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Time to get outdoors I have never been happier to see the arrival of June as I am this year! I recently returned from the best road trip of my adult life. It started as a trip to Colorado for my sister’s wedding, connecting with Family (old and new), continued to Oregon for another Family reunion and to pick up my best friend in Portland. We piled back into the car and drove back home to Tennessee. We lost count of the miles, drank plenty of coffee, listened to music (some great and some horrible) and made memories to last a lifetime. Family and friends pull me through the tough times and I love that I can count on them, even when I don’t realize how much I need them. You don’t have to take a road trip to make memories; you can do that at home by encouraging your Family to play a couple of games in the backyard or heading to one of the local observatories in the area. I had never played bean bag toss until I moved to this area and my friend had never heard of it either. I think it’s safe to say she will introduce the game to her little corner of the Northwest! With the long hot summer stretching out in front of us, stop boredom in its tracks by taking a peek at the Summer Activities article on page 21. No matter how you spend the rest of the summer, make memories that you will cherish.


Tara Goodson, Editor

Tara Goodson


Ben Alejandro Eden Barnett William D. Corlew, III Charlene Frasher Kristen Geist-Hodgins Alex Krohn Ramon M. Maisonet Jessica Ryan Patrice Johnson-Winters

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My Father, My Hero Local children share their love of their dads.


Backyard Games



An Arts & Crafts Cure for Summer Boredom

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The Sky’s the Limit

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Summertime means entertainment. Guenette will keep those dreaded words away all summer long. Local places to star gaze.

10 The Power Within Build resilience.

12 Character Strength

Photography CynDe Clack Paula Hallett Deborah Young Ladder Golf, Inc. Land Between the Lakes TN Department of Tourism Nashville Shores Oak Grove Tourism Tie-Breaker Park

You can help to build a team.

13 Seeking Employment?

Employment Readiness Program can help.

20 From the Couch to 5K

Char takes us through baby steps to better health.

21 2013 Summer Activities Keep your Family entertained.

28 A New Gym in Town

Thinkstock pgs 4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 20, 33

Clarksville Base PFC is the newest hotspot to get your sweat on!

31 Figuratively Speaking Have fun with words.

33 Brutal Fitness 5K Challenge June’s ECFT event is sure to be brutal.

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Keeping it Together

A Kid’s View

We asked local second, third and fourth graders to tell us about their fathers. We received dozens of wonderful letters but we only have room for a few. Here are five we’d like to share with you. by Fort Campbell Children



Backyard Games

Game Time

by Eden Barnett With warmer weather here, rungs on it. There are two teams consisting of backyard barbeques and get-togethers are two. People each toss their bolas and tries to commonplace. I can almost smell the grill wrap it around one of the three rungs. Each right now! Once you make the decision to rung is worth different points, and the goal is invite others over for some fun, it’s up to you to get to 21 points. Sets can easily be bought to actually provide the fun. It seems easy to at various stores, but it’s also easy to keep everyone entertained, but keeping customize your own set. the flow of a party going seamlessly can Game number two is a little better be a little harder than you may think. Here known. Cornhole is a game played in are some backyard games the backyards of many you can use to keep the households. If you haven’t party going. heard of Cornhole before, it The first game involves two boards set at that is perfect for the an angle with a hole backyard is what I call through the middle. Each hillbilly golf, more comteam has four bean bags monly known as Ladder and stands behind a board. Toss. Two balls are tied The goal of the game is to together with a string in reach 21 points. Points are between them. Each team scored by either landing a has a set of three of these, bean bag on the board, or known as bolas. The other getting a bean bag through important item needed in the hole. Landing on the the game is a piece that board gets you one point, looks like a ladder. It stands and getting one in the hole up straight and has three photo courtesy of Ladder Golf Inc. gets you three points.

Teams alternate, throwing one bean bag and then letting the other team throw. Both teams can cancel the opposing side’s points out if the same throw is made. This makes it a bit harder to score points, and makes the game last longer. Both of these games are perfect for a party in your backyard. The best thing about each is that they are easily purchased or made. Examples and game instructions are easily available online.

Arts & Crafts

In the Know

....the Cure for Summer Boredom by Patrice Johnson-Winters With summer vacation in full swing, many parents begin to hear their children complain that they are bored and have nothing to do that is fun. Guenette Arts & Crafts Center wants to help the parents of our Fort Campbell community by letting them know that the Craft shop has an answer for summer vacation boredom. Summer classes for children of any age include Pony Bead Key Chains, Bubble Print Journals and Paper Marbling. The Craft Shop also has several Clay and Soap Making Workshops scheduled over this summer. Both the Clay and Soap Making Workshops will be covering a variety of different projects on various days throughout the summer.

These classes are available to any age, however, all children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Guenette Arts & Crafts Center also offers Drawing Classes and Scratch Art Journal Classes that are available for ages 8 and over and a Galaxy Painting Technique Class for ages 12 and over. All of these classes, their prices and scheduled days and times, can be found on our monthly calendar which can be found at If class and workshop times do not fit into your schedule, perhaps you and your child would like to stop by the Center to participate in any of our many make and take projects that are available on a walk-in basis. Even the smallest crafter can participate in Paint Your Own Pottery. We have a large number of ceramic bisque items available for sale with prices ranging from $1 to $20. With a small additional shop fee, patrons have use of our brushes and acrylic paint supply. Blocks of clay are also available for those who want to work self-directed in Clayworks. The shop fee allows for the use of our tables and tools to facilitate your child’s next great creation.

Guenette Arts & Crafts Center is located at 89 Screaming Eagle Boulevard, right next to Wilson Theatre. The facility is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m., Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. For additional information, please call (270) 798-3625/6693.



Off the Beaten Path

by Jessica Ryan Do you enjoy looking at the stars? Can you name all the constellations or locate the planets? To get the best stargazing experience, visit these state of the art local observatories: Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory 1000 Oman Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee From now until November, Dyer Observatory offers free public tours. Open House Days are the first Wednesday of each month from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and the

Telescope Viewing Nights occur the second Friday of each month with varying start times. Reservations are required for the Telescope Viewing Nights. Additionally, Dyer Observatory has special events such as the Bluebird on the Mountain concerts, Opera on the Mountain, Dyer Observers Space Science Camp, astronomy classes and more. Land Between the Lakes (LBL) Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory 100 Van Morgan Drive, Golden Pond, Kentucky • Daytime & Evening Planetarium Shows - ages 13 & up $5; ages 5-12 $3; Evening Laser Shows - $7 for all ages Home to two state of the art telescopes: the 16” Meade LX-200 ACF Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope and Coronado Solar Telescope. The observatory is open seven days a week with planetarium shows starting every hour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. From June to August, there are laser shows on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Additionally, evening planetarium shows and star parties occur on

select Saturdays during the summer starting at 8 p.m. LBL offers a complimentary Military Pass for Active Duty Soldiers, Reservists and their dependents. Bring your military ID to the Golden Pond Visitor Center and North and South Welcome Stations during normal business hours to receive the pass. The Military Pass gives the military member or their Spouse and up to three individuals free general admission to regular programs. For more information, call (270) 924-2000. Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Observatory Wiser-Patten Science (WPS) Building Room 102, 1301 East Main Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee The MTSU Observatory offers star parties, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the first Friday of the month. The First Friday Star Parties are free and open to the general public. The event begins with a 30 to 45 minute public lecture and followed by a telescope observing (if the weather is clear).

