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Bellefaire JCB celebrating 150 years

Backyard Bash 150

Bellefaire JCB’s

th Anniversary Party

September 14, 2019

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8/29/19 1:36 PM

Thank you for 150 years of service!

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A Very Special

Adam G. Jacobs, Ph.D.

As we look forward to the community joining us as we celebrate Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau’s 150th anniversary, we can’t help but wonder what the founders of Bellefaire’s predecessor, the Jewish Orphans Asylum, would think of our agency today. Times certainly have changed, but we are confident that our founders would be proud that the orphanage they established in 1868 with just 38 children not only still exists but has grown and thrived over the past century and a half to stand today as the largest provider of children’s social services in Ohio. We believe our founders would be proud that our agency has been strategic and nimble enough to pivot more than once to ensure that children deemed at greatest risk receive the care and services they need. We believe they would be proud that while we have maintained the 32acre campus they developed in 1928, we also have taken our services directly to clients in the community, their

homes and schools. And, we believe our founders would be proud that, while we continue to look forward to ensure Bellefaire’s long-term sustainability, we also continue to hold fast to the Jewish values on which the agency was founded, as well as to preserve and remain connected to their vision from 150 years ago: to provide care for children in need. We sincerely hope that those who have come before us and those who will follow us will share the pride that we feel today. We are fortunate to be the stewards of this great agency and of this work but we certainly do not do this alone. We are grateful to the hundreds of staff that work at Bellefaire JCB and for their sensitive and professional approach to healing and educating children. We appreciate the thoughtful and mindful leadership of our Board of Directors. And, we appreciate and thank all of the donors who have supported our efforts.

Congratulations Bellefaire JCB for a century and a half of impacting the lives of our most vulnerable children. Ira C. Kaplan

With gratitude, Adam G. Jacobs, Ph.D., President, Bellefaire JCB

Ira C. Kaplan, Chair, Board of Directors, Bellefaire JCB

Thank You From the Event Chairs We are delighted to welcome you to Bellefaire JCB’s campus as we celebrate the agency’s 150th anniversary and one of our community’s greatest assets. As we gathered over the last year to plan for this celebration, we regularly were reminded of the importance of our work and who were the true beneficiaries of our efforts: the children. For a century and a half, Bellefaire has been guided by the Jewish principle, Tikkun Olam, to repair the world, and has been fulfilling this through the delivery of programs and services that meet the needs of vulnerable, at-risk children from Northeast Ohio and beyond. The breadth and depth of the work of Bellefaire is challenging to convey no matter how much time or space one has to fill. The history alone is fascinating, from humble beginnings serving 38 Jewish orphans immediately following the Civil War, to housing Jewish immigrant children after World War II and converting a 32-acre campus into a residential treatment center. Fast forward to today, Bellefaire JCB can boast being the largest provider of child and adolescent behavioral health and educational services in the State of Ohio, serving 30,000 children and their families annually. Since its inception, a hallmark of Bellefaire JCB

has been its ability to meet the changing needs of the community. Most recently this was evidenced by the creation of the Monarch Center for Autism and the shift to community services delivered in schools and homes to ensure access for all. As the agency looks to the future, there is every sense that the desire and energy to innovate will continue. In fact, the recently completed $12 million capital campaign included key projects that strengthen our array of services for children and adolescents with autism, as well as those dealing with trauma and mental illness. The Backyard Bash is a celebration of 150 years of Bellefaire JCB, the orphanage, the residential treatment center, the homeless and missing youth program, the Jewish Day School counseling program and much, much more. It also is an opportunity for us to say THANK YOU to our friends and community for their unyielding support of our work. We offer a special thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, the Alpha Group/One Digital, and our Platinum Sponsor, Benesch, along with our many event sponsors. Your commitment to Bellefaire JCB provides the foundation for this event, the party of the century (and a half!) and the future of our children.

Thank you for celebrating with us!


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Susan Silverberg Bewie and Richard Bewie

Scott and Sarah Zimmerman


8/29/19 1:37 PM

In Recognition of Our Honorary Chairs Bellefaire JCB is grateful to each of our Honorary Chairs for the unique role they have played in the agency’s story. These relationships reflect the breadth of Bellefaire’s services and how so many lives can be touched in a meaningful manner at different stages but each with profound impact. Bellefaire JCB is stronger today because of these individuals, and so many more across the community, all of whom have played an important role in our 150-year history. We offer our heartfelt appreciation to all.


rphaned at birth over 65 years ago, I am personally a direct beneficiary of Bellefaire’s extraordinary foster care and adoption programs. Furthermore, as a former trustee and executive committee member, I am beyond grateful to Bellefaire’s team of social workers who miraculously reunited me with my birth mother and four siblings 12 years ago. My bride of 42 years, Viki, our three sons Matt, Kyle and Gregory along with our beautiful daughters-in-law Eliza, Andrea and Erica and four marvelous grandchildren, three of whom (Blaire, Lila and Annie) are now attending pre-school at JDN on the Bellefaire campus, are all very blessed to have this exceptional ‘caring and nurturing’ institution in all of our lives. We are honored to be part of Bellefaire’s history.” — Marc Byrnes

