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Haute-Performance TM

The KriÍger Elite Collection. Available in 18k yellow or rose gold, or all stainless steel, with or without diamonds. Perfectly sized at 38mm. Swiss made automatic movement. Anti-reective sapphire crystal. Limited edition. KRIEGERWATCH.COM - 800 441 8433 Available at:




ON THE COVER: HOLIDAY SPARKLE Cover Photo by: Gio Alma Styled by: Pipi Loose Pink silk dress with embellished halter appliquĂŠ, $188, Cache, Aventura Mall; Sterling silver ametrine bracelets, $2,300 each, and sterling silver citrine bracelet, $1,500, Charles Albert, 800.410.1112





Uncover the newest trends & products.

by Courtney Duboff



Dress up and be festive.


by Stacy Scott

Talks about her past, present and future.


by Jenny Perez

Our A to Z Holiday Gift Guide.


by Marlene Sholod

Art Basel Miami returns with its unique mix of serious art & serious fun.




Your 2010 guide for getting in shape.

by Jennifer Aranoff



The dish on caterers who will make your holiday entertaining fun & easy.



by Carolina Cardona

Cravings | December / January 2010


Imagination Becomes Reality

Craig Zinn President & CEO


hen I created Lexus of North Miami, I imagined more than one million square feet of uncompromised luxury. I imagined the world’s finest Lexus Lifestyle Center, where clients can enjoy spa treatments, fitness facilities, an upscale café and personal concierge services. I imagined the PerfectPrice™ and the PerfectPayment™ on the world’s most incredible selection of extraordinary automobiles, like the all-new 2010 IS Convertible and  RX 350 Luxury Utility Vehicle. Imagination becomes reality at Lexus of North Miami.

Saturday 9am-6pm • Sunday 11am-5pm • Monday-Friday 9am-9pm


Biscayne Boulevard at Northeast 141st Street NOW OPEN NOW OPEN 1-866-405-1289 Elite of Lexus Award-Winning Service Department


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36 Off The Field

Updates & Info on South Florida Sports Playing For Keeps Professional Poker Player Kevin Schaffel

Hot Plate 85 What’s New & Newsworthy On The Food Scene Off the Menu 86

84 At The Table

by Vanessa Garcia

Tapas to taste Restaurant Listings 87

96 Wishlist





12 Crave by Jenny Perez

Info on What’s Hot, What’s New & What’s Worth Knowing About

Sew You Should Know 18

Tory Burch, fashion designer/ project runway winner

Mall Musts


Events & happenings not to be missed

20 People of Interest

by Vanessa Garcia

Interviews & Profiles of People Worth Knowing A Woman of Passion: Manette Ansay 20 Fraud, Felony and Corruption: Michael Diaz, Jr. 22

by Marlene Sholod

24 Local Color 8

The Ultimate Item To Crave & Covet Hit the Open Road With the Fastest Electric Sport Bike

An Area Worth Visiting The Miami Design District: Our Sunny Soho Cravings | December / January 2010

12 26 Talk by Stacy Scott

Profiles & Updates of Local Politicians Roots Run Deep: Senator Jeffrey Atwater

28 Ticket Please

by Margit Bistray

Intelligent Traveler 29

Details On Trips & Traveling Weekend Warrior: St. Kitts 28

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief


Wish You Were Here


Mark Your Calendar


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Parties, Events & Festivities

Highlights Of Events Not To Be Missed In this Issue Details & Ad Index

by Marcia Levin

30 Feel Good


A Look At What’s New and What To Know in Health, Beauty & Wellness Dental Insurance 31

by Silvia Stambler, D.D.S.

Use It or Lose It What the Pros Know 32 Answers to your health, beauty & wellness questions

We crave to make every issue of CRAVINGS South Florida magazine a must read. We want to hear from you. Please send your comments, opinions and ideas to us. Feel free to contact Sara Fiedelholtz, editor at





Ever y individual has beautiful features. This is what Dr. Bernard A Shuster finds most inspiring about his work. His approach to plastic surger y is that each patient he meets has unique and beautiful characteristics. He strives to identify these attributes and strengthen them. Call us for a consultation and let us enhance the beauty in you.



Bernard A. Shuster, M.D., F.A.C.S. Diplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery 4001 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, Florida 33021



LetterFromThe Editor-In-Chief

Photo by Joanna Gazzaneo

The doctor did not agree with my logic and advised me that I needed to lose weight and referred me to a nutritionist. “Nutritionists are for fat people,” I exclaimed. The doctor looked at me hard and did not say a word. I got the message.


his time of year, the subject of dieting seems to sneak off the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and rise to the surface. Some people are starting a diet to look good for the holidays; some people intend to start their diets after the holidays; most people are cheating on their diets irrespective of any holiday season. I, personally, am not a huge proponent of diets and ordinarily would not care to practice the discipline. But, observant readers may have already noticed that there is something different about this page. My picture has changed. There use to be a large picture of me, smiling -- all fat and happy. Now there is a small picture of me, smiling -- all thin and miserable. So how do you get from there (fat) to here (skinny)? Actually, it has a lot to do with the magazine. Last issue our editor took my letter and cut it by several hundred words and told me I needed to cut it by several hundred more. I am only allowed one page and did not want to cut anymore from my letter. My idea was to reduce the size of my picture. That seemed like a great idea. The only problem was I was told that I was too fat to fit in the resized picture frame. It appeared that I had to lose weight. Before I embarked on something so drastic, I decided to consult with my physician. Perhaps it may not be medically advisable to lose weight at this stage in my development. After all it took me at least 20 years to put on the weight; maybe it was an unsound decision to attempt to lose it in a somewhat shortened time span.


Cravings | December / January 2010

I waddled into the nutritionist’s office a week later. By this time, my self esteem was pretty low. I never thought of myself as an overweight person. Sure I enjoy eating and might be partial to desserts with names like “Chocolate Beast” or “Apple Avalanche.” Maybe I do idolize the guy who does all those eating challenges on Man v. Food; but, I didn’t consider that any of this meant I had a weight problem. I entered the nutritionist’s office and the first thing they make you do is get on the scale. I had already weighed myself at home and figured I would come in at around 215. Her scale showed 224. I immediately began emptying my pockets and explaining that I really didn’t weigh that much. My goal weight was determined to be 195. To get there, I would have to exercise and radically change my eating habits. The nutritionist gave me a short list of foods I could eat and a long list of the foods I could not. If you didn’t count green vegetables, the only other things I was allowed to ingest were air and water. On the shelf of the nutritionist’s office were plastic models of various types of foods. As she explained my new low calorie diet, those plastic foods looked more and more appetizing. I nearly stole a nice plastic wedge of cheese on the way out. The next morning, I began my exercise regimen, a 30-minute walk. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and was out the door by 7:00 a.m. At 7:00 a.m., the temperature was already approaching 90 degrees and the humidity was also in the high 80 percent range. You have no idea how many other lunatics are already out on the street at this time of day. You have your dog walkers, your school bus kids, your street sweepers, and of course my fellow walkers and joggers. I would wish them all good morning and continue on my way.

After a few days, I noticed I would see the same people every day, all doing the same things. I found it uncomfortable greeting them each morning and really having nothing intelligent to say to them. Most of them have cellphones or ipods and appear as if they don’t want to be bothered. So, I started getting out a little earlier each day. Finally, I found that if I started walking at 5:30 a.m. nobody else would be out and I wouldn’t have to say anything to anyone. In fact, the only person I would encounter was one of the neighborhood bums sleeping on the bus bench; but after a while, even he stopped showing up. Meanwhile, I was waiting for those endorphins to kick in from exercising. I have heard all these stories of how physical activity is supposed to make you feel better and how endorphins are released to make you feel euphoric. I don’t know who those people are who make these claims, but I find that I am tired before I start exercising and even more tired when I finish. At night, I am asleep on the couch before they announce the losers on whatever dance show my wife happens to be watching. My favorite part of the diet was that I was actually allowed a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast each morning. I liked it because it was simple to prepare and took no creativity or extra thinking on my part. It’s not like it tasted that great, but it was as close to normal food as I was going to get on this diet. It is now 200 bowls of Cheerios later and I have officially reached my goal weight. None of my clothes fit. I have lost weight in all the wrong places. I feel more exhausted than I have at any other time of my life. Everybody tells me I look great and makes a big deal over the weight loss. Still, empty compliments do very little to fill an empty stomach. Regardless, of your weight, from all of us at Cravings, we wish you a very happy holiday season and a successful diet program for the coming year!

Andrew Stern Editor-in-Chief

m missoni barneys new york coop cole haan stuart weitzman henri bendel michael kors

your true colours. revealed. anthropologie harmont & blaine tourneau boss hugo boss jo malone damiani ted baker herve leger by max azria + 280 more


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Cravings | December / January 2010

Crave A look at what's hot, what's new & what's worth knowing about By Jenny Perez

MODERN ROYAL Every girl dreams of being a princess. Even if the accessory on your head isn’t a tiara, but a set of iPod earphones, you can still give yourself the royal treatment with Sublime Vanille, the first fragrance from Creed’s royal exclusives collection. Creed, a brand that has been creating scents for kings and queens and their courts for 250 years, sticks to the belief that every bottle should be like a royal jewel, exquisite and unmatched by any other. $475, Neiman Marcus, Palm Beach, 561.805.6150,

ARTISTICALLY SPEAKING Much to the surprise of the city’s fine art collectors, not every work of art belongs on a wall or a pedestal. What better way to showcase that one-ofa-kind creation than by, well, wearing it with your favorite frock? That is the mindset behind La Lucca, a local design company that aims to combine art with function and practicality. Every bag is the only bag like it, which makes these pieces so covetable, you may just have to beat those fashion thieves away with a stick. $350. Green Grass, 54 SW 10th Street, Miami,

TOUR DE FORCE Mom and dad always said you needed direction. Now you can have it, wherever in the world you go. Louis Vuitton has designed a collection of city guides, a set of maps and lists of local haunts in major cities including new york, paris and yes, even our very own tropical town, Miami. $145. Louis Vuitton, Bal Harbour,


Cravings | December / January 2010

SWEET AS SHOOGER A worldwide recession is no excuse to having a minimal social life. Keep those weekend nights filled but save money while doing it with shooger. The latest iPhone application on the market, the Miami-based shooger delivers discount coupons for local restaurants and nightclubs straight to your phone. Users can also take advantage of shooger’s “nearby” feature, which calculates the best deals you can find, wherever you are at that moment. Talk about instant gratification.













SAVE THE DATE Vintage doesn’t always mean dusting off mom’s 1970s Gucci bag. Get your old world fix with the vintage art-inspired Around the World calendars from Pottery Barn. Talk about a fine vintage. $13, Pottery Barn, Aventura Mall

Take your Dancing with the Stars obsession to the next level with the Passion of the Tango dance lessons on Tuesdays at the Biltmore Hotel. Taught by renowned dancer and world tango champion Monica Llobet, these lessons will have you gliding across the floor and dipping like a pro, all with the romance and mystery of the famous (and a bit infamous) hotel as a backdrop. Beginner and advanced classes are available. $15 per lesson. 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables, 305.445.1926,

FLOWER POWER Peonies, Dahlias and Geraniums, Oh my! If you have the itch to grow a garden but lack a green thumb, you can still get Impatiens Martha Stewart would flip over. Created with us city slickers in mind, Flowers in a Can come with four different seeds that are sure to bloom. The only requirements are popping the top and adding some water, $11 each,

PICTURE THIS In an inspiring and fashion-packed combination noted photographer and blogger Scott Schuman has created The Sartorialist, the next great coffee table book. A stunning anthology of his favorite images of the welldressed and well-heeled, straight from the streets of New York, Paris, and Stockholm, consider this the conversation piece at your next living room get-together. $25, Barnes & Nobles, Aventura,


Cravings | December / January 2010

MOD SQUAD If you yearn for the days of Mary Quant and the mod style of the swinging 1960s, get your groove on and get to the newly opened Lisa Perry boutique in Palm Beach. There you’ll find a psychedelic mix of hot pink and bright blue shift dresses, colorful art books and rare vintage Heller dishes even Twiggy would love. 245A Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, 561.833.4125,


Crave GIRLS’ CLUB So maybe your big brother wouldn’t let you in to his silly boys only club when you were six! Get over it and get in shape at Fit Source Club, the newly opened women-only gym in North Miami. While fitness facilities that catered to women have been around for a while, Fit Source is stacked with the most up-to-date equipment and even offers extra exercise classes during the week for women who balance glamorous (or not so glamorous) jobs with being doting moms. It beats that stinky old treehouse anytime. 12415 Biscayne Boulevard, 305.895.6686,

HOLIDAY 911 In a tight jam for last minute gifts? Fear not. The folks over at will not only sell you gift cards at up to 50 percent off, but they will also take those unused gift cards Grandma Rose and Aunt Milly gave you last year and exchange them for cold hard cash.

PRICE FOR PERFECTION In a perfect world, life would be easy, love would be grand and high-end designerwear would always be on sale. Willing to settle for one out of three? TJ Maxx, the price-slashing retailer, has opened its doors on South Beach and has brought with it a collection of top-notch designer duds. Start by checking out Missoni coats, Rock & Republic skinny jeans and Valentino suits, while making your way to the luxurious Dior and Versace handbags at a quarter of their original costs. High style for low cost is truly perfect. 1159 Fifth Street, Miami Beach, 305.538.3310,


Cravings | December / January 2010

LIMITED EDITION LUXE Tradition is a big deal during the holidays. Whether it’s the celebratory lighting of the Menorah or the festive decorating of the Christmas tree. Estée Lauder has created its own annual holiday must with its limited-edition holiday compacts, a collection of jewel encrusted mirror compacts that will add even more dazzle to your holidays. $150. Macy’s, Aventura and Dadeland



Sew You Should Know:

Phoebe Philo has done at Celine. I also love Proenza Schouler's designs.

Tory Burch


C: What is one item every man should own? TB: Does it have to be one item?!? I like a navy blazer on a man. A good dress shirt and a few good ties are essential too.

By Jenny Perez

n the fast-paced world of fashion, only a select few can make it all the way. In the case of Philadelphia-bred designer Tory Burch, she has launched an iconic collection of designs in bright and bold patterns and equally popular must-have accessories. Moreover her name has now become synonymous with uptown casual chic laced with just the right touch of downtown cool. After years of making the rounds as a publicist for the likes Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang, Burch started her eponymous brand at the start of the new millennium, debuting her flagship boutique in New York in 2004. An immediate success, (even receiving Oprah's seal of approval early on) she has since opened 16 more boutiques nationwide, including successful stores in Bal Harbour and Palm Beach.

Although she is partly famous for the whimsical tunics loved by celebrities and the ladies-wholunch crowd, Burch seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to accessories. After a


C: Trends come and go every season. What is the one item every woman should own? TB: A classic trench coat. It looks perfect with everything.

Cravings | December / January 2010

few seasons of mastering the art of creating the perfect tote bag and designing what are arguably the most recognizable flats in history, she went on to win the coveted Council of Fashion Designers Accessories Designer of the Year award in 2008, beating out Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

C: You started your career as a publicist for some big fashion names. If you could have gone in another direction in your career, what do you think you would have done for a living instead of fashion design? TB: For me, working has always been very important and I have a strong work ethic. I probably would have gone back to school and ended up doing some kind of social work. Even today, the work I do with my foundation (The Tory Burch Foundation) is so fulfilling. We provide economic opportunities for women in the United States.

We sat down with the designer at the launch of her recent collection at Neiman Marcus, Village of Merrick Park. She lets us in on her love of Warhol and the potential back up plan for her career, while also sharing details on some serious superstitions.

C: What would you say is your favorite fashion moment in history? It could be anything from a favorite celebrity look to something you wore yourself. TB: It would definitely be the day I first saw someone wearing one of my designs. It was in an airport and it was really unforgettable.

CRAVINGS SOUTH FLORIDA: Your pieces are known for their bold tones and colorful designs. What is the inspiration behind your latest collection? Tory Burch: I love nature and colors. Pleating and fine textures were inspirations. I wanted a mix of Warholmeets-Paris with lots of floral prints.

C: What are three things you never leave home without? TB: That's easy. My Blackberry. My iPod. I'm a big music lover. The third item would be a red ribbon.

C: Why do you think your line has been so successful? TB: I think the style and price resonate with many women, especially nowadays with the economic climate being what it is. Women can feel they bought a great, classic piece for the best value. I focus on design but make sure the price of each piece is reasonable for the woman who buys it. C: What does Tory Burch wear, besides Tory Burch? TB: I absolutely love fashion. I'm amazed by what

C: A red ribbon? TB: Yes. It's a family tradition started by my great-grandmother. We're very superstitious! I won't travel anywhere without one. It assures good luck. C: What's next for you? TB: You know. I feel like I'm just starting out on so many levels. I'm launching a line of eyewear. We've been working so hard at designing foldable aviators. They bend and fit into a bag or pocket. C: Will we ever see a fragrance from Tory Burch? TB: Perfume? Maybe! I want to do beauty in a big way, so will have to see what happens.

Crave/MallMusts Though you spend so much time at the mall during the holiday season shopping and spending, your local mall is good for more than just going for broke. Go ahead brave the wrath of the scary parking Gods. Boutique openings, special events and maybe a celebrity appearance or two will make it worth the trip.

