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- by Thea Schaaf 48

UNTITLED (riddle) -by Alex Lee,

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3rd Grade poetry collection


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It is a pleasure to collect and share this poetry by students of Seattle‘s Sanislo School, a ―Little School with Big Ideas.‖ Many of these poems were written in classes with coaching by Ann Teplick from the Writers in the Schools Program of Seattle Arts and Lectures. Others arrived through an open invitation to share through our school library‘s ―Poet Tree‖ which greets students as they pass between the stacks and computer lab. Whatever their inspiration, all are gathered here to help fulfill a mission ―to ensure that all students are effective users and producers of ideas and information.‖ Enjoy and be inspired!


-Craig Seasholes, teacher-librarian Sanislo Elementary School May 31, 2012

I‘m as hairy as Big Foot. I can eat an eagle, but I‘m only one foot long. I‘m enormous compared to the rest of my kind. We all have different manners. The hairs on my body are irritating. We may look terrifying, but we are harmless. We see best in shadows at day, but in light, at night. We are known to be as brown as perfect toast. In Cambodia, we are tasty treats.

PUT DOWN THE HEADPHONES!!!!! -by Makeda Hubbard Put down the headphones Because it‘s time to work. Work on that study‘n Not those headphones!!!!! Hear you‘re in class with those headphones on Well, I‘ll come on down and break your headphones. I think you know we‘re goin‘ now. Put down those headphones. UNTITLED -by Janice Ton I asked the salmon why it glimmers In the sun, and it showed off its colors. I asked the water why it changed colors From blue to green, And it got made and threw waves at me. I asked the sand why it was brown, And it got shy and slid through my fingers to hide. I asked the tree why no one was answering me, It whispered and swayed giving me answers I couldn‘t understand. 47

DEAR ICE STORM A two-voiced poem by Jack Brown and Grayson Hoffman Dear ice storm,

Dear ice storm,

How are you? You sound as blue As an old Deserted Shoe I‘d like some snow

Shoe But ice will do.

Why is your ice As cold as a naked mole Rrratt In the Artic


I love poems that are funny I love poems that make rhymes I love poems that have bunnies I love poems that I read 1000 times I love poems that are scary I love poems that are sad I love poems that are very very Good at making me glad. written in the library 4.12.12 by Mr Harkness‘s 2nd Grade Class


I ASKED -by McKenna Teachout I asked why the ocean Was as cold as the chain Of a swing on a cold day, And it said ―I have many fish to take care of.‖ I asked the coral why he was so normal But he refused and said, ―I am as bright as a box of crayons In a black and white room.‖ I asked the sand why it was soft And it said ―I have many people to comfort.‖


I Love Poems

I asked the stone why it was just Lying there, and it said ―Be quiet. The crabs are sleeping.‖

I like a poem like my food Nice and fresh like hazelnut soup. When Im hungry I read poems. I love poems -Cynta-Liyah I love poems that are grand, I love poems that are sad, Stelivan

I love poems that are happy, I love poems that are scary, I love poems that are great, I love poems everywhere A Poetry Month Haiku -Camilla Turin-Flores -Mr Seasholes So short and so sweet, Poetry colors my world And brightens my day. 3

I LIKE POEMS Because they interest me I LIKE POEMS because they have words - Camila Turin-Flores Books Books are fun. Books are fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a pig or a shake Read a Book. It won’t be a mistake. - by Raeya Logue Reading -by Brandon Espiritu If we did not have books we would be bored. If we did not have books or comics then we would be Really Bored! MUSIC IS FUN AND IS MUSIC NOT FUN WHY DOES EVERYONE PLAY I ASKED THE PIANO “WHY DON’T YOU PLAY AND SING?” AND IT SAID, ”BECAUSE I’M MUSIC FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO PLAY” I ASKED SKY WHY ARE YOU TALL? AND IT SAID “I’M A SKY NOT A PEOPLE” - by 4


ANIMALS -by William Barrera I asked why does the snake wiggle Too much, and it said that he was ticklish. I asked a cheetah, why are you as fast As lightning, and it said that he was scared. I asked an elephant why he was scared And he said that there was a mouse on him. I ASKED THE STARFISH - by Olivia Palmer I asked the starfish Why they were such pizazzy colors Of purple and orange and pink, And they said with pride and great expression ―The sunset sprinkled itself upon us.‖ I asked a piece of driftwood ―Why are you so smooth?‖ And it said the ocean stripped it, Calmed its insides, and made it silky. I asked the clownfish Why it lived in an anemone And it said, ―We‘re bestest friends.‖ I asked the ocean Why it was so salty And it said that a giant dumped salt out of its chalice When it had a sore throat. Finally, I asked the pebbles I stood on, Why they were so shiny, They said ―The ocean washed us And now we‘re clean as can be.‖


