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Rediscover what’s


Redécouvrez ce qui

importe vraiment

Make a list of the things that are important to you. That’s the life you can live here.

Dressez la liste des choses que vous jugez importantes. C’est ce que vous pouvez vivre ici.

Be home in New Brunswick. Make life happen.

Être chez soi au Nouveau-Brunswick. Vivre comme il se doit.

2| T ­ he Growing Edge

From the

President’s Desk Dr. Brian MacArthur

Just ten short years ago the world was abuzz with the Y2K threat. A new century was about to dawn and doomsayers were predicting untold havoc as a result of computers not being able to recognize the year 2000. In hindsight we view the hype as having been drastically overblown. The 21st century was ushered in with only the planned fanfare to mark its arrival. The first decade of this new century is almost complete. For Atlantic Baptist University it has been a strong decade of growth and advancement. The institution affectionately called “the school” by many alumni and students has doubled in enrolment. More programs, a larger student body, added faculty members and staff, more graduates – the decade has indeed been one of blessing. With our 60th Anniversary celebrations just completed, the University has affirmed its mission of impacting the lives of as many students as possible with “quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith.” Dr. Myron Brinton, the first Principal, wisely chose Colossians 1:18b as the signature verse for the new institution to emphasize its Christ-centered mission. “That in all things he might have the preeminence” continues as our standard for faithfulness as the University moves forward. Preparing to enter the second decade of the 21st century, the University is positioning itself for another wave of growth. Plans that have been on the drawing board for several years are coming to fruition. Construction has started on a second academic building that will double the amount of classroom and lecture theatre space, thus allowing the University to push toward an enrolment of over 1000 students. The time line for completion is aggressive as we hope to open the new facility by September 1, 2010, just in time to welcome the Class of 2014. A webcam allows internet users to view what is happening every day. Please visit and click on the button that reads “Live Feed.” By the time the new building is open, the University will be officially known as Crandall University. A decision made by the

Board of Governors last February and affirmed by the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches in August is now in the process of being finalized through legislative amendment. This may take until June 2010 to be completed. ABU applied for membership in the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) some time ago. This process has been quietly moving forward and the potential for admission in 2010, while not confirmed, appears promising. The University is seeking to finalize documents in order to be fully conformed to AUCC standards. The issues could be labeled as “good housekeeping” as the proposed changes will strengthen the University’s procedural practices. In 2010 – a new name, a new building, a new membership – a strong start to a new decade! In concludsion, I want to both congratulate and welcome Mr. Jack Stultz as our new Chancellor. An impressive ceremony of installation was held on Sunday afternoon, September 27th, as the concluding event of the 60th Anniversary celebrations. On an historical note, Dr. Ralph Richardson offered the Installation Prayer in the ceremony, as Jack Stultz had done for him when he was installed as the first Chancellor of the University in April 2001. As a member of the Alumni, as a supporter, or friend to the University, thank you for being part of this story of growth and blessing. Let us together move forward with faith into a new decade of God-given opportunity.

Dr. Brian MacArthur

President, Atlantic Baptist University

Cover Photo: ABU Student Association, Dr. Brian MacArthur (Inset: Ward White, MP Rodney Weston, Minister Don Arseneault, Ed Barrett, Dr. Brian MacArthur)

The Growing Edge is the newsletter of Crandall University. Its purpose is to inform alumni, donors, and friends about the University and to keep them in touch with the life of Crandall, its family and friends. Alumni letters, unsolicited manuscripts, art and photos are welcome for possible inclusion. Items for “Alumni News” should be identified by graduation class. Free subscriptions to The Growing Edge are available upon request. Changes of address should be sent to: Production of this issue of The Growing Edge: Heidi LeBlanc, Development Associate Editor: Crystal Wheaton, Communications Manager Crandall University E-mail: Box 6004, Moncton, NB E1C 9L7 Assistant Editor: Gilda Ryder, Director, Development and Alumni Relations Tel:(506)863-6459 1-888-968-6228 E-mail: Fax: (506)858-9694 Layout & Design: Crystal Wheaton E-mail: Printer: Taylor Printing Group Inc., Publication Number : 4000 6990 CANADA POST www.

­The Growing Edge | 3

The Time is Now

Experience the Future

60 years of education! We have accomplished many things in the past 60 years. From our humble beginnings as United Baptist Bible Training School, then transitioning into Atlantic Baptist College, to Atlantic Baptist University, and now Crandall University, we have seen many changes. The weekend of September 25-27 was spent reminiscing about the past and looking to the future. It was Homecoming 2009, where we celebrated our 60th Anniversary. The weekend began on Friday afternoon with many reunion groups gathering and an Athletics Dinner and Auction in the evening. On Saturday, the events started with an Employee Breakfast that brought past and present staff together to reminisce about the University over the years. The Annual Softball Tournament took place at Evergreen Park School, while the Homecoming Parade with the local antique car clubs arrived on Campus for the Community BBQ and Picnic and a Birthday party for Dr. Doug Mantz in the Great Hall.

4| T ­ he Growing Edge

The theme of the weekend was Under Construction, highlighting the new educational facility currently being constructed and the future plans for an apartment complex and new athletics facility. A Construction Launch Ceremony took place to commemorate the commencement of the project. Saturday evening was capped off by a Gala Celebration Banquet. At the Gala, a video presentation was shown to the 250 in attendance. While the video depicted the changes to Crandall University, the new educational facility and the future plans for the campus, it also captured the essence of Crandall University through student interviews about life at Crandall and why many have chosen to attend the university. The culmination of this was when the Executive of the ABU Student Association came to the stage in Crandall University attire. The President joined them on stage and stated “This is our future.” A Worship Service in the Brinton Auditorium started the Sunday events with a worship team of current students, a 1960’s Choir, a solo by alumni David Gopee, and a message

by alumni Dr. Robert Knowles. A special offering was taken for the international students currently attending the University. The Service was followed by the Anniversary Brunch and later that afternoon oan Installation Ceremony was held for Mr. H. Jack Stultz as Chancellor, the second in our history. With all of the events taking place on the weekend, it was great to see our alumni who started as UBBTS students, as well as our current students, looking ahead to the advancement of the University. As we look to the future with the many changes that lie ahead we can boldly say ...

The Time is Now!

