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Welcome to the City of Bakar The City of Bakar is located in the North Adriatic Sea and makes part of the Primorsko-Goranska County. It covers an area from the Bakar Bay to the Risnjak mountain slopes and includes the ancient Bakar, as its administrative and cultural centre and the surrounding villages: Hreljin, Krasica, Kukuljanovo, Plosna, Ponikve, Praputnjak, Ĺ krljevo and Zlobin. The City covers an area of 125,60 km2 and is populated by 8.279 inhabitants. It is characterized by historical and natural diversity, orientation towards the sea as a source of existence, the strong development of service industry and still under-exploited tourism potential. Basic geomorphologic


features of the City of Bakar are its karst landscape ranging from the short coastal area around the deep Bakar Bay, across the steep rocky slopes to the majority of villages situated semicircularly in its close hinterland. Almost all villages are interconnected by the old Charles Road (Karolinska cesta), called after the Austrian emperor Charles VI. The hilly hinterland extends to the Risnjak National Park, administratively shared with the City of Delnice and municipalities of ÄŒabar and Lokve. Passenger are strongly recommended to visit the City of Bakar as this is a great opportunity for them to get acquainted with its interesting history and rich cultural herritage.


City of Bakar Bakar is the ancient town situated on a hill, in an end of the Bakar Bay, right there where the Mediterranean Sea penetrated deepest into the European continent. Some excavations confirmed that the area had been populated as early as in 3rd and 2nd century B.C. The town was given its first name of Vel-Kier which in Celtic meant Stone Bay. Ptolemy, a Roman geographer wrote down the name of Volcera located between Senj and Trsat. Volcera is the Latinised form of Vel-Kier, whereas its present Croatian name was recorded for the first time in the Vinodol Code (1288), one of the earliest and most important Croatian legal documents based upon customary law. In the 16th and 17th centuries Bakar experienced a sudden development based upon sea trade enhanced by the Act of Empress Maria Theresia who declared it a free royal town. Interesting enough, Bakar was the largest town in Croatia in the late 18th century. In 1968 the

Top left: Bakar Top right: Hreljin


historic town core was declared cultural herritage. Since 1997 it has been the administrative center of the City of Bakar. Hreljin is another signatory of the Vinodol Code, situated on a hill east of Bakar. Although the old city of Hreljin was located in the area where today there are only ruins of a castle, the village itself owes its development to Charles Road built in 1726. New Hreljin was being built along the Road which still represents its traffic backbone. It is a village of some three kilometres in length, whose center is dominated by the Church of St. George. Zlobin is a village close to Hreljin, some 13 kilometers northeast of Bakar, on the borderline between the Mediterranean and continental climates, the letter being somewhat more pronounced. The patron of Zlobin is St. John the Baptist in whose honour a church was erected.

Top left: Zlobin Top right: Krasica


Krasica is another long village built along Charles Road. The houses are erected from both sides of the Road. The village centre is dominated by the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Praputnjak emerged as a village of agricultural laborers who cultivated the land of Bakar upper class inhabitants. For the first time the village name was recorded in the priest Partinić’s last will far back in 1445. At the east end of Praputnjak, in Meja, there is a crossing of two important roads that have marked the development of the whole region. Those are Charles Road and Louse Road (Lujzijana) the latter being named after Napoleon’s second wife Marie Louise. The church of St. Joseph was built along the Road.

Top left: Praputnjak Top right: Škrljevo


Ĺ krljevo is located northwest of Bakar and was first mentioned in the year 1667. Its development is to be attributed to the train station built in 1897. The village church holds the name of Sacred Heart of Jesus. Kukuljanovo is a village situated about 2 kilometres north of Bakar. Today it is known for its industrial zone where there are a larger number of shopping centers. Kukuljanovo has got a church dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. Plosna and Ponikve are two picturesque hamlets situated close to Kukuljanovo and Ĺ krljevo. They are characterised by a karst lake that exists there only during the winter time.

Bottom left: Kukuljanovo Bottom right: Plosna and Ponikve


Sightseeing Bakar castle (Kaštel) is an imposing medieval structure located on top of the hill that rises about fifty metres above the sea level. Archaeological researches in it have revealed artifacts from the Bronze Age when Liburnians lived in the region. Nobody knows exactly when the castle had been built. However, it has been gaining its appearance gradually. In 16th century the existing building was additionally fortified because of the Turkish invasion threat. Finally, in 18th century a series of further modifications was carried out on it leading to its present appearance. The name of Bakar parish church is Saint Andrew the Apostle (Sveti Andrej). It was built in 1853 in a place where a smaller church of the Holy Trinity from the 12th century had existed until the earthquake in 1750. Although the earthquake totally destroyed the Holy Trinity church its bell tower remained intact, just as it is today.

Bottom: Old Hreljin town ruins


As during the Turkish conquest Bakar was the seat of many bishops, the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle has maintained the status of co-cathedral. Besides the main alter, the church has got eight others. On the right hand side there are the altars of All Saints, St.. Nicholas, Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Anne, while on the left side there are those of St. Anthony the Great, St. Roch, Holy Trinity and St. William. Turkish house (Turska kuća) is one of the most interesting buildings in Bakar. It is located close to the church of St. Andrew the Apostle, on the Plačica square, within the old city walls. There are no written records as to who built it and when. There are several legends associated with its possible owners. Some claim that the owner must have been a seafarer who saw the eastern architecture and remained fascinated with it, whereas others think that someone from the East actually lived in Bakar. Roman House (Rimska kuća), apart from the Castle itself, is the most prominent building in the old town.

Top left: Bakar castle Top right: The bell tower of Saint Andrew the Apostle


Top: Bakar wall terraces Right: Roman House, Turkish house

It is supposed to have been built as a monastery of nuns in the 18th century. The building has got a few stone arches giving it a renaissance appearance. For years it used to be the home of the Carina noble family. Old Hreljin town ruins are located slightly off today’s Hreljin. The location offers a magnificent view over the entire Bakar and the Kvarner bay. Nobody knows exactly who built it, but some remains of Roman houses were found in close proximity. The town was walled and it had two defensive towers. There were two entrances and a small castle, the oldest part of the fortification. Bakar wall terraces were built on the eastern slopes of the hills surrounding the Bay of Bakar. From the last decades of 18th century to the first decades of 20th century, or throughout four generations, the inhabitants were building those drystone walls in order to gain some cultivable land. As the soil was scarce, local women used to bring it



13 Left: Risnjak National Park and the Josip Schlosser Klekovski Mountain Lodge

on their backs so that vineyards could be planted there. The grapes were employed for the production of famous sparkling wine called “Bakarska vodica”. In 1972 the wall terraces were declared a cultural landscape. In 2001 the production of sparkling wine was restored.

National Park Risnjak The Risnjak National Park is located in Gorski Kotar, on a surface of 6, 350 hectares, and partially in Bakar, too. It was founded in 1953, and it got its name according to a lynx, its most popular inhabitant. The basis of the park is a massive mountain of Risnjak with a peak of 1,528 meters, measuring its lowest peak at 290 m, where the River Kupa’s meadow is located. The Risnjak’s peak is attractive in all seasons, and it is known for its beautiful horizons looking towards the Kvarner’s islands and mountains in the neighboring Slovenia, all the way up to the Alps. The park is a great example of the elevated decomposition of Dinaride’s mountain chain in embossment sense, geological, hydrological, and climatic aspects, plant vegetation and animal’s world. The area is divided into two zones, the area of strict and moderate protection-in the narrow area, there are many natural features of rare beauty due to which this area is enlisted in the highest area of the protected nature. Underneath the peak, there is a mountain lodge Josip Schlosser Klekovski, up to which a few marked paths lead to.

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1. Bakar castle 2. North city gate “Banska vrata” 3. Roman house 4. Turkish house 5. Bishop’s residence 6. Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle 7. Church of our Lady of port 8. St. Margaret’s church 9. Church of the Holly Cross 10. St. Joseph’s chapel 11. Ex-hospital 12. Cemetery 13. Monument of St. John of Nepomuk 14. Maritime school 13, 23, 25 15. Passenger ships’ berth 16. Tide-gauge station 17. Stenice source 18. Public laundry “Perilo” 19. Water accumulation “Jaz” 20. Gallery “Biskupija” 21. Library 22. Fishermen’s beach 11 23. Public administration 24. Parochial house 25. Bakar Community Centre 26. Harbour master’s office 27. Gallery “Paulić”





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ACCOMODATIONS Hotel Jadran Palada 32, 51 222 Bakar Tel: +385 51/ 762 100 Fax: +385 51/ 761 047 Mail: Web:

