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April 2013 Volume 89, Issue 7

Cavalier Spring Show is sure to be a crowd pleaser By Madison Williams Management Editor

It is May and that means the annual Cavalier Spring Show is upon Clear Creek High School. The theme this year is “Dream on” and includes the song Dream On by Aerosmith and other fan favorites like Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing for the Cavalier’s seven minute finale dance. The Cavaliers have quite a show this year. Each of the four-team dances, one jazz company dance, as well as the three officer dances that won awards at competition will be performed. Jazz Company’s contemporary choreography with deceptively hard movements to a song by Sigur Ros is a crowd pleaser every time as each movement effortlessly flows with the musicality of the song. Team Kick is always popular as the team kicks as high as they can to the punk rock song Tainted Love. Their ending formation in the shape of a heart is a original and unique and courtesy of Kristin Juengle’s choreography skills. Team Jazz is always a showstopper as the girls take the floor in purple costumes bejeweled, feathered, and demanding some sassy attention. Team Contemporary is emotionally powerful as the dancers fight to find light to the popular song No Light by Florence and the Machine. The facials in Officer Jazz to the song Glam sell the dance as the officers strut their stuff in their theatrical pink and silver costumes. Officer Lyrical to Adele’s hit single, Skyfall, made popular by the newest addition to the James Bond Legacy, highlights how in sync the officer line is as a whole. Officer Contemporary to Howl by Florence and the

Machine is accented by many fast move- dance works under a lot of pressure as they are given little extra practices to learn and ments in a small amount of time. New dances that the audience has nev- perfect their part. This year’s upbeat tap er seen will also be unveiled. Every year it dance is to Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a tradition that the seniors perform a lyri- by Michael Buble and was choreographed cal dance as their way of saying goodbye and taught by the senior officers, Senior to creek and dance before they move onto Lieutenant Erin Owen, First Senior Lieucollege. The seniors choose the lyrical song tenant Hanna Cardinal, and Captain Casey Dervay. and parts The of the lyriofficers cal dance are also are choresponreographed sible for by them as choreowell. While graphthe seniors ing the have their M o m ’s own teardance. jerker dance, T h e the freshparent men, sophdance alomores, ternates and juniors every all share a y e a r, funky jazz giving song to the the Cavpopular Photo by Mallori Flanagan aliers a radio hit chance to Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris. Each grade level dance with both their mom and their dad dances together at the beginning and end of during their time on the team. This year the the dance but the middle is split into parts. moms will dance with their daughters to a Each grade level is assigned a part that they montage of songs through the decades. The highly anticipated Cavahunk then must work together with their fellow classmates and choreography a part. Juen- number is sure to be a hit this year as nine gle allows the dancers to experiment with spunky and outgoing Creek boys take the different styles of dance to create a truly stage to dance with the nine Cavalier seniors. This dance is always a crowd favorunique piece. Cavalier members interested were ite, as the Cavahunk members get down given the option to try out for tap. The tap and jiggy with it.

The last dance of the show, appropriately titled the Finale, is the longest and most complicated of the entire show. The entire team dances together at first, then they exit while the seniors dance. The seniors then exit to give way to the various squad parts. Cavalier members are put into squads over the summer to promote team bonding and to allow more efficient time use as officers can fix dances in smaller predetermined groups. Squads include: Sherri’s Smokin’ Spies, Hanna’s Hungry Hippos, Allie’s Adventurous Avengers, and Erin’s Elegant Elephants. Each squad part is choreographed by their corresponding officer and allows each officer to show of their squad and their amazing choreography skills. Jazz Company, the officers, and Kick Company all have separate parts within finale. As tradition calls, at the end of finale on the last night of Spring Show, each senior ceremoniously hits their jump split for their ending position marking their leaving of the team and the entrance of the newnew news now considered just new news onto the team. This is the final performance that the seniors have with the Clear Creek Cavaliers and as they will no longer dance with the team. For parents, friends, and seniors alike Saturday night of Spring Show is an emotional journey as the reality of being a senior sets in and it becomes time to say goodbye. Come out and support the Clear Creek Cavaliers at their guaranteed to be spectacular Spring Show as the Cavaliers dance as a team for the final time. Tickets are $7 and the show starts at 7 p.m. on all three nights, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

2013 Summa Cum Laude graduates are announced By Valerie Hellinghausen Editor-in-Chief

On March 28, 2013 the summa cum laude graduates of the senior class of 2013 celebrated their academic success at the Summa Cum Laude Brunch held in the Counseling Center. After the seniors’ final grade point averages (GPAs) and ranks were finalized at the end of the third nine weeks, the counselors notified the seniors who will be graduating summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude. To graduate with these honors, students must maintain some of the highest GPAs at CCHS over four years. At the brunch, the summa cum laude students all stood up, introduced themselves, and shared their future college plans and prospective college majors. Principal Scott Bockhart also awarded the 2013 valedictorian, Stephanie Ding, and the 2013 salutatorian, Laura Holzenkamp

their valedictorian and salutatorian medals

Photo by Natalie Steele

and trophies for being ranked as the top two

students in the 2013 senior class. The summa cum laude graduates of 2013 include: Alex Bercich, Kevin Chase, Celeste Clary, Jordan Cooley, Casey Dervay, Vijay Dharmaraj, Stephanie Ding, James Driver, Sara Gerke, Valerie Hellinghausen, Sam Heydorn, Laura Holzenkamp, Jacqueline Koonce, Han Shawn Ling, Kevin Oram, Annie Pham, Stephanie Phillion, Morgan Records, Michael Sulkis, Alex Wahl, Kari Whitmarsh, and Madison Williams. These 22 seniors will receive their official summa cum laude medals at the Senior Awards Night on May 21. The graduates will wear these medals as a part of their full graduation regalia in recognition of their academic achievement at Clear Creek High School. In addition, the summa cum laude graduates will be seated towards the front of the class at graduation, and will be some of the first students to walk across the stage on June 7, 2013.



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What’s your favorite thing about the HiLife?

“I get to speak freely and be who I am, while doing what I love: being a photographer.” -Mallori Flanagan

eople in the “I love the p ina Koonce class.” -Krist “I love the people the most. We are like a big family; we have fun when we are together and we work when we need to work.” -Jessica Sieling

ce get the chan “Everyday I love with to do what I k make me loo people who soming to new forward to c g in ay. I love be d ry e v e r e p a p nd tell stories a able to get to le m with peop be telling the a Nhan I love.” -Lis “I love getting to know everyone and becoming a small family. Through the ups and downs, we all have each others’ backs.” -Gabrielle Renwall

d et to meet an g I t a th e v “I lo up of amazing gro n a h it w rk o w t anna Jeffcoa people.” -Bre

“I like being the Sports editor because I get to write about and edit stories that interest me all throughout the year.” -Greg Brotzman

ct that the pa “I love the fa tely student per is comple get put into it, I I t a h W . n ru age see a blank p out. I get to hin ewspaper wit turn into a n s. few week ” a matter of a illiams -Madison W

e we can all b “I love how h d unique wit individual an our ecause with b , o d e w t a wh mwe create a fa individuality t.” ach other ou ily helping e rza -Jasmine Ga “I love how everyone alw ays brings positi ve energy to the group, and I will never fo rg et this experien ce.” -Sydney Matthews

to get “I love being able ve fun at work done, and ha s is my the same time. Thi a family.” -Lilli Lar “Sharing the y ear with people with the same passion as me made this exper ience completely worthw hile. I will take with me all the things I learned , and will never forget the way it changed me.” -Leticia Suarez

being able “I love the people, erything to just talk about ev ing a phoand anything and be ie Steele tographer.” -Natal

“I like seeing my name in a newspaper for something good.” -Justin Behrens

“I love the familial aura of the HiLife newsroom. It makes everyone feel at home. The people are awesome and the teacher is awesome, and you have the right to free speech. Why not use it?” -Shelby Lyles “I feel like an actual newspaper editor and reporter, and it’s great because this is really good practice for my future journalism job. I feel like this is my job, and I love it.” -Jenan Taha

g work pub“I love gettin eling as if lished and fe of something you’re a part olfe ” -Rachel W meaningful. ell of the new sm e th e v lo “I when we get newspapers r.” om the printe them back fr llman -Hannah Ge