Experience the Future


Construction Launch

Expansion Project

It was a sunny, cool afternoon on Saturday, September 26, 2009 when more than one hundred alumni, students, friends, and supporters of Crandall University gathered on the campus for an historical moment. The group gathered in eager anticipation of a construction launch marking the beginning of the three-phase construction plan, beginning with an educational building. The group included university, federal and provincial officials who took part in the special ceremony. Our Vice-President of Advancement and emcee for the event, Ron Gaudet, began by stating “Many of us have been waiting for this for a long time. This day was what a lot of us had in mind. It didn’t come easy. It came with a great deal of hard work and commitment from government and people involved in our capital campaign”. This hard work and commitment has come because of the firm belief that this project is about opportunities; opportunities for growth and expansion, for attracting new students and retaining current students, along with economic opportunities, including job creation.

Emcee Ron Gaudet addresses the crowd

At the ceremony, a large sign was unveiled, recognizing the contributions of the federal and provincial governments and the Future Foundations Capital Campaign in funding the project. Rodney Weston, MP for Saint John, who attended as the federal representative for Industry Minister Tony Clement, spoke of this expansion project at Crandall University as an opportunity for the federal government not only to stimulate the economy and create jobs, but especially to invest in the future. The Honourable Donald Arsenault, Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour was present as the provincial representative in place of Victor Boudreau, the minister responsible for both Regional Development and Business New

Brunswick. He spoke of post-secondary education being a priority for the provincial government and affirmed that new infrastructure is a key factor in maintaining competitiveness as a post-secondary institution, as well as at a municipal and provincial level. Dr. Brian MacArthur followed the government representatives by reminding all present that this government funding will ultimately help Crandall University further its mission to provide quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith. He stated, “Behind us will rise a building that will serve future students who will make a difference in our province and our world.” One of the criteria for the awarding of the government funding was that the requesting project be “shovel ready”. This expansion project was undeniably shovel ready, as a hole was already dug in the ground behind the sod-turning site at the ceremony. A piece of sod from the construction site was placed on the stage, where the officials present each placed a hand on the golden shovel that had also been used to turn the sod and ceremoniously break ground in 1996 for the existing building.

(L-R: Ward White, MP Rodney Weston, Minister Don Arsenault, Ed Barrett and Dr. Brian MacArthur)


­The Growing Edge | 5

Chancellor Installation Mr. H. Jack Stultz

The installation of Chancellor Mr. H. Jack Stultz took place on Sunday, September 27, 2009. This event marks the installment of the University’s second Chancellor, the first being Dr. W. Ralph Richardson. Along with Ward White, Chair of the Board of Governors and Dr. Brian MacArthur, President of Crandall University, he was joined on stage by his wife Grace. The act of installation was conducted 6| T ­ he Growing Edge

by Dr. Robert Knowles, President of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. After the act of installation, the Robe of Office was presented to Mr. Stultz by Dr. Seth Crowell,Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dr. Sam Reimer, Chair, ABU Faculty Association. A musical presentation by Dave and Shelley Lipscombe of Hillside Baptist Church was given, followed by Dr. W. Ralph Richardson who gave the Installation Prayer. Greetings were presented from various Colleges and Universities including Acadia University, Acadia Divinity College, Bethany Bible College, Cape Breton University, Dalhousie University, Mount Allison University, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, St. Stephens University, St. Thomas University, Universite de Moncton, and University of New Brunswick. In his Installation address, Mr. Stutlz expressed how humble and honoured he was to be selected as Chancellor. “During my 36 years as a board member, I saw the commitment of the various board members and presidents.” He said, “With such commitment by the president, staff, faculty and board members, this is why I state that I am honoured and humbled to be chosen as your chancellor.” He continued by stating, “Looking at the future of Crandall University, I am optimistic and as excited as an old man is allowed to get. When you look back and see what has been accomplished and the impact that ABU has had from such humble beginnings, the leaders who had the vision to start this institution would be amazed at how God has led and

blessed this University.” The benediction was given by Rev. Gordon Horsman, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Hillside Baptist Church. H. Jack Stultz is President of Apex Industries Inc., a company formed in 1961 which today employees over 200 people in the aerospace industry, contract manufacturing, and in the manufacturing of doors, frames, and related hardware. In 1994 the company was named to The Financial Post’s list of “Top 50 Best Managed Private Companies in Canada.” Mr. Stultz is a graduate of the United Baptist Bible Training School. In 2000, he was inducted into the New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame. He is a long-standing member of Gideons International and a past President of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.

Mr. Stultz has accumulated service of 36 years as a member of the Atlantic Baptist University Board of Governors, 15 of which he served as Chair. He was also Chairman of the Great Expectations Capital Campaign, which resulted in the University being relocated to our current campus.

Crandall University Experience the Future Convention Approves Name Change On Thursday, August 20th, 2009, at the annual meeting of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, Dr. Brian MacArthur, along with members of the Board of Governors, presented a proposal to change the name of Atlantic Baptist University to Crandall University. The motion was approved. The next step in the process is to have the name amended in the legislature . President MacArthur stated “Today we have been given the opportunity to build on a legacy of “Commitment to Mission.” Chairman of the Board, Ward White, shared, “We are happy with today’s decision. The name Crandall allows ABU to build on its strengths and to meet a growing regional educational need.” With each change in the name of the institution, the crest has been changed or modified to symbolize a new chapter in the life of the University. The new crest is only slightly modified from the existing crest. The crest has six distinguishable characteristics: 1. Cross Symbolizes Christ’s Crucifixion 2. Open Book Symbolizes Bible-based learning 3. Rays of light Symbolizes light shining down from God and His reflected glory rising back to Him 4. Descending Dove Symbolizes the Holy Spirit 5. Seven-tongued flame/torch Symbolizes God and His blessing carried forward and passed from generation to generation 6. Waves Symbolizes the Atlantic region, and the churches that founded the University

Crandall University’s

Distinguished Alumni Award Info

Nominations are now being accepted for the Distinguished Alumni Award. The Distinguished Alumni Award celebrates the contributions our alumni make to their from Sheldonand professions. It recognizes truly outstanding accomplishments of communities our alumni, while bringing pride to their alma mater. Plan to attend the Award Dinner on April 30, 2010.

Nominate someone you know! Email nominations to: www.