I ASKED THE STARFISH -by Alisa Chin I asked the starfish why he has five arms, and he said ―To stick onto rocks and capture food.‖ I asked the starfish why he was as rubbly as the sea gravel, and he said ―To keep people from eating me!‖ I asked the starfish where his mouth was, and he said ―Where you least expect it to be.‖ I asked the starfish why he needs suckers, and he said ―To stick on my wife when we kiss.‖ I asked the starfish where his home was, and he said ―The rocks you step on.‖ I asked the starfish why he gets as colorful as a crayon, and he answered ―To show off my beautiful skin.‖ And I laughed. I asked the starfish why it talked to me. And he replied ―No one‘s talked to me For years, don‘t you think I love talking?‖

Acrostic Poems Jaquan by Jaquan Harris Jaquan went to the store. And it was fun because I was riding in the Cadillac. Question I asked this girl. Under the seat I sat. And she got up and then it was… Not fun anymore. PUPPY by Lul Russom Playfully puppy

Up in my bed he sleeps Park he plays in Perfect Dog Yellow Lab. Lul by Lul Russom Likes to read. Up in the sky. Love my tutor. Loving Awesome Yoyo Lather

WRC Rocks! (Thanks to Ms Hartford) With your help

Readers gain so much Confidence and success in Reading. Oh, if only every student Could benefit from such Kindness and Support

Amazing 44


The Sky The sky is very bright and clear For I will hate it if clouds make it disappear The sky is so wonderful That I could stay outside forever In the night time I always go outside And look at all of the wonderful lights in the sky The sky is so perfect! - by Rosalyn Santos 4/12/2012 Never saw the sun … shining so bright. Never saw things… being so right. And the blue skies with birds sorrowing through the air. And tree‘s blowing with the wind like a whisper with no words. NATURE IS CALLING TO Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. -by Kai Saito

Grass The grass is green and peas are green and apples are red and carrots are orange. - by Justin Roper 6

The Respect Cake -by Olivia Palmer Respect comes from not one but two Like a cake, you need baking powder to make it fluffy And sugar to make it sweet And then some other ingredients To make it good to eat. We should care and share and help each other, With respect the cake we cover. Respect makes the center of Sanislo feel warm and good inside. So if we‘re respectful to our fellow students Our cake will be just right. Space -by Makeda Hubbard Space I look at the dark sky I see the moon and some stars. I want to go to space Way up in the sky So high I might die. Space is such a beautiful place Might make you want to cry. I sit here dreaming all day long. Well, I can‘t do it forever, ‗Cause life is too short to try.


Teleportation - by Hannah Ferguson I don‘t need a time machine, Or a fancy magic ring. I need a comfy cool blue chair, To take me almost anywhere. I need some paper with some words To teach me something ‗bout some birds Or maybe a puppy dog Or a rotting of a log. I just need a distraction, To send my brain in a chain reaction From pirate ships to princess hair, Cows that moo in the county fair, A lunatic spaceman in the air, I don‘t care. I‘ll read anytime, Anyplace, anywhere. Free -by Olivia Palmer In the smog of the window, there flickers a light, Clogged in the fog of the glass, but still bright. A deep knock breaks the silence. Mama cracks the door, then opens it wide, A lady coffee-colored comes and stands by her side. The murmur they mutter, but they don‘t dare take their time. Quickly they pack, cheese and cold herring, So energetic eyes don‘t know what we‘re bearing. We step outside in the warm dark air. The trees rustle, the lamp glows less bright, And the moon seems to say, you‘re free tonight. 42

Picky Sally Mama gave Sally a piece of cake. She ate the cake In a wink of an eye. Then mama gave Sally a piece of chicken. She ate the chicken in two hours. Mama Never ever ever Gave sally another Piece of cake -by Camila Flores

Write a poem Make it short Save it quickly And sail from port. (anon.)

You and Me -Madde Doucette Me and you Best Friends. The school year is almost through I‘m going to miss you

Sabino Canyon Gila chum in cold water Master of beauty Visited a show An air show to be precise Had a lot of fun - by Laila Erdman

Me and you You and me.


