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10 // FAITH


m r o t S e h t After

n i u Q ’ O g e r G vius by Joshua Fla

good thing ar tbreak. The he d an , ss e sunshine , illne ces comes th en onal trials, loss ul rs rb pe tu – d ng an hi anyt of how e rain torms can be rfect example and after all th pe ss a pa is do rm to ey is th he S ways going about storms ’Quin’s After T the SON is al O s g em re G se . it d ow ba to gr r life’s perno matter how and life star ts happens afte at t th r ha w be on em s m se to re focu the Dallasimportant it is of the album and pastor of rt r pa de g un bi fo a e d th s words. e for the storm an d teaches God second releas an e rs th te to shine after ks is ar in m m t he This projec , Int’l” where sonal storms. Without Walls h rc hu C o favorite. he “T already a radi is s” based church su Je e M o in just project “Lead at Gospel radi rm ng to S so e d th de r ad fte me, ostthe A s s” is a down-ho hits e and was the m st single from su h fir 20 Je rc p is e u H To M h e c ad th s Le rly We a ot straight to back sound, “ this song clea The single sh nod to a throw vely Gospel, rs iti A in to iation, . s ef ec ks D a pr p ee n. w ap io d lf nt an your atte essages of m es ur three and a ha ith pt w ca te le at new day. . Rep uesy track th r all believers n of the clear fo w ll da ca e g th should make gritty and blus in s lly ct e ra refle to home beca e itouisghthand joy, AFTER THE STORM s rt o ff e r te a hr gre hing you were praise, breakt ”, was it somet rm to S te a he c T o r fte all with the title “A children you come up d di c w t? ti -19 who were ho en s e 11 g, om m es Gre e ag dom th ns at fa ur life young few months. over the last g through in yo I see a new generation of in ts hi go 0 s 00 d 0, n uTube, a person who had some 50 mission fu As I look on Yo released. I’ve CD represents as s w hi ” T g. rm ure of the in to S do d e g n ents the post t is Gre es ha w pr re is when “I Told th g rm in to for poverty a ris S keeps fter the life. It further lief. The questionrothugath and survived ‘The Storm”.-thrAou re strongholds of s e s th le e gh m o h t now free. oken has come th was bound bu e who has br on ho s w of e e y h jo on e rc of th u ion worshipper… Many ch iss and affect choose the spiritual bl s te n ra st ig Why did you on ? re m ge de an ch ey have fo th label, why did o as a secular n w s? d o rd n ag co a s re s ar al n ye rs Rodriguez. I missio or Unive y on Pendulum 15 S y sa ork with Ruben w t’s d le to d er te ov c an ti w em inum ears an use I domes to be with th at he has plat Records beca th y has m t sa lu tis du to ar e en e P lik th ed with ement mogul. I lv e gn ic vo si I us W in m d . s ry an n n nd io missio as a lege with the attent regard Ruben ry impressed ve I th . o ps b hi o ns d need to golden relatio lum. e gether? rv e s here at Pendu ed working to er id w ns so we can co u yo ave ngs for her ne y d Regina Bell, H o write a few so ith B to ed w l bl le es be m o la at hu h e m d l th w d by red an the You are labe ould be hono I was just aske es w . I qu at d ni th an k ch t a s te as in e ri u of Ch e and th fan of Reg ic vo It’s funny yo ge r hu he a of en e ur ways be I love the text project. I’ve al ork with her. w to ity un rt with the oppo liver a vocal. she uses to de


12 // FAITH

All signs are pointing to your song topping the charts, The single is off to a great start ‘Lead Me Jesus’ which was #1 most added at Gospel Radio for multiple weeks and Top 20 in just three and a half weeks. Did you see this happening? Not at all! I saw several other songs popping off before “Lead Me Jesus”. Many friends, family members, and fans don’t believe it’s a Greg O’Quin record. When we sang the song in the studio, we couldn’t stop laughing because of the ‘old school’ flava we put on it. I didn’t take it too serious until we cut the lead vocal. This is when I knew we had something special. I’m amazed at the national response that I’ve received toward this song. Further, I am more excited about the concept video for Lead Me Jesus. We set this video in two time periods: 1930’s and today. “iAppreciate” is a song that inspires a hope-filled message of love with a story behind the song that makes the lyrics even more compelling. Can you share the makings of this song with us, why this song is so relevant? The lead singer for this song, DonnaLiza Ware, is here in Dallas because of Hurricane Katrina. While recording this song, Ruben and I thought it would be good to tell her story. We used her testimony as a single other, as a survivor of the hurricane, her mom’s battle with a stroke, and her son’s recent departure to Iraq. As you can see, these are real life storms, yet, we’re able to count it all joy and say…iAppreciate U God! God deserves our best praise on our worst days. No matter the circumstance, dilemma, drama, or emergency, we are mandated to give God thanks for who He is and the things that He has done.

“no matter how bad it seems the SON

is always going to shine after the storm

Many of our young people struggle with various, Family problems, self-hatred, and dysfunction – these are issues that are not often talked about, especially because their trying to figure out who they are. What advice do you have for those who struggle with these things? The 1st cut on the new Cd is called Convinced. It deals with finding your place in yourself, in life and in God. If there’s only one thing we should know…we need to know that God loves us and He will never leave us. When friends and family are gone…He’s there. When jobs and banks reject you…He’s there. When people mis-use and abuse you…He’s there. I’m Convinced! What are some of the ministries and programs The Church Without Wall, Int’l have to offer? We have a single’s ministry called Conquerors. It’s for singles from age 18-100. We find that the issues singles have don’t discriminate because of age. Our youth ministry is called HOFFA. This means…Holiness Out Front for America. We also have a prayer ministry called Jabez…a health ministry called Luke’s Place, a women’s ministry called WATER (Women are the empowering resource) and a men’s ministry called SEEDS (Serving Every Evangelical Deed Spiritually) Looking back over the years in your ministry what do you feel has been your biggest achievement I feel like I’ve written timeless songs. I am encouraged that many say I am among a few composer/producer’s that created the urban Gospel Choir sound we have today. To God be the glory! What changes do you feel the leaders around America need to make when it comes to poverty and homeless? Reports have shown since the recession hit last year the rate has risen? We have to put 1st things 1st which means America need to put God 1st. We as churches and pastors should make greater efforts to allocate domestic mission funds for poverty and homeless relief. Many churches have foreign missions and no domestic missions. We need to do both so we can serve the whole Body of Christ. When can we expect the CD to be released and do you have any tour dates lined up? After the Storm releases June 30th of this year. The single Lead Me Jesus is currently available on itunes and on We will begin our promotional tour June 14. We will be in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Houston, Dallas and New Orleans.


14 // FAITH


ROSE The L.O.V.E of Music

Make no mistake; Essex-based singer songwriter Sharon Rose is about to be huge and by all counts she deserves to be. With her new single L.O.V.E launching July 2009, this 20-year-old girl, with an incredible old school meets popular culture sound, is on the verge of superstar status. Born in Zimbabwe, Sharon Rose has been in love with music from as far back as she can remember. Growing up the third of four children in a musical family (both Sharon’s parents are singers); Sharon has always felt a special connection with music. “I firmly believe that God wrote it in the stars for me to make music “From a very young age, my parents encouraged all four of us to pursue our music,” she remembers. “But they also encouraged us to do something else academically as a back up plan, but music always came first.” With a fun mix of R&B, jazz, soul, rock, funk and 80’s pop, Sharon’s sound is fresh and invigorating. Often compared to the likes of Beyonce and Jill Scott, Sharon is very much a relevant artist for her generation. “I don’t just want to make feel-good music that has no substance,” she explains. “I want people to be inspired, encouraged and empowered by my songs. I want them to listen and know that it’s something they’ve never heard before but that it’s daring, catchy and helps them feel like they can touch the sky.”Embracing her musical influences (her mother Veronica Nyarambi and popular recording artists Cece Winans, Kim Burrell, Coldplay, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, India Arie and Robyn), Sharon’s songs brings her beautiful voice and art of storytelling to the table. With credit to her creative talent and her amazing production team (Tonifie, Boogie and Gory), “Love is a song for everyone that has ever been in love,” says Sharon. “It’s a song of significance, you know, because a lot of people think that love is based on how you feel. But love is more than a feeling. Love is selfless, pure and beautiful in every way. The beauty of love is that it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things and it never fails. There’s a greater love and I hope people will strive for unconditional love after hearing L.O.V.E.” Sharon is giving away a free downloadable EP titled ‘Wildcard’ featured with two previously unreleased songs, ‘Superman’ Sharon Rose Wildcard EP and ‘Better’; and live versions of two tracks (‘My Fire’ and ‘Testify’) that was featured on her independent 2007 album Self Titled. This comes as a way to celebrate the launch of her new website


16 // FAITH


The Sound:


