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Promoting the achievements of Crimestoppers and its supporters ISSUE 8 // WINTER 2011 The only charity helping to solve crimes


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NATIONAL NEWS Welcome to the Winter 2011 edition of connect. Whilst we remain in a challenging economy, we still enjoyed a successful 2010. In 2009/2010 total arrests and charges as a result of information passed to Crimestoppers reached a record 7474. As we approached the fifth anniversary of Most Wanted, we achieved another milestone – 1000 individuals who appeared on our website have now been arrested, clearly showing the effectiveness of this tool in assisting law enforcement. So operationally we continue to thrive and expand,   it is imperative that we are able to finance the effort. To help us increase our funds, I am delighted to announce that for the first time in the history of Crimestoppers, we have launched our first product,   in partnership with Stealth Mark, the Crimestoppers Property Protector, a clear liquid solution that you can mark your property with to help reunite you with it should it ever be lost or stolen, you can read more about our new venture on pages 12/13. Underpinning our work is of course our many volunteers across the UK, without whom it would not be possible to carry out as many campaigns and fundraising efforts as we do. In this issue we celebrate the contribution of our volunteers as we say farewell to two of our longest serving volunteers who stepped down as Chairs of their local committees and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Volunteer of the Year, Heather Harper, from our Thames Valley committee. Our volunteer numbers continue to grow, showing that being part   of Crimestoppers is seen as a valuable contribution to society. There continues to be exciting opportunities on the horizon, with Fraud being a hot topic for us in the year ahead and something we will attack vigorously. It is estimated that fraud against the public sector costs the UK economy at least £25 billion per year – clearly we must play our part.

Michael Laurie CBE Chief Executive

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Published by: Crimestoppers Trust, Leo House, Railway Approach, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 0DX. Crimestoppers is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Editor: Lisa Sinclair (neé Gains) Editorial Assistant: Mary Dolan Designed by: Bell


Since launching just five years ago Most Wanted has proved to be a useful weapon in the fight against crime, proved as we reach the landmark figure of 1000 arrests. Dave Cording, Crimestoppers’ Director of Operations.

Five years,

1000 arrests Within five years of launching Crimestoppers’ Most Wanted, 1000 individuals have been arrested. Launched in 2005, the Most Wanted section of Crimestoppers’ website allows the public to view images of wanted individuals and pass on vital information about their whereabouts. Since its launch, Crimestoppers’   Most Wanted has been used by law enforcement agencies across the UK   as a powerful tool to track down Britain’s most wanted individuals, many of whom are sought in connection with serious crimes including murder, rape, robbery,   drug smuggling and assault. Dave Cording, Director of Operations for Crimestoppers said: “Since launching just five years ago Most Wanted has proved to be a useful weapon in the fight against crime, proved as we reach the landmark figure of 1000 arrests. It’s unique as it works on a local,  / /  0800 555 111

national and international level, pulling together individuals wanted from all over the UK in one place. The nature of the internet means there is nowhere left for criminals to hide.” Most Wanted allows members of the public to view those individuals sought by police across the UK by region, crime type or as part of a specific campaign, then give information anonymously to Crimestoppers via the 0800 555 111 hotline or through the untraceable Giving Information form on Most Wanted has a proven international impact as well,   being utilised in campaigns such as Operation Captura and Operation Return which seek to identify fugitives known to be on the run in Spain, and the Netherlands respectively. This is in addition to the global Interpol-led campaign, Operation INFRA.

ACHIEVEMENTS SINCE 1988 Actionable information

1,216,678 Arrested and charged

104,806 GOODS recovered

+£114 million Drugs seized

+£203 million WINTER 2011  3


André Baker

CRIMESTOPPERS ACKNOWLEDGED IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS Here at Crimestoppers we are fortunate enough to have a board of Trustees with prominent positions in society and business. This was recently most notable when one of our Trustees, Lord Imbert, addressed the House of Lords in October during a debate on charities and the Big Society. Lord Imbert highlighted that: “Talking to Crimestoppers anonymously offers citizens the chance to do something about crime without placing themselves at risk. By making that offer, it gives them both responsibility and power… That charity is an excellent example of where the public are given the opportunity to contribute to their own safety: the “active co-operation” called for in the White Paper and a wonderful example of the Big Society, or the good society, actually at work – albeit that the charity began to contribute to and strengthen civil society 22 years ago and has continued its outstanding success year on year without a break since then.” ( Michael Laurie said: “Crimestoppers has always empowered people and local communities to take action and encouraged individuals to take responsibility themselves, as Lord Imbert highlighted. So however the debate about the Big Society develops, whatever others do, Crimestoppers will remain the same service as it always has been – an effective tool in the fight against crime, helping to make our families, friends and communities safer.”