HiLife Staff

Principal: Scott Bockart Advisor: Wynette Jameson e Proofreader: Jan O’Neil able to mak “I love being e th Editor-in-Chief: Valerie Hellinghausen orking on friends and w ” Design Editor: Hannah Brinsko reat. y’re really g photos—the Management Editor: Madison Williams kson -Monica Jac Features Editor: Leticia Suarez News Editor: Madison Williams Teen Interest Editor: Kristina Koonce Sports Editors: Greg Brotzman “My favorite thing about the Dylan Hill HiLife is ‘editing week.’ The Around Creek Editors: Lisa Nhan stress and amount of teamwork Jenan Taha that goes into our deadlines in Advertising Manager: Jasmine Garza one week is truly a force to be Photo Editor: Gabrielle Renwall reckoned with and being around Online Editor: Monica Jackson that much creative energy is just Arlen Addison incredible.” Audree Hall Sydney Matthews Justin Behrens -Valerie Hellinghausen Breanna Jeffcoat Jessica Sieling Mallori Flanagan Lilli Lara Natalie Steele Hannah Gellman Shelby Lyles Rachel Wolfe “I love the day after the paper goes to print and we get to relax for a day and look through the new issue.” -Hannah Brinsko Being an editor, I like that I get to show off my work in a monthly paper.” -Dylan Hill

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Madison’s Musings

Valerie’s Voice

By Valerie Hellinghausen Editor-in-Chief 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeir, the Supreme Court case which granted schools the right to censor student publications “so long as their actions are reasonably related” to legitimate concerns. 25 years later, the decision has expanded from the K-12 context outward to college campuses, leading journalism educators and organizations to lobby for the case to be revisited. However, after over two decades of stifling student speech to protect schools’ reputations, the misuse of the Hazelwood decision calls for urgent amendment and reversal. In 1988, the faculty advisor of a Missouri student newspaper at Hazelwood East High School filed suit against the school district when the school principal rejected the publication of articles on teenage pregnancy and divorce. After filing under the Tinker v. Des Moines precedent which guaranteed students the right to free speech, the Court favored the school district, qualifying that school administrators have the right to limit student speech so long as the school has “legitimate pedagogical concerns.” “It is a national scandal, frankly, and as long as schools continue to maintain unconstitutional policies, we will see students challenge those policies when they have been silenced on campus,” William Creeley, Director of Legal and Public Advocacy for the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education said in an interview with Campus Progress. For schools, the Hazelwood case guarantees school officials the right to censor student publications in a school sponsored, non-public forum in order to protect a school’s reputation and image if the publication will in some way inhibit the school’s educational mission. However, the Hazelwood decision has left schools with vague guidelines as to what qualifies as a “legitimate pedagogical concern,” a school sponsored, non-public forum, and where the decision is applicable. In recent cases, lower courts like the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals have used the precedent to apply the student speech restrictions on the college level. Cases like these have

led opponents such as the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) to pass resolutions urging the Supreme Court to reevaluate the 1988 ruling. “The fundamental problem with Hazelwood was that it failed to give schools very clear guidance on what’s permissible and what’s not permissible. It opened the door to schools being overly censorial because of the lax standard in the case,” Gabe Rottman, legislative council and policy advisor for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said in an article by Campus Progress. Consequently, the image of the public school and college campus as a marketplace for diversity, ideas, and free speech is altered by the expansion of Hazelwood’s interpretation.As Hazelwood’s interpretation continues to include other aspects of students’ free speech, it continues to rival student journalists’ mission to ethically report stories from every perspective and angle, not just the ones their universities and schools approve of. While Hazelwood in the past has been used to censor free speech, more recently it was used in a case centered around an Arizona law that prohibited courses intended to promote resentment towards the United States, or certain racial groups, and were fundamentally designed for specific ethnicities. As a result, the law has used the Hazelwood precedent to restrict students’ access to information. The US District Court found three out of the four provisions in the case constitutional, however it did argue against the provision allowing the creation of a course for a specific ethnic group, ruling that when restricting students’ access to information like restricting students’ speech, the censoring must provide specific, legitimate educational concerns. This migration of Hazelwood’s applications to varying aspects of a student’s education has gone on for too long. While some argue that censoring student speech in an educational environment may be supported by “legitimate pedagogical concerns,” the idea that students’ access to information should be censored contradicts the fundamental purpose of education: to inform and engage students in the world they live in. By blocking student access to even the smallest portion of their world, educators are failing to show them the full picture. Additionally, by limiting the “free” speech students have rights to in a school setting, student journalists are disabled from producing media that shows all sides of a story, hindering their ability to report with full rights and full journalistic integrity. Instead of students shedding their First Amendment rights when at school, the Supreme Court needs to end the misuse of the Hazelwood precedent and consider possible revision or reversal.

“Your right to speak is like your right to hear. It would be a pretty lousy right to free speech if you can say all you want but we’re going to stop anybody from hearing you.” -Adam Goldstein


By Madison Williams Management Editor As prom draws closer, students rush to find dates or students currently in relationships try to make it work until after prom. Many choose to go stag, others in a big group, and some just as friends. But can a boy and girl truly be just friends with no other social implications? In my experience I have seen both sides come true. For the most part I see guys and girls who label each other as “best friends” and promise not to date or develop feelings for each other. Almost always, whether it be the boy or the girl, one person ends up liking the other and harbors unrequited feelings of teenage love commonly referred to as angst. In many cases these feelings never surface and they just become that much more of a devoted friend. In other cases the feelings fade over time and the friendship is unharmed. Most likely though the other person will find out because we are in high school and secrets are kept about as well as the money in our pockets. Some manage to get over this initial road bump but many have a remnant of a friendship that is damaged by un-kept promises to hang out and continued avoidance rather than addressing the awkward situation. If this happens to you, have some guts and fix the awkward situation. It is bound to happen sometime and it will not go away if you ignore it no matter what you thought you were taught when playing peek-a-boo. Guys may feel that they get friendzoned more often than girls but I have seen my fair share of girls pine after one guy since their kindergarten days. It seems that the stronger that opposite gender friendships become the more likely that one of the members of the relationship will begin to wonder about the possibility of something more. Continuing with the friendzone concept, MTV has developed a new reality TV show (shocker) appropriately titled Friendzoned. The show urges people put in the friendzone to come out and declare their feelings for their best friend. Let’s say a girl is getting ready to reveal her

feelings to her best guy friend who she hopes will be something more by the end of the night. MTV has the girl poll her guy friend on his idea of the perfect date. The guy helps her get ready or offers his opinion on her outfit and drives her to the date. Once they are both at the site that the date is set to occur, the girl reveals that she has always been in love with him and would like to go out on this perfect date together. From the few episodes I have watched out of complete boredom, more often than naught the person revealing their feelings is turned down. This all but shatters their relationship and adds to the public shame of being rejected on TV. Many people believe they need to make their feelings known so that they don’t miss out on the love of their life, but in the wise words of my mother, “If it is meant to be, it will be.” People will always scoff at the validity of an opposite gender friendship. To keep your friendship together even after the feelings are revealed, don’t ever take advantage of their feelings. Never give into the physical attraction as that will alter your friendship regardless of how hard you work to maintain that just friends status. Friendships are destroyed when people develop feelings because they try to force those feelings rather than letting things play out. Guys and girls can be just friends to a certain extent. At some point in their friendship they will develop a crush or try to date. Just because it doesn’t work out with your best opposite gender friend, don’t get discouraged! Putting your friendship through that trial has only strengthened your bond and given you more funny moments to laugh about in the future. Remember, you are one of the few putting yourself out there and trying to find that person to spend the rest of your life with. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I believe that everyone will find the love of his or her life at some point. Some find it early, others later. No matter what though, fate will bring you together and with hard word you will keep your relationship together. Always remember to hope! There is no harm in hoping that the person who you are currently dating is the “one.” Teenagers get a bad reputation for falling in and out of love too quickly. It is all a learning experience and you will hopefully only mature with every relationship. Hope, faith, and love are the keys to a happy life. Hope for good things in your life to happen, have faith in others and that everything will turn out, and have every step that you take be motivated by love.