Meadows -Katherine Vu Meadows are fun to play at so have fun, Meadows are peaceful to read a book, You can play at meadows. Meadows are fun places to play at. Die? -by Aran Schaaf Why, why, why Should I die? But I won‘t cry When I die. But I am so sly. I surely can hide from Die? I am Fox, of course. I am not a horse. A horse tramples about And gives a shout. Why should I die?!

I Am Tired! -by Tristen Greywolf I woke up tired. Went to school tired Ate dinner tired And now, I am tired. Again. Book -by Zion Scott A book Is a hook, Like a cook Reading a book.

To Sing! By Jayleen Smith You can count on me when you are hungry for pizza. You are as nice as a teacher giving candy. You are as nice as a boy loving me. You are as nice as a person can be. Nice to me. 8

Dear Little Cute Bee -by Rashaad and Cynta-Liyah Won‘t you stay alive, my honeybee? You should stay alive in my eyes So don‘t you give up! I know you can do this. I believe in you. I‘m sorry for the stress I gave you. I know you are sorry for fighting us. So please don‘t go to another school my honeybee. Please don‘t go! -by Rashaad and Cynta-Liyah


A WEIGHTLESS RIDDLE -by Grayson Hoffman I am weightless as dust floating through space. I let people live. Help them win a race. Green as a seasick leprechaun. Red as burning ketchup. Dark as a black light at midnight in a dark forest. I always fill a cup. Invisible as a drowning raindrop. Though I have no taste, without me you will die in haste.

(answer: air)

Sanislo Starz by the Elmo Boyz (Malachai and Lucian) When I walk into school this is what I see A poster on the wall as bright as it can be. It‘s the five points of a star Yes that is what they are: And if you follow those easy steps You too can be a Sanislo Star Cookie! Abby -by Alyssia Marie Enochs Adorabubble as can be Cuddly and cute (When she doesn‘t have fleas) She‘s mine and it‘s hard to believe But nothing can compare to my dog Abby. 40

Lost White Snowflake -by Aran Schaaf On New Year‘s Day, I wanted to play. A Big Storm‘s Snowflakes Came to my aide. One of them fell into my kimono sleeves, But when it melted I caught a glimpse of glee! I crushed it in my hand, I watched it melt in the Zen Sand. I felt a secret glee Muttered under my breath: Tee Hee! Kindness -by Madde Doucette Kindness smells like sweet honey. Kindness looks like nothing you‘ve ever seen before.

Kindness -by Kate Vu Kindness is a pretty pink flower. Kindness is as smooth as silk. Kindness smells like a red rose. Kindness.

Kindness -by Hawa Abdi Kindness looks sweet. Kindness is like sweet honey. 9

Two Poems - by Aran Schaaf The white fox For a thousand years tricking has been it‘s game. Each has a story about Him, who has a tricking Fame. From its white fur and white tail, I heed you down the misty trail. Twins In the misty Moon light, two girls Sit on tatami mats. With their two black Combs brushing their Long black hair, Wait A minute

I asked the bear why it growls, and it smiled and chased me like a psycho. I asked the person why are you upside down? And the person said why are you right side up? I asked the person did he hear about the kidnap? And the person said no, what happened? I told him the kid fell asleep. I asked the clown fish why are you orange and white? And it quickly turned into rainbow colors. I asked the jellyfish why it looks like a pillow. And it shocked me like a ninja and pretended nothing ever happened. I asked the cedar tree why it was lighter brown than the other cedar tree. And it said because people keep painting me.

Sunshine -by Lana Purcell Sunshine oh sunshine You make me feel warm. You make me feel safe. (Always) You‘re bright as a lantern Flying in the sky. And most of all You are peaceful to me. 10

I ASKED -by Fabian Ornelas

I asked the catfish why it looks like a cat. And it made an omelet with ham and cheese and didn‘t give me any. I asked the salmon why it grows more than five feet. And it turned as small as a red ant and wanted to chase me. I asked the Puget Sound why it was violet blue. And it quickly turned pencil gray. 39

DEAR TROPICAL STORM – A two-voiced poem by Alyssia Enochs and Shelzy Juta Why does your hard Strong blowing wind Wrap around people Like a constrictor boa?

Like a constrictor boa?