4  WINTER 2011

Deputy Director, Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)

Guest Comment Each issue of connect invites a guest writer to share their views on crime. The term ‘organised crime’ conjures up movie images   of Marlon Brando in The Godfather and Jack Nicholson in The Departed, so it’s easy to understand why most people believe organised crime is remote and never touches their own lives. In reality the low level visible crime around us is often the end of a long tail which starts with organised criminals. I think what surprised people about this latest Crimestoppers campaign is the fact that counterfeit goods are part of that long tail. It’s hard to imagine a cheeky street seller is anything other than a man doing his best to earn a buck. The international evidence is quite clear though. Organised crime gangs, like legitimate businesses, spread their risk, using the proceeds from one crime to fund others. We know that groups linked to counterfeiting and film piracy are also involved in contract killing, weapons trafficking, prostitution, drugs and people smuggling. There is no doubt that buying fake goods puts money into the pockets of serious organised criminals who use it to commit crimes that clearly injure others. SOCA’s experience of working with Crimestoppers over the years has demonstrated the enormous value of engaging the public. Their eyes and ears have been crucial to the success of numerous campaigns. May I take this opportunity to thank Crimestoppers and the conscientious members   of the public who contact them. No-one wants seedy criminals spoiling their communities. People really can take action   to influence what happens in their towns, in their streets, and on their own doorsteps.


Thank you to our volunteers Volunteers are at the heart of the charity’s activity, donating their time to fundraise, generate publicity and run campaigns to help in the fight against crime. In 2010 we said farewell to some   of our longest serving volunteer Chairmen and celebrated those   who made a particularly significant contribution to the charity. Bob Widdecombe, Chair of Devon and Cornwall Crimestoppers Bob joined Crimestoppers in 1989   and oversaw the Devon and Cornwall Committee from the start. At the beginning, the committee had only six volunteers; now it’s comprised of 24. With over 45 years’ experience in business, Bob has been the Chairman of four different companies during   this time and his business acumen   has been of immense benefit to the committee over the years. Bob said: “I am often asked why I have been involved for so many years – the answer is because Crimestoppers is such a simple concept and has proven over and over again – it works! Apart from the numerous successful arrests and convictions over the years, the highlight for myself and the board was hosting the 2008 20th Anniversary Crimestoppers National Conference in Plymouth, which was a truly memorable and successful conference. Although I have retired as Chairman of Devon & Cornwall Crimestoppers, I will still be helping to promote Crimestoppers with   talks to various groups, such as Neighbourhood Watch and also through my involvement with Plymouth Raiders National   Basketball team.”

Terry Flynn, Chair of Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers Terry has been Chair of the Wales/ Cymru Committee for the last five years. He has 40 years experience in Technical Sales and Marketing which helped the committee in mounting campaigns and gaining publicity.   In 2010, Terry stepped down as Chair, however, he still remains volunteering for the charity. Terry also received Volunteer of the Year Award in October from South Wales Police, for his contribution   to Crimestoppers and other crime prevention organisations. Terry said: “I have enjoyed my   time as Chair of Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers and am proud to help such a worthwhile cause that plays   a significant role in the fight against crime. But a huge thank you must   go to all the volunteers I’ve worked with over the years as well, as it’s very much a team effort. I am   now looking forward to another successful year working with Wales/ Cymru Crimestoppers.” Michael Laurie CBE, Crimestoppers’ Chief Executive said: “Crimestoppers enjoys the benefits of having highly qualified and experienced volunteers with wide ranging expertise that is immensely useful to our quest in helping make the UK’s communities safer. Volunteers are the life blood of our work, helping the charity grow and continue momentum. In return,   I believe Crimestoppers offers great value to those who volunteer their time for us as well – providing networking opportunities and the chance to learn new skills and enhance existing ones. I would like to personally thank Bob and Terry for the part they’ve played in helping to fight crime.”

Leicestershire volunteer receives OBE Marion Lewis received an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2010 for services to community safety. Marion has volunteered for the Leicestershire Committee for four years.

Mick Laurie presents Heather with her award.

Volunteer of the year Thames Valley volunteer, Heather Harper, was awarded the accolade of Crimestoppers Volunteer of the Year Award 2010. Heather has been a stalwart and energetic volunteer for Thames Valley Crimestoppers for over ten years. She has been involved in countless campaigns and was instrumental in securing broadcasting slots on the local   Star FM radio station and securing   a significant partnership with the Buckinghamshire Punjabi Society. The other nominees were: Runner up: Richard Daubeney, Chair of Dorset Crimestoppers. Joint third place: Terry Flynn,   Chair of Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers. and Brian Manning, Treasurer of Northamptonshire Crimestoppers.

The partnership between police and the charity underpins our service. Individuals within the police make a vital contribution to this partnership which is wholly valued. So for the first time, we also gave a Police Coordinator award, which was won by Chris Pearson from the Metropolitan Police Service.

