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February 13, 2014

FACE DENT: A Clinic with the Best Professional Team and Patient Oriented Technology

Face Dent Clinic, located at number 29 of Avenida de la Marina in Rota (next to the downtown gas station), offers magnificent installations. Here highly qualified professionals coupled with the best technological resources in the market stand out. The clinic, managed by the prestigious doctor Manuel Rull Broquetas, offers dental and facial treatments. The conversation with Dr. Rull immediately transmits confidence and calm to the patient. His slow speech, marked by the facts that show his profound knowledge of the profession, instil in the patients tranquillity and the guarantee that is underlined by his long professional experience. Dr. Rull is happy that he has been able to consolidate this clinic, his third (he manages two others in Sevilla) with the philosophy “The patient comes first” and a very specialized professional team. Manuel Rull has a long career in medicine. As a doctor in medicine specialized in orthopaedic surgery, he worked in English hospitals and in the decade of the 90’s decided to study dentistry. He started this new activity with the knowledge his ample formation brings. Since then he has

worked in all fields of dentistry;“this gives me a global vision of dentistry in order to coordinate his team that is now composed of 20 professionals” Dr. Rull stated. In his clinic, dentistry is complemented by facial treatments. In this way, he says, “when we rehabilitate a patient with implants, we can rejuvenate his face as well, this way, we have seen that the aesthetic facial treatment is entering in dentistry, as a complement and a plus in the satisfaction our patients feel with the results.

fection for Rota and it is part of him. His future plans include spending more time in Rota, which is one of the reasons he considered opening this clinic “because I like the life in Rota better than in big cities”. Dr. Rull is an acknowledged expert in implants. “My formation in implants began when I was an orthopaedic surgeon and formed part of very advanced scientific groups in Spain and England”. “After that my specific formation in oral implants has been a continuation of previous formation acquired in orthopaedics”. He explains.As a matter of fact, Dr. Banemark, considered the inventor and father of oral implants was an orthopaedic surgeon who applied his experimental investigations in rabbits to the development of dental implants”, he affirms. Currently Dr Rull carries out his professional activity exclusively as a specialist in implants and oral surgery. “Dental implants are the most predictable and longest lasting treatment with the fewest failures that exist in dentistry today”, he points out.

This expert makes it clear that “individual dentistry is no longer up to date, nor the concept of clinic that there used to be”. Team work and quality control of the treatments is the philosophy of our clinic. Insofar as the present state of his clinic, he affirms that “we have all of the technology that exists in the sector, with a base of more than 20 years of experience, that is our best guarantee to get the results and treatments worthy of the most advanced dentistry world wide”, he concludes.

A Clinic that Looks to the Future With respect to the future of Face Dent in Rota, Dr. Rull points out that “I am letting time put us in our place. I want time to pass and my patients will realize that the clinic is here to stay, looking to the future”. He emphatically points out that “we are not like others, that are here for a while and then gone. After me, the Rull saga will The Medicine of Yesteryear Dr. Rull had the valuable example of continue in the hands of my son, Manuel his father in his beginnings in medicine. who is will to prepare himself in order to Therefore, he explains, “the basis of my be able to take over and continue with sanitary formation was learned from a what we are doing”, Dr. Rull proudly states. generation of doctors, like my father and his colleagues, who held a global vision of the patient, taking into account the whole human organism, in order to restore and maintain health”. “From this perspective I consider the mouth is the entryway for healthy nutrition and responsible for the first phase of a fundamental process such as digestion”. I practice with the criteria of the physician of yesteryear, more ample and humanized”, he adds. Manuel Rull considers himself a roteño by adoption. Born in Jerez and raised in Sevilla, he has spent all of his life vacationing in Rota whereby he states that he has a lot of af-

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February 13, 2014

Vicky Miller

Cristina Pamplona

Vicky Miller

February 13, 2014


(This article is based on a suggestion from one of our readers. Thank you Howard White, USN (retired).)

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rocery shopping on the economy can be frustrating, if not interesting. Many years ago, when I first arrived to Spain, I went to a grocery store to look for canned peaches. Feeling confident that my Tex-Mex Spanish would allow me to get by, I was met with puzzled looks when I asked for “duraznos.” I later learned that durazno is an indigenous word that was not known here in Spain. I was at a loss since I had no other word for peaches. So, I ended up going up and down the store´s aisles until I found a can with a picture of peaches on it. In Spain, they are called “melocotones.” If you were to need basic food items, would you feel confident enough to find what you are looking for? I would like to provide you with what might serve as a basic survival guide to shopping for those items on the Spanish economy. If you have a choice, go to a larger food store versus the corner store. Some of the items that you are looking for might be more readily available at the larger supermarkets. If you need a shopping basket at one of these stores, you will normally need a 50 centimo or a 1 Euro coin to insert into the slot that unlocks the basket from where they are gathered (normally outside the store). When you return the basket to its place, you can retrieve your coin. It´s a very efficient way of keep-