You are as wild as Jumping on a trampoline

A kangaroo Jumping on a trampoline

Why do you Off their feet

Knock people Off their feet Like a dog

Jumping on A person? You are as helpful as A nail sticking out of a chair. A nail sticking out of a chair. Why does your Wind Push people Like a wrestler

To the ground Like a wrestler?

Why Are You As Unexpected

As As a cheetah running up on its prey?


The Brick Wall -by Lana Purcell When I walk down the street, this is what I see. The brick wall covered in red blood. Smooth as a stone Red like blood Pinkish like a blush Hard as cement. And when I walk The brick wall was gone.

The Lantern in the Sky -by Lana Purcell When I saw the lantern in the sky, it was pretty . It floats so perfectly. It calms me. Valentines Day -by Madde Doucette Love is all around. There are so many valentines It could make a town.

LOVE IS PEACE PEACE IS LOVE. -by Hawa Abdi I ate a bucket because I washed my locket. – by Camila Turin-Flores



NATURE RIDDLE by Olivia Palmer, I‘m as green as a stem Or a watermelon rind. I stay put, but I blow Dance in the wind. I am independent, I stand on my own and grow.


When I‘m perfectly pruned or clumsily clipped, Both ways, I dry and smell sweet like fresh rain.

- by Gabby Barrera

I‘m nourished by drops of light and the sprinkler Of summer and the first spits of fresh spring rain.


Together, my peers and I are a walloping wavy Green ocean, like a parachute in the wind.

-AdriannE HALL I ASKED THE SQUID -by Kai Saito

I like hooda math because it has fun games I like hooda math because it helps my brain I also like coolmath because it has cool games I also like coolmath on days when it rains.


-Jules Ramos 4/12/2012

I asked the squid why it inked The sea, and it said to confuse The king crab and lantern fish.


(Two collaborative poems by Amy Cao and Giselle Denoso) DEAR SNOWSTORM Why do you have so many cousins? You are as cold as cookies and cream Ice cream in the freezer. You are as deep as two stone boulders On the icy ground. Why do you make frostbite? You melt easily by salt Under the sun. You make me shiver and get a cold When I‘m outside playing. You are as white as a bride‘s wedding dress. DEAR SANDSTORM, Why do you hurt people‘s eyes with sand? Why are you as deep as a skyscraper is tall? Why are you as powdery as baby powder? Your color is vanilla brown, like vanilla ice cream With chocolate fudge mixed together.

DEAR SNOWSTORM Group poem by Mr. Simmon‘s class Dear Snowstorm, Why do you make a blizzard? Why do you send blankets of white That you can wrap yourself up in? Why are you as cold as melted ice? When you‘re up to my knees How come you don‘t go into my boots?


Computers - by Hannah Mai

Computers have tons of games like Hooda Math Video Games -by Cameron Jenkins You have T.V., Books, Sports, And Video Games. They‘re fun and so are the other ones. But video games are the funnest to me. Are they to you,

and Cool Math Games. Computers are fun (it‘s like) you are alive in a game. I loves computers.

Sanislo Glogster Rules Our Sanislo glog is like the Hall of Fame, Game page. It’s like a million games you could choose from. –by Eve Elmore 13

- by Ella Ferguson Pencil you slide across the page and sneak off to rest in the darkness of my shadowy desk then wake up just in time to write this RHYME. I Asked I asked the shark why it has sharp teeth and he said, ―so I can chew meat better.‖ I asked the water why it makes waves and it said, ―so adults and kids have more fun.‖ - by Makeya Faletogo


RIDDLE -Bijan Zavareei Minced by the dwarves of Kaza-Dum, coveted by most under the moon. I smile with glee at battle and fight, I glint with a seductive light. I have a bloody history, can you guess the name of me?

(answer: gold)


DEAR HAILSTORM —a poem in two voices by Hebron Belay and Qiantre Parris Dear Hailstorm Crash!


Why do you sound like hundreds Of small rocks pelting the ground? Crash! When you hit our head, Why do you feel like the pointy Part of a pencil repetitively poking? Crash! Crash! Why are you like small white sheets Falling down to earth? Turn into grain, You‘re very plain Because you‘re just A bit of frozen rain.


A SEA RIDDLE -by Justin Kimmerle


I am as green as a four leaf clover. I can spin like a fan. I live in salt water. I eat krill. I leave my eggs in the sand. I can dive very deep, but I choose not to. What am I? DEAR BLIZZARD (a poem in two voices) by Reehan Faud and Lorenzo Taylor Dear Blizzard, Copyright your name?

