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November 2016 - Volume 3

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A Healthy, Fit Dog is a Happy Dog Page 10

Tyson found a home! Pet Care Tips During Your Illness and Recovery and so much more!

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Welcome Fellow Animal Lovers...

November 2016

To our third issue of “Crazy About Pets in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond”

This is so exciting! We actually had to push up the date of our magazine because they were all taken sooner than we had thought they would be. We are humbled by the Facebook shares about our articles and magazine, about the wonderful compliments we have received and the support from the shelter community. A huge thank you goes out to all of the advertisers who have supported our magazine. This would not be possible without them. Please consider shopping at these advertisers and/or using their services and let them know you saw their ad in this magazine so that we can continue to get shelters and their adoptable pets noticed on these pages! Crazy About Pets is out in many, many places in Fulton & Montgomery counties as well as a few locations in Schenectady county. If you would like to see a list of places where you can find one please check out our new Facebook page: which is dedicated to conversation about our magazine & ideas for the next issue. Please let us know if you know of a shelter/rescue Mike & Linda Palmieri you would like featured or if you have a story to share. We felt it was time - we love to hear what people think of it and it would be great to have a first hand account of any happy adoption stories that are a result of this magazine. You can also read our past issues online - the first two issues of “Crazy About Pets” can be viewed at and this issue will be up soon as well. After attending the Animal Hospital’s Pet Adoption event on July 23rd (see pages 6 & 7), there were so many shelters and rescue groups we wanted to feature in this third magazine. Regrettably, we just do not have enough pages to portray every one of them this time, but no worries, we will get to them in the next issue! These shelters and rescues depend on community support to continue their important work. If you can help in any way, by donating money, time, items or by adopting a pet or two, please do so. While I work at home in the office, our two dogs Tobie and Willow sleep behind me on the futon and Brownie’s presence is always felt as well. (She passed over the Rainbow Bridge in Oct. 2014). Her gorgeous painting sits on the wall right next to me and remembering her unconditional love inspires us every day and continues to be our inspiration as we fill these pages with information and stories. We hope this magazine will fill your hearts with the same admiration that we have for these shelters and rescue organizations. In this issue we have a very important topic covered, something most pet parents don’t always think about, “Including Your Pet in Your Estate Planning” (see page 38 for an article by Del. B. Salmon, Esq. on this subject). We also got permission from the Humane Society to reprint an article on how to deal with the death of a pet. As every pet lover knows, it is an inevitable heartache - but there are ways to cope (see page 17). Our own answer to that has always been to adopt another one - to honor our late pet’s memory. Having a pet is a huge commitment and can be a relatively large expense as well, but it gives so much back, it enlarges your heart and soothes the soul. I am a firm believer in pets lowering blood pressure too! Mine is the lowest it has been in my entire life. I attribute that to doing what I love (our business) and our five (six?) pets. Yes by the time this issue comes out we most likely will have our new little addition home with us - a little bobtail kitten we adopted from Kitten Angels (see article on Page 37). Alecia adopted a friend for Jagger (hey, he was bored!) - Eventually both of them will go with Alecia when she moves out on her own. Having been home with them for 9 months after 32 years of working is definitely an adjustment. I feel blessed to have had this time to spend with them, to decompress and concentrate on this magazine and other projects as well. Do any of you out there have behavior problems in your pet and get the urge to “turn them back in?”. We don’t of course...But some people do..And for the most ridiculous reasons! I bought a book called Don’t Dump The Dog by Randy Grim from a Regional Animal Shelter fundraiser this summer. Randy Grim is the founder of Stray Rescue in St. Louis, Missouri. It was hilarious and inspiring, a wonderful read and chock full of great advice on how to deal with a dog who does have behavior problems (see page 9). We are also blessed to have met Author Peggy Frezon, writer of four books about dogs, including Faithfully Yours, which explores the wonderful bond between humans and their animals. Peggy is also a writer for Guideposts magazine and is one of our contributors in this issue (see page 33). Grab a tissue for the heartwarming story of Jenny, by Frankie Page (on page 12). Frankie and her husband Mike are animal advocates/shelter volunteers and firm believers in Don’t Shop, Adopt! Drum roll here...Remember Tyson from our last issue? He was waiting at Ayres Memorial Shelter in Sprakers for over three years! A gorgeous dog, well behaved and well loved by the entire staff, Tyson had many people pulling for him to find his forever home. Well, he did! Check out page 19 for photos and the wonderful Happy Ending (Beginning) for Tyson. Dogs and cats who have been waiting too long, have special needs and/or senior pets who really need that “chance” tug at our heart strings (well they all do don’t they?). Because of this, we have put together two and a half pages of shelter pets (see pages 20, 21 & 22), from shelters and rescues featured in this issue, who are waiting for a forever home. Let’s work Brownie together by sharing this magazine, and telling everyone we know about these wonderful pets who through no fault of their own ended up at a shelter/foster/rescue waiting for a family to call their own! While you are browsing through, don’t forget to check out our list of wonderful restaurants on page 36 who use our placemats every single day to help us bring awareness to a few of our local shelters. We cannot thank them and our placemat advertisers enough for helping pets get noticed! To our contributors - how can we possibly thank you enough for taking time out of your busy lives to write articles for us? And so you have it in your hand, another great issue, packed full of awesome stories and helpful information. Please save it and refer back to it often. If something on these pages inspired you we would love to hear from you! If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know, we love feedback! Send us a message at one of the emails below, call us or Facebook message us. Last, but certainly not least, we cannot possibly thank the many, many shelter workers and volunteers in this area who put their heart and soul into making sure these wonderful creatures feel the love they are so deserving of - these are amazing people!

We truly hope you find our magazine informative and uplifting - that it inspires you to adopt, to volunteer, to donate or perhaps just to reflect on what pets have meant to you in your lifetime. Thanks for reading it! Mike and Linda

Call us at 518-842-6532 or check us out on

If you know of a shelter or have a story you would like to see featured in a future issue of this magazine, please call us at (518) 842-6532, email us at: or or go to our facebook page: Please Note: The content in this magazine is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor. Please consult your own veterinarian if you have specific questions about any medical or social issues your pet may have. Published by Mike and Linda Palmieri - Creativity Unleashed - Amsterdam, NY 12010

2 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016


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For Over a 100 years dogs and cats in Amsterdam have gotten plenty of love from the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Montgomery County SPCA as they await their forever families. The MCSPCA cares for unwanted, abused, abandoned or neglected animals. While they provide sanctuary for companion animals unable to speak for themselves, their work goes far beyond simply housing, feeding and loving these creatures. The MCSPCA’s programs and services include a lowcost feline spay and neuter program, animal legislation advocacy, cruelty/neglect investigations, a foster-care network, education, and much more. The MCSPCA is in the process of building a new animal shelter. We have received proposals and will be accepting one this fall. It has been a long journey and our building committee has learned a great deal along the way. Because of this we are certain that the new shelter will meet the immediate needs of the community by expanding the services and programs already provided and offering additional services and programs to help more animals and the community members. We at the MCSPCA are proud of the difference we make in the lives of both the animals and the community to whom we provide assistance.

SCAN HERE to see all the pets currently adoptable at the MCSPCA.

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Out of the Pits seeks to educate the public about the true nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier and to make them aware that they used to be one of America’s favorite breed of dogs. Our efforts are aimed at restoring the breed to its former position of esteem in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Our main focus is education. We visit dozens of schools with our certified therapy Pit Bulls to teach humane education throughout the New York Capital District, Out of the Pits, Inc. is a as well as nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. registered 501c3 not‐for‐profit

organization. All members of this • We are currently developing curriculum for working with organization are volunteers, and children in areas where Pit Bulls are particularly at risk 100% of all donations are • In the near future we hope to have fully developed dedicated to saving the dogs. presentations available for delivery at all levels from elementary through college. If interested in bringing one Your donations pay for their of our programs into your school, please contact us at food, housing, and veterinary care. IRS authorization number is 16-1560721. Right now, Sadly, Out of the Pits receives approximately we are able to save only a 1,000 requests per week to take unwanted Pit Bulls. small percentage of the abanShelter statistics are equally staggering – it is estimated doned and abused Pit Bulls that more than 80% of Pit Bulls in shelters are euthanized, that we are asked to accept and typically only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls finds a loving home. into our program every day. Please visit for Education and Many must be turned away Spay/Neuter Information thru our low cost “Fix-A-Bull” only because we lack suffiProgram or to make a contribution to it. cient funding and fosters. Your contribution or ability to foster If you are interested in fostering please will help save a dog’s life. contact

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Peaceful Acres Horses (PAH), a “Sanctuary for People and Horses,” a not-for-profit organization located on 156 pristine acres in rural Schenectady County in upstate New York. It was founded in 2003 and incorporated in 2007, with 501(c)3 status achieved in March 2009.

PAH Feed Partners provide the funding necessary to purchase hay and grain for the rescued equine residents at Peaceful Acres Horses. Your support literally provides the life sustaining feed they require daily to live a healthy and happy life in sanctuary at PAH. PAH needs you, because the rescues need PAH! Donations may be made by check;

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by providing shelter, food, water, medical care and safety to stray, homeless and unwanted cats and dogs, helps families find lost pets, teaches about kindness and safety regarding pets, provides an aggressive Spay/Neuter Program for low income families in Fulton County, helps Seniors with their Pet Food Bank, provide work study opportunities for students, and advocates for Animal Law at the State and Federal levels.

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12 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond May 2016

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 5


by Linda Palmieri

Since Mike and I started Creativity Unleashed we have been to many fundraisers and events for area shelters. To go to one is to become aware of the amazing passion our pet lovers in this area possess. All year long events are held for the benefit of our four-legged friends. The amount of work that goes into each one is amazing, from securing a venue to asking for raffle items and other donations and to getting people on board to volunteer. The Capital Region is filled with wonderful pet loving people and many businesses as well, who constantly come together at all sorts of fundraisers to help pets in need. One thing is for sure, you have nothing to lose by going to any of them. If a fee is charged, it is usually nominal and many of them have food donated by local businesses and wonderful raffle items as well. The best part of any event is the successful adoptions that come about because of them. Mike and I are proud to attend these when we can and we always come away with a smile on our faces. A lot of times you are welcome to bring your own well-behaved pet with you to the fundraiser. If you are a pet person and you are looking for a fundraiser to attend, check Facebook or your favorite shelter or rescue's website to find out when the next event may be happening. Check out our list of upcoming events on page 6 for just a few fundraisers coming up. This is just a sampling of them, so if you have a favorite shelter or rescue and don’t see them here, contact them directly to ask. Even if you cannot adopt a pet, your presence, your donations and purchases at the events will help in so many ways.

On Saturday, July 23rd my daughter Alecia and I attended the 7th annual Pet Adoption Day at The Animal Hospital in Slingerlands, sponsored by The Healthy Pet Center,The Animal Hospital and Pet Connection This is a huge event held to get as many pets adopted out into loving forever homes as possible and to raise money for Steve Caporizzo’s Pet Connection so they can continue the wonderful work they do for area pets. Dr. Lexi Becker, DVM sat down with me on this busy day to discuss how it got started. Seven years ago, her Dad and veterinarian/founder of the Animal Hospital, Dr. Ed Becker, DVM had a discussion with some very special clients and friends of Lexi's family - Steve and Lisa Caporizzo. Steve and Lisa came up with the idea to hold an adoption event on the property of The Animal Hospital. Set back off the main road, right past Crossgates mall in Albany, the grounds are beautiful and very large and are able to accommodate the An aerial view of the adoption event. huge crowd that forms each year. Employees of the Animal Hospital all pitch in and work at various locations to help make this event go as smoothly as it does. A view of the many tents set up on the property. The event is sponsored each year by The Healthy Pet Center. The Healthy Pet Center is very involved in pet rescue, and Steve is especially grateful for their generosity. This year there were 28 rescues/shelters in attendance spread out on the lawn, many tried to get as much shade as possible, as the day was very hot. There was also an agility track set up as well by Takes 2 to Q Agility Club and demonstrations took place. While waiting to speak with Dr. Lexi Becker, we witnessed many people taking the Animal Hospital up on their free tours of the hospital. During this tour, guests got to meet the Golden Eagle saved by The Animal Hospital and now being held at Berkshire Bird Paradise to live out his years. He comes to the hospital each year during the event. The Animal Hospital does more than just care for dogs, cats, and small pets. The Animal Hospital also works hand in hand with local wildlife rehabilitators and animal control officers to help out any of the area's wildlife that are in need of veterinary care. Dr. Ed Becker (now retired) held the position as the consulting veterinarian for DEC Endangered Species Unit for over 25 years. His daughter Dr. Lexi Becker has learned a lot from him and continues to treat raptors and wildlife at the hospital. This is done pro-bono and during the summer the hospital can get up to 5 or 6 incidents per day. Any of the animals or birds that come in to be treated that are able to be set free are sent to wildlife rehabilitator Joyce Perry, of Whispering Willow Wild Care. Joyce takes care of them until they are able to be released back into the wild. If they cannot be released Joyce keeps them to help with her education program. Joyce and her birds were also in attendance and we enjoyed seeing them. See her photo on page 7 We met the front desk receptionist Rosemary, who spoke to us about her work obtaining over $6,000 in raffle items. She said the community comes out to support the event each year and there are a The agility course set up on the grounds of The Animal Hospital. bunch of businesses that are happy to help out year after year. She personally takes care of this part of the event. All of the money raised goes to Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection. I found it very interesting as well that a Facebook post about the event put up by The Animal Hospital challenged folks to like their page and they would donate $1 for every “Like” to Pet Connection. The grand tally for that part of the event alone was $2,234 as posted on the Animal Hospital Facebook page. Cont’d on next page

6 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

The Healthy Pet Center donated toys and items for pets at up to 95% off. Over $3,070 was raised and all proceeds went to Pet Connection. Dr. Lexi Becker told us that Steve himself contacts the rescues to see if they would like to participate in the event each year. Pet Connection offers $50 off each adoption fee for pets adopted out during the event. Potential adopters are encouraged to go online or call to pre-qualify to adopt. Every time we heard “the bell” ring, it meant another pet was adopted. We heard it ring often while we were there. Alecia and I were at one tent where they had a computer set up to take applications and we even heard the shelter workers calling a landlord to make sure a dog was ok to be going home to a rented apartment. It is easy to see how much these people love the pets they work so tirelessly to keep safe and find forever homes for. The day was sweltering but you didn’t see any unhappy faces. Event volunteers and staffers worked diligently all day cleaning and refilling waterbowls for the dogs, and tubs full of ice cold water bottles all handed out for free. Early in the event we were lucky enough to talk with Brian Vinnie Leddick and his band Juxtapoze White from Bountiful Bread and Coldstone Creamery who donates all of the food each year to all event participants. The food was fabulous! They put out a delicious brunch and then a light lunch for the over 2,000 people in attendance. They also raised over $1,700 in cash donations at their table alone for Pet Connection. We were sorry we had to leave before the lunch came out, as we saw some delicious plates of food passing by. Very upbeat music was playing inside the food/raffle tent, provided each and every year by Vinnie Leddick and his band Juxtapoze. All of the tents, tables and chairs are also graciously donated each and every year, along with huge fans to protect people and pets from the sun and heat by C. W. Whalen & Sons. While enjoying some treats from Bountiful Bread, Alecia and I sat next to the table where the families who adopted checked out and got their photos taken and were given gift bags compliments of The Animal Hospital. I asked one family if it would be ok to take a photo of them with a volunteer from the rescue they adopted from. See their photo on the right. Joann Kalsher explained that they had lost their dog of 17 years - Haley - in April and had adopted her from Peppertree Rescue who was also one of the rescues in attendance. There were over 150 pets adopted on this wonderful day and over $20,000 was raised for Pet Connection which will in turn be used to help animals who need it. The Animal Hospital donated a free physical examination to offset the initial health care needs of all of the pets adopted during this event. Xen Haas holding Xendara, a Red Tailed Hawk & Wildlife Rehabilitator Joyce Perry holding Jasper, a Barred Owl.

What a wonderful way for all area rescues to get together on a beautiful summer day to celebrate pets and the people who love them. If you missed it, mark it on your Calendar now for next year, you won’t want to miss the next one!

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CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties November 2016 - 7

Choosing the Right Pet for You and Your Family By Dr. Crystal Murray, DVM

Dr. Crystal Murray, DVM owner of

5877 Route 30 South, Amsterdam, New York 12010

(518) 843-2882 Dr. Murray graduated from Cornell University Veterinary School in 1996. She did a brief stint as an emergency veterinarian before settling into a career with small animals, mostly dogs and cats. Crystal lived in NJ prior to moving up to NY in 2006. She bought the closed Mohawk Valley Veterinary Hospital in 2010. Crystal redesigned the building to improve its utility as a veterinary hospital, and supervised its complete renovation. She opened Country Valley Veterinary Clinic a few months after this. In her spare time, Crystal is the mother of two wonderful children, and the guardian of two dogs, four cats, one horse and too many chickens.

Check out CVVC on

When the time comes to add a pet to our household, so many of us have an emotional response about what we want. That cute, squished face Bulldog puppy in the pet store window might seem irresistible. The thought of a Pongo lookalike, 101 spots of beauty on a slim, aristocratic physique can have an amazing allure for some people. Equally, one might imagine curling up at night with a good book and a huge cat spilling over your lap. Everyone has their own idea of what a pet should look and act like, but the reality of the pet may be very different from the image in our mind. If you are in the market for a new animal, please try to keep in mind what that animal is actually like instead of what you hope it will be. There are certain breeds that are prone to health issues, and should only be adopted or purchased if you are able and willing to spend time and money keeping them healthy. Other breeds are known for needing a lot of exercise and mental stimulation – a herding dog is not going to be happy with a 30-minute walk three times a week, and behavior issues are likely if you can’t give them a real, and daily, “job!” Equally, most cats aren’t excited to be running companions! In addition to the more traditional ideas (should we get a dog or a cat?), please understand the breed or mix you are considering. The web can be a source of helpful information (although it can also be misleading!), and most veterinary offices will be happy to discuss the expected personality of certain animals with you if you give us a call. If you don’t want a long commitment (14 to 18 years, sometimes more), perhaps consider a non-traditional pet. Guinea pigs, for example, live on average 4 to 8 years, they can be confined to a cage and therefore no problem if you move to a place that might not be pet friendly, and they have loving and engaging personalities! Other animals might be a good choice for people that don’t want or can’t have an indoor pet. My chickens follow me around begging for scraps, and they provide eggs every day. There is no time to talk about all the wonderful creatures we can have as pets, but by researching what a potential animal is likely to need prior to actually bringing a new fluffy bundle home, you can help to prevent mismatches that might end up in heartache for you, and a tragedy for the animal. Pets are a blessing and joy, but since they are also a responsibility, choosing the right one for YOU is essential! Good luck and enjoy the search!

