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Letter From The Editor JANUARY 2021

Impact: It’s hard to imagine a world without the Impact of COVID. Am I the only one who watches shows now and feels a twinge of fear when someone blows out candles on a cake or leans in too close to someone? It’s weird right? We all said it... We wanted more time. We wanted to work less. We wanted to get outside more, spend more time with the kids, family or friends. We never felt like we had the time to “explore our own backyards”. We had never been to the museum or taken a walk in that park in the middle of our town. Or maybe, it had been years since you dusted off your bike, or your skateboard, your picnic basket? When was the last time you felt so called to call mom or grandma so often? Before now, how could you make the time? We wanted to have more time to stretch, to yoga, to run in the backyard with the kids… To teach them a new skill, or show them a hobby you love. Who had the time between all of the extracurricular activities and the busy work of the day to day and the homework and their friends? We knew we wanted to practice being more present; we wanted the world to slow down. We were losing touch with our spouses and ourselves, but who had time for the self-care? We all had things we needed time to finish, to start, to stop, to change or to do… And we have that time now! This issue is filled with stories of Impact… and I invite you to put on the kettle, make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and sit back to read them. May the effects of this moment in our timeline leave you with an impression of increase, a hope for the future, and a very clear sense of what things you will keep doing, what things you will stop doing and what things you will start doing… And may you take action on those things now. In this moment; for this present moment is the only one that we have... Impact!


“Suffering is imposed on us time and again so that one day we would become brave wise masters. That is, a strong being who is confidently aware of their intended direction in life, and fearlessly adding value to the world and their future.”Suzy Kassem Let’s go Create a Ripple.


Hi, I’m Candice Smiley and I take on the role of Editor-In-Chief for the online publication. My bio goes something like this... I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life. (Elsie De Wolfe) This quote is my subtle mission in life... I’m a mom to an amazing little girl, girlfriend to an amazing man, a social marketer with an amazing online values driven company, a thought leader (follow me on my instagram @candicecreation) and multi-entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people, to other people, places and things. It’s not about hustle, it’s about heart. It’s not about push, it’s about attraction... and you don’t attract what you want, you attract WHO YOU ARE. So choose brave. Choose you. Listen to the nudges from within and live... live here and now. I live a minimalist lifestyle, own a tiny home (324 sq ft), love to travel with my partner in life; Mark and dance. I can never resist the urge to take off my boots to walk barefoot into a clear mountain lake or stream. When I’m not connecting or writing, I can be found disappearing into the backcountry trails of Canada and losing myself exploring waterfalls and mountain trails. I am a quiet introvert who adores eating clean vegan foods and reading a great book.



Meet the Team Candice Smiley - Editor in Chief As editor in chief, It’s my goal to make sure our contributors feel valued and receive value for being involved. I carry (and share!) the vision of the magazine and decide on the monthly theme of the publication. I have the honour to make the final decisions on what goes in the magazine, making sure that we deliver on our promise to add value. I support the creative team energetically and oversee the marketing and promotional outreach. I am a mom to an amazing little girl, a girlfriend to an amazing man, a social marketer with an amazing online values driven company, a thought leader and multi-entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people to other people, places and things.

Susan Binnie Managing Editor As Managing Editor it is my goal to provide our readers with a clear and concise story. I am passionate about helping our contributors provide value to their potential clients and all who read the magazine. I love seeing the stories come to life once they are designed to leap off the page into the hearts and minds of the readers. I am a storyteller and I enjoy helping others tell their story. I bring my ability to coach in this way to the publication, I am here to help YOU in any way I can. I am married, have 4 children and 4 grandsons. I am honoured to be a part of this publication as it aligns with my vision to raise the vibration of the planet, one story at a time!

Ryschell Dragunov -Head of Design As Head of Design I am so excited to bring this Magazine to life by creating art from the written word. Being passionate about creativity; I have dabbled in face painting, jewelry design, book design, sewing and fantasy creation. I enjoy working on my creative fantasy space, which has been lovingly dubbed the “Fairy House” I graduated U of A with a BScHEc focused on Clothing and Textiles, Photography and Typography, I have taken that passion to develop my experience in Graphic Design. With my can do attitude there are no obstacles. . Enjoy.


C r e a t e t h e R i p p l e Te a m

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IMPACT Photo Design by ZeSaiphio Design By David Pilz

We live

in a world of instant eclectic communication, where we are capable of communicating information in a fraction of time. Our forefathers took weeks and maybe even months to communicate with one another, regardless of the urgency. Whether we like it or not there is an impact on our species trajectory with the inclusion of instant exchange. I’m assuming the intentions were never once nefarious whilst all the next best methods to communicate showed up. We wanted to stay connected with one another, we wanted to exchange information instantly so our critical mind could make better choices. We had no idea we would also be contributing to a never previously fathomed form of psychological isolation and confusion from one another.

There is a big difference between altruistic intentions and any unintended impacts of our words, actions or deeds on our world around us. 7


Ford once said: ‘If I would have asked them, they would have said they wanted faster horses’ when asked about his new internal combustion vehicle. The intention was to go faster and further with a self sustainable load bearing tool .. we got all that and so much more from those good intentions. We also have impacts on our globe in ways we would never incite willingly. We put aside our livelihoods, our relationships, our life purpose and our every breath with the intention of protecting the vulnerable because we are told by some people we need to, our solicited choice is often to comply, our intention is altruism; to be a hero.

The impact of these choices, regardless of whether you comply or not; have an impact on ever widening ripples broadcasting to every other human in the human race. Being authentic in your choices to what you believe is the ultimate form of

loyalty to your life, to all life. Offering allegiance to anything less is perpetuating an intimate form of treason. We’ve already proven that we are all connected (100 monkeys) in a cognitive manner that is invisible yet impactful on all our lives.

“ When

one of us

knows something, we all know it! ” How many of us recognize the impact that our very thoughts could be (are) having on the entirety of the human race? It’s a little tough to think about being that powerful, that huge or that influential from that secret place inside .. but alas, that seems indeed to be the case. Are you being impeccable and congruent with your mental intentions or are you merely reacting (an impact) to external stimuli? Is your inside voice sacred, not just secret?

I’m not here to judge anyone, cuz I’ve also got plenty of my own stuff I’m working on. My intention is to turn on that light inside your awareness, the impacts of what you see and how you deal with that are beyond my control ..


just want you

to know that how you think has an impact on my life, just in case you didn’t know; you matter. ” Born in the 60’s into a homesteading European family environment in Enoch Cree territories, David Pilz grew quickly aware that his paranormal ESP sensitivities were not something that most other people were actively and consciously aware they even had. Although his psychic experiences were dramatic, with practice and discipline David was able to discern and control his own awareness enough to function in a world yet unwilling to explore metaphysical sciences as a reality. In his somewhere around 50 years on the planet, he’s been a contractor, a cook, a musician, a producer, an artist, a land developer, a rancher, a bone fide farmer, a placer miner, a teacher, a healer, a mystic, a business owner, an author, a ghostbuster, an alchemist and many many more hats David (The Oracle) Pilz CEO, Author, Instructor, Master Healer, Producer, Metaphysical Consultant. Home | davidpilz

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d l u o h s e w d i a “He s e” l p o e p r e h t o e se

He said we should see other people. Or something like that, I can’t really remember anymore. All I remember is the rush of the blood rushing in my ears as I tried to calm my heart beat. I sat back and tried to smile and play it cool. He wasn’t fooled. He knew me better than I did myself by this point. He was the kind of man who when he made up his mind on something, there was no changing it. By Candice Smiley

“ What Would Happen If One W o m a n To l d T h e Tr u t h A b o u t H e r Li fe ? The World Would Split Open.” Muriel Rukeyser


He Said We Should See Other People

I had gotten away with changing his mind once. When he said he wasn’t looking for a relationship. I knew that wasn’t true, not really. Or maybe it was, and for this one brief moment in time, he did actually change his mind. For me. To be with me. He called me his best friend, and no one had done that before. I had sworn off falling in love like this again, and wasn’t even sure that I could… and the way I felt about him was all consuming. He was my light and my night and I was lost in the way he moved me.

Yes, he moved me. And I moved in to be with him.

We found the perfect little house and we moved our 3 girls into it and began to play house. For the first 30 days, it was heaven. Complete and utter heaven. And then we had our first fight, and like most soul-mate loves, our wounds bled well together.

something from those areas, I was able to function, for the moment, before collapsing into grief again.

I thought I was going to die when he left me. To be completely honest, I thought about it. I had made him my life and given it to him, and losing him made me not want to exist. How was that possible? I preferred to be the leaver, to be the one who as they say in the song

‘all I learned from love was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you… it's not a cry that you hear at night, it's not someone who has seen the light, it’s a cold and it's a broken hallelujah”... And there I was plunged into the depths of grief unlike anything I have ever felt before in my life.

I began to subtly see how out of alignment my life was and I began to say no to a lot of people, places and things. Thankfully the world was going through a pandemic at the same time so the impact of these changes and choices was accepted on a different level than they might have been without.

And it changed me. It was a few weeks into the mourning that I realized that’s what was happening. I was unable to work, to function, I barely ate and I am so grateful for my parents who stepped up to help me care for my little girl. It changed me. I could almost feel the shift within me. I was changing and I didn’t want to stop it. I found it impossible to do anything that was not in complete alignment of what I wanted in my life, my values or my deepest desires. If I was able to do

impact 10

*finally* be present with it. It seemed to hurt less when I did. Like picking at the scab, I wanted it to all bleed so I could finally heal. Looking back now, I know that at this point it stopped being about grieving a person, or a relationship, and about grieving the lost and broken bits of myself.

I began to feel freer‌ I reached out in desperation to a number of amazing souls. It was amazing to me to see, almost from a distance the way my life had been “set upâ€? for this moment of deep personal transformation. I felt as if I had been energetically ripped open from my base to my crown. The grief was overwhelming. It felt as if all of the unhealed hurt and trauma from my life at large came crashing in on me. Have you been running and running and running from the feelings and rationalizing the busyness that allows you to remain distracted and disconnected from yourself?

I had long said that at some point I would stop my life and make time to heal... And that moment came upon me... and I let myself shatter.

I wasn't easy to be around. I reached out in desperation to my tribe. Enter, Juey Ann MacLeod, who as an empathic healer helped me to process the grief, and get back in touch with my soft and receiving feminine side. There was a stunning realization that I had spent much of my life living and acting from my more masculine side. Her work with me has been life-changing. I felt safe to show up and be broken with her (which is a gift) and I felt deep compassion during the heartwrenching process of looking within for healing. We have processed through negative thought patterns (conscious and unconscious) to come to a place of acceptance and grace. It feels amazing to be comfortable with my own self and in my own skin. Next came Michelle Gervais, who's energetic sound healing, wisdom and gentle mentoring helped me to integrate and stabilize the newly learned thought patterns and way of being I was learning.

Grief had shifted something deep within me, changed me, opened me. Even as the healing started there were some days I felt like I could hardly breathe. Perhaps for the first time in my adult life, all I could do was breathe and feel. All of the hurts, pain and unhealed parts of my life, both in this one and the ones that came before, came crashing through this open "hole" in my being.

Next, a trained therapist, whose name I will not publish here, however if you are in need of a compassionate trained therapist she is one I would highly recommend, and you can email me for her contact details. Our hour long sessions were life-changing. She brought about the logical and real life application of what Juey Ann and Michelle were doing in the metaphysical conscious, unconscious and emotional areas.

The only thing I felt like I could do was lean into it... much like I had when I had brought Inara into the world... lean into the pain rather than pull away and

I would be remiss if I did not mention a woman who has been steadfast in her kindness, care and coaching in my life,


Mary Lou Gutcher. She not only helped me to integrate the new changes, worked with me to mitigate the impact on my business, but also offered heartfelt, raw and very real examples of when she had moved through her own changing moments. I can trust her to say what is the truth, and it's rarely what I want to hear, and I am always better for it. Mary Lou, I hope you know that I'd be lost without your practical and time honored wisdom, the incredible raw unapologetic truth that was always shared with me.

They asked her, “Where does inner peace come from?” She answered “Inner peace is not created easily it does not happen overnight and no one can give it to you . It is a home you build within yourself, a mountaintop away from the chaos, a haven of clear perception. It is a way of being that happens when you embrace change. It is the result of deeply knowing and loving yourself”

even in this moment. Lean in. Breathe it in. Stay with it.

So why, you might be asking yourself have I shared all of this with you? I am sharing with you for three reasons. One, I want the world to know about these women who professionally stepped up, held space and supported me - so you might know them (and use their services if you feel so led) because I'm ever so grateful that my life looks and feels the way it does today... and I want to say thank you for them in my life. And two, because I am just me, and I want to be transparent; and maybe someone in grief or change or transition needs to hear my story and not think that I got here to this happier place all by myself or under my own steam. No, I had a lot of people in my corner; and to my faithful friends... You know who you are and what you mean to me!

yung pueblo | practice I also had the pleasure of working with Karoline Stevens, whose unique deep dive into my heartspace showed me untouched capacity to hold more, feel more and love more - even as I felt shattered. Through her work I came to realize that I am truly safe, with myself, as myself and I can trust myself. If you are looking to go deep and heal quickly I would suggest reaching out to her. And finally to mention...the beautiful Tiffany Sparrow came to see me a couple of times and brought her healing sounds and energy with her always compassionate heart and listening ear. Her music carried me through more than one evening of grief, reminding me that there is beauty

And three… because it’s the truth of my life. And as hard as it was to get through it all to this point now, I think it was for the best… because in that grief, I finally found my truth, told my truth and in that - my world split open… and it's very very good that it did.

impact 12

New Year, New Shoebox

By Tiffany Keeping

It’s a brand new year,

so let’s make an impact and start this year out right. This is the year you get your accounting and finances in order and I‘m going to give you a few tips and tricks from a pro to help you do just that.

