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Parent Handbook

CONTENTS Welcome from the Co-Acting Headteacher

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Mission Statement

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A History of Corpus Christi

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Everyday Life at the School

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The Religious Life of the School

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Pastoral Care and Behaviour

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Curriculum at Corpus Christi Early Years Foundation Stage Phonics SATs in Year 2 Year 6 Testing and Assessment Arrangements KS1 and KS2: A Creative Curriculum

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Special Educational Needs and English as an Additional Language

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Regular Events at Corpus Christi

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From the Children: A Warm Welcome Our Views

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Extra-Curricular Activities at Corpus Christi

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Parental Involvement A Welcome from the Corpus Christi Parents’ Association

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Healthy Schools

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Community Links

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Inspections and External Awards

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Further Information

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Welcome to Corpus Christi School This booklet aims to answer any questions you may have as a parent, as your child progresses though the school, as well as providing you with additional information. Developed with the help of parents and the children, it should provide all the information you require. Please read through it and keep it for future reference. Our whole school community, children, parents, staff and governors are justifiably very proud of our school and its successes. These successes are evident both in the academic standards achieved and in the excellent curriculum on offer to the children. We aim to provide a nurturing and stimulating, Christian environment in which each child can thrive and develop their own interests and talents. One of the key strengths of Corpus Christi School is the invaluable support that parents provide to their child and the school community. I look forward to working with you and your child so that they are provided with the best possible start to their education.

Jean Connery Co-Acting Headteacher


Mission Statement Corpus Christi School exists to serve the Catholic communities of Brixton Hill and its neighbouring parishes. We are here to educate our children to the highest possible standard in a community which has the gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Faith at the centre of its ethos. In all aspects of the school, Christian values will be upheld, with an emphasis on respect, helpfulness, unselfishness and cooperation.


A History of Corpus Christi School From the beginning: The Mission In 1880, a Catholic mission was established in Brixton under Father Van Doorne, which covered Brixton, Streatham, Tulse Hill and Stockwell. There were approximately seventy-five Catholics in the Brixton area. In 1881, Father Van Doorne purchased 4 Gwydr House, between Lambert and Hayter Roads, which he renamed Corpus Christi House. Later that year, the house was purchased for £3,400 by the Corpus Christi Church, 1905 Sisters of Notre-Dame-de-Namur, who opened a secondary convent school at 34 Brixton Hill in 1882, though they did not open an elementary school. In 1883, Father Van Doorne started a church building fund. On 14th July 1885, the first stone of the church was laid and the first Mass celebrated on 14th August 1885. On 12th June 1888, the first part of the church was opened by Bishop Butt with a congregation of 800. By 1899, the Corpus Christi School Fund, raised by the parishioners, had reached £4000. In 1901, Father Van Doorne retired as parish priest of the church he had founded, and was succeeded by his assistant, Father William Curran, who took over responsibility for building the school.

From the beginning: The School Corpus Christi School was opened in February 1902 by Father Curran, its first head teacher Miss Catherine Dempsey. The school’s first building, and the church itself, were designed by the architect John Francis Bentley, who later went on to design Westminster Cathedral. It consisted of a Trent Road, 1905 four-classroom block which stood in the area which is now the Nursery playground. It was the then back garden of Bethel House, a large Georgian home which stood on the site of the present church hall. By 1932 the school was reported as being overcrowded, with 206 pupils. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s Father Bernard Kelly, the parish priest, made several attempts to enlist the support of the diocese and council to improve the school buildings.

World War II In August 1939, parents of children were advised that “all children will be evacuated from the major cities to rural areas.” Bernard O’Sullivan, a Corpus Christi pupil from 1934-1941 was in Mrs Healey’s class at the time. “On 1 September 1939, parents were told to pack a change of clothing, pyjamas, towel and sponge bag, sandwiches, an apple and a bar of chocolate and report with their children to the school at the normal time. On arrival at school, we had a label attached to our clothes, with our own and our school’s name. We went by bus to the local railway station where we joined other schools and boarded stream trains to Horsham, Sussex.” (28 Corpus Christi children were evacuated to Horsham.) “On arrival we were billeted to families and taken there by a member of the Women’s Volunteer Service. I returned to school for one term in 1941.”

Effra Parade, 19th July 1944

During the war, Corpus Christi School remained open and the air raid shelter was one large room. The children came to school one week in the mornings and the next week in the afternoons. Those who were evacuated went to Lostwithiel in Cornwall after Horsham. In 1940 air raids destroyed the main classroom block as well as the stained glass in the church. The school remained in bad condition until 1946 when the main block was rebuilt, though a bombed out Classroom was still used as a boys’ playground.


A History of Corpus Christi School Post War Years

Junior class in the playground, early 1950s

In 1955 an annexe was established for the 260 pupils in Rosbart Street, Stockwell, a mile away from the main school, which was eventually transferred to St Helen’s in 1970. A new annexe was built in 1960 on Lambert Road. By the early 1970s plans were well underway to rebuild the Trent Road buildings, and enough land had been acquired to provide the site on which the school building now stands.

Over the years the school has expanded further to included new Year 2 classrooms, a nursery, music room, the chalet and an extended playground on the Trent Road site, and new Year 3 and Year 6 rooms, library, ICT suite, after-school club room and an Upper Hall to meet the school’s expanding needs on the Lambert Road site.

Our School

Bethel House, 1970s

The work and achievements of our school have been recognised in several ways over the years. Our last three Ofsted inspections have found us to be Outstanding. Corpus Christi has featured several times in the Sunday Times’ Good Schools Guide, and in 2001 won the Evening Standard School of the Year Award. We have had numerous important visitors and our children have met a number of important people over the years, including: • • • • • •

Nelson Mandela Tony Blair Boris Johnson David Cameron Nick Clegg Michael Gove Meeting Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair, 1990

We now have a Nursery class and two classes from Reception to Year 6 with specialist music and sports coaches in a fully-equipped and ever evolving building. We are proud to offer our children a varied and bespoke curriculum and excellent pastoral care, as well as a range of after school activities. We maintain our close links with both Corpus Christi and St Philip and St James parishes, and are actively involved in community events. We are incredibly proud of our school both past and present, and we continue to evolve and develop as we move into the future.