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8 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

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A Great Read!! by Linda Palmieri Did you ever start reading a book and find yourself reading R E A L L Y S L O W…so the book doesn’t end so fast? That is what I did when I was lucky enough to read “Don’t Dump The Dog” By Randy Grim.

The author, Randy Grim Owner of Stray Rescue in St. Louis, Missouri Mr. Grim has also written a book called Miracle Dogs Randy Grim has been trying to call attention to the scourge of abandoned and feral street dogs for decades. Some would say he is an “unlikely hero” The man who has panic attacks and phobias, has a special dose of courage to help street dogs. To date, Randy has rescued many thousands of street dogs, many of them suffering from gunshot wounds or amputations, others simply scared.

As it happens, while at the fundraiser put on by The Animal Hospital in Guilderland this summer (see pages 6 and 7), I picked up a book at the Regional Animal Shelter booth. Some issues had been given to the shelter signed by the author. After I found out what I could about contacting the author and with some help from friends, I was able to get in touch with Stray Rescue and got permission to talk about the book from the author himself, Randy Grim. Honestly I cannot say enough good things about this book. I was skeptical when I read the forward by Loretta Swit. I mean, really? Who falls off their chair laughing and spits out their coffee for any book? Well, boy was I wrong to be skeptical, the book was great!! It is a fabulous read for any dog owner. It is enraging at times (oh the reasons people give to send back their dogs!!), it is funny, I mean really funny! Best of all, it is informative and I have gotten some tips out of this book that have helped me so much already with Tobie, my work in progress! Randy Grim runs Stray Rescue in St. Louis, Missouri, and has saved countless dogs off the streets for two decades and rehabilitated them into great pets. He was featured on national television, in the press, and was the topic of “The Man Who Talks to Dogs” by Melinda Roth. He also wrote the book “Miracle Dog.”

Check out some incredible videos about Stray Rescue at

If you would like to buy the book it is available online at Amazon and other sites as well - search for “Don’t Dump The Dog” by Randy Grim

Check out Stray Rescue on

Creating financial solutions,

or go to: to find out more!

We are a Pet-Friendly Place to Bank!

BUILDING. BETTER. BANKING. Pet Related Financial Emergencies can come up suddenly.

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A Healthy, Physically Fit Dog is a Happy Dog! By Brittany Palmieri

Brittany Palmieri with Petey, a Registered Therapy Dog

Brittany is a Veterinary Assistant at Country Valley Veterinary Clinic and is studying to be a Vet Tech. She lives with her husband Dan, their three cats Tillie, Patrick and Stoopie and their two dogs, Petey (featured on our cover w/Tillie), and Jenny (A.K.A. Mama). She has been fostering dogs for over 3 years now through Out of the Pits, Inc. and has guided many wonderful pets to their forever homes. Each and every one of them has left a pawprint on her heart - and Petey’s too!

With New Year's Eve only weeks away and the cold weather months coming upon us, most people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions for themselves. One of the biggest being, getting in shape. There is typically a huge spike in gym memberships. We all know how important it is to be in good physical shape and many people have likely heard their doctors tell them that they should be more active and take off a few pounds. But what about our pets?! According to a 2016 Survey, an estimated 54% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, and that number is even higher in cats, at 58%. Most of the time these animals are simply taking in more food than their body is burning, much like us! If your dog is a couch potato they simply won’t need as much food (or treats) as an active dog who walks or hikes miles every day. Activity is just as important for us as it is for our pets, so why not help yourself and your pet at the same time?! Not only will it help you (and your pet) feel better but a decrease in your pet’s weight back into a normal range has many health benefits. As a veterinary assistant I have seen first hand that overweight pets have higher instances of arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. They are more prone to cruciate ligament injuries, which may likely need surgery. Overweight dogs have a decrease in their life expectancy for up to 2.5 years! I think we all can agree that we would like our pets to live a long, healthy life, so it is in both our and our pet’s best interest to keep them fit and active! Plus, you would get a bonus of helping your own body get healthy as well! I can speak for one of my own dogs as she was 15-20# overweight when I first met her, weighing close to 60#. She was a couch potato who could not even get up onto the furniture on her own without a boost and two short runs after her favorite ball completely tired her out. A change in the amount of food she was eating and an increase in physical activity made her into a completely different dog! She now weighs a healthy 45 pounds and loves nothing more than hiking the Adirondack mountains with us and running for hours after her ball. People who knew her both before and after the weight loss have a difficult time believing that she is the same dog. So the next time you go on that walk on a warm winter day, take your dog with you, no matter what their size! When you are watching television, toss your cat a kitty toy. I assure you that both you and your pet will feel much better getting into physical shape. You will see a different, happy, and healthy side of your pet that you may not have known they had! This I can tell you that from my own personal experience. Photo Credit: Trisha Millier Photography


4447 State Hwy 30, Amsterdam


1484 Saratoga Rd., Ballston Spa 885-5301 10 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Rottie Empire Rescue - Saratoga Springs, New York Founded in 2010

Rottie Empire Rescue is a non profit organization in upstate New York that specializes in the rehoming of Rottweilers and other homeless animals. We are a 501c3 tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Our mission is to rescue and rehome dogs in forever homes, and to avoid the need for re-

Saratoga Springs, NY or

Our Rescue is guided by and supports the principle that all companion domestic animals should have good homes and proper medical care. While our focus is to rescue and rehome Rottweilers and other “bully” breeds, we help all kinds of dogs and also cats.

homing in the future by promoting responsible pet ownership. We seek to educate the public on issues facing companion domestic animals through articles, public awareness and events to promote humane treatment of animals, including the responsibilities and duties of ownership of Rottweilers and other “bully” breeds. We encourage and facilitate proper veterinary care including vaccinations, spaying and neutering. We are an all-volunteer program, with no shelter; all of our dogs are in foster homes while awaiting permanent adoptive homes to properly screened families and individuals. If you would like to meet any of our adoptable dogs a meeting can be arranged. We also have adoption clinics twice a month at Bensons Pet Center in Clifton Park, NY. Many of our dogs attend the clinics but if you are looking to meet a specific dog please message us or email us. Adoption applications are available at

We are always looking for foster homes - foster applications are also available on our website.

Check out Rottie Empire Rescue on

Photo of Harley - Mutt Shots Pet Portraits

or go to: to find out more!

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CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 11

Jenny Page – a story of fate, love and family

Jenny with her Mom, Frankie Page

Frankie Page was born and raised in Johnstown, NY. She is employed by W.B. Mason Co. as a Senior Regional Manager in the Human Resources Dept. Frankie and her husband, Mike have two dogs - Jenny (Bullmastiff/American Bulldog) and Forrest (Pitbull) along with two cats - Mr. Nasty and Krusty. They are both dedicated to improving the lives of shelter animals, and are currently blessed to be working with Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter. Their hobbies include: being consumed by the dogs! They love to take them camping almost every weekend in the Summer, and are continuously training them in obedience. Forrest just received his CGC, and their next goal for him is agility training. Frankie and Mike are actively working to help eliminate the negative stigma of the Pitbull breed.

Jenny was the first dog to model collars for LaVilla Dog Works in Johnstown. Here she is shown wearing a Halloween collar. Jenny may be the owner of the most LaVilla Dog Works collars of any dog in the country and currently has her own line of collars called the “Jenny Page” Please see page 18 for the story of Joy, a wonderful pittie, who after so much terror in her young life deserves to be saved. As a former breeding dog rescued from a bad situation where she was not taken care of and used continuously for breeding she was in rough shape and has a long road to recovery. Two of Ayres staff have taken Joy home to foster and get her through many treatments so she will be ready for a forever family. If you would like to donate to her needs or any other Ayres shelter pets in need please visit

by Frankie Page

Sometimes out of the darkest moments in your life, you stumble upon a light and a life force that changes you forever. My husband and I have just lost our first dog, our everything, our first rescue, our Princess Angel, to a long and hard battle with Lyme disease and kidney failure. We did all that we could for her – specialists, medicines and comfort until we came to the realization that we had to repay her for all of the love that she had showered on us for fourteen years. As two young adults, we had to make the toughest choice that we had ever been faced with; we needed to unselfishly give her peace from the pain and her suffering. We looked into each other’s eyes and she told us, it was okay to let her go, she was ready. Once our girl had passed and we began to maneuver through the mourning process, we decided that we could do something to help those that may not have been able to afford the medicine that we have the opportunity and blessing to have access to. At this point, we set out on a mission to find a small local shelter that had elderly dogs with medical conditions and could benefit from the donation. After making some calls, we finally received a call back from someone who said that they would take whatever we Jenny after her rescue had. We didn’t want our Angel’s death to be in vain, we wanted to help ease the suffering of other dogs that were in need, she would have wanted it that way and we owed it to her memory. It also allowed us to begin to get some closure to a loss that seemed to be unrecoverable. Never would I have expected that even after her passing Angel was guiding us and she would lead us down a path of rescue that would have an impact on over 200 hundred animals, but one very much in particular. As we come onto this property we met the owner, who looking back, I know had good intentions in her heart, but just couldn’t control her situation that had gotten out of hand. I’ve learned that for some trusting enough to ask for help and saying enough is enough is impossibility. Looking back, I do not Baby Jenny being loved on judge, I empathize knowing that this situation sprung from an illness that had foundations grounded in by her mom. a place where there was love. As we toured the grounds we met many dogs, cats, chickens, cows and even pet rats. At this point in our visit we had apparently gained some level of trust and were asked if we wanted to see the puppies that were recently born. Upon entering this room, we were taken aback by the sheer volume of animals; we saw crates stacked upon crates, some with one dog, and some with multiple dogs or puppies. One specific cage caught my eye as I saw three brindle babies, the larger two playing with the third huddled in the back corner of the crate. “May I hold that one?” I asked. As I wrapped my arms around this bloated bellied little pup with the most piercing blue eyes, I leaned into nuzzle her and smell the greatest thing on earth – puppy breath. The owner briskly said to me “That one doesn’t kiss anyone”. No sooner did those words enter the air then this little beauty looked up at me and licked my face. My husband and I looked at each other and without speaking, knew we had to save this dog from what we were quite certain would be an uncertain and unfulfilling future. “How much to adopt her?” my husband asked. As in the case with most hoarding situations, the immediate answer was “I don’t think I’m going to let her go”. Anyone that knows us, knows that we are very motivated (some say stubborn) and typically no is not an accepted final answer. This case was no different and in fact we knew that the future of this dog was dependent on our perseverance. In just a few moments of meeting this puppy she had spoken to us and we knew in or hearts that she was meant for us. After multiple increased monetary offerings, we succeeded and Jenny Page was swept away into her new life. Jenny brought a light and liveliness into our home that had been missing. She immediately became the bossy little sister to our other rescue dog Jackson who had also been suffering from the loss of the only companion he ever knew and loved – the gal that raised him – Miss Angel. With the addition of this little lady a lot changed in the Page household almost immediately. No dogs on the furniture rule – gone! Jenny ruled the roost and owned all of our hearts, canine and human alike. Having survived her rough beginnings, being kept in a dark, poorly ventilated room in an overcrowded crate and being diagnosed with a severe case of giardia we committed to give her a life that she never could have imagined, full of love with the best of care and free of wants. Even though we rescued Jenny at an early age, there are some things that even our love could not completely cure. She is the sweetest girl in the world, but understandably she has some trust issues and anxiety with certain strangers. At age three, she required an extensive knee replacement and Jenny in an adorable pose rehab that lasted six months, followed shortly thereafter by her other knee needing to be reconstructed and rehabbed. Through the amazing care of Shaker Veterinary Hospital and Pattersonville Veterinary Specialties, most specifically Dr. Glennon, our girl now runs with the happiness that I’m sure at six weeks old in a dark basement she never would have imagined. At five years old Miss Jenny has racked up quite a few accomplishments, she has passed Obedience Classes all the way up through the Advanced course, has won Halloween costume contests as the chubby squirrel and is known as the big “camo” colored dog that typically has her nails painted a pretty pink color when she goes out on the town. Most importantly, Jenny has allowed us to make great connections that we consider true friends. “Team Page” was privileged and honored to provide LaVilla Dog Works with their first collar spokes model (October 2013 Pumpkin Martingale modeling session) and now Jenny even has a collar line specifically referred to as the Jenny Page. Lots of love to Fred and Gina for all that they have done for us and for the help they have given Jenny to help her with her shyness. It was an amazing blessing to rescue this 14 pound runt of a Bullmastiff / American Bulldog who has now turned into to a 100 pound lap dog that prefers the leather sofa to the custom dog beds that we ordered for her – she is a dog of refined tastes now after all! She constantly makes us laugh with her infamous “bubba lip” and she has mastered the ability to play on her cuteness to get what she wants. There is absolutely nothing we would not do for our rescue Jenny. If her story inspires just one person to rescue versus buy a dog then we have done our part. I recommend that at some point in your life, every person should go to a shelter and look deep into the eyes of the dogs and puppies that you meet. You will be moved by the love and dedication you’ll find standing there, looking right back at you.

Thank You!

12 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

With love and kindness, pay it forward, Frankie Page

“Never again!” Stacy Raczynski felt this way after her nearly 12 year old dog Noah passed on. Like so many of us, she knows the heartache of losing a beloved pet. Even after feeling this way many of us eventually choose to share that deep love for pets with another one - not to replace our lost pet but to share that special bond again with a different pet in our own unique way. This is Stacy’s story... To many people, when they lose a pet, the furthest thing from their mind is getting another one. That was me on September 16, 2013. Noah had been my best friend for just shy of twelve years, when I had to put him to sleep after eight months of mouth cancer and two surgeries. Everyone who knew me, felt my devastation and heartache from losing my very best friend. The constant verbiage out of my mouth was, “Never, ever, ever again will I have another dog. This was too hard and I will never be able to go through this again. This hurts way too much. Never again.” As months went on, my heart still ached and I missed Noah with all my heart. I would look at other dogs and miss Noah even more. Fall and winter came and went. I had a lot of free time. Even so, I even missed taking Noah out on the mornings when it was ten below zero. I remember, saying to someone, that I missed sweeping up dog hair. Noah was an 85 lb. Coonhound, who shed… A LOT. I missed most the jingling of his collar, his excitement when I walked through the door and just talking with him. Yes, you know what Bernie, Abigail and Stacy I’m talking about. Dogs listen and know exactly what we are saying when we say it, yet, they don’t offer any advice, just let us vent and love us the same. Around June of the following year, I started looking on different shelters’ websites, just to look at dogs. I wanted one, but was sticking to my never, ever again. By July I said that when I was ready I wanted a beagle, a female and not a puppy. I didn’t want to do the whole puppy thing again. By the end of August I remember walking through my door and realizing that although I still missed Noah, I missed having a dog. I had separated missing having a dog, from missing Noah. No other dog would ever be Noah and I wasn’t looking to replace Noah, but wanted to have another dog. As I talked with my friends they said that they knew I would get another. I remember looking on many times. I am not from out that way, but was drawn to their website, as it gave more information than many others. On Friday, before I left work, I looked and there weren’t any beagles. I left and thought, eh….when it’s time it’ll be time. On Sunday night, I sat down on my bed to pray. I remember exactly what I said…”Lord Jesus, I am ready. I know that you have my baby girl set aside for me. I am ready for my female beagle who isn’t a puppy.” Monday morning, I went into work. On break, I looked online and there she was on Her name was Paloma. They had found her wandering. They had just posted her on their website. Wednesday afternoon, I left work early to go see her. When they brought her out, I was in shock. Here was this little, tiny thing. She was only 16 lbs. Remember, Noah was 85 lbs. I looked at her and said, “Lord, what do you want me to do with her?!!” I knew that she was my answer to prayer and due to travel plans that were made before I prayed for her, I picked her up a week later. That week later, was exactly one year and a day after I lost my Noah. I changed her name. Her name is Abigail Faith. She is absolutely perfect for me. Don’t get me wrong, she took some getting used to. She jumped out of the tub four times the first night I had her and was giving her a bath. She slept a lot the first three weeks. I thought, I wanted a dog and I don’t know what his thing is. The first time she made a playful noise, I laughed so hard and was so full of joy. She had to get used to the new life too. She loves to play and snuggle. She needed to learn that as funny as it was, it’s never okay to jump on the coffee table to get to the couch. I quickly learned that I couldn’t leave her free during the day in my apartment. Although she was house trained, she peed on my carpets. I tried to crate her, but she howled, whined and went to the bathroom in the crate. We had to adjust and find the perfect solution. The solution was leaving her gated in the kitchen, until she jumped the gate. Now, there are two gates, stacked. We learned quickly, not to walk around in the kitchen with cooking utensils or use a paper to kill a fly, as she quickly cowers and shakes. She may have been abused. If you choose to rescue a dog, which I highly recommend, remember things are new to them. They are experiencing a new environment and a new family. They need time to get used to those things. I would say it took Abi and I at least three months or so to get used to each other. She knows that she is safe now and loved. I still miss Noah. Abi has not replaced him. Noah was my best friend. Abi and I have a different relationship. She is my drama queen, baby girl. She is very high maintenance and that is okay with me. I guess the best way to sum this up, is this...getting a new dog isn’t replacing the old one. Each child has a different relationship with their parents. Each dog, will bring us joy in their own way, as we have a different relationship with each of them. - By Stacy Raczynski


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I am Zeke! - and I am NOT “just a dog” (remember me from the last magazine?)

When I was found on the streets dirty and scared, I may have seemed mean. But really, I was just afraid, even of the toys they offered me. No one ever taught me to trust people before and I didn’t know what it meant to be truly loved. But I do now... The nice people at the Regional Animal Shelter in Gloversville, NY decided I was worthy of a wonderful life (like all my other dog and cat friends). They said lots of people donated money so I could have a better life! I am so thankful for that and I have worked so so hard to get to where I am today. My trainer, Kevin Behan from Natural Dog Training in Vermont knew I could be healed right from the start. He and I are best pals now and I am so happy I got to meet him! You see I am only 3 years old and I want to make a family happy, I want to be their forever dog. I will need some help, my training model is ongoing and I need my family to understand me - I want to continue being the well behaved boy Kevin has taught me to be. Even though the shelter folks love me, I don’t do well in that situation. I want to continue being a good dog every day! Won’t you open up your heart and home to me? - I promise you won’t be sorry!

