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Annual Re p o r t 2011/2012


From the President Dear Alumni/ae and Friends of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS), Blessings and peace to you in this New Year. With the season of Lent now behind us, I pray your relationship with the risen Christ deepens and that your Easter journey was filled with the joy and fullness of the love of God.


The Rev. Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D.

There are many exciting changes going on at CRCDS. I would like to share a few of them with you here:

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary as full-time President of CRCDS. Over the course of this year, I have met so many friends of CRCDS, both new and old, and numerous alumni and alumnae. In their graciousness, exhibited in expressions of gratitude for my leadership, I find great hope for both the present and future of CRCDS and enthusiastic support for the unique education and preparation that the CRCDS experience provides. I remain ever grateful for the opportunity to lead this school, now in its 196th year, as it continues to answer God’s call to serve by preparing courageous leaders. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This April, we inaugurated a new week of lectures, reflection and worship. We hope that by hosting the lectures in a condensed, oneweek format, more of our alumni, alumnae and friends will take advantage of this unique opportunity for renewal. Another week of lectures, worship and reflection will take place on the Hill this coming October.

This truly is a new day at CRCDS! We are prayerfully charting a new course rooted in the biblical mandate for justice and mercy, a course that answers God’s call to prepare competent and prophetic leaders who engage today’s issues head on. Our graduates are educated to speak truth to power, while remaining always with “the least of these.” They inherit a world of unprecedented complexity at a time when the pace of change in our churches and communities continues to stretch all of our resources. Now, more than ever, the world needs CRCDS graduates. Thank you for making their education possible.

In the fall of 2013, we will implement a new curriculum focused on providing students with the specific skills necessary to meet the very real challenges of ministry and leadership in today’s world. A complete overview of the new curriculum will be included in the next issue of The Bulletin. The faculty and I are excited about this new direction of our academic core and its positive impact on the future of church leadership in our country. We are looking forward to hearing your response to it as well.

We will also be offering a new D.Min. concentration in Methodist / Wesleyan Studies for United Methodist students beginning in January 2014.

In response to the growing need to bring the work of CRCDS to new locations, CRCDS will be offering courses in Buffalo, New York, starting in the Fall of 2013. Our plan calls for an increased presence not only in Buffalo, but in the Syracuse, New York, region as well. This will help solidify our regional presence and help us increase our overall enrollment.

This January, we welcomed twelve veterans to the CRCDS campus as part of our collaboration with the Veterans Outreach Center. This collaboration provides permanent housing for veterans who have experienced difficulty assimilating back into society after the terms of their service are completed. Not only does this provide the School with revenue to support its mission, it also provides our students with an additional opportunity to learn to minister to those in need. The collaboration also serves as a concrete example to our students of how this institution answers the Gospel call.

The 2011-2012 Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School Annual Report is an opportunity for all of us engaged in the vital work of CRCDS to publicly thank you and all the other people, churches and agencies whose generous support continues to make the work of preparing tomorrow’s leaders possible. We are ever mindful of the trust your support places in us to be good stewards of all we have been blessed with. We continue to work aggressively to reduce our costs in order to maximize the benefit of your gifts and those of all our supporters. Please know how grateful we are for your trust and please be assured that we are maximizing every dollar of your generosity. Many of the challenges that I outlined in my message to you in last year’s annual report remain. While we are beginning to implement our strategy for bringing the CRCDS education to a broader geography, the need to pursue this reflects the very real need to increase enrollment in both our masters and doctoral programs. This challenge is by no means unique to CRCDS as all mainline seminaries face the realities of fewer churches, fewer jobs and fewer people pursuing the ministry. Nonetheless, it represents a significant challenge for all of us who care about the church and its leadership. We continue to upgrade our technology, meeting the demands of the 21st century learning environment to better educate our students. We also continue to explore

partnerships that make best use of our facilities while providing much needed revenue for our mission. All the work we do relies directly on the generosity of all our supporters and we want you to know how sincerely we appreciate your generosity and trust. We are all grateful for the long legacy of Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Crozer Theological Seminary, and the Baptist Missionary Training School. I am mindful that our history informs us of who we are today and how we arrived at this place and time. I am also ever mindful that we exist not to preserve our legacy, but to carry that legacy forth, serving God by preparing leaders who are progressive in their thought, creative and inclusive in their approach, faithful to the call and always standing with the least among us. You make such leaders possible through your generosity and faithful prayers. On behalf of all those who are served by graduates of this beloved school I offer my sincere gratitude and thanks. My wife, Peggy, and I remain thankful for the opportunity to serve you and this school. I thank you for your continued support as we face the challenges and opportunities ahead. May the Lord continue to bless you, your families and the good and faithful work of CRCDS now and in the weeks, months and years to come. Yours through Christ,

The Rev. Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D. President


Honor Roll of Donors 2011–2012 The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012.

The Tower Society promotes and recognizes leadership giving to CRCDS. Through their exemplary generosity the Tower Society members provide vital support for the School and set the standard for giving by others. Anyone who makes a gift of at least $1,000 qualifies for Tower Society membership. Within the Society there are six levels of recognition, each named for a visionary leader from the School’s past. Tower Society Members include: WAlTeR RAuSCheNbuSCh CiRCle

$ 50,000 +

Estate of Mr. Brunson Motley and Ms. Rocelia Motley C. Eugene Bennett Foundation MARTiN luTheR KiNg, JR. CiRCle $25,000 + Antioch Baptist Church (Cleveland, OH) hoWARD ThuRMAN CiRCle $10,000 + Estate of Mr. Robert Crozer and Ms. Sally Crozer The Hutchins Family Foundation (Frank and Jeanne B. Hutchins) Dr. Marvin A. and Ms. Peggy McMickle Estate of Mr. Neil B. Post and Ms. Adele Post SAMuel CRozeR CiRCle $5,000 + Dr. Nancy E. Abrams Gaess and Mr. Peter J. Gaess Ms. Maureen T. Alston Anonymous Rev. Judith B. Bryan and Mr. Richard Bryan, Jr. Mr. Richard DiMarzo Episcopal Diocese of Rochester (Rochester, NY) Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Fullwood Mr. Darrell Geib and Ms. Mary Anna Geib Ms. Georgia Gosnell Ms. Martha Keucher Mr. John F. Kraushaar and Ms. Barbara Kraushaar The Rt. Rev. Jack M. McKelvey and Ms. Linda McKelvey Dr. James C. Miller


