Commverge Solutions Ltd. Compassion International (East Asia) Ltd. Concord Co. Concordia International School Concordia International School Shanghai Concordia Lutheran School (North Point) Connaught Travel Conrad International Hong Kong Consolidated Textiles Construction Industry Council Training Academy Consulate General of Argentine Republic Consulate General of Belgium

Consulate General of Uruguay Container Providers Intl. Ltd. Contempo Continental Airlines The Cookware Company Copycat Shoes Manufacturing Ltd. Corp 8

Coutts Bank Covenant Church, USA Crafts Hong Kong Creata Promotion (Asia) Ltd. Creation Maternity Creative Consulting Group Creative Kindergarten Creative Primary School Creative Primary School’s Kindergarten Creative Secondary School Credit Suisse Group Crocodile Clothing Ltd. C-Room Production Co.


DFS Group Ltd. DHL International (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Deborah International Play School

Dong Woo Shipping Co. Ltd.

EK Investment Management Ltd.

Educational Perspective

Ethiopian Airlines

Fair Trade Hong Kong

Fidessa Ltd.

ELCHK Tai Wo Integrated Youth Service Centre

Ege Besin Co. Ltd.

Ethos International

Fairform Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Fiducia Management Consultants Software GmbH



The Film Factory Ltd.

ELCHK Tin Shui Wai Integrated Youth Service Centre


European Commission Office in Hong Kong

Faith Community Church

Fine Columbian Emerald HK Co.

Faith Love Lutheran Church

Fine Gift Creation Ind’l Company

Evangelical Community Church

Fame Concept International Ltd.

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong

Fame Gain International Development Ltd.

First Place Advertising Agents Ltd.

Evans & Peck Evelyn B Fashion

Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

Fitness First (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Ever Rich HK Industrial Co. Ltd.

Fanling Golf Club

Ever Spirit Ltd.

Fantasma Co.

Everbest Technologies Ltd.

Far East Access

Evercore Aisa Ltd.

Far East Foundation Co. Ltd.

Evergreen International Airlines

Far East Masonic Association for Charities

Evergreen Recycling

Far East Media (HK) Ltd.

Exacta Sweaters Ltd.

Farfalla Ltd.

Excel Asia Ltd.

Farris Associates Ltd.

The Excelsior Hotel

Fashion Box (H.K.) Ltd.

Exclusively Mine Lingerie & Couture House

Fashion Focus Manufacturing. Ltd.

Executive Access Ltd.

Fat Angelo’s Italian Restaurant

Exel Hong Kong Ltd.

Federal Express

Exodus Team, UK

Feducia Ltd.

Expeditors HK Ltd.

Feeding Hong Kong

Express by Holiday Inn Extensive Trading Co. Ltd.

Fellowship Daniel, Tai Po Peace Evangelical Centre


Fems International Ltd.

Four Seas Container Transport Co. Ltd.

FJ Hong Kong Ltd.

Ferrero Asia Ltd.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts


Fidelity Investments Management (HK) Ltd.

Four Winds Removals Ltd.

EMI Music Publishing Asia EP Power Company Ltd. EPS & Little Flowers Grass EPSON Hong Kong Ltd. ESL Asia Com E.Sun Commercial Bank E-Tech Management (HK) Ltd. Eageract Company Eagles Mount Adventures Ltd. Early Learning Centre (HK) Ltd. Earnward Warehouse Ltd. Earth Buddy Earthy Publications

Elegance Industrial Co. Ltd. Elegance Optical Manufactory Ltd. Elegant Fashion Enterprise Ltd. Elegant Handicraft Ltd. Elim Development Ltd. Elite Concepts Elizabeth Homes, UK Elsevier Health Services Asia Pacific Emerson Electric Asia-Pacific Emirates Airline Emperor Hotel Empire Toys (HK) Ltd. Employees Retraining Board

Eastern Force Computer Ltd.

Enlighten Hong Kong - Action for Epilepsy

Eastern Worldwide Company Ltd.

Enseng (HK) Ltd.

EastPoint Property Management Service Ltd.

Entertainment+Culture Advisors

Easyfill International Co. Ltd. Eaton House Hong Kong Eaton Smart Hong Kong Eban International Ltd. The Economist Ecovision Asia Ltd. Eddie Bauer International Ltd. Edipresse Hong Kong Ltd. Education Development Platform Ltd.

Environment Protection Department The Empire Hotels and Resorts Equinix Hong Kong Equity Trust Hong Kong Ernest Maude Esquel Group Esso Hong Kong Ltd. Estate Agents Authority Etcetera Ltd. Etex (Far East) Ltd.

The Fan Family Charitable Trust

Fashion Linq Hong Kong Ltd.

Firwood Furniture Five Star Asia Ltd. Flex-Box Fluid HK Ltd. Focolare Movement Fok & Johnson Solicitors Fok On Church, Elderly Centre Fondgear Co. Ltd. Fook Yee Garden Management Office Foot Tech International Co. Ltd. Footstar HK Ltd. Footstop Force Engineering Company Formable Industrial Ltd. Fortune Engineering Co. Fortune Provider Ltd. Fosroc Hong Kong Ltd. Foundation Techniques Ltd.

Fox International Channels


Framatome Connectors (HK) Ltd.

Gala Garment Factory

Go Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Free Methodist Church

Gammon Construction Ltd.

Goethe Institut Hong Kong

Grand Pacific Technology Ltd.

French International School

GAP International Sourcing (Holdings) Ltd.

Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club

Grand Step Hong Kong Ltd.

Gold Star Line Ltd.


Gard Hong Kong Ltd.

Golden Emblem Investment Co. Ltd.

Grant Thornton

Garden Gallery Ltd.

Golden-Mine Co.

Grapevine International Ltd.

Gateway Apartments

Goldlion (Far East) Ltd.

Great Eagle Hotel

Gateway Hotel

Goldman Sachs

Great Liaison Ltd.

Gaw Capital

Goldride Management Services Ltd.

The Green Valley Youth Choir, Australia

General Lion Footwear Co. Ltd.

Golin/Harris Forrest (Hong Kong)


George Strome, Architect

Good Copy Printing Co.

German Speaking Ladies Group

The Good Design Co. Ltd.

Greenfield English (International) Kindergarten & Nursery

German Swiss International School

Good Health Kindergarten


Good Health School

Gingko Biloba Ltd.

Good Hope School

Glenealy School

Good Shephard Sisters - Our Lady’s Hostel

Glimpso HK Ltd.

Good-Care Int’l Movers Co.

Global Asset Management (HK) Ltd.

Goodwell Sam Cheong Grocery

Global Development Group

Goodwin Curtains

Global Equity Brokers

Goodwood Investment Ltd.