Love, Zeke

Zeke is a 3 year old Beagle Mix Photo by: Jessica Painter Photography

Go here to see how well behaved I am!

Oh, and someone else wants to talk about me too...

(It’s that nice lady Renee Earl from the Regional Animal Shelter. I owe her and all of the shelter staff a lot of kisses for believing in me!)

On September 15, 2015 we got in a stray dog and we named him Zeke. He was a bundle of nerves, full of anxiety and fearful of people and objects. Life for Zeke at the shelter became a complete nightmare; he became increasingly anxious yet we saw a side of Zeke that was gentle and sweet under all that panic. We decided to raise funds to send Zeke to rehab in May 2016, and thanks to our phenomenal supporters, we raised over $4,000 for his rehab. It was a big investment but we knew that the real Zeke on one of his outings to the beach Zeke was inside waiting to emerge! And he has! Go to the link above to see Zeke and his trainer Kevin with shelter volunteer Mike Scaringe. Behan, out in public. Kevin is discussing many of the core theories of his training model, Natural Dog Zeke is now looking He loves being outdoors! for the perfect forever home Training (NDT). Zeke has worked hard and is now ready to share his life and team up with an owner that can keep up with his core exercises, implement a calm indoor life and an active outdoor life. We have gone above and beyond to help Zeke but now we need to find the perfect family for Zeke. His new family will have plenty of post adoption resources through Paw It Forward LLC to help Zeke and the family with the transition. The ideal family for Zeke has a calm, loving home with no other dogs or young children and the dedication to help Zeke continue on his journey to being a happier, healthier dog. Every dog deserves a second chance, help us make this one happen for Zeke. Please open your home and your heart to Zeke.

For questions about adopting or fostering Zeke, please contact the Regional Animal Shelter at (518) 725-5956



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14 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Endless Possibilities 518.842.5080

Regional Animal Shelter 117 West Fulton St., Gloversville, NY 12078

(518) 725-5956

Hours: Mon – Sun: 7am – 9am & 4pm – 6pm or by appt.

The Regional Animal Shelter is a volunteer run not-for-profit, no-kill animal shelter founded in 2002 What We Do

Reunite - stray dogs with their families. Rescue - animals from bad situations. Adopt dogs - into new, loving homes. Spay & Neuter

to decrease the number of unwanted animals.

Educate the public

and dog owners on animal health, training, and awareness.

Meet Nathan...

Nathan is a Bone Mouth Shar Pei mix. He was found in a local park. It took a week of tracking him before we could trap him. We are pretty confident he was dumped there. He was very timid with people at first and afraid of everything. He has since come around and is a total love! He seems to be afraid of children so a home with kids would not be suitable. Nathan is neutered, chipped and has all his shots. To make an appt. to meet Nathan, contact

to see pets available for adoption and find out more about Regional Animal Shelter

Adopting from Regional Animal Shelter is an easy process

we will help you find the dog that is perfect for you and your family. It involves finding out a little about you and your home, visiting with the dogs and talking with one of the animal shelter professionals. After you have met and decided which amazing animal you would like to adopt, we will ask that you fill out an application. Applications are available at the shelter; they must be completed in full and returned to the shelter office. If you are unable to make it to the shelter, please contact us and we will send you an application.

Check out Regional Animal Shelter pets on our placemats - out in 15 restaurants in the area every day!

(see page 36 for a list of where you can find them) Check out Regional Animal Shelter on or go to: to find out more!

a Home Helpers Caregiver Today. Make a Difference in AreTheBecome simple act of brighteningcaregiver someone’s dayiscan rejuvenate spirit and you a compassionate who looking for ayour rewarding give-you sense ofand purpose. Join theAre Home team today and botha great personally financially? youHelpers dedicated, punctual, Someone’s Life… career help make life easier for the elderly, new moms and working parents, those

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67 Bridge Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010 518-842-5626

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Wed-Thurs 5pm-9pm; owned Fri-Sat&5pm-10pm; Each office is independently operated. Sun. 1pm-8pm


306 South Main Street Gloversville, NY 12078

Phil & Lorrie Venneman, Owners (518) 725-8779

Sacandaga Veterinar� Clinic William G. Chester DVM 206 Paradise Point Rd., Mayfield, NY


Enrich your life... rescue a pet! We salute these fine shelters, just some of the great facilities in our area!

Home Helpers

Parillo s ’ Armory Grill Restaurant


ai p e R

s ’ l i h P

Licensed Home Care Service Agency Each independently owned owned&&operated. operated. Eachoffice office is independently

is Taking Care of the Greatest Generation...Yours. Delicious Homemade You & your family deserve the best home care. From a few hours to 24/7 care, we’re there when and where you need us. Italian Specialties

Photo Credit: Jessica Painter Photography

Adirondack Save-A-Stray Brennan Humane Society Regional Animal Shelter Montgomery County SPCA Ayres Animal Shelter Accepting New Patients CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 15

B.A.R.K. ‘n Friends, LLC 693 State Highway 67, Fort Plain, New York

(518) 705-8469

Real life, practical training solutions for you and your dog utilizing positive reinforcement, structure and clear communication Leatrice Miller-Natola, owner of B.A.R.K. ‘n Friends, LLC is shown with her two dogs Buzz and Em

Helping dogs and their humans live in harmony, balance and peace.

Pet Care Tips During Your Illness and Recovery



offers OVERNIGHT BOARDING - 1 night or extended stays welcome Must call for a reservation

(518) 705-8469 or (518) 762-8804

By Leatrice Miller-Natola, CPDT, RM

You are told you have to go to the hospital for treatment which will involve a hospital stay and recovery time. Worse, suddenly you are rushed to the hospital due to some sort of accident and you have to stay in the hospital. Whatever the scenario, you have pets at home who need care. What to do now? No one wants to be in the situation in which desperation leads to poor and sometimes, inhumane care for our pets. I encourage you to use this article as a guide to put a plan in place NOW so you are prepared should the worst happen and your pets need care because you are unable to provide that care for them due to a problem regarding your health. Keep in mind ANYONE of ANY AGE can find themselves in this situation so be prepared! 1. Clear Directions: Create complete and detailed directions in simple terms so a monkey could follow your directions regarding feeding, bathroom needs, litter cleaning and disposal, cage cleaning, etc. It is easiest if you keep these directions on your computer/laptop where you can update it as the needs of your pets change. 2. Relatives or Friends: Many people rely on relatives or friends to care for their pets in their home. This can be a great solution provided the person who agrees to take care of your pets will actually do a good job! Often, people choose pet caretakers who lack experience, motivation, and even integrity. I hear many stories of people who paid relatives or friends to care for their pets only to come back to a disaster due to poor care and cleaning. So, if you choose this option, be SURE this person is going to actually DO what they say they will do by putting it all in writing. Literally, write out EVERYTHING you expect them to do, how much they will be paid, and what will happen if you are not satisfied with their work. The difficulty here is that if the work in unsatisfactory, the fallout can destroy relationships. Insure you will get what you want by training this person by inviting them over and having them help you feed, water, and clean with you so they learn EXACTLY what you want them to do. Keep in mind: this person does not know your pets the way you do and needs YOU to tell them what is needed to keep your pets happy and healthy while you are away. And yes, pay them and pay them well. A professional Pet Sitter in the New York Capital Region charges anywhere from $25 per visit per day, to $40+ per visit per day depending on the number of pets in the home. It is fair to pay a non-professional $20 per visit per day for up to 4 pets in the home. If dogs are included, this should include a walk with each visit provided your dogs walk nicely on leash and the neighborhood is safe from loose dogs and other dangers. If payment is refused, write a REALLY great thank you note and get them something they love! 3. Professional Care: So the relatives and friends option isn’t going to work for you. The other option is to hire a professional. Try to find places with certifications. For example, I am a certified dog trainer who also provides overnight boarding. Look for things like good marks with the Better Business Bureau or at least an absence of complaints, recommendations from friends, family, local pet store or your veterinarian. If you have one or two dogs, boarding them can be an option and can be less expensive than in home pet sitting. However, ensure the facility is safe, clean, and that your pets will receive good, loving care by insisting on visiting the facility with your dog. Ask questions such as: Will someone be here all day? What exercise/activity will my dog have during the day? Will my dog be in a crate all day? Is someone in or near the facility at night? Is there a webcam so I can check on my dog? (This is great if available but not all facilities have it), Is there a discount for an extended stay? Get a list of exactly what you need to provide and be sure there is a very clear contract. If there is no contract, or the facility smells, or makes you feel uncomfortable, find another kennel. Don’t let price drive your decision or you could be very sorry in the end. Make sure your dog is somewhere YOU and your dog feel good about. If you are unable to get recommendations for a dog boarding facility or kennel in your area, simply do a Google search for: dog boarding or dog kennels, and add your town and state if needed. 4. Split Care: Sometimes it is possible to have a neighbor, relative or friend share the pet care with a professional pet sitter. Perhaps your relative or friend can only offer pet care once a day or sporadically. Well, then the professional pet sitter can fill in. This way you have the peace of mind knowing someone you know is checking in on your pets and your home while you focus on getting well again. This is, in my mind, the best possible solution even if the neighbor just checks in every other day. This sort of oversight just helps to keep dishonest people honest! 5. Duration: How long should you continue pet care? Until you are FULLY able to care for your pets yourself without any discomfort. No one wants you to have to go back to the hospital! 6. Online Pet Care Sources: I am not a huge fan of the online sources for pet care, however, I understand that sometimes it is the only option. I find the following two to be easy to use with good descriptions and photos of those offering their services. If there is no photo, keep scrolling! Be careful and have someone with you when you interview one of these potential pet sitters because basically, anyone can put their information on the site as a professional as the sites do not have any particular requirements. If you are desperate, try one or both of these: Rover. com, or 7. Local is Best: Always choose someone who is within 25 to 30 miles of your home. Any further than that and it will get very expensive and impractical for the pet sitter and for you should there be a problem with the services you received. Local folks generally want your repeat business and are more invested in receiving a good review from you whether via word of mouth or on their social page or website.

Leatrice Miller Natola, CPDT, located in Johnstown, NY. • Call: 518-762-8804 or 518-705-8469 Check out B.A.R.K. ‘n Friends, LLC on or go to: 16 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

The loss of a family pet can be a very difficult time in our lives

Many families have to deal with the death of a beloved pet more than once. Pets crawl into our hearts from the day we bring them into our lives and when they pass - either because of a tragic accident, illness or due to old age, it hurts tremendously. Our beautiful Sheltie Lexi died at only 4 years old of Lymphoma, our dog Brownie from old age - us needing to give her peace as she dealt with glaucoma and a liver mass. There are so many different ways that families deal with this great loss. The humane society of the United States has given us permission to use the information in their article “Coping with the Death of Your Pet“ to talk about losing a beloved four legged family member. I am sure that some people who do not have pets do not fully understand the pain that someone goes through when they lose their pet. I remember very well all of the wonderful cards and expressions of sympathy from friends and family after our pets died. It meant the world to us to know that others understood. I still have all of the cards sent to me when Brownie died tucked away and recently found them and cried like it was just yesterday that we had to say goodbye. Pets are truly members of our family and we celebrate their birthdays, enjoy their companionship each day and keep their photos in our wallets. It is not unusual then to feel overwhelmed with intense sorrow and this is normal. Finding ways to cope with that grief will bring you closer to the day when memories bring smiles instead of tears.

What is the grief process?

The grief process is as individual as the person, lasting days for one person, years for another. The process typically begins with denial, which offers protection until individuals can realize their loss. Some caregivers may try bargaining with a higher power, themselves, or even their pet to restore life. Some feel anger, which may be directed at anyone involved with the pet, including family, friends, and veterinarians. Caregivers may also feel guilt about what they did or did not do; they may feel that it is inappropriate for them to be so upset. After these feelings subside, caregivers may experience true sadness or grief. They may become withdrawn or depressed. Acceptance occurs when they accept the reality of their loss and remember their animal companion with decreasing sadness.

Coping with grief

While grief is a personal experience, you need not face your loss alone. Many forms of support are available, including pet-bereavement counseling services, pet-loss support hotlines, local or online pet-bereavement groups, books, videos, and magazine articles.

Here are a few suggestions to help you cope:

Acknowledge your grief and give yourself permission to express it. • Don’t hesitate to reach out to others who can lend a sympathetic ear. Do a little research online and you’ll find hundreds of resources and support groups that may be helpful to you. • Write about your feelings, either in a journal or a poem, essay, or short story. • Call your veterinarian or local humane society to see whether they offer a pet-loss support group or hotline, or can refer you to one. Prepare a memorial for your pet.

Caring for children

The loss of a pet may be a child’s first experience with death. The child may blame himself, his parents, or the veterinarian for not saving the pet. And he may feel guilty, depressed, and frightened that others he loves may be taken from him. Trying to protect your child by saying the pet ran away could cause your child to expect the pet’s return and feel betrayed after discovering the truth. Expressing your own grief may reassure your child that sadness is ok and help him/her work through their feelings.

Caring for seniors

Coping with the loss of a pet can be particularly hard for seniors. Those who live alone may feel a loss of purpose and an immense emptiness. A pet’s death may also trigger painful memories of other losses and remind caregivers of their own mortality. What’s more, the decision to get another pet is complicated by the possibility that the pet may outlive the caregiver and that the decision to get another pet hinges on the person’s physical and financial ability to care for a new pet. For all these reasons, it’s critical that senior pet owners take immediate steps to cope with their loss and regain a sense of purpose. If you are a senior, try interacting with friends and family, calling a pet-loss support hotline, even volunteering at a local humane society.

Caring for other pets

Surviving pets may whimper, refuse to eat or drink, and suffer lethargy, especially if they had a close bond with the deceased pet. Even if they were not the best of friends, the changing circumstances and your emotional state may distress them. (However, if your remaining pets continue to act out of sorts, there could actually be a medical problem that requires your veterinarian’s attention.) Give surviving pets lots of TLC and try to maintain a normal routine. It’s good for them and for you.

Getting another pet

Rushing into this decision isn’t fair to you or your new pet. Each animal has her own unique personality and a new animal cannot replace the one you lost. You’ll know when the time is right to adopt a new pet after giving yourself time to grieve, considering whether you’re ready, and paying close attention to your feelings. When you’re ready, remember that your local animal shelter or rescue is a great place to find your next special friend. Some parts of this article have been reprinted with permission from The Humane Society of the United States:

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Phone: (518) 883-5313 Cell: (518) 588-0697 Fax: (518) 883-5320

Mike Deuel, Owner or

B.A.R.K. ‘n Friends, LLC Full Service Dog Training & Behavior Modification 693 State Highway 67, Johnstown, NY 12095

Pet Dog Training, Behavior Modification, Obedience Classes, Overnight Boarding Trainer/Owner Leatrice Miller Natola, CPDT, RM

Call: 518-762-8804 Cell: 518-705-8469 CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 17

Joy - a little Pittie girl in need of peace, love and healing Her Ayres Shelter family calls her “a special girl with a natural instinct to love and bond with people that cannot be squelched by her awful past life”. Joy has formed an instant bond with shelter staff, she now knows she will be loved forever. But Joy is in need of serious medical care due to her living conditions as a breeding dog.The Ayres Shelter family has set up a pay pal account to help with her medical expenses. Read on for more about a pittie named Joy and how you can help her and other dogs in her same situation get the help they need... The story of little Joy is unfortunately not an uncommon one in this crazy world of ours, but it seems to be a growing epidemic in our local area. Joy is an 8 year old Pitbull who was taken in from a backyard breeder family that several of us have tried to shut down for the last few years. We sometimes make small progresses to shut down the current ones that we are aware of, but Joy has been through so much, when we slow one irresponsible breeder down, two more fill their vacancy. A little over three years ago we seized over but still loves people, she has a long road to recovery, but it will 60 dogs from this specific family, but we knew that there were others that were hidden, their highest money making dogs be a love filled journey. were swept away in the cover of night before we could get to them. Joy was one of those dogs and this poor girl is in one of the worst conditions that we have ever seen. Joy’s signs of over breeding are obvious from her large teets that we have found to be filled with infection. They are raw from constant suckling of the puppies that were eventually taken away from her to be sold off or used as studs and bitches for further breeding. With the ability to have two litters a year, at 8 years old we estimate that Joy has had to endure at least 10 litters of puppies, but probably closer to 16. The raw patches on her feet and legs are in desperate need of care, but were clearly ignored. Her flea infestation was so bad that her poor body shut down on itself, causing her hair to fall out. The constant scratching has resulted in crusty sores that cover her body. The stresses that she endured caused her to nervously lick her front paws until they were raw. Through all of this, Joy has been a survivor. She endured things that no living creature should ever have to. She has physical injuries - some that may possibly require surgery, some that will require long courses of medication and veterinary care. Some may never repair themselves. The amazing thing about Joy is the reason that she was given this name by her new shelter family. She is loving, she is trusting - after everything that humankind has done to her, her natural instinct to love and bond cannot be squelched. She begs to be loved and now she will be. The most beautiful thing to see is when an animal that has gone through the terrors that Joy has finally looks around and sees that her new family - her shelter family - are there to heal her, to love her and to fight for her. This is where we need your help. We at Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter are a small, not for profit, no kill shelter with limited resources, but we will never turn away an animal in need. We need your help to fight for these dogs, not just for Joy but for those that are still left in the home that she came from and for every dog that has been abused, neglected and taken advantage of for profit. Joy's These two ladies, Marissa Glasser and Frankie Page, treatment will not be cheap, she has many issues that need to along with shelter staff, have taken Joy on as their special girl. They will be there to guide Joy on her be attended to. Joy needs help now, her life depends on it. journey to health. We know that times are tough for many, but if we all come together as a community - not just a local community, but a global animal advocacy community - we can make a change. With enough funding we can afford to pay for her medical care, we can see her not just survive, but thrive. If we are blessed to have enough donations, we can expand our resources to save countless other abused animals. Anything that can be contributed will help and be appreciated greatly. Not just by the humans that will be able to have the resources to fight this battle, but it will be appreciated by each dog that is able to be rescued. As they are able to sleep in a bed for the first time in their life, as they are hugged and cuddled for the first time in their life and as they know peace for the first time in their life - they will love you for the good deed that you have done. What can I do you may say? Reading this is a start, thank you. Share her story, volunteer at a local shelter, donate, speak to your local politicians, vote for those that understand that how we treat our animals is a direct reflection on how we treat each other. With love and peace, The Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter Family (please see page 19 for information about Ayres Memorial Shelter)

It didn’t take too long for Joy to warm up to Frankie’s husband. Shown here is Mike Page getting in some time with Joy.