Viki and Marc Byrnes


began volunteering with the Jewish Big Brother Big Sister Association right after college. That was my introduction to Bellefaire JCB and the important work they do for at-risk youth in our Cleveland community and beyond. I was fortunate to serve as the President of the Board of Directors (2005-2007) and Julia and Larry Pollock continue to be supportive and involved as a Director for Life. The agency’s ability to innovate has been essential to their success and ability to meet the changing needs of children and teens. Our community is stronger because of the work of Bellefaire.” — Larry Pollock


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have spent most of my professional life at Bellefaire JCB where I have been part of a team of extraordinary dedicated people who devote their lives to making life better for the children and families we serve. It has been a privilege to be associated with an institution which, throughout its long history, Jim and Susan Ratner keeps its commitment to helping children, the most vulnerable members of our society, by understanding and meeting their needs to help them grow to their full potential.” — Susan Ratner


8/29/19 1:38 PM


Lisa and Sean Richardson

n behalf of Huntington Bank, and personally, we are thrilled to support Bellefaire and its mission of strengthening families and for offering the array of services that tends to the most intimate needs of children. Many blessings to the leaders and staff of such a wonderful organization.” — Lisa and Sean Richardson


osh Rubin’s reference to Bellefaire as the ‘But For’ agency has always resonated with me. But For Bellefaire, our kids would not have a safe space to recover from their trauma. But For Bellefaire, kids with severe autism would not develop the tools to communicate with Brad and Heather Schlang their family and friends. But For Bellefaire, kids would continue to live and be victimized on the streets of Cleveland. And, But For your generous support, Bellefaire would not be able to improve the lives of over 30,000 kids and families each year. Congratulations to Bellefaire JCB for 150 years of serving Cleveland’s most vulnerable youth.” — Brad Schlang

Bellefaire JCB Board of Directors Executive Committee Ira C. Kaplan, Chair

Stephen Bergman, Treasurer

Adam G. Jacobs, Ph.D., President

Beth Brandon, At Large

Robert Wolff, Immediate Past Chair

Josh Rubin, At Large

Brian Davis, Secretary Stephanie Silverman, Asst. Secretary

Steve Eisenberg, At Large Bradley Sanders, At Large Marcy Schwartz, M.D., At Large Sandra Wuliger, At Large

Directors At Large Daniel Berick

Andrew Hertz, M.D.

Susan Luria

Leslie Cohen

Debbie Joseph

Daniel Polster

Marti Davis

Adam Kaufman

Cathy Randall

Susan Frankel

Betsy Krantz

Heidi Friedman

Susan Krantz

Susan Silverberg Bewie

Robert Hardis, D.M.

Edward Kraus

Elissa Wuliger

Ray Herschman

Julie Lehman

Scott Zimmerman

Directors For Life


Sandy and Tim Wuliger

or generations Bellefaire has had a positive impact on the lives of children. From its beginning as an orphanage to helping kids today whether with behavioral health problems or struggling on the autism spectrum. Bellefaire changes lives one child at a time. It is a mission of love that I can’t walk away from!” — Sandy Wuliger

Gerald Chattman

Edwin Roth

Vivian Solganik

Irwin Feldman

Peter Rubin

Sandra Wuliger

Larry Pollock

Bradley Schlang

Directors Emeriti Lois Gaynor

Charles Rosenbaum

Donald Goldman

Jan Stern

David Nachman

Steven Wiesenberger

Nancy Rome

Organizational Directors


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Doug Breitenbach

Marvin Smith

Debbie Joseph

Evan Witt


8/29/19 1:40 PM

Honorary Chairs Viki & Marc Byrnes Julia & Larry Pollock Susan & Jim Ratner Lisa & Sean Richardson Heather & Brad Schlang Sandy & Tim Wuliger

Planning Committee Chairs Susan Silverberg Bewie & Richard Bewie Sarah & Scott Zimmerman

Planning Committee Beth Brandon Leslie Cohen Steve Eisenberg Heidi Friedman Debbie Joseph Nancy Schwartz Katz Tami Kowit Betsy Krantz

Eddy Kraus Julie Lehman Lucy Mennona Cathy Randall Marcy Schwartz, M.D. Kathy Thompson Jodi Tucker Evan Witt

Host Committee Hallie & Greg Abrams Jodi & Joel Adelman Mitchell Balk Colleen & Dan Barnett Sue & Steve Bergman Mary C. & Dan G. Berick Lauren & Eric Blumenthal Susan & Daniel Borison, M.D. Beth & Bob Brandon Robyn & Danny Brenner Winnie & Gerald Chattman Leslie & Doug Cohen Debbie Cowan Marti & Jeff Davis Stacey & Brian Davis Carol & Steve Eisenberg Sue & Bob Englander Barry Feldman Barbara & Irwin Feldman Susan & Mitch Frankel Heidi & Will Friedman Lois Gaynor

