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President’s Desk Dr. Brian MacArthur

This is a “must read” edition of the Growing Edge. Exciting things are happening at ABU. The following pages give snapshots of events that clearly communicate how our mission of transforming lives through “quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith” is moving forward. On Saturday, May 2, 155 degrees and 18 certificates were awarded to ABU graduates during two Convocation ceremonies. A large gathering of family and friends attended each ceremony. The Honourable Herménégilde Chiasson, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, presided over the afternoon ceremony. It was a great day of celebration as we acknowledged the achievement of our students. We give thanks for the opportunity we’ve had to invest in their lives and future. Dr. Ralph Richardson was honoured on Friday, May 1 as the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award. I can’t imagine a more deserving candidate considering his selfless investment in the development of ABU. He attended UBBTS as a student in the 60’s, became an ABC Professor and Dean in the 70’s, was appointed President in the 80’s, lead the institution through a name change, relocation, and capital campaign in the 90’s, and then was appointed the first Chancellor of the University in 2001. I commend Ralph for his stellar service and congratulate him as he completes two four-year terms as Chancellor. On June 4, 2009, the New Brunswick Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Labour and Training, the honourable Donald Arsenault, and the Federal Minister of Industry, the Honourable Tony Clement, each announced six million dollars in funding designed for ABU’s capital campaign. Construction will begin soon on a building that will provide new classrooms and lecture theatres. ABU has received major capital grants from government in the past when building the current campus, but has never sought annual operational funds from government because of its distinctive mission as a Christian university. The Future Foundations Campaign will be launched soon

to invite alumni, friends, and others to join in this endeavor so ABU can achieve a new level of impact by serving more students. Another major initiative results from a decision made by the Board of Governors. The name of the University has been a topic of discussion for over twenty years. The Board will be asking the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches this August to bless its decision to change the name to Crandall University. The new name has been chosen to honour Reverend Joseph Crandall, a Baptist pioneer described as the patriarch of Baptist work in New Brunswick. The new name will create continuing and strong linkage to our denominational roots while helping to convey the message that although the University is sponsored by the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, it is serving students of all denominations. These exciting advances are developing as we prepare to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the institution in 1949. I want to invite you to come to the campus on the weekend of September 25-27, 2009 to share in the celebrations and events, including the installation of our new Chancellor, Mr. Jack Stultz. It is with a profound sense of dependence on God and His people that the University moves forward, seeking to be one of the strongest and most influential Christian universities in Canada. Please enjoy this “must read” edition!

Dr. Brian MacArthur

President, Atlantic Baptist University

Cover photo: L-R: Erin Arbeau, Steven Aube, Dominique Dufour (Inset: Federal Minister, Tony Clement) The Growing Edge is the newsletter of Atlantic Baptist University. Its purpose is to inform alumni, donors, and friends about the University and to keep them in touch with the life of ABU, its family, and friends. Alumni letters, unsolicited manuscripts, art, and photos are welcome for possible inclusion. Items for “Alumni Updates” should be identified by graduating class. Free subscriptions to The Growing Edge are available upon request. Changes of address should be sent to: Assistant for Advancement Programs Atlantic Baptist University Box 6004, Moncton, NB E1C 9L7 Tel: (506) 863-6459 1-888-968-6228 Fax: (506) 858-9694 E-mail:

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The Leadership Award 2009

L-R: Dr. Brian MacArthur, Dr. Seth Crowell, Dr. John Stewart, Dr. Ralph Richardson

The Atlantic Baptist University Leadership Award was created by the University’s Senate as a way to acknowledge Christian leaders from all ‘walks’ of life who have made contributions locally, nationally and/or internationally. The first presentation took place at ABC’s Spring Convocation in 1987. On May 2, 2009, the thirty-eighth Atlantic Baptist University Leadership Award was presented to John B. Stewart, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D. Dr. Stewart was born and raised on Prince Edward Island and after completing his first two degrees at Acadia University, he returned to the Island where he completed 20 years of work in teaching and guidance. During this time, he also completed two graduate degrees focused on Guidance and Counseling. The last 18 years of Dr. Stewart’s career as an educator was spent teaching graduate level courses in guidance and counseling as a professor with the University of New Brunswick’s Education Program. John has been active in his profession, community, and church serving in such ways as a board member on the Canadian Counseling Association, volunteering with Victim Services of the Fredericton Police Department, and being a deacon and Sunday School teacher. He has also served the broader church community through involvement with IVCF and being on the Board and Senate of Atlantic Baptist University. Presently he is Board Chair for Acadia Divinity College. On the international ‘stage’, Dr. Stewart’s greatest sense of pride comes from the many years of work with the Ministry of Education in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Atlantic Baptist University was pleased to recognize and honour the leadership of Dr. John B. Stewart as an educator, community volunteer, and tireless servant for Christ.

4 | Growing Edge

No Regrets. I Want To See The Stars. An excerpt from the 2009 valedictory address given by Megan Morehouse, who graduated with a Communication Studies and an English degree.

Megan Morehouse (’09) and grandmother, Joan (White) MacLeod (’53)

Today we are gathered together to celebrate the fruits of many years of hard work. We draw together here with friends and family, professors and peers to commemorate all that we have accomplished. At this momentous moment, we are finally prepared to take on the rest of our lives—equipped with that elusive piece of paper: our bachelor’s degree. We are now on the fast track to success. We are ready for anything and have the skills to do everything. I’ve been told that, we, as university graduates, occupy an elite 1% of the world’s population and we will gather over a million more dollars in our careers than the non-degreed. We have become competent and skilled in these four years to better tackle that ever-evolving complex world of employment and opportunity. Why else would you and I put up with: • the lectures • colour-coded notes • hastily written assignments • meticulously executed labs • tear-inducing tests • and so much more We want competence so that we are guaranteed our comfortable lives, so that we may receive what Steven

Garber calls our “passport to privilege”. But, if that is true, it means we’d better be coming out of school with some marketable skills. Who hasn’t heard the jokes, doubts, and sarcastic remarks about the usefulness of a university degree? Pay no attention to such silliness. We do have skills. Shakespeare speaks of a man who is “an affectioned ass that cons state without book and utters it by great swathes.” If education is nothing more than the memorization of material and habits, then where has learning gone? Education is meant to be so much more…it is meant to lead us to so much more. Soren Kierkegaard tells a story about a rich man and a poor man riding one night in a carriage. The rich man was inside the carriage, huddled by the lantern. Outside, sitting behind the horse in the dark was the peasant. Phillip Yancy, commenting on this story, notes that “precisely because he sat near the artificial light inside, the rich man missed the panorama of stars outside, a view gloriously manifest to the peasant”.The riches and prosperity of this man, his blessings, also became the very things that separated him from experiencing the

beauty, awe, wonder, and mystery of a night sky. Sometimes, the techniques we develop at university are like that lantern. Yes it is needed: in pitch black rooms, on an overcast night the lantern is used to shed light in the darkness. But if we rely only upon the lantern, if we only worry about the skills that we have learned here, than we miss something: we miss the stars. Let us take the useful and important techniques we have developed and connect them to a vision: A glorious, panoramic vision that guides us towards a life of meaning, purpose, and hope. I had the opportunity to go on the Oxford Exchange Program. I was able to visit Rome and see a spectacular creation of the Renaissance period: the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. On this ceiling I saw the whole story of the Bible painted in dramatic and stirring images by a master artist: Michelangelo. I want to believe — when confronted with the blank panels of that ceiling — Michelangelo focused, not only on his techniques of brushstrokes, but on his vision. In fact, I’ve learned that the pope wanted Michelangelo to just paint the twelve apostles. But Michelangelo had a greater vision. Looking up, Michelangelo saw scenes from the Bible that would communicate his understanding of God and humanity: of man trying to touch the finger of God. I believe that in order to live a life with no regrets we need to have a clear vision of what life is and where we are going. Equipped with the ideas, questions, and critical abilities we have developed in university we can now look at our journey in a whole new way. Imagine a life with no regrets. Imagine a life that makes use of our new skills. Imagine living, not by sight, but by faith in God. So as we travel down this highway, let us find time to put aside our lantern, open the door, go sit with the peasant, and behold the glorious panoramic view of the stars in the night sky. Growing Edge | 5

