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Inspired by our teachers Ms. Barber and Mr. Cole Sanislo Elementary School Seattle, WA April 9, 2014 Audio Recording on Sanislo Library Website

I am Sweden, from the people of the FBI. I am from the animals of the wild outdoors, from the wonderful world of video games.

I am from the wonderful tastes of fried rice. from the action, adventure, mystery, and humor of movies. I am from the hard and difficult chores of everyday life, from the small seeds of a pomegranate.

I am from my very best and trustworthy friends, from the salty and buttery tastes of popcorn. I am from all genres of books, from the loyal and trustworthy pets. I am from a musical orchestra, from the snowy Winter season. -AJ

I am from “a little school with big ideas” nestled beside a lovely wetland in the Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle. I am from a world where kids say goodbye to parents in a multitude of languages but share a common voice affirming that “Sanislo is a learning community, dedicated to building responsible citizens and empowering all learners.” I am from inspired interns and hardworking teachers who have come together to inspire their students to be their best and to share their work with others.

I am from the goodness of heart of all who give so much to the lives of these young people, every day.

-Craig Seasholes, Teacher-Librarian Sanislo Elementary School, Seattle, WA

I am from leaping off a board into flight, from eating gooey spaezle. I am from every year, Christmas is a big deal. I’m from my friends reassuring me, and from working hard.

I am from buttered toast That makes my mouth water and that turns my stomach to jelly

I am from doing my chores, and from fairness and forgiveness.

I Am From A Caring family That Love Hug Teach Me New Things

I’m from Germany, and from Slovacia. I am from waking up on Easter and finding candy, eggs, and and presenrs lying in wait for me. I’m from pouring hard dog food into a bowl. I am from my great grand father, fighting for his life in World War II. I’m from trying my hardest to be kind, and from the energy that powers me daily.

I Am from music from the low cello to the fast piano from the piccolo to the tuba

Iam from my family, who loves me… they are the ones who inspire me to be great. I am the best that I can be. -ZK

I am from mistakes that we learn from and builds our character -AB

Parkour Forever I am from Parkour with friends of mine. I am from a Muslim culture and my trust is in Allah.

I am from a lot of memories about myself. I am from riding my bike and I hit a recycling bin full of glass. I am from beating my brother in wrestling.

I am from the African people of Somalia. I am from a P.E subject called basketball and oxygen game. I am from a fifth grade kickball team with Maryam, Aaliyah and Alexis. I am from a Frisbee team.

I am from a really nice family, I am black and white. I am from beans, steak and, fried chicken. I am from people that are really important to me and they are my mom my dad and all my siblings.

I am from nations of scary movies like INSIDOUS2 and Fredy Cougar of thousand or games.

I am from wearing sweats. I am from my home being not a mansion but pretty big,

- AA

I am from three bathrooms, four bed rooms, and six couches I don’t really have a front yard but I have a back. -ZS

I am from Seattle, I am from cold winds and icy winters, from throwing the first ball

at the Rainiers game. I am from Earl Gray tea and turkey sandwiches, from laid back and BrickCon.

I am from DIck’s DrIve-in, from my Grandma and Grandpa, from my mom and dad. Most of all A I am from my puppy. Pepper. -WW

I am from spicy, meaty Pho, to all cheese Quesadillas, flaming hot tacos to plain white rice, and juicy, tender roasted chicken to greasy burgers from the smell of my grandma’s and mom’s kitchen. I am from beating everyone at Mario Kart to Pokémon battles then Tetris with cousins from my game consoles. I am from skinny jeans and Vans or Nike shoes From my messy dresser and unorganized closet. I am from playing Ultimate Frisbee to messing around with friends in a scrimmage game of Football. I am from reading “The Hobbit”, “Cirque Du Freak”, And “Diary of a Wimpy kid” from my mini library. -AM

I am from taro and coconut meat. They‘re important because , They grow from seeds we plant and the taro recipe has been passed on for many generations found by my people. I from sugar canes that comes from the ground and bloom up like a cherry blossom tree. I am from Samoa its important because it’s an island my family and I live and come from and its important because its where all my relatives live . Its where we celebrate our family reunions where we sing and dance and have fun and its we here we get together and celeb rate holidays like flag day where we raise our flag and say our prayers and then we start singing and dancing . I’m am from long division its important because we learn how to do them and what they are and we learn how to drop and multiply and subtract the numbers and how to find the reminder and we learn how much the number geos into each other . I am from 3 brothers and 2 sisters and 1 mom and 1 dad they’re important because they are my family and I love them and they’re important because when I’m sick my family will always be there for me when I need them . -AF

I am from the white cold milk you put in your cereal. From the plane rice crispies snack you eat for snack. I am from the video game you play after your hard homework .