Robert P. Hardis, D.M. Becky & David Heller Tessa & Scott Herman Ray Herschman Linda Rae & Andrew Hertz, M.D. Meredith & Jason Hillman Michelle & Evan Hirsch Kate Hubben Melissa & Adam Jacobs, Ph.D. Debbie & Steve Joseph Suellen & Larry Kadis Mara & Aaron Kamat Amy & Ira Kaplan Mimi and Danny Karon Adam Kaufman Judy & David Kaufman Elizabeth Klein & Earl Pike Betsy & David Krantz, M.D. Michele Krantz Sue & Jonathan Krantz Bonnie & Eddy Kraus Hallie Kendis & Jacob Kurowski


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Julie & Matt Lehman Jennifer & Jim Levine Jeffrey Lox & Paul Nemitz Susan & Neil Luria Elana & Kevin Lurie Shelley & Greg Marcus Bonnie & Dan Marks Amy Marsh Elaine Motylinski & Roger Vaccariello Wendi & Erv Pavlofsky Kim & Paul Pesses Cathy Randall Leslie Royce Resnik Enid & David Rosenberg, M.D. Barbara & Alan Rosskamm Natalie & Josh Rubin Erika & Rabbi Hal Rudin Luria Sharon & Brad Sanders Gail L. & Michael W. Sands Marcy Schwartz, M.D. & Daniel Simon, M.D.

Tracy Turoff & Ari Sherwin Susan Silverberg Bewie & Richard Bewie Stephanie & Todd Silverman Scott Simon Lori & Rick Sonkin Cathy & Jonathan Stamler, M.D. Jan & Bill Stern Kathy & John Thompson Amy Wain Louise & Greg Warner Melanie & Mark Wax Paul Wehn Evan D. Witt Paula Silverman & Rob Wolff Allison & Jason Wuliger Elissa Wuliger Ellen & Dan Zelman Lisa & Rob Zimmerman Sarah & Scott Zimmerman


8/29/19 1:41 PM

Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors! Presented By


Susan & Jim Ratner

The Wuliger Family

Beth & Bob Brandon

Susan Lizan Immerman & Bob Immerman

Nan Cohen & Dan Abrams/Mara & Aaron Kamat

Susan & Neil Luria

Debbie & Steve Joseph

Stephanie & Jared Miller

Betsy & David Krantz

Julia & Larry Pollock Jan & Bill Stern

Jodi & Joel Adelman

The NRP Group

Paula Silverman & Rob Wolff

Case Western Reserve University

Rowland Enterprises

Sonkin & Koberna, LLC

Feldman-Wehn Family


Strassman Insurance Services

Heights Blaugrund Weingarden

Stephanie Sava & Bruce Hearey

Thompson Hine LLP

Drs. Marcy Schwartz & Daniel Simon

Ulmer & Berne LLP

Susan Silverberg Bewie & Richard Bewie

Ellen & Dan Zelman

B’nai B’rith Lodge 1152 Tami Kowit

As of 8-23-19

Media Partner:

Crain’S Content Studio

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bellefaire JCb | 7

8/29/19 1:42 PM

Well done Bellefaire JCB on 150 years of supporting youth and families in our neighborhoods with your amazing programs and prevention services! We are proud to be partnered for the past 20 years with an organization that makes such an impact and contribution to our community. Alpha | OneDigital has witnessed Bellefaire’s steady growth and many contributions over the years, and our goal has been to support that mission in the areas of employee benefits consulting and management, compliance and fundraising. We look forward to adding value and expertise for the next 20 years and beyond. Congratulations and thank you for all you do! –Your Alpha | OneDigital Team, Proud Presenting Sponsor of the Backyard Bash


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8/29/19 1:42 PM

November 2018, The Alpha Group joins OneDigital Health and Benefits


ith long-term sustainability and client service at the top of our mind, The Alpha Group decided to join forces with OneDigital Health and Benefits company. With existing Cleveland leaders, Kevin Mackay, Adrienne Vichill, John Wain and Jim Schade at the helm and our core crew still on board, we are stronger than ever with a plethora of new resources at our fingertips and a national presence. Bellefaire JCB will have continued access to enhanced offerings, including innovative enrollment technology, HR support tools, health and well-being experts and national compliance resources. “In the more than 25 years since we have owned Alpha, we have invested in people,

technology and resources to better serve our clients and their employees. With the world of benefits and HR evolving and becoming even more complex and integrated, we felt aligning with OneDigital would help us continue down that path and provide an even more robust platform of services and resources,” says Kevin Mackay, principal of OneDigital Cleveland. “Being OneDigital’s foundation agency in Ohio, our merger and alignment with OneDigital provides us with a better-defined structure from which to continue to grow. We are also very excited to collaborate with and tap into the vast knowledge, expertise and experience of the more than 1,700 professionals at OneDigital.” OneDigital has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest-growing companies every year since 2007. Currently listed as seventh in Crain’s Cleveland Business’ list of Largest Employee Benefit Services Firms and 13th nationally in EBA’s Top 50 Brokers in the Large Employer Group, OneDigital’s experience offers a fresh thinking and strategic perspective that will improve all aspects of plan design and performance for BJCB.