Rev. Stuart J. Mitchell, III and Ms. Martha Neubert Rev. Hugh D. Outterson and Ms. Barbara Outterson Ms. Virginia S. Pacala Mr. and Mrs. John S. Prigge, Jr. Rev. Dr. Albert Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tupitza Rev. Frank D. Tyson SuzANNe RiNCK ARMSTRoNg CiRCle

$ 2,500 +

Rev. David Evans and Ms. Grace L. Norton Evans First Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) First Presbyterian Church (Pittsford, NY) Rev. and Mrs. Lester C. Garner Annie Marie LeBarbour, Ph.D. and Rev. G. Rheanolte LeBarbour Mr. Jerry W. Ligon and Ms. Fay Ligon Mr. Mark MacQueen James B. and Vera A. Sadler Fund of the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation Susan J. Scanlon, Esq. and Mr. Croft K. Hangartner Rev. Dr. David Van Arsdale Rev. Paul A. Vick and Ms. Joyce Vick WilliAM NeWToN ClARK CiRCle + Aenon Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Amerigroup Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John A. Anderson Anonymous Ms. Jean Bartlett Rev. and Mrs. Thomas G. Bayes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Colby H. Chandler Mr. Gary A. DeBellis


Drs. Kenneth V. and Sally Dodgson Rev. Dr. Lowell H. Fewster and Rev. Julie P. Fewster First Baptist Church (Penfield, NY) First Baptist Church (Peoria, IL) Mr. Burton Galaway and Ms. Natalie Wigandt-Galaway Rev. Dr. James E. Garmon, Sr. Genesee Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Dr. and Mrs. Alfred O. Ginkel Ms. Roberta Grimm Rev. Cheri B. Grizzard Rev. Ossie Heath-Crump Mr. Bennie L. Hildebrand Mr. and Mrs. James K. Hoffmeister Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Holmes Ms. Elizabeth Iwan Mr. Martin E. Johnson, III Mr. William A. Johnson, Jr. Dr. John Jones-Hagedorn, Jr. Dr. L. Wilson Kilgore Dr. David Kim Rev. Gordon F. Kurtz and Ms. Melisse Kurtz Lake Avenue Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Dr. H. Darrell Lance Mr. Nelson Leenhouts Rev. Dr. Marcus Matthews Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney Rev. Willis J. Merriman Ms. Kathy D'Amanda (Millrace Design Associates, LLC) Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Myers Ms. Marilyn J. Partin Rev. and Mrs. Elmo Pascale Rev. Kenneth E. Peterson Providence Baptist Church (Baltimore, MD) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Richards Rev. Roger B. Seidner Rev. Dr. Granville A. Seward Jim and Karin Shiel

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Prince Singh and Dr. Jebaroja Singh Rev. Nelson B. Soggs Mr. Neil Sowards SPX Foundation (Princeton, NJ) Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Stahl Ms. Dorothy R. Tasker Third Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY) Dr. Brian J. Thompson Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Thompson, Sr. Rev. Rollin Tingley and Ms. Patricia W. Tingley Dr. and Mrs. W. Hugh Tucker Unitarian Universalist Congregation Lake County (Eustis, FL) United Church of Christ First Congregation (Norwich, NY) VanGuard Group Foundation (Valley Forge, PA) Dr. Eugene L. Ver Rev. Anne B. Waasdorp Ms. Rachel Wynn Xerox Foundation (Stamford, CT) Mr. William Young The Rev. Pat Youngdahl, Ph.D. and Ms. Michal McKenzie

$500 - $999

Ms. Patricia C. Ashbrook Dr. Jeffery S. Atwater Rev. Dr. Stanley B. Bagley Dr. William F. Barr Mr. Steven Bartlett and Ms. Linda Bardenstein Rev. Dr. Eugene C. Bay and Ms. Jean Bay Dr. Russell H. Bishop Rev. Richard Bowser and Rev. Helen L. Bowser Dr. Mark Brummitt Ms. Esther Cable

Ms. Marcelina H. Chacon Rev. Thomas E. Clifton Ms. Mary Jean M. Covert Rev. James M. Dick Rev. William P. Diggs, D.Min. Rev. Dr. Ralph H. Elliott Dr. James H. Evans, Jr. Ms. Susanna Ferris First Baptist Church (Cuba, NY) First Baptist Church (White Plains, NY) First Baptist Church (Madison, WI) Rev. Barbara A. Freiert Dr. and Mrs. Calvin S. Garber Ms. Nancy Gernert Rev. Lawrence Hargrave and Ms. Brenda D. Lee Rev. and Mrs. Steven Hartman Mr. and Mrs. James T. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Preston T. Henderson Rev. and Mrs. Douglas E. Hess Hilton Baptist Church (Hilton, NY) Rev. Charles B. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. D. Cameron Hyde Ms. A. Melissa Kiser Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Kutter Rev. and Mrs. Donald L. Lawrence Rev. Dr. Helene H. Loper Ms. Claire Elizabeth Loughhead Rev. Dr. J. Wendell Mapson, Jr. Ms. Katherine McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. James R. McMillen Dr. James G. Miller Rev. Dr. John V. Moore Rev. James M. Pollard Mr. Steven M. Price and Mr. Norman Geil Ms. Barbara Purvis Mr. A. Thomas Quindlen Rev. Dr. Gail A. Ricciuti Ms. Elizabeth A. Snodgrass Rev. F. Barry Stipp Mr. J. Raymond Sutcliffe Rev. Dr. June Totten Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Van Strydonck Rev. Ronald H. Webb Webster Baptist Church (Webster, NY)

Rev. Ronald E. Wenzinger and Rev. Cynthia Wenzinger Rev. Dr. Edward L. Wheeler Rev. Dr. Thomas White Wolf Fassett Rev. John C. Whitfield Ms. Laura Wilder Rev. Dr. W. Kenneth Williams and Rev. Peggy Williams Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins, III