Village of Merrick Park 358 San Lorenzo Avenue, Coral Gables, 305.529.0200,

Holiday Tree Lighting – Get your sparkle on. The mall kicks off the season of lights with its most beloved free event, the annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony on Thursday, November 19, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the Voices of Children Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising funds for abused and neglected children in Miami-Dade. Remember, it’s the season of giving, not just getting! Black Friday and Soothing Saturdays – Ready, set... GO! Set your competitive spirit free while you snatch up gifts left and right during Black Friday. Lucky for you, the mall is hosting a relaxation themed event on Friday, November 27, 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. Enjoy soothing massage stations, which you’ll need after a day of running though aisles and lifting heavy shopping bags. These relaxation-themed activities will continue every Saturday from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. through December 19. Live Music Series – Groove to the music with a mix of Jazz, Bossanova, World Music, Flamenco, Classics, Pop Melodies, Contemporary and Latin Grooves. Every Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. through the end of May 2010. The Galleria Mall 2414 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, 954.564.1015, Pet Night with Santa - Monday, November 30 - Tuesday, December 1, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Pets are people too! Have their photo taken with Santa! Call 954.564.1036 to make a reservation.

Men of Style Shopping Night 2009 - Eight leading men will strut the runway during The Galleria’s Men of Style Shopping Night benefitting eight local charities on December 2 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Aventura Mall 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura, 305.935.1110, Theory and the Miami Junior League - Join edgy fashion house, Theory and participate with the Miami Junior League "Card for a Cause" event happening through November 8. For information call 305.935.1110. The Walking Club - Move those legs and get fit for free every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 9:00 a.m. Start with a stretching of your limbs at the Fountain Court. The Holiday Train - Choo choo! Send your kids on a wild ride on Aventura Mall’s annual Holiday Train rolling down the tracks until January 3, 2010. Rides are one ticket for $2.00, four tickets for $6.00, nine tickets for $12.00 or 15 tickets for $20.00. Worth Avenue Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, 561. 659.6909, Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - December 1, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. - Join the creme-de-la-creme of Palm Beach society for a magical night of festivities on Worth Avenue for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Historic Tour - Take a stroll down Palm Beaches memory lane with its Historic Tours happening on December 9, January 13 and January 27, 2010. Conjure up Henry Flagler and Addison Mizner and channel other colorful characters as you stroll through Old Palm Beach on one of Worth Avenue Association's popular "Historical Walking Tours of Wonderful Worth Avenue." Conducted on select Wednesdays throughout the season, these popular strolls are guided by James Ponce, proclaimed Palm Beach's only "Two Legged Historical Landmark" by the Palm Beach Town Council. Complete with top hat, pocket watch and walking cane, Ponce assumes the persona of Flagler during the tours as he shares the history of Worth Avenue and its inhabitants. Tours begin promptly at 11 a.m. at the Gucci Courtyard.


Peopleof Interest

A Woman of Passion:

Manette Ansay By Vanessa Garcia

like Schumann. A career, however, that would be cut short by Muscular Sclerosis-like symptoms that would soon cause her to become bedridden and unable to play. For many years she fought an illness no one had a name for and which forced her to look for a new way of life. Eventually, she found writing. Her book Limbo is a memoir to this period of her life.

Manette Ansay’s loves have a way of sneaking into her books.


he relationship between her paternal grandparents inspired Vinegar Hill, a 1999 Oprah Book Club selection. Her love of sailing and her experience living on a sailboat for a year with her then-husband made its way into Blue Water, her seventh novel, published in 2006. Most recently, her obsession with the 19th century pianist Clara Schumann appears all over the pages of Good Things I Wish You. A book that is as much a statement on the life of the female artist as it is about love, and perhaps Ansay herself. Ansay’s love for Schumann started out when she was a young girl learning to play the piano. Before she had even contemplated becoming a writer, Ansay’s talent for the piano would lead her to the Peabody Conservatory on a path towards becoming a concert pianist just


Cravings | December / January 2010

Today, Ansay no longer needs a wheelchair or a scooter. In fact, if you saw her, you would never guess at her past illness. She currently lives in South Florida, teaches at the University of Miami and is the single mother of a six-year old daughter. It was writing, on some level that helped her heal. While Limbo delves into the spiritual and inner struggles of this process, there was also a more concrete reason for recovery – the financial success of her book Vinegar Hill. “The Oprah effect on my life is so overwhelming it’s difficult to talk about…I used the money from the first royalty check to fund nearly two years of medical treatment any insurance company would have called ‘experimental.’ Now it’s been two years since I’ve even used a cane…I am so unspeakably grateful.” Ansay’s passion for Schumann, however, did not disappear once Ansay left the piano. In fact, the desire to learn more about the pianist, and write about her, kept coming back until it was channeled through her writing of Good Things I Wish You.

On one level Good Things I Wish You is the story of two parallel romances. It is the story of Jeanette Hochman, a newly divorced fiction writer, teacher, and single mother, as she develops a relationship with a German entrepreneur. But, it is also as much about what Hochman is trying to write about in her latest book on Clara Schumann – Schumann’s life, her art, her mothering of seven children, as much as her talked about relationship with Robert Schumann’s young, beautiful protégé: Johannes Brahms. The premise obviously resonates with Ansay’s life experiences and the book, like our hearts, is a lesson in layers. It is a book Ansay has taken over a decade to write, in starts and stops. A book she returned to when she was going through her divorce in 2006. “[I was] trying to figure out how to balance my new situation as a single mother with the demands of art and life,” says Ansay. And perhaps it is this struggle that lies at the beating center of the novel. The novel has to do with the drive for love and to make art as well as with time, which Ansay refers to again and again, in conversations and interviews, as a “precious intangible.” As for Ansay herself, her success is quite tangible – she’s won a National Endowment for the Arts Grant; a Pushcart Prize, the Nelson Algren Prize, and two Great Lakes Book Awards. And then there is the writing itself, an always engaging, always intelligent compiling of words, phrases, and stories that pull at the strings that make up our lives, threading them through and through until the final page.

Peopleof Interest

Fraud, Felony and Corruption:

Michael Diaz Jr. By Vanessa Garcia


ichael Diaz Jr. doesn’t get much sleep. As an asset hunter, Diaz has been concentrating on the types of cases that have been blaring through news networks nationwide: Ponzi schemes. Through his firm Diaz, Reus & Targ, Diaz assists clients who are trying to recuperate their assets from the likes of Bernard Madoff, among countless others. “We try to freeze the spoils of the assets acquired by the bad guys in order to give restitution to the victims,” explains Diaz. This is the business of international fraud and asset recovery. And Diaz is good at it. He was selected as a Florida Super Lawyer by Florida Trend Magazine for Global Affairs and has been nominated for the Key Partner Award by the 2009 South Florida Business Journal. His current focus defending those affected by Ponzi schemes has come about for a variety of reasons, he says. “Due to our proximity to Latin American and the Caribbean, we see more of these schemes,” says Diaz. “But the problem is not just endemic to Miami; the economy is trying to pull itself out from the dredges, and when the tide goes out and everything is naked, you see the financial backing that’s all smoke and mirrors.” One of the smoke and mirror cases Diaz has been working on is the case against Frederick C. Elliott and his son, Derek – who are alleged to have defrauded clients out of $170 million through a resort development plan in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The resort was never developed, and Diaz’s firm represents about 700 of the scammed investors. But Diaz hasn’t always been on this side of the fence. He’s defended those who were allegedly involved in creating various Ponzi schemes in Argentina and Venezuela, along with other parts of Latin America. When you ask him which side he prefers to be on, he will


Cravings | December / January 2010

tell you the work he is currently doing against the bad guys is more satisfying. It beckons him back, he says, to how he started out. Straight out of law school, he was a public prosecutor under Janet Reno, where he investigated and prosecuted major crime cases. “I prosecuted a lot of murderers and drug dealers in the 80s. In the Julia Tuttle Causeway Murders – I sought and obtained a death sentence for those criminals,” he says proudly. Today his firm has an international presence from Frankfurt to Venezuela and Miami to Shanghai. The firm, as an entity, boasts nine languages: English, Spanish, French, Czech, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Arabic.

In addition, Diaz himself is a frequent lecturer, giving talks on consumer protection, forfeiture, and fraud. He recently conducted a lecture in Cuba – a big step for the Cubanborn Diaz, who had not been back since he left with his parents in the 1960s. The son of two immigrant parents – who, as Diaz says, “Did anything they could just to get by when they first got here” -- he has come a long way. Despite the long hours, the lack of sleep and the need to look straight into the often dark parts of our humanity, Diaz will look at you, whole-heartedly, and tell you: “I still love what I do.” And, how many people can say that?


The Miami Design District Our Sunny Soho By Marlene Sholod

Urban Safari Art & Design Night The best time to explore the Design District is on the second Saturday of the month, when most shops, showrooms and galleries, as well as those in the neighboring Wynwood Art District, are open late until 10 p.m. If you happen to be in Miami on December 5th be sure to attend the special Art Basel Miami Art & Design Night, when the crowd multiplies exponentially, and the streets are an international mix of art lovers and fashionistas. Street metered parking during these events is at a premium, but there are several reasonably priced valet stations.

Senora Martinez

Local Flavor Four of South Florida’s most popular celebrity chefs have opened restaurants in the Design District within walking distance of one another, each in a unique space.

EsVedra Design


he waves of gentrification that created the Miami Design District flowed in slightly different order from those of Manhattan’s Soho. First came internationally known design showrooms, then cutting edge art galleries and couture. More recently, a group of high profile restaurants has proven to be a magnet for locals and visitors alike, enfusing


Cravings | December / January 2010

the area with a new vitality. At the same time, a new wave of worldclass retail is hitting the area, including international designer brands making their debut in the U.S. Today, with about seventy-five shops, showrooms, galleries, and restaurants, the Design District (carved out of Miami’s Buena Vista area – north of Midtown Miami and just over the railroad tracks from Biscayne Boulevard) is truly a destination.

First to arrive was Michael Schwartz. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink offers just that: delicious dishes prepared from organic, seasonal, and, whenever possible, locally grown ingredients. While the food may be from “down on the farm,” many celebrities consider this the “go to place” when they visit Miami. The simple but bustling bistro-style restaurant’s seating includes alfresco dining in tree-shaded Atlas Plaza, surrounded by the colorful windows of neighbors, such as the Sebastien James boutique and Turchin Jewelry.

The James Beard Award-winning Michele Bernstein has opened her new restaurant, Senora Martinez, in the charming, free-standing, former Buena Vista Post Office. This colorful restaurant offers an eclectic, often exotic, selection of fresh tapas (probably not your madre’s), and the opportunity to enjoy people watching from terrace and sidewalk seating along its corner location.

Mai Tardi new restaurant in Oak Plaza. The space, formerly occupied by Brosia, features a spacious, tree-shaded outdoor patio. Mai Tardi, which means “never late,” serves brick oven pizza, charcuterie, pasta and risotto for lunch and dinner; its wine list is organized by price.

Lounging About Fratelli Lyon Across the street, Ken Lyons’ Fratelli Lyon has a definite Soho vibe. Set in a gleaming glass storefront up a short flight of stairs, the stylish restaurant is surrounded by cutting edge design showrooms Driade and Vitra. Delicious Italian food is served both inside and alfresco on a patio overlooking the street scene. Jonathan Eisman has moved his beloved Pacific Time from Lincoln Road, where it was declared to be one of the 20 best restaurants by Esquire Magazine. The handsome restaurant is set back from the street through a circular archway and includes a courtyard of café tables and a richlyappointed, full service bar. The menu blends Pan Asian and contemporary American flavors. All of these seasoned restauranteurs can be described as “green,” in the ecological sense, and Eisman is no exception. Pacific Time has its own water filtration system which eliminates the need for bottled water. His more casual restaurant, Pizza Volante, a few blocks away, is so organic that take out cutlery is made from potato starch! In October, the Graspa Group, owners of Spris on Lincoln Road opened a

It may have a thatched roof, but Grass, an upscale restaurant and lounge, is definitely not Tiki-tacky. Located across from Pacific Time, its speakeasy-style entrance opens out into a large, sensually lit, outdoor space with comfortable banquettes and sofas. Exotic flowers floating in huge glass apothecary jars adorn the full service bar. Another urban oasis is the Enzo Enea Garden next to the Moore Building. It’s a great place to relax and chat on comfortable banquettes shaded by canvas canopies and stands of bamboo. For indoor lounging, the W Wine Bistro offers 200 wines from around the world with a focus on smaller wineries and organic growers.

Ligne Roset

Design for Living The recent wave of design showrooms has added to the District’s already eclectic mix. British-based The Rug Company offers designer, handmade, mostly colorful contemporary and traditional rugs displayed in a cool, sophisticated space. Avant

Gallery mixes new and collectible furnishings featuring designer Verner Panton. Ligne Roset, a relative newcomer to the District, displays its luxurious contemporary furniture in a spacious, two level showroom. German EsVedra Design’s first U.S. showroom displays one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor furniture made from tropical timber treated with lacquer and customized with leather, chains and stones. Contributing a Latin

Adriana Hoyos flavor to the international design mix are Adriana Hoyos (furniture) and Ornare (cabinetry). At Cappellini’s new Miami flagship showroom, you will find contemporary furniture and accessories by leading designers such as Tom Dixon and Marcel Wanders.

Fashion Forward Like a glass snow globe that has been shaken, the Design District has experienced a flurry of new shops and boutiques. Marni’s, featuring Milan-based designer Consuelo Castiglioni, is a small store with a whole lot of attitude, both in its bold fashions and the way in which they are displayed. A unique collaboration between Adidas and high fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3 is the first U.S. store dedicated to the designer’s line and includes Miami-specific designs. En Avance has moved from Lincoln Road bringing along sexy styles and sensual fabrics from up and coming, mostly overseas designers. Brownes & Co., a beauty emporium and fixture on Lincoln Road, has opened its second store nearby as has Marimekko, known for its playful,

State of the Art The big news is that Miamians Rosa and Edgar de la Cruz will share their world class collection of contemporary art with the public when they open their 30,000 square feet warehouse building (in time for Art Basel Miami). The space will include a floating staircase, stately columns, and a topfloor terrace with city views. The dynamic duo of Wolfgang Roth and Reiner Opoku have opened Wolfgang Roth & Partners Fine Art, featuring art luminaries as well as rising stars. Glass aficionados will love the handblown molten glass and crystal sculptures at Emeshel, a luxury brand introducing its unique blend of art and home décor in the U.S. Two gallery pioneers from Wynwood, Locust Projects and Spinello, are now neighbors in the Design District. The former is planning exhibitions both within and outside its space. AE District, a cutting edge gallery, offers art exhibitions, live performances, and cultural/social events.

Tomas Maier colorfully patterned fashions. Tomas Maier, the creative director behind Bottega Veneta, has also moved to the District with his lifestyle boutique featuring a mix of fashion, Europeanmade home accessories, and coffee table books. His unique new space includes a garden in the back and a 1,000 square foot gallery on the second floor. Christian Louboutin, the renowned French shoe designer, plans to open a shoe salon in time for Art Basel Miami.

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Roots Run Deep:

Senator Jeffrey Atwater By Stacy Scott


resident of the State Senate, Jeffrey Atwater (R) comes from a long line of Floridians. His great-grandfather Napoleon Bonaparte Broward served as governor of Florida from 1905-1909, his great uncle Cary Hardee served as governor from 1921-1925. As a fifth generation Floridian, Senator Atwater grew up with a strong connection to the state and a sense of service in his blood. He is known for his strong insurance reforms and trying to protect the economic security of Florida families. Atwater entered the House of Representatives in 2000 and was elected to the Florida Senate in 2002. Atwater serves District 25 which encompasses parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties along the coastal areas. Currently, he holds the position of president of the senate and has been called one of Palm Beach’s most respected political leaders. CRAVINGS SOUTH FLORIDA: What made you decide to become involved in politics and policy making? Senator Jeff Atwater: In 1994 on the 50th anniversary of WWII, I went back to visit Normandy with my father who was a fighter pilot. We stood there on the shores and talked about what it was like; the odds that we were able to repel the German army from England were extraordinary. Standing there on that day with these soldiers and my father was a defining moment for me. These risks


Cravings | December / January 2010

were something far greater than themselves; when you see the price these young men paid so I can sit here in America and enjoy freedom. You say to yourself, I just have to get involved. What we have is so precious that I have to see that it is protected. C: Back in 2002, you beat one of the biggest names in the Democratic Party Bob Butterworth who had just left the Attorney General’s job due to term limits. That must have been some race. JA: Bob Butterworth, a fine man and very close friend, entered the race on the second to last day which was quite a surprise to us. Of course we didn’t have the name or the recognition he had. Polls counted him as much as 32 points ahead. My wife and I put our heads together and confirmed: I may be a loser but I’m not a quitter! We had to do something different and more effective. My wife suggested we put on our tennis shoes and walk door to door. And that’s just what we did. Maybe for Butterworth’s team, there was a certain level of complacency. We saw over 25,000 households. Volunteers came out of the woodwork, pictures were scanned and sent

out, barbecues were held and neighbors were telling neighbors. It was quite an experience. C: You have been working on behalf of the state government since 2000. How do you compare our Governor Charlie Christ to our previous governor Jeb Bush? JA: Governor Bush always had a very specific focus on the outcome. He was right in the mix and was not going to wait to the end for you to get it to him. Governor Charlie Christ on the other hand, will throw a big net and ask what is the best way to accomplish something. He wants the best minds to engage in the conversation. He delegates more and facilitates a quality policy for a greater Florida. C: I understand that you are a proven fundraiser. What’s the secret to raising funds? JA: I grew up here; Florida is our home. I have spent a tremendous amount of time with people who I have known for most of my life. I am not shy. And I look them straight in the eye and say, ‘If you and I share these same goals, will you give me a chance to debate them? Will you engage in this effort with me and support me?’