From the board game you play when you are bored . I am from the bloody scar you got on your knee. From the stiches you got from the horrible accident. -BE

I am from 6754 16th AVE SW, WA (Do not look me up on Google Maps.) From Seattle. I am from Washington, from the U.S., from Earth.

I am from cookies and milk e enjoying the warmth of the milk and dipping cookies to make it soft. From the best brothers.

I am from Pho ( Vietnamese noodles) , from very small goldfish that can digest food very fast so that “outputs” come out , in other words poop. (At least it’s small.)

I am from Terraria and milk drinking and fighting the boss SKELATRON in Terraria.

I am from footie pajamas (pajamas that cover your whole head except for your head, obviously.) from very exotic foods that I do not know the name of.

I am from snowball fights enjoying it and enjoying the cold weather.

I am from Vietnamese, from wearing bracelets that I will not take off currently. I am from quiet, but I am from very wild. (At home.) -TN

From the best game Terraria. I am from origami making awesome stuff! From origami that is boss and can move.

From awesome snowman’s and igloo. I am from México having warm days in the pool. From the hottest days too. -AP

I am from food like yummy sushi and crunchy eggrolls. I am from delicious grilled salmon, top ramen, juicy fruit, I am from hot fields and freezing water. I am from amazing friends

and reliable pets. I am from long beaches and refreshing coconuts. I am from homemade food steaming out from the kitchen.

cheesy pasta and from creamy crepes. I am from hand me downs, I am from jeans, sweaters and shirts. I am from leggings, socks and dresses. I am from fun books like manga, fantasy and fiction. I am from horror books and

I am from delicious pho.

scary tales.

I am from all of those wonderful

I am from music, I am from Requiem For


A Dream (the music not the movie)


I am from Fifth Harmony and Hatsune Miku, from pop, classical and rock. This is where I’m from and I am proud. -RP

I am from a place so nice and hot rivers and beaches are the nicest spots cliffs to jump from and splashes with laughter I love the water there because it’s warm and looks so fresh. I am from late night fires. Umm those juicy ribs. I am from stories of La Llorona and of crocodiles swimming through the river. I am from bonfires and steaming days at the park and crazy long fiestas with my whole family. I am from booming Mexican music and palm trees and flat lands. I maybe far from home but I guess it is an even trade because of all of the birds, zoos and animals. -RU

I am from a place full of memories that would shift from time to time, and tick tock for a lifetime, from clocks and towers that would change in every way. I am from a beach with calm waves and a colorful sunset, when I close my eyes I can hear the sound of chirping birds in my ear. When I look up at the sky I see a thousand colors of blue. I am from a crown and a sash from when I turn sixteen years old I become a girl in a fairy tale, from chiming bells and pedal of roses on the ground. I am from a place with hot weather that feels like a burning desert. From riding on motorcycles and feeling the wind blows in my face. I am from a place where there’s a sun headed straight towards my face. I am from sweet and sour grapefruit and juicy ripe mango. I am from a tropical jungle. -AP

I am from delicious clam chowder and loud parrots, I am from rice and beans. snakes all over scorpions. Sun all day long. Markets all over as the eye can see. Riding horses like a rodeo . Spanish specked all over the country.

I can’t understand a thang they are saying .

from acrylic friends.




I am from clucking chickens to happy endings, from wild birds singing songs to fresh steamy pasta. I am from “Big Bang” the boy band to slow songs, from “Vocaloid” characters to dubstep. This is where I’m from.


I am from a place with nice people, snake skimming throw the rain forest food made form real animal and fruit.

I am from the country of Vietnam different from America.

I am from bamboo that has rain water in the center leaf so big that can cover up a dog;

I live in a Vietnamese house in North America.

I am from roses so good to smell in your nose.

Washington State.

I am from houses made of wood, brick and clay

I am from the Asian country

I am from pretty picture in the house.

of Vietnam in my school and house.

I am from people that care about me.


I am from playing on console and playing with family.


I am from Seattle Washington from country of North America. I am from the United States of America from Vietnam.

I am from United States school from

I from stitches and sports, From soccer and snow forts. I am from apples and cups of water, From the goal you make From the ball you kick. I am from Cadillac, Michigan That hot/cold place

I am from pandas and lazy. I am from popcorn and videogames black box and school math movies and cookies pie playing out side

That has all the problems. That has over 2,000 people. And that is shaped like a boot! -CP

I am from monkeys and books TV and computers or phones and soda and snakes and PokĂŠmon -JA

I am from blueberry and strawberry smoothies. I am from cheesecake to strawberry cake . I am from hot sunny day’s to swim all day long. I am from the dirty street because so much people litter !!