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other... Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever.” -Dave Matthews Band



Gun control debate continues among Congress By Rachel Wolfe Reporter

During the week of April 8th, Congress began to address the possibility of demanding more in depth background checks on people attempting to purchase firearms to help aide in the prevention of gun violence. The call for such acts is a direct result from the tragically high number of mass shootings in the recent years. The mass devastation has led to lawmakers to attempt to establish some new regulations on gun control, without infringing on citizens 2nd amendment rights. The bill proposed will extend the depth of the background checks required when attempting to purchase firearms. According to several national polls, around 90% of Americans support some form of universal back ground checks when buying guns. However, how far to extend those background checks seems to remain a point of dispute between parties. Some Democrats, for example, not only want more in depth background checks, but also want a broadening of the requirement for records of the sale transactions. To some Republicans and gun rights activists, this possibility of a national gun registry is a deal-breaker. Currently, when purchasing a gun from any retail outlet, from local gun shops to national chains such as Walmart, the store is required to enter your name and information into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, to check the eligibility of the buyer. The system connects to several databases managed by the FBI, and runs the buyers name through federal and state criminal records. The check usually takes a few minutes to complete, and unless the buyer has been indicted or convicted of a felony, has admit-

ted to being addicted to a controlled substance, has been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces, is subject to a restraining order, or some other reason of the same sort, they will be given the privilege of purchasing the weapon. Individuals can also be denied purchase on the recommen-

gun purchases. The Democratic bill pushes the NICS system to be utilized in all gun transactions, thus closing this loophole. With this bill, background checks will be required for transactions at gun shows and on the Internet. Aside from the NICS background

The opponents of the bill argue that the ineffectiveness of the current system is a reason not to expand it. For example, the current system cannot force states to share all records with the NICS system, including ones regarding mental health. This loophole allows people with mental issues to legally purchase weapons. For example, Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre, was declared mentally ill by a judge two years prior to the mass shooting. But, since the state is not required to share mental health records, Cho was cleared in the background check when purchasing the guns. Another opposing group label the bill as a waste of government dollars. They believe that people who know they will not pass a background check, like felons, will bypass the process entirely and go straight to the black market to purchase firearms. One huge factor directly affecting whether or not the bill will pass is the opinion of the American people. Immediately following tragic events, such as Newtown, the American people surge to favor more restricting laws on firearms. In fact, according to President Barack Obama spoke at University of Hartford on Monday, April 8, 2013, in West Hartford, Connectinational polls, more than half the nacut. On the eve of the gun control debate in Washington, Obama pledged that the country would not forget the shooting in Newtown. (Richard Messina/Hartford Courant/MCT) tion favored stricter gun control laws in the days after the Newtown shooting. However, the number reduced to dation of psychiatrists, mental health insti- check, buyers are also required to fill out a just 40% six months later. tutions, and family members. federal form, Form 4473. This form allows This debate is a hard one to tackle. ObAccording to CNN, since this system law enforcement officials to trace buys viously something must be done to further was first introduced in 1998, 2.1 million to their original purchasers. Form 4473 try to prevent mass shootings and tragic background checks have been denied out requires the name, address, date of birth, events similar to the Aurora and Newtown of 118 million requests, or around 2%. copy of ID, NICS background check num- shooting, but since the ability to own a However, the use of this NICS background ber of the buyer, and model and serial num- weapon is listed in the Constitution, findcheck is not required for private sales of ber of the gun purchased. The dealer must ing the “happy medium” is a harder chalweapons, which make up about 20% of all then retain the document for 20 years. lenge than expected.

Plant explosion in West, Texas results in tragedy By Madison Williams Management Editor

On Wednesday night, April 17, a fertilizer plant in West, Texas exploded killing 35 in the initial blast including 10 first

responders. That number included five volunteer firefighters, four emergency responders, and off duty firefighter from Dallas. More than 160 people were injured and are currently being treated for various injuries due to the blast. According to CNN George Smith, West’s director of emergency services, has said that the death toll could spike to 60 or 70. 29 patients are still hospitalized, including five that are still being held in the intensive care unit. The area around the site of the explosion at the fertilizer plant is still considered hazardous as the plant housed ammonium nitrate, said McLennan County Chief Deputy Sheriff Matt Cawthon. Authorities continue to search through what rubble they can in the hopes of finding survivors from the blast. The blast itself left the town of 2,800 people shattered and bathed in a path of wreckage. Officials have speculated that approximately 50 to 60 homes in a five-block radius of the explosion sustained damage. The entire town was required to evacuate after the explosion. Concern now rests on the chemical exposure to anhydrous ammonia, a gas used in making fertilizer. This gas can cause severe burns if it combines with water in the body. Exposure to high concentrations can result in death. Doctors reported that

the injuries they were treating mostly came from the blast, not chemical exposure. In 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency fined the company that ran the fertilizer plant $2,300 for not correction a problem that they were aware of. After the fine, the company claimed that it had fixed its’ deficiencies, which included failure to file a risk management program on time. Also in 2006, the company had a complaint filed against them for the lingering smell of ammonia. The plant still maintains that they presented no risk to fire or explosion. The plant’s report to the EPA claimed that the worst-case scenario would only result in a 10-minute release of ammonia gas that would not kill or injure any civilian. There have been no indications of criminal activity but that has not been ruled out yet. As of Thursday afternoon, authorities had not determined what led to the deadly explosion. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott told reporters that it is way too premature to determine whether criminal activity was related to the deadly explosion. A U.S. intelligence office told CNN that there is no indication of terrorism in regards to the cause of the explosion. While the state is leading the investigation, the federal government will be assisting. Investigators continue to look into the cause of the explosion.



UT Austin works to develop viable invisibility cloak By Jenan Taha Around Creek Editor

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have begun experimenting with an old phenomenon—invisibility. Although they do not possess the magical power of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, it may be an important step in what humans are able to accomplish with science. Instead of a magic cloak, researchers have created a super thin material, called a mantle cloak, to hide objects in certain wavelengths of light. It is a step up from the earlier invisibility experiments, which involved bulky machines that were nearly useless for human use. According to a report published in the New Journal of Physics, the cloak is made from strips of copper tape, which are attached to an extremely thin polycarbonate film and arranged in a fishnet design. For the experiment, the team decided to cloak a cylinder, although the cloak can be used for organic shapes as well. In order to carry out this experiment, the researchers must have a good understanding of how light and the human eye works.

We see objects when light waves hit the to infrared and microwaves. The light that object, then bounce off. Our eyes receive is visible to humans makes up merely a and register those light waves as an image. fraction of all types of light waves, and Unlike other ‘invisibility cloaks’, which any other wave, including microwaves, we only scatter light from hitting the object, cannot see with the naked eye. These rethe mansearchers will tle cloak now have the uses a challenge of metallic making an screen to object appear cancel out invisible in all light visible light, waves thus being inthat revisible to the f l e c t human eye. off the So far, the object, research team making it has succeeded Courtesy of MCT invisible. in cloaking It is as if microscopic there is nothing for the light to bounce off materials a fraction of the width of a hair of, so instead, it passes through. strand. This development is actually very Unfortunately, the experiment took useful in the biomedical and optical field, place using microwaves, which have a where having the ability to turn a small lower frequency than visible light. There blockage in the eye invisible could potenare several different types of light waves, tially give new vision to a patient. from the light we see, called visible light, “The main civil applications we have

suggested for this technology are in the area of non-invasive sensing, biomedical and optical nano-devices for computing, and energy harvesting,” Professor Andrea Alu, a member of the scientific team at UT Austin, said. The cloak is also useful in blocking radar waves, which are part of the microwave spectrum. This could help with a multitude of projects and operations involved in the military and other government apparatuses. “The advantages of the mantle cloaking over existing techniques are its conformability, ease of manufacturing, and improved bandwidth. We have shown that you don’t need a bulk meta-material to cancel the scattering from an object—a simple patterned surface that is conformal to the object may be sufficient and, in many regards, even better than a bulk meta-material,” Professor Alu said. Now that the Texas researchers have accomplished invisibility at a small scale, their next job is to provide invisibility at the human scale—which may be in the near future.