­The Growing Edge | 7


Fall 2009

Back Row L-R: Shelley Snyder, Lanny Farrah, Nathalie Gasse Farrah, Myfanwy Ferris, Lisa Graves, Kathleen Oke, Blessed Simbanegavi, Natalie S. LeBlanc, Terri-Lynne Dunnett, Peter A. Graves, Adam MacLennan Front Row L-R: Ed McCormick, Keri Hicks, M. Angela LeBlanc, Adam Kavanagh, Nadine M.B. LeBlanc, Tina DiBonaventura, Dave Robichaud, Nicole Lindsay, Bernice LeBlanc, Thomas Potter

Bachelor of Arts

Jessica Allen , Organizational Management Tina Di Bonaventura, Organizational Management Terri-Lynne Dunnett, Organizational Management Lanny Farrah, Organizational Management Nathalie Gasse Farrah, Organizational Management Peter Andrew Graves, Organizational Management Keri Jean Hicks, Organizational Management Adam Kavanaugh, Organizational Management Bernice LeBlanc, Organizational Management Marie Angela LeBlanc, Organizational Management Nadine M.B. LeBlanc, Organizational Management Edward Douglas McCormick, Organizational Management Lindsay Nadine Morrow, Sociology Thomas William Andrew Potter, Religious Studies Dave Robichaud, Organizational Management Joni Marie Robichaud, Organizational Management Blessed Simbanegavi, Organizational Management

Bachelor of Business Administration Natalie S. LeBlanc

8| T 足 he Growing Edge

Bachelor of Education

Jonathan Gordon Elijah Briggs Kristine LeBlanc Adam Lloyd MacLennan Melissa Mae Sleeper Shelley L. Snyder

Bachelor of Science

Nicole Anne Lindsay, Biology

Advanced Certificate in Literacy Education Diana L. Fall Myfanwy Jane Ferris Jill Maureen Flanagan Saunders Lisa Celia Graves Kathleen Anne Hamilton Doiron Mark J. Lean Kathleen Jean Oke Lana Perry Van Beelen Elizabeth (Manderville) Price Stacey Victorine Richard Andrea Gabrielle Ring Cynthia G. Russell Patricia L. Smith Rose-Marie Theriault

Scholarships Elizabeth Boutlier was awarded the $4,000 Idris James Memorial Scholarship. Liz is a native of Hillsborough, NB, where she attended Caledonia Regional High School. She is in her first year Bachelor of Arts-English and plays on the Crandall University Women’s Basketball team. “When I heard I won the award I was very excited that I was given the opportunity to play basketball at the university level,” says Liz. “My original plan was to attend Crandall University and this distinction makes me feel honored to have been selected from so many great student athletes.” “What attracted me to Crandall was the friendly environment, which I was able to observe while attending Crandall basketball games when I was a grade 12 student at Caledonia High.” Liz says “The tough competition has given me the challenge/opportunity to improve my game. I’m grateful that my high school experience prepared me for this.” Elizabeth is following in her brother’s footsteps, “My oldest brother Mike graduated from Crandall last year and my other brother, Paul, is currently a 3rd year student, so although I had originally planned to live in Colburne House, the scholarship has gone a long way in my family.” Will Njoku has high praise for the young athlete,.“Elizabeth was one of our top recruits last summer. She’s a fantastic athlete and is quick to smile. I’m happy she has followed the footsteps of her siblings from Hillsborough to Crandall University.”

Dean’s List Spring/Summer 2009 Jessica Amirault Jason Brunt Darlene Chappell Cynthia Clarke Paula Frankie Cooper Michael Cripps Suzanne Daigle Shelly Drisdelle Lanny Farrah Keri Geddes Tracy Gogan Erin Greene Keri Hicks

Phyllis Hudson Monique Jalbert Penelope Knackstedt Christine LeBlanc Nadine LeBlanc Cindy Leek Bethany Lipscombe Ghislain Martin Dave Robichaud Blessed Simbanegavi Denise Stables


­The Growing Edge | 9

Crandall Athletics Athletics Dinner and Auction

A highlight of the 60th anniversary weekend, the 1st Annual Athletics Auction, was an exciting and laughter filled evening. Connecting 60 years of athletics pride to the present in one night was a task that not only was achieved, but enthusiastically received by the 100 guests in attendance. A highlight reel of memories presented by long-time supporters such as Bill Parks, Jamie Graves, Terry Atkinson and Seth Crowell, became the time machine from

Codiac Soccer

which all guests journeyed from those humble beginnings at UBBTS to the present. My sincere thanks to those who attended the event as well as our generous contributors. The impact of these gifts will reach far and wide and represent an investment in the future of Crandall University Athletics. Thank you for helping us to raise $5,100.

Will Njoku

Crandall University Athletic Director Will Njoku is pleased to announce a long-term partnership with Codiac Soccer. The Crandall soccer field has become a premier quality pitch in the Moncton region and Codiac teams will benefit from having access to the field throughout the summer. Codiac Soccer has agreed to support the growth of Crandall University Soccer by generously providing up to $20,000 each year for the next 5 years for facility improvements and equipment purchases. The fruits of this partnership will be harvested this fall when a new score board, provided by the City of Moncton, is mounted on the field’s eastern edge. “Reaching out to create community partners has always been a major part of the University’s plan. Codiac Soccer provides a means for many soccer enthusiasts of all ages to play the sport they love. We are ecstatic to add them to our team of community partners,” states Will.

Athletics Director

Basketball Schedule Women Men Fri. Nov 6 Sat. Nov 14 Sat. Nov 15 Wed. Nov 18 Sat. Nov 21 Sun. Nov 22 Sun. Nov 29 Sat. Jan 9 Sun. Jan 10 Sat. Jan 16 Sun. Jan 17 Sat. Jan 23 Sun. Jan 24

6:00 PM 8:00 PM 2:00 PM 4:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 2:00 PM 4:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 2:00 PM 4:00 PM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM Time TBA 2:00 PM 4:00 PM

10 | T ­ he Growing Edge


Sat. Jan 30 1:00 PM 3:00 PM ABU @ UKC Sun. Jan 31 1:00 PM 3:00 PM MSVU @ ABU Sat. Feb 6 6:00 PM 8:00 PM ABU @ MTA Sat. Feb 13 2:00 PM 4:00 PM ABU @ UNBSJ Sun. Feb 14 2:00 PM 4:00 PM STU @ ABU Sat. Feb 20 2:00 PM 4:00 PM ABU @ NSAC Sat. Feb 27 2:00 PM 4:00 PM HC @ ABU Sun. Feb 28 2:00 PM 4:00 PM MTA @ ABU Playoffs - Truro, NS March 5 Awards Banquet HOME AWAY March 5- 7 Championship March 18-22 CCAA Nationals

L-R: Tom Cormier, Codiac Soccer and Will Njoku, Athletics Director

Discipline. Intensity. Unity Annual ABU/Crandall Alumni Softball Tournament As part of the 60th Homecoming weekend events, the Annual ABU/ Crandall Softball Tournament was held at Evergreen Park School on Saturday, September 26, 2009. Adam Williston’s (‘02) softball team was victorious as the event winners. The tournament consisted of four alumni teams and one team composed of current Crandall students. Led by strong pitching, Adam’s team cruised through the round robin and claimed victory over Mike MacPhail’s (‘08) team in the playoff finals. As usual, the tournament was a great time for fellow alumni to reconnect and enjoy an excellent day for softball. Everyone is already looking forward to next year’s tournament.