Its very unclear how they do it. It's been almost a decade since they broke all kinds of records with their debut album. Mary Mary's latest album is filled with lyrical messages of hope, inspiration, devotion and celebration. Even motherhood, marriage, and music haven't prevented them from bringing the message to the world; there aim is to make music that the entire world, every age and nationality can relate to. The sisters Campbell return with their fifth release titled The Sound. It is clear to make a severe impact on both the gospel and secular arenas alike. Mary Mary brings out solid songs praising Jesus Christ alongside signature hooks on songs such as "Get Up" and "Boom." their latest album is one of the most innovative and unique "GOSPEL" CDs. The musical style is uniquely different; "The Sound" starts off with the spoken word by Deborah Joy Winans, and gets into a rhythm of praise. Hearing it is one thing, but listening to the message is what the change will bring. 5.0 out of 5 praises



Life is Beautiful:


Right from the start I was hooked with this album. It’s not over the top nor is it hard to listen to. The sound is smooth and unique. Featuring the hit single "Life is Beautiful" Press Play has emerging young talents, including vocalist Paige Adkins (daughter of comedian Sinbad) and guitar-slinger Tyler Logan brought together by a common passion for music, and creative minds. They came together while performing for their local community with some pop, some hip-hop, some alternative, some dance and even some modern praise & worship. Press Play has offered all proceeds from the sale of Life Is Beautiful will go directly to the Los Angeles Dream Center, which provides shelter, life rehabilitation, education, basic needs, job training and numerous resources. Press Play has been noted as having the hottest worship set anywhere. To sum everything up, Life Is Beautiful just feels like a fresh new thing. 4.5 out of 5 praises

18 // FAITH

God's faithfulness is my biggest source of inspiration




by Tobias

, more commercial ng and becoming gi an ch e? is er p th t ho ou ping ic, Hi ic as the hottest th cleaner, pop mus ote Christian mus With the switch to om pr ing it professiondo to t ou ng ab ki re ta u thing", it's mo eps are yo st st tte g "ho tin the ke ar as m p Ho at wh out. ristian Hip living, what we rap ab ed about promoting Ch even more importantly, d I'm not really concern An . nre ge r ou in that's missing tream America ally, and quality. I think er the news; mains ov l al s wa p Ho pt’s your opinion ate of Hi communities. Wha e debate on the st th ty o ci r ag s ne in ar e ye th w d fe A any problems. When youth an lving or helping solve tive effect on our so ga 't ne isn p a s Ho ha Hip it e. el tru fe d? It's at representation of n we move forwar tian rap music is a gre ris ca Ch w nk ho thi d I an e. nc is th ida on tool for gu hip hop is not the best it comes to the youth, for good. ed us be and how it can , be n ca s inspired you p ho hip at wh ting music? Who ha ea cr or ng iti wr r when faithfulness is my tion do you look fo re than anything. God's ira mo sp in me of ed pir nd ki ins t s ha ha W piration. My walk God's guidance and ins walk with Christ? for ur g yo yin in pra t e os tim m d e en th ngs, I sp ation. When writing so y churchgoers biggest source of inspir sound, which man n ba ur ng ro st a ts have ged. I perform the ung Christian artis ue? Things have chan yo iss y’s is th da s to es of dr ny ad Ma do you ular sound” How ss the point. relate to it as “sec I think a lot people mi . like I t tha d un so the th g on in young music I know. I put for d challenges goin an s ue iss m fro can sometimes if touch” se of reality. The music tian music is “out do ris ge Ch lar a k in m th fro u fit ne yo Do it can be y? Some of it is. I think peoples lives toda gemental. ed to make sound sheltered and jud around America ne s er ad le e th el fe ation. I think do you a's emphasis on educ es, what changes am ng Ob le al like I ch n? of tio ng ra ki Spea ucation will xt gene an education. I think ed r future and the ne ord ou aff to n't ca es t m tha co us it of when tunate a shot help many and gives the less for long overdue and will or, po are a the are rs t we tha po in em ns It his pla collectively. future individually and help us build a better and cause at success. you do? End tradition d ul wo at wh , ity ur commun about change in yo If you could bring ic. an more real and org iritual and the Body of Christ to be eate a CD with sp cr to ed ne a rs ei k th ual than you but do you thin on my disc. More spirit to ar y he az u cr yo d at un wh so of ay bit This m actually a little combined? That is mmentary is good. social messages igous tension. Some co rel ep de ate cre s ue iss l do you social, but some socia ing digital, where go is ng hi yt er ev t? Yes. right now, easier for new artis s h major changes it' ug ro el fe th u g in yo go Do is e for Music e changes? ist. It's made it possibl tian music in thes o the hands of the art int ck my ba low sic see yourself, Chris fol mu to of e l fre ee fit. I'm ught the steering wh thing, my way, as I see my ing ild bu The digital age has bro gin be d an your traditional label me to walk away from . hop? I Faith. It's a real blessing s of Christian hipyle st us rio va e th l Hip ic with al , but, still it's Christian e your style of mus little edgier than some a it's ow How do you describ kn I p. Ho to it as Christian Hip don't know. I still refer uld Hop. , what advice wo pressing their faith ex e tim rd ha a tians today have Many young Chris bold. Christ was. you give them? Be



22 // FAITH



PUBLIC PRAYER by Lincoln E. Steed, Editor Liberty magazine

Well before the actual inauguration of President Barak Obama there was a chorus of complaints about his choice of Rick Warren to give the inauguration prayer. What might just as easily have been interpreted as an attempt to link up with a populist expression of mainstream religious values was interpreted as a tilt toward the minister’s views on abortion and gay rights. Never mind that during the campaign, in front of that very same Rick Warren, candidate Obama had clearly outlined his differences on those points and maintained ideological independence. Many seemed determined to embarrass the new administration for the prayer choice and see religious partisanship at work. It was almost an anticlimax to hear the actual prayer at the January event. To be sure the possibility of it giving offence was diminished greatly by the chuckles at Chief Justice Roberts fumbling in the administration of the oath. But it was a secularly sacred moment and all turned out well—even the public prayer. If there was a problem with the prayer it was its very broadness, not any narrow religious viewpoint that some had feared. The good pastor presaged the new President’s inclusiveness by early on throwing a theological bone to Islam by saying of God, “You are the compassionate and merciful One.” True: and expressed in the familiar terminology of the Koran. At the end, before reciting the Lord’s Prayer from the New Testament, Rick Warren identified “the One who changed my life” as “Yeshua, Isa, Jesus, Jesus (haySOOS).” Most religions covered there, including the Republicanism of the past eight years! It was a very formal prayer that invoked the Creator, the uniqueness of the United States (avoiding direct claims of Divine privilege that have intrude into past pronouncements), and looked to God for help in the

difficult days ahead. Its only theological gaffe, based on my reading of the Bible, was the assumption that Dr. King and others were watching from heaven. After all the Bible says that “the dead know not anything” (Proverbs 21:4 ) and Paul looked forward to the return of Jesus at the end of days when “the dead will be raised.” (1 Corinthians 15:52 ) However, it is a common enough assumption and we should not hold it against the prayer-giver’s good will. What it does, though, is illustrate the hazards of a public prayer, either endorsed by the state or, as is likely here, given under the smile of the ruler and tending to legitimize a particular religious viewpoint—or, worse, none at all, other than a broadly acceptable syncretistic model of faith. Curiously it was another prayer, the benediction given by civil rights icon Joseph E. Lowery, that seemed more inclined to move into spiritual heartsearching. When he prayed that “we have sown the seeds of greed—the wind of greed and corruption” it was pastoral and intensely revealing of our national condition. He continued by praying that “even as we reap the whirlwind of social and economic disruption, we seek forgiveness and we come in a spirit of unity and solidarity to commit our support to our president by our willingness to make sacrifices, to respect Your creation, to turn to each other and not on each other.” The prayer lowered its tone a little at the end by a reference to the racial inequalities of the past which tended to caricature the real sin of bigotry. The blogosphere had a paroxysm of comment on this, but maybe we should be more inclined to understand the experience of the old civil rights warrior. Another warrior of sorts gave a curiously partisan prayer at the opening ceremony of the inauguration sequence held at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, January 18. Gene Robinson, a truly divisive figure in the religious world, did not hesitate to load up his prayer with references to “gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.” The ordination of Bishop Robinson, an openly gay cleric, has split his Episcopal community, and surely represents broader religious contention. Certainly the larger faith communities alluded to in Rick Warren’s prayer have series issues with Robinson’s theology. The decision to include Robinson does indeed show a social inclusiveness which might indicate otherwise good intentions with

