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o What do we mean by Creative Tourism? The Creative Tourism is considered a new generation of tourism by involving the tourists themselves and the locals in the creation of the tourist products (co-creation). The Creative Tourism concept appeared in the 2000′s, and defined as a:

‘‘Tourism which offers visitors the opportunity to develop their creative potential through active participation in courses and learning experiences, which are characteristic of the holiday destination where they are taken.’ and Greg Richar (2000). This new way of discovering a foreign culture by experiencing it, hasCrispin been Raymond growing increasingly fordsthe last

decade. Nowadays, the tourists no longer conform themselves in attending a traditional sightseeing tours, they need to feel involved into the destination’s daily life. They don’t want to be considered as “tourists”.

A new paradigm for the tourist industry: The emancipation of “THE TOURIST”, from a mere holidays consumer to a proactive “TRAVELER” who (co-) creates his own cultural experiences, raises new challenges for the tourism industry. Indeed, it has to change its top-down approach (in which the industry used to impose standardized offers to the tourists) into a bottom-up one (taking into consideration the tourists’ specific demand). This leads to the emergence of a new paradigm that forces the traditional tourist industry to work hand-inhand with new actors like artists, craftsmen or even citizens, able to provide so singular and creative experiences to the new travelers. In this sense, the creative tourism can be defined as well as a “creative management of the tourism”, which implies for the destinations to innovate instead of relying on their traditional features. Blowing glass in Tuscany, performing a concert in Barcelona, making your own BBQ in Porto Alegre (Brazil) or even producing chill out music in Ibiza, … are some of the many experiences the creative tourists are eager to live when they travel.

Creative Tourism Network®

The creative tourism’s assets: The growing demand for creative tourism arouses the interest of the destination managers and local governments, seduced by the opportunity to attract a high value tourism by simply fostering their intangible heritage (workshops) and optimizing the use of existing infrastructures (venues rental). mong the many virtues of the creative tourism, we can

 Diversification of the offers without any investment, just by optimizing the intangible heritage (traditions, crafts, artists,...), as well as existing infrastructure, cultural centres, auditorium, etc..  Emergence of new tourist destinations

 Quality tourism endowed with a high added value and purchasing power.

 New governance tool: local communities empowerment.

 Sustainability as it uses the creativity as the mean resource.

 Positive effect on the locals’ self-confidence, given to this new interest for their culture & traditions.

 Deseasonalization as the creative tourists avoid the high season.

 The geographical distribution. The creative tourists avoid the "tourist attractions" which contributes to a better spatial distribution within the destination.

 Intangible heritage recovery.

 Travellers’ involvement in the co-creation and promotion (prosumer) of their own experiences.

Creative tourism is a projection of a new tourism in which natural, cultural and personal ressources are not manipulated and exploited but valued and enriched". (Jelincic and Zuvela, 2012). Creative Tourism Network®

o Who are the CREATIVE TOURISTS? It is difficult to draw a standard portrait of those new tourists who, by definition, want to be “unique”, although they share the same values based on ethical principles, intangibles, know-how, permanent training, experiences and DIY trends. Apart from that, - They can be singles, couple, family or a group of travelers. - They can plan their trip themselves or contract professional services. - The nature of their creative activities can be educational (courses, workshops), can refer to the creation (art residency, co-creation with local artists) or the representation (performing concert, acting, exhibiting). Among the great diversity of creative tourists… we could meet: • • • •

A single traveler who participates in a cooking class in order to meet the locals or to share experiences with other foodies. A choir who travel with the purpose of offering concerts in each place they visit. Group of dancers, sketchers or photograph lovers, whose travel purpose is to practice their hobby. Families that take part in a mosaic class during their stay, in order to feel themselves “less tourists”.

As well as a long etc.

Creative Tourism Network®

o General outlines of creative tourists: They represent THE NEW GENERATION OF TOURISTS. Comparing with “conventional tourists” they are: • • • •

More skilled – in TICs, languages, humanities, among others. Many-sided– they belong to a wide array of social communities. Prosumer: they produce valuable contents and share experiences. They look for more interactivity. *******

They want to live meaningful experiences whereby they can feel like a local. They don’t look for the “monumentality” or “superlatives”. #smallisbeautiful They spend a substantial part of the budget for the fulfillment of such experiences. They use to combine many types of tourism, during the same holidays. They are exclusive regarding the way they travel. Once they have tried the interactivity they no longer travel “passively”. -

o Regarding its recent evolution: From the lonely budding artist … … To the proactive & many-sided travellers

If five years ago the creative tourist was still a creative (and minority) traveller who already practiced an artistic activity in his country and wanted to improve or practice it during his holidays (e.g. painting courses, dance, music workshops, etc.), it now refers to the largest part of conventional tourists eager discover a destination (pro)actively! For this reason, it can be adapted to a wide array of tourist segments or markets (wine tourism, foodies, singles, seniors, MICE, performing tours, bleisure, etc.).

