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FEATURES - June 2014



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Enjoy some water fun.



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Get Jet Ski Ready

Summer Outdoor Dining Let someone else cook while you relax on the patio.



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Our second annual Warrior Challenge!!


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Get Muddy!

Summer Activities for Youth Check out the local fun for your Family.

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19 Volunteer of the Year


Over 177,000 volunteer hours were logged in 2013!

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24 The Flavors of My Life Be a “Foodie” and enjoy the time in your kitchen.

7 26 USAA Independence Carnival Our annual dose of fireworks, amusement rides, games of skill and midway food.

28 Summer Food Rocks Fort Campbell schools offer free meals for children.

29 That Guy Blast Guy

26 Disclaimers: Fort Campbell’s MWR Life Magazine is a monthly magazine produced by the Fort Campbell MWR Marketing Department under the authority of AR 215-1. Facilities and activities publicized are open to authorized patrons.The mention or appearance of commercial advertisers, commercial sponsors and/or their logos does not constitute endorsement by the Federal Government. The information in this issue is current at the time of publication; activities and events are subject to change. MWR Marketing is located at 5663 Screaming Eagle Blvd, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. For more information, call 270-798-7535 or log on to 24 hr. event line - 270-798-3172


Safety First

Get Jet Ski Ready By Lonnie Scott

Personal Water Craft (PWC) or Jet Skis have become very popular items on waterways for summer fun. These boats are small, maneuverable, and capable of speeds in excess 65 mph. All you do is jump aboard, start it, twist the throttle and you are off like lightning. The next thing you know you're skimming across the water throwing spray each time you shift your body! Right? Just jumping on a Jet Ski and taking off isn’t quite all that is required to operate one of these machines. The Coast Guard and every state have specific requirements to operate a PWC. The Coast Guard considers a PWC to be a Class A inboard motor vessel and operators must adhere to the same Coast Guard regulations and standards as any other powerboats in this category. PWC operators must have a fire extinguisher on board their PWC, the PWC must be registered with the state and operators must obey the Nautical Rules of the Road. A boating course may be needed if you are unaware of the Nautical Rules. Course information is available online for each state at Most PWCs do not have running lights as all manufacturers recommend that they only be used during daylight. Many states ban the use of PWCs at night. Your state may require that Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) be worn at all times while on a PWC. Some states regulate the operation of personal watercraft within their borders by prohibiting them from specified lakes and boating areas, or by placing geographic restrictions on their use. Some states require an adult to be on board when a minor is operating the craft or may require completion of a boating safety course before a minor can legally operate a PWC. States may also regulate speed limits, noise limits, hours of operation, and the distance from other boats or objects that you may operate your PWC. Most states have mandatory boating laws that require safety certification for some or all boaters. Only one state (Alabama) requires an actual boat license. However, many people are unaware of state legal requirements. The web address that follows list all 50 states’ requirements. state_boating_law


Like any other machine, a Jet Ski is no more dangerous than other water craft, however it is the way people operate them and an apparent lack of common courtesy that causes many of the problems. Some common bad practices with this craft are weaving between vessels, jumping wakes, spinning doughnuts, and radical changes of course. There are some inexperienced drivers out there who simply don't know that they can get into trouble by displaying improper behavior. Operator inexperience is responsible for many Jet Ski accidents. Before you operate your Jet Ski, check your state regulations; they all have specific sections addressing Jet Ski requirements. Read the owner's manual so

you understand the controls and features of your personal water craft, and take at least one lesson on its usage.

Follow these tips to make your water adventure a safer one. Know your limitations and those of your PWC. Never go out alone. Use the buddy system. Always wear a PFD. This includes passengers and skiers! Attach the stop lanyard to the PWC lanyard terminal (if applicable) and to your wrist or PFD. Always wear and attach to your wrist a small mouth-operated whistle. Wear proper riding gear (wet suits, goggles/sunglasses, gloves, and footwear/deck shoes). Wear wet suits to protect against abrasions, hypothermia and injuries from impact with the water surface. Glasses should be secured with safety straps. Never operate a PWC while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Check fuel levels before starting. Make sure you have enough fuel to return to the start point. Operators and passengers should always keep both feet on the footrest floor. Keep your hands, feet, hair, and clothing away from the pump intake. Make sure an approved fire extinguisher is aboard and in proper working order. Board your PWC according to manufacturer recommendations. In case of falls, use the directions in your owner’s manual for "righting" your PWC. Never operate your PWC in less than 2 feet of water. Pay close attention to your speed around swimming areas, beaches, marinas, docking areas, and waterfront areas. Many of the areas are posted with speed limits and “No Wake” signs. Keep a constant watch for swimmers, other vessels, and objects at all times. Never operate your PWC in or near surf zones. Never operate your PWC after dark - or before sunrise. Always follow markers and signs, and observe the navigational rules. Take your state’s boating course. Go out and enjoy the summer weather with some water funjust stay safe while you do!

Outdoor Dining for the Summer

Off the Beaten Path

By Kat Berghofer After a long, frosty winter and the ever-changing temperatures of spring, Fort Campbell gives a hearty “welcome back” to the beautiful days of SUMMER. Now that short-sleeve weather is upon us, it is time to enjoy these sunny days and balmy nights. Of course many of us spend a good deal of time at work, running errands, and taking care of the Family–but don’t forget to escape the confines of your home or workplace when you can! I assure you, there are wonderful ways to shake the dust off your seasonal wardrobe and to relax alfresco with friends and Family. For those living in and around Fort Campbell, there are many restaurants with outdoor dining to choose from. In my eyes, there is no better way to unwind after a long day than by soaking up the summer air and enjoying a delicious plate of food (plus dessert).

Outdoor restaurants and restaurants with patio seating offer some of the most stress-relieving and pleasant dining experiences possible. Let’s face it - it’s also nice to let someone else do the cooking once in a while. One of the most popular and well-known destinations in the Clarksville area is Canyon Road Steakhouse and Beer Garden. Located at 1525 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard, Canyon Road offers a warm and rustic atmosphere, along with dinner options that will leave your taste buds begging for more! On the outdoor patio, guests can take a seat underneath strands of hanging lights that add a splash of gusto to a relaxing and casual dining experience. Once you are seated, the steakhouse offers a variety of dishes for you to choose from,

such as Texas smoked ribs, blackened catfish, housemade soups, and a selection of sides and salads. Of course, Canyon Road is known for more than its delectable steakhouse menu. Imported weekly, the restaurant features handcrafted beer that is collected from local breweries, as well as those from “across the pond.” The beers include traditional British lagers, porters, ales, and stouts; bitter, brown, or mild. According to the owners, “We have them all!” Another great outdoor destination (and bang for your buck) is Rafferty’s Restaurant and Bar located at 2813 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. This American cuisine favorite offers an extensive menu of appetizers, steaks and chops, burgers and sandwiches, soups and salads–even a Junior Menu for children ages 12 and under! Rafferty’s is a restaurant that can truly please an entire Family of diners. When you arrive, ask to be seated outside on the patio. The patio is full of character with cool and unique décor, in addition to a large fire pit that stands as a central focal point for outdoor diners. Rafferty’s is the epitome of an entertaining and immersive outdoor dining experience. If you have cravings for steakhouse options, vegetarian fare, or absolutely mouthwatering seafood all brought to you in the sweet summer air, you cannot pass up the Harbor Cafe. This superb restaurant is located at 2131 Lowes Drive. Known for having reasonable prices, Harbor Cafe is a great dinner option for a casual evening with friends or a treat for

the entire Family. Imagine a warm breeze wafting by as you enjoy the sights and sounds of a classic patio… did I mention the happy hour prices that span from 3 to 8 p.m.? Harbor Cafe is open until 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 11p.m. Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss your opportunity to try this hidden gem of Clarksville! Located here on Fort Campbell is Sportsman’s Lodge where you can sit on the deck overlooking Lake Taal. Sportsman’s Lodge is quietly nestled back in the woods in the Gate 10 area, near Outdoor Recreation. They offer German-American and International cuisine and are known for their award-winning schnitzel. You can fill your plate from their buffet or order from their menu. Sportsman’s Lodge is open for lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday for dinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday for dinner from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. (buffet open until 8 p.m.), and Sunday from12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Watch for the coming upgrades to make the deck a more pleasurable dining experience, Unfortunately, our busy schedules do not slow down to accommodate this perfect summer weather. In fact, they often become busier and more exciting! Regardless of the work, errands, studying, or other tasks happening during the day, be sure to give yourself (or your friends and Family) time to step outside to enjoy the day. Scheduling a lunch break or a dinner downtown may just be your ticket to relaxation. As you make plans for the coming weeks, be sure to keep these fantastic restaurant choices in mind!


ECFT Messy, tough, challenging, and fun are all words to describe the Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course. The next Eagle Challenge Fitness Tour (ECFT) event on June 21 is Fort Campbell’s second annual mud run. This year’s course will bring different obstacles, deeper mud pits and an all new set of fears to overcome! Keep in mind this is a challenging obstacle course, so bikes, strollers and pets will not be permitted. To conquer the Warrior Challenge, you will need to muscle, run, jump, climb and crawl your way through nearly six miles of muddy terrain. The course is located near the CROF Railroad Head on Market Garden and is designed for participants ages 16 and older. Younger participants will have a Junior Course available. Registration is $30 until June 19 and $40 on day of the event. The Junior Course will be free for participants. *Shoes or boots should be light weight. Double knot any laces and even use duct tape to hold them down. Short socks are preferred. Do not plan on keeping those either! You will probably want to throw them away after the race. *Dress in snug fitting clothes, because mud is heavy and you won’t want to lose any critical pieces. Avoid cotton if you can; it will absorb the water and mud and that will slow you down.

By Tara Goodson

*Long sleeves or tights can keep a few injuries away. Ensure you choose a compression type garment that won’t absorb the water and mud. *Be prepared to throw your shoes away. The clay mud in this area will never come out! Bring sandals or flip flops to slip on after the race. *Bring a dark towel and a change of clothes. You will want to get out of your muddy clothes as soon as possible. Registration is currently open at and is limited to the first 600 people ages 16 and up. Same day registration will be open from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. if available but this event sells out quickly! Check-in begins at 6 a.m. and the event will start promptly at 8 a.m. with waves of 30 runners out of the gate in ten minute intervals. This will not be a timed event, but a clock will be provided for you to keep your own time.