League City plans removal of all red light cameras By Rachel Wolfe Reporter

League City citizens may come across a few more police cruisers monitoring intersections in the next coming months. On April 23, 2013, the city council met to discuss ending the Redflex Traffic System contract early, and removing three of the cities red-light cameras by July. The red light cameras have been controversial since their debut in September 2009, so their elimination should not come as too much of a surprise. Currently, three intersections in League City have the Safelight cameras- FM 518 at IH-45; FM 518 at State Hwy 3; and FM 518 at Marina Bay Drive. According to the city’s website, each camera system actually consists of a series of digital cameras installed near the roadway. Two cameras capture still images, and one records video of the incident. The first digital camera captures two pictures, the first showing the vehicle prior to entering the intersection while the light was red, and the second shows the vehicle actually in the intersection while the light was red. These images display the date, time, and location of the violation, as well as the amount of time the light was red when the image was captured. The second camera zooms in on the vehicle and captures a close up image of the rear license plate. The last digital camera takes a quick 12-second clip of the vehicle committing the violation, the first 6 seconds before the incident, and the last 6 seconds following the incident. The cameras are programmed to allow exceptions; such as allowing drivers to make the legal right turns on red. Though the flash of the camera may go off, it does not necessarily mean the owner of the vehicle will be issued a violation. An officer reviews all photos and videos taken by the Safelight cameras before the violation is issued, so not all photos or videos lead to

a violation. If the driver simply pulled too far into the intersection, or the camera malfunctioned, no violation will be issued. After a vehicle is issued a violation, they are required to pay a one time fee of $75.00. Since the violation is a civil offense, a driver may not take a defensive driving course to dismiss the violation. However, the Safelight Photo Enforcement does not go on the drivers driving record, or count against their insurance. Basically, after paying the fine, the offense leaves no permanent mark on the drivers record. Since all the money paid for the offences goes to the city, the Safelight systems are essentially designed to pay for themselves. Half of all revenue gained

from the fines is used to fund uncompensated care at designed trauma facilities for county or regional emergency medical services. The other half can only be legally spent on funding traffic safety programs, such as the Safelight program. Though the information provided regarding the cameras is rather positive, the City Council of League City unanimously voted on Tuesday, April 23 to remove the cameras from the city. The city will pay the Redflex company $350,000 to end its contract early, and also pay its $37,215 monthly bill to Redflex for April and May. The vote does not come as a surprise, since in November 77% of League City voters voted in favor of an amendment to

ban the use of cameras. Though the amendment was meant to take place after the city’s contract expires in October 2014, the city decided that ending the contract early would save the city an additional $315,000 that would have been spent maintaining the cameras until October. According to the city, though the contract termination does not take effect until July 1, it will stop issuing the Safelight camera violations immediately. Additionally, all cameras have been shut off, effective of April 24th, and Redflex will remove all camera systems within 90 days of April 23rd. For more information about the cameras, visit

6 Around Creek

Cura Orphanage in Kenya needs Creek’s support By Jenan Taha Around Creek Editor

For nearly ten years, the Clear Creek HiLife has been working with the Cura Orphanage located just outside Nairobi, Kenya, helping 55 young children with schooling and daily life. The Clear Creek journalism and newspaper class has started a Cura clinic drive. Anyone is welcome to donate money or basic medical supplies to benefit the Cura Orphanage. Acceptable supplies for the Cura drive include: •Adhesive tape •Antibiotic ointment •Antiseptic solution or towelettes •Band-Aids •Ace Bandages •Instant cold packs •Cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs •Disposable latex or synthetic gloves •Duct tape •Gauze pads and roller gauze •Plastic bags •Safety pins in assorted sizes •Scissors and tweezers •Soap or instant hand sanitizer •Sterile eyewash, saline solution •Thermometer •Triangular bandage •Turkey baster / bulb suction devices These basic supplies are greatly needed by the orphanage. Boxes are designated in each pod with ‘CURA’ on the sides, where students may place their donations.

the Cura villagers, and not just the children who live in the Home,” Hayden Bixby said in a post on the online Cura Blog. All of the children at Cura have lost their parents to AIDS. Unfortunately, they are not the only children in Nairobi who have lost their parents to this disease. There are at least a hundred more orphans on a waiting list for the orphanage. Currently, Cura is only able to hold 55 children comfortably, and only half of the children have outside sponsors Photos courtesy of Jennifer Huxta who pay for their welfare. The “From the outset of our work in Cura, sponsors at Cura—which include Kathy the overall purpose has been to improve Eldon, who visited Creek in January— the quality and standard of life of all of

believe that with the proper supplies, they can accommodate their goal of caring for 150 children. In an underdeveloped country such as Kenya, it is very difficult to meet the health needs of the population, much less this orphanage. As supplies like the ones listed above are desperately needed all over the country, they are overly expensive and not of very good quality. Children ranging from age 5 to 14, like the ones at Cura, are prone to scrapes and scratches, just as any other energetic child would be. Without critical medical supplies, these scrapes can turn into serious injuries and infections. Hygiene is also essential for a healthy lifestyle, especially for developing young children. Despite some deficiencies in their lives, the Cura kids are an energetic and bright bunch. “Here you see the children happy and growing, in spite of the many challenges they each have faced,” Bixby said in a post on the online Cura Blog. The supplies will be going to Dixie Hairston, a former HiLife editor at Creek. Hairston will be traveling to Nairobi to visit the orphanage on May 4. Creek will be competing with Clear Springs High School’s journalism department to see who can collect the most donations. The deadline for all donations will be April 30. Monetary donations are also acceptable, and should be given to Ms. Jameson in the newspaper room in D136.

Around Creek Creek Wind Ensemble to perform in Chicago By Valerie Hellinghausen Editor-in-Chief

On April 4, 2013 the Clear Creek Wind Ensemble received an invitation to perform at the internationally acclaimed Midwest Clinic in Chicago this upcoming December for the first time in the band department’s history. Since 1946, the Midwest Clinic has been hosted in Chicago each December to share new musical techniques, commissioned music, and talent of exemplary performing bands, orchestras, and small ensembles from around the world. For music educators and musicians of varying degrees of experience, performing at the four-day clinic is one of the highest honors an ensemble can receive in the international music community. Each spring, the clinic receives recordings from numerous applicants trying to receive an invitation to perform at the upcoming clinic amongst 30 to 40 other performing groups from around the world. Over the past four months, the Wind Ensemble rehearsed in class, after school, and on weekends to prepare two pieces to record and submit to the Midwest Clinic committees in late March. Their performance list for the recording included George Washington Bicentennial March, a traditional march written towards the end of John Philip Sousa’s career. Also on the recording is Gustav Holst’s Hammersmith, a fourteen minute-long prelude and scherzo featuring multiple solos and three intertwined

melodies that capture Holst’s hometown of Hammersmith, a small suburb of London near the Thames River, and the struggle between nature and human industrialization.

Midwest Clinic in December. In Chicago, the Wind Ensemble will perform alongside over 40 other high school, college, military and professional bands and orchestras from

Photo by Valerie Hellinghausen

“Preparing the music consumed a lot of time, but it was fun when I could do it with people that I enjoy being with. I was making something great with all of my friends,” senior clarinet soloist Jacqueline Koonce said. After recording these two pieces in an after school session, the band also recorded their live video performance in class of the two musical pieces to submit as well. The group committees then reviewed all of the submissions sent in by a pool of international bands and orchestras. After evaluating all of the submitted recordings, the Clear Creek Wind Ensemble was chosen amongst three other high school bands from the United States to perform at the

around the world in the 67th Annual Midwest Clinic. “When I found out we got in, I was really excited, but the moment was also bittersweet. It’s great to know that all of our hard work paid off, but it is sad that none of the seniors will get to go to Midwest,” Koonce said. Upon receiving their invitation, the Wind Ensemble was also asked to participate in one of the rehearsal labs at the clinic. These rehearsal labs give music educators and other audience members a chance to observe well-known conductors lead open rehearsals with varying types of ensembles. For those performing and in attendance, the labs are intended to share


practice techniques with directors and other musicians that can be used to prepare multiple styles of music at home with their own ensembles. Despite their excitement, the Wind Ensemble and other bands in the department had to redirect their focus back to their UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest performances at Pearland High School and upcoming performance at the Meyerson Center in the 2013 Dallas Wind Symphony Invitational Windband Festival. Before these performances, the band quickly prepared an adaptation of Shoshtakovich’s Festive Overture for band to add to their Midwest repertoire. At Pearland, the Wind Ensemble received all Superior ratings from the judges in their concert performance for all three pieces. At the Meyerson Center, the band was named Grand Champion Windband, Outstanding Large School Windband, Outstanding Large School Brass, Outstanding Large School Percussion, and Outstanding Brass Soloist went to Creek senior and French horn player, Alex Wahl. With the competitive concert season behind them, the Wind Ensemble and other performing groups in the department can begin preparing for their final concert featuring music selections the Wind Ensemble will perform at Midwest and several senior solo performances on May 23 in the Clear Creek auditorium. For more details on the band department’s upcoming events, go to