Be the change that you want to see in the world • Adopt, don’t shop. To donate to help Joy and other dogs in the same situation please go to: Ayres Memorial Shelter Facebook page and click on the donate button or go to: and donate through Paypal. Thank You! 18 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter Ayres Memorial Shelter

133 Hilltop Road, Sprakers, New York • (518) 673-5670

Rich Christman Certified Professional Dog Trainer


Hours: Tue. 12-5; Wed. 12-7; Thu.-Sat. 12-5

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter operates as a No-Kill “quality of life” shelter, and the devoted workers are committed to making sure that every animal in their care has exactly that.

All would-be adoptive families are carefully screened before being allowed to take home any pet. In this way, each adopted animal is assured of a good and loving home. Ayres Animal Shelter Our surgical suite

is up and running! We would like to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Linda Kolnick for her part in making this possible!!

If you have an animal that needs to be spayed or neutered, please call us at 518-673-5670 to be put on our list.




No animal accepted at clinic without full payment of fees prior to surgery

$45 $70 (under 20#) $70 (20-50#) $85 (51-75#) $115 (76-90#) $135 (91-109#) $155 (over 110#) $175 (under 20#) 20#) $70 $90 (under (20-50#) $105 $85 (20-50#) (51-75#) (51-75#) $125 $145 (75-90#) (75-90#) $145 $165 (91-109) $165 (91-109) $185 (over 109)) $200 (over 109)) $220

Every animal must have a valid rabies certificate Rabies and DHPP shots available at the clinic - Rabies $10 • Distemper $15 Microchips are available at $25 per pet In need of dedicated, adult, dog experienced volunteers. If you are interested please contact us to fill out an application.

If you would like to make a donation to our shelter please send it to the address above. Our Grain free dog food, Ourwish wishlist listincludes: includes:Clay Claycat catlitter, litter,. Grain free dog food, Purina collars. PurinaDog DogChow, Chow,Nylabones, Nylabones,Martingale Martingale collars. Check out Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter on or go to:

Tyson UPDATE!!

Individual and Group Classes held at Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter

Adirondack Dog Training LLC

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Also: Private in home lessons


Check us out on facebook at

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Does everyone remember Tyson from the last issue? He had been waiting for 3 years for a forever home at AYRES MEMORIAL ANIMAL SHELTER in Sprakers, NY The Ayres staff is happy to announce that he has found that home...

Look at this smile!

e is Tyson! !  ne! My nam ce May of 2013 ck Hey everyo the shelter sin at to bring me ba e as w m I ca e er us t d no one ev ow me, beca ea an kn gr e ill le ch sv op su hn pe ok y Jo . to Man ose in St d me and ray, running lo ter family love ng pictures I came in as a st ay though, because my shel ming and taki im sw e m ng ok ki as ta w e, at m Th   ith home. s playing w ey were alway homes for care of me. Th ilies.  m fa l ia eren't the right nt w te sly po ou ain.  vi ow sh ob of me to , but they es again and ag and other dogs eeting new on m es ili en m th fa ill d of w t an e lo I met a bye to them they said "W y "Bye" to me, pt saying good sa I ke I 't d e dn an us di e ca m ho r be w fo me, perwork met a family ing up, did some pa recently that I d go til se ve es un lo t I dr l e n' al as us e w ca It ily got m okay, be My shelter fam too! Which was e! Smiles see you later." a long car ride e waiting for m as er w th It as e. w rid r ily ca m a fa r y to see fo m d g d te in an an , was go iveway , and I w lled into the dr new back yard for rides!  We pu ound!  We walked down my all ar eat!  and happiness water. It was gr om and dad. en ran into the and my new m ily m fa r te e the el sh everything! I ev y favorite and I even mad xt hour with m d my big bed, ne an e e th at d cr en y m sp t I got to rd. , checked ou to the back ya e, saw my yard mdoggy door in I saw the hous al on rs pe n my extended fa to my ow et so much of m ill w ve ey ha I th screen door in e. ow m forever ho ily, and I kn be in my new new my shelter fam y to y m iss k m pp in s ha th ay I w so d al I am me! An uch. I will azing in my ho l love me so m at I am doing am ily and they al th y sa to y pp am ha miss me. But I st right! Love,  will treat me ju mom and dad Tyson

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 19


Don’t Shop!


There are so many pets in shelters and rescues that need homes...Please consider a shelter pet first when deciding to add a pet to your family! The pets in this section of our magazine are all wonderful pets who were chosen by their rescues to be featured on these pages. They may be seniors, have special needs or perhaps they have been waiting way too long. Please consider adding one of these (or any shelter pet) to your family today! The dogs/cats on these pages can be adopted through the shelters/rescues featured in this magazine. See their individual pages for more info.



Queen Anne

These special girls are sisters and would love to go home together but most importantly they need a home with a gentle family, single person or couple, no dogs please. Whoopi: is very shy and not yet comfortable being petted. She needs a special person willing to be patient, and then love and trust will win her over eventually. She loves other cats and needs a companion. Demi is friendly, a bit shy, but very lovable. She loves cats and people. Demi also needs a cat companion, preferably her sister Whoopi

Queen Anne was rescued from a hoarding situation in late stage pregnancy. A very tiny kitty, she was a good momma to her 3 kittens and to one of her sister’s kittens too, but shys away from human touch. She deserves to find out that humans are safe and there is love to be had. Needs a quiet environment with some one on one time. She is precious and lovely and needs to be given a chance. This kitty is spayed, litter trained, has all shots and is FelV and FIV negative.

Kitten Angels (see page 37) (518) 573-9906

Kitten Angels (see page 37) (518) 573-9906

Ty Hi! My name is Ty. I am a 2-3 year old neutered male American Bulldog mix. I am not a huge boy, I weigh about 50 pounds. I am still a good size to be a lap dog! :) I am great with other dogs and I love all people - especially kids! I was brought in because my family just didn’t want me anymore - I don’t understand it and neither do my shelter family. I try to be the best dog I can be and I just want to love on everyone! I love to play, cuddle, go for walks or for rides in the car! I promise I will be the best companion if given the chance! Ayres Memorial Shelter (see page 19)

(518) 673-5670

Hal Hal is a 11 year old American Eskimo/Corgi mix. Great with people. Good with older kids. Okay with most dogs. Good with inside cats. Housebroken, crate trained. Loves walks and car rides. Hal would make a great companion for any lifestyle and loves to cuddle. He is epileptic and requires seizure meds twice a day. Adoption fee is sponsored.

Ayres Memorial Shelter (see page 19) (518) 673-5670

Sierra Sierra is going to be 2 years old and she’s been with Mountain Rottie Rescue since she was 8 mos old. She loves car rides, loves to play, go for walks and please her humans. Currently Sierra is being fostered with a Rottweiler male who she does excellent with. It is best for her not to be with young children because of her size and she does not get along with cats. Sierra has so much love to giv! Can someone find a spot in their heart to take this dog in and give her a chance?

Lisa Marie Lisa Marie is a 1 year old beagle/collie mix that was found as a stray in Alabama. A vets office that we work with takes in dogs from their local animal control. We saw the picture of Lisa Marie and had to help her. Lisa Marie is perfect! She is very eager to learn, attentive, observant, playful, and calm all in one gorgeous little puppy body! She is looking for an active home, she's VERY playful, she gets along great with other dogs her size or larger. No cats or small dogs please.

Mountian Rottie Rescue

Mountian Rottie Rescue

(see page 29)

Red came in as a stray at a local vet. He lived there for four years Red is a very cute Red small boy and is a total athlete. Red would do well with the right female. He is a fun and very happy boy. Gucci is a spayed female. She is a great” hang out” dog with a gentle, calm personality. She follows her foster dad from Gucci place to place and loves lying on her blankets. She would be okay with the right male.

(see page 29)

Beauty 8 yr. old Beauty’s name fits her well! She from the New York City shelter system after losing her family following a house fire. Beauty is as sweet as can be, loves the sun as much as she loves to be inside on a squishy bed! There isn’t a stranger in this lady’s world, she wags her tail at every new person! She knows how to “sit” “down” and “wait.” She loves walks, chasing balls and rolling in the grass. Beauty does well with children. Can you give her that forever home she deserves?

Out of the Pits, Inc.

Out of the Pits, Inc.

(see page 4)

(see page 4)

Two bonded seniors who need a home together!



Socks is a 1-2 years old Border Collie/Jack Russel Mix. He has lots of of energy and loves to play. Socks would make an outstanding agility star!!! His favorite game is “tug”. I am good with kids and other dogs, not sure about cats yet, mostly because he has not met any yet! Socks loves to go on long walks and play ball. If you are looking for an active, smart, and fun loving four legged friend than he will make a great addition to your family.

Brownie is a female, 3 year old hound mix. A local dog who waited a very long time in the shelter prior to being in rescue, she quickly became a shelter favorite and was used to evaluate other dogs behavior and interactions. Brownie has great canine skills and a big trusting heart... but can be timid when in new situations with people and just needs a little time. Once she feels safe she has a tremendous sense of humor and is a HUGE snuggler. Brownie is a big wiggler and dances around with the biggest smile on her face! Brownie is very intelligent and knows basic obedience.

11th Hour Canine Rescue (see page 25) (518) 223-5589

11th Hour Canine Rescue (see page 25) (518) 223-5589

20 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Surrendered to a kill shelter and pulled by the Mr. Mo Project, these bonded brothers need to go to a home without other pets. Tyson is an old man of 16 and desperately craves huTyson man contact and affection. Blu Blu is a young 13 (according to his surrender papers), he is playful and has some energy but settles down quickly. He seeks out his brother and kisses him, then continues exploring his surroundings, which right now are a cage at the vet. We will not separate them, we will not set them up to fail, and most of all, we will not give up on finding them the best of the rest. Please help us find these boys their happily ever after. All medical expenses paid for life, they are currently in upstate NY but can be transported to the right home.

The Mr. Mo Project (see page 32) (518) 435-5973

e dat es Up ercuInl our May 2016 issue, H on we did a spot on Hercules. He had been waiting at the time for over 730 days! Well... he is STILL WAITING... Herc needs a home!

Read more about Herc and see more photos on his facebook page...

Hercules The Homeless Hunk


My name is Hercules- I am from Texas but I moved to New York after being homeless and experiencing an assault (likely by an ax) that caused me to lose my tail. But I don’t look back and I don’t let that get me down. I have excellent manners (I know sit, come, down, crate, stay and more), but sometimes I just get soooo excited I forget myself (I may even squeal!). I like all sorts of people, and I am petite, so I am the perfect size for your lap (trust me on this- I will make it work). I am living with two dogs, who I have gotten used to, but I need a lot of time to feel comfortable with other dogs. I’m polite in public but would prefer not to share my quarters. My pastimes include: car rides, lounging on the couch, walks, hiking, mastering smart toys and Kongs. I also enjoy scent training and I’m learning a new trick - to ride a skateboard. I have been in rescue and in foster for over two years- maybe half my life. I would really like to spend the rest of my days in a “forever” home with a human who will love me, stand by me and keep me safe forever. Even if you aren’t sure I am the right dog for your home (and lap), would you please tell everyone you know about me so that I can find my rightful home?

Fudgie Fudgie is a lovable 8 year old purebred rottie who was found chained up behind a diner. She loves to go for walks and to have some one on one time for nub scratches and belly rubs! Fudgie is crate trained, house trained, and knows her basic commands (sit, stay, drop it). She is eager to please and very food motivated. Fudgie’s ideal home is a quiet home without children as she can become overwhelmed with too much noise, and no cats.

Rottie Empire Rescue (see page 11) (518) 431-9730 Photo Credit: R. Barrett Photography

Jackie O is an adult domestic short hair. Best as the only cat, she likes to ride around on your shoulder. Jackie O is spayed and up to date on shots.

Herkimer County Humane Society (see page 26) (518) 866-3255

Rottie Empire Rescue (see page 11) (518) 431-9730

Miss Jackson



Caleb came to the shelter as a stray with his brother Artie. They are playful kittens who love attention from people. Caleb and Artie get along with other cats and would do well in any home. Both Caleb and Artie are about 4 months old and would love to find forever homes. Come to the shelter and visit them today!

Princess was surrendered to the shelter when her owner could no longer care for her. She is a super sweet girl who loves attention from people. Princess likes to go for walks and does well on a leash. She also knows how to give paw! This gorgeous girl is about 8 years old and arrived at the shelter on 9/12/16.

Montgomery County SPCA (518) 842-8050

Montgomery County SPCA (518) 842-8050

(see page 4)

(see page 4)

Photo Credit: Jessica Painter Photography

Photo Credit: R. Barrett Photography

Becker Jackie O

Herc loves his dog bed donated by RER Volunteer Whitney Griffin from RuffnFluffRescueBeds on Etsy. Go to page 35 to find out how you can buy a dog bed or bowtie and get one donated to a homeless dog in the process.

Miss Jackson is a female domestic short hair kitty. She came to the shelter as a stray. She can be shy at first but does warm up and enjoys being pet. Miss Jackson likes to play and gets along well with other cats. This pretty girl is about 3 months old and arrived at the shelter on 8/8/16.

Montgomery County SPCA (518) 842-8050

(see page 4)

Photo Credit: Jessica Painter Photography


Poker is a 3 year old Pointer Mix. Poker is neutered and up to date on his shots. He is very protective and doesn't do well with change. No children. Poker will need an experienced dog owner.

Becker is a 2 year old Black Lab mix. He is super goofy and lives to play. He does well with older children (he would knock over small kids) and would prefer to be the only dog. He walks excellent on leash and he lives to go for rides in the car too. He will play ball and entertain himself too!

Charlie is a American Staffordshire Terrier sweet boy with a long history for such a young pup at only 18 mos old. He is neutered and microchipped and has all his shots. He would do best as the only pet in the home. He is an absolute sweetheart and craves attention. Stop in to meet this handsome fella!

Herkimer County Humane Society (see page 26) (518) 866-3255

Regional Animal Shelter (see page 15) (518) 725-5956

Regional Animal Shelter (see page 15) (518) 725-5956


Photo Credit: John Norton Photography



Rocket is a 2 year old neutered male Pitbull. He was brought into the Shelter after being used as a bait dog. He was in horrible shape. He is happy and friendly. Rocket is good with non-reactive male dogs and loves people. He would be best in a home with no cats. He loves to go for walks and enjoys a good belly rub. He has been with us for almost a year now.

The Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley (see page 32) (518) 296-8390


Photo Credit: John Norton Photography


Wally is a fun loving 3-4 year old neutered male Mastiff/Shep/Shar Pei mix. He is a big goof ball. He loves to be with people and is okay with most other dogs. He isn’t kenneling well and needs his forever home. He came from a home with children and cats. He needs to be on a grain-free diet.

Aiden is EXCEPTIONAL. He would make a devoted, loving best buddy. He loves walks, playing fetch & car rides - great with kids and all dogs. His BEST friend is a 4 pound little girl; he must go to a home with a doggy playmate. Aiden came in as a stray and is very fearful around men.With time and patience, Aiden will learn there are good guys out there. Whoever wins Aiden’s heart will be showered with love.

Calvin is a male chihuahua mix that was born on 2-12-2016. He plays shy at first and then he warms up quickly to you. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Calvin or Aiden or any other pets available for adoption please call or email us (information below) or fill out an application online at www. Note:we only process applications within one hour of Albany, NY

The Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley (see page 32) (518) 296-8390

Free To Be Me Rescue (see page 24) (518) 956-1804

Free To Be Me Rescue (see page 24) (518) 956-1804

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 21

And here are more pets waiting at area shelters for forever homes! Sheldon

(aka Sheldor the Magnificent)


Sheldon is about 4 years old and came in as a stray. Since he has been with us he is nothing but a complete love with people! Loves to play, chase balls and go for walks. Sheldon loves belly rubs and loves to sit on his human’s lap. He was reactive to other dogs at the shelter but he has shown very little reactivity to dogs since being in his foster home. It’s likely he could live with the right other dog with a slow careful introduction. He needs to be in a cat free home however as he is very focused on the cats in his foster home. Sheldon is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.

Shirley is a 2 1/2 years old spayed female who’s superpower is fearlessness. She loves a physical and mental challenge (and she is very smart). After the activity is over she just wants to snuggle with her human. She needs a family who will embrace her need for physical and mental challenges, but also nurture her quiet, loving side. She weighs 48 lbs, most of it muscle! She enjoys playing with her foster brothers, but has escaped a 6 foot fence, so her family would need to be vigilant when she is outside.

Upstate Underdog Rescue, Inc.

Upstate Underdog Rescue, Inc.

(see page 29)

(see page 29)

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is an adult spayed female, domestic long hair kitty waiting patiently for her forever family to come meet her!


Peanut is a female, spayed domestic short hair - 1-2 years old, and has been waiting for a very long time for her forever family to come meet Peanut her!

James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society (518) 725-0115 (see page 5)

Sullivan is a 1 yr old. Rottie who is very friendly and lovable. He should not be in a home with small children otherwise he is a great dog. $95 of his adoption fee is sponsored. This includes their vaccinations, heart worm testing, and spay or neuter

James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society (518) 725-0115 (see page 5)

The email address is Copper and Charlie’s family were moving out of the country to Mexico and decided to try and find them a new home by putting their photos and info on Crags List. If they didn’t get a home in time, they were going to have bothsay of themiteuthanized. Thankfully, TASP Animal Support Project) stepped and with the help of PAWS (Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society) they have brought these two boys to safety to find them a forYou could was created by a(Theshelter volunteer if inyou want. ever home to live out their years. Currently in foster care they are both gentle souls who are accustomed to living outdoors until it gets really cold at which time used to go down in the owner’s basement to stay warm. It would be wonderful to find them a peaceful farm to live out their years together. Copper is a 11 year old purebred Coon Hound. He came North from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina when he was 1 year old. He has lived in the country since then with his brother Charlie. Charlie is his best friend and he needs to stay with him. Copper has a fatty tumor that is benign and doesn't bother him. Charlie is a 12 year old healthy and fit purebred St. Bernard who Can anyone find it in their heart to give these two boys the loves his brother Copper and is friendly to everyone. forever home they deserve? Both dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped



The Animal Support Project (see page 31) (518) 727-8591 •

Pawsome Pups Persevere Pawsome Pups Persevere was created by a shelter volunteer, Marissa Hebert

Dogs are like people, they need to get out and be exercised but they also need mental stimulation.