Global Exports HK

Gordon Baptist Church, Australia

Global Ideas, Inc., USA

Gouten Consulting Ltd.

French Navy Frenchs Forest Baptist Church, Australia Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Friends of Hong Kong Charities Friends of LSE Hong Kong Friends of the Earth (HK) Frontiers Frontline Clothing Ltd. FTI Consulting (Hong Kong) Ltd. Fu Hong Society Fu Lam Village Restaurant Fuji Photo Products Co., Ltd. Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Ltd. Fukien Secondary School Fung Yui King International School Furama Hotel HK Fuschia Ltd. G-Creation Ltd. GE International Inc. GfK Marketing Services Ltd. GL events Hong Kong Ltd. GL Trade Asia Ltd. G.M. Orient G.O.D. Ltd. G-Set English Centre Gainbridge Ltd. Gakken (HK) Company Ltd.

Global Industrial (HK) Ltd.

Government Property Agency

Global Procurement Hong Kong Global Settlements Hong Kong Ltd.

Government Secretariat Home Affairs Bureau

Global Sources

Government Supplies Depot

Globe Audio International Ltd.

Grace Baptist Church

Globelink International Pty Ltd.

Grace Charity Foundations

Glorious Praise Fellowship HK Ltd.

Grace Fellowship

Glory Overseas Ltd.

Grameen Foundation

Gloss Mind Sports International Ltd.

Grand Hotel Hungaria, Hungry


Greenleaves Kindergarten Grown Up Manufactory Ltd. Guangzhou Nanhu International School Guanhong International Group Ltd. Guardforce Ltd. Gucci Group Guideposts Kindergarten Gwailo Coolies H & M Hennes & Mauritz (Far East) Ltd. H Daya HAECO (Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd.) HIT English Club HK Amateur Radio Transmitting Society HK Wheelchair Aid Service

HKCWC Fung Yiu King Memorial Secondary School HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Primary School HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School HKFYG Youth S.P.O.T. HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre (Shek Yam) Kindergarten HKSYCIA Wong ai Shan Memorial College HKU SPACE HP Enterprise Services HS & A Ltd. HSBC HSBC Property (Asia) Ltd. HYLA Hong Kong Hacis Hallmark Cards (HK) Ltd. Hamburg Süd Hang Cheong Building Materials Supplies Co. Ltd. Hang Hing Company Hang Lung Properties Hang Lung Real Estate Agency Ltd. Hang Sun Button Manufactory Ltd. Hang Yee House Material and Committee Hangyue Material Support & Engine LTM Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd.

HKACE Joint Venture

Hanlun Habitats Ltd.

HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Primary and Secondary School

Hapag-Lloyd (China) Ltd. Haputex


Hapworld SDL Ltd.

Harbour City Estates Ltd.


Home of Loving Faithfulness

Hong Kong Cheil Church

Hong Kong Hockey Association

Harbour Plaza Hotel

Helping Hands, Inc., USA

Honeytone Ltd.

Hong Kong Chicken & Chablis Club

Hong Kong Horticultural Society

Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel

Heng On Baptist Nursery

Honeyville Canossian Retreat House

Hong Kong Chinmaya Foundation

Hong Kong Hotels Association

Harbour Plaza North Point

Henry Ansbacher

Hong Chi Fu Heng Hostel

Hong Kong Christian Service

Hong Kong HPVA

The Harbour School

Henry Gain Far East Ltd.

Hong Chi Morninghill School

The Hong Kong Club

The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Harbourview Horizon Hotel

Herb King Pharmacy

Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate

Hermes Greater China Ltd.

Hong Chi Pinehill Advanced Training Centre

Hong Kong Cricket Club

Hard Rock Café

Hong Kong International School

Hariaum Apparel Manufacturing Ltd.

Hermes-OTTO International Hong Kong

Hong Kong Academy

Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)

Harmony House Ltd.

Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Ltd.

Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Country Club

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)

HarperCollins Publishers

High Rock Christian Centre

Hong Kong Academy Primary School

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Japanese School

Harrow International School

Highgate House School

Hong Kong Adventist College

Hong Kong Dollarsaver

Harvey Norman, Australia

Hill & Knowlton Asia Ltd.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Hasbro Far East Ltd.

Hillman Orient Ltd.

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Haven Books

Hillpop Knitters

Haven of Hope Hospital

Hip Hing Construction Co. Ltd.

Haven of Hope Nursing Home

Hip Shing Hong Group

Haworth Hong Kong Salon

Haymarket Media Ltd.

Hi-Watt Battery Industry Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Association of Gerontology

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Haywood International Financial Planning Ltd.

Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre

Hong Kong Aviation Group

Hong Kong Football Association

Hong Kong Marrow Match Foundation

Hong Kong Bankers Club

Hong Kong Football Club

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Headland Hotel

Ho Tung Home for the Elderly

Hong Kong Full Gospel Church

Health Gate

Ho, Sneddon, Chow CPA Ltd.

Hong Kong Baptist Church St Andrew’s Fellowship

Hong Kong Non-Woven Fabric Ind. Co., Ltd.

Heath Wallace (HK) Ltd.

Hogan Lovells

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Hebron Baptist Church

Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School

Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary

Hee-na Circle Heep Hong Society Heep Yunn Primary School Heifer International Hong Kong Heinz Hong Kong Ltd. The Helena May Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Ltd.

Hong Kong Adventure Corps Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Ltd. Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. Hong Kong Airlines Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd.

Hong Kong Land Ltd.

Hong Kong Express Transportation Co. Ltd.

The Hong Kong Lutheran Handicrafts Society

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service

Hong Kong Federation of Women

The Hong Kong Management Association

Hong Kong Funeral Home

Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church

Hong Kong Gardening Society

Hong Kong Parkview

Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Ltd.

Hong Kong Playground Association

Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hoi Sing and Philip Movers Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong Blind Sports Association Ltd.

The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association

Hoi Yu Transportation Ltd.

Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

Hong Kong Preschool’s Playgroup Association

Holiday Inn Golden Mile

Hong Kong Buddhist Association Children & Youth Centre

Hong Kong Golf Club

Holistic Education Association Holy Spirit Seminary Home Essentials

Hong Kong Cable Television Ltd.

Hong Kong Government Legislative Council Secretariat

The Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Hong Kong Highlanders

Hong Kong Productivity Council Hong Kong Professional and Educational Services Hong Kong Red Cross


Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre

Hue Sang Plastic Factory Ltd.

Foundation, Inc.

Hong Kong Rugby Football Union

Hughes-Castell (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Ideal Films Ltd.

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Hugo Fashions

Ideal Gifts

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Counselling Service

Humanity in Focus


Hung Ming Ho. Co. Ltd.


Hong Kong Sinfonietta Ltd.

Hunglam Toys Co. Ltd.