Find Your Path An excerpt from the 2009 valedictory address given by Debra-Lee Pollard, who graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree.

Just two short years ago we didn’t know each other, and now we’re already worried about when we’ll see each other again after today. Before I get into all the talk of the future, I think that we all need a little walk down ‘Memory Lane’. I remember the day I came here for my interview. Shaun Murphy was ahead of me and came out saying “It’s horrible, just horrible!” I met Vince and Stewart that day. Vince was sitting up straight and looking so serious, and Stewart was laid back in his chair, legs crossed. I had no idea what I was getting into. We have learned about making a good first impression, so go back with me for a moment to remember the impressions our profs made on the first day of classes. Vince met us all at the door wearing his suit and tie, and already called us each by name. Bryan had loud music playing as he sat at the back of the class…probably eating. Stewart handed us all our phone book sized syllabus – for both Literacy & Math…ouch! Joan was all set to get us excited about science and a trip down to the stream. Nancy was reeling with excitement to dive into discussions in Social Studies, and trying her best not to cry when we all remembered so little. They each have their own unique teaching styles, workload expectations, and funny quirks. When all is said and done it can always be said that they were there for us. THAT is what makes this Ed program unique and so successful. The theme at ABU during our time here has been “Find your Path”. I may not be the only person here who did not get into the program on the first try, but I know that I was devastated when I found out I had to wait another year. Now I know that my path was leading me to go through this experience with you. There is an email that has circulated many times talking about how people come into our lives for different reasons. Some come along for a day, some help us through a circum6 | Growing Edge

Debra-Lee Pollard (’09)

stance, and others join our lives for a lifetime. Each one of us has played a role in the ABU Education experience of every person sitting around us. Although all of our paths have led us here together, we have all had different journeys along the way. As a result of that we have all brought different attributes. I truly believe that God has brought us all here to grow personally, but also to pour into the lives of each other. These past two years have brought about many changes for some of our grads – some happy, some sad. We have seen engagements and marriages, the buying of a new house, injury, family illness and death, and even leaving home for a summer “Down Under”. In each instance it has been clear that no one went through anything alone. Bryan once told us that we are one of the closest groups that have gone through this program. I believe that we can all attest to the quality of the friendships we have found at ABU – lifelong friendships. Year-long Facebook threads, Halloween costume parties, and many late night get-togethers. We are all going to leave after today following where our path leads us next. For some of you the journey will be clear and easy, for others there may be many obstacles along the way. However, we have a new found family at ABU that will be walking with us step by step while following along their own path. We have an amazing group of profs that I’m sure are desperately wanting to keep in touch. Most importantly,

remember that God is the designer of our paths. We need to take time to discuss our future with Him. Whether you consider yourself a believer or not, God cares for you and about you. If you trust Him, He will make your path a little clearer, and help you on the journey along the way. Proverbs 3:5-6 reads “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths”. So, we know that the path does not end here. We also need to remember to not let the path that led us here today grow over. We are about to enter a profession that gives us the distinct privilege of pouring into the lives of so many children. We now have the chance to be the person that encourages a child to walk the path ahead, even when they are unsure as to where it leads. We have learned so much more here than about how to put together a lesson plan (and weren’t we all happy to say goodbye to the ABU formal lesson plan??). We have been taught to teach and instruct the whole child. That starts with caring for your whole self, so be good to yourself – make Vince proud. We may not all walk into perfect schools, with just the right class, wonderful supportive parents, or even a nice duty schedule. Remember that we will get out of it what we put into it. Pour in your mind – and open the mind of your students to a whole new world. Pour in your humour – and enjoy the laughs and smiles. Pour in your creativity – and see their imagination flourish. Most importantly, pour in your heart and your time – and see how you develop trust and relationships that give you the motivation to go to school every day to do it all over again. The system is not perfect, but with grads like us, it’s going to get a whole lot better. Congratulations everyone!

Preserving Tradition – Expanding our Mission Delegates attending the 2009 Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches “Oasis” Assembly in Wolfville this August will be asked to endorse the recommendation of the Board of Governors of Atlantic Baptist University to change the name of ABU to… Crandall University.

Along with an ambitious expansion plan supported by the Future Foundations capital campaign (currently underway), ABU’s Board of Governors has recently approved a new five year strategic plan, as well as the installation of a new university chancellor, Jack Stultz. 2009 is also ABU’s 60th anniversary and exciting homecoming festivities are planned for the fall semester. What a great time to celebrate the accomplishments and events of ABU’s past.

Why change our name? The primary reason for doing so is to expand the mission of ABU by overcoming perceptual barriers that result from a denominationally specific name. Some think only Baptist students can attend ABU. Others assume that ABU is a seminary rather than a liberal arts university offering degree programs in Arts, Science, Business and Education. In a future where ABU will be a premiere evangelical liberal arts Christian university with strong international connections, a name that affirms its mission of “quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith” without creating feelings of geographical or denominational limitation for students will more accurately reflect the University that is already emerging. It’s important to state that a change in name will not alter the University’s mission or its relationship to the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. The University desires to reach more students with its purpose driven mission while remaining fully accountable to the Convention that founded the University and continues to nurture it.

Why now?

A unique convergence of events is currently upon us which makes this the right time for ABU to move forward with a new name which embraces our proud tradition and helps us advance our mission.

Why Crandall? Rev. Joseph Crandall, as a pioneering Baptist, was a man of passionate faith who helped to found a university that was open to students of every denomination. He recognized the importance of combining faith and education.

The name Crandall University is seen as a prestigious sounding name which maintains strong ties to our Baptist heritage while at the same time removing denominational indicators that may act as a barrier to some.