ing the carts together. The supermarkets in Spain are pretty similar to those in the States. Everything is usually logically located according to the type of items that you are looking for: bread, milk, canned goods, meats, fish, beverages, and produce. However, there are some differences. Milk is not refrigerated and is not found in a dairy case. It is usually packed in tetrabrick type containers. Generally speaking, there are three types of milk that are sold: 1) Whole milk (labeled “Entera”), 2) the equivalent of low-fat (labeled “Semi-desnatada”), and 3) non-fat (labeled “Desnatada”). Usually they are sold in packs of six. They will keep on your pantry shelf until you are ready to open them. Afterwards, though, they should be refrigerated. Bread is sold in a variety of forms from regular sliced sandwich bread (known as pan de molde) to large round loafs of bread (known as pan de pueblo). The sandwich bread is pretty standard and the difference between white and whole grain is that the whole grain will usually say “integral” somewhere on the wrapper and will obviously be darker. “Pan de trigo” is wheat bread but not necessarily whole grain and isn´t always darker. If a store has a meat counter, usually there is a number system for serving waiting customers which means that you have to find the dispenser which has paper slips with numbers on them. There will also be a sign with a readout with red numbers on it. The meat counter attendants will usually call out the numbers as they advance the numbers on the sign. Unfortunately, they call out the numbers in Spanish. But, if you keep an eye on the displayed numbers you should be fine. Once you see your number, you can approach the counter and hand the numbered slip of paper to the attendant, who is usually a butcher. You can point to the cut of meat that you want and indicate how much of it you would like, usually by weight in kilos. They will also

grind it for you if you ask them to. This is called “carne picada” (ground meat). They will wrap your purchase and provide a sticker with the price on it so that it can be scanned when you go to the checkout counter. If you do not want to wait to purchase meat, usually there are pre-packaged cuts of meat that are in the display counters nearby. Purchasing fish or seafood is similar in process to purchasing meat but there is a separate counter for each. There is also usually an option to purchase frozen meat and fish that are packaged and in refrigerated counters nearby. Based on a very reliable source, I was told that the best place to buy meat, fish, and fruits/vegetables are those small shops that specialize in each, i.e. butcher shops, seafood shops, and produce shops, versus the supermarkets. I will make an additional note. When you go into a small produce shop you normally cannot handle or gather the fruit or vegetables that you want. You must point it out to the merchant, or tell him/her what you want and they will package it for you. If you are at a larger supermarket, however, and you want to purchase fruits or vegetables, you need to take note of a number that is on the sign beside the fruit item (sometimes it will read “Tecla” which means “key”). Here you can pick out your fruit and put it in a bag, but you must weigh at a machine nearby which will print out a label with the price and weight, which you need to stick on the bag. The Tecla number corresponds with the produce item that you have selected. Generally speaking, the larger food stores, like Carrefour, Hipercor, or Alcampo , will have a larger selection of food and will also include items like dog food or household type items, and even clothes. The smaller supermarkets like Supersol or Mercadona will be more limited as to the variety of items on the shelves, the majority of which will be food items. Dia and Maxi are even smaller still and are more limited as to what they offer. However, stores like Aldi and Lidl although of a similar size as the smallest grocery stores, are interesting since both stores are based in Germany and offer many German brand products, along with Spanish products, and usually at a reasonable price. Of course, there is also the mega-warehouse type store (similar to Costco or Sam´s Club). The only one that I am aware of is in El Puerto and it is called Makro. A membership card is required and is only given to persons with some tie to businesses, although I am sure that I have seen American shoppers at Makro. It could be that they have memberships available for military members. Knowing some of these things before you go shopping on the economy can help ease some of the anxiety associated with this activity, especially if it is just a short trip to pick up some needed items.

February 13, 2014 Welcome USS Donald Cook! Welcome to Rota and southern Spain! We sincerely hope you enjoy your tour here. Spain offers you almost endless travel opportunities so take as much advantage of it as possible. From here many day and weekend trips are possible. Just get out and explore, starting with the local area. People here are friendly and will make you feel welcome. Our goal in the Cview section of The Coastline is to bring you information about the local area: where to go, what to do, what to see, local customs, fiestas, etc. Also, we would love to hear from you. What would you like to read about? S&J Multiservices S&J Multiservices was founded by Steve and Javier. Steve relocated to Spain from England last year and after owning a villa for 10 years, he was constantly frustrated by the poor service he was receiving so he decided to do something about it; hence Steve and Javier set up S&Jmultiservices. Steve says it's a great combination "Javier has years of experience, local knowledge and an ability to ensure we use the best quality materials and get the best prices. I understand the customer’s requirements and ensure every job is completed to their expectations.” They send their customers photos of every visit! This way they know what has been done if they are not present.