Illawarra Grammar School, Australia

The Hong Kong St Andrew’s Society

Hunton & Williams

Hong Kong Society of Accountants

Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines

The Incorporated Owners of Villa Rhapsody

Hong Kong Tatler

Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Hwa Seng Textile Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Hwang & Co.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hyatt International Asia Pacific Ltd.

Incubasia Ltd. Indigo Living Ltd. Industrial Relations Institute Infox International Ltd.

International Boundless Dreams Come True Foundation

J. Candice Interior Architects

International Care Ministries International China Concern

JCI Victoria (Junior Chamber International)

International Christian School

J&H Marsh & McLennan Ltd.

International College Hong Kong

JP Morgan

International Commerce Centre Management Services Office

JSP International Ltd.

International Corporate Structure


International Forwarding Ltd.

J Walter Thompson Company Ltd.

International Freight Logistics

JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

International Montessori School

Jack Morton

The International Securities Consultancy Ltd.

Jade Rattan Ware Company Ltd. Jane Goodall Institute (HK) Ltd.

JCDecaux Pearl & Dean Ltd.

JST (HK) Co. Ltd.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong

ING Asia/Pacific Ltd.

Hyundai Merchant Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Inner City Ministries Inno: Solutions (HK) Ltd.

International Social Service Hong Kong Branch

IBI Hong Kong

Inside (HK) Ltd.

International SOS (HK) Ltd.

Japanese International School

IBL Products Co. Ltd.

Institute of Civil Engineers Hong Kong

International Vedic Centre

Japco Express Ltd.

IBM China/Hong Kong Ltd.

The Institute of Cultural Affairs Ltd.

Interpac Containers Ltd.

Jarden Outdoor Solutions

ICE (Inter Cultural Education)

Integrated Concepts International Ltd.

Investec Capital Asia Limited

Jardine Airport Services


Inter Asia Trading Ltd.

Island City Church

Jardine Fleming Holdings

Hong Kong Shrimad Rajchandra Mission

ICS Trust (Asia) Ltd.

Interact HKIS

Island Evangelical Community Church

Jardine OneSolution (HK) Ltd.

Hongkong International Terminals Ltd.

I.D.D.I. International Ltd.

Interaction Event Management Ltd.

Island Pacific Hotel

Jardine Securicor Gurkha Services Ltd.

Hop Chung School Uniform Co.

IDT Telecom Asia Pacific Ltd.

Interading (Holdings) Ltd.

Island School

Jardine Shipping Services

Hosanna Church

IELTS CEPAS Management Unit

Interconex (Far East) Ltd.

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong


Hotel Inter-Continental Hong Kong

IFB International Freightbridge Ltd.

Italia Marittima Hong Kong Ltd.

Jetair (HK) Ltd.

Hotel Nikko Hongkong

IMA Hong Kong Ltd.

Inter-Continental Certification Consultancy

Item Industries Ltd.

Jetta-Victory Toys and Gifts Co. Ltd.

The Hotung Institute for International Relations Ltd.

IRC Ltd.

Ivy Gate

Jian Hua Foundation Ltd.

JB Group Ltd.

Jipful Ltd.

JBL Production

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School

J. C. & Winsons Co. Ltd.

John Ho Art

Hong Kong Vision Care Centre Hong Kong Youth Development Network The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd. Hong Lok Yuen International School Hong Yip Service Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Youth Employment Integrated Service Centre

Hou Tak Securities Ltd. House Hunters Ltd. Housing Department

IRI Hong Kong Ltd. The ISF Academy ISG Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd. Ida Kemp and William M. Passano Family


Inter-Continental Hong Kong Interface Asia-Pacific (HK) Ltd. InterfaceFLOR Interlink Productions Ltd. International Baptist Church

Janco Overseas Ltd.

John Swire and Sons Hong Kong Ltd.

Johnson & Johnson (HK) Ltd.

Kam Kwong Company

King George V School

Kwong Wah Hospital

Latitude Ltd.

Joinstar International Ltd.

Kambo Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

King Parrot Group

Kwun Tone Ltd.

The Law Society of Hong Kong

Joint School Volunteer Association

Kannada Sangha Hong Kong

Kingfisher Asia Ltd.

Kwun Tong Government School

Leadership Development International

Jones Lang LaSalle

Kaufland HK Ltd.

Kingsbridge Ltd.

Leadership Training Association

Joseph Wong & Co., (HK) Ltd.

Kayes International

Kingston International School

The Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre

Joywind Knitting Ltd.

Keen Fame Ltd.

Kingston Trading Co.

LD Asia (Hong Kong)

Lee I Yao Memorial Secondary School

June Dally Watkins Business School, Australia

Keen Town Ltd.

Kinnex International Ltd.

LF Asia

Lee Kum Kee Co. Ltd.

Keen’s Products Ltd.

Klys & Co. International Ltd.

LGA (HK) Ltd

Lee On Hong

Kellett Cares

Knight Frank

L. G. Sourcing Inc.

Lee Shau Kee Secondary School

Kellett School

Knox Apparel Ltd.

L&J Industrial Company

Legend Learning Center

Kelly International Corp Ltd.

Ko Dak Clothing Company

La Rose Noire

Legg Mason Investment

Kely Support Group

Ko Lui Secondary School

La Salle College

Lehman Brothers Asia

Kennedy School

Kodak (Far East) Ltd.

Lachmi’s International Ltd.

Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd.

Kennoway Ltd.

The Koffee Ko. Ltd.

Ladies’ Circle Hong Kong

Lekhsons Exports (HK) Ltd.

Kentville Kindergarten

Kontinent Six

Ladies Recreation Club

Leo Club of Hong Kong Citizens

Keystore International Ltd.

Korean International School

Lai Chi Kok Hospital

Leo Club of Hong Kong Island

Khimco (HK) Ltd.

Kowloon Central Cluster

Lai Yiu Campus School No. 2

Leo Club of Hong Kong Shouson Hill

Kiama Anglican Churches, Australia

Kowloon Cricket Club

Lam Bing Yim School

Leo Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong

Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School and Kindergarten

Kowloon Hospital

Lam Construction Co. Ltd.

Leo Club of Mount Cameron

Lamex Trading Co. Ltd.

Level (3) Communications

Land Development Corporation

Levi Strauss (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Land Partners Group Ltd.

Lewis Counsel Pty Ltd., Australia

Lands Department


Landscope Real Estate Services Ltd.

Li & Fung Group

Lane Crawford

Li Ning Sports Technology Development

Langham Hotel Hong Kong

Li Po Chun United World College of HK

Language Services International (ESL)

Li Sing Tai Hang School

Lantral Co. Ltd.

Lidl Asia Pacific Sourcing Ltd.

Lap Tak Garment Factory Ltd. The Lark Group of Companies

Life Education Activity Programme (LEAP)

Laser Time Ltd.