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8/29/19 1:43 PM


Science Compassion At University Hospitals, science and compassion converge to create new ways to cure and better ways to care. That is why we are committed to our community and proud to be a supporter of Bellefaire JCB.

The science of health. The art of compassion.

1-866-UH4-CARE |

Š 2019 University Hospitals COM 1142787

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Dan Abrams and Nan Cohen Aaron Kamat and Mara Kamat

Wishing Bellefaire JCB 150 more years of providing outstanding children’s services and community involvement

Securities offered through Securities America Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Nan Cohen and Aaron Kamat Registered Representatives. Advisory Services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc. An SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Nan Cohen and Aaron Kamat Investment Advisor Representatives. Creekside Financial Advisors, LLC and the Securities America companies are not affiliated.

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8/29/19 1:45 PM

Kindness‌ Caring‌ Respect

Amy and Ira Kaplan are proud to support Bellefaire JCB and its important mission.

Kaplan4c_8x10.375Ad.indd 2 Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 13

7/25/19 12:28 PM 8/29/19 1:46 PM

Reserve Management Group congratulates BellefaireJCB on 150 years and looks forward to their continued service to the community and the region into the future.

Bellefaire JCB on your Milestone Anniversary! Thank you for 150 years of providing vital services, which have bettered the lives of so many children and families. Your impact on our community is immeasurable.

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8/29/19 1:46 PM

Mazel Tov on 150 years of support for our community. For generations Bellefaire has touched so many lives in so many ways. All the while helping to change countless lives by your important work. We are proud to support Bellefaire/JCB. May you go from strength to strength.


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8/29/19 1:47 PM

Thank you

Bellefaire JCB for 150 years of miracles. Jan andBill Stern

Congratulations to Bellefaire JCB to 150 years of wonderful work and wishing you 150 more! It’s a privilege to be a 4th generation of this amazing organization that is bettering the lives of so many. Betsy and David Krantz Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 16

8/29/19 1:47 PM

We wish Bellefaire JCB a heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of their 150th anniversary. We have had the privilege to work alongside the agency to ensure that children and families have the highest quality behavioral health care and educational services, especially those we serve with autism. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come. Mazel tov!


Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 17

8/29/19 1:48 PM

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Quality Cleaning services for 50 years

PROUD TO PARTNER WITH BELLEFAIRE 4830 E. 49th Street, Cuyahoga Heights Ohio 44125 PHONE: 216-341-8601 | FAX: 216-341-8554 | WEBSITE:

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8/29/19 1:48 PM

Happy 150th Anniversary Bellefaire JCB!

Thank you for all you do to help children and families!

We would like to thank Bellefarie JCB for 150 years of continued service and support. We appreciate all you have done.

MARCY SCHWARTZ AND DAN SIMON Nexis Wellness - Provides the opportunity to support therapists and wellness providers in building their solo practices while maintaining their independence. Providing flexible, shared and private co-working offices, we give access


to Bellefaire JCB on 150 years of caring for and providing for children in our community. Susan Silverberg Bewie & Richard Bewie

to the resources needed to run successful independent practices, while allowing the provider to focus on serving their clients.

Gross Residential - Regional leaders in the development, construction, and management of single-family housing and multi-family apartment communities in Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 19

8/29/19 1:49 PM


to Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau on its 150th anniversary! We are honored to have been associated for decades with this impactful organization that has improved the lives of so many children and families. We look forward to ushering in the future with Bellefaire JCB.

Julia and Larry Pollock (Bellefaire JCB Past President and Former Jewish Big Brother)

We proudly pay tribute to one of our highest performing grantee partners

Bellefaire JCB @150 Thank you for your leadership and partnership in creating the Monarch School and other groundbreaking services for our children and young adults with autism.

Judge Dan A. Polster Chair, Board of Directors

Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 20

Mitchell Balk President

8/29/19 1:49 PM

Bellefaire JCB Presidents


The Alpha Group | One Digital & Benesch

Backyard Bash

Abraham Aub


Abraham Wiener


Abraham Hart


David Adler


William Stix


Louis A. Levi


Philip Stein


Sol S. Kiser


Adolph Freund


Fred Lazarus, Jr.


Frank E. Joseph


Bertram J. Krohngold


Alan S. Geismer


Louis E. Weltz


Sidney D. Josephs


Edward C. Bloomberg


Jay D. Feder


victor gelb


Frank E. Joseph, Jr.


Edwin Roth


David Warren


Judith Sherman


Gerald Chattman


Louis Aufrecht


Vivian Solganik


Samuel Wolfenstein


David Friedman


Simon Peiser


Irwin Feldman

1994-1997 2000-2002

Edward Lashman


Sandra H. Wuliger


Michael Sharlitt


Peter L. Rubin


Leon H. Richman


Larry Pollock


Morris F. Mayer


William R. Joseph


Laurence Grossner


Bradley J. Schlang


Samuel M. Kelman


Marc C. Krantz


Adam G. Jacobs


Robert M. Wolff


Jeffrey A. Lox


Ira C. Kaplan



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Bellefaire JCB’s


th Anniversary Party

September 14, 2019 One Pollock Circle, 22001 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH 7:00 p.m. Cocktails


8:00 p.m. Dinner


Reserved $250


Strolling $175 or 216.320.8585

Executive Directors


8/29/19 1:50 PM


An asset to our community by enriching the lives of children and young adults for more than 150 years.