Please check the digital version of the Summer Youth Brochure, available on for updates.

FORT CAMPBELL Fort Campbell Aquatics Fort Campbell swimming pools area great way to beat the heat! Get ready for a splashing good time as the pools offer open swim, pool parties, swimming lessons and a variety of other activities to keep you cool over the summer.

2014. Registered kids receive 2 FREE Games of bowling every day between May 23rd and August 15th! Ages 5 to 17 may participate in this program. There is also a Family Plan available. For $24.95 everyone in the Family (up to 6 members) will be allowed to bowl 2 free games each day. The only charge will be for shoes: kids and adults shoes will be $1.75 per pair. Parents will sign up online at, then every Sunday night parents can print coupons to use during the week. Available times to bowl will be listed on: by the first week of May. Call (270) 798-5887 for more information.

Baldonado Pool, located at 2570 Indiana Ave, will be open from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. for lap swimming and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. for recreational swimming.

the summer, including (but not limited to) clay workshops, craft workshops, zentangle, drawing classes and soap making. Times and dates will vary, please for a current calendar. (270) 798-6693. SKIESUnlimited From dance and gymnastics to golf, music and martial arts, SKIESUnlimited has a vast array of programs available to the children and youth of Fort Campbell. SKIESUnlimited will offer special mini summer workshops in addition to continuing their normally scheduled classes. These include cheerleading, soccer and more! Children of deployed Soldiers are eligible for $300.00 worth of free classes when registered with CYSS. Some of our exciting summer workshops are baseball (Doyle Academy), soccer, and basketball (Playmaker Academy). For more information on the SKIESUnlimited schedule, please call (270) 412-5811. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon!

Dolan Pool, located at 1566 Lee Rd, will be open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for swimminglessons and 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. for recreational swimming. Single Pool will not open this summer due to budget constraints. Gardner Indoor Pool, located at 2191 Tennessee Ave, will be open for military lap swim from 5:30 a.m. to 8 a.m., military training from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., water aerobics from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and lap swimming from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

**Coupons presented on cell phones cannot be accepted. Paper coupons must be turned in by Hooper Bowling Center with our daily accounting paperwork, therefore we must have printed coupons that you receive from your email, printed in normal size print and cut out for the clerk at the Bowling service counter. We thank you in advance for your understanding and adherence to this request.

Hooper Bowling Center

Guenette Arts & Crafts Center Kids Classes and Workshops

Hooper Bowling Center is proud to participate in the Kids Bowl Free program for

Guenette Arts & Crafts Center will offer kids’ classes and workshops throughout

MWR Youth Sports Youth Sports and Fitness offers a wide range of recreational and developmental activities for youth in grades K – 12. Eligible youth are Family members of active duty, retired military, National Guard/Reserve, and Civilian employees at Fort Campbell. Continued on page 9


Registration Dates: Tackle Football for 3rd through 8th grade is July 7 to August 1 and the cost is $65. Fall Volleyball for girls in 4th through 8th grade is July 7 to August 1 and the cost is $40. Cheerleading for K through 8th grade is July 7 to August 1 and the cost is $40. Fall Soccer for Pre-K through 8th grade is July 7 to August 1 and the cost is $40.

and teens are welcome to join us for a discussion about Book 1: “Maze of Bones”. The Grand Finale will be held on July 10 at D.W. Recreation Center starting at 11 a.m.

Thank you to our Premier Sponsors: Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union, USAA and Mathews Nissan. For more information about the Summer Reading Program, please call R. F. Sink Memorial Library at (270) 798-5729. Teen Club 24/7

Running Club for 3rd through 12th grades is July 7 to August 1 and the cost is $50. Call (270) 798-3168 for more information.

Summer Reading Program The “Paws to Read” Summer Reading Club at Robert F. Sink Memorial Library is for the entire Family. It starts June 1 and offers six great weeks of fun! Reading rewards will be based on hours spent reading, not number of books read, with check-in times between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. June 9-12, June 23-26 and July 7-9. Children will receive hourly prizes for reading and for every hour over six hours, tickets will be issued for special prize drawings. Teens will receive prizes for every two hours of reading and tickets for special prize drawings will be issued when they exceed eight hours. There is no limit to how many hours you read! • • •


Weekly story time themes will be: bears, mice, cats, dogs and wolves. Challenging brain puzzles each week. Every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. you can join the Magic Tree House Fun with “Sunset of the Sabertooth”. Games, prizes and crafts will accompany the book reading. This is designed for children in first grade and up. Start your search for “39 Clues” on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. Older children

Help your teens beat the summer boredom blues! With a variety of activities and programs, there is never a dull moment at Teen Club 24/7. These activities are for youth grades 9 -12 who are registered with CYSS and have a valid Middle School & Teen (MST) pass. Teen Summer Camp is free and will be held at Taylor Youth Center (TYC), located at 80 Texas Avenue, Monday through Thursday from noon until 8 p.m., Friday from noon until 10 p.m. and on Saturday from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. Middle School & Teens Summer Camp also includes a meal program where each member will receive free lunch (ends at 1 p.m.) and snack. Teens will have the opportunity to participate in daily activities such as swimming, bowling, archery, fishing, bicycling, arts and crafts, and canoeing and kayaking.

Outdoor Recreation Fort Campbell Outdoor Recreation offers a variety of summer activities for youth. Everything from fishing, camping and hiking to horseback riding, archery, paintball, and climbing; there is something for everyone! Adventures are offered throughout the year but the summer encourages everyone to get outside and brings an emphasis on water activities, including stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing programs, both onpost at Lake Kyle and off-post in nearby lakes and rivers. Pre-registration is required for all Adventure Programs. If you're looking for a new and exciting place to hold a birthday

party or fun get-together, the indoor climbing wall or outdoor challenge course can be reserved for groups or visited during one of the ‘open climbs’ scheduled each month. With such a wide selection of programs available, Outdoor Recreation is sure to have something to entertain every person in your Family. Call Outdoor Recreation at (270) 798-2175 for more information about these exciting activities. Summer Horse Camp at Fort Campbell Riding Stables

During summer camp the Middle School & Teen Program will also provide youth the opportunity to go on field trips and engage in special events such as visits to water parks, amusement parks, dances, lock-ins, sports tournaments and fine art shows. For more information on the Teen Club 24/7 Summer Camp please call (270) 956-1203.

Does your child want to learn more about horses? Do you want to provide a fun and educational summer activity for your child? If your child is at least 8 years of age - let Fort Campbell Riding Stables teach them the ins and outs of the wild-west. Campers will learn tacking, grooming, conformation, feeding, breed types and riding. At the end of the camp, Fort Campbell Riding Stables will put on a show to give parents an opportunity to see what their children have learned.

Fees for camp are income based according to DoD fee guidance. Camp weeks must be reserved and paid for in advance. Children must have a current enrollment with Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) prior to being registered in SAC. For more information please contact Parent Central Services at (270) 798-0674. Spaces are limited. Armed Services YMCA & SOS Summer Camps

Registration for Horse Camp opens on May 15 and ends on June 9. Camps fill up quickly so be sure to register early. All camps cost $150 and payment is required at time of registration. Camp 1: June 9 to June 13, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Camp 2: June 23 to June 27, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Camp 3: July 7 to July 11, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Camp 4: July 21 to July 25, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. For more information about Summer Horse Camps, please call Fort Campbell Riding Stables at (270) 798-2629.

The Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA offers great opportunities for summer fun. Our annual Screaming Eagle Camp will be offered to 50 children ages 10 to 12. It is planned for June 22-28, 2014. This camp is free and priority will go to children of E-5 and below Soldiers who are deployed and children who have not participated in one of our camps in the past. Children who have attended in the past will be placed on a waiting list. This is a residence camp. Registration starts April 15 and ends June 1 (no exceptions). Stop by the Armed Services YMCA, located at 3068 Reed Avenue to pick up an application. For questions, please call (270) 798-3077.

Fort Campbell schools are providing a summer meal program FREE to all children under the age of 18. The program is available on weekdays from June 5 through July 25 at three school locations, Andre’ Lucas Elementary, Barkley Elementary and Marshall Elementary. No meals will be served weekends or holidays. Breakfast is served each morning from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m.; lunch is served from 11 a.m. until 1 pm. Adults can purchase a breakfast meal for $2.25 and a lunch meal for $3.25. To find out more about the Summer Meal Program, please call Jarrett Rogers at the Fort Campbell Schools Central Office, (270) 640-1211 or email; Campbell Crossing Community Activities

School Age Care(SAC) Summer Activities School Age Care provides a nine week summer program for children who have completed kindergarten thru 5th grade. The program offers exciting, age appropriate activities including: trips to on-post swimming pools, Venture River Water Park, ice skating, field days, arts and crafts, cooking activities, Family fun days, team building, games and mentoring opportunities. Camps run Monday thru Friday from 5:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. starting June 2 and ending August 1. Camps are set up by the week, so you do not have to sign your child up for the entire summer. You can choose the weeks you wish to participate in.

Summer Meal Program

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) and the Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA will be partnering to host the fourth annual SOS camp. This camp is dedicated to the children of our fallen Soldiers. It is a free residence camp for those children. Ages range from 8 to 12. Camp dates are July 6-12, 2014. Contact Suzy Yates at (270) 798-0272 for more information and registration. Both camps will be located here on Fort Campbell at Camp Hinsch. We will also be providing many non-camp related activities throughout the summer at our Family Center located at 3068 Reed Avenue. Please check out the calendar on our Facebook page or our website. Facebook: Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA.

Campbell Crossing will host various activities throughout the summer that are free and open to all Campbell Crossing residents. Activities include a Summer Reading Program, National Night Out, Post Wide Yard Sale, and more. Do not miss the opportunity to spend time with your Family as you get to know your neighbors. For more information, please visit or search Campbell Crossing on Facebook. Fast & Fun Get-A-Ways MWR Leisure Travel Services has a variety of discounted tickets for Families who are looking for a quick fun filled get-a-way. Whether it is a thrilling trip to Six Flags St. Louis or Georgia; Holiday World, or fun in the sun at Nashville Shores or Venture River; MWR Leisure Travel Services has the tickets and more to choose from! To find out more information, call(270) 798-7436/0509, visit the website at or stop by the office located in the Exchange Mall.