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First year of Cadettes program finishes off strong By Lisa Nhan Around Creek Editor

This year at Creek marks the beginning of a new program, the Cadettes. Previously known as the Color Guard, this reboot is intended to develop a dance group that doesn’t just perform, but gives dancers a chance to express themselves and find a way to be involved in the Wildact community. During marching season, they perform on the field with the band as part of the marching show. In the spring, the dancers show off their skills in multiple performances. The Cadettes are finishing off the year strong with many great performances behind them as a result of their successful first year and continue to plan for the future of furthering their program. The program is coached and organized by Ms. Katherine Allin. This is Allin’s first year teaching at Creek along with being the Cadettes director. After being a stage manger and dance teacher for many years, Allin intended to bring her intense passion for dance to the Cadettes. “Ms. Allin had been a real blessing to the team,” said Lauren Eure, 10th, previous member of the Color Guard and current dancer for the Cadettes on the improvements the program this year. “The overall vision is to develop a dance group that pursues excellence and encourages camaraderie,” said Ms. Allin, the Cadettes director. With marching season coming up as summer approaches, Ms. Allin and the band directors have been working together to find a way to reach that vision a second time. Together, the directors view the Cadettes not only as a dance group, but a section of the band during marching season. As an, “integral part of the vision for our shows” according to Meyer, the band director, the Cadettes provide the visual aspect for the marching performance by

using props like flags. The latest show required them to dance with balloons. Since next year’s theme is “Jacob’s Ladder” for the marching performances, the dancers will learn to use ladders and silky materials to add to the excitement of Creek’s marching show. Together with the band, the Cadettes practice in the hot summer sun during August along with all of marching season. “It’s so hot, but every bit of it is worth is. All of our hard work is paid off in the performance,” said Ikeisha Waters, 10th, about the past marching season. Auditions for the Cadettes team for the 2013 Marching season team where held on April 30th and May 1st. Another round of auditions are to accord on the 14th and 15th of May. The format is inteded to be like a dance class. Incoming Cadettes learn a dance in the first day of auditions then perform on the next in front of the band directors and two guest dance judges. Preparation for the summer and next year were only part of the Cadettes schedule. The plan is that a more performance based spring season will give the Cadettes not only a way to be involved, but a way to prepare for the next marching season. Their performance season is still only going, only recently to have finished their Spring Showcase. Highlights, such as numbers like Singin’ In the Rain where

Photo courtsey of Katherine Allin

the dancers surprised the audience with paper rain falling from their umbrellas choreographed by Mr. Cuevas himself, gave Creek students a chance to see what the Cadettes were capable of. Many of the supporters in the crowd were band members whom the Cadettes created friendships with during their marching experience. Allin found great pride watching the dancers in their first showcase and her

own past students helping run the show. “It’s a great feeling to have everyone running the show be my students,” said Allin. Their upcoming performance in the Cavaliers’ Spring Show, taking place May 2, 3, and 4, will include the hip-hop and lyrical numbers from the Cadettes own showcase. Other performances at the school have included dancing during varsity basketball games. The Cadettes hosted the Winter Guard and Dance Performance Competition at Creek with students coming in from schools all around the district as well as some as far as Deer Park. The motive behind these plans were to appeal to more students by providing a dance-based group that will give students at Creek a way to be a part of something bigger. The program gave the dancers a chance to express themselves along with being a part of a team. Working together all year and during practices had created strong bonds for these girls. “We’re like a big family. We have sister relationships... Ms. Allin is like our mom,” said Waters. Allin is already planning events and performances for next year. Special guest choreographers being one of them. With a successful first year behind them, the team continues to plan for the more future success. The goals were met and exceeded for their beginnings according to Allin. The Cadettes and Allin continue to exhibit the talents and community building that Creek prides itself on.

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22nd annual MTV movie awards are a comedic hit

By Leticia Suarez Features Editor

Rebel Wilson is known for her hilarious sense of humor. We have seen her in movies like, Pitch Perfect, The Bridesmaids, The Bachelorette, and is currently working on the upcoming movie, Kung-Fu Panda 3. It is safe to say that her comedic background gave her enough experience to successfully host the MTV Movie Awards . The Annual Awards show was moved from June to April to promote the new Iron Man 3 movie that is supposed to come to the big screens this May. They showed the Iron Man trailer as well as the highly anticipated world premiere of the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer. This year, the 22nd annual MTV Movie Awards aired live from Los Angeles. The full list of nominees was announced during a 2013 MTV Movie Awards Nominations Spectacular, on Tuesday, March 5 by Josh Horowitz and Rebel Wilson. Leading this year’s nominees included Django Unchained, Ted, Silver Linings Playbook, and The Dark Knight Rises, all of which were a big part of last year’s movie showings. People were able to vote at shortly after the nominations, Two new nominations were added: Best Shirtless Performance, won by Taylor Lautner for his performance in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, and Best Musical Moment, won by the cast of Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Alexis

Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner vs. Tom Hiddleston, and Best Villain award by Tom Hiddleston himself. Selena Gomez, among other artists, performed her new single Come and Get It, with skilled dance moves, which was completely different from the Disney Channel girl everybody is used to seeing. Also, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sang Can’t Hold Us and even the cast of Pitch Perfect joined Host Rebel Wilson for a “medley of epic proportions.” With new nominations Host Rebel Wilson and Channing Tatum behind the scenes on set at the “2013 MTV Movie Awards” on-air promo shoot. Photo by John Shearer and breathtaking performances, The The Avengers ended up with the most MTV Movie Awards was an event thoumale performance won by Jennifer Lawrence for The Silver Linings Playbook, awards at the end of the day after The Sil- sands of people enjoyed. Every year, new and Best Male performance given to Jen- ver Linings Playbook. Besides from the addictions make the show far more enternifer’s co-star Bradley Cooper for the same best movie award, The Avengers also won taining than the year before, giving more movie, who also won Best On-Screen Duo, Best fight, with Robert Downey Jr., Chris room for awards and laughs. and Best Kiss. Rebel Wilson took the Best Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Knapp, Ester Dean and Hana Mae Lee. Other nominations included Movie of the Year given to The Avengers, Best fe-

Breakthrough Performance, and Suraj Sharma the Best Scared-As-S**t Performance for Life of Pi.

Pitch Perfect 2 to hit theaters in the summer of 2015 By Lisa Nhan Around Creek Editor During this year’s CinemaCon, a convention located in Las Vegas that aims to celebrate the business of movies and the theater experience, Universal announced plans for a Pitch Perfect sequel coming to the box office in 2015. In the fall of 2012, Pitch Perfect gained moderate success in the box office and a cult following, Universal saw an opportunity for a successful sequel and made the decision to continue the story. Fans were left on a slight cliffhanger at the end of Pitch Perfect. The future of the Barden Bellas was left unclear after becoming the top acapella group on campus. With a sequel under works, the fans will get the chance to relive the experience of the musical comedy. Money is always a factor in the decision for sequels and Pitch Perfect showed signs of future success. Pitch Perfect gained $112 million worldwide in the box office and $90 million in home market platforms. It’s currently Universal’s third highest-grossing VOD, following behind Ted and Bridesmaids. The movie itself became the second highest grossing Music Comedy film behind School of Rock. Even more profits were gained in the soundtrack with over 636,000 copies sold. The critics gave the movie overall fair-

ly positive reviews for the comedic factors mixed with the impressive musical numbers. National Public Radio’s film critic David Edelstein named it as one of the top

in an interview with MovieWeb about the upcoming sequel. “I think they did such a perfect job. The music landed so perfectly when it

Photo courtesy of Universal Studios

picks for the year for being, “This is the year’s most exhilarating pick-me-up.” Entertainment Weekly named Pitch Perfect’s soundtrack as one of the best. Returning to write the script is Kay Cannon. Rebel Wilson, who played the well-loved “Fat Amy”, has had meetings with Universal to discuss her return. Rebel Wilson is rumored to be the lead in the sequel, which will continue to follow the story of Fat Amy. Skylar Astin, who was the lead male, Jesse, in the movie has also had meetings with Universal discussing his return. Astin discussed his excitement

came out the first time, I can’t imagine, if the same people are involved, that lightning won’t strike twice. I will sing whatever they want me to sing,” said Astin. While no official releases have been made on the exact plot of the sequel will be, the cast and crew has discussed their hopes for the future of the Barden University acapella groups. “I kind of hope that there is not a sequel that starts right where it left off, because Aubrey and Chloe are not there, because we graduated… You can’t make it without Aubrey and Chloe,” said Brittany Show, actress for the role of Chloe. The factors for a successful sequel seem to be lining up as more plans for the movie has been released.

