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FEATURES - October 2012

Editor Tara Goodson



Alyssa Blakemore Eden Barnett CynDe Clack William D. Corlew, III Charlene Frasher Brian Hinton Ruben I. Osuna Jessica Ryan Lisa Taylor

Frightful frolics and haunted happenings!


Creative Director


Sears Hallett

Get Ripped


Celebrate Autumn Bavarian Style

You too can get a bodybuilder’s physique.

10 Breast Cancer Awareness

Men can also suffer from breast cancer. Do you know your risk level?


Jenny Roecker 931-627-4969

12 Winterizing Your Vehicle

Prep your vehicle for winter with the help of Air Assault Auto.

Photography Paula Hallett Jessica Ryan Deborah Young

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Local Oktoberfest activities and celebrations.

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A Tantalizing Tale of Tormented Tenants

14 Know Your Mind

Left brain versus right brain thinking.

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18 Operation Rising Star

Tune into the Pentagon Channel to catch this year’s contest.


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19 Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween Don’t run out of gas!

19 Fright Fair

Will you brave the Haunted Woods this year?

20 Healthy Habits by Char

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Time for a cool down.

22 ‘Tis the Season to Overspend It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping responsibly.

24 Pet Fostering

Deploying soon, what will you do with your four legged Family member?

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27 Seasons of Change

Estep Wellness Center has everything you need to start change in yourself.

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In the Know

A Tantalizing Tale of Tormented Tenants by William D. Corlew

On a brisk autumn evening, leaves transform into a majestic palate of rich earth tones. You decide to take the slow scenic route home from work, snuggle up to a hearty bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich before you begin reading your latest mystery novel on your e-Reader. You finish your meal, dim the lights, grab a blanket and your specs and ease into your favorite chair; all is quiet, when suddenly you hear a faint sound coming from the back bedroom. Fairly certain you are by yourself, you investigate, cautiously maneuvering through open spaces camouflaged only by shadows; your silhouette casts an eerie alien-resemblance of a phantom caricature of an uncanny image seen only in horror movies. You approach, creeping closer, edging up to the sinister disturbance, your third-person voice tells you to turn back the whole time, but momentum pushes you forward. The sound increases as your heart pumps faster; you now realize you should have turned on the light. You reach the sound, take a deep breath of air, and are relieved to discover that it was just the tap of a twig against the window pane. Nonetheless, as you turn to leave the room something gently grazes your shoulder and... Things that go bump at night, dusty sheet-covered furniture, desolate spaces, hollow halls that echo unfamiliar sounds, hazy human-like images in windows, floating flatware, clocks that chime at midnight, sudden pungent odors, and an over-abundance of musty cobwebs are all ingredients that attract fright-goers to the Haunted House. Just how did we come up with the concept of cohabiting with the dearly departed? We pay rent or a mortgage for homes we assume to be unoccupied! The origins of haunted houses do not begin with a date, but a story told over and over again in nearly every community of every region in America to explain why a particular house was still vacant or to describe neighbors who were non-mainstream or weird: thanks to the Munsters and the Addams Family. Today, most haunted houses are specifically associated with Halloween. Although there are a number of people who believe in the real existence of wicked estates, most modern-day hysteria hunters pursue fictitious adventures of the entertainment kind. Thrill seekers of all ages flock to these paranormal parlors in order to escape from the stressors of the day and amuse themselves and friends to see who scares the easiest. The month of October creates the perfect scene for a featured frightful frolic - with cooler autumn temperatures, shorter days, and vegetation evolving into a mosaic of russet-brown and pumpkin-orange, you'll find our community playing host to an abundance of haunted trails, haunted mazes, hayrides, and bonfires. Nevertheless, nothing in October attracts more

visitors both young and old, breathing and the breathless than these possessed properties. There are a number of local attractions that’s sure to trick or treat eerie enthusiasts quench for terrifying thrills. Be sure to check out for the “Fright Fair at Fort Campbell Riding Stables” which offers haunted hayrides, a haunted forest and pony express, and scary story hour, as well as other events for adults and children. Additionally, a short trip, just south of Clarksville to Adams, TN provides the ideal historic haunted attraction according to the legend of the Bell Witch, which also pioneered the release of two epic films: An American Haunting and Bell Witch Haunting. Considering how the assortment of local and regional terror temptations abound, one may argue that the best way to enjoy a haunted home is from the comfort of a couch while watching others panic on the flat screen for a couple of hours. I know when there is absolutely nothing else better to do on the weekends -- reruns of Frankenfish and Pumpkinhead keeps me held captive for a spell or two. Legendary movie phrases like, “Heeere's Johnny, REDRUM, They're Here, and Get Out”, keep us coming back for more frightful feasts. If you don't recognize the movies where these lines come from, just challenge someone at the water cooler; I’ll bet they can come-up with a few of their own as well. So now that I’ve worn out my entire ensemble of alliteration anecdotes (OK, one more won’t hurt); here is my top-ten list of all time favorite haunted house movies. Have fun and develop your own list and see just how many movies you and your friends have watched.

10. Beetlejuice, 1988 Starring Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis 9. House, 1986 Starring William Katt and Richard Moll. 8. The Amityville Horror, 1979 Starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. 7. 13 Ghosts, (1960) Starring Charles Herbert and Jo Morrow (2001) Starring Tony Shalhoub and Matthew Lillard. 6. Poltergeist, 1982 Starring Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams. 5. Evil Dead, 1981 Starring Bruce Campbell and Ellen Sandweiss. 4. House on Haunted Hill, 1959 Starring Vincent Price and Carol Ohmart. 3. The Shining, 1980 Starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. 2. The Pit and the Pendulum, 1961 Starring Vincent Price and Barbara Steele. 1. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, 1996 Starring Don Knotts and Joan Staley. Honorable mention: The Others, 2001 Starring Nicole Kidman and Christopher Eccleston. The Skeleton Key, 2005 Starring Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, and John Hurt. Paranormal Activity, 2007 Starring Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat. Room 1408, 2007 Starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. The Changeling, 1980 Starring George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere. Demons, 1985 Starring Urbano Barberini and Natasha Hovey.