$250 - $499

Ms. Mary L. Andersen Ms. Roxie Ash Baber AME Church (Rochester, NY) The Baptist Temple (Rochester, NY) Rev. Scott L. Barton and Ms. Gayle Barton Ms. Ann B. Benjamin Rev. Dr. David C. Bergner Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School Black Student Caucus Rev. Willem Bodisco Massink Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James A. Braker Ms. Janet I. Cameron Rev. Marvin Chandler Ms. Elizabeth T. Clay Rev. Gary Clinton Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Cohen Rev. Theodore Cox Rev. Utley Crane Rev. Garland Criswell and Ms. Joan Devening Criswell Rev. Dr. Andrew C. Davison and Dr. Beverly Davison Rev. Dr. James V. Davison and Ms. Edith Davison Mr. Samuel E. Deibler, Jr. Ms. Gail Dieter Rev. Larry W. Dobson Dr. Melanie Duguid-May and Rev. Deborah Duguid-May Mr. L. David Easton Ms. Phyllis H. Elmer Mr. and Mrs. James S. Emrich Ms. Susan P. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Ewell Ms. Shirley Ferris

First Baptist Church (Birmingham, MI) First Baptist Church (Penn Yan, NY) First Baptist Church (Lewisburg, PA) First English Baptist Church (Nanticoke, PA) Gates Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY) Dr. Douglas J. Green Rev. and Mrs. Edward B. Grevatt Rev. Paul J. Hardwick and Ms. Linda Rae Hardwick Rev. and Mrs. Ronald G. James Rev. Dr. James W. King Mr. David A. Kolassa Rev. Archie D. LeMone Rev. Robert F. Lester Rev. William F. Lincoln Mr. John Lloyd and Ms. Anne Lloyd Rev. Andrea T. McCall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDade Clay Barbara A. Moore, RSM and Anne Maloy, RSM Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Morral and Rev. Melissa Morral National Ministries ABC/USA (Valley Forge, PA) Ms. Ruth Nelson Rev. Alan Newton and Ms. Gail Newton North Hills Community Baptist Church (Pittsburgh, PA) Chaplain C. Vernon Northrup Rev. Herbert E. Palmer Rev. and Mrs. Phillip Phaneuf Dr. Marcus C. Pomeroy Rev. Pier O. Postma Mr. and Mrs. Walter Raushenbush Mr. James Reynolds Dr. Charles M. Rich Ms. Lorena M. Ritter Rev. Lance D. Robbins Rev. Dr. Stephanie L. SauvĂŠ Ms. Epp K. Sonin Rev. and Mrs. James S. Stumbo Tabernacle Baptist Church (Utica, NY)

Mr. Jeffrey D. Tannenbaum Mr. Doug Tyson Union University Church (Alfred, NY) United Church of Marion (Marion, NY) United Church of Pittsford (Pittsford, NY) University Baptist Church (State College, PA) Village Baptist Church (Adams, NY) Rev. Lucille Weaver We're Forms (Rochester, NY) West Henrietta Baptist Church (West Henrietta, NY) Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Witmer Rev. Dr. C. Denise Yarbrough

$100 - $249

Rev. Carol J. Allen Mr. Scott W. Anderson and Ms. Sue A. Anderson Anonymous Ms. Leslie J. Apetz Rev. Merle S. Arnold Ms. Jewel M. Asbury Dr. Joseph D. Ban Rev. Glenn W. Barrett Ms. Maxine Bascom Rev. Arthur E. Basile Ms. Jo Ann Baum Mr. Donald Beech Dr. Jimmy A. Beshai Ms. Loretta J. Bigger Rev. Russell H. Bishop, Jr. Rev. Charles H. Bixby The Reverend Dr. Donald P. Boardman Ms. Lisa A. Bors Ms. Frances R. Bowman Rev. Pauline S. Braggins Rev. William E. Brammer Marguerite S. Bridge Rev. Garth E. Brokaw Rev. Samuel Brown Mr. Douglas C. Bumgardner Rev. Gary V. Burdick Ms. Gudrun Busch


Honor Roll of Donors 2011–2012 The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012.

Mr. Rodney Bush and Ms. Polly Bush Dr. Gay L. Byron Calvary St. Andrews Presbyterian (Rochester, NY) Mr. C. Stanley Camp Rev. Dr. Douglas S. Campbell Caroline Valley Federated Church (Ithaca, NY) Dr. W. Kenneth Cauthen and Rev. Dr. Gloria Fish Rev. Phyllis A. Chaffee Christ Church (Rochester, NY) Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Christiansen Rev. John H. Clements Rev. Jack W. Coates Ms. Laura Cohen Ms. Phyllis Cohen Rev. Daphne Coleman Rev. Eleanor G. Collinsworth Ms. Sarah A. Corbett Rev. Saundra L. Cordingley Rev. Dr. Roger W. Covell Ms. Ruth A. Cox Rev. R. Edwin Crabtree Dr. Austin B. Creel Rev. C. Burtis Crooks, Jr. Ms. Juliette Rhodes Cummings Ms. Krystal Cunningham Mr. Kenneth D. Curry Mr. E. Alan Dailey Ms. Waka Dannenhauer Rev. Kathleen M. Davie Rev. Bruce S. Dean Dr. Kenneth L. Dean and Dr. Mary Dean Dr. Donald S. Deer Rev. David C. Derby Mr. and Mrs. Mark DeVincentis Rev. and Mrs. John P. Dick Mrs. Gwendolyn P. DickersonHanks and Mr. Donald Hanks Mr. William M. Dingfelder Mr. Wendell Discher Ms. Susan Dodge-Peters Daiss Ms. Jeanette Dolk Mr. David M. Douds and Ms. Judith Douds


Emmanuel Baptist Church (Albany, NY) Dr. Peter Fabian and Rev. Aurelia E. Hale-Fabian Ms. Doris Farnsworth Mr. Lloyd D. Fett and Ms. Anne Fett Fifthteenth Tabernacle (Rochester, NY) Ms. Jennie A. Findley First Baptist Church (West Hartford, CT) First Baptist Church (Freehold, NJ) First Baptist Church (Arcade, NY) First Baptist Church (Fairport, NY) First Baptist Church (Geneva, NY) First Baptist Church (Macedon, NY) First Baptist Church (Coshocton, OH) First Baptist Church (Springfield, OH) First Baptist Church of Detroit (Southfield, MI) First Baptist Church, DeWitt Park (Ithaca, NY) Ms. Elizabeth B. Fisher Rev. Janice L. Fitzgerald Rev. Amy Williams Fowler Rev. Samuel D. Fry, Jr. Ms. Joy Gale Ms. Betty Garrett General Electric Foundation (Fairfield, CT) Rev. Janet Gifford Mrs. Alice C. Giles Rev. Mary Lynn Gras Greece Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Rev. Everett H. Greene Ms. Mary E. Griffes Rev. Leonard Griffin Rev. Edward Gunther Rev. Mary K. Guy Rev. Dr. Raleigh D. Hairston Dr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Halbrooks Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Hammer Rev. Paul A. Hanneman Rev. Bruce E. Hanson

