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Jan/Feb, 2006


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behind the scholarship to raise enough money this year for the scholarship. For $200, businesses bought a logo on the back of the shirt to show their support for the scholarship. All of the money goes to the scholarship fund. Some sponsors include Jack W. Janoe M.D. at the South Shore Medical Center, Bay Runner and SCENE magazines, Priscilla Ennis with Re/Max Realtors, Clear

The Clear Creek HiLife newspaper staff is hosting another event for a good cause. Students continue to raise money in the name of a fallen soldier. February 9, 2006 is the date declared by Mayor Shults for the “No-Run Fun Run.” This event is a fundraiser set to raise needed money for the Ray Joseph Hutchinson Scholarship. The scholarship is dedicated to Ray Joseph Hutchinson, a 2001 Clear Creek graduate who died in Iraq on December 7, 2003 while serving his country under the 101st Airborne Division. Rayʼs death inspired Wynette Jameson, the HiLife Newspaper advisor at Creek, and her students to start something in memory of such an awesome T-shirt logo by Melissa Wiland. hero. Since Ray photos by his death, Photo of Hilife staff and Fox News the students of reporter Kristine Galvan by Fallan Clear Drago Creek HiLife have done all they could to help spread the word of Rayʼs life and raise money for his scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to give students, who are not in the top 10 percent of their class, money to attend college. This stems from a dream that Hutchinson had. He wanted every person to be able to achieve his or her goal, no matter the circumstances. In the past, the recipient of the scholar- Lake Lexus, Lyondell Chemical Company, ship, including several other qualifications, Hometown Bank in League City, and Trade had to overcome some hardship in their Show Exhibit & Company. In all, 24 logos lives, but this requirement is no longer in are to be fitted on the back. Although a large sum of money is effect. likely to be expected from the sale of the To participate in the “No-Run Fun logos, the T-shirt sale is expected to top it. Run,” all one must do is buy a T-shirt. Shirts were $15 until January 15, and are There is no running; in fact, participants $20 until the event. The company that buys never even have to break a sweat. the logo and orders the most shirts also gets This shirt displays a picture of a t-shirt with a signed by the President. Hutchinson on the front and the words Free with the purchase of the shirt “Honoring A Hero” in bold, red letters. is admittance to the “Finish Line” at the The back of the shirt features the logos of Harbour Club in the South Shore Harbour businesses that have opted to sponsor the run. Since the No-Run Fun Run has begun, Hotel and Conference Center. The finish students in the newspaper staff have gone line is the celebration of the scholarship out to several businesses and told the story and all the money that was raised, where

people can enjoy snacks and soft drinks. However, without a shirt, general admission will be $20. Dr. Fred Hayes, principal of Clear Creek High School, has also pledged that he will donate $5 for every employee or student of CCHS that wears the “No-Run Fun Run” T-shirt on February 9. The date chosen to host the “No-Run Fun Run” would have been Ray Joseph Hutchinsonʼs 23rd birthday. He was born on February 9, 1983. The event is a great way to honor and remember such a heroic figure. As Deborah Hutchinson, Ray Joseph Hutchinsonʼs mother, said, “ To contribute to the Ray Joseph Hutchinson Scholarship is to honor not only him, but all soldiers everywhere who make sacrifices of their lives to do their duty. The commitment and brave works of all our soldiers are honored when the Ray Joseph Hutchinson Scholarship is allowed to grow and do its noble work.” On January 31, the several members of the Clear Creek High School HiLife Newspaper were featured on Fox 26 News talking about the “No-Run Fun Run” and the Ray Joseph Hutchinson. Kristine Galvan reported on the generosity of the high school students and what the scholarship was about. Both Rachel Keith and Dixie Hairston, two editors on Creekʼs newspaper, told Fox 26 about why they were helping with the scholarship. The scholarship is a good cause used to help students with their future, and to allow the memory of a great hero and Creek-graduate to live on. The scholarship is meant to remember all soldiers that have fought in the war, and give students something great to look up to. All members of the community are encouraged to participate in this scholarship. If you would like to purchase a shirt in support of the Ray Joseph Hutchinson “No- Run Fun Run”, contact, or call (281) 2840020.

Clear Creek Hilife

2 Opinion Survey

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2006? S o p h o m o r e s F r e s h m e n “My New Yearʼs resolutions are to make Aʼs and do better in band.” - Cara Zachary

“Not to drink cokes anymore and get all Aʼs second semester.” - Eryn Bright

“One resolution is to become a Sith Loard with a red lightsaber. Another is to make the Cavaliers!” - Kurosh Avandsaleh

“My New Yearʼs Resolution for the year 2006 is to treat people better and be less judgemental and help others in need.” Britany de la Houssaye

“My New Yearʼs Resolution is be more committed to reaching my goals.” - Zach Sweers “My New Yearʼs Resolution is to make better grades, cuss less, and be nicer and find the secret to the universe.” - Silis Borromat “My New Yearʼs Resolution is to get into the next level at dance at my studio and to get into the studio company.” - Arielle Stuehrk ʻTo get to the rank of staff sergeant hopefully by the end of the year.” - Seth Powers “My New Yearʼs Resolution for 2006 is to go to my church more often.” - Kelsey Parnell “My New Yearʼs Resolution for 2006 is to work harder to reach my goals, aspirations, and hopes/wishes.” - Rebecca Bellay

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“Most people say ʻI want to lose weight.ʼ Well, my New Yearʼs Resolution is to gain weight, I weigh 102, and my goal is 115.” - Brittany Marquez “My New Yearʼs Resolution is to live life out to its fullest.” Katherine Thompson “To get a job and save money for a car.” - Tiffani Killiann








“To get into the top ten percent of the junior class.” - Brittanie Yuen “The day came when I had to make a New Yearʼs Resolution and it was to fill my education, my faith, and myself with surprises.” - Sunayana Chopra “My New Yearʼs Resolution would have to be to get in shape and improve my attitude towards my brother.” - Natalie Sanchez “My New Yearʼs Resolution is to get stronger and faster, because itʼs going to be my last year of football next year and I want to go further than what we did this year.” - Jesse Baum “I want to keep my grades up so I can get into the Honors Program at UT.” - Tori Wycoff “I want to get all Aʼs in all my classes for the rest of this year.” - Kaitlin Flaherty “To create the best opporutunity for scholarships for myself for college.” - John Christopher