Life in English

Juicy Red Ltd. Junior Achievement Hong Kong Junior Police Call JUSCO Justus International Ltd. K Harjani Electronics K K Removal Ltd. K Line (Hong Kong) Ltd. KOG Asia Ltd. KPMG K P Parekh & Sons KTC (HK) Ltd. K. Wah Construction Material Ltd. K. Y. Resource Ltd. Ka Chi School Kadie Florists Supplies Kadoorie Charitable Foundation Kadoorie Estate Ltd.

Kiangsu Chekiang College, International Section Kiangsu International School Kiddyco Juvenile Products Ltd. Kids’ Gallery Co. Ltd. Kids II Far East Ltd.

Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden Corporation

Kimberley Hotel

Kai Shing Management Services Ltd.

Kin Wing Co.

Kaiyu Asia Industrial Ltd.

King & Wood Mallesons

Kalmar Asia Pacific Ltd.

King Fook Jewellery Group Ltd.

Kin Hing Steel Furniture

Kowloon International Baptist Church Kowloon Junior School Kowloon Shangri-La Kowloon Tong School Primary Section Kowloon Union Church Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Kretztechnik AG, Austria Kroll Kum Shing Group Kumon Hong Kong Ltd. Kwong & Associates Ltd.

League of Women Voters of the U.S.


Lifelike Toys Industrial Co. Ltd.

Loosli & Co. AG

MTR Corporation

the marketing store

Mediterranean Shipping Co. (HK) Ltd.

Lifestyle Asia

Louis Vuitton HK Ltd.

Mabuchi Motor Co. Ltd.

Marks & Clerk

MEGA Brands Hong Kong

Lighthouse Ministries Ltd.

Low Land Fashion (HK) Ltd.

Maclaren (HK) Ltd.

Marks & Spencer (HONG KONG) Ltd.

Mega Excellent Ltd.

Lighting Analysts, Inc., USA

Lucia San Optometrist

Markson Sparks Pty. Ltd., Australia

Melange Fashion Ltd.

Lime Design Ltd.

Lufthansa German Airlines

MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Marlow International Ltd.

Melco International Development Ltd.

Lindar Ltd.

Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College

Macquarie Bank Ltd.

Marriage Maestros

Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Ltd.

Lineapiu Group Asia (HK) Ltd.

Lui Hing Hop Co. Ltd.

Macquarie Group Foundation, Australia

Marriott International


Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School

Luk Kwok Hotel

Macquarie Group Hong Kong

Mars Foods Hong Kong

Merit Concord Enterprises Ltd.

Martha Boss Lutheran Day Nursery

Merril Lynch (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

Lingnan University

Marycove School

The Merton Co. Ltd.

Linklaters Hong Kong

Lutheran Education Association of Houston, USA

Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM

Mary Kay (HK) Ltd.


Links Relocations

Lutheran School Social Work Unit

Maryknoll Convent School

Methodist Centre

Lippincott Hong Kong

Luxury Hotels Int’l of Hong Kong Ltd.

Mast Industries (Far East) Ltd.

Methodist International Church

Little Tykes

Lykes Lines Ltd.

Master Paintings Art Gallery

Metro Exports Ltd.

Littlefuse HK Ltd.

Lynchpin Bondholder Management

Matilda Hospital

Metropark Hotel

Liwaco Overseas Marketing Ltd.

M28 Fellowship

Matsuden Company Ltd.

Liz Claiborne International Ltd.

MBS Logistics Ltd.

Metropole International Department Stores Ltd.

Lloyd George Management

MGA Entertainment

Lloyd Wise & Co.

MGB Metro Group Buying HK Ltd.

Lloyd’s Register Asia

MHA Company Ltd.

Lloyds TSB Pacific Ltd.

MIAT (Mongolian Airlines)

L’Occitane (Far East) Ltd.

MJ Workshop Ltd.

Lodge Eastern Scotia

MMM International (HK) Ltd.

Logistic (HK) Ltd.

M. Moser Associates (HK) Ltd.

Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society

MOL (Asia) Ltd.

Lok Sin Tong Wong Ching Ming Secondary School

MP Hong Kong

Lok Wah Catholic Primary School

M+R Forwarding (HK) Ltd.

Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch (Asia) Ltd.

MSAS Cargo International (Far East) Ltd.

Long Wise Inc.

Markant Trading Organisation (Far East) Ltd.

MSC (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Longrand Electronics Ltd.

Market Research Co.

MTL Corporation Ltd.

Luk Yee Landscaping & Design



Maersk Hong Kong Ltd. Magazzini Vivace Ltd. Majestic Furniture Mak Heng Kei (HK) Construction Co. Malaysia Airlines Mallesons Stephen Jaques Malone College, USA Man Hing Hong Property Management & Agency Co. Ltd.

Mattel Toys Vendor Operations Asia Max Marketing

MiCO Electric (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Man Hou Solutions Ltd.

Maxwell Exports


Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Mayatronics Manufacturing and Export Co.

Microware Ltd. Midas Garment Factory Ltd.

Mayer Brown JSM

Miele Hong Kong Ltd.


Milagros Corporation Ltd.

McLarry International

Milestone Trading Ltd.

Mead Hong Kong Ltd.

Millenium International Ltd.

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Miller International Loss Adjusters (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Mango Production Manhattan Apartments Manhattan Garments (International) Ltd. Mansfield Manufacturing Company Ltd. The Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel Marcus International Mariners’ Club

Medi Media Pacific Ltd. Media Asia Group Ltd. Mediaplanet Asia Ltd. The Media Village Medical Education Services Ltd.

Million International Ltd. Millward Brown International Minelco Asia Pacific Ltd. Ming Fai Company Ltd.

Ming HK Ltd.

Mother’s Choice

Nelson Chen Architects Ltd.

Nisha Electronic Industries Ltd.

Okano Ltd.

Ming Hui Trading Ltd.

Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd.

Nestlé Hong Kong

Noah Bookshop

Oliver’s The Delicatessen

Ming Kee Hong PVC Ltd.

Motorola Semi Conductor Hong Kong Ltd.

Nethersole School of Nursing

Noble Group Ltd.

Olympus Capital Holdings

NetStar Hong Kong Ltd.

Noble Resources Ltd.

On Line Design Ltd.

Mount Carmel School, USA

Nettwerk Management, UK

Nomura Hong Kong

One Heart Greeting Cards Ltd.


New Age International Ltd.

Norasia (China) Ltd.

The Open Classroom Ltd.

Mreferral Corporation (HK) Ltd.

New Art Kit Laundry and Dry Clean Co

Noris International Trading Co.

Open University of Hong Kong

Mui Wo Inn

New City Cleaning Service Corporation New Faith Enterprise Company

North Kwai Chung Maternal & Child Health Centre

Operation Mobilisation (HK)

Multek Hong Kong Ltd.