The goal is to raise money to provide dogs with mental and physical stimulation while they are at the shelter in hopes of decreasing mental deterioration and increasing their chances for adoption. Funds are also used to assist with boarding expenses for dogs that need rescue, yet have not found a foster home , as well as providing food and toys to foster families to decrease the cost for local rescues assisting volunteers in saving lives!

Pawsome Pups Persevere delivers bones, treats and other items to area shelters to help dogs stay happy while they wait for their forever family

Trixie was last seen 9/17 on Clizbe Ave. in Amsterdam. She has green eyes and a tipped left ear. If you have seen her or know where she is...

Please call Kim at (518) 222-8517

These are just some of the items Pawsome Pups Persevere donates to shelter dogs

A very happy dog at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society enjoying a recent chew toy and visit from Pawsome Pups Persevere.

Missing Cat - Amsterdam - Clizbe Ave.

Email: If you would like to order bones, treats, etc. to donate to Pawsome Pups Persevere you can go to:

or go to: Check out Pawsome Pups Persevere on to donate! 22 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

There are so many shelters, rescue organizations and people who help shelter pets every single day. We regret that we could not portray even more of them in this issue. But you can help! If you know of a shelter or rescue that we could portray on the pages of our next issue, please let us know. Send a Facebook message, an email or call us. We will start compiling stories and information right away for next issue of Crazy About Pets. Mike and Linda Palmieri

Creativity Unleashed (518) 842-6532 •

No pet owner wants to see their dog in distress for any reason.

iss SAVE THE DATES! M t ’ n o D Holiday Events These! at area shelters

Do you know what to do when your dog is stung by a bee or receives a cut or appears to be choking? The Total Learning Center Pet CPR & First Aid course offers everyday pet owners and professionals the chance to learn the skills and techniques which are necessary to prepare an owner or caretaker in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency involving a pet.

The Montgomery County SPCA 9th Annual Holiday Pet Portraits Sat., Dec. 3rd • 10am - 3pm

at the Riverfront Center in Amsterdam This event is being held on Saturday ONLY this year. There will be different backgrounds to choose from and a delicious bake sale! You can choose to receive 3 printed photos for $25 or all of your photos on a CD for only $30! Come on out and have your pet’s picture taken with Santa!

Some techniques covered in the class include:

• CPR • Rescue Breathing • Shock Management • Bleeding Protocols • Injury and Wellness Assessments • Heat Injuries • Cold Injuries • Pet Care

Regional Animal Shelter Photo session of your pet by Jessica Painter Photography Sat., Nov.19th • 10am - 5pm

at Bark-n-Play 16 W. Main St., Fonda, NY 12068 Only $25 for free access to your photos online, print at your convenience. Maximum of 2 dogs per sitting. Each session is 15 minutes long and must be scheduled. Cannot accommodate walk-ins

Call Renee to schedule a time slot - (518) 848-7061

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter Annual Christmas Open House

Owner/Instuctor, Renee Earl with her dogs Oliver and Redmond

Sat., Dec. 3rd • 12pm-4pm

at 133 Hilltop Rd., Sprakers, New York Raffle Items, Bake Sale, Items for Sale, Christmas Wreaths and Kissing Balls, and Photos will be taken with Santa by Frankie Page for $5 each

Photo: Jessica Painter Photography

“TLC” TOTAL LEARNING CENTER INC. Offering Private or Group Classes as well as fundraisers for Shelters or Rescue Groups

If you have a shelter closer to where you live not listed here, check their website or Facebook page to see if they have holiday events scheduled as well.

Call 518-848-7061 or Email:

Are You Ready to Adopt?

When adopting, you are making a commitment to care for an animal for the rest of his life—that could mean 10 to 15 years for dogs and up to 20 years for cats. As you go through lifestyle changes such as moves, the birth of children and new jobs, your animal will remain a permanent part of your life. If circumstances change, will you still be able to care for your pet?

• Owning a dog or cat costs more than the initial adoption fee.

Food, veterinary care, spaying or neutering and proper identification—that means a collar with tags and a more permanent form of ID such as microchipping—can add up.

• Time is also a factor.

Dogs benefit from several hours of exercise and companionship every day. Cats are healthiest and happiest indoors and love to be treated to energetic play sessions. If your work demands that you travel often, or if you're out of the house most days and evenings, this may not be the right time to adopt.

• It is important to consider...

whether your children, along with your resident pets, are able to accommodate the addition of a cat or dog to your household.

Which Pet Is Right for You?

Your personality and lifestyle, along with challenges such as space restrictions and amount of time spent at home, should be explored to determine what pet is right for your household. Research different breeds and ask shelter staffers for guidance—they're experts at making perfect matches! To learn more about adopting a pet go to: or consult a veterinarian CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton Montgomery & Beyond November Please Note: The content in this magazine is for informational and educational purposes only and is&not intended Counties to replace the advice of your2016 own- 23 veterinarian or doctor. Please consult your own veterinarian if you have specific questions about any medical or social issues your pet may have.

Free To Be Me Rescue - Delmar, NY

Our goal is to never say no to a pet in need. We rescue local strays through shelters, owner surrenders and from puppy mills. We do this regardless of age and health. We work with a group of great volunteers and foster homes.

501©(3) not for profit 154 Delaware Ave., Delmar, NY 12054

We treat them medically, emotionally and through rehabilitation. This may take weeks to months before they are ready for their forever homes. We thoroughly screen all applications and try to match up the perfect home environment for that particular dog or cat.There will be some that unfortunately due to health issues will live out their lives with us. We owe that to them, and we want them to be comfortable and happy no matter how long that may be.

Meeting our Pets

Phone: (518) 956-1804 Email:

Our cats can be met at The Healthy Pet Center 237 N. Greenbush Rd., Troy during normal business hours.

Adoption Guidelines

Our application needs to be filled out in full. If we feel the pet you are interested in will work out based on your application, we will require Vet References and a home visit. The last thing we want to do after spending so much time with the pets, is to not find the perfect home and someone that will spoil them as much as we do. We want them to be happy and we want YOU to be happy with the pet you’ve adopted. It may take some time, but it is well worth it.

Our dogs can be met at our adoption clinics and by appointment. If there is a particular pet you are interested in, please fill out an application.

Watch Pet Connection on WTEN Channel 10 the second Thursday of each month. Ways You Can Help A Free To Be Me pet is featured on the 5:30 broadcast. Even if you cannot adopt, we are always looking for volunteers and foster homes. You can help out on our adoption clinics & fundraisers, spend time with our rescues to get them well adjusted to people or possibly even become a foster family. There are so many things you can do, even if you are unable to adopt. Come see us and talk to us. Without great volunteers, no rescue group could survive, so our door is always open to you.

Check out Free To Be Me Rescue on

or go to: to find out more!

First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union


FEED STORE Upper Market St., Amsterdam

In-house Frequent Buyer Program



We We Now Have

Blue Buffalo Dog & Cat Food

Local, Loyal and Here to Stay! 355 Hales Mills Road, Gloversville


329 S. Kingsboro Ave., Inside Wal-Mart Supercenter


24 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Buy 12 - Get 1 FREE

We are your “One Stop” Convenience Store We Now Sell Beer!

Redemption Center on premises - Open Every Day except Tuesday M-F 6am - 10pm • Sat. 7am - 10pm • Sun. 7am - 10pm

Gas • Milk • Coffee • Snacks • Lottery • Cigarettes Dog & Cat Food • Horse Feed • Newspapers • & More!

11th Hour Canine Rescue NY, Inc. - Wilton, NY

a volunteer based, non profit, 501c3 organization that literally saves dogs from death row

Their only crime, is that they’re out of time.

PO Box 2297, Wilton, NY 1283

(518) 223-5589


Featured on Pet Connection every third Thursday and Friday of the month!

We hold adoption clinics at PetCo and other events, please go online to find out where we will be next.

11th Hour Canine Rescue NY, Inc. is made up of dedicated individuals who believe that innocent pets deserve love and a place to live where they are honored and cared for. No dog deserves to die simply because it does not have a home. We rescue dogs at their 11th Hour--when they are scheduled to be put to death by shelters that can no longer care for them. We give the dogs all the medical attention they require, a place to live, and through our adoption services, a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life. We are affiliated with many like-minded animal groups throughout the United States.

If you would like to help out there are many ways you can do so...

Donate Items

Volunteer your time

New Toys • Dog Treats Old Towels • Paper Towels Cleaning Supplies Food & Water Bowls Collars and Leashes Towels and Dog Bedding The Best Dog Food Money Can Buy

Help with transports. Hold a dog at a adoption clinic. Assist in fundraising. Help with paperwork. Help with phone calls. Join us at special events. Help take care of foster animals. Market our organization and adoptable pets.

Donate Money

Use your strengths to make our organization stronger!

We are always looking for volunteers, please fill out an application online if you are interested.

We graciously accept tax exempt donations to help us save more lives

Check out 11th Hour Canine Rescue NY on

or go to: to find out more!

~ In Home pet sitting for dogs and cats



~ Administration of medicines and injections if needed ~ Help with behavioral issues ~ Lots of love

Priddle Point Gloversville, NY 12078

Sometimes traditional, sometimes unexpected, our arrangements are designed to accent the pure beauty of each individual bloom.

194 Guy Park Avenue, Amsterdam, NY 12010 518-843-1060 • 518-935-7831 • Fax 518-843-1062 Email:

Tues.-Fri. 7am-2pm; Sat. & Sun. 7am - 12noon

“Be worry free when you and your four legged family member are apart.”

Robert Dulysz, Owner

Come see us for all your floral needs: Holidays, Special Occasions, Funerals and more. ~ We Do Fruit Baskets ~

Serving Breakfast and Lunch

518-301-1682 Excellent References Available

Fine Floral Design

(518) 842-0351

2 Chuctanunda St., Amsterdam, New York

Serving our famous Mexican Hots!

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties November 2016 - 25

Herkimer County Humane Society - Mohawk, NY

Celebrating 100 years of providing a safe haven for animals

514 State Rt. 5S, Mohawk, NY 13407

Phone: (315) 866-3255 Email: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 73 Mohawk, NY 13407

Photo Credit: Becky Barrett of RBarrett Photography

Please go online and check out our dogs & cats for adoption and view our wish list! When you adopt a pet from our shelter, you will receive a year’s membership to the Humane Society

The Herkimer County Humane Society is a non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to providing shelter and safe haven for stray dogs and cats, until their forever homes are found.

• We employ skilled, caring, compassionate shelter workers who work with local veterinarians in support of being a low-kill shelters. They provide love and care to all of the shelters pets from the day they are rescued until they are adopted. • We are always looking for volunteers to work various tasks at the shelter and also to help board members with fundraisers and other events. Please call the shelter for an application. • We employ a cruelty investigator for the County to prevent animal abuse and neglect. • We work to provide humane animal education to our community and follow vigorous adoption policies to effectively screen adopters and match the animal with the right forever home. • We work directly with ACOs/DCOs and law enforcement in the County to provide an effective in-take process for stray cats and dogs • We appreciate our community, county, members, contributors, donators for providing funding to help us in our day-to-day care of the animals and all shelter operations.

Adoption Fees:

DOGS & PUPPIES - $100.00 - (Dogs that have already been spayed or neutered) This fee includes distemper vaccine and worming. Twelve weeks of age and up also includes rabies vaccine (1 year).

CATS & KITTENS - $80.00 - (Cats that have already been spayed or neutered) This fee includes distemper vaccine and worming. Twelve weeks of age and up also include rabies vaccine (1 year) and Felv/Fiv Test. There is an additional $5.00 charge for the Felv/Fiv Test PLEASE NOTE: There is no Felv/Fiv Test for kittens under twelve (12) weeks of age.

Adoption Applications can be found online at

Check out Herkimer County Humane Society on


Call us for a FREE O C and we’ll give you

or go to: to find out more!

CO UP ESTIMATE... ON the total quoted price.

5% off Haley Bros. Fence

With This Coupon. Must be presented by the time of sale. Some restrictions may apply.

Our Mission is to provide you with the best quality products, the best service and the best purchase experience in the industry Wooden, Vinyl, Chain Link, Ornamental & Commercial Fencing and more.


“Fences done right since 1958” 26 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Amsterdam Kitten Adoption, Inc.

Feline Guardian Angels - Amsterdam

Hagaman, New York 12086 (518) 265-2842 - Gina Kline

Committed to protect the welfare of our community felines one cat at a time.

We are a local rescue dedicated to helping local kittens find homes. Our adoption fee covers the spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, flea treatment, dewormer, nail trim and ear cleaning.

Feline Guardian Angels is an established formed 501(c)3 charitable organization staffed by a small group of 5 experienced volunteers. FGA is a spay/neuter advocacy strictly for feral and stray cats which serves our local Montgomery County community.

To date we have helped over 200 animals get spayed or neutered and have helped 130 find forever homes.

To date this year they have already Spayed/Neutered 117 Cats!

Our Mission: TO REDUCE: The Feral Cat overpopulation through spay/neuter/release (TNR) assistance.

Amsterdam Kitten Adoptions have most of their adoption clinics and fundraisers at Super Shoes in Amsterdam - check out their facebook page for the next adoption clinic!


Homeless Cats from neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

TO ADVOCATE: For their welfare through education and direct assistance to improve quality of life and stabilization of colonies. TO PROMOTE: Greater appreciation of feral cats and human interactions/responsibility.

If you like kitties but don’t think you want a long term commitment we are always looking for foster homes. Snow birds welcome! This is a great way for people who love kittens to spend time with them while they wait for their forever homes.

We are currently in desperate need of volunteers.

If you can help, even for a few hours a month, please call!

To find out more about TNR please call 466-3478. If you would like to send a donation to Feline Guardian Angels: P.O. Box 462, Amsterdam, NY 12010

Check out AKA on facebook at: Amsterdam NY Kitten Adoptions on or call Gina Kline for more information.

a Home Helpers Caregiver Today. Make a Difference in AreTheBecome MISSING simple act of brighteningcaregiver someone’s dayiscan rejuvenate spirit and you a compassionate who looking for ayour rewarding give you a great sense ofand purpose. Join theAre Home team today and - both personally financially? youHelpers dedicated, punctual, Someone’s Life… career help make life easier for the elderly, new moms and working parents, those

“Mr. Earl”

Check out Feline Guardian Angels on

patient, andfrom concerned forinjury others? you may belifelong just who we are recovering illness and andThen individuals facing challenges. looking Home Helperscaregiver is looking individuals Are youfor! a compassionate whoforis compassionate looking for a rewarding careerto– From North Shore Rd. provide companion and daily assistancepunctual, to the elderly, both personally andcare financially? Areliving you dedicated, patient,new and parents, requiring or continuing care.for! concernedand forthose others? Then yourecuperative may be justLake who we areon looking in Caroga Home Helpersone-on-one is looking forcompanionship compassionate individuals to provide • Provide and assistance companion care and daily livingJuly assistance3rd to the elderly, new parents, with dailyrecuperative living activities. and those requiring or continuing care. (scared from the fireworks) • Accompany person to andand from doctors’with appointments, • Provide one-on-oneacompanionship assistance Was seen in thedaily living activities. etc.appointments, • Accompany a person to andgatherings, from doctors’ gatherings, etc. 2nd meals and Ave. area. Hoping a • Prepare nutritious meals.3rd • Perform light housekeeping duties. • Prepare nutritious • Perform light housekeeping duties. • Run errands and document care plans. summer resident “took him • Run •errands andlife document plans. in”. Help make easier forcare others! • Help easier for others! • Personal Carehome If make youlife have given a new • Personal Carehim or if you ever saw “Mr. Earl”

please call Kathy Licensed Home Care Service Agency at (518) 301-1682 Each office is independently owned & operated.

or email:

We are a small family owned winery in Upstate New York with a love for country living and good wine. Our unique wine is 1442 Burtonville Rd., produced from fruit grown in our vineyards Fultonville, NY 12072 (518) 875-6919 in Montgomery County Join us for our and with minimal We are open every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm preservatives, letting the grapes natural or any day of the week by appt. Dec. 3rd & 4th Go to our website to see a list of flavor emerge. See details on our local restaurants and liquor stores website or on facebook where you can buy our wine. Please visit our Facebook page to Email: see our schedule of events

Holiday Open House

Home Helpers

is Taking Care of the Greatest Generation...Yours. You & your family deserve the best home care. From a few hours to 24/7 care, we’re there when and where you need us.

• Light Housekeeping • Meal Preparation • Escort To & From Doctors • Laundry • Errand Services • Grocery Shopping • Prescription Pick-Up • Personal Care


Licensed Home Care Service Agency

Each office is independently owned & operated.

Catherine Morsellino Franchisee

36 North Main Street Gloversville, NY 12078 518-725-6999

Walmart Kiosks Gloversville Amsterdam

4458 State Highway 30 Amsterdam, NY 12010 518-842-4211

Independently Owned and Operated

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 27

Homes For Orphaned Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) (518) 428-2994 •

Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization of volunteers from Saratoga and surrounding counties of New York State. H.O.P.E. is dedicated to assisting previously abandoned, orphaned and neglected animals. They give these homeless animals a second chance for a wonderful life; to be part of a family, to be a therapy pet, or just to be someone’s best friend. Their ultimate goal is to find suitable adopters who will provide them with a lifelong commitment of love and care. Here are some ways you can help: • Donating online at • Donating dog and cat food - check our website for food drives and/or arrange for a volunteer to meet you to pick up the donation. Also, we need pet food, litter, paper towels and cleaning supplies for the new cat house. • Volunteering your time • Sponsoring an animal $30 cat, $50 dog • Helping us educate people in basic pet care and responsibility, contact us if interested • Transporting cats and dogs and supplies to adoption clinics, veterinarian appointments and events. • Writing articles for the quarterly newsletter


H.O.P.E. has an urgent need for fosters for dogs and cats. If you can help, please contact us! H.O.P.E. relies on donations from caring individuals to continue our life saving work. We also have fundraisers throughout the year to help with the many expenses incurred. All donations are tax deductible.

Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist is not just our name. It is our mission. Check out Homes For Orphaned Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) on or go to:


Garden Bug

Primitive & Country Gifts, Greenhouses & more 844 Fort Hunter Rd., Amsterdam, NY 12010 • 829-7024 Household treasures & furniture, seasonal plants, wreaths, candles, cheese, jams and jellies, Mrs. Smith’s pies and so much more...

If you miss our Christmas Open House on Nov. 11th, 12th & 13th we are still open until Dec. 24th for all your gift giving and decorating needs!

After Christmas we will be open Wed., Dec. 26th through Fri., Dec. 28th After these dates we will re-open in the Spring Check Facebook for Details

Stop in and say hello to Hunter!

28 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Great News!

We now have a cat house where we have cats that are available for adoption!

H.O.P.E. Cat House 122 Broad Street Schuylerville, NY

Entrance is on the side of the building along Ferry Street.

We have a cat food pantry at the cat house for those in need. Please contact H.O.P.E. to arrange a pickup time. Please consider donating to the food pantry if you can.

For more info: 518-428-2994

Mid-City Auto Repair, Inc.

Open by appointment for private meetings with the kitties

Reasonable Rates backed by Integrity.

Full Diagnostic Service


Inspections • Exhaust Rabies • Batteries Tires - $10 •Distemper - $15


from the brakes to the heating system, and expert ❇ engine repair...we can do it all and we do it right! ❆

325 Chapman Drive, Amsterdam, NY 12010

(518) 843-0208

33 Years in Business!

Upstate Underdog Rescue, Inc. - Troy Upstate Underdog Rescue (a 501c3 charity) works to reduce the number of dogs euthanized at upstate NY shelters through fostering & supported adoptions. UUR’s mission: to match Underdogs with families, and provide the support needed to make a great new pack! For small rescues like Upstate Underdog, having knowledgeable, committed foster homes lined up is the ONLY way we can take dogs out of shelters. We are especially in need of quiet, kid-free, other-animal-free homes (or homes that can safely separate other animals) where dogs can decompress until they’re ready to find their superpower.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the foster plunge, DO IT!! There are ALWAYS dogs waiting.

We believe that EVERY dog has a superpower. Some dogs can leap over tall buildings (well, almost), some run so fast they almost fly, some give the BEST kisses and hugs, and all of them want to love and be loved.

Please check our website or message us for more information. Sometimes, people can’t adopt or foster a dog because their living situation won’t allow for it, even though they love dogs and really want to help. There ARE many OTHER ways you can help!

• Be a surrogate parent for a dog class • Be the extra human on a pack walk • Help with fundraising • Help post available dogs on Facebook • Help at an adoption event

Check out Upstate Underdog Rescue, Inc. on or go to: to find out more!



Mountain Rottie Rescue of NY

MRR of NY is located in the Catskill Mountains,The Capital District of New York and Central New York areas. We are dedicated to re-homing homeless dogs, Rottweilers and other breeds as well.

Mountain Rottie Rescue is always in need of volunteers, fosters and monetary donations to help us continue our mission!

P.O. Box 109 Monticello, New York, 12701

or email us at:

Most of our dogs come from kill shelters in the North and South. Some are owner surrenders and some are cruelty cases - we offer rehabilitation & training to these dogs and have successfully placed most of our cruelty cases into new loving homes. All our our dogs are temperament tested . Any dog adopted from Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York has been fostered in a home prior to adoption. All of our dogs are up to date on vaccines, heart-worm tested and on prevention, spayed /neutered, microchipped & activated .

Foster Parents Wanted:

Apply to become a foster parent: Foster homes are one of the most important aspects of rescue and the backbone of our work! If this is something you would like to do then please contact us for a foster application & become part of our rescue team!!.

Sponsor A Rottweiler:

Contact us for further information on how to Sponsor-a-Rott. When you Sponsora-Rott, you will recieve updates and pictures of your sponsored dog, when the dog is adopted we will send you pictures of the adopted dog in their new home.

Check out Mountain Rottie Rescue on or go to: to find out more!

Sierra came to MRR from an overcrowded shelter in Texas

Lulu reads!

To find more about adopting Lulu, go online, check facebook or email us: Look at this adorable face!

You can be Lulu’s superhero by finding out more about her and our adoption process at 24 Hour Towing

A-1 Autobody (518) 843-1158

All Collision Work and Insurance Work 4447½ State Hwy 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010 behind Mangino Chevrolet


A Division of Yellow Transportation Services

A 501(c)3 non profit organization


Lulu is an Upstate Underdog waiting patiently for the right home! Lulu’s vital statistics & forever family needs: • American bulldog (we don’t have any papers proving she’s purebred, but she certainly looks like it!) • about 2 years old • spayed micro chipped • up to date on vaccines looking for a family with no cats (or very dog-savvy cats), no other dogs (or a very tolerant, laid back dog), and sturdy humans. There are so many reasons to adopt LULU! Go to Upstate Underdog Rescue, Inc. on Facebook and see why!

Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York, Inc.


Sierra going on two years old and she’s been with Mountain Rottie Rescue since she was 8 months old. She’s weighs about 85 pounds, loves car rides, loves to play, go for walks and please her humans. Currently Sierra is being fostered with a Rottweiler male who she does excellent with. It is Photo Credit: best for her not to be with young Tanya Bissaillon Photography children because of her size and she does not get along with cats. Sierra has so much love to give - Can someone find a spot in their heart to take this dog in and give her a chance? Go to to fill out an application!

Mountain Rottie Rescue of NY P.O. Box 109, Monticello, New York, 12701

or email us at:

Everyone is BUY HERE! Approved! PAY HERE!

HIGHEST Paid Money!


We Buy Any Junk Vehicles$ $ % in Any Condition! $ No Keys...No Problem! INTEREST



Emergency Road Service

Located in front of Creative Autobody

All Vehicles Sold with a 3 mo./3,000 mi. warranty


*0% Financing on Buy Here Pay Here Only

261 East Main Street, Amsterdam, New York 12010

518-627-0011 • 518-390-7396 Visit us at SampsonMotorCar.Com

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 29

WHY DO WE NEED TO CLEAN UP OUR DOGS POOP? I am always asked why it’s such a big deal for people to clean up after their dogs when they are out walking them. I’m told “the rain will wash it away” or “it’s biodegradable”. While those are both true the reasons to clean up are far more important. 1. IT’S THE LAW!! 2. Do you enjoy stepping in dog feces? Most people don’t and many people, especially children don’t watch where they are walking and don’t realize that they have stepped in it.

3. It’s unsanitary! Many diseases are transmitted thru feces and can be passed along to humans and

other pets. The parvovirus is one of the major causes of death in puppies under a year because of lack of vaccinations and people not cleaning up after their dogs. Parvo can live in the environment for 6 months to a year and is extremely expensive to treat and very difficult to get out of your yard. If your healthy vaccinated dog brings home the virus it can live in your yard infecting puppies that you may bring into your home down the road.

Gina Kline with her dog Tikanni Blue

Gina is the owner of

Out of the Dog House Dog Training

Hagaman, New York 12086 (518) 265-2842

4. Giardia, also known as Beaver Fever, can be spread to other dogs, cats and humans and can also be

Animal Control Officer for the City of Amsterdam

5. Worms and other parasites can also be transmitted thru feces to other animals and humans.

difficult to get rid of.


6. It’s irresponsible as a pet owner to not clean up after your dog. As pet owners we take on an assumption of responsibility for animals that can’t do these things for themselves. Many areas have bag laws that state if you are caught walking your dog without a bag you can be fined on the spot. Please be considerate of others and keep your pets safe by picking up after them.

Gina is an ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer and runs Amsterdam Kitten Adoptions as well

Check out “Out of the Dog House Dog Training” on

Bunk Barn, Inc.

Shop for WELCO S the brands you trust in T G RU pet food & NNIN treats, toys & so much more!



or Call Gina Kline at (518) 265-2842



4696 St. Hwy. 30, Amsterdam ◆ (518) 843-9080 In business for 34 years at the same location! Owners, Mike and Joan Kilinski would like to help you with any storage need you have, whether it is a shed, garage, pool house or gazebo.

Your Home, Farm & Outdoor Store

233 5th Ave Extension Gloversville, NY 518-725-3800 Facebook “f ” Logo



Wine & Liquor

CMYK / .eps

Facebook “f ” Logo

Sheds Gazebos Garages Livestock Buildings

CMYK / .eps

Excellent Prices Convenient Location


So Many To Choose From!

1010 Riverfront Center • Amsterdam, NY 12010

(518) 843-7410


10% OFF

Mon. thru Sat. 10 am to 9 pm; Sun. 12 pm to 8 pm

any Wine, Sparkling Wine or Champagne With this coupon. Exp. 3/30/17


30 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Scan here to visit our website

Ask Us About

RENT TO OWN No Credit Check!

Stop in for details


P.O. Box 68, Cropseyville, NY 12052

Our Mission: The mission of The Animal Support Phone: (518) 727-8591 Project is to proactively reduce animal Email: shelter populations and companion animal euthanasia and suffering. The Animal Support Project (TASP) is a 501.c.3 charity based here in the Capital region. TASP performs Crisis Intervention directly with companion animal owners to keep animals living with their families. In extreme cases where no other solution is possible and space is available, we will foster and re-home animals to ensure their best interest. We are the region’s ONLY all-volunteer, all-species companion animal safety net.”

We would not be able to do all that we do without the help and support of our many wonderful volunteers. They help us make a difference in the lives of the animals and pet owners we serve by:

One on one assistance offered on all aspects of animal ownership, to help you and your companion animal live together in health and harmony. When times are tough, we help with:

• Animal Transport • Vaccinations • Spay / Neuter • Diagnostics, Veterinary Services • Animal Food / Supplies • Boarding • Grooming • Feral Cat Trap-Neuter–Release • Local and National Animal Disaster Response • Flea, Heartworm Preventative & Deworming • Hospice • Behavioral Training & Counseling • Communications & Lending Library • Legal Counsel • Fencing & Kennel Installation • Rescue-Foster-Rehab-Rehome *All services are offered either free or at our cost. For more information fill out our contact form on our website at

Did you know that in 2015, TASP spent nearly $35,000 helping over 300 animals who would have otherwise been sent to the shelter or worse? The donations we receive at our Fantasy Pet Photo clinics are a vital part of our fundraising. All proceeds of our photo clinics go 100% to the care of the region’s animals in crisis; allowing us to keep saving needy pets of all species when they need us most.

Left homeless as a result of Hurricane Sandy, Brooke was taken into TASP and through a donation from the ASPCA was able to attend obedience classes and training to become a very adoptable dog. Overlooked for a while, Brooke’s adoption story is wonderfully written from the perspective of Brooke herself! Go online and read her inspiring story.

Visit our Events Calendar page to find the photo clinic nearest to you and other events we will be attendng. For a $10 donation, take home a framed keepsake photo of your pet against one of over twenty different digital backgrounds.

Check out The Animal Support Project on




therapy dog crazy dog lady fashion 4 seasons paw prints

big dogs


comfortable play sit



x-large customized martingale




canine good citizen


dog walk



leashes belly rubs personality

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free shipping rescue groups online bright fred machine washable measure

prints gentle on the coat chrome buckles

Handmade Collars & Leashes

little dogs


metal buckles

There are many, many things to do, so we’re always happy to consider any offers of assistance!

or go to: to find out more!

No dog More Boring Collars!


• Fostering and finding new homes for pets • Assisting in adoption days • Participating in disaster response • Transporting animals/supplies • Participating in special work projects (such as building a fence needed by a pet owner) • Organizing and/or staffing fund raisers • Contributing material for our website • Providing postings for our Facebook page • Assisting with office/clerical tasks • Writing newsletter articles and/or helping with design and publishing

craft fairs

happy dog

handmade good looking plaids sloppy kisser

Fred & Gina’s

LaVilla Dog Works Email:



11 S. Market St., Johnstown, NY 12095

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 31

The Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley, Inc.

The Mr. Mo Project - Clifton Park

501c(3) Non Profit Organization

Run by a 501c3 non-profit group called Rowdy To The Rescue, the Mr. Mo Project was established to save countless shelter dogs since 2011. Chris Hughes founded the Mr. Mo Project with his wife Mariesa. They fight to save senior shelter dogs nationwide to honor their lives and the life of their late and beloved senior dog, Mr. Mo.

The only Shelter in Schoharie County, we are a No-Kill shelter founded in 1975 by a group of residents of Schoharie County who were disturbed by the plight of the many starved, abused, and stray animals in this area. ASSV is a not-for-profit organization. It is comprised entirely of volunteer members and Board of Directors 304 Howes Cave Rd. with the exception of the shelter manager and support Howes Cave, NY 12092 staff. The goal of the ASSV is to alleviate stray animal Phone: (518) 296-8390 suffering and to maintain a shelter to house, feed, and Fax: (518) 296-8392 care for these animals until safe and loving homes are found for them. ASSV also strives to educate the public Shelter Hours: Wed.-Sun. 1pm - 5pm to spay or neuter their pets to eliminate the problem of Monetary donations can unwanted offspring. be sent via Paypal or via check or money order to: Volunteers are always needed

Photography by: Tanya Bissaillon Photography - Mariesa and Chris with their adopted senior dogs

The Mr. Mo Project saves senior dogs from kill shelters across the United States. These dogs often come with hefty vet bills in order to regain their health so they can live comfortably in their forever foster homes. But, the Mr. Mo Project doesn’t stop after covering their initial medical costs, they continue covering the medical needs of each dog in their program for the remainder of their life. This takes the financial demand of a senior dog, that often deters people from adopting them, out of the question and provides homes that give these seniors “The Best of Life for the Rest of Life.” From routine vet visits and medications to emergency surgeries and 24 hour care, the Mr. Mo Project spends an average of $15,000 per month on the dogs in their program. Often these dogs have lived a life of neglect and/or abuse before being dumped at a shelter or left out on the streets in their golden years. Without this organization these dogs wouldn’t know comfort, love and peace in their final days, months or years - and every dog deserves to feel that in their life. If you would like to mail a donation please send it to: PO Box: Direct Mail Donations The Mr. Mo Project 641 Grooms Road #235 , Clifton Park, N.Y. 12065 Moses

ASSV PO Box 40 Howes Cave, NY 12092 In addition to monetary donations, we are currently in need of the following items. 32-gallon garbage bags Non Clumping Cat Litter Dog leashes Dog collars Corner Litter boxes

Whether you can volunteer for ASSV on a regular basis, or just a few hours now and then, we can likely use your help! Volunteers assist in the operations of our shelter in many ways – assisting shelter staff with on-site animal care duties, maintehere nance, and administrative chores, Click for more as well as helping at fundraising information events, running errands, and more. about the Please contact the shelter by phone Animal Shelter of or email to learn more about our Schoharie current volunteer staffing needs. Valley

Check out Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley on or go to: to find out more!

Go to: on or go to to find out more!

Peggy Frezon is contributing editor of All Creatures magazine. She is an award-winning writer of articles and books about our bond with animals, including Faithfully Yours (Paraclete Press, 2015). You can also find Peggy’s stories in Guideposts magazine and dozens of Chicken Soup for the Soul ™ books. Peggy and her husband rescue senior dogs, and share their home with a 14-year-old spaniel mix and a 10-year-old golden retriever. Ike, their golden retriever, is a certified therapy dog who loves visiting colleges, libraries, and nursing homes.

True stories of the human-animal bond.


The amazing bond between us and the animals we love by Peggy Frezon

Praise for Faithfully Yours: * “Blissfully engaging and full of love. Faithfully Yours beautifully conveys the connection between animals and their people. A heartwarming must-read for anyone who has experienced the power of this bond.” -Dr. Marty Becker, DVM, “America’s Veterinarian,” Chief Veterinary Correspondent of the American Humane Association, founding member of Core Team Oz for The Dr. Oz Show

* “More than simply a collection of heartwarming animal stories, Faithfully Yours gives us the chance to experience the courage, compassion, joy and raw wonder that can happen when humans and animals find kinship. Many of Peggy Frezon's powerful tales carry long after the last page is turned.” -Susannah Charleson, author of The Possibility Dogs: What a Handful of Rescues Taught Me About Service, Hope, and Healing

Check out Faithfully Yours, and other books by Peggy Frezon, at Barnes and Noble, The Book House, and

Connect with Peggy Frezon at: Facebook: PeggyFrezonBooks Twitter: @peggyfrezon The Writer’s Dog blog:

32 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Peggy Frezon with her dog Kelly

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

Peggy Frezon, of Rensselaer County, is author of Faithfully Yours; the amazing bond between us and the animals we love (Paraclete Press © 2015), and other books about animals. She’s also contributing editor of Guideposts magazine’s All Creatures. Peggy and her husband rescue senior golden retrievers. They’re members of the Schenectady Chapter #74 of Therapy Dogs International, participating in therapy dog work with their 10-year old golden retriever, Ike. They also share their home with a 14 year old spaniel-mix, Kelly. Connect with Peggy at or on Facebook at PeggyFrezonBooks.