Rev. Dr. Charles K. Hartman Dr. Louis Charles Harvey Rev. Sandra L. Hasenauer Rev. Clifford H. Haskins Rev. Dr. William L. Hathaway Ms. Patsy L. Hayes Rev. Gail Heimberger Henrietta United Church of Christ (Henrietta, NY) Mr. George Heydweiller Hildale Park Presbyterian Church (Cedar Knolls, NJ) Rev. Wade D. Hiltabidel Dr. Stephen Hirby Ms. Edris M. Hitchcock Mr. William B. Hitchens Dr. Fredrick H. Hoffmann Hope Baptist Church Trust (Albany, NY) Rev. Vincent Howell Dr. Patricia L. Hunter Rev. John W. Inman, Jr. Ms. Linda R. Isham Dr. Rosa V. James Rev. Dr. Mark P. Jensen Rev. Arthur P. Johns Rev. Dr. Karl A. Johnson Ms. Mary Ellen Johnson Rev. Harvey L. Kelley Rev. Edward Kennedy Ms. Marietta P. King Dr. Edwin Kinnen Ms. Marianna Klimenko Rev. Gordon W. Knapp Rev. James Knighton Rev. Arthur H. Kuehn Rev. Robert Lacker Rev. Barbara J. Lacker-Ware and Rev. Michael A. Ware Rev. and Mrs. John A. Lake Rev. John W. Laney Mr. James A. LaRue Rev. Sandra J. Lemke Rev. Glenn Loafmann Rev. David Lubba Rev. Dr. Bradford H. Lyle Rev. Roanne C. MacEwan

Rev. Dr. Kathleen E. Madigan and Ms. Juleen Carter Rev. David Malone Rev. Robert W. Markham, III Rev. L. Edwin Martin Rev. Mary E. Martin Ms. Andrea Mason Ms. Barbara Matheson Mr. Richard McCaughey Mr. Matthew McDade and Ms. Doreen McDade Ms. Grace E. McGaw Rev. Rachel McGuire Dr. Richard L. Means Rev. Charles B. Mercer Lynd Meyer Dr. Henry H. Mitchell Ms. Cynthia Molinari Rev. Dr. Howard Moody Ms. Andrea Morcone Ms. June Morin Mr. James B. Moseley Rev. R. LeRoy Moser Mountain Rise U.C.C. (Fairport, NY) Mt. Olivet Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Ms. Leslie C. Munger Rev. D. Richard Neill Ms. Althea Nelson Rev. Eric C. B. Nelson Rev. Phillip R. Newhart Rev. Janet M. Newman Mr. Robert Nixon North Congregational Church (Farmington Hills, MI) Dr. William R. Northrup Rev. Leon Oaks-Lee Dr. W. Mason Olds Dr. Laura O'Shaughnessy Mr. Todd Overfield Ms. Gretchen Pallischeck Rev. Dr. Susan Panek Polizzi Rev. Dorothy Pearman Rev. Lyman E. Pelkey Mr. David Petherbridge Picture Rocks Baptist Church (Picture Rocks, PA)

Julius D. Jackson, Jr. (Senior, M.Div.) American Baptist Churches, USA

Twenty years ago, Julius Jackson never imagined that he'd be enrolled in a seminary pursuing a calling from God to be a preacher. Now in his 40s, he sees how he has been on that path his whole life. The son of parents who relocated to Rochester, New York, from Louisiana, Julius has led many successful community initiatives for nonprofit organizations like AIDS Care, Wilson Commencement Park and Action for a Better Community. In all of these roles he found himself again and again helping people most by doing one thing really well: public speaking. Today he looks back and sees how that tenacity to speak publicly was a way of supporting and encouraging others and was actually a nascent form of preaching. "I was speaking the language, but not claiming it," he explains. "i never dreamed of taking this path." Julius is now just a few months away from graduating with his M.Div. and he feels that CRCDS has definitely made an impact on his formation as a minister. While reflecting on his experience of the course "Introduction to Preaching" with Profs. Gail Ricciuti and Barbara Moore, Julius says, "I feel that's where I really got my voice." Dr. James Evans's course on the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Howard Thurman ("Thurman and King and Life in the Spirit") gave Julius's call to preach the Word of Jesus a foundation in political, social and cultural realities. Julius currently is completing his hospital-based Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), which requires 18 hours per week as a chaplain at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. He found this practical format for learning incredibly rewarding, explaining that "a hospital offers many different challenges that a congregation or a seminary doesn't." It has given him the opportunity to use his faith in new and creative ways. Julius's supervised ministry placement was under the Rev. Dr. Vera Miller (D.Min.,'95) at Genesee Baptist Church in Rochester. This placement was such a positive experience that he is now an active member of the church. "Why do i believe that?" The call Julius feels to serve Christ in the world is something that he sees very much reflected in the history and tradition of CRCDS's focus on issues of social justice and working to minister to "the least of these." Another dimension of his seminary education that he believes has strengthened him is the diversity of beliefs and identities he has encountered in the classrooms and hallways of CRCDS. He found his long-held assumptions were challenged in ways he had never anticipated. "Having to test your beliefs against different perspectives definitely strengthens your faith." Following graduation, Julius will pursue congregational ministry once he completes ordination with the American Baptist Churches USA. He lives in Henrietta, New York, with his wife Mary and four children.


Honor Roll of Donors 2011–2012 The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012.

