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industry, etc. How do you view that co-operation across

credit cards to the Columbians to do stuff online with.

what would otherwise be competitive industries, such as

That global nature of business also means that there is


a global aspect to crime, too?

CM: I think certainly in Australia, the [Federal Attorney

CM: Yes, especially on Internet fraud, on e-crime, etc.

General’s] Trusted Information Sharing Network [TISN] has

Often our investigators are talking to four or five different

come a long way to migrate organisations together.There are

countries across the globe, and they’re tracking money

some other like bodies, I guess, that deal with financial

instantly, because if they don’t, then it disappears very fast.

institutions only. And, I think there are no boundaries within

Certainly the global criminal can be anywhere, especially in

security as far as financial organisations. I think that although

regards to computer security and Internet crime and fraud.

we may be competitors, certainly on the security side that doesn’t come into the question, because we’re all … well, it’s

SI: A lot of the people with in-house security managers or

the same criminals, it’s the same people who will move from

in-house security departments are of course now looking

one target, from one bank to the next, from one set of ATMs,

at outsourcing a lot of that work. How far can you go with

from one brand and one branch to the next. So we certainly

that outsourcing?

share and there are no inhibitors from a competition point of view whatsoever.

CM: I think you need to look very much at your levels of risk, because every industry or business will be different. Certainly some things can be outsourced, but I think your

SI: I don’t think that a lot of people necessarily realise

core competencies – your core business, your core risks –

that quite often you’re not just dealing with local

should be kept in-house, because you have that internal

criminals, there can be international gangs involved. I

corporate knowledge, you have a history there. I think to

was talking to some police intelligence people last

outsource those critical risks within an organisation would

week who were saying that some Eastern European bag

be a risk in themselves.

thieves had hooked up with some Columbian credit card fraud thieves. And they had organised themselves so

SI: Craig, thank you for your time.

that they steal the bags, they take the cash and give the

CM: Thank you

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