Creative Tourism Network®

Examples of creative tourism programs worldwide: (Detailed at

Porto Alegre Creative Tourism (Brazil) Porto Alegre Criativa is the first program organized in Brazil which offers its visitors new and unique learning experiences, covering local content connected to the intangible world of culture, tradition, arts and the effervescent atmosphere of the metropolis that is the gateway to the gaucho culture. There are varied options in workshops, short courses and other activities for personal development and immersion in the immaterial universe of local culture. “Churrasco”Traditional BBQ session, marquetry training, Gaucha dances and music class, crafts activities, photographic routes,etc.

Creative Tourism Tuscany Tuscany, the land of universal geniuses, the model for the budding artists during “the Grand Tour” and a haven for contemporary artists, is now as well a Creative Friendly Destination for the new generation of tourists, eager to discover the local culture by participating in authentic and creative activities: Leather workshops, jewelry seminars, wine tasting, cooking classes, open-air painting classes, music master classes, photographic routes, …

Creative Tourism Ibiza The Balearic Island has always been a paradise for artists and creators. This program invite the travelers and art lovers to share its inspirational atmosphere. Workshops of: sandals making, sculpture, underwater photography, deejay, chill out music, Mediterranean cooking class.

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (Québec, Canada) Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is a very charming town situated in Quebec, on the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River. Named Best Creative Destination 2015, by the CTN, the village of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli of 3.500 inhabitants shows uncommon citizens’ involvement as well as art dynamism thanks to its many artists and artisans from various artistic fields including woodcarving, sculpture, stained glass, contemporary dance, music and singing …

Loulé Criativo (Portugal) This charming Portuguese town, ideally situated in the Algarve, between ocean and mountains. In addition to its awesome landscapes and warm climate, it owns a rich intangible heritage and authentic experiences to be shared with those new travelers. Also known as the land of the crafts, Loulé and its precious surroundings, have a strong tradition in printing, pottery, shoemaking, metalwork, basketry, among others. Many local actors, including artists, artisans, shops, companies, cultural institutions, among others, are actively involved in this initiative that contributes to revitalize traditions and know-how.

Barcelone Creative Tourism Created in 2005, Barcelona Creative Tourism is the world’s first creative tourism platform. It aims to offer the visitors the opportunity to discover the city of Barcelona and its surroundings in a creative way, to interact with the locals as well as to feel like locals themselves. Workshop of "Gaudi-style" mosaic, cooking classes, wine tasting, sketching and photographic routes, Catalan rumba dancing course, possibility to perform yourself a concert in singular venues, etc.

Creative Tourism Network®

Province of Namur, County of Valleys (Belgium) During your stay you will be able to enjoy a creative activity with a passionate inhabitant (music, gardening, drawing, painting, cooking, dancing, singing, theater…). In partnership with the tourism and cultural operators of the Province of Namur, but also with its inhabitants, the Tourism Federation of the Province of Namur offers you the opportunity to share authentic experiences during these workshops, in an friendly a atmosphere. Sculpture workshops (wood, stone), creating puppets, weaving, paper making, jewelry, chocolate making, ...

Lucena, Andalusia, Spain Located in the iconic region of Andalusia (South of Spain), the city of Lucena has always been a meeting point of three cultures (Jewish, Arab and Christian). Its rich cultural heritage has been seducing the most demanding travelers before converting itself into a place-to-be for creative tourists! Its endless resources embrace the most valuable architecture, as well as unique intangible heritage and traditions and all the artist’s trainings and venues to produce and perform the best music! From the Creative Tourism Network® we recommend creative experiences related to Crafts, lutheria, Pottery and ceramics, Photograph, Goldsmiths, Wine tourism, Gastronomy, Music, as well as a long etc …

ALL - Autour du Louvre – Lens (France) In the heart of Nord-Pas de Calais – France’s Region of Museums – the towns around Louvre-Lens offer visitors a rich variety of collections. Ancient and modern blend seamlessly together here– proof that art is alive, well and thriving across the region. Creative activities linked to the recent inauguration of Louvre-Lens and its traditions. Creative workshops within the Louvre-Lens Museum, Artcratfs workshops, Carnival activities, festivals.

