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Promoting the achievements of Crimestoppers and its supporters ISSUE 9 // SUMMER 2011 The charity helping law enforcement solve crimes in the UK

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WELCOME FROM MICHAEL LAURIE CBE pAGE 2 Welcome to the Summer 2011 edition of Connect. I’m delighted to say that the charity has celebrated another record year in terms of our performance figures and, in fact, the results were far better than expected; the statistics showed a 10.6 per cent increase in arrests and charges due to Crimestoppers information and looking over a longer period the increase in arrests and charges over the past three years amounts to   32 per cent. These results are something we should   all be proud of and they’re thanks to contributions   from every component of the charity and its partners. You can read the full details on page 3. The charity has begun its focus on fraud with   a number of projects including our Most Wanted Fraudsters campaign and the development of an entirely new section of the website, already popular, as we play our part targeting a problem which is costing the UK economy billions of pounds each year. Operation Captura, our international fugitive campaign continues to grow, with 60 per cent of the ten individuals featured in February already arrested by mid July. In recent months we’ve helped bring to the public’s attention the need for information on a series of high-profile crimes by offering a number of enhanced rewards. This will continue to be a key element of the charity’s approach in the future, moving us onto the front foot when it comes to the call to action; the response shows that the public expect this of us. The economic situation is increasingly inhospitable for non-profit organisations. Yet despite this, Crimestoppers has established a momentum; three consecutive years of significant performance improvements, a much higher public profile and a proven ability to make an even greater impact on crime. These are achievements we cannot fall back from however, we will be increasing our efforts in cost containment and income generation to ensure the charity’s continued success.

Michael Laurie CBE Chief Executive

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Published by: Crimestoppers Trust, Leo House, Railway Approach, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 0DX. Crimestoppers is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

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+£115 million DRUGS SEIZED

Crimestoppers achieved a personal best this year as the charity celebrated its highest annual performance figures to date. The charity saw an increase in both the amount of useful pieces of information received and the number of arrests and charges due to Crimestoppers information. The figures mark a positive trend for the charity, as the statistics show a 32 per cent increase in arrests and charges over the past three years. Crimestoppers’ Chief Executive Michael Laurie CBE said:   “These statistics show that the quality of information we’ve received and processed at our dedicated contact bureau has been consistently high   as many more individuals have been arrested and charged due to the information received.” Deputy Chief Executive, Dave Cording said: “A huge thank you must go to the members of the public who have

passed on information to the charity. We’re extremely proud that Crimestoppers continues to play   such a vital role in helping to make communities safer across the UK. “Crimestoppers sends a clear message to criminals that with the help of the public, they will be caught.” The 2010-2011 figures show that   23 people are arrested and charged every day as a result of Crimestoppers information and one person every seven days is charged with murder as a result of information passed to the charity.

+£214 million


CHARGES 2010/11

8,264 6,237 2007/08

The figures mark a positive trend for the charity, as the statistics show a 32 per cent increase in arrests and charges over the past three years.  / /  0800 555 111

SUMMER 2011  3


With scammers always coming up with new tricks, anyone can be duped. The only way that we can stop fraud is to report it.

Peter Wilson

Did you know? Did you know that 60 metres of telephone delivery cable weighs a ton and will sell for up to £4,500 as scrap? Crimestoppers’ call agents do, and they know how many volts run down such cables and the common ways of stealing and disposing of it, which makes it easier for them to extract the kind of valuable information which could support the police to make that all important arrest. Call agents at Crimestoppers’ contact bureau attend a training day every three months,   with external speakers and stakeholders queuing up for the opportunity to provide updates and information. During May alone the charity had six external   speakers including Sandra Robinson, Team Manager at NSPCC, who gave Crimestoppers’ agents a valuable insight into their business which will help them to encourage relevant callers to accept our offer of a warm transfer to the NSPCC. This means that in addition   to Crimestoppers receiving valuable information, the NSPCC can get more information to support their work and provide safety to neglected   or abused children. In recent months the charity’s call agents have developed their knowledge in crimes relating to illegal importation of fish, HMRC tax avoidance schemes, doping in sport and   ATM frauds amongst other areas.

4  SUMMER 2011

Director of Engagement National Fraud Authority

Guest Comment Each issue of connect invites a guest writer to share their views on crime.

