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ATLAS Cultural Tourism Special Interest Group Creative Tourism Network® SETBA, Zona d’Art, Barcelona EXPERT MEETING ON ALTERNATIVE AND CREATIVE TOURISM IN CITIES June 13th-14th, 2013, Barcelona As cities increasingly engage in a competitive struggle for attention, community cohesion and inward investment, they are trying to distinguish themselves through the development of distinctive products and experiences based on ‘alternative’ and ‘creative’ forms of tourism. In many cases the growth of mass cultural tourism in cities has increased the flow of tourists to fringe areas in the suburbs or in the inner city, where attractive alternative ‘scenes’ have developed. Examples include DUMBO in Brooklyn or Hoxton in London. These development have been signalled in a number of studies, but so far there has been no structured overview of the field. The aim of this expert meeting, therefore, is to bring together an international group of scholars to consider the issues raised by alternative and creative tourism development in cities, and to think about the ways that these might develop in future. The group welcome theoretical and speculative contributions to the debate, as well as empirical studies that can further our knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon. Themes expected to be covered during the event include: • Alternative tourism, on and off the beaten track • New tourism areas in cities • Creative tourism development and marketing • Alternative events • Ethnic quarters and creativity • Alternative and creative gastronomy • Alternative accommodation as creative strategy (design apartments, couchsurfing, house swapping, etc) • Critiques and empirical evaluations of creative development strategies The Expert Meeting is designed as a small-scale event for researchers to present and discuss their work with colleagues. Participation in the meeting is subject to approval of an abstract and preparation of a draft version of the paper prior to the meeting. Selected papers will then be published in an edited volume. Conference committee Greg Richards, Tilburg University, the Netherlands Melanie Smith, Budapest Business School, Hungary Robert Maitland, Centre for Tourism Research, University of Westminster, UK Caroline Couret, Creative Tourism Network®

We want to thank SETBA, Zona d'Art to welcome this meeting. There couldn't be better place to do it than this exceptional venue situated in the heart of the Plaza Real. An apartment in which lived highlighted artists and that currently invite you to express yourself creatively! Contacts:

ATLAS City and National Capital Tourism Special Interest Group ATLAS Cultural Tourism Special Interest Group Creative Tourism Network® SETBA, Zona d’Art, Barcelona EXPERT MEETING ON ALTERNATIVE AND CREATIVE TOURISM IN CITIES June 13th-14th, 2013, Barcelona PROGRAM: 13th June 9.30-10.00



Welcome: presentation of SETBA, ATLAS and Creative Tourism Network


Paper session 1

Albert Arias Sans Antonio Paolo Russo

Greg Richards

The relational value of urban commons: towards a new epistemology of (creative) tourism. Illustrations from Barcelona .

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Research Group “territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies”

Creative and relational tourism in Barcelona

Tilburg University

11.30 Coffee break 12.00

Paper session 1 (cont.)

Rafael Machado Carlos Fernandes José Paulo Queiroz

Exploring the Biennial concept to promote new relations in art, culture and alternative tourism.

Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal JPQ Consutant, Portugal

G. Emanuele Adamo Sonia Ferrari

Cities on the stage: creativity as source of differentiation.

Uob, Uk- Unical, Italy.

13.00 General discussion 13.30 Lunch

ATLAS Cultural Tourism Special Interest Group Creative Tourism Network® SETBA, Zona d’Art, Barcelona Expert Meeting on Alternative and Creative tourism in cities June 13th-14th, 2013, Barcelona

15:30 Paper session 2 Lénia Marques

Ephemeral art in the ephemeral place: creative temporary accommodation.

CELTOR / NHTV University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands)

Cinema and cities image.

Bicocca University of Milan University of Calabria

Kristel Zegers Monica Gilli Sonia Ferrari

17:00 Coffee Break 17:30 Paper session 2 (cont.) Robert Maitland

Urban Explorers: looking for the real (outer) London?

University of Westminster, UK

Melanie Smith

Developing Ethnic Quarters as AlternativeTourism Attractions: A Case Study of Budapest.

Budapest Business School Department of Tourism.

19:00 Reception 20:30 Dinner

Friday 14th June 9.30 Paper session 3 Goretti Silva Marta Cardoso

Gastronomic events as creative tourism experiences.

Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Milica Ilincic

‘Benefits of Creative Tourism Experience – The Tourist Perspective’.

European Master in Tourism Management University of Girona.

The in-betweens of tourism and the experience economy: When tourists escape the scapes.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design.

Ole Kjaer Mansfeldt

11:00 Coffee Break

11.30 Paper session 3 (cont.)

Susana Rach達o Carlos Fernandes

Focusing on creativity to reengineer tourism development in an emerging tourism destination.

Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Nonthawan Songserm Jutamas (Jan) Wisansing

Community Participatory Approach for Creative Tourism: Cases examples from Thailand.

Assumption University of Thailand Perfect Link Consulting Group.

12.30 General discussion 13.30 Lunch 15.30 Paper session 4

Roberta Garibaldi Francesca Forno

Not only low-cost. Home swapping as creative tourism strategy.

Dept. Economics CeSTIT research Group, Dept. Humanities and Social Sciences CORES Research Group, University of Bergamo, Italy.

Dr Ilaria Pappalepore

Mapping creative tourism mobilities: a discussion of methods.

LAIBS, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.

16.30 General discussion 17.30 Closing session

Barcelona Expert Meeting on Creative Tourism