If you are interested in volunteering for Crimestoppers log on to:  / /  0800 555 111

WINTER 2011  5


s r o d a s s a b m a Young

e g a s s e m s s e l r a support the Fe

Crimestoppers’ youth brand, Fearless, continues reaching out to young people in a bid to deter them from crime and encourage them to pass on vital information. Since announcing the launch of Fearless in the last edition of connect, the Fearless team has partnered up with young people from a performance group in Warwickshire called Streetz Productionz. Streetz Productionz attended our national conference in November to help volunteers learn more about engaging with young people and how to promote Fearless, sharing their thoughts on attendees’ ideas and providing constructive criticism during group sessions. Having young people involved in the planning, design and development of any Fearless initiative is key to ensuring that the ideas formulated will   be well received. Streetz Productionz came about after two groups of young people based in different parts of Warwickshire established a dance group, known as ‘Street Icons Community dance

Streetz Productionz performing at our national conference in November.

project’ (S.I.C) and a rap/vocal duo known as ‘Streetz R Watchin’. Both groups of young people had been delivering messages based on crime prevention via their chosen creative media with a variety of street dance routines and an album of recorded tracks. The two groups eventually met and building on and supporting the success of the other,   formed Streetz Productionz. Since forming, the group has presented and performed   at a variety of functions and are proving to be in high demand. The members of the group have shown continued drive to be positive role models with an ethos of early intervention through crime prevention initiatives and as such have been named as Warwickshire Crimestoppers Young People Ambassadors.


Drug Trafficking and Supply

Drug Manufacture and Cultivation

Kidnapping/Assault (GBH)

A call to Crimestoppers gave the location of a possible cannabis   farm. This information proved to be accurate as the police discovered and seized over £100,000 worth of plants when they raided the address given.

Following a press release, Crimestoppers received a number   of calls naming those responsible   for the kidnapping and torture of   a victim. Both of those responsible have now been charged.

A caller to Crimestoppers gave information that a man was dealing drugs and selling counterfeit DVDs. Following this up, the police obtained a warrant and searched the given address where they recovered cannabis and counterfeit DVDs. One man was arrested and cautioned.

West Midlands October 2010

South West August 2010

West Midlands August 2010

6  WINTER 2011


A doze n fu gitive s le ft to fi nd With three more individuals arrested under Operation Captura, there are now only 12 to find. Dennis Patrick O’Brien, born 28 July 1949, was arrested on the evening of Saturday 18 December 2010 in the Trafalgar Bar, Calahonda in the Costa Del Sol. The arrest was part of an ongoing operation by the Spanish National Police and the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) targeting bars in the region which are known to be regular haunts of criminals. As part of Operation Captura O’Brien was circulated as one of the UK’s most wanted fugitives in December 2007. O’Brien was sought on a European Arrest Warrant originally issued in 2006 by Merseyside Police and faces prosecution for conspiracy to supply cocaine with a street value of over £166 million. Ken Gallagher, SOCA’s European Head of Investigation, said: “Our partnership with Spain to target British criminals living and operating there goes from strength to strength. We are making

life tough for them, with operations like this getting right into the areas where they live and socialise, and we will be piling on the pressure in the New Year when we launch the next list of most wanted fugitives.” David Anthony Stuart was arrested   on Tuesday 14 September 2010 in Barcelona. Stuart, from Accrington, was originally arrested in July 2004 for possession of 20,000 ecstasy tablets. He failed to attend his trial at Preston Crown Court in June 2005 and was subsequently charged with two offences of conspiracy to supply a Class A controlled drug, namely MDMA (ecstasy) and possession with intent to supply   a Class A controlled drug. Stephen Henry Pitman was arrested   on Monday 26 October 2010, in Mijas Costa. He had been wanted since 2001 on drugs offences. Pitman, of Chislehurst, Kent, is accused of seven offences of conspiracy to supply a Class A drug for which he faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment if convicted and seven offences of conspiracy to supply a Class B drug.

Lord Ashcroft KCMG, Founder and Chair of Crimestoppers said: “It is vital that we bring the remaining 12 offenders still on the run to justice. I would appeal to anyone with information regarding those still wanted under Operation Captura to contact Crimestoppers anonymously, together we can help fight crime and rid our streets of criminals who can damage the areas we live in.”

To view the outstanding Captura appeals visit the Crimestoppers website: http://wanted.

Enhancing the fight against transnational crime Crime Stoppers International (CSI) and Interpol have strengthened their efforts against transnational crime   by Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and CSI President Michael Gordon-Gibson (also Call Bureau Manager for Crimestoppers UK) signing a cooperation agreement at the 79th Interpol General Assembly in November. The agreement follows support provided by CSI to Interpol over the past two years in Operation INFRA-Red (International Fugitive  / /  0800 555 111

Round-Up and Arrest – Red Notices), a global operation seeking to track   down and apprehend some of the world’s most wanted fugitives. Speaking at the General Assembly in Doha, Qatar, CSI President Michael Gordon-Gibson said: “It is important for people living in local communities to understand that this decision will positively impact them in their communities. Transnational crime does exist where organised criminal

Ronald K Noble, Interpol Secretary-General (left) and CSI President Michael GordonGibson (right) shake on the agreement, overseen by Martin Cox, Interpol General Secretariat (centre).

networks participate in human trafficking, drug and gun smuggling and other activities. These activities eventually end up in our communities and if CSI and Interpol can work closely to eliminate or reduce this, that’s better for all of us.” WINTER 2011  7



welcomes Sainsbury’s as latest corporate supporter

We are proud to announce that Sainsbury’s have become a corporate partner. Sainsbury’s is a household name and an important part of   every community that they serve. Dedicated to working with these communities and through our partnership we will be helping to   make these communities safer. In the coming year Sainsbury’s will be promoting the partnership with Crimestoppers through their website and other materials.