Scam, con, cheat are just some of the words used to describe fraud and although the slang nature of these terms might make the crime sound petty, it’s not. Fraud costs the UK an estimated £38 billion a year with the money being lost to tricksters who are often involved in serious organised crime. Falling victim to a con can also be devastating to individuals and businesses, not just financially but mentally and emotionally. Imagine responding to what you thought was a legitimate offer on the internet only to find your personal details stolen, money withdrawn from your bank account, and you are suddenly receiving tons of scam mail and getting phone calls about ‘new business opportunities’ because your details have been put on a ‘suckers’ list’. With scammers always coming up with new tricks, anyone can be duped. The only way that we can stop fraud is to report it. Run by the National Fraud Authority (NFA), Action Fraud   is the national fraud reporting centre. The crime reports received provide vital information to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), which is run by the City of London Police, to better target and bring these criminals   to justice. Since October 2009, Action Fraud has submitted over 20,000 crime reports and has seen 330,000 visitors   to its website which also provides prevention advice. Action Fraud is working in partnership with Crimestoppers to ensure everyone receives the best possible service when they need to report a scam. The reciprocal agreement we have means that we will always transfer the customer to the most appropriate agency to handle their enquiry. Fraud is   a serious crime and it is by keeping it in the public eye that we can develop a counter fraud culture to beat fraudsters   in the UK and globally.


A focused approach to working with diverse communities Since 2005, Crimestoppers has been working with British Asian and Muslim communities on a number of projects, implementing a focused approach. Mubina Khan, Community Affairs Manager said: “The latest evaluation of the charity’s extensive work with Asian and Muslim communities was published in March this year.

A number of areas across the UK were targeted in recent projects; including the East of England, the East Midlands, the North West, the West Midlands and Scotland.

“It highlights a number of significant achievements and has defined the direction of the charity’s future work with these communities to ensure ongoing success.”

The local knowledge of Crimestoppers’ Regional Managers and volunteers,   as well as cultural guidance and   advice from Crimestoppers’ Community Affairs Manager was used to achieve the objectives set out in the   charity’s strategy.

Key achievements East • 5 per cent increase in useful information received year on year in Bedfordshire. East Midlands • 15 per cent increase in useful information received across the East Midlands year on year. North West • 20 per cent increase in useful information received year on year in Blackburn.

Crimestoppers’ Asian & Muslim Forum Crimestoppers’ partners and volunteers have continued to grow; 20 media and commerce contacts have been gained as a result of the charity’s annual Forum, which invites an independent group of individuals from business, the media, the police and the British Asian and Muslim community with the aim of discussing our approach to tackling the crimes that affect those communities disproportionately.

Scotland • 21 per cent increase in useful information received across Scotland year on year.

Volunteers The number of Crimestoppers volunteers from the Asian and Muslim community has also increased to 28 since January 2010, exceeding the charity’s recruitment objectives.

West Midlands • 27 per cent increase in useful information received across the West Midlands year on year.

Online Activity From 9 June 2010 – 8 March 2011   the average time visitors spent on the Diverse Community pages of the  / /  0800 555 111

Crimestoppers website increased by 77 per cent. This demonstrates that those visiting the Diverse Community pages of the website are willing to engage with Crimestoppers as a whole. Mubina Khan said: “The evaluation shows that we’ve successfully improved our understanding of engagement with communities who are subject   to discrimination. A huge thank you must go to all involved, particularly the charity’s partners and members of the community who have shown such incredible support. This has played a vital role in the success   of this campaign. Though we have met and exceeded many of our objectives, it is essential that we continue to build on our existing knowledge and we look to the future to build on our successes so far. SUMMER 2011  5


Armed robbers held up in raids campaign Crimestoppers launched a campaign during April urging the public to pass on information anonymously about armed robbers in Greater Manchester and Merseyside with a reward of up to £100,000 available for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The reward of up   to £100,000 was   put forward by   The British Bankers’  Association (BBA)   through Crimestoppers.

Crimestoppers’ North West Regional Manager, Gary Murray said: “Armed robbers are committing atrocious crimes, threatening and sometimes using violence to steal money. Nobody should be allowed to get away with this.”

The campaign highlighted that one of the main issues   with armed robbery is that it is not merely money being stolen – armed robbery incidents involve staff and customers of all ages and backgrounds being attacked and traumatised, in some cases affecting the long-term health of those involved.

As part of the month-long campaign, posters were displayed in phone boxes, newsagents and post offices, together with the distribution of beer mats in pubs across Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

e th h it w p u m a te rs e p p to s e Crim rs e c ffi O e c li o P f ie h C f o n o ti ia c o Ass for Rural Crime Seminar The theft of plant and agricultural machinery is now a significant area of organised criminality and of huge concern to rural communities. Alongside the growing problem of metal theft it represents a major problem for industry and local communities not least a national policing challenge. Chief Constable Richard Crompton, Lincolnshire Police   and ACPO Rural Crime lead told Connect: “This national inaugural Rural Crime Seminar will provide a forum for all these groups to come together for the first time to discuss the current issues and formulate a plan for the future. “The event will focus on greater collaboration and is   aimed at representatives from law enforcement agencies,

6  SUMMER 2011

the agricultural community, manufacturers and service providers to the industry, local community organisations and other key stakeholders”. It will be the first time the charity has partnered directly with ACPO to co-present an issue. Michael Laurie said: “Crimestoppers works and campaigns on issues to reduce the incidence of crime and bring criminals to justice, rural crime is no exception. This event will support active ways of working with Crimestoppers, adding another tool in the fight against rural crime   to the debate”. The conference is at Kettering Conference Centre   on Thursday 10 November. Full details are available   on our website:


Two arrests in two days after latest Operation Captura launch Crimestoppers and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), have once again been closing in on Britain’s ‘Costa crooks’ with the latest Operation Captura launch in February.

also recorded on the launch day,   as the public eagerly viewed the newly released appeals.