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Legendary movie critic Roger Ebert dies at age 70 By Lisa Nhan Around Creek Editor

Roger Ebert legendary, movie critic, passed away on April 4, 2013 at the age of 70. Ebert was seen in the eyes of many as being the most well known and most influential film critic. Best known for his witty and honest reviews, Ebert’s movie critic career was like no other. Even those, who may have never heard of him, have heard his original phase, “Two Thumbs Up” which has served as one of his multiple impacts on the world of film. Despite a background of studies in journalism instead of film, he gained honors and respect from readers and professionals alike. His works were published in the Chicago SunTimes along with other Universal Press Syndicate papers, about 200. Ebert was the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize in criticism and receive a Hollywood star Walk of Fame. The Chicago Sun-Times released the news, the paper Ebert had worked for over 40 years where he began as a reporter and later their first movie critic. Though no cause was mentioned, Ebert had been battling with cancer for years, but tried his best not to allow it to effect his work. Even after losing the ability to talk and his lower

jaw as a result of a cancer operation, he still When he didn’t like a film, he was honest; when he did, he was effusive — capturreviewed over 200 movies that year. “When I am writing, my problems become invisible, and I am the same person I always was. All is well. I am as I should be,” said Ebert in an interview with Esquire magazine in 2010 on his perseverance with work. His death was impactful Roger Ebert, the Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, to many. Ebert has died Thursday, April 4, 2013, according to a family friend. He was 70 years old. didn’t just tell Here, Roger Ebert, left, seen in this 1982 file photo. (Chicago Tribune/MCT) his readers what to see, but how to see them and think ing the unique power of the movies to take about the importance a story could make. us somewhere magical,” said President President Barack Obama even had a state- Obama. Ebert published his last piece in Chiment on Ebert’s death. “Michelle and I are saddened to hear cago Sun Times on April 2, 2013 with the about the passing of Roger Ebert. For a story titled, A Leave of Presences. After generation of Americans — especially his most productive year of 306 movie Chicagoans — Roger was the movies. reviews, not counting his blog posts and

Finding Dory coming soon By Kristina Koonce Teen Interest Editor

On Tuesday, April 2, Pixar and Disney announced that the popular animated movie Finding Nemo, would be a getting a sequel called Finding Dory. Along with the announcement of the sequel it was also announced that Ellen DeGeneres would be returning as the voice of the character of Dory. Finding Nemo first came out in 2003. Since then other movies made by Pixar have had sequels, such as Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 but it seemed that Finding Nemo would never return back to the big screen. Dory(Ellen DeGeneres) had mentioned the situation on her show, Ellen, but it seemed that it was simply ignored. Rumors about the sequel started over the summer in July, with the director of the first film directing the sequel and two of the lead characters Marlin and Nemo would be voiced by the same person who voiced them in the original film. The rumors simply seemed like rumors. Nothing had been confirmed nor had anything been denied. Ellen believed that it was just a rumor until early in the year

when she received a call from the director letting her know that the rumors were true and that Finding Nemo was finally getting, in Ellen’s opinion, the well-deserved and well-earned sequel. This time around she would be the star of the show. “I have waited for this day for a long, long, long, long, long, long time, I’m not mad it took this long. I know the people at Pixar were busy creating ‘Toy Story 16.’ But the time they took was worth it. The script is fantastic. And it has everything I loved about the first one: It’s got a lot of heart, it’s really funny, and the best part is—it’s got a lot more Dory,” said DeGeneres in a statement obtained by the Huffington Post. Finding Nemo was released in 2003, and now, over a decade later, the movie will pick up only a year after the chaos of losing Nemo and Dory, the forgetful fish, will be on her own to reunite with her loved ones. The film will have new characters along with returning characters from Finding Nemo according to Disney. Finding Dory is set to hit theaters on November 15, 2015.

other articles, Ebert described his need to slow down. His plan was to only write reviews of those he wanted, leaving the rest to other writers. This way he could focus on his new project, Ebert Digital. Plans for the launch were on April 9, but no news has been released on the news of his death. Ebert did admit that the reason for his leave of presence was his health, which he wanted to write about in future articles. It is obvious in the article that Ebert was excited about his future projects, making it harder to see him leave. “The fact that we’re re-launching the site now, in the midst of other challenges, should give you an idea how important and Ebert Digital are to Chaz and me,” said Ebert in the closing of his last story. With his ending words in his last story, it’s clear that Roger Ebert won’t be forgotten in the hearts of avid film lovers or anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of being impacted by his words. Ebert was not some one to believe in happy endings in real life, but his words will live on with an ending that hasn’t come yet. “So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I’ll see you at the movies,” said Roger Ebert, his last published words.



The Host disappoints the fandom world with movie By Leticia Suarez Features Editors

Stephenie Meyer surfaced on 2005 as the author of the Twilight Saga franchise. She has been successful on staying on young readers and even adult’s radars. A year after that, Stephanie released her second fictional piece, The Host. It wasn’t until 2011 when Summit Entertainment decided to make it into a film, and it jut recently came out on March 29, 2013. “I was driving along and got this idea of two people trapped in the same body, and then the extra problem of them being in love with the same person, and all the complications that would follow, and I thought, ‘Hey, that’s a real idea. I can use that.’ And I spent the rest of the trip figuring out the kind of world that would be in. And as soon as I could, I just started writing it down,” Meyer told the Chicago Tribune. The Host is completely different from Twilight. Most that bought the book were simply misled by the fact that Twilight was a big hit, therefore the Host will be too. They were not wrong. The book itself earned worthy ratings and a pleasant reputation. Unlike Twilight, the Host contains Science Fiction, which seems to be Meyer’s forte. We also see the first love triangle between only two people, but it leads up to more of a love pentagon with new character additions. The book is based on a futuristic world, where aliens, also known as Souls, have taken over the earth, bringing peace and complete amity. Through an advanced medical insertion, they are inserted into the human’s brain, completely gaining control

of the body, and destroying the remains of their host’s memory. Despite their efforts to extend their species throughout earth, there’s still a small resistance of humans who are not willing to go down without a fight. That’s where the heroine, Wanderer, comes into play. Because of her experience

Wanderer then run off together into the desert towards a new life Wanderer never expected. Saoirse Ronan plays human Melanie Stryder in the film, and her lover Jared Howe is played by actor Max Irons. They both live together for a while with Mela-

played it in an earpiece, but I actually really loved it. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t have to worry about anyone else.... I talk to myself anyway so I’m kind of used to that,” Ronan said in an interview. In its opening week, the movie raised $10,600,112, and has raised an average of $53,652,878 so far. That is where the good news ends. Writer/director Andrew Niccol had high expectations to meet, and unfortunately, he failed to do so. His success behind his previous movie In Time left the public anticipating yet another sensation, but now matter how one looks at it, there’s no way the Host did justice to its original storyline. Hitting the twohour mark seemed to be a disastrous idea, considering that more than half the information needed to fully understand Wanderer’s life was completely left out. Also, crucial characters like Diane Kruger’s obsessive alien cop, the Seeker, was forgotten and replaced my scenes that never even made sense without her initial oppression on Wanderer. The script was poorly written Scene in the Movie between Max Irons (far left), Jake Abel (middle), and Saoirse Ronan (far right). Courtesy of MCT. and dry, despite the imtraveling the different planets in the uni- nie’s little brother, Jamie, until Melanie is mense amount of creative room the movie verse, she was chosen to help the Seekers, abducted. Ronan had the difficult task of crew had to work with, and the lack of inthe police force, find this resistance. She playing both Wanderer and Melanie’s char- sight into the Souls left viewers with the was mounted into a girl named Melanie acters at the same time. Both were exten- doubt of whether or not they were the real and was forced night and day to retrieve sively different in every possible way, but threat. her memories and find the location of the according to the Stephenie Meyer herself, Though many enjoyed the book, I resistance’s hiding place. The memories, Ronan did an honorable job displaying could not truly enjoy the movie. For those however, overwhelmed Wanderer with their complex personalities. who live and breathe science fiction, this emotions that she never felt before, and “I thought it was going to be really book-to-movie adaptation does not live up made her go to the end of the earth to find tough to do. I thought it was going to be a to the book’s original story line, depth, and the people she has grown to love through bit of a challenge and it was. We recorded ruined one of my favorite books. Melanie’s memory. Both Melanie and Melanie’s dialogue beforehand and then