Save the date ! Crimestoppers has been chosen by the British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) as the charity to host the exclusive gala dinner which is held at BADA’s fair in Chelsea on 24 March 2011. Alongside the Gala Dinner there is the opportunity for   a limited number of guests to attend a pre-dinner talk   by Michael Naxton, the curator of Lord Ashcroft’s medal collection. Lord Ashcroft is lending part of his Special Forces’ collection of medals to the Loan Exhibition at the BADA Fair, entitled ‘Private Passions – Two Great Private Collections’ (the other being that of Bruno Schroder).

elp h n a c OU Y How

All money raised from the BADA Fair Gala Dinner will support our work in the fight against crime. – Tables of 10 at £2,000 or £225 per person – Pre-dinner talk with Michael Naxton at £25 per person. For more information contact Jessica Truman at or 020 8835 3747.

rs e p p o t s e im r C o ion t t a n o d a e k a o m t n To o g o l r o 0 0 5 37 3 8 8 0 2 0 t c a t n te a co n o d / g r .o k u s pper o t s e m i r .c w w w

8  WINTER 2011


Thank you to our marathon runners Challenge events are a vital source of funds for us and we would like to say   a big Thank You! to all the runners and supporters who helped us last year. Royal Parks Half Marathon 13.1 miles is a long way to run, and can seem extremely daunting when you first start out with your training. Little by little though, with a carefully structured plan, it becomes a very achievable distance. This was proved by our 10 runners at the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. We are proud to report that all our runners finished the marathon in good times – well done!

2011 Virgin London Marathon The London Marathon is the largest annual fundraising event and we have 38 runners representing the charity in 2011. One of our runners, Faye Nichols,   a sports lecturer from Uxbridge College says: “I want to raise the awareness   of Crimestoppers within my workplace and with my students in the sports department.” Faye has already spread the word that she will be running for Crimestoppers in the marathon and has received immense support from both her colleagues and students who have started a sweepstake on guessing her finishing time.

As well as fundraising to reach her minimum target of £1350 sponsorship and pushing her body to the max in   a full marathon run, Faye will be working closely with Crimestoppers to raise awareness of the charity amongst   her colleagues as well as organising   a workshop for Crimestoppers to introduce our youth brand, Fearless,   to her students. If you are interested in taking on   a challenge event visit: http://www.crimestoppers-uk. org/support-us/events

ts n e Ev e g n le al Ch rs e p p o st e m ri C EDF Birmingham half marathon, 24 October 2010 Omere Ahmad ran the Birmingham half marathon to raise money for us. After raising a considerable amount and completing the half marathon   in a neat 1:54:37hrs, we caught up with Omere to find out what made him choose us. When did you first find out about Crimestoppers and what made you passionate about working with us? “I always want to stop crime. I even tried to volunteer to work with the police. Last summer I was sitting on my sofa watching the news on a story of someone innocent who had just been stabbed somewhere in Birmingham.   I started thinking about all the people who have been victims of knife crime. I thought I should do something instead of just sympathising. Running the half marathon was one of the things I wanted to do to stop crime… and who stops crime? Crimestoppers.”  / /  0800 555 111

Had you run a marathon before? “I had never run more than two miles. So it was a challenge to run 13.1 miles. But if others can do it, why couldn’t I?” How did you fundraise? “Thanks to the Crimestoppers team who gave me a lot of support and information on how to fundraise.   I used Virgin Money Giving so people could sponsor me online. I also posted my activity on Facebook and made cards which explained what I was doing and how to support the charity. I fundraised at my college and in my neighbourhood. I even approached people just passing in the neighbourhood and I had a good response. And I want to say thank you to Bournville Village Trust and the Community who sponsored me and helped me to promote my activity.”

Do you feel the profile of Crimestoppers has been raised in your community? “I met people who had never heard of Crimestoppers. Most of the people did not know that Crimestoppers   is an independent charity and that   it is not part of the police. So yes,   I believe the profile of Crimestoppers has raised but that is not enough.   I found that many youngsters don’t get involved in stopping crime because they are reluctant to speak to the police. I think we need to raise the idea of Crimestoppers’ activities such as the Fearless project which provides a safe way for young   people to divulge information   about crime anonymously.” If you are interested in taking on a challenge event visit: support-us/events