Land B Between etween The La Lakes kes N AT I O N A L



Come out to & &DPS‡+LNH‡%LNH‡5LGH‡'ULYH‡5HOD[ DPS‡+LNH‡%LNH‡5LGH‡'ULYH‡5HOD[ ) )LVK‡6ZLP‡%RDW‡+XQW‡/HDUQ‡3LFQLF LVK‡6ZLP‡%RDW‡+XQW‡/HDUQ‡3LFQLF D DQGHQMR\« QGHQMR\« :LOGOLIH‡+LVWRU\‡1DWXUH‡6SDFH : LOGOLIH‡+LVWRU\‡1DWXUH‡6SDFH Find Find out out more more at at or 1-8001-800-LBL-7077 LBL-70 7077

Perspective Management

The Power Within

by Ramon M. Maisonet

“I had to get it done.” That’s what she eventually said when she got over the realization of being abandoned by her Family. The story of Dawn Loggins is not only inspiring, but it is also a real example of what can happen when people, despite the curveballs life throws at them, decide they are going to take the steering wheels of their lives and drive it with a destination toward success. Dawn faced some tough years living in the small towns of North Carolina. She went through high school with an excess of instability in her Family. She coped with her Family being evicted from numerous homes and faced the realities of living without lights, unpaid water bills, unemployed parents and a steady diet of ramen noodles. Those daily difficulties, however, did not prepare the high school senior for the shock of coming home one day to discover that her Family had disappeared—relocating to another state without telling her. Cell phones had been disconnected, the house was empty and there were no notes—no warnings. “I found myself absolutely homeless with nowhere to go,” Loggins said. “I stayed at friend’s houses in between, and instead of worrying about it, I decided to take action. I knew I had to go to school and I wanted to go back to work.” So, she made it happen. Between a part-time job she got serving as a school custodian before and after school and the kindness and charity of some of her community members, she was able to slowly get back on her feet, all the while focused on her schoolwork. Her

determination allowed her to remain a straight-A student. Her perseverance ultimately led to her becoming the first person from her high school to ever be accepted to Harvard—where she now attends. “A lot of people use bad situations as an excuse and instead of doing that, I turned the bad things around into motivation to succeed and do well,” Loggins said in a television interview with NBC. “I felt like it would be so easy and even acceptable if I were to just say – you

every day with people who decide that they are not going to be victims. However, nothing happens unless you first decide that where you are is not where you are supposed to be. I found this mindset in one of my favorite poems by Karen Ravns: Only as high as I reach can I grow, Only as far as I seek can I go, Only as deep as I look can I see, Only as much as I dream can I be.

Remember the rule of “Nothing”

Notice the common denominator is “I.” In other words, any success you’ll experience lies simply in the power of your say so! You will only go as far as you determine—you’re in charge! Self-reliance is like a toothbrush, you can’t use anyone else’s. You’ve got to grab a hold of the steering wheel of your life and say, “I’m in charge!” Filmmaker Tyler Perry, whose eight films have grossed more than 400 million dollars over the years, now enjoys immense success - but was actually living out of his car for a few months at one time in his life. “Can you imagine a six-foot-five man sleeping in a Geo Metro?” he later joked. Perry took charge. I like the mindset of Gina Rinehart (the world’s richest woman) who once said, “If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself — spend less time drinking or smoking and socializing, and more time working.”

Nothing in your life is going to change until your habits do.

Nothing in your life is going to work for you until you decide to.

Nothing in all of your dreaming is going to materialize until you recognize that

everything you need to succeed is in you. know what, I give up, I can’t do this in this situation, but I didn’t. I knew that if I wanted to make something of myself and I didn’t want to live like this when I got older, I had to get it done.” Hear me when I tell you that you are not the result of life happening to you, you are the result of how you respond. There are stories like Dawn’s that happen

In other words, spend less time doing nothing and take charge.


Character Strength As most people know there are countless tests and assessments for different personality types, personality strengths and weaknesses, character strengths and so on, but they may be asking themselves – “what exactly does it mean and how can I benefit from it after I figure out who I am”? Knowing who you are is the first step (and probably the easiest to achieve) but knowing your teammates’ strengths and building a cohesive team with the information is the much tougher step. Let’s start by saying you and two coworkers took the Army Community Service (ACS) Resilience Course and you finished the Character Strength module of the class which ranks 24 of your

Coolness Under Pressure by Alex Krohn

Assume that your team has been given a project with a short turnaround time but one that will require much thought and tough decisions. You, being the person with strengths in Creativity, want to immediately daydream of the possible outcomes, the various methods you could use on the project and before you know it time is slipping away. That is where your coworker who has the Leadership skills can step in and remind you of the fast approaching deadline and help delegate some tasks and timelines for efficiency and show appreciation for your contributions. Your coworker possessing Love


patience. There are factors against you - like time, budget, members of your team leaving, new members being added - but you have to persevere through imminent change. Highly functioning teams know each other well; they know what skills and talents are best suited for each member and which skills members struggle with. John Maxwell says “If each person is not doing what adds the most value to the team, you won’t achieve your potential as a team.” When you find yourself using your greatest strengths that is when you should feel the most energized and have the most vigor. You feel like you are performing at your best level. You should be looking at your teammates and


GRATITUDE strengths. After the assessment you find out that your strengths are in the areas of Creativity and Teamwork, your first coworker has strength in Gratitude and Leadership and your second coworker has strengths in Honesty and Love of Learning. How can each of these traits make your team stronger and how do you capitalize on it? The first step is by open communication with each other about what makes you who you are. There may be a vunerability issue with delving into personal information but as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, said “The biggest risk is not taking any risk... in a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” Knowing who you are and who your teammates are is essential but doesn’t do any good if you keep it to yourself.



coworkers to see what energizes them, to know what energizes them and to see what tasks best suit them. To get started in discovering your strengths and personality types and how you can benefit your team, I would recommend the Resilience Course offered by ACS and your unit’s Spouse Master Resilience Trainers (SMRTs) and Army Family Team Building (AFTB) for starters. Each of these programs offers classes that take a deeper look into who you are and how you can benefit a team. Please contact Army Community Service AFTB at (270) 798-4800 to schedule a class.