North Point Methodist Church Kindergarten

Operation Santa Claus

Ming’s Optometry Centre Mint Chance Industrial (HK) Co. Ltd. Minter Ellison Lawyers Miracle Seeds Learning Centre Mirtex Enterprises Mission Contract Furniture Co. Ltd.

Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)

New Guinea Pacific Line

NDS Asia Pacific

New Horizons

NEO-Fantastic Fashions Ltd.

New Island Printing Co. Ltd.

NGS NHK Hong Kong Bureau

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


New Profile (HK) Ltd.

NLSI Peace Evangelical Secondary School

New Song Christian Kindergarten

N M Rothschild & Sons

New World Apartments

NTW & JWA Leung Sing Tak Primary School

New World China Land Ltd.

NYK Line (HK) Ltd.

New World Renaissance Hotel

Nam Long Hospital

New World Telecommunications Ltd.

Namco Electronic Supply Ltd.

New York Life Insurance Worldwide Ltd.

Nan Tai Hardware and Chemical Co. Ltd.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Narba Ltd.

Next Media Ltd.

Monkton Combe School, UK

Narrowgate Consulting (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Next Step Asia Ltd.

Moore Stephens Accountancy & Consultancy

National Australia Bank

Mission Possible, USA Mission Support Ltd. Mitsubishi Bank Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Mitsubishi Logistics Hong Kong Ltd. The Mix Mixer Electronics Co. Ltd. Mobley Group Pacific Limited Moce International Ltd. Modern Bachelor Education Centre Modern Media Hong Kong Ltd. Modern Terminals Ltd. Modern Wing Travel Ltd. Mon Deco Monarch International Ltd.

Morgan Stanley

Native English Speaking Teachers Association

New World First Bus

Nice Accord Company Ltd. Nicety Spectacle Mfg. Co. Ltd. Night Hawks Basketball Team

Morning Star

NatWest Markets

Nike International Ltd.

Morrison Academy Taiwan

Navigator (HK) 4x4 Offroad Association

Ningbo HuiZehn Academy, China


Ningbo Ship Import & Export Co. Ltd.

North West Environmental Service The Northern Trust Company of HK Ltd. Northridge Vineyard, Australia Northside Christian College, Australia Northwest Airlines Norwegian International School Novartis Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd. NuBridge Company Ltd. Nude is Rude OIC Distributors Ltd. OMS International Inc. OM Ships International OOCL (HK) Ltd. ORBIS O & S Mark Charitable Trust, Australia Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong Ocean Park Corporation Odyssey Publications The Ogle Christian Fund, UK The Ohel Leah Synagogue Charity

Operation Mobilisation Macau Oracle Orchestra Asia Ltd. Orchid House Fashion Ltd. Organisation Development Ltd. Organisation UnLtd., Australia Orient Trucking (HK.) Ltd. Oriental Logistics Holdings Co. Ltd. Orison Company Ltd. Oro Watch Ltd. Orobanez Ltd. Osage Art Consultancy Ltd. Ottica Far East Ltd. Otto International (Hong Kong) Ltd. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Our Lady of the Rosary College Outpac Designs Ltd. Outward Bound Hong Kong The Oval Partnership Overjoy Porcelain Co. Ovolo Group


Oxfam Hong Kong

Parakeet Ltd.

Peter Black Hong Kong Ltd.

Po Leung Kuk

Printemp Hotel Apartment


Park Hotel

Peter Needs Pharmacy, Australia

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

Private Capital Ltd.


The Park Lane Hong Kong

Peter Trading Co. Ltd.

Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College

Product Marketing Mayborn Ltd.

PIFF Shipping Services Ltd.

Park World, Datateam Publishing Ltd., UK

Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Ltd.

Product Resource Marketing Co.

PMA Investment Advisors Ltd.

Parker Foundation, USA

Pharmtech (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Milliennium Primary School

P M Hana HK Ltd.

Parkview International Pre-School

Philip Chu Ltd.

Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan College

Progress Fashion Ltd.

PNET Section, Education & Manpower Bureau

Parkview Rhine Garden International Pre-School

Philip Morris Asia Ltd.

Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K T Chong Sixth Form College

Project Art at Heart Ltd.

P&O Nedlloyd (HK) Ltd.

Parlico International Ltd.

Philippines Tourism Office

PPG Coatings (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

Parolia (Far East) Ltd.

Philips Electronics HK Ltd.

Pablo & Rusty’s, Australia

Parry, Frow & Associates Ltd.

Phiten (HK) Ltd.

Pacific Andes International Holdings Ltd.

Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Pok Oi Hospital Chan Feng Man Ling Care and Attention Home

Partners Education Foundation

Phoenix Advertising Design & Production Ltd.

Polarline Development Ltd. (POAD)

Protein Ltd.

Pacific Best Ltd.

Partners International

Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd.

Polartec Asia Ltd.

Provera International HK Ltd.

Pacific Club

Passion Co.

Phoenix School International

Polly Yu Production Ltd.

Prudential Holdings

Pacific Coffee Company, Ltd.

Paul Lee Enterprise Co. Ltd. Paul Weiss

Power Packing

Pui Tak Canossian College

Pacific HK - Digital Image Management Solutions

Potash and Phosphate Institute

PT. Garuda Indonesia

Pacific Hills Christian School, Australia

Paul Y Engineering Group Ltd.

Power Sports Ltd.

Pure Group

Pacific International Lines (HK) Ltd.

Pavilion Investment Ltd.

Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas)

The Putman

Pacific Palisades

Peak School

Premier Consulting

Q9 Technology Holdings Ltd.

Pacific Rim Ltd.

Pearson Education North Asia Ltd.

Premium Source Ltd.

QANTAS Airways Ltd.

Pacific Textiles Ltd.

Pee Vee Sons

The Press Room Group

Qingdao MTI International School

Pacific Trader HK Ltd.

Pelagic Industrial Ltd.


Qualidux Industrial Co. Ltd.

Packing House

Peniel School & Kindergarten

Pricoa Real Estate and Relocation Hong Kong Ltd.

Qualipak Manufacturing Ltd.

Pak Fa Fashion Ltd. Pak Shing Travel Co. Ltd.

The Peninsula Hong Kong

Primo Education Centre

Quantrix Ltd.

Palm Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Pentart Industrial Ltd.

Prince of Wales Hospital

Quarry Bay Baptist Church

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Pentland Asia Ltd.

Princess Margaret Hospital

Quarry Bay School

Principal Insurance Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Quatex Company

Principal One

Queen Mary Hospital

Principal Trust Company (Asia) Ltd.