With special thanks to Rachel Johnson-Ferguson for the content of these pages, taken from her work on “Corpus Christi: The First 100 Years 1902-2002”

Corpus Christi Football Team, 1978


Everyday life at Corpus Christi School School Structure- Staffing The school is well-served by a professional and dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff. School Leadership Team Mrs J Connery – Acting Headteacher, School Achievement and Inclusion Manager (KS2) Mr R Coyle - Acting Headteacher, RE coordinator Mrs D Rochford – Acting Deputy Headteacher, School Achievement and Inclusion Manager (KS1)

Teachers and Additional Responsibilities Teacher


Additional Responsibilities

Miss S Kinney Miss H Smedley Mr S Dervan Miss L Kelsall Mrs C Hendy

Nursery Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4

Mrs L Powell

Class 5

Miss N Thompson Mrs G Jenson/ Mrs K Smart Mr M Calvey

Class 6 Class 7 Class 8

Mr M Kelleher Mrs S Stevens-Cox Miss H Hughes Mrs A Duffy

Class 9 Class 10 Class 11 Class 12

Mrs S Cole Mr S Lehmann Mrs C Kelleher Mrs E Haslam Mrs Z Bray

Class 13 Class 14

Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator Green Team Green Team School Council EYFS and KS1 Co-ordinator Parent Handbook Creative Curriculum Co-ordinator Art and D&T Co-ordinator Science Co-ordinator Lower KS2 Co-ordinator/ Music Co-ordinator and Special Educational Needs History and Geography Co-ordinator Educational Visits Co-ordinator ICT Co-ordinator School Council Green Team EAL Co-ordinator PE Co-ordinator Mathematics Co-ordinator English Co-ordinator English Co-ordinator Cover teacher Early Years Support Teacher Early Years Co-ordinator Specialist Sports Coach Specialist Sports Coach

Mr M Brady Mr S Gale

Teaching Assistants Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 & 6 SEN support

Mrs E Ward, Mrs M Tomoriova Miss H Morrison, Ms R Donlon, Miss L Murnin (LSA) Mrs S Fitzsimmons, Miss A Moore, Mrs A Marrone (LSA) Mrs E Antoniou, Miss P Martin-Hernandez Mrs M Stanley, Ms M Everett (LSA) Mrs D Humpage Ms T Murnin, Mr C Perry, Mrs M Channer (LSA) Mrs G Tatton


Everyday life at Corpus Christi School Governing Body and Committees

Mr J Muir


Chair Of Governors, RE & Ethos, Child Protection


Ms K Byrne


Dep. Chair of Governors, EAL,SEN


Mr M Burke


School Journeys/Visits

Mr P Beaumont



Mrs F Brown


Equalities, EAL

Mrs J Namusisi-Riley



Mr W Mordaunt




Mr. L Meyers




Mrs S O’Sullivan


Literacy, Curriculum Enrichment


Ms E Smith


Early Years, SEN

Vacant Post


Mrs G Tatton


Mr R Coyle

Ex Officio





Mrs J Connery

Ex Officio









Type of Roles & Responsibilities Governor


Governing Body



Chair 9

9 9 9




Mrs B Brech- Clerk to the Governing Body Mr J Mann- Consultant to Governing Body

Parents, Pupils & Community



Office Staff Mrs S Gonzalez-Ruiz- School Business Manager Mrs C Nickie Miss L Banks Miss E Wentworth

Class Structure EYFS


Lower KS2

Upper KS2

Nursery am/pm Reception: Class 1 & 2

Year 1: Class 3 & 4 Year 2: Class 5 & 6

Year 3: Class 7 & 8 Year 4: Class 9 & 10

Year 5: Class 11 & 12 Year 6: Class 13 & 14

Key Stage 2 Maths Groups In Key Stage 2 the children are arranged in groups for Maths. The groupings are based on teacher assessment. Children may be moved into different groups at any point of the year dependent on progress.

Facilities The school is very fortunate to have a wide range of facilities available for the children’s learning. These include a fully equipped ICT suite, interactive whiteboard and networked class computer in every classroom, library, music room, school hall with gymnastic apparatus, and a Junior school hall (Upper Hall).


Everyday life at Corpus Christi School School Times Nursery Morning Session 8.40am-11.30 pm Afternoon Session 12.30pm-3.20pm Reception and Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 7) 8.50am-12.10pm * Lunch break 1.15pm-3.10pm Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11) 8.50am- 12.30pm * Lunch break 1.30pm – 3.10pm * Morning break 10.30am- 10.50am

Where to line up in the mornings Infant Playground (Nursery side) Nursery Class 5 Class 6

Infant playground (Hall side) Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4

Junior Playground All Key Stage 2 classes

Absences Corpus Christi has an excellent attendance record which helps all children to maximize their learning potential. Children’s attendance is recorded and rewarded in school. We ask all parents to make doctor or dentist appointments outside of school hours wherever possible. Holidays are not permitted during term-time. You must make an appointment with the Headteacher to remove your child in exceptional circumstances.

By Amédée

If your child is going to be absent from school, please telephone the school office and inform them as soon as possible.


Everyday life at Corpus Christi School School Term and Holiday Dates 2013/2014 ********************************************************************* Autumn Term 2013

Open Tuesday 3rd September 2013 Close Thursday 19th December 2013

Half Term

28th October – 1st November 2013

Inset Days (School Closed): Monday 2nd September 2013 Thursday 10th October 2013 Friday 11th October 2013 ********************************************************************* Spring Term 2014

Open Monday 6th January 2014 Close Friday 4th April 2014

Half Term

17th – 21st February 2014

********************************************************************* Summer Term 2014

Open Tuesday 22nd April 2014 Close Thursday 17th July 2014

Half Term

26th – 30th May 2014

Inset Day (School Closed): Bank Holiday

Monday 21st April 2014 Monday 5th May 2014

******************************************************************** Inset Day (School Closed): Monday 1st September 2014

Re-open for 2014/2015 Academic Year on Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Please note that on the last day of each term, children should be collected at 2pm. In addition, Nursery children finish a day earlier. Please speak to your child’s teacher for further information. 9

Everyday life at Corpus Christi School Uniform The school uniform, worn by all children, is an important and distinctive feature of the school. We place an emphasis on achieving high standards of dress and appearance because we believe it encourages the children to take pride in themselves and their school. We therefore ask parents to ensure that their children always wear the correct uniform at the correct time of year. Girls should keep long hair tied back, and boys’ hair should be above the collar. Items in italics should be purchased from the school; others are available through high street stores.

Summer Uniform September- October half term Summer Term



Mid blue shirt School tie School pullover Grey short trousers (without combat-style pockets) Grey socks Black shoes

Light blue/ white stripped summer dress School pullover White socks Black shoes

Navy blue blazer with school badge

Straw hat

Navy blue blazer with school badge

School cap Winter Uniform October half term – Easter holidays

Long grey trousers may be worn School cap Navy blue blazer with school badge Plain navy blue overcoat

Mid blue shirt School tie Navy blue pinafore or skirt White socks/ navy blue tights Black shoes Felt hat Navy blue blazer with school badge Plain navy blue overcoat

PE Kits PE kits come into school on a Monday and are taken home on a Friday. All children should wear a white Corpus Christi t-shirt (available from the school office), navy blue shorts, and correctly fitting black plimsolls. Junior children may be provided with plain trainers and a Corpus Christi tracksuit for outdoor PE lessons. They should, however, ensure the rest of their PE kit remains in school for indoor PE and other lessons.