of Learning skills could take some of the burden of researching facts for the job to make sure the facts are accurate and also use their honesty for feedback to keep the team focused. They can also rely on your skills of Creativity by having you “think outside the box” and Teamwork to keep everyone on the same sheet of music and working as a true team. It may sound simple to do by just taking an assessment, talking with each other and abracadabra - your team is the best in the Army, but it is more than that. Building a team takes time, energy, understanding and


Spotlight on MWR

Seeking Employment? by Kristen Geist-Hodgkins

WHO The Army Community Service (ACS) Employment Readiness Program (ERP) consistently provides quality service to Military Spouses, Retirees, DoD Civilians, National Guard, Reservists, and their Family members, through delivery of timely, convenient, and innovative programs. All essential elements of ACS, including purpose, processes, and people, are focused on meeting customer needs and have resulted in quality service throughout the program. From an unparalleled effort to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently, to streamlined, informative workshops, to dedicated, enthusiastic professionals; ACS ERP endeavors to not only meet but exceed customer expectations and provide quality service. The Fort Campbell ACS ERP office offers decades of combined experience from both the Spouse and service member side, resulting in employees who are uniquely qualified to understand and relate to their customer base. ERP has two Master Trainers on staff who have completed the local Briefer and Instructor Training courses, which allows for professional instruction, briefing and counseling. Additionally, two Master Resiliency Trainers are available to help Families learn the skills needed to be a resilient Army Family. The ACS ERP staff of four looks forward to assisting Fort Campbell’s job seeking population. Call or stop in to make an appointment with Sharon, Allan, David, or Kristen to make your job search more successful. In addition to four staff members, ERP is currently supplemented by two fantastic volunteers, Jeremy and Delicia. Both Jeremy and Delicia are military Spouses that visited the ACS ERP office shortly after arriving at Fort Campbell. They heard about the Employment Assistance Program at the Newcomers Orientation, held weekly at the Family Resource Center, and eventually decided to volunteer. Volunteering is a great tool to assist in the job search process as it provides networking opportunities, keeps your resume current and maintains or improves your skill set. The ACS ERP volunteers greet customers, answer phones, provide basic information, assist in the computer resource room, work job at fairs and network with employers. The benefits of volunteering are evidenced by the fact that we will be saying goodbye to Delicia shortly as she heads off to begin a new career with the NAF Human Resources office here at Fort Campbell.


WHAT Military Spouse and Family member employment has long been discussed as an issue of concern for years, if not decades. In its earliest form, the program was known as the Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) and existed to specifically assist Family Members. Now called the Employment Readiness Program (ERP), this Army Community Service (ACS) program continues to provide employment information to not only Family members, but has also been expanded to include DA Civilians, Retirees, National Guard, Reservists, Surviving Spouses, and their Families. The Army recognizes that moving every few years makes it difficult to obtain and maintain careers. Challenges from license/certification transfers to familiarity with local employers to availability of jobs/local job markets, are encountered by Spouses every day. ACS ERP is set up to assist eligible military ID card holders seeking employment by providing a full range of employment related services, from résumé development and interview techniques as well as conducting a successful job search and accurately completing applications. ACS ERP provides classes, one-on-one counseling, resources and information, all designed to assist Spouses in conducting a successful job search. Federal Job Prep, Resume for Results and Employer Spotlight are a few of the classes that are offered regularly. The Federal Job Prep workshop provides instruction on how to navigate the website, and reviews the process to search and apply for federal jobs. For individuals interested in applying for federal jobs, this class will provide the details of the Military Spouse Preference, Executive Order 13473 and the federal

Priority Placement Program. This class is currently offered the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. On the second Tuesday of each month from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m., our Resume for Results class is held. Usually the first item needed when conducting a job search is a resume, as this is what will get you in the door for an interview. This class will provide the basics of creating a resume, review the different formats, ensuring that you use the format that benefits you the most, and discusses content of your resume. Possessing a targeted, well-written resume that markets/advertises you and your skills is crucial to a job search. Also offered on the second Tuesday is our Employer Spotlight class. This monthly event is a great networking opportunity that allows individuals to meet directly with Human Resource representatives from local companies. Each month a different local employer is featured and presents information on how to best qualify for positions with that company as well as tips on how to complete the application process. After discussing specifics of their company, these Human Resource representatives will usually also offer their expertise on other basics to a job search, such as interview tips, and general application and resume recommendations. Even when the featured company is not in your field there is still information to be gained by attending. Mock interviews are a great way to practice and gauge your interviewing skills before the real deal and these classes are offered as requested. Call the ACS ERP office to request one today! The goal of the ACS ERP specifically is to help individuals get a job and maintain a career they enjoy. Please call the ERP office at (270) 798- 4289/4412 to register and confirm time and location of classes offered.

WHEN Normal operating hours for ACS ERP are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The office is open on DONSAs but closed on all federal holidays. Both walk-ins and appointments are happily accepted; whatever works best for the customer is our goal. While our class/event schedule is set as mentioned earlier, extra workshops, briefings, and one-on-one sessions are available for customers after hours as requested. Please contact the ACS ERP office to schedule appointments. We encourage Spouses who are new to Fort Campbell and the surrounding area to visit us soon after arriving. This allows for individuals to ‘get the scoop’ up front and be aware of the opportunities and resources available to them.

WHERE The ACS ERP office has temporarily relocated to 6733 Air Assault due to renovations in the main ACS building. Please call (270) 798-4289/4412 before visiting.

WHY As we come to the fifth and final "W", the why, as in why utilize the ACS ER program? Hopefully the four previous W’s answered this for you! The resources and information ACS ERP office and representatives can provide free of charge, with no strings attached, are quite useful in conducting a successful job search in the Fort Campbell and surrounding areas. For example, using outside resources to assist with writing resumes can usually cost at least $100 per page. In today’s economy when you can save money by using services provided specifically for you at no cost, then the question becomes "why not"? Transitioning from installation to installation offers challenges unique to a Spouse or Family member looking for employment. ACS ERP office is designed to assist you with those challenges; a dedicated team of professionals on hand to assist you with meeting and overcoming those challenges by offering suggestions and recommendations. The success of your job search is often dictated by your personal drive, determination and input. ACS ERP office is not a placement service, but rather a tool for resources. Often looking for a job is not a one- time deal and ACS ERP strives to provide the proper job search tools to assist with looking for employment throughout your career. Remember, looking for a job is already a full time job…why make it more difficult by searching for information and resources on your own? Stop in to visit with ACS ERP today!