Bellefaire, JCB You lead the way in going from strength to strength. Mazel Tov.

The Feldman-Wehn Family

Dan and Ellen Zelman

Congratulations to Bellefaire JCB on their 150th Anniversary! A special thanks to Heidi Goldstein and Marcy Schwartz for all of the wonderful work they’ve done over the years to support the organization. Here’s to another

Congratulations Bellefaire JCB on 150 Years of Making a Difference!

150 impactful years!

Sonkin & Koberna, LLC

Jodi and Joel Adelman

3401 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 400 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 (216) 514-8300

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8/29/19 1:56 PM

Oswald is proud to support Bellefaire JCB. Congratulations on 150 years.

property & casualty employee benefits life insurance retirement plan services

Š 2019. Oswald Companies. All rights reserved. DS2017

We’re big fans of Bellefaire JCB. We join you in celebrating 150 years of strengthening families through counseling and education.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Community Insurance Company. Independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Anthem is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. 116959OHAENABS 07/19

Littler is proud to support the Bellefaire JCB at its 150th Backyard Bash.

1100 Superior Avenue East, 20th Floor | Cleveland, OH 44114

With attorneys around the world, Littler provides labor and employment solutions that are local, everywhere. Our diverse team and proprietary technology foster a culture that celebrates original thinking, and helps prepare employers for workplace issues today and in the future.

At Littler, we’re fueled by ingenuity and inspired by you.

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8/29/19 1:57 PM

MAKING THE COMMUNITY BETTER TAKES HARD WORK, DEDICATION, AND MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. At Huntington, we believe it’s important to do more for the community. Whether it’s rolling up your sleeves and getting involved, or helping in other ways. That’s why we’re proud to support the Bellefaire Jewish Children's Bureau and its tireless efforts to make a difference in the community.

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8/29/19 1:57 PM

Bellefaire JCB: Our Journey Established in 1868 to care for homeless and orphaned children of Civil War veterans, Bellefaire JCB has evolved in response to the most pressing needs of America’s children and stands today as one of the nation’s leading and most experienced providers of children’s behavioral health care and social services. For 150 years, Bellefaire has provided critical safety net services to our community’s most vulnerable and challenged youth. From our early days caring for orphaned, destitute children to today’s families facing challenges our founders never imagined, Bellefaire helps our clients achieve resiliency, dignity and self-sufficiency.

The Founding Years 1868-1935


sing charitable dollars raised by its members to purchase and renovate a former water sanitarium and resort located on Woodland Avenue and East 55th Street in Cleveland, service organization B’nai B’rith opens the Jewish Orphan Asylum in 1868 and admits the first 38 orphans. By 1918, 300 boys and 200 girls reside in the orphanage, which is renamed the Jewish Orphan Home.Unlike many institutional orphanages of the times, the Jewish Orphan Home provided a nurturing environment in which children received all basic needs, including education, vocational training, religious instruction and recreation. 1919: Changes name to Cleveland Jewish Orphan Home 1922: First Aftercare department established with full-time social worker 1924: The orphanage expands admissions criteria in 1924 to include children with “special needs due to behavior or personality problems” and hires its first psychiatrist, planting the roots for the vast behavioral services Bellefaire offers today. 1928: Renaming itself Bellefaire, the orphanage moves to its new 30-acre campus in Shaker Heights/University Heights with almost 400 children in its care. To create a family-like environment, Bellefaire constructs several home-like “cottage” residences, which are staffed with live-in “cottage mothers and fathers.” 1929: The Jewish Big Brother Association, founded in 1919, begins mentoring Bellefaire orphans. Now known as the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters Association, the organization formally merges with Bellefaire JCB in 2009. 1935: The Social Security Act of 1935 and its Aid to Dependent Children program, which provided support to poor families, including single mothers, greatly reduces the need for orphanages by providing needy families including single mothers with means to maintain their children within the home.


Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 26


8/29/19 1:58 PM

Transition to Residential Treatment Center 1939- 1954


y 1939, Bellefaire is providing both residential treatment and foster care for children and increasingly is seeing more children with emotional and behavioral problems than orphans. Thus begins the agency’s shift toward specialized services for at-risk and vulnerable youth.

“I had friends, lots of friends. There were 30 girls in my cottage. It wasn’t always easy getting along with 29 other girls, but I met my best friend, Rosie Tolchin Albert, who remains my closest friend to this day. She’s eight months older than I am. I’m 95 and she’s 96. We talk all the time.” - Geraldine Neuberger Lester, resident 1931-1940 1941: Following a commissioned study on how best to position its services for the future, Bellefaire changes its focus in 1941 to emotionally disturbed children and soon is recognized as a national leader in the field of child care for this population. 1945: Jewish Day Nursery, founded in 1922, merges with Bellefaire and ultimately moves to the Bellefaire campus in 1956, where it resides today as JDN Early Childhood Center, offering full-day, year-round programming for children 6 weeks to 5 years old. 1954: Bellefaire opens its services to children of all faiths in 1954 — speaking to the core of Bellefaire JCB’s mission to provide services without regard to race, religion, sex or national origin, and to encourage all clients to develop position identification with their religious and ethnic backgrounds.


Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 27


8/29/19 1:58 PM

Responding to Community Needs 1985-2000


hroughout the 1970s, Bellefaire bolsters its residential programming, opening its first secure cottage in 1970 and instituting a therapeutic day treatment program and intensive treatment unit for more severely challenged children the next year. By the 1980s, Bellefaire is admitting youth with more complex challenges than those seen a decade ago. In response, the agency initiates innovative new community-based services that meet the distinct needs of families and communities and remain integral components of Bellefaire’s current service array, including in-home and school-based counseling and prevention programs; specialized and therapeutic foster care homes; and alcohol and substance abuse prevention services. 1985: Bellefaire establishes Cleveland’s first in-home family counseling program, Parents and Children Together (PACT) to provide intensive in-home services for the entire family with the goal of strengthening and preserving the family unit. 1987: Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder prevention services are introduced. 1991: Adam G. Jacobs, Ph.D., is hired as Director of Clinical and Community Services. Under Dr. Jacob’s direction, Bellefaire grows from a local, child service agency serving 1,000 children a year to its current role as a national leader of children’s behavioral health care as well education and supports for individuals with autism. He is appointed Executive Director in 1996 and President in 2002. 1999: Bellefaire offers critical services that remain the foundation of the agency’s work today. In the aftermath of school shootings across the country, including Columbine, Bellefaire establishes the Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) school-based intervention and prevention program in eastern Cuyahoga County suburban school districts. Bellefaire establishes the agency’s acclaimed SchoolBased Counseling program in local school districts. In keeping with its Jewish heritage and values, Bellefaire also implements a Jewish Day School Counseling program.

Addressing Emerging Needs 2001 - Present 2000: Bellefaire opens the Monarch School for Autism in response to multiple independent studies, parents and professionals all citing an urgent need for local resources for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Monarch quickly became a nationally recognized leader in autism treatment.


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2004: Bellefaire introduces therapeutic residential services for children and youth with ASD and for adults in 2010. With the addition of transitional education and vocational and life skills training, Bellefaire’s autism continuum is renamed the Monarch Center for Autism and today serves hundreds of individuals each year from 12 states.


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2006: Monarch Center for Autism welcomes its first students into the school’s new state-of-the-art home. The 22,000-square-foot building, which was one of the only facilities of its kind in the nation at that time, doubled Monarch’s capacity. 2010: Bellefaire introduces residential services for adults with ASD, laying the groundwork for the creation of Lifeworks in 2013, which was developed to extend the scope of specialized ASD services beyond what previously had been reserved for school-aged youth, to an adult population. Rooted in the Monarch Model, Lifeworks’ services embody the same philosophy and standards found in the other Monarch settings. 2014: Established in 2006, Bellefaire’s Homeless and Missing Youth program now serves 4,000 teens, families and community members in Cuyahoga County each year through street outreach, respite care, community outreach and education, and a 24-hour hotline. Bellefaire’s bold initiatives to raise awareness of teen homelessness, the Take a Closer Look and Second Look campaigns, capture local, national and international attention, ultimately reaching over 10 million viewers. Both campaigns receive local and national advertising awards. 2019: The $12 million Here | Now | Always, Our Campaign for Children is completed. Launched in 2014, the campaign initiatives were developed in direct response to families’ needs in the areas of autism and children’s mental health. Campaign projects include: construction of a 12-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents on Bellefaire’s campus; expansion of the Monarch Center for Autism; and the creation of the Wuliger Family Wellness Center for individuals on the autism spectrum and those with other specialized needs.

Planning for the Future


or 150 years, Bellefaire has grown and evolved in order to meet the needs of children and families. While time certainly has changed the issues and challenges families face today, our mission — caring for at-risk children and preserving families — remains unchanged. Today, Bellefaire serves 30,000 children, youth and families from 66 of Ohio’s 88 counties and 12 states through its continuum of health care, autism, child welfare, and education and prevention programs. The largest child-serving agency in Ohio, Bellefaire reaches more clients in need than ever before through expanded programming; satellite offices in Lorain, Medina and Summit counties; and the innovative use of technology such as webinars and tele-psychiatry. Founded by charitable efforts of B’nai B’rith 150 years ago, the generosity of our community through our long history ensures that we will have the capacity to meet the complex needs of families we serve today and for years to come. CRAIN’S CONTENT STUDIO

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Congratulations to

Bellefaire JCB

on 150 years of helping children and families

Congratulations to everyone who has played a part in serving 100’s of thousands of children in need for the past 150 years. From those on the frontlines to the governing board and everyone in between, we all should be proud. Here’s to another 150! Stephanie Sava and Bruce Hearey

Case Western Reserve University is proud to be a dedicated partner of Bellefaire JCB. We offer our sincere congratulations on 150 years of bringing positive change to vulnerable children and families in our community.

