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“On behalf of the board and staff of the Council I would like to welcome Úna to her new post. Úna is bringing an impressive skill set to the Crafts Council of Ireland in her position as CEO. In particular, her expertise in design, engineering, management, entrepreneurship and arts endeavours will guarantee the CCoI’s continued success in ensuring the long term sustainability and success of the Irish craft sector” said Gerry Wycherley, Chairman, CCoI.

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A chartered engineer, Úna comes to Kilkenny from Dublin, where her former position was as Industry Director of Engineers Ireland, Ireland’s largest professional body of 23,000 members. There she was responsible for the development and promotion of lifelong learning amongst engineers and promotion of engineering as a career of choice to students as well as the provision of services for more than 35 societies. “Even though there are differences between the crafts and engineering industries there are many synergies. From an organisational view point our roles and objectives are very similar, and from an industry perspective the challenges are not too dissimilar either. Education, innovation and life-long learning are key” said Úna. Previous to this, Úna studied mechanical engineering at Boston’s Northeastern University and is holder of a Masters of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Systems from Brunel University. She began her career with Braun in both Carlow and Frankfurt and later moved to parent company Gillette in Boston where she designed and developed machines used in manufacturing processes. After ten years, she joined Nixdorf Computers as a production engineer. This was followed by engineering and management positions with Bausch and Lomb in their Rayban Sunglass Division where she later became Global Strategy Manager responsible for implementing change across manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In 2000, Úna set up her own business, uPsolutions, offering consultancy to engineering, business and arts organisations. As director, Parsons organised exhibitions and conferences, oversaw print and design production and travelled extensively to international studios and exhibitions. In addition, Úna has served on several executive boards, including: Waterford Chamber of Commerce; Engineers Ireland;Waterford Healing Arts Trust and the Glass Society of Ireland. She is a former lecturer in Operations Management in Waterford Institute of Technology’s MBA programme. Commenting on her new post Úna said: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in such an exciting enterprise sector and to be part of its future success. Over the years I have developed a passion for collecting glass and have travelled extensively to learn more about the techniques and people involved in this ancient art form. The Council’s future strategic vision requires leadership, ownership and participation from all active members of the Crafts Industry. Our aim is to create a new public awareness and understanding of craft, encourage and stimulate innovation in product development and design, and to provide key market opportunities, business training, and life-long learning. Working together, I am confident that we can forge and secure a compelling future for the crafts Industry for the years ahead. I look forward to meeting and working with you all”.

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A Life in Colour: A Retrospective Exhibition of Irish Ceramic Artist John ffrench Hundreds turned out for the opening of ‘A Life in Colour: A Retrospective Exhibition of Irish Ceramic Artist John ffrench’ at the opening week of Kilkenny Arts Festival. John ffrench, his wife Primm, children and grandchildren made the journey from Kinvara in Galway and the USA for this much anticipated showcase of the great artists life’s work. Featuring pieces from 1951 to 2007, guests poured into the gallery to wander through a chronological showcase of his fantastically colourful creations. He acquired his pottery skills in Florence in the early 1950s. His subsequent travels in India and Iceland had brought many other influences to bear on his work, which show up in the different stages of his career. His Irish work was made in Kilkenny and Arklow in the 1950s and 60s prior to his move to the USA in 1969. Since 1993, he has also been producing work from his holiday studio at Kinvara, Co. Galway. His importance lies in the fact that his early work was so different from that of his contemporaries, and it predated the revolution that occurred in Irish ceramics in the 1970s by some twenty years. Because John lived in so many places, his work was very scattered and Peter borrowed pieces from family, friends and collectors based all over the world. He was particularly pleased to see so many of these people turn up for the opening. Guests on the day also included Sir Christopher Frayling, Chairman of the Arts Council of England and Rector of The Royal College of Art.

Extract taken from the John ffrench Exhibition Catalogue, ‘A life in Colour: A Retrospective Exhibition of Irish Ceramic Artist John ffrench’ by Peter Lamb. See page 3.

Curator Peter Lamb, was the ideal person to put this huge body of work together. A collector of Irish pottery, he became passionate about John’s work because it was “so different to everything else. His use of form was so free, his pieces had a lovely mediterranean sense of colour and, through his many travels, he had a wonderful sense of the freedom of international modernism.” Peter spent two years studying John’s work for an MA and when the Crafts Council of Ireland decided to honour the artist with their first ever lifetime achievement solo exhibition, he was the perfect man to put it together. “I was thrilled the Crafts Council of Ireland decided to honour John ffrench because of the important contribution he has made to Irish pottery. He initiated a trend that was taken up by younger Irish artists artists like Cormac Boydell. This retrospective has a huge educational value” said Peter. John ffrench, alone in this country, took his inspiration from the Mediterranean region, and introduced a much freer style into Ireland. Using bright majolica colours and the experimental forms of Italian



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“….Using bright colours and experimental forms of Italian modernism, he [John ffrench] introduced an excitement into Irish Pottery that had not been there before”. Peter Lamb, Exhibition Curator

modernism, he introduced an excitement into Irish pottery that had not been there before.