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MORE FUN SPOTS Adventure Science Center The Adventure Science Center in Nashville has a variety of fun, educational exhibits including the Adventure Tower, Body Quest, and Mission Possible. Some of the great exhibits you will also want to check out are the Sudekum Planetarium, Bluemax, and Space Chase. General admission with military discount is $12 for adults and $10 for youth ages 2 to 12. For more information call (615) 862-5160 or visit

down the exhilarating Music City Racer or plunge down thrilling water slides like the Big Scream. Nashville Shores offers fun Family activities for all ages. Contact MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 798-7436 for ticket Nashville Zoo

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens Nashville Zoo offers a world of excitement. In addition to exploring habitats and viewing animals from all over the world, there are activities, show and events going on throughout the year. The Nashville Zoo is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily, March 15 through October 14. Contact MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 798-7436 for tickets.

Frist Center for the Visual Arts Voted #1 Kids Art Center and #1 Museum by readers of Nashville Parent Magazine, Frist Center for the Visual Arts is sure to offer a good time for the entire Family. Their 24,000 square feet of gallery space is dedicated to presenting the finest visual art from local, state and regional artists as well as major U.S. and international exhibitions. Families can enjoy exploring various art works on display in the galleries. Children age 18 and under are always FREE and active military with current ID get a discounted admission of $7. To learn more about the Frist Center for the Visual Arts please visit Nashville Shores Nashville Shores features more than a million gallons of fun. Experience the Kowabunga Beach, a massive, four-story water treehouse and sprayground. Brave the waves in Breaker Bay, an ocean-sized wave pool and don’t miss Castaway Creek, Tennessee’s widest lazy river. Blast at speeds of 35 mph

There is always something happening in Cheekwood’s Botanical Gardens. From the Robertson Ellis Color Garden bursting with season displays of colorful annuals, to the formal Martin Boxwood Garden, visitors can walk through the 55 acres and discover different styles and periods of gardens and study a wide selection of plants that can be grown in Middle Tennessee. Ages 2 and under are free; it is $7 for ages 3 to 17; $10 for college students with ID; $12 for seniors age 65 and above; and $14 for adults. They offer a 50% military discount for military personnel with ID card. Visit for more information.

Beech Bend Park Beech Bend has been entertaining Families since 1898 and offers an Amusement Park, Water Park, Race Track and Camp Ground, all in one place. For 2014 - as a thank you to all of the armed forces, all active or Retired military members from all branches will get in FREE with a valid military ID. This promotion is good for any day Beech Bend is open in 2014. The military member’s Family will still need to purchase a ticket. With so much to do, Beech Bend has something for everymember of the Family! Admission prices vary depending on how many activities you enjoy. Call MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 798-7436 for tickets. Venture River Join in the fun at Venture River Water Park. Little ones can splash around the Pleasure Island Kiddie Area, while the older and more adventurous kids can visit any of the thrill packed water slides. If you are looking to just kick back, relax and just float along, visit Old Man River or ride the waves in the


Hurricane Bay Wave Pool. There are a variety of activities available for children of all ages. Daily passes as well as season passes are available for purchase. Contact MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 798-7436 for tickets.

Pickin’ on the Porch Pickin’ on the Porch is a free live music event offered by MB Roland Distillery, located at 137 Barkers Mill Road, Pembroke, KY. Their 2014 series started on May 24 with Chris Robertson & The Country Music Band and is followed by a variety of musical acts on June 7 & 21, July 5 & 19, August 2, 16 & 30, September 13 & 27, October 11 & 25 and November 1. The fun starts at 6 p.m. and lasts until 9 p.m. Free admission and parking with food and beverages available for purchase. Outside food, non-alcoholic beverages, blankets and shade items are allowed. Supervised children and leashed animals are welcome. Please no outside alcoholic beverages or grills/open flames. For more information call (270) 640-7744 or visit

CLARKSVILLE Jazz on the Lawn Jazz on the Lawn is a free live music event offered by Beachaven Vineyard and Winery, located at 1100 Dunlop Lane, Clarksville, TN. Their 2014 series started on May 10 with Jim Gibson followed by Randy Moore & the Fabulous Suedes on May 24, and continues with a variety of musical acts on

Market, and October 11 at King’s Run Bark Park at Liberty Park. For more information visit Independence Day Celebration Take the Family to see Clarksville’s largest fireworks display! On July 3, Clarksville will celebrate our nation’s independence with great food and live entertainment followed by the fireworks display. Festivities begin at Liberty Park Great Lawn at 6 p.m. and fireworks begin at approximately 9:30 p.m. For more information, please visit Daddy & Daughter Date Night

June 7 & 21, July 12 & 26, August 9 & 23, September 13 & 27 and October 11 & 25. The fun starts at 6:30 p.m. and lasts until 9:30 p.m. It’s always free admission and free parking. Outside food, non-alcoholic beverages, blankets, and lawn chairs are allowed. Please do not bring pets, grills, tents or outside alcohol. Don’t forget to bring your I.D. For more information call (931) 645-8867 or visit Movies in the Park Admission is FREE! Bring your picnic baskets, blankets, lawn chairs and Family out and enjoy a movie under the night sky. The City of Clarksville will host 10 movies between May and September this year. 2014 dates include: June 14 & 28, July 12 at Heritage Park and July 26, August 9 & 23, September 13 & 27 at Liberty Park. Movies begin at dusk, with pre-movie activities beginning an hour earlier. for more information. Fun with Fido Fun with Fido is a new event series for your 4-legged Family members where you can all enjoy an afternoon of contests, prizes and visiting with dog-related vendors. Times are 1 p.m. to 4p.m. on June 21 at Heritage Park Bark Park, August 9 at Swan Lake Pool, September 20 at Clarksville Downtown

On June 19 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center, Dads and daughters will enjoy an evening of dinner, dancing and dessert. Daughters will receive a corsage and a photographer will be on-site for photos. Tickets are available for purchase online at Mother & Son Game Night

culminating in a free performance for Family and friends on the final day of the program. The 2014 Summer Playhouse runs June 2 through July 10, with classes meeting Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. at the Roxy Regional Theatre, 100 Franklin Street. There is a $30 registration fee which can be paid at the Parks and Recreation office. For more information call (931) 645-7699. You may register anytime after June 2, but the fee remains the same. Customs House Museum & Cultural Center Located in the heart of historic downtown Clarksville, the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center is the state’s second largest general museum. Explore an entire city block featuring large gallery spaces filled with fine art, science and history. The Explorer’s Gallery is packed with fun, learning and fantasy in McGregor’s Market and kitchen and the Bubble Cave. The Customs House Museum and Cultural Center offers a Military Family Membership for the entire year! Call (931) 648-5780 or for more information visit

On July 24 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center, Mothers and their sons will have an evening out when they will build their own board game, enjoy pizza and an ice cream buffet, play giant board games, and get a photo taken together. Tickets are available for purchase online at Summer Playhouse For six weeks during the summer, the Roxy Regional Theatre will host a summer drama camp sponsored by the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department. Children ages 10 to 16 learn basic acting techniques, improvisational skills and stage movement,

Clarksville Aquatics Events Mark your calendar for these special aquatics events: • Toddler Splash (ages 1 to 5): June 4, July 2 and August 6, 10 a.m. to noon at New Providence Pool. • World’s Largest Swim Lesson will take place on June 20 at 10 a.m. (New Providence, Beachaven, Swan Lake, and Smith Pools) • Back to School Splash on August 2. (preregistration is required) • Special Needs Fishing Derby on August 23, 8 a.m. to noon at Bel-Aire Pool. Visit for more information. Continued on page 14


Wonder Kids Triathlon Children ages 3 to 12 are invited to participate in Clarksville’s second annual triathlon for kids. Event will be held at Swan Lake Sports Complex on August 2 starting at 8 a.m. Registration opens on June 2 and closes on July 18 (or until full). Registration can be completed on-line at or at the Parks & Recreation main office.

during their summer break from school, starting on June 2 and running through July 11. They will meet new friends, learn new skills, and maybe take up new hobbies. This is a free program for youths age 6 to 16. There will be three teen sites for ages 13 to 16. Activities include gymnastics, acting, tennis, karate, archery and more; as well as optional field trips and free lunch through the USDA Summer Lunch Program.

Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center Slip and slide into fun at Tie Breaker! General admission for military ID card holders is $6 (48” tall and over), $4 (under 48” tall). Military ID required. Children ages 24 months and younger are free. Their 2014 season began May 24. For more information, please call (270) 890-0730 or visit

LOCATIONS: Age 6 to 12 Kleeman, Burt-Cobb, and Crow Community Centers Barksdale, Burt, Byrns Darden Hazelwood, Liberty, Northeast, and West Creek Elementary SchoolsSummit Heights and Caldwell Lane Age 13 to 16 Moore Elementary New Providence and West Creek Middle Schools Riverfest The annual two-day music and arts festival will be held on the banks of the Cumberland River on September 5 & 6. This free event features delicious food, activities for kids of all ages, and multiple stages with live entertainment. For more information visit

For more details on the Summer Youth Program or other programs, please contact the Clarksville Parks and Recreation at (931) 645-7476 or visit


Clarksville Youth Enrichment Programs

Movies in the Park

It’s easy to sign up for the 2014 Summer Enrichment Programs. Step 1 choose your dates: June 2-13, June 16-27, June 30-July 11, July 14-25. Step 2 – Choose your time: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Step 3 – Choose your program: Piano 1 & 2, Rocket Science, Drama, Super Sleuths, Art, Mad Scientist, Brain Games, Mathletics, Engineering, Problem Solving, Sewing/Quilting, Challenge Reading (Grades K-6), Blast Off! Extra Prep (Grades K-4). Step 4 – Register: Summer programs are $200 for each 2-week session. Summer tutoring is also available for $35 per hour. For more information call (931) 920-0003.

The City of Hopkinsville, Division of Parks and Recreation, will again present full-length feature films this summer, outdoors, at Westside Park. There will be a total of 5 Family movies shown on a 35’ x 45’ inflatable “Big Screen”. Admission is free. Cold drinks and popcorn will be available for purchase. Comfort stations will be onsite. All showings begin at dusk. Dates are: June 13, July 11, August 8, and September 12. Titles are available at the following websites: and Westside Park is located at W 9th Street, near the intersection with 7th Street. There is plenty of parking available at the nearby Christian County Justice Center. All films are Family friendly. Bring your lawn chairs for a great evening of Family entertainment.