Nursery Uniform Summer Navy shorts Blue Corpus Christi Polo Shirt Blue Corpus Christi jumper Black/ dark blue non-lace shoes Socks

Winter Navy blue track suit trousers Blue Corpus Christi Polo Shirt Blue Corpus Christi jumper Black/ dark blue non-lace shoes Coat


The Religious Life of the school “Corpus Christi is an outstanding example of Catholic education. It is a faith community in which everyone plays a part in living out the mission of the school.” Section 48 RE Inspection Report, November 2010

Religious Education At Corpus Christi School we aim to give children a deeper knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith. We aim to guide and foster the growth in faith of each individual child and to make prayer, worship and the liturgy meaningful and relevant experiences. The religious, spiritual and moral education of the children is given high priority here. We regard religious education as more than a curriculum subject. It is something that guides every area of our school. As a Catholic school we aim to educate the whole child, and our ethos is inseparable from the curriculum. Religious education is taught through lessons using the ‘Come and See’ programme and also through celebrations, prayer and everyday experiences in school.

Mass The children at Corpus Christi celebrate Mass with the parish at the beginning of each term and on several feast days throughout the year. In addition, we hold liturgical services once a term. Parents are very welcome to join us at all services at Corpus Christi School.

Holy Communion and Penitential Services Children begin their preparation for First Holy Communion and Confession at their local parish churches while they are in Year 3. From that point on, children attend Penitential Services in the church during Lent and Advent.

Christmas and Easter Celebrations All the children at Corpus Christi will be involved in celebrations at Christmas and Easter, with masses, prayer services and productions throughout the school.

Christmas Nursery and Reception children perform a short annual Nativity story. Key Stage 1 children perform a full Nativity story, with drama, song and celebration. Key Stage 2 children perform a Carol Service at Corpus Christi church to which all parents are invited.

Easter Reception and Key Stage 1 children all attend a special Easter Prayer Service in the school hall, and are invited to wear their own Easter bonnets in celebration at Easter time. Years 3-5 children perform The Way of the Cross, a production about the Passion of Christ.


The Religious Life of the school “My child is being developed as a rounded individual, with a sense of Christian tradition and civic responsibility, informed by her religious instruction’ A Parent view cited in Section 48 RE Inspection Report, November 2010

Class Saints Each class has its own special Patron Saint. The children pray to their saint and learn about their lives and the examples that they set to others. The children also celebrate their saint’s feast day in class, as well as the four school Saints: George, David, Andrew and Patrick.

Nursery Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10 Class 11 Class 12 Class 13 Class 14

Saint St Francis of Assisi St Vincent de Paul St Mary Magdalene St Elizabeth Ann Seton St Martin de Porres St Bernadette Soubirous St Catherine of Siena St Theresa of Lisieux St Ignatius Loyola St Charles Lwanga St John Bosco St Thomas More St Benedict St John Fisher St Emilie de Rodat

Feast Day 4th October 27th September 22nd July 4th January 3rd November 16th April 30th April 1st October 31st July 3rd June 31st January 22nd June 11th July 22nd June 19th September

Prayers The children pray in school at various times during the school day and in the collective worship of assemblies. They will learn a range of prayers during their time at Corpus Christi, and in Year 2, each child receives their own Corpus Christi prayer book in a special ceremony conducted by the parish priest. All children should know the Our Father and the Hail Mary. Niall, Class 13


Pastoral Care and Behaviour “Relationships are extremely positive and children thrive as a result of the excellent care and guidance they are given.” Ofsted Report, January 2010 Behavioural Expectations We believe that the traditional values of good order, courtesy, politeness and respect for adults and other children are essential ingredients in creating a secure and happy learning environment. Good behaviour is expected from every child here; we provide support and guidance to enable them to achieve our expected standards. If a child gives cause for concern, parents are contacted at an early stage to discuss the matter. Buddies At the suggestion of the children themselves, Corpus Christi has set up a buddy system for the children in Years 2 and 3. Each child is matched with a ‘buddy’ from Year 5 and 6, who will help the children with projects or reading, or simply serve as a friendly face when the children make the transfer to the Key Stage 2 in Year 3. Children’s Responsibilities At Corpus Christi, children are encouraged to take on responsibility and serve their school and community. In Year 6, the children elect a Head Boy and Girl who represent the school. They have a range of duties and responsibilities which they carry out. Individual classes may have a range of classroom monitors to help with jobs such as taking the register to the office, giving out books or giving out fruit. Playtime and lunchtime Playtime: 10.30 am -10.50 am Morning break is supervised by a teacher and teaching assistants. Children are provided with a range of playground equipment to play with. The Key Stage 1 children are provided with a free piece of fruit or vegetable each day. Key Stage 2 children may purchase fruit or vegetables during morning break, or bring their own from home. Lunchtime: Key Stage 1 12.10 pm-1.15 pm Key Stage 2 12.30pm- 1.30 pm Children are supervised by Lunchtime Supervisors. They are provided with a carefully planned range of playground equipment to play with, and may be given opportunities to use the school library and ICT suite.


Pastoral Care and Behaviour “Pupils enjoy school and their outstanding social, moral, spiritual and cultural development results in their excellent behaviour.” Ofsted Report, January 2010 School Dinners All children receive a choice of three hot school meals each day, cooked on the premises by specialist catering staff. The school has received the Healthy Schools award, and our menus are carefully balanced. The children eat in two sittings, the first for the infants and the second for the juniors. The class order for eating first is rotated weekly.

Security Safety is a priority at Corpus Christi. Gates to the playgrounds are kept securely locked during the school day, and entry to all external doors is restricted by electronic locks. Staff wear clearly visible identification cards at all times, and visitors to the school must visit the office to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass, which must be worn clearly for the duration of the visit.

Role of the Newsletter The Corpus Christi newsletter is sent home every Friday. It contains the week’s news from school, important information about upcoming events and messages. A section is also available for parents. Please email the school at for further details.

Bullying Corpus Christi takes bullying extremely seriously. A useful guide on bullying for parents is available from the school office. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher. “I like Corpus Christi because it’s like every person has a match, someone who is basically always going to be there for you.” Evie P


Curriculum at Corpus Christi Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum In Nursery and Reception, children study seven areas of learning, which are divided into the Prime and Specific Areas, plus RE. At the end of the EYFS, children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals (ELGs). You will receive half-termly topic newsletters. PRIME AREAS Achievement in the Prime Areas is a priority in all EYFS settings. There are three Prime Areas of Learning. Personal, Social and Emotional Development Children develop a positive sense of themselves and of others, respect for others, social skills and a positive attitude to learning. We provide support for children’s emotional well-being to help them to know themselves and what they can do. “Children make outstanding progress in their personal, social and emotional development, which makes a significant contribution to their progress in other areas. Children confidently participate in all activities and play extremely well independently and with others.” Ofsted Report, January 2010 Communication and Language Children learn essential skills for communicating; speaking and listening. Children are encouraged to develop their vocabulary, expression, knowledge of tenses and to speak in full sentences while participating in conversation. We will provide a range of learning opportunities and encourage them to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes. Physical Development We provide opportunities for children to be active, interactive, and improve their skills in coordination, control, manipulation and movement. We also support them in their understanding of the importance of physical activity and making healthy choices in relation to food. In addition, children in Reception classes receive weekly PE lessons from a specialist Sports Coach. SPECIFIC AREAS Children’s learning is further developed and extended through the teaching of the Specific Areas. Literacy Children are introduced to reading and writing through a combination of adult and self-led activities. Daily phonics sessions support children’s understanding of the sound system in English and support them when reading and writing independently. Children have extensive opportunities to read both books of their own choice, and within the school’s Guided Reading scheme, the Oxford Reading Tree, which is led by an adult. Mathematics Children are supported in developing their understanding Mathematics in a broad range of contexts in which they can explore, enjoy, learn, practise and talk about their developing understanding. We learn about number, calculating, and space, shape and measure.