WINTER 2011  9



e c i r p e h c i r p hhig ighofofbubyuinying g ffaakkeess Cheap knock-offs are appealing to many people, perceived as a bargain and not harming anyone. But the reality is that counterfeit goods fuel serious organised crime such as human trafficking and drugs smuggling, that can bring associated dangers to where we live and cause direct harm to those who consume fake goods. Counterfeiting is a lucrative business for criminals, as ACPO co-ordinator for organised crime, DCC Lewis Benjamin highlights: “Purchasing counterfeit goods has far-reaching consequences. A recent review indicated that criminal gain from counterfeiting in the UK was worth an overall £1.3 billion with £900 million of this accruing to organised crime. We believe there are some 6000 organised criminal networks operating in the UK and some of those have direct links with counterfeiting.” In a bid to fight this serious organised criminality,   we worked closely with the Home Office, Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and corporate partners: Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), Bank of England, Film Distributors Association (FDA) and clothing company, Pentland on an anti-counterfeiting campaign aimed at deterring people from buying   fakes and encouraging them to pass on information anonymously about those dealing in them. 10  WINTER 2011

Kieron Sharp, FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) Director General, said: “Counterfeit DVD sales are a key revenue generator   for serious organised criminals in the UK. FACT works closely with SOCA, police and trading standards and other agencies to combat this criminality and to protect the livelihoods of over 200,000 people who work in the UK’s film and TV industry.” Jim Boocock, Head of Corporate Security at the Pentland Group, said: “Counterfeiting is a global problem, for example, for one well known swimwear brand, approximately 2000 internet sites   are taken down each month, which are selling replica fake goods. It is estimated that this increases to 5000 during the Christmas rush.”


A YouGov survey commissioned by Crimestoppers showed that:


of people have knowingly bought a fake DVD.



of people surveyed who would buy a fake product regardless of knowing its potential consequences would do so as they believe it’s just a scaremongering tactic   to say fake goods fund serious crime.



(17 per cent) of people surveyed have purchased a fake CD.

adults have, at some point, purchased something believing it was an authentic item only to later find out   it was a fake.

of people surveyed would definitely not buy a product knowing it might fund organised crime and 31% would reconsider then probably not buy it.

Lord Ashcroft, KCMG Founder and Chair of Crimestoppers, said: “These statistics highlight the lack of knowledge and understanding of the serious implications around counterfeiting. This is the first time Crimestoppers has launched such an initiative and I feel it is an invaluable one to educate the public, reduce the supply and demand of counterfeit goods and ultimately bring offenders to justice.”

Regional activity DERBYSHIRE Crimestoppers Derbyshire Crimestoppers worked with Derby City Council to host a market stall that featured an array of counterfeit goods seized by trading standards officers with members of the public invited to spot the fakes and win genuine prizes of a Nintendo DS Lite, a satnav and a range of DVDs donated by brand holders.

Scotland Crimestoppers Trading Standards officers from the City of Edinburgh Council had a display with a range of counterfeit goods at the City Chambers and tested a new machine that tests packets of cigarettes for fake ones. Councillor Robert Aldridge, Environmental Leader,   said: “It is really important for people to be extra careful about what they buy as counterfeit goods can be unsafe. Our trading standards team will continue to take robust enforcement action to deal with criminals who sell these fake goods. The public should also be aware that purchasing such items can lead to them funding criminal organisations.”

The campaign launched in November in the run up to Christmas as there was likely to be greater temptation for people to buy fake goods. The campaign was divided into strands covering fake DVDs, fake money, fake tobacco, fake fashion and the harm fake products can cause, with a dedicated website – Posters and beer mats were distributed to over 300 pubs and clubs in the UK.

The public should also be aware that purchasing such items can lead to them funding criminal organisations. Councillor Robert Aldridge, Environmental Leader.  / /  0800 555 111

WINTER 2011  11




Our perseverance in the fight against crime has stepped up with the launch of our first ever product – Crimestoppers Property Protector. For 23 years taking information about crime anonymously has been our business – and continues to be – but we are now extending our business to help householders protect their property from theft or burglary whilst ensuring peace of mind that their valuable and sentimental items stand the best chance of being returned if ever lost or stolen. Crimestoppers’ Chief Executive, Michael Laurie CBE said: “This is an exciting development for the charity, with Crimestoppers Property Protector we are expanding the arena of our work in the fight against crime. This is a simple product to use and if the worst happens and thieves do take your property, this can help reunite you with treasured and expensive items.” Crimestoppers Property Protector is a clear liquid solution, each bottle containing a combination of microparticles which provide a unique code number. Simply by dabbing a small amount of Crimestoppers Property Protector onto valuable items you give them their own coded fingerprint – registered exclusively   to the rightful owner via the ImmobiliseTM property registration database.

12  WINTER 2011

Supporting the product launch is actor Graham Cole, who played PC Tony Stamp in ITV’s The Bill. Graham said: “I played the part of a police officer for 27 years and I’m now pleased to support a real crime-fighting effort. Crimestoppers plays a vital role in helping   make our streets safer – and now with Crimestoppers Property Protector you can help make your valuables safer too.”


How it works 1. Using the brush applicator provided, apply a small dot of Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM to any item – from tiny pieces of jewellery to plasma screen televisions. The small drop of solution will be almost invisible to the naked eye, but will glow under UV light. For added security, we recommend you tag each item in two or three different places. Try to tag items in covert places, under the battery cover of your laptop for example. 2. Mark your possession with the warning stickers provided, to serve as a deterrent. 3. Register your details, and your unique Crimestoppers Property Protector code, on the Immobilise property register. This is the final, crucial step of the process – and gives you the best possible chance of recovering stolen items.