Ten new appeals were revealed at the launch in the Spanish resort of Alicante, an area known for its large British ex-patriate community and considered to be a potential hideout for fugitives on the run from British law enforcement. Ken Gallagher, Head of European Operations for SOCA, said: “Operation Captura is helping make the ex-pat community in Spain an uncomfortable place for fugitives. Having the public’s attention focused on these individuals goes a long way in making it harder for them to hide and should act as   a warning that Spain is no safe haven for British criminals.” Results quickly followed the launch, with the first arrest made on day one of the campaign. Nearly 20,000 visits to the Crimestoppers website were

featured on the ‘most wanted’ list after failing to appear at Glasgow High Court for drugs (MDMA) offences, followed by Patrick Pious Hancox, 68, who was sought on suspicion of child sex offences and child abduction, and just hours later Jonathon Lejman was arrested after he was found living in   a commune on a beach in Tenerife. Latest arrests The most recent arrests were those of Jamie Dempsey, who it is alleged that between 30 March 2009 and 23 April 2009, conspired with others to supply 299kgs of cocaine, with an estimated UK street value in excess of £80 million, and Anthony Fraser, grandson of the notorious ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser.

Second arrest within 48 hours The capture of Dean Lawrence Rice marked two arrests in as many days and during March we saw the further arrests of Andrew Mark Spooner, who

75 per cent success rate Since the campaign originally launched in October 2006, 45 out of the 60 individuals featured have been located. This, the sixth batch of appeals under Operation Captura, has so far been   an unprecedented success, with six   of the ten individuals featured arrested   by mid July.

New Scotland Yard Annual Dinner This year’s annual dinner at New Scotland Yard was held on 8 February and featured the distinguished guest speaker Eric Pickles, Secretary of State   for Communities and Local Government. The event attracted over 100 guests, including high-profile Police Officers, representatives from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), corporate partners and a number   of additional stakeholders.  / /  0800 555 111

Guests enjoyed a champagne   reception, tours of the   crime museum within   New Scotland Yard,   a fascinating presentation   on facial recognition   techniques and a three-  course dinner. Special thanks go to the Kelly Group, who generously sponsored the evening’s event. SUMMER 2011  7


UK’s top ten distraction burglars targeted Once again Crimestoppers launched its national hunt for Britain’s top ten distraction burglars, urging members of the public to give information about those most wanted for distraction burglary and theft. Distraction burglars target the   most vulnerable members of our communities, often the elderly. It is not simply the financial loss,   but the effect this type of crime has   on the victim, chipping away at their independence and their peace of mind. Working with Operation Liberal   – a national police unit that provides  

a countrywide overview of distraction burglary crime and supports forces’ investigations into distraction burglaries – the charity launched the campaign   in January. The aim was to raise the profile of the nation’s worst offenders in order to obtain valuable information which could lead to prosecution. Deputy Chief Constable for the East Midlands and Association of Chief Police Officers lead for Operation Liberal, Peter Goodman, said: “In addition   to tracing the whereabouts of the ten most wanted distraction burglars, the campaign raises awareness so people can prevent themselves from being deceived by these callous individuals.

Working with Crimestoppers: an intern’s perspective Zach Stern – Communications Intern at Crimestoppers Central Office As a fourth-year university student from the USA, I was excited to hear that I was placed in an internship with Crimestoppers for my study abroad experience. Interning at the charity was the highlight of my experience in London. My main goal in the UK was to gain experience in the communications field; and Crimestoppers allowed me to do this. But what made my experience at Crimestoppers even more valuable was that   I gained this experience while giving back to the local community. Whenever   I wrote an article or researched a topic, I did so knowing that my work helped promote a charity that makes the UK a safer place to live. I felt a sense of pride working for an organisation that helps arrest more than 20 criminals every day. I feel as though my time at Crimestoppers helped me prepare for the professional world. I gained valuable experience in the communications field by writing articles for the charity’s blog, conducting research, and observing how a professional workplace functions. I enjoyed working at the crime-fighting charity and I’m thankful I had this opportunity. Zach is studying Strategic Communication and Political Science at the University of Minnesota. 8  SUMMER 2011

“Our message is: if you’re not sure who is calling, then don’t open the door.”