Dr. Brian D. MacArthur

President, Atlantic Baptist University

A brief biography of Rev. Joseph Crandall (1771-1858)

l Born 1771 in Tiverton, Rhode Island l Moved with his parents to Nova Scotia in 1773 l Converted in 1795 in Chester, Nova Scotia under the preaching of Harris Harding and was later baptized by Joseph Dimock l Became an itinerant preacher in 1796 l Settled in Salisbury, New Brunswick and married Miss Rebecca Sherman l Ordained October 1799 in Sackville, New Brunswick l Helped to establish churches in southeastern New Brunswick and also held revival services in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island l Elected to the New Brunswick Legislature in 1819 and served until 1822 l Involved in the erection of the first house of worship in Moncton and preached at the dedication of the Free Meeting House on September 7, 1821 l Elected as the first President of the New Brunswick Baptist Education Society in 1836, and continued as such until his death l Recognized as one of the Founders of Acadia University which formed in 1838 Growing Edge | 7

Future Foundations The Campaign for Atlantic Baptist University

ABU’s 60th year is shaping up to be one of unparalleled excitement as the university lays plans to widen its appeal and deepen its impact through an ambitious expansion of its facilities and programs not seen since the move to its Gorge Road campus in 1996. Due to increasing demand for ABU’s unique brand of post-secondary education, the university has outstripped its ability to accommodate students comfortably, grow programs or hire new faculty. The current academic building, constructed to handle 450 students, now struggles under the weight of over 800! ABU’s classrooms are simply too full! With a limited amount of classroom space and a finite number of resources, both human and otherwise, it has become virtually impossible for the university to maintain the year-over-year growth record it has previously enjoyed. However, the demand for a values based ABU education has never been stronger. This presents a real opportunity for continued growth. We dare not miss this opportunity to advance our mission of transforming lives through “quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith” because of inadequate facilities. This is why we are choosing to grow now. ABU’s plans for growth are centered on a $24 million expansion of facilities, programs, scholarships and endowments which are designed to help us achieve an FTE enrolment of 1,000 students, with capacity to grow to at least 1,250 students comfortably. These plans include: • Teaching Facility – A new 68,000 sq.ft. facility to allow for enrolment growth to 1,250 students or more • Facility Renewal – Renovation of the current building to upgrade technology and repurpose specified areas • Student Apartment Complex – Diversified housing options for up

8 | Growing Edge

to 100 additional students, accommodating married students and those who prefer the conveniences of apartment living in close proximity to ABU

• Athletic Facility – To allow ABU to grow its already competitive athletics program, attracting new students and building greater community

• Scholarship Endowments – Additional scholarships and bursaries designed to attract and retain quality students - the best and the brightest Such an ambitious expansion would not be possible without financial support from a variety of sources. Currently, the university is in the middle of its Future Foundations capital campaign, a campaign to raise at least $7 million of the $24 million from the private sector Already, the Future Foundations campaign has enjoyed a significant amount of support from ABU staff, faculty and Board of Governors, plus a $100,000 gift from the students themselves! For more information on the Future Foundations campaign including how you can become a financial partner in helping ABU achieve this next stage in its evolution as a faithbased university in Atlantic Canada, please call 1-888-968-6228 or visit

$12 Million Dollar Investment in ABU June 4, 2009 ABUers, Alumni, and friends of ABU gathered with excitement to hear Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault and federal Industry Minister Tony Clement announce the $12 million dollar investment in ABU. “This is truly a historic day for ABU,” says Ed Barrett, board member and chair of the Future Foundations Capital Campaign. “We had agreed with the federal and provincial governments that if they put up the $12 million we would ensure that we found a matching amount and we’re quite confident that is well on its way,” commented Ed Barrett, chairman of ABU’s L-R, Jason Belliveau Wood, Federal Industry Future Foundations fundraising campaign. Minister Tony Clement, Jason Polley “[ABU is] a vital part of this region and this community” says Tony Clement. “This initiative to renew Canada’s college and university infrastructure will provide a significant shortterm economic stimulus and put many people to work, while also strengthening Canada’s position as a world leader in science and technology for the benefit of all Canadians,” Clement said. Growing Edge | 9

Homecoming 2009 Celebrating 60 years of ABU Education

Christus Praeeminens: A Legacy of Learning William Butler Yeats once said that “education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” I can’t think of a better phrase to describe quality university education since it should fan into flame critical thinkers. For sixty years, ABU has had its own unique fire. Because it is a Christcentered university it not only encourages students to think critically about world events and the inner workings of people such as Charles Dickens and William Sumner, it also encourages students to think critically about religion and Christianity. While it started as a Bible Training school, ABU has grown to become a liberal arts and sciences institution that embraces the dynamics of quality education and the Christian faith. Seeing where ABU has come from and where it is going is exciting which is why we want to celebrate this legacy of learning. But ABU cannot fully be appreciated without recognizing the fact that many have made sacrifices to see it become what it is today and what it will become in the future. So we come to celebrate with grateful hearts, knowing that this is a university that has thrived because of a community of people who want to see it thrive. Looking back at the beginnings of this university, it is evident that establishing Christian higher education did not come without its struggles. Yet with keeping Christ as the center, we can say that while the road hasn’t always been easy, God has provided for and blessed this university. May He continue to bless it in the years to come as it continues to grow and thrive. So when you come to celebrate this great legacy with us, be sure to get reacquainted with the history of ABU and its presidents and leaders such as Rev. Alex Crowe, Sheriff Hugh McCrea, Dr. Myron O. Brinton, Rev. Donald Mitton, Dr. Stuart E. Murray, Dr. Ralph Richardson and Dr. Brian MacArthur who have all made important contributions to this university. 10 | Growing Edge

Alumni, students, the Metro Moncton community and other friends of the University are invited to join ABU’s 60th Anniversary Homecoming festivities at its Gorge Road campus the weekend of September 25-27, 2009. While the weekend’s activities are expected to attract hundreds of ABU graduates and alumni, the campus will also be open to the community. Homecoming is not just for alumni. We want everyone to be able to take part! Some weekend highlights and activities are listed below. Updates will be made periodically to the following schedule:

Friday, September 25 Friday Afternoon Registration Desk Opens Homecoming Volunteer Project Guided Campus Tours Friday Evening Reunion Groups (ALPS) Reunion Group (Classes of 1960-64) Athletics Dinner and Auction

Saturday, September 26

Saturday Afternoon Community BBQ Picnic Blue Tide Pep Rally Blue Tide Soccer and Baseball Games President’s Q & A Reunion Groups (1955-1959) Saturday Evening Gala Celebration and Banquet

Sunday, September 27 Sunday Morning

Saturday Morning

Morning Worship Service

Registration Desk Opens Welcome Home Employee Breakfast Homecoming Parade

Sunday Afternoon Anniversary Brunch Installation Ceremony Farewell Reception

For detailed information on these events please visit ABU’s website at Growing Edge | 11