25 Ways to be a Responsible Pet Parent By Peggy Frezon

You don’t need to carry your pet around in a designer travel bag or feed them chef-prepared meals to give them the good life they deserve, but here are 25 things you can do to be a responsible pet parent:

Pick the right time to add a pet to the family. The holidays are hectic. Consider giving a card promising a new pet (along with some pet supplies such as a collar, bowls and food), then selecting your new furry, feathered or finned friend when things quiet down. Choose the right pet. Would a rollicking retriever or a frisky feline better fit your lifestyle? Or, how about a parakeet or tropical fish? Remember, pets are a commitment for their lifetime. Some cats and dogs live more than 15 years. Consider Adopting. Not only do shelters and rescue groups have cats and dogs of all ages, some also offer other animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. Adopting will give a homeless animal a second chance. Support responsible breeders. If you decide to buy a purebred pup or kitten instead, make sure to find a responsible breeder. Nearly all pet store puppies come from inhumane puppy mills. A responsible breeder will allow you to visit the home and see the mother (and sometimes the father) and provide a medical history including vaccinations. Give nutritional food. There are many brands of pet food. Ask your veterinarian, do your research, and get the best quality food for your budget. And don’t forget plenty of fresh, clean water. Protect from the elements. Give your pet proper shelter (inside the house with you!). Limit time outside when it’s very hot or cold. Keep them healthy. Regular veterinarian visits are a must. Discuss routine immunizations to determine which are appropriate for your pet. Have your pet spayed or neutered. Help reduce pet overpopulation. Pet-proof your home. Keep poisonous and dangerous materials out of reach. The list includes chocolate, batteries, antifreeze, electrical wires, and certain plants such as poinsettias. Control their weight. It’s up to you how much your pet eats. Ask your vet how much to feed (don’t go by the amount on the back of the pet food bag) and be sure to measure. Provide play time and exercise. Walk or run with your dog, and encourage your cat to chase toys. Keep your pets clean. Bathe and brush your pets regularly, or bring them to the groomer. Keep your pets pest free. Did you know that some pests can be transferred to humans? (eww!) Pick up after your dog. Carry poo bags and deposit them in an outdoor trash can. Be a good neighbor. Keep your cat from using neighbors’ gardens as litter boxes and stalking birds at their feeders. Most people believe that indoor cats are safer and healthier. Keep it quiet. Don’t let your dog bark incessantly. Determine the reason for barking—is your dog bored, cold, protective? Address the situation to resolve the barking problem. Train your dog. Teach your dog basic commands using positive training methods. If your dog has a behavioral issue, don’t decide your pet isn’t working out. Consult a professional trainer instead. Teach good manners such as how to greet guests calmly, and to walk politely in a crowd. Teach children how to be gentle with animals. No pushing, pulling, kicking, or teasing. Keep your pets tagged and microchipped in case they ever get lost. Learn pet first aid and CPR. Understand your pet’s behavior. Help fearful pets learn how to cope with things they fear. Ease separation anxiety. If they have to be home alone, try soothing music, or arrange for a pet walker. Give them something to do. Keep your pet stimulated with toys, such as puzzle feeders for dogs and cats, and bells, tunnels and wheels for birds and small critters. A change of scenery, new foods, and extra interaction provide for good mental health. Keep the appropriate number of pets. Make sure you can adequately feed, house, and care for your animal companions. Include them in the family. Don’t keep your pet in a cage or chain your dog outside day and night. Pets crave interaction with us. Provide your pet plenty of love. You’ll get plenty back! * This article first appeared on

Peggy with her husband and their two dogs, Ike and Kelly CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 33

“1-2-3 Dogs ~ The More To Love”

Tina Novak, owner of

The Pooch Parlor

Just relocated to the Village of Galway Insurance Company 5243 Rt. 147, Galway, New York 12010

(518) 843-1537

Tina graduated from the New York School of Dog Grooming in New York City. She has been in business for 25 years at The Pooch Parlor. Tina was a freelance writer for the Amsterdam Recorder writing the “Doggie Bag” column. She has been on the WCSS radio talk show with Sam Zurlo. Tina currently volunteers for our local Community Hospice and has been volunteering for Make-A-Wish Northeast Foundation for 22 yrs. She was also a past 9th grade religion advisor at St. Stephen’s Church. Tina was the owner of TNT Twirlers for 14 years, for which she is currently being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and past and original flag team instructor under the direction of Michael P. Pallotta.

When you have a dog and want to get another one much thought should go into this decision. Will the first dog do well having another dog brought into the family? Is your home big enough for 2 dogs? Do you have enough room inside and outside for 2 dogs to exercise? Can your wallet and your heart be responsible enough for taking care of another dog? As with children, owning pets is just Marley,Yogi and Isabella - Photo Credit: Nicole Evenson as much a “whole life” responsibility. Depending on the age of your first dog, a second dog can become a fun companion or it may give the older dog a job. The first dog can help train the second dog in all aspects. You may think your first dog is too old to accept another dog into the home, but by doing so you cause him/her to become full of life again when the new friend arrives. Since dogs do better “in packs”. This can be great for them and the whole family. When the first dog passes away the second dog will mourn and may become very attached to the family members. DOG LOYALTY is priceless. When introducing a second dog into the household, I would let them meet outside in a neutral area. Bringing the first dog inside the home and having the new dog follow him/her in. Two male dogs and two female dogs will “spat” to see who will be the boss. They will work this out amongst themselves in a short period of time. If they get into “bloody fights” it might not be a good idea to keep them together, although chances are that may never happen. Introducing dogs, cats, children and friends can be less stressful for all if you just relax and let the pet smell the human. When the new baby comes home it is wise to let the pet smell the baby blankets and see the baby. Dogs are great babysitters and will become friends forever with your little one. - By Tina Novak

If you have any questions for Tina, call her at The Pooch Parlor - (518) 843-1537

James H. Smith, Jr., D.V.M. Our exceptionally-qualified staff is continuously committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence. Galway Veterinary Hospital is a full-service For more information or to donate veterinary medical facility located in Galway, NY. We offer excellence in veterinary care to our clients and their pets. Please take a moment to contact us today to find out how Galway Veterinary Hospital can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

Now offering veterinarian supervised boarding!

Galway Veterinary Hospital has maintained continuous accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association since 1998.

5072 Sacandaga Rd., Galway, N.Y. 12074


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm; Sat. 8am-12noon 34 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

4790 State Hwy. 30, Amsterdam • (518) 212-6057 call 466-3478

Delicious Daily Specials

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Open Sun.-Thurs. 7am-8pm Fri. & Sat. 7am-9pm

Char-Broiled Steaks & Chops

Amsterdam Rte. 30 Sandwiches & Clubs Favorites... Breakfast All Day Authentic Greek & Italian Fare Salad Platters & Much More!

Scrumptious Desserts SENIOR SPECIALS featuring a wide assortment of $9.99 • 8 entrees Cheesecakes & Layer Cakes, Baklava & Pies to choose from! Reserve our large, private Party Room for any special occasion! Call (518) 212-6057

RuffnFluffRescueBeds - Dog Beds & Bowties Shop on Etsy - started to help shelter dogs

I came across a post about these dog beds while looking at a friend’s facebook page. I contacted Whitney, who is a shelter volunteer for Rottie Empire Rescue and asked her to tell me about her shop and how it came about. Here is her story, in her own words...

Whitney Griffin with her first foster dog Zoey from RER Whitney is a recent graduate from The Sage Colleges completing a Masters in Community Psychology. She developed her passion for animal advocacy as a young child growing up on a farm where many unwanted cats/dogs found themselves being dropped at. In her spare time when she is not working with her current foster dog you can find her at the barn horseback riding, completing research at Sage Graduate School, volunteering with returning veterans, or on the rugby pitch.

Whitney has fostered/helped over 20 dogs make their way to NY & came to the realization that almost every foster dog she’s had, has never had a bed of their own. For every bed or bowtie purchased from the

RuffNFluffRescueBeds shop on ETSY

a similar bed or bowtie will be made to donate to a shelter/foster dog! This shop was created with the sole purpose to raise money to make more dog beds for shelter & foster pups.

I’ve been fostering dogs with Rottie Empire Rescue for about two years now. The majority of dogs that would come off of transport came with literally nothing but themselves, a collar/lead if they were lucky, and sometimes a rope used as a make shift collar/lead around their necks. They literally had nothing. Some were excited, others were shaking, terrified, but they all had two things in common: Olaf 1. They smelled like feces and infection and 2. They had nothing. Some of the fosters I had refused to let their little rope lead/collars go and it struck me as odd. I had a foster dog that would literally pull his disgusting collar out of the trash and I would find it under his bed. I came to the realization that the dogs loved their stinky ropes because they were theirs, and they were a comfort on this ever changing journey they were on. Some fosters would bound into the house and jump on everything, others would hide in a corner, but all would “stash” any toy or bed they received (some even stashed other things like my mail, the remote, & anything they could get their paws on!). I found myself giving the dog’s beds & toys I had purchased to the adoptive family so that they would have something familiar to take with them and they would feel more comfortable. However when you are a working graduate student- those dog beds at about $40 a pop quickly add up. So I dusted off my grandmother’s old sewing machine that was in my closet and began making the beds using bed sheets, old clothing, and anything on the clearance rack at JoAnn fabrics. Friends in the rescue groups saw the beds and began requesting some for their foster dogs and by word of mouth people began requesting custom dogs beds for their own dogs & wishing to pay for them. This is how the Etsy shop was born. I wasn’t able to keep up with purchasing supplies on my own as more and more people were requesting beds for their foster dogs and their own dogs- so when people purchased the beds I was able to use the money to make more dog beds for the foster/shelter dogs without having to purchase the materials myself. The Etsy Shop is a great medium to do this- I can sell the beds, and with every bed purchased it goes right back into purchasing materials to make a bed for a foster/shelter dog. As for why I do this, well simply put it’s the right thing to do. I think we can all understand how terrifying this world can be, and how much Hercules (available for adoption of a difference one small comfort- such as a bed- can make to someone (dogs through Rottie Empire Rescue) included) who has absolutely nothing. - by Whitney Griffin Chloe find out more about me on page 21

To order one of these beds or a bowtie Go to: and search for Ruffnfluffrescuebeds

The Cat Sanctuary & Information Center

Putman Insurance Agency

(formerly the Gloversville Cat Sanctuary and Information Center)

Established in 1940


Currently, we have no home to continue in rescue. Cats and kittens are in need of shelter and warmth in our area when we are contacted for help and we have no way to help them. I can’t thank our donors enough for making The Cat Sanctuary a success for all the years prior to the city zoning shut down We know what we can do together. We can do it again and better - but it can’t be a one man/woman show.

Please Join us...There is such an need in this area...

We are looking to raise a substantial amount of funds to be able to buy a property with existing structures that will take minimal work to get up and running as a sort of hospice house and an adoption clinic for starters. It will be in a rescue friendly municipality in a correctly zoned location, and this will be confirmed before purchase. We are looking to remain as close to Gloversville as possible. There are many in the community who wish to continue helping the stray and feral cat population, and that is where our work, time, and energy are needed. If you have an suggestions, would like to donate (our YouCaring account can be accessed on our facebook page), would like to help with any future fundraisers, etc. please contact me or message me. Thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive of what we are trying to do to help the local cats and kittens in need!

The Cat Sanctuary & Information Center (518)

P.O. Box 344, Gloversville, NY 12078 705-1722 • email:

Check out The Cat Sanctuary & Information Center, Inc. on

Specializing in Auto, Homeowners, Life & Recreational Vehicles

Surety Bonds • Business Insurance (Including Contractors, Offices, Retail Stores & Manufacturers)

Call For A Free Cost Comparison Independent Agent Representing:

• Allstate Insurance Company • Travelers Inusrance Company • Progressive • Hartford Insurance Company

• Utica First Insurance Company • Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company • Foremost Insurance Group • Safeco Insurance

(518) 843-1890

Fax: (518) 843-1943 164 Guy Park Ave., Amsterdam, NY 12010 CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 35

The Calming Comfort of Cats

Tina Novak, owner of

The Pooch Parlor

Just relocated to the Village of Galway Insurance Company 5243 Rt. 147, Galway, New York 12010

(518) 843-1537

Tina graduated from the New York School of Dog Grooming in New York City. She has been in business for 25 years at The Pooch Parlor. Tina was a freelance writer for the Amsterdam Recorder writing the “Doggie Bag” column. She has been on the WCSS radio talk show with Sam Zurlo. Tina currently volunteers for our local Community Hospice and has been volunteering for Make-A-Wish Northeast Foundation for 22 yrs. She was also a past 9th grade religion advisor at St. Stephen’s Church. Tina was the owner of TNT Twirlers for 14 years, for which she is currently being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and past and original flag team instructor under the direction of Michael P. Pallotta.

Many people have cats as pets because they are easier to care for. They are very independent but will look for you to play and comfort them. They enjoy the quietness of the day and may sit on the window at night. Cats are hunters and they like adventure. If you have a busy lifestyle a cat will offer you a calming quietness that you so deserve. Indoor cats live much longer naturally because of their safety, care and well-being. Cats that are adopted are very thankful for a warm, comfortable home. Some may take a couple of months investigating their new home surroundings. Various activities in the home such as a loud TV & music, children screaming, holiday events or just picking up on their owner’s stress level can affect them. Providing both canned and dry foods along with water is very important. Water fountains or running water is very important to cats as well. Many cats will not drink if their water is put by their food. They think it’s contaminated and want it away from their food source. Declawing is NOT something I would recommended, but each person has their own views on this subject. Buying a scratch pad or post will help your cat have a good release. They scratch to cover up where they’ve been so other animals don’t hunt & stalk them. It can also be a territorial survival trait. If your cat is declawed he has NO way to protect himself from a predator. If you take him outside he should be supervised. Leashes, harnesses and cat enclosures are now more readily available. Outside cats can be more aggressive and they are more apt to get fleas and ticks and possibly Feline Leukemia that can be passed from cat to cat. Some cats can go from being outdoor cats into a loving indoor pet. Consider getting two kittens at the same time, they will keep eachother company and give you a lifetime of love and comfort. - By Tina Novak

If you have any questions for Tina, call her at The Pooch Parlor - (518) 843-1537

We Love What We Do!

But...without community support we couldn’t do this! Amsterdam & Broadalbin area 28,000+ mats in 10 area restaurants every six weeks Collars and Leashes

Primitive, Country and Rustic Decor

Fall Fabrics are Here!

(518) 883-4646

Handmade in Johnstown, NY



Paid Money! $ $ We Buy Any Junk Vehicles in Any Condition!

We now have Adirondack Candles!

All Vehicles Sold with a 3 mo./3,000 mi. warranty

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Check Facebook for new items arriving daily!




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Check our our New Designs, Halloween Designs and more.’s not too early to think about Christmas collars too!


Everyone is Approved!

Family Discount Center

13-15 W. Main St., Broadalbin, NY 12025 Tues. - Fri. 10:30-5; Sat. 10-4

Fall Decor, Bunkbeds, Futons, Dinette Sets, Mattresses, Primitive Gifts, Balloons, 2 Floors full of merchandise!

A-1 Autobody

Located at the former Tambasco’s Auto Sales

24 HOUR TOWING Emergency Road Service

24 Hour Towing

behind Mangino Chevrolet

Broadalbin Manufacturing corp. Welding of all types We Also Furnish Equipment

Compeer organizes many special events throughout the year where friends can get together in a group activity. Children participating in the Compeer for Youth Program have improved self esteem, interaction with others and school participation. Just call for an appointment & fill out the application.

It’s easy to


Compeer for Youth a friendship program of the…

Mental Health Association In Fulton & Montgomery Counties

Montgomery County


Boat and Dock Welding Repair

Will Travel Anywhere in the Tri-County Area.

Volunteers are role models, they inspire and engage, they raise self-esteem, increase socialization and build better communication skills for the program participants.

Serving the community for over 106 years!

(on site and off-site)

Fax: (518) 883-5320 Mike Deuel, Owner or


Domestic Short Hair


2 years old Neutered Male


Date In: 6/16/16

Quincy came to the shelter as a stray. He is a friendly boy who loves attention from people. Quincy likes getting outside and would make a great walking partner.

Marco came to the shelter as a stray. He is a friendly boy who enjoys attention from people. Marco likes to play and gets along with other cats. This handsome guy would do well in any home.

Kathy M. Foley Priddle Point Gloversville, NY 12078


PETSITTERS PLUS Excellent References Available

“Be worry free when you and your four legged family member are apart.”


Brakes, Shocks, Struts, Exhaust, Trans Service, Coolant Flushes, Tires, Batteries & More!

Comfortable Waiting Area FREE WIFI

BE READY for Winter!! ❇ ❆

Milo came to the shelter as a stray. He is a super friendly boy who loves attention. Milo likes to play and go for walks. This good looking boy would make an excellent walking partner.

Date In: 8/20/16


Newly Remodeled 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts.



Fast, Friendly, Service


GOOD AT BOTH LOCATIONS W/Coupon • Exp. 11/30/16 Amsterdam Location 4648 State Hwy 30 Amsterdam, NY 12010 (518) 842-8377

Gloversville Location 997 State Hwy 29A Gloversville, NY 12078 (518) 725-8885 Mon.-Fri. 8-5pm; Sat. 8 - 1

Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5; Sat. 8- 1


Insured Free Estimates

Sapphire came to the shelter as a stray. She can be a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. Sapphire enjoys attention from people and getting outside for walks. She would make a great walking partner.

Eve came to the shelter as a stray. She is a friendly girl who likes attention from people. Eve likes to play and gets along with other cats. Eve would do well in any home.


1 year old Spayed Female

8 years old Spayed Female

1 year old Spayed Female

Chansey is one of the cats rescued from a recent hoarding situation. She is a friendly girl who enjoys attention from people. Chansey gets along with other cats and would do well in any home.

Princess was surrendered to the shelter by her owner. She is a super sweet girl who loves attention from people. Princess likes to go for walks and does well on a leash.

Beautifly is one of the cats rescued from the recent hoarding situation. She can be shy at first, but does warm up quickly and enjoys attention. Beautifly gets along with other cats and would do well in a quiet home.

Domestic Short Hair

Date In: 6/27/16

Date In: 8/25/16

Callie came from a shelter in Maryland that had to close. She is a friendly girl who likes to get outside and go for walks. Callie does well on a leash and would make a great exercising partner.

Date In: 7/23/16

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"Fences done right since 1958"

7 W. Main Street, Broadalbin, NY

Domestic Short Hair

Terrier Mix Date In: 9/12/16


AMSTERDAM, NY 12010 A Division of Yellow Transportation Services

Be one of the first 6 people to To ADVERTISE in the magazine on ourGarden placematsBug bring this ad in toorThe CALL 842-6532 or email: and will receive a


5 gift certificate

Courtesy of Creativity Unleashed

Date In: 7/23/16

A fulfilling career can be yours! Visit our website to learn about current job opportunities. Apply online or contact


Garden Bug

Primitive & Country Gifts, Greenhouses & more

844 Fort Hunter Rd., Amsterdam, NY 12010


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Fall Festival Oct. 1st & 2nd Crafters, Bounce House, Farm Animals

Fall Decorations Mums, Pumpkins, Corn Stalks,

Decorative Straw, Fall Wreaths, Candles, Pies, Gifts for All Occasions

Save the Date!

Human Resources 43 Liberty Drive, Amsterdam, NY 518.954.3387

Liberty… Working for people



Linda & Mike Palmieri


3 years old Spayed Female

Christmas Open House Nov. 11th • 12th • 13th

for details! We’llwatch havefacebook many new and everyday Christmas Treasures

Open: Mon. - Fri. 10-6pm; Sat. 9-5; Sun. 10-4pm

Stop in and say hello to Hunter!