Crimestoppers chosen to host exclusive gala dinner This year Crimestoppers was handpicked as the charity to host the prestigious gala dinner at the annual British Antique Dealers Association Fair (BADA Fair),   held in the Duke of York Square, London in March. The evening’s auction, featuring   a number of highly sought-after prizes including a tour of the New Scotland Yard crime museum and a commission for a painting, helped to secure the incredible £20,000 raised on the night. Among the highlights of the evening was an after dinner speech from Andy McNab, SAS hero and best-selling author. Guests were given the opportunity to view the substantial collection of antiques on display.


Crimestoppers and BT Openreach tackle cable theft

Dave Cording, said: “Cable theft has far reaching consequences, just one cable being stolen could mean   an entire community is left for hours without services that we use daily, such as telephones and the internet, causing widespread disruption.”

BT Openreach is the latest Associate The campaign involves a new website, www.openreach. Partner to join forces with the charity, boards on Openreach vans and leaflets distributed directly to the public to highlight the in a bid to tackle cable theft, a problem disruption cable theft causes and to urge members of the which has hit the headlines in recent public to pass on information about cable thieves   months. The campaign, launched in May, to Crimestoppers anonymously. targeted hot spot theft areas and marks the launch of the charity’s new partnership. “Cable theft has far reaching Cable theft is a crime that can affect any street; with criminals stealing copper cables that are used to provide essential phone, TV and broadband services to millions   of homes throughout the UK.

consequences, just one cable being stolen could mean an entire community is left for hours without services…” Dave Cording, Crimestoppers’ Deputy Chief Executive

Crimestoppers challenge VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON 2011 This year 20 dedicated runners took to the streets of the capital to raise money for Crimestoppers by conquering one of the largest running events in the world, the Virgin London Marathon 2011. Thanks to the incredible commitment of those who   took part – including Crimestoppers’ Campaigns Manager, Nicola Moir – an incredible £22,500 has been raised for the charity so far, with more money still coming in.

How you can help To make a donation to Crimestoppers contact 020 8835 3700 or log on to  / /  0800 555 111

SUMMER 2011  9


Operation Return II : Amsterdam search for UK’s Most Wanted

Following the success of the first Operation Return campaign – launched last year in Amsterdam – Crimestoppers released details of six further UK criminals suspected of being on the run in the Netherlands with the launch of Operation Return II in June this year. The campaign is a multi-agency operation with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Crimestoppers UK,   Meld Misdaad Anoniem/’M’ (Dutch Crimestoppers) and Netherlands law enforcement. It aims to engage the media and the public to help locate fugitives wanted for serious crimes committed in the UK but believed to be in and around the city of Amsterdam. The list includes some of the UK’s most dangerous criminals wanted for crimes relating to drugs smuggling, firearms   and rape. Bringing the hunt to Holland Dave Cording, Crimestoppers’ Deputy Chief Executive,   said: “I’m pleased to see the repeat of this campaign.   It follows the recent success of Operation Captura in Spain earlier this year, where two arrests were made within 48 hours of the launch. “I sincerely hope this success will be replicated in the Netherlands, as not only are Crimestoppers’ international 10  SUMMER 2011

campaigns successful in tracking people wanted for serious offences, but they displace them as well. As we can see,   no matter where these wanted individuals run to, law enforcement will find them. I hope this further reinforces   to fugitives that you can run but you can’t hide forever.” Frank Francis, from SOCA’s international department, said: “This campaign builds on the superb relationship that SOCA enjoys with the Dutch police, and engages the local and ex-pat communities to drive up the pressure on UK criminals in Amsterdam and the wider region. We know this level of attention has a significant impact on criminals and is a vital part of our work to make the Netherlands a hostile place for UK fugitives. “I encourage every member of the public to look out for these fugitives and pass any information on their whereabouts to Crimestoppers; these are clearly people you do not want living in your community.”



£ Bringing the Crimestoppers £ Money message to young people Mules The film clip was produced in response to research which supported the demand for a viral video addressing young people’s existing negative notions of ‘snitching.’

During March the charity’s Youth team unveiled the first professionally produced Fearless film clip. The powerful clip, entitled ‘Don’t Let It Be Too Late,’ is being used across the country to showcase the charity’s youth brand in schools, as well as featuring on the Crimestoppers website and YouTube channel.

As such, the clip addresses the consequences of the youth community holding onto key pieces of information about crime and is being used to challenge preconceptions around ‘snitching.’ ‘Don’t Let It Be Too Late’ explores   the choices and consequences young people face when they encounter criminals and criminality. To view the clip visit CrimestoppersUK.

Success stories Burglary/Theft A caller rang with information on two men (both repeat offenders) who were committing burglaries in houses, cars, garages and garden sheds. They were arrested and charged with theft and a total of 35 crimes were solved. South West, February 2011


The charity has continued its work to raise awareness of money mules, individuals who unknowingly become part of criminal activity through being targeted by criminals to launder money which has been obtained illegally. Launched on 22 March and marking the third Money Mules campaign, the charity continued to take   a focused approach by targeting the student population through   a number of awareness days. These were held at universities across the UK, in locations including Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham. The university awareness days provide a unique platform for Crimestoppers representatives to interact with a large cross-section of students, who are known to   be targeted by criminals for this crime type.