C: As Chair of the Senate Health Policy Committee, this year you passed a comprehensive Medicaid fraud bill. Is there a particular reason you are so passionate about this bill? JA: Right now we spend about $18 billion a year out of our state budget on Medicaid for over two million Floridians. We estimate that about 10 percent (about $2 billion) is fraudulent billing. Because the system is so big people think they can get away with the fraud; they just swipe the Medicaid bill a couple of times, throw in two extra visits and a wheelchair and think it will go undetected. So if we can get that $2 billion back, I can then give a fair reimbursement to the doctors who are willing to go see patients in the middle of the night or are on-call at the emergency room. This new law increases the penalties for committing health care fraud in Florida. C: You took on some of the big insurance companies to lower homeowner rates and get claims fully paid. The rate freeze is set to expire. What can homeowner’s expect next? JA: I am very sensitive to this. Yes, I went after the insurance companies that weren’t paying what they owed people. I made insurance companies accountable. They have to pay within 90 days or pay a penalty. The homeowner now has legal recourse. And, in the 2009 session of the Senate, we implemented a ‘glide path’ to cap property insurance rates at 10 percent a year until the policyholder rates are actuarially sound. This was to make sure that it would not overburden homeowners. C: I understand that you are all for education and building intellectual capital. Can you explain what this is.

JA: We are a state of agriculture and tourism because we had good soil, great sunshine and of course the surrounding water. It’s going to be harder and harder for agriculture to compete because of our environmental protections. We are pricing our products to be uncompetitive. Instead, we should consider our gift to this country our intellectual capital. We should commit ourselves to having the finest education and universities. We need to continue to fund the Bright Futures Scholarships. We have brought in companies like Scripps Research Institute, Burnham Research Institute, Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies and the Max Plank Society. We will become the place that makes breakthroughs because of the investments we are making now. If we have the discipline to stick with this as our focus, our future will be based on a knowledge-based economy and bright minds will choose to come to Florida and our children will choose to stay.

C: When your time is up as the president of the state senate, what do you want to be remembered for? JA: I hope people will remember that he took advantage of his moment in time to make sure that Florida was an environment in which people could successfully pursue their life’s calling, and that Senator Atwater thoughtfully and carefully administered the work of government. C: In 2010, you are running for Florida’s Chief Financial Officer. If or when you take that office, what do you hope to accomplish? JA: The key thing is taking responsibility for identifying and uncovering fraud. I will be relentless in making sure that people are properly licensed. When you sell an insurance policy to a senior citizen did you sell them a product that was right for them? Every contract with an outside vendor needs to be fair and must have accountability built in.


TicketPlease mahi with plantain sweet potato mash and tamarind glaze. The undulating banquettes and aquamarine color scheme enhance the experience.

St. Kitts Marriott Resort

Walking distance from the Marriott is The Strip–––a row of beach bars including Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack and Buddie’s, offering Kittian cuisine and local color. Tourists and islanders alike sidle up for cold Kaliks, rumrunners, and fresh seafood slapped onto a hot grill and served with sides like dirty rice and sautéed vegetables. Make a night of strolling the strip for drinking and dancing, and bonfires when the moon is full.

Weekend Warrior:

St. Kitts


By Margit Bisztray

rom most American cities, a jaunt to the Caribbean means layovers and puddle-jumpers, or direct flights to cruise ship ports, tax-free shops, and fast food. But less than three hours nonstop from Miami International, the Leeward Island of St. Kitts offers a different, undiscovered Caribbean– –perfect for a weekend getaway.

Frigate Bay (Marriott)

Where to Stay A weekend getaway is all about maxing relaxation in the minimum amount of time. The 450-room Marriott Resort and the Royal Beach Casino lends itself perfectly. The rooms are tropical-yet-spiffy, quiet as aquariums, and have private balconies overlooking pool, garden, and ocean. Though equipped with conveniences like Internet, espresso, and cable T.V., the Marriott makes being lazy easy. The sprawling pool includes a bar you can swim up to, the beach has clever chairs that are adjustable for shade all day, and the 15,000 square foot Emerald Mist Spa offers soothing treatments like the Cinnamon Black Rock massage. For unstoppable, active types, there is a fitness center and an 18-hole golf course. Through December 20, 2009, the resort is offering a special rate of $79/ night for Florida residents, 869.466.1200, and request promo code N9R.


Cravings | December / January 2010

What to Do Shed your shoes, climb aboard a sunset catamaran cruise with Leeward Island Charters, and let the lull and rock of sea replace whatever frantic pace you’ve come from. Cruise the undeveloped coastline of southeastern St. Kitts and its nearest neighbor, Nevis, and let the friendly crew do all the work (like keeping your cocktail topped). The only reason to exert yourself might be to climb Liamuiga, St. Kitts’ dormant volcano. Greg’s Safaris picks you up by Land Rover and drives you past sugar cane fields to the trailhead. From there, it’s a fairly hefty climb through the rainforest jungle on muddy paths. Guides break up the trek by describing uses for trees along the way (sarsaparilla for tea, and silver trumpet for stomach pains) and pointing out the camouflaged wild green vervet monkeys. At the top, the rewards are sharing your picnic with mongoose and gazing at the lush bowl of the crater.

It is, however, worth a cab ride to Reggae Beach. Set in a small, tranquil bay, Reggae Beach feels like that rare place that’s been left alone and might even stay that way. Perhaps this is why the food (lobster sandwiches, salad with BBQ shrimp, chicken roti) is so memorably tasty. Frozen rum drinks and Wilbur the pig add to the lovable ambiance. For the time being, it’s possible to slip into a quieter Caribbean in St. Kitts, where waves crash against dramatic lava formations at a place called Black Rocks, the beaches are all public (and cannot be privatized), and panoramic views at every bend are so undisturbed, it’s like they’ll stay that way forever.

Reggae Beach

BLU Restaurant at the Marriott St. Kitts MarriotT Resort & the Royal Beach Casino

BLU, one of the Marriott’s seven restaurants, prepares seafood dishes with West Indian flavors and ingredients, like lobster and Christophene squash fritters, and cumin-dusted


888 Frigate Bay 869.466.1200

Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack

Catamaran Cruise Leeward Island Charters

Reggae Beach Bar & Grill


Located on the South East Peninsula 869.762.5050 586 Fort Street 869.465.7474

Where to Eat

Greg's Safaris

Intelligent TravelER

Machu Picchu, Peru

In the air and On land Service between Fort LauderdaleHollywood International Airport and San Francisco just got easier with Virgin America and Jet Blue airlines' new service between the two tourist destinations. And American Airlines is increasing daily flights to Costa Rica, Peru, and Puerto Rico. Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club is offering “fall value rates” at the lovely resort across the state. Naples Beach Hotel is the only beachfront property offering championship golf. --Marcia Levin

American Airlines 800.433.7300 Jet Blue 800.382.2583 Virgin America 305.526.6767 Naples Beach Hotel 800.237.7600

Service with a Smile Despite today’s do-it-yourself approach to booking travel, there are still benefits of having a professional help you with your plans. “There are a myriad of choices, decisions, and details involved in every trip you take,” says Lana Roytbak a travel agent with Dream Vacations ( “One overlooked detail can turn a dream trip into a disaster.” According to Roytbak, here are several reasons you may want to have a travel agent on speed dial: • Get the lowest fares possible. Travel agents have a database that searches thousands of fares for any trip you have in mind – these include unpublished fares. • No detail gets overlooked. When planning a trip, there are so many things to consider that many are easily overlooked. You need to think about everything from booking hotels to making sure you have the correct and required travel documents to dealing with security issues to not forgetting additional fees for ground transportation, porterage and sightseeing excursions. • Get it all done. You may be able to book your airline online, but then it is all the subsequent calls and emails that need to be made to arrange all of the incidentals for your trip – hotel stays, car rentals, transportation needs, etc.



Blush Basics

Tim Quinn knows faces. As the Giorgio Armani Beauty National Director and Celebrity Makeup Artist, he has worked on such beauties as Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckman, Uma Thurman and Brooke Shields (just to name a few).

The trick to wearing blush is knowing where to apply it. You want to apply the blush directly on the cheek bone.

Foundation Facts

We asked Tim for his expert tips and tricks to help us all look great.

Benefits of Bronzer To get that gorgeous glow that all women crave, I recommend using bronzer to frame your face in the shape of three. Using a blush brush, start by applying bronzer at your temple and then sweep along the hairline to slightly under the cheekbone and finish along the jawbone. This will add subtle contour to the face and give a pop of luminous glow.

Carried Away with Concealer Most women overuse concealer. The truth is most likely you don’t need it under the eye but just in the corner of the eye. Like with foundation, when it comes to concealer, less is more. Also because concealers are light reflecting you want to select a concealer that is a lighter shade than your foundation.

SEMINARS SPA STYLE The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Miami is as deluxe as it gets. Within its three-levels, it offers a series of innovative and restorative treatments inspired by the elements of life, and the ancient traditions of Chinese, Ayurvedic, European, Balinese and Thai cultures. Not wanting to rest on the laurels of its five stars, the spa also offers a series of health and wellness programs. Thursday, January 21 join certified Feng Shui 32

Cravings | December / January 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty is known for its foundations. Year in and year out it wins as the best foundation as voted by the readers of InStyle magazine. When thinking about what is the best foundation for you, you need to think about your lifestyle and skin. For instance, if you have oily skin stay away from a foundation that has a lustre to it. The biggest mistake women make is getting a foundation that is too light. Also make sure that your skin is hydrated and well-moisturized before you apply your foundation so that your skin won’t pull the moisture from the makeup which then makes the foundation seep into the pores and fine lines.

Face Powder Don’t go overboard with the powder. It is okay for the skin to have a little lustre. Use powder to control shine, but know it is fine to have some shine. Keep use of powder to a minimum. It is best to use the powder on the planes of your face – forehead, nose, chin – but keep it away from the eyes. To get more tips & tricks and to see Tim Quinn in action visit Giorgio Armani Beauty is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall.

consultant Kelly Jones to learn about this ancient practice and how it can amplify the energy flow in your space to support you in all aspects of your life –financially, physically and emotionally. In honor of Valentine’s Day the spa will host a Relationship Enhancement seminar on Thursday, February 18. The seminars are held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and include light hors d’oeurves and cocktails. The cost is $40 per person. For reservations call 305.913.8332.

PERFUME TO PERFECTION With his new perfume collection, L’Oeuvre Noire by Kilian, Kilian Hennessy has created a fragrance wardrobe that will tempt anyone who smells the perfumes. Kilian is trained in the art and craftsmanship of perfumery. His experience includes working at such prestigious perfume houses as Paco Rabanne, Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani. As the grandson of the founder of the LVMH Group, Kilian understands luxury. His collection of eight fragrances features the rarest and most expensive essential oils. The best thing about perfume is that it is always an affordable luxury, a 1.7 fl oz. refillable bottle is $225 and the 1 fl. oz refillable travel spray is $135. By Kilian fragrances are available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bal Harbour and Dadeland. For information visit

DESIGNER FACE Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have put their design sensibility and creativity to work to create Dolce & Gabbana The Make Up, a collection of color cosmetics. The line starts with two collections, Romantic Collection for Fall 2009 and Golden Beams Collection for Holiday 2009. The Romantic Collection has an emphasis on pink while the Golden Beam Collection emphasizes golden tones with its trio of modern-minded golds – yellow, white and rose. “Gold has always been a Dolce & Gabbana signature,” says Stefano Gabbana. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bal Harbour and Dadeland,

Feel Good

Dental Insurance: Use It or Lose It By Silvia Stambler, D.D.S

It is important to note that benefits offered by your policy expire and do not transfer or “roll over” to the following year. So if your dental insurance policy offers you $2,000 worth of coverage and you choose not to use it -- come December 31st that money disappears. It is as if your employer gave you a check for $2,000 and you turned around and burned it! If you plan your dental treatment properly, you can stretch your procedures from the end of 2009 well into 2010. This gives you the opportunity to fully maximize your dental insurance coverage for two full years and significantly reduces your out-of-pocket costs. The first thing you need to do is determine how much of your benefits you have left for the current year. To do this, either call your insurance company or your dentist’s office. Most patients have trouble remembering when their last visit occurred and how much coverage, if any, was used. There is an excellent chance that you have not maxed out your coverage for the year and therefore still have available benefits to be used towards additional treatments.

Dental insurance usually does not cover treatments 100 percent. Some diagnostic services are fully covered – such as radiographs. But cleanings, periodontal treatment, cavities, bondings, root canals, and crowns usually are not covered in full. Patients should opt for a pretreatment evaluation to determine how much will be covered by insurance and how much will be an out-of-pocket expense. It is in your best interest to learn about your insurance coverage. If you are laid off or become unemployed the premium you pay through COBRA can be very expensive. In some cases, the premiums you pay may be costlier than your usual dental expenses. You should determine what you usually pay for x rays, cleanings, and consultations and try to estimate if the premiums you will pay through COBRA are truly worthwhile. Even if you require additional fillings or crowns – you need to take into account the out-ofpocket expense in addition to the premiums paid through a COBRA program. In the present economy, you should consider yourself very fortunate if your employer offers you dental insurance; but ultimately it is up to you to optimize your benefits and take full advantage of your insurance coverage.

Photo by Joanna Gazzaneo


very October our office sends out reminders notices to the fortunate patients who have dental insurance.

Dr. Silvia Stambler is one of the premier dentists in South Florida. In private practice for more than 20 years, Dr. Stambler continues to be an innovator in her field employing the very latest procedures and technology in her stateof-the-art Aventura practice, located at 2925 Aventura Blvd., Ste. 309. She has been chosen by the Consumers’ Research Council of America in Washington, D.C., as one of “America’s Top Dentists” every year since 2003. Every day, she helps her many patients achieve the smile and look of their dreams.

For more information, contact Dr. Stambler at (305) 935-4800






There is a trend for lash enhancing products, what are they? Do they work? Are there any side-effects to be concerned about?


Yes, there is definitely an interest in lash enhancement products. Although there are lots of over-the-counter products, there is only one, Latisse which is FDA-approved and available by prescription. Latisse is a derivative of Lumigan the medication used to treat glaucoma. It has been proven to grow longer, fuller, darker lashes. The most common side-effects of using Latisse are itching and redness of the eye. The notion that it may cause the color of the eyes to change is really not an issue as Latisse is not applied directly into the eye. In order to continue to see the benefits of Latisse it must be used on an ongoing basis.


Q. Whitney L. Krohn M.M.S., PA-C, Horwitz Dermatology

When it comes to liposuction, what is new and true?


Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed to contour and sculpt various areas of the body by removing unwanted fat. It is well suited for men and women of relatively normal weight but have isolated pockets of fat that cause certain areas of the body to appear disproportionate.

Although liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed, it is important to remember that it is real surgery. My technique is liposculpture a highly Bernard A. Shuster, M.D., F.A.C.S. refined method of sculpting tissue to achieve the desired Diplomate, American Board of body contour using one of a variety of liposuction methods Plastic Surgery including tumescent technique, power-assisted and ultrasonic. Tumescent is the biggest advancement in liposuction. It uses a solution to help reduce bleeding and bruising. This technique has truly allowed liposuction to become very safe and effective. Power-assisted and ultrasonic liposuction use vibration and energy at the tip of the cannula (the apparatus used to remove the fat) to help remove the fat more easily. Having liposuction in several areas of the body at one time is extremely safe; but, it is important to remember that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. You can definitely get beautiful results with liposuction; but it is important to respect your body and take all surgery seriously including liposuction.

Dr. Julia Dison, D.D.S.

What is the best teeth whitening/bleaching method? What is better an at-home or in-office treatment?


There are three ways to do teeth whitening -- over-the-counter products, take home bleaching trays provided by a dentist or an in-office treatment. Although the over-the-counter treatments are easy to use, they have less concentration of the whitening/ bleaching agent and take much longer to achieve results. The take home whitening system are trays created by a dentist designed to specifically fit the patient’s mouth and are used with a special whitening agent that is stronger than the over-the-counter products. The benefit of the trays is that the whitening agent is placed in the trays and that they fits snuggly over the patient’s teeth. The agent is not rinsed away by saliva. This is a very effective method and is less expensive than the in-office treatment. However, in order for it to be effective it must be used consistently over an extended period of time. The in-office whitening treatment is more expensive but provides immediate results. The treatment takes about two hours. The whitening/bleaching agent used is a 30 percent concentrate (unlike the six to eight percent concentrate used in the at-home treatment). A special UV light is also used to speed up the whitening process. After the in-office treatment, the patient receives the take-home trays for touch-up treatments.

Have health, beauty & wellness questions you would like our team of experts to answer, send them to the editor of CRAVINGS South Florida magazine: 34

Cravings | December / January 2010

ORIGINS GINGER DELIGHTS ($42.50) Simulate a sumptuous spa experience for the holidays with these delicious ginger body scrubs and creams.


et a jump on this holiday season with these must have stocking stuffers for your family, friends and co-workers. You’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression with these stylish gift collections, appropriately sized for people on the go, or those who like to be at home for the holidays. So get your set appeal on with these incredible values and varieties to suit every need and taste in the arenas of skincare, fragrance or decorative objects for the home. Make your selections early so you don’t miss the boat on these irresistible and memorable gift collections. Enthusiastically welcome the season with all that is new in beauty.

BEAUTY of the season Discover the Newest Trends & Products By Courtney Duboff


Beautyof theSeason THE STARLET ($45) Mineralize your skin and feel reborn. Upgrade your skincare regimen with minerals from the dead sea and witness the rebirth of your skin.

Reparative Travel Kit ($24) When your hair has had to much fun in the sun, turn to Prive’s Reparative Travel kit for a quick fix.

The Limited Edition Creme de Corps Holiday Collection, to benefit RxArt (8.4 oz. $26.50; 16.9 oz. with Pump $44.50; 1 liter $70.00) This holiday season Kiehls, the New York based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care is offering this giftset that keeps on giving. Through the sales of the limited edition Creme de Corps Holiday Collection, 100 percent of the net profits from the sale of each product will be donated to RxART, a non-profit national organization, committed to fostering artistic expression and awareness through the challenging, yet rewarding task of engaging young patients through contemporary art in pediatric hospitals.