Queen’s College Old Boys’ Association Secondary School

Philippine Airlines

Piccavilla (HK) Ltd. Pine Hill Advanced Training Centre Pinnacle Industrial Ltd. Pinsent Masons Pioneer Corporation Ltd. PizzaExpress (Hong Kong) Ltd. Plant-a-Park Ltd. Plaschem International Ltd. Platinum Financial Services Ltd. Play Along (Hong Kong) Ltd. Playground Music Ltd.


Perfect Fresh Fruit, Vegetable & Food Wholesale

Panda Hotel

Perfect Glamour

Po Kok Primary School

Panther Express

Pershing Tsang Primary School

Po Kok Secondary School


Playright Children’s Play Association

Po Shing Shoe Co. Ltd. Pok Fu Lam Management Company

Professional Property Services Group

Promise (HK) Co. Ltd. Promotional Partners Group Ltd. Promotions Industries Corp. Prompt Express Ltd.

Quality Control Services Ltd.

Quiksilver Ltd.

Renaissance College

Rotaract Club of New Territories

The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers

Sacred Heart Canossian College

Quintiles Hong Kong Ltd.

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong

Rotaract Club of Peninsula South

Royal Park Hotel

Rotary Club of Brisbane, Australia

Royal Plaza Hotel

Saigon South International School, Saipan

R.D.K. International Merchandising (HK) Ltd.

Rentokil Initial Hong Kong Ltd.

Russell Corporation Far East Ltd.

Repulse Bay Dental Clinic

Rotary Club of Guia & Rotaract Club of Guia

RHK Design Ltd.

Resurrection Church

Rotary Club of Hong Kong

SAP Hong Kong

R. Makhija & Company

Reuters Hong Kong Ltd.

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East

SDG Sourcing


Revco Enterprises Ltd.

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest

SGB Asia Pacific Ltd.

R & N Associated Insurance Agents

Revival Chinese Ministries

Rotary Club of Hong Kong South

SGS Hong Kong Ltd.

R. S. Export

Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Rotary Club of Huon Gulf, PNG

SHIP Group

Rotary Club of Kingspark Hong Kong

Richards Basmajian

SHL Hong Kong

Rotary Club of Kowloon


Richelle International

SKC Group Ltd.

Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile

Radha Soami Satsang Beas Society Hong Kong Ltd.

Richform Holdings Ltd.

SKH Kei Hau Secondary School

Rotary Club of Kowloon North

Richland Worldwide Ltd.

SKH Kei Lok Primary School

Rotary Club of Lan Kwai Fong

Radica Ltd.

Richwear Holdings Ltd.

SKH Kindly Light Church

Rotary Club of Mosman, Australia

Raimondi College

Ricoh Hong Kong Ltd.

SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

Rotary Club of Peninsular

The Randolph, Oxford, UK

Rimol (HK) Co.

SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School

Rotary Club of Queensway

Ranees Export HK

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

Rasa (HK) Engineering Co.

RoadShow Media Ltd.

Rotary Club of Rutherford Telarah, Australia

SKH Ming Hua Theological College

Rasco International Ltd.

Robeco Hong Kong Ltd.

Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui

SKH St Simon’s Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

Reader’s Digest Association Far East Ltd.

Robert Bosch Co. Ltd.

Rotary Club of Victoria

SKH St Thomas Day Creche

Ready To Learn

Roland Schmidt China Ltd.

Rotary Club of Wahroonga, Australia

SKH Wei Lun Primary School

Realty Solution Consultants Ltd.

Ronald McDonald House


SLT Japan Co. Ltd.

Realway Investment Ltd.

Rosebud Primary School

Round Table

SMKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College

Sea-Land Service Inc.

Red House (HK) Co. Ltd.

Rosedale on the Park


Search Investment Holdings Ltd.,

Red Sea Trading Co. Ltd.

Rotaract Club of Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Rouse Hill Anglican College, Australia

S.P.O.T. - Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

The Second Tunic, USA

Rowland Budge Ltd.


Securities and Futures Commission

Rotaract Club of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Royal Bank of Scotland

STEPS (Steps to Embrace People in Sri Lanka), HKU

Seele (HK) Ltd.

STFA Leung Kau Kui College

Selby Family Clinic, Australia

Sabic HK Ltd.

Senator Lines (Asia) Ltd.

RC Outfitters

RTHK R. T. Sourcing Asia Ltd.

Reed Elsevier (UK) Ltd. Regency Enterprises Ltd. Regional Container Lines (HK) Ltd. Remar Association (HK) Ltd. Renaissance Capital (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Rotaract Club of Hong Kong University Rotaract Club of Lingnan University

Royal Brunei Airlines Royal Consulate General of Cambodia The Royal Garden Hotel

Ryan Charitable Trust

Saipan High School Hong Kong Ltd. Salvation Army Tsuen Wan Nursery The Salvation Army William Booth Secondary School Sam Wai Plastic Toys Ltd. The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong Sanaco Co. Ltd. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Santa Fe Transport International Ltd. Sanwin Watches & Electronic Goods Sapphire International Ltd. Sara (Hong Kong) Ltd. SaSa International Holdings Ltd. Sassoon Securities Ltd. Schenker International (HK) Ltd. Schmidt & Co (HK) Ltd. Schroders Investments Schutte & Co. Far East Ltd. Science Workshop Scottish & Oriental Estates Ltd.

Sek Kong Hash House Harriers


Simpson Spence & Young Hong Kong Ltd.

Society for the Relief of Disabled Children

Spilt Milk Ltd.

St Paul’s Tervuren, Belgium

The SPIRIT of Hong Kong

St Rose of Lima’s College

Simway Electrical

Society for Welfare of Autistic Persons

Splunk, Japan

St Rose of Lima’s School

Sing Pao Newspaper Company Ltd.

Solar Exports Ltd.

Sports Physiotherapy International

St Stephen’s Chapel

Singapore Airlines

Solid Rock Four Square Church

Spring Arbor University, USA

St Stephen’s Church College

Singapore International Foundation

Solid Wood Manufacturing Ltd.

St Andrew’s Church

St Stephen’s Girls’ College

Shau Kei Wan East Government Secondary School

Singapore International School

Somerset Park (Asia) Ltd.

St Anne’s Catholic Church

St Stephen’s Girls’ Primary School

Singapore Management University

Sonashi Electronics Ltd.

St Antonius Girls’ College

St Stephen’s Society

Shearman & Sterling LLP

Sino Land Co. Ltd.

Sonny Manufactory Ltd.

St Barnabas’ Society and Home

St Teresa Hospital

Shekou International School

Sinolink Holdings (China) Ltd.

Sonwealth International Co. Ltd.

St Bonaventure College & High School

St Too Girl’s College

Shelcore Hong Kong Ltd.


Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.

St Catherine’s International Kindergarten

Standard & Poor’s

Shenship Logistics Ltd.