First, let’s talk about what you need to keep for your tax return and/or personal business bookkeeping for 2020. 13

N e w Ye a r N e w S h o e b o x

Mark your calendars, the due date for filing your income tax return and paying any related tax balance due is April 30, 2021. If you are self-employed or have a spouse or common-law partner who is self-employed, you both have to file a return by June 15, 2021, however, any balance owed is due by April 30, 2021. I have a detailed list of personal slips and business receipt information that you need to keep here in the new client forms section.

Second, you need to pick an organization system. There are many organization systems for filing but I find the following to be the most useful and easiest to pass along to your accounting professional: 1. Organize everything in a monthly system from January – December. Every category that you need to do your monthly bookkeeping goes into the appropriate monthly file folder.

2. Organize everything in alphabetical order for each category. Separate by accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, bank statements and credit cards. *This one is my favourite. 3. If you are a colour coder, then you can pick a different colour for AR, AP, Bank Statements, etc. 4. Also, if you have any personal tax slips such as a T4A have them in a separate file.

The most important organizing tip I can give you is pick a system that works for you. If it doesn’t work for you; then it won’t work at all.

Third, if you want to make sure you get the most of the tax credits available to you then I suggest you hire a tax professional like myself. Tax professionals help you take advantage of all the available credits and ensure that you have everything filed appropriately. I have some worksheets available on my website that I use with my clients to help them organize their numbers.

Fourth, let’s talk about getting ahead of your tax preparation and bookkeeping for 2021. The following are a few of the tips I give my clients to help them get set for a stellar new year: • I recommend recreating the bookkeeping organization system that you used for 2020. Provided it worked for you last year. If your

filing/organizing system didn’t work for you please try another one or recommit to tracking your number and organizing your paperwork. • Commit to organizing your invoices, receipts and bank statements at least once a month. This is a habit that you need to form and just like every habit it takes practice, commitment and time. Be patient with yourself if you fall off the train a couple times or if you aren’t used to filing everything once a month. • As I said in my previous article, it’s so important to know your business numbers, so I recommend you start tracking your numbers monthly. There are various apps you can use to track your revenues, expenses and kilometres. If you would like some guidance on how best to track your monthly revenues and expenses please reach out to me at the contact information below. Are you ready to start your year off right with a brand new shoe box? One that works for you and that is less stress and costly than last year. Call me today at (780) 264-0860 or book a consultation HERE and let’s see how I can help you recreate your shoebox for good!

Tiffany Keeping Awen Bookkeeping Connect with me here

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A sk

Lo n ni e A New Year A New You Like

many of you, I have felt the effects of 2020. But I've also had a refresh in what it means to be grateful.

How many of you know what I mean? This year has been quite an adventure. Uncharted territory for most of us. Many will be glad it's ending, some will be thankful for the lessons.

What is the one thing you are most proud of yourself for, in 2020? 15

A N e w Ye a r A N e w Yo u

No matter the struggles, big or small that you may have gone through in 2020, we are here.

We've made it to

A New Year. A clean slate. 365 days to reach our goals and adjust our paths as needed. The pages are blank. And it is your opportunity to fill them...

This is your story. If there's one thing I've learnt this last year, it is we take too much for granted. I for one will be making changes there. Will you join me? With the New Year upon us, now is a great time to make a fresh vision/goal board and to update your bucket list. How many things got crossed off throughout this last year? What will you add to the new one? Create the Ripple Magazine Editor Candice Smiley finds the simple lay out of this Vision Board pdf (Sign up for it here)... has helped with organizing herself, her ideas, goals and then she applies them to her planner for maximum success.

Instead of making resolutions where you vow to give up something, let's all make new year enrichments. W e ' v e a l l h a d to g i v e u p s o m u c h t h ro u g h o u t 2 0 2 0 . T i m e w i t h f a m i l y a n d f r i e n d s , t r av e l , h o l i d a y s , visits, gatherings and even some last moments. Let's raise our reach, and commit to bringing more love and understanding. More empathy and patience. Mo re p ers o n a l co nve r s at i o ns a nd le s s text m ess a ge s.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Let's use 2021 as the foundation for a stronger community. More love and less hate. Gather up those memories and mementos of 2020, they will be part of history not far down the road. It's the knowledge and experience from the past, that helps guide us in the future. Wishing you a Happy New Year! May you approach it with enthusiasm. I See You ~ Trelawnie Gartner

Trelawnie Gartner is from Alberta, Canada. She is a Reiki Master and Empowerment Coach, healer of moments, a catalyst, energy shifter and truth teller. As a fixer of other women’s crowns she encourages all souls and offers advice and guidance with knowledge gained through courses, books and life experiences.


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


A sk

Lo n nie Dear Lonnie, So every year I make a resolution to lose weight, I buy into the shakes and gym deal, but with everything that’s going on I’ve been so discouraged watching the scale numbers go up! How do I practice self love and set myself up to workout/lose weight from home when I’m always feeling like I don’t have the discipline to follow through? Tried everything

Dear Tried everything, This last year has been anything but easy! You're not alone in this struggle. The best steps to take are small ones. Cut back on junk food. Like refined sugars, processed food, and add in a more plant based diet. More raw veggies and greens. Tried baked goods instead of fried. And up your daily water intake. As for the discipline to follow through on home workouts, here's what I'd suggest.


Ask Lonnie

1. Create a monthly chart on your phone or on a sheet of paper stuck to your fridge, to check off the day and time you did a workout. 2. Set a daily alarm with a time you know you can easily g ive 20 mins to do a quick workout. 3. If you have stairs in your home, take them two at a time or do an extra trip up and down. (Your butt will thank you ) 4. When you wash your hands, stay there and do some squats. Start with at least 5 and work your way up. (It doesn't matter how low you can go) 5. STAY AWAY from the scale! Number watching never helps your confidence. You'll know that your hard work is paying off by the way your clothes fit. 6 . Li s te n to u p b e at m u s i c w hi le y o u wo r ko u t . I t w i l l h e l p m ot i vate y o u to m ove y o u r b o d y a n d m a ke i t m o re e nj o y a b le . 7. Set a stop time for eating. Example: between 6-7pm. 8. Get plenty of sleep at night. The body needs time to recharge and rest. (Between 6 and 8 hours a night) 9. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and before you go to bed. 10. S et up a commitment buddy. A friend who can help hold you accountable, and might even be willing to do their own journey with you. Remember to stretch before and after a workout to avoid injury. Do what you can and gradually increase. If it hurts, STOP! *Check with your doctor before you implement any workout to make sure it's safe for you* Wishing you success! I know you can do it! I'd love to hear back from you in a month or so to hear how you're doing! I See You ~ Trelawnie Gartner

Dear Lonnie, Lonnie, it was a long few months and I’m already thinking about being by myself for Valentine’s Day. Dating in COVID sucks. Any ideas to get through the next couple months as a single gal? Lonely in YEG

Dear Lonely, COVID has definitely put more than a few speed bumps in the way! I hear you. My advice for the next couple of months is to love yourself! Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to all the things you'd like to have in a relationship. Buy yourself flowers. Treat yourself to a beautiful dinner and a great movie after. Take luxurious baths or showers. (Scented candles, bath salts, bath bombs, bubbles, essential oils, music, big fluffy towels). Buy yourself a new outfit and shoes. Do your make up just because. Wear your favorite perfume! Tell yourself in the mirror every day that you love YOU! Make a list of the great qualities you love about yourself. Add do it daily or whenever you do something that makes you smile. Read romance novels or write your own love story! Put in every detail you'd like to experience. Love starts within you first and foremost. By building yourself up over

the next little while, you'll surely be ready when the opportunity becomes available to meet someone. You are amazing, remember to remind yourself often! Wr i te ba ck i n a nd let us k now how i t 's goi ng! I See You ~ Trelawnie Gartner Thank you for writing in. Lonnie xx “I have a gift for seeing what others miss. I offer the truth as I know it. I offer this from my own life experience and my intuition. I hope to inspire you to have courage to look at your life, to help you feel empowered to do what you already know you need to do and as you sift through my “advice” - you will find the answers to your own questions”.

Click here to submit your questions.

Trelawnie Gartner is from Alberta, Canada. She is a Reiki Master and Empowerment Coach, healer of moments, a catalyst, energy shifter and truth teller. As a fixer of other women’s crowns she encourages all souls and offers advice and guidance with knowledge gained through courses, books and life experiences.

uplift 18

What Impact C a n Yo u r Business H av e? Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash What term are you looking for with your impact? Short or Long? 1 Year? 3 Years? 5 Years? Or even longer?

What legacy do you want your business to have? By Earl Shindruk


we think about impact, we think of hitting something hard, like an impact hammer does. It is bigger and hits harder than smaller hammers. Impact drills drill in many screws and work fast, unlike a regular drill. Yes, impact can be strong and hard hitting.

Businesses have a lot of impact on our lives and our communities. 19

Think about some of the businesses that you admire and that have had significant impact. Right now, a few select companies are having immediate impact around the world. These are the ones that are top of mind for all of us. Pfizer, Moderna (with BioNTech) and AstraZeneca (with Oxford) are being talked about every day. They are all due to have huge effects that will be felt all over the globe, as they bring their Covid vaccines to many countries. With the vaccines, they are also offering much needed hope to a hopeless world.

Nestle, the company from

Switzerland, is far from perfect, but serves as an example of wonderful things that can be

W h a t I m p a c t C a n Yo u r B u s i n e s s H a v e ?

done to change lives. It sources products locally and helps small farmers in over 50 countries. Nestle is purging slavery and child labour from its suppliers. They are diligently working to become a Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, by including healthier ingredients in their food products. As well, they are adding many nutrients to foods like soup, to help those with health issues in a variety of developing countries.

Ear th Group in Edmonton, Alberta, formerly known as Earth Water, exists entirely to provide meals to school children around the world. Through the sales of its expanding product line, it has helped tens of thousands of children globally. It has provided over 3,700,000 meals. What an accomplishment!

What are the main areas of impact that your company has on you?

We usually spend 40 hours or more per week working at a business or other type of organization. Whether we realize it or not, our place of work does influence and impact us. We spend a lot of our waking hours with our business every day and every week. From Monday to Friday, where we work is where we spend most of our time. Is your place of work having a good impact on you or a bad one? Do you look forward to going to work or would you rather be someplace else? Here is a checklist for you, and will help you think about what type of culture and environment you would like to work in and be a part of:

• Is your place of work known for being positive or negative? • Is it regarded for being friendly or unfriendly? • Is it known to be a place of giving or taking? • Does your place of work listen to you or just tell you what to do? • Do others outside of your workplace tell everyone how good it is or are your owners always bragging about how great they are and how fantastic their company is? • Does your company focus on client needs or the wants and desires of its owners?

• Is it other-oriented or self-centred and known for looking after its own interests first? • Does it engage people or does it ignore them? • Does it communicate well or poorly? How can your company make an impact in the world? We may not have millions at our disposal like some of the big companies mentioned previously, but we can all do something with what we do have. One thing is to focus on community needs. Concentrate on those who are the most vulnerable in our society. In our business, we have chosen to partner with local charities that help men and women with the basic necessities of living.

Earl is a key contributor to his community, donating lots of time and expertise to charities and not for profits. He is past board chair of the NPO Collective, and board member of The100YEG and the Edmonton Business Association. His legacy includes sharing knowledge and expertise. For over 11 years he was an instructor and guest speaker at MacEwan University, and a guest speaker at the University of Alberta. Successful businessman and community leader, Earl Shindruk, launched Optimax Benefits in 1998 after a vast career at TransAlta, Laidlaw Waste Systems & with a local contractor. He has grown Optimax by harnessing people skills, ‘being accessible’, ‘getting to know your client’, and ‘being innovative’.

Some folks are struggling with having enough food to eat, enough clothing to wear and somewhere to rest each night, especially in colder weather. Some are very poor financially and find it hard to have enough money each month for basic needs. Poverty is a growing issue in our city and in many areas of Canada. Every business of which we are a part, whether that business be 1-2 people or a few hundred or a few thousand, can have an impact.

Choose Today to Have That Impact!

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NLP For Excellence and Success Design by ZeSaiphio Designs

This is done by using my “YES” formula (Your Empowered Success) of Mindset + Skill Set + Action Plan = Living Life Forward.

First, let's look By Lori Chenger

It is

a new year, and it is my hope to take you into this year by showing you how NLP or neuro linguistic programming can provide mental relief and bring positive changes to your life. 21

at what NLP is. This life improvement technique is a combination of practical techniques, skills and strategies that show you how your mind thinks and how your behavior can be positively modified and improved leading to excellence in your daily manifestations of life.

NLP For Excellence and Success

The three things that people struggle with are: 1. What do you really want in life? (instead of what you don’t want anymore) 2. How to get rid of the barriers, conflicts or obstacles that prevent you from getting there. 3. How do you make what you want to happen? (this is usually the biggest one and the secret is really very simple and beg ins with monitoring your mind.

Most of us are very clear about what we don’t

want anymore, so that becomes our dominant language and shows up in our speech as “I’m so tired of.....” “I never have enough money for......” “I can’t lose weight, so why bother, besides everyone gains weight when they are older.......” I successfully use NLP in private sessions to change and create positive thoughts and behaviors which lead to quick positive results.