Why did you let Dairy Queen Copyright your name?

When I think of you I think of a cold chocolate blizzard.

I think of a cold chocolate blizzard

DEAR HAILSTORM, -A collaborative poem by Kristy Chiem and Dylan John Why do you fall like a sumo wrestler? When it‘s sunny, I want you in my lemonade. You‘re cold, like Kool Aid And wet like my jeans when they get out of the washer. You taste sour, and look and feel slimy like a slug. You fight like a Transformer And hit as hard as Dwayne Johnson. 34

-by Eve Elmore Clouds turn our blue sky into a vanilla frosting and at dawn the clouds are a velvet cake . Clouds are a blanket that tucks us in at night. Clouds. Mom and Dad - Eve Elmore You are my heart that pumps every second. You are all the senses in my body. You are my idol, my soul. You are my Mom and Dad. The Glider -by Keegan Lawnsby Tip-yip yoder what a glider with some apple cider.

I asked the strawberries why it’s sweet and it said because I’m nice to everyone I meet - by Kristy Chiem 15

A crying riddle I move with the wind when it blows I cry everyday and my tears turn to leaves I cry to my toes I have pale skin of sadness, And my head‘s green with jealousy, What am I? - Kaijah Hall Answer. A weeping willow

As music flows by I listen quietly and enjoy the sound I asked the stars why it shined so bright and it said “I do because the moon told us too and we’re his children I asked the cookie monster why it ate cookies and it said “because Santa gave them to me when I’m good.” I asked the violin why it played so beautifully and it said “because I’m very classic” 16

-Amy Cao

PUGET SOUND -by Sabrina Burgess-Garrett I asked the Chinook why it had scales, and they fell off and it couldn‘t swim. I asked the octopus while it had eight legs, and it inked and disappeared. I asked the seaweed why it is wet, and it said it lived in the Sound. I asked the wet clear rain why it came down, and then all the grass turned green. I asked the brown wet soil why it was on the ground, and a hole appeared, and the ground invertebrates crawled out. I asked the scurrying chipmunk why it drank from the Puget Sound. It got scared and ran away. I asked the baby blue dolphins why they jumped high into the sky, and they went to the bottom of the ocean and swam away. I asked the giant Puget Sound why it was so wide and suddenly there was a drought and it all disappeared. I asked the old moldy fish why it was laying there, and then it jumped up and caught some clown fish. I asked the smelly trash how it got there, and it said it got thrown in by a person named Bob Hibilstien. I asked the poison oil why it was in the ocean, and it said the boaters spilled me. I asked the white and gray rocks why they did nothing, and they said because they are abiotic. I asked the flowing waves why they went all over the ocean, and then they just stayed in one spot. I asked the tan piece of sand why it was so small And it turned into a humongous gray boulder.


Flowers By Sabrina M. Burgess Garrett Flowers, flowers everywhere Flowers, flowers in my hair. Flowers, flowers in my sleep Flowers, flowers by my sheep. I get so tired of flowers everywhere, I wish they were not anywhere!

Alligator -by Clayton Church The alligator is a famous swamp animal. It has green horns And killed Randall (my pet panda). It doesn‘t live in the sand. It lives in the water. The world ―alligator‖ Makes it sound like it can fly, But the last time it tried, It died. Let‘s put an end To my poem ‗bout ‗gators, And let‘s start talking ‗bout Different kinds of raptors.

Animals Animals are the best I like animals Even if they’re a pest. They make the world a lot better. Animals are the best! -Dalaney Pham



Blueberry Hill -by Sidone Whittman

DEAR THUNDERSTORM, (A collaborative poem by Eve Elmore and Rosalyn Santos)

Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill Where dandelions grow and daisies too. Where blueberries grow blue, blue, blue Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill Where the grass is so green And it‘s so hot you need sunscreen. Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill Where the sun shines bright And the moonshines all night Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill I will see you soon Just wait till I get out of my cocoon.

Do you think shocking people is funny? You are as hurtful as a rhino in a battle. Why do you like putting people in the hospital? Why do you only come out at night? You are as dark as a black ant. Why do you shock people like a toaster Plunged and dumped in water?

Cats! -by Raeya Logue Cats! Cats! Cats! More cats! More cats! More cats! I WANT A CAT !!! They are furry. They are fluffy. I WANT AS CAT!!!!!