The science Each drop of solution you apply to your items contains a combination of microparticles completely unique to you. It’s virtually impossible to see, and even harder to remove – but in the event that a tagged item gets stolen, police can find the mark using UV torches. Police will then be able to read the unique Crimestoppers Property Protector code, using special particle scanners. All that remains is to cross-check the code with your ImmobiliseTM registration, and the items can be returned to you – with the Crimestoppers Property Protector solution still in place!

Buy now Visit or via For £34.99, each pack contains: • Crimestoppers Property Protector 5ml bottle solution • x2 thieves beware/warning window/door sticker • x36 mini warning labels • UV key fob torch – watch your Crimestoppers Property Protector marked products glow under UV light. Lifetime property database registration. Crimestoppers Property Protector is produced by Stealth Mark under license for the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers.  / /  0800 555 111

WINTER 2011  13


Crimestoppers takes a front seat in tackling drink driving

In recent months we’ve seen huge steps taken in tackling the problem of drink driving as Crimestoppers in the Channel Islands and Gloucestershire Crimestoppers launched campaigns to encourage people to drink responsibly. Drivers in Jersey were reminded that drink driving is unacceptable as Jersey Crimestoppers and Guernsey Crimestoppers joined Jersey’s Road Safety Panel to launch the awareness campaign, Don’t Let Them Get Away with It in August. Karen Le Roy Harris, Jersey Crimestoppers’ Co-ordinator said: “We carried out a number of focus groups to gauge public opinion about reporting someone they know is drink driving and we know it is a lot to ask. This is why Crimestoppers is involved – we provide an anonymity guarantee.” The awareness campaign was also supported by the States   of Jersey Police and included a public information film aired on television with the message, Don’t Let Them Get Away with It featuring Sean Arnold, who regularly appeared as Inspector Crozier in the TV series Bergerac.

Christmas crack down on alcohol-fuelled crime In December, Gloucestershire Crimestoppers worked in partnership with Gloucestershire Police to crack down on drug and drink drivers and catch offenders involved in drink related crime. The campaign focused on the message of ‘One Punch Can Change Your Life’ and demonstrated how alcohol-

14  WINTER 2011

related violence devastates the lives of both the victim and attacker and highlighted the potential consequences of drinking irresponsibly. Posters and cards depicting the image of a fist carrying the ‘one punch’ message and the Crimestoppers number were circulated to bars and restaurants across the county.


ITH W G IN G A ENG MUSLIM AND ASIAN COMMUNITIES Our work to combat crime that affects Asian and Muslim communities continues with our regional committees mounting local campaigns. Lancashire Lancashire Crimestoppers launched a campaign in October to target the handling of illegally gained money. Neighbourhood policing teams handed out 500 posters   and 3000 leaflets and highlighted the successes of Crimestoppers in the area to encourage members of the Asian and Muslim communities to use our anonymous service. Bedfordshire As part of their December campaign on violent crime Bedfordshire Crimestoppers secured radio adverts on Diverse FM to advertise Crimestoppers in both English and Urdu, with the Urdu advert played during shows where the presenters speak in Urdu. Adverts were displayed on buses, editorial in magazines Luton Line and Community Luton and the distribution of posters, flyers and bookmarks in community centres and mosques were also a key part of the campaign. The areas of Bury Park, Biscot, North Challney and Dallow were also involved as 20,000 flyers were delivered to homes in these areas. West Midlands West Midlands Crimestoppers aimed to raise the profile of the charity in two areas of Birmingham through a tailored campaign that focused on robbery and burglary due to increased instances of members of these communities becoming victims of these crime types over recent months.

billboards and bus stop adverts were also part of the campaign. The campaign was launched as an extension of the 18-month long successful Aston Pride Project which communicated with   the region’s Asian and Muslim community.   As well as increased use of Crimestoppers by members of communities subject to discrimination, it is hoped that longer term benefits will result, including increased feelings of reassurance, safety and confidence in law enforcement agencies.

Activity during the November campaign included the distribution of 8000 burglary postcards to households, 4000 of which were delivered with Eid cards in recognition   of the Muslim festival. Brochures, flyers, banners, posters,  / /  0800 555 111

WINTER 2011  15


We had a great response to our awards and to see the large number of people who take such pride in their community is very heartening indeed. Ian MacDonald, Chair of Merseyside Crimestoppers.