Advanced nced Cosmetic Surrgery gery Center of Kentucky

Dr. Mitchell Kaye

Complimentary Consultation

$75.00 Value Call to Schedule Offer expires 06/30/2011

The choice to pursue your degree is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, and at Jones International University we are serious about empowering you to accomplish your goals and achieve the career you envision. Top 10 Military Friendly University First fully accredited online institution Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) member Military Tuition Assistance—including reduced tuition rates, no academic and application fees, undergraduate book program and approved for GI Bill Benefits including the Yellow Ribbon Program

Jones International University !33/#)!4%3s"!#(%,/23s-!34%23s$/#4/2!4%s#%24)&)#!4%3 *2-week trial is available for new students and is subject to change without notice.




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Healthy Habits by Char by Charlene Frasher

From Couch to 5K

Everyone has to start somewhere. Babies don’t know how to walk when they are born. They learn in stages - rolling, sitting up, crawling, standing, walking, and running. This is not a quick journey,it takes time, fuel, training, and conditioning. This is daily play time for babies and toddlers; they don’t know

they are actually exercising. Baby steps are what I preach most often, whether it is regarding lifestyle change, training or nutrition. It’s a formula encompassing small steps in a specific combination for a successful goal. The training formula to go from couch to 5K is in steps, just as it is for a baby to learn to walk. The first step is to make the commitment. Look for a local 5K that peaks your interest, call a friend and invite them to join you. If your goal is to participate then you are successful by walking the event. But if you want to really challenge yourself, then a bit more planning and training will be necessary. An app called C25K (Couch to 5K) which consists of training in intervals can help to prepare you for run day. Week 1 is intervals that consist of 30 seconds of running and 4:30 of walking; week 2 is 1 minute running, 4 minutes walking; week 3 is 1:30 of running, 3:30 of walking, and it adjusts in 30 minute increments. The purpose of the training is not so much the distance but the intervals within. As you progress you can change the variations for more run time and less walk time until you have reached your goal. A 5K seems like a large distance but it’s only 3.1 miles.

The distance may seem like an incredible challenge but isn’t that what life is all about? The majority of my life I have cursed myself with the statement “I am not a runner, I don’t like to run.” Recently I ran my first 5K on a whim and an invitation. I am a firm believer that the body achieves what the mind believes more than that, I am proof of it and I am now a runner.


Summer Youth Activity

Summer Youth Activity Brochure Please check the digital version of the Summer Youth Brochure, available on for updates.

FORT CAMPBELL Fort Campbell Aquatics

Guenette Arts & Crafts Center Kids Classes and Workshops

Fort Campbell swimming pools offer a great way to beat the heat! Get ready for a splashing good time as the pools offer open swim, pool parties, swimming lessons and a variety of other activities to keep you cool over the summer. Please call (270) 798-6310 for additional information.

Guenette Arts & Crafts Center will be offering kids classes and workshops throughout the summer, including (but not limited to) clay workshops, craft workshops, zentangle, drawing classes and soap making. Times and dates will vary, please visit for a current calendar or call (270) 798-6693 for updated information.

Baldonado Pool, located at 2570 Indiana Ave, will be open from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. for lap swimming and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. for recreational swimming.

EDGE! (Experience, Develop, Grow, Excel)

EDGE! offers low cost ($5 per hour), cutting edge activities in art, fitness, life skills, and adventure packages. The EDGE! program is for youth ages 11 to 18 and is geared towards helping youth learn new skills and discover hidden talents through activities such as: cooking, rock wall climbing, bowling, dancing, sewing, hand building pottery, guitar playing, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, and much more. To participate you must have a valid middle school or teen pass, be between the ages of 11 and 18, be registered with Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS), and be a dependent Family member of an active duty military Soldier, a DoD Civilian employee, or a Fort Campbell contractor. Come join us and find your EDGE! For more information on EDGE! classes, please call (270) 412-5811.

Dolan Pool, located at 1566 Lee Rd, will be open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for swimming lessons and 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. for recreational swimming. Single Pool will be closed this summer. Gardner Indoor Pool, located at 2191 Tennessee Ave, will be open for military training; water aerobics from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and lap swimming from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Hooper Bowling Center

Hooper Bowling Center is proud to participate in the Kids Bowl Free program for 2013. Registered kids receive 2 FREE Games of bowling every day between May 15 and August 15! Ages 5 to 17 may participate in this program. There is also a Family Plan available. For $24.95 everyone in the Family (up to 6 members) will be allowed to bowl 2 free games each day. The only charge will be for shoes: Kids and adults shoes will be $1.75 per pair. Parents sign up on line, then every Sunday night parents can print coupons to use during the week. Available times to bowl will be listed on



Call (270) 798-5887 for more information. **Coupons presented on cell phones cannot be accepted. Paper coupons must be turned in by Hooper Bowling Center with our daily accounting paperwork, therefore we must have printed coupons that you receive from your email, printed in normal size print and cut out for the clerk at the counter. We thank you in advance for your understanding and adherence to this request.

HIRED! Is a 12 week apprenticeship program where CYSS registered youth ages 15 to 18 will engage in meaningful, professionally-managed, career-exploration opportunities in Family and Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) operations. The HIRED! Apprentice Program offers valuable paid work experience and training that will

better equip each participant with the skills needed for a highly-competitive job market. Get HIRED! and earn $500 upon successfully completing the term. Please contact (270) 798-1203 or for additional information. For applications and deadlines, please visit us at SKIESUnlimited

From dance and gymnastics to golf, music and martial arts, SKIESUnlimited has a vast array of programs available to the children and youth of Fort Campbell. SKIESUnlimited will offer special mini summer workshops in addition to continuing their normally scheduled classes. These include cheerleading, soccer and more! Children of deployed Soldiers are eligible for $300.00 worth of free classes when registered with CYSS. Some of our exciting summer workshops are Baseball (Doyle Academy), soccer (Athletes Global), basketball (Playmaker Academy), Fort Campbell High School Camps: football; wrestling; cheer; soccer, volleyball and basketball. For more information on the

SKIESUnlimited schedule, please call (270) 412-5811. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon! MWR Youth Sports

Youth Sports and Fitness offers a wide range of recreational and developmental activities for youth in grades K – 12. Eligible youth are Family members of active duty, retired military, National Guard/Reserve, and Civilian employees at

Fort Campbell. Call (270) 798-3168 for more information. Registration Dates: Tackle Football for 3 through 8 grades is July 8 to August 2 and the cost is $65. Cheerleading for K through 8 grades is July 8 to August 2 and the cost is $40. Pre-K through 8 grades is July 8 to August 2 and the cost is $40. Running Club for 3 through 12 grades is July 8 to August 2 and the cost is $50.