Mark Eagles waits for his pitch

The Winning Team L-R Back row: Joel Carver, Garret West, Scott Cormier, Adam O’Blenis, Steve LeBlanc Front row: Matt Crawford, Chris West, Adam Williston, Teddy Cormier, Ken LeBlanc Missing: Jamie Small, Sean Hatchard

Golfers contribute to ABU Athletic Scholarship On June 24, 2009, ABU hosted its fifth annual fund-raising golf tournament in support of ABU Athletics at Pine Needles Golf and Country Club in Haute-Aboujagane, NB. Though the day dawned wet and misty, twenty-seven foursomes gathered to play eighteen holes of golf on the river course. Lots of fun was had by all. The winning prize went to the Grant Thornton team. Additionally, the longest drive contests were won by Andrew Shaw and Jocelyn Barrett, while the closest to the hole contests were won by Don Bourque and Jen Steeves. The ABU Golf Classic has raised more than $60,000 since its inception in 2005. This year, net profits raised were in excess of $14,000.00 which will be applied to ABU/Crandall’s Athletic Scholarship fund. The first two scholarships were awarded this fall to current athletes in ABU/Crandall’s Athletic Winning team: Grant Thornton (L-R: Ed Toczko, Rob Melanson, Ron Kelly and Mike Robart) Program. Financial sponsors for the tournament included gold-level sponsor Johnson Insurance, and silver level sponsors Fidelity Investments, Magic Mountain and Wheaton’s Country Store. www.

­The Growing Edge | 11

Future Foundations Visionary ($100,000+)

Anonymous A Family Foundation Atlantic Baptist Foundation Atlantic Baptist Student Association Anonymous Stephen S. Steeves Foundation Lockhart Foundation Garnet & Kay Wheaton



Brian & Rossanne MacArhur Rev. Cecil A MacArthur Stephen & Sheila Palmer Major Drilling Group International Inc. New Minas United Baptist Church

Opening September 2010



Bertrum H. MacDonald James & Sharon Murray Gregory Cook Mr. Doug Bannon Ron & Joanne Gaudet In Memory of Cyril & Myrtle Ingalls and Harold & Bernice Nichol Seth Crowell W. Gary House Michael & Beverly Robart Anonymous Gordon & Linda Hiltz Christopher Quek Anonymous David & Jean Phillips Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Jack & Rayma MacNeill Neil Soggie Scott & Gilda Ryder Swabey & Elizabeth Jelley Glenn Josselyn Peter Flemming Anonymous

Thank you!

With a campaign the size of Future Foundations we would like to acknowledge those donors who have contributed to helping us cross the starting line. Without you we would not have been able to proceed with the site construction that commenced in September. To view our continued progress on the expansion project visit the foundation website at and click on the Live Feed to see a live webcam broadcast of the construction site. You can also visit our photo album on the site to see the different stages of construction. As the Campaign continues we will need the support of many others. For more information on how you can partner with us on this project please contact Monica Njoku at or 506-858-8970 ext 183.

12 | T 足 he Growing Edge


($1,000 - $4,999)

Anonymous Craig & Deborah MacDonald Dennis & Diane Bustin Mr. & Mrs. Njoku Dr. Dannie & Mrs. Judy Brown Anonymous Blake Sherrard Anonymous Arlene A. Sherrard Ted & Wanda Newell Edith Samuel Anonymous Anonymous Sharon Doucette Dr. Roger Russell & Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell Cathy L Rogers Anonymous Andrew Samuel Marshall Anonymous Chet & Debbie MacPhail Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Andrew Brown Nictaux Baptist Church Anonymous Grangeville United Baptist Church Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous MaryBeth Clements Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Wilmot Baptist Church Steeves Settlement United Baptist Church Anonymous Margaretsville United Baptist Church

Capital Campaign

Thank you to our Campaign Cabinet

Eric Allaby-Government Relations Representative Ed Barrett-Campaign Chair Greg Cook-Co-Chair of Building Committee Peter Flemming-Treasurer Ron Gaudet-Vice-President of Advancement Gary House-Chair of Family division Brian MacArthur-President

Dale Albright Terry Atkinson David Blair Daryl Branscombe Dannie Brown Stephen Budd Graeme Ching Martin Ching Mary Beth Clements Greg Cook Claude Daggett Geoff dejong Velvet Dennis Sharon Doucette Duane Egers David Egers Garry Evans John Foran Clen Gosbee 13 | T 足 he Growing Edge

Stephen Palmer-Chair of Church division Gilda Ryder-Director, Development and Alumni Relations Jack Stultz-Campaign Honorary Chair Rupert Tingley-Building Committee Co-Chair Crystal Wheaton-Communications Manager Ward White-Board Representative

Thank you to our Volunteers

Sterling Gosman Roger Graham Jonathan Grimes John Hannem Douglas Hapeman Gordon Hiltz Ellen Hunt Tim Johnson Wayne Johnson Eric Jones Earle Kaizer Peter Lohnes Peter Lutes Craig MacDonald Jolene MacDonald Brent MacDonald Doug MacKenzie Hillard MacKinnon Alan MacLean

Lloyd MacLeod Rayma MacNeill Debbie MacPhail James McClare Helen McGaw Vivian Mellish Ramona Mitchell Lois Mitchell Peter Moore Bill Newell John Nichol Don Oulton K.H. Phillips Daniel Pyke Christopher Quek Sam Reimer Beverley Robart Cathy Rogers Darren Smith

Please note these are volunteers to date.