Yo u c a n b e g i n t o ask yourself: • What specifically do I want for myself? • Do I believe I can achieve it? • If not, what can I do to change to get there and how do I do that? O n e i m p o r t a nt i n g re d i e nt I b r i n g to y o u c re at i n g s u cc e s s i s a s s i s t i n g y o u to f i n d t h e hi d d e n b a r r i e r y o u ex p e r i e n c e d at s o m e p oi nt i n y o u r li fe t h at le d y o u o n a s e lf s a b ot a g i n g p at h of c re at i n g exa c t l y “ w h at y o u d i d n ' t w a nt ” a n d t hi s b e c o m e s t h e re c u r r i n g m e s s a g e t h at ove r r i d e s y o u r c o n s c i o u s b e li ef s . Just before you entered this new calendar year you likely read bits and

pieces of content such as: “this was such a terrible year; “everything was shut down and I couldn't do anything, “nothing feels right anymore.....”

“ This was a very surprising year and yet I can re m e m b e r s o m e re a l l y g o o d t i m e s ”

If you can relate to these comments, take a moment to see where you feel those statements in your body, how do they make you feel? Now, what if we reframe the statements to personalize them so they don’t paralyze us from taking steps of positive change?

(write those down and feel the energy of it)

Let’s look at the first comment “this was such a terrible year”.

If you would like a free 30-minute clarity call you can reach me at 780-218-7831 or visit my website https://

Was this true for you? Was every day of the 365 days, terrible for you? Were there some good moments, some good hours, some good days? If yes, how often did you allow yourself to focus on those? How does this reframed sentence feel to you:

The brain is a muscle and like any other muscle in the human body we need to work at using it daily so that it becomes the powerful tool that it is in manifesting excellence and success!

Lori Chenger Echo of Yes

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Photo by Drew Colins on Unsplash

Happy January By Carmen Goebel



month I want to dive into the power of confidence. You see being a Visionary Coach I also deal with confidence. It's a vital role in moving forward in life, business and relationships.

Have you ever been too scared to walk up to someone and say “Hi”? I must answer with a yes to that question as well. There have been times in my life where it's been a paralyzing theme, and times when I’ve been so confident that nothing could stand in my way. Last month I wrote about vision and how I manifested my husband. It all ties together because Lynn, my husband and


The Power of Confidence

Garth, my first husband, were both attracted to me when I was at a high with confidence. In both situations even though I had asked for what I wanted in a love, I had then forgotten about it and gone along with my life and activities while paying no mind to the actual hunt.

That is why I say confidence is a good trait to have. We have been told to say daily affirmations, to pick some traits or a body part that you like each day and be grateful for it. Also how to eat healthy and stay hydrated because we are 70% water and a hydrated brain and body is a confident one at that. That's all perfect, but when it comes to that essence of confidence, it just happens and you don’t even realize it until something happens to give you a compliment or you get an inspiring thought. So many people say they just want to be happy… YES that's right although what is it that will make you happy? Possessions like cash, property, things? Or maybe careers, relationships and connections? Well whatever that is for you, is perfect!

Constantly living in disempowering and destructive thoughts leads to disaster and the person who gives expression to the words/thought in your head is YOU. There is no judgement... The thing is, The Universe wants and needs you to be more specific otherwise it's just going to fill in the blanks and then you might not be as happy with the outcome. In connection, consider this statement from “Think and Grow Rich'' by Napoleon Hill. “All thoughts which have been emotionalized, (given feeling) and mixed with faith, begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart. Lets try a couple of things. 2021 is here and New Year's resolutions are on our minds. Think of a resolution like a goal. I wish to be more confident!

Confidence means happiness and what am I going to do to be happy. • I want to lose 30 pounds. • I want to change my career. • I want to go to school. • I want to save up for a trip. • I want to buy a new car.

The job/career you have now has lost its spark and it's making you grumpy and irritable. Maybe you are not making enough money for the things you want. Now I want you to look at your options. What do you want to do? What hobbies/ interests do you have? Does what I like to do align with a career? How much does that career generate in income potential? The questions are an idea of the kind of things you should ask yourself. Do some research and soul searching then make a plan of action. Once you actually start with that first step towards that goal, it will in turn create momentum (like a train picking up speed) and that's exactly what you are going to want to get to your goal and be more confident. In conclusion I want you to create your very own success story, in detail and with every step and juicy detail you can imagine. Please don’t feel like this is a burden. You're allowed to change and add to the story as each day passes.

OHHHHH and P.S. remember that you are 100% responsible for your choices. There is no blame to others or to yourself for the outcome. I am always here for an email or message. Thanks a bunch Carmen

• I want to move to (destination). Being confident and happy means our well being is being looked after. Feelings of being safe and secure is the ultimate goal here. These things that I’ve placed in your mind, in turn may make you feel more confident. Now you must dissect your confidence and your goal more.

For instance, let’s dive into one… “I want to change my career.”

CREATE YOUR SOUL PURPOSED LIFE Carmen Goebel Confidence/Visionary/Life Coach, Success Through Vision 1 (306) 728-0127

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Journeying with Joy joy with them, forgetting everything else, we journey into their state of joy, held completely raptured out of everything else around us. By Devanie Conrad


is innate. Children don’t have to be taught joy because they exude it. Ever in the present moment, unconcerned about their past or present, they are free to focus all their energies on what is right in front of their faces or on their pathways: a chewed piece of gum on a sidewalk is an object of awe; the squishy texture of mud; a slithering worm; or a shiny penny gets the full focus of delight of what’s new in their moment. Big smiles, squeals of excitement, and happy body movements often accompany these experiences. Unless they are experiencing physical discomfort, this is where they live. This is their constant state of being. And we are carried into this bubble of


Journeying With Joy

Why are we drawn to their joy? Why do we try and recreate it? Why does it seem so elusive? What is it that we are truly seeking? When we reflect on these questions, the answers come. Sometimes the answers just arrive, seemingly out of nowhere. Other times

the answers come from a magazine article, book, passing comment or google search. I absolutely can state that they do not come from the lips of those who have lost their joy, nor from those who choose to live their life bitter and jaded by the many difficulties life delivers in sporadic or relentless waves.

anxious thoughts about our future. If we want to journey with joy in a constant way, we must understand that we control our thoughts, and it is our thoughts that determine our emotions. If we can discipline our thoughts and learn to cast out the thoughts that take us out of the moment, constant joy is our reward!

If we have lost our joy, regaining it can “seem” impossible, and elusive.

In my learning to journey with joy I stumbled upon a method to discipline my thoughts to a new way. It was something I would never have put together on my own, at all. As I committed to learning to be in the moment to cultivate joy, I had no idea into what a place of power I would elevate myself, nor that I would hear my grown daughter say, “In the past two years, I have watched your soul grow”. That method starts with writing down three different gratitudes for 21 days without duplicating any gratitude! After that, you repeat it twice more. Those sixty-three days help to break the habit of thinking about the negativity in the past or thinking anxiously about the future. There’s more to this journey, but here’s a tool to get you started: “How to Rewire Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf. It’s the best money you’ll spend to elevate yourself to joy, which is your power place. Stay tuned next month.

It was never meant to be elusive. It can be our constant state of being. Adult life is founded on being independent from our parents’ provision by choosing to responsibly acquire what we need to survive. All those responsibilities can be so demanding that joy is not allowed any space. So, instead, we snatch little snippets of joy by taking time to engage with small children who know joy as an art. Often we are too satisfied with those tiny moments, not realizing we can be completely responsible, disciplined and joy-full. To discover how to regain our journey with joy, let’s look at joyful children. We first see that they are trusting. They expect all their needs to be met automatically or if they ask and complain. They don’t engage in worrying about the possible negatives tomorrow might deliver. They also don’t commiserate about the mistake they made that landed them in the corner an hour ago. The past and future don’t exist for them. They are always completely absorbed in the moment. These three things are the major components of joy, but not the only important ones. So, in order to make space for joy, we have to refuse to entertain the regret filled thoughts of our past and all

Creating joy is my purpose in life. What's great is that it can be done with a smile, touch, joke, a shared meal, craft item, or as simple as using your servers’ name and inquiring about their life. It can involve teaching on a myriad of subjects or be a heartfelt hug. But before you can share joy, you have to cultivate it. It must become constant that is unmoved by circumstance. I love sharing my Journey with Joy, with others. As a business woman, wife, and grandmother, I have a gold mine of victories. Let's cultivate joy! Devanie Conrad

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Social Retail Is Shifting The Way We Spend Money Online; And How We MAKE Money Online


ave you been curious about getting into the affiliate marketing business online, but haven’t got a clue how to start?

Modere is the first company to develop an industrychanging concept called

Social Retail.

What if you could be rewarded for sharing the products you love? In addition to providing category-leading, clean label products, this company offers a unique opportunity for you to promote them to earn cash commissions – paid twice daily.

Their innovative social marketing strategy enables people like me and you to promote the Modere brand by simply using our social media feeds to refer and share their safe, clean and smart products - while earning income and rewards.

Not only that, but it’s simple and fun. Social retail is simply retail that’s powered by people. 27

Shif ting Retail

Social Retail brand is built for customers and the everyday entrepreneur, busy moms and the person who just wants to use some of their social media time to create part time income. How? It's about showing others how to live clean, shop smart, earn additional income, and give back. Social Retail is a brand-new opportunity bringing together the best of social shopping and the enormous direct sales industry. And before you ask, nope, this isn’t your grandmother’s multi-level marketing company.

Modere is a Live Clean Company that is about people who believe in better products, at competitive prices and the positive change that switching to a clean-label lifestyle creates. Living clean means removing controversial ingredients from your life and seeing better health and improved wellbeing as a result.

VIBRANT: we individually channel our energy, enthusiasm and imagination so that we can inspire others as a dynamic team to live healthy, happy lifestyles.

From beginning to end, the goal is to achieve ethical sourcing, zero animal testing, safe and non-toxic/ BPA-free containers, environmentally friendly packaging, GMO-free formulation, no parabens, PEGs, SLS, or other controversial chemicals.

VALUES DRIVEN Click here for the list of ingredients they never use

It's a category-leading portfolio of lifestyle essentials - personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. Click here to view the product catalogue $10.00 off CODE embedded for you to save on your first order

Our formulas are tested, and have been trusted by customers around the world for more than 30 years. For over 30 years, Modere has been committed to earning the trust of our customers with products that consistently deliver.

COMPASSIONATE: we upend the notion that only a few can succeed in the industry because we truly care about every individual with whom we work. HUMBLE: notwithstanding our collective experience in the industry, we never let success distract us from our founding principle: to help others fulfill their personal objectives. AUTHENTIC: we present an authentic opportunity founded on real results, not hype. We are passionate about offering credible and ethical products and opportunities.

DISRUPTIVE: we present unique opportunities in the market because we dare to continually innovate new methodologies and develop leading edge products that change lives. EXTRAORDINARY: we strive for excellence and to be the best. We go above and beyond, aiming to create 'wow' moments for our teammates, customers, and the field through our exceptional performance, products and company. Click here to connect with Candice Smiley directly for more details about how you can get involved.

Use referral code 5579029 to save $10.00 on your first order OR CLICK COUPON

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4 CORNER CRYSTAL GRID for Your Home or Office Approximately 15 years ago, I started to get into crystals differently and wanted rose quartz crystals and amethyst clusters to place in the four corners of my home. Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. Crystologist, Crystal and Angelic Realm Channel

Hello Beautiful Soul,

A 4 Corner

Crystal Grid is something I put into place when I was still working as an Executive Admin Assistant for the US Border Patrol .. long story for another time!

This was long before I knew anything about the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. A friend of mine was going and asked if there was anything I wanted. I asked for 8 palm-size pieces of Rose Quartz and 4 Amethyst Clusters.

I was delighted to receive the crystals and began to clear the energies by putting them on a window sill in my meditation/ healing room.

I have been discovering the magic of crystals since 1989 ‌ yes that long! Photo by Caroline Gravino on Unsplash


4 Corner Crystal Grid

A few days later, I intuitively placed one Rose Quartz and one Amethyst Cluster in each of the *major corners* of my home.

*Major Corners* are the primary It really sets an energy-tone North, South, East and West and vibe for you that is uplifting corners of your home or office. and peaceful. If you work from home, you also set-up a mini-4 Crystal Grid in your office… you would have two 4 Corner Crystal Grids, one for your home and then a mini-4 Corner Crystal Grid in your home office. The result of having a 4 Corner Crystal Grid is to continually fill your home &/ or office with uplifting positive energy. Now of course, I also have Kyanite or Selenite with each of the Rose and Amethyst to help keep the crystals at their max energy potential. There you have it…

Here’s what you’ll need to set-up your 4 Corners Crystal Grid for your Home or Office: Rose Quar tz: 4 to 6 palm-size d pie ces (these can b e palmstones or raw rose quar tz)

Amethyst Clusters or Palmstones: 4 to 6 clusters of equal size as the Rose Quartz

Selenite or Kyanite: 4 to 6 pieces of equal size as Rose Quartz and Amethyst clusters

Clear Quartz: you could add a BIG point or 2” cluster to increase the energy (optional)

Charging the Crystals:

*Place all the crystals in the sun for 2 days. Yes, you can use Full or New Moon energies.

Placing the Crystals:

Choose one Rose Quartz, Amethyst Cluster, Clear Quartz Point and Selenite or Kyanite for each of the 4 major corners of your home or office.

And that’s it! (Click On Hyperlinks To Go To Website Information)

No that doesn't mean nothing will ever trigger or rile you up It does mean that things, in general, can be more serene and help you manage energy. Much Love and Infinite Blessings, Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

About The Crystologist Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. is a highly attuned Master Crystologist, Crystal and Angelic Realm Channel, showing Sensitives and Empaths Worldwide how to tap into and easily access their Intuitive Skills, Spirit and their Guides. Her fascination with Crystals began in 1989, after reading Spiritual Value of Gemstones by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lenora Huett, and Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones by Katrina Raphaell. She utilizes and enlists the Power of Crystals in her personal daily spiritual Practice. Through her work, she teaches her clients how they too can tap into the Power of Crystals in simple practical ways.