24 // FAITH

President Barack Obama signs National Day of Prayer proclamation


VERY PUBLIC PRAYER the Obama administration. But it shows up the weakness of co-opting religion at a civic occasion. It does amount to a public endorsement of a particular religious viewpoint—given that there is an active dispute presently within faith circles. There was another prayer given in the context of the Inauguration of President Obama. Senate Chaplain Barry Black prayed at the luncheon held in the Capitol Statuary Hall right after the ceremony. His two minute, 148-word prayer was a model invocation that centered on the call for Divine blessing on the event and guidance for the new administration. Before the event Chaplain Black told a reporter that prayers are not “another act in the drama.” He decried any political directives for the prayer. “I would be very concerned if someone or some committee was standing by to scrutinize what someone had passionately felt compelled to say to God on behalf of the people for a particular occasion,” he told them. He is right, of course. Prayer controlled or directed by others, especially the state, is noxious. At the end of the day, each prayer given at the time of the inauguration is one person speaking to God. To require more is to unravel what little we still have of the churchstate distance required in the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court has often been forced to reconcile the persistent religious activity by legislators and under government auspices. They have come to call it all Ceremonial Deism. This strikes me as an oddly damning term. The justices settled on it as a way to describe religious behavior and symbols which have become part of society and lost their distinctive religious nature. But the term is odd; because in spite of revisionist attempts to portray the founding fathers as religionists determined to establish some sort of religious state, the reality is that a significant number of them were Deists. Back then Deists were seen for what they would be today: men who acknowledge the fact of God, but act as if He were an absentee landlord. I would rather remember the many members of the society in the original colonies who were overtly religious in their outlook. The Great Awakening of 1750 produced an activist religion in many ways. However, the view that this dynamic faith needed to be protected from the state was the prevailing one. Curiously, the role of the chaplain was one area of church-state contention that seems to have slipped past that early concern. President James Madison, framer of the Bill of Rights, wrote much about this seeming contradiction. Obviously, as a person of faith, he lived happily with the function of the chaplain, but he maintained clearly the inconsistency in the establishment of the function. Writing in his “Detached Memoranda,” Madison made the point that Congress should pay for their own clergy and not use tax money for that purpose. “If religion consists in voluntary acts of individuals, singly or voluntarily associated, and if it be proper that public functionaries, as well as their constituents should discharge their religious duties, let them, like their constituents, do it at their own expense,” was his argument. “How small a contribution from each member of Congress would suffice for the purpose! How just would it be in its principle! How noble in its exemplary sacrifice to the genius of the Constitution; and the divine rights of conscience! Why should the expense of a religious worship for the Legislature be paid by the public, more than that for the Executive or Judiciary branches of the Government?” Why indeed? We had better pray that the prayers paid for and organized on our behalf reflect our views and not the government’s. Come to think of it, that is precisely the problem. No government can possibly accurately represent all the religious views of its citizens without watering all down to meaninglessness or excluding others.


E G N A H C F O S E STsAaG ides to c e D e H s A s e k a T r e k Smo

Step king Change and Quit Smo

tor By FAS/Guest Contribu

as he er usually undergoes the steps that a smok ing ow than sh id sa ion r tat sie en ea res ch Model is a rep oking, it's mu sm ge it an qu Ch to of s es ge cid de Sta e er es Th a smok g the changes that tak otine addiction. When pecially in understandin es d ng ee battles it out with his nic itti cc qu su to in lp ed he olv nt elements inv st smokers need rta po mo y im wh are is re is the Th t . bu ne do y to quit, is no right or wrong wa place within him. There in quitting. ess if you there can't be true succ ce sin ion cis de nt rta , it's very impo er making the decision cision to quit. This is a ur decision to quit. Aft yo in on It all starts with the de ck firm ba be ur st yo mu n u tur Yo n't ever about to do. en this date arrives, do wh t mp don't mean what you are tha sy re su the Be se . ea ng lp that can he te to start quitti ls da too ific ny ec ma sp a the t h se wit to e ir tim the uip yourself d friends who can offer hdrawal symptoms, eq od to be with family an go o the it. To deal with the wit als for it It's . qu y ce sta pla , e smoking t are sure to tak your decision to stop in d ee toms of withdrawal tha cc su to le ab . Lastly, if you are much needed support five rest your life. itting smoking, these ps. When applied to qu ste nt rta po im e fiv of model consists The stages of change nts steps are: ly decide if he really wa smoker is yet to serious e Th . ge sta ble sta un - this is the most A. Pre-Contemplation to quit smoking. to stop smoking yet he consideration a decision o int ing tak is er ok biggest stumbling block this stage, the sm al symptoms to be the raw hd wit B. Contemplation - at d fin y ma He al with other matters like attempt seriously. essed out at work to de str d an isn't ready to make an sy bu too 's he quitting or that why he's afraid to start ta quitting. te to quit and maps ou n involved sets the da rso pe the re, He . ge the planning sta C. Preparation - this is of quitting smoking. go through the ordeal to ing go 's he w ho on plan ng. en the smoker is quitti the first six months wh lly ua us is s thi n tio this D. Ac to ensure he stays at years and takes steps for it qu ys sta er ok is where the ex-sm E. Maintenance - this put stage. gh when he decides to he's about to go throu at wh w d ho r an tte rst de ma un no to easy and so enables a person ss of quitting is never ce al vit The stages of change pro a the ys gh pla ll ou sti thr it smoking. Going with nicotine addiction, an end to his habit of the smoker in his battle lp he l wil it as g lon as small a detail may be, ss. role in the whole proce

easier said h c u m 's it g, ng quit smokins need help in quitti in to s e id c e h d r e wit oker moke When a sm This is why most shanges that takes plac portant than done. understanding the c to quit, but there are im especially in no right or wrong way itting. qu him. There is succeed in to d e lv o v elements in


Going through the process of quitting is never easy and so no matter how small a detail may be, as long as it will help the smoker in his battle with nicotine addiction, it still plays a vital role in the whole process.


5 Tips to Radiant and Beautiful Skin by Laura


We often think that having a radiant and beautiful skin would mean spending substantial amount of money on our face, be it be buying creams, vitamin C, essence and applying them on our face. It could also mean pampering ourselves going for facial, treatments, massage and splurging on our face and body to recharge and renew our mind. The fact is that it is not always true. There are some inexpensive ways that you can use and you can experience as good results or better.


Some people experienced pimples or acne breakouts when under stressful environment. Learn to manage your stress well.

ONE. Have a Balanced Diet What you eat reflects in your face and look. A good healthy diet shows in your skin, hair and nail. Have a balanced diet that include plenty of protein such as meat, fish and eggs, milk and dairy products, fruits and vegetables. If you want to have radiant and beautiful skin, limit your intake of unhealthy food like processed food, oily food, fried food, potato chips, chocolate, ice cream, pastries etc.

TWO. Drink Plenty of Water You will never go wrong. Our body is filled with 70% of water that is essential for a healthy cell growth. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Take small seep of water throughout the day instead of drinking the whole glass of water in one go. The reason is that our body cells are so tiny that it cannot simply absorbs all the water at one go, hence the excess will get flush out through our system. Hence you feel the urge to visit the toilet often. You will see improvement in your skin if adopt this approach.

THREE. Manage Stress Effectively Stress come in many forms, whether is a work, personal or financial. When you are stressed, it shows out in your appearance. Your cells and muscles gets tensed up and is reflected in you. Some people experienced pimples or acne breakouts when under stressful environment. Learn to manage your stress well. There are ways that you can do to manage your stress level and help to improve your overall health. This include :

+ Exercise + Listening to music + Meeting with friends + Shopping + Take on a hobby to relax your mind + Yoga + Massage and Spa They help to relieve and relax your mind, so that your cells and muscles get relieved and relax. You will feel that the tension will be lifted.

FOUR. Avoid exposure to the sun The UV rays is especially harmful to our skin and associated with the breakdown of collagen and causes cell damage resulting in pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. Ensure that you apply sufficient amount of sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful damage. If you need to go under the sun, limit the amount of time spent and reapply sunscreen to provide sufficient coverage. Use sunscreen product that contains SPF 30 up to 50.

FIVE. Regular Skin Regime If you want to have radiant and beautiful skin, you should go for regular facial to give you a clean face to remove white and black heads and impurities that clogged onto your pores. Have a massage to relieve your muscles and cells to recharge your skin. Not forgetting to have regular scrub to remove dead skin cells followed by a mask. If you do this regularly, you will find that your skin will look clean and is ready to absorb the nutrients that you applied on your face. Without the proper skin care, no amount of good nutrients will be absorbed as your pores are being clogged up to take in the good nutrients. It is not a demanding task for you in order to achieve radiant and beautiful skin and looking good. You will note that if you make that effort to work on it, you will definitely see good results.