Teen Club 24/7

Help your teens beat the summer boredom blues! With a variety of activities and programs, there is never a dull moment at Teen Club 24/7. These activities are for youth grades 9 -12 who are registered with CYSS and have a valid Middle School & Teen (MST) pass. Teen Summer Camp is free and will be held at Taylor Youth Center (TYC), located at 80 Texas Avenue, Monday through Thursday from noon until 8 p.m.,

Summer Reading Program

The “Have Book, Will Travel” Summer Reading Club at Robert F. Sink Memorial Library is for the entire Family. It starts June 2 and offers six great weeks of fun! Reading rewards will be based on hours spent reading, not number of books read, with check-in times between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. June 10-13, June 24-27 and July 8-10. Children will receive hourly prizes for reading and for every hour over 6 hours, tickets will be issued for special prize drawings. Teens will receive prizes for every two hours of reading and tickets for special prize drawings will be issued when they exceed eight hours. There is no limit to how many hours you read! Weekly story time themes will be: Mexico, Australia, Korea, Russia, Africa and North Pole; with a challenging brain puzzle each week. Special programs will include: Baby & Me every Wednesday at 10 a.m. Sign Language flash cards will be given away each week. Every Tuesday at 2 p.m. you can join the Magic Tree House Fun with “Pirates Past Noon”. Games, prizes and crafts will accompany the book reading. This is designed for children in first grade and up. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will be discussed Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. Older children, teens and adults are welcome. Hogwart’s treats will be provided. Storytime and Crafts will be offered every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Folk tales from around the world will be featured with matching crafts. The Grand Finale, featuring the Science Guy, will be held on Thursday, July 11 at D.W. Recreation Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information about the USAA Summer Reading Program, please call R. F. Sink Memorial Library at (270) 798-5729.

Friday from noon until 10 p.m. and on Saturday from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. Middle School & Teens Summer Camp also includes a meal program where each member will receive free lunch (ends at 1 p.m.) and snack. Teens will have the opportunity to participate in daily activities such as swimming, bowling, archery, fishing, bicycling, arts and crafts, and canoeing and kayaking. During summer camp the Middle School & Teen Program will also provide youth the opportunity to go on field trips and engage in special events such as visits to water parks, amusement parks, dances, lock-ins, sports tournaments and fine art shows. For more information on the Teen Club 24/7 Summer Camp please call (270) 956-1203. Outdoor Recreation

Fort Campbell Outdoor Recreation has a variety of activities for youth. Offering everything from fishing, camping and hiking to horseback riding, archery, paintball, and climbing; there is something for everyone! Adventures are offered throughout the year but the summer brings an emphasis on water activities. This includes rafting trips down the Nantahala and the Ocoee Rivers; and kayaking and canoeing programs, both Continued on page 24


Summer Youth Activity

on-post at Kyle Lake and off-post in nearby lakes and rivers. Pre-registration is required for all Adventure Programs. With such a wide selection of programs available, Outdoor Recreation is sure to have something to entertain every person in your Family. Call Outdoor Recreation at (270) 798-2175 for more information about these exciting activities.

team building, games and mentoring opportunities. Camps run Monday thru Friday from 5:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. starting June 3 and ending August 2. Camps are set up by the week, so you do not have to sign your child up for the entire summer. You can choose the weeks you wish to participate in. Fees for camp are income based according to DoD fee guidance. Camp weeks must be reserved and paid for in advance. Children must have a current enrollment with Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) prior to being registered in SAC. For more information please call Parent Central Services at (270) 798-0674. Spaces are limited.

Summer Meal Program

Wild West Camp at Fort Campbell Riding Stables

Are you looking for an educational and fun camp for summer break? Fort Campbell Riding Stables will be holding camps that will cover tacking, grooming, conformation, feeding, breed types and riding. Age 3 to 5 camp dates will be: July 1 – 3; July 15 – 17; July 18 – 20. All 3 to 5 year old camps will cost $50 per camper per session and will meet from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Parents are required to remain at camp with the 3 to 5 year olds. Age 6 to 8 camp dates will be: July 1 to 3; July 15 to 17; July 18 to 20. All 6 to 8 year old camps will cost $100 per camper per session and will meet from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Age 9 and up camp dates will be: July 8 to 12; July 22 to 26. Age 9 and up camps will cost $150 per camper per session and will meet from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Registration opens May 15. Please call (270) 798-2629 for additional information. School Age Care (SAC) Summer Activities

School Age Care provides a nine week summer program for children who have completed kindergarten thru 5 grades. The program offers exciting, age appropriate activities including: trips to on-post swimming pools, Venture River Water Park, ice skating, field days, arts and crafts, cooking activities, Family fun days,

be placed on a waiting list. Both camps are residence camps. Registration is April 15 through June 1 (no exceptions). You can email to request an application or stop by the Armed Services YMCA, located at 3068 Reed Avenue to pick one up. For questions, please call (270) 798-3077. Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) and the Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA will be partnering to host the third annual SOS camp. This camp is dedicated to the children of our fallen Soldiers. It is a free residence camp for those children, ages range from 8 to12. Camp dates are July 7-13, 2013. Contact Suzy Yates at (270) 798-0272 for more information and registration. All three camps will be located here on Fort Campbell at Camp Hinsch.

Armed Services YMCA Summer Camps

The Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA offers great opportunities for summer fun. Green Camp (environmental awareness) will be offered to 25 children ages 10 to 12. It is planned for July 21-27, 2013. Screaming Eagle Camp will be offered to 50 children ages 10 to12. It is planned for June 23-29, 2013. Both camps are free and priority will go to children of a deployed Soldier and children who have not participated in one of our camps in the past. Children who have attended in the past will

Fort Campbell schools are providing a summer meal program FREE to all children under the age of 18. The program is available on weekdays from June 6 through July 26 at Marshall, Lincoln, and Jackson Elementary Schools. No meals will be served on July 4. Breakfast is served each morning from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m.; lunch is served from 11 a.m. until 1 pm. Adults can purchase a breakfast meal for $2.25 and a lunch meal for $3.25. To find out more about the Summer Meal Program, please call Jarrett Rogers at the Fort Campbell Schools Central Office, (270) 640-1211 or email Campbell Crossing Community Activities

Campbell Crossing will host various activities throughout the summer that are free and open to all Campbell Crossing residents. Activities include Splash Into Summer, National Night Out, Post Wide Yard Sale, reading programs, and more. Do not miss the opportunity to spend time with your Family as you get to know your neighbors. For more information, please or search for Campbell Crossing on Facebook. Fast & Fun Get-A-Ways

MWR Leisure Travel Services has a variety of discounted tickets for Families Continued on page 25


Summer Youth Activity who are looking for a quick fun filled get-a-way. Whether it is a thrilling trip to Six Flags, St. Louis or Georgia; Holiday World, or fun in the sun at Nashville Shores or Venture River; MWR Leisure Travel Services has the tickets and more to choose from! To find out more information, call (270) 798-7436/0509, visit the website at or stop by the office located in the Exchange Mall.

Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo offers a world of excitement. In addition to exploring habitats and viewing animals from all over the world, there are activities, show and events going on throughout the year. The Nashville Zoo is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. Contact MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 798-7436 for tickets.

MORE FUN SPOTS Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center in Nashville has a variety of fun, educational exhibits including the Adventure Tower, Body Quest, and Mission Possible. You will also want to check out the Sudekum Planetarium, Bluemax, and Space Chase. General admission with military discount is $11 for adults and $9 for youth ages 2 to 12. For more information call (615) 862-5160 or visit Nashville Shores

Nashville Shores features more than a million gallons of fun. Experience the all-new Kowabunga Beach, a massive, fourstory water treehouse and sprayground. Brave the waved in Breaker Bay, an oceansized wave pool and don’t miss Castaway Creek, Tennessee’s widest lazy river. Blast at speeds of 35 mph down the exhilarating Music City Racer or plunge down thrilling water slides like the Big Scream. Nashville Shores offers fun Family activities for all ages. Contact MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 798-7436 for tickets.

Venture River

Join in the fun at Venture River Water Park. Little ones can splash around the Pleasure Island Kiddie Area, while the older and more adventurous kids can visit any of the four thrill packed water slides. If you are looking to just kick back, relax and just float along, visit Old Man River or ride the waves in the Hurricane Bay Wave Pool. There are a variety of activities available for children of all ages. Daily passes as well as season passes are available for purchase. Contact MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 7987436 for tickets. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Voted #1 Kids Art Center and #1 Museum by readers of Nashville Parent Magazine, Frist Center for the Visual Arts is sure to offer a good time for the entire Family. Their 24,000 square feet of gallery space is dedicated to presenting the finest visual art from local, state and regional artists as well as major U.S. and international exhibitions. Families can enjoy exploring various art works on display in the galleries. Children age 18 and under are always FREE and active military with current ID get a discounted admission of $7. To learn more about the Frist Center for the Visual Arts please visit Beech Bend Park

Beech Bend has been entertaining Families since 1898 and offers an Amusement Park, Water Park, Race Track and Camp Ground, all in one place. With so much to do, Beech Bend has something for every member of the Family! Admission prices vary depending on how many


activities you enjoy. Call MWR Leisure Travel Services at (270) 798-7436 for tickets.

There is always something happening in Cheekwood’s Botanical Gardens. From the Robertson Ellis Color Garden bursting with season displays of colorful annuals, to the formal Martin Boxwood Garden, visitors can walk through the 55 acres and discover different styles and periods of gardens and study a wide selection of plants that can be grown in Middle Tennessee. Ages 2 and under are free; it is $5 for ages 3 to 17; $5 for college students with ID; $10 for seniors age 65 and above; and $12 for adults. They offer a 50% military discount for military personnel with ID card. Visit for more information. Land Between the Lakes

The Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area located in Kentucky and Tennessee between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. There is a museum, a planetarium, and an environmental education area there. The area has many miles of hiking trails, many boat ramps, an off-road vehicle area, campgrounds, group lodges and a few cabins. Active duty service men and women and their dependents can obtain the new military version of the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Annual Pass. The Military Pass is available at Golden Pond Visitor Center, The Homeplace, Woodlands Nature Station, and North & South

be a limited supply of equipment and bait available at no cost. Visit for more information.

Welcome Stations. LBL accepts the new Military Pass at The Homeplace, Golden Pond Planetarium, and Woodlands Nature Station. It will admit the pass holder plus three other individuals free of charge to these facilities. Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit

Movies in the Park

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will be conducting the fourth annual Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit (TOYS), June 9 – 14. This program is for students in high schools across Tennessee and is held in cooperation with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF). Students will be introduced to many different outdoor activities and will participate in hands-on classes that will teach the importance of natural resources and their management. For more information, please visit

Admission is FREE! Bring your picnic baskets, blankets, lawn chairs and Family out and enjoy a movie under the night sky. The City of Clarksville will be hosting 9 movies between May and September this year. The first Movies in the Park will be held on May 4. Additional dates include: June 1, 15 & 29, July 13, August 10 & 31, October 19. Movies begin at dusk, with pre-movie activities beginning an hour earlier. Visit for more information.

CLARKSVILLE RiverView Mounds Farm

River View Mounds Century Farm is a Family owned farm that hosts year round entertainment and educational activities. They offer party packages, an outdoor farm playground, group tours and hayrides. New this year is RiverView Mounds Summer Camp for rising first graders to rising seventh graders. Visit for more information. TWRA Fishing Rodeo

Youth, ages 16 and under, are invited for a free day of fishing on June 8 from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. at Liberty Park Pond. Prizes will be awarded for the biggest fish, biggest creel, smallest fish, and more! Enjoy free hot dogs and drinks. There will

Summer Playhouse

For five weeks during the summer, the Roxy Regional Theatre hosts a summer drama camp sponsored by the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department. Children ages 10 to 16 learn basic acting techniques, improvisational skills and stage movement, culminating in a free performance for Family and friends on the final day of the program. The 2013 Summer Playhouse runs June 10 through July 11, with classes meeting Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. at the Roxy Regional Theatre, 100 Franklin Street. There is a $30 registration fee when can be paid at the Parks and Recreation office beginning May 27. For more information call (931) 645-7699. You may register anytime after June 10, but the fee remains the same.

Independence Day Celebration

Take the Family to see Clarksville’s largest fireworks display! On July 3, Clarksville will celebrate our nation’s independence with great food and live entertainment followed by the fireworks display. Festivities begin at Liberty Park Great Lawn at 6 p.m. and fireworks begin at approximately 9:30 p.m. For more information, please visit Summer Tumbling Camps

Camps are open to children ages 6 to 16. They will learn to roll, flip, and turn with an instructor who has more than 25 years of coaching experience. Camps will be held at American Twisters Tumbling, 438 Kelly Lane. Fee is $40 per child per session. Sessions are: June 3-6, June 10-13, and July 8-11. Times for all sessions are 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. For information and registration, please visit

Customs House Museum & Cultural Center

Located in the heart of historic downtown Clarksville, the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center is the state’s second largest general museum. Explore an entire city block featuring large gallery spaces filled with fine art, science and history. The Explorer’s Gallery is packed with fun, learning and fantasy in McGregor’s Market and kitchen and the Bubble Cave. The Customs House Museum and Cultural Center offers a Military Family Membership

Continued on page 287


Summer Youth Activity for the entire year! For more information call (931) 648-5780 or visit Clarksville Aquatics Events