CLEAN to go Holiday Gift Bag ($36) Clean up nicely for the holidays with these amazing fresh products. It comes in a durable travel tote that is good for those on the go.


Cravings | December / January 2010

Being TRUE Lipsync Heartfelt Lip Palette ($38) Give the gift of luscious lips for the season and all year round with the art of persuasion lip kit.

PACIFICA TUSCAN BLOOD ORANGE ($24) Set a bold tone for the holidays with this tangy, spicy, decidedly orange set of fragrance.

Nordstrom Brush Set with Vanity Case ($40) Get the best brush-off for the season with this comprehensive set including a stunning, silver snakeskin cup.

Nordstrom Color Blockbuster Palette ($29.50) Color yourself happy for the holidays with this amazing set of endless possibilities for your face.


Off TheField

Playing for Keeps:

PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER KEVIN SCHAFFEL had the whole thing set up with the lazySusan filled with m&m’s, chocolate kisses and ice cream. We had to have stuff to eat when playing. I played in college and continued to have poker nights to play with friends. In 2004, I started to play in smaller tournaments. I had the opportunity to play in a main event $10,000 entry tournament thanks to a relative and that is what got me going.

C: For you, poker was really just a hobby? KS: It has always been a hobby. But in the last few years I’ve been playing a lot more and decided that I wanted to give it a try. I was in a family-owned printing/direct mail business for 30 years; but, in 2008 I closed it down. This gave me the opportunity to travel to play in more cash games. It gave me the chance to put in the hours and see what I could do and if this is something I would want to do.

C: So, do you now think of yourself as a professional poker player? KS: It depends if I’m trying to get a date. One time before I won the World Series of Poker event a woman Googled my last name and found out that I played poker, and she didn’t want to go out with me because her former husband was a degenerate gambler and poker player.

C: What are you doing to prepare for the World Series of Poker main event final table? KS: I’ve played in a few tournaments. I went


iami native Kevin Schaffel will admit that golf is his game but poker is his sport.

We had the chance to talk to Kevin during his time off before heading to Las Vegas to play for $8.5 million in the World Series of Poker main event final table. Schaffel made the World Series final table of nine out of a field of 6,494 in July and played for the championship in early November. Schaffel faced some tough competition at the table. The 2009 final table is the most decorated in recent World Poker


Cravings | December / January 2010

Series history. His tablemates include Card Player editor Jeff Shulman and Phil Ivey “the Tiger Woods of poker” who has won seven World Series events. Schaffel came in eight out of the nine top players securing himself a pot of $1.3 million.

CRAVINGS SOUTH FLORIDA: How did you get started playing poker? Kevin Schaffel: I’ve been playing poker since I was 11 years old. I don’t remember who taught me. I just remember going to friends’ houses and we played with quarters. They

to Los Angeles and played in the World Poker Tour’s Legends of Poker main event and I’m going to play a Poker Stars European tournament in London. I play some poker online. I get together with a friend who is also a big tournament player and we talk a lot about strategy. I try to watch the telecasts of the World Poker Tournament on ESPN on Tuesday nights to watch the other players. I also try to enjoy myself playing golf. I’m really just going to try to keep playing the way I’ve been playing and adjust to how everyobody is playing at the final table, and hopefully I will get some good cards and some good things will happen.

C: Did you think that this is where you would wind up? KS: In all honesty this is a crazy dream. You

C: Do you play a lot here in South Florida? KS: I don’t really play a lot of home games here. I would rather play golf or hang out with my friends and relax. I like to hang out at my friend Barry’s restaurant Il Migliore Trattoria in North Miami. Actually, Barry is one of the guys I played with when we were 11 years of age.

always want to think that you are good enough and hope you can get there.

C: What do you like about the game of poker? KS: Obviously the money. The money is probably why most people play poker. But I like the psychology behind the game and how it changes by the minute.

C: Poker is really a young man’s game. Being the oldest guy at the final table how does that affect you? KS: I am 52. (Six of the nine players in the finals are 34 years of age or younger.) The younger guys definitely bring a more aggressive tone to the game. I think this has to do with the fire style of playing on the Internet. I’m more of a gentleman, more calm and patient. Being the oldest at the table brings you wisdom.

C: How do you react when you are winning and/or losing? KS: I usually react a little more even keel than

C: Are you superstitious? KS: I rather not say. You can ask me at the end

C: You wear sunglasses when you play in the tournament, why? KS: I’ve played some tournaments with them

of November after the tournament. I have my opinion on why I like to wear the sunglasses.

and some tournaments without them. I wore them in 2004 and I had a great run. So I’m wearing them now and I’m doing well.

C: What brand are your sunglasses? KS: I’m not sure. I think they are Bolle. I’ve had them for years.

most players. Most people try to push harder when they are winning. I’m probably the opposite I push more when I’m losing and lighten up more when I’m winning.

C: What will you do with your winnings? KS: By the time you get done with taxes there isn't much left. I will buy a little house on the golf course where I like to play.

WishYouWere Here Stephen M. Ross and Jimmy Buffett,

Jimmy Buffet & Dwayne Wade

Serena Williams interacts with Dol-fans



andshark Stadium was all aglow at the season home opener when the Miami Dolphins faced the

Indianapolis Colts. All eyes were on the celebrity orange carpet where the likes of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Buffet, Venus and Serena Williams and Emilio and Gloria Estefan all made appearances. These celebs were joined on the orange carpet by such well-known athletes including Dwayne Wade, Dan Marino and Bob Griese. Although he escaped the orange carpet, Tiger Woods was in the stands catching the game.

Emilio & Gloria Estefan

Jennifer Lopez 40

Cravings | December / January 2010

A tremendous national showcase for the new Dolphins ownership.

Dan Marino, Stephen M. Ross, Bob Griese, Serena & Venus Williams

Daniel Lombardi & Sandee Saunders

Rocco Donna with Models and Team

Venezuelan actress and opera singer Mariaca Semprun



Denise Rivera, Kimberly Antoni, Karla Romero, Jorge Romero, Patsy Aguirre

ven Pandora is pleasantly surprised by the launch of Fashion Box Studio at the Spa at the Icon Brickell.

The evening featured an exclusive fashion show of Alejandro Crocker’s creations for Equinoccio and hair and make-up trends created by Leonardo Rocco and his artistic team of stylists from Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art. The artistic night also included a performance by Venezuelan singer and actress Mariaca Semprun one of the most important voices of opera in Latin America. Fashion Box Studio is a new entertainment concept created by Elias Maida and Patricia Rivandeneira. Upcoming Fashion Box Studio events include the Miami Hair & Beauty Fashion Show, Saving the Planet with Style and Key Biscayne Fashion Week. Photos by Dreams Studio


WishYouWere Here Dress by Ella Bella Rozio Couture

Russell Simmons & Dennis Rodman

Outfit by KRELwear



he Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach hotel was rockin’ when it housed Rock Fashion Week. The weeklong event featured nightly parties packed with such VIPs as fashion designer Russell Simmons, Eva Longoria, retired NBA player Dennis Rodman, actor Idris Elba, supermodel Sarah Mutch, MTV’s Ibis Del Mar Nieves and Bravo’s Ariel Stein. The event that kicked off the week was the Pink Dress Collection show benefiting Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Designers included Betsy Johnson, Giorgio Armani, Lilly Pulitzer, Luca Luca and Pamela Roland. The week’s other fashion shows highlighting spring/summer 2010 collections included: Russell Simmons ARGYLECULTURE, Ella Bella Rozio Couture, RaMona LaRue by Arianne, Bullets 4 Peace and KRELwear.

Loren Ridinger, Scott Rosenblum & Eva Longoria 42

Cravings | December / January 2010

Outfit by ARGYLECULTURE Dennis Rodman

Jamie Jo Harris

WishYouWere Here

Bryan Hughes with Miami Heat Dancers


Udonis Haslem & Presidente's Juan Carlos Perez


nown for its steamy soirees filled with South Florida’s most beautiful people, the rooftop pool area Plunge at The Gansevoort South Hotel serves as the locale for Presidente beer’s haven of Caribbean cool. Guests were treated to a memorable night of entertainment featuring the smooth groove and Latin beats of DJ Brass King and a special appearance by The Miami Heat Dancers.

Madeleyne Tornel, Mike Sherman (CBS TV Miami), Paul Caesar, Fritz Dominique

As the Caribbean’s favorite beer and most prestigious brand in the Dominican Republic, Presidente gave South Florida’s VIPs a true taste of the tropics. Photos by Dreams Studio

R. Alexander Sumner & Ms. Galde LMH mag


Cravings | December / January 2010

Juan Carlos Perez & Guests



Commercial Foreclosure The Next Wave, Are Your Assets Covered?

R ROBERT ROSENWASSER, Esq. 15695 NW 7th Ave. North Miami, Fl 33169 305-651-4268

esidential foreclosures have seen record numbers in South Florida unmatched in any period in history. Residential and commercial real estate work in tandem. Like an earthquake there is a shock and an after shock. Residential foreclosures are the shock and commercial foreclosures are the after shock. It has been predicted by economists that the total amount of loss of wealth that is expected in the after shock of commercial foreclosure is going to be greater then the total loss of wealth from all the residential foreclosures combined. It is hard to imagine that the commercial foreclosures are going to result in a total drop in commercial real estate value greater then total drop all of the residential value. The figure nationwide is expected to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. It is expected to result in a new wave, of dozens, if not hundreds of bank failures. Commercial loans are typically structured very differently than residential loans. Residential loans are commonly amortized over 30 years. One can make a payment for 30 years until the loan is paid off. In contrast, commercial loans are often much shorter in duration. They can be interest only balloon loans and are generally shorter term for 3, 5, or 10 years. At the time of expiration they must be renewed. Banks are not obligated to renew the loans. If a bank does not renew a loan one must find an alternative financing or risk foreclosure. Many banks today as a matter of policy want to divest themselves of commercial mortgages and not renew loans. Even commercial mortgages that have never missed a payment are at risk of not being renewed. If the business owner has any blemishes on his credit, even if he has


Cravings | December / January 2010

never missed a payment on his commercial loan he may not be able to find refinancing upon the expiration of the loan. This will result in foreclosure. If the owner has a personal guarantee, the bank can go after the business owner’s personal wealth. How does one protect oneself if the banks are going to cash in their chips, not renew the loan, and look towards the business owners personal wealth to pay off the loan. Asset protection is an important field for people who have something to lose. Many people are exposed and do not even realize it. There are many legal ways of protecting, sheltering, or covering ones proverbial assets. Doctors often do not want to pay outrageous insurance seek to cover their assets in the event of a lawsuit. Business owners with personal guarantees need to cover their assets in the event they cannot refinance their commercial loan. Regular working people who have accumulated assets in their personal names are all exposed. If a gold seeker walks in front of a car and gets struck, even on purpose, if the driver has substantial personal assets outside of his or her homestead, if these assets are not protected they are at risk of total loss. The Mortgage Law Defense Group including Robert V. Rosenwasser, and Robert Lithman is a partnership of attorneys with combined annual experience of over half a century. This group specializes in commercial and residential foreclosure defense, renegotiation of bank loans, and most importantly, asset protection limiting ones potential loss and exposure. If you are exposed and want to cover your assets, call for a consultation today!!! Offices in North Miami, and Coral Gables. (305) 651-4268.


Left: On Her: Black satin cocktail dress with vintage recycled tulle overlay, $320, Art of Shade,; Prada black and gray leather T-strap platforms, $740, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops; Marzi black and white headband with flower and netting details, $395, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops; Platinum oval rose cut diamond chandelier earrings, $25,500 and diamond multi-chain necklace $67,500,Tiffany & Co., Bal Harbour Shops; Judith Leiber crystallized ball and chain baguette, $2,495, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops. On Him: Sartorial wool tuxedo by Pal Zileri, $2,495; hand made silk shirt by Marol, $495; silk paisley tie from Pancaldi, $145; black handcrafted leather shoes by Moreschi, $645. All available at Condotti, Surfside, 305.861.1495, Right: On Her: Tadashi’s long black silk dress with white flower embellishment, $408, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall; Marzi headband with flower details, $290, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops; Judith Leiber crystallized box clutch $2,495, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops.


Cravings | December / January 2010


PHOTOS BY Gio Alma, STYLED BY Pipi Loose,

HAIR: Leonardo by Rocco and Jeremy Carta for Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art South Beach, MAKE-UP ARTIST: Tony Yates. PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANT: Gabriel Cantora. MODEL REPRESENTATIVE: NEXT Models, PHOTOGRAPHER'S PRODUCER: Marce Gaviria. LOCATION: Mondrian Hotel, Miami Beach.



Left: Moschino Cheap + Chic floral satin button down jacket, $1,350 with black knee-length wool dress by Rachel Roy, $1,295, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall; plum colored calfskin leather clutch purse by Beautiful People, $262,; Vintage Rocks’ metal wire cuff adorned with 1940s vintage rhinestone buttons, $125,


Cravings | December / January 2010

Right: Armani flora printed three-button jacket, $1,095, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall; Just Cavalli pleated satin skirt, $475, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall; Vintage Rocks’ 1970s Anne Klein gold beaded necklace with 1940s baguette rhinestones brooch, $195,

NAVY IS THE NEW BLACK Navy blue striped velvet blazer, $1,245 with navy blue wool pant, $325 and navy blue and gray striped cotton button down shirt, $325. All by Armani, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops. Gray ultra-soft leather loaferS, $140, Calvin Klein, Aventura Shops.




TAKES CENTERSTAGE On Him: Handmade Cesare Attolini suit, $6,800; white Egyptian cotton shirt by Stefano Ricci, $695; red silk tie from Vitaliano Pancaldi’s exclusive collection, $165; Cortigiani black leather shoes, $525. All available at Condotti, Surfside, On Her: Red satin wrap dress by Moschino Cheap + Chic, $995, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall; Black patent leather pumps with gold buckles by Michael Kors, $495, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall. Mesh 18K gold necklace, $6,500 and matching mesh 18k gold bangle, $4,850,Tiffany & Co., Bal Harbour Shops


Cravings | December / January 2010


Festive Attire with Fur accents and Animal Prints Adrienne Landau raccoon vest, $995, Intermix, Miami; one-of-a-kind recycled leather grey snake mini dress by Art of Shade, $380,; Cesare Paciotti dark gray calf leather ankle boots, $940, Cesare Paciotti, Bal Harbour Shops,; Charles Albert black onyx sterling silver necklace, $430, Obsidian dagger sterling silver ring $270 and Orthoceras sterling silver bracelet, $275, 800.410.1112.


Cravings | December / January 2010

Adrienne Landau leopard rabbit fur coat, $795, Intermix, Miami; oneof-a-kind recycled faux leather snake-embossed brown mini dress by Art of Shade, $320, artofshade. com; gemstone cocktail rings in yellow and brown, $24 each and cheetah motif wooden bangle, $48, CacheLux, Aventura Mall; Vintage Rocks’ gold link chain embellished with 1960s silver resin nugget beads, faux pearls, red jade and 1950s rhinestone brooch, $195,




Cravings | December / January 2010

(Far Left) On Her: Sonia Rykel black sequin top with Peter Pan collar, $490 and black cropped wool pants by Rag and Bone, $310, Intermix, Miami. Prada red velvet clutch, $1,450, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops. On Her: White ruffled silk top by Brighton, $245, Intermix, Miami; San and Soni black cotton Golden Era Skirt, $252,; Smythe black wool cropped sleeve two-button blazer, $570, Intermix, Miami; L.A.M.B. pink and black leather stilettos, $345, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall; Vintage Rocks’ double strands of assorted beads with vintage brooches, $110, bonniesvintagerocks. com; Beautiful People gray chain rose-shaped leather bag, $305,


On Him: Gucci black wool fivebutton jacket, $1,465, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops; Gucci black cotton shirt with purple polka-dots, $395, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops; Calvin Klein black wool pants, $150, black leather belt, $40 and black leather Calvin Klein loafers, $130. All available at Calvin Klein, Aventura Mall. Right page: Aqua pink sequin mini dress, $198, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura Mall; Rene Caovilla strappy-sandal embellished with crystals, $1,380, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops.


DARA TORRES Talks about her past, present and future By Stacy Scott

Photographer: Gio Alma. Stylist: Pipi Loose. Hair: Page Banks. Make-up ARTIST: Gaby McAdams. PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANT: Gabriel Cantora. Location: Coral Springs Swim Club 58

Cravings | December / January 2010


alking into the makeshift photo studio at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, Dara Torres, 42, is tall, surprisingly lithe and full of mischief. She joked with the photographer and stylist and immediately put on her favorite training music, "Single Ladies." Torres is the only American swimmer to compete in five Olympic competitions, She has redefined swimming and revolutionized the sport of winning. The 12 time Olympic medalist made her first Olympic team at age 14. Her first gold was as a member of the 4 x 100 meter freestyle team in 1984, when she was just 17. Torres went on to compete in the 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008 Olympics. How she did this is even more intriguing. Torres’s last comeback in 2006 was merely coincidental. She was 40-years-old and pregnant with her daughter Tessa. She was in her usual position on the Stairmaster, plagued with morning sickness. As she pushed through her grueling routine it occurred to her that she could just as easily be sick in her beloved pool. Following a master’s meet, she was bombarded with questions about a 40-year-old at the Olympics? "It's not that I really needed to come back. I already had the medals, had a job, had my daughter. It was something I wanted to do. I just missed the sport of swimming, missed the competition and I guess, because I could!" Torres says in her book Age is Just a Number: Achieve Your Dreams at any Stage of Your Life, "Our whole culture is so terrified with growing older, so sure that life goes to hell progressively once you pass 25 or 30 or 35. So many people are limiting themselves and selling themselves short. I decided back then not to live that way. I chose not to let age stop me." And she didn't. Shattering the age barrier in Greece in 2004 and also in Beijing in 2008, Torres became the oldest swimmer to compete in the Olympics. She assembled an entourage of body workers and trainers to get her into top performance shape. This revolutionary multi-dimensional approach to training was the golden key to her success. Her combination of strength of mind and body, intelligence and perseverance made it possible. Her team consists of Coach Michael Lohlberg


DaraTorres was for her specialty, the 50 meter “splash and dash” that she had trained so hard for the last two years. She lost by a miniscule of a second, a heartbreaking moment to say the least. Everyone wanted to know how it felt to lose the biggest race of her life by .01 of a second. Torres knew she lost but she also knew that she didn’t lose because of her age. "I was a flesh and blood example that an athlete can achieve as much in her 40s as she can in her teens or 20s," says Torres. "There use to be a stigma with athletes and mothers about getting back into sports after having a child. But look at Kim Clijsters who just had a child and won the U.S. Open. There are several of us women athletes who are helping to lift this stigma." The first female athlete to be pictured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Torres has also been a reporter and commentator for Fox News, ESPN and the Discovery Channel. Her first book, Age is Just A Number: Achieve Your Dreams At Any Stage In Your Life, was ranked as one of the top 25 best selling books in the summer of 2009. She is currently writing her second book, a fitness and nutrition bible for those inspired to pursue their dreams despite society’s perceptions and stereotypes.