D Merseyside Crimestoppers

Merseyside’s top Crimestopper revealed Merseyside Crimestoppers joined forces with local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, to honour the unsung heroes in the community who contribute to making the streets of Merseyside a safer place but don’t always get the recognition they deserve. The five winners – one from each borough of Merseyside – were invited to the inaugural black-tie Merseyside Crimestoppers Awards event in October, where the overall winner   was announced. Receiving his award at Liverpool’s Liner Hotel, first place went to Norris Green resident, Allan Devon, after four months of voting from members of the public. The 63-year-old took a stand against   a group of individuals who were

constantly involved in anti-social behaviour. He became a target and suffered years of harassment with three cars badly damaged outside his home, paving slabs and paint thrown through his windows and received threats he’d be shot or his home would be petrol bombed. Allan refused to let the criminals win   by vowing to help people in the local community by setting up an after-school art club for local children and working

D Scotland Crimestoppers

weedING out cannabis cultivation Scotland Crimestoppers’ national   Weed Them Out campaign, launched on 30 August at St Andrew’s House   in Edinburgh, aimed to assist in the detection of cannabis cultivations in residential and commercial properties across the country. The campaign, which featured radio and bus advertising, came as new figures showed that Scotland’s police forces have seized almost £40 million worth   of cannabis plants since a national crackdown on this serious organised crime was launched in 2006 – this involves the seizure of more than 130,000 plants, capable of covering   the football pitches at Hampden,   Ibrox and Parkhead. The launch event was attended by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill and the Director General of the Scottish Crime

16  WINTER 2011

and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) Gordon Meldrum, among others. Kate Jackson, Project Organiser, Scotland Crimestoppers said:   “Nobody wants cannabis being   grown on their doorstep. The Weed Them Out campaign successfully informed members of the public of   the key signs to look out for when spotting cannabis cultivations in   their area. So, together with the anonymous service provided by   the charity, we’re giving people   the power to take serious action against drugs crime.” The campaign also supported the national aims of Project League,   an intelligence operation led by the Scottish Intelligence Coordination   Unit (SICU) at the SCDEA.

tirelessly with Liverpool City Council   to try to reduce crime in the area. Ian MacDonald, Chair of Merseyside Crimestoppers, said: “We had a great response to our awards and to see   the large number of people who take such pride in their community is very heartening indeed. The charity relies   on information from the public so the awards are a fitting way to recognise and thank those people who are helping to make their communities safer.”


Thames Valley residents are clearly eager to play an active role in making their community safer, their invaluable contributions so far have led to a staggering total of arrests. John Gamon, Chair of Thames Valley Crimestoppers.

D Thames Valley and Surrey Crimestoppers

Successful start for regions’ Most Wanted Thames Valley and Surrey have become the latest police forces to reap the benefits of using the Most Wanted pages of the Crimestoppers website to track down serious offenders. Following the launch at the Thames Valley Police Open Day in Sulhamstead, West Berkshire on 4 September, a total of 103 appeals have been posted, with outstanding results. Within just a week of launching, two featured individuals had been caught. A 19-year-old man from Oxford was charged with sexual assault over an incident which is alleged to have taken place on 5 December 2009 in Headington, Oxford. The suspect was also charged with possession of an offensive weapon. Another man, aged 39 from the Reading area who was wanted on four fraud charges was caught just days later. John Gamon, Chair of Thames Valley Crimestoppers said: “The early success of Thames Valley’s Most Wanted proves the effectiveness of Most Wanted as a powerful weapon in the fight against crime. Thames Valley residents are clearly eager to play an active role in making their community safer and their invaluable contributions so far have led to a staggering total of 30 arrests since the launch.”

Search on to find Surrey’s Most Wanted Surrey’s Most Wanted features individuals sought in connection with offences including attempted murder, serious assault, drug importation, ATM fraud and burglary. Since launching in December two wanted individuals have already been arrested from the initial 16 appeals posted by Surrey Police. Tim Prideaux, Chair of Surrey Crimestoppers said:   “We are delighted that the Most Wanted pages of the Crimestoppers website are now featuring criminals sought by Surrey Police. The site offers the public another opportunity to take a stand against crime in helping   to locate criminals who have gone to ground.”

The appeals featured on Thames Valley’s Most Wanted include individuals sought for a wide range of serious crimes including sex attacks, violent crime and drugs crime.  / /  0800 555 111

WINTER 2011  17


Our message that alcohol is no excuse for causing criminal damage really made an impact and reminded everyone coming into Lincoln for a night out to ensure they Sue Langley, Crimestoppers’ East Midlands Regional Manager. gauge their behaviour.

D Lincolnshire Crimestoppers

Lincoln gauged its behaviour in meeting Beer Goggle Challenge Lincolnshire Crimestoppers invited residents in Lincoln to take on   the Beer Goggle Challenge as part of their three-week campaign tackling criminal damage and anti-social behaviour during July.   The campaign’s message of ‘Your night out, Your city, Your call’   hit home as bold members of the public attempted to walk with   a tray of drinks whilst wearing a pair of glasses which simulated   the feeling of being drunk. Further publicity for the Gauge Your Behaviour! campaign came from advertising on the city’s taxis   and staff across Lincoln’s pubs and bars wearing branded T-shirts.

Campaign marketing material.

Sue Langley, Crimestoppers’ East Midlands Regional Manager, said: “Our message that alcohol is no excuse for causing criminal damage really made an impact and reminded everyone coming into Lincoln for a night out to ensure they gauge their behaviour.” The Gauge Your Behaviour! campaign, launched at Brayford Wharf North, was run in partnership with Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service, East Midlands Ambulance Service and the City of Lincoln Anti Social Behaviour Team.