Siren Film

St Christopher’s - ChristChurch, NZ

Standard Bank Asia

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

Sirius Asia Ltd.

Sony Music Entertainment (Hong Kong) Ltd.

St Francis Canossian College

Standard Chartered Bank

Sheung Shui Wai Chow Kindergarten

SiteTalk Care

St Jerome’s Church

Standard Life Investments Asia

Shingengen (HK) Co. Ltd.

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom

St John’s Cathedral

The Standard – Sing Tao Daily

Shipping Corporation of India

Skandia Asset Management

St John’s Counselling

Star Arts Co.

Shiseido Hong Kong Ltd.

Sky Eagle Consolidation Godown Ltd.

St Joseph’s College

STAR Group Ltd.

Shore Sydney Church of England Grammar School

Skyhigh Plastic Works Ltd.

St Joseph’s Ladies Guild

Star Lines Co. Ltd.

Shriro Pacific Ltd.

St Joseph’s Primary School

Star Shipping Agencies (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Skyrock Cargo &Trading Co.

Shui Hing (HK) Ltd.

St Ka Sum Tong Kindergarten

Starbucks Coffee Asia Pacific Ltd.

Skytruck International Ltd.

Shun Hing JVC Ltd.

Southampton Container Terminals, UK

St Louise School, Seattle USA

Starform Services Ltd.

Small World Christian Kindergarten

Shun On Baptist Church

Southern Energy Asia Pacific Ltd.

St Margaret Mary’s Parish

Starlight Industrial Ltd.

Smith Owens Services Ltd., Australia

Shun Tak Holdings Ltd.

Spark Marketing Ltd.

St Mary’s Church

Steer Incorporated

SmoothWall Ltd., UK

Shung Tak Catholic English College

Stefcom Societa Per Azioni

Snaproducts (HK) Ltd.

The Spastics Association of Hong Kong

St Mary’s Home for the Aged

Side Fame Ltd.

Specialized Technology Resources

St Paul’s Church

Stephens Associates Far East Ltd.

Socgen-Crosby Securities (HK) Ltd.

Silver Base Group Holdings

SPECS Hong Kong

St Paul’s Co-educational College

Stephenson Harwood & Lo

Social Welfare Department

Silverside Ltd.


St Paul’s Co-educational Primary School

Sterling Private Management Ltd.

Social Workers Registration Board

Silvertex Exports Ltd.

Stewards Co.

Society for Aged Centre

Speed Master Transportation Co.

St Paul’s Convent School

Simmons & Simmons

SpeedCast Ltd.

St Paul’s Hospital

Stewards Ltd.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HK)


St Paul’s Secondary School

Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College

Sha Tin Junior School Sha Tin College Shama Shannon Structured Services Ltd. Sharp-Roxy Hong Kong Ltd. Shatin Anglican Church

Simmons Bedding and Furniture (HK) Ltd.

Skylight Industries Ltd.


South African Airways South African Consulate General South China Diving Club South China Media South China Morning Post South Island School South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

Stewards Pooi Kei College

Sydenham Baptist Church, Australia

Takson Holdings Ltd.

ThyssenKrupp AG

Toys Replay


Synovate Ltd.


Tianjin International School, China

Trade Winds HK Ltd.

Stone & Webster Asia, Inc.

Syracuse University

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Tigger Treats

Trade Without Borders

Story Seeds

Systex, Taiwan

Tasman Orient Line Ltd.

Tillsonburg Ltd.

Tradefinders Ltd.

Strategic Public Relations Group Ltd.

The Sze Tian Rhennish Home for the Elderly

Tat Ming Trading Company

Timberland Hong Kong Ltd.

Trane Pacific

Teach Me Know!

Time Collection (HK) Co. Ltd.

Trans-Asial Cargo Logistic Co. Ltd.


Team Tower Toys Development Ltd.

Times Rapier

Transpacific (Far East) Ltd.

T.C. Food Services

Team Up Product Development Co. Ltd. TechDonation

Times Square/Wharf Estate Management

Transtech Consulting Group

TFP Farrells Ltd.

The Treasury, Government of HKSAR

StreetAccount Studio Pantheon II Ltd. Subway Success Time Industrial Ltd.

Treasure Island

T & G and Company

TechnoKids Hong Kong

Timic Asia


Tin Hung Sponge Factory

Trendo International


Technology & Education: Connecting Cultures (Hong Kong)

Tin Shui Wai Catholic Primary School

Tribute Ltd.

Sun Hoi Garments International Ltd.


TechnoMarine Asia Ltd.

Tin Shui Wai Methodist College

The Sun Hong (International) Trading Corp.


Teleforce Ltd.

Tin Yin Buddhist Association Ltd.

Trinity Grammar School, Sydney Australia

T. S. Lines Ltd.

Television Broadcasts Ltd.

Tino Kwan Lighting Consultants Ltd.

Triumph Ford Industrial Ltd.

Sun Hung Kai & Co. Ltd.

T. W. G. Hs. Lo Kon Ting Memorial College

Telstra International Group

TOD’S Hong Kong

Tri-Wave (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Sun Hung Kai Financial

T. W. G. Hs. Lo Yu Chik Primary School

Temple Chambers

Together Ltd.

True Light Girls’ College

Sun Po Trading Co.

TY Dental Services

Tenderloin Fine Food Ltd.

True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

Sun Sill Development Ltd.

Tai Fung Textiles Co. Ltd.

Terry Douglas

The Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co. (HK) Ltd.

Sun Volunteer

Tai Hang Tung Integrated Service for Senior Citizens

Terry Law World Compassion, USA

Toko Shoji (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

Tsim Sha Tsui Baptist Church

TOM Group Ltd.

Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station

Tom Lee Music Co. Ltd.

Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital

Tommy Tippee

Tsun Tat Stationery

Tonefit Knitters Ltd.

Tsung Tsin Primary School

Tonnish Industrial Co. Ltd.

The Tuba Drinks Company

Thomson Reuters

Top Rich Logistics (HK) Ltd.

Tuen Mun Catholic Church

Thornleigh Community Baptist Church, Australia

Totes Isotoner Corporation Ltd.

Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School

Touch of Heaven, Australia

ThoughtWorks Studios, San Francisco, USA

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

Toy Boy HK Ltd.

Tuen Mun Hospital

Three Com

Toyo Trust Asia Ltd.

Tuen Mun Ling Liang Church

Thunderbird School of Management

Toys ‘R’ Us - Lifung Ltd.

Tunbow Group

Summer Infant Asia Ltd. Sun Glory Sun Hing Shipping Co. Ltd.

Sundai Linden School Sunny Legend Industrial (China) Ltd. Sunshine Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. Sunwide Storage Super Star Company Ltd.

Tai Hing Cheung Pallet Co.