DARA’S FAVORITES Restaurant: Tavolino Delia Nonna in Coral Springs on Sample Road Beach: The Breakers in Palm Beach Training Pool: Coral Springs Aquatic Center Swimsuit: Speedo Two-piece

the patriarch and leader, Chris Jackson the sprint coach, Andy O'Brien the strength coach, Jonathan Geller the masseuse, and the secret weapon stretchers Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra. Torres knew if she wanted to win one more time, it would have to be different. "At first I thought if I wanted to make the Olympic team I would have to do what the other 20-year-olds were doing. But a few months into my training, I realized that I needed to make it work for me and do it my way.” The group she carefully assembled agreed on a different course of training. "I came from the old school of the heavier you lifted the stronger you'd be. The more you swam the stronger you'd become. This time it had changed. I did five rather than nine workouts a week and I


Cravings | December / January 2010

didn't do as much yardage. The new school was far more efficient; the less you do in the weight room and in the pool, the faster you will be!" In addition to her new training regime, motherhood has made the biggest difference. Torres’s “mini-me” Tessa Grace has definitely changed her. "I always thought that swimming was the most important thing in my life and you realize that when you have a child, all that changes. She's my priority; she's the love of my life. Having a baby has taught me how to find balance.” At the Water Cube in Beijing, Torres showed that difference by winning three silver medals. The first two were in the 4 x 100 freestyle and medley relays, an impressive show for anyone let alone a 41-year-old mom. The last silver

As Dara slid gracefully from the make-up chair and into the designer clothes and Manolo Blahnik stilettos, she, once again, transformed into something new. Her lithe, elegant limbs dangled from her body as if under water, but her self-confidence and humor remained vibrant. And in contrast to her ethereal presence, her bawdy jokes as she climbed the ladder to the 10-foot diving platform could not be repeated in print. Will the driven and fastest female swimmer in America be back for her fourth comeback at the 2012 Olympics? It may be too soon to tell. Torres needs to have have reconstructive surgery on her right knee that will take 12-18 months to recover. An obstacle for sure, but nothing this mature athlete cannot overcome. And when rehab is over, Torres just wants someone to say, "You can't do it!" Just so she can prove them wrong. Torres definitely has some unfinished business in the pool.

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Give it up! AtoZ Holiday Gift Guide


is for Alcohol: There’s nothing like the spirits of the holidays to bring those you love together. Whether it’s a festive family reunion or a gathering of friends, set the mood with a bottle of fun. Veuve Clicquot Brut, $45, Sunset Corners Wines & Liquors, Miami

By Jenny Perez

Decisions, decisions. Picking out the perfect gift for everyone on your list is a bit daunting. As our gift to you, Cravings’ AtoZ holiday gift guide is an edited look at the best of what’s in stores and online. Our hope is that with this guide your seasonal shopping is a breeze and that you quickly find yourself down to the last name on your gift list. Red Hello Kitty sneaker by Asics, $145, Pembrokes Lakes Mall, Pembroke Pines,


is for Clubs: The drama club,

the French club and yes, even a nightclub. At one point or another, we all want in somewhere. This year, give someone the gift of membership. From the tea connoisseurs to the cigar aficionados, your loved one will be thanking you all year long.


is for Babies: Legend

has it that you never forget the look on a child’s face the first time he opens up a gift with something he loves inside. See his little face light up with joy when he sets his eyes on these goodies.

Three month membership in the Tea of the Month Club by MYX Teas, $30. Shown Holiday Gift Set, $50,


Whatever your friend’s style (modern, shabby chic, 1960’s Austin Powers-inspired retro) a little touch of divine design can go a long way.

Limited-edition Lola by Marc Jacobs, $85, Sephora, South Beach


is for Fragrances:

The scents of the season are not only limited to spicy pumpkin pie and sweet cinnamon buns. Every year, classic fragrances get a makeover, adding just a little something extra to the scents we already love.


Cravings | December / January 2010

is for Eco-conscious: Be the

king or queen of green this season with environmentally sound but fashionably chic items that will rock their world without wrecking the planet.

is for Decor: Home is where the heart is.

Red peony vase by Floral Art LA, $400, 310.392.1633


Mini Jitney tan and zebra-print vegan bag by Jane Marvel, $195,


is for Internet: Save


is for Geek Chic: From

Blackberries to the iPod, even your most technologically challenged buddy is addicted to some sort of great, albeit tiny gadget that they can’t seem to live without. Admitting it is the first step. They don’t call them “crackberries” for nothing.

Multi-sport interactive Pocket Caddy (Golf) and Satski (Skiing) GPS systems by Satsports, $490,

iPod Shuffle 2G by Apple, $59, Apple Store, Aventura Mall


is for Haute Dog: Some people like kids. Some people like dogs. Some people can’t really tell the difference. Lucky for them there’s a whole industry of doggy couture that allows for the dressing, grooming and spoiling of fido, without having to pay for his college tuition. Cute collars, luxurious beds and cozy sweaters make for a very happy pet this holiday season.

Carnival bandana collars by PuchiPet, $22, Dog Bar, Coral Gables


is for Jewels: Bling is always the thing. Whip out that wallet and impress her with a large sparkling bauble or a subtle string of pearls. If you’re more of a “champagne taste on a beer budget” sort of person, not to worry. Local designer jewelry boutiques like Mia and Tous offer stunning gems that will leave enough cash for dinner. 18K noble gold rings with rock crystals and diamonds from the Cobblestone Collection by H. Stern, $2,300, H. Stern, Miami

18 K gold and platinum ring with diamonds and green tourmaline, $37,000; 18K gold ring with diamonds and tanzanite, $77,000; 18K gold ring with diamonds and pink tourmaline, $58,000, Tiffany & Co., Tiffany & Co., Bal Harbour


is for Keepsakes: A statement of longing for times gone is something everyone can relate to. Treasure the memories with vintage journals, beautiful frames and other knickknacks that inspire a comforting trip down memory lane.


is for Luggage: Tokyo today, Toronto tomorrow. You may not get to see your jet-setting friend too often, but you can make the flight through the friendly skies something they look forward to with the help of leather and designer luggage that helps to make any trip a treat.

Herringbone-print calfskin travel bag and trolley by Canali, price upon request, Canali, Miami.

Bamboo and coral necklace by Bounkit, $995,

yourself the stress of in-store shopping and spend your dough online. More than ever, people are ditching the last minute mall runs and shopping for friends and family on websites that sell items that those silly shoppers wouldn’t be able to snag at any old boutique anyway.

Vintage-style notebooks, $16, Barnes & Noble, Aventura


is for Men:

Stop whining about that Dolphins jersey your man refuses to take off. Do something about it! Modern, but masculine accessories and sleek shoes in supple leather will make him feel like a million bucks and may just get him off the couch.

Commuter ties with band for iPod, $100, Thomas Pink, Bal Harbour Shops

Black Fleece cologne by Brooks Brothers, $125, Brooks Brothers, Bal Harbour Shops




is for Pantry Perks:

Is he an Iron-Chef wannabe? Would she give Rachael Ray a run for her money in the kitchen? If your loved one is a dynamo at creating dishes, or even if he is simply a wideeyed, curious novice, give him something to keep him busy and experimenting over the stove.


is for Office friends: Skip the

Gift cards by Target available in any amount,

Grey silk and lace slip, $334, and plaid corset by La Perla, $485, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops



is for Naughty:

She’s naughty. She’s nice. It really makes no difference. She’ll look just as hot in sweet, delicate lace as she will in black satin. Splurge on sexy lingerie for the woman who spices up your life. La Perla, Agent Provocateur and Eres all make provocative pieces that don’t skimp on class. Sensuous and elegant. Silver Latin Crucifix pendant, $175, Gucci, Bal Harbour Shops

ceramic mug filled with drugstore candy and get your co-workers something they’ll actually use. Gift cards, candles, even a magazine subscription will work like magic. You don’t have to spend a lot to make their day.

is for Quoteworthy: If

silence is golden, then the written word is a handful of diamonds - a treasure one should always keep around. In the age of emails and instant messaging, get back to the basics with beautiful stationary and journals that add a touch of romance to the art of communication.

2010 desk calendar by Kate Spade, $22, Kate Spade, Aventura Mall

Star of David Pendant, $28, Mystical Amulet, Miami


is for Religious: Though it sometimes slips our minds as we’re rushing through stores and swiping our credit cards, the holidays are about more than just who gives and gets the best gifts. Modern crucifix pendants, heirloom Passover plates and even a beautiful bible remind us of the true meaning behind the season of lights, whatever religion you may practice. 64

Cravings | December / January 2010

Chrome salad serving set with handmade Murano glass handle by Hilary London, $159 for set,


is for Sweets: Visions of sugar plums dancing in your head? Give sweets to the sweet in the form of designer cookies, artful cakes, stunning edible arrangements and even sweet gourmet popcorn in flavors like caramel, dark chocolate drizzle and java toffee. Even Santa's nicest needs a guilty pleasure.

Belgian hot chocolate gift set, $16, Williams-Sonoma, Lincoln Road

Eight red velvet oversized cupcakes, $52, We Take the Cake, Ft. Lauderdale



Full-bodied gold watch by Swatch, $150, Swatch, Lincoln Road


is for Vintage: In these uncertain

times, it is uplifting to know that certain things remain timeless and enduring. Go on a hunt for great ageless collectibles and vintage treasures. Think decorative touches and whimsical jewelry with a history. Trends come and trends go but vintage is forever.

is for Timepieces:

True, these days everyone has a cell phone to tell time. Now, more than ever, stylish watches and investment timepieces have shed their utilitarian past for a single mission: make a statement. This solemn purpose alone makes them the most personal, thoughtful and coveted of all gifts. Necklace made with vintage pearls and onyx by Bonnie’s Vintage Rocks, $125,

Circe watch with diamonds from the Couture Collection by Tourneau, $14,950, Tourneau, Bal Harbour Shops. Stainless steel water bottles, $20 each,

Vintage lace purse, $38, Fly Boutique, Lincoln Road


is for Under $25: Hefty price

tags for the sake of hefty price tags? That is so 2008! This year, it is all about the deal. Get more bang for your buck with thoughtful gifts that don’t break the bank.


Cravings | December / January 2010

Gold cuffs, $60 each, C. Madeleine’s Miami, North Miami Beach


AtoZHolidayGiftGuide The Casita Suite is part of the Winter Special weekend package (travel from January 4 – March 31, 2010) at the Casitas Royale in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.


Book before December 22, 2009 and received up to 20% off your bill and a $250 resort credit. Prices vary depending on accommodations, 888.280.7558,


is for Weekend Getaways:

Like bad champagne, you could not help but notice that the spark has fizzled out a bit. Be a relationship hero and sneak in a gift certificate for a romantic couple's getaway. Top properties like The Gansevoort in Miami Beach are offering fantastic rates for Florida residents during this time of year.

Special, one-of-akind gifts are all the rage. Give your friend the opportunity to create his own wine legacy with lessons in organic winemaking and distilling. It’s a small price to pay for an unforgettable surprise.

Hall Artisan Wine and Art Experience, $20,000, Neiman Marcus,, 877.9NM.GIFT Home Away from Home Package at the Gansevoort includes 20% off lowest room rate available, 20% off spa services at David Barton Spa, 10% off retail partners including Cutler Salon, Café Bustelo and Philippe restaurant. 305.604.1000,

Silverton 750 SB Sport Yacht by Delta Marine, prices upon request and based on custom order, 888.261.5564,


is for Yachts & Boats:

Yacht builders like Delta Marine, Oceanfast and Palmer Johnson are still debuting brand new custom designs that are as sleek and stylish as ever. These breathtaking vessels come with handsome interiors and state-of-the art technology that will make you feel like you are flying over the water.


Cravings | December / January 2010

is for Xtraordinary:

Zen Wellness Gift Set by Green Baobab, $48, Browns & Co., Miami Beach


is for Zen: Help them get their Zen

back. You can go for books, music and meditation CD's and candles, or you can transcend and give your loved one a gorgeous meditation chair, a large laughing Buddha or even firefly lights to create the perfect backyard Zen garden.

Living By Zen by Brenda Shoshanna, $23, Books & Books, Coral Gables

Painted Laughing Buddha wood statue, $230, 9th Chakra, Miami Beach


18435 NE 19th Ave N. Miami Bch, FL 70

Cravings | December / January 2010







Fair Play

Art Basel Miami Returns with Its Unique Mix of Serious Art and Serious Fun By Marlene Sholod Black and White Variation on Pochade I (Elite #6), Stuart Davis (1894-1964) c. 1956-1958 Photo: Edelman Arts

Art Basel Miami is the eponymous show around which a galaxy of satellite art and design fairs – at least a dozen - orbit. It is an offshoot of Switzerland’s Art Basel considered to be the most prestigious international art show. Housed in the Miami Beach Convention Center adjacent to South Beach, Basel Miami could easily have become Basel Light but has, instead, earned its reputation as the most important art show in the Americas. More than 250 leading art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa exhibit 20th and 21st century artworks by more than 2,000 artists. If last year is any indication, more than 40,000 visitors from around the world will attend.


rt enthusiasts rejoice: the cultural circus that is Art Basel Miami is coming to town the first week in December.

Since 2001, the weeklong celebration of art and design, collectively referred to as Art Basel Miami, has been transforming Miami, an already art-conscious city (even the Lincoln Road Walgreen’s has windows full of art), into an “art is everywhere” playground, whipping art lovers into a frenzy of window shopping as well as buying. An international who’s who of art collectors, curators, gallery owners, artists, architects, critics, socialites, and celebrities flock to Miami for this staggering hit of culture.

Exhibitor - Olyvia Oriental (London) PICASSO, PABLO. Buste d'homme a la pipe Oil on corrugated card laid down on cradled panel Signed and dated Picasso 27.02.69.I 1969


Cravings | December / January 2010

So ubiquitous is the art that one can scarcely pass an electrical outlet without wondering if it’s part of an exhibition; so frenetic is the 24/7 schedule of exhibitions and events that even the most well-heeled are wearing flats and flip-flops before week’s end.

This year, the fair’s layout has been redesigned. Art Positions, popularly known as The Container Show because art was exhibited in shipping containers will now be located in the center of the Convention Center. The Container show's former location will be an oceanfront exhibition environment created by Los Angeles artist Pae White, commissioned by the renowned New York-based public art organization Creative Time. A daily program, which includes Art Basel Conversations, Art Perform (curated by Jens Hoffman of the Wattis Institute), Art Video (curated by Creative Time) and Art Film (curated by This Brunner from Switzerland) will be hosted there and admission will be free. This year’s Art Projects, curated by Patrick Charpanel of Mexico, will be presented in the public spaces close to the oceanfront and the Convention Center. Last year, Art Miami, a contemporary art fair showcasing national and international exhibitors, reinvented itself by moving from its March time slot to coincide with Art Basel Miami. It also

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CASH is what’s in these days.

With over 30 years of experience, South Florida Heirlooms will pay top price for the purchase of your: • Diamonds and gemstones • Vintage and signed jewelry • Fine watches and, of course, the most precious commodity of all, Gold, from the glamourous days gone by. Please call today to make an appointment for your free evalua�on. And, remember, we also make house calls for your added convenience.

Alfred I. DuPont Building, 169 E. Flagler Street, Suite 1000, Miami, Florida Tel. 305.381.9662

CASH for your jewelry and family heirlooms from well-trusted buyers, sellers & consignors


ArtBasel from exciting, young museums and galleries. Art Asia, in its second year, is hosting a landmark exhibition curated by Leeza Ahmady, director of Asian Contemporary Art Week at Asia Society, and a special presentation for the artist Yi Zhou and her film The Ear. Following its successful debut last year, Red Dot Miami, which also exhibits in Basel and New York and focuses on contemporary painting and drawing as well as three-dimensional and photography-based works, returns with an environmental theme. Its December 1 opening reception will benefit GreenMiami. The artist

Raga Jog, Sean Higgins, 2009 Archival inkjet print Courtesy the artist and Collette Blanchard Gallery

moved from its previous location to the Midtown Miami area, joining several fairs that set up large exhibition tents there. This year, Art Miami, which boasts almost a hundred leading national and international exhibitors of contemporary art, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary as well as a new owner, Palm Beach-based Nick Kornilott. It will include works by internationally known artists, such as British sculptor Tony Cragg, and the Chilean 20th century painter Roberto Matta, as well as a series of museum quality curated video installations. There will be a reception with the Sundari Foundation and a brunch honoring the 20 Most Influential Women in the Arts in South Florida. The gathering of several fairs in the Midtown Miami area has proven to be a successful strategy. The Midtown Miami retail complex offers shops, restaurants and ample, reasonably priced covered parking. In addition, shuttle buses run to and from satellite fairs and the Miami Beach Convention Center. Best of all, it’s actually possible for the stalwart to visit Art Miami, Scope, Art Asia, and Red Dot Miami in one day now that they’re clustered. If you haven’t gone art-blind, you might be able to see Photo Miami as well. Scope, which also exhibits in New York, Basel and London, is a leading showcase for international and emerging art. It returns for its eighth year with its renowned curatorial director, David Hunt, and a new curatorial committee culled


Cravings | December / January 2010

outdoor space for its installations and large scale sculptures. NADA (New Art Dealers Association) is moving to the ballrooms of the Deauville, a MIMO hotel in North Miami Beach once frequented by Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack. Basel VIPs can count on being invited to see private art collections usually displayed in their owners’ residences. But some world-class private collections, such as the Margulies, Rubell, Goldman, Cisneros, and now the de la Cruz, are housed in museum-like warehouses in and around the Design District and Wynwood. These are open to the public with extended hours during Art Basel. There will be murals by international street artists on some of Tony Goldman’s Wynwood buildings as well as a show curated with New York City’s Deitch Projects in the Goldman Warehouse. The Margulies Collection will feature George Segal.