Pine City Baptist Church (Pine City, NY) Poquonnock Bridge Church (Groton, CT) Rev. Dr. Robert M. Puckett Dr. Bruce R. Pullen Rev. Dr. Claude Pullis Dr. Leon Putnam Mr. Cyril G. Pyle, Sr. Ms. Virginia Quiring Ms. Elizabeth Rahal Mr. Morris Range and Ms. Edie Range Rev. Paul Raushenbush Rev. Fannie Reeves Rev. Robert W. Rice Mr. John Riley and Ms. Sharon Riley Ms. Faith I. Rohrabaugh Ms. Gladys Rudolph Ms. Olgha Sandman Rev. Richard H. Scheffler Rev. Dr. Gam S. Shae and Ms. Alice Shae Rev. Dr. Ishmael L. Shaw Rev. Marian Shearer Rev. Warren O. Shields Rev. Dr. Malcolm G. Shotwell Rev. John A. Siden Rev. Joyce E. Sirianni, Ph.D. Rev. Arthur G. Smith Ms. Esther Smith Rev. Mildred J. Solomon Rev. Robert F. Spencer St. Paul's United Church of Christ (North Tonawanda, NY) Rev. Allison Stokes, Ph.D. Ms. Marion D. Strand Rev. Elizabeth O. Stroop Rev. Susan E. Thaine The Hijikata Family Foundation Rev. Joseph J. Thomasberger Dr. E. Shelley Tidy Ms. Lois T. Toyama Rev. Dr. C. Raymond Trout Rev. Joellyn Tuttle Ms. Kathryn Tuttle University Baptist Church (Columbus, OH)


The Rev. Canon Rudolph Van der Hiel Ms. Marin B. Van Arsdell Dr. Lester B. Vier Ms. Lois Waddington Rev. Diane Walker The Rt. Rev. Patricia Walker Mr. Allan Walters Rev. Richard H. Watkins, Jr. and Ms. Estella Watkins Ms. Cynthia Weaver Rev. Wallace Webb Rev. William R. Webster Rev. Roy S. Weed Rev. Dr. Donald F. Wheeler Rev. Alfred H. Williams, III Rev. Donald R. Williams Rev. Harrison E. Williams Rev. Dr. Robert W. Williams Rev. Edward Willingham, Jr. Rev. Donald M. Wilson Ms. Mary F. Woodhull Mr. Wayne E. Wooten Ms. Joan E. Young Ms. Barbara Zelter

$1 - $99

Mr. Richard T. Alpaugh American Association of Pastoral Counselors (Fairfax, VA) Rev. Naomi Annandale Anonymous Rev. Lloyd R. Applegate Ms. Andrea Arcone Mr. Thomas R. Argust Rev. Jack Averill Mr. Curtis M. Bagby Mallzie Banks Ms. Marie Barker Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Baron Rev. Dr. Bonita Bates Ms. Patricia Battisti Rev. Richard D. Bausman Dr. Edward A. Baxter Rev. Paul F. Beech Ms. Hazel Belden Rev. J. Peter Belec Rev. Glenmore Bembry, Jr.

Ms. Julie Bergstrom Rev. E. Astuti Bijlefeld Rev. Bruce E. Billman Mr. Brian Bishop Mr. Samuel Bishop Ms. Deborah Blauw Mr. Ralph Blevins and Ms. Marlene Blevins Ms. Virginia Bliss Ms. Alma Blyth Rev. Howard Bowman Rev. Ruth Bradley Rev. Dr. Jill F. Bradway Ms. Susan Braker-Shaver Ms. Mary Braswell Rev. Dr. G. Stanford Bratton Ms. Rhonda Breedlove Ms. Laurie Brocklesby Rev. Evelyn L. Brown Ms. Kimberlee Buell-Alvis Mr. Harry Burch Rev. K. Wayne Butler Mr. Shawn D. Butler Rev. Robert H. Calvert Dr. Stuart W. Campbell Ms. Pamela Carey Ms. Mary Cattan Rev. Thomas H. Caulkins Rev. Shirley M. Chan Ms. Valerie Chapman Dr. Donald Cherr and Ms. Margaret Cherr Ms. Janne L. Christiansen Ms. Dorothy D. Clark Rev. and Mrs. Joseph P. Clay Dr. Richard L. Clippinger Rev. Betty L. Cloen Mr. Esten Coan and Ms. Lola Coan Mr. Richard Cobb Nat Cole Ms. Helen J. Coleman Mr. Alvin Collier Rev. Douglas L. Congdon-Martin and Rev. Elizabeth W. CongdonMartin Rev. Alicia Conklin-Wood Dr. Edward J. Costello

Dr. Carlysle C. Crank Mr. Michael Crawfield Dr. Dennis L. Crawford Rev. Clarence L. Crews Mr. Dick Cunningham Dr. William Cushman Rev. William R. Cuthbert Mr. Greg DeAngelis Rev. James G. Denny Ms. Val Derlith Ms. V. Sumati Devadutt Mr. Gene Dewey Ms. Cherie Dobberstein Ms. Margaret Donovan Mr. Tim Donovan Ms. Nancy Doohan Mr. Frank Dorobiala and Ms. Susan Dorobiala Ms. Ruth A. Dudley Mr. William Edwards Mr. Larry Elliott and Ms. Peggy Elliott Mr. Jamie A. Ellis Mr. Roger Ellsworth and Ms. Carol Ellsworth Mr. Louis Eltscher and Ms. Carolyn Eltscher Ms. Emma Enoch Mr. Frederick L. Essex Ms. Nancy K. Fears First Baptist Church (Poughkeepsie, NY) First Baptist Church (Williamson, NY) First Baptist Church (Kenosha, WI) Rev. Dr. Luke R. Fleming Mr. Donald A. Forsyth Ms. Marge Forth Ms. Anne S. Gardner Ms. Kathleen Gardner Rev. Dr. G. Kenneth Gates Ms. Sarah German Mr. Mulford Gibbs and Ms. Joanne Gibbs Ms. Marie Gibson and Ms. Margaret J. Meeker Mr. Steve Girsch Mr. Robert Goeckel Mr. Dave Goffrey