Brian Steeves Chad Stretch L. Allen Sullivan Bryan Taylor Allison Trites Daniel Walton Robert Weaver Stewart West Garnet Wheaton Janet Williston

Year in Review Institutional Revenue ’08-’09 Student Fees






Dining/ Conferences


Donations  2007














$129,099 Churches

als Individu


Endowment Value

14 | T ­ he Growing Edge









An audited financial statement is available from the financial office for those desiring a detailed report of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. Please contact Heather Burke at or 1-888-868-6228

Institutional Expenditures ’08-’09 Academic Support






Physical Plant



Debt Servicing






Student Services



Student Recruitment



Public & Alumni Relations






Computer Network



Student Enrolment 05/06








Source of Students ’08-’09 NB




Rest of Canada



­The Growing Edge | 15

From the

Development & Alumni Office

Gilda Ryder

Proving Future Foundations What do the words “Future Foundations” mean to you? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. Many realize by now that those two words were chosen to identify our university’s current capital campaign which is enabling this university to expand its mission with new courses, programs and facilities. Webster’s dictionary describes a foundation as a basis upon which something stands or is supported; an underlying base. Obviously therefore, a foundation is a critical part of any structure. A solid foundation inevitably should offer support for a lifetime. During our Homecoming Weekend activities just over a month ago, many alumni, friends and donors reconnected with one another and with this institution. Literally, hundreds of people arrived on campus for various events. There were opportunities to sing, eat, reminisce, laugh, worship, play, and pray together. Through conversations it was reiterated how this institution has offered ’foundations’ for so many individuals. Many shared how their relationship with Christ began or was challenged during their time at UBBTS, ABC, or ABU. Decisions that affected lives were made during their time here. I recall hearing alumni share that during their time here this community offered them love and a support base that their biological families didn’t offer due to broken homes and relationships. Perhaps you, like myself, found friends for a lifetime during your time of study that have supported you through life’s journey. Many shared that this institution prepared them with strong academic foundations that opened doors to further studies and careers. The phrase, “If this institution hadn’t been here for me…” was repeated many times.

16 | T ­ he Growing Edge

As I consider the two words “Future Foundations” and what impact Crandall University has had through the years on so many students and even ourselves, I recall a song written by Ray Boltz whose lyrics seem most fitting. The message in the chorus is “Thank You for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed”. Crandall University’s mission is to provide quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith. Reflecting on this and considering the lives that have been impacted and the future foundations that will be established in people’s lives causes us to be thankful for donors who have supported this university. During this Christmas Season would you consider giving a gift that will enable this university to offer students studying at Crandall an opportunity to have foundational changes made in their lives? Monthly donations will also ensure that students are offered an educational opportunity that is unmatched by other universities. Give a gift to Crandall and become part of a student’s foundation for the future!

Gilda Ryder

Director, Development and Alumni Relations

Crandall Community Nothing ‘Unlucky’ About 13th Annual Murray Lectureship

October 19 and 20, 2009 marked Crandall University’s thirteenth annual Stuart E. Murray Lectureship. This year we were privileged to have Dr. Timothy Larsen who is the McManis Professor for Christian Thought at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. The theme or focus for 2009 was built around the topic of Dr. Larsen’s recent award winning book from Oxford University Press entitled The Crisis of Doubt. However, there was no doubt in any one’s mind that Dr. Larsen’s insights and contribution was stimulating and constructive for all. Dr. Larsen decided to tackle the mythology that as individuals begin to engage their minds they have less need or use for their faith. In other words, he challenged the notion that faith is only needed by the feeble of mind. He tackled this perception by looking at 19th century England, a time that is often characterized as being steeped in objectivity and secularist free thinking. Indeed, Dr. Larsen goes so far as to contend that as many free thinkers dared to doubt and question and ask honest intelligent questions,

L-R: Keith Bodner, Dr. Timothy Larsen and Ted Newell

this crisis of doubt actually led to the re-establishing of their faith and not vice versa. From this backdrop, Dr. Larsen encouraged us also to be believers who dared to engage our minds, as well as our hearts, when it comes to matters of our faith. It was our pleasure to have Dr. Tim Larsen minister within our community – no doubt about it.

Seth Crowell

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Crandall Biology Student Joins Huntsman Tradition The Huntsman Marine Service Centre is a one-of-a-kind educational and research institute in the Province of New Brunswick focusing on the development of sustainable practices and effective management of our coastal environment. It is located in St. Andrews, NB, on the shore of the St. Croix estuary and the Bay of Fundy.

In addition to educating the public and partnering with various school districts to help in the education of elementary and secondary students and teachers, the HMSC also has some innovative summer programs in association with Canadian universities. This spring and summer, for instance, four Ontario universities, including Carleton, Waterloo, Western Ontario and Guelph, along with UNB, were all offering marine related courses through the Huntsman. This attracts students from universities across the country to take part in these unique learning opportunities. Up until this year no science student at Crandall had taken advantage of this unique learning opportunity at the Huntsman, but this spring that all

changed. Casey Benson, a third-year Biology major, joined about a dozen other students from various universities to take an intensive course in Marine Biology offered through UNB. As a native Grand Mananer and having been involved with marine life in the Bay of Fundy for most of his life, Casey wondered initially how much he would really learn. He later reported to one of his Biology professors, Penny Humby, that this concern quickly disappeared as he was exposed to both new understandings and applications for researching various forms of marine life. Casey has helped ‘blaze a new path’ that other Crandall Biology students interested in this study of marine life can follow.


­The Growing Edge | 17

International Students ABU/Crandall’s International Students Association (ISA) is a student led group that offers support and friendship to international students at ABU/Crandall. In collaboration with the Student Development Department, informal activities and events

are planned occasionally both on and off campus to offer international students the opportunity to get to know fellow students that are studying here at Crandall University. ABU/Crandall University’s population of 800 students, staff, and faculty

represent more than 11 states in the USA, and a total of 11 different countries. International students at Crandall University are offered opportunities to make friends, receive support, and seek advising through on-campus resources. The pictures featured in here are from the ISA October outing to Belliveau Orchard in Memramcook, NB. This was a first visit to an apple orchard for many of the international students who took part.