Currently, they have a great offer on air conditioning installations from only €349. Steve is a qualified Plummer and Javier is a qualified electrician. They will supply references from past customers. For more information: And Ibis Hotels Andalucía Get to know Ibis Hotels in Andalucía. Ibis is a chain of economically priced hotels from 30€ and 40€ a night.They have hotels in Jerez, Sevilla, Granada and Málaga; all places you will want to visit. The rooms are clean and have all you need to be comfortable. So why pay more? Also, keep the hotel in Jerez in mind when friends and family come to visit and everyone doesn’t fit in your house. For more information, see the ad on page 7 this week.

Centro Infantil Kindergarden The Centro Infantil Kindergarden, located in Las Redes area of Puerto de Santa María, has been open for 13 years.They accept children from one year of age or when they start to walk up to four years of age. There are four teachers for three classes: one year olds, two year olds and there and four year olds together. They are open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Parents can choose different time frames to match their needs and budgets. In the center there are people that speak English, German, Portuguese and naturally, Spanish. Children are taught in accordance with their ages: seasons, professions, animals, etc. There is a good atmosphere and they consider each child is unique. For more information

Molly Malone Tomorrow night is Steakhouse theme night at Molly Malone’s! Enjoy beef or tuna tartar, Carpaccio, ribs or Argentinean steak. After dinner, they will invite you to a champagne and strawberry cocktail. This is a new theme night for Molly’s so they will be going all out. They will be serving starting at 6 p.m. Make sure you don’t miss out and make a reservation now: 956 480 834 or mollymalonepub@

Shamrock Bar & Eatery Stevie from Shamrock Bar & Eatery tells me that Friday, February 14th is caring and sharing night. He invites you to come and enjoy their international platters (fish tacos, sliders, burger, tandoori chicken chow mein noodles and a delicious sweet filled crepe.) These are just a few of the things they off so stop by and enjoy the food and great atmosphere at Shamrock’s. WOK Don’t forget that the Asian restaurant WOK, located only about 200 meters from the Rota Gate offers a varied buffet at a great price. Stop in and give it a try. Karting Racing Dakart To celebrate this upcoming long weekend, Karting Racing Dakart in Jerez has a special offer of two races for the price of one. The offer is good on February 16th, 17th and 18th . Karting Racing Dakart is located in the Luz Shopping complex. Anything you want us to pass along? Let us hear from you about your favorite places or coming events. We do like hearing from you! Send an e-mail to Karen@ or give a call to 607564132. Support your paper by supporting the advertisers.

Jerez's Flamenco Fashion Runway The Flamenco fashion show that recently took place in Jerez is a prelude to the Flamenco festival and all the Spring fairs. This years’ 7th edition took place from February 6th to the 9th in Bodega de Gonzalez Byass. The show gathered many fashion professionals, manufacturers and artisans related to the Andalusian fashion world. Photos & text by María Higuero


HIKING: En Ruta Association Weekend In The Huelva SierraEncinasola 15:30, Friday, 14 March Price: 110 € members, 130 € non members. The price includes: bus, full pension in the hotel, trekking and tour to the roman ruins. A deposit of 50 % should be made before 15 February as seating is limited. Information: Sport Enclosure “La Forestal”, Monday to Thursday 17:30. to 18:30 Tel.: 619 958 214. E-mail: asociacionenruta@ Blog: Sunset Walk Walk the bridges in the pine forest of Rota, a natural area with high ecological value Days: Tuesday at 19:00h Price: 1 € It’s necessary to pick up a ticket at the tourist information office. Botanical Garden “Celestino Mutis” from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 14:00 and again from 16:30 to 18:30 Guided tours of the Luna castle Saturdays and Sundays at 13:00 and 19:00, prior reservation needed (call 956 84 63 45 or email Flea Market Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Central Market. To get a table, you must sign up previously in the bar in

the Central Market. Flea Market Sundays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Calle Sargento Céspedes, Chorillo Beach


Poker Tournaments at the Casino Casino Bahía de Cádiz; 21:00, Thursdays Casino Bahía de Cádiz - Camino del Juncal, s/n Guided Tour, Path of the Senses This 4 and ½ hour tour explores the origins of the Sherry wines of El Puerto and it´s progress from the vine to the barrel. Oenologists meet you, after a short bus trip, at a vineyard in the countryside and explain how the vineyard operates, later at the bodega a wine tasting accompanied by tapas and an explanation of the elaboration process, this last taking place in the famous Caballero bodega. Reservations: 649 882 288 - 956 853 960, www.rutadelossentidos. com -


Flea Market on Sundays at Alameda Vieja s/n from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Archaeological Museum Plaza del Mercado, s/n. C.P. 11.408 956 14 95 60

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