Jadran Hotel is located in the center of Bakar, nearby the sea. Opened in 1905, it is considered one of the oldest hotels in Croatia. It is a two-star hotel with 60 beds. Hotel Facilities: • restaurant with 60 table seats • summer terrace with 40 table seats • cocktail bar in the restaurant

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central heating, fridge, cable TV in rooms use of fax, computer, wireless Internet access parking under video surveillance laundry service safe deposit at reception

Josip Schlosser Klekovski Mountain Lodge Contact us: Vesna Devčić Address: Plosna 50, 51223 Škrljevo Mob: 099 428 2072; 099 228 2072

Josip Schlosser Klekovski Mountain Lodge is located in the Risnjak National Park, at an altitude of 1418 m, under the mountain peak. The Lodge disposes with 43 beds and is opened every day except on Tuesdays, from May to November.

Facilities: • Electricity: solar • Water: water well • Access: on foot (the shortest path being from Gornje Jelenje; about an hour’s walk) • Food and drink: regular daily supplies




Capacity: 8 persons (4/2) Category: Vacation house ***** stars Services offered: Throughout the entire year

ZLOBIN SENKA ŠVRLJUGA Zlobin 89/8, 51324 Zlobin Cell. 091-582-2808

The accomodation services are offered seasonally from 1st June to 30th September. Capacity: 4 persons (2/2) Category: Vacation house *** stars

APARTAMENTS KUKULJANOVO Kukuljanovo 210/1, 51227 Kukuljanovo Phone: +385 51 251 701 Cell: +385 91 466 4234, +385 99 516 2695 E- mail: 1x Apartment *** – 5 persons (2/2, 2/2, 1/1) Services offered: Throughout the entire year

PRAPUTNJAK VLASTA BANIĆ Praputnjak 66/1 Cell: +385 91 537 0602 1x Apartment *** (3 persons + 1) Services offered: seasonally from 1st June -31th August

BAKAR VLADIMIR ČOKLO Koguli 206, 51222 Bakar Cell: +385 98 951 9962 1x Studio Apartment *** (3 persons +1) Services offered: during the entire year



Shooting range Kukuljanovo Shooting of flying targets is available in the Vojsko rifle range on a hill above Kukuljanovo. The rifle range disposes with 15 catapults and all the facilities that meet the International Shooting Federation requirements. If you want to try your hand at clay pigeon shooting, Vojsko is the right place for you. Shooting Club “Kvarner” - Milorad Sepic Web: mail: Mob: 098 / 724 160

Krasica Tennis Centre Krasica Tennis Centre offers recreation on the tennis court and a five-a-side football playground. Should you wish only to get away from urban throng, you may have a walk in the countryside, or simply relax on the terrace of a café-bar enjoying a beautiful view over the Kvarner Bay. Mob. 091 176 6488 Owner: Jelena Rakipovski

BICYCLE ROUTES “BAKAR BIKE” “The best way to research the area surrounding the town of Bakar is certainly by bike. There are even 9 marked trails with over 160 kilometres passing through the hundred year old forests, grassy meadows and hillsides full of short vegetation which will each tell you their own story. True, due to the height difference, these stories are rather demanding, but that just makes them more exciting and unforgettable. “

THE WALKING PATHS “TOWARDS THE CASTLE” The walking paths “Towards the Castle” is around 1,600 m long, of easy to medium difficulty for which you will need 20 minutes of light walking in order to reach the finish. The walk leads to the Hreljin Castle, where today we can find the ruins of the medieval


town of Hreljin located on the most western part of Vinodol and which proudly rises on the steep cliffs over Bakarac. On the way to the Castle you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and view over Bakar Bay. After a 15 minute walk you will encounter three old water depositories, the so called “Kalci” or “Lokve”. At the end you will see the ruins of the old town of Hreljin from which an unforgettable view over the entire Kvarner Bay extends.