Heidi Soggie

Director of Student Development

George Njuguna Kenneth was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa and is the eldest of his family, which includes one brother and three sisters. ABU/Crandall has been a part of his family for over 20 years, as his father, Kenneth Njuguna, is a 1988 alumni and is presently pastoring two churches in Kenya. “After my father suggested ABU, I checked the University out on the Internet,” says George, “I was very impressed by the motto and the vision.” When asked about similarities between Kenya and Canada, George noted that one similarity is that the majority of the population is Christian he states, “ The differences are many. The weather is different mostly because it does not snow back home, but I also find the food is different. I also come from a culture that is very conservative which is very different 18 | T ­ he Growing Edge

than here.” He has found that one of the biggest challenges of moving here is being away from his family and friends. “The first few days were hard but I have been able to meet and make friends and now I feel I am at home away from home.” He expressed, “I feel blessed being at Crandall at such a time in the history of the University.” George arrived in Moncton in January 2009 and is in the first year of his BBA. He has had numerous opportunities to get involved in life at Crandall and in the Greater Moncton Community as a whole. This summer he had the opportunity to work at Camp Wildwood and is currently volunteering at Harvest House helping clients get their GED. He is involved with the ABUSA as the VP of Finance.

Meet George, Mario and Pingping

Pingping is a 25 year old student who has been sponsored by Crandall University in cooperation with Canadian Baptist Ministries and Canadian Baptist Women to attend Crandall University. She will be studying Biblical Studies and living in residence while in Moncton. Her life has taken her through many turns in arriving at a Christian university. Brought up in a non-believing family, she visited a Buddhist temple because she wanted the social aspect that it offered. After only a few days she became physically ill and had to return home where she endured many trips to hospitals and medications to help her determine what was wrong. While living at home she worked in a foreign-run school, where teachers were mainly American and Korean Christians and noticed something different about them. Following

Mario Rene Puerto arrived in Moncton in September to attend Crandall for one semester to study English. He describes his small Central American country as a country with beautiful beaches and tropical climate that invites tourists year round to spend a holiday. Mario, his wife Doris and son Isaac live in a small village in Central Honduras where the climate is cooler. They have served the Lord for almost 24 years in their community. After almost 5 years of praying for the opportunity to study and improve his English, he made a list of possible universities in the US and Canada and wrote a letter to ABU/Crandall. He says the rest is history and he is here now. One of Mario’s biggest challenges

is being away from his family. “ We have never been apart for so long but we knew it would be difficult, so we prepared emotionally and spiritually for it,” he says. He continued by stating, “ Also leaving the church for so long was a great fight but I thank God things at home and in the church are going well.” He continues to improve his English and has learned much about the culture and customs of Canada. Mario sums it up saying, “Being at Crandall University is one of the greatest blessings that God has given me throughout my life and is an experience that I will never forget. Teachers and everyone here are wonderful and Crandall University will always be in my prayers.” a leading to attend a church, she came to know the love of Jesus Christ. Since this time her symptoms of illness have almost completely disappeared. Within a few weeks after attending that church she felt God’s leading to go to a school where she could learn more about her new found Christian faith. She then met Pak Loh, who knew about ABU/ Crandall and was working for CBM. Through many prayers God has provided the means for her to attend the University. She arrived from China on September 23, 2009 after a detour of sorts in Beijing while waiting for her American visa. She says “God must have had another plan for me to stay in Beijing. While staying with relatives for 3 weeks I was able to witness to my aunt and cousin and their hearts were open to Christ.” www.

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The Morrison’s Earl and Millie Earl and Millie Morrison are former teachers and the Morrison Education Centre is named in their honour. They both have a long history with ABU/Crandall beginning in the days of UBBTS. We sat down with them, at their home in Fredericton, to ask them their thoughts on the past and the future. What was your role at UBBTS and for how long? We came as a missionary couple under one salary to organize and teach academic high school at the United Baptist Bible Training School (UBBTS). Near the end of our stay at the school, there were nearly 150 students in the high school academic department. Millie, with a BSc from McGill University, taught for 13 years, primarily in the areas of English and French. Earl, with a BSc from UNB and a MSc from McGill, taught in the Science, History and Music subject areas. At the end of our academic stay at UBBTS, our subjects included Grade 13 (Freshman University) courses in association with the Faculty at Acadia University, Wolfville, NS. Who was instrumental in bringing you to UBBTS? We were enlisted by the Maritime United Baptist Convention. I believe the initial Chairman of the UBBTS Board was Rev. Alex Crowe. We also remember the participation of Dr. Elgee, Pastor of Brunswick Street United Baptist Church in Fredericton, NB. Of course a prime member was the active and devoted UBBTS Principal Dr. Myron Brinton - an amazing spark plug! We experienced the continuing support and encouragement of the Principal, Board and Faculty. Do you have any specific memories of your time at UBBTS? Our memories are happy and meaningful ones; we had times that were difficult, challenging and humorous; ...the assignment to teach English and French when my training was in Science - Millie ...the first five years lived in the school- which provided opportunity to assist the School Nurse and Lady Dean; for example, seeing a couple in a dark corner late one evening; “Were you really having devotions?”-Millie ...a dead mouse hanging from the handle of our garment cupboard. ...looming NB Provincial Matriculation for Grade 11

and Grade 12 and Acadia University’s Grade 13 testing. Who are some of the students that you recall interacting with? It is too difficult to select students who have contributed to the school and to us. There are so many. We have been in touch with so many through the years! What accomplishments happened specifically in relation to your responsibilities during that time? The students consistently did well in their studies, particularly in the results on the Provincial Examinations. We were pleased with such performances and felt that they were indicative of the quality of the School’s accomplishments. As well, there was a continual growth in the numbers of students, reflecting the popularity of the school in our Baptist Maritime population. This growth has continued through the years of ABC and ABU. From the beginning, the spiritual tone of the school was of high quality and life at the school was uplifting and helpful to faculty and students. What is your dream for ABU/Crandall as we look to the future? Our prayer for ABU/Crandall is for its careful continuous growth, one in which students and faculty maintain their spiritual connections, and advance in knowledge, interest, spiritual, mental and physical growth.


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Alumni News The Alumni News is compiled from submissions sent directly by alumni or their families, and from information about alumni found in the public domain (e.g. websites, newspapers, trade publications and news releases).

Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering in 2002. He has spent time working in Mali (West Africa), Bangladesh, Indonesia and Germany.


1960’s Congratulations to Doug Horsman (’61) who received his Masters of Theology degree from Acadia Divinity College on May 10, 2009.

1970’s Congratulation to Paul (’76) and Donna Cowan on the birth of their first grandchild, Hannah Grace, born to Nathan and Becky Cowan, of Chatham, ON, on June 9, 2009.