As an 8-Time BestSelling Author and Intuitive SpiritualPreneur and Crystology Mentor, she radiates Spiritual Presence, Unconditional Love and compassion, teaching her clients life-changing skills, easy-to-use techniques and practices that work quickly and easily. With her guidance, Terrie Marie’s clients become transempower catalysts in their lives and Spiritual business from the inside out in miraculous ways. • 8-Time BestSelling Author • Angel Dream Team • The Crystologist • EtsyShop

uplift Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash


If you are nervous, that’s normal. If you are worried you might not know what to say? No worries. I love to hold space and part of my job as the host is to make sure I “carry” you, the conversation and create an on-air environment that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. .

So how does it work?

1. We set a day to record Book a Date here. By Candice Smiley


I’m re-launching

my podcast after a delightful summer of refocus, re-calibration and re-framing. Do you have a story to tell? Something you would love to share? Would you like to grab a cup of tea and discuss those things that are near to your heart and would encourage others? How are you being the (s)hero in your life?


Tr u s t t h e N i g g l e

2. You fill out my questionnaire, which is very detailed, but you only have to fill out the parts that appeal to you, and from that our conversation is ignited. 3. We meet a little bit early on the appointed day. We connect, we chat, we laugh, we relax, we adjust your lighting and camera if need be. 4. I hit record. You relax and we have a lot of fun. 5 . I s et t he d ate fo r i t to b e re le a se d and s e nd y o u a co p y of t h e f in a l p ro d uct and any t hi ng e l se we d o to get he r s o y o u can us e i t fo r y o ur we b s i te, fo r y o ur b lo g o r y o ur ow n p ro m ot i o ns

That’s it!

Oh… wait… maybe you want to know a little bit about me? Well my bio goes something like this...

believe that taking radical responsibility in your life changes everything.

A little more? Ok...

This quote is my subtle mission in life... I’m a mom to an amazing little girl, girlfriend to an amazing man, a social marketer with an amazing online values driven company, a thought leader and multi-entrepreneur. I find a ton of my life’s joy in connecting people, to other people, places and things. It's not about hustle, it's about heart. It's not about push, it's about attraction... and you don't attract what you want, you attract WHO YOU ARE. I love speaking, writing, creating, traveling and connecting. A natural leader and disruptor, I have a passion for helping men and women to trust the niggle (trust themselves), tell the truth (boundaries are an amazing thing) and speak, even when their voice shakes. I'm a champion for the underdog, can't doesn't exist in my vocabulary and I

I live a minimalist lifestyle, own a tiny home (324 sq ft), love (LOVE!) to travel with my partner in life Mark, and dance; and can never resist the urge to take off my boots to walk barefoot into a clear mountain lake or stream. When I’m not podcasting or creating content - I disappear into the backcountry trails of Canada and lose myself exploring waterfalls and mountain trails. At my core, I am a quiet introvert who adores eating clean vegan foods and reading a great book. Curious to know more? I show up very honestly on my social media platforms.

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Leaving 2020 Behind The Year of Vision

Photo by Boba Jovanovic on Unsplash

Then COVID happened. Isolation, fear, sickness, negativity and more.

What has impacted you? By Kelly Wheadon


say Hindsight is 2020. What did we SEE in 2020? What did we truly see? About ourselves? Our environment? Our world? Everything is about perspective. Do we feed off what others see? 2020 for me was a year of hopes, dreams, and a desire for change. The ultimate New Years Resolution... I was going to do so many things and be so many things.


T h e Ye a r o f V i s i o n

I believe that life is about storms... you are either coming into one, in one, or coming out of one. It is the size of the boat that you are in, that determines what you feel from the storm.

So how do you build a bigger boat? Personal development? Reading? Coaching? Associations? All these terms are thrown at us. We listen to podcasts, we read self development books, we talk to friends, to family members, is it helping? It can. To truly

grow, to truly change, we must not look outside ourselves, we must look inside. Looking inside, we must focus on the positives, the accomplishments we have achieved and the abundance of who we are! Not on the lack, not on the “I can’t” or on the “I should haves” We gotta stop “shoulding” on ourselves. Are your relationships the way you want them? Are your finances? Your health?

I like to look at the 4 F’s: • Faith • Family • Fitness • Finance

Rate yourself 1-10 in all these categories, where do you sit? Draw out your chart and rate yourself in the 4 F’s, and be honest with yourself. Does it make a perfect circle? If not, that’s the unbalanced wheel rolling and that is why it can seem like life is “off”... I wanted to create balance in my life, more time, more money, bet ter relat ionships. The IMPACT I wanted to create in this world had to start w ith ME.

What is your Ripple Effect? What you do matters... What you say, matters... What you think matters... That is where I started, I had to THINK differently. I had to think about what I was thinking about. Daily reminders about what I wanted, who I wanted to be, how I wanted to look.

Did this seem weird?

A little.... I knew If I didn’t do something, different than I was used to, then nothing would change! Now don’t get me wrong, things don’t just change overnight. It takes time for your efforts to compound, just like investing, just like getting into better shape. It takes continuous effort on your part.

Ask yourself two questions Am I willing? Am I able? YES YOU ARE!!!! They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, The year is 2021…. The ultimate year to create new habits.

What will your IMPACT be this year? My team and I, we are different by design. Our innovative approach enables us to succeed together. You do not have to question nor fear your financial future. We envision a world in which everyone has the knowledge, a strategy and an action plan in place to reach their goals and achieve financial independence. We take a holistic approach, focusing on you, your needs, your goals and objectives. We strive to help families and businesses create a sound strategy, focusing on reducing debt, saving money, protecting those things that are most valuable to you, and helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams For a free no obligation call to see how I can help you, fill out the form at KellyWheadon or give me a call or send a text to 780-298-7426 sea_of_water_cant_sink_a_ship_unless_it/

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Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

2020 – The Year We All Took A Step Back BySherry Wurgler

2020 has taught

us humility and courage, all wrapped up in the same package. It has been an exhausting year of change and uncertainty. We have lost loved ones. We have suffered sickness and adversity. And yet, through all the hardships have we not also gained? Covid-19 put us in quarantine and all of a sudden, the distractions of daily living: our children participating in various after school activities, sports events, dining out, having friends over for a meal, meeting friends for coffee, just suddenly disappeared. Our children were home for 2 months as


teachers organized online learning. We went from a busy active on the go society, to near shutdown in a matter of weeks.

Through it all, what have we learned? Have we not learned to treasure our family more than ever before? They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Has that not been truer than ever before. I, for one, (as I’m sure most of us) have missed seeing my children and grandchildren as often as I used to.

2 0 2 0 – T h e Ye a r W e A l l To o k A S t e p B a c k

At first, we just survived, and then as time went on, we learned to thrive.

We learned to make the best of a difficult situation. We learned resilience. We took control of our situation, adjusted our sails and set a different course. We became more visual online. Facetiming loved ones became more meaningful than we could ever imagine. We watched TV programs together, watched church services online and communicated through the church message by texting. We became kinder and more compassionate with others. We learned to share commodities as stores ran out of staples.

Scientists say our lakes, streams, rivers and oceans became cleaner. We have valued life as never before. We have spent time as families playing board games TOGETHER. We have taken walks outside TOGETHER. We have spent more time as families around the kitchen table having meals TOGETHER. All of these ways of working in harmony with our family under the same roof, have caused us to listen better, respond kinder, be more aware of the other person. Yes, 2020 has been a difficult year. We have grown in resilience and that has strengthened our self-esteem, self-confidence and courage. And, it has also taught us the value of family, friendships, community, and our faith in God. May God bless and keep you, Sherry Wurgler

Sherry Wurgler is the mother of 4 amazing children and a grandmother to 5 wonderful grandchildren that are near and dear to her heart. She is a practicing RN working in the field of psychiatry, the founder of Transformational Leadership; with her primary focus being to help women connect with their core values and be able to express themselves with courage and compassion. Ms. Wurgler is motivated to help empower others to live the best version of themselves. She wants to help women live their lives with moral character, renewed strength, and fearless courage. Sherry Wurgler offers personal development tools to help women elevate their personal growth mindset and help them be the leader of their own life. During her life’s journey, she has worked with women empowering women to become the leaders of their own lives. Her memoir, “Surviving Ritual Abuse,” received #1 best seller on Amazon. She has also co-authored several other international bestsellers and been featured in 2 magazine articles discussing leadership, WomLead and New and Noteworthy. Tough times are best met with a resilient spirit. As she expands her coaching presence, she is ready to help women soar through life’s adversities with courage and resilience. You can connect with Sherry in these various ways.

Find her Memoir here

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HOW DOES YOUR PAST IMPACT YOUR FUTURE Photo by Benji Aird on Unsplash areas of the past that have a significant IMPACT on you.

The first area is your family lineage.

By Candice Staniek


you ever wondered about how much IMPACT your past has on your future?

When you think of the word IMPACT, what are the first thoughts and images that come to mind? Perhaps, it’s thoughts about how you recently treated someone. On the other hand, it could be decisions you make in your household to impact the environment. Whatever the case, we generally consider how we BE in consideration to how it affects others and our environments. That’s considered to be a forward-looking approach. Now, I’d like to invite you to consider the past in a more expanded way than ever before. I want to briefly explore 4 main


H o w D o e s Yo u r P a s t I m p a c t Yo u r F u t u r e

One of the ways we can reflect upon our family lineage and the impact it has on us is to acknowledge any beliefs, values and behaviours that we have consciously or unconsciously taken on in our own lives. For example, let's say there is a family with middle-class income and one child wants to move into the upper class. What would it take for that child to do so? In short, it would take an in-depth approach to uncover all of the families limiting beliefs around money that left ignored would keep them in the middle-class.

The second area is time you were in the womb. This is a very impressionable time and it’s a time when many of the programs, just like a computer processor, are created. Why is this the case? By week 4 of the embryological development, the nervous system is created. As we know, the nervous system is responsible for secreting molecules, which impact our reactions and emotions. These chemicals are released so quickly that unless we are aware of what’s happening in most cases

The third area is your birth.

Practice: make a daily habit of writing out what you’d like to have and feel. This eventually trickles down to the subconscious, which is where all the programs were deposited in the first place.

Did you have a normal vaginal birth or was there some type of trauma? Even though you cannot remember the specific details, the body remembers. If you’d like a more in-depth understanding of this concept, a book called “The Body Keeps Score”, by Bessel van der Kolk M.D. is a good reference.

M o s t i m p o r t ant ly , re m e m b e r w h e n yo u cho o s e y o urs e lf and cho o s e to lo o k at t he s e t hi ng s m e nt i o ne d ab ove, it g i ve s eve ry o ne e l s e aro und yo u t h e p e rmi s s i o n to cho o s e t he m s e lve s. Al s o, as we wo rk to cle an up o u r p a st , i t af fe cts s eve n ge ne rat i o ns fo r wa rd and s eve n ge ne rat i o ns b ack .

The fourth time period is the first 9 months of life.

Imag i ne the IM PACT o ne person ca n ma ke !

we’ve already reacted to what is going on unless we have made a conscious effort to stop before reacting.

Similar to the previous two time periods, it is a time where many programs are imprinted. Consider all the activities your parents do with you, how they talk to each other, travel, living situation, etc. An infant is considered to have a brain state that is somewhat like hypnosis. As a result, the brain is like a sponge taking everything both positive and negative in. What is the significance of all these factors in one's life? Great question! Well, they make up 75% of what a person deals with in terms of emotions, issues, live events, karmic events, situations for the rest of their life. The only way I know to rise above what we’ve been given in terms of programs is to practice the following:

Presence: be in the present moment Awareness: be aware that your thoughts, actions and behaviours create your reality. The increased awareness brings choice. When we choose to act differently, we get to choose a different reality. Meditation: sitting in silence allows for pure Light and consciousness to enter which also results in more choice as the neural networks begin to change. See Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work for more detail.

Hugs, Candice

Health and wellness have always been a part of my life whether it was visits to the farm, whole food meals, playing sports and dancing in high school and university. Eventually, I was inspired to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine. One of the most impactful statements in clinical training was, “Doctor Heal Thyself”. For me this meant being courageous and willing to work through my challenges and difficulties in order to be more empathic and helpful to my patients. Through my personal work, I’ve gained an understanding of the mind, ways we sabotage ourselves, and how to shift mindset. I graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA with an interest in depression, chronic fatigue and infections. I’m what you might call a ‘free-style’ Naturopathic Doctor. I integrate science and energy medicine leading the “health conscious” movement in proactive care. Some of my joys in life include: nature, meditation, quality time with family, friends and cats or researching health topics. I believe in the healing power of your body called the VIS. I also believe it’s your right to feel joyous and happy. Your health shouldn’t stand in the way of your overall wellness, your passion or your life.

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Our Hidden Gems




promote promote Photo by Tristan Colangelo on Unsplash



HIDDEN GEMS am glad I had the experience as it helped me decide not to follow that direction. If anyone wants a GREAT idea for a coffee shop that supports the community in so many unusual ways... drop me a note. I am no longer planning on this career path and would love to see someone else run with it.

By Ryschell Dragunov

I have

considered opening a coffee shop twice in my life. Once with my business partner from a lifetime ago, before we opened our retail store, and again when I was recreating my career path. I still have the little teapot my mom bought me to commemorate the first idea! The second time around, I went so far as to find employment at a Starbucks so I could get a feel for working in the industry. I had an idea and passion but zero experience! I have to say I



After my experience at Starbucks, I have the utmost respect for the Baristas and management at any coffee establishment. As you stand waiting for your coffee and the line is growing behind you, watch how well the staff works together to get your order as quickly as possible. It’s like a well oiled machine, everyone has a task to keep it all running well. If someone falters on their task, things could get messy, but there is always someone who can juggle many pots of coffee. It is truly a wonder to watch when you know what is happening behind the scenes.