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“To lose fifteen pounds, and meet the guy who plays Harry Potter.” - Megan Dean

Jsaniese Parham Rachel Rodger Feara Smith Stephanie Welcome Micah Wesley Jade Vitela








“My New Yearʼs Resolution is to not take things for granted and to not refuse the small things.” - Catrina Meissler “My New Yearʼs Resolution is to have a great basketball year and make the right decision in finding a college.” - Coy Custer “I want to get better at playing my video games.” - Josh Janik “My New Yearʼs Resolution for 2006 is to grow stronger relationships with my family and friends and putting in a better effort with school and work.” - Brittney Becker “I donʼy make New Yearʼs Resolutions because I never keep them. But I suppose I could try and stop drinking soda, and actually keep to it.” - Veronica Pena “My New Yearʼs Resolution is to show more compassion towards my family, friends, and enemies.” - Nelita Taplet “To graduate and be able to get some scholarship money to SFA.” - Stephanie Redwine

Clear Creek Hilife

Editorial 3

Hardcore With Cory It seems we live in a culture where television and movie stars are viewed as gods and every teenager across the country seems to be mimicking their every move. Itʼs impossible to walk through Creek without hearing gossip about the latest trends in Hollywood or the status of the hottest celebrity couples. What really irritates me is the way people seem to go out of their way to copy what they see on TV and in the movies, causing pointless high school drama. I hear about parties being held that are similar to those on TV, and the drama that ensues when certain people are not invited. I hear ridiculous remarks from girls about how their boyfriends are pulling a “Stephen” from MTVʼs “Laguna Beach”. I hear about cliques forming at school that resemble certain cliques from movies such as “Mean Girls”. Why do some girls at Creek feel the need to shove their popularity into the faces

of everyone? Do you feel any more famous or popular than you were before? Besides, does anyone really care? Seriously, what pointless fact are you trying to prove? Does acting like characters from movies that are not real make you feel more famous or something? I guess as a guy I will never fully understand the way girls socialize, and hopefully, I will have to try to. Iʼm not trying to sound harsh or cut anyone down, but I guess Iʼm just confused. I want to know why do todayʼs teens feel the need to have Hollywood tell them how they should act, how they should dress, what they should like, who they should like, and how they should define themselves It all just seems pointless and silly to me. I will be honest, I find myself at times glued to VH1 or E! soaking up every bit of information I can about Hollywoodʼs finest, but most of the time I have to laugh at it all and just questions what makes it so interesting?

You see magazines at the store flaunting images of young Hollywood actors and actresses with their own definition of the “perfect body”. For guys, the definition of perfection is being six feet tall with a body that would make any Greek god jealous. For girls, being emaciated seems to be todayʼs “look”. For some reason, however, I find it completely unattractive if a girl is so skinny that any small gust of wind can blow them from the portable to the Tshacks. But thatʼs just my opinion. Drama is another aspect of Hollywood that seems to be copied at Creek, whether intentionally or not. Every simple fight, whether over gossip, relationships, or something else as equally pointless, just makes the people involved seem childish and immature. I know that as long as teenagers attend high school, drama will roam the hallways. But at least make it over something important. Arguments and disagreements will always happen, but

most of the times, they should have never happened in the first place. Fights over name-calling, gossip, copying of outfits, jealousy, and misunderstandings are just samples of some of the fights I have been in this year alone. I think its sad how Hollywood has taught us to react in certain situations. During times of breakup, we see Hollywood split into “teams”, each side supporting one or the other who was involved in the split. At Creek, I see the same thing happen. Girls flock to comfort each other and plot their revenge, while the ex-boyfriend makes up his own rumor to get his own revenge. I think students at Creek need to take a step back and just ask themselves if all the tears, emotional scarring, and stress is really worth it all? I think everyone needs to put down the remote and flashy magazines and go out and find something important to fawn over. Life without Hollywood seems so much simpler.

I am going to miss the most are the things that that make me break into hysterical laughter at the mere mention of them. Even though our high school career is in the final chapter, I know this spring will bring more phenomenal memories. To all my friends… here is to a senior year that

we will never, ever forget. “Gone people all careful and consumed, gone. Gone going, gone everything…Gone be the birds if they donʼt want to sing. Gone people, all awkward with their things, gone” -Jack Johnson

Guest Editorial: Dixie Hairston

Dixie Hairston News Editor

Earlier today as I sat filling out scholarship applications I found myself wondering about what lies ahead. I thought about school next year and the much bigger question of how to pay for it. Where will I be in four years, ten or even fifteen? I know itʼs corny, but I found myself really questioning my future. Even though it is February we seniors are making plans for spring break, prom and the last summer before we all go our separate ways. Yeah, it is sort of early to be thinking about leaving but really we only have four more months until we embark on a whole new chapter of our lives. Are there people that I will never see again? Are there friends that I will not keep in touch with? Will we really drift apart? I have spent four years of my life working toward one goal: college acceptance. Now that I have it I am apprehensive about following through. What is it about high school? You hate it while you are here but when it comes down to leaving you want more time. I think that the realization hit me only about two weeks ago when I was hanging out with my two best friends one Friday night. It hit me like an on- coming train.

We were dancing to “Goldigger” and I started to think about all the great times that we have had during our four year stint at Creek. The inside jokes that no one else has any idea about (like the secret family recipe or P.F.s), and for those of you who know me you know what I am talking about. It made me sad to think that this will be my last year with my best friend whom I met in first grade. Next year she will be in Dallas and I will be in Austin. Most people only consider how they are going to feel when they leave a boyfriend or girlfriend behind, but leaving a best friend is worse. What do you do when your constant net of supporters is spread out all over the state or even the nation? Granted I am going to University of Texas and many of the Creek seniors will be there, but will it be the same? We have had great times over the past four years. Buffalo Wild Wings, Astros games where they fold burritos “like crazy,” screaming our heads off trying to get on camera, toga parties and Christmas Dance…. and thatʼs only senior year. As I sit here and write, memories of surprise parties, the hallowed golf cart escapades (before we all got cars) and Firetron all come flooding into my mind. What

During the last weekend of January,, several buildings on the Main Campus were vandalized. Crimestoppers is offering an award to anyone with any information about the vandalism. Those with information are urged to contact Crimestoppers at (281)-480-TIPS or any school administrator.