Krasica 16th July, Frančiškova in Kukuljanovo 4th October, and Andrejna in Within the Bakar area, during the entire Bakar on 30th November. year numerous manifestations are organized. The most known one is “Mar- Each year, from the middle of June till garetino Leto” (Margaret’s Summer), the beginning of August, Bakar and and among all there are various carnival Bakar Touristic Office organize tradievents, regattas, gastro manifestations, tional Margaret’s Summer. As a part and festivities related to celebrations of of Margaret’s Summer many cultural, Town’s days as a part of the Bakar Town- sporting and fun manifestations are Jožehova in Praputnjak 19th March, organized such as festivals, exhibitions, Jurjevo in Hreljin 23rd April, Antonjica concerts, theatrical plays, etc, as well as in Kukuljanovo 13th June, Srce Isusovo popular „ Bakar’s Encounters,“ games in in Škrljevo 15th June, Ivanje in Zlobin which teams compete in various areas of 24th June, Margaretino – Bakar Town strength and agility. 13th July, Mother Mary of Karmel in During the carnival, each year masquer-



ade rally is organized called Pariz-Bakar. It is a parody on the well-known world’s rally Paris-Dakar. The race is driven by masked motorized participants from within the country and from abroad, and each year the number of participants is increasing. Without a doubt, a rich carnival tradition of Bakar’s area should be mentioned, which is cultivated yearly with inevitable masquerades, a parade of bellmen, retirees masquerade, and traditional burning of a mascot, but always with noticeable participation of our town’s masked groups at Rijeka’s carnival. In May, in Aquarius of the Bakar’s Bay a traditional rowing regatta of Maritime High School of Bakar is kept. With regards to teams’ participation from local maritime schools and universities from five countries, this competition is of an international character and each year the number of participants is increasing. With the respect to the Days of Bakar Town, on Margareta, 13th of July, or actually on the closest Saturday to the date, Margareta’s fair is organized and a parade of the Croatian army histori-

cal command from the entire Croatia and abroad. On that day, a spectacular „Maritime battle“is also held, which demonstrates the last, unsuccessful attack of Venetians on Bakar (in the far year of 1616). In this battle reconstruction, old sailing ships (Klementa, Sakuhai, and Old Ive) loaded with pyrotechnical materials attack Bakar, and members of historical command units that defend town. With firing of sail boats, and guns, cannons and holsters from the coast, firing torches, water bombs, and smoking effects, originality of experiencing a real maritime battle is guaranteed. At the end of September, in Škrljevo “Gulašijada” (Stew Cooking) is held in which teams compete in the stew cooking contest. After announcement of the winning team in the Cultural Centre, the people’s party is held with degustation of sweets. In December, manifestation “Christmas in Bakar” is kept along with appropriate holiday program, and the end of the year is celebrated with the Christmas fair and collective tree decorating with cooked wine and mingling.



FOOD AND BEVERAGE Food and/or beverage is offered in inns (gostionica, krčma), pizzerias, licenced coffee bars (bistro), pubs (ugostiteljski obrt) and in a mountain lodge (planinarski dom).


PIZZA CUT „NOA“ Primorje 41, 51222 Bakar Cell.: 099/305 4415

„VLADIMIR“ Primorje bb, 51222 Bakar


Cell: 098/9519962

Palada 32, 51222 Bakar


Phone: +385 51 762 100



Krasica 159, 51 224 Krasica

Primorje 103, 51222 Bakar

Cell: 091/5746514

Phone./fax. 051/761 247




Primorje 128, 51222 Bakar

Industrijska zona Kukuljanovo

Phone: 051/761 219

Kukuljanovo 182/2, 51227 Kukuljanovo Phone: 098 561 001


BISTRO MACAO Kukuljanovo bb, 51227 Kukuljanovo Tel: 051/251 839 Cell: 091/187 5526; 091/187 2064


Plosna PLANINARSKI DOM RISNJAK “BRITTA” Plosna 50, 51 223 Škrljevo Cell: 099/4282072


Industrijska zona, 51227 Kukuljanovo Cell: 099/200 1803



Praputnjak 222, 51 225 Praputnjak

Kukuljanovo 121, 51 2223 Kukuljanovo

Phone: 051/896 6312

PIZZERIA UNO Kukuljanovo 205a, 51223 Škrljevo Tel.: 051/ 251 836

KRČMA “BUJAN” Meja 16, 51 225 Praputnjak Phone: 051/809 500

PIZZERIA “MEJANKA” Praputnjak 32/A, 51 225 Praputnjak Phone.: 051/800303


Impressum: Written by: Josip Luzer and Niko Cvjetković jr. Translation: Josip Luzer Typeset and design: INFIT Inc. Photographs: Miljenko Šegulja, Marko Matešić and Bakar Tourist Board archive Printed by: Tiskara Igmar Bakar, 2014


Bakar Tourist Board Primorje 39, 51222 Bakar, Croatia Phone/fax: +385 51 761 111 e-mail:

The City of Bakar  
The City of Bakar  

A tourist guide to the City of Bakar, Croatia