Madame Butterfly -by Aran Schaaf

There once was a geisha, Lovely and fair, She had lovely eyes, And long black hair. She was such a lovely woman, All the men were always comin‘ Her name Cio-Cio, Madame Butterfly.

You Can Count on Me -by Hannah Mai You can count on me when you are bored. When you have no one to play with. When you need someone to cheer you up. When you need someone to listen to you about problems. When your heart feels sad and lonely. When you need to talk. When you need help with something like: If you have an ouchy, or If you have the fly, or You can count on me: When you feel a little worried, When you need to borrow something like a pencil or eraser, When you need someone to play with you, When you are worried you will leave town, When you will always think about me. When you want me to come with you like to a haunted house. You can count on me. 31

TIGER by Dalaney Pham Tiger your stripes are Like the United States Flag. You‘re tail is like a snake moving like the wind. You‘re legs are like truck wheels as fast as lighting. How do your legs move so fast? You‘re head is like a rock as hard as metal. I wish you weren‘t Endangered anymore. Tiger!

BASKING SHARK by Tuan Nguyen Basking shark, your mouth is as big as a school, your body is as long as the size of a tree. Your snout is as sharp as a spear. I wish I could ride you to Antarctica with a huge bubble around my head and your tail going side to side like railroad tracks rotating, and I wonder if you could speak Korean and Vietnamese? Basking shark!

Unanswered Questions - by Eyorusalem Aregawi I asked the ocean why it moves back and forth. I asked the wind Why it blows and knocks our house. I asked the dog Why it barks all the time. I asked the ice-cream Why it is cold. The Sunny Day -by Bahsan Hursane,

FROG by (Carlyne Kate Hidalgo Viacrucis) Frog, your skin is as smooth as a rock that‘s been in the water for a decade. Your eyes are small as a white sesame seed. Your colors stand out like a green and brown rainbow. I wish you could have a healthier environment. How do you grow your legs when you are a fish? Frog!

HOW TO BE SAFE -by Hawa Abdi

DEAR TORNADO -Jordan Hines

You come from the wind You‘re so powerful you destroy buildings You blow so hard you can tip over a giant skyscraper like a domino.


Are you more powerful than your cousin Hurricane?

Play outside Seek and hide Swing and slide Blanket on the ground Listening to the sounds

When the bell rings You get in line quietly And be ready to learn. And listen to the teachers. Animals -by Dalaney Pham Animals are the best. I like animals Even if they‘re a pest. The make the world a lot better. Animals are the best!



THE LINE OF DEATH -by Jesse Brown The line of death comes and goes, It takes lives like a crow. Death keeps sorrow souls sorrow.

Death -by Cameron Jenkins Does anybody look forward to Death? It‘s sad to die. Do you look forward to death? I don‘t! 20

HORSE by Lakyn Wilson Your eye is as shiny as a golden apple. I wish you could live in the wild. Your fur is as smooth as a baby bear‘s nose. Do you talk to other animals (like other horses)? Your mane is like four bees flying in a group. You have ears like cotton balls. Your tail is like a daisy blooming. When I see you galloping, you‘re like a butterfly. Horse. BLACK WIDOW by Aiden Montejano Your head is like a black M & M without the M on it. Your legs look like hairy weeds. Your pinchers are as pointy as a thorn bush. Can you get bigger than a cheese burger? I wish I had you as a pet. Black widow. NILE CROCODILE by Jesse (Jessada) Brown Nile crocodile—your teeth are like daggers. They clash like axes and spears. Your claws are like swords. Your eyes are like a blazing fire. Your scales are like shields. I wish I could live like you. I wish I could see the longest but the weakest crocodile. Nile crocodile. 29

PENGUIN by Adrianne Hall Your beak is as yellow as the Northern sun. Your eyes are like black light bulbs. Your tail is like black triangle cut-up pieces of paper. Your feet are like a bunch of orange carrots. I wish you could fly again. Why can‘t you fly anymore? Penguin.

I like basketball because I like basketball -Dylan John PENGUIN by Alvaro Pena Your wings are like fish fins. Your feet are like hooks from a ship. Your beak is as yellow as a banana. I wish to protect a penguin from a polar Bear. Do you play Xbox 360? Can you be a spy? Penguin!

SAND SHARK by Zion Scott


Sand shark, your teeth are like spears being thrown in the war. Your tail is as strong as a bull protecting its babies. Your snout is as long as a skateboard rolling down the street. I wish you had 25 sets of teeth so you can eat as many fish as you want. Where do you hide your babies? Sand shark.