‘A life in Colour’ was opened by Dr. Pat Wallace, Director of the National Museum of Ireland. In his speech, he spoke of the immense contribution John ffrench has made to Irish Ceramics. He also spoke of the success of the joint purchase scheme between the National Museum and the Crafts Council of Ireland. Now almost five years old, he said it has “significantly increased the Museum’s holding of contemporary Irish applied art.” He went onto say that he would like to see this fund significantly increased to reflect the huge body of work now been made by Irish craftspeople. Indeed the Museum made another purchase on the day, adding one of John ffrench pieces to their permanent collection. Perhaps most encouragingly, Dr Wallace also said he had plans to develop the Design Department in the Museum as a reflection on the historical significance of national and international design of the 20th Century. This will include a look at the work of the Kilkenny Design Workshops, which made a major contribution to modern design in Ireland. The National Museum and the Crafts Council of Ireland will continue to co-operate on future exhibitions both in the Museum and the National Craft Gallery. After his speech, Dr Wallace was presented with a piece made by John ffrench. ‘A Life in Colour’ runs until 7th October 2007 at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny. For gallery opening times see page 28.

For more National Craft Gallery News & Reviews see pages 26 - 28

A beautifully illustrated and detailed catalogue accompanies ‘A Life in Colour: A Retrospective Exhibition of Irish Ceramic Artist John ffrench’. To purchase a copy contact: Sir Christopher Frayling (Rector Royal College of Ar t also Chairman of the Ar ts Council of England) and John ffrench at John's exhibition of work in the National Craft Gallery

The National Craft Gallery Kilkenny. T: 056 7761804, E-mail:


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Department Store & Garden Centres Project - an update After a very productive meeting with interested makers, in the Aisling Hotel in Dublin, a group of 18 makers submitted product for pre-selection and feedback for Arnotts Department Store in Dublin and the Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre in Co. Carlow. Buyers from each outlet gave very positive and constructive feedback as to the type of product that would appeal to their customer base and this information was provided to the makers. Discussions are on-going with Arnotts - however, we feel that offering retailers one point of contact (i.e. one invoice, one delivery, one sales negotiator) is not currently an option and other alternatives are being investigated. Indepth discussions took place with the Arboretum team, and a decision was taken to put forward a selection of craft tailored to their consumer in mid September. Their depth of understanding as to their consumers needs was impressive and has given the makers involved a real feel for the type of product that will be required.The aim is to have a dedicated craft area in-store by mid-February 2008.This will act as a pilot and if it is successful we hope to work with other lifestyle-focused Garden Centres around the country. Both of these projects are part of the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Access strategy - which also includes the Regional Access Programme (see update on page 5) and which will include a Retailer Relationship Programme (currently under development) for existing retailers - to encourage them to stock more volume and variety of craft and to assist where possible the promotion of craft to consumers.

Kieran Forde

If you would like to get involved in future access projects please register your interest in Retail Access Programmes with Emma or Mary E: and we will keep you informed of opportunities as they arise.

Lifestyle Area & Trend Seminars

Planning is well under way for Showcase 2008. Following the success of previous years, we will be continuing with the Lifestyle Area and the Trend Seminars with Michelle Lamb. The next issue of Stopress will feature an interview with Michelle - so watch this space. We are currently finalising the themes or trends that will be depicted in the Lifestyle area and an e-mail will be going out to all CCoI Showcase exhibitors in late September calling for product under these themes - so if you are exhibiting in 2008 (either on your own or on a group stand) please keep an eye out for the e-mail. If you have not booked or confirmed your stand, please do so as soon as possible to increase the your chances of inclusion in this promotion. The purpose of the Lifestyle Area is to highlight to buyers the current and upcoming trends and to show them how well craft responds to these trends. This has proven very popular with buyers and members of the media - often making them look at craft items in a new light. For further information contact: Nicola Doran T: 056 7796153 E:


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Regional Access Two New Regional Craft Outlets are Under Development Congratulations to the two groups that were selected by an independent panel for the Regional Access 2007 project. In total 11 consortia made up of groups of makers and their regional funding bodies applied for participation in the project. Competition was stiff - and the selectors were very impressed both with the standard of application received and the level of commitment from the groups involved.The two groups selected are:

Offaly Westmeath Craft & Design - which will open an outlet in Ballinahown, Co.Westmeath in November 2007 and, Samhlaiocht Chiarrai / Blue Umbrella - a joint initiative by two Kerry based groups, which will develop outlets in Kerry in the near future

“making craft more accessible to consumers in regions where it is currently under-represented”