Clear Creek Hilife

4 News

The Name Campaign

The international campaign to stop kidnapping and child torture in Africa Ashli Pendleton News Editor

A typical day for a student at Clear Creek high school might go a little something like this: wake up and go to school. Take care of any responsibilities such as homework or an after school job. Maybe participate in a hobby, sport, extra curricular activities or maybe just relax and enjoy the day, then at the end of the day being able to lay in bed and fall asleep peacefully without a thought of surviving the next day. Now how about travel half way around the world to Uganda, Africa and take a glance at how many of those teens spend their days. Many of these teens definitely do not lie in a warm, comfy bed at night. As a matter of fact many people in Uganda are lucky to even have a home. It is a war-affected country that has left many children, adults, and teens, the same age as the students at Creek, alone, trapped in a terrifying nightmare. With no home to wake up to every morning, or a school to go to, these children are left with one responsibility: survive. During passing periods when walking down the halls at Creek, the numerous trivial complaints are heard. It might be how much a student hates homework, or a certain teacher. It might be a tragic tale of how mean and unfair parents are these days. It could be a petty problem with friends. They

are all average topics that teens complain about, but in Uganda the topics are quite different. In Uganda kidnappings, rapes, killings, ransacking, and other unimaginable

war crimes take place to children who are as young as five. This is the result of a civil war that has taken place for the last nineteen years. The plight of these children is something to consider when determining just how lucky and fortunate many teens at Creek are by simply living in “the land of the free.” “I had no idea about the conditions that so many people, even my age are struggling through on a daily basis. It

One Surviviorʼs Story: Evelyn Akello

Evelyn Akello, is a thirteen-year-old girl who lived in Northern Uganda. She, like the 30,000 other African children, experienced first hand the devastation of war. As seen in the picture above, Evelynʼs face is distorted because of a bomb. This thirteen year old girl had to relive that horrific experience every time she looked at herself in the mirror. Well, until she received some help. Amy and Kathy Eldon, who are sponsors of the Global Tribe organization that is dedicated to helping others and improving the environment, also held out a helping hand to Evelyn. Alyssa Solomon, a sophomore and coordinator of Creekʼs place in the Name Campaign says, “Every time I look at Evelynʼs picture she reminds me of why Iʼm working so hard to help others in similar situations. Evelyn has been taken back to the United States to receive corrective surgery for her face injury.

makes me feel very lucky and appreciative for the life that I live.” Senior, Ali Owen comments on the suffering African nation. There are definitely going to be misfortunes and tragedies that teens at Creek face, but not one student can say that they wake up in the morning and deal first hand with a war that is taking place, literally, in their backyards. Some find solace by night commuting. These people leave their homes every morning make their way to safer areas where they are less likely to be abducted. These “Night Commuters” are of-

Photos by ten adolescents and very young children. This is brought to your attention to

give students at Creek a walk in another, much less fortunate, teenʼs shoes. It is also to inform students directly about how they can help with the Name Campaign. All you need to participate is ten dollars, a signature and concern for the children who are not as fortunate as Creek students. First, purchase a dog tag for ten dollars. Before receiving the tag however, the donor must make pledge to tell the story of their child to everyone who asks. Eventually, the goal of the Name Campaign is to focus international pressure on the Ugandan government to put an end to the conflict. Three hundred dollars covers the cost of education, room, board, and medical expenses for one child. Every cent that is made from the dog tags will go directly to Rachelle Rehabilitation center, which will provide for as many children as possible. When you buy a dog tag you are in a sense “adopting a child.” Afterward letters from your child will be sent to show just how much they are appreciate your help. Maybe when walking down the hall from now on instead of thinking of teenage drama, think of the lives of the thousands of war affected children in Uganda and their terrible fate. Why not take a walk in another teens shoes? Why not feel appreciative for the good things in life? Why not help out?

Music Dept. makes waves at State Amelia Looper Reporter Every year, band students participate in the TMEA Region Band competition, which allows them to compete against other students in their area. Students play very high-level try-out pieces for a panel of judges, receive a score, and are ranked. Simple as the process may sound, the vigorous practice and does not make success easy. Region competition has many levels that students can progress through, beginning with district auditions. Auditions took place at the Clear Lake Ninth Grade Center on December 1st. Students, on some of the more popular instruments such as flute and trumpet, had to sit in an audition room for almost five hours before try-outs were over. Every participant in the competition was required to play an excerpt from each of the 3 fulllength pieces they had been practicing ever since the beginning of the school year. With some instruments sporting nearly 50 individual players, the audition process was often lengthy. Even after the auditions themselves were completed, many students had to wait at the Ninth Grade Center until as late as 10 ʻo clock before they found out the results. Students could potentially be placed in either the district or region category. Those who qualified for region band would attend a region chair test later in December, where the competition would extend to other schools in the area. There are 3 region bands a student can

be placed in: Symphonic Winds, directed this year by Dick Clardy, Wind Symphony directed by Michael C. Crain, and Wind Ensemble directed by Gary Green. All three of the above performed Saturday, January 14th, (in Slocumb Auditorium at San Jacinto College), after rehearsing only twice in the previous two days. The members of all three bands showed great skill by learning a full concert program in such a short amount of time. Those who placed high enough on their respective instrument then moved on to the area level. Auditions took place on Saturday, January 7th. Schools from all of the Gulf Coast area were represented, taking the challenge to a whole new level. After area these musicians move on to the pinnacle of high school band competitions in the state of Texas: the few talented musicians who qualified for the All-State level. This level consists of the best players in the entire state; the top 1% of Texasʼ band population. Eleven Creek musicians received this honor: Vani Rajendran, Sarh Idriss, and Zehra Hussein on clarinet, Michael Fernando on contra bass clarinet, Jon Carlo Cabrera on bass clarinet, Justin Wood on trumpet, Jonathon Cardinal and Joey Majdi on French Horn, Garrett Bridges on bass trombone, and Jennifer Rodgers and Melissa Stout in percussion. “I was really proud of everyone in the music department this year” says These musicians will perform at an exclusive All-State clinic later this year. The biggest congratulations go out to all of them.