Pa m C a r e y (Senior, M.Div.) The United Methodist Church

Pam Carey first felt a calling to the ministry when she was a teenager. She was certain of her faith and knew that she wanted to live a life sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, this was not a path open to women in the 1960s. Over 35 years later, with a storied career as a physical therapist and the mother of three happy, full-grown children, Pam was able to respond to Christ’s calling. This wasn't an easy choice. It meant leaving a career in which she excelled. She is a graduate of the Program for Physical Therapy at Ithaca College (which, coincidentally, is now a neighbor of CRCDS on the Hill), and has worked at Northport Veterans Administration Medical Center (Northport, New York) and was Head Physical Therapist at Willard Psychiatric Center (Romulus, New York). Pam has always worked with people, face-to-face, so the thought of leaving that hands-on environment for the academic setting was intimidating—but that didn't stop her. She enrolled in a local community college to brush up on her writing and computer skills. "The more i looked into CRCDS, the more i wanted to apply." Seminary hadn't occurred to Pam as a real option until she spoke with Rev. Enid Zollweg ('08 CRCDS). Impressed by the educational pathway offered for United Methodist students, she could not believe she was finally able to answer her lifelong calling to be God's servant. She completed her supervised ministry placement at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Ithaca, New York. Now in her last semester, Pam is in the process of being commissioned by the United Methodist Church for an appointment within the Upper New York Conference. The prospect of moving to a new place, which could be anywhere in Western or Upstate New York, is something she and her husband are very excited about. "i saw the pain and distress people experience from a different perspective." When she chose to complete her hospital-based Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) placement as a summer intensive program in Beverley, Massachusetts, she saw the patient experience from a very different perspective. This program had a profound impact on her pastoral formation, and allowed her to really develop her style of one-on-one ministry. Quiet Morning Service Pam's approach to ministry is best expressed by the quiet morning prayer service she now leads every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00-8:20 am in the Samuel Colgate Memorial Chapel. No words or music are involved, but everyone on the Hill—a growing community that includes the Veterans Outreach Center residents; the care providers, patients and their friends and families at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge; and the students and faculty of Ithaca College—are welcome to share in this opportunity for silent reflection. Pam and her husband, Chris, live in Trumansburg, New York. She has been an active member of the Trumansburg United Methodist Church since 1982.


Honor Roll of Donors 2011–2012 The following honor roll includes donors who made gifts of cash or securities from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012.

Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Alex A. Gondola, Jr. Ms. Bev Goodell Ms. Shirley Goosen Mr. Scot T. Graham-Raad Ms. Janet Gram Ms. Deborah L. Gunning Rev. Nathanael B. Habel Ms. Vita Hale Ms. Patty Hall Ms. Linda Hammar Ms. Diane Hampton Ms. Meg Harbison Rev. Paul J. Harrell Ms. Donna Harris Ms. Nancy Harrison Mr. Scott Hayes Mr. and Mrs. James Heinlein Ms. Betty Heisig The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. C. David Hess Ms. Barbara Hessdoerfer Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Hill Rev. Thomas A. Hilton Mr. Donald Hirshman Rev. David C. Hoecker Ms. Helen Hoffman Rev. Raymond B. Horan Rev. Stephen Horrell Immanuel Baptist Church (Rochester, NY) Mr. John G. Ives Mr. Bernard Jackson and Ms. Irma Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jacobson Ms. June E. F. Jacobson Rev. Janet A. James Dr. Andrew H. Johanson Mr. George Johnson Mr. Richard Johnson Mr. Lawrence Jones Rev. Dr. Stephen D. Jones Rev. H. Victor Kane, Jr. Ms. Patricia Keenahan Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Kellogg Ms. Audrey Kenyon Ms. Kathryn Ketcham


Rev. Robert B. Ketcham Ms. Marcella Klein Ms. Charlotte A. Klose Ms. Cheryle C. Knight Ms. Carol Kolsti Ms. Nancy Krody Rev. Stephen Krysalka Rev. Dr. Lanny L. Law Ms. Nancy Lesher Mr. Norman Lester Liberty Baptist Church (Tipton, IN) Ms. Angel Licea Ms. Audrey Lightbody Lilac Neighbors (Rochester, NY) Rev. Joe D. Lister Mr. Donald T. Little Rev. and Mrs. Ritchard E. Lyon Rev. Dr. Jeanne E. MacKenzie Ms. Elisabeth B. Mann Dr. Margaretha J. Markesteijn Rev. Marilyn S. Marshall-Goetz Ms. Janet Martinez Chaplain James A. Marvin Rev. Dr. David C. Marx Rev. Susan S. Maybeck and Mr. Edward Maybeck Mr. Andrew McDade Ms. Judith McGaffick Ms. Mary A. McMillen Mr. Gary Metz Ms. Roberta Miller Mr. David Mills Ms. Donna Mills Ms. Margaret Mills Ms. Sarah Mills Rev. Elizabeth R. Morey Rev. Jack D. Moyer Rev. Franklin W. Murdock Rev. Dr. Larry T. Nallo Ms. Margaret A. Nead Mr. Alfred Neelands Martin and Thelma Nemeroff Rev. H. Edward Nicholson, Jr. Ms. Laurie Oncryka Mr. Wallace L. Parham Mr. Thomas Pease and Ms. Gail Pease

Mr. Donald S. Peoples Mr. Robert A. Peterson Mr. Todd P. Phillips Rev. James L. Pike Ms. Eleanor Pope Portsource Foundation USA (Rochester, NY) Mary Jo C. Provenzano, RN Ms. Bonnie Prytherch Rev. and Mrs. Theodore J. Pullano Ms. Winifred G. Ravenscroft Mr. Kenneth Rebeck Rev. Gerald W. Richards Ms. Kristine Rimlinger Ms. Tracy Roach Ms. Beatrice Robenstein Rev. James W. Robinson Rose Baptist Church (Rose, NY) Rev. Vernon H. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Harris H. Rusitzky Dr. Barry R. Sang Rev. Margaret A. Scheffler Ms. Gayle Schneider Ms. Michele Schultz Ms. Cindy Schutt Rev. Susan S. Shafer Dr. Gaya R. Shakes Ms. Debbie Shannon Ms. Leanna Shirley Rev. John G. Shoemaker The Shoesmith Family Ms. Deloris Solomon Mr. Vernon M. Sorensen Mr. Robert W. Sparkes Ms. Catherine O. Spratt Dr. Deborah M. Stanley Mr. Harvey L. Steron Rev. Alexander Stewart Rev. Francis E. Stewart Rev. Kathryn E. Stimson Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Stoneham Mr. William B. Storey Ms. Barbara P. Streever Ms. Alida H. Struze Rev. Karen S. Sundland Ms. Colleen Talarico Rev. M. Kathleen Talbot