Johnstown, Gloversville, Caroga Lake, Arietta, Mayfield and Fultonville - 25,000+ mats in 14 area restaurants every eight weeks WE’VE MOVED! 46 E. Main St. Downtown Amsterdam

~ In Home pet sitting for dogs and cats ~ Administration of medicines and injections if needed

Repairs Upgrades Tune-ups Virus Removal Optimization

Kathy M. Foley ~ Lots of love

• Facials • Skin Care • Waxing • Manicures

Computer Service & Repair

437 Nine Mile Tree Rd., Gloversville, NY 12078

Broadalbin Manufacturing corp.

MACHINING FABRICATING (on site and off-site)


Welding of all types We Also Furnish Equipment

Boat and Dock Welding Repair

Will Travel Anywhere in the Tri-County Area.

8 Pine St. Broadalbin, NY 12025

Phone: (518) 883-5313 Cell: (518) 588-0697

Fax: (518) 883-5320 Mike Deuel, Owner or

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Hrs: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 11 - 3; Tues. 2-5; Sun. 11-2

773-7931 Make us your first call for all your Automotive Repairs

Electrical Systems • Computer Diagnostics Scheduled Maintenance • NYS Inspection Station NYS Motorcycle Inspections e y Servic ing Qualit ck Provid since 1984 Tru& o Aut



We Welcome Walk-Ins

or go to my website for more details:

306 South Main Street Gloversville, NY 12078 Phil & Lorrie Venneman, Owners (518) 725-8779

For details about these pets and others available for adoption.

Adult Spayed Female Domestic Long Hair



1 Year Old • Neutered Male Adult Spayed Female Rottweiler Great Dog! No small children Domestic Short Hair

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11 S. Market St., Johnstown, NY


Garden Bug

844 Fort Hunter Rd., Amsterdam, NY 12010


Fall Festival

Fun for All!

Sept 24th & 25th & Oct. 1st & 2nd (Cruise-in & Band - Sept. 24th • 11-3)

Crafters, Bounce House, Farm Animals

Fall Decorations

Mums, Pumpkins, Corn Stalks, Decorative Straw, Fall Wreaths, Candles, Pies, Gifts for All Occasions

Skully Blue Brindle American Staffordshire Terrier 2 years old Neutered Male


(518) 725-5956

Mon – Sun: 7am – 9am & 4pm – 6pm or by appt

Shar Pei

Fonda, NY 12068-1098 Bus (518) 853-3623 Bus (518) 762-4929

Christmas Open House Nov. 11 • 12 • 13

watch facebook for details!

Open: Mon. - Fri. 10-6pm; Sat. 9-5; Sun. 10-4pm

Stop in and say hello to Hunter!


Mixed Breed

A fulfilling career can be yours!

State Farm®

Providing Insurance and Financial Services Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois 61710

Nancy Persse Langdon, Agent 2628 State Highway 30A, P.O. Box 1098


Zeke Hound Mix


Our Special Needs Girl!

7 years old • Spayed Female Mix 13 months old 2½ years old 2 years old She has a heart condition Neutered Male Neutered Male Neutered Male so she needs a quiet home. Good w/kids Photo Credit: Jessica Painter Photography •

Good Neighbor Agent since 1992

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Human Resources 43 Liberty Drive, Amsterdam, NY 518.954.3387

Becker Lab/Pit Mix

3 years old Neutered Male

Proudly serving Upstate New York for over 65 years. Call today for a quote!

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Liberty… Working for people

(518) 866-9517

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Basic Dog Wash

Includes TropiClean Shampoo, Towel, Apron, Dryer, Furminator Brush to Groom, Ear & Eye Wipes



Premium Dog Wash $

By becoming a friend and mentor, you have the power to change the life of an adult, youth or teen experiencing emotional challenges. All it takes is a few hours a month sharing your time and doing things you already enjoy. Volunteers are role models, they inspire and engage, they raise self-esteem, increase socialization and build better communication skills for the program participants.

Courtesy of Creativity Unleashed

Primitive & Country Gifts, Greenhouses & more

Coming Soon!! Our new Doggy Day Care and Boarding Facility

Jennifer DeCuyke, CDT


Includes SPA Shampoo OR Flea & Tick Shampoo, Cologne, Towel, Apron, Dryer, Furminator Brush to Groom, Ear & Eye Wipes

117 West Fulton St. Gloversville, NY 12078

5 gift certificate

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518-762-BARK (2275)

Volunteering is fun and rewarding


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Sweet Pea

Regional Animal Shelter SCAN HERE

ir Repa

Handmade in Johnstown, NY


Check out more pets at:

“Be worry free when you and your four legged family member are apart.”

Collars and Leashes

• Pedicures • Haircuts • Perms • Colors

James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society

2424 State Highway 30, Mayfield, NY 12117

Gift Certificates Available

Open Weekdays

A+ Certified Techs

Priddle Point Gloversville, NY 12078

518-301-1682 Excellent References Available

(518) 332-2008


PETSITTERS ~ Help with behavioral issues PLUS

Home • Auto Business • Life

7 W. Main Street, Broadalbin, NY


Fresh Basil La Cucina De Centi Parillo’s Armory Grill & Restaurant Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta Pizza Hut Cafe in the Village Emmy Lou’s Amsterdam Fish Fry - Grill and Ice Cream Cronie’s Restaurant

CP’s Family Restaurant For more information or to donate call 466-3478

(518) 842-6381 (518) 526-8723



2 years old Spayed Female

Proudly serving Upstate New York for over 65 years.


Office: 320 Church St., Amsterdam, NY 12010 Income Limits Apply • We Accept Sec. 8

Domestic Short Hair

2 years old Spayed Female Date In: 9/12/16

Ninetales is one of the cats rescued from a recent hoarding situation. She is a very friendly girl who loves attention from people. This gorgeous girl gets along with other cats and would do well in any home.



Restaurants using our Amsterdam/Broadalbin mats

We Sell Cooper Tires

Take the worry out of winter driving!


Oil Changes While You Wait

FRED COLABELLO STUMP AND TREE REMOVAL 113 Debra Lane Hagaman, New York 12086


Labrador Retriever/ Terrier Mix

5 years old Spayed Female

Date In: 2/24/16

Date In: 6/30/16


Domestic Med. Hair


5 years old Neutered Male

2 years old Neutered Male

Now Accepting Applications

Be a Friend.

We are so very grateful to the many restaurants who continue to use our mats on a daily basis to help us help shelters and rescues get noticed! Also, we appreciate the many businesses who support this endeavor as well by advertising on our mats; we couldn’t do this without you!

Open Weekdays


Hrs: Mon, Wed-Sat. 12pm to 4pm; Closed Tuesday & Sunday


518-762-5332 or Fax: 518-762-6823 Email:

to learn more about these and other pets who need homes

Computer Service & Repair A+ Certified Techs

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307-309 Meadow St., Johnstown, NY 12095



Phone: (518) 883-5313 Cell: (518) 588-0697

8 Pine St. Broadalbin, NY 12025

Photo Credit: Amy Tollner

SPCA Road, Amsterdam, NY 12010

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Repairs Upgrades Tune-ups Virus Removal Optimization

Visit us at SampsonMotorCar.Com


By becoming a friend and mentor, you have the power to change the life of an adult, youth or teen experiencing emotional challenges. All it takes is a few hours a month sharing your time and doing things you already enjoy.

518-627-0011 • 518-390-7396


Our new location is...

518-762-BARK (2275)

Volunteering is fun and rewarding

All Collision Work and Insurance Work

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11 S. Market St., Johnstown, NY

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261 East Main Street, Amsterdam, New York 12010

4447½ State Hwy 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010

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WE’VE MOVED! 46 E. Main St. Downtown Amsterdam

Many thanks go out to the restaurants who are using our mats daily - it allows pets in this area to get another chance to get noticed and adopted! Thank you as well to the advertisers who make these possible to print. If you have any questions about our placemats or magazine please give us a call at (518) 842-6532 or email us at: or

Compeer organizes many special events throughout the year where friends can get together in a group activity. Children participating in the Compeer for Youth Program have improved self esteem, interaction with others and school participation. Just call for an appointment & fill out the application.

It’s easy to


Compeer for Youth a friendship program of the…

Mental Health Association In Fulton & Montgomery Counties

307-309 Meadow St., Johnstown, NY 12095

518-762-5332 or Fax: 518-762-6823 Email:

Be a Friend.

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Professional $ Dog & Cat Grooming

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518-762-9671 (Heating Center) 518-762-7613 (Store)

Mon.-Fri. 9 - 7; SAT. 9 - 5; SUN. 10 - 3

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Haley Bros. Fence Our Mission is to provide you with the best quality products, the best service and the best purchase experience in the industry

Wooden, Vinyl, Chain Link, Ornamental & Commercial Fencing and more.

"Fences done right since 1958"


Please Thank our Advertisers and Restaurants by patronizing their businesses. It is because of them that we are able to do this for shelter pets in your area! TO ADVERTISE CALL 842-6532 or email: Read our magazines online at

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Restaurants using our Johnstown/Gloversville/Fonda/Caroga Lake/Mayfield mats

The Outdoorsman Bar & Grill Arietta Hotel & Restaurant Mayfield Grill Pizza Hut Johnstown The Outlet Michael’s Diner Brittany’s Diner

Call us at 518-842-6532 or check us out on

Miss Johnstown Diner Big Mike’s McSweeney’s Irish Pub at the Greystone Top of the Hill Grill Mendetta’s Pizzeria & Bakery Pizza Hut Gloversville County Line Cafe

36 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Kitten Angels - Delmar, NY

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue of abandoned & orphaned kittens, pregnant cats, mama cats & their kittens through foster care. So many kittens are in need of a loving home.

Kitten Angels runs weekly adoption clinics

501(c)3 not for profit 233 Houseman Street. Mayfield, NY 12117

Phone: (518) 573-9906 Email:

• Saturdays at the PetSmart located in the Mohawk Commons Mall at 406 Balltown Rd. (cor. of State St. and Balltown Rd.) in Niskayuna from 11am - 3pm • Saturdays at PetCo located in the Fresh Market Commons at 664 New Loudon Rd., Latham from 11am - 3pm • Sundays at Pet Supplies Plus located in The University Plaza at 1235 Western Ave., Albany from 11am - 3pm • Alternate Sundays at PetSmart located in the Amsterdam Commons at 4930 State Hwy. 30, Amsterdam from 10am - 2pm • At other select events around the Capital Region.

You can also see available cats at: or find us on FACEBOOK: Kitten Angels

Fostering can be personally rewarding and a wonderful way to help Kitten Angels. Please consider

opening your home to one of our kittens in need. Sign up now! Go to If you would like If you cannot adopt or can help in other ways... to get involved The TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program helps to make sure the feral cat population does not continue to grow. with Kittens Recycling - bring your bottles and cans to Delmar Beverage at 242 Delaware Ave. in Delmar or to Angels you can Creating Change Redemption Center at 309 Saratoga Rd., Schenectady and the become a foster proceeds will go to Kitten Angels as long as you mention that is where you want it to go. Sign up for the Amazon SmIle Program. parent, adopt You can link directly there on the Kitten Angels website: one of our kitties, Kitten Angels also has a Wish List online where you can buy items through amazon to donate to them. or volunteer! Our fosters help us rescue all these amazing kittens and your donations help us feed, spay/neuter, vaccinate and get veterinary care, and save so many more. All donations to Kitten Angels are tax deductible.Thank you so much for all your care and support.

Check out Kitten Angels on

or go to: to find out more!

Johnstown Animal Clinic 2802 State Hwy. 29, Johnstown, NY 12095 (518) 762-2327 Amy J. French, DVM

JAC specializes in the treatment of many types of small animals. Your dog, cat, bird, snake, guinea pig, rabbit, turtle, ferret, rat, mice, hamster, and even pot belly pig will get quality care at JAC.

• Wellness Care • Dental Health • Spay and Neutering

Accepting New Clients

Kitten Angels Email: See available cats:

We also care for a number of cats in need of forever homes, stop by for a meet and greet today!

We sell


The best dog & cat collars, leashes and harnesses Fashionable, Functional, Guaranteed

Every item is covered by an "Even If Chewed" Guarantee*

*ask us for details

M & F: 8-5; Tues & Thurs: 8-1; Wed: 8-7: Sat: 8-12; Sun: Closed


to find out more about the clinic and pets available for adoption there.

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016 - 37

People love their pets! That is a fact. Pet people think of their pets as children. These days people spend money on all kinds of pet related items, sometimes even more than they spend on themselves. The only thing many American pets lack is a secure future if they should outlive their human family. Even though we consider our pets family, our legal system considers them property. Read on for advice from a local attorney on just how to go about including your pet in your will...

Including Your Pet in Your Estate Planning By Del B. Salmon, Esq.

Del B. Salmon, Esq. with his dog Penny Del B. Salmon, Esq.

The Salmon Law Firm, PLLC 179 Wallins Corners Rd., Amsterdam, New York 12010 (518) 842-1650

Del B. Salmon is an Elder Law Attorney and is the sole member of The Salmon Law Firm, PLLC in Amsterdam, which was founded by his grandfather on December 1, 1911. Del focuses his practice in the areas of Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Asset Protection, Medicaid Qualification, Advocacy for the Elderly, Real Estate, and Nursing Home Placement. Del has been the Legal Service Provider for the Montgomery County Office for Aging for the past 21 years. Del is actively involved in various community activities. He is a member of the Mountain Valley Hospice Board of Directors, the Fairview Cemetery Association, the Temple of Israel Cemetery in Cranesville, and the Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center in Albany. Del is the Chairperson of the Foundation of Fulton Montgomery Community College as well as the Chairperson of the Foundation of the Montgomery County Office for Aging, Inc..

Pets are considered property under New York State law. As such, you cannot leave money or other kinds of property to your pet because one piece of property is legally unable to own another piece of property. Because a pet cannot own property, it cannot be a beneficiary in a Will or a Trust. Whatever Estate Planning technique you utilize to provide for your pet, choosing a new owner is the most important thing you can do to make sure your pet is well taken care of after your death. Talk to the people you want to care for your pet to make certain that they are willing and able to provide your pet with the care and living environment that you believe is best suited to the needs of your pet. Because circumstances change, it is advisable to select an alternate individual to take your pet if your first choice is unable to do so. Once you nominate someone to become the new owner of your pet upon your death, you must consider whether you desire to provide financial support for your pet during its lifetime. You do not have to be a millionaire to use an Estate Planning Attorney to plan for your pet’s welfare after your death or incapacity. There are many ways to care for your pet if you are not around, ranging from wills to pet trusts to pet protection agreements. Also, some shelters and veterinary schools now offer continuing pet care programs, where you pay an enrollment fee or give an annual donation to the organization, and they promise to care for your pets upon your death. A trust created under a Will, takes time to fund after you die because of delays caused by the probate process. If leaving your pet a bequest in your Will, please be sure that the person to whom you entrust your pet has the financial ability to provide for your pet until the Trust under your Will is funded. With a pet trust, either one you create during your lifetime or one created under your Will, you pick a Trustee who is the person who will manage the money with which you are funding the trust, who may or may not be the same person as your pet’s owner/caregiver. The Trustee distributes funds and/or property to the caregiver who will then use them to care for the pet in the manner you have specified in the Trust. You should put specifics into your trust like details on the type of care your animal should receive, how often your pet should be taken to the vet and who is his vet, etc. as well as an alternative pet guardian, should something happen to your primary pet guardian. You should consult an estate planning attorney when creating a pet trust, as state laws on pet trusts differ. Should you not desire the formality and cost of a Will or Living Trust, you may want to consider a written agreement that states who will care for your pet upon your death or inability to care for your pet yourself. Some vet schools and animal shelters offer programs to care for your pet in the event that you are unable. Fees vary, depending on the organization offering the services. These programs are best suited to people who do not have a caregiver they trust or one who they know can afford to care for their animals. Some people know that their children, a family member, or a friend will take their pet because they have talked through the issue with them. While simply talking about the issue does not offer you much in the way of legal protection, it is better than doing nothing. If you choose this alternative, make sure that you also talk about your pet’s needs to the future caregiver. Whatever you decide to do, advanced planning is in your pet’s best interest

Call The Salmon Law Firm, PLLC at (518) 842-1650 and mention this article for a free consultation

We now have a Facebook page dedicated to

Crazy About Pets Magazine! Now let’s start a conversation. Tell us what you think of this magazine, submit ideas, stories, etc. 38 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016

Adult Literacy & Corrections Education

736-4340 The OfďŹ ce of Adult Literacy & Corrections Education provides instruction for adults based on assessment of their academic needs. d math ing, writing an S gh school entering a hi of al go e th with Builds skills class. equivalency Preparation alency (HSE) iv qu E l oo ch ÂŽ High S ) n as the GED (formerly know Assessing take the Test to ts en ud st Prepares ASC) ompletion (T Secondary C ducation and Civics E ge ua ng La d Secon English as a Students for Enrolled e bl ila va A g E-Learnin es available Evening Class Morning and ent in read kill Developm

You can do this! Call today for more information and to reserve your seat.

These are adult education classes intended for people age 21 and older. Learners age 18-20 will be admitted based on an interview with the teacher and as space and fundng is available.

Glove City Commons 43-47 North Main St. Gloversville

Helping you toward a brighter future.

Upper Level of United Presbyterian Church 25 Church St., Amsterdam

CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November - 39

See us for all of your home and pet supply needs!

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We also sell wood pellets, Bird Food and Feeders, and so much more!

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Basic Dog Wash

Includes TropiClean Shampoo, Towel, Apron, Dryer, Furminator Brush to Groom, Ear & Eye Wipes


Mon.-Fri. 9 - 7 SAT. 9 - 5 518-762-7613 (Store) SUN. 10 - 3 40 - CRAZY ABOUT PETS in Fulton & Montgomery Counties & Beyond November 2016


Premium Dog Wash $ Includes SPA Shampoo OR Flea & Tick Shampoo, Cologne, Towel, Apron, Dryer, Furminator Brush to Groom, Ear & Eye Wipes


518-762-9671 (Heating Center)


Crazy About Pets third edition  

A magazine for pets and the people who love them. It features many local shelters and rescue organizations along with wonderful adoption sto...