Get Ripped

Despite many magazines explaining how difficult it is to get the physique of a professional bodybuilders, you can accomplish that goal. It just takes longer and you must have the right combination of exercises. By using state of the art training principles, consuming a nutrient-rich diet, and by getting proper amounts of rest, almost every person can make these incredible changes. The competitive bodybuilder circuit may not be in your future, but building the kind of physique that gains you respect is certainly achievable, as are self-respect and robust health. Bodybuilding is not only for a fit body, it helps create a fit mind. You will need to consume a calorie rich diet in order for you to get big results. But you must commit to a 30 minute cardio session every week to maintain your waist line. Monitor your caloric consumption if you are looking to build lean tissue; most of us do not have super fast metabolic rates and studies show about 65% of the new tissue gains brought about by

Body, Mind & Spirit by Brian Hinton

high-calorie diets consists of fat! Of the remaining 35%, approximately 15% consists of increased intracellular fluid volume, leaving a very modest percentage attributable to increased lean muscle mass. One popular myth is spot-reduction. Doing thousands and thousands of sit-ups will give you tight abdominal muscles, but they will do nothing to rid your midsection of fat. Nothing will rid the body of fat, unless it is a carefully-orchestrated reduction in your daily energy intake. In other words, you burn more calories than you ingest, so do not get caught in the myth that you can’t eat past a certain time of day. Your food intake should depend on your daily activity, not on time. One of the more damaging myths ever is that the more you work out, the more you'll grow. The majority of the pros will tell you that the biggest bodybuilding mistake they ever made was to overtrain. When you train your muscles too often for them to heal, the end-result is zero growth. Working out every day, if you are using the proper amount of intensity, will lead to gross overtraining. A body part, worked to complete total muscular failure, can take 5-10 days to heal. Learn to accept rest as a valuable asset to your workout. It might be a good idea to take as many rest days as training days. In general, aerobic exercise is used for weight loss and calorie burning. Weightlifting can do the same thing as aerobic exercise, only better. Studies have shown that the body burns calories far more efficiently if exercise is performed at a moderate pace for

periods longer than 20 minutes. Once the glycogen reserves are used up, the body must metabolize fatty acids for energy. That equates to lost body fat. In the long run, bodybuilding is more efficient than aerobics for burning up calories. For example, if researchers were to study twins, both of which exercised regularly, where one twin performs daily aerobics and the other practices a bodybuilding program where the end result is increased lean body mass, the bodybuilding twin would ultimately be a more efficient fat burner than his aerobic twin. Why? By adding lean body mass, that person’s metabolic requirements are higher–muscle uses energy even while it is not being used. The aerobic twin might use more calories during the time period of exercise itself, but the weight-lifting twin would use a higher amount during rest time, leading to a higher net 24-hour expenditure. The weight lifter burns fat just sitting still. Bodybuilding makes not only a fit body, but also a fit mind. The word bodybuilding says everything. It is so easy to understand the meaning of this word and what this sport is about. Bodybuilding is the best sport when it comes to making your body proportionally shaped and fit. This sport is not only about the body. More importantly, this great physical activity is about health, too. Are you looking for health benefits of weight training and aerobic exercise? Bodybuilding has it all. Bodybuilding decreases risk of developing coronary heart disease. By engaging in physical activities such as weight training and aerobic exercise, you have more opportunities to reduce and control high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and arthritis.


Off the Beaten Path

Celebrate Autumn Bavarian Style

It is that time of the year again to put on your dirndl or lederhosen, shake your tail feather to the Chicken Dance, and enjoy a tasty adult beverage and traditional German cuisine. Oktoberfest is right around the corner and there is no better way to kick off autumn’s return than celebrating it Bavarian style. Originally started in Munich, Germany, this autumn festival is a popular event in the United States. Luckily, you do not have to travel far to enjoy the festivities. Here are upcoming events near the Fort Campbell area:

Fort Campbell Oktoberfest October 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Destiny Park, 6645 101st Airborne Division Road, Fort Campbell, KY Free Admission Highlights: Family fun activities include free pumpkin decorating station, face painters and inflatables. Adult beverages and food available for purchase. Sponsors include Budweiser of Clarksville, USAA, University of Phoenix, Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union and Garland Nissan.

Clarksville Edelweiss Club’s 32nd Annual Oktoberfest October 5 and 6 October 5 hours – 4 p.m. to midnight October 6 hours – 2 p.m. to midnight 790 Economy Drive, Clarksville, TN (Behind the Days Inn Hotel off Exit 11) Adults $5; children age 15 and under free with an adult Highlights: Musical acts include Prost and MitterNachers. Dancing entertainment provided by the Schuhplatter and Holzhacker Folk Dancers. Carnival rides for children of all ages.

by Jessica Ryan

Nashville’s 33rd Annual Oktoberfest October 13 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 7th Avenue and Monroe Street in Nashville’s Historic Germantown Free Admission Highlights: Four stages for entertainment with performances by Die Musik Meisters, Music City Swing, Steff Mahan Band, Conductor Jack, Ted Guillaum and more. Other attractions include the Beer Garden featuring live music, tours of Germantown’s historic churches, arts, crafts and antique specialty booths and FunLand children’s activity area.

Crossville Oktoberfest October 12 and 13 October 12 hours – 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. October 13 hours – 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Knights of Columbus Grounds, 2892 Highway 70 East, Crossville, TN Single Day tickets are $6 in advance, $7.50 at the door; children age 14 and under, free Highlights: Musical performances by the Rheingold Band, Bavarian Echo and Frank Moravcik Band. Authentic German dinner meals and domestic and imported beverages available for purchase.