Congratulations to Andrew (‘91) and Kelly (MacDonald) Myers (‘93) on the arrival of their second daughter, Leah Nicole, born July 21. She is a baby sister for eight year old Lauren Alyssa. The Myers family continues to live in Sussex. Andrew is the Communications Manager for the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches and Kelly has taken a year off as Producer for Rogers Television.

Laura (Phillips) (’77) Sherwood graduated in 2008 from Acadia Divinity College with a M.Div. and was ordained on October 3, 2009. Laura and her husband, Rev. Dr. Peter, now reside in Dartmouth, NS where they minister together at First Dartmouth United Baptist Church and also enjoy their three daughters and eight grandchildren. 1980’s Roger MacLean (’81) is now teaching sociology at John Abbott College as well as at Concordia University. Since his time at ABC, Roger has completed a B.A. at Acadia University, an M.A. at Concordia University in Sociology and most recently, a Ph.D. at McGill in

Alumni Reps to Join ABU Senate and Board of Governors Beginning in 2009, one member of the ABU/Crandall alumni will serve annually as a voting member of the ABU/Crandall Board of Governors and one member of the ABU/Crandall alumni will serve annually as a voting member of the ABU/Crandall Senate. Serving alumni will be appointed by their fellow alumni through a standard process of nomination and election. One individual cannot serve in both positions at the same time. For more details on this opportunity for expanded alumni involvement or information on how you can nominate someone, please visit

Congratulations to Duane (’95) and Alison MacDonald on the birth of their son Benjamin Garnet on August 15, 2009. Benjamin, weighing 8lbs and 4.6 oz, is a little brother for Ashlyn and Alex MacDonald.

Congratulations to Jonathan (’99) and Jessica (Betts) (’01) Cook on the birth of Isaiah Jonathan, born November 6, 2009 weighing 9lbs, 6 ½ oz in Yarmouth, NS. Leah (almost 3) is happy to have a baby brother! www.

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Alumni News 2000’s

Congratulations to Karla (House) (‘01) on her recent marriage to Joel Barnes of Hampton, NB on August 29, 2009 in Tryon, Prince Edward Island. Included in the wedding party were Matron of Honour Jill (Potter) Sellitto (‘00), Meagan Murdoch, brothers Shane Barnes, Andrew House and Jonathan House (‘06). The wedding was officiated by Chet MacPhail. Joel and Karla live in Ottawa where Joel works in medical research at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Karla serves as a policy advisor to the Minister of Agriculture.

Degree Reprinting Reprints of degrees and certificates are available from the Registrar’s Office. These are ideal for those alumni who may have misplaced their old parchment or may wish to receive a reprint when the university name is officially changed to Crandall. For eligibility, information and fees, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 506-858-8970 or

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Congratulations to Rob (’02) and Melissa (Stewart) Heffernan (’02) on the birth of their son, Isaac Robert Heffernan on December 2, 2008. He weighed 8lbs 9oz. Chelsea and Anna are happy to be big sisters!

Congratulations to Tricia (Copp) (’02) and Tim Wood who were wed on August 15, 2009 at St. James United Church in Baie Verte, NB. They celebrated with family and friends, many of whom travelled to share their special day. Other alumni at their wedding included Stacey (Small) McQueen (’03). Tricia graduated from ABU with her B.Ed. degree in 2002 and she is currently teaching French Immersion at the middle school level in Rothesay, NB after spending the last 6 years teaching in Vancouver, BC and Moncton, NB.

Congratulations to Brandon (’04) and Natalie (Trites) (’99) Thompson on the birth of their daughter Julianna Linda Louise. Julianna was born on October 27, 2009 at 3:18pm and weighed 7 lbs12 oz. She is a little sister for Ellie.

Jordan Mackinnon (’04) recently completed the CMA-MBA program at St Mary’s University receiving both the Certified Management Accountant designation and a Masters of Business Administration. Jordan is currently employed as a Sr. Financial Analyst for Atlantic Operations with Purolator Courier in Dartmouth, NS.

Chris Keezer (’05) was ordained on October 12, 2009 at Newcastle Baptist Church, where he has been serving as the Associate Pastor since 2008.

Call for Nominations Both present and past students are invited to submit their nominations for this year’s recipients of the Stephen and Ella Steeves Excellence Awards in Teaching and Service. If you have witnessed excellence in either teaching or service by any of our faculty, we invite you to contact Dr. Seth Crowell,V.P. for Academic Affairs, and provide the faculty member’s name and description of their demonstrated excellence in either of these two areas. There is no limit to the number of nominations one can offer. The deadline is December 21, 2009. For more information please contact Dr. Crowell at or call (506)858-8970

Congratulations to Aimee (Silliker) (’06) and Nick Dunfield (’06) on the birth of their daughter, Ellia Raine Dunfield, who was born on August 26, at the Saint John Regional Hospital weighing 8lbs 2oz. Nick, Aimee and Ellia reside in Sussex, NB where Nick is the Youth Pastor at Sussex Baptist Church.

Congratulations to Cory (’08) and Emily (Feltmate) (’08) Vail on the birth of their first child, Eli Allen Vail, born September 13, 2009 at 6:24 am at the Regional Hospital in Saint John, NB. Eli weighed 7 lbs15 ounces.

In Memoriam Sympathy is extended to the family of Ashley Gallant (’04) who passed away on Friday, July 31, 2009 at the Toronto General Hospital following complications due to congenital heart failure at the age of 27. A Dean’s List student, Ashley completed her first degree in Biopsychology from the Atlantic Baptist University in 2004, and she received her second degree in Nutrition in 2008 from Mount Saint Vincent University. She was completing her dietetic internship at the Moncton Hospital.

Do you have news?

Have you moved? Gotten married? New job or promotion? Another degree? New baby? Let us know so that we can adjust our records and let your classmates know too! Visit and use the Alumni Address Update form, email or call (506)863-6459.


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Faculty & Staff News

ABU/Crandall wishes to welcome Dawn Welner to the Finance Department as Business Officer. Dawn is joining us with many years of receivables experience. She and her family have recently returned to the Moncton area after spending a number of years pastoring in several cities in the US. Congratulations to Abram Steen, Assistant Professor of English, and his wife Melissa on the birth of their son, Marcus Abram on Thursday, June 4, 2009; a new little brother for sister Meike.