Clear Creek Hilife

News 5 FFA


Last month FFA participated in a district wide student barn dance on the 20th and a Buyers kickoff dinner on the 22nd. They participated in the CCISD livestock show on the 23rd through the 25th and the livestock auction on the 26th.

This past month the Anime club participated in a Pocky-selling fundraiser. They also entered many art contests and participated in a game and quiz day.

PALs The PALs have been mentoring kids at elementary and intermediate school. This past month they went to a leadership convention in Austin.

Heart and Soul

Ready, Set, Teach!

Ladies! There is now a club that is completely dedicated to you. Heart and Soul is a new “ all girls” organization with the sole purpose of bringing Creek girls together. In December, the girls went to Nursing Homes were they sang carols. Meetings are held every Wednesday in B3 in Coach Irelands room.

Students prepare for a great spring semester. The class is designed to allow students the opportunity to work with teachers in CCHS feeder schools. Students create lesson plans for these classes and then teach them to the students at schools such as Hall, Ross and Ferguson.

A Change in Latitude: Sydney, Australia

Laura Lebron Reporter

fore construction began on the opera house. With the help of engineer, Ove Arup, construction finally began in 1959. Ultzon and

Sydney, Australia, also known as the Emerald City, is admired for its amazing harbour, beautiful coastline, warm, pleasant climate and the cosmopolitan culture. It is located in a coastal basin between the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Blue Mountains to the west. Sydney is home to Port Jackson, one of the largest harbors in the world. As well as seventy other harbors and beaches including the beautiful Bondi Beach. Founded in 1788, Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia. It is a major global and domestic tourist destination and is home to 4.3 million people. Sydneyʼs diversity makes this photo by city one of the major hot spots for historical landmarks, nightlife, and Arup worked on a number of concepts for amazing scenery. the construction of the roof shells and finalSydney was the hosted the 2000 ly arrived at the “spherical solution” which Olympics and will host the 2008 World was approved for construction in 1962. Youth Day. Sydney is recognized for two After completion, Queen Elizabeth II major international architectural triumphs, officially opened the opera house on Octothe Sydney opera house and the Sydney ber, 20h, 1973. The Sydney opera is now Harbour Bridge. one of the largest presenting companies in Jern Ultzon, was named the chief the world. Each year the company produces architect, after impressing judges with his a mixture of artistic and cultural activities. design at the competition Sydney held be-

Some of the major productions include the Opera Australia, the Sydney Symphony, and the Australian Ballet. Other organizations that perform at the opera house are the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Bangarra Dance Company and The Bell Shakespeare Company. The second major architectural spectacle in Sydney is the

above the harbor. Francis Greenway propositioned the building of this bridge in order to connect the northern harbor to the southern harbor in 1815. After World War I, grants and construction plans were approved and finished in March of 1932. The top of the arch rises and falls about 180 millimeters due to changes in temperature and that in order to test the load capacity of the bride 96 steam locomotives were positioned in various ways. This fascinating landmark recently celebrated its 70th birthday in 2002. The majestic city of Sydney provides the right weather and landscape for a number of exhilarating outdoor activities such as rock climbing, cycling tours, encounters with exotic Australian animals, hot air balphoto by loon rides, horse riding and much, much more. Harbor Bridge. This bridge is one of Sydney is home to a blend of culturally the most well-known and photographed diverse people, traditions, and attractions landmarks. It is the worldʼs largest steel that brings people from all over the world arch bridge with the keystone of the arch to experience its unique and fascinating towering one hundred thirty four meters atmosphere

Clear Creek Hilife

6 Features

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, and the Frappucinos aren’t cutting it Neil Golden Reporter “You need to eat more fruits or vegetables,” is an all too common saying that is heard from either our motherʼs or doctors. Okay, maybe not at our ages, but nonetheless, getting your daily vitamins and minerals is a very crucial part to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, exercise has to be added into the on-going health cycle, but the best place to start to live a healthy life is by what you eat during the day. Especially during the school year when students get caught up with studying and the loads of homework

that teachers pile on just to bring a smile to their faces, living healthy can become a little tough. Breakfast, which we all know is the best and most critical meal of the day, is the meal that defines how we will act or behave during the day. Breakfast gives us all a great boost of energy and protein, which leads to better concentration during the school or work day. Often times when you donʼt eat breakfast, you can feel out of place and have no “push” behind you to do the daily tasks at school. One hot breakfast item on the teenage market nowadays is the frappuccino. A calorie loaded, chilled

coffee drink chock-full of fat, sodium and carbohydrates- low in what breakfast is all about. For instance, one grande coffee-flavored frappuccino from Starbucks contains 260 calories, 52 carbohydrates, and 44 grams of sugar. What does this flavorful drink not contain? Vitamin A and C essential to a healthy diet.

However, a trip over to Jamba Juice just might be more worthwhile and healthy. In most of Jamba Juiceʼs beverages, youʼll be able to find a few things that make that specific drink extremely healthy. A sixteen-ounce Strawberry Surf Rider contains an outstanding 90% of your Vitamin C daily nutritional value. Jamba Juice also features “boosts,” supplements you can add into your drink, featuring protein, energy, vitamin, and fiber boosts. Plus, all of their drinks are made with either fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, and all different types of fruit juices. Just because there are so many juice bars where healthy drinks are prepared for you, doesnʼt mean that a homemade smoothie prepared by yourself canʼt be just as healthy as store bought. You can get a lot, if not all of the recommended morning nutritional values from just a simple smoothie containing bananas and

strawberries. If youʼre a more traditional person when it comes to breakfast, cereal is perfectly healthy. Also, common breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, and other fruits give you the needed nutrition to get you through the day. Remember, breakfast is the most important part of the day, and it seems that people are too caught up in their busy lifestyles that they completely forget to eat breakfast, and run out the door with their backpack and a cup of coffee. Breakfast is what helps you keep going throughout the day and helps you better concentrate in those early morning classes. Studies even show that students who eat a healthy breakfast perform better in school during the day, and on morning tests. So even when you think you donʼt have enough time for breakfast, just think of how many healthy nutrients are in everyday household foods, grab a banana, and go.