Ms. Kathy Thiel Ms. Blondina Titchenell Ms. Jo Ann Trolley Ms. Mary Trowbridge Rev. Richard W. Tucker Mr. Thomas Tuety and Ms. Sally Tuety Rev. Raimund L. Tumbelston Rev. Donald D. Turk Ms. Gloria Ulterino Mr. Don Van Doren Mr. Charles T. Van Goor, Jr. and Ms. Carol H. Van Goor Pat Vittum Mr. Zach Waite Rev. Howard B. Warriner, Jr. Washington Street Baptist Church (Lynn, MA) Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Weaver Rev. and Mrs. James M. Webb Ms. Bev Weber Rev. Gordon V. Webster Rev. Edwin F. Weeks Rev. David G. Weidman Rev. Richard L. Wereley Father Robert Werth West Brighton Fire Department (Rochester, NY) Whirlwind Music Distributors, Inc. (Rochester, NY) Mr. Christopher and Ms. Laura Whitebell Ms. Kathy A. White Rev. Richard A. White Ms. Laura B. Whyte Mr. Dick Wien Rev. Dr. John Wilkinson and Ms. Bonny Claxton Rev. William E. Winn Mr. and Mrs. D. Carl Yackel Rev. Clifford J. York Mr. William T. Yorks Ms. Carol Ann Young Ms. Anita Zander Rev. Donald D. Zeiders Ms. Eleanore Zonneyville

A n d r e w Va n B u r e n (M.Div., First Year) T h e E p i s c o pa l C h u r c h

"it makes you question your faith, makes you think about what's important to you." That's how Andrew Van Buren describes the variety of faith traditions, ideas and identities he has discovered in his first year as an M.Div. student within the Anglican Studies Program at CRCDS. When seeking out a potential seminary, Andrew wanted a place that valued an authentic ecumenical environment. He feels he has found that at CRCDS. This semester Andrew has a full course load, including "Church in the Digital Age" with Dr. David Kim and "Anglican-Episcopal Church History" with Dr. William Petersen. He was especially inspired by Dr. George Heyman's course "Old Testament I," which revisited the historical dimension of many Old Testament stories, challenging their traditional meanings. Andrew believes that courses like these force him to reconsider assumptions within his own faith and have helped him to better appreciate what role the Scriptures can play in his ministry. He is also looking forward to the general and denominational requirements he needs to fulfill before graduation. These include a mandatory residency period for Episcopalian students at the General Theology Seminary in New York City, a year of supervised ministry, and a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) requirement, where he will gain practical ministry experience. enabling the Call to Christ "It's been a natural shift from my undergraduate major. The classroom here is challenging and inspiring." Managing the heavy workload of a pre-med degree as an undergraduate at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia, Andrew decided to take a religion course as an elective, something most pre-med students don't do. That decision changed his life. He changed his major that year and graduated in 2010 with a concentration in Religious Studies. Andrew spent his junior year abroad in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as an intern at St. Columb's Park House, a retreat center that is sisters with the IONA Community in Scotland, where Dean Stephanie SauvĂŠ leads a required trip for her course, "Celtic Spirituality." There, he designed and carried out research on youth perspectives on religion. He also became involved with initiatives for supporting youth in advocating for peace in that region. It was in that work with young people that he felt his calling to ministry. Plans for the Future Today, as Andrew plans for his path after graduation towards Episcopal Ordination, he is considering establishing a retreat center with a focus specifically on at-risk, inner-city youth. He is drawn most to person-centered counseling and advocacy, and feels this environment is ideal for that ministry. "I feel I am learning to develop my voice at CRCDS, to put it to use for advocacy. I am very happy to be here." With a very direct understanding of his Episcopal faith and how he wants to express it, a wide open road awaits Andrew as he pursues his calling in Christ. Andrew attends St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Rochester, New York. Andrew also works at the YMCA of Pittsford, New York.


The Horizon Society The Horizon Society includes donors who have made one or more deferred gifts to CRCDS or have included CRCDS in their will as of July 1, 2011.

Ms. Joy Palmerlee Aprรก Dr. Jeffery S. Atwater Ms. Leona G. Barrows Rev. Barbara W. Baxter Rev. Thomas G. Bayes, Jr. Mr. Raymond N. Bligh Miss Edith Braack Rev. Kevin J. Butler Rev. Hugh B. Chittenden Dr. June Clase Rev. Thomas E. Clifton Ms. Sarah A. Corbett Rev. Garland Criswell and Ms. Joan Devening Criswell Rev. C. Burtis Crooks, Jr. Rev. Claudine P. Crooks Estate of Mr. Robert Crozer and Ms. Sally Crozer Rev. Douglas Deer Ms. Jeanette Dolk Dr. Melanie Duguid-May Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Ellis-Killian Ms. Emma Enoch Ms. Mary Erzinger Rev. Glenn N. Evans Estate of Mildred Evans Dr. C. McCollister Evarts Ms. Bernadine V. Farnell Ms. Barbara Fradenburgh Ms. Doris Frohock Mr. Burton Galaway and Ms. Natalie Wigandt-Galaway Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Garber Rev. Lester C. Garner and Ms. Pearl Garner Ms. Betty Garrett


Ms. Darrell Geib and Ms. Mary Anna Geib Mr. John P. Gleason Mr. George Gray Rev. Lois R. Gremban Rev. Edward B. Grevatt and Ms. Mary Lou Grevatt Ms. Linda Hammar Rev. Steven Hartman and Ms. Betty Hartman Mr. James T. Henderson and Ms. Mary Ann Henderson Mr. Jay T. Holmes Ms. Carolyn Hood Ms. Virginia Howard The Very Rev. Carol Hull Ms. Jeanne B. Hutchins Rev. Noah V. Johnston Rev. David W. Jones Rev. Robert B. Ketcham Rev. Alvin L. Kraatz Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kraushaar Dr. H. Darrell Lance Annie Marie LeBarbour, Ph.D. Rev. Archie D. LeMone Ms. Claire Elizabeth Loughhead Rev. Ritchard E. Lyon Rev. W. Donald Lyon Ms. Mary M. Maxwell Ms. Sheila McDorney Saxby Mr. James R. McMillen Rev. Henry Medd, III Rev. Dr. John V. Moore Ms. Janet E. Morgan Estate of Mr. Brunson Motley and Ms. Rocelia Motley Ms. Althea Nelson Mr. Douglas H. North Ms. Dora Mae Norton Ms. Virginia S. Pacala