“This project has been designed to make a very real impact - making craft more accessible to consumers in regions where it is currently under-represented in the retail environment” explains Orla Casey of Momentum Consulting who is the Project Manager. “The holistic nature of the project - which brings makers, funders and Crafts Council of Ireland together - will ensure that it addresses a broad range of needs such as; commercial and business skills, product development, marketing and much more. More importantly it will enable the makers in these regions to make sales - and potentially to open the door to other retailers.” The aim is that a minimum of 75% of the product stocked will be from the immediate region with the option of sourcing up to 25% of the stock from other counties in Ireland - thus opening up sales opportunities from makers throughout the country. A call out for the next round of the Regional Access project will take place in early 2008

- interested groups should contact Nicola Doran T: 056 7796153 or Orla Casey T: 086 2606304

eBay - An Update

CCoI, in conjunction with eBay Ireland, ran an information seminar on the 18th of September aimed at highlighting the potential of eBay as a sales route for Irish craftspeople. eBay Ireland had approached CCoI because they believed from their research and experience that there is a very real opportunity to sell Irish craft on eBay. The purpose of the seminar was to enable craftspeople:

• • •

to weigh up if eBay is for them to learn the tools to get selling to hear about further options - if they find that eBay is working for them, such as group selling

There is likely to be further eBay Seminar opportunities happening in the regions over the coming months - so keep an eye out in Stopress and/or the CCoI website for further updates, If you would like to be contacted regarding eBay information or updates: please e-mail to be added to the eBay

information mailing list.


Craft Community Forum Through the ‘Craft Community’ section of Stopress, CCoI are happy to facilitate a FORUM AREA for constructive debate amongst craft enthusiasts. The views in this forum are therefore the views of individuals and are not necessarily the views of the Crafts Council of Ireland.

Craft & Criticism


Since posing the question of the need for Opinion/ Analysis/ Criticism in the last issue of Stopress I got a good bit of positive feedback in person, by phone and by email, two of which are printed on the opposite page. It all started when I was at Bruce Metcalf ’s lecture on critical writing of crafts in SOFA last year. The lecture was printed in the last issue of Stopress (July / Aug, Issue 16, 2007). After the lecture I was involved in a heated conversation on criticism with the writer Patrick O’Keeffe and Eleanor Flegg. Patrick’s book ‘The Hill Road’ was published the year before. He has been the butt of some bad reviews but also has had some great reviews and has won two major literary awards for his book in the USA. Eleanor will be known to most of you as a contributor to Stopress, a regular writer for the Sunday Times and in interior and gardening magazines. She is the editor of the Design Portfolio in the Irish Arts Review. I’m delighted that she has added to the debate with this article. So what’s the future of this debate? I believe there is a need for further written analysis of craft in Ireland! So who out there is going to write our leading article for the next issue? What’s your opinion on the state of crafts in Ireland at the moment? Do you have the know how to write a review of a craft exhibition that’s on at the moment?

Write in to (and put ‘dialogue’ in the subject bar) and let’s get the debate moving forward.

Seamus Gill (Silversmith)

The Craft Forum Subject: Craft & Criticism Response by: Eleanor Flegg, Freelance Writer & Journalist

Dear Seamus, Many thanks for raising these interesting questions. I travelled to SOFA Chicago in 2006 and attended Bruce Metcalf ’s lecture, which raised several important issues with regard to Irish craft. I’ve long been aware that craft journalism in Ireland is promotional rather than critical. From a personal point of view I’ve tended to avoid writing about work that I didn’t like because of the fear of damaging someone’s career. But I’m also aware that craft would benefit from critical writing. Unless there is an element of debate, writing about craft will quickly become anodyne; a series of pretty press releases will do the craft sector no good at all. If writing about craft is to be taken seriously it must criticise as well as praise. There has been a general reluctance to launch a media debate on Irish craft, and I can see several reasons for this. At least until recently craft in Ireland has been perceived as a vulnerable sector.This leads to the assumption that Irish craft isn’t strong enough to take criticism. My feeling is that craft in Ireland has grown through that early and vulnerable phase and is now robust enough to stand up to a bit of debate. A debate on craft requires many voices, each expressing a particular critical standpoint.There are currently too few people writing about craft in Ireland, and too few publications covering craft in depth. For example, there is scant coverage of craft in the Irish Times. I would like to see more journalists taking an interest in craft, with regular reviews in all the national newspapers and relevant magazines. I also feel that there is room for many levels of debate. Craft is a specialised field and most craft writers don’t have sufficient knowledge to comment on the technical aspects of particular crafts. It is easy to get out of one’s depth. It’s relatively straightforward to gain an appreciation of the aesthetic qualities of craft pieces, and to research their historical background, but when it comes to glazes and firing temperatures, for example, you’re basically taking the craftsperson at their word. I think that this means that specialists also

need to write and to publish their opinions.The debate has room for the opinions of craftspeople, academics, and collectors as well as journalists. One of the reasons that I am keen on the idea of generating debate is that I feel that Irish craft has a lot to lose. In my opinion the Irish work at SOFA held its own in an international context, on its own terms. It had a subtlety and emotional depth that was by no means universal at the show.The Irish work was much smaller in scale than its American counterparts and it seemed to stem from an older and deeper cultural heritage than many of the American pieces. While it avoided the kitsch motifