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Approched intelligently, designed uniquely and crafted with the greatest care

Hey there! I’m Martina, nice to meet you! In a crowded world it’s hard to set yourself apart. M By Design ensures you won’t be left on the shelf. You have something unique to offer. That something is what makes you shine. By working with M By Design your brand is customised to showcase exactly what that is. Your business is uniquely yours by design. Your brand design should reflect that uniqueness. That’s why I created M By Design. It’s about working together, inspired by difference. I’m an expert in design. I know what looks good in print, what works online, and how even little changes will make a huge impact. This also means I understand how different mediums can impact cost, whether a design will be practical for ongoing use, and how to take something that you can only vaguely mumble and turn it into a masterpiece. You are an expert in your business. You’ve worked hard to gain your skills and experience, to create what your business offers. There is something special that you bring to the marketplace. That’s what I tap into. Working as a graphic designer really is a dream come true and I feel so lucky that I get to do what I love as my career!

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Newcastle Jets - Marquee

Arana Touch Football - Outdoor Branding Package

The Blind Coffee Roaster - Cafe Umbrella

Outdoor Branding & Promotion

McDonald’s Collateral

Brisbane Marathon - Official Branding Partners

Food & Hospitality Expo

PRD - Social Media & EDM Campaign

Surf Life Saving Conference - Online & Print Campaign Social Media & EDM Campaigns

Website Blog

Monica Tovar - Instagram Campaign

Back To Basics - EDM Template Creation

Website Designs

Australian Defence Force Commission - Coin 1

Australian Defence Force Commission - Coin 2