D London Crimestoppers

London Crimestoppers rises to the Challenge London Crimestoppers committee member, Dan Thompson, has devised and organised a unique fundraising initiative called the Gold Challenge, which encourages members of the public to compete as individuals or teams in a variety   of sporting events, whilst donating money to a number of partner charities. The Gold Challenge involves participants choosing a package of 5, 10, 20 or 30 sports, raising   a minimum of between £250 and £1500. As one of the partner charities, London Crimestoppers looks to benefit enormously from the scheme, which aims to sign 18  WINTER 2011

up 100,000 people by 2012 and in the process raise in the region of £20 million. Dan said: “During my training I realised the merits of sport as   a fundraising activity. With the Olympics approaching, I thought there may be the opportunity to launch a fundraising project on an altogether larger scale, which would encompass the vast number of sports featured in the Olympic games rather than just one event such as a marathon. The Gold Challenge offers this range of events and so brings together fundraising and sport in a unique way.”


By using Fearless they can get advice and pass on information about crime 100% anonymously which could save one of their friend’s lives. Ricky Norwood, Eastenders Actor.

D Eastern and Sussex Crimestoppers

FEARLESS victories for the charity’s youth brand Fearless continues to reach young people throughout the UK thanks to a number of regional launches of the charity’s youth brand. Eastern Crimestoppers gained the support of Eastenders actor Ricky Norwood, who plays ‘Fatboy’ in the soap   for their November launch. Ricky said of   “This website is a great idea which will hopefully encourage more young people to be ‘fearless’ in tackling crime. So many young people have died because of crime and it doesn’t have to be like that. By using Fearless they can get advice and pass on information about crime 100% anonymously which could save one of their friend’s lives.” The launch event took place at the Voyager School   in Peterborough which was supported by the Safer Peterborough Partnership. The day included information provided by the Fearless team and a quiz show themed interactive session led by Crimestoppers supporters,   The Solomon Theatre Company, who performed at the national Fearless launch.

SUSSEX LAUNCH SEES WEEK-LOng SCHOOL TOUR Sussex Crimestoppers teamed up with Sussex Police and the Worthing District Council’s Community Safety Department for a week of school visits publicising Fearless. Once again The Solomon Theatre Company got involved as they gave a Jeremy Kyle-themed performance inspired by Fearless. As part of the tour a different secondary school was visited in the Worthing area every day for five days, culminating in the official launch on the last day. Guests included the Mayor of Worthing, the High Sheriff for West Sussex, Elizabeth Bennett and the Assistant Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Nick Wilkinson. Throughout the week Fearless reached over 1000 young people and visits to increased by 493 per cent in comparison to the previous month.

D North East Crimestoppers

Cleveland Youth Committee recognised at Volunteer Awards Since announcing the launch of the charity’s first youth committee in the last issue of connect, the Cleveland Youth Committee has won the Teesside University Group Award at the first Middlesbrough Volunteering STAR Awards.  / /  0800 555 111

The Youth Committee, comprising of students who volunteer whilst completing their studies at Teesside University, was chosen by an independent judging   panel largely for their work promoting Fearless at   the Unity City Academy in Middlesbrough. WINTER 2011  19


D London and Northern Ireland Crimestoppers

Mind over matter in Crimestoppers Brain Games November saw two successful Brain game events which raised a staggering £37,000 between them for the charity. The London committee held its annual Brain Game event on 9 November in the City’s Guildhall. Thirty teams took part in the event but those victorious on the night were international chartered accountants and Crimestoppers supporters, Grant Thornton.

As first-place winners, the representatives from Grant Thornton were awarded with a trophy for their efforts. Prizes kindly donated for the event included a holiday   at Jordan Marriott Spa Resorts, a personal shopper and £250 to spend at House of Fraser, two tickets to the Royal Variety Club Gala Dinner at Grosvenor House and a day at Chrisanne, the dress designing company used on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing with the opportunity to have a dress personally designed. Northern Ireland Crimestoppers held their first Brain   Game event on 18 November, which was attended by   150 representatives from some of Northern Ireland’s most prestigious businesses, the public sector and the local political arena. Minister for Justice, David Ford MLA was the guest of honour. Quizmaster for the evening was former Northern Ireland Crimestoppers committee member and local broadcaster turned Deputy Chairman of the local political party SDLP, Fearghal McKinney. After a nail-biting tie break situation the eventual winners of the first Northern Ireland Brain Game trophy were representatives from accountancy firm Deloitte.

London Brain Game winners, Grant Thornton.

D Gloucestershire Crimestoppers

Crimestoppers Week celebrated in Gloucestershire 20  WINTER 2011

Gloucestershire Crimestoppers celebrated their annual Crimestoppers Week from 18 – 25 September to raise awareness of the charity in the region. The week’s activities included teaching shoppers in Cheltenham about how to combat crime at an information stall in Regent Arcade and an awareness event at the University of Gloucestershire at the Freshers’ Fair.

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