Curriculum at Corpus Christi Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Understanding the World Children are supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. We offer opportunities to a range of tools safely; encounter creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and in real-life situations; undertake practical ‘experiments’ and work with a range of materials. Expressive Arts and Design We will extend children’s creativity by providing support for their curiosity, exploration and play. We will provide opportunities for children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings; for example through a variety of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities, mathematics and design and technology.

EYFS Topics Even Year e.g. 2012-13 Odd Year e.g. 2013-14

Autumn A

Autumn B

Spring A

Spring B

Summer A

Summer B

All About Me


Growing and Plants

Animals and their Young

All Around the World


People who Help Us All About Me

Christmas Minibeasts and their Homes


Under the Sea




Castles, Kings and Queens

School Trips and Parental Involvement. In the EYFS, we endeavour to enrich the children’s learning experiences as much as possible through visits to museums and local places of interest, as well as inviting guests in to speak to the children. The Nursery and Reception classes have visited the Garden Museum, London Zoo, The Tower of London, the Science Museum, Brixton Market, the Discovery Centre and Bird World amongst other places. We are always grateful for parent help with these trips. Parents and family members are also often invited into class to talk about their own areas of interest/ expertise or as part of our topic work.


Curriculum at Corpus Christi Phonics At Corpus Christi, we give high priority to the teaching of systematic phonics. We base our teaching on the National Letters and Sounds strategy, which is split into a six phase structure. Letters and Sounds is based on the best practice from the Early Years Foundation Stage, and places high priority on developing children’s speaking and listening skills. In turn this prepares children for reading and writing skills. In the Early Years, phonics is delivered through our Letterland Scheme, a fun and interactive package including songs, games, stories and a wide variety of resources that introduce the different letter sounds through characters. Children are introduced to individual sounds, represented by one or more letter (for example the individual sound a or the two-letter sound ch) and are then taught the skills of blending sounds together to read, and segmenting words into their component sounds to write. From Year 1 to Year 2, daily phonics sessions are taught in groups to ensure children’s progression throughout the phases. Any child who has not reached Phase 6 by the end of Year 2 will receive ongoing support as they move into Key Stage 2.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check In 2012, the government introduced a new National Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, which is a quick and easy assessment of a child’s phonic knowledge. It allows teachers to confirm whether a child has made the expected progress. The results of the check will be reported to the parents. Any child who has not met the pass mark for the check will have the opportunity to retake it in Year 2.

Further reading about Phonics If you would like to find out more about phonics, please visit: or simply search for ‘phonics’ on the Department for Education website at


Curriculum at Corpus Christi Standard Attainment Tests (SATs)

The SATs are Standard Assessment Tests and tasks the children sit in Year 2 and Year 6. The results in Year 6 are used as an external measurement to judge the school.

SATs in Year 2 Year 2 SATs take place during the Summer Term, and are used to assist the teacher assessment that takes place throughout the year. The teacher assessment is then passed on to the local authority. The children in Year 2 are assessed in Literacy (Writing, Reading and Spelling) and Mathematics. Each child is then given a level in Writing, Reading and Maths. The expected National Average for children leaving Year 2 is Level 2b. The Year Two teachers do not refer to the tests as ‘SATs’ in front of the children, and we encourage parents to do the same to avoid unnecessary stress and pressure. The level awarded to each pupil is not only based on how the children perform in the tests alone but it is a combination of ongoing teacher assessment from the year and the tests. There will be a meeting in the Spring Term to discuss the SATs with the Year Two parents. Year 2 Mathematics SATs All children are entered into the Level 2 paper. Children who receive a level 2a will then have the opportunity to sit the Level 3 paper. The papers are split into an oral and written section. Year 2 English SATs The English SATs are divided into three sections: • Reading • Spelling • Writing Reading: Reading is assessed through a reading task, where the child selects a book and reads individually with the teacher, and a reading comprehension. All children are entered for the Level 2 reading comprehension. Children who achieve a level 2a will then have the opportunity to sit the Level 3 Reading Comprehension. Spelling: Children are assessed on their spellings separately from the writing paper. Writing: Writing is assessed through two tasks, one short and one long. Marks are awarded for Sentence Structure and Punctuation, Composition and Effect and Handwriting.


Curriculum at Corpus Christi Year 6 Testing and Assessment Arrangements 2012/13 Recently a number of changes have taken place for Year 6 tests, with the aim of making it fairer for all children. A report on the SATs recommended a greater focus on the progress children make throughout the school year, as opposed to a test-day snapshot of what they know. The value of teacher assessment was also highlighted. Currently all core subjects are teacher assessed, with external tests in English and mathematics. In the 2014 KS2 SATs, schools are required to administer the following level 3-5 tests: • English reading • English grammar, punctuation and spelling (new for 2013) • Mathematics Schools may also choose to administer level 6 versions of these tests. • Your child’s teacher will assess their writing composition, so your child’s result for English writing will be a judgment of their work across year 6. KS2 SATs will be held in the week beginning 12 May 2014. Booster Classes Booster classes take place every Wednesday in the Spring Term and during the first week of the Easter holidays. Levels of achievement The National Curriculum sets standards of achievement in each subject for pupils aged eleven in primary schools: • Most eleven year olds are expected to achieve Level 4. • Level 3 is below national expectations • Level 5 is above national expectations


Curriculum at Corpus Christi Curriculum Information Children follow a varied and creative curriculum at Corpus Christi school, which include opportunities to study the following subjects: • • • • • • •

Art and Design Design and Technology Geography History ICT Music P.E

“The curriculum is exceptional because it provides captivating and exciting learning opportunities which engage and motivate pupils. Links between subjects support pupils’ wider understanding and creative links are made across topics.” Ofsted Report, January 2010

A Creative Curriculum The aim of our school is to ensure these subjects are delivered in an exciting, creative and cross-curricular approach that is tailor-made to the interests and abilities of the children at Corpus Christi. Every half term a new topic is chosen by the teachers and introduced to the class. Classes in Key Stage Two may have a topic for a term. The foundation subjects are then delivered to the children based on the topic chosen. This allows the children to make links between the subjects and understand the relevance of their work. The topic can also be linked to Literacy and Maths work where applicable. Class teachers will keep parents up to date with each new topic throughout the school year. If a parent has an expertise in a topic and would like to visit a class to share their knowledge, they are always encouraged to do so. Please speak to your child’s class teacher in regards to doing this. Curriculum Week During each term there will be a special Curriculum Week. This involves focusing on one subject throughout the whole school for one week. The children are given the opportunity to enjoy various school trips, school based visitors and project work based on the chosen subject. Previous, successful curriculum weeks have included ‘Maths Week’, ‘Literacy Week’, ‘Science Week’, ‘Sports Week’, ‘Art Week’, ‘History Week’, ‘International Week’ and ‘The Diamond Jubilee’. Parents are warmly encouraged to participate during curriculum weeks.