Femicide left unresolved in Mexico’s border towns By Elena Rodriguez JI Reporter

“You want to kill a woman for no reason, come to Juarez,” an angered Alfonso Diaz, a character in the 2006 movie Bordertown played by Antonio Banderas, said. The reality of the murders in Mexico has been shunned and silenced for two decades. Women who are seen as unimportant to Mexican society have been brutally raped and murdered. The cries of the families of these young women have been ignored for twenty years now. The injustice of the situation has not only totaled in nearly four hundred deaths and five thousand missing, but in hundreds and thousands of families left with little more than memories of their loved ones and a city that refuses to bring those responsible to justice. The police force in Mexico has given little to no help to the citizens they are bound to protect. In the off chance they do make an arrest, the suspect is often times a man who has been tortured into a confession. This goes against every ideal we believe, having seen the police as a symbol of strength, truth and justice. The police in Mexico are bound to no rules because they have become a force that enforces a law that places more money in their pockets than justice in their cities. It’s this “persuasive force” that has made the police officer’s duty to protect and find justice for hundreds of women and families futile. “Justice for a place where justice no longer exists,” says Maya Zapata, an ac-

tress starring in Bordertown, accurately describing Mexico’s terrifying circumstance. Why has no one learned of these events? When the rapes and murders of countless young women have happened right on the doorstep of this nation? Why has there been little to no press on the atrocities spreading

Mexico: the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA.) The agreement allows a freer and broader trade between the nations; it has supplied over two million jobs since it has been established. The agreement has become the base of one of the richest markets in the world. The goals

Students enter a high school in Ciudad Juarez, a city ridden by homicidal violence

from along Mexico’s border with Texas. (Tim Johnson/MCT) Cuidad Juarez and now Chihuahua, of NAFTA include the betterment of workMexico? Why has no one heard of the lack ing conditions across North America and of police involvement in Juarez, Mexico? the way of safe trade. The society’s media centers on the publicThe attention these murders would ity of events that will persuade them into bring to the factories that operate under giving. But what could possibly hold more NAFTA would be seen as “bad publicity” importance over the frightening death toll which could halt or hinder the operation in Mexico? of thousands of factories that hire young In 1994, an agreement was made be- women, women who seem to be less likely tween the United States, Canada, and to rise against the factory owners in pro-

test against working rules and pay. The agreement has focused on the money being made paying little to no concern on the real working force that moves the economy: consumers and labor force. Media concerning the involvement of NAFTA or even the murders that occur in Mexico have been shunned. In 2006 the movie Bordertown was made, depicting the story of a young woman who survives a horrific crime against her after the driver of her work bus and another man attempt to rape and kill her. The story revolves around the dedication of a journalist to get the truth and protect the young woman who survived. Her story is never published because, in the words of her editor, “investigative journalism is over” and “there will only be stories about globalization, business and entertainment.” The murders of these women fall into neither of these categories. A recent film, the New Juarez, shows some lessening of the violence. However, little has been done to stop the murders in Juarez and now Chihuahua. The mothers have taken the role of the victim and pushed and pressed for the authorities to become the trustworthy authoritative force in Mexico and provide protection for the citizens of Mexico. With the help of Amnesty International, the federal authorities have finally agreed to step forward and protect Juarez’s women. Whether it’s NAFTA or drug cartels inciting violence, attention needs to be paid to the death of the women.

Review: B. Smyth’s #1 Single Leggo underwhelms By Lilli Lara Reporter

A 19- year-old boy from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, who goes by the name B-Smyth, started out as a YouTube sensation for his covers of famous artists such as Miguel, Frank Ocean, Michael Jackson, Usher, and Maxwell. He recently signed his career over to Motown Records and made it his home. His new song Leggo featuring 2 Chainz is a new hit with over one million hits on YouTube, and can be found both song and music video on iTunes. This being his only original song, B-Smyth is a young artist who has made it to the big music world, is already performing with 2 Chainz, a favorite known everywhere. This particular song and his voice reminds me of Chris Brown’s hit single I Can Transform Ya. B-Smyth’s new single is another song added to the hip-hop genre of songs about that special girl, but is still one of a kind in its own way. 2 Chainz verse flows very

smooth and blends in with the song, until the last thirty seconds when B-Smyth turns into some sort of robot figure, and it goes from Hip-Hop, R&B, to Dub-Step. B-Smyth has risen out the ashes with this natural talent of dancing and singing, which brings some competition with a lot of the artists with similar lyrics in their songs. This song is, in comparison to every other rap song, almost the exact same, talking about girls, drugs, and cars, which are not that important, but he mixes it up a little bit with the rhythm. Surprisingly, however, these are the songs that get the most views and fans rather than other genres. When it comes to his music

video, it has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. Some sort of sketch or scene of what he is singing about would bring in a lot more viewers rather than focusing on him and his viewers the whole video. Getting into the music world is quiet difficult, so on his part he should have made his first video much more mindblowing to show what he is bringing to the industry. But even with these few things I have noticed about his new single, B-Smyth is still a new artist that I can see five to ten years from now with multiple albums, and getting the popularity he has been working for. I look forward to his upcoming album and listening to his new songs. Until then, listeners can find Leggo on iTunes or YouTube, and Amazon. Photo courtesy of MOXIE



Varsity Boys and Girls water polo heads to state By Madison Willliams Managment Editor

The boy’s water polo team is well on their way to victory as they prepare for their upcoming state tournament May 2, 3, and 4 in Dallas. The Clear Creek boys will compete against teams from all over Texas for the highly coveted state title. Last year the Clear Creek Girls Varsity took home the state title after crushing Clear Lake in their state championship game. The Varsity Boy’s water polo team includes: Scott Lyle (Senior), Carter Harvey (Senior), Avery Trahan (Freshman), Nick Casey (Junior), Gabe Garcia (Junior), Bear Sickler (Junior), Max Pfotenhauer (Junior), Jared Castillo (Junior), Blaze Boyer (Senior), Kyle Mahon (Senior), Travis Gathright (Senior), Zach Diaz (Sophomore), and Peyton Diaz (Senior). The boys began the year off right with rigorous swimming, as they are required to swim to participate in water polo. Conversely you do not have to play water polo to swim. The team is also encouraged to swim in summer leagues to keep their bodies at peak physical fitness. Their intense swim works out and hard work paid off as they entered the 2012-2013 water polo season. Boys Varsity played their first district game against Alvin on February 28. The boys effortlessly crushed their opponent with a final score of 7-3. In a tournament on March 2, Creek played their rival Strake Jesuit, the same team that usurped the state title from them the previous year. Creek took an easy victory with the final score coming out to be 19-0. On March 8, Creek took another landslide

victory over Dawson winning 17-0. The Boys Varsity has clearly proven that they are the hardest competitors to beat in our district and maybe even in the region. On March 4, Creek played Brook. Brook, used to being regularly beat by Creek, played a lackadaisical game as Creek won 21-5. Tension was high as Creek faced off against Clear Falls as many of Creek’s

to hone their skills against tougher teams. Creek is able to play these teams in the various 2-day tournaments that they attend in the surrounding Houston area every weekend leading up to May 2, 3, and 4. At one tournament, Creek was able to play two teams from the Dallas area. Water polo is not a heavily popularized sport in Texas as it is in California. Because of this, quality