Happy Birthday Bellefaire

With thanks for all of the kids and families you have helped for so many years.

Paula Silverman and Rob Wolff

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Congratulations ON 150 YEARS

We’re proud to support Bellefaire JCB.

At RSM, we’re committed to giving back to the local communities where we live and work. Bellefaire JCB enriches the lives of people in this community. And it’s our pleasure to support them.

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Wishing Bellefaire a happy 150th! Thank you for all you do to improve the lives of children here in Cleveland and beyond!

With gratitude,The Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 31

Miller Family 8/29/19 2:01 PM

Happy Birthday Bellefaire!

Success is built on a strong foundation.

We salute Bellefaire JCB on 150 years of helping youth and their families achieve resiliency, dignity and self-sufficiency. FAIRPORT WEALTH

Ulmer congratulates Bellefaire JCB as it celebrates 150 years of service to vulnerable youth and families. We are proud to support Bellefaire as it provides exceptional care, education, and advocacy in our community.


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Congratulations Bellefaire JCB on your




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We are honored to celebrate the B’nai B’rith creation of Bellefaire JCB 150 years ago.

THANK YOU, BJCB, for strategically and creatively meeting the needs of young people for 150 years. BARBARA AND IRV FELDMAN Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 33

Tami Kowit: 216-509-5109

In honor of Judy and Ray Fant For your years of dedicated service to the children and staff of Bellefaire JCB

Barbara & Alan Rosskamm

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We are proud to support Bellefaire’s Backyard Bash And celebrate their 150 years _________________________________________________________

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Bellefaire JCB Today: A Rich History, A Promising Future Throughout its history, Bellefaire has responded to emerging community needs by developing new programming and services oftentimes as a result of listening to the families we serve. With our rich history and commitment to serving the most vulnerable in our community, Bellefaire JCB offers a promising future for the children, adolescents and families who depend upon the agency for behavioral health and education services. This is Bellefaire today.

Creating Homes for Children

Responding to Changing Needs



Adoption and Foster Care

doption is the winning combination of love and permanence for a child, fulfillment for adoptive parents, and assurance for birth parents that their child will flourish in a new home. Bellefaire acknowledges and embraces the diversity of religion, race and culture between and within families. *We are a Hague-Accredited International Adoption Program. Foster Care provides familybased placement for youth up to 21 years who face challenges so severe they must be temporarily removed from their home. These youth typically experience chronic/ongoing trauma, abuse and mental health issues. We help foster parents be successful in providing a loving, stable home for the youth in their care by offering extensive training, ongoing support and access to many wraparound services provided at Bellefaire JCB.

Monarch Center for Autism

he Monarch Center offers comprehensive services and programs for individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Officially launched in 2000 with six students, today the Monarch School teaches more than 170 students in the classroom and thousands more from across the country through educational webinars (used by 14,000 participants in 2018). Today, a Monarch education includes: Preschool; Day School with High School, Upper School and Transition Education Program (MTEP); as well as an array of residential services and vocational training.

Serving Children and Families in the Community Counseling and Community Services


ince the mid- 1980s, Bellefaire JCB has been meeting non-residential clients in the communities in which they live, work, study and play. School-Based Counseling: Bellefaire provides Masters’ level counselors and social workers in more than 76 schools throughout the region. The school-based teams provide assessments and wraparound/ community psychiatric support treatment, weekly individual and group counseling, and prevention programs for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Parent and Children Together (PACT): PACT preserves the family by teaching new behaviors in the home using family therapy and individual counseling, case management and wraparound services. In-Home Family Services (IHBT): IHBT is a multi-systems approach


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to helping families creatively problem solve via interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy and wraparound services. It also includes a component for those involved in the juvenile justice system. After School Program: Bellefaire provides intensive group counseling for children ages 6-13 and a therapeutic behavior services (day treatment) program for adolescents 13-18. Social Advocates for Youth Program (SAY): Bellefaire provides free prevention and early intervention school-based programs to students in middle and high school and community services to help teens minimize risky behavior, make healthy choices and work through difficulties caused by the tensions of adolescence.


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Extending a Lifeline

Homeless and Missing Youth


ellefaire JCB’s Homeless and Missing Youth Program begins its 13th year working with homeless, missing and runaway youth who are in need of crisis intervention, possible respite and case management. If a teen is missing for 24 hours, chances are that teen has been solicited for sex. The program serves 4,000 teens, families and community partners annually through initiatives such as 24/7 on-call emergency hotline and staffing; assistance with personal care, food, clothing and safe-sex kits.