Convocation Class of 2009

BACHELOR OF EDUCATION Denise K. Acton, Sackville, NB Erin Elizabeth Arbeau, Moncton, NB Melody Arseneau, Irishtown, NB Steven Joseph Aubé, Riverview, NB Cynthia Lynn Badiuk, Quispamsis, NB Alyson Lyndon Barkhouse, Pictou, NS Tracy Allison Bastarache, Moncton, NB Brittany Jean Beaulieu, Riverview, NB Tara Leanne Berry, Riverview, NB Stephanie Jo-Anne Bowes, Springhill, NS Keeley Ashley Browne, Moncton, NB Rebecca Carmen Bulmer, Moncton, NB Justine Ann Butler, Saint John, NB Matt L. Crawford, Windsor, NS Karla Ruth Creighton, Sussex, NB Angela Lynn Daley, Miramichi, NB Ashley Lynn Defazio, Kingston, NB Sarah Dixson, Riverview, NB Stuart Douglas Duff, Saint John, NB Dominique Thérèse Dufour, Moncton, NB Carolyn Marguerite Dunnett*, Moncton, NB Anthony Eaton, Amherst, NS Carolyn Elliot, Wallace, NS Cindy Louise Gaudet, Riverview, NB Sheena Lori Anne Hatchard, Moncton, NB Marissa Day Hickman*, Sussex, NB Ryan Stewart Hudson, Moncton, NB Melanie Dawn Hughes*, Moncton, NB John Jamer, Miramichi, NB Natalie Victoria Jardine, Miramichi, NB Erika Jenkins, Miramichi, NB Tracy Dawn Johnson, Kiersteadville, NB Jenelee Jones, Fredericton, NB Michael Adam King, Fredericton, NB Daniel J. LeBlanc, East Margaree, NS Lyanne LeBlanc, Moncton, NB Amber Dawn Lewis, Riverview, NB Jessica I. MacDonald, Moncton, NB Adam L. MacLennan, Riverview, NB Dennis Alexander MacMillan, Moncton, NB André Leo Paul Manseau, Riverview, NB Laura Meaghan Martin, Miramichi, NB Justin Andrew Matchett, Miramichi, NB Nadine Liane Mazerolle, Sussex, NB

Jennifer Joyce McDonnell, Miramichi, NB Melanie Diane Melanson, Moncton, NB Jennifer Lynn Mitchell, Miramichi, NB Krista Leanne Moore, Saint John, NB Shaun Forest Murphy, Hunter River, PE Jamie Greenwood Phillips, Riverview, NB Debra-Lee C. Pollard, Moncton, NB Barbara McLaughlin Porter, Germantown, NB Heather Colleen Proudfoot, Moncton, NB Hilary Chantal Quiring, Moncton, NB Ashley Elizabeth Radtke, Riverview, NB Nicole Marie Robichaud, Rexton, NB Jennifer Amy Robinson, Riverview, NB Brian Daniel Savoy, Miramichi, NB Suzanne Marie Schofield, Miramichi, NB Monica Rose Marie Shaw, Grande-Digue, NB Sally Meg Harriet Stockton, Sussex, NB Reagan Amily Sutherland, Lower Cape, NB David Wilson Taylor, Miramichi, NB Haley Lynn Taylor, Moncton, NB Douglas Teed, Moncton, NB Kristine Jennifer Thorne, Riverview, NB Ryan A. Thorne, Kinnear Settlement, NB Lindsay Jill Warren, Rexton, NB Christie L.L.I. Weaver, Moncton, NB Garrett Walter West, Dundas, NB Tyler Edward Wood Angela M.E. Wortman*, Moncton, NB

ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN LITERACY EDUCATION Linda Marie Berry, Riverview, NB Jacqueline Gail Marie Bertrand, Dieppe, NB Lynn Margaret Mary Bertrand, Moncton, NB Patty Blanchard Shannon Elizabeth Brander, Moncton, NB Ivana Fogarty Amanda Dawn Furlong Brenda Haley Nicole Suzanne Leask, Sussex, NB Lisa Dawn MacPherson, Quispamsis, NB Stacey Dawn Small, Moncton, NB Gregory Arthur Strugnell, Riverview, NB

* Denotes concurrent education students who have successfully completed the degree requirements for a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education.

12 | Growing Edge

BACHELOR OF ARTS – HONOURS Vanessa Dawn Black, History, Cannan Forks, NB Liette M. Collier, Psychology (Honours) & Organizational Management, Colpitts Settlement, NB Carolyn Rachel Pyke, Sociology, Truro, NS

BACHELOR OF ARTS Kyle Frank Allen, History, London, ON Bonnie Baker, Organizational Management, Riverview, NB Stephen Dale Bampton, History, Riverview, NB Amy Lynn Barter, English, Riverview, NB M. Paul Bass, Organizational Management, Edenton, NC Kathryn Ann Benoit, Sociology, Riverview, NB Mandy Blanchard, Communication Studies & Sociology, Tracy, NB Michael Morton Boutilier, History, Dawson Settlement, NB Timothy Shea Carruthers, Biblical Studies, Moncton, NB Karen Lynne Carter, Interdisciplinary Studies, Moncton, NB Justin Christopher Charles Clarke, Biblical Studies, Parrsboro, NS Kari Ann Cormier, Psychology, Amherst, NS Chester Isaiah Dana, Sociology, Riviere Rouge, QC Melody Davidson, English, Chipman, NB Andrea G. Downie, English, Margaretsville, NS Dennis Drisdelle, Organizational Management, Moncton, NB Sarah Beth Duncan, Communication Studies, Salisbury West, NB Carolyn Marguerite Dunnett, Psychology, Moncton, NB Nikki Durant, Communication Studies, Moncton, NB Virginia Ann Frazer, Biblical Studies & Psychology, Moncton, NB Jennifer Grace Friesen, Sociology, Waterville, NS Jamie Roger Gauvin, Organizational Management, Moncton, NB Christopher Glenn Glidden, Interdisciplinary Studies, Moncton, NB Mary Nicole Paige Hambrook, Psychology, Miramichi, NB Marissa Day Hickman, History, Sussex, NB Cody Harrison Howell, Biblical Studies, Kingsclear, NB Melanie Dawn Hughes, English, Moncton, NB Tanya D. Jardine-Allen, English, Miramichi, NB Jamie Nicole Lobbezoo, Sociology, Windsor, NS Mary Elizabeth Logan, History, Moncton, NB David Allan MacDonald, Biblical Studies, Windsor, NS Sarah Jane MacDonald, Psychology, Moncton, NB Natalie Kate MacEachern, English, Truro, NS Mark D. McGinnis, Psychology, Sussex, NB Kristin Blanche McLellan, History, Moncton, NB Jacob William Frederick Miles, History & Religious Studies, Miramichi, NB Carolyn Jean Miller, English, Sackville, NB Megan Elizabeth Morehouse, Communication Studies & English, Moncton, NB Rachel Olivia Morrison, English, Margaree Valley, NS Nicole Naish Baiani, Psychology, Arnprior, ON Sharron Marie Phillips, Psychology, Moncton, NB Michael Ryan Philpott, Communication Studies, Gander, NL Keith J. Pineo, Biblical Studies & History, Digby, NS Amanda Lynn Pooley, Psychology, Moncton, NB Krystal Prendergast, Psychology, Moncton, NB Mathieu Richard, History, Moncton, NB

Alisha Dawn Charlene Savoy, Sociology, Moncton, NB Joyce-ann Spinney, Religious Studies, Lower Argyle, NS Kyle Sullivan, English, Woodstock, NB Gabrielle Shirley Swanton, English, Quispamsis, NB Ellen Elizabeth Sweezey, Interdisciplinary Studies, Miramichi, NB Ashley Sara Tardieu, Religious Studies, Halifax, NS Faith Dorothy Trizna, History, Woodstock, NB David Christian Hugh Turner, Communication Studies, Lower Coverdale, NB Julie Vale, Sociology, Moncton, NB Kathleen E. Vance, History & Religious Studies, Stratford, PE Kevin C. W. Vautour, Organizational Management, Miramichi, NB Joshua Jeffrey Walton, Psychology, Moncton, NB Jillian Margaret Clare Whalen, Psychology, Moncton, NB Megan Angel Williams, Psychology, Moncton, NB Amanda Ida Leah Wilson, History & Psychology, Dobson Corner, NB Angela M. E. Wortman, History, Moncton, NB

