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Blackbirds CafĂŠ Twisp Wa.

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Space B - Blackbirds CafĂŠ: $219,000 3410 Sq. Ft Seating for 100 indoors Seating for 100 on patio Amphitheater on property Full Bar Semi-Open Kitchen Space A is available to rent: $1585/monthly Ideal space for: Bakery, Coffee Shop or other retail store. 1281 Sq. Ft. Drive thru Window Display Cases


Blackbirds Cafe is the perfect turn key restaurant for an experienced owner operator. Located in a high tourist traffic area. Full service restaurant and bar, outdoor seating and venue area. Beautiful design that you need to see to appreciate. The bar opens onto the patio overlooking the amphitheater. Local artists display their work in the restaurant to add to the charm.


The remodeled dining area was professionally designed by a restaurant specialist to layout over 100 dining seats. Steel framed mirrors that were hand crafted by a local artist, line the wall and add an illuminating atmosphere.


Blackbirds CafĂŠ re-development was designed with excellence and perfection in mind. Blackbirds owners left no detail untouched. This business opportunity includes $250,000 in top of the line restaurant equipment. With a successful background in restaurant equipment sales and brilliant eye for design, the owners transformed the interior to match the stunning exteriors that draws customers in. Buyers can easily see the prospect of additional revenue by offering catering packages and specialty items. This unique opportunity is available for an owner operator with experience running a successful restaurant. This restaurant and equipment package is priced reasonable at $219,000. Blackbirds CafĂŠ is the peaceful mountain living and prosperous entrepreneurship you have been dreaming about.


The dining room is enlarged with a semi open kitchen that offers everything you need for a complete grill menu. The new kitchen equipment and dining layout create a fluid system between the front and back of the house.


Space A is the perfect location for a bakery. Having this feature in the restaurant can offer more to customers than other local eateries. A bakery menu that served scones, muffins, and fresh focaccia bread made Blackbirds an icon for an upscale northwest bakery with a welcoming local flair. Customers are greeted with beautiful granite counters and cases. Offering a perfect spot for a bakery or coffee shop.

The relaxed lounging area with leather chairs offer guests a prime area to enjoy the morning with a pastry and latte. Local art hung on the wall, not only provides additional sales to artists, but adds to the experience for customers and staff alike.


Space A


Blackbirds is surrounded by beauty. Outside seating consists of approximately 1,000 square feet and comfortably accommodates 100 guests. The outdoor patio is perfect for a Sunday brunch or Friday night event at the amphitheater. The patio has also served as a great gathering place for cycling race awards ceremony, group and company parties and family celebrations. In the summer the eastern exposure is perfect setting for enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. The hot days in August are shaded by the beautiful trellis and cooling mist system.


For late night movies or shows, customers can find comfort in viewing the amphitheater from indoors. The service stations were designed to serve customers inside as well as on the outdoor patio.


Rental Options

Flexible Lease terms are available.


2008/2009 Utility Vs. Sales 2008-2009 Electricity Propane Water Trash Total Sales Utility Costs October $528.00 $108.00 $636.00 $24,563.00 3% November $1,813.00 $302.00 $2,115.00 $81,168.00 3% December $1,774.00 $796.00 $354.00 $342.00 $3,266.00 $61,596.00 5% Janruary $1,505.00 $2,223.00 $583.00 $371.00 $4,682.00 $51,868.00 9% February $1,875.00 $1,048.00 $173.00 $371.00 $3,467.00 $45,016.00 8% March $785.00 $1,041.00 $20.00 $371.00 $2,417.00 $44,335.00 5% April $1,871.00 $1,151.00 $238.00 $158.00 $3,418.00 $46,096.00 7% May $787.00 $836.00 $206.00 $290.00 $2,119.00 $43,955.00 5% June $2,000.00 $220.00 $326.00 $2,546.00 $35,923.00 7% July $666.00 $1,725.00 $229.00 $342.00 $2,962.00 $38,807.00 8% Monthy Average $1,408.00 $1,240.00 $278.00 $298.00 $2,763.00 $47,331.00 6%

Real Estate Growth in the Methow Valley

Information Provided by Caldwell Banker


The Methow Valley is located in north central Washington. The valley is a known, sunny and relaxed winter destination for world class, cross- country skiers and countless other winter sports. Summer months also bring a wave tourist into the valley to join the locals in indulging in organic produce at the Methow Valley Farmers Market in Twisp. Tourists and locals both enjoy the thriving artist community, lingering at the book stores, sports shops and bakeries. You can also participate in sporting events and festivals, which are held most weekends throughout the summer. The Methow Valley is about 200 miles northeast of Seattle. A wide variety of outdoor pursuits keep the crowds coming back. The Methow Valley Sports Trail Association has 120 groomed miles of trails to use for skiers, hikers, bikers and horse-back riders.


Contact US

For more information: Craig Bunney 425-530-7373

For more information on the valley check out these links:


Blackbirds Informational Book  

Blackbirds Cafe is a beautiful Bar and Restaurant for sale or lease in the Methow Valley.

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