Advanced d Cosmetic Cos Surgery Center of Kentucky




Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Kentucky

Complimentary p ry Consultation C l i n

$75.00 Value alu Call to Schedule Offer expires 10/31/12

This ‘n That

Breast Cancer Awareness

by Eden Barnett

When I think of breast cancer, the first images in my mind are of women bonded together with their arms wrapped around each other; their strength and courage symbolized by a pink ribbon in which they proudly display. I also think of heartbreak, sadness, and also of hope. We don’t want to forget anyone who has ever had to fight against and conquer such a heartbreaking disease. The displays of pink ribbons, t-shirts, hats, and more are a testament to the bond in which everyone touched by this horrible disease shares. The startling truth is that breast cancer is generally thought of as a disease that affects only women, and that is predominately the truth. The color pink, so often worn in support of fighting it, is a color that radiates the testament to the power and strength of women. When I think of breast cancer, I am startled to say that not once does the image of a man come to my mind. We often talk about breast cancer awareness, and I think it bears mentioning that people should be aware of how breast cancer affects men. According to WebMD, men only account for 1 percent of all breast cancer cases. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2012 about 2,190 new cases of invasive breast cancer will have been diagnosed among men and about 410 men will die from breast cancer. With these kinds of numbers, it wouldn’t be a surprise that breast cancer is probably not something that most men are worried about. What we do know, is that it is more likely for a woman to develop breast cancer if an immediate Family member has had it. Two gene mutations have been found that they believe lead to instances of Familial breast cancer— BRCA1 and BRCA2. While the presence of these mutations does not insure that you will develop cancer, the lifetime risk

for women is up to 80%. “The lifetime breast cancer risk for men with BRCA2 mutations is about 5% to 10%, which is much higher than for other men,” the American Cancer Society explains. These genes have also been linked to many other kinds of cancer including ovarian, pancreas, melanoma, and male breast cancer. It is important for men to be aware if BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations run in their Family. With any kind of cancer, the best way to combat it is by early detection. With women, it is suggested that you start getting an annual mammogram at age 40. The rarity of breast cancer in men

wouldn’t affect them, but the truth of the matter is that they may want to get genetic testing done to see if they carry the BRCA mutated genes. The presence of these mutated genes would not only increase the possibility of getting breast cancer, but also the other various types of cancer mentioned earlier. Of course, it is always best to talk to a medical professional first to weigh the benefits and negatives of genetic testing, which can be very costly. We come to the final point on breast cancer. Knowledge is power; knowledge about your body, knowledge about your Family history, and knowledge from your medical professional. Just because breast cancer is not something that usually affects men doesn’t mean that it is something that men do not need to be aware of. Finally, awareness is the answer. Women and men both need to remain aware of the risks of breast cancer running in the Family. Knowledge and awareness are the key weapons in the fight against breast cancer!

....the final point on breast cancer. Knowledge is power; knowledge about your body, knowledge about your Family history, and knowledge from your medical professional.

leads to no benefit for the general population to all get screened; therefore men especially need to be paying attention to their bodies in order to catch the cancer at an early stage. The lack of awareness of breast cancer in men also poses problems because men would have more of a tendency to ignore warning signs. According to The American Cancer Society, “Some men ignore breast lumps or think they are caused by an infection or some other reason, and they do not get medical treatment until the mass has had a chance to grow. Some men are embarrassed when they find a breast lump and worry that someone might question their masculinity. This may also delay diagnosis and reduce a man's chances for successful treatment.” It is important for men to be aware of breast or ovarian cancer that has shown up in their Family. They may think that this

Friday, October 19 9 a.m., Health Fair Blanchfield Army Community Hospital's Nutrition Care Classroom located inside the dining facility on 1st floor. Saturday, October 20 8 a.m., Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, LP Field, Friday, October 26 9 a.m., Information Table Commissary


Winterizing your Vehicle

All Revved Up

by Ruben I. Osuna

Winter is right around the corner; the days of sun bathing and cook outs are slowly coming to an end. As you bring out the extra blankets and the sweaters from the attic, remember to take care of your car so that it takes care of you. The first thing on your list should be your tires. Almost nothing else is as important as having good, properly inflated tires. Your car can run like a top, but if you can’t put that power to the road, you can’t get anywhere. Most manufacturers put the tire inflation information on the inside door jam on the driver’s side. Also, make sure you have tires that are road worthy. The old Lincoln head trick is no more, Jefferson is the new law in town. Nowadays a nickel is the way to measure tire tread depth, hold a nickel upside down and place it in between the tire tread. The tread should come up to at least Jefferson’s head, if it doesn’t - you need new tires.

Make sure you can see where you’re going. Keep your windshield clean and add defrosting windshield washer fluid. Invest in some new wiper blades. These are usually only good for about a year and the summer heat really beats up that soft rubber. It’s always better to just get new ones and be safe. Also, make sure that your heater and defroster work correctly so you can keep your windshield clear. Selecting the right oil for the viscosity, or thickness, for these cold days is more important than you might think. Cold temperatures will thicken your oil while it sits during

the night; when you first start the car in the morning, your oil will not be able to flow and engine damage could result. The most common winter oil is 5w30 or 5w20. You don’t know what those numbers mean? That’s OK, your mechanic does and he or she can explain it to you! Have your antifreeze mixture checked. A 50/50 mix of coolant (antifreeze) and water is the norm, but as you drive your car, your antifreeze mixture breaks down and the protection it provides will break down with it. You can check your mixture with a simple, inexpensive tool from your local parts store. If your mixture is off, you should have your system drained and refilled to the right levels. Have your belts and battery checked out. Cold weather can do a number on those rubber belts and your battery capacity is reduced during the cold weather. Check your battery terminals and clean any corrosion that might have built up over time. Inspect the battery cables for cracks and breaks. Look at your belts carefully and check for cracks, missing ribs, fraying, and general wear. You hear that squealing? You need a new belt. Keep your cell phone charged and a phone charger in your car. This is a new one from years past, but with the new smart phones that love to eat energy, you have to keep your phone charged or it’s not going to work. You can’t eat it if you’re stranded, so make sure you can use it. So you did everything right, you got your car ready for the winter and it still broke down. This is where the last part of winterization comes in.