January seems like the right month to introduce you to some Hidden Gem Coffee shops.

The January bills are high, many have the “I am still looking for employment” blues, or are sick of being stuck at home due to COVID restrictions. Wouldn’t a coffee be nice? Wouldn’t finding that perfect little coffee shop be an amazing adventure? The perfect little shop that you will want to return to and really enjoy when COVID restrictions are lifted... Isn’t it nice to support your local entrepreneurs who bring you coffee joy?

The Hidden Gems this month are the little out of the way, cute coffee shops brimming with personality, passion, warmth and coffee love. Every one of these is privately owned and would love your support. Each one is unique in it’s own way and so worth the adventure to find. Enjoy! If you have a favourite store, local gem, hidden treasure that you want to share with others please let us know by emailing us:


Tuc k e d Aw ay I n Th e Shoppes Of Ja ga re R i dge I n S W Ed m o nt on Lies Ca f f ien d Cof f ee

A vision

brought to life by Jennifer and Allen Oleksyn.

“Our Mission is to be Your Third Place” Sociologist Ray Oldenberg first pioneered the concept in his 1989 tome “The Great Good Place”, in which he explains that your third place is a hangout spot, community center or “home away from home” that provides an essential zone outside of home and work. One of our top values and priorities is supporting other local businesses. Inside Caffiend you will find many other local independent businesses to support.

O ur co ffee , t ea , b ee r , pressed jui c e & k o m b u c h a all co m e fr o m lo c al Ed mont o n suppli e r s.

You’ll also find an array of local art for sale and items from local artisans. Food quality is another top value and priority at Caffiend. Allen is a chef by trade and puts his time and energy into creating the delicious food combinations customers rave about. All baking is done in house to ensure quality and freshness every time. If you need a vegan or gluten free option we’ve got you covered! Jennifer’s passion is community and people. You’ll often find her laughing and chatting with customers, organizing or participating in fundraisers and seeking new and unique collaborations.

C om e v i s i t C a f f i end fo r th e f i r s t ti m e , s a y “Hi” a n d y o u ’ l l s oo n f ind y o u r s e l f a s a r e gula r. You can view the most update menu or order ahead here: https://order.tbdine. com/caffiend-coffee/pickup

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Click here for the Google map for our Coffee Quest. If you follow the map you will find a bonus shop.

Click the beans to go to the coffee shops


This adventure starts with the rising sun in the South East with ANVIL Coffee House at 6148 90 Ave NW in Ottewell Plaza. This great independently owned coffee shop was started by Tony and Lesley who live in the neighbourhood. Their longing for a local coffee shop was the catalyst to the creation of Anvil Coffee House and the Ottewell community is thrilled that it is there.




With just a quick dip into the River Valley you will find the adorable Little Brick Coffee shop at 10004 90 St NW. Opening the gate to enter the whimsy of the garden leading to the Little Brick House, built in the historic 1903 home of J.B. Little, with its quaint counter-serve featuring coffee & pastries, plus a shop for simple grocery items and event space you will feel like you are walking back in time. The Little Brick will soon become your new River Valley Coffee go-to.






Heading East towards Beverly you will find another local favourite nestled in a cluster of shops in the Highland Area. Mandolin Books & Coffee Company on 6419 112 Ave NW. Here you will find a fantastic fancy latte made with Catfish coffee, maybe grab a local treat and find a great book or piece of local art. Mandolin Books is one of our Featured Coffee shops this month. Read more about them here.

Continuing the journey to Old Towne Beverly you will find “Take 5 Coffee Shop” at 11801 48 St NW. This is one of those classic, old school coffee and donut shops that fits right into the small town feel of Beverly. Here you will find simply the BEST Honey Cruellers in Edmonton and loads of small town hospitality, it’s been a local favourite for over 40 years. Oh and if you are looking for the perfect coffee shop to invest in for yourself, the owner is retiring and looking to sell.

43 The Quest for a New Favourite Coffee Haven

Venturing a little further downtown and towards the south lies Board N Brew Cafe at 9929 103 St NW. This contemporary cafe offers light eats, coffee & cocktails, plus hundreds of board games to rent. What a brilliant concept, combining your favourite beverage with a new adventure in every game. Just imagine hundreds of games to choose from as well as a broad selection of coffee, beer and snacks. Right in the heart of downtown Edmonton you will find Lock Stock Coffee on 10534 Jasper Ave. It’s super easy to find ePark meters on the street so you can leisurely enjoy your time in their warm, wood-lined espresso bar offering house-baked pastries, sandwiches & tartines. Bonus, Lock Stock Coffee shares it’s space with Red Star Pub, you are welcome if I just introduced you to your new favourite pub too.

A little closer to the downtown core, but not quite you will find the unusual, cafe-in-a-gym, Dirtbag Cafe at 10505 107 St NW inside the Rock Jungle Boulders climbing gym. “Dirtbag” is a term of endearment, the idea that you need to follow what you feel is your path, and as long as you know the destination, you’ll work the trip out as you go. Just go there... you will understand.

Now that I have taken you to the far east of Edmonton lets travel West towards downtown. Along the way you will find Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters at 11322 119 St NW. Rogue Wave has taken the deep dive into the science and craft of brewing to bring you delicious and exciting coffee from around the world. Their mission is to provide you with the coffee and gear that enables you to make a deeply satisfying cup of coffee in your home, office or cafe.



The final stop on our adventure takes us all the way over to the Southside where you will find CAFFIEND at 14132 28 Ave SW. This is another of our featured Coffee Houses. Another perfect place to call your “Third Place� with its baked goods menu changing on a weekly rotation and treats prepared by a certified chef, this is definitely worth the adventure to the south side.

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MANDOLIN BOOKS COFFEE COMPANY 6419 - 112 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T5W 0N9 780-479-4050

By Candice Smiley

Jordan Harbinger asks…

“Is having a third place the key to reviving human connection? Do we really need a third place and, if so, how do we go about finding one?” We spend most of our lives at work or home, but what do you do when you need a third place — somewhere you feel happy and comfortable, with friends, fun, and no judgment? With a wave of loneliness sweeping the world, so many of us are missing out on a vital space of belonging and expression.


Mandolin Books Coffee Company

WHAT IS A THIRD PLACE? The “third place” is a term coined by US sociologist Ray Oldenburg in his 1989 book The Great Good Place. It describes a place outside your home or work where you can relax and hang out.” ** This month I had the privilege to interview Lianne Traynor, owner of Mandolin Books and Coffee; and we discussed this topic of being a “third space”.

She says that “it is an honour and privilege to provide that (third) space in the Highlands Community”. Mandolin Books and Coffee was originally established in 2003 by Sharon Skage. Lianne bought the business six years ago after realizing she was ready to re-enter the workforce. Reentering after 12 years of being at home raising her children.


In the beginning there was more of a “bookstore” emphasis, but over the years it has evolved to a more “coffee house'' focus. The couple that owned the business after Sharon and prior to Lianne hired staff and expanded the hours of operation, opening to 7 days a week. It was at that point that Mandolin Books became a hub to connect in the community this third space.

the most awesome ser vice from her of fice, in the shop, rather than being out front. She loves that Mandolin Books and Cof fee has remained a neighborhood hub throughout the crazy times this year with COVID and people have continued to come in for their favourite cup of cof fee (even if they can’t sit or stay!).

Lianne said “the current owners needed to sell, and Mandolin books needed to stay open and so I bought it.”

We’re getting ready to wrap up when Lianne jumps in. “Oh! And yes, we have great coffee, provided by local coffee roasters Catfish Coffee.” I have had their coffee and I agree! “And, we love our pastries, and foodstuffs are all provided by other local small businesses.” That I seriously love and I tell her about what we are up to with the Magazine. Lianne listens intently and then tells me. “We decorate our walls with local artists, sell their art on the shelves and local artisans provide the many shoppable items that are a delight for all who stop for coffee”.

She laughs and I smile on the other end of the phone. Before I can give voice to the question she answers the one on my mind.

“Nope, no previous experience in business or running coffee shops, being a barista or even a server… I just jumped into it!” I can hear the pride and smile in her voice and I love it. Now Mandolin Books is the preferred place for the neighborhood book clubs to meet and the study space for lots of Concordia students. The “Cheers Song” lyrics play in my head… “the place where everyone knows your name, the place you feel where you belong.”

Lianne agrees. “Customers feel like family. Old friends meet unexpectedly and are able to connect. Our baristas usually know the regulars by name…” She pauses, “and if they don’t, they know them by their coffee order!”. I smile... I can tell she is proud of the culture of the shop as well as the business itself. Lianne admits that she spends most of her time suppor ting her staf f to provide

I’m about to hang up the phone when Lianne chimes in with a laugh, and I think about how many times I have smiled during this delightful interview. “And books,” she says. “We have lots and lots of wonderful books.” I think I know where I’ll find myself grabbing my coffee when I need to settle into my own “third space” this January, and perhaps I will see you in passing there… May you stay warm Edmonton… and if you stop in, ask for Lianne and tell them “Create the Ripple Magazine sent you!”


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Be YOU From The Inside Out “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life” – J.K. Rowling. by Tracey O’Neill

I absolutely

love this quote, as many times, you do have to hit rock bottom to realize that change is needed. When you’ve experienced darkness, seeing the light is the only way out. Experiencing darkness shapes you into the strong and resilient person you were always meant to be!

Have you ever felt worthless? Unimportant? Unsupported? Anxious? Exhausted? Lonely? Like you were looking after everyone else, but no one was looking after you? That was me about 7 years ago... I’m telling you this story because I know now that it doesn’t have to be that way.


B e Yo u F r o m T h e I n s i d e O u t

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

I know that you can look after others, while still looking after yourself. I know that you can be happy, healthy and be the best version of yourself while still being a good mom and wife.

I know, because I’ve been at the bottom, and rose to the top. Not only can it be done, it’s actually absolutely necessary. I realized that by not living up to my full potential, I was actually being selfish. To my friends, family and most importantly to my kids. My kids deserve a happy mom, one who loves herself fully, so that they can learn to love themselves too. After all, kids don’t do what they are told, they mirror what they see!

5 years ago we made one of the biggest decisions of our life: a cross country move. A decision that would make me finally realize that I mat ter. My voice matters. My health and happiness matters. I know there are many of you out there that feel like you don’t mat ter. That you are not worthy of selflove. I know, because that was me and I’m here to tell you that you DO mat ter, that the world needs YOU exactly the way you were intended to be. You were put on this Earth to thrive, not just surv ive. It ’s OK to be happy, to live in YOUR truth, completely and authentically.

You cannot serve others, if you don’t serve yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup. When I surrounded myself with a community of like-minded people who breathed belief into me, who cheered me on, who celebrated my every victory, that’s when the game changed. That’s when all of my habits changed. That’s when my mindset changed. All because a friend of mine asked me to join her health and wellness community because she knew I needed help. I KNEW what eating healthy looked like, and I KNEW I needed to exercise, but that community support had been missing. One day at a time, I put one foot in front of the other. I exercised each day. It was like therapy for me – better than therapy actually. And slowly but surely I started to take control of my anxiety and my thoughts. Change is so good, but can be hard if you go at it alone. We need connection, support, to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. To feel unstoppable. To feel like we matter and we can accomplish anything we put

our mind to. Because we truly can. Over the course of my self-discovery journey, I have helped and inspired many to do the same. I know that my work here on Earth is not over, that I have much more to do in the short time that we are here together. I have this burning desire inside of me to make an even bigger impact in the world, but that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t decide 5 years ago to put myself first – because I mattered. So the next time you question your self-worth, I hope you remember my story and it reminds you that you matter, you are important and you are so loved. Show up to the world the way you are supposed to. There are people who need you. Tracy O'Neill

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself: mind, body, and soul. There is only one of you. You are truly once in a lifetime” – Latisha Cotto I am a hope dealer and I love to inspire. I love to lift others up as well as show women that they matter, their voice matters and they are worthy of self-love and self-care in order to reach their full potential. I am also a mom of 2 amazing kids, and a wife to an amazing husband who supports every part of my journey.

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Creating Impact Through Kindness and Generosity

By DeeAnne Riendeau


I was born I felt a deep sense inside of me that I was supposed to do something powerful in my life (aren’t we all?).

As a child I often imagined myself with wings flying around sprinkling joy and love on people.

I was walking around the kitchen eating a hard jawbreaker candy one night. My dad said “go sit down before you choke!” I turned to go sit down and I did just that, I choked. I struggled to catch some air as my parents ran over to me. My dad wrapped his arms around my little waist and started heaving with all his might. I recall thinking my head was surely going to pop off. But the candy would not budge and after a minute or so, I went limp in his arms.

AS I have grown I have learned that I don’t need wings to sprinkle joy and love! I have also learned not everyone had this deep sense of knowing that I had, and yet WE ARE ALL meant for greatness and to know our power to shine our light on this world!

At the age of 5 something profound happened to me... 49

Creating Impact Through Kindness and Generosity

Photo by Pieter on Unsplash

At that moment I felt myself leave my body, I was floating over head. I remember my mom running to the phone to call our neighbor, my dad led me to the floor where he continued to struggle to remove the candy. I could not feel their panic... I felt total peace, a deep connection with the world. It felt amazing. Eventually my dad placed his thumb down my throat and leveraged the candy enough to pop it out and breath filled my lungs once again. My dad gave me life not once but twice. At a very young age, my intuitive abilities became heightened and I could feel energy like never before. My psychic abilities were so enhanced I would know when people died or were in transition but alas, I was being raised in a loving catholic home and I stuffed away the sacred gifts which had been opened though this near death.