Qiang Jin St Veronica Holding the Veil from the series Holy Icon from Liuhe Village Chromogenic color print, 2008 Courtesy the artist and MR Gallery Luis Valenzuela, founder of, will exhibit Eco-Totems, made from recycled plastic bottles and solar light fixtures. Returning for the fourth year, Photo Miami has new owners, a new director and curators, and a new location. This show, which features international photo-based art, video and new medium, is moving from the previous year’s tent into a 30,000-square-foot location in a building not far from the other shows. The Aqua show, which was born in the Aqua Hotel, will now be located exclusively in the Wynwood Arts District and features contemporary art by young artists. Other fairs have more exotic locations. Pulse, which shows in seven markets worldwide, has a new location, the historic downtown Miami Art Deco building known as the Ice Palace, with generous indoor/

Good Face, Tony Cragg Galerie Terminus (Munich) Bronze

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun The world may be downsizing, but two exciting new art shows are being added to Art Basel’s satellite lineup. Sponsored by SushiSamba, Graffitti Gone Global will be curated by James and Karla Murray, photographers and authors of three best-selling books on the New York and Miami graffiti scenes. Located in the Midtown Miami area, it will be housed in a 4,000-squarefoot, Brazilian favela-inspired structure designed by architect/street artist HOX. Verge, an emerging


ArtBasel International, on December 1. It will be showcasing “The Realm of Realism” with international artists such as Olaf Breuning, Phil Collins, Lars Laumann, Emily Wardhill, and Judi Werthein. The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, will host its opening night on December 2, last year’s “Russian Dreams” drew more than 3,200 people. This year’s Jumex Collection, from Mexico City, is the largest private collection of international contemporary art in Latin

Tobacco Fields, Tioga, Pennsylvania, Stuart Davis Oil on canvas,1919

Art Basel Miami 2009 will be held from December 3 – 6, 2009. Other fairs’ days and times vary. Most fairs charge an entrance fee (these also vary). Specific details are available at:

art show, will be located at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club. It will be one of several shows held in South Beach’s boutique hotels; these provide a uniquely intimate view of art by exhibiting on almost every available surface --walls of lobbies, hallways and even bathrooms.

When Cultural and Social Worlds Collide Miami’s museums are an integral part of Art Basel Miami’s celebration. Besides previewing major exhibitions, they also offer glamorous events, some open to the public, or at least those with museum memberships. MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), in North Miami, known for its cutting edge exhibitions, hosts its wildly popular Basel kick off party, sponsored by Vanity Fair


Cravings | December / January 2010

But, perhaps the most popular and beloved Art Basel Miami event is the traditional Saturday Art & Design Night held in the Miami Design and Wynwood Art Districts. Free and open to the public, it attracts legions of art lovers who wander in and out of Miami’s cutting edge galleries, shops, and showrooms to schmooze, peruse, and perchance to begin or to expand their own art collections.

Fair Information

Photo: Edelman Arts

This year’s Art Basel Miami will include two design fairs. Design Miami is returning to the Design District in an award-winning temporary structure designed by the architects Aranda/ Lasch. This five year old fair, which also exhibitis in Art Basel, has chosen the young, cutting edge Dutch designer Maarten Baas as Designer of the Year. His commissioned work will be a theatrical environment, inspired by Dutch “Cabinets of Curiosity,” complete with live actors. He will also be presenting cabinetry from his new collection, an an addition to his Real Time film projects. The Miami Modernism Show, following Art Miami’s precedent, will be held concurrently with Art Basel Miami for the first time this year. Returning to the J.L. Knight Center at the Miami Hyatt Regency, this fifteen year old show hosts more than sixty national and international decorators and art dealers who focus on 20th century design.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Capture # 4 Acrylic, paint, paint can, paper, pencil, pine needles, moss, sedum, sponge, stone. 2009 America. It is the first time it is being shown in the U.S. and includes Jenny Holzer, On Kanara, Jeff Koons, Gabriel Orozco as well as the Mexican artists Damian Ortega, Gabriel Kuri and Stephan Bruggeman. Miami Art Museum (MAM), located in downtown Miami, will host its annual Party on the Plaza, an “under the stars delight,” on December 3. Its annual fundraising ball will be held on December 5 at the famous Morris Lapidus–designed Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. MAM is showcasing the Argentinian visual artist Guillermo Kuitca, known for his “maps” that diagram spatial and temporal relationships. Held at MAM and at Freedom Tower, the exhibition will include Untitled 1992, comprised of 20 painted mattresses, from the Tate Modern collection. The well-knowndesigner Todd Oldham will co-host the Wolfsonian Museum’s reception on December 4. Two exhibitions have been announced: “Styled for the Road: The Art of Automobile Design” and “Rhythms of Modern Life: British Prints,” the latter organized by the

Art Basel Miami 2009 Aqua Art Miami Art Asia Design Miami Graffiti Gone Global Miami Modernism Show modernism NADA Photo Miami Pulse Red Dot Miami Scope Miami Verge

Next Up: Art PalmBeach Just the thing for an art hangover, another shot! Art PalmBeach (formerly PalmBeach 3) comes to the Palm Beach County Convention Center January 15 -19, 2010. Celebrating its lucky 13th year, this modern and contemporary art fair promises more than 75 international dealers representing about 1,500 artists.


Exhale Spa

New Year, New You By Jennifer Aranoff

Get the skinny on classes that’ll keep you hitting the gym long after everyone else gives up on their resolutions.


hat time of year is once again upon us, bringing with it the resolutions we all seem to saddle ourselves with. This year let the 10 in 2010 represent not the amount of pounds you intend to lose, but the way you’ll feel about yourself after discovering a new way to be healthy. Sweating in a room full of strangers while contorting into unnatural shapes can be scary or fun (or both?). The only way to know for sure is to explore the myriad of fitness class opportunities. If yoga isn’t your thing, perhaps Jiu-Jitsu will turn out to be. There’s only one way to know for sure. There are certainly enough different group exercise options out there to keep you so engaged you’ll need to think up a new resolution for next year. Big, shiny gyms with recognizable names are generally the first to come to mind. There’s


Cravings | December / January 2010

certainly something to be said for knowing what you’ll be walking into. These big name gyms are best for sheer volume of different types of workout classes. The majority of the below offer such a variety, though each with its own distinct flavor. As with any gym with multiple locations, check class schedules as classes differ by location. Be sure to get a membership that allows gym-hopping to take full advantage of the various locations. Snap Fitness 14740 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami Beach 305.947.5722 1 other area location For a commitment-free, once-a-week hour of boot camp head to Snap Fitness. Each Saturday morning sweat through an hour of boot camp whether you’re a member or not. Snap is open 24/7 to make it easy to get in a workout any time during the other 167 hours in the week—no contract necessary.

Crunch Fitness 1676 Alton Road, Miami Beach 305.531.4743 1 other area location Boldly naming itself after a tedious half sit-up, Crunch has proven itself to be much more bold, much less tedious. Sassy sounding classes such as Barre Assests (ballet inspired), Rock Bottom and Killer X Training illustrate the mantra behind exercise here: it should be fun. A lot of that fun is had in the classes, also including the more traditional yoga and kickboxing. David Barton Gym 1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach 305.674.5757 1 other area location Another quickly growing national gym, David Barton Gym has a distinct urban chic feel. The class schedules are extensive and filled with irreverent names like ASSolutely ABBulous and Pain & Pleasure. Expect candlelit yoga on one end of the spectrum and a pumping DJ for higher impact classes. Don’t be fooled by the lavish décor; the classes are hard. Equinox 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura 305.935.9514 2 other area locations The folks at Equinox understand that it’s the little things that count. Included toiletries in the locker rooms and fresh flowers make visits more pleasant while the packed class schedule ensures clients earn their showers. The Sports Club/LA 1441 Brickell Avenue, Miami 305.533.1199 1 other area location coming soon Sophisticated and upscale, The Sports Club/LA has a definite luxurious feel (even the locker rooms are lush). The class schedule is jam-packed with different Yoga, REV, Pilates and Bootcamp classes—about 80 per week. Exhale Spa at Epic Hotel

270 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, 305.967.7324 1 other area location with another coming soon Exhale Spa, while certainly not a gym, it is nonetheless a widespread corporate chain known for its exercise classes, pulling from the Lotte Berk method of Pilates (a head-totoe workout in an hour). Core Fusion classes dominate the schedule with a smattering of other mind/body balancing disciplines. For a full wellness retreat, be a guest of the hotel and enjoy mediation pods and other perks.


NewYear,NewYou LA Fitness 1580 NE Miami Gardens Drive, North Miami Beach 305.940.6249 16 other area locations Why not begin looking at classes in the Sunshine State that were dreamt up in the Golden State? LA Fitness has a staggering 17 locations in South Florida, each offering a slew of different classes with everything from Yoga to Latin Impact and Club Boxing Circuit. Expect all the extras that come with bigger chains: trainers, babysitting, long hours, etc. Even before recorded history there existed exercise for reasons other than basic survival (surprising but true). Yoga has been around for thousands of years while still maintaining a strong presence today. This exercise discipline embraces the balance of mind and body while offering workouts that are simultaneously very difficult yet calming and peaceful. Namaste. Synergy Yoga 435 Española Way, Miami Beach 305.861.3221 All are welcome from beginner to human pretzel in Synergy Yoga. Choose from a variety of classes including Pilates, Tai Chi and belly dancing to the essential yoga classes: Prenatal, Heal, Jivamukti and many others. Added incentive: Kids Camp from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. is available Monday – Friday for kids ages 5 – 11. Bikram Yoga 235 11th Street, Miami Beach 305.534.2727 Yoga is hot—literally! Sweat out toxins you never knew existed during a full 90-minute yoga workout in a room temperature of over 100 degrees at Bikram Yoga. Though conversation inside the studio is frowned upon (it’s too hot to chat anyway), mingle with other participants in the lobby or on the outside deck. Om’echaye 1100 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Hallandale 954.456.6945 “Om,” Sanskrit for everything, is part of the aptly named Om’echaye in both name and philosophy, specializing in yoga, Pilates and Expressive Arts. Yoga is broken down into classes based on level while Expressive Arts encompass Prayerdanse (Spiritual danse for the Soul), urban choreography and two classes focused on exercising the mind through art: Mandala and Mixed Media Painting.


Cravings | December / January 2010

If there’s a new fitness craze, it’s a safe bet it’s made its way to South Florida. Power Plate may sound like a new dance move or a way to pump iron but it’s actually a large vibrating machine intended to stimulate muscle contraction and blood flow during exercise. The platform vibrates which forces muscles to work harder in order to maintain balance resulting in a more intense workout. Whether working on one machine alone or on several machines in a group, there is always a trainer present. Olympia Fitness 20335 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura 305.932.3500 After testing the market with two Power Plate machines, Olympia Fitness quickly bumped up to five and built a separate studio for them. Because using the machine creates an accelerated workout, each class is a half hour of intense training. Olympia also offers plenty of other exercise classes, running the gamut from yoga and Pilates to dance and Dirt Fitness. For those looking for something different or classes that the entire family can get into (that means men and kids, too) there is mixed martial arts (MMA), a quickly growing discipline that transcends gender, age and athletic ability. FIST 17046 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach 305.405.2001 The programs at FIST (Fighting Instruction Self defense Training) cater to specific age groups, from children to adults, each engaging students at their own level. MMA takes many forms: Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Kung Fu and Jiu-Jitsu. Normandy Gym 1145 71st Street, Miami Beach 305.865.8570 Normandy Gym keeps it simple: hit a bag, feel better, get in shape. Whether that good feeling comes from a workout that offers cardio and resistance or if it’s more about releasing tension and just punching the crap out of something is unimportant. The class schedule is diverse, made up of all sorts of boxing, cardio and fighting classes. Some evening classes have a DJ to really get the blood pumping. Work out to feel sexy, now feel sexy during a workout with pole dancing. Fun yet challenging, pole dancing is quite possibly the sexiest way to work out.

Pole Fitness Miami 4018 Aurora Street Coral Gables 305.801.3951 Enjoy a shocking variety of classes available at Pole Fitness Miami for all levels from beginner to may-aswell-be-a-pro. Some of the class names themselves are enough to get anyone in the mood: Sexy Flexy, Naughty but Nice Burlesque, Sexy Chair Dancing, Hip Hop Pole Biatch and Rock Strip. Sensual Souls 2850 Stirling Road, Hollywood 954.926.7653 There really is a place for every level of pole prowess at Sensual Souls (there are seven of them). Choose pole classes based on personal skill/experience level. For a non pole-based workout, check out Exotic Belly Dance or Lap Dance. Joseph Pilates coined his exercise method “Contrology,” not realizing that almost a hundred years later his name would be used for his wildly popular exercise discipline. Pilates is fundamentally a combination of yoga and aerobics with the idea of mind over muscle, concentrating on the core muscles and a mind/body balance. There are basic Pilates classes offered at most gyms but Pilates aficionados prefer a deeper exploration (complete with props). Pilates Miami 3936 North Miami Avenue, Miami 305.573.4430 Pilates classes are generally performed on mats, though JP also developed equipment to assist in form and movement (okay, he probably didn’t go by “JP”). The Wunda Chair is basically a convertible low box seat with springed resistance and is available in classes at Pilates Miami. Also offered is a mat for men class—why should women have all the fun? The Pilates Room 2175 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach 305.944.0070 The Pilates Room offers Stott Pilates, an updated approach to Pilates that was developed in the 1980s. Stott focuses on natural balance and muscles of an individual body’s core. Choose from a range of classes including beginner mat, Zumba, power reformer and even prenatal Pilates.


18143 Biscayne BlvdrAventura, FL 33160 5FM305.466.6611r'BY305.466.6612 &


NewYear,NewYou has created a Pilates center that is both traditional and cutting edge. Her classes incorporate all of the classical Pilates equipment, the reformer, chair, jump board and mat; but her teaching methods are innovative. In terms of being on the forefront of what is next in muscle conditioning, Renne Ricca is the first studio in Aventura to offer Gyrotronics, a workout bench that is attached to rotating wheels that works the body in circular movements. It is a great compliment to the more linear approach of Pilates. Renee Ricca offers both private sessions and group classes as well as a comprehensive teacher training and Pilates certification program.

Photo by Joanna Gazzaneo

Nu Age Gymnastics 2675 NE 188th Street, North Miami 888.682.4318

Renee Ricca’s Pilates Center 18143 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura 305.466.6611 Relying on her training as a professional dancer and her study of the classical method of Pilates, Renee Ricca


Cravings | December / January 2010

There is no reason that kids should have all the fun. Although Nu Age Gymnastics is known for its children’s gymnastics and acrobatics classes, it offers a wide variety of classes for adults. While the kids are in school, adults hit the gym floor for Zumba fitness, Pilates mat, step aerobics, Salsa and boot camp classes. And if you really want to try a tumble or two, private adult one-on-one gymnastics lessons are available. Go ahead and get in on the fun, first class is complimentary.

CrossFit 2293 NE 164th Street, North Miami Beach 305.974.5812 Those interested in a boot camp workout without actually enlisting should make their way to CrossFit. The workout is supervised and done together, but that’s where similarities to other gym classes end. Each class, is based on interval training and designed to balance a body’s endurance, speed, stamina, accuracy, coordination, balance, power, agility, strength—all athletic categories. Individuals train in a personalized manner, producing equal amounts of effort and exertion regardless of the differing weights or resistance. Housewives to athletes work out equally hard while doing different levels of the same exercises. Not sure if it’s your thing? First workout is free.

HolidayEntertaining Salmon wrapped in banana leaf. Touch Catering

Seasonal delights Stumped over what to

serve during the holidays? Assemble your own army of South Florida’s most sought after chefs to help dish out some gourmet cheer. By Carolina Cardona


or your average traditionalist out there, South Florida is a bit of a holiday conundrum. With all the many accents, colors and flavors, we may find ourselves yawning at the thought of the same old holiday ham. In the tropics we do not crowd around an open crackling fireplace on Christmas Eve. Many of us do “al fresco Christmas”, and a fragrant spiced punch with fresh juices and zesty spices often acts as the all-important centerpiece of holiday gatherings. Instead of turkey and yams, you may find a bustling Brazilian station with sizzling lamb sausage, filet mignon and lamb loin with sun dried sauce or truffle garlic aioli… or a ceviche and sushi bar display with Maki rolls and yellowtail hand rolls amidst fresh wasabi and ginger. Forget the milk and cookies. This year, Santa gets a flourless chocolate torte, a slice of black forest cake or a hefty serving of rare Spanish cheeses and thick country breads. This South Florida culinary phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that well-known and revered companies such as Barton G., Touch, Le Basque and Shiraz, –famous for conceptualizing South Florida’s mega premiere, ultra-exclusive and celebrity-frenzied event – offer their coveted services to turn your at-home holiday party into a true culinary triumph. The tastes of the legendary Touch restaurant’s signature cuisine have gone on the road with a unique catering service. Touch Catering’s

sample menu includes full lamb and Mongolian grill stations, along with your choice of cool and warm hors d’oeuvres. Its main entrees range from herb encrusted Chilean sea bass to slow roasted short ribs. Feel free to skip the eggnog, in favor of its signature market style Caipirinha or a very en-vogue pomegranate martini. To usher in 2010, you may want to give Shiraz a call. Last year, it created a special journey for one of its most discriminating clients. The theme of the evening was around the world in eight courses. The guests eventually made their way back to Miami for a dessert trio that included coconut meringue, tres leches cake, and chocolate and hazelnut rum soup.