Pack an emergency kit. Your kit should have the following: • Blanket • Extra boots and gloves • Extra set of warm clothes (for everyone in the Family) • Water and food, including hard candy • Ice scraper • Small shovel • Flashlight (with batteries) • Flares • Jumper cables • Tool kit (a crescent wrench, Phillips and flat tip screwdrivers, and pliers) • Spare tire with air in it, and tire-changing equipment (should be there year round) • First-aid kit • Paper towels • Small bag of non-clumping kitty litter (provides additional traction in snow) Don’t wander away from your car when you break down. Stay calm, call for help and remain with your vehicle unless you know where you are and you know where help is located. Run your car with the heater on for about 10 minutes for every hour that you will be waiting, but only if you have enough gas. Light your flares to call attention to you, put on the extra clothes, and use the blanket for warmth. Don’t close all your windows completely, leave one slightly cracked to prevent the snow and ice from sealing the car doors. You can make an appointment with Air Assault Auto to get your vehicle winter ready by calling (270) 956-1101.


Train Your Brain

K NOW YOUR MIND Throughout our history, the human race has always possessed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We want to know how everything works and find ways to make it work better and faster. This journey for knowledge came full circle when we began exploring just how our minds work. Thus the adventure to examine the human brain began. On the surface, the brain is made up of two hemispheres, the left and the right. At first glance, the two halves of the brain seem to mirror each other perfectly, following nature’s common pattern of left-right symmetry. However, it’s not until we really start examining each hemisphere of the brain individually that we find where the real mysteries begin. It is a commonly known fact that the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body while the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body, but did you know that each side also controls very specific functions and processes? The right-brain, left-brain theory stemmed from Roger Sperry’s study on the effects of epilepsy. He determined that by severing the two halves of the brain by cutting the corpus callosum (neural fibers that connect the two halves of the brain) he could diminish and in most cases eliminate seizures. However, this type of treatment did not come without a price. Severing the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain breaks the line of communication and produces some really unique side effects. First let’s examine the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory. The left-brain, right-brain dominance theory believes the right side of the brain is responsible for expressing emotions, images, color, facial recognition, creativity and intuition. The left side of the brain is believed to be responsible for reasoning, language, logic, and critical thinking. Now, for

the big question, is this theory correct and if so, why is it important to understand how each hemisphere of our brain works? Let’s first go back to examining what happens when the two hemispheres are severed. A great example is a study conducted in 2002 by world renowned brain

scientist Michael Gazzaniga. When the corpus callosum is cut, it eliminates the spread of electrical storms in the brain that cause seizures. This action also prevents a patient’s left and right sides from communicating with each other. However, this side effect provided Gazzaniga the opportunity to examine the functions of the left and right side without one side impeding on the process of the other. One of the tests he ran on his patients included flashing shapes on a computer screen, one shape to the left eye (right hemisphere) and another shape, to the right eye (left hemisphere). He found the patient was able to draw each shape from each corresponding hand with ease. For those whose left and right hemispheres are still

by Lisa Taylor

attached it is very difficult to get each hemisphere to work independently. What exactly do I mean by this? Try the following experiment and I think it will help you understand. On a sheet of paper draw a square with your left hand while trying to draw a circle at the same time with your right hand. Not easy, right? Gazzaniga’s research found the left-brain, rightbrain dominance theory to be correct. Now to address our previous questions: Why is it important to understand how the two sides of the brain work and how does knowing this information help? The top two reasons for me are, first, if I understand that I am more right brained and I choose to work on being more whole brained (improving communication between the left and right sides) I could research ways to stimulate the use of the left hemisphere of my brain. The second reason is that, in general, schools tend to favor left-brain modes of thinking, focusing on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy. If you have a child who tends to be more right-brained, it helps to know how to adapt and adjust their study habits to help the right-brain interpret left-brain style of learning and communication giving he/she the same opportunity to excel as left-brain thinkers. If you want to learn more about the intricacies of the human brain I encourage you to visit the Robert F. Sink Memorial Library located at 38 Screaming Eagle Blvd. to check out their vast selection of books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. If you want to see if the library has a specific book before you head out the door visit and click on the “Library Catalog” link to search for your book or call (270) 798-5729.


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C. William

Lee Rd


liffe cAu

Child, Youth & School Services 1. Bastogne (CDC) (270) 412-4485 2. Eagle (CDC) (270) 412-3303/3304 3. Gardner Hills (CDC) (270) 412-0392 4. Part Day Preschool (CDC) (270) 412-6767 5. Polk (CDC) (270) 412-4471 6. Tennessee (CDC) (270) 412-4477 7. Watters #1 (CDC) (270) 439-7993 8. Watters #2 (CDC) (270) 439-7996 9. CYSS Division Adminstrative Office (270) 798-6539 10. Family Child Care (FCC) (270) 798-4959 10. Parent Central Services (CYSS Central Registration) (270) 798-0674 11. Billy C. Colwell Center (270) 412-2315 12. Gardner Hills (SAS) (270) 461-0641 13. Airborne (SAS) (270) 461-1047 14. Bastogne (SAS) (270) 461-0993 10. School Liaison (270) 798-9874 15. SKIESUnlimited Center (270) 412-5455 16. Teen Club 24/7 (270) 956-1033 16. Youth Center (Taylor) (270) 798-3643 16. Youth Sports (270) 798-6355 Community Services 17. Army Community Service (ACS) & ACS Director (270) 798-9322 18. Family Resource Center (FRC) (270) 956-2935 19. Financial Readiness (270) 798-5518 17. Lending Closet (270) 798-6313 20. Soldier & Family Assistance Center (SFAC) (270) 412-6000 21. Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) (270) 798-0277 22. ASYMCA Backdoor Boutique (270) 956-1566 23. ASYMCA Family Center (270) 798-7422 Dining & Entertainment 24. 19th Hole (Cole Park) (270) 798-1822 25. Conference & Catering Center (Joe Swing) (270) 798-2175 24. Community Activities Center (Cole Park) (270) 798-4610 26. Dawg Haus (270) 798-0766 24. Southern Buffet (Cole Park) (270) 798-4610 27. Sportsman’s Lodge (931) 431-4140

28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 24. 35. 36. 37. 38. 38. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 33. 48. 49. 50. 51 52. 53. 54. 55. 56 57. 58 59. 60.