Tesco International Sourcing Ltd. Thai Airways International

Tai Pan Fashion Knitting Factory

Thales Transportation Systems

Tai Ping Carpets Ltd.

Therapy Associates (HK) Ltd.

Tai Po Hospital

Supply Consultants Ltd.

Tai Po Peace Evangelical Centre

Swedish Consulate General in Hong Kong

Tai Po Vineyard Christian Fellowship Tai Wing International Trading Co. Ltd.

Swire Properties Management Ltd.

Tak Fat Hong Children’s Fashion

Swire Resources Ltd.

Tak Oi Secondary School

Swire Shipping (Agencies) Ltd.

Take Me (Far East) Ltd.

Swire Staff Association

Takihyo Hong Kong Co. Ltd.

ThinkFun Inc., USA

Truth Baptist Church


Tung Chung Station Development Co. Ltd.

Union Century Holdings Ltd.

Victoria Educational Organisation

Wall Street Uniforms International Ltd.

Wilfred Catering Ltd.

Union Church

Victoria Junior Chamber

Wallas Knitting Factory Ltd.

Wilkinson & Grist

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Union Eternal Industry Ltd.

Victoria Shanghai Academy

Walter Kwok Foundation Ltd.

Tung Wai Motor Ltd.

Union Hospital

Viking Transportation Co.

Wamda Ltd.

William International Kindergarten and Play School

tupo Industrial Co. Ltd.

Union Laservision

Villa Monte Rosa

Wan Hai Lines (HK) Ltd.

Turkish Airlines

Union Trading Co.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.

Wanchai Corner Shop

Turner International Asia Pacific Ltd.


Vision 2047 Foundation

Wang Kee Furniture

Turramura Uniting Church, Australia

Unis Technology Company

Vision Century Corporation Ltd.

Wanston Products HK Ltd.

Tyco Engineering & Construction

United Airlines

Vision First

The Warehouse Teenage Club


United Asia Transportation Co. United Biscuits Hong Kong

Vision Group (Shenzhen Center Power Tech Co. Ltd.)

Warnaco Asia Ltd.

UA Cinema Circuit Ltd.

Vision Signage Production

Watchdog Centre

Vision-Pro Industrial Ltd.

Watson Wyatt Worldwide

The Washington Post

Wilson Freight (Far East) Ltd. Wilson Group Ltd. Wilson Parking (Hong Kong) Ltd. Winco (Pacific) Ltd. Wing Fat Company The Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church Wing Ming Stationery Co.


United Christian College

UDL Holding Ltd.

United Christian Hospital


Visit Britain

Watson’s Water


United Christian Nethersole Comm. Health Service

Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd.

Waves Pacific Ltd.

UPS Parcel Delivery Service Ltd.

United Goninan International

Vita-Wheel Holdings Ltd.

The Wedding Company

U.R.E.F. Establishment (HK) Ltd.

United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong

Vogue Laundry Services

Welex Chemicals Ltd.

Voice of America

United Success International Ltd.

Wellcome Company Ltd.


The University of Hong Kong

Wellington Management Co. LLP

WAG Financial Services Group Ltd.

The University of New South Wales, Australia

The Wesley Hotel

WFB Samantabhadra Creche

West Island School

W F Joseph Lee Primary School

West LB AG

Wong’s Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd.

WWF Hong Kong

West Street Baptist Church, UK

Woodland Schools

Wah Kee Laan Import Company Ltd.

Westpex Fashions Ltd.

Woolworths Group Asia Ltd.

VTC Youth College

Wah Kwai Estate Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten

Wheaton College, USA

The World

Vaford Contracting Co. Ltd.

Wah Ming Optical

Wheelchair Foundation, USA

World Emergency Relief

Vanguard College, Canada

Wai Ji Christian Service

Wheelock Properties (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Variety the Children’s Charity

World Presidents’ Organization - Hong Kong Chapter Ltd.

Wai Kee Curtains

Vertical Resources Ltd.

Wai Kiu College

US Consulate General US Export Corporation Hong Kong Ltd. US Marine Corps US Navy Ubisoft Udda Swedish Ltd. U’Land Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. Umbra HK Ltd. Umbro Asia Sourcing Ltd. Umedco (Far East) Ltd. Unican Royal Ltd. Unigroup Worldwide Hong Kong Ltd. Unimax Toys Ltd. Union Battery Company Ltd.

Urban Property Management Ltd. Urban Renewal Authority VF Asia Ltd.


Wa Ying College

Victoria Christian Center, USA

Waki Trading and Engineering Company


White & Case White Lotus Centre Whitney O’Neill Wil-Chan Logistics (HK) Co. Ltd.

Wing Sang Cheong Ltd. Wing Tark Machine Factory Wing Wo Hong Kong Ind. Products Ltd. Winimax Enterprise Ltd. Wisely Kindergarten Wofoo Social Enterprises Women’s Corona Society Women’s Welfare Association, Eastern District

World Race Team World University Service HKUB HKUSU Wrap With Love Inc.

Wycliffe Christian School, Australia

Yokohama Labels & Printing (HK) Co. Ltd.

Wyeth (HK) Ltd.

Yorkshire and General Trust

XL Insurance Company Ltd.

Young & Rubicam (HK) Ltd.

Y C Woo & Co. Ltd.

Young Life


Youngberg Investment Ltd.

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

Yu Chun Keung Memorial College

Y’s Men Club of Island South

Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School


Yuen Long Home for the Aged Blind

The Yale Club of Hong Kong

Yuen Long Kam Kwong Church

Yamazen Hong Kong Ltd.

Yuen Long Public Secondary School

Yan Chai Hospital China Chem Care and Attention Home

Yung Shing Enterprise

Yan Chai Hospital Lim Por Yen Secondary School

Zaptron (HK) Ltd.

Yan Chai Hospital No.5 Secondary School Yan Fook Bible Institute Yan Oi Tong Ltd. Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

YWAM Zeal Asset Management Ltd. Zetland Financial Group Ltd. Zi Corporation Zim Integrated Shipping Services ZLB Behring Asia Pacific Ltd.

Yan Yan Transportation Co. Ltd.

Zoneo Ltd.

Yardway Ltd.

Zoroastrian Charity Funds of HK

Yau Yee Optical Co. Ltd.

Zultys Technologies, USA

Yearfull Contracting Ltd. Yendi Hong Kong Trading Ltd. Yenrabi Ltd. Yes Ltd. Yes! Entertainment Products Ltd. Yew Chung International School Yew Chung Kindergarten Yi Mei Fashion Jewelry Ltd. Ying Wa Girls’ School


Crossroads Foundation Connecting people in a world of need

As our name suggests, we are a crossroads: connecting people in need with those who can help. You are welcome to: Donate goods

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Crossroads Annual Report 2012  
Crossroads Annual Report 2012  

Connecting people to a world in need.