Summer Youth Program

OAK GROVE Butterfly Festival The 5th Annual Butterfly Festival will be held on Saturday, September 27 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., at the War Memorial Walking Trail Park. Children will be able to make environmental arts and crafts projects for free. Come and interact with live butterflies in their habitat in the Butterfly House or let the Master Gardeners take you on a tour of the beautiful Butterfly Garden. Entertaining stage shows will be taking place on the Viceroy stage. All of this along with face painting, the ever popular bubble zone and the monster mural! Also back this year are the free pony and trail rides. The event will conclude with a live butterfly release of 950 butterflies at 5 p.m. For more information please visit

Participants in the Summer Youth Program can expect six weeks of fun activities


1. 101st Airborne Division Headquarters 2. 19th Hole (Cole Park) 3. Army Community Service (ACS) & ACS Director Director 4. Army Education Center 5. Arts and Crafts Center, Center, Guenette 6. ASYMCA Backdoor Boutique 7. ASYMCA Family Center 8. Auto Service Center, Center, Air Assault Auto 9. Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program Program (BOSS) 10. Blanchfield Army Community Hospital 11. Bowling Center, Center, Hooper 12. Civilian Personnel Advisory Center 13. Commissary 2. Community Activities Center (Cole Park) 30. CYSS, Parent Parent Central Services (Central Registration) 30. CYSS, School Liaison 38. CYSS, SKIESUnlimited Center 14. Dog Kennels 17. Dawg Haus (Dining) 18. Estep W Wellness ellness Center (Gear-to-Go) 19. Equipment Rental (Gear-to-Go) 20. Exchange/Food Court/Mall Resource Center (FRC) 21. Family Resource 22. Financial Readiness (Army Emer Emergency gency Relief)

(270)798-9793 (270)798-4610x106 (270)798-9322 (270)798-3201 (270)798-6693 (270)956-1566 (270)798-7422 (270)956-1101/1100 (270)798-7858 (270)798-8055 (270)798-5887 (270)798-7161 (270)798-3663 (270)798-4610 (270)798-0674 (270)798-9874

23. Fryar Stadium, Sports Admin Office Office 2. Golf Course (Cole Park) 15. Joe Swing (Rental Recreation Recreation Facility) 20. Leisure Travel Services Leisure Travel 26. Library, R.F. F.. Sink Memorial Library, R.F 27. MWR Director Director F. Pratt 28. Museum, Don F. Recreation Main Building 29. Outdoor Recreation 31. Pool, Baldonado 32. Pool, Dolan Gardner Indoor 33. Pool, Gardner 34. Pool, Single Recreation Center, Center, Dale Wayrynen Wayrynen 9. Recreation 14. Riding Stables (SFAC) 39. Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) Buffet (Cole Park) 2. Southern Buffet

(270)798-3094 (270)798-4906 (270)798-4610x119 (270)798-7436 (270)798-5729 (270)798-9953 (270)798-3215/4986 (270)798-2175 (270)798-5207 (270)798-5350 (270)798-6310 (270)798-4247 (270)798-7391 (270)798-2629 (270)412-6000 (270)798-4610

(270)412-5811 (270)798-5590 (270)798-0766 (270)798-4664/4023 (270)798-6806 (270)439-1841 (270)956-2935 (270)798-5518

41. Sportsman’ Sportsman’ss Lodge (Dining) 42. T Teen een Club 24/7 43. The Zone 44. T Tricare ricare 45. V Veterinary eterinary Services 46. Wilson Theater 42. Y Youth outh Center (T (Taylor) aylor) 42. Y Youth outh Sports

(931)431-4140 (270)956-1033 (270)461-0603 1-877-874-2273 (270) 798-3614 (270) 798-6857 (270)798-3643 (270)798-6355

Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer Time

Every year Fort Campbell recognizes our volunteers with an appreciation ceremony held in April. The detective mystery-themed event was held at Cole Park Commons and nominees for Volunteer of the Year were treated to entertainment and an award ceremony where four volunteers were recognized for their contributions to the community. This year’s winners were Jacqueline Crawford, Elizabeth Delgesso, Rebecca Santos and Emily Rich. Over 177,077 hours were logged by the volunteers for a value of $3,993,280! Fort Campbell MWR appreciates every volunteer that donates their time and energy to programs they hold dear to their hearts. Headquarters & Headquarters Battalion Jennifer Batey 101st Airborne Division Chelsea Belcher Deborah Anton Kaci Bennett Corey Applegate Kristin Blakslee Kenneth Applegate Rudi Borders Leah Beyer Melissa Boucher Lauren Bolen Ashley Brantley Rhiannon Boughman Meredith Brutkiewicz Tatiana Bovarnic SGT Loving Bryant Sooni Burton Diana Burg Adela Carnaghi Heather Burleigh Anna Caudil Ashley Burney Charlene Chilton Amy Bushatz Alisha Cole Kelly Caltabiano Sherry Dalrymple Elizabeth Camery Danielle DeLaRosa Leslie Campbell Christine Dellinger Ashley Canada Amanda Dewitt Christian Canas Jennifer Eddy Carlee Cantelou Alexa Elderkin Nicole Carey Adesola Elijah 1LT Michael Chase Elizabeth Entenmann Jamie Cherry Misty Faircloth Angela Childers Mandi Feige Delicia Chisolm Amanda Ferreira Neala Clayton Aleida Flores Leslie Coffey Carolyn Foster Leah Cook Michelle Gaddy SPC Cruz Corbett Vanna Gassman Mikki Costa John Greenleaf Amanda Crebs Elizabeth Grimes Sarah Cruz Lori Hawkins Kim Cunninham

Brittney Lucania Lauren Jahn Angela Jenkins Julie Lawyer Holly Lachance Jennifer Lamprides Denise Lewis Brittney Lucania Darcy Markee Brittany Matherne Erick Matthews Scott McCartt Maria McConville Ashley McCulloh Amairaly Mclver Courtney McKenzie NaQuish McKinney Rebecca McNally Amber Meyer Laurie Mikat Caitlin Miller Monica Moore Teresa Moore Tori Noon Beth Poppas Sol Reyna Verena Rodd Nadia Sanders Rebecca Santos Nikki Schmidt Kimberly Scranton Cassidy Seiler Chanel Shepard Kelly Sloan Yvette Smedley Katrina Smith Sandra Smith Phuong Spillman Dianne Sturgeon Abbey Tappenbeck Courtney Taylor Jenny Toner Andrea Upchurch Katie Vintson Jonathan Volante 1st Brigade Combat Team Noriza Aimes Elizabeth Allen Maryann Andrews Sarah Antone Ashley Arrington Diana Ashcraft Christina Ayala Danya Balcome 1LT Tyler Bambrick

Dominique Daniels Steven Darby SPC Davis Desiree Dillehay Sabrina Diven Krista Dortch Courtney Drake Rebecca Drake Staci Duvall Danielle Eager Lori Ekman Alicia Elrod SFC Elvir Ashley Engler SGT Randall Engler Dave Etter Angel Faulkner Mark Faulkner Lisa Feltner Irene Fernandez SSG Brad Fineberg Lisa Fisher Aleesha Fisher Danielle Fobar Mary Forrest Sarah Forrester Jennifer Funkhouser Ashley Futch Desierae Gaines Terril Gant Jennifer Gantt Annette Garcia Cassie Garrison Lani Garza Brittany Gibbons Katie Gilbreath Julia Grawe Jessica Groce Toni Gulley Josie Gutierrez Michell Hall Heather Halloran Ashley Harless Jill Hayes Katie Hays Yashira Hernandez Shelly Heygi Jasmine Hill Gavin Hill Becky Hilliard SSG Hilliard Jennifer Hobbs Tina Hossfeld Hunt Sean Valerie Huot Jessica Huttner

SPC Alexander Huttner Jessica Ireland 1LT Benjamin Jackson Lori Jenkins Callie Johnson SSG Jordan Matthew Karrenbauer Sonia Keesler Cassie Keith Amanda Korby Lauren Kuppler Nicholas Labella Angel Lacombe Brandi Lamonda Melinda Larsen Stephanie Laux Elizabeth Lewis Carrie Linn Darlene Long SSG Daniel Long Katie Lopez Joseph Lucas Shelby Luna Christie Lynes Kelly MacChesney Taryn MacNamarra Paige Maddox Lindsey Mallory Kim Martin Christina McGregor Ashley McNair Brooke McVey Nathan McVey Brandi Merrel Lois Meyners Amanda Miller Jennifer Montgomery Chelsea Mooberry Amanda Moors Savannah Morphew Diane Morrison Darla Mullins Hope Murray Katherine Neely Heather Nees 1LT Kevin Nichols Nahlea Nunes Jamie Orsini Sabrina Ortiz Cara Osborne Amber Ottersen Amy Palmer Rafael Panduro Ursula Panduro April Parker Cindy Perkins Shayla Peterson Kelly Pilling-MacChesney Melissa Prigmore Heather Putnam Denise Raddatz Caroline Rakoce Keri Rakoce Alison Ray Tyler Reid Lisa Reigel Jessica Rey CPT Andrew Rinehart Katie Robbins Nicole Rupe April Sanders SPC Gimbala Sankare Leanne Sauls Jessica Saunders Taylor Scherling Julia Semsick SFC Sharkey Laura Sharkey Tonya Shomaker Tiffany Shrader Kaitlyn Shultz Kristen Singleterry Natalie Smith Dawna Snyder Tracy Soberson Madeleine Spangler Rebecca Sport Veronica St. Claire April Stainback Nicola Studer Daniel Sullivan Katie Taylor Brianna Trujillo Sunshine Valdilles Kristy Valentin Jaclyn Walakiewicz Dru Ward Alyssa Weber Whitney Weeks Tammy Weih Jennifer Welch Lissa Welch Brittany Wesserling Natalie West