Recreation & Leisure Baldanado Pool (270) 798-5207 Dolan Pool (270) 798-5350 Gardner Indoor Pool (270) 798-6310 Singles Pool (270) 798-4247 The Zone (270) 461-0603 BOSS Program (270) 798-7858 Bowling Center (Hooper) (270) 798-5887 Golf Club (Cole Park) (270) 798-4906 Challenge Course (270) 412-7855 Adventure Program (270) 412-7854 Archery Range (270) 798-2175 Dog Park, North (270) 798-2175 Dog Park, South (270) 798-2175 Hunting & Fishing (270) 798-2175 Paintball (270) 956-3118 Parks & Pavilions Office (270) 798-2175 Riding Stables (270) 798-2629 RV Park (Eagles Rest) (270) 798-2175 RV Park (Fletchers Fork) (270) 798-2175 Skeet Range (270) 412-4015 Small Arms Recreational Range 16 (270) 798-3001 Recreation Center (Dale Wayrynen) (270) 798-7391 Sports & Fitness Estep Wellness Center (270) 798-4664/4023 Fryar Stadium, Sports Admin Office (270) 798-3094 Fratellenico PFF (270) 798-9418 Freedom Fighter PFF (270) 798-7355 Gertsch PFF (270) 798-2753 Lozada PFF (270) 798-4306 Olive PFF (270) 798-4101 Softball Complex, North (270) 798-3320 Softball Complex, South (270) 798-3320 Trades & Services Army Education Center (270) 798-5886 Arts & Crafts Center (Guenette) (270) 798-6693 Auto Service Center (Air Assault Auto) (270) 956-1101/1100 Auto Skills (North) (270) 798-5612

58. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 66 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87.

Engraving Etc. Specialty Store (270) 798-0171 Equipment Rental (Gear-to-Go) (270) 798-6806 Library (R.F. Sink) (270) 798-5729 Veterinary Services (270) 798-3614 Travel & Lodging IHG Hotel (931) 431-4496 IHG Hotel (Satellite Location) (270) 439-2229 Leisure Travel Services Office (270) 798-7436 Miscellaneous Services 101st Airborne Division Headquarters (270) 798-9793 Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (270) 798-8055 Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (270) 798-7161 Commissary (270) 798-3663 Division Parade Field Fisher House (270) 798-8330 Gate 4 Visitor Center & Vehicle Registration (270) 798-5047 Gate 7 Visitor Center & Vehicle Registration (270) 956-4495 In/Out Processing & MWR Public Relations (270) 798-7535 MWR Director (270) 798-9953 MWR Unit Funds & MWR Collections (270) 798-6818 Museum (Don F. Pratt) (270) 798-3215/4986 Wilson Theater (931) 431-3636 The Exchange Airfield Mini Mall/Burger King Green Beans Coffee (270) 640-4614 Community Town Center Class Six (270) 431-3622 Military Clothing Store (270) 798-4212 Pizza Hut Delivery (270) 439-1113 Exchange/Food Court/Mall (270) 439-1841 Exchange Administration Office (270) 439-1846 Firestone (270) 439-1865 Gardner Hills Mini Mal1 (Burger King/Subway) (270) 697-1020 Kentucky Shoppette (24hr gas) (270) 439-1914 KFC & Taco Bell (270) 439-6353 Troop Mini Mall (gas) (270) 431-2410 Tennessee Shoppette (gas) (270) 431-4944

Bright Lights

by Tara Goodson & Jessica Ryan

This September brought several Fort Campbell residents a taste of the spotlight as The Zone hosted this year’s 2012 Operation Rising Star contest. Commonly referred to as the Army version of American Idol, Operation Rising Star has a similar format to other talent competitions. Auditions were held September 7 for military ID cardholders including active duty, National Guard, reserves and immediate Family members, age 18 and older. Fort Campbell has had its fair share of talented people in the last four years of Operation Rising Star. The first winner here was Fatima McElveen in 2008, she went on to be the runner – up in the Army wide contest. 2009 brought us Thea (Agnew) Long, 2010’s winner was Sonja Ambrosino and last year Carla Bender was crowned the winner. Competition is always tough, make no mistake; this is not a karaoke contest. An 8x11 head shot must be submitted during the audition and a panel of local judges critique the performances. Everything from country to jazz to modern pop is sung and musical instruments are encouraged. This year, each contestant performed a capella, selecting a song of their choice and a panel of judges decided if the artist would proceed to the next round. The first Friday of September, brought

out nearly 20 contestants. Only 10 made it to Round Two, held on September 14. Eliminations during Round Three on September 21, left only a select few competing for the coveted title of Fort Campbell’s winner that was announced September 28. Each week brought a different theme and forced several performers outside their comfort zone. This competition gives Soldiers and Family Members an opportunity to reach their dreams of becoming a recording artist according to Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation staff. Since its inception, Operation Rising Star has given military personnel and Family members a stage to showcase their singing abilities. Past winners had the opportunity to travel to Hollywood, record a professional demo and attend red carpet events. Past military contestants also were scouted to perform in the United States Army Soldier Show and other Army Entertainment tours. Past episodes of Operation Rising Star are available to view on Audience participation at The Zone is a big reason this competition is so fun. Spectators were able to vote for their favorite performer and have their own competition for a $300 Spirit Award that went to the most vocal Family Readiness Group.

Operation Rising Star gave our local stars a chance to compete for cash prizes and the opportunity to advance to San Antonio in December for the Army wide finals. The cash prizes include: $100 for the third place, $250 for second place and $500 for first place. The first-place winner may also advance to the Army-wide finals in San Antonio, Texas. The Army-wide finalists will compete for the ultimate grand prize package – all expenses paid trip for two, a professional recording studio experience and $1,000 for spending cash. The Army-wide competitions will air on the Pentagon Channel in December. You can catch all the current shows on and also on For more information about the 2012 Operation Rising Star, please call the MWR Public Relations Office at (270) 798-7535 or visit or