Nourishing Our Roots The Jewish Community


ellefaire is one of the seven founding members of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland founded in 1903 (Bellefaire was established 35 years prior, in 1868) to centralize charitable giving. This past year Bellefaire served 4,000 Jewish clients and their families through its array of services. Jewish Day School Counseling Program (JDSC): Recognized for its critical contribution to Cleveland’s Jewish Day Schools, JDSC is starting its 20th year of service provision. Jewish Day School counselors deliver direct behavioral health care services and consultation to 1,200 youth and their parents through outreach, counseling, crisis management, education and training. Jewish Big Brother Big Sister Association (JBBBSA): JBBSA continues to fill a special need in the lives of Jewish children ranging in age from 6 to 18 years. Last year, JBBBSA supported 60 matches. The program forms strong and vibrant matches between caring, adult volunteers and Jewish children from single-parent families, resettled immigrant families and families with special needs. Jewish Day Nursery (JDN): JDN, on Bellefaire’s campus since 1956, remains strong with a student base of nearly 125. JDN proudly remains a Five Stars Ohio Step Up to Quality Program for its program ranging from infant care to preschool. Havat Hashomer: Bellefaire is proud to continue its engagement with partners in Israel, maintaining its clinical consultation relationship with the Education Corps of the Israel Defense Forces at Havat Hashomer Army Base in Israel and with Youth Futures. In the last two years, Bellefaire also has co-sponsored or participated in several missions to Israel.

Expanding Our Reach Regional Offices


uring the last few years, Bellefaire’s services have expanded to neighboring counties, including Lorain, Medina and Summit. County programs include: Outpatient Therapy; Psychiatry Services; Healthy Moms, Happy Families (meeting the needs of moms-to-be and new moms experiencing signs of stress, anxiety or depression); Intensive Home-Based Treatment; Co-Occurring Substance Abuse/Mental Health Integrated Treatment; After School Program; and School-Based Services.

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Congratulations to the Agency for this wonderful milestone! Jerry and Winnie Chattman

Thank You for 150 Years of Service to Children Dan and Mary Berick

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Congratulations to the incredibly dedicated staff and volunteers of Bellefaire JCB on 150 years of unparalleled service to the children of Northeast Ohio and beyond. Wishing a special congratulations and thank you to my mom, Sandy, for always leading by example.

Elissa Wuliger


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Hoyt Block Building 700 West St. Clair Ave. #110 Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone: 440.356.2700 ext. 3 Mobile: 330.441.2027 Fax: 1.888.577.4491


TENCH PAINTING AND POWERWASH, INC. Ken Tench, Owner 330-283-2281

Happy 150th Anniversary Bellefaire May You Be Around For Another 150 years To Serve The Children and Families of Northeast Ohio. RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL CUSTOM PAINT APPLICATION

Cathy Randall and Family

Congratulations and Thank You

for providing amazing care for our community’s children and families. Kim and Paul Pesses Bellefaire JCB Section 2019-8-29 am-Bellefaire final changes.indd 38

8/29/19 2:04 PM

Yasher Koach to Bellefaire

on 150 years of continuous service to the most needy and vulnerable among us. Congratulations Scott and Sarah and the entire committee on a job well done. Gary Zimmerman

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Many thanks to Bellefaire JCB for the programs and services you provide to children, youth, and families. Individuals and families lean on you for help. At Findley, our clients lean on us for innovative solutions to simplify the complex world of retirement, benefits, human capital, and M&A. We help clients: • Align HR, benefits, and compensation practices with organizational objectives • Design and manage retirement, health & group benefits, and compensation & rewards programs • Manage talent acquisition, employee communication, and HR technology selection • Drive organizational change • Ensure compliance

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his special supplement is used as a tool for readers to become more actively involved within our region’s nonprofit community. Use this advertising opportunity to showcase your organization along with your commitment to Northeast Ohio.



For more information, contact Megan Lemke at

Wingspan Care Group Sustaining and Strengthening Our Partner Affiliates

Wingspan Care Group congratulates Bellefaire JCB, our first partner affiliate, on its 150th anniversary! We are proud of the extraordinary work they do on behalf of the children and families we serve, and we look forward to working with them in the coming years.

Our Affiliates

Bellefaire JCB celebrating 150 years





Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital

Lifeworks Adult Autism Services

Wingspan Care Group is a nonprofit administrative and management organization that provides a united, communitybased network of services so member agencies can focus on mission-related goals and operate in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. To learn about affiliating with Wingspan Care Group, contact Beth Pollack at 216.320.6800. One Pollock Circle | 22001 Fairmount Boulevard | Shaker Heights, OH 44118

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Proud to recognize Bellefaire, JCB 150 years of serving children and families throughout Northeast Ohio

V I S C O N S I C O M PA N I E S , LT D .

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8/29/19 2:07 PM

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8/29/19 2:07 PM

Mazel Tov and many thanks to Bellefaire JCB

for their wonderful service and support to our community for the past 150 years. Here’s to the next 150 years!

Idelle K Wolf

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8/29/19 2:08 PM

In honor of Leon Shear — May 3rd, 1947— resident from Bellefaire.

PHONE: 216-475-2040 E-MAIL:

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8/29/19 2:08 PM

Happy Birthday Bellefaire!

For 150 years, you have given children strength and hope and futures. When there were no solutions, you have created them. And you’re ready now for the children and families that will need you in the years ahead. May you continue to go from strength to strength!

The Wuliger Family

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8/29/19 2:09 PM

Benesch is proud to support Bellefaire JCB th on its 150 anniversary.

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