I quieted my soul and followed the norms of society so I could survive humanness. I thought this was what I needed to do to fit in and survive. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Then during my quarter life crisis around 27 years old another grand near death occurred. I was recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. While I was hobbling from the kitchen to the living room I began to see black and then flash, I was in the most euphoric profund space I have ever been in! I felt peace, and aw, I felt love and nourishment. Around me stood giant beings of light.

They were angels. They were filled with colors so magnificent that I literally felt the energy of the colors.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The angels spoke to me in frequency and yet I understood clearly. I told them how much I loved it there and wanted to stay with them. They responded with you must go back...You have work to do. I awoke in the arms of my brother in law who had caught me in my fall. In the days to follow, as I began to speak about my profound experience, my brother also told me that he had felt the angels and he too felt peace and calmness as he placed me on the floor. He described it as “a knowing� that I was going to be ok, so he did not panic and simply waited as I experienced what I consider a small piece of heaven. He validated my experience so I could have the courage to share it. This was a catalyst for me and although I still required several more major catalysts (and many more to come still) I was able to begin changing my view of the world and start stepping into my power. WE ARE ALL destined to have impact. The question is what type of impact do you want to have on this world?

impact 50

For me, it was clear, I was going to spread love and help others to spread love too! Here is how I have chosen to step into my power and shine my light to have maximum impact. WE ARE ALL destined to have impact. The question is what type of impact do you want to have on this world? For me, it was clear, I was going to spread love and help others to spread love too! Here is how I have chosen to step into my power and shine my light to have maximum impact. 1. Sharing your story-storytelling is not only a form of medicine, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether you speak it or write it, share it. No matter how vulnerable it may feel. Your story matters. 2. Be in service to others. This means that you must ensure you are in service to yourself first. Fill your own cup. You cannot be in service if you are depleted. This means boundaries are critical. It is also important to know that you receive when being in service because you are aligned with your soul purpose of being in service and feel AMAZING! NOT depleting. You will know when you are not in service when it feels resentful or frustrating and exhausting. 3. Give freely and receive fully - in order to fully give you must also be in a place of receiving. This does not mean that when we give we expect something in return rather it opens us up to ALL areas of receiving so that we feel good no matter what we “get” back. 4. Think outside the box-Be creative when it comes to how you give. Make it fun. It doesn’t always have to be costly or take time and energy. Simple gestures of love go a long way. I have been making hearts in the snow along paths I walk to leave them for a sign for others to see. What can you do everyday that could shine light or pour


love on others. Recently, I hosted a Willy Wonka style contest to give away one of my companies. It felt amazing, got international media attention AND I found an amazing new owner! Wins all around! And get this, the impact was so significant two other business owners also gifted their companies! Now that is IMPACT! 5. TRUST that you are here with purpose. You are powerful and you are meant for greatness. WE ALL ARE! Your soul chose this life, this body this time on the planet. Why? Because you are meant to have a vital role here. You are not meant to stay hidden or swallowed by the shadows... you are meant to shine. This doesn’t mean you have to become a speaker on world stages or become famous, it simply means you are meant to shine in your own way. Shine in a way that feels aligned and invigorating, in a way that feels on purpose.

How do you want to show up in this world? To book a call with me please follow my calendar link DeeAnne Riendeau Spiritual Muse and Mentor 780-619-7209





Create the Ripple is an Online Publication With One Goal To Add Value Share an advertorial to promote your business, sell your product or service, or share a story of triumph, hope or healing! Talk about what you are passionate about (cause, product, thought, idea); or simply share to create impact. Be creative, remember there are many ways to tell a story - Pictures, Words, Quotes, Poems! We are here to help you every step of the way… We help you, you help us! The most unique thing about our publication is that we only ask you to pay: *what you can* or *what you believe the space/design and promotional efforts* are *worth to you* . In turn, we commit to being honest and transparent about the cost to create, design, produce and promote the publication with you; as we grow, we will share those growth opportunities with you. A rising tide lifts all ships. As you grow, we ask that you share that love and growth by your referrals or increased “value return” offering . Together, we will create an intentional referral community… A RIPPLE! We intend to give some of the profits to those who need it most in our city. We believe in a Go-Givers philosophy and that we Rise when we Lift others.

Help Us, Help You

Create the Ripple! Send your Submission to us Today to

Be Seen And Be Heard And Remembered




A Journey To Being More Fit

By Ainsley McSorley

I feel compelled to share my journey with fitness.

I had on the surface what most would envy. I developed what appeared to be such extreme self discipline (seemingly out of nowhere) that had I been an onlooker I would have thought wow that girl might be on stage with Tony Robbins before I know it. When I look back on it now I'm not sure if it was discipline or the fueling of my ego.

I was addicted to – those words of affirmation I so deeply longed for.


I was studying Human Nutritional sciences in university. I was working in a restaurant/lounge constantly surrounded by food and drinks and indulgence. I was coming off a run of weekly nightclub appearances and late night fast know the life of a university student at its finest!

I had gained weight yet for some reason I hadn’t quite noticed until 1 day in 2006 I looked down and my body looked foreign to me. Lying in bed that night I was reading a fitness magazine and saw an ad for a fitness competition coming to Winnipeg…boom, done I was going to compete to lose this weight and to learn how to workout. I had approx. 12 weeks. Right then and there I began researching, I began dieting – not 1 cheat for 12 weeks – I began working out 6

A Journey to Being More Fit

days a week and my 22 year old body easily transformed to a 4th place victory on that stage. I remember friends saying “its only 12 weekends until you party with us again,” or myself counting down the days until I could inhale a bag of chips the second I stepped off the stage. I was officially addicted…all the words of affirmation, the incredible photos, the attention!

Not knowing at the time, words of affirmation being my love language and being surrounded with loved ones who didn’t speak the same language I was in my glory. From that 1st competition I completed 3 months of dieting – compete – binge - repeat cycle for the next 6 years. I won titles, competed all over North America (have you ever seen a fitness competitor win 1st place, have her friends

waiting in the audience and go straight to a Miami nightclub to binge on alcohol and late night pizza? Healthy for sure). I became a sponsored athlete with a major supplement company attending tradeshows, I won Pro titles and I even accomplished my lifelong goal of being on the cover of fitness magazines.

Thankfully my business exploded and it was a newfound pleasure for me, I stopped competing and learned a more balanced approach to life but the deeper cycle continued on to the point where I ended up

34, 2 kids under 2, had sold my business and I was stuck. Luckily for me my scope of fitness had expanded during my pregnancies leading me to further study Holistic Health Coaching. This traumatic event jolted me into an awakening where I decided to look inwards for the first time in my life and I found the strength to dedicate an entire year (and forever of course) to learning about myself, the mind-body-soul connection.

I grew exponentially as a person but I also grew exponentially as a coach.

I opened my own business throughout all of this and it was immediately successful.

I had it all didn’t I? Well no. I had a degree I was barely using. I lived a severe binge/restrict lifestyle. I was emotionally shut down. My emotions were screaming for love, for connection, I was living in loneliness. Sure I had a fiancé by this time, I had friends and family but I couldn’t let them in, I didn’t know how. In effor ts to satisfy my unsatisfaction I kept attaining to accomplish more, it gave me a (shor t) sense of love and quieted my inner voice.

Having lost everything and learning to accept my place in life at the time allowed me to graciously accept and love the real me. Not the me with abs. It's this, that I want for every person I work with.

It's been 3 years now since I moved into a small rental house completely on my own with my pack in tow and I have recently been able to relaunch the piece of me who helps others. I could not be more proud to say that even with close to 15 years experience I am a brand new Personal Trainer. Coach

Ains was born; your holistic, emotional – physical – mental wellbeing coach.

Wellness is not about the scale, burpees and abs. Wellness is healing from the inside out, its practicing positive mindset, its releasing fears and limiting beliefs, and its choosing to believe in yourself. I would love to have you join me on my virtual bootcamp. Mention this story for a free week with us. Email and train with me today!

Ainsley McSorley has worked in the fitness and nutrition industry for almost 15 years. Her passion for wellness has not changed yet her scope of practice continues to grow. Ainsley believes that fitness isn't about the scale but more so about the entire umbrella of wellness encompassing the body mind and the soul. Ainsley carries a BSc. in Human Nutrition, a diploma in Holistic Nutrition Coaching, is a certified Personal Trainer and is an entrepreneur at heart. She is a single mother of 2 and takes a realistic approach to inspire you to be your best YOU!

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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Although I loved my son, I felt ripped off from experiencing time and joyful moments raising him. By Dixie Norman

It wasn't

Six years later I met a man and we got along great. In June 2020 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It's been wonderful because I felt like this relationship gave me back what I missed out on with raising my son. With this little girl (who is now 6 months) I was able to stay home on maternity, experience raising her with my boyfriend Chris, and felt supported.

until the past few months that I realized just how much network marketing was a true gift. I had dabbled with many network marketing businesses for two decades! The problem was that I never knew the value in it Only two months later we found out I until recently. Six y e a r s a go I gave bir th to my s o n. . . I wa s ear nin g go o d m o n ey, howeve r, h av in g a baby c h an ge d that q ui c kly . I ran o u t of m o n ey q u ic kly a n d w h e n h e was o n ly 3 m o nt h s old , I h ad to go bac k to wo rk . I lef t him w ith m y mo m, and lef t tow n to wo r k in oil an d gas. I of f ic i a lly b e came a s in gle m o m.

It was the hardest but also most rewarding time in my life! 55

The Impact of Network Marketing

was pregnant again. We were excited, however, we realized my maternity would run out and we would be stressed financially.

I became fearful about missing out on raising my children yet again. This is when I saw network marketing in a different light and finally became serious with the gift it presented me. I committed to an amazing company

that I knew was like a perfect storm. It had everything I was looking for. It was time to act, or prepare to leave my children in springtime to go back to work.

I love my kids and I love work. But working a corporate job again meant I couldn't be at home with them, and I was only paid by the number of hours I worked, so income was capped. I had big visions and knew I needed unlimited earning opportunities. I am now free to work at home, make unlimited income, and enjoy the special stress free moments raising my children. I have the best of both worlds... stay at home mom, and a business professional- all while holding my children in arms. That's the true gift of this business. Dixie

I am a business minded women and mother of 2, soon to be 3 children. Left the Oil and Gas industry in 2012 to complete a Business Administration Management Diploma, and then went back into the Industry because nothing compared to the income received working as a Safety Advisor in Oil and Gas. Then at age 32 I had my first child, but I struggled in many ways as a single mom. Got my life back on track (with many steps in between) to make it work as I decided to go back to school. I worked part time as a safety advisor while a full time student in Architectural Technology. During that time there I was, a single mom, raising Daxon.

Then in the last year of school, I met Chris. It wasn’t long after this I became pregnant again and I medically withdrew from school due to pregnancy complications. Soon after my daughter Zyra was born I was soon pregnant again, and at 40 years old, I realized my maternity would run out and out of options. Remembering the pain I felt as I was pulled away from my son while working long hours, I decided to get serious about networking. I’m honest with myself about my age, and I acknowledge that I have less time to build a significant income. Luckily I can now do both; increase my income and be present to mother my children all while staying at home. If you are curious to find out how I am building this income while raising my children, click on the coupon or check out my website.

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The Impact of Hope Ispeaker; amI speak a

from my heart. What do I know about writing, I am not a writer? This is the story that was playing out in my head for many years. Someone told me I should not write as I came across sounding stupid… I took that to heart and By Susan Binnie decided that I was not good at it. Little did I know that it was more about the power it gave me, and she felt threatened. It was the story she was telling herself all along. She needed me to stop looking better than her, so she created a story to tell me and I believed it.

If you do something that feeds your soul and know you are good at it, you should never let anyone tell you that you can’t… The more you do things the better you get at them. Quite often the more you feel you can’t, is exactly why you should… Overcoming obstacles is a part of life… A part of your story. The story that allows you to be who you truly are! The story of speaking from stage and knowing I


The Impact of Hope

could write all happened in the past six years. I have overcome many obstacles in my life. The biggest one has turned into the best story of my life. A story that has shaped me into who I was meant to be. In life, quite often our mess becomes our message. This part of my message is called hope.

Hope has had the biggest impact on my life! As I thought about writing this article, I asked my husband “when you think about impact, and you think about me, which story would be the best to share?” his response, “all of them, when you tell your stories you always have impact on someone” … When he said that it got me thinking. Thinking about my daughter. If it were not for her and all she has overcome, all we have overcome together, I likely would not be doing the work I am doing. It would not be about what YOU can do, what YOU will do to get there, and who YOU are... My daughter Angela was born premature and the day I was supposed to take her home from the hospital I found out she had hydrocephalus, water on the brain and she needed surgery. This is when all the cants’ started to be put into her world and at the same time, I knew we needed to take them out. The journey began and so did her independence. Years later when Angela was 15 her Neurosurgeon said to me,

“ You should write a book, a book about hope… ” What did I know about writing a book, I was not a writer? Yet here I am telling this story. Writing this article all about what she experienced. Things that should not have happened and they did. Movement she was never meant to have, feeling in parts of her body that she should not have. Abilities that should be impossible are possible for her. The year was 2010 and we had just gone through a shunt revision. I say we as it was a hard week of recovery for both Angela and me. We stayed in the hospital together until she was well enough to come home.