Drug Manufacture and Cultivation An anonymous call to Crimestoppers gave the location of a suspected cannabis factory. Police investigated and searched the premises where they found a sophisticated set-up, complete with hydroponics and ventilation equipment, together with thousands of cannabis plants worth in excess   of £200,000. East Midlands, January 2011

Wanted Persons and Fugitives Police were looking for a prisoner who had been released from prison on licence but who had breached his licence conditions. Crimestoppers were able to provide the police with an address not previously linked to the suspect and, within 24 hours, the suspect was back in prison. London, January 2011  / /  0800 555 111

SUMMER 2011  11


Focus on Fraud Last year, without campaigning, Crimestoppers received 4,000 pieces of useful information about fraud and the fraud section was the second most viewed on our website. Fraud affects us all in some way; we have identified victims ranging from government departments to businesses and individuals. To drive our focus on Fraud we have already this year met with various organisations involved in tackling the problem including City of London Police and the National Fraud Authority, who have agreed the requirement and opportunity for Crimestoppers to devote considerable effort to attack fraud. The newly launched National Fraud Intelligence Bureau offers us the opportunity to ensure we can manage information with our standard efficiency   and effectiveness by feeding everything to one specialist location. Crimestoppers’ intention through the rest of the year is to campaign vigorously to elicit a significantly higher volume of information about criminals engaging in fraud. This will involve, in the early stages, three strands of activity: website, media campaigns and partnerships.

12  SUMMER 2011

Fighting fraud online Crimestoppers launched a new Fighting Fraud section of the charity’s website at the end of March. Significantly, following the launch of the Fighting Fraud section of the website the Crimestoppers contact bureau experienced a 14 per cent increase in useful information received about fraud and forgery compared to the previous month, with a further increase experienced again during May. The Fighting Fraud pages of the site have proved popular with members of the public looking for information about fraud, attracting over 20,000 unique visitors during the first three months alone. The fraud pages contain everything members of the public need to know about the many different types of fraud, how to protect themselves, how to identify attacks, what action to take, who to contact for each different type of attack, and of course appealing for information on criminals. The project was also significant because it involved fully utilising the expertise of the charity’s volunteers, featuring contributions made from a number of skilled Crimestoppers supporters. For more information visit the Fighting Fraud section of our website at


Targeting the UK’s Most Wanted fraudsters Crimestoppers is using Most Wanted, one of the charity’s most effective weapons in the fight against crime, to unearth some of the UK most wanted fraudsters. The charity is launching a Most Wanted Fraudsters campaign to try and track down ten of the most wanted fraudsters in the UK, including those who are wanted for high value crimes that have left their victims out of pocket. The ten appeals feature individuals wanted for fraud worth over £200 million. Fraud is one of the most feared crimes in this country with members of the public now having to be extra vigilant when it comes to tasks such as making transactions on the internet and shredding personal information. It was reported by the National Fraud Authority earlier this year that fraudsters cost the UK economy around £38.4 billion in 2010, which equates to £765 per year for each individual of the adult population* and is 43 per cent of the total budget for education during 2010/2011.** Lord Ashcroft, KCMG, Founder and Chair of Crimestoppers, said: “This is not a victimless crime. Every single one of us is paying higher taxes, bank charges and insurance fees because of fraud. “Serious fraudsters often operate as part of gangs and fraud is just one of their business streams. This can result in the funding of drugs and people trafficking, which causes real harm to many. “Fraud is not acceptable and must not be tolerated. If you know of anyone committing fraud, or know the whereabouts of those featured in this campaign, I urge you to call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or to visit our website and fill in an online form. We guarantee that no one will know your identity. Help us take these criminals out of circulation.” *Estimated £38 billion cost of fraud in 2010 and £765 cost to adult population per year reported by National Fraud Authority in January 2011. **The 43 per cent of Education Budget is based on £87 million spent in 2010/2011. Figure obtained from Office for National Statistics, reported in May 2011.  / /  0800 555 111

Crimestoppers’ crackdown on pre-payment fraudsters Working in partnership with Energy UK, one of Crimestoppers’ National Strategic Partners, the charity offered a reward of up to £10,000 as part of the national Top-Up Safe campaign to crack down on criminal gangs illegally offering electricity top-ups on the doorstep to people with electricity pre-payment meters. The reward was offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of fraudsters, as it was revealed that energy pre-payment fraud has affected more than 120,000 people in the UK. Data from the leading energy companies – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power and SSE – shows that energy pre-payment fraud is hitting customers across the country, and it is estimated that £7 million has already been handed over to fraudsters. Early reports indicate that since launching the campaign two arrests have been made as a result of Crimestoppers information.