Rev. Dr. Susan Panek Polizzi Ms. Marilyn J. Partin Rev. Dr. Everett L. Perry Ms. Eleanor Pope Estate of Mr. Neil B. Post and Ms. Adele Post Ms. Eileen Potter Mr. and Mrs. John S. Prigge, Jr. Ms. Bessie Proctor Ms. Virginia Quiring Rev. Frank Raines, III Rev. Rodney E. Reinhart Rev. Janet Roberts Dr. Harleigh M. Rosenberger Rev. Vernon H. Ross Estate of James B. and Vera A. Sadler Ms. Mary F. Sage Eisvang Ms. Joan R. Sayre Rev. Robert F. Spencer Ms. Marion D. Strand Estate of Harmon V. Strong Ms. Alida H. Struze Dr. Roscoe V. Stuber Ms. Dorothy R. Tasker Ms. Berneice Taylor Ms. Ernestine Taylor Dr. Eugene L. Ver Ms. Ethelmae Walter Mr. Randy L. Webster Ms. Beatrice Wilkins Rev. Donald R. Williams Rev. Dr. W. Kenneth Williams Rev. Donald M. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. D. Carl Yackel Ms. Joan E. Young Dr. Robert N. Zearfoss

Financial Report Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2012

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2011

$ 1,031,532 (203, 727)

$ 1,017,190 (227,956)

Net tuition and fees

827, 805


Gifts and grants for operations

546, 315


Auxiliary enterprises and other income

877, 055






o PeRATiNg

ReveNueS :

Tuition and fees Less: Financial aid

Total operating revenues

o PeRATiNg

exPeNSeS :

Educational and general expenses Auxiliary enterprises

Comparison of the last

two fiscal years shows a net gain on investment assets of $1.2 million in 2010 versus a net loss in 2009, total philanthropic support of over $1 million, and a 15% increase in operating revenues, coupled with a 2% decrease in related expenses. The school has been debt free since December ’06.

Total operating expenses Change in net assets from operating activities Investment return allocated to fund operations Change in net assets from operations Non-operating activities, net Change in net assets Total Assets Total Liabilities Total Net Assets

495, 781




($ 1,586,577)

($ 1,725,452)








$ 1,329,405



602, 323


26, 694, 026




Fiscal Year 2011 / 2012

Fiscal Year 2011 / 2012

12.8% 23.6% 35.7%


10.7% 15.6% 25.1%

Net tuition and fees Gifts and grants for operations Auxiliary enterprises and other income Investment return allocated to fund operations

9.0% 23.2%

Instruction/academic support General institutional support Institutional advancement Auxiliary enterprises Non-operating activities, net



From the CRCDS Board Chair Despite these challenges, we have made positive steps forward:

The Board of Trustees over the past several years has successfully created the adaptive reuse of underutilized space on the Hill. Income from several auxiliary ventures and partnerships now fully supports the total cost of operating the campus.

We can say with great pride that 100% of donations now go directly to the education of students.

We are especially excited to report that Andrews Hall, once a vacant student apartment building, has now been fully leased to formerly homeless veterans. With the constant support of the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center, twelve new residents can now experience a stable lifestyle that will provide the foundation for counseling and job placement in life-sustaining jobs. The community really has come to the Hill.

The Rev. Stuart J. Mitchell, III

Dear Alumni/ae and Friends of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, The Rev. Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D., recently completed his first full year of leadership as President of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS). He has represented the School as our public face, as public theologian, as a bridge to our accrediting body, the Association of Theological Schools, as a scholar and teacher, as a team leader, as the President of the Board of Trustees, as our primary link to alumni/ae and as our chief friend and fundraiser. I can report with unfettered enthusiasm that Dr. McMickle has taken on this challenging responsibility with unprecedented enthusiasm, expertise and vision. Not a week goes by that he is not speaking or preaching. He is working hard to help us face the critical issues impacting the future of theological education, especially as it touches the historic mission of CRCDS. The Board of Trustees is working diligently to provide strategic leadership to Dr. McMickle and the President’s Council. We are facing unprecedented challenges in the arena of student recruitment and enrollment. The forces of declining employment opportunities, heavy undergraduate school debt, necessary secular employment and competition with other seminaries converge to create enormous pressure on our operating budget. The President and his team are exploring many new opportunities to adapt scheduling, programming and teaching methods so that we can guarantee cost-effective solid theological education that will prepare our graduates for whatever ministry they are called to perform.


Even with these accomplishments, we still need your prayers and your financial support so that we can offer meaningful scholarships and thereby increase student enrollment. The investiture commitment made by Dr. McMickle on the occasion of his installation is as much a personal responsibility for our trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni/ae and friends as it is to our new president. The future of our school is in our hands. Thousands of Christ’s disciples have built the foundation on which we now work. We present this annual report as a small glimpse of what we have accomplished in the last year. More importantly, this annual report pleads for your commitment, your investment and your creative spirit that will guide us into the unknown future with the strength and confidence that God has a purpose for us as a divinity school to offer quality and relevant theological education for the 21st century. I welcome your investment, your ideas, questions, concerns and prayers.

In closing, I would like to offer an excerpt from the Statement of Investiture I made to Dr. McMickle at his official installation on October 16, 2012, as the 12th President of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School: We are a gathered community of learned, pastoral and prophetic witnesses to the biblical mandate of justice, peace, mercy and hope for God's people. Our whole community, under your leadership, hereby commits to speak truth to power for the "least of these" and to invite all God's people to stand with the dispossessed, the oppressed, the suffering as they seek to find their way in this broken world. With deep and abiding respect, love and with mystical anticipation we, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, students, gathered community edu-

cators, leaders, fellow divinity school representatives and the host of all those who will journey with you as our president, commit to embrace your vision, follow in your footsteps and support you in all ways that bring glory to God, God's son Jesus Christ and all God's people as you henceforth accept God's call to be our Servant Leader and President of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. At this hour, for such a time as this, and for as many days as you hold this high office, let it be so. Sincerely,

The Rev. Stuart J. Mitchell, III (CRDS, '70) Chair, Board of Trustees


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage


Rochester, NY Permit No. 1588

1100 South Goodman Street Rochester, New York 14620-2589

CRCDS prepares women and men for ministry in the local church and beyond that is learned, pastoral and prophetic. Rooted in the biblical mandate for justice and mercy we equip leaders for transforming ministry that speaks truth to power and stands among “the least of these.�

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