by Tobias

st st influence? My intere d who was your bigge an s wa MC r an he fat ing be my e in interest e becaus in Germany at the tim s it that sparked your ng wa d livi at s me Wh na wa I th, ns d mi so an t rds es ily Wo old My fam lsons and one of there p around the age of 8. th a family called the Wi wi time to time, so it s was sparked in HipHo m nd fro frie es od go tap w me rro en let us bo Army. We beca ev d the an in s re ng the so d w ne ne tio us sta play As I got older I became e collection. He would Leather” by Run DMC. tap n ge the r hu s he thi ug go on. I d “To ha I d vin an Ke , Redman and I could ht my brother ug kim bo Ra & ts B. ren c pa Eri t, my es en Called Qu came out was big to me wh Chubb Rock, A Tribe en Nice and Smooth D, Wh y . av les He sty y, e em iqu En un c n a ow heavy fans of Publi in High School to buy the way they had their I would starve myself way MC’s dressed or e the us I ca d re, be an ltu cu he me t nic the ou my ed ab g lov . I had found y were talkin wn the tdo ew un kn co t ” jus ps I Ra ” V ies o MT with “HipHop Junk turday to catch the “Y up at 7:30 am on a Sa ke wa or e tap ly ek we k to get my dose of it. its didn’t care what it too estion a lot, but I think th? I have got this qu mi he rds “T Wo d lle me ca na e tyl the get g frees name. Where did you ago when I was writin on my name 4 years They say It’s all in the up out the word for like led ab mb ing stu nk I thi s. d gin r stopping an an artists ori be em ll rem I d an me important fans know in my rhy g my name naturally; we the word “Wordsmith” d I had settled on findin an s ft me cra I na y ge he id sta sa I my Essence.” I had used ed with ith actually does and time I was never pleas d king up what a Blacksm loo d 20 mins. Up until that an t ou l conclusion was to ad ab ing nk thi I remember instruments. The logica d I an ls ist art too of fts e cra typ ith that time had arrived. cksm le and the etc. the same way a bla mmed up my rhyme sty su it ht ug tho I rn. bo songs, verses, hooks, was ith and blam my name the word, “Word” to sm wanted to be. to express themselves tlet for inner city youth ou an d ate cre p Ho ve doesn’t matter anyow Hip and as we know it kn almost like being creati is w ? no , rds wo ve In the early 80’s Rap ati cre t back to the hip-hop sic. MC’s battled using ld be taken to bring tha ou sh s, ps ist art ste at hit e wh on d in song, dance and mu se ne? An is like fast food with the t Creative energy is go th the way the industry wi ing bubble gum more. Do feel like tha do nk thi are t jus als I , de ne jor go ve energy is s that have ma ist art st Mo d. ere low I don’t think the creati e of good music. The hard are t comes at the expens creative or even work tha d an ck y in bu ick qu a the expectations to be make that will have longevit urage it. Every thing is back to pushing artist t ge no to s ve ke ha ma ios ich rad rap and the labels enco wh d the circuit, s problem is labels an rd on the independent ha ing nd gri is ty ali simple conclusion to thi qu that e any artist that posses the game. It seems lik sense to me.

se of God au ec b is p o H ip H in g Everything I am doin my songs. f o e m so h g u ro th it w o and I let him kn

gh or violence and throu ssion with disrespect pre ex ion of ss om pre ex ed fre of t abou ch these kids freedom teach this generation know what; we can tea u How important is too Yo nt? uction” teaching that me ve mo op is the hip-h songs like “Self Destr to ed en pp drop ha r ve ate your eyes? how big t wh ing together today to and other formats, bu these artists are bann of ne the no of t bu ct k, Fa through books, school tal h. d ss an t step thoug nces the way kids dre the game to take tha in s y iet me tor na no big d lesson? HipHop influe an the y carry mone up to the artists that back in the day. Now; ily fam a of re mo re some knowledge. It’s ists we this from Chubb is art matter and I learned try. us ind s thi in ationships seems to rule most rel ’s. What keeps you me of the biggest MC so th wi ed rm rfo pe , world bigger then just u’ve been around the s me grounded. This is ep ke ian sic mu a Through the years yo be ng to s, and donate money. y my purpose for wanti help 3rd world countrie to s ion ss mi on grounded? I would sa go , world gift of music to make e I want to touch the ens God gave me this pp ha so t jus it d making music becaus an others to further the lives of I would use my fame continued on next page that happen.



One can look at the areas (Virginia, DC Area, Maryland, Massachusetts, Detroit, Canada, Japan, Ghana, Germany, XM & Sirius Satellite Radio (Worldwide), Rapnetwork National College Top 30 Charts) in which your music is being played and conclude that you’re international. What kind of work went into getting your song on these stations? How important is relationships when working with Radio? Just from traveling the world as kid due to my pops being in the Army it was natural for me to be a universal artist. It wasn’t hard for my music to make it to Japan or the UK because I already had a diverse sound as it is. I don’t just do underground HipHop, or commercial music, or conscious music; I do music for the world. Early on, radio stations like Joint One 76.1 FM started bumping my music and eventually signed and represent me in Japan. My homie DJ Madd Dogg did the samething in Germany on 107.1 FM. I can’t really give advice on how any method I used to get my music over there, it just happened based on my sound and how I construct my music. Many see the rapper as just a person talking over a beat. What is it really like on a day-to-day basis as an artist? I will say this, if anybody tells you its filled with just writing and recording, their only doing this as a hobby. On a day to day basis, I am doing features for other artists, working on albums/mixtapes, doing Radio drops, going to meetings, promoting at shows, working out, rehearsing, and research. I have reached a level where a lot of times I feel like a national recording artist because of the way I am moving from one location to the next like I’m promoting an album. Also, if you run a label like I do, you have daily management duties that can be stressful, especially when you’re dealing with numerous personalities on your team. Getting back to the music and beats, take us through the mind and ears of Wordsmith. Where does your inspiration come from? What is your process of creation? I usually let the beat tell me what I’m gonna write about. Each beat has its own emotion/feeling, so I feel like its up to the artist to pull that out of the track. Once an artist knows the concept of track, they must fine the best possible way to convey it to the world. That’s when different formats of music come into play. Depending on the track, I might write in a storytelling format, or be real lyrical for an underground track, or dumb it down some for a commercial track. An artist needs to be versatile and most of all choose the right format for the beat they chose.

The list of rappers that you’ve networked and performed with from Chubb Rock to new artist Asher Roth are too many to list. What makes a real MC in your opinion, Is the word play or the versatility, Or just the ability to freestyle? With me, it’s definitely a versatility thing because I like artists that are nice on the mic, but can turn around and engage a crowd on stage. I could careless about freestyling because it won’t get you deal, people don’t want to hear people freestyle for an hour on stage and it doesn’t prove if the MC has any songwriting ability. Knowing your business and flexing your skills on the mic will get me to pay attention to your music with a more open ear. Usually Producers are asked about only music or equipment, but I believe that a person with such creativity can only reflect their creator. What part does Christ play in your life? Do you get involved in activities that involve church or the community? Everything I am doing in HipHop is because of God and I let him know it through some of my songs. I have gospel/HipHop tracks like Gods Morning, Peaceful Journey, Leap of Faith and more to give thanks for providing me with this gift to make music. I was blessed to link up with a guy named Shaun B/. from Vintage Clothing Limited 2 years ago because he introduced me to Christian based urban clothes. They sponser me to this day, even though I am not a straight up Christian rapper. All in all, you will only make it as far as your faith in God. What programs did you start off using as an MC? Isn’t it more advanced these days with mostly all media going digital? How do you keep up with all the latest trends? I’m old school; everything you heard from me during 2005 to 2008 was done on my portable 8 track recorder. I now have a 16 track recorder and I don’t plan on switching to anything like Pro Tools ever. I am a hardware type of guy due to me traveling a lot, having a portable recorder is ideal for me. I can pack up my studio ASAP and roll out. My advice to anyone trying to get a studio together, find what works best for you on a daily basis. Yeahh, I might miss out on some point and click features, but my music comes out sounding like a million bucks.

learn the business before you decide to enter this industry. Your career depends on how much knowledge you posses about this game


Your project’s success have landed you interviews and reviews with The Baltimore City Paper, Hip-Hop Weekly, OneTen Magazine, The Atlantic City Press, ABC’s Official Heat,,,, Rago Magazine, Who Mag DVD, Hoodlife DVD, King Size Magazine,,, Grind Mode Magazine, Critical Beatdown Magazine, The Noyse Magzine, Okay Player, XM Radio, and more. Do you feel like you’ve received the due respect as an artist in this short-lived industry? No way, I feel like I have so far to go still. There seems to be levels of notoriety and like I said earlier it doesn’t always have to do with your music. I think once your accepted by the actual HipHop community you have arrived. Which products do you endorse and why? What makes them better than the others? I endorse Vintage Clothing Limited, Wearyourcity, and PUMA Frangrances. What makes them better in my eyes, the fact that they are all upstart companies with the exception of PUMA. I like to work with companies who can build as my career moves along. These people are more likely to want to work with you anyway. Generation X thinks all you have to do is own a beat machine and you can be an overnight success. But that isn’t the case, what advice would you give new producers or Kids that want to take up music or being an artist as a hobby? Same thing I said earlier, learn the business before you decide to enter this industry. Your career depends on how much knowledge you posses about this game. Now let’s talk style and techniques, the term “Spitting” refers to the words that come out of your mouth, who came up with that term? How long does it take to develop these skills? Not sure who came up with the term, but when you say someone can spit, they are able to put words together in a cohesive way that makes sense. Sorry Wayne, you don’t qualify for this category, lol. It has to do with the way you deliver your words, punch lines and charisma as well. MC’s can always get better through practice, but the superstars have a special quality about them that can’t be attained by the average artists. With all these events coming up Funkmaster Flex Car Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Millennium Music Conference 13, Call to Consciousness Event, Community Appreciation Day, 92Q Jamz Community Appreciation Day, Baltimore Music Conference, Backstage Pass Show Taping, All Star Closed Mic, Hip-Hop for the Headstrong, Bridging the Gap Concert Series. Where do you find time to record, produce and build your brand? Haaaa, good question…you might think this is crazy, but I write most of my music in my truck driving to and from work. I commute to DC at 4 in the morning everyday and head home by 2pm, so I usually put together my tracks then. I use my studio to just record, so I guess that’s my weird artist quirk I have. I can only imagine what I could do if I didn’t still have to work, hmmmm, we will see. What projects are you working on now and how can people learn more about Wordsmith? Well, right now I have the big project with the legendary Chubb Rock dropping on June 16th. Please go out and support this album because if your in to good albums and not just a good single, this is for you. Catch Chubb and I on Jimmy Kimmel June 5th and MTV is heavy supporters of the video for our first single, “Old 2 The New” I’ll be coming with my next HipHopdx sponsored mixtape in August called “The Overdue and Underated” Mixtape. You won’t want to miss any of this material, so make sure you check out for all your updates. Before I go, I want to say big up to The NU Revolution Camp (Kontact, Black Knight, Professa, Strada, Capish, Street Level, DJ Andrew. Nick Dyer, DJ Nominal and Shannon), Joint One LLC., Nina & Daniele of RVUP, OC104, Joel, HipHopdx, Steve Raze, AllHipHop, all the bloggers that support me, Chubb Rock and my parents. God Bless!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiration with the world.