Curriculum at Corpus Christi PE Provision All children from Reception to Year 6 receive a weekly PE lesson from a qualified sports coach. In addition, all children in the school receive an extra PE lesson delivered by their class teacher. Corpus Christi is committed to developing Physical Activity in school and a number of sports after-school clubs are available to the children (see ExtraCurricular Activities or ask at the school office for further information).

Music Provision All children receive a weekly Music lesson from a specialist teacher. In addition, all children in Years 3 to 6 learn an instrument and Years 4 to 6 play in a band, which is run by specialist staff in partnership with Lambeth Music Service. Music lessons to learn instruments such as the violin, keyboard and guitar are also available (see ExtraCurricular Activities or ask at the school office for further information).

A visit from the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Michael Gove, to celebrate the musical achievements of Corpus Christi children.

ICT provision All children from Reception to Year 6 receive a weekly ICT lesson in our fully-equipped ICT suite. Every classroom has a computer which is linked to this suite, giving access to the internet. In addition, all classrooms are equipped with Interactive White Boards to enhance teaching and learning. The school has an internet safety policy, which is available at the school website.

Art/ Design and Technology Provision All children study Art or Design Technology modules in class. In addition, we have a specialist art teacher who provides the children with focused art days and activities.

By Rhynev

An after-school art club is also available (see Extra-Curricular Activities or ask at the school office for further information).

“Pupils make rapid progress in their learning because teaching is outstanding. All classrooms provide calm, well-organised learning environments, and relationships between staff and pupils are a significant strength.� Ofsted Report, January 2010 21

Special Educational Needs and English as an Additional Language Special Educational Needs (SEN) Provision “Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities make exceptionally good progress because of the very effective way they are challenged and supported in their learning by class teachers and their assistants.” Ofsted Report, January 2010 Children with Special Educational Needs are supported by a network of staff within Corpus Christi School, ranging from the child’s class teacher and teaching assistant, to the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and specialist support assistant, depending on the level of need. Common Terminology • IEP: Individual Education Plan. This is a document drawn up for each child on the Special Needs register, detailing the child’s personal targets and action to be taken. • School Action: the first level of need. Children are assessed by their class teacher and will receive an IEP with focused targets to help progress. • School Action Plus: the second level of need. Children may receive some additional assessment from the SENCO, and receive additional support out of class. Children will receive an IEP with focused targets. • Statement: the third level of need. Children may receive assessment from external sources, and be designated a number of hours for one-to-one support from a suitably qualified adult. Staff Responsible SENCO: Mrs K Smart. SEN Support: Mrs G. Tatton.

For further information about Special Educational Needs, please consult the SEN guide which is available from the School Office or from the school website.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Provision Children with English as an Additional Language are well supported at Corpus Christi School, where over twenty different languages are spoken. Children on the EAL register receive specific language targets from their teachers and are given support to help them to achieve.

Staff responsible for EAL provision: EAL co-ordinator: Mrs A. Duffy For further information about English as an Additional Language, please consult the EAL policy which is available from the School Office or from the school website. 22

Regular Events at Corpus Christi School Class Assemblies Each class has its own assembly where they share what they have been learning in school. These assemblies are held on Fridays at 9.00am in the School Hall, and parents in that class are warmly invited to attend. Policy on Photography The school is happy for parents to take photographs or record assemblies or other celebrations, with the understanding that they are kept for personal or family use only; they not to be published or distributed on the internet or any social networking sites. Annual Productions Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 • Reception Service of Welcome • EYFS Nativity • Key Stage 1 Nativity • Easter Prayer Service and Easter Bonnet parade Key Stage 2 • Christmas Carol Concert • The Way of the Cross • Leavers’ Production • Leavers’ Service Team Points From Reception onwards, children are placed into one of four teams; Saint George, Saint David, Saint Andrew or Saint Patrick. They will remain in that team for the duration of their time at Corpus Christi school. Children are awarded team points for hard work, good behaviour, manners, helpfulness and kindness. At the end of each term, the winning team has a special winners’ afternoon with rewards for all their efforts. Class Talks From Year 1, children are invited to give a talk to members of their class on a topic of their choice. The talks last between ten and twenty minutes, and are given once a year on a date set by the class teacher. Topics have been hugely varied and some examples include: • • • • •

Racing pigeons Lego The Human Body The Olympics Eritrea

Children often bring in props or PowerPoint presentations which help to bring their talks to life. They are highly valuable in developing children’s speaking, language and confidence, and are thoroughly enjoyed by the class and staff alike. 23

Regular Events at Corpus Christi School Awards Attendance Awards Children receive individual reward badges for 100% attendance each term, which are presented in a special assembly. When a child collects three attendance badges in one academic year, they receive an additional special award. When a class has achieved 100% attendance in a week, they are presented with a special attendance shield which is theirs to display proudly for one week.

Child of the Week Each week, class teachers select one child from each class to receive a special badge and pencil, and have their name published in the school newsletter. Reasons for receiving the badge may range from children trying their best, helping others or having a good sense of humour!

Assembly Awards At each Monday assembly, one class is chosen to receive a special trophy for excellent behaviour during assembly. Each adult also nominates one child to receive a special gold sticker for sitting well as the children file in. Headteacher’s Awards If a child has achieved something exceptional, whether in or out of school, they may be nominated by their teacher or peers to receive a special Headteacher’s Award in assembly. This is a badge which they may keep on their blazer.

Meeting with teachers At Corpus Christi, staff and parents work closely together to ensure the best learning for each child. Parents are invited to meet with their child’s teacher each term at Parents’ Evening, where information and feedback can be shared. In addition, parents can make an appointment to meet with their child’s teacher from 8.30 to 8.45 am Monday to Thursday, or after school. Appointments should be made via the school office. Small pieces of information can be exchanged before or after school with the staff in the playground, however, please note that between 8.45am and 3.10pm, the teacher’s time belongs to the children. Appointments can be made before or after school with prior notice.