Jamie Norman Brigette Wetz Kristin Card Tissany Gilmore Kendra Olson Rachael White Jamie Collins Brandy Gothard Alicia Paige Erika Wilhelm Francheska Cox Jessica Gozy Tiffany Peyton Heather Wilson Victoria Field Kathy Horinek Amber Pollard Alicia Woden Angela Hoehler Stephane Johnson Jacqueline Porchia Crystal Wojciechowski Alissa McMasters Hal LaCambra Becky Runn Nicole Won Caroline Rowell Jessi Legault Arrie Vogel Julie Woodberry Debbie Solinger Kathleen McDonald Melendez-Hernandez Valeria Vrbsky Gary Liane Yanikov Bravo Company 2nd Brigade Combat Team 2nd Battalion 502 Infantry Regiment Stephanie Mullins Lori Vrbsky 2nd Brigade Combat Team Noble Patterson Wendy Watwood Theresa Benchoff Lourdes Roberson Brian Wellinger Erica Brown Kirtlay Adams 626th Brigade Support Battalion Katherine Rogers Tina Haywood Kathryn Burns 3rd Brigade Combat Team Amanda Satterlee Summer Kuhlman Kayla Draughn Ashleigh Sosebee Terrell Bridges Laura Snyder Sara Higgason Violet Toland Karen Collinsworth Christine Thompson Ashlee Kozlinski Ward Debra Crispin Tabitha Webb Hillary 1st Battalion 320th Field Artillery 2nd Brigade Combat Team Trellus Washington Stephany Downie Charlie Company Amy White Michelle Freiberg Missy Ackermann 2nd Battalion 502 Infantry Regiment 2nd Brigade Combat Team Latonia Williams Brianna Hudson Katie Boudro Fran Hunter Courtney Cochran Shelli Duffy 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion 2nd Brigade Combat Team Rebekah Madden Caitlyn Cunningham Sabrina Kriewaldt Megan Bartlett Rachel Morgan Kristen Holler Meredith Palumbo Jennifer Bickford Jodi Seibert Missie Jurick Chelsea Pittman Amber Brandt Michelle Tri Andrea Kershback Kristen Wesley Christine Connell Jennifer Turnipseed Emily Landry Linsee Wheat Curry Sarah Vertefeuille Pamela Krista Lingley Delta Company Julie Westhoven Nadia Magula 2nd Battalion 502 Infantry Regiment Nathyeli Yetzi Eakin 2nd Brigade Combat Team Regina Garza Rachel Wolverton Stephaine McCall Tracey Hofstrom Nicole McHon Cathleen Barker 21st Brigade Engineers Battalion Melissa Lea Ashley Norgren Amanda Ellison 3rd Brigade Combat Team Christina Reichard Izzy Rodgers Kim Gomez Armi Tisha Grace Kari Blakeslee Megan Ross Amanda Gosiniak Rhodes Daisy Contreras Erin Shields Jennifer Poth Courtney Riggi Stephanie Flood Jami Thomas Darcy Stronger Tiffany Rogers Lisa Gacheru Shannon Tomerlin Headquarters & Headquarters Troop Sharon Shifflette Petra Guerra Mysti VanKirk 1st Battalion 75th Calvary Regiment Jamie Spears Julissa Humphreys Angela Wallace 2nd Brigade Combat Team Harley Tabb Pauline Hutzenbiler Yolanda Armour 1st Battalion 502 Infrantry Regiment 2nd Brigade Combat Team Tamara Valentin Yvonne Keller Charlotte Bagwell Erin Williams Kristin Mahoney Cheryl Adams Jennifer Brancieri Lilian Woods Elizabeth Miller Emma Adams Allison Bussman Headquarters & Headquarters Company Kay Stracener Kimberly Alban Cressida Croskey 3rd Brigade Combat Team Timothy Telo Marissa Alexander Emily Deacon Krystal Doan Chonne Todd Mariela Alonso Allison Fritz Melissa Fryer Jessica Wallace Amanda Amende Sandra Henry Stacy Mertz Jamie Weisemann Jackie Baly Sarah Johnson Maggie Phillips Michele Wilson Ashley Bice Daniel Kilbride Chrissy Rich Elizabeth Wolford Alex Bland Alpha Troop Carolyn Tagalicud Jolene Brady 1st Battalion 75th Calvary Regiment 2nd Battalion 2nd Brigade Combat Team Mary Vowell Brandy Burris 506th Infantry Regiment 4th Brigade Combat Team Valerie Coleman Calandra Freeman 1st Battalion Lisa Benton Bre'Anna Cuevas Morgan Hayden 187th Infantry Regiment 3rd Brigade Combat Team Elizabeth Brown Nichole Davis Kimberly Hernandez Ashley Acton Gennie Bulter Breena Dobbs Miranda Huff Karissa Ausmus Kimberlee Donavant Elizabeth Dodds Liza Jones Valerie Cloutier Jessica Greenleaf Allison Donlan Jacque Lafraniere Christila Cochran Sarah Heiber Kristen Edwards Jackie Wilson Grace Davis Jessica Hull Lauren Enderlein Bravo Troop Kylee Deleon Megan Erickson 1st Battalion 75th Calvary Regiment 2nd Brigade Combat Team Melissa Ene Lauren Faber Jessica Flores Hallee Gilbertson Meg Adams Amber Garmer Celeste Goldie Whitney Caldwell Nikki Gonzales Krystal Gottfried Jessica Deppner Sandy Killingsworth Jessica Graham Krista Groves Stephanie King Christine Hamilton Katy Hagstrom Sarah Koch VaRhonda Hicks Katie Knoll Stephanie Lumbard Kirstin Hopkins Erin Porritt Meredith Magennis Lisa Huffstutler Whitney Schwope Brittany McAnally Ann Jourden Charlie Company 1st Battalion 75th Calvary Regiment Denise Mitchell Shannon Kittok 2nd Brigade Combat Team Jessi Mitchell Jessie Knox Holly Mizell Jessica Lee Haley Bracey Cassie Reid Stephaine Liggett Elizabeth Labonte Bobby Reiker Laurie Meisner Bonnie Longnecker Rachel Roberson Courtney Januskiewiecz Denese Mergl Mandy Mullaney Catherine Rocha Meghan Johnson Rachel Owen Heather Thornberry Danielle Senna Kristie Kirkpatrick Karen Palmer Delta Company 526th Brigade Support Stephanie Stamos Angela Leonard Shannon Pinkley Battalion 1st Battalion 75th Calvary Luana Steinbach Marbury Mccune Mia Pitts Regiment 2nd Brigade Combat Team Christine Strunk Bethany Mulvin Carla Prescott Caitlyn Thebaud Alexandria Oates Rebecca Richards Christina Fountain Kari White Samantha Rivera Leah Richardson Leeann Greer Eetha Scott Donna Smart Jennifer LaCambra 1st Squadron 33rd Cavalry Lindsey Shelton Liz Stratigos Adrienne Weaver 3rd Brigade Combat Team Andrea Sivanich Christina Unger Carrie Williams Krysta Adkins Kris Stip Mollie Walker F Company 526th Brigade Support Cassie Allen Alecia Vega Kelly Wells Battalion 2nd Battalion 75th Calvary Devin Allen Amber White Meg Whitehead Regiment 2nd Brigade Combat Team Anya Battle Brenna Wilkerson Headquarters & Headquarters Troop 1st Battalion Heather Colston Jennifer Witkowski Jeanette Price 61st Calvary Regiment Kaitlin Cruise Tracey Anderson Headquarters & Headquarters Company 4th Brigade Combat Team Becky Curl Lisa Ortiz 2nd Battalion 502 Infantry Regiment 2nd Brigade Combat Team Christy Davis Connie Alexander 526th Brigade SupportBattalion Heather Donovan Natasha Estrada Lori Couchot 2nd Brigade Combat Team Ruth Doyle Hannah Lahpen Leah Gutierrez Jenny Feghali Jodi McCray Deb Lubas Abbey Campbell Laura Harkin Karolina Priebe Tammy Rose Diana Cassels Brandi Horkey Amy Scarpulla Nichole Sells Shawna Combes Rick Horkey Katherine Stump Jennifer Whitted Heike Cowles Caitlin Johnson Cara Duda Alpha Company Nicole Maladano Vicky Ferguson 2nd Battalion 502 Infantry Regiment 2nd Brigade Combat Team Stacy Mathews Carmen Flynn Katie Nalley Miranda Allworth Michele Fredericks

Delta Troop 1st Battalion 61st Calvary Regiment 4th Brigade Combat Team Catherine Findlay Tonya Horn Jamie Julien Delia Swofford Headquarters & Headquarters Company 101st Combat Aviation Brigade Sumra Barajas Tressa Breton Lisa Bruselas Meagan Consedine Kay Drew Janice Hayden Amy Horner Kelly Knighton Megan McGuire Rose O’Black Stephanie Palmer Lisa Weaver 1st Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment 101st Combat Aviation Brigade Christine Alianz Dani Bastian Emily Bennett Karrin Britten Elizabeth Chiveis Brittany Cruz Lisa Currie Bobbie Darling Audra Green Jennifer Harrington Jessica Hawken Anna Healy Christine Holder Natalie Fjellanger Lindsay Kennedy Asjah Koger Veronica Martin Ashley Nylander Jennifer Oxer Donna Parker Karen Parker Lee Anne Pebsworth Maxine Potter Ana Rausher Katherine Rendleman Chance Silva Monique Slaughter Megan Steinmetz Amber Swets Kelli Vojtas Leslie Winberry

5th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment 101st Combat Aviation Brigade Tiffany Addams Lindsey Allison Michelle Beville Robin Blaton Bailey Cheben Jennifer Cromer Sarah Glover Marion Harris Merritt Jones Lauren Kloburcur Danielle Knight Sara Lauffer-Smith Nicole Martin-Rachfall Megan Matteson Amy Overton Wendy Petik Keia Ridgeway Tressa Savage Michele Schneider Christine Schultz Toni Seals Sheri Spara Jamie Staugler April Tillery Meredith Weipart Angela Whidden