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Tyson Blanchard, Alberton, PE Michael Doiron, Moncton, NB Marc Doucet, Bathurst, NB Nicholas Dunstan, Moncton, NB Timothy William Frazer, Moncton, NB David Freeman, Salisbury, NB Brianna Lois Giberson, Miramichi, NB Justin Harrison, Riverview, NB Akinwunmi Paul Ige, Lagos Joseph Albert Lobbezoo, Markdale, ON Joseph Daniel MacCallum, Moncton, NB Andrew S. MacDonald, Moncton, NB Kristin Ann Magee, Moncton, NB Katie Lynn McDonald, Moncton, NB David James MacKnight, Moncton, NB Michelle Rondeau, Moncton, NB Ashley Catherine Stewart, Salisbury, NB Keegan Taylor, Moncton, NB Ryan Andrew Walsh, Miramichi, NB Jenna Catherine Wood, Petitcodiac, NB

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Gregory Robert Reicker, Biology, New Line, NB Danielle Beth Swanton, Biology, Quispamsis, NB

YOUTH LEADERSHIP Timothy Shea Carruthers, Moncton, NB Andrea G. Downie, Margaretsville, NS Carolyn Marguerite Dunnett, Moncton, NB Melanie Dawn Hughes, Moncton, NB Carolyn Rachel Pyke, Truro, NS Gregory Robert Reicker, New Line, NB Ashley Sara Tardieu, Halifax, NS Growing Edge | 13

Dean’s list Fall 2008 Dean’s List Steve Bampton Vanessa Black Mandy Blanchard Laura Bokma Diane Bosse Jillian Burlock Celine Campbell Tessa Collette Courtney Connors Daniella DaPonte Carolyn Dunnett Jonathan Dunnett Adrian Forsythe Renee Fougere

Winter 2009 Dean’s List Vanessa Black Laura Bokma Diane Bosse Paula Brinston Jillian Burlock Jacqueline Cantin Tessa Collette Shannon Colpitts Christine Comeau Courtney Connors Paula (Frankie) Cooper Lisa Cormier Jacqueline Cote Daniella DaPonte Darlene Doiron Wanda Flanagan Adrian Forsythe Renee Fougere Timothy Frazer Jennifer Friesen

14 | Growing Edge

Timothy Frazer Jennifer Friesen Elizabeth Gavel Meghan Geauvreau Brianna Giberson Justin Harrison Judson Hescock Jessica Hodder Melissa Ingalls Amy Jones Bethany Jones Melissa Keays Amy Keirstead Rebecca Koot Heather Lewis Deven MacDonald Tara-Ashley McLean Sarah McRae Jordan McWilliams

Melanie Mealey Daniel Meister Carolyn Miller Megan Morehouse Rachel Morrison Andrew Oulton Evan Peters Sharron Phillips Leanne Pike Amanda Pooley Carolyn Pyke Nicholas Quesnel Gregory Reicker Ryan Richard Lisa Robinson Stephanie Ross Alexander Scott Catherine Smith Mitchell Smith

Chloe Steeper Katie Steeves Amy Stephens Shelley Sterling Danielle Swanton Melissa Taplin Micah Trueman Katie Vance Kaylee Vautour Jillian Whalen Rebekah Wilkinson Kenneth Williams Treavor Wilson Tommy Wood Carolyn Wrobel Matthew Yorke Jennifer Zirpolo

Elizabeth Gavel Meghan Geauvreau Ben Grosvenor Tiffany Hamilton Judson Hescock Jessica Hodder Louise Jardine Mark Jeffrey Amy Jones Bethany Jones Elizabeth Keagan Melissa Keays Amy Keirstead Jeremy Kelusky Benjamin Kempf Megan Kenny Erin Keoughan Meghan Keoughan Christine LeBlanc Nadine LeBlanc Heather Lewis Jamie Lobbezoo Deven MacDonald Felicia MacDonald

Twila Matchett Katie McDonald Tara-Ashley McLean Sarah McRae Melanie Mealey Daniel Meister Carolyn Miller Phoebe Mitton Megan Morehouse Rachel Morrison M. Susan Murray David Nusko Leanne Pike Lisa Pranger Carolyn Pyke Nicholas Quesnel Katie Rains Trent Raynard Mathieu Richard Lisa Robinson Stephanie Ross Alexander Scott Stephanie Shalala Joel Sjaarda

Catherine Smith Joyce-ann Spinney Sara Steele Katie Steeves Amy Stephens Shelley Sterling Danielle Swanton Gabrielle Swanton Sarah Taekema Faith Trizna Micah Trueman Katie Vance Kaylee Vautour Matthew Weverink Jillian Whalen Rebekah Wilkinson Emily Williams Treavor Wilson Jenna Wood Tommy Wood Angela Wortman Carolyn Wright Carolyn Wrobel Jennifer Zirpolo

Convocation Awards

The Morrison Education Distinction Award is given to (L-R): Debra-Lee C. Pollard, Melanie Diane Melanson, Jenelee Jones, Ryan Stewart Hudson, Jennifer Lynn Mitchell, Laura Meaghan Martin, (Absent: Anthony Eaton). The Gord and Marlene (Steeves) Read Award for Inspirational Teaching given to (centre): Tracy Allison Bastarache

Atlantic Baptist University Honours Society

Megan Elizabeth Morehouse Gregory Robert Reicker Joyce-ann Spinney

ALPS Honours Society Award

Liette M. Collier, Cohort 13 M. Paul Bass, Cohort 15

2009 Faculty of Business Administration Gold Medal Timothy William Frazer

Highest Overall Standing Within the Class of 2009 Sharron Marie Phillips Growing Edge | 15

Blue Tide Athletics Discipline. Intensity. Unity. This season, our student athletes proved to everyone that ABU Athletics is a force to be reckoned with. The success has been great. However, what has been most rewarding is the respect that opponents now show to ABU athletes. The ABU Baseball team competed in its 3rd straight nationals. We welcomed Sean Moore as new head coach. Stewart Langille was named CIBA Pitching MVP and Serge Vautour earned a pro-tryout in Florida. In Montreal, at nationals, the team lost all 3 games by 1 run, but as usual, they represented ABU with class.

The ABU Women’s Soccer team upset MSVU in the playoffs on their home turf with a 4-2 win in penalty kicks. The ladies captured 2nd place in the finals. The team boasts four ACAA All-conference players and their coach, Doug Cochrane, was awarded ACAA Coach of the Year. The ABU Women’s Basketball team was the most improved team. Head coach Neil Doucette orchrestrated a complete 180 from last season. Meghan Dickie and Angela Daley represented ABU as All-Conference award winners. Their run for the title was cut short in a playoff semi-final match vs. ACAA

Champs St. Thomas. Their 4th place overall finish is the best in ABU history. The ABU Men’s Basketball coach, Greg Maillet, dealt with early season injuries to key players and rallied the team after Christmas to post a 12-2 record, 16-5 overall. The season was highlighted by a 66-63 overtime defeat of the #1 nationally-ranked MSVU. The team lost at the hands of MSVU in the conference final, but they celebrated their 2nd place finish-the highest in ABU history.