Families in Motion

Tips for a Safe and

Fun Halloween by CynDe Clack

Kids and adults both love Halloween. They get to dress up and get free candy! Well, the kids get free candy and the parents help the kids out by eating some of it so the kids don’t eat too much. At least that’s what I always told my kids. To have a safe and fun Halloween you should keep a few things in mind. We always talk about being careful when you cross the street, having a costume that is treated with fire retardant, wearing a mask that has large eye holes, and not to talk to or go with strangers - but there’s more to remember. Always keep your kids in sight while they are trick-or-treating, accompany them to the porch of homes of people you don’t know. Even if you take your child to a sponsored event, you are still in a strange environment full of people you don’t know. Make sure to keep an eye on them at all times. Ensure that the car has plenty of fuel if you or a Family member is driving. You don’t want to run out of gas on a dark street, all alone, like a bad horror movie! Maybe you’d rather throw a Halloween party at home instead of taking the kids out. Setting up a Halloween party for your kids can be just as fun for the

adults as it is for the kids. Plan some good games, sound effects and rockin’ Halloween music. Don’t forget to decorate your serving areas as well. If you plan to use dry ice for a spooky effect, make sure to keep it separate from your food and beverage items. Dry ice is not for ingestion and can cause serious damage to internal organs if swallowed. If you live in a friendly neighborhood, have a Halloween block party and get everyone involved. Don’t forget about your four legged Family members. All of the coming and going and door bell ringing may be very upsetting to your pet. You need to have a game plan for them as well. Have a room set up for them and keep them behind closed doors during trick-or-treating hours. And last but not least, serve your Family a filling meal before trick-or-treating as you will be less inclined to over-eat the candy. You can even make your meal with a horror theme to get in the Halloween mood. You can find fun recipes online or even in line at the grocery store in recipe books.

Fright Fair at Fort Campbell Riding Stables by CynDe Clack

Fort Campbell Riding Stables has the perfect October weekend planned for you! Starting on Friday, October 26 and running through Sunday, October 28, they will host a Fright Fair. Activities at the fair will include a haunted hayride, haunted forest and pony express, as well as face painting, balloon animals, inflatables, a dunking booth, scary story hour, pin the tail on the donkey, mummy wraps, door prizes and a treasure box. If you’re the competitive type, they’ll be holding the following contests: costume, hay bale throwing, pumpkin painting, horseshoe throwing, bean bag toss, pie eating and even a dog costume contest! Get your friends and Family together and see who’s the fastest in

the stick horse race, potato sack race, mini-pumpkin relay race, saddle relay race, zombie relay race, or pumpkin sweep. The Haunted Forest will be offered on three fright levels. Friday night will be for adults only. On Saturday and Sunday the “friendly forest” will be available for children of all ages from Noon until 6 p.m. Starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday it will be a little less “friendly” and a little more “haunted” - only ages 12 and up are permitted with a parent or guardian. You can purchase an all inclusive admission bracelet for $20. This includes the fair, haunted forest, pony express, and everything else. If you only want to attend the fair you

will pay a $10 entry fee at the gate and receive a hand stamp. Tickets can then be purchased for any activities you want to participate in; cost will be $1 each or 20 tickets for $15. Activities will cost between one and five tickets. Concessions will be sold separately. There will be no parking available at the Stables. All parking will be at the intersection of 101st Airborne Division Road and Lafayette. For more information about the Fright Fair, please call Fort Campbell Riding Stables at (270) 798-2629.


Healthy Habits by Char by Charlene Frasher

Time for a Cool Down

The summer heat was a scorcher this year. Fun in the sun wasn’t so fun with temperatures that topped the 100’s. It is time to take your fitness routine outside to enjoy the cooler October temperatures. Running outside is a favorite for many fitness buffs but why not take it to a new level? I’m talking circuits here. Circuit training is a fast-paced program in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise. It’s like a game of musical chairs or a round robin. Some instructed sessions alternate an aerobic activity (like stepping or stationary cycling)

with a muscle-strengthening activity (like using weight machines). Others focus exclusively on muscle toning or aerobic exercise. This can also be done on your time with you in complete control of your game. Circuits outside are a great way to rejuvenate your kindred spirit. You are the only thing that is stopping you from enjoying life and all that it has to offer in many areas. This particular one has to do with fitness as well as your will and strength of mind over matter. Whether you choose to venture out into your neighborhood, find a track, take a stroll on The Greenway, The River Walk or on the trail on post. It doesn’t matter where you choose to go just get outside and enjoy the cool air. The first things you need to do are getting your sneakers on then head outside to begin your stroll through the neighborhood. About five minutes into it you speed it up a smidge for about two minutes then speed walk as fast as you can for one minute. Slow back down to your original speed then find a target or a start point in the form of a mailbox, light pole, tree, bush, rock - whatever you can find. When you hit that

target you begin lunges and go until you hit the next target then simply walk again and catch your breath. When you are ready you find another target and side step for another length in your journey. Go back to your walk, find another target and jog for a distance. You can simply change it at each target point. Skip, sprint, squats (standing not walking), jump, leap or run backwards, the possibilities are endless. In 30 minutes you can not only get your sweat on but enjoy the canvas of the fall foliage. It doesn’t matter what you do to get your motor running. You can bike, hike, trek, jog, walk, dance or even play. Just get out into this beautiful weather and enjoy what life has to offer in this landscaped color collage. You won’t get this balance by sitting in your office, your house or your car. I challenge you to step into the scenic world and find something within that allows you to become one with nature.

‘Tis the Season to Overspend

Family Finances

by Alyssa Blakemore Fall is upon us, school is in session, football season is gearing up, and the holidays are just around the corner. For many, this time of year produces a state of nail-biting, hair pulling, and nausea-inducing panic directly stemming from the strain placed on holiday finances. If you find yourself succumbing to financial stress this holiday season, take to heart these suggestions in creating a stress-free holiday budget that will lead you through a smooth transition into the New Year. Perhaps the biggest mistake that most holiday spenders make each year is simply failing to adhere to a realistic and individualized budget plan. The holiday budget you create ought not to be based solely on the distant relatives you feel obligated to shop for, the extravagant parties you are pressured to attend, or even the lights you throw up in an effort to compete with the next door neighbors. Rather, make your holiday budget specific to what YOU can realistically afford this year. When crafting your holiday budget, don’t forget to take into consideration the many expenses you may wish to include. Gift giving often tops the list for most holiday budgeters, but it is certainly not the only associated expense to consider in your budget. Don’t forget to add the cost of wrapping paper, bows, and name tags for the gifts you purchase. Factor in also the shipping costs and supplies for those gifts you may need to mail to out-of-town Family or friends. Another major holiday expense you may face is the cost of travel. If you are driving or flying to visit Family this year, be sure to estimate the cost of gas, meals, hotel stays, and airfare. Be sure to add in the cost of kenneling or dog walking for your furry friends while you are away. Aside from the two most obvious expenses of gifts and travel, factor in such expenses as special holiday entertainment, decorations, and Family photos for your yearly newsletter or greetings card. You may also need to give yourself a small cushion for higher than normal utility bills if your house is among the largest light displays on the block. Once you have determined appropriate amounts for each spending category, follow these simple dos and don’ts to make your holiday shopping fit your budget and not the other way around:

Do: • Start identifying any triggers for overspending, whether it is the emotions of having your service member home this year or your baby’s first Christmas.