Regular Events at Corpus Christi School Annual Events

In addition to the school productions, there are a number of other events which take place every year.

Christmas Celebrations and Lunch At Christmas, children are involved in Christmas arts and crafts, and parents are often invited to come and help the children. Individual teachers will notify parents of dates and activities. Every year, the children enjoy a Christmas Lunch.

Book Week Book Week is celebrated once a year, normally around World Book Day. During Book Week, parents are invited into class to share stories with the children, and the classes complete a range of exciting activities. The week finishes with a Book Day parade, where all children come to school dressed as a famous book character. Previous characters have included Mary Poppins, Biggles, Horrid Henry and Pippi Longstocking. Every year we are impressed by the effort that goes into the costumes, including one year with a record number of Harry Potters!

Easter At Easter, Key Stage 1 children celebrate with an Easter Parade; they come to school wearing bonnets, often decorated with flowers or chicks. Parents are invited to join in a special Easter Prayer Service and watch the children as they parade around the hall and playground.

Marian Procession Every May, the school honours Our Lady by holding a Marian Procession where each child brings in a flower. The children gather together in the playground to pray the Rosary, led by the parish priest, and process with their flowers to the school hall, where the flowers are displayed. The children then join in a celebration with prayers and hymns.

Corpus Christi Day Each year, Corpus Christi School celebrates the feast of Corpus Christi in Brockwell Park. The children bring a packed lunch to school, from where we walk to the park and play games before having a picnic. The children return to school for the end of the day as normal.

Sports Day Sports Day takes place at the Sports Ground on Turney Road, Herne Hill. Parents are very welcome to come and cheer the children on. All children participate in a competitive running and novelty race; winners are presented with special medals in assembly. They also join in a range of Challenge Activities where they are encouraged to try new things and develop their fitness and skills.

Curriculum Weeks At Corpus Christi we offer a number of themed curriculum weeks for the children to participate in. Last year, these included History Week, Art Week and Science Week. The year before the children had an opportunity to take part in Sports Week and International week. Themed weeks are rotated on a two/ three yearly cycle to enable us to offer the children as broad a number of experiences as possible. Typically themed weeks include workshops in school for the children to participate in, a wide range of visitors and trips out of school to relevant places of interest.


From the Children From the Children: A Warm Welcome Our Head Boy and Head Girl would like to offer you a warm welcome you to Corpus Christi School on behalf of all of our children. To any children thinking of joining us: Welcome to Corpus Christi School! We are the Head Boy and Head Girl (2012-13), and we are here to welcome you and tell you why this is the best and right school for you! We have a lot of fun at Corpus Christi. You have plenty of outdoor play; in the morning you get a 20 minute break and at lunchtime you get an hour in the playground to play on the climbing frame, and talk to and play with your friends. Year 6, we are assigned with duties each half term. The older children come to the infants to help the children to play and be safe. We take some children to the ICT suite and library and spend time with them there. We also help around the school and in the office. We may have even met you through tour guiding or around the school! We also mix fun with education. We incorporate as much fun as possible into what we do so we don’t get bored. Our teachers ask us what we think, and they think carefully about what we are going to learn and keep a certain pace.They tailor our education to suit us, which keeps us interested and pushes our abilities. We have a lot of kind children who like to play with us in our playground. Lots of us have been together for a long time so we are like a family. Newly introduced in the Infants, we have something called a play leader who helps around the playground, making sure that everybody feels happy and safe, and is included in games. This is organised by Year 2. In Year 5 we are matched with Year 2 buddies, who help you as you move up to the Juniors as this can be a scary time; you have somebody older to ask questions, look after you, and if you have any troubles, talk to. It’s good to have a friendly face! The children at Corpus Christi are very well behaved. We get on well with other children. Everybody makes mistakes, but what children at Corpus Christi are good at is learning from our mistakes so they don’t happen more than once. Children here are kind, helpful and caring; we look after each other as if we were family and this makes it a very happy school to be at. We support the Ace of Clubs (a homeless charity) through School Council and fundraising, and soon we will be having a Harvest Festival where we donate long-lasting food to help people who don’t have enough to eat. We do lots of fundraising, including a sponsored walk, a sponsored silence for earthquake victims in Haiti (organised by the children themselves). We attend Mass every feast day and every new term. Each class has its own class saint and liturgical services. We are encouraged to join in at church, some of us are altar servers at Corpus Christi or Ss. Philip and James, and Father Tom is also very involved in helping out at the school. We hope to see you next year so you can be a part of our fun and happy family here at Corpus Christi. You will be warmly welcomed, and treated as if you were a longlost member of our family! From

Tadhg McCabe Head Boy 2012-13

Armanie Everest Head Girl 2012-13

From the Children


From the Children: Our Views “Corpus Christi is really good because they play football and most of the time they win!” Tonny

By Evie

By Allen

“My first day at Corpus Christi was in Year 3 and I was nervous. But the children and my teacher made me feel better and then I made friends quickly at playtime.” Jessica

By Anastazja

By Martha

“I have lots of friends in Nursery. If you had no friends you would be lonely so you could come to my Nursery.” George

From the Children 27

From the Children: Our Views By Charlie

“I like playing on the Monkey Bars.” Sonia “I like DT because it is fun and you get to make stuff.” Rhynev “I like playing the piano at school. I am on Grade 1. Valentina

“Corpus Christi is special because we all might be in a different family, but when we get to school we are all in the same family. And in Corpus Christi we all make friends and keep them forever, they will always be friends.” Emilia

By Olivia B

“At school we work hard but we have lots of fun too. I can read and do sums.” Luca

“School is busy but you learn new things. Our teachers are kind and we have lots of friends to play with.” Li


Extra- curricular activities at Corpus Christi School Council At Corpus Christi the children are encouraged to take an active role in the running of the school and decision making. From Year 2 upwards, each class nominates two children to represent them on the School Council. Elections are held at the beginning of each academic year, where the children must prepare their own election speech to deliver to their peers, who then vote for the winners. Classes hold their own class meetings to suggest points for discussion by the Council, who will then deal with the points raised. This year, the School Council has organised a sponsored Skip in school to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. They have also taken part in a conference entitled ‘What is our community?’ alongside other school councillors from Lambeth schools. The school council representatives also visited City Hall.

Green Team The Green Team is an elected group of children responsible for making Corpus Christi as environmentally friendly and green as possible. Elections to the Green Team are held in the same way as the School Council. The Green Team have recently been awarded the prestigious Green Flag from the national Eco-Schools scheme. Over the past year, the Green Team have bought 3 new composters, started work on the church garden and significantly improved our recycling facilities across the school. For further information on the Eco-Schools scheme, visit

Extra-Curricular Music Lessons In addition, to the two school bands and choir, Corpus Christi is committed to providing children with the opportunity to learn a range of instruments. All children in Years 3 and 4 learn an instrument, paid for by the school. Individual lessons are available, subsidised by the school for children in Years 2-6. • Violin • Euphonium • Guitar • Clarinet • Keyboards • Piano • Trombone • Saxophone • Flute • Trumpet • Percussion Please note that there may be age limits on these lessons and fees are payable. Please make all enquiries to Mrs K. Smart, the school’s Music co-ordinator.