Public opinion Over 4,000 people answered an opinion poll on the Crimestoppers website asking ‘Which of the following fraud types are you most worried about?’ Benefit fraud - 978 votes – 24.7% Credit/debit card fraud – 936 votes – 23.6% Doorstep fraud – 259 votes – 6.5% Identity theft – 1,219 votes – 30.8% Scams – 566 votes – 14.3%

SUMMER 2011  13


Cash rewards for information about crimes has been a key part of the charity’s operations over the years, attracting news coverage to focus the public’s minds on information required to help solve some of the most despicable crimes in the UK. Whilst less than one per cent of rewards are claimed, they do help attract publicity for cases in need of further vital information to help bring offenders to justice.   This also shows that the UK public are more concerned about ensuring justice   is achieved and our streets made safer for all rather than monetary requirements.

s d r a w e r s u o m y n o An The charity offers

ds : two types of rewar

Rewards of up to   for £1,000 are available ds   information that lea ge. to an arrest and char

14  SUMMER 2011

substantial These are rewards of ,000, £5,000   amounts, usually £3 ed rewards are for or £10,000. Enhanc ds to arrest and information that lea s of this nature are conviction. Reward us, heinous crimes for particularly serio on a case   and are considered by case basis.


We believe that people and their communities have the right to live without crime and without the fear of crime Michael Laurie CBE, Crimestoppers’ Chief Executive

Recent cases Recently, the charity has offered enhanced rewards on a number of high profile cases. PSNI police officer Ronan Kerr, 25, was killed when an explosive device detonated under his car in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The device exploded under the vehicle in Highfield Close, just before 4pm on Saturday 2 April. Thanks to an anonymous donor, Crimestoppers offered   a £50,000 reward for information that would lead to   the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Around 400 items of press coverage carried information about the reward. Dave Cording, Crimestoppers’ Deputy Chief Executive said: “Crimestoppers takes all murders and manslaughters extremely seriously. In this incident a police officer who was willing to stand up and serve his community has   had his life tragically cut short.”

Dave Cording, Crimestoppers’ Deputy Chief Executive said: “Crimestoppers takes all murders and manslaughters extremely seriously. In this incident a police officer who was willing to stand up and serve his community has had his life tragically cut short.”  / /  0800 555 111

In March a shooting took place at a convenience store in Stockwell, London, where a five-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man were critically injured. At approximately 9:15pm on Tuesday 29 March, three youths opened fire into Stockwell Food and Wine Shop in south London. A corporate partner of Crimestoppers’, the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), generously offered a £50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of those responsible. This was the first time such a reward had been offered by ACS. The reward initiative with Crimestoppers and ACS was put in place last year to show that violence against shopkeepers is unacceptable. Dave Cording said: “This is a heinous crime, for an innocent five-year-old child and shopkeeper to receive such horrific injuries is utterly despicable.” James Lowman from the Association of Convenience Stores said: “Our thoughts are with the victims and their families after this horrific incident. We want to help the police, through Crimestoppers, to catch those responsible and we hope that by funding this reward we will play   a part in securing more information to support the police investigation.” Michael Laurie CBE, Crimestoppers’ Chief Executive said: “Mounting high profile appeals for such horrendous crimes will be a key element of the charity’s approach in the coming year. When major crime incidents’ occur, the public get in touch with us, they expect us to respond, as we rightly should in the fight against crime, seeking that all important information to help law enforcement track down the offenders and bring them to justice. “We believe that people and their communities have   the right to live without crime and without the fear of crime. In a bid to work to our vision, we feel that taking a proactive approach in asking for information on crime will help rid our streets of violent, evil perpetrators.”

SUMMER 2011  15


Inspiring communities

in Aston Beginning in July 2009 the charity’s Aston Pride Project concluded at the end of March this year with an evaluation of the 18-month scheme highlighting a number of key achievements. The aim of the project was to improve feelings of safety by raising awareness of Crimestoppers and encouraging community members in the Aston Pride area to provide anonymous information about crime. Mubina Khan, Aston Pride Project Co-ordinator said:   “I’m delighted with the results of the project; the evaluation showing that our initial aims have been met and in many respects expectations have been exceeded. “Our focused approach has resulted in a 27 per cent increase in Crimestoppers information received during the first 12 months that the project ran. This period also saw a 72 per cent increase in arrests and charges as a result of Crimestoppers information, showing the high quality of information received and demonstrating successful engagement with the local communities.” The impact the charity has had in terms of crime reduction in the area has also been positive, with a reduction in robberies of 63 per cent from April to November in 2010, a fall in burglaries of 31 percent and 17 per cent in antisocial behaviour incidences during 2009-10. Awareness and Understanding Research was conducted by independent field researchers   in February this year involving 114 people in Birmingham 16  SUMMER 2011

to measure general awareness of the charity and positively, it was found that 50 per cent of those interviewed were aware of Crimestoppers and have accurate knowledge of the charity. This was double the rate measured in October 2008, before the project began. Some 80 per cent of those interviewed knew of the hotline number and stated that they would use it. Key partners have also embraced Aston Pride,   with 48 partnership organisations now engaged. “A wonderful initiative” Inspector Bill Dagnan, West Midlands Police, said: “Having Crimestoppers in Aston has significantly impacted on the amount of information the police receive about criminals operating in the area, it has been a wonderful initiative.” Crimestoppers would like to thank all those involved with Aston Pride, particularly the people of Aston who have dedicated their time to the project and those who have taken action to make their communities safer by giving vital information about crime anonymously to the charity.