• Begin shopping now to avoid that familiar dramatic plunge that your bank account takes at the end of each year.

• Review your budget now and your goals for the future. Will excessive spending derail your financial goals or expectations for next year?

• Make a list of who you plan to shop for and what you intend to buy for each recipient.


• Be purposeful in each shopping expedition. Bring cash only and leave the plastic at home. • Use credit cards for on-line shopping for their added protection against identity theft and fraud.

• Give in to excessive use of credit this holiday season. • Surrender yourself to impulse shopping or last-minute shopping. Both can quickly lead to overspending.

• Be sure to pay off any newly charged balances within the billing period to avoid interest charges and added debt.

• Dismiss accurate record keeping for your holiday expenditures. Write down every transaction and compare them to the budget you set for yourself.

• Shop sales and comparison shop for the best value and price on any large item.

• Apply for costly store credit you cannot afford to pay back.

• Consider low-cost alternatives for gift-giving: homemade gifts, personalized coupons to redeem at a later time, etc.

• Become intimate friends with the dreaded credit monster. Forming such a relationship will guarantee the continuous arrival of fearfully large credit card bills for months to come.

• Think of the tax benefits of simply crossing state lines for any large purchase. • Consult your local Consumer Affairs Office to review warranties or contracts for any large purchases or financing options.

To learn more about enjoying a stress-free holiday, call ACS Financial Readiness Program at (270) 798-5518 to create your spending plan with a Financial Readiness counselor today.


Pet Fostering by Jessica Ryan

Due to the military’s nature, we are, at times, displaced from our homes and Families. Whether we deploy or move to another duty station (PCS), we sometimes encounter a challenge where we leave our loved ones behind. Unfortunately, in situations where we have to leave a pet behind, this can be more devastating.

For Soldiers and Families who cannot bring their pet(s) to their next location, pet fostering is a great solution. Foster parents provide temporary in-home care for temporarily or permanently displaced pets. There are several organizations in the Fort Campbell area that offer fostering or similar long-term care services. Notable organizations include the Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County, Christian County Animal Shelter, Max’s Hope Pet Rescue, Precious Friends and Cats Are Us. The Fort Campbell Riding Stables has their Dog Kennels that have extended stay boarding services as well as some local animal clinics. One organization unique to the military is Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet. The nonprofit organization’s main objective is to “establish a network of foster Families providing a loving and healthy home environment for the pet(s) until they can be reunited with their owner throughout the United States.” The organization commits to finding foster homes for pets of deployed Soldiers, Wounded Warriors and Veterans. They also assist military Families who are PCS’ing to another country and cannot bring their pets with them. Shawna Michaud, a military Spouse at Fort Campbell, is the Kentucky and Tennessee State Director for Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet. Michaud’s extensive military knowledge and passion for saving animals made her an ideal candidate for the position. “I have always had a compassion for animals and wanted to assist in any way I could to save them,” Michaud said. “I want to give them a chance at having a loving home.” As the State Director, she holds many responsibilities to ensure that the foster process is successful. According to Michaud, a typical work day includes reviewing applications and interviewing the pet owner to get a better understanding of the pet’s personality and care needs. She then searches for foster homes. “All our foster homes are volunteers,” Michaud commented. “These Families come forward to help the military by opening their homes and hearts to not just the pets but the Soldiers.” Michaud, a foster parent herself to two cats and two dogs, strives to find the best match between the

Keeping it Together foster pet and foster home. “Knowing that I have the perfect match in a foster home that prevents the Soldier from worrying about their loved one while deployed is such an accomplishment, “ Michaud remarked. However, she sometimes faces challenges since bringing a pet into a new environment can disrupt an already balanced home. As a result, it can affect everyone, including other pets in the home. By understanding these obstacles, Michaud carefully chooses the best fit homes for the pet. Once pets are placed in the right homes, Michaud and the Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet team facilitate in keeping an open line of communication between the pet owner and foster Family. Michaud stated that “the bond that develops between the Soldiers and foster home makes it easier for both sides to accept fostering because they know that the pet is being cared for while the Soldier is deployed.” When the Soldier, Family or Veteran is ready to bring the pet back into their home, the organization ensures that the owner and their pet are reunited. For Michaud, this is one of her greatest accomplishments. Fostering a pet can be a rewarding experience for all parties involved. However, it is not always an easy decision for the pet owner. There are tips pet owners should consider when bringing a pet into the military lifestyle. First, pet owners should be mindful that most military installations as well as nearby towns can have breed restrictions. In addition, rental properties can have breed restrictions, charge additional “pet rent” fees or do not allow pets. If a Soldier or Family moves to another duty station, then there are expenses and even obstacles, such as quarantining, involved for the pet. Michaud recommended that military members do their research before deciding to adopt. These measures can prevent the pet owner from resorting to foster care or adoption. Pet fostering is a great way to support the military. It is a good alternative to individuals who do not want a full-time pet yet desire to help Soldiers, Families and Veterans. For more information about Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet, please visit their website at


It’s more than a car. It’s your future. The MILES® (Military Installment Loan & Educational Services) Program was created to help educate Active Duty Service Members. We help you get a great deal on a vehicle, and help you build positive credit for the future.

3 ways the MILES Program protects you.

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Purchase protection. Our buying protections help ensure that you get a fair deal on a quality vehicle.