Photo by Libby Sanders, Brent Salbert mixes up fresh smoothies at Jamba Juice in Webster

Clear Creek Hilife

Features 7

Hurricane Katrina will not destroy New Orleansʼ Mardi Gras spirit Rachel Keith Features Editor

The New Year brings about many exciting events. One event that many look forward to is Mardi Gras. This year, Mardi Gras 2006 will be an especially extraordinary event. It will take place on February 28th, and is said to be the most extravagant and festive of all Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is French for fat, Gras, and Tuesday, Mardi. Because of the recent tragedies of September 2005, New Orleans was in absolute turmoil. No one imagined that the city would ever be the same. The “City that Care Forgot” would not be the same had Mardi Gras not been such an important tradition. Despite the damage the hurricane possessed on the city, New Orleans will, as always, be the prime spot for Mardi Gras 2006. New Orleans will yet again open their arms with southern hospitality to all of those who loves New Orleans. There will be much excitement in the streets for all of those who love New Orleans, as well as those who have never experienced such an amazing tradition. Habitué of New Orleans will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique culture,

dazzling restaurants, jazz in the streets of the French Quarter, riverboat cruises, and so much more. Mardi Gras was first held in New Orleans in 1837. This coincides with the day of the very first street parade. The carnival season starts on January 6th, which is also known as the Twelfth Night, when the three kings came and visited the Christ child. This day is the beginning of the masked balls that are held until the day of Mardi Gras. Many patrons of Mardi Gras associate the celebration with that of Lent. Lent is a forty-day celebration that ends the day before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday, and the Sundays are not

counted as part of the forty days. This year Ash Wednesday will fall on march 1st. Fat

Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, is the most elaborate and final celebration of Mardi Gras.

items. Some celebrities also ride on the floats, while marching bands perform throughout. Many of those who attend the parade dress in costumes and masks of green, purple, and gold. They stand on the side of the streets, asking the Krewe members to throw them beads. There is the tradition of the King cake, a lavishly decorated and baked cinnamon flavored cake, where whoever finds the baby that is hidden in the cake is Photos by Alex Oliver at responsible for hosting the next A few select floats at party and providing the next king the various parades for Mardi Gras cake. 2005. Mardi Gras is legal holiday in New Orleans, and has been Many who celebrate Lent held in New Orleans for years, with the observe the day of fasting exception of the periods through which and abstinence, which is said World War I and II lasted. The people of to begin on Ash Wednesday New Orleans see it as another tradition that and last the full forty days, draws visitors to their beautiful city. excluding Sundays, which is The damaged of which Katrina ina day of worship, for Jesusʼ flicted on New Orleans was devastating, resurrection. but at the same time salutary to the citizens The parade is held on of the Southern coast. It gave them a sense the day of Mardi Gras, and of compassion and willingness to come toconsists of floats, which are gether as the great city they are and work to elaborately decorated. The regain their strength. The damage of Hurfloats transport the Krewe ricane Katrina will not keep New Orleans members, who are responfrom celebrating one of the most euphoric sible for the throwing of the events known to their city, and Mardi Gras dubloons, beads, and many other festival will, as always, be held in New Orleans.

Clear Creek Hilife


Happy Valen

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

T Fr o: J om er I ca ho I l : K em to n pe ov ri iah st m say th e y y at ou e. Fl yo n . or u o I’ es t m ar h e in gl G th g a Gr rad e co d t be m h ad e st es at e: :12 th be we 11 in tw a g e re th en t at u og ha s. I eth s th er ha i . pp nk en I ed

To: Caitlin Boyle From: Morgan Watkins

Helllllooooo! Look at our past, it’s basically amazing! You are my best friend and always will be! BLINN!! I Love You! To: Anthony Rueben From: Cherelle

To: Ashley Beck/ Rebound Crew From: Swate

Grade: 11 Grade: 11

My bestest friend in the whole, wide much. Thank you for everything. Fri end!! Kacy, Blair, Alex, Jaleesa, Candi

To To: Dani T. and Kami L. Fr : Du om st From: Leah Leal i n : ev Mo Do H rg bb RK er! ello an in Cf I d I love you guys! Best frie W s G or abs ate at ev ! r o and…Happy Valentine’s Day!! a k l er ins de , f utel You :1 oo y l 2 l! ov are Gr e a t yo he de u :1 an bes 2 d t y g To: Heather M ou uy To: Kenzie Grade: 9 rb From: Tabatha f From: Andrew Grade: 9 ig rie sm nd ile Hey! Lil’ sis th . Happy Valentines Day. “I love you.” to tell you Happy V

To: A Fro shleig m: T h Hey baby!! Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope that you’re thinking about rey Alfor Hap T Y hom d ou w p me as much as I do you. I love you! (When I’m in a good mood! =P) as ill a y Valen lwa Gra ys b tine’s de Day em G rad : 12 . Y y lit e: 1 o tle To: DaddyDoo! Grade: 10 2 sun u’re be s a hine utif From: MommaDoo! Grade: 11 . ul. You r ha ir i Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you so much!! You To: are my everything! This is our first Valentine’s Day Che Fro together- we have 499 to go! =) Don’t make me lick your m: lsea P Mo ark nose! Hehe! FOREVER! rg er

an Wa You Hey o tkin xym ’re s the oro n cut Gra est ! Or de , go wa G rad : 12 ofie s it e: 1 st m Jill 2 em ? Ha ber ha! of I the RK love y C! ou!

To: Kacie From: Andrea

Grade: 11 Grade: 11

To: Brook Baker From: Michael Chalk

Grade: 9 Grade: 9

Even though the Aggies are last, you will always be first to me!

To: Persian Gangsta, Bearded Lady, and Mighty Mouse From: Ashli

I have an important question...will you be my valentine? I love you so mch! Thanks for being my best friend.

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

T Fr o: L om a m u an He : M re n y y or N m gi ga ye em rl! n or Yo W ie u at s a ki fr nd ns om m lu e a nc re G h b Gr rad an as ad e d ic e: : 12 ch al 12 ur ly ch th .I eb Lo es ve t o Yo f t u! he b

es t.


Ya’ll are all my BFF’s!! I <3 you so much! Mucho memories!