Alexander Events

Not a fan of holidays in the tropics? Some caterers, as in the case of Alexander Events, are willing to conjure up the vision of a traditional white Christmas from the Northeast or the North Pole… Christmas goose, snow machines and live penguins included. Even international tapas and enticing exotic croquettes can come with a distinct rustic and homey feel when Chef Felix Alexander is involved. For him, there is no such thing as a

standard menu. Every event is custom-tailored to each client’s taste no matter how extreme the palate or the venue. And speaking of truly unforgettable parties, caterers like Le Basque, famous for its extravagant, visionary and almost impossibly beautiful events, encourages its clients to honor their individual family traditions during this time of year, and are willing to work from cherished family recipes and even try to recapture a favorite childhood dish. Though Christmas in South Florida poses its own unique challenges, according to Shiraz Vice President and Creative Director, Yaniv Cohen, there are details that every host or hostess must always keep in mind, “Great lighting. Use lots of candles, music, delicious food and drinks. I really do believe that if you do something from your heart and soul, it shows, no matter how big or small your budget.” If you’re planning to pull out all the stops, consider hiring an event design and production destination all its own. As Miami’s most prolific and over-the-top party planner, Barton G. is notorious for putting together the most extravagant and talked about events in South Florida. For this full-service, multimillion-dollar event planner and caterer, dining is a multisensory experience. In other words, a Barton G. event is something you simply don’t pass up.

GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT This holiday season dress up your table with a new type of centerpiece, an edible one. The Edible Arrangements are all made with a variety of fresh fruits including apples, strawberries, and honeydew. To spice up the festivities add fresh cinnamon or a chocolate coating to the fruit. Whether you are having an elegant sit-down dinner or a fun cocktail party these edible arrangements will add to your holiday décor. Arrangements start at $35. 18280 W Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, 305.933.4027,


HolidayEntertaining “What makes a great holiday feast are two words, variety and abundance. More is more,” says Barton G.’s Executive Chef Ted Mendez. And Barton G. can definitely give you more. In addition to providing inventive cuisine and eyecatching party décor, company founder Barton Gerald Weiss keeps a menagerie of wild and exotic animals like giraffes, an orangutan and ponies on a farm in South Dade. So, if your holiday party requires an appearance by Rudolph, it is likely that event-planner Barton G. could make it happen – with a little help from Santa, of course. Even Santa has his little helpers, here are some to assist you in making your holiday celebrations festive and fantastic:

Alexander Events

304 NE 4th Street, Delray Beach 561.243.ALEX, Dinners start at $50 per person which includes staffing, flatware and china. Glassware is additional. Décor can run anywhere from $300 to $5,000.

Barton G.

3628 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami 305.576.8888, Although it is hard to guess how much a Barton G. affair may run you without a lot of specifics, expect a hefty price tag along with a truly unforgettable experience.


4652 SW 74 Avenue, Miami 305.669.1070, Pricing depends on what the client wishes to rent versus th


Cravings | December / January 2010

Events by Premier

what he/she already owns. The costs also depend on what food is served and the type of bar offered. It could be anywhere from $150 per person to $250 per person. Décor is not included.


164 NW 20th Street, Miami 305.573.1807, Pricing varies from one event to the next. For a 30 person dinner it could start at $6,000 for food, service, rental and bar. If décor, lighting, music, flowers and furniture are necessary the starting cost could be as much as $12,000.


860 NE 79th Street, Miami 305.758.7191, Typical cost is $125 per person including rental, staff and service. Festive libations would be additional.

A KOSHER CUT ABOVE Make your holiday feast special with chic Kosher cuisine. The three-generation family owned caterer Events by Premier’s menu offerings include: ahi tuna, beef satay, Chilean sea bass, duck and sweet potato perogis, porcini mushroom espresso and warm chocolate bisque. Whether it is a holiday brunch, sit-down dinner, or cocktail party Events by Premier will handle every detail down to the silverware – guaranteeing your soiree is something to remember. Catering services, for a minimum of 50 people, start at $30 per person. 305.931.4118,


Key Lime Cheesecake Pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink Miami, Florida

Photo by: Alyssa Dragun. South Moon Photography



Cravings | December / January 2010

At TheTable Philippe’s at the Gansevoort South

HOT PLATE Cheap n’ Chic Leave the take-out Lo Mein where it belongs - in the carton. Instead, head to Philippe’s at the Gansevoort South. Adhering to the belief that a global recession shouldn’t compromise a decent meal, Philippe’s now offers a more budget-friendly $29 three-course prix-fixe with sumptuous appetizers like fresh vegetable dumplings and Peking duck spring rolls. Partake in the delicious main courses including sweet and sour chicken and crispy salmon and, later, delight your sweet tooth with a treat from the daily dessert choices. Just think what you’ll save on those delivery fees. 2377 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach 305.604.1000, DELIGHTFUL DUMPLINGS At the family owned restaurant Azzurro the dish to order is the homemade Gnocchi (potato dumplings) offered with a variety of sauces. And if that doesn’t fill you up, go for one of the many homemade desserts including tiramisu, Italianstyle cheesecake, chocolate soufflé and crème brulee. The restaurant is nestled in the Golden Strand Resort and has great outdoor seating around the pool and in the garden. 17901 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach 305.792.5500

Spice of Life Mardi Gras may belong to New Orleans, but Miami now has something spicy and cajun all it’s own. Ahnvee Restaurant & Lounge stays true to the spirited c’est la vie attitude of the southern city of spice with traditional cajun dishes like jumbalaya and fiery gumbo. Its signature “Fried Fish” entree (with its mix of deep fried catfish, shrimp and alligator) is, like New Orleans, not for the faint of heart. After dinner, sit back and enjoy the show as live musicians and dancers get the party going with all-night performances that bring French Quarter flair straight to South Beach. 621 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach 305.400.4954, Ahnvee

TRADITIONS ANEW After a five year tradition as a strict ala carte menu, Trattoria Il Migliore is including side dishes with many of its entrees. Trattoria Il Migliore But don’t worry it will still be offering its famous Tuscan style fries, asparagus baked with Parmesan cheese and garlic sautéed spinach served familystyle. This intimate neighborhood Trattoria is also open for lunch Monday thru Friday and offers many of the popular items from its dinner menu as well as an expanded salad selection including an Ahi tuna, Mediterranean chop and a salad Nicoise. 2576 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Aventura 305.792.2902,

Southern Comfort Ahhh, nothing says summer like a delicious, smoky barbeque. Unfortunately, it’s already fall. But you can still keep those warm memories of summer meals gone by at Bulldog Barbeque. With a menu loaded with smokehouse favorites like baby back ribs and skirt steak, you’ll be daydreaming of your Bulldog Barbeque

days by the grill in just one bite. They also offer a “Fixin’s” menu with choices like Carolina slaw, sweet fries and burnt-end beans that will have you locking away that bikini that’s suddenly too tight. Lucky for you, summer’s a thing of the past. 15400 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami 305.940.9655, Chicago's Steakhouse and Tavern

Miami and Steak: A Love Affair A meaty romance, indeed! After a year and a half of non-stop steakhouse openings including the Brazilian Fogo de Azzurro Chao, Texas de Brazil, and STK at the Gansevoort South, Miami continues it’s infatuation with high-end restaurants of the carnivorous variety. Its latest crush, Chicago’s Steakhouse and Tavern. This cherry-wood, saloonstyle steakhouse serves a 32-ounce center cut sirloin that for a Miami meat-lover could be the ultimate meaning of true love. 3162 Commodore Plaza Coconut Grove, 305.443.0422



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Preview to Miami's 2010 Boat show.

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Cravings | December / January 2010

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At TheTable

RESTAURANT LISTINGS A FISH CALLED AVALON 700 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, 305.532.1727 Award-winning seafood grill at The Avalon Hotel. Offers casual elegance and indoor or street-side patio dining.

CAFÉ MARTORANO 3343 Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, 954.561.2555 Start the meal with Steve Martorano’s famous homemade meatballs. After a couple of “light” appetizers, it’s time to choose from the list of specialty macaroni and other home-style favorites. The portions aren’t petite, so sharing is recommended.

ANDU RESTAURANT & LOUNGE 141 SW 7th Street, Miami, 786.871.7005 This spot in Brickell features sultry-style, luscious libations and cutting-edge Mediterranean cuisine with international flavors.

CHART HOUSE RESTAURANT 3371 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove, 305.856.9741 Facing beautiful Biscayne Bay, Chart House has a beautiful view and an extensive great surf and turf menu. Extensive collection of fine wines and whiskies.

ARISTON RESTAURANT 940 71st Street, Miami Beach, 305.864.9848 Offers authentic Greek cuisine with contemporary European accents. With an emphasis on seasonal ingredients, the food is based on the recipes of the owner’s mother.

CHEF ALLEN’S 19088 NE 29th Avenue, Aventura, 305.935.2900 A culinary legend, Allen Susser has revitalized his eponymous restaurant with chic interiors and created an exciting new modern seafood bistro menu.

AZURRO ITALIAN RESTAURANT & BAR 17901 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach, 305.792.5500 Savor authentic Italian family-style meals with such specialities as homemade lobster ravioli and zuppa di Pece made with clams, mussels, grouper, salmon, and shrimp. Situate yourself in its stark white dining room with oversized windows that overlook the Atlantic. For a more relaxed experience sit outside on its large poolside patio or dine in the Tiki cabana. Add a glass of wine from its extensive collection or order up a creative cocktail. Open for lunch. BILLY’S STONE CRAB RESTAURANT & MARKET 400 N Ocean Drive, Hollywood, 954.923.2300 Headlining an impressive list of fresh catches is the restaurant’s signature Florida stone crab, available in endless offerings during stone crab season. In addition, the seafood menu continues to reel in diners with a variety of specialty entrées and all-you-can-eat Alaskan King Crab Legs.

CHIMA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE 2400 E Las Olas Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, 954.712.0580 Legend has it, in South Brazil, traditional gauchos (cowboys) would consume a diet consisting almost entirely of beef. Gauchos roam the dining room continuously offering exquisite churrasco of 16 rotisserie meats. There is also an extensive salad bar with a blend of Brazilian and American offerings. CITA’S ITALIAN CHOPHOUSE 3176 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, 305.446.2207 With an emphasis on gourmet Italian, this neighborhood gem focuses on prime cuts of meat, fresh from the market seafood, and homemade pasta. The extensive selections of wines from around the world enhance the food’s bold flavors. CITY BBQ PLACE 1901 NE 163rd Street, N.M.B, 305.354.4747 Come here for that authentic backyard BBQ taste. Enjoy everything from ribs to chicken to wings with various sauces to wraps and sandwiches. Delivery/Take Out.

BOVA RISTORANTE 1450 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, 561.362.7407 The award-winning restaurant-bar-lounge presents contemporary upscale Italian cuisine in a spectacular atmosphere.

CONCHA D’ORO 1833 Tyler Street, Hollywood, 954.927.6704 This long-time bustling Italian eatery on the circle is the kind of place you’d take the softball team after a game.

BROSIA 163 NE 39th Street, Miami, 305.572.1400 Located in the city’s Design District, the menu combines flavors from Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey to take diners on a culinary tour through the Mediterranean.

COUNCIL OAK STEAK & SEAFOOD 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, 954.327.7501 Located in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, this restaurant takes beef seriously with its own in-house butcher. Sunday champagne brunch.

FRATELLI LYON 4141 NE Second Avenue, Miami, 305.572.2901 Occupying the entrance to Driade, the contemporary Italian furniture showroom, this Italian restaurant features a diverse selection of antipasti, bruschetta, and there is also an extensive wine list with great selections from smaller Italian vineyards. THE GRILL ON THE ALLEY 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura, 305.466.7195 Famous for its signature outpost in the heart of Beverly Hills, the Grill specializes in prime steaks, chops, fresh seafood, savory sides and specialty cocktails. HEELSHA 1550 NE 164th Street, N.M.B, 305.919.8393 Heelsha is a small riverside village in Bangladesh which has maintained centuries old cooking traditions. In keeping with these traditions, this restaurant serves authentic Indian cuisine. Take Out. HOLLYWOOD GRILL 905 N Broadwalk, Hollywood, 954. 272.2525 Dress casually for an informal evening of ethnic food from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. IL MIGLIORE TRATTORIA 2576 Miami Gardens Drive, North Miami, 305.792.2902

This neighborhood trattoria boasts all the attributes one seeks in Italian dining: perfectly executed Italian cooking. Open for lunch. IL MULINO NEW YORK 17875 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, 305.466.9191 Here, Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity -- a rustic and hearty blend of seasonal ingredients with fish, lamb, fresh meats and the legendary langostines. JONAS PIZZA 2030 NE Miami Gardens Drive, North Miami, 305.918.8998 Kosher pizzeria. Offers a large variety of vegetable toppings, salads and sandwiches. Pizza by the slice available. Delivery/Take Out. KITCHEN 305 16501 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, 305.749.2110 Inside the Newport Beachside Resort, Chef Kelly Sheehan offers American comfort food in her unique style. The menu features an Absolut penne with its own mini vodka shooter. The sun and sand mussels pail comes complete with sunglasses and sand-like garlic bread crumbs.


RestaurantListings LA PIAZZA PASTA 1885 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, 954.921.0088 Located in the heart of downtown Hollywood, pizza, pastas, salads, soups and appetizers of both Northern and Southern Italian cuisine will satisfy any appetite. The restaurant features a brick pizza oven, outdoor dining and live music Thursdays – Sundays. LOLA’S ON HARRISON 2032 Harrison Street, Hollywood, 954.927.9851 Showcasing chef-owner Michael Wagner’s mouthwatering contemporary American cuisine, Lola’s on Harrison offers diners an unforgettable culinary experience. LUCE RESTAURANT & BAR 1906 Harrison Street, Hollywood, 954.920.2500 Serves up Italian fare with South Florida influences. Open for breakfast on Sundays. MARIO THE BAKER® 13695 W Dixie Highway, North Miami, 305.891.7641 Serving pizza in Miami since 1969, you can still feed a hungry family of four for $25 or less at Mario’s. Enjoy pizza, pasta, traditional entrées and more. Delivery/Take Out. MEAT MARKET 915 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 305.532.0088 A sleek, sophisticated, unpretentious steakhouse – gives locals and tourists a unique, fine-dining destination, with spectacular contemporary design. Serving a variety of prime cuts, innovative house specialties, sides and a top-notch wine list. MIAMI PRIME GRILL 16395 Biscayne Boulevard, N.M.B, 305.949.5101 You’re invited to join the party at this upscale sports bar. MICHAEL’S GENUINE FOOD & DRINK 130 NE 40th Street, Miami, 305.573.5550 Located in the Design District, Chef/owner Michael Schwartz showcases his trademark contemporary American cuisine using local organic ingredients. MISS YIP CHINESE CAFE 1661 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, 305.534.5488 Serves traditional Cantonese cuisine including dim sum and Peking duck. Also has a mini market. MORTON’S THE STEAK HOUSE 505 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton & Other Locations 561.392.7724 Prime aged beef, live Maine lobsters, fresh fish, handselected vegetables and elegant desserts are all part of Morton’s signature selections.


Cravings | December / January 2010

PRIME BLUE GRILLE 315 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, 305.358.5900 Pleasing the palates of the city’s elite with its organically raised, wet-aged prime beef, line-caught fish, fresh seafood and innovative sides. An outdoor terrace offer breathtaking views of the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. RACKS ITALIAN BISTRO & MARKET Intracoastal Mall, 163rd Avenue and NE 36th Avenue (Intracoastal Mall), N.M.B, 305.917-7225 Restauranteur Gary Racks’ Tuscan inspired bistro offers pasta, Neapolitan pizza and a large selection of entrées. Dine in the dining room, enjoy an espresso or panini at the bar or dock your yacht for dockside carryout. THE RESTAURANT LE MERIDIEN HOTEL 18683 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles, 305.503.6011 Located in the hotel’s lobby, the restaurant offers American cuisine in a relaxed environment overlooking the beach either indoors or outdoors on the terrace. RISTORANTE SAPORI 99 Royal Palm Plaza, Boca Raton, 561.367.9779 In addition to its wide array of pastas, chef/owner Marco Pindo prepares different seafood selections daily. RIVALS WATERFRONT SPORTS GRILLE Diplomat Landing, 3460 South Ocean Drive (Diplomat Landing), Hollywood, 954.602.8760 Watch the big game on individual high-definition plasma TVs, relax with a beer or cocktail or enjoy an appetizer or meal from the open kitchen. ROMANO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 3571 N Federal Highway, Boca Raton, 561.368.9229 Charmingly old school Italian at this quaint little restaurant – only about 12 tables. SUSHI HOUSE 15911 Biscayne Boulevard, N.M.B, 305.947.6002 Specializing in modern sushi and Pan-Asian cuisine. Consulting Chef Michael Schukar of Tatu and Karma has created an extensive menu employing traditional Chinese, new Japanese and French techniques with a modern Florida-Asian flair. Closed Mondays. THAT COOL CAFÉ 19048 NE 29th Avenue, Aventura, 305. 931.9244 In need of quick, fresh and healthy meals including wraps, soups, salads and frozen yogurt. Delivery/Take Out. WISH 801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, 305.674.9474 This award winning restaurant features the cuisine of Executive Chef Marco Ferraro. The cuisine is Mediterranean and Asian flair with global influences.