X O T X E D o T How y l t n e i c i f f E e r o Your Body M mski by Peter Fore

ere's also ur body and th yo x to de to w ents in their ritten about ho by the improvem at has been w r th ea ty sw en at pl th 's e re The ed skin, ugh on nefits as improv have gone thro be at th ch su le e op ud pe cl in plenty of achieving and These are worth . th al tra energy. he l ex al er ng ov ing of havi el fe l al er ov d an t shinier hair an the key elemen icult at first, as ff di is an pl a sticking to oid. for many of us you need to av But, too often ing things that pt m te e os th l r of al is steering clea foods, and foods like fast d se es oc pr d d an say bye include refine u will have to ts yo ec id sp ra su af l I'm ua l. These us u complete a of course alcoho odies when yo tea, coffee and go e y lik th ts al an he ul e im th st to receive odies in order bye to such go detoxification. that are y wrongdoings ar et di ly on t no so play a part e fact that it's to point out th d work stress al an g in ok sm e We also need to detox ors lik as external fact looking at how ht of lig rt ot pa sp e ne th O r . unde much strain esh fruit and body under too on drinking fr us on he T in putting your k. drin erals. One is in what we tamins and min vi tly en ith ci w fi g ef tin e rs mor they are bu is important as e is water. vegetable juices d should includ an n ca u yo at course th n other liquid of unk, as this ca of any water dr ity al qu of e d th e ho met amin d it's ideal as a we need to ex eak. As a liqui This is where sp to ion is so d, hy or ged sw d proper drat ed an le dy ub bo do a ur yo be often y toxins out of u could be d dispelling an most purity yo ut e th of transporting an t is no if your supply key. However your body. inants back into am nt co g in uc reintrod , try to detox your body to w ho at g hen lookin ds on how, are gs to chance w to follow metho sy ea Don't leave thin he T n. clea ater is safe and ensure your w te. shared on my si

One part of ow looking at h re to detox mo in efficiently is k. what we drin The onus on drinking nd fresh fruit a vegetable juices is important as they are h bursting wit d vitamins an minerals.


“When we proclaim the Truth and young people see us holding fast to it, then it will begin to (in their eyes) make everything else become the lie that it is.�


s d o o W e n DeWay

rtunity o p p O ts e e M y n ti s e by Tobias When D

s. Is he a man of d the company he keep an le sty life his at g this can be seen and n just by lookin ht and honest path? All aig str a uch can be said of a ma lk wa he es ined under producer n with passion, Do rson groomed and tra pe g un Integrity, Is he a perso yo a As s. od line Dion, Kirk s to DeWayne Wo with such artists as Ce ng rki heard of when it come wo by ts en tal love and share the s developed his s his time to express his wa it en Donald Lawrence Wood Wh rd. ea Sh rket made a BIG Kurt Carr and Karen Cla ods & When Singers Me Wo e yn Wa De ing Whalum, John P. Kee, uc rod ard awards includWayne debut project Int ed five 2008 Stellar Aw eiv rec d an its un of message of Christ, De ds usan s Chart and “Let Go” sic, the project sold tho ard Top Gospel Album lbo Bil the on #5 at impact in Christian mu ed ak the single “Let Go”, pe ing Song of the Year; for art. Ch s ng So el sp Go ard Hot rose to #4 on the Billbo erywhere his songs try impacting people ev nis mi d an r ree ca sic his mu with clear skies. a solid foundation for future look very sunny Dewayne has created his for ok tlo ou the d ssion an are heard. Integrity, Pa int in your life did success. At what po the e for be gs nin gin be can (time or place) back to your humble rticular moment you pa a re the is d Hey DeWayne, take us an us t was where your hear you realize that music ger/local recording r? . My mother was a sin life my of rt pa that you can remembe jor ma a can sing, so when I t music was going to be of the men in my family ne No ll. we as I’ve always known tha h urc ch l concert (5 songs) at s sang in the choirs at special. I did my first ful ng thi me so s artist, both of my sister wa it t tha she would sing to me, the whole family knew mother told me when my by, ba a as knew that I had a gift, en Ev g. ere my heart was . I would wake up singin vitable that this was wh ine s wa it , So s. the age of 6 years old ng so and sounds to the baby I would establish beats e. even from a young ag describe your style d R&B. How do you an ul So of t hin d de ad and powerful with the Your songs are bold al. I love all genres urban artist or tradition an lf se my red ide of Christian music? ns co r as the lyrics speak to t it’s just passion. I neve r sound. Just as long ula rtic pa my es I can honestly say tha ap sh d t’s what influences an ng to me. of music, and I think tha the most important thi t’s tha , art he ir the s rce pie or n tio ua a person’s sit saxophonist Kirk Celine Dion and jazz for r ato din or co ls d as background voca DeWayne, you’ve serve to see how each t experience like? ely wonderful. It’s great lut so ab en be ve Whalum. What was tha ha s ist Kirk both have differwith these particular art y are. Both Celine and the l illfu sk w All of my experiences ho d an ts ir approach to their gif me. artist is different in the istry of music is the sa art the for ion ss pa ir the t bu , les sty ent musical d the message of you to sing and sprea ed pir ins at Wh t. ris us - your walk with Ch Share your story with lar arena? loping that relationre or pursue the secu a young age and deve ch su at is t ris Christ and not ventu Ch o wh thing that I can to growing to understand for me not to do every od go too en be ’s I honestly believe that He . t, but in the end I the keeping force for me w in our walk with Chris gro d an e tur ma ship with God has been we ere e overseas with there are seasons wh veled for a period of tim tra d an e for be sic please him. Of course mu eryone in the camp arms. I’ve done secular the group was that ev h wit e tim my t always find safety in His ou ab utious about the antic Starr. What I loved int where they were ca po the to d; Go h an R&B group called Atl wit ings for years. Love about their relationships en using in their wedd be ve ha le op is Christian and serious pe s ng so ip with God will sing songs about love, music, your relationsh the in th for ht ug lyrics they sing. They bro is long as the purity of it comes from God, so as stay in tact.



DeWayne Woods: When Destiny Meets Opportunity There are many Christians that still listen to artist that promote violence, sex, substance abuse, etc., Some of the biggest names in the industry don’t live according to the word, yet people follow them. How can we wake those people up? Basically by being a light to them and showing the love of Christ to them. Jeremiah 31:3 says “...with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” I believe there are artist out there who really desire a relationship with God and don’t want to be beaten over the head with their wrong before they choose to commit. God has called us as Christian artists to be a light and love on these artists which will in turn make them feel comfortable enough to want to know about this loving Savior that we serve.