To: Jarrod Nix From: Morgan Watkins

Grade: 10 Grade: 12

I love you! You know why?! Because we’re twins. We got it going on. You’re great! I love you.

To: Trisha Haydon From: Ashli Pendleton

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

Hey kiddo! Just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day! You are the bestest friend a friend could have! You crack me up and I love you mucho!

To: Emily Curlin, Matt Lara, & Lil’ Jon From: Jader Mash Pataters

Grade: 9 & 10 Grade: 9

I love you guys!! Yayuh! This will be the best Valentine’s Day ever!! Let me see your grill….

To: Zach Creason From: Morgan Watkins


Hey boyfriend! I lov lunch brighten my life. You ever met. I love you!

Clear Creek Hilife


ntine’s Day! Grade: 12 Grade: 12

To: William LeFevers From: Margayle Hockenberry

world! I love you very iends 4ever! Until the ice. Grade: 12 Grade: 12

McCall a McCall

I Love you, Coach! Have a good day!

To: Haley Lusson & Catherine Enos From: Alex Mair

ends for life! Oh yeah

Grade: 11 Grade: 10

Grade: 11 Grade: 11

I love my “sisters” so much! Happy Valentine’s Day! Have a great day!

To: Andrea Berg From: Kacie Hillsman

Grade: 10 Grade: 11

To: Laura Smiley From: Darin Dean, a.k.a D-Ren!

Grade: 11 Grade: 11

Hey girly! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you so much, we are soul sistas!! Haha! I’m so glad to have you as a friend.

his is Tabatha. Well I just want Andyyy!! OMGosh, I’m so glad that we Valentine’s Day and I love you! have been friends for so long, you are like

my sister and you mean so much to me! I’ll always be here for you and I love you so much! Have a great Valentine’s Day!

To: Darius Mayfield From: Your secret admirer

To: Brittni East From: Morgan Watkins

Grade: 9 Grade: 12

Hey freshman! You’re my favorite! Everything you do makes me smile. This has to be school appropriate- so I guess that’s all! =) I love you!

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

t ut ha -n no w i :K K er To m: tt o a Fr m u! o o N dy n hi

You don’t know me, but I just want to say how much I like you. You are so fine to me.


is li ke t he sun .

Grade: 11 Grade: 11

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

Grade: 9 Grade: 12

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

To: Josie Grade: 12 From: Morgan Watkins Grade: 12

Hey amigo! I just wanted to say Happy V-Day! Thanks for always being there to crack me up! Oh and your no bueno! See you later kid! To: Alex, Joey, Chris, Krissy, Krisen, Alisha, Britany, Anthony From: Stephanie Welcome

I love you. Seeing your face always brightens my day!

To: Kalyn Mullen From: ???

Grade: 9 & 10 Grade: 10

I love all you guys so much! You all mean so much to me! I don’t know what I would do with out ya’ll! To: Josie!! From: Kasi

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

Remember when you, Chata, and me used to sit together in lunch in 9th grade? I love you and you’re awesome!!

Grade: 11 Grade: 12

ve you! Welding, ERS, and are the funniest guy I have


Hey girl! I miss you being in my 6th period class sooooo much! Just wanted to hope you have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day! I <3 you!

s ay

To: Mikey T A.K.A Dork From: Your Village Pizza Co-worker!

To: Chelse Solonika From: Kelli Love

w al

You are the most amazing person I know, and you have made the past year and some odd months absolutely spectacular. You are beautiful in every way, and all the flowers, drawings, and notes left on my car wouldn’t mean a thing from anyone else. I love you. “If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.” – Led Zeppelin

10 ll I’ e: 10 : , ad e do Gr rad u G yo

To: Jon From: Sarah

To: Trooper School and Miss Christine From: Ashli Pendleton

Grade: 12 Grade: ???

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Grade: 11 & 12 Grade: 12

Hey friends! Whatʼs the deal? Itʼs Ash. I just wanted to say Happy Valentineʼs Day! I love yaʼll- except for that Zach kid! Hehe just kidding- you are awesome. Iʼve had a great year and lots of memories. Thanks!

To: Jonathan Ortega From: Katie Wologo & Kaitlin Duby

Grade: 9 Grade: 9

Hey, hope you have a great Valentine’s Day. We love you

To: Lauren Nye From: Morgan Watkins

Grade: 12 Grade: 12

Hey girl! You and me are basically the best of the best. So many memories from lunch and church. I Love You!

10 Just For Fun


Clear Creek Hilife

Clear Creek Hilife

Advertisement 11

12 Creek Speaks

Clear Creek Hilife

Deaf teacher joins the Clear Creek Staff Danielle Leal Creek Speaks Editor

Clear Creek High Schoolʼs newest member to the staff is Robert Blair, the new sign language teacher. What is so unique about this teacher is that he has worked his way up to where he is now, even though he has a language barrier, but that has not stopped him. Mr. Blair is originally from upstate New York, close to Canada border, but has done some traveling through college and through his jobs. He attended Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. and received his bachelors degree in mathematics. Gallaudet University is actually the only deaf liberal university that includes bachelors, masters, and PHD, in the world. For his masters degree in Deaf Education and deaf Studies, Mr. Blair went to Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. When asked what interested him into the teaching field, Mr. Blair said, “Teaching has been my nature.” He has been tutoring at college levels since he was 17 years old, and has been teaching for the past nine years. “I love teaching. This is my thing. I enjoy educating students to know about Deaf more and their learning inspires me.” At the age of three, was the first time Mr. Blair started to learn sign language after starting school at New York State School for the Deaf in Rome, New York. Before attending this school he had no communication at all at home, since he has been the only deaf member in his family, which meant he had no language at all before the age of three. The school he attended was a 24 hours/ five days a week sign language communication accessible type for all the deaf students. He learned sign lan-