Mark your calendar for these special aquatics events: • World’s Largest Swim Lesson will take place on June 18 at 10 a.m. (New Providence, Beachaven, Swan Lake, and Smith Pools) • Back to School Splash on August 4. (preregistration is required) • Special Needs Night will be held weekly. Contact New Providence Pool for more information visit

31 from 9 a.m. to noon. For more details on the Summer Youth Program or other programs, please contact the Clarksville Parks and Recreation at (931) 645-7476 or visit Riverfest

The 26th annual two-day music and arts festival will be held on the banks of the Cumberland River on September 6 & 7. This free event features delicious food, activities for kids of all ages, and multiple stages with live entertainment.For more information Visit


Wonder Kids Triathlon

total of 5 Family movies shown on a 35’ x 45’ inflatable “Big Screen”. Admission is free. Cold drinks and popcorn will be available for purchase. Comfort stations will be onsite. All showings begin at dusk. Dates are: June 14, July 12, August 9, and September 13. Titles are available at the following websites: and Westside Park is located at W 9th Street, near the intersection with 7th Street. There is plenty of parking available at the nearby Christian County Justice Center. All films are rated G or PG. Bring your Family and your lawn chairs for a great evening of Family entertainment.


Soapbox Derby

Children ages 3 to 12 are invited to participate in Clarksville’s first-ever triathlon for kids. Event will be held at Swan Lake Sports Complex on August 3 starting at 8 a.m. Fee is $25 which includes a shirt, medal and pedestal photo op. Registration opens on May 1 and can be completed on-line at or at the Parks & Recreation main office. Summer Youth Program

Participants in the Summer Youth Program can expect six weeks of fun activities during their summer break from school. They will meet new friends, learn new skills, and maybe take up new hobbies. Separate teen sites allow for weekly field trips. This year’s theme is, “It’s a Jungle Out There”. This is a free program for youths age 6 to 12 and 13 to 16.

Catch the excitement! The All-American Soap Box Derby is coming to Hopkinsville on June 15. This is a youth gravity racing program for boys and girls ages 7 through 17. For more information, visit Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center

Age 6 to 12 Kleeman, Burt-Cobb, and Crow Centers, Northeast, Minglewood, Glenellen, Byrns Darden, Barksdale, Burt, Woodlawn Elementary Schools, Summit Heights and Caldwell Lane


The 5th Annual Butterfly Festival will be held on Saturday, September 28 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., at the War Memorial Walking Trail Park. Children will be able to make environmental arts and crafts projects for free. Come and interact

Slip and slide into fun at Tie Breaker! General admission for military ID card holders is $6 (48” tall and over), $4 (under 48” tall). Military ID required. Children ages 24 months and younger are free. Their 2013 season will begin in May. For more information, please call (270) 890-0730 or visit


Age 13 to 16 Moore Elementary, New Providence and Northeast Middle Schools REGISTRATION: Begins at the Community Centers on May 28 at 9 a.m. and at the school sites on May

Butterfly Festival

Movies in the Park

The City of Hopkinsville, Division of Parks and Recreation, will again present full-length feature films this summer, outdoors, at Westside Park. There will be a

with live butterflies in their habitat in the Butterfly House or let the Master Gardeners take you on a tour of the beautiful Butterfly Garden. Entertaining stage shows will be taking place on the Viceroy stage. All of this along with face painting, the ever popular bubble zone and the monster mural! The event will conclude with a live butterfly release of 750 butterflies at 5 p.m. For more information please visit

For additional copies of this brochure, please contact

Body, Mind & Spirit

A New Gym in Town by Ben Alejandro Clarksville Base Physical Fitness Center is now open! Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on DONSAs. Clarksville Base PFC is located at 7540 Headquarters Road, in CAV Country. Although we have recently opened and have a limited amount of equipment, patrons can still achieve a full body workout. What was once a full court for basketball is now a multipurpose area for maximum training and functional fitness. This is the perfect place to start training for the July Eagle Challenge Fitness Tour event! Along with multiple machines, this PFC highlights four Power Racks fully equipped to perform all major and Olympic style lifts. Clarksville Base PFC will soon add additional cardio equipment to its already existing variety of treadmills, elliptical and spin bikes to satisfy those who want more of an aerobic than anaerobic workout. An aerobics room is

also in the plans to provide our guests with multiple fitness classes which will be led by our certified instructors. This is just another great facility provided to keep Fort Campbell residents fit and healthy. Please do not forget to keep visiting our five other Physical Fitness Centers: Freedom Fighters, Lozada, Olive, Fratellinico, and Gertsch. A monthly class schedule can be found at under the Sports & Fitness tab.

Clarksville Base: (270) 412-5285 Gertsch: (270) 798-2753 Fratellinico: (270) 798-9418 Olive: (270) 798-4101 Lozada: (270) 798-4306 Freedom Fighters: (270) 798-7355


Daymar Institute - Clarksville, TN


Classes Start Soon Enroll Today! Campus Location 1860 Wilma Rudolph Blvd Clarksville TN, 37040

Phone (931) 552-7600 Web Web

Classes Begin Soon

Enroll Now! (931) 552-7600

For more information about graduation rates, median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information information,, visit our website at GD\PDULQVWLWXWHHGXGLVFORVXUHV&DUHHU(GXFDWLRQ_$FFUHGLWHG0HPEHU$&Ζ&6bb GD\PDULQVWLWXWHHGXGLVFORVXUHV&DUHHU(GXFDWLRQ_$FFUHGLWHG0H HPEHU$&Ζ&6bb

Train Your Brain

Figuratively Speaking by William D. Corlew, III Here is a deep dark-secret about my past that I have shared with only a handful of folks: during high school I invented ingenious methods to make education easier (for me). Some of my peers would proclaim me a visionary - however, at least one teacher would describe me using words like unprepared, casual, or otherwise just lazy. Mrs. Wright was my 11th grade English teacher; she had recently graduated college and was somewhat younger than most of my other teachers, so I thought that it would be easier to pilot my newest innovation (scam) with her. Each week among her many assignments and deadlines, we would take a spelling test. Overall, I wasn’t an academically challenged student. I just lacked resilience to adequately prepare for one more examination. I was a busy student. I was in the marching band, jazz band, concert band, chorus, the forensic team, the tennis team, had a part-time job, and I had to attend all of the formal school events and social informal events. I mean, what would my friends think of me if I missed our routine pizza and bowling night in order to study for a spelling test? I had responsibilities and a reputation to preserve. Anyway, back to English class. My scores on Mrs. Wright’s spelling test were at best mediocre and one of my many flaws was that I had (and still have) poor handwriting. If there was a word that I found difficult to spell, I would just write it sloppy, allowing Mrs. Wright to guess and give me credit for misspelling a word that I was sure to miss. But one day, after completing a test using my patented write-it-sloppy-method, Mrs. Wright called me to the front of the class and proceeded to ask me to spell several of the words that I wrote. After each word I misspelled, the class increasingly exploded in laughter with each wave of Mrs. Wright’s hand as they witnessed her writing a large, red “X” next to each word. It felt like I was in a bad dream; Mrs. Wright was the conductor, the students were members of her orchestra, and the red pen – her baton. Today I am wiser and while I’m still trying to polish my former reputation, my responsibilities are more substantive than my tenure in high school. My penmanship has slightly improved and I realize the art of using