Since leaving ABU in 2004, Bob (’97) and Kristal (Dorey) Murray (’05) have been blessed in numerous ways after relocating to Alberta; not only with two beautiful children, Summer (3) and Nash (2) but also because it allowed Bob to expand his career in coaching and athletics as the Athletics Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Olds College in Olds, AB. 24 | T ­ he Growing Edge

Congratulations to Dr. Barry Smith, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, for the release of his most recent book this past spring through Sheffield Phoenix Press. This latest edition is entitled Jesus’Twofold Teaching about the Kingdom of God. This is Dr. Smith’s second book publication in the last three years and his fifth book overall.

Congratulations to Dr. Cathy Rogers who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation at the University of New Brunswick this past June. Dr. Rogers’ research was focused on child poverty and her dissertation was titled “Narrating Childhood: Making Meaning Amid Poverty and Social Isolation.”

Jonathan and Jessica (Graves) (’04) Grimes were married on June 20, 2009 in Moncton, NB. They feel blessed to have had a number of friends and colleagues from Atlantic Baptist University participate in and attend their wedding celebrations, including David Graves (’77) (father of bride), Jane (Kenny) Graves (’76) (mother of bride), Rebecca Graves (’07) (sister of bride and maid of honour), and Jessica Dempster (’04) (bridesmaid) They both continue to serve at Crandall. Welcome to Crystal Wheaton who recently joined the Advancement team as the Communications Manager. Crystal joins us with over 14 years of experience in the areas of marketing and public relations, most recently as Marketing Coordinator at Wolseley Industrial Products.

All In a Day’s Work Typically, when the average person or even average student thinks about what a professor does as part of his/ her normal working day, they conjure up images of presenting lectures, leading a seminar, or maybe even marking tests or papers. Less common would be the perspective of that professor doing something similar to what they ask their students to do, such as giving oral presentations and writing long research papers.Yet despite these misunderstandings the work life of a typical professor does indeed include these very things in addition to the lecturing, leading seminar classes, and marking students’ papers. Our faculty at Crandall University are no different. In fact, every year within the Crandall faculty there are dozens of conference papers being presented, many articles being submitted to journals for publication, and books being written and published. The list has grown to the point that there is insufficient space to mention all of these activities in an article such as this. However, as a way of acknowledging and honouring the production of all of our faculty and the scholarly work they do, let me briefly mention five of our faculty who this past spring and summer had a European connection related to this part of their job. These five European travelers would include: Dr. Edith Samuel who presented a paper entitled “Religion and prejudice: Christians and non-Christians in a faith-based university” at the World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology Conference held in Paris, France. Dr. Joan Flagg-Williams who co-presented a paper as a funded project by the Department of Education of the Province of New Brunswick. She was part of a three member research team which included Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell of UNB and speech language pathologist, Dr. Rhonda Rubin. Their paper, entitled ‘Using Classroom Sound Field Technology To Enhance Learning;’ was presented at the University of Barcelona in Spain.                                           .

Dr. Josephine Nhongo-Simbanegavi who presented one of her recent papers as part of the African Security Lecture Series held in Uppsala, Sweden. This lecture series is the result of collaboration between the Nordic Africa Institute and the Swedish Defense Research Agency. Dr. Nhongo-Simbanegavi’s paper was entitled “One Man One Vote” to One Man No Vote:Whither Zimbabwean Women?” Dr. Roger Russell who co-authored with his wife, Dr. Aquino-Russell, two papers as part of two separate conferences while in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He was the primary author of the paper entitled ‘Expatriate Managers: Powerful or Powerless?’ and the secondary author of the paper ‘Immersion in Another Culture: Paradoxical Experiences Considered for Teachers and Students in University Classrooms’. The first paper was presented at the European Applied Business Research Conference and the second paper was presented at The College Teaching & Learning Conference. Both papers received “best paper” recognition within their respective categories and each has been approved for publication in a related scholarly journal. Dr. Neil Soggie who was part of an intensive advanced class on the Neuroscience of Mood Disorders offered through Maastricht University of the Netherlands. The course also coincided with the International College of Affective Neuroscience Conference held in Florence, Italy. Congratulations to these Crandall University faculty and many others of their colleagues who were involved in similar activities over the past months in Asia, the United States or Canada. We certainly appreciate the effort you make in this less noticed aspect of your work as you seek to remain informed and involved as professors at Crandall University.

Seth Crowell

Vice President for Academic Affairs


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From the

Advancement Office Ron Gaudet

From humble beginnings to significance Sixty years is a long time in the life of an organization and yet in Post-Secondary Education terms Atlantic Baptist University is still very young. There is a certain comfort in having some time and years of growth behind us. It provides us with confidence and with experience, and in ABU’s case it gives a perspective on how things have changed and how our graduates have impacted their respective Communities of Influence.Youth, on the other hand, provide us with a sense of awe, a sense that anything is possible and a sense of excitement to see what the future has in store. ABU/Crandall is at once, mature and young! A few years back Pastor Jerry Reddy (‘84), a dear friend, gave me a book from Bob Buford entitled Half Time. The sub heading for the book is “Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance”. I had just won an award for activities in which I had been involved in my career. I think Jerry was generally saying congratulations but he was also, through this book, telling me to not get too caught up in individual achievements. The premise of the book is that success is great but what you do with that success is greater. Essentially, the author says that success is most mature when it leads to significance. I have often thought about this book throughout my career since that time. I believe it is one of the reasons that I came to ABU. I thought one way to turn personal success to significance would be to help a Christ-centered organization to do the same.

The Administration, Staff, Faculty, Students and Alumni can be proud of the last sixty years. The 60th Anniversary Celebration was a weekend of celebrating past success and New Beginnings – New Name, New Chancellor, New Buildings and New Opportunities. What if we looked at it from Bob Buford’s perspective? What if we looked at it as a well deserved celebration of Success with a future focus on Significance! If the next sixty years focused on delivering a Liberal Arts Education – strongly rooted in the Christian faith from the perspective of Significance – that would mean that everything we do will be to further the kingdom by equipping students of every faith, colour and creed to go out into a world with the pursuit of doing something of significance to help a needy world. Crandall will become known not for its buildings, its campus, not for its growing sports teams and growing programming, not for its excellent faculty or its administration, but for its impact on the world – for its Significance. Dear friends, the last two and half years have been extremely rewarding for the Advancement Department. I often think how fortunate we really are to be going through the exciting challenges and opportunities that are before us. Thank you for coming alongside of us in so many ways. It is through your continuous financial and prayer support that ABU achieved the Success that it has. Please stay with us as we power that Success to Significance.

Ron Gaudet

Vice-President for Advancement

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