The Fearless five As a result of the successful launch of Fearless at The Voyager School in Peterborough last year, arrangements were made for the Safer Peterborough Partnership to fund Fearless events in five more schools in the area, with a Fearless Roadshow launched in March to engage even more young people with the charity’s youth brand. The Roadshow visited Stanground College, Orton Longueville School, Ken Stimpson Community School, St John Fisher Catholic High School and Peterborough Regional College. As part of the Roadshow the Solomon Theatre Company performed their powerful ‘Skin Deep’ production, which addresses the issue of knife crime and educates young people about healthy relationships. Students also participated in interactive workshops as part of the events. Lights, camera, action Students at The Accrington Academy in Lancashire were inspired to get creative at the regional Fearless launch in April. Over 400 students took part in the day, with workshops

dedicated to creating a crime advert which involved students writing a script or developing a story board. The winning entry will be made into a video at a later date and previewed on, showcasing the creative skills of the region’s young people. Budding film-makers were met by a group of talented Year 8 students eager to show their musical talents, as they created a crime rap especially for the occasion. Youth Projects Co-ordinator, Aser Robertson also engaged with students through discussing his own personal experiences of crime and how it has affected his life and lives of the people around him.

D Hampshire & Isle of Wight Crimestoppers

Commitment to the cause After 15 years as both a volunteer and staff member,   this year we said farewell to Simon Theobalds, one of the charity’s longest serving representatives who retired as Projects Organiser for Hampshire & Isle of Wight in March. Simon Theobalds said: “I am indebted to many who have embraced the cause of Crimestoppers and helped to promote it during my time with the charity.” Simon Hayes, Chairman of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Crimestoppers said: “Without doubt, Simon’s hard work and commitment to Crimestoppers over 15 years has lead to the successful outcomes the charity has achieved. He will be missed and is a hard act to follow. We all wish him well in the future.”  / /  0800 555 111

Simon established the Hampshire & Isle of Wight committee from Southern Crimestoppers in 2005 and since then he has built a team of volunteers who have delivered outstanding results; currently every five pieces of useful information passed onto the charity lead to two crimes being cleared up within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and six pieces of useful information are being delivered to law enforcement every day in the region. In the last year at least 316 arrests in Hampshire & the Isle of Wight were made as a result of Crimestoppers information, which included four people arrested for murder.

SUMMER 2011  17


D Sussex Crimestoppers

Bringing Sussex’s Most Wanted to justice Following successful Most Wanted launches in London, Thames Valley and Surrey, Sussex has become the latest police force to sign up to the charity’s not-so-secret weapon in the fight against crime, to track down serious offenders in the region. Kathy Burke, Chair of Sussex Crimestoppers, said: “The concept is very simple: if you recognise any of the individuals featured on Most Wanted, pass your information onto Crimestoppers anonymously. Simple but extremely effective, Most Wanted is an invaluable tool in bringing criminals to justice.” The regional launch worked to highlight how members of the public can make their communities safer by playing an active role in bringing offenders in Sussex to justice.

Detective Superintendent Glenn Jones of Sussex Police,   said: “Most Wanted has already proved itself to be a powerful tool in helping to identify, locate and arrest offenders. “The invaluable work of Crimestoppers and in particular the impact of Most Wanted, shows how important anonymous intelligence is in helping to solve crimes. Often members of the public hold crucial information that can bring offenders to justice and Crimestoppers and Most Wanted give them   a mechanism to share that information and allow us to act on it.” Launched in late 2005, the Most Wanted section of the Crimestoppers website is used by law enforcement across the UK and has successfully resulted   in the arrest of more than   1,000 criminals, for offences   ranging from murder and   rape to drugs smuggling   and assault.

Crimestoppers volunteers recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours We are pleased to congratulate two of the charity’s volunteers who received awards in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in June. Essex committee member Ann Oakes-Odger was awarded an MBE for services to the Prevention of Knife Crime and Frank Duffield, Humberside committee Chair, received an OBE for services to local government.

18  SUMMER 2011

As well as dedicating her time to Crimestoppers, Ann is the Founder and CEO of the charity KnifeCrimes.Org, which is an online knife, gun and gang related resource dealing with those affected by violence. Ann also successfully campaigned to change the law on knife murder, resulting in a life sentence starting tariff of 25 years which previously stood at 15 years. Frank, meanwhile has dedicated over 30 years of his life   to the fire service, working with the communities in his native Humberside.