effective grammar. I use effective because what you write (or say) is important, but the purpose for your writing is for others to understand your thoughts clearly. Therefore it’s necessary to communicate your thoughts (written or spoken) accordingly. If you are with your friends or close relatives, it’s acceptable to talk and behave expectantly; considering linguistically, your methods of communication and behavior are optimum. But, if you find that your inner circle is reluctant to ask you for driving directions, how to cook canned soup, the best place to get a burger, or to describe your favorite movie this year, then you may need some grammar restructuring. Lemon Snicket writes, “It is very useful, when one is young, to learn the difference between literally and figuratively. If something happens literally, it actually happens; if something happens figuratively, it feels like it is happening. If you are literally jumping for joy, for instance, it means you are leaping in the air because you are very happy. If you are figuratively jumping for joy, it means you are so happy that you could jump for joy, but are saving your energy for other matters.” One of my favorite phrases that I use often is: “fixing to”; which suggests that I’m preparing to or getting ready to do something. I usually use this term figuratively under duress for something that I had intended to do, but just didn’t get around to doing it or as a protective measure because I just simply to forgot to do it. But literally “fixing” implies repair; so this would not be an optimum written phrase to describe something that you plan to do. My least favorite and overused phrase I hear constantly is, “…If you will” and every time I hear it, I would like to answer, “yes, I will; maybe, I won’t; no; or is this my only choice?” So let’s take a gander at a few common spoken phrases that when translated literally would mean something completely different if written, courtesy of A dime a dozen – very common; something that is so easy to find that it doesn’t have much value. All – means very; “He was all nervous.”

As if – on its own, this phrase is used to suggest/emphasize that something is not likely or not going to happen, “He thinks I’ll go out with him. As if!” Bolt – run (towards); “As soon as I turned around, she bolted for the door.” When written alone, this is a noun instead of a verb that describes a mechanical part for securing items together. That’s behind me – that’s in the past, therefore no longer important. I’m thinking, what object is behind you? Bent out of shape – upset/agitated, “Don’t get all bent out of shape over that.” I’m wondering if the object will return to its original shape. Call it a day – to stop some kind of activity, “We’ve been working for 12 hours – let’s call it a day.” Which day, Saturday, Tuesday, Friday…? Cheesy – cheap, tacky, “A cheesy pick-up line or a cheesy song.” Fishy – suspicious, “There’s something fishy about the way he’s behaving.” Iffy – uncertain, “That’s a little iffy at this point.” When written, it may suggest that the writer misspelled a very popular brand of peanut butter, car maintenance service, or baking mix. Man – a colloquial way guys (especially male friends) address each other; or alone, an expression of disgust or sigh, “Man, I have to tell you what happened to me last night! or “Listen man, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” or “Oh man, do we really have to?” No-brainer – very easy question; a question/situation or dilemma which has an obvious or easy solution, “Well, if you ask me, it’s a no-brainer; you should call her and apologize.” School – to teach someone a lesson; to show someone how something is (really) done, “We

thought we were the best but the other team really schooled us.” You can say that again – I agree with you completely. What if the other person actually repeats the phrase?

Have fun with words and come up with your own list of figurative words to share with your friends - doing so may help you as Mrs. Wright has helped me (eventually).

You’re telling me – I know exactly what you mean. As the result of cellular technology, text and e-mail are popular choices to quickly send someone a message without using voice communication; however, it is often difficult to properly use appropriate grammar, style, and technique while using this form of media. For me, the touchpad and alphabet keys are just too small to adequately use and it automatically spells words I wish not to use. Additionally, there are numerous computer applications that have the spell check function, but that doesn’t mean that spell check ensures you are using the word correctly. For example, if you attempt to type the word “add” using a standard keyboard, check your message carefully before you select send. You may have typed the letter “s” instead of “d”! Consider the following rules, compliments of Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Copyblogger and Editor-in-Chief of Entreproducer: Your versus you’re – your car or your hat; use you’re as a contraction for you are. Loose versus lose – “if your pants are too loose, you might lose your pants.” Complement versus compliment – complement is something that adds to or supplements something and compliment is something nice someone says about you. Fewer versus less – if you can count it, use fewer, “Robert has written fewer poems since he got a full time job”; if you can’t count it, use less, “Sonia has less incentive to do what I say.” The dangling participle – “After rotting in the cellar for weeks, my brother brought up some oranges” (this means your brother is a zombie who delivers fruit); try instead, “My brother brought up some oranges that had been rotting in the cellar for weeks.”



Eagle Challenge Fitness Tours Offers

Brutal Fitness 5K Challenge by Ben Alejandro I know what you’re thinking; the Eagle Challenge Fitness Tour (ECFT) is the best thing since sliced bread! Road races, land nav, bike races and a tough mud event have brought us to the July challenge and the half way point. “I’m feeling great! I’m feeling pumped! But I thought this was a fitness challenge, give me more!” Well, guess what!? You want it, you got it! On July 13, we bring you the Brutal Fitness 5K Challenge. Once again Fort Campbell officials are changing things up and keeping it interesting by offering this one of a kind event that will really test your strength, stamina, endurance, and will be a brutally fun experience. This 5K road race will be filled with nine BRUTAL physical challenges to endure along the way. I don’t want to give away all the

surprises, but these challenges will consist of anything from tractor tire flips to sand bag overhead presses. Are you surprised? We didn’t put the word Brutal in the title because you’ll be picking daisies! Whether you have participated in all

or some of the ECFT activities, I commend you for rising to the challenge. To put you back at ease, we haven’t lost sight of what the true meaning of the Eagle Challenge Fitness Tour is all about. We want all participants to come out, stay active, and enjoy this event with Family and friends. To suit all participants, this challenge will offer three levels of difficulty for the physical events and even a special 1K “Little Brute” Family and kids course. As always, Fort Campbell MWR will be present, providing great information on upcoming events and activities. The start time for this event will be 7 a.m. and participants will start in three minute intervals until everyone has started the course. The registration fee is only $15 through July 11 or $20 for participants registering July 12 and 13 for this fun filled challenging event. Register online now at

6-13 Fort Campbell MWR Life for Families  

Monthly magazine for Soldiers and Families attached to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky

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