guage from his peers, the teachers, and Clear Creek High School, and his Alternathe residential counselors etc. In order to tive Certification Program at Cy-Fair recbe able to learn sign language and get his ommended this school, Mr. Blair decided education he stayed at school (ate, slept, this would be a good school to start at. Mr. and learned) from Monday morning until Blair recently said, “Once I started workFriday afternoon, then had the weekends ing here, I am so glad I chose this. There off. This schedule was continuous for him, are more positive things I never knew until the school year ended. before.” For While the past Mr. couple Blair has of years, definitely Mr. Blair achieved a has had lot of great his fair accomshare of plishments different in his lifeareas in time, there teaching, are plenty what he of difficulloves best. ties that he He has has had to had lots face while of experibeing a ence in teacher different and beschools ing deaf. Photo by Micah Wesley and Cultural states. He conflicts taught at between Montgomery College in the Fall of 2005. hearing and deaf people; Change of the Before that, he was in New Jersey from learning environment from listening and 2000 to 2005. In 2004 to 2005 he was a writing to a full visual usage with no writsub teacher for the Deaf program in K to 12 ten, no talking, no voice. grade levels. From the years 2000 to 2004 “This is the most difficult I have faced he was a professor in Interpreter Training here. Some adapted well, some donʼt adapt Program and ASL/Deaf studies Program at to this easily, and some just do not respect a community college. He was brought here to the needs of ASL language learning to Texas after being accepted into Alterna- outcomes. In fact, this is a visual language tive Certification Program to achieve a class so everyone needs to use this fully certificate in ASL to teach secondary level. to achieve their skills in ASL easier and This year with Clear Creek is both his pro- faster,” Mr. Blair said. bationary year and mentor year. Facing ignorance and discrimination After hearing positive things about daily is one of biggest challenges in his

life, while being deaf. In his lifetime he has gone through a numerous amount of classes and people that he has met, and he has realized that hearing people were not educated about deaf people enough in schools. “I became STRONGER going through this every day. They (people) think I donʼt recognize or donʼt know those reactions, actions, etc., but deaf people DO. They are obvious.” Last but not least, there are a couple of stereotypes that Mr. Blair would gladly like to clear up. First off, expecting deaf people to read lip, as a matter of fact deaf people can only read five percent of conversation through lip. When deaf people show their emotions, they are not trying to be rude. All people have facial expressions when talking, as do deaf people. It is apart of language and culture. Most importantly, deaf people are not disabled, they can do anything hearing people can do except hear. It is called a language barrier. Although there are more, the ones with the most importance, Mr. Blair decided to share. Clear Creek High School welcomes Mr. Blair to our community, and everyone is definitely excited to have someone with such a straight- forward attitude at this school, especially students who are enrolled in Sign Language classes. “People who have just been blowing off the class are now actually learning something and having fun,” said Junior and Sign Language student Nathan Robinson. “Iʼm looking forward to being able to actually have a conversation in sign language.” Students at Creek can learn a lot from him through his teaching skills, since he has a different approach and views after being a deaf teacher, and having to face such difficulties in life. Mr. Blair enjoys educating students, and fits in great at Clear Creek High School.

Clear Creek Hilife

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Clear Creek Hilife

14 Sports

Creek golf swinging success on more than one course Kelsey Wiley Sports Editor

course. boysʼ teams was Practhe varsity one ticing and who took third playing in at the Humble all these Tournament and tournaments took first in the takes up a La Porte Tourna- Photos by: Den Staff photographer Wendy lot of time. Wright ment. But the boys The girls golf teams golf program consists of three teams: ma- found time to get together with the girls roon, white, and sub varsity. “The girls are golf teams to go visit the Shriners hospital.

While they were there they gave the little children Creek golf shirts and visited and played games with the older children. “I think the golf program should give kids rewarding experiences not just on the golf course. You just cannot be a person who receives things all the time, you have to give back to the people who need it the most. If you could see the eyes of the Shriners kids when we took the time to come down and give them a tee shirt and then inter-act with the kids it is something special,” says Coach McWhorter. With a very good season behind them the Creek golf teams are continuing the hard work for spring. With the spring season quickly approaching the athletes are sure to perform well in the upcoming season.

“Vince Young proved himself at the Rose Bowl and should be drafted by the Texans. Iʼm pretty sure the Texans will pick Bush and Young willgo to Tennessee, alongside his friend Steve McNair.”

“I do not think we should take the number one draft. We should trade it for a few good linemen or a couple of first second picks. We do not need a new quarterback or runningback we need linemen.”

“Reggie Bush no doubt. He had one bad game and it really was not that bad. He is the Heisman Trophy winner for a reason so I hope the Texans get the best player in the nation from the Trojans of USC.”

“I am an Aggie, so naturally I do not want them to draft Vince Young. They really have a lot of needs, but they also need to win back the fans- I would draft Reggie Bush.”

Tori Wycoff- 11th grade

Max Tuley- 11th grade

Austin Yancy- 12th grade

Coach Simonds- Teacher

As Creek students begin their spring semester this year the Creek golf teams are in full swing. After a successful fall season, for both teams, the Creek golf players are looking forward to their spring season. The schedules for both teams are identical for when and where they play. Though the district tournament is not until April 10 golf is one of the few sports that play year round. District play for the athletes will be tough because of the competitive teams they will be up against. “To be the best you have to prepare by playing the best,” says Coach Fuchs, the girls golf team head coach. The boys golf program consists of four teams: the freshman, junior varsity, and two varsity teams, one and two. The freshman team took first place in the Magnolia Creek Tournament on October 18 and

second on October 31 in the Willowisp CC Tournament. Junior varsity also took first in their division at the Magnolia Creek Tournament. Varsity two took second in the Wilderness Golf Tournament and fourth in the Timber Creek Tournament. Rounding out the

great, they play like equals and do not care who gets first place in the tournaments,” says Coach Fuchs. Having a year round season the preparation never stops. The teams practice during their class periods and after school at the South Shore golf

Who do you want the Houston Texans to draft in the 2006 NFL draft with their number one selection?Why?