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Spotlight on MWR

Seasons of Change by Charlene Frasher Estep Wellness Center has seen many seasons of change and has had many programs throughout the years. It actually began as a troop gym, which is why the current weight floor has such high ceilings. Once used for recreational sports such as basketball, Estep Wellness Center also hosted programs to include Golden Eagle Fitness, The Family Fitness Award Program, The Screaming Eagle Fitness Award Program, and many more. I am fairly certain the floor space was used for drills, calisthenics, combatives, and the occasional throw-down among troops. Estep Wellness Center is not just what we think of as a gym or physical fitness center. Estep Wellness Center is here to provide a comprehensive health promotion program for Soldiers, Family Members, DoD Civilians, and military Retirees, which encompasses a variety of activities designed to facilitate behavioral and environmental alterations to improve or protect health and fitness. But what does that really mean to you? It means

Estep Wellness Center has the objective to enhance the quality of life for the Fort Campbell Community by encouraging lifestyle change, and protecting physical, emotional and spiritual health. We also offer a variety of activities designed to facilitate behavioral and environmental alternatives to improve and protect health. This includes a combination of health education, physical fitness, leisure time activities, and related organizational endeavors. In addition, the current aerobics/fitness room was remodeled just a few years ago with better flooring. The room commonly known as the bike/ab room was once a racquetball court and will soon mature into a cycling studio and TRX Suspension Training area. Childcare was not always available at Estep Wellness Center but it was brought in as a convenience to the community in order to assist with the Family’s motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. The sauna, hot tub and steam room are all located in a common area with a spa like atmosphere.

I am pretty sure that those luxuries were not part of the original plan for the troop gym, but is definitely a setting that shows obvious change. As I walk through the cardio room filled with state of the art fitness equipment from stair steppers to elliptical machines it is obvious that times have changed. I stand staring at the ceiling, wondering why a horizontal pipe is attached firmly to the ceiling and has rings welded to it - only to realize that it once held heavy weight bags. Still I am perplexed as to what the room was originally used for, since cardio wasn’t done on treadmills, stationary bikes and row machines “back in the day”. As the new business manager of Estep Wellness Center, I have discovered that many people are curious about my background in health and fitness and what makes me a perfect fit to lead this facility. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter where I came from, but where Estep Wellness Center is going. The staff at Estep Wellness Center is among the best that I have ever had the privilege to

work with. The team has held together through many seasons of change and work in sync with flexibility, sincerity and quality customer service. The veterans on staff are on hand at any given time to assist new employees as well as new patrons. I was astonished to learn of the background, professional training and vast certifications of the majority of staff and volunteers. They could do anything else, somewhere else - but they choose Estep Wellness Center. The instructors at Estep Wellness Center are qualified and certified in an abundance of fitness specialties. From personal trainer, group fitness to certifications in Pilates, Turbo Kick, Piyo, Spin, TRX, Meditative Yoga, Nutrition and more. The wealth of information is available to any patron. With so many great minds, talents and skills on staff, the sky is the limit for Estep Wellness Center. The team has been working literally night and day for months in order to bring a complete comprehensive Wellness Program together for the deserving Fort Campbell Community. Soon Estep Wellness Center will offer quarterly newsletters, information boards designed by the subject matter experts on staff, personal training programs designed in three to six month sessions that will

include exclusive motivational tools to get you where you need to be. We will also teach you the skills to maintain your new found healthy self and monthly challenges or programs that offer a variety in fitness and a wealth of information regarding balance in the five key areas of wellness; physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional. It is important that we educate the community that wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Estep Wellness Center is getting on target with what it was created to do and in collaboration with the Physical Fitness Facilities, Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH), Red Cross, MWR Recreation Activities and Facilities such as Outdoor Recreation-Challenge Courses, Riding Stables, local parks and playgrounds, Fryar Stadium’s track,

Gardner Indoor Pool and more. With all of us working together to build a healthy community, I am positive that Fort Campbell will become one of the healthiest installations Army wide. Changes have already been implemented in the fitness program. The entire fitness schedule was revamped to offer a variety of classes at any given time slot throughout the week in order to offer a complete fitness routine for any patron regardless of fitness level. Each hour of the day and day of the week offers a different demographic for the Fort Campbell Community. The team and I worked together along with the feedback of patrons to design a well crafted schedule to accommodate any participant into the program. Be sure to check out the new schedule at and on along with pictures of our fun new classes! This is a season of change not just because it’s October but because it’s in the air for all of us. So many people put off a healthy lifestyle because they fear the change or the lack of acceptance from friends and Family members. With the abundance of offerings not only at Estep Wellness Center, but installation wide, there is no reason to not push forward and live your life in a fit and healthy manner. I encourage you to come to Estep Wellness Center and utilize this facility as it was intended, for your health and wellness.


Warrior Wellness Our men and women in uniform are making the world a better place and their contributions are invaluable. But many soldiers and their families may have trouble recognizing the signs of a mental health condition or substance abuse or may even be afraid or embarrassed to reach out.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives! A mental health condition is not a weakness and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Our treatment facility oers you the privacy you need to get your life back. We are located just 45 minutes from Ft. Campbell and we are TRICARE approved. 500 Hospital Drive, Madison, TN 37115

Free, ree, cconfidential onfidential assessments assessments are are available available 24/7 24/7

When it may be time to seek help: t4JHOTPGEFQSFTTJPO    Feelings of hopelessness, lack of interest in the things you once loved, and having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much. t4JHOTPGBOYJFUZNeedless     worrying, indecisiveness, diďŹƒculty concentrating, irritability and physical symptoms such as sweating, heart pounding and dizziness. t4JHOTPG154%Intrusive     memories and nightmares, emotional extremes, anxiety and guilt, unreasonable or disproportionate fear and substance abuse t4JHOTPG4VCTUBODF"CVTF      tSudden change in behavior, mood swings, irritable, withdrawal from family members, and changes in sleep patterns tnausea, restlessness, insomnia, depression,  sweating, shaking, and anxiety tblackouts,  mood swings, depression, and paranoia

10-12 Fort Campbell MWR Life for Single Soldiers  

Monthly magazine for single Soldiers attached to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

10-12 Fort Campbell MWR Life for Single Soldiers  

Monthly magazine for single Soldiers attached to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.