“Love comes from God, so as long as the purity of it is brought forth in the music, your relationship with God will stay in tact.” I’ve heard young people in church say that the older people are disconnected with our current society and the times. Is the church in a bubble and not in tune with the people? What are your views on this? Honestly, I believe the church is evolving rapidly. I do believe that it’s a good thing for our leaders to be in touch with what the young people are listening to and what roll models they have in the secular world so that they’ll understand how to speak their language, which helps to and draw them back to the truth. When young people feel like people are making an effort to reach them on their level, then they’re prone to take heed and listen. I don’t believe we need to mirror the secular world, but there are things we can learn from the secular world that will help us to reach more young people today. Today’s media delivers so many mix messages, its very hard for young America to separate the truth from the false. What do you feel can help change that and keep them focus? Making sure our messages as Christian artists are sure and not hidden or watered down. We know that God is the GREATEST POWER and therefore we should always stand on the Truth of that knowledge and never waver from

that. When we proclaim the Truth and young people see us holding fast to it, then it will begin to (in their eyes) make everything else become the lie that it is. When you decided to sit down to put your project together. What key people did you decided needed to be involved in this project? Of course Donald Lawrence is my executive producer and when we started talking about producers and writers, my all time favorite was and still is P. J. Morton. One of my favorite producers is Aaron Lindsey. And from there the list just kept developing based off of relationships with people who have influenced my life in so many ways from Myron Butler, Daniel Weatherspoon, my own musical director, CD Collier and others. I reached out to friends who knew my story to help put the right lyrics together to build a project based off of one theme God had placed in my spirit, which is Healing through Praise and Worship. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with many of the brilliant people I’ve mentioned on my next project as well which is slated for release at the end of this year. Who influenced your spiritual life the most and how did they impact your life? I can honestly say that there are so many people who have influenced my life in many ways, but one person who has really made a huge impact is Donald Lawrence. What a blessing it has been to sit up under his tutelage. He’s a person who believes in empowering his people and preparing them for destiny. If he sees a gift in you, he goes past the gift and into teaching you ways to maximize your potential. It was Donald who trusted me to produce the vocals for my project that has opened many doors for me to share vocal producing opportunities for Byron Cage and many others. Speaking of a Challenge, DeWayne, let’s talk about your acting experience, you’ve been in numerous stage plays including the musical stage play Sing Hallelujah, developed by Donald Lawrence. Was it difficult to switch from singing to acting? Did you have to take classes or have a trainer? I think we all have an actor or actress inside of us. But it was never a difficult switch for me. I enjoyed being on stage in whatever way I could. I studied musical theater as well as acting and directing in school just to be able to really develop that craft. I love acting because it gives you a chance to create and act out the life of someone else. It was also an outlet for me because I could pour my emotions into my character and bring them out on stage; which in turn, made moments even more real to the audience as well. I can honestly say that I’ve had some absolutely wonderful experiences traveling with stage plays and meeting celebrities that I’ve admired for many years.


What five things would you encourage people to do this year to improve their lives and enhance their spiritual walk? Really take this year to dig deeper into the Word. Life is changing rapidly and we need to have the Word embedded in our heart and readily on our lips to speak over situations that we face. Prayer is the key. When you pray, you can’t worry. Take time to journal. There are experiences we face in life that aren’t for us, but for someone else. There are songs inside of us, books, poems, sermons, and sometimes when you begin to journal those moments, you never know how God will develop it into something life changing for someone else as well as yourself.

Fasting is very important to go along with prayer. When there are sacrifices being made for what you’re needing from God, it will open you up to even greater blessings. Not just in things, but a deeper relationship with God. Lastly, I would say “Commit to speaking positively over each day” and I guarantee you’ll see results. Not only will your day change, but also even if it doesn’t, you’re changing because you’re speaking more positively about life.

You have taken a stand for Christian music and expose it to the places where the light is dim. Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful music. You are truly a blessing.


N O I T A M R O F N I N E E GR r

e g r a h C r a l o S A d l r o W e h t nge a h C p l e H Can

by Dan Ashton



ooking for green information or devices like the solar charger that generate their energy on their own or can make the best of solar energy or are you trying to scout around for items that are just energy efficient or attachable to portable power packs that run are solar powered? These devices will not only save money on the electricity bill but also help save some money for spending on other energy efficient products. It was only until the 1800s that the battery was invented. What does a battery do? It stores energy in one or more cells of electrochemical components. This stored up energy is converted to electricity by changing it to kinetic energy. Batteries are a part of our everyday lives, but it's so ubiquitous that we don't realize that fact! Batteries are everywhere, in torches, watches, laptops, cameras, iPods and even computers! It's central to the way we run our business and private lives. Duracell and Energizer batteries are the best and sell billions of units a year! Rechargeable batteries can be charged by the current passing through it, which is converted to energy. Battery chargers can be used for charging batteries of laptops or even golf carts, however their chargers would be different since the charge varies according to the size of the battery and the technology required to get it up and running! Nickel-cadmium batteries are used almost everywhere nowadays since they are highly powerful batteries and are sleek and tiny and can be found in digital cameras and almost any new product in an electronics shop. Wal-mart, CVS and Target stocks and sells these chargers as a result the demands too have skyrocketed. Digital cameras can also be charged using solar battery chargers. OEM chargers work on solar energy and second-hand chargers for brands like Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus can be bought for cheap. This is because camera makers don't make solar chargers. While shopping for chargers like this for a camera, it's best to check the voltage limit the camera battery can withstand and use the solar panel that corresponds to that to get it charged. These batteries can cost anywhere from between $140 to $250. Now one can even get solar phone chargers for iPods and cell phones - you can look up your green information on the move. These chargers can even charge PDA devices. There are two advantages of solar battery chargers - they don't use too much energy which people end up paying for to recharge the batteries in wall chargers and also, unlike wall charging units, these products don't need an electric plug! The inbuilt solar panels tap the sun's rays and convert it to electricity free of cost as long as the sun is up! Solar battery chargers aren't large, they're easy to transport and can be exposed to the sun at any location. Now you can charge your batteries without a worry in the world and if you run out of charge, you can charge it again! Charge your devices for free on clean renewable energy that is environmentally friendly.


CHOCOLATE made for lo ve

Chocolate is made fro m cocoa pods grown on the Theobroma caca of South America. It wa o tree, a small evergree s so highly prized it wa n native to the tropical s called- God’s food. Th of cocoa solids (a mixtu regions e secret to the best qu re of cocoa mass and ality chocolate is in its cocoa butter). amount The cocoa bean deve lops its aroma during fermentation and gives containing the cocoa be the beans their familia ans is poured into a fer r chocolate taste. The menting tub or placed -120¡F. After harvesting fruit pulp between banana leave the cacao pods (which s. Fermentation begin contain the cacao bean for about six days. Then s at 100 s) the pods are crushed the beans are removed and left to ferment and from the pods and left drying process. Some dry to fur ther dry. Quality ch chocolate manufactur ocolate demands this ers prefer to buy bean heated to 70 C and pre slow s; others opt for choc ssed to extract the co olate mass. The bean coa butter (48-51 perce this stage, lecithin is ad s are nt), which is clarified, ded to make the mass be coming yellow and cle malleable. After blend roasting the cocoa bean ar. At ing, the cocoa beans are s that brings out the ch roasted. It is the proce ocolate flavor and aroma process also produces ss of (I can tell you from pe one of the most lovely rsonal experience that aromas my nose has this ever smelled). Next the cocoa bean s are shelled, and the pieces of seeds (calle produced. Extra cocoa d nibs) are then groun butter is then added (w d until a chocolate liq hen producing cocoa cocoa butter increase uor is or sweet ground choc s the delicacy of the ch ola te it is removed). The ocolate, and is largely differences in colour as extra responsible for its flavo different beans produce r. First you will discove finished chocolate wit dark browns. This is no r the h varying colours from t a sign of quality and rich reds and coppers a common myth that the is certainly not the case to darker chocolate is so . mehow a better chocola te A premium quality 62 % cocoa chocolate is crafted from the fines bittersweet chocolate. t Ghanaian cocoa be The largest suppliers ans to produce a me are African countries, Ecuador. Forastero be dium although the best (Crio ans are flat and mostl llo ) cocoa beans originate y used for chocolate superior taste. Some ch in drinks, violet-colored ocolate is best for eatin Amelonado is bitter an g, and some for cooking used for baking, eatin d of . Some types, like couv g or coating candies. erture chocolate, can This is usually conside percentage of cocoa be red the highest quality butter, making it smoo ch oc olate, and it has a hig th and easily tempered plant-based foods, su h . Flavanol antioxidants ch as tea, grapes, blu occur naturally in some eberries, cranberries ingredient of all choc and cocoa beans. Co olate products. Intere coa beans are the ba stingly, it is one of the Semisweet or Bittersw sic most concentrated na eet - Here, the chocola tural sources of flava te liquor has been co vanilla. This is often kn nol. mbined with sweetener, own as dark chocolate cocoa butter, and often and contains at least quality chocolate has 35% chocolate liquor around 50-60%. (or “cocoa”). Most go od Couverture is a spec ial kind of chocolate. Couverture chocolate anywhere from 34% to has more cocoa butte 39% for a really good r than normal chocola brand. This type of hig like chocolate truffles. te, h quality chocolate is Strictly speaking, choc us ed as a coating for thi olate is any product Because it is used in ngs 100% based on coco a vast number of by-pr a solid and/or cocoa oducts, any change in industry. Adding ingred fat. the cost of making it ients is an aspect of the ha s a huge impact on the taste. Please visit our website for further information about cho colate guide and tips