Creative Tourism Austria Austria from a unique, creative perspective! Creative partners and top hoteliers invite you to inspiring and enriching culture trips throughout Austria: Discover the artistic, the culinary and the creative Austria as you might never have experienced it before! Take your time and be inspired by discovering tailor-made, individual creative holidays: Our top creative travel destinations are featured in the menu as Creative Destinations. Artists pass on their skills and knowledge during creative courses, enabling visitors to craft their own souvenirs while on holiday! Tailor-made, individual creative holidays: Creative holidays, crafts and carving workshops, ceramic and painting classes, cooking course; wine tasting, traditional dances.

Madagascar Explorer, Madagascar Island. is an inbound tour operator founded in 1988. Proud of their presence for over 25 years, they offer outstanding tour packages and tailormade holidays that meet the needs and preferences of all visitors. They cater for individuals, couples, groups and families. They take it close to their heart to create and design the highest quality products and services to their clients and guarantee an authentic travel experience. Among the creative activities they propose, we highly recommend: The Zafimaniry Art workshop, a woodcarving workshop using ancestral techniques with the local artisan (a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), a workshop to create your own fashionable silk scarf, from turning wild silk cocoons into fashionable scarf, or even to learn the historic production of the Antemoro paper. A paper that is made from the fibers of the plant called “avoha”, and then decorated by flowers of different kinds.

Creative Tourism Network®

Cerdeira Village Art&Craft From the breathtaking valley view to the perfect working and accommodation spaces, the visitor involves themselves in an inspiring environment of artistic cooperation, where they can decide whether to do their creative work in the company of other artists or by themselves. Cerdeira Village Art & Craft has a residency program in a shared building and also self-catering schist homes here you can come with your family and friends and enjoy this peaceful and inspiring place! Ceramic, sculpture, painting, music, cooking workshops …

AIRSERVE - Creative Activities in Japan Discover and explore another side of Japan through its people, arts, crafts and technology… developing activities in several fields. You can choose between real Japanese home cooking classes, discovering the Kappabashi and Ameyokocho area and visit a record (vinyl) plant, “record shopping” in Tokyo, etc. Preparations for activities in several fields (amongst others, Religion and Spirituality, Traditional Arts, Science and Nature) are under way so visit the website regularly for the latest. Workshops of adaiko (traditional drum), creation of traditional musical instruments, visit of a disc manufactory, cooking classes, meeting with local artists and designers, ...

Studiainitalia – Italy Studia in Italia is an agency specialized in language travel education, founded to promote courses and cultural trips aimed at people of all ages and with a great interest in Italy. Studia in Italia proposes courses of language, culture, arts, crafts, fashion, design, jewellery, fashion, gastronomy, wine – amoung many others – in the best Italian schools and Universities, while offering a very personalized attention in order to meet each travelers’ demand. Let’s customize your stay!

Creative Tourism Guatemala Another way of discovering the Mayan culture than participating at a conventional tour is taking part in creative activities. Workshops of: coffee and chocolate making, weaving following the Maya tradition. , Italy Activities, courses and experiences to discover the region of Frascati, at few minutes from Rome: wine tourism experiences, cooking classes, painting, photographic routes .. Courses and activities are intertwined in the land of vineyards! Wine estate visits, Guide wine tastings, Cookery courses, Drawing and Painting courses, Sketchcrawls, Barista course (to make a perfect cappuccino and espresso), Photography workshops, Mountain bike trails and horse riding through vineyards and archaeological sites, Roman road walks in the countryside. Furthermore an unlimited offer of cultural and musical events!

New destinations are about to be officially presented.