Photo courtesy of Bear Sickler

players had previously swum with the players on the Falls team. Creek proved that even after they lost players after the division of their team in 2010, they still remain the leaders in water polo. While Creek does play teams in district, they also play teams from the surrounding Dallas area to add variety and to allow them

water polo teams are located in the Austin, Dallas, and Houston area forcing teams to travel to play competitively to improve. Creek played Flower Mound High School from the Denton area. Although weary at first of the team, Creek kept up their A-game and was able to beat the team 15-6 even with key starting players missing. The

boys then played Denton Ryan. The team was a breeze and only proved to get the boys some minor exercise as they easily won with a score of 13-5. Recently, Creek went up against the North Houston team from Jersey Village High School. Having played Creek and lost three years ago, Jersey Village was bent on a win this time around. Their drive to win caused for a very violent and penalty laden game. Along with the players getting aggressive, the parents’ section did as well. At one point the entire Jersey Village parent section was yellow-carded for their lewd comments to Creek’s players during the game. Creek once again faced off against Clear Falls, this time during Falls’ senior night. Determined to have a win at their last home game Falls fought their hardest to prove their dominance. Creek prevailed with a final score of 11-4. Creek Varsity Boys, took first place at regionals on April 20. The Boys were forced to play Falls in their championship game but took an easy victory over the other CCISD school. The Girls Varsity also took fourth. In addition to both teams continueing on to state, the best players from the tournament were chosen for an All Star team. Players chosen from Creek include: Emma Womersley, Olivia Todd, Megan Todd, Nicole Herrick, Scott Lyle, Max Pfotenhauer, Bear Sickler, Travis Gathright, Avery Trahan and MVP Jared Castillo. Wish the water polo boys and girls good luck as they travel to Dallas on May 2, 3, and 4 to compete in the annual state water polo tournament.



Adam Scott wins 2013 Masters in two hole playoff By Greg Brotzman Sports Editor

There is only one place in sports that a jacket can change someone’s life so dramatically that they become an instant household name in the sports world. This place of course is in Augusta, Georgia, home of the annual Masters Golf Tournament. Every year the best golfers from around the world come together at Augusta National Golf Club to participate in the Masters and try to win the famous Green Jacket that the winner receives every year. This years Masters tournament featured many headlines coming into it, but none bigger than Tiger Wood’s return to the number one spot in the World Golf Rankings. Tiger had lost the number one rankings back in October of 2010 and has been trying to regain the spot ever since. Finally with a two stroke win in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at the Bay Hill Club put him back atop the golf world, and immediately became the favorite by many golf experts to win the Masters. Another big story that evolved was the participation of 14-year old Guan Tianlang from China. Tianlang qualified for the tournament by winning the Asia-Pacific Championship, and became the youngest

golfer ever to qualify for a Major in golf, there were many golfers who had their much less the Masters. share of first round struggles including Coming Rory Mcllroy into the shooting a 72 tournament and Padrig Guan said Harrington “I’m really shooting happy to a 78. The become the 14-year old youngest amateur Guan player at Tianlang the Masters again made and looking headlines by forward to shooting a going there. 73 (1 over I don’t know par), a very what’s going impressive Adam Scott celebrates his putt for birdie on No. 18 to place him to happen score for there, but I know into a two hole playoff with Angel Cabrera during the final round the Chinese in The Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in I just want to do Augusta, Georgia, Sunday, April 14, 2013. (Jason Getz/Atlanta amateur. well.”. The 2nd Journal-Constitution/MCT) rd On Thursday and 3 rounds April 11th the anticipation for all golf fans weeded out many players and made finally ended and play at the Masters finally spectators realize who the true contenders began. The first round of play featured two for the tournament were. By the end of the players, Australian Marc Leishman and third round there were as many as eight Spaniard Sergio Garcia shooting 66’s (with different players that were in contention par at 72) to take the early lead. Many to win the tournament. Leading this group other big name golfers had good rounds were two golfers who had experience with including Zach Johnson shooting a 69 and taking a lead into the last round, Brandt Tiger Woods shooting a 70. But of course Snedeker (who had a lead in the British

Open in 2008 before finishing 6th) and Angel Cabrera (who won the Masters tournament in 2009). Also falling right behind them Adam Scott, Marc Leishman, Jason Day, and Tiger Woods. As the final round began to play out it became more and more clear that it would come down to the final hole as some golfers began to fade, including Snedeker and Day, as Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera continued to post good scores on the opening holes. Finally when Adam Scott birdied the last hole to take a 1 shot lead over Cabrera, many viewers thought the tournament had finally been won, only to see Angel Cabrera birdie the 18th hole as well and force a sudden death playoff. After hitting almost identical shots on the first hole of the playoff and both receiving pars, Adam Scott made a great chip to set himself up with a putt to win the tournament. With people watching all around the world, Scott calmly drained the putt and became the first Australian born player to win the masters. In an emotional speech after the tournament, former golf great said that an Australian finally winning the masters “meant the world to him”. Showing the true meaning and value of what this golf tournament means to people around the world.

the first 15 seed to ever reach the sweet a match up between the Marquette Golden Eagles and the sixteen before their Syracuse Orange magical run ended for an appearance with a loss to in-state in the Final Four. power, the Florida The game was Gators. close at the start Another team but Syracuse that has pulled off a pulled away before Cinderella run is the halftime and ended ninth seeded Wichita up winning the State Shockers. The game 55-39 to make Shockers pulled off their first Final their first major upset Four appearance by beating number since they won 1 seed Gonzaga in the national the second round of championship in the tournament 762003. 70. After beating T h e another surprise Midwest region team La Salle in the had many headlines sweet sixteen the in it’s own. The Shockers pulled off main headlines yet another upset by early on was the beating the second Louisville Cardinals players and head coach Rick seeded Ohio State Pitino celebrate during the post-game ceremonies, run that the twelfth Oregon Buckeyes 70-66 and after defeating Michigan, 82-76, in the NCAA Men’s seeded Basketball Championship at the Georgia Dome in punching their ticket to Atlanta, Georgia, Monday, April 8, 2013. (Mark Ducks made, before they finally lost in the Final Four. Cornelison/Lexington Herald-Leader/MCT) the sweet sixteen The East region of the tournament also provided excitement with number one to the Louisville Cardinals 77-69. The seed Indiana and number two seed Miami elite 8 matchup in this bracket was a both losing in the sweet sixteen. This set up historic coaching matchup that set up

Louisville’s Rick Pitino against Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski. The game was a battle in the first half, and included a horrific injury by Louisville forward Kevin Ware, as Louisville took a one point lead into half time. In the second half the Cardinals, playing for their injured teammate, outscored Duke 50-31 and won the game 85-63 to punch the last Final Four ticket. The first Final Four match up between Louisville and Wichita State went as very few expected, with Wichita State taking a big lead early on in the game. The Shockers had their biggest lead with 17 minutes left in the game stretching it to 17 points. But Louisville refused to give in and chipped away at their lead minute by minute and took a lead with 2 minutes left and ended up the winning the game 72-68 to earn a spot in the championship with the Michigan Wolverines, who defeated Syracuse 61-56. The championship game was one of historic measures as the game was a back and forth battle all the way through. The game was marked by multiple lead changes and great performances by star players Trey Burke for Michigan and Russ Smith for Louisville. Louisville once again went into the half losing, trailing 38-37. But the Cardinals were once again able to rally and win the championship 82-76 to win their 3rd title in school history.

Louisville Cardinals win NCAA March Madness By Greg Brotzman Sports Editor

The NCAA tournament kicked off on March 21st with a barrage of games all over the country. Of course there were the occasional blowout games with teams like the Syracuse Orangemen and the VCU Rams winning by 47 and 46 points, respectively. But there were also many upsets outside of the Harvard stunner. The Oregon Ducks were able to beat fifth seeded Oklahoma State 68-55, and the Cal Golden Bears were able to beat another fifth seed, the UNLV Running Rebels, 6461. Another outcome that surprised many people on the first day of play was number one seeded Gonzaga barely being able to come out with a win against Southern University, pulling away only in the last two minutes of the game. But no upset was as big of a surprise, or as much of a Cinderella story then the 15th seeded Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. To start of their first appearance in the NCAA tournament the Eagles upset the second seeded Georgetown Hoyas, a team many people thought would go on to reach the Final Four. Then the upstart Eagles went on to pull off yet another upset against the seventh seeded San Diego State Aztecs in the second round. This made the Eagles



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