Stephanie Wise Krista Georgi Melissa Wojdak Mary Gonzalez Gorss Patricia 6th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Akilah Harrison 101st Combat Aviation Brigade Stephanie Hartley Katie Appelhenz Meghan Himes Erin Caputo Laura Hobbs Kathy Chung Erin Karmoyzen Kendra Cole Loralee Knoechlein Andrea Coon JoTerrica McMahan Sheena Ercolino Lauren Mullendore Ashley Hill Jennifer Murphy Shanyeil Hughes Ashley Pendergraft Jessi Johnson Emma Pulsifer Rebecca LaMotte Jessica Simmons Cassandra Layne Nathaly Soto Stacey Pirtle Jenna Thayer Nicole Quackenbush Lauren Thomas Brittany Revilla Tara Varady Sarah Roberts Jessica Viands Jessica Robison Stephanie Vitauskas Maria Rodrigiez Veronica Wardlaw Elisa Ruiz Ashley Weaver Jayme Rutherford Lauren Wolfe Ashley Scott Katie Woodcock Lindsey Skilling 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Jennifer Smith Lisa Blackmon Jessica Ulrich Margy Dvorsky Keila Velez-Benitez Headquarters & Headquarters Company Jennifer Villuluz 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Abby Volbrecht Stephanie Volkert Christina Collins Amy Wallace Kristen Dorwart Angel Woodard Amy Jones Chelsie Yellman Michelle Mabry Michelle Zimmerman Kristen Maurer Jenna Zufelt Melissa Strobel Jamie Wharton 96th Aviation Support Regiment Headquarters & Headquarters Company 101st Combat Aviation Brigade 3rd Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Deborah Albanese 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Jennifer Barber Adam Bradley Frances Burke Erin Bradley Lindsey Gebhart Elizabeth Crayle Olivia Hill Christy Daughtry Alli MacDonald Sarina Davis Lynn MacDonald Jessuca Doyal Nicki McCraney Kari Elrod Shelley Slider Ashley Exantus Crystal Tackaberry Jannel Exantus Bravo Company 3rd Battalion Kimberly Gilbert 101st Aviation Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Colleen Gould Mildred Hedges Misty Barber Sheree Hodges Megan Cass Aja Howse Rosemary Fisk Keith Howse Charlie Company 3rd Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Steven Hutchinson 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Tina Hutchinson Tiffany Hurd Cheryl Bonilla Radhika Jablonski Jessica Brown Ebony Jackson Corissa Gold Crystal Johnson Sara Johnson Sarah Kent Michelle Lee Rebecca Kempton Delta Company 3rd Battalion Amanda Lopes 101st Aviation Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Rebeca Lynch Renate May Betsy Church Kecia Maynard Brittany Davis Yvonne McClure Jaimie Dyer Barbara McConnell Susan Ginsberg Joanne McGuire Kristan Hoak FeMarie Meno Sara Lewis Crystal Metz Christina Maki R. Lynn Metz Rochelle Masteller Ethel Mijares Paige Nisenbaum Erin Parrish Samantha Paga Courtney Pehrson Stephanie Pry Stacy Rogers Khira Stewart Annette Sanchez Kelli Zink Victoria Scalise Echo Company 3rd Battalion Kathleen Scarber 101st Aviation Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Traci Sliva Ami Smith Brandy Akbari Jamalene Snyder Jamila Albert Heather Starnater Elizabeth Duenne Kimberly Taylor Leslie Hock Tasha Williams Jacqueline Hockett Miranda Worker Courtney Jones Rachel Wulf Chantelle Keen Erin Kothman 2nd Battalion Ashely Murray 17th Calvary Regiment 101st Combat Aviation Brigade Shelly Sue Roland Jennifer Barclay Alpha Company 4th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Amanda Bennett 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Rebecca Brooks Jessica Cavallo Cheryl Barbee Kendra Coveney Anna Caldwell Kelly Duffy Angel Debleay Margaret Garner (Leech) Hannah Durham Cherry Owens Terri Fitzmayer Tiffany Walker Brittany Gagne Renee Gamblin Sarah Geib

Charlie Company 4th Battalion Hannah Rejmenczak 101st Aviation Regiment Jessica Schlessman 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Laura Scholl Danielle Allen Charlie Troop 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry Regiment Leighia Jones 159th Combat Aviation Brigade 7th Battalion Jessica Schlessman 101st Aviation Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Hailey Stevenson Rebecca Halter Delta Troop 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry Regiment 7th Battalion 159th Combat Aviation Brigade 101st Aviation Regiment 2nd Platoon Charlie Company Christina Bannick 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Brandi Bookout Lindsey Carl Stephanie Comfield Tammy Jones Headquarters and Headquarters Stephanie Lowe Company 7th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Alisa Merzec 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Echo Troop 7th Squadron Kristen Brown 17th Cavalry Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Charis Chase Casey Cloud Caterina Fogle Frankie Knarr Warren Gonzalez Jennifer Roley Kasey Hall Rachel Welty Shannon Lovelady Margaret McCart Alpha Company 7th Battalion Betty Rose 101st Aviation Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade 129th Combat Sustainment Angie Gannon Support Battalion 101st Sustainment Brigade Deborah Johnson Ronnie Madden Kati Alberts Brandy Phillips Maria Candelario Molly Woosley Kim Collins Rebecca Yurisich Lyndsey Dannenberg Rebecca Derby Bravo Company 7th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Virginia Gatson 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Cindy Hayes Jane Dickey Stephanie Hoffman Dana Horan Sara Mikolajczak Jennifer Korn Lisa Mitchell Lauren Lohman Carolyn Peacock LaDonna Page Brianna Pittard Jane Sandefur Marlene Rodriguez Renee Sullivan Amy Young Felicite Yeadon 1st Battalion Calvary Regiment 61st Charlie Company 7th Battalion 101st Sustainment Brigade 101st Aviation Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Allegra Brockelman Shannon Barone Robin Brooks Christy Boswell Felicia Cox Jennifer Dickey Messina Craig Molly Huggins Courtney Davies Jenna McClung Amanda Diaz Eniko Wright Ashley Diehl Danielle Dixon Delta Company 7th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Catherine Findlay 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Natasha Godkin Brandi Bookout Molly Hennon Sue Luther Samantha Highfield Tonya Horn Echo Company 7th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Lauren Hunt 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Annie Jackson Brittany Foley Brandy Jankowiak Teanda Sanford Jamie Julien Hannah Lapehn Fox Company 7th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment Helen Marschand 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Yadira Mendoza DeShanda Greenwood Melissa Miller Amanda Marrero Karolina Priebe Melissa Ray 563rd Aviation Support Battalion Erin Rife 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Amy Scarpulla Carissa Abrams Ellen Schaeffer Donna Abrams Amy Sutton Jennifer Blackstock Delia Swofford Kristel Bryan Ariana Yepez Beth Busbin 184 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion Amanda Copps Lowery 52 EOD Group Debi Delaney Jennifer Durham Lisa Anthony Jaime German Beth Bergen Jennifer Grauel Rafael Bernaola Sandra Grover Jaime Clayton Lourdes Guailacela Kaitlyn Crawford Mandi Kemp Cristina Culbertson Angie Kitchen Jessica Cvengros Ashlee MacDonald Kimberly Deano Amy Pant Colleen Devigne Renee Peete Rose Dickerson Joanna Peralta Elise Dixon Naiditch Wendy Rohn Kaitlin Flintroy Danielle Rohn Shawna Gamble Codey Rohn Brittany Garrett Amanda Sawvel Melanie Hicks Kim Szczepanski Michelle Hieb Michelle Webber Tracy Holder Melanie Wickham Jennifer Huggins Sarah Williams Bianca Hunter Erma Wilson Mari Krussow Cheryl LaJeunesse Headquarters & Headquarters Troop Jessica Lambert 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry Regiment Mary Lee Locey 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Elizabeth McClure Jannelle Gardner Kelly McCracken Renae Hopkins Nicole Miller Megan Lansford Dawn Moffett Emily Noblin Sandra Muchow Crystal Myers 7th Squadron Kellie Nedell 17th Cavalry Regiment 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Sara Oratch Jodi Coyle Kate Oyer Jacquie Day Kay Phillips SFC Prince Alpha Troop 7th Squadron Stephanie Ratton 17th Cavalry Regiment Tori Spizzo 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Jennifer DeHaan Kim Stalnaker Heather Fernandez Heather West Nellie Friesen Brittany Whetstone Vanessa Hubbard Esther Whittemore Tessa Staruch Quiana Wizzart Megan Wykhouse Bravo Troop 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry Regiment Suzette Zehler 159th Combat Aviation Brigade Jacquie Day Nicholle Light

160th SOAR (A) Regiment Headquarters Becki Chambers Carolyn Evans Elly Wonacott Karyn Wuensch Alpha Company Special Operations Aviation Training Battalion Vianey Baird Marti Sager Stephanie Turrentine Teri White

Laura Phipps Reagan Prather Nina Ross Aixa Schelanko Melissa Seamon Betty Shaffer Rebekah Spraberry Jessica Vest Carly Weatherhead Anastasia Wood

Bravo Company Charlie Company Special Operations 1st Battalion Aviation Training Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Veronica Brown Tiffany Ashley Jennifer Fisher Ashley Borg Jennifer Reeves Sarah Burlee Erin Reid Angela Cantrell Marsha Steliff Joy Chandler Nicole York Sara Chelf Katie Crane Special Operations Aviation Training Battalion Teresa Davila Jerri Bragg Shawna Dilka Jennifer Lay Jamie Driver Julie Parrish Kelly Fisher Miley Grimm Headquarters & Headquarters Company Randi Howell 160th SOAR (A) Kari Blereau Sydne Hudson Kristen Brown Catherine Jarvis Holly Cano Ashely Jones Jennifer Cummings Edward Kulik Olivia Dobson Emi Laplante Monica Dossett April McKaskle Tabitha Frazier Sara Mintz Erica Gibson Leslie Parrero Michelle Glathar Beth Pounds Dinah-Rhea Gregg Natasha Roan Arin Johnston Roxanne Rucker Jessica Kenny Georgia Salmon Allison Lower Sarah Slade Jennifer Martinez Jessica Smith Heather Mattingly Jessica Tolliver Patti Mazzio Sara Tomaselli Kimberly Park Jessica Vest Sianna Powell Wesley Wade Misty Schneider Kristina Wolf Angela Sommers Delta Company Samantha Stiles 1st Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Mary Vozar Kimberlee Wilson Liz Armstrong Michelle Wood Christine Barner Rebecca Becker 1st Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Lenora Buchanan Becki Mastrian Katherine Buckingham Jen Ryan Amber Carnes Headquarters & Headquarters Company Jessica Copenhaver 1st Battalion Julie Craig 160th SOAR (A) Chantae Cummings Holly Benedict Julie Dietrich Dana Bewley Maranda Eichorn Nicole Cenkner Angela Fowler Alicia Crouch Karen Grimes Bobbie Estrada Betty Hardy Khristel Fonseca-Miller Tiffany Heaward Teressa Gale Libby Higgins Rocio Lindauer Sandra Hunt Nicole Maxfield Megan Janik Stefenie McCallie Trisha Johnson Tammy Montaleone Shelly Lazowski Ali Peifer Gina Lemasters Valerie Welch Amanda Luck-Scroggins Tina McKellips Alpha Company 1st Battalion Tracy Miller 160th SOAR (A) Elise Murie Megan Bell Becky Perantoni Karey Daugherty Ashley Pummill Amanda Ferguson Lisa Rivera Michelle Glathar Denise Roth Kelli Jackson April Savage Kari Kleman April Smith Omali Longwell Stephanie Tilton Cindy Maier Samantha Wilkinson Jennifer Mayers Amanda Wilmot Janice Newmyer Fox Company 1st Battalion Ericka Suhl 160th SOAR (A) May Vaughn Erin Weber Billy Almond Faith Willis Katie Cabrera Amy Caudill Bravo Company Olevia Coleman 1st Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Ada Contreras Maranda Barnett Alicia Day Sonya Castagna Kelly Dement Kathy Croce Nabila Doupo Callen Dadiomoff Elizabeth Ehler Blair Dupont Jonnie Gonzalez Katy Edwards Kara Guthrie Christine Haslam Eryn Haynes Rochelle Jasmer Melissa Hogan Colby Jones Kayla Hull Shelby Kirton Erin Labradie Ann Leach Amanda Lee Rea Mauck Shelly Mempin Angie Maxon Sarah Nall Tara Neal Dana Noel Michelle Pace Lisa Pace