I am from the beat of the music. I am from the starring TV. I am from the light blue sky to the dark blue ocean. I am from the thunder roar of the lighting well sometime I am from the seven boarding mall in Iraq . I am from friendly people.


I am from a place named El Salvador. From soccer and football. From carne asada. I am from Corrido and the cool music of Vicente Fernandez. I am from videos and movies. I am calle and mama from the forest and its beautiful nature. I am from this and so much more. -CI

I am from varieties of nature with gentle laughter, From soothing orchestra, I am from dancing pages of poetry, From mind blowing art, I am from bright summer with music in the wind, From creating happiness with a smile, I am from forests full of wonder, From graceful butterflies, I am from the moon to the sun, From planting gardens to create a whole new nature.

- DP

I am from frigid and drizzle days sipping my scorching cocoa. I am from swimming in the pools, lakes and sometimes in hailing the salty chlorine water feels bad in my nose. I am from going to Great Wolf Lodge going on the ‘Tornado water slide ‘with my dad, stepping on the slippery wet stairs feeling tense every stair I go up, that’s where I am from. -NC

I am from the blue Twin Fall, falling down From the noisy ,blue waterfall with the foggy air.

I am from gravity music flying away with

my fat cat from the bouncing fat cat

I am from the firing river Tigris From the legendary and firing tiger.

I am from dancing and singing in the dark like crazy with my cousin at my friends house when her mom doesn’t care from dancing and singing places.

I am from awesome and learning These years, about doing more math, reading, science, and language arts from my learning classes. I am from another part of my family That comes from Cashmere and Wenatchee,

that they are from a really far away place, It is almost going to the mountains,

I am from the sun, siting on my firing wolf From the amazing wolf galaxy far far away!

I am from really fun hot chocolate and some yummy bread with it.


Yeah. -DV

I am from the ocean blue sea from the southern of Madison Wisconsin. And the coldness and the windy wetness of Madison and likes to be with a nice family at the family fun center in the summer on a nice sunny day with your family. I am from the smelling taste of food and vegetables. The food my family likes. Chicken, chicken nuggets, bacon, eggs, sausage, juice, apple juice, orange juice. And for the dessert its Ice-cream, cake and now the fruits, and vegetables. Tomatoes and strawberries. Banana, orange, apple, kiwi, grapes, pear, carrots, watermelon, melon.

From loom bands are one of the fun things to do sometimes they are hard to make for other kids to be I am from loom bands are one of ball kind to use for little kids and sometimes they are really hard to make for me and loom bands are my favorite to do at home am from loom bands are so much fun to do you could make all kind of bracelets.

I am from loom bands they are my really to do at home and thank you for listening to my work.


I am from wet rainy days and the dry sunny ones I am from freezing, windy, rainy days, hanging out in my bedroom sipping delicious chai tea lattes, and in summer gobbling down coconut cream cake and cream puffs in my grandma’s front yard. I am from going to concerts in long flowing sparkling dresses. I am from different cultures from all around Europe and don’t forget about England.

I am from a family of humorous jokes and friends of lots of skill I am from Soup and Rice, which together as acronyms spell out my nick name I am from the good feeling of beating my opponents and the sweat smell of victory I am from fun board games such as Monoply, Life, and Pandemic

I am from “everyone has an imagination”

I am from “be out here rain or shine”, and “give a lap now!”

I am from make believed unicorns, dragons flying unipigs, fat cats with wings, and griffins.

I am from eating soup when I’m too busy to eat pho

- MC

And I am from everything that makes up my life. -EB

I am from tiny hamsters playing the piano with their delicate paws, From ferocious cats jumping over dogs.


I am from heavy rain pouring for days, from a fat stick thousands of feet in the sky.


I am from blue plaid shirts under fluffy warm jackets.


I am from eating strawberry rhubarb pie while reading Enders Game and the Mysterious Benedict Society.


I am from stressful concerts playing the loud and quiet piano and flute. -EA-W

I am from minty ice cream and falling Elephants. From the hot summery days I am from high dive boards from volley ball and soccer . I am from slipping and sliding


a hint of clumsiness

I am from salmon pink and jade green nail polish, from stylish hair and boots. I am from beef tacos and vanilla ice-cream. I am from

from ‘‘ P.s. BE Eleven , ‘fifty shades of gray’,

“Shut up” and “Is it okay if I did that to you?”

Bird in a Box from music and endless pag-

I am from Pho and Chicken noodle Soup, from time tick-

es of books and adventure .

tocking by as fast as a cheetah!