Creative Tourism Network®

Creative Tourism NetworkÂŽ

The Creative Tourism Network® International Network for the Promotion of Creative Tourism The Creative Tourism Network® is the international organization for the promotion of the creative tourism. Created in 2010 in Barcelona with the aim of fostering this new trend over the world, it gathers destinations of very different kinds (villages, regions, metropolis, …), that have developped this segment and received the label “Creative Friendly Destinations®” from the Creative Tourism Network®; as well as Creative Platforms, managed by private entities. Among its missions, we can mention:  The promotion of the destinations that have a potential to welcome the creative tourists, through a wide array of services: • • • • • •

Consultancy for the creation and management of their program of creative tourism. Tailored communication and press services Promotion in fairs, congresses, conferences, seminars, etc. Partnerships with tourism and transports companies, cultural associations, media, etc. Recognition as “Creative Friendly Destinations” Organization of the Creative Tourism Network’s events in their destination

 The identification of the creative tourists and their specific demands in order to propose them the best creative experiences and destinations.  The academic and professional training through the organization of tailored seminars, study tours and workshops on creative tourism, by our group of experts headed by the Professor Greg Richards, originator of the Creative Tourism concept.  The research on the Best Practices of the Creative Tourism.  The recognition of the Best Practices by the Creative Tourism Awards.

Creative Tourism Network®

o Creative Tourism Network®’s membership benefits:  The recognition as “Creative Friendly Destination”.  A permanent and tailored service of promotion and communication in terms of: • • • • •

Tailored communication and and marketing services. Announcements in the newsletter sent to 10.000 targeted contacts International and tailored press campaigns. Promotion in fairs, congresses and conferences. Organization of press and blog trips.

 Partnerships with tour operators, transport companies, media, etc.  Discount on profesional trainings.  Synergies generated by the international networking.  Possibility to host Creative Tourism Network® events.  Permanent assistance and assessment for your project development.

Creative Tourism Network®

Conferences, seminars and workshops on Creative Tourism: The Creative Tourism Network® regularly organizes and participates in conferences, seminars and workshops on creative tourism, that can take different forms and focus.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

2010 – International Conference on Creative Tourism – Barcelona 2012 – International Forum on Creative Tourism – Bangkok 2012 – Conférence autour du Tourisme Créatif – Paris 2013 – Séminaire International Tourisme et Patimoine – IPAC – Québec 2013 – Barcelona Expert Meeting – Barcelona 2013 – I Brazilian Conference on Creative Tourism, Porto Alegre, Brazil 2014 – Semana do Turismo do Sistema Fecomércio MG, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. 2014- World Travel Market, Conference on Creative Tourism, London. 2014 – Smartravel14, Northeast Portugal. 2015 – UNWTO Panel on Community Empowerment through Creative Industries and Tourism, ITB Berlin. 2015 – Vê Portugal, 2º International Forum of Tourism – Aveiro, Portugal. 2015- SOTIC Conference – Caribbean Tourism Organization – Curaçao. 2015 – Seminar on Creative Tourism organized by the Creative Tourism Network® – World Travel Market, London. 2015 – Workshop on Creative Tourism within the Buy Tourism Online, Firenze, Italy. 2016 – BTL – Lisboa Tourist Trade – Seminar on Creative Tourism. 2016 – Pro-Finland: Seminar on creative tourism – Helsinki. 2016 – I International Forum on Tourism Ingeenering – Rabat, Morocco. 2016 – International Seminar on Consumer Trends & Tourism, Viena. 2016 – UNWTO Conference on “Marketing trends for digital tourists”, Argentina 2016 – UNWTO International Congress on World Civilizations and Creative Tourism. 2016 – Fórum Internacional do Turismo Criativo, Cuiabà, Brazil.

Creative Tourism Network®

Professionals from around the world trained in Creative Tourism Management: With the growing international demand for training in creative tourism management, the Creative Tourism Network® has created the International Institute of Creative Tourism - a pioneering program which aims to develop training adapted to this emerging sector, complemented by consultancy and monitoring services. The development of creative tourism, together with other niche segments, is accelerating the paradigm shift in the industry, posing new challenges for the professionals compelled to design experiences that, not only have to be profitable and meet industry standards, but to fit new expectations in terms of authenticity and creativity. In addition, this new demand and the democratization of technologies have brought new suppliers from the art and craft sectors to the market, who have to tailor their offers to the tourism industry requirements. The best means to build bridges between the cultural, creative and tourism sectors and to consolidate this new segment is undoubtedly training. A In particular, practical training that enables participants to create their own business or to position their destination in this new market. This is precisely the aim of the Institute of Creative Tourism, which will offer a wide selection of courses and seminars given by an international panel of experts, academics and practitioners, headed by the Professor Greg Richards, cooriginator of the Creative Tourism Concept. These courses are tailored to the needs of each participant, whether they are a private entrepreneur, a university, a tourist office, among others, from all over the world. The training can be run in the participants’ destinations and completed by a study tour in Barcelona or other destinations members of the Creative Tourism Network®, in order to learn from existing initiatives. The trainings includes a personalized assistance and the promotion of the participant’s projects.