After-School Care Corpus Christi has a limited number of places for children at its own payable After-School Care Club. Please speak to the office, Ms T. Murnin or Mrs E. Antoniou for further details. Please note that a fee is payable for this service.


Extra- curricular activities at Corpus Christi Additional After-School Clubs Corpus Christi is proud to offer a range of after-school activities for the children to join. These clubs may run at different times of the year and are for different age-ranges, so please read the School Newsletter for further information. If you would like to enrol your child in one of the clubs, it is essential that you return the permission slips by the dates provided. Below is a sample of some of the school clubs run last year: • Art Club • Science Club • Chess Club • Netball Club • Football Club • Dance Club • Drama Club • Cookery Club Corpus Christi also has a number of Sports Teams which represent the school in competitive matches. Please note that membership of a club does not guarantee a place on a competitive team.

School Trips (Day) A key feature of Corpus Christi School is the number of trips and outings that the children are taken on. By spending educational days away from the school, we aim to enhance the curriculum, taking it beyond the classroom and into other settings and contexts. During a child’s time with us, they will be given the opportunity to visit a vast array of exciting museums, galleries, farms and other places of interest. Parents are asked to make a contribution towards the cost of trips. It is possible to make this contribution as a one off payment through the Parent Pay website. There are often opportunities for parents to accompany us on day visits; see individual trip letters or speak to your child’s teacher for further details. Trips this year have included: • Tate Modern • The Science Museum • Kensington Gardens • Brixton Market • Museum of London • Tower Bridge • Littlehampton Beach

Financial Hardship No child will miss out on any activity due to financial hardship. If you need help with the cost of school activities, please speak to the Headteacher, who will deal with this matter in complete confidence.

School Trips (Residential) From Year 2 onwards, each year group is given the experience of staying away from home. We believe this helps to develop confidence, social skills and friendships, all of which we value highly. Year 2: sleepover in the School Hall. Year 3: Science sleepover. Year 4: 5 day residential trip to Bournemouth. Year 5: 5 day camping trip to the St John Bosco centre. Year 6: 3 day camping trip to the St John Bosco centre. Year 6: 5 day residential trip to the Isle of Wight.


Parental Involvement at Corpus Christi Parental Involvement We welcome full and active involvement of parents in their children’s education. We work in close partnership with parents and rely on a mutual sense of trust, support and cooperation. With this, we are better able to support parents in fulfilling their responsibilities towards their children’s education.

Parents’ Association Corpus Christi is extremely fortunate to have a highly organized and effective Parents’ Association. The Association raises a tremendous amount of money for various projects around the school. In the past, this has included new playground markings and a shaded area for children to sit under. All parents are welcome to come along and join in the Parents’ Association Meetings, details of which are regularly published in the weekly newsletter. The Parents’ Association organizes a number of fundraising events throughout the year, including cake sales and the extremely successful Christmas Fair. Parents are welcome to volunteer at these events even if they are unable to attend meetings.

Parents’ Forum The Parents’ Forum is an opportunity for parents to share their opinions and provide input on a range of issues and events within the school. At each meeting there will be a specific focus and agenda, which parents discuss in groups and feed back. There is also an opportunity for parents to suggest new areas for discussion and subjects for future meetings. All parents are welcome to come along to the forums.

PACT Books From Reception upwards, each child is provided with a PACT book, in which details of the children’s reading is recorded. This also provides an opportunity for brief messages about reading to be passed between teachers and parents, such as suggested areas for development or a specific focus for a certain text.

How to support your child’s learning. Parents can help to develop children’s learning at home in a number of ways. Regular reading with your child at home is essential. Whether reading a book sent home from school or a library book, hearing your child read will help to develop their skills and confidence. It is also important to read to your child, at bedtime or when sharing a story together, to provide a good role model. Encourage your child to find about their interests through trips to museums and galleries, or doing their own research via the internet and reference books. Children enjoy producing their own projects and often bring these is to share at school.


Parental Involvement at Corpus Christi A Welcome from the Corpus Christi Parents’ Association A Warm Welcome from the Parents! At Corpus Christi we are lucky to have a dynamic and friendly Parents’ Association, of which you are will automatically become a member. The PA have put together some useful information for you below. What is the Parents’ Association? The Parents Association is a body of parents in the school that meet once a month to discuss fund raising ideas for the school. You can come to one meeting a year or just contribute to the PA via email. So Who Is Part Of The Parents’ Association? The answer to that question is everyone that has a child at Corpus do not need to be a member of the PA What Does The Parents’ Association Do? The PA raises money for the school. In the past, the PA has raised money to pay for the School Trip Bus, the massively extended playground, the chalet in the Infants playground and Dressing up clothes for the class assemblies. How Does The Parents’ Association Raise Money? The PA agrees a certain number of events to be held through the Academic Year....examples include the Cake Sale, Bingo Night, Auction of Promises, Toy Sale, Spooky Disco.....These events are supported by the school but run by parents. I work full time so can’t come to meetings or events? The PA holds monthly meetings alternately in the evenings and in the daytime post drop off. The PA communicates largely via email so we can include all parents – working or non-working. Why Should I Help The Parents’ Association, I’ve Got Enough On? The PA is a great way to meet other parents and the events aim to encourage socialising between parents of children in all the academic years.

You will receive more information regarding the PA when you come to the Nursery or Reception Welcome Meeting,, or further information is available from the school. We hope to see you soon!


Parental Involvement Homework Children are given regular homework - more as they get older. Younger children are expected to read at home and to learn spellings. You can help your child with spellings by encouraging them to practise regularly using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Ask your child to look at the word and say it out loud. Cover the word and ask the child to write it, and then check if they have spelt it correctly. Older children are given regular assignments, usually in English or Mathematics. They are also given spellings and times-tables to learn for weekly tests. We ask parents to sign homework books.

Sleep You can also help to support your child’s learning by ensuring that they have plenty of sleep so that they come to school refreshed, rested and ready to learn. The recommended levels of sleep for children are detailed below: Age 3-4 4-6 7-11

Recommended hours of sleep per night 12 hours 11-12 hours 10 hours


Healthy Schools Healthy Schools Corpus Christi is very proud to have been awarded the Healthy Schools Award. There are a number of things we do in school to ensure the health and well-being of the children.

School Dinners A choice of three hot meals is available each day, freshly prepared on our own premises. The children eat in two sittings, the first for Key Stage 1, the second for Key Stage 2. All children are encouraged to choose a balanced meal which must include vegetables. Free fruit is provided to the Key Stage 1 children at break, and Key Stage 2 children may purchase a piece of fruit in the playground.