This is when the journey of hope truly began. Many things changed, as I think back many things became easier for Angela. Her left foot wanted to lift up more than ever before. Her system no longer wanted to rely on the brace she had worn since she learned how to walk. Everything got very loud for her, so she stopped wearing her hearing aids. And the lights were so bright for her. She changed her prescription glasses for sunglasses and saw better than ever before. All of these things were not possible. There is no way that her vision, her hearing and the effects of her Cerebral Palsy should have gotten better.

Fo r A n gela t h ough not only w a s it po ssible , but it wa s al s o h o pe for t he fut ure . A f u tur e t h at t old h e r t ha t a n y t h in g is p ossible !!! In 2015 my own journey of hope began. I was laid off from a 17-year career helping people. Downsized, devastated… The worst day of my life. In time it came to be the best day of my life as it took me on a journey… A journey to discover the hope for my future that has gone far beyond what I ever thought possible. I was shown what my purpose truly was and how helping people through the story they tell themselves and the story they tell others will provide hope to them and to those they are meant to serve.

It took me several years to figure out how I was truly able to help others, help them find their powerful story, the story they could tell others to have hope.

The best story to help them convey their unique ability. When we see someone in pain, we instinctively want to help. When we see ourselves in pain and we heal, this is the story we need to share to others to give them hope. If you have a skill that can take others from where they are to where they want to be, wouldn’t you want to help them get there? A vehicle to take them from Pain Island to Pleasure Island. The best story to share with them is how you do that, and how working with you can change their lives. The message of hope that you provide to others. The ripple effect you are meant to spread hope to the world.

T h e w orl d n eed s Ho p e m ore n ow , t h e n e v e r bef ore! I t is t h e t i m e t o sh a re y ou r m essage ! To learn how to effectively and clearly share your message contact me today. Read more at

impact 58



’ve purchased so many items over the years and now I have a drawer full of expensive products that promise, but don’t actually deliver on those promises.

This is SO different!

T h e M o d e r e I nsi de -O ut B e a u t y Sy s t e m take s a co m p r e h e n s i v e , i nsi de o u t ap p r o a c h to vi bran t, yo u t h f u l - l o o k i ng ski n . A t rio o f e x c l u s i ve C el l P roo f t o p ic a l f o r m u l as de l i ve rs p o t en t , a w a r d -w i n n i ng in g re d i e n t s t o vi si b l y enhance your appearance, while the supernutraceutical Liquid BioCell nourishes and p r o m o t e s h e a l thy ski n from the inside. The products work synergistically to revitalize your skin.

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• Great-tasting natural fruit flavor

• Helps protect your skin against the elements

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• Patented BioCell Collagen® CG

• Potent antioxidant astaxanthin • Advanced peptides, vitamin C and plant extracts • Lightweight, breathable cream formula • Naturally pigmented by astaxanthin

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Supporting Local Charity Business photo created by jcomp -


of us as children recall the jingle bells of The Good Samaritan Society as we entered Sears or the Hudson’s Bay in the month of By Nichole Saskiw December. It became the sound of the season, and to this day, I find myself slipping a toonie in the clear plastic bubble as we pass them during the holidays.

In my youth, I dreamed of making a difference in the world. My first career came merely as a teen when I became a lifeguard. I quickly wanted to learn more in this industry, and found myself in the EMS field as an Emergency Medical Responder. After requiring life threatening kidney surgery at just 19, I was forced to change careers, as I could no longer lift a stretcher. This was a devastating 61

Supporting Local Charity

blow, as I felt I was making a huge difference in people’s lives. I decided to return to NAIT, and went in an opposite direction taking Business Administration – Management Studies. After graduation, I found a job in the clerical field with the Alberta Government where I spent 5 years climbing from administrative support to business manager. I became disenchanted, and hoped I might find more meaning if I worked in the private sector. I was wrong, and after almost 10 years I felt extremely lost, and not at all where I originally hoped to be after college graduation.

I desperately wanted to be a business owner. The idea literally fell into my lap after hosting a few mixers for my home-based business friends. These friends raved that I was an excellent organizer, and they wished there were more planners organizing markets and vendor events. I recall my f irst events began with just 12 vendors. I teamed up with another

friend, then after working w ith a partner for 2 years, I branched out on my own. My events now see as many as 175 individual vendors, a variety of activities, as well as major char ity involvement. It was with event planning, that I realized the impact I could make on both small businesses requiring a wellorganized, well attended event to be a part of, as well as with the local charities that rely on the community. I also came to realize, many of these small business owners also wanted to create an impact in their community. It was clear that with the backing of hundreds of small businesses, and thousands of people attending my events, we could do extraordinary things together. Since beginning in 2008, I have organized a variety of events supporting such organizations as: Fe Viva missions, Me to We missions, The Sonora fire victims, FSCD Spruce Grove, Parkland food bank, The Parkland turning points society, The Saint Albert food bank, St Joseph Catholic School, The Kinsmen of Stony Plain, the Kinsmen of Saint Albert, The Spruce Grove Kinettes, The Spruce Grove White Socks, The Little Warriors, The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, Autism Canada, and the Alberta Dock Dogs Association. I have found myself supporting various charities throughout the year. After many conversations with my ongoing charities, there is a definite need all year round to support our local charities, and not just during the holiday season. I look forward to continuing my work with local charities over the years to come. I am fortunate that my business has given me the chance to give back in the communities I work in, and urge others to appreciate that if we all work collectively, we can be extremely powerful together.

Nichole Saskiw has a diploma in management – business administration from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. After years of work in administration, Nichole sought after her main interests which lied in entrepreneurship, marketing and management. Nichole realized that businesses main focus lies in marketing their product. After being involved in large trade shows, trade fairs, and festivals – it became apparent that single location businesses can keep a competitive advantage as well as create strong business alliances that are imperative to operations in the industry as a whole. Nichole’s experience in tradeshows started 12 years ago where she became involved in numerous shows. Some were designed to create liaising atmospheres for industry professionals, and others were designed to spin old stock into dollars to be reinvested into the newest technology and stock imperative to maintain top advantage of the market. Nichole Saskiw Director - World of Vendors Inc. Box 3296 Spruce Grove, AB T7Z 0A6

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Perhaps The Lockdown of 2020, Gives Way to an Unmentioned Hero? Although, there is one hero I feel that has not been recognized, as a different kind of Pandemic was on the rise prior to the 2020 Lock-down.

By Tamara Thompson Author and Poet:


humanity we have seen this past year in 2020 while in lock-down has been a huge heart warming step towards love, compassion and putting others first. The feelings seemed to have all been globally charged with a mutual trust to stay home and stay safe to protect the boundaries of those who may be in harm's way of catching a deadly virus.

There were many heroes born, with the applauds and recognition that so many may have deserved for quite some time. 63

Unmentioned Heros

The victims of bullying and cyberbullying, are those heroes! Including the many who have been bullied on site at their workplace. This abuse was a Pandemic that carried on for far too long. The bullies were given all the means to stop in their nature to cause abusive actions, which were left in their complete control; they too somehow felt that they could not stop this. As far as I have seen, though, they would not relent. The pandemic of bullying was different from the Pandemic we all saw when COVID-19, not only did it have massive headlines, brought the world to an isolated place. We were asked to save lives by keeping within our comforts. Two pandemics, where one took over, the other was released.

Psychology magazine a Canadian publications says; “The best defense against bullying is being socially skilled—teaching all children social skills and allowing them to develop confidence in their own abilities. As social engineers for young children, parents are especially important in bully-proofing their children: They can regularly inquire about social challenges their children face and role-play possible solutions. The second-best defense against bullying is to walk away and not fight back.” From psychology magazine

In my estimation, walking away for some has been truly necessary, essential and needed. Those who were on the receiving end of this awfully large pandemic were given a day to do just that, “walk away, without discursive action.” Staying home for this brave bunch, advocating as often as I could in my professional career, through means of writing, motivational speaking in

schools, or the one on one advocacy I have been part of. I have become aware that this Pandemic I speak of, where bullying had no chance in stepping back, keeping healthy boundaries seemed impossible.

Those that were up against a wall, in a sense, were able to finally celebrate a victory of their own... in lockdown. For this one offer, I see it clearly as a silver lining filled with so much cheer, for these heroes. This abuse can cause many different forms of emotional breakdowns; leading to an almost uncertain future where hurtful actions against them. I am positive this conflict has perhaps weighed on their minds, hearts and adding burden to a life filled with this ridicule. Showing up (or not) to a place to learn or to make money, was a choice these heroes had to justify in their own merit, every single day, only fighting for their purpose in life. For me though, that was given peace and a chance to leave a battle ground that was not seen in clear form and reconciliation.

Some may not consider the ongoing attack of a bully as a pandemic, though for those having to put on a brave face to weather a day filled with uncertainty, this pandemic is just that to them, over. As a mixed blessing in disguise, allowing this hero to break free, walk with their head held high, without a chance for others to continue to banter on.

impact 64

schoolyard play. There were many I have talked to that have also concluded their stance on this pandemic I write about. With many we had no understanding of how to step away from this burden, knowing the ramifications, and the cost of what bullying leads to. A future dismissed because of cruel behaviour. For some it may have been a wide eyed nightmare in facing strife against them somehow socialized to feel the need to accept this in any way, for this advocate as well, I was solely glad that those hurt by this act, was given a chance to say goodbye, to be sent home and be in comfort, out of harms way. Though in lockdown, a sense of peace perhaps came from this. I feel some left the school yards, as the doors shut in a flash, perhaps gladly so with no more days to count on being bullied.

As I think back on this past year, many things have been magnified. Creating healthy boundaries was a slogan, worth the effort. Having a six feet apart rule of thumb, was necessary. Though prior to some, the clash of the bully and the victim was not solved.

The lockdown of 2020, allowed just that. A stance in healthy boundaries. Where even one sole case in bullying, possibly has bestowed a new life, a better life, giving way to a new hope, and to be just left alone free to endurance, where passing tests in school, was possibly the least of many concerns. Or where making mistakes on the job, could have been easily irritated in rational, stemming from a workplace bully. As far as I can see, being an emotional wellness advocate, speaking to mothers on the playgrounds for years, as a conflict resolution author, poet and blogger. Even prior to my son joining in his own


The heroes I have mentioned and stepping walking away with “their heads held high� While another world pandemic took over, many lives were given another day to begin again. Possibly a new horizon, a new sense of freedom, a blessing in disguise, time to recover and to regain in their power. To heal and to have a mind made up to carry on without a fear lodging over head.

Many I know have been concerned with Bullying, as I watched some in my family and friends circle having to endure this endlessly, and for some in terrifying and horrific ways, where protection in this seemed to be minimal.

Today the new normal brings with it boundaries, within this, we are to remain at a 6 feet apart distance at least. In this we are most certainly saving lives, for the heroes I speak and write for, more than possibly never noticed, at first ever to be seen as heroic.

Perhaps we needed to retreat to look within, to heal wounds we never knew we had to heal, or to shed light on the hero within. A silver lining to some was given in many ways, and the hero that came before the lockdown of 2020. For some it was a perfect chance to say goodbye. A hero was given a place and space to live in peace just as it should be. What I do know is that kids are our future. With a pandemic of bullying and enduring this, filled with such tragedy or to lose out in a workplace, only for those bullied, wanting to gain the means to feed a family, while learning these skills was being bombarded, this was a pandemic needing a much closer look and evaluation.

A blessing in disguise; a sense of self love, self respect, has been gained in the lockdown of 2020 where peace was able to form within.

Nothing can prepare you for living or working with a sociopathic serial bully. It is the most devastating, draining, misunderstood, and ultimately futile experience imaginable. -Tim Field-

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplas

Before You Were Born and other titles by Tamara Thompson can be found on Amazon, Chapters/Indigo and Barnes and Noble Published by Chipmunka Publishing an England based mental health publisher’s (published as a book in 2010) Chipmunka Publishing is now a self-publishing agency. Titles by the Author • Before You Were Born • Happy Birthday Jack • Busy With Bee • I Dream In Poetry • The Forwards • Poems of a Codependant --------------------------------------Tamara can be reached @ i. Blog Your Business Tamara can be hired as a High School-Speaker and Podcast Host.

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I know there are several places you can get your oils, doTERRA has really earned my trust, it is the most tested and trusted essential oil company. There is a batch number on the By Ryschell Dragunov bottom of every bottle of essential oils they produce, that you can look up to review the third party testing any particular oil has gone through. This is doTERRA’s exclusive promise of purity. Not only that, doTERRA Impacts the world with their commitment to COImpact Sourcing® What does that mean? “In addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils doTERRA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to doTERRA’s oil production. With more than 140 origin oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils 67

C O - I M PA C T S O U R C I N G

from over 45 countries—more than half of which could be considered developing countries. To ensure that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, doTERRA has introduced an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing.

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Co-Impact Sourcing creates shared value for all stakeholders in the supply chain by being at the source and intentionally implementing environmental stewardship and/or social impact initiatives. Co-Impact Sourcing seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas.


doTERR A is committed to the ethical treatment of its suppliers by prov iding on-time payments at fair prices. Growers and har vesters are encouraged to form cooperative groups to share collective benef its and bargaining power while improv ing skills and capacity.

Find out more about doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation projects in CoImpact Sourcing areas by clicking here.� If quality, purity and integrity rich products are important to you, like they are to me, then doTERRA is a great choice!

Additionally, the doTERRA Healing Hands FoundationÂŽ helps support development projects in sourcing communities. Projects include schools, health clinics, improved infrastructure and clean water systems.

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Not only am I a designer, I am a wellness advocate and when I help you it helps me to supplement my income. I would love to work with you!. It makes a huge difference in the lives of small businesses when you show your support. You can reach me at or join my Ingenious Oils Facebook group.