ABOUT CONTENTS: o o o o o o o o o o

Possible issues (based on real cases) What’s the creative tourism? About its evolution and current features. Case studies of creative tourism management by private and public entities. Creative tourism & branding. How can I launch my own creative tourism program? Design and production of creative tourism experiences. How to generate incomes from the creative tourism? Who are the creative tourists? How can I reach them? Communication tools adapted to the creative tourism. Networking

ABOUT THE FORM: o o o o o o o o o o

Exemple of a minimum 3-days-Program: Previous study of the destination / project potential (in situ & at distance). Conference on the creative tourism general concept. Practical workshops with local entities (hotels, inbound agencies, craftspeople, artists, cultural associations, festivals managers, etc.). Monitoring. Study tour in order to meet entrepreneurs and stakeholders of the creative tourism. Networking. Certification. Press conference. Advantages of the Creative Tourism Network®’s membership. Languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan. Others, please contact us.

Creative Tourism Network®

Creative Tourism Awards Created by the Creative Tourism Network®, the Creative Tourism Awards aim to reward companies, projects and destinations worldwide that foster this new generation of tourism, characterized by the active participation of the tourists in artistic and creative activities. Internationally recognized for its action in favor of a more innovative and sustainable tourism, the Creative Tourism Network® works with a panel of prestigious experts headed by the Professor Greg Richards, coinventor of the creative tourism concept, in order to determine and guarantee respect of the Best Practices of the Creative Tourism. Thus, the international jury of the Creative Tourism Awards select every year five winners among hundreds of initiatives and destinations that highlight for their commitment to this emerging sector. Are particularly appreciated the authenticity and creativity of the proposals, as well as the promoters’ interest in involving locals and tourists in the co-creation of their experiences. Besides the recognition, the winners are offered tools and services in terms of promotion. More details about the Awardees 2014 & 2015 at

Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development: Visit Estonia Best Creative Destination : Pafos Region – Cyprus Best Creative Travel Agency : Human Connections (Mexico) Best Creative Residency : La Tavola Marche (Italy) Best Creative Experiences: The Place (Cyprus)

Creative Tourism Network®

Interview of Caroline Couret, CEO of the Creative Tourism Network®. Have you heard of “creative tourism”? It deals with a increasing trend in which tourists travel around the world to discover little known aspects of a destination or culture, by participating in creative activities with the locals. Beyond the image of the “romantic” traveler, this is a tourist segment booming, fueled by growing demand and accompanied by a professionalization of the sector. This concept emerged in the early 2000s, from the research work of Professors Greg Richards and Crispin Raymond and is now adapted in a very wide array of contexts gathered iwithin an international network. In order to know further about this new generation of tourism, we met Caroline Couret, founder of the Creative Tourism Network®.

How did come the Creative Tourism Network®?

I could say that it was part of our Company’s DNA (as well as mine!) – and was developed naturally, powered by the desire to go back to the initial purposes of the tourism, that is to say, meeting people from different cultures and share with them simple moments of their dailylife, knowledges, a passion…a peer-to-peer and authentic experience! The meeting with Professor Greg Richards, co-inventor of the creative tourism concept was decisive and confirmed the need to fit appropiately this new demand. Thus we created the Barcelona Creative Tourism platform in 2005, the first of its kind worldwide, to invite the tourists to “live the city.” Faced with the growing enthusiasm for this new way of traveling – we then felt the need to network with other destinations that shared the same philosophy. Thus the Creative Tourism Network® was born in Barcelona in 2010. ▪

What are the missions of the Creative Tourism Network®?

We wish above all to offer a reference body that, on the one hand, meet the most diverse demands from this booming sector and secondly, fosters synergies, through collaborations between the network’s members and external partners. When we organized the First International Conference on Creative Tourism in 2010 in Barcelona, it appeared to us as evidence or even an emergency! Indeed, while it existed, worldwide, plethora of initiatives conceptually very close to the creative tourism, it was difficult to identify them as they were scattered geographically and “terminologically”! But the demand for this type of experience was already very real and has been rapidly expanded and consolidated since then. The network provides a meeting point between supply and demand for this emerging segment as well as a tool of governance. ▪

How do you identify a creative tourism offer?