Will Njoku

Athletics Director

Camps Basketball Coordinator: Event: Time: Camp 1: Camp 2: Ages: Cost: Maximum Enrollment:

Serge Langis/Will Njoku ABU BlueTide Basketball CAMP Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Supervised 8:15 am – 4:15 pm) July 13 – 17, 2009. August 24-28, 2009 8 to 15 $200 Full Day $130 Half Day 50


Coordinator: Event: Time: Date: Ages: Cost:


Doug Cochrane/ Will Njoku ABU BlueTide SOCCER CAMP Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Supervised 8:15 am – 4:15 pm) July 6 – 10 2009 8 to 15 $200 Full Day $130 Half Day

Coordinator: Event: Time: Date: Ages: Cost:

Doug Cochrane/ Will Njoku ABU BlueTide Multi-Sport CAMP Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Supervised 8:15 am – 4:15 pm) July 27 – 31, 2009 8 to 15 $200 Full Day $130 Half Day

AWARDS BANQUET 2009 Award winners and athletes of the year UNSUNG HERO





Jon Loughery

Greg Reicker

Stewart Langille

Stewart Langille


Ashley Robichaud Kaitlin McGraw

Elizabeth Keagan Meghan Dickie

Men’s Basketball

Matt Sweezey

Karl Frederick

Kemoy Shaw

Clint Bateman

Women’s Basketball

Amy Barter

Alisha O’Reilly

Katelyn Porelle

Angela Daley

Athletes of the year Female Athlete of the Year

Meghan Dickie

Male Athlete of the Year

Stewart Langille

16 | Growing Edge

From the

Alumni Office Gilda Ryder

These are exciting times at ABU – particularly for you, our Alumni. As you may know, we are always looking for ways to keep you connected with ABU and with your fellow Alumni and to offer you benefits and services. I want to bring to your attention a few noteworthy events and projects planned just for you. A Legacy of Learning is the theme for the 60th Homecoming Anniversary Weekend and you are invited to attend on September 25-27, 2009. YOU are part of the university’s legacy and so YOU won’t want to miss the activities listed on page 11. A Class Reunion is planned for you if you attended ABC in either 1992, 1993, 1994. Plan now to attend your first Class Reunion from August 7-9 right here at ABU. For more information go to www.abcreunion.blogspot. com. A NEW Home and Auto Insurance Program is being announced and launched. While you benefit from another insurance option for Home and Auto needs, ABU will benefit from every quote that Johnson Insurance, our new provider, receives from our alumni, employees and current students. Request your free quote today and donate to ABU at the same time! Alumni are making a difference for future students. Thank you to all alumni who have financially supported the university this past year. To-date donations have exceeded last year’s donations by approximately 40%. Thank you for making a difference! Finally, be sure to mark your calendars for September 25-27. Come and celebrate our past as well as the exciting future for ABU!

Gilda Ryder

Manager, Advancement & Alumni Relations

The City of Moncton would like to congratulate Atlantic Baptist University’s class of 2009! Your dedication and hard work have been rewarded, and you are better prepared for the adventures that lie ahead. Thank you for choosing to complete your studies in Moncton at one of the region’s reputable educational establishments. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to explore the many opportunities Moncton has to offer. A great place to live, play, work, and do business — Moncton’s tide is rising! Visit for more information. We wish you great success in your future endeavours.

Alumni News THE 1960’s David (‘64) and his wife, Jean (Crawford) Phillips (’64) are back in Riverview after spending time working in China. While David was working as a teacher, guidance counselor, and administrative principal, his wife assisted in developing new Mental Health guidelines for the school, and also worked as a teacher’s assistant. As one of the Board of Governors of ABU, David was pleased to meet four ABU Ed graduates working in China during his time there.

can countries’ education and health systems. Griots, in West African culture, are transmitters of culturally-valued information and knowledge from the past to the present. Though Matwawana is working with a culturally diverse group in Halifax, his work continues in the tradition of a griot, in that he is helping those he comes in contact with find their own identity and, as such, an acceptable way of living and acting in the global community. Though he keeps busy, Matwawana has not forgotten about ABU. He was recently a guest speaker at the Major Donors Dinner held in Halifax in February, 2009.

THE 1990’s THE 1980’s Carla Bonnell-Rickard (’88) is currently living in Timmins, Ontario and plans to attend Athabasca University in the fall to do her Masters in Integrated Studies. Carla married Harry J. Rickard of the Moose Cree Nation in 2001, and has since been raising her two children, Jesse and Samantha Hefling. Presently, she is working on starting up a community newspaper for the Moose Cree First Nation members, and is also working on her first solo CD, a blend of country and alternative rock, in honour of her father.

Ed Matwawana (‘86) is living in Halifax, where he is gaining national attention for doing what he loves. Ed is the Regional Program Manager for the Centre of Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED), where he has been making an impact in the lives of disenfranchised youth. Their ‘Second Chance’ program recruits members from prisons and then teaches them how to turn their street skills into legal activities—as Matwawana says, “teaching them the business of life”. In addition to his work with Halifax youth, he is also involved in the music community as both an artist and producer. His multi-award winning band, Afro-Musica, has played at various festivals internationally and has twice been nominated for an East Coast Music Award. The band uses music and dance to communicate the spirit of the African people, and promotes universal unity through multi-cultural music. Matwawana has been honoured with the National Humanitarian Griot Award for his work with youth, community, and the enhancement of Afri18 | Growing Edge

Jason and Melissa (Morehouse) Hawkes (’90), who have been married for seven years, are currently living in Moncton, NB with their two children. Their daughter Emma Grace and son Drew William Joseph are 4 ½ year old fraternal twins. Melissa is enjoying using Facebook to keep in touch with her classmates, and is also looking forward to seeing everyone again at the 60th Homecoming.

THE 2000’s Grant and Janet (MacPherson) Tedford (’00) are living in Sussex, NB, where they were married on May 30, 2008. Presently, Janet is working at Virtual Agent, a call center in Sussex for a high end hotel company, while her husband Grant works for locally owned Commercial Tent Rentals. Congratulations to Trevor (’02) and Wanda (Emke) Jones (‘02), who recently welcomed a new member into their family—Wesley Lloyd Jones, born January 4, weighing 6lbs 15oz. Trevor continues to run Trevor Jones Videography as a hobby business, and also works at ExxonMobil Business Support Centre in Moncton. Wanda has taken a year off from teaching at Petitcodiac Regional School, where she worked for six years. Ryan (‘04) and Krista (Cormier) Thorne (‘03) met at ABU in 2003 and left together for South Korea to teach in 2006. Ryan proposed on the Great Wall of China on July

21, 2006, and they were married six months later. Both returned to ABU in 2007, and graduated in the Education Ceremony in May, 2009. Ryan is the son of Barry (’74) and Kathy (Constantine) Thorne (‘75), and Krista is the daughter of Jim and Judy Cormier.

in August 2006, where she continues to work towards her degree. Though she is an Anglophone, she chose to attend a French university to improve her French and hopes to have the opportunity to put her second language to use when doing missions in Africa.