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u r comm Join ou


The Time to Soar In 2017

By Susan Binnie

I was fully immersed in the teaching of being an entrepreneur. I was on a whirlwind journey of trying to get all the info needed to be the best I could be…

As I look back, I name it the time when I suffered from Conference Domino Effect. When you go to one conference and feel you need to learn from everyone on stage, you go to the next conference and the next… buying the next program and the next. Believing that everyone’s system is the best. 69

The Time to Soar

Perhaps they are the best, but you do not need them all at the same time. This creates too much information and not enough implementation. You need to buy them when you truly know it is the next step for you. You hire the support of someone who has done what you want to do. The one thing that will help you go from where you are to where you want to be. What will create the domino moving in the right direction for you, and at a pace you can keep up with.

I met some amazing people in the process and learned from my mistakes… If I could do it all over again, I would not change a thing as I learned all I learned as quickly as I did for a reason. It would take me 3 years to fully

understand why… That is a story for another time!

This story is about the people I met and the journey I went on. A journey to see my future, or at least a little taste of what was to come. I remember meeting some amazing women in a mastermind called the rising stars. The facilitator lived in Reno, Nevada and all the other members were based throughout the United States. I met many incredible women.

In that moment I was not sure what I would be speaking about, or who would be in attendance, but I knew it would be one of the biggest and brightest moments of my life.

One of them who was also named Susan took me on a journey to see my future life. What would it look like and how would it play out? I would be speaking from the stage. It would be my first major event. I saw flowing white curtains all around. Music was playing with a tune like Chariots of Fire. I would come out on stage with a big clunk, clunk noise as each foot hit the stage. I would stand just beyond the curtains. The music would stop, and all eyes would be on me. The audience would look at me standing there in a heavy black coat of armor. They would all wonder what the heck was this… I then would reach up just below my neck and would pull back the heavy cloak and pull it back with both my hands as it would then fall back behind me in a magical clicking noise revealing a beautiful white business suit outfitted with the most beautiful flowing wings on each side. I would raise the wings and the balance of the black cloak would completely fall to the floor as I would step forward into the Angelic being, I was meant to be. The audience would be clapping and then I would emerge and start to inspire.

Since that day I have had many opportunities to speak from the stage. I have spoken from other stages and from the stage I created. In person stages, online, Facebook lives, summits, podcasts and in print. All of these are stages. Stages that perhaps I never saw myself on but they have presented themselves to me and I have jumped at the opportunity.

I have a message to share to the world and it is up to me to get it out there. You too have a message to share… How are you spreading your message? I have never forgotten about this vision I saw and wondered when this time

uplift 70

would reveal itself. Was I supposed to do a big event and make it happen? … was someone else? I was never sure exactly how it would play out.

My little girl was invited in and the magic in my mind's eye happened.

In November 2020 I was wrapping up a 12-week group learning session I was in. I shared with the group that I was having a tough time with fully stepping into my success. I was not sure what it was, but I was definitely not going to give up, I was just taking smaller steps forward… Dr. Irena, one of the women in the group said that she would be happy to jump on a call with me to help. I was not sure of the work that she did, but I knew that it was worth a shot. She was very heart centered and I felt there was a connection. In December, I was finally ready to work with her. On the call, she took me to a time in my life when I did not feel good enough, not worthy, not pretty, a time in my childhood that I held myself suspended in. She took me on a visualization to visit my little girl.

Without going into every detail, the part that happened at the end still brings tears to my eyes. As I stood there ready to release the weight and heaviness that I felt upon me, I reached up just below my neck and lifted off this heavy cloak of armor. And as I pulled it off, I remember flashing back three years prior to my vision of being on a big stage. I threw the heavy cloak into the fire and watched it burn with my inner child by my side. I started crying and, in that moment, went back onto the raised dressing area. Realizing I was on a stage, not the one I had envisioned years prior, but a stage nonetheless.

I had done inner child work like this before, but this time it was different. She asked me to visualize my dream home. Once there I saw many of the outdoor aspects for the house and the beautiful surroundings. The sandy beach, the calm flowing water, and the mountains in the distance. Then we went into the house, and up stairs to my big bedroom. It was beautiful, all the things I have always wanted. I was asked to envision a closet… A closet only I could get into. I saw a beautiful dressing area raised on a platform, surrounded by mirrors floor to ceiling. On one side were my clothes and on the other was a giant fire to burn anything that was no longer serving me.


As I was sharing this moment with Dr. Irena and telling her of my original vision from 2017, my computer went blank. I lost the zoom connection; the power was gone, and my computer powered down and started to power up. It was obviously ready to update, I had seen this happen before, usually it gave me warning first. This time was

different as the screen came up, it said re-birthing. My eyes were not totally focused as tears still lingered from earlier. As I grabbed my phone to take a picture, my phone powered down and was restarting as well. I could not believe the timing. The surge of power was obvious as the energy encircled me. At this point my computer was updating, more slowly than I had ever seen in the past. I looked down at my phone and saw a white feather on the screen on the opening picture. I do not ever remember seeing this before. It was magic. I thought if only I could take a screenshot to show others so they would be able to see what I saw it would make this real. It was real and what I saw was meant only for me. I remember feeling calm as warm light enveloped me. I realized in that moment this was it. This was my moment on the big stage. It was bigger and brighter than I ever thought possible. It was the stage of life. It was mine and I was finally ready to soar.

The wei g ht t h at l i f te d f ro m m y b o d y i n t h at m o m e nt w a s t h e wei g ht of s e l f - d o u bt , i n s e c u r i t y , u n wo r t hi n e s s , a n d fe e l i n g s of n ot b ei n g good enough. Only I can keep me weighted down… only I can stop me from being all that I can be… No longer do I choose to be stuck, it is my time to soar and it is up to me to decide what that looks like. I have helped many women break through the stories keeping them stuck, but this is the first time someone has truly done for me what I do for others in a completely different way. As I witnessed Dr. Irena on my phone this time, seeing the satisfaction of a job well done, I knew I was truly blessed to do the work I get to do in the world.

It is my time to soar and empower others to do the same.

I believe that 2021 is your time to shine… your time to soar. I would love to jump on a complimentary 60 min call with you to help you find what is holding you back, what is keeping you stuck. Book a call today.

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Photo by House Method on Unsplash



are you going to do?”

After months of working from home during the first “shut down” of 2020, two kids taking 30+ hours of dance per week… one upstairs, one downstairs, while I work from the couch, laptop in my lap… we were FINALLY back at the dance studio. By: Brenda Jones, MA, MNLP

New rules meant drop-off only which meant I needed to find somewhere else to go – somewhere I could work – while they danced 5-7 hours per day… five days per week… at a studio an hour away from home. My plan: the local outdoor food court. It had power, Wi-Fi, and more importantly, a restroom. It would be hot in the summer sun, but it could work.

Except the restrooms were closed. Plan B: find a local restaurant, tip the servers well, set up my laptop, use a hotspot, and bring a portable charger. No client calls and no recording of content, but restroom crisis averted. Phew!


Success Can Be Found Anywhere

I had found a great restaurant and thought maybe this could work. Until… “What are you going to do?” The newly reopened restaurants were closing again.

Have you ever thought you had figured out the perfect plan only to have life laugh as it knocked you over? Did you let it? Or did you smile in gratitude as you took the opportunity to course-correct? Me?? I said a few choice words… and rented a restroom. As I recovered from the initial shock, my years of mindset training had already kicked in. Driving the hour home in traffic, a little voice whispered, “What about getting an office?” My actual voice told that little voice it was crazy. I had prided myself on not needing an office. I’d built a coaching and training company that allowed me to work from anywhere; teaching my students to successfully do the same.

I didn’t want an office. I didn’t NEED an office. What I needed was access to a restroom near the dance studio. That night, I emailed several co-working spaces. By morning, only one response. By noon, I signed a lease. I didn’t know what would happen. Could my training and live event company survive more shutdowns? The office was an hour from home. What if dance closed down again? What I did know is my kids needed to keep dancing in-person and with friends for as long as their studio remained open.

Friends congratulated me on the new office. My response: “I rented a restroom. An office came with it!” Looking forward, I never could have guessed that something as simple as renting a restroom with a bonus office could massively and profoundly shift the trajectory and success of my business… and my life. Looking backward, I see how that “simple” action wasn’t so simple; it was actually a culmination of years of selfdevelopment work. Success requires more than doing what someone else does. Here’s a peek into how I was thinking.

10 LESSONS LEARNED FROM RENTING A RESTROOM: #1: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone what they want, they often respond with something they don’t want? You have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is aware of <1% of all the information your subconscious takes in every moment. We call it our “reality” and it’s simply the information your subconscious thinks you should know based on your personal filters – your values, beliefs, memories, identities, words you use, mood, etc. When you know what you want – you see it, hear it, and feel it – you direct your subconscious to scan all of that information and bring the pieces you need into your awareness. Imagine a buffet with over 2 million menu items. To prevent feeling overwhelmed, a server brings you a plate with 126 items. You can either tell the server nothing and hope for the best, or you can tell the server what you want and have the best meal ever. I didn’t want an office. I wanted a restroom. And if that restroom could include power, Wi-Fi, and ability to record content and see clients virtually, bonus!!! #2: KNOW WHAT’S IMPORTANT Alignment is the new hustle. In conflicts between what you say you want (conscious mind) and what you actually do (subconscious mind), your subconscious always wins. Some call it “self-sabotage.” Know what’s important to you in every area of life. Release the deeper mindset roadblocks that limit you. And find that

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making decisions and taking action becomes easy. When conscious and subconscious align, life becomes easy. Here’s what was important to me: my girls continue dancing and I continue serving and supporting my clients and students. #3: GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE Tiny step or massive leap – do something every day that stretches you. Each step moves you into a new version of you. You either achieve something and/or you learn something. And that something may change your life.

#6: TAKE BIG ACTION Newton’s Third Law of Motion states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” If you take small action, you’ll get small results. If you take big action, you’ll get big results. I thought I was renting a restroom. Universe saw me rent an office. As soon as I signed the lease, I had new opportunities. Rather, my filters changed and I could now see opportunities that had never filtered into my awareness.

I had avoided renting an office because I wanted flexibility. I thought I’d be “stuck” in a single location. I worried I’d become a “workaholic” again and miss family time. When I did the scary thing and signed that lease, I discovered that having an office provided the flexibility and freedom I desired. #4: MAKE DECISIONS… QUICKLY


Successful people make lots of decisions… quickly. I used to get stuck in the process of deciding and never actually decide. I used to play the “what if something goes wrong ” game so often that I created the “ What If ” Technique in becoming a Master Trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP).

Make the decision, then own it. Tell the Universe that you are ready.

This time, I didn’t have that luxury. Only one office had returned my email overnight and I needed somewhere to go ASAP. Without the luxury of time, I made a decision on the spot. And it changed everything. #5: BE FLEXIBLE In NLP, we have several beliefs we choose to accept as true because it makes life easier. One of them states that the most flexible person in the system wins. Being flexible allowed me to remain calm and focused as my plans fell apart around me. It’s the difference between the changes knocking me over or me bending with them.


Before the ink of my signature on the lease dried, I was on the phone with my business partner making plans to shop for fun décor. Three weeks later, we jumped on an opportunity to grab a second office we didn’t “need”, trusting the need would arise as soon as we took the step. It did. Two more months, we upgraded to larger offices. And now, only 6 months from the initial decision to rent that restroom, Universe continues to reward us with opportunities. #8: RELEASE THE FORM How we think things are supposed to go can stop us from moving forward. We make plans, and when something throws us off course, we feel lost or stuck.

But what if getting lost is the path to dreams far bigger than ever imagined?

When restaurants closed back down, I instantly felt the fears and worries begin to build. Because I’ve changed how I respond to those feelings, I instantly felt focused and in control (thank you NLP). I had my plan… until I didn’t. And an amazing new path was allowed to unfold. #9: LISTEN TO THE WHISPER Listen to that little voice. Trust that gut feeling. Tell it you’re listening and it will talk to you more frequently. This was one of my hardest lessons learned and one that I didn’t understand for years until my first intro to NLP workshop where I discovered how the mind works and that it can be reprogrammed for success. That voice – that whisper – is you. It’s the “you” that’s aware of all of that information that the conscious you is not aware of. It knows more than you or I can ever know. And it’s working for your best interest. #10: HAVE FUN At the end of the day, the question to ask is this: Am I having fun? Your subconscious mind loves imagination and play. The more you find the fun, the more you move into activating the most powerful parts of you… and that is where you unlock all of the amazingness that awaits you. So maybe you do what I did… and you run out and rent a restroom.

That voice – that whisper – is you. It’s the “you” that’s aware of all of that information that the conscious you is not aware of. It knows more than you or I can ever know. And it’s working for your best interest. As an international speaker and board-certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Energetics, Brenda Jones, MA, combines her unique expertise in behavioral psychology and her love of the subconscious mind to support business coaches, mastermind owners, and entrepreneurs in turning their roadblocks into their path, ending self-sabotage and “yo-yo” results, so they can maximize their impact and influence to manifest their kickass vision board lives using her BELIEF COaching™ Method + Certification Program. Brenda lives in Southern California with her husband and homeschools their two daughters around their competitive dance and theater schedules…all while putting the “ME” back in mommy. Supporting business coaches, mastermind owners, and entrepreneurs in turning their roadblocks into their path, ending self-sabotage and “yo-yo” results, so they can maximize their impact and influence to manifest their kickass vision board lives using the BELIEF COaching™ Method + Certification Program.

Or maybe not. Whatever your next step is on your journey to success, let these lessons guide you.

BElieve in YOU.

Want to learn NLP? ~ International speaker / trainer ~ Senior Columnist - The Los Angeles Tribune BElieve in YOU,

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