YUL SPENCER // a stand up kind of guy Yul, What was it that sparked your interest in being a Comedian and who was your biggest influence? Yul: Sadness, poverty and criminal activities sucked and it’s the type of life I was forced to live as a kid and then my mother would play a Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby or George Carlin album and it all went away. So, I wanted to have that kind of power to make it “All” go away. In the early 90’s Comedy and as we know it know Stand-Up, created an outlet for people to express themselves on subjects from politics to famous people. Comics talked about different things like race issues, gender topics, etc. Now every topic is too sensitive. Do feel like the freedom to express and talk about things is gone? And how do you as a comic get around that? Yul: Yes it is. I get around it by being honest. Something that has been missing from these other comics for the last two decades. Many of them did not care or do not care about the art of comedy, enjoying the ability to bring crowds to laughter, to educate to influence but most of all to entertain. The art has been lost by many of these ‘90 comics. They all want money, a sitcom even though they know nothing about being an actor. They want a show, because they want money and women to bow to their egos. It’s been a war of egos, which has caused a downfall in authentic comics, originals, not a bunch of copycats. That’s what you have today a bunch of copycats. A bunch of so called comics who think there funny. No one has paid them to be funny. They just think they are and they think for some reason they should be paid for it. Because without knowing the work it takes to be a professional comic, they think they can be the next Chris Tucker and so on. Again, copying the last big thing never creating “The Next New Thing”. How important is too teach this generation about freedom of expression without the disrespect or abuse and through your eyes are comedians better today than say 20 years ago? Yul: It’s not important to teach something that sooner or later you will learn on your own. Growth comes with maturity. Through my eyes ‘are comedians better today than twenty years ago?’ Through, Stevie Wonders eyes you can see these new comics could use a history lesson in comedy. No is your answer. Through the years you’ve been around the world, toured with some of the greatest comedians. What keeps you grounded? Yul: Early in my career it used to be alcohol, drugs and women. Today and for the rest of my life, it’s God, love, and giving. Many see the Comedians as just a funny person doing standup at Clubs. What is it really like on a day-to-day basis, is there a lot of pressure to produce material? Yul: I always tell new comics searching for material; there are thirty days in each month. Each day you should be able to think of one funny thing. In Thirty days you’ll have a thirty-minute act. Now if this doesn’t happen for you, maybe you shouldn’t be in comedy. The only pressure to produce funny material is usually in film or TV where we have to rewrite a script or someone else’s work. But as a stand-up, producing material shouldn’t have pressure. It should be natural. It’s what you do if you’re a comic. For fun or for free. If not, you won’t be any good at it for money. A Comic’s life on a day-to-day basis is his own. It’s really on that comic how that comic lives his life. We are human. “I am not an Animal!!!” Some of us are in pain, can’t make the rent or mortgage, or pay for the hospital bills. Some of us are riding on cloud nine. And then there’s cloud seven where other comics live very well off. So for other comics, I don’t know but for me it’s cloud seven. I spend most of my time in service to others and with the rest of my time I create something new almost everyday. I do it one show at a time. (

Generation X thinks all you have to do is be funny and you can be an overnight success. But that isn’t the case, what advice would you give new comics or kids that want to be a comedian or do stand up as a hobby? Yul: Hahahahahahahahaha, I know. First of all, this is no hobby. There are plenty of other things to do for a hobby. Building tiny speedboats, collecting stamps, or baseball cards, that’s a hobby. Comedy ain’t no hobby. You either in it or you out. It’s like saying there is a God or there isn’t. Make a decision! You in? You out? The only other suggestion I give to young comics and old who approach me, is that if you go to sleep and this comedy business and being on stage as a comic is all you can dream or think about, you probably should be in it. But if you can think or dream about any other things to do for a living, do that! Comedy isn’t for everybody. Forget what you heard.

“It pleases me when I witness the youngsters getting over this drug stuff early in life. It gives me hope to the end of addictive ways of life


Now let’s talk about your life for a minute, you’ve been a recovering addict for 15 years, What was the breaking point for you and how do you remain clean to this day? Yul: My breaking point was prison. The thought of going to prison because I get high was a definite breaking point. I couldn’t believe this system was threatening my life like that. I couldn’t go to prison especially not high. What keeps me clean today is truly the “Grace of God” and service to others. Also, continuing to enlarge my spiritual way of life. That’s how I opted to do the show “Ya Gotta Go Higher”. It’s a way for me to integrate what I do for living with who I am today. And be useful to my audiences and the future of this country and world.


YUL SPENCER // a stand up kind of guy Your life is a true testament of person who has truly experienced things in life and is giving back, what are your conversations like with other addicts? Yul: Conversations with other addicts consist mostly of listening, and relating to their experiences. They’re me and I am them. I’m just not doing what they’re still doing but I could be if I weren’t doing what I’m doing. And when I speak with them, that’s what I share with them, what I’m doing. Do you come across teens that have started down that path as well, what is your main advice to them? Yul: Oh yes, I just love them even more. Because when they recover, if they ever do, they will be living in God’s Grace for such a long time to come and that’s thrilling. It pleases me when I witness the youngsters getting over this drug stuff early in life. It gives me hope to the end of addictive ways of life. And more of us will live in the solution of life than its troubles. My main advice to them is stick around, keep coming back to the last house on the block. If you don’t know where it is, keep looking for it. It will find you; don’t forget it’s the last house on the block. What community service programs are you involved in? Yul: A few. Some involve feeding the hungry, children advocates and groups that campaign for laws benefiting us all. Voting is a new BIG part of what I get to do these days. Lol. Do you take part in any organizations that address addictions? Yul: Yes, I support too many to name and most of them are anonymous anyway. But they range from Sober living homes, Conventions, Treatment Centers, and many Churches, etc. And I’d to include my own service and website, a funny source for recovery. Also, doing this show “Ya Gotta Go Higher”. “Ya’ Gotta Go Higher is Co-written and directed by Larry B. Scott (Revenge of the Nerds), writer/producer Danita Jones (Frasier, Celebrity Rehab) and co-produced by Gemstone Talent’s, Diane Yslas, a talented bunch, Tell us about the Show, What is like to work with such talent? Yul: YA GOTTA GO HIGHER is a one-man comedy show with a few jolts of emotion. At the top of the year, I realized that most Americans are recovering from something. And I thought by expressing my wild and crazy past, if I made it through, the rest of America could make it through, too. Working with this crew? Wow, it’s so liberating because I know I’m working with some of the best in this business. They push all the energy out of me to be even more honest than I think I already am. Larry B. has done so many movies and being funny in most of them as an actor, challenges me to visually capture the audience with my words of comedy. He makes me act out a lot of stuff even when I don’t think I want to, but I trust him. I think that’s important to trust your director. I trust he won’t make me look bad. Lol. Now Danita Jones’ writing style is impeccable, solid, thorough you might say. And on top of all that, she’s hilarious and cute. And trusting her is important, too. That she conveys my true feelings through the dialogue, without making me sound fake or unlike me. I like telling the

truth in comedy. It makes for a universal appeal to audiences and Ms. Jones digs it. Also, she’s written for some big shots in her day. So, I am honored to have her expertise in this project. Ms. Yslas a.k.a. D’Diddy is a light house and you know boats are seeking them not the other way around. She has brought the professionalism and maintained honor in us all. Elston H. Butler, Exec. Producer has thrown in his marketing expertise from his many years in radio. This team is so fantastic. I am truly honored and blessed to have these pros in my corner. Watch out… I smell success. Lol. What can viewers expect to see? Is it for all ages? Yul: The Truth and High Octane funny is how it has been described to me. Is it for mature audiences unless your 12 year old is a hard 12 year old and has done time. What network can we see it on? Yul: It’s a live show at the Complex Theater in Hollywood California. 6468 Santa Monica Blvd. But soon to be on the nearest networks that gives us millions of dollars for it. HBO, HOLLA! ‘We’ve signed a 20 million dollar, three picture deal, with 20th Century Fox, just last week…Now if we can get them to sign we would be the bomb diggety!’ Don’t hate congratulate! What other projects are you working on now and how can people learn more about “Ya’ Gotta Go Higher? Yul: They can go to for more info, and for tickets They can pick, buy and print their tickets right there on I am the sole owner of It’s a Funny Source for News. It’s commentary is strictly from my pov. Regular news is disturbing enough so I seek through it to find the funny in our serious lifestyle. It’s part of the New Media shows on the web now. It’s a way to do stand up comedy sitting down. Lol. There were so many of these sites from the pov of other cultures and political parties, I thought why not just from one funny ass comic? has many subscribers and seems to bring smiles to the faces of those who enjoy some comedy in their news. I am slated to finish a movie I started last year, “Nine Shades of Pleasant”. We’re supposed to start back up in the summer. I look forward to it. I get to finally play a villain on film. To end on a funny note, what your advice to our president Barack Obama on dealing with the economy and all these bailouts? Yul: KEEP DOIN’ WHAT YOU DOIN’, BARACK! AND SEND EVERY TAX PAYING AMERICAN, INCLUDING ME, THEIR OWN PERSONAL BAIL OUT CHECK FOR LIKE…LET’S SAY 35,000.00 DOLLARS. THAT SHOULD DO IT FOR THIS YEAR. AND IT SHOULD INCREASE EACH YEAR BY 10,000 DOLLARS. WHY SHOULD WE AMERICANS HAVE TO TRUST THE BANKS WITH OUR MONEY ANYMORE? WHY CAN’T WE TRUST IN OURSELVES? I CAN TRUST ME, CAN YOU?… THE NAME OF MY BANK IS “THE SPENCERIAN BANK & TRUST”. DIG THAT? Make your deposits with me… LOL. Yul, thanks for sharing your story and inspiration with the world.