Congratulations are extended to proud parents, Jeff and Krista (Trail) Rose (‘04), on the arrival of their second son, Joshua Daniel on December 27, 2008, weighing 7lbs 2oz. He is a baby brother for two year old Stephen Andrew.

Art Moore (‘06) is currently teaching at Harrison Trimble High School, in Moncton, NB and is an assistant coach of the men’s rugby team, a team that made it to the Provincial Championship last year. In addition to his teaching career, Art is also a writer of poetry and plays. Two books of his poetry have been published, and his poems have also been included in another book as part of a collection. Many of his plays are 1-Act plays, which have received grants from NBArts and have been performed at the Atlantic Fringe Festival. One such play is currently being turned into a full length play, and is in distribution throughout United States. ABU’s Grad Class of 2009 was pleased to have Art as the guest speaker at this year’s Senior Class Reception. Art shared his memories, his poetry, and a message of inspiration to the graduating class.

Brett Nissen (‘04) continues to live in Halifax, working as a Unit Aide at the local hospitals. Though he has left the television industry for now, Brett continues to operate his own media company, “fresh_think_films: mobilizing people through good news.” Amongst other things, Brett’s company films awareness and promotional videos for non-profit organizations, and provides an alternate perspective on news occurring within and beyond Atlantic Canada. He’s presently involved with the community in North End Halifax. Congratulations to Joel (‘03) and Kelly (Nelson) White (‘05) on the birth of their baby girl Ayla Elizabeth Ella White, on October 24, 2008, weighing 6 lbs 12 oz. Joel and Kelly were married May 22, 2004, and are living in the North end of Moncton, where Joel has been working for RBC the past 6 years, while Kelly has been teaching for 3 years in District 2. Steven (‘05) and Sheena (Cartwright) Teed (‘05) are currently living in Tracey Mills, NB, where Steven is working as a pastor. They also have welcomed a new member into their family: their first child, Rylan Zayne Teed, who was born on January 20, 2009 at 2 am, weighing 7lbs 6oz. Congratulations are extended to them both! Ben Nickerson (’06), who married Sara Flewelling on June 17, 2006, left for Regina, Saskatchewan in January, 2009 to begin his RCMP training, and will graduate June 25. Though they do not know what city he will be stationed in, he has been told they will be moving to BC after his training is complete. Congratulations to Ben on his successes at the RCMP Academy! David (‘06) and his wife Chrissy (Smith) Vance (’06) are living in Ottawa, where David is finishing up his Education degree at University of Ottawa, having recently completing his MA in History at Carleton University. He and his wife hope to remain in Canada’s capital as he pursues a career as a high school History/ English teacher. He and his wife are excited for their future, and especially for the birth of their first baby, expected to arrive in June. Sarah Hudgins (‘06) graduated from ABU with a BSc (Hon) in Biology. She was accepted into Med School at the Université de Sherbrooke in Sherbrooke, Québec,

Congratulations to Erika Foran (‘07) who received her Chartered Accountant certificate January 24, 2009, at the annual New Brunswick Institute of Chartered Accountants Convocation Ceremony. Her certificate was presented by ABU’s Heather Steeves, CA who was Erika’s accounting professor at ABU. She credits her time with the ABU Business Department for her successes, praising their case based approach to business. She is ABU’s first known student to become a CA, which is the most prestigious accounting designation possible. Congratulations to Joshua (‘07) and Bethany (Halupa) Hirtle (‘07) on the birth of their first child, András Keith Hirtle, born November 20, 2008. Joshua and Bethany were married July 22, 2006. The wedding party included Holly Mailman (‘07) as the Maid of Honour, Daniel Marr (‘07) as a Groomsman, and James Swan (‘07) as a Groomsman and MC. Holly Wicks (‘07) left Canada for South Korea to teach ESL on November 27, 2008, and plans to stay for a year teaching English to elementary students. So far her time in South Korea has been a great experience, and she believes God has been teaching her a lot in this new chapter of her life. Gary (’07) and Geetika (Mekhala) Goodwin (’08) were married August 9, 2008 in Shelburne, NS, Gary’s hometown. Gary proposed over Skype from South Korea while Geetika was living in Shelburne. They were married shortly thereafter. The newlyweds left Beijing Concord College of Sino Canada, where they recently signed a contract to stay and teach ESL for another year. Congratulations to Marley Hamilton (’07) and Mark McGinnis (’09), who welcomed baby Parker Douglas McGinnis into their family on October 14, 2008. He weighed 9lbs, and was 22 inches long. Marley is the daughter of Connie Hamilton, who worked in the Finance Department at ABU for a number of years, until leaving in the winter of 2009. Growing Edge | 19

Faculty & Staff News Jennifer Marr, accepted a full time position as the Community Promotions Officer for Advance Savings Credit Union in January of 2008. Jennifer was the Communications Coordinator at ABU for a number of years and then became the part-time Public Relations Coordinator in 2007. She was the chairperson for the 2009 Relay for Life, which took place on ABU’s campus on June 12, 2009.

ABU is pleased to announce Dr. Keith Bodner as the new Stuart E. Murray Professor of Christian Studies. Dr. Keith Bodner was appointed as the second Stuart E. Murray Professor in the fall of 2008 and succeeds Dr. Stephen Dempster, who served in that capacity for almost 10 years. The Murray Professor is someone with an expertise in biblical and theological themes, has experience teaching in the liberal arts, and is committed to challenging students and faculty to integrate their learning and their faith. Dr. Bodner has doctorates in both Biblical Studies and English Literature and years of experience teaching and challenging students across many disciplines and at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The Murray Professorship is a five-year appointment. ABU wishes to extend a warm welcome to Heidi (Kierstead) LeBlanc, Assistant to Advancement Programs. Heidi grew up in Quispamsis, NB and attended Kennebecasis Baptist Church. She graduated from UNB Fredericton in 2006 with a BSc., and is currently working on her Masters of Science degree from UNB. She and her husband, Geoff LeBlanc (’06), moved to Cap-Pelé, NB last November, as Geoff became the branch manager of the Bank of Montreal.

With God’s amazing grace, Dr. Alan Chan married Si He on April 3rd, 2009 at Parkside Baptist Church. More than 120 guests attended the ceremony, which included most of the Chinese community in the Greater Moncton Area. Another wedding took place in Wu Han, China in early May. Thereafter, Dr. Chan will be spending the rest of the summer term as a visiting researcher in the Department of Economics and Finance at Shue Yan University in Hong Kong.

20 | Growing Edge

Dr. Zhan Yang, Assistant Professor in Biology at ABU, begins a six-month sabbatical this July, 2009, and will be joining the research lab of Dr. Jun Wang within the Faculty of Medicine of Dalhousie University. Her research will be focused on developing a recombinant adenovirusbased mucosal vaccine against respiratory chlamydial infection. In ‘lay’ terms, she will be working on a vaccine that can prevent the transmission of a bacterial infection that is difficult to detect but can be transmitted by mothers to their babies during delivery. This research is supported by a grant from the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Canadian Foundation of Innovation. ABU wishes to welcome Andrew Brown to the Maintenance Department. Andrew is from Hartland, NB, but moved to Moncton 10 years ago. Andrew, wife Christine and son Daniel attend the Moncton Wesleyan Church.