Kendra Patterson Angela Pineda Rachel Pridemore Samantha Reynolds Sanita Rodriguez Kelly Spann Bree Staskal Tiffany Thomas Tiffany Wells 2nd Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Christina Bosowski Maijaliisa Burkert Mindy Wilkinson Headquarters & Headquarters Company 2nd Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Jenna Booth Carlotta Chandler Lisa Cook Mandie Franklin Dori Harris Rhonda James Mary McCoy Monique Papa Vikki Verenski Sue Woody Alpha Company 2nd Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Ashley Armstrong Mary Armstrong Crystal Corman Megan Flint Krista Haight Alana Hamamoto Theresa Helmeci Veronica Hill Maddie Mullins Jacklyn Shires Jamie Smith Angela Walters Bravo Company 2nd Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Danielle Agostine Kristin Bohannon Amy Buck Haley Dinh Amanda Fitzgerald Suzanne Glasenapp Brandi Hamm Jenna Kenyon Bridget Ludwig Jacklyn Maides Danielle Ortiz Crystal Pettit Chelsea Richardson Holley Rosebaugh Marla Vanover Nicole Young Charlie Company 2nd Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Christine Adkins Christy Allan Jaclyn Collins Maria Dean Maria Hale KayCee Keith Ester Nilles Megan Papangellin Michelle Spears Delta Company 2nd Battalion 160th SOAR (A) Casey Adams Teanna Athanasakis Amy Behrends Rebecca Brooks Kim Burton Deanna Hanna Lanette Harper Kerrianne White Amy Wise

4th Battalion 5th Special Forces Group (A) Candace Baker Abigail Boyer Christina Chamberlain Katie Clark Terrenna Cook Gabbie Cortes Mary Darden-Sanchez Allison Edgley Lori Erbe Gail Garrison Mandi Garza Kelly Ginder Vikki Gitlin Tasha Glynn Shari Gogas Caroline Gojowsky Estelle Hockman Christina Hulsopple Jamie Keenan Zentina Littlejohn Brenda MCDonald

Mandy Mosier Clare O'Keeffe Crystal Piper Candace Pop Wanda Ramer Zheilad Schmidel Katie Stedelin Sarah Toliver Jackie Wilson Barsanti Elementary School Missy Ackerman Yeimi Arnold Len Black Angela Booska Robin Brandon Miranda Bruce Erin Caputo Kristina Caswell Lori Couchot Linda Davis Catherine Franks Donna Gatto Alexander Grinston Petra Guerra Bethany Hadden Amy Hill Charity Holley Ibrahim Ikram Cheryl Jacobs Cassandra Johnson Sarah Johnson Steven Johnson Ana Kress Christopher Magee Megan Mansker Stacy McNerney Ekle Norman Bobby O’dell Donna Osborne Melissa Parsons Shannon Parsons Shanekia Paul Ashley Pledger Pamela Raker Neaseal Romero Rebecca Santos Shelcea Smith Marlene Thomas Lauren Tingley Shelly Tucker Tina Valenti Sandra Velez Annette Verones Abeba Walker Emmanuel Woods Suzette Zehler Derek Zinkand Barkley Elementary School Angela Amey Jennifer Arnone David Behrmann Tamara Clark Linda Clinard Elizabeth Conerly Carloyn Cote Helen Drake Elizabeth Duenne Mary Elkins Jennifer Escalante Melissa Fast Christy Fort Krista Foster Ashira Gardner Sara Guiterrez Yashira Hernandez Kendra Howard Debresia Jones Yoanda Jones-Bell Jessica Kenny Jenell Lower Tiffany Luna Jennifer Marchione Montana Mullins

Ursula Panduro Elizabeth Patt Laura Raminez Zachary Rice Donald Roberts Miranda Roberts Jessica Ross Nichol Rupe Kerrie Rymer Crystal Schmidt Jennifer Skillin Delia Swofford Cameron Taylor Carolanne Turpin Leigha Wanczowski Christina Wynkoop Bonnita Young-Malone Andre Lucas Elementary Jasmine Alderman Amanda Appenzeller Angela Biasca Gina Breitinger

Army Community Service (ACS) Lissa Welch Relocation Readiness/ Spouse 2 Spouse Jessica Worch Keila Benitez Amy Young Amy Campbell Enlisted Spouses Club (ESC) Charis Chase Casey Cloud Tracy Anderson Elisabeth DelGesso Jeanne Bower Christina Fountain Cara Buckley Rosalinda Howard Cindy Cox Thryce Lindsey Chelsea Daley Darlene Long Jeremy Daley Laura Martin Margy Dvorsky Shannon Pinkley Violeta Garza-Espinosa Megan Powell Roxane Gast Teanda Sanford Naomi Guzman Debbie Solinger Catherine Lopez Crystal Summers Veronica Martin Bethany Woolley Robert Moss Kelly Perez Army Community Service (ACS) Mobilization and Deployment Angela Riehle Lena Anderson Amy Shenk Casey Cloud Sandra Smith Elisabeth DelGesso Jennifer Sutton Mary Dieterly Jackie Thomas Christina Fountain Alecia Vega April Lemoine United Service Organizations (USO) Teresa Moore Kamal Abdullah Army Community Service (ACS) Family Fun Day Paul Andrews Douglas Briggs Susan Andrews Elisabeth DelGesso Shenea Andrews Seth DelGesso Olanrewaju Anibaba Sharon H-Lee Jessica Antonuccio Adam Jarema Turner Armstrong Charlene Johnson Ramiro Arrez Cindy Krohn Donovyn Avila Tommy Krohn Fredy Balcarcel Shawna Michaud Danae Benzing Teresa Moore Ryon Boot Rosalynd Nueva Cornelius Braggs Shaun Silk Forrest Burton Drew Smith Donna Casnave Veronica Castilla Army Community Service (ACS) Adrian Castillo Military Spouse Appreciation Week Angela Cecere Danya Balcome Darnell Clark Mahaffey Middle School Dana Chango Robert Clark Fran Bean Elisabeth DelGesso Cameron Clement Lauren Bolen Katie Filipowski Adrienne Davis Anna Caudill Christina Fountain Kandis Dicks Ginger Cruz Marlene Livesay Mark Dintaman Christine Dellinger Shawna Michaud Laura Etterle Michelle Gaddy Maggie Otineru Gary Ferguson Donna Gatto Amanda Poltorak Erica Gibson Sadie Glover Drew Smith Britni Handlan Lissette Harran MaLissa Harris Operation Homefront MaLissa Harris Bruce Higdon Mary Elizabeth Lauren Bolen Cathy Hutchinson Hedrick Ilia Burns Spencer Jacobsen Donna Kendrick Kimberly Darby Sarah Johnson Darlene Long Tracie Doremus Steven Johnson Bethany Lopez Christina Fallon Caleb Kalivoda Katie McDonald Thometrice Fountain Joseph Karslo Heather Mendiola Ken French Craig Kotzen Tori Noon Lisa French Heather Kurtz Jennifer Ryan Misti French Wendy Langi Michelle Zimmerman Sabrina French Jodi Lawrence Michelle Gaddy Koren Leamon Army Community Service (ACS) Leslie Hock Valerie Longoria Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Lena Anderson Amy Horner Michael Lovett Casey Cloud Terry Horner Jacqualine McKenna Elisabeth DelGesso Sharon Jones Raymond Navarro Seth DelGesso Tere Kangas Thomas Olsen Mary Dieterly Kelly Knighton Chris Palmer Dave Etter Veronica Martin Fred Parker Danielle Foley Amy McMurchie Kelly Perez Christina Fountain Teresa Moore Stephanie Perez Mykah French Dana Nation Laurie Perez Natasha Godkin Maegan Nelson Jacquelyn Prescott Tara Goodson Michael Nelson Nestor Rivas Ingeborg Grayer Cindy Rogers Shawna-Lee Rivas Tommy Krohn Rebecca Santos Karlyle Ross Erin MacFarlandAdam Seals Trinity Sager Phillips Betsy Seals Justin Shields Veronica Martin Phuong Spillman Sanjay Shrestha Myra Merritt Donna Stammer Brandon Silver Shawna Michaud Stephanie Turrentine Tangie Thompson Teresa Moore Joyra Vargas Daniella Valdez Karolyn Olson LaTarsha Whitfield Vince Valenzuela Maggie Phillips Doris Witherspoon Serina Watts Megan Powell Robert Webb Officers’ Spouses Club (OSC) Melissa Prigmore Jamie Wiesmann Dianna Roberts Kathlene Armbruster Lucas Wiesmann Tonya Shoemaker Lauren Boyle Amanda Williams Sandra Smith Nancye Britton Otis Williams Kimberlee Cavin Michelle Willis Army Community Service (ACS) Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Nicole Curry Aaron Wittler Elisabeth DelGesso Fran Dearman Roland Woodworth Dave Etter Sabrina Diven Wiley Wright Marion Harris Tina Englen Karyn Yeomans Sharon Jones Aleida Flores Gary Yim Alberta Lampkins Abby Haake Myra Merritt Andrea Herrera Shawna Michaud Jen Jorstad Teresa Moore Tricia Keenan Megan Powell Jenny Lamprides Jen Ryan Denise Lewis Misti Shannon Georgia Lillibridge Jennifer Smith Brandy Marik Brittany McAnally Army Community Service (ACS) Employment Readiness Program Kensley McLellan Angela Riehle Jessi Mitchell Hannah Rejmenczak Army Community Service (ACS) Brittany Revilla Soldier & Family Assistance Center Natalie Schneider Jermaine Louis Tiffany Shrader Larry Wells Donna Stammer Jackie Stofanak Jennifer Sztalkoper Army Community Service (ACS) Financial Readiness Program Crystal Tackaberry Marion Harris Katie Taylor Casey Highsmith Jami Thomas Lacey Langford Marie Towner Anjelina Taylor Kimberly Vega Anna Caudill Valerie Cloutier Heather Colston Mayra Conesa Kimberly Darby Leslie Davis-Reddinton Christine Dellinger Jill Didon Amanda Ferreira Melissa Flentie Zory Gomez Heather Halloran Rebecca Halter Kathryn Harless Carolyn Heidelberger Kimber Hill Becky Johnson Jennifer Lamprides Jodi Liermann Gwen Madson Tonya Manns Marie Maradzika Amber McDonald Gareth McDonald Carrie McKnight Beth Miller Lisa Misiolek Sandra Moi Kim Nagy Tori Noon Rachel Patterson Traci Payne Amy Perez Cindy Perkins Cher Powers Shawna-Lee Rivas Jennifer Ryan Amanda Sawvel Tiffany Shrader Katrin Smith Toni Thomas Christine Thompson Jenny Toner Michelle Walker Michelle Zimmerman

Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC) Edna Alcin-Wilson Jennifer Alvey Craig Burnard James Compton Birk Ellis Kelvin Fennell Marcus Finley Anthony Latham NaQuisha McKinney Raymond Scott Wade Wagley Community Recreation Division Guenette Arts & Crafts Robert Anderson Vanessa Keiper Lynn Marzoni Ivy McLain Robert Pickett Christine Roth Page Roth Sam Roth Matthew Twyman Community Recreation Division Sports and Fitness Centers Deisey Bonilla Nikki Hentz Renae Hopkins Betty Jones CSF- Master Resilient Trainers Jackie Ahlers Honey Bartel Jordan Bergman April Catlaw Casey Cloud Angela Crist Jaqueline Day Amy Diaz Dave Etter Natasha Godkin Kamber Good Cynthia Hayes Sonia Kessler Amberlee Martin Sherre Maxson Maria McConville Lynsey Miller Jessi Mitchell Teresa Moore Jamie Norman Amy Scarpulla Sandra Smith Jinger Speller Jennifer Swallows Sara Tanguay Kelly Wells Janet Whelan Equine Assisted Transitions Inc. Andrew Baker Nicole Baker Reggie Brassfield Braydee Brown Cathryn Burnard Craig Burnard Kim Burnard Ashley DeCair Deb Finnegan Susan Garon Cyndi Hale Marion Harris Jen Koch Amber Moreland Carol Myers Fred Myers Amanda Sampson Brad Sampson Katie Thomason Constance Vargas Ric Vargas Kathy Waldrop Paige Waldrop Jo Williams

The choice to pursue your degree is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, and at Jones International University we are serious about empowering you to accomplish your goals and achieve the career you envision. Top 10 Military Friendly University First fully accredited online institution Servicemembers, spouses and dependents are eligible for reduced tuition rates, no academic and application fees and receive free books with the undergraduate book program Approved for TA and GI Bill Benefits including the Yellow Ribbon Program 866.427.1311

Still not sure which direction to take your career? Visit to take our free Career Assessment Test.



The Flavors of My Life

In the Kitchen

by Marie “Mrs. Chingy” McLemore

To say that I am passionate about food is a true understatement. Words cannot express the joy, the pain and the passion that I feel when it comes to food. I should have realized that I was a foodie when I was about 9 years old - when I called my momma while she was visiting a friend to find out when she was coming home because I wanted to cook without her finding out. The ire that I faced was grudgingly dampened when she realized that my younger sister got to enjoy the food that I experimented with. I continued to enjoy food as I started spending more time in the kitchen while my momma cooked. I was soon called upon to prep the ingredients before she came home to cook after work. I became my mother’s assistant when she was making one of her delicious dishes from her native country, Thailand, or the southern foods she learned to cook while helping out my granny in the Family cafe. No ethnic cuisine is safe from experimentation, but the dishes that I always come back to are the foods of my childhood. Just thinking about cooking the food that my Family has created for generations fills me with a sense of pride, nostalgia and the burning desire to pursue my passion for food - just like the bird’s eye chili pepper can both burn and excite the taste buds. One of my favorite things to do is combine the two cultures on a plate. Just thinking about having a bowl of fragrant jasmine rice with fried chicken that has been dredged in seasoned flour along with my favorite Thai green papaya salad

(Som Tum) that has the subtle hint of garlic, Thai fish sauce (Nam Pla) and just the right amount of chili peppers will keep me coming back for more. When I’m sick or want something that will remind me of home I make a huge pot of Thai beef stew (Neur Toon). Don’t get me started on my fried rice! That is a common request at parties and I don’t know which satisfies me more...the prepping and cooking of this dish or watching my Family and close friends devour every grain of rice. I come home after every party with a large empty Tupperware container because I don’t know how to cook small meals and I always make sure to take extra containers since the returned containers usually come with a request for a refill! There are times I don’t want to create a cross-cultural experience for my palate and I stick to tried and true classics with my own personal magic like mac ‘n’ cheese, meatloaf and dishes of soul food. My mac ‘n’ cheese must be made from scratch and I must be the one that cooks it from start to finish since my husband complains that while he has watched me for years making this dish, his mac ‘n’ cheese doesn’t taste like mine. I love the aroma of a fresh pan of cornbread and every time I prepare the sweet potato dish my momma calls

“Candied Yams” it reminds me why I should cook this dish more often because it leaves my house fragrant with the scents of brown sugar, butter and orange zest. I have yet to perfect my granny’s rolls that my uncles continue to talk about in reverence, but I know one day I will and it will bring tears of joy to my eyes. My spice cabinet continues to be “under construction” because I have spices that can be used for a multitude of different ethnic cuisines. One of my guilty pleasures is finding out if one spice can be used for Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern and/or Southwest cuisine. Cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, different chili powders and curries are just a few of the spices that are the inspiration for the color palette in my house. When I was ready to paint my living room I took a bag of powdered turmeric to the paint store for them to make a custom color for me and it turned out beautiful. So don’t be afraid to experiment in your kitchen and enjoy the journey that it will take you on. Feel free to create fragrant memories with a few trials and errors in between. Buy a cookbook from a country you have longed to travel to and explore the land through the language of flavors, food and spices. Walk down memory lane by cooking dishes from your childhood and create a few new ones of your own. Your dishes may be savory or sweet but I know they will be delicious.

It's Carnival Time!

In the Know

By Mary Negron

Summer is the season for carnivals, and Fort Campbell is no stranger to such a fun event. Once again, we will host our annual USAA and MWR Independence Day Carnival at the Division Parade Field. This year’s carnival will feature amusement rides, skill games and traditional midway food and drinks from Wednesday, July 2 through Saturday, July 5. Our Independence Day festivities will be a celebration for all ages - featuring food, drinks, music, rides, games and fireworks for the grand finale. The USAA Fireworks will begin at dark, approximately 9 p.m. Everyone is welcome! The Carnival will have 20 major adult rides, 12 children’s rides, 8 food concessions and 25 skill games. • • •

• •

July 3 from 5 p.m. $20 wristband per person or discount sheets $20 for 25 tickets, $1 individual tickets July 4 from 1 p.m. $25 wristband per person or discount sheets $20 for 25 tickets, $1 individual tickets 4th July Fireworks 9 p.m. July 5 from 1 p.m. $20 wristband per person or discount sheets $20 for 25 tickets, $1 individual tickets

Adult rides will cost 4 tickets. Children’s rides will cost 3 tickets. Skill games will cost no more than $4 per attempt.

For the parents, we recommend that you walk around the carnival to check all the rides before purchasing a wristband for your child. Many rides have height restrictions and we do not want you to buy a wristband if your small child can only get on a couple of rides. If that is the case, we recommend buying the individual tickets or the discount sheets. Once you purchase your tickets or wristbands, all sales are final. For additional information on the 2014 USAA and MWR Independence Carnival, July 4th festivities and other events on post, please call MWR Public Relations at (270) 798-7535. Announcements about this event and many others are posted on the Fort Campbell MWR Facebook page. Become a fan and like us at Also visit our webpage at

Carnival times and prices are: • July 2 from 5 p.m. $1 per ride (no wristband or discount sheets sold today)

Down the Block

By Jarrett Rogers Fort Campbell Schools will sponsor the annual Summer Food Service Program from June 5th through July 25, 2014 at three school locations: Andre’ Lucas Elementary, Barkley Elementary and Marshall Elementary Schools. Meals will be served Monday-Friday, breakfast 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and lunch 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., closed weekends and holidays. In addition, a Mobile Meal Van will travel from Village Commons at Gardner Hills Splash Park to

the Village Commons at Hammond Heights Splash Park between the hours of 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday-Friday for children who would like to enjoy a meal while playing in the park. This program is free for all children age 18 years and below; adults may purchase a breakfast meal for $2.25 and lunch for $3.25. The focus is to provide the community’s children with healthy and nutritious meals during the summer months. Children can simply stop by one of three school locations during meal hours and receive a free nutritious meal, or if you’re in the Garner Hills area between 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or the Hammond Heights area from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., your child can take a break from playing and enjoy a nutritious meal free of charge.

Summer vacation is a much needed break from classroom studies for our children, but for some Families it can bring on financial hardship. The Summer Food Service Program provides an excellent relief for parents whose budgets are already stretched to the limit; it gives them a much a financial break from buying food to prepare meals and snacks for their children during summer break. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for working parents to ensure that their children are eating a balanced meal during the day, relieving them of the additional stress of planning and preparing meals for their children while they are out of school for summer vacation. Join us as we continue our efforts to end childhood obesity and offer every child a healthy and nutritious meal.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or if all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the Department. (Not all prohibited basis will apply to all programs and/or employment activities.) If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form. You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442 or email at Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339; or (800) 845-6136 (in Spanish). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


That Guy

6/14 Fort Campbell MWR Life for Single Soldiers  
6/14 Fort Campbell MWR Life for Single Soldiers