AMBASSADORS This section introduces you to New Artist, Music, Authors, Ministries, Producers etc..

Ye are the salt of the earth Matthew 5:13


SHERI JONES-MOFFETT reaching the mark photo and bio courtesy of sheri jones-moffett

heri Jones-Moffett is the voice that has been part of our Gospel conscience for the past 12 years. Her path throughout this industry is like a voyage around the world and each stop in her career is like a stamp in a passport marking a new destination and new experience. Without each stop, Moffett would not have become the completed work we hear today on her debut solo CD RENEWED. The first stop on her journey was the Tri-City area of North and South Carolina. Moffett started her course as part of Donald Lawrence’s now legendary Tri-City Singers, Gospel’s ‘IT-choir’ of the 1990’s. Breaking into the gospel industry, Moffett landed at a place where she could be mentored by one of the genre’s most prolific songwriters and producers, Donald Lawrence. “Donald took me under his wing,” recalled Moffett. “He said he got a very strong feeling in his heart to raise me and train me. And even now with this release I wanted to make sure he saw all that he had given me and I took the things he taught me and put it into action.” The second port of call on Moffett’s journey was being part of Ted & Sherri. Partnered with Ted Winn, they released two critically-acclaimed albums, “The Healing Starts Right There…” and “Celebrate.”


“I believe there was an assignment for me in both entities … being part of a large choir taught me humility and what it meant to be a part of a team – part of something bigger than myself,” Moffett said. “While being part of a duo I learned how to be transparent … how to cover my partner and have my partner cover me. It’s all been important training for me to get to this place.” This place is the release of her solo record, RENEWED. It’s the culmination of all her lessons learned; the final destination of a life-long trip. “While I knew that it was all leading to this place it was still scary for me,” Moffett said. From song to song there is a story being told and it is this narrative structure that gives Moffett ample room to express a variety of emotions. At every turn there is hope, encouragement and God’s faithfulness.


UNHINDERED praise & worship photo and bio courtesy of undhindered

very once in a while, you come across a group of people who refuse to let things stay the way they are. Fueled by a passion for what they believe, they cannot complacently sit by and watch culture consistently walk down the wrong path - they are mobilized to action. Without these people, society would never change. Enter Unhindered, a Christian worship band based out of Atlanta, GA. More than just a group of musicians playing together, Unhindered is a community that is dedicated to tirelessly laboring to lead people to God. A band that has been forming since some of its’ members were in high school, Unhindered released their first CD (City Streets, independent) in Fall of 2005 and have since sold over 20,000 copies. Since then they have release a live DVD (Unhindered Live Worship Experience, Ee-taow records) in 2007 and are anticipating the release of their forthcoming record titled, “Be”. Led by front men Ben Smith and Patrick Barrett, Unhindered’s unique ability to engage worshippers across age as well as cultural barriers has brought the group in front of churches and conferences nationwide as well as internationally. With a passionate heart for engaging students in worship, the band now travels extensively and is excited and humbled by their quickly growing platform for ministry.


Unhindered consists of Ben Smith (Keyboards/Vocals), Patrick Barrett (Guitars/Vocals), Christian Paschall (Drums/Programming), J.R. Collins (Bass/BGV), and Ashley Dasher (Guitars).


KELLY INGRAM a true calling photo and bio courtesy of donna kelly records

elly Ingram knows what it means to be led. Her journey into music wasn't sparked by some childhood dream of fame and stardom. Rather it is a road that she has traveled time and again partially by fate but mostly by faith.


Kelly made her singing debut when she was a fiveyear-old preschooler growing up in Marietta, GA. "At the graduation ceremony the little boy that had a solo to sing in the program froze on stage," she recalls, "so I jumped up there and did it for him." Almost 30 years later, Kelly is still undaunted and still singing with the passion and fervor and spiritual abandon of a five year old who doesn't yet know what it means to be judged. But music, she says, was not her choice but God's. "I never even considered going professionally into music," she explains. "I didn't necessarily pursue it. It just happened. God started giving me these songs about personal experiences that have such depth and meaning and doing this professionally is the only way to get them to people that may need them. Writing is my outlet for personal pain and suffering." Kelly's stirring and uplifting new single, "I Am All These Things," produced by Dave Gadbois and DonnaJean Records CEO Jim Garrard, is the consummate song of hope and inspiration. "Not one person over the age of 15 has not experienced what this song describes," Kelly contends. "Depression, rejection, loss, loneliness. It's all in there. This song is about me crying out in the verses and Christ answering in the chorus. Very powerful."


SMOKIE NORFUL make a joyful nosie photo and bio courtesy of smokie norful

mokie Norful was meant for such a time as this. With seven years in gospel music, he’s become a heavyweight of the genre, reaching benchmarks that have taken others a lifetime to achieve: Among other accomplishments, he’s a GRAMMY®, Dove, and Stellar winner, a bona fide Billboard chart-topper, a two-time gold-selling artist, and a crossover star responsible for the unforgettable, multi-format smash, “I Need You Now.” “If you catch me on Sunday morning, I sound just like this,” Norful says. “I don’t have a Sunday-morning me and then a concert-night me. It’s all the same person. I dress the same. I sing the same. I preach the same—the Word that you get in between songs is the same you get at church.” With that clear-cut sense of purpose, Norful went on to make Smokie Norful Live, his fourth EMI Gospel outing and first-ever live recording. The disc and accompanying concert DVD serve as a fitting capstone to everything that’s transpired in the most recent season of Norful’s life, a musical reminder of the faithfulness of a God Who sees us through every trial, every tear, and every suffering. Norful has no magic recipe for the energy, synergy, and prodigy evinced on the sights and sounds of Smokie Norful Live, other than the fact that he’s simply doing what the Lord has meant for him to do all along. “I’m really just a church kid,” he says. “I have other components to add to the flavoring, but the bottom line is, I’m just a church kid who loves gospel music, loves God, and loves the Word of God. Where I have a natural tendency to excel is in a live setting. It’s just a comfort zone that I’ve fallen into.” It’s a delicate balance, one Norful knows how to strike and maintain. It’s a new season in his life, a full plate that includes being the priest of his own home, pastoring a two-site congregation in Chicago, Illinois, and his evolving career as a recording artist and record label president. “I have a good team around me, beginning with my wife,” Norful continues. “She brings stability. She brings balance. She makes sure that the home is secure, that my children are covered, that I’m covered. If I run out the door and I run back in realizing that I forgot something, she’s already standing at the door with it. That’s symbolic of the whole dynamic between us.”



KARI JOBE worship leader photo and bio courtesy of kari jobe

ari Jobe is an international worship leader and songwriter out of Dallas, Texas. An Alumnus of Dallas Baptist University, Christ For the Nations Institute, and Oral Roberts University, Kari has been leading worship for over 13 years. She is an associate worship pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Kari also travels internationally leading worship for thousands, bringing about the new sound of heaven to the masses. Through a deep passion for God and a sincere heart for worship, Kari is a voice of worship to the nations. She has written songs such as No Sweeter Name and Pure, and has been the original voice behind Revelation Song. Her heart for worship and ministering to people comes through with her clear, angelic sounding vocals. Her new worship project will release through Gateway Create Publishing and Integrity Music the Spring of 09.



HUMBLE TIP walking in faith photo and bio courtesy of humble tip

umble T.I.P (To Increase Praise), 22 years of age, is a true man after God's Heart. He chose the name based on the scripture that talks about speaking things forth as though they were. He recognized that he had a problem with pride and through the Lord's Help he is truly Humble. His lyrics are thought provoking and open up the minds of the listeners. He also volunteers his time to minister at an inner city youth facility for troubled young people.



MIKESCHAIR a passion to serve photo and bio courtesy of mikeschair

ot only does the sound demand attention, but so do the remarkable individuals of the four-man outfit that make up MIKESCHAIR. Mike Grayson first found his passion for music while in sixth grade and continued to grow this passion throughout high school. He tied together this love of music with his faith as a youth worship leader in his church. Sam Tinnesz has dreamed of music his whole life. Through self-discipline and practice, he developed his skills on guitar, leading him to perform with many rock bands over the years before finding a home with MIKESCHAIR. Jesse Hale began classical violin training at fouryears-old and has maintained his enthusiasm for music ever since. Using his well-trained ear, he’s been able to pick up several other instruments including keys, synths and programming – thereby becoming the band’s “utility guy”. Jon Haire picked up his first bass in seventh grade and hasn’t put it down ever since. His desire to mix his aspirations for music and performance has proven to be an essential element to the makeup of MIKESCHAIR.


This adventure may seem like it’s just getting started, but it’s been underway for a few years now. As MIKESCHAIR walks out obediently in faith, they look forward with anticipation to take hold of the next chapter. Mike shares, “Our prayer is that people will leave our shows, not with a sense of how awesome the music is, but with a deeper sense of searching and begin asking questions that they weren’t asking when they showed up.”

DeWayne Woods // When Destiny Meets Opportunity  

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