Harrison McCain Scholarship The Harrison McCain Scholarship, valued at $16,000 over four years, is awarded annually to a Canadian high school graduate who is entering their first year at ABU. The recipient must demonstrate financial need, academic achievement, leadership qualities, and an initiative to fund his/her own education. Laura Crandall, a resident of Salisbury, NB, and daughter of Mary and Mere Crandall, is this year’s award recipient. Laura receives immense support and encouragement from her family, including her two sisters, Sarah (16) and Emily (13), and her grandparents, John and Evelyn Buckingham and Robert and Sibyl

Crandall. Her family has played a large role in encouraging her to achieve academic success as well as developing her leadership qualities within her community. Laura is involved with the children and youth programs and sings in the band at Salisbury

Baptist Church. As an air cadet, she has taught Level One and Two classes. Her volunteer service with the Legion also keeps her busy during Remembrance Day ceremonies and in helping with activities throughout the community, including garbage cleanup. Laura hopes to graduate from ABU with a degree in English and Education. She has acquired her love of teaching through the co-op program at her high school. Laura, along with her family, is extremely thankful for the doors that this scholarship has opened. With the burden of costs lifted, Laura will be able to focus on her studies and her future.

Celebrating Excellence Our second annual Stephen and Ella Steeves Excellence Awards Dinner provides the opportunity to celebrate the excellent contributions of all our faculty who work tirelessly in helping us accomplish our mission within our midst for their excellent examples of Teaching, Service, and Research. For Excellence in Teaching, Dr. Daniel Goodwin was the 2009 recipient. This selection is weighted heavily by the submissions of present and past students and the quality of their examples or illustrations of how the professor they are nominating demonstrated excellent teaching. We received many long and impassioned communications for Dr. Goodwin, but this one quote from a present-day student represented them all very well. “If all professors could be as approachable, willing to help, friendly, down to earth, and enthusiastic about their work and their students as Dan, then there would be a lot more learning taking place.” For Excellence in Research, Dr. Keith Bodner was the 2009 recipient. The assessment of our faculty’s work in this category comes from external scholars within the faculty member’s field and then is submitted to an independent subcommittee of our Senate. In just a little over 10 years, Dr. Bodner has produced four books, with two more under contract, a range of publications in nine different scholarly journals, as well as over 30 reviews and 30 conference papers. To quote one external examiner, who helped with this very difficult task of assessing the different candidates, “these are impressive marks of distinction and makes Dr. Bodner most worthy of your Excellence award.” For Excellence in Service, Mr. Robert MacDonald, was the 2009 recipient. Service is an area where many faculty members do not provide much information about their range of involvements and therefore it becomes a greater investigative process through the V.P. Academic’s Office and the Faculty Development

Committee. For Robert MacDonald, he has served several times on every major committee at ABU. He has also been a part of seven different Hiring Committees while also being the faculty representative to the Board of Governors for four years. He has been an integral part of all student societies and groups connected to his discipline of Business Administration, including helping to recruit future students with trips to local high schools and private business colleges and community colleges. Mr. MacDonald has been equally active in his church serving as deacon, Sunday School teacher, worship leader, and has also served as Pastor on his church’s Pulpit Committee. It was noted at the Dinner that pursuing excellence in one’s work for Christ is more than just a phrase that can be used to describe individuals; it is truly making a difference. Congratulations to Professors Goodwin, Bodner, and MacDonald as their excellence has indeed made a difference at ABU.

Seth Crowell, Ph.D. V.P. for Academic Affairs Growing Edge | 21

Distinguished Alumni Award The Distinguished Alumni Award celebrates the contributions Atlantic Baptist University’s alumni make to their communities and professions. It recognizes truly outstanding accomplishments of its alumni and the pride they bring to their alma mater. This award is presented annually to ABU’s alumni.

Warren Ralph Richardson,

husband to Berys (nee Gilbert) and father to Timothy and Ruthann, was born in Moncton, NB on August 2, 1940 the son of Warren and Annie Laura Richardson (nee Blackwood). Ralph grew up being mentored and affirmed through his childhood by loving parents, relatives and supportive church family at Parkside Baptist Church. After grade school Ralph attended Moncton High School following which he enrolled at the New Brunswick Bible Institute. While at N.B.B.I. he was involved in Youth for Christ in Houlton, Maine. Being guided again by godly men he began studies at the United Baptist Bible Training School on Salisbury Road, in Moncton, graduating in 1964. Training in Biblical Studies and History were afforded him at Gordon College in Boston until 1966 when he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree. During this time leadership opportunities were presented to him as Director of Youth Ministry for New England Fellowship of Evangelicals. Later Ralph joined the East Baptist Church, in Lynn, Mass. as their Associate Pastor while completing his Master of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary which he was awarded in 1969. The next step in ministry came in late 1969 as Ralph sensed God’s leading to become Senior Pastor of the Lewisville United Baptist Church back in Moncton, NB where he served until early 1972. During this time, God’s plan led Ralph to join the faculty at Atlantic Baptist College in 1971 where his gifts as a teacher and communicator became widely known. His evident love for Christ and His Church combined with Ralph’s impact on students in the classroom and beyond resulted in this effective

22 | Growing Edge

leader being appointed the Dean of the Bible Department in 1973. Consistently the inspiring professor taught students the Word; guiding many to the truth and understanding of God’s will for their lives. Being faithful to God’s call once again, Ralph accepted appointment as Administrative Vice-President in 1983, while continuing to lecture in the classroom. In 1985 he was invited by the Board of Governors to serve as Acting President. The confidence of the Board in his leadership resulted in his being appointed President in 1986 where he served until December 2000. During his term as President the name of the institution changed from College to University and the campus was relocated from the former site on the Salisbury Road to the donated 220 acre property on the Gorge Road in Moncton. Following his term as President, one of the longest in ABU’s history,

Ralph was installed in 2001 as the first Chancellor of Atlantic Baptist University. While serving as honorary head of the university and continuing to teach in the classroom, Ralph found time to take on demanding voluntary positions serving as President of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches in 2005, followed by the Centennial President of the Moncton Rotary Club, being honored in February 2006 as a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International. In addition to his duties as Chancellor and in the classroom, Ralph serves as Pastor of the McKees Mills United Baptist Church. Given to honor alumni for exemplary accomplishments and service, while encouraging and challenging other alumni to greater efforts and service, this Distinguished Alumni Award is presented was presented May 1, 2009 to Dr. W. Ralph Richardson. Growing Edge | 23

Upcoming Events August 2009

November/December 2009

August 7-9 1992-1994 Class Reunion

November 6 Basketball Home Opener vs. MTA

September/October 2009 September 7 Colburne House Residence Opens September 8 Orientation and Registration Day September 9 Classes Begin September 12 Baseball Home Opener vs. SMU September 13 Soccer Home Opener vs. UNBSJ September 25-27 60th Anniversary Homecoming

November 7 Fall Convocation December 7 Last Day of Classes

January/February 2009 January 3 Colburne House Opens January 4 Classes Begin


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