I am from gardening and getting dared to spray random people with the hose.

I am from sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets, from memories from when I was in kindergarten. I am from lovely people that pass by me every single

I am from pink and blue bicycles from lollipops to yoga then to Anima. I am from swimming and love ,hope, and ,faith.

day. I am from a world of sweet and sour fruit, from dresses, skirts and silky scarfs that are radiant colors. One more

This is where

thing I forgot

I’m from !

to tell you,


I am from trees (a lot). -EN

I am from eating Sambusas, and the smell of them at weddings. Having fun and dancing at every single wedding. I am from listening and dancing to my culture music.

I am from singing songs to playing soothing songs on the piano, from writing stories of my ADVENTURES!!

I am from designing my own room, and making it beautiful.

I am from varieties of music and calm birds in the sky, from beautiful nature and animals, from pretty cherry blossoms.

I am from a Muslim religion and trying my best to pray every day every time of the weekdays and weekends.

I am from drawing cute drawings of anime, from baking something yummy!!

I am from celebrating Eid, and celebrating and enjoying time with family and friends.

I am from my families love and our STRONG culture that makes us a family, from memories of our time together.

I am from playing ultimate Frisbee, and remembering the first time I ever thru a Frisbee.

I am from fasting in August, and doing that for me and my religion. I am from having fun with family and friends, from having and celebrating some holidays with family and friends. I am from a Sanislo Community, from a small school with big ideas. -FH

I am from a pair of sneakers to a pair of jeans , from my life of music!! -LP

I am from golden sky’s surrounding Big Ben and Roman Ruins in the middle of violent war. I am from Sabino Canyon with rocks in my sandals torturing my feet. From California were the sand slowly burns my feet until I get to my towel. I am from Arizona for it being to hot to breath. I am from cute puppy’s, cats and owls. From a generation of animal lovers.

I am from music specifically piano and singing. From “Spotfy” and “Groove Shark”. I am from loud concerts to quiet symphony’s. I am from soccer, The Sounders, football, The Seahawks and ultimate Frisbee. I am from “Money can’t buy everything” and “You can lead the horse to water but can’t make it drink.” From “I can open the door but you have the choice to walk in.” I am from fashion, dressing up and acting silly. I am from chasing my brother when I was two. From saying “you want a piece of me?!” in a princess costume. I am from B.B. guns, Nerf gun fights and loud rackets with my brother. I am from dreadful, soothing and joyful memories. All of these things are where I’m from. — LE

I am from fire breathing dragons from pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, and surrounded by shooting stars.

I am from “clean up yourself” from “close the door”. I am from delicious beef and broth, chicken and pho noodles for dinner, plus scrumptious Ravioli for lunch. I am from my family eating together with joy, from laughter to sadness and sorrow. I am all of those wonderful moments and memories.


Family Family is love , family is heart ,family is like love that never falls apart. Family!

Food Food is health, food is the thing we need, food helps us stay alive ,when our stomach is grumbling we say (food). Food!

Clothing Sometimes it’s cold sometimes it’s hot whether it’s cold or not. Clothing is beautiful .Its nice and it is loving clothing hides us all. Clothing! -HA

I am from eating my favorite foods . I am from playing football with my Brother . I am from books I like reading books in the winter . I am from a great Family . I am from a house that I lived in for 6 years . I am from a mom who is BOSSY! Sincerely -KD

I am from my sister, mom, aunts, and grandmas from my dad, cousins, uncles, and grandpas. I am from Palompon and Tacloban from the Philippines.

I am from Mom and Ricky, Benji and Enrique.

I am from Tacos, Rice, Posole, and candy.

I am from rice, legaw, and pork chop from lupia, and pansit canton.

I am from my first word saying Mom,

I am from the color green-blue, roses, and the season April from art, my pets, and gardening.

and my first step.

I am from zip lining over a raging river with my dad from learning to cook with my mom.

I am from playing video games.

I am from sunny skies with just a few clouds from being happy!



I am from Halo 4 and bacon cheeseburgers, from snowboarding and baseball. I am from roast beef and bacon, from milk and cookies. I am from Nitro circus and school, from Titian Fall and crazy siblings. -JB

I am from sandy beaches and drivers in a jeep from a loud parade on a street. I am from old street fighter video games in my big bed room from short weekends. I am from long music on TV commercials from holidays. I am from yummy adobo and dim sum at nice restaurants from lunch. I am from people speaking Tagalog in public at a huge mall. I am from the Philippines and China. -JR

I am from sanislo poetry anthology  

5th grade project at Sanislo Elementary School, Seattle WA