Paying for School Dinners Payment for school dinners can be done on a termly or weekly basis, by sending cash or a cheque in a clearly named envelope to the school office, or securely online via ParentPay. Alternatively, payments can be made in person. If you have difficulty in paying for school meals, please come and speak to a member of office staff in strictest confidence.

Water All children are encouraged to bring a named, sports cap water bottle to school, from which they may drink throughout the day. A number of water dispensers are located throughout the school so that children may refill their bottles easily with filtered, chilled water.

Food Allergies If your child has a specific food allergy, it is essential that you notify the school as soon as diagnosis is made. In the case of severe allergies where an epi-pen has been prescribed, parents should ensure that four epi-pens are provided to the school in case of a reaction.

Sun Protection In the summer, all children are provided with a sun hat with neck guard, which they wear during any outdoor activities to protect them from the sun. Children are encouraged to come into school wearing sun cream when appropriate. On very sunny days, the children will be provided with additional suncream at break and lunch times.

“Pupils display an excellent understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe in different situations, including use of the internet. They have a very well-developed understanding of how physical exercise, hygiene routines and appropriate diet contribute to a healthy lifestyle.� Ofsted Report, January 2010


Community Links At Corpus Christi School, we endeavour to build and maintain close links with our parish and local community.

Actions taken by the school to promote community cohesion are outstanding. Links with international schools and charities make a significant contribution to the harmonious and diverse relationships that exist both within the school and the wider community.” Ofsted Report, January 2010

Visitors Throughout the school, visitors from all areas of the community are invited to work with the children. From the Fire Service and Police, Rabbis and even the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, the children’s learning and experience of the world is greatly enhanced by meeting different people and having the opportunity to ask questions. Organisations such as Transport for London have participated in our Citizenship programme, and members of the local Royal British Legion join us for our Remembrance Day Services to talk to the children about their memories and experiences.

Our Local Community The children at Corpus Christi have been on many visits within our local area. We have built links with the London Garden Museum, Brockwell Lido, local cafés and restaurants, the Friends of Brixton Windmill and the Ritzy Cinema. The school choir regularly performs at important events in Lambeth, including the grand opening of Windrush Square where the children met the Mayor, Boris Johnson, and MP for Dulwich and West Norwood Tessa Jowell. Our performance even made the papers!

Our Wider Community The school’s Citizenship curriculum teaches children about the importance of their futures within the wider community. This is further developed through School Council, who visited the Houses of Parliament where they met the MP for Streatham, Keith Hill, and the Greater London Authority at City Hall. Last year, on a visit to the Cabinet War Rooms, Class 7 stopped at 10 Downing Street, where they were lucky enough to meet the Prime Minister David Cameron, and the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg! At Corpus Christi, the children are also encouraged to be aware of their place in the world. We have built relationships with international schools, and ensure through our curriculum that children are taught about other cultures, faiths and current news events. We have many visitors to school to help celebrate our cultural diversity, and have an annual International Evening celebration organised by our Parents’ Association.

Our Environment In addition, our school Green Team is doing their part to make sure that Corpus Christi is as environmentally aware as possible. Following visits from Waste Watch, they set up a comprehensive recycling scheme and passed on the importance of their message to the other children in a whole school assembly. The Green Team are also supporting our parish church of Corpus Christi by redesigning the prayer garden.


Community Links Sports We hold a Sports Week every 2 years in school. This provides an opportunity for children to experience new activities. During our last Sports Week, the children experienced a wide variety of sports, visiting Streatham Ice Rink, Royal Victoria Docks Watersports Centre and Street Dance.

Music The school band and choir perform throughout the community. This year the band performed at: ƒ The Christmas Fair ƒ The Royal Festival Hall (February 2011) ƒ They also perform an annual Summer Concert. The choir have performed at: ƒ St Mary’s Care Home ƒ Lambeth’s National Holocaust Memorial Day ƒ The Windmill Care Home ƒ Special Masses, at the request of families.

St John Bosco Camp The school has close links with the St John Bosco Camp in Colchester, a charity which provides holidays for children from the South-East during the summer. Corpus Christi School has raised money for the centre through cake sales and non-uniform days, which has helped to pay for holidays for children who may not otherwise get a holiday away from home.

Charity Links The school has many events throughout the year to raise money for charities, including a Harvest Festival to support the local Ace of Spades charity in Clapham, the St John Bosco camp and another charity chosen annually by the School Council. The school council organised a sponsored skip this year to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Other School Links Corpus Christi has worked closely with other local schools, including Jubilee Primary in Tulse Hill and Lambeth’s first Muslim school, The Orchard School in Streatham. In Year 6, children build close links with local secondary schools, including Bishop Thomas Grant School and La Retraite.

Meeting the Mayor, Boris Johnson, at the re-opening of Windrush Square in Brixton.

Remembrance Day Service. 36

Inspections and External Awards for Corpus Christi OFSTED Corpus Christi received another excellent Ofsted report in January 2010, once again judging the school to be outstanding in all areas. ‘Corpus Christi Catholic Primary is an outstanding school which has sustained high levels of attainment and excellent outcomes for all pupils since the last inspection. Parents greatly appreciate the school’s work, particularly the outstanding care, guidance and support provided for pupils and their families.’ Ofsted Report, January 2010

The full report can be downloaded from the Ofsted website at by searching for Corpus Christi Primary School, or following links from the school website.

RE Section 48 Inspection In December 2010, Corpus Christi underwent an RE inspection on behalf of the Archbishop of Southwark. The school was judged to be outstanding in all areas, with inspectors commenting that ‘the school fulfils its aim to be a place where the love of God underpins and permeates the educational provision’. The full report can be downloaded from the Catholic Education Service website at by searching for Corpus Christi, or by following the links from the school website.

Healthy Schools In 2006, Corpus Christi received the Healthy Schools award. In order to receive this national status, the school had to demonstrate a whole-school commitment to Personal, Social and Health Education, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Health and Well Being. Further information about the Healthy Schools initiative can be found at

Eco-Schools and the Green Team In January 2011, Corpus Christi’s Green Team earned the prestigious Green Flag award through the Eco-Schools programme. The Green Team, is an elected group of children whose job it is to ensure that the school is as environmentally friendly as possible.


Further Information Admissions Children are admitted to the school in accordance with the governing body’s published admissions criteria. Preference is given to baptised children of practising Catholic parents who worship at Corpus Christi Church or in neighbouring parishes. Parents who are considering applying for a place at Corpus Christi School should telephone us on 020 7274 4722 and make an appointment to see the Headteacher. For any general admissions queries, you can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website at:

Helpful Websites

Contact Details Corpus Christi School Trent Road London SW2 5BL Telephone: 020 7274 4722 Fax: 020 7737 2796 Email:


Corpus Christi School Parent Handbook 2013  

The Parent Handbook of the Corpus Christi Primary Catholic School in Brixton, London.

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