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MicroPro Grill

Why it’s revolutionary:

The less time, less mess, less stress MicroPro Grill grills meats, fish, vegetables

and even sandwiches right in your microwave in under 20 minutes!

susceptor nonstick interior coating

stainliess steel exterior microwave-safe

Grilling position

Casserole position

Two cooking positions:

• Grilling position for grilling paninis, grilled cheese, burgers, chicken, fish • Casserole position for making casseroles, cobblers, enchiladas, and more


What it’s made of:

• Smart technology susceptors heat up to 425° F/220°C in just 90–120 seconds and are programed to stop at that temperature to avoid inconsistent heat • Easy to clean nonstick interior coating • Silicone-protected curved design makes stainless steel exterior microwave-safe

Tips for a Great Demo:

• When creating your demo, start with an appetizer like ciabatta bread or a small pizza, then grill your meat—this preheats the grill and seals in flavor.

• Always pat meat dry prior to grilling. Higher water content may cause an unwanted steaming effect. • Do not salt the meat prior to grilling to avoid steaming effect.

• For thinner cuts (like chicken cutlets), frozen meat grills better. For thicker cuts, grill fresh or thawed.

Micropro Grill  
Micropro Grill