D Scotland Crimestoppers

Scotland joins market leader to tackle under-age alcohol sales Scotland Crimestoppers joined forces with Fife Police,   the Fife Alcohol Partnership Project (FAPP) and drinks-giant Diageo on a four-week targeted campaign to raise awareness that buying alcohol for under 18s is a criminal offence. The campaign was launched after a study carried out for the Fife Alcohol Partnership Project found that a quarter   of school pupils in the region reported to binge drinking. Kate Jackson, Assistant National Manager for Scotland said: “Underage drinking not only has serious health implications for young people, it leaves them vulnerable and is often   a major contributory factor to anti-social behaviour,   which impacts on all members of the community.” The campaign, launched in January, highlighted to the community the implications of buying alcohol on behalf of a young person and that by doing so it is a criminal offence that could result in a fine of up to £5,000. Members of the public were urged to contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about who is selling alcohol to under-18s or buying it for them illegally. The message was delivered through a radio campaign, visual materials including posters and also featured on Fife Constabulary’s advert trailer which undertook a tour of Fife.

D Northern Ireland Crimestoppers

Paying the price for burglary in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Crimestoppers worked in partnership with the Police Service of Northern Ireland to launch the domestic burglary campaign ‘What Price Did You Pay?’ which highlighted the emotional effects suffered by burglary victims to encourage members of the public   to give information to Crimestoppers. Northern Ireland Regional Manager, Sue Brew said:   “’What Price Did You Pay?’ sends the message that domestic burglary isn’t just about stealing possessions,   it involves stealing the peace of mind of victims as well. The psychological effects of knowing a complete stranger has broken into your home are hard to overcome, made worse when items of sentimental value have been taken. This is why we’re urging members of the public to give anonymous information about burglars to Crimestoppers.” The North Down campaign involved the distribution   of posters and leaflets in shops, libraries, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, bus depots and schools as well as being displayed on 700 trolleys at Bloomfields Shopping Centre in Bangor. One hundred toilet doors on licensed premises in Bangor and Holywood also carried the   campaign posters.

D London Crimestoppers

Vital funds raised at London Crimestoppers annual dinner London Crimestoppers celebrated their annual dinner in style at the Haberdashers’ Hall in central London in April. During the evening an auction was held which raised £6,000 for the charity. London Chair Helen Turnbull gave special thanks to Detective Sergeant Chris Pearson of the Metropolitan Police, London Crimestoppers Co-ordinator, who leaves the role this year.  / /  0800 555 111

Chris Pearson receiving his award SUMMER 2011  19


The song is really moving and victims of crime will be able to relate to it. It will hit the hearts of people everywhere and anyone who has experienced losing a loved one. Barbara Dunne, Cleveland Crimestoppers volunteer

D Cleveland Crimestoppers

Charity single hits all the right notes Cleveland Crimestoppers helped to launch CD single ‘The Last Flower’ in March to raise awareness of victims of crime and raise vital funds for the charity, with £1.50 from every CD sold donated to Crimestoppers. A DVD was then launched in June to further promote the single. The project came about thanks to Cleveland Crimestoppers volunteer, Barbara Dunne, who approached composer   Al Pettifer (aka Al Sask) and asked him to write a song that raised awareness of victims of crime and the friends and families of those victims. Al Sask is the composer   of ‘Forever Young,’ the song for the people of Wootton Bassett which raised money for the charity Afghan Heroes.

Barbara’s own experiences motivated her to devise the project as her son, Robert, 31, was killed in a violent attack outside a post office in Middlesbrough eight years ago. Barbara said: “The song is really moving and victims   of crime will be able to relate to it. It will hit the hearts of people everywhere and anyone who has experienced losing a loved one.” Composer Al Sask said: “After considering a number   of charities I decided on Crimestoppers because whatever we do or say we can’t bring back those who have died through crime, however, we can help in the campaign   to fight it, so for that reason Crimestoppers seemed   the obvious choice.”

D West Mercia Crimestoppers

West Mercia volunteer becomes Mayor of Shrewsbury Congratulations to Tony Durnell, Vice Chair of West Mercia Crimestoppers, who has become the Mayor of Shrewsbury. Tony, who has volunteered for the charity since 2006,   is well known in the local community of Telford and Shrewsbury for his work as an appropriate adult in the custody suites and for promoting the charity at local ‘Crucial Crew’ events which are attended by hundreds   of young people from Telford and Shropshire. West Midlands Regional Manager Pauline Hadley said: “This is such a proud moment for us, Tony has worked tirelessly for the committee and people of Telford   and Shrewsbury.”

20  SUMMER 2011

Elena Richards (left), Tony Durnell (centre) and Sharon Moseley, Regional Assistant – West Midlands (right)

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