AtTheTable Casale Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar

OFF THE MENU: Tapas TO TASTE By Vanessa Garcia


apas aren’t just Spanish bar snacks anymore. These once-hearty munchies have evolved and taken on a whole new global meaning, in all sorts of culinary languages – or shall we say tongues. Luckily, Miami is the perfect place to kiss your lips with a happy sampling of these new delights – from contemporary combinations of French and Japanese tiny treats to bite-sized ceviche spoons; oozing Italian mozzarella delicacies to Greek versions of small plate paradise, it’s all up for grabs and it’s all meant to be shared. As we are discussing the “new dawn” of the tapa, it’s appropriate to start with Eos at The Viceroy Hotel (Eos literally means “new dawn” in Greek). Here, Chef Michael Psilakis mixes the flavors of his native Greece with the savory blends of the Mediterranean, mastering the art of the ultra-contemporary “small plate.” In Psilakis’ hands, these small plates are petite-portions that linger on the palate, while twisting with drama and innovation. Take the Smoked Octopus with pineapple, spicy sopressata and skordalia ($13); or the raw meze, which can include Niaragi sushi/ sashimi with pistachio and apricot ($12); a black grouper ceviche with mango, chipotle, cumin and cilantro ($11); the lamb tartare with egg yolk and caviar ($12); or a number of other raw selections. Dining here is a complete experience, given that the whimsical quality


Cravings | December / January 2010

of the dishes is reflected in the restaurant’s décor which flashes out in bright yellow, black, and gold trimming. Also at The Viceroy, we have Club 50. From fifty floors above, Club 50 offers a view of Miami that heaven would envy. On the menu: an array of $14 “liquid opportunities,” a.k.a cocktails. Take for instance the Honeydew and Cucumber Deluxe (Martin Millers Reformed Dry Gin, house made clover honey syrup, honeydew and lemon juices, a dash of Regan’s No. 6 Orange Bitters, and a thin cucumber slice) is definitely not just a cocktail. To match, are sharing plates like the grilled Hawaiian prawns with Sicilian olive oil, lemon, and oregano ($13); or the fried rabbit nuggets for the more carnivorous among us ($13). Just as Eos and Club 50 are brought together by The Viceroy, there is another double-whammy in the tapas trend: Casale Pizzeria Mozzarella Bar and Sardinia Ristorante, both owned by Chef Pietro Vardeu, and both just blocks away from each other on South Beach. Sardinia Ristorante is a romantically lit sophisticated tavern where the feel of dark wood, along with the fresh blue and earthtone tile add to the romance. It is the elder of the two locales and offers a selection of authentic Italian soups, antipasti, insalate, panini’s, and pastas, along with meat and fish plates. But, it’s also known for its tasty tidbits

-- vegetable, formaggi, and Salumi boards. You can pick three Formaggi, for instance, for $16, or five for $20. This includes choices like Parmiaggiano reggiano; Gorgonzola dolce; Pecorino sardo dolce, and the Pecorino Tartufato Fresco del Mugello. Don’t know what these are? Try them, that’s what the three for $16 special is all about Not too far away at Casale, we have a two-tiered restaurant which includes an outside terrace, perfect for drinking wine and dipping into the mozzarella bar. Here, the ambiance is somewhat more casual than Sardinia, with a good size selection of pizzas and sandwiches. But the stand-out is the mozzarella & burrata bar. You can order different kinds of mozzarella for $14 each. Or, you can participate in what the menu terms the Grand Tasting for $24 and includes: the Bufala campana, the burrata pugliese, the fior di latte; treccione, stracciatella and sfoglia, along with two accompaniments like the prosciutto di parma or the roasted peppers, or the heirloom tomatoes, or the oven roasted cherry tomatoes… it goes on and on…you get the picture. Also rooting itself in European flavors is Sra. Martinez, located inside a 1920s post office in the Design District. This is Spain with a big dose of Latin sabor brought to you by renowned chef Michelle Bernstein of Michy’s. The menu is divided into three sections.

Two of them are: Cold & Crisp ($5 - $18) and Warm & Lush ($8 - $23), both of which feature small plates. The third section, called Platos Grandes ($24 - $36), dishes out larger portions for those who don’t care to share. Among the most popular dishes are the bacon-wrapped Medjool Dates ($8); the Rabo Encendido with Trophie pasta and Mascarpone cheese ($17); and the crispy artichokes with lemoncoriander dipping sauce ($14). Following the Latin take on tapas, we reach Canela – a quaint little spot on Biscayne Boulevard. The place is unassuming and decorated with colorful art inside (mostly by Miami artist LEBO). There are also a few tables outside, canopied with umbrellas. While the restaurant’s menu is extensive, offering up soups and sandwiches and parrilladas alike, it also has a tapas bar. One of the original things about this particular tapas bar is that the menu offers a section called vegetarian tapas which offers fare like tostones rellenos (fried plantains over a bed of greens; asparagus tips, sofrito, and goat

Ceviche 105

cheese $10.50); berenjena caprese (baked egglplant with tomato and goat cheese or mozzarella $6.95); as well as the traditional but ever-popular tortilla de papa (Spanish omelette with potatoes, garlic, onions, and parsley $6.50). In addition, there is plenty for the fish and meat lover, try the almejas borrachas (baby clams in a sherry, white wine garlic lemon sauce $11.00) or the chistorras (petite spanish sausages $8.50).

Delve further into Latin America and you get to Peru…Well, a chic version of Peru in Miami called Ceviche 105 located downtown. It’s the sort of place whose popularity has spread by word-of-mouth, from one ceviche lover to the next. Decorated with a mixture of fashionable white, dashes of warmer browns, and a carefully integrated sliver of Peruvian artisan throughout the restaurant, the place serves up smaller plates called “tiraditos” and ceviches. Among Chef Juan Chipoca’s recommendations are classic dishes from his native Peru like the causa rellena de pollo. Part of the fun of Ceviche 105 is reading the menu’s capsule descriptions. The menu describes the causa rellena de pollo as “a yellow potato cake inspired from the native land of the Inca, enriched with yellow pepper and magical lemon, stuffed with chicken and vegetables and seasoned with a Creole touch that will steal your heart.” And the cost of your heart’s content: a mere $5.95. And now, last but not least, we cross the Pacific to Bond St. Lounge, located in the Townhouse Hotel in Miami Beach – a favorite casual dinner choice. The specialty at Bond St. is Asianinspired (particularly-Japaneseinspired) dishes to share. Except this is sleeker and more expensive than your regular Chinatown dim sum; this is SoBe style, infused with French flare, and more preciously plated. The restaurant hails from New York, and you can tell. Black and white and set in a small, cozy groove on the bottom floor of the hotel. Among the favorites: the sesame crusted shrimp sushi roll (with orange curry dijon mustard; $11) and the Chilean sea bass skewers (with sweet miso; $12). Some of the portions can be extra small, so keep the menu handy for re-ordering. And so there’s the proof. Tapas are now sophisticated and sexy. Take a friend or your beloved, but make sure to dip into each other’s plates, drink your “liquid opportunities,” and lick your fingers clean because this is food you pick and pluck, and have fun with, no matter how sophisticated it gets.

EOS The Viceroy 485 Brickell Avenue, Miami Closed Sunday for dinner 305.503.4400 $$$$ Club 50 The Viceroy 485 Brickell Avenue, Miami Closed Monday 305.503.4400 $$$

Sardinia Ristorante 1801 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach 305.531.2228 $$$ Casale Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar 1800 Bay Road, Miami Beach 305.763.8088 $$ Sra. Martinez 4000 NE Second Avenue, Miami Closed Sunday 305.573.5474


Canela 5132 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami 305.756.3930 $$ Ceviche 105 105 NE 3rd Avenue, Miami 305.577.3454 $$

Bond St. Lounge 150 20th Street, Miami Beach Closed Monday 305.534.3800 $$$


MarkYourCalendar Billy Crystal in 700 Sundays. Photo by Carol Rosegg


Girl at Mirror, Norman Rockwell, 1954 Oil on canvas ©1954 SEPS

Suor Angelica

Americana Rocks November 14, 2009 – February 7, 2010 Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale at Nova Southeastern University 954.525.5500 American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell, a major retrospective of Norman Rockwell’s work throughout his 65-year career. The exhibition features works from the Norman Rockwell Museum’s collections, including his greatest oil paintings and preparatory sketches, as well as archival photographs and documents that illustrate his artistic process. Rockwell is known for his portrayal of American life from scenes of childhood innocence to the artist’s response to the slaying of three civil rights workers. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12.50 for seniors 65+.

Triple Self-Portrait, Norman Rockwell, 1960 Oil on canvas ©1960 SEPS


Cravings | December / January 2010

Soap Operas November 14 – December 5, 2009 Florida Grand Opera 800.741.1010 The Florida Grand Opera debuts its 69th season with two theatrical performances by opera masters Ruggero Leoncavallo and Giacomo Puccini. The stage explodes with the tragic story of Pagliacci, the clown filled with jealousy after he is betrayed by his wife. The drama intensifies as he tangles himself into a web of revenge that eventually leads to murder. Suor Angelica the story of a shunned aristocrat sent to a convent against her will, carries equally somber tones. The Miami performances of the Florida Grand Opera are held at the Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and Fort Lauderdale Performances are at the AuRene Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Florida Grand Opera season subscriptions start at $32 and single tickets start at $78.

Architecturally Sound November 20, 2009 – February 28, 2010 Carlos Bunga: Metamorphosis Miami Art Museum 305.375.3000 This exhibition, the first in the United States for this Portugese artist, will present two largescale site-specific installations that involve notions of history and memory embodied in the constructive/deconstructive nature of architecture. The work of Carlos Bunga encompasses architectural installations, painting, sculpture, performance, video, drawing and more recently, photography. Particularly interested in the connection between the pictorial and the architectural, he has created sitespecific installations of different scales that are concerned with urban space and places in a state of decline. Tickets are $8 for adults and seniors are $4. The museum offers free admission every second Saturday of the month.

Crystal Clear December 9 - 13, 2009 Billy Crystal in 700 Sundays Ziff Ballet Opera House/Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts 305.749.6722 One of America’s favorite comic actors stars in his Tony Award-winning hit. It’s a laugh-out-loud memory play about growing up, family, his love of jazz and sports, backyard barbeques, old movies, and the beloved father he lost much too soon.

Out with a Bam January 9, 2010 8 p.m. Celebrity Chef Series Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts 305.949.6722 The second season of the Celebrity Chef Series concludes with the gastronomic guru Emeril Lagasse. The evening features an intimate interview with Emeril about his culinary journey as well as a live cooking demonstration featuring some of his signature dishes. Tickets start at $69.

MCB dancers in Miami City Ballet’s production of George Balanchine’s The NutcrackerTM. Photo by Steven Caras

Interlude: The Miami City Ballet presents George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker Few traditions can linger in you memory like the annual trip to see The Nutcracker ballet during Christmas. There is something about The Nutcracker that continues to enchant. From the moment the lights dim, the audience is immersed in a mysterious world, a glowing fantasy of marching toy soldiers and colorful Christmas delicacies prance with distinct flair. The music in Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet contains some of the most memorable and recognizable classical melodies of all time and offers a great first experience to the young untrained ear, when combined with astonishing visual illusions, stunning costumes and, of course, world-class dancing. Although countless other versions of The Nutcracker abound, as almost every ballet company in the world has re-imagined and choreographed the program, the Miami City Ballet’s production follows the choreography of George Balanchine, the founder and artistic director of the New York City Ballet. Miami City Ballet’s production features a cast of more than 100 dancers – including gifted young student dancers from Miami City Ballet School – who will dance alongside the Company’s internationally acclaimed prima ballerinas and dancers. This year, the show can be seen at the Broward Center for Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale and the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami. Performances at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale will be: Friday December 11 at 7:30 p.m., Saturday December 12 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., and Sunday December 13 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The performances at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami will be: Friday December 18 at 7:30 p.m., Saturday December 19 at p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Sunday December 20 at 2 p.m., Tuesday December 22 and Wednesday December 23 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $19.75. For additional information and tickets call Miami City Ballet’s Box Office at 305.929.7010 or visit

- Carolina Cardona

305 933•1151 2999 NE 191st Street • Penthouse One Aventura Florida • 33180


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with Spanish olives, black currants, almonds and coconut with a soylime vinaigrette; Asia de Cuba calamari salad, a combination of crispy calamari, chayote, hearts of palm, bananas, cashews, chicory and radicchio with a sesame orange dressing; crab croquetas served with a jicama, green apple and mirin infused slaw, roasted red pepper remoulade, and chili ponzu dipping sauce.

with coffee brittle ice cream, or mini Mexican doughnuts served with caramel sauce. Designer Marcel Wanders takes the Asia de Cuba minimalist motif of clean, white surfaces and enlivens it with the use of an unexpected design element: the South Beach sun. Sunlight pours through the wide windows of the dining room – reflecting off the paneled mirrors that line each wall. At night, the man-made grandeur of the Miami skyline becomes the star of the show as the city lights can be seen playing off every surface of the 102seat dining room, or at close range from the 90-seat terrace.

MONDRIAN SOUTH BEACH 1100 West Avenue, Miami Beach 305.514.1940

Renowned restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow continues his signature style at the sixth outpost of Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian South Beach hotel. The first Asia de Cuba opened in 1997 inside the sleek sophisticated Morgan’s hotel in New York City and continues to rank as one of Zagat NYC’s most popular nightspots after more then twelve years in operation. Asia de Cuba’s concept is modern but timeless. Asia De Cuba combines the best Asian and Latin flavors. Under the culinary direction of Executive Chef Bryan Flyer, diners will indulge in imaginative dishes in portions intended for sharing. Signature appetizers include: tunapica, tuna tartar picadillo-style

Entrees include: lobster mai tai with rum, coconut, red curry and wok crisp boniato; pan seared Ahi tuna served rare with crunchy wasabi mashed potatoes and chimichurri sauce; Cuban BBQ chicken with Thai coconut sticky rice, avocado fruit salsa and tamarind sauce.

The communal table made popular at the first Asia de Cuba in New York seats 24 guests and is the restaurant’s royal dining table. For a more intimate private dining experience, guests can escape to one of the private dining areas in the kissing gardens located on the front side of the hotel. In a labyrinth of green hedges and trees, there are two al fresco dining areas.

Asia de Cuba also boasts a menu of delicious must-have side dishes. Playful creations such as panko crusted crispy plantain, Chinese long beans with chicharrones (crispy pork skin), lobster boniato mash, and exemplifying the Asia de Cuba style plantain fried rice with avocado salad. The perfect conclusion comes in the form of one of Asia de Cuba’s signature desserts, like the classic Cielo de Coco, coconut, white chocolate fudge, and rum-flamed banana layer cake with homemade dulce de leche ice cream; Cuba Opera, devil’s food cake, Kahlua, milk chocolate and coffee mousse

Asia de Cuba is open seven days a week. Breakfast is served from 7 a.m.– 11:30 a.m.; lunch is served daily from 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.; dinner is served Sunday – Thursday from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday nights from 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Directory FOR LOCAL COLOR: MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT Restaurants Sra. Martinez/305.573.5474 Fratelli Lyon/305.572.2901 Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink/305.573.5550 Pacific Time/305.722.7369 Pizza Volante/ 305.573.5325 Mai Tardi/305.572.1400 Lounging Grass Restaurant & Lounge/305.573.3355 Enzo Enea Garden/305.576.6702 W Wine Bistro/305.576.7775

Art Wolfgang Roth and Partners Fine Art/ The Newton Bldg/305.576.6960 Locust Projects/305.576.8570 Spinello Gallery/786.271.4223 Emeshel/305.571.9177 AE District/305.571.5122 Design The Rug Company/305.576.9868 Adriana Hoyos/305.572.9052 Poltrona Frau/305.576.3636 Holly Hunt/305.571.2012 Avant Gallery/305.573.8873

Ligne Roset/305.576.4662 EsVedra Design/305.298.5844 Cappellini/ Fashion Marni/305.764.3357 En Avance/305.576.0056 Tomas Maier/305.576.8383 Adidas Y-3/305.573.1603 Brownes & Co./305.573.5221 Marimekko Concept Store/305.573.4244 For additional information visit

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Cravings | December / January 2010



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NOW LEASING OFFICE SPACE UP TO 80,000 SQ FT Located in one of South Florida’s most popular growing business districts, Causeway Square is set to become the area’s in-demand destination for connected businesses and retailers. With its ideal position just minutes away from Biscayne Blvd., I-95, the Florida Turnpike, and the Palmetto Expressway (826), Causeway Square will be the perfect choice for companies that desire access to Bal Harbour, Aventura, Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, and various up-and-coming North Miami markets. CAUSEWAY SQUARE WILL PROVIDE: LARGE EFFICIENT FLOOR PLANS • OUTSTANDING BAY VIEWS • IMPACT RESISTANT GLASS U N PA R A L L E L E D A M E N I T I E S I N C L U D I N G F I N E D I N I N G , S H O P P I N G A N D L A F I T N E S S • C O V E R E D PA R K I N G G A R A G E DEVELOPED BY FOR LEASING INFORMATION CONTACT JORGE L. MORALES, CCIM T: 305.603.1311 F: 305.536.8478 JORGE.MORALES@AM.JLL.COM


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