Clear Creek Hilife

Sports 15

Wildcat basketball scores points in Tennessee Zack Bartel Sports Reporter

Wildcat basketball is underway at Clear Creek High School. The Wildcats are playing well on all cylinders and are using their height, speed, and jump shot to win games. They have finished the non-district part of their schedule and have now begun district play. The season is only halfway over and yet it is already a season to remember. Creek opened the season by hosting the Spring Westfield Mustangs. The Mustangs at the time were number two in the state, and are now ranked number one and fourth in the nation. The Wildcats came up short but facing this talented opponent was a wake up call to the team. The basketball team participated in the McDonaldʼs Texas Invitational, it is known for having tough competition. The Wildcats went 1-1 in pool play and were going to participate in the silver division of the tournament. By defeating two teams from San Antonio, Creek took the third place finish. Another highlight for the basketball team was when they hosted the CCISD Classic. This tournament is filled with competitive teams from around the area

and a few excellent teams from out of annual basketball tournament. The tournatown. As the defending champions of the ment is held once a year at Tennessee High tournament, the Wildcats were hoping to School in Bristol. The tournament features repeat their outstanding performance from teams from Alaska, Canada, the Bahamas, last year. The Wildcats lost to the Clear South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Lake Falcons but defeated the Clear Brook Virginia. Because of the amount of teams Wolverines to take the third place finish. in the tournament, the games attract an The next big game for the Wildcats audience of around 5,000 people. The was against the deWildcats wanted to fending state chamget in on the tourpions. The Kingnament and were wood Mustangs hoping to show the were the Texas class other teams that 5A state champions everything is better last year. Led by a in Texas. The Wildduo that has given cats opened the other teams nighttournament against mares, the Wildcats Photo by: Fallan Drago an Alaskan team were hoping to pull that has won state off an upset. The Wildcats were down by for the past several years. The Wildcats fourteen with a few minutes left in the handily defeated them by a score of 66-51. game and rallied back to pull within strik- They now moved on to face the best team ing distance. However, the Mustangs held in Canada. The Wildcats defeated them and pulled through and defeated the Cats. Al- were now rolling on to the semifinals. though the outcome was disappointing, the As well as holding high school basWildcats showed a tremendous amount of ketball games all week, the Arbyʼs Clasheart and showed great improvement from sic showcases a slam-dunk contest and a the beginning of the season. 3-point contest. The 3-point contest had 2 Arbyʼs restaurant is famous for their Wildcat participants in Phillip Butler and roast beef sandwiches and curly fries but in Lance Pevehouse. They both shot extremeBristol, Tennessee they are famous for their ly well and came up short as one athlete

Athlete of the Month

Erin Mackey

Sean Skellenger

Kelsey Wiley Sports Editor

Kelsey Wiley Sports Editor

The girlʼs soccer season is off to a kicking start this year. With players like this editionʼs female Athlete of the Month, Erin Mackey, the team will go far. Erin started playing soccer at the age of four on an Illinois city team. “My mom coached me for two years,” says Erin. Her mother did an excellent job teaching her the basics of the game. Erin is one of the six sophomores that make up this yearʼs Creek varsity soccer team. “I feel that this yearʼs time is really good and we have been training hard to get into top shape,” says Erin about the Creek team. Erin is not only involved with Creek soccer where she plays as sweeper but also on the outside club team Challenge, as a center midfielder. “Never give up,” Erin says is the advice she would tell anyone just starting to play. Even though Erin is only a sophomore she has already proven how talented she is in soccer. “One of my highlights of playing soccer would be last year I received the defensive MVP award and the new comer award for the district,” says Erin. On top of that Erin lettered last year and made the all-district first team. After high school Erin is planning to continue to play in college on a soccer scholarship. She has already shown Creek her skills and will no doubt achieve her goals. Erin is a key part of this varsity soccer team and that is why she is the female Athlete of the Month for this edition.

Not many sports are year round or demands more dedication from the athletes as golf. That is why this editionʼs male Athlete of the Month is Sean Skellenger. At the young age of four Sean was already on the golf course. “My parents and grandparents play,” says Sean. Obviously golf is a sport that runs in this family. With his family cheering him on its no wonder he has excelled at golf. “Practice doesnʼt make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect,” says Sean. This piece of advice has helped him the most and it shows on the course. Everyday during eighth period and after school the Creek golf team practices at the South Shore golf course. “I think weʼre very good this year and have a lot of potential. Just as long as everyone passes,” says Sean. All that practice has paid off for Sean and the team. He has made the all-district first team and lettered in golf for all four years he has been at Creek. “The greatest highlight for me has been winning tournaments and especially winning district every year here at Creek,” says Sean. After graduating this year Sean has plans to go to the University of North Texas. He is in the process of receiving a scholarship for golf. With all these great accomplishments Sean has still found the time to make the National Honor Society. Because of his outstanding skill in golf, Sean Skellenger is the male Athlete of the Month.

from Tennessee barely beat out Lance to take the crown. The Wildcats played the team ranked seventeenth in the nation during the semifinals. They hung with them the whole game but came up short. The Wildcats played tough and fought hard in the third place game but in the end, the Science Hill, Hilltoppers were just a little too much for the Wildcats. The Cats took home a fourth place trophy in a tournament filled with an excellent amount of talent. Seniors Coy Custer and Lance Pevehouse were both named to the All-Tournament team. Sophomore Ian Davis said, “I had a lot of fun in Tennessee and it was really cool to see how many people were at the games. There was close to 5,000 people at almost all of our games and it was cool because little kids would come up and ask for our autographs like we were superstars. It was an awesome feeling.” The Wildcats non-district schedule is over with and it is now time for the district race to begin. The Wildcats would like to carry the momentum over from the successful pre-district season into their quest to repeat as district 24-5A champions. They have what it takes to do the job and know how much work they will have to put into it.

Up Coming Games... Boys Basketball 02/07 Tues. Home 7:30 02/10 Fri. Away 7:30 02/14 Tues. Home 7:30 Girls Basketball 02/03 Fri. Home 7:00 02/07 Tues. Away 7:00 02/13 Mon. Home TBA

Boys Soccer 02/07 Tues. Away 7:30 02/10 Fri. Home 7:30 02/14 Tues. Away 7:30 Girls Soccer 02/07 Tues. Home 7:30 02/10 Fri. Away 7:30 02/14 Tues. Home 7:30

Boys/Girls Golf 02/3-4 Greatwood Austin 02/08 Cinco Ranch Cinco Ranch 02/13 South Shore Clear Creek

16 Photofinish

Clear Creek Hilife


Jan/Feb, 2006 Vol.80/Issue:4 Newest faculty member Creek Speaks: Page 12 Valentine’s “I Love You” Centerspread: Pages T-shirt logo by Meliss...

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