I like basketball because when it goes in the net sways like seaweed in the wind. I like basketball because I like Kevin Durant. I like basketball because I‘m good at it. I like basketball because I can smack a ball.

I like football because you tackle people hard. Catch a football run a football make a touchdown and win it all. You can get a sack if you are strong If you get a sack all the time You will be sure to score all day long. Be sure to have faith but don‘t hesitate Its not easy to win. SHARKS by Jules Ramos

I wish sharks could fly. Why can‘t sharks eat something besides meat? Your teeth are like needles on your shirt. Your tail is like a broom cleaning the house. Your tongue is like a wave for people to surf. Your body is like a party boat with people that party.



What I Like About You -(anonymous) You have blonde golden hair. You are always fair . In the summer pick a perfect pear. Dear, that‘s what I like about you. Puppy -(anonymous) Puppy your eyes are like sapphires glowing in the sun light Puppy your fur is as soft as one million feather pillows Puppy your ears are like ears of a bat (which is triangular) Puppy


To help babysit when mom is sick. When you are stuck in a level of Madden NFL 12 and you are sad. When you need help driving a car that is stuck in the mud. When you need help in your homework in division. When you are as tired as a little bear in a bath. You can count on me. YOU CAN COUNT ON ME by Eli Allen-White


You can count on me if you break your leg, I will make a crutch. When you‘re hungry for dessert, I will make chocolate cookies! When you are sad, I will cheer you up by playing Cranium. When you want to know how to play the piano, I will teach you. When you are as hungry as a zebra in the desert, I will bake you pot roast and twice baked potatoes.

You can count on me when you fall down on the ground. When you need help in the Kitchen making rice and Chicken. When you are sick like a dead flower. When you are away from home, I will watch your house.


BE A FRIEND FOREVER by Maryam Al-Ruwaye Saving a spot on the bus, be together and talk. When someone hurt their hand we can help them. We can share a game of bingo together. We can go to the park together. We can share turns on the swing. I COULD FIGHT FOR YOU by Wyatt Washburn

YOU CAN COUNT ON ME by Laila Erdman You can count on me when you‘re as bored as counting rain drops fall from the dim gray sky, while eating chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top.


If you were there, I could fight 1,000 sausage wizards for you. If you were there, I could run 500 miles until I got to the Grand Canyon. I think I could swim 5,000 feet under water in Lake Washington,

School -by Nita Han with her sister Nokka When we think of a child, What do we see? A better life for you and me. A place that goes straight ot your heart. A basic school is a work of art. We live with purpose to show we care, Character teaches us how to be fair. Our climate empowers us with resource to enrich To have great services for children is our wish. Our curriculum is meaningful with connections abound. Hope is renewed and beauty can be found. Teamwork happens through our community,. We all work together to show unity. We have a celebrative place that relates learning to life. Excellence for all children is our strife. Respect for everyone always shines through. Our shared vision is seen in our membership in groups. Our basic school will help our children see, They can make a difference and be all that they can be.


KINDNESS by Marializa Gaona-Sanchez Kindness looks like a caramel apple with strawberries on the side, in the sun. Kindness smells like fresh-cooked fettucine in the winter. Kindness is as sparkly as a snowflake in the winter snow, on my tongue. KINDNESS by Quyen Chung Kindness looks like a hump back whale saving a golden retriever & bringing him back to land. Kindness smells like a field full of lavender in Olympia. Kindness is as sparkly as a male mallard duck‘s head. Kindness dances like a wild Fire burning and building. Kindness speaks as soft as a Ladybug talking. KINDNESS by Laila Erdman

KINDNESS by Eli Allen-White


Kindness looks like geese flying in the sky. Kindness smells like my mom‘s homemade crepes with Nutella on top. Kindness is as sparkly as all the stars in the universe. Kindness dances like an ape break dancing on top of the Empire State building. Kindness speaks as soft as my hamster Luke, in my hands.

Kindness looks like a baby robin snuggling with its mommy. Kindness smells like fresh chocolate ĂŠclairs from the oven. Kindness is a sparkly as the California bats flying through the midnight sky with stars shining. Kindness dances like a flamingo dancer dancing in the sparkling river. Kindness speak as soft as a snowflake that falls on my tongue and eyelashes. 25

Sanislo Chinook Poetry 6.1.2012  

Student poetry anthology written with SAL writer-in-the-schools Ann Teplick.

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