I could give you countless examples, but beyond the content, it’s subjective criteria that are essential to design a creative tourism offer. Among them, not to copy an existing offer. Creative tourism appeal primarily to the authenticity and creativity of the persons who design the offer. And I stress the word “persons” as, although marketing requires professional and rigorous expertise, it should not supplant the emotion generated by the transmission of knowledge or co-creation between local and travelers. This is of course a subjective criteria, but that is essential to garantee the authenticity, originality and empathy with these tourists-alter ego! The top-down approach that forged the tourism sector in recent decades, enclosing providers and tourists in a strictly comercial relationship, has given way to a bottomup, oriented by the specific demand of these new travelers.

Creative Tourism Network®

Could you give some examples of creative tourism experiences you personally like?

All and the most diverse! You know, the first time you participate in these activities, you do so by interest or passion for a particular discipline through a cooking class, a ceramic workshop, a watercolor, or music course, etc … But very quickly the creative tourism turns into a way of travel, which makes appear a new world map! Hence the relevance of creating a network to discover or rediscover destinations through these experiences. At the time of making choices, I personally try to get closer to what one we could call “km0″, that is to say by participating in community-based activities. Indeed, participating in a sushi-class in France could be part of the daily life but of course would not enable to discover the local culture! Instead, how about a creative retreat in Provence, Tuscany or Portugal, in which you can indulge in ceramics, sculpture, craft or bakery? Or to discover the “Gaucha” culture by participating in traditional dance and music workshops, clothing or cooking clases in Porto Alegre, ¿Brazil? Or becoming a DJ and mixing in Ibiza? The list is long and feeds the growing interest of tourists to these simple but authentic experiences. ▪

Should we consider simplicity and authenticity as common denominators of the creative tourism?

Yes, ¡definately! And I would add, of course, creativity. These are actually the common denominators of our destinations and programs members in spite of their so diverse profiles. By the way, the creative tourists enjoy this diversity as son as they can experience it actively. They are exclusive regarding the way they travel but are really opened to our suggestions which makes them discover new territories they had even never heard about. And for what it concerns the destinations, it is fascinating to observe how, instead of competting, they take benefits of networking and exchange advices and good practices! ▪

Is the creative tourism an example of sustainable tourism?

Definitely yes! The UNWTO definition attributed to sustainable tourism, namely, “management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining the integrity cultural, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems”, could perfectly refer to the creative tourism. The creative tourist is an eco-friendly traveler and a a humanist whose in interest rely on peer-to-peer relationships. His gratitude towards the locals is increased tenfold, leading to a virtuous circle that feeds on the transmission of human values, expertise, talent … In this vertuous circle, the local are no longer the intermediary between the tourists and the heritage, they are the heritage. As an example a japanese housewive who organizes cooking classes for tourists will not only be empowered economically but this will also act positively on her self-esteem. ▪

What are the current projects and future of Creative Tourism Network®?

It would be long to mention them all. We implement numerous collaborations with strategic sectors that can benefit our members (media, transport, tour operators, etc.). Moreover, we have created a training center to meet the needs of public bodies, companies, universities, etc, in terms of creative tourism management. These seminars help the stakeholders to develop their own project within two or three days. More and more DMO’s are particularly interested as they are aware their function has completely evolved and they have to play a role of structuration and management. ▪

What do you think of digital platforms that sell creative workshops?

They are indeed increasingly numerous and it becomes a problem in the sense that they represent a door open to “the everything creative”, that is to say that we are witnessing a intrusisme from companies wishing to bounce off the craze for this new form of travel, selling as “experience”, any substitutes whose lack of credibility affects the entire industry. Moreover, if this kind of platform finds its audience among travelers looking for offers peer-to-peer – not to say massive touristm as well – it can hardly develop in a trading context, as tour operators need professional garantees for their customers to limit risks of amateurismFinally, these platforms do not help to create value in a territory. Creative tourism should be seen as a governance instrument for a territory development and that is why it is important that such programs used to be driven by public bodies in colaboration with experts in diverse fields. However, these platforms are more focused on a short term profits.

Creative Tourism Network®

Many thanks for your interest and kind attention!! Please, feel free to contact us for any question, material or interview It will be our pleasure to attend you personally!


Creative Tourism NetworkÂŽ

Creative Tourism Release - Jan2017  

Release - Creative Tourism Network(R) What do we mean by creative tourism? Who are the creative tourists? Creative tourism trainings. Creati...

Creative Tourism Release - Jan2017  

Release - Creative Tourism Network(R) What do we mean by creative tourism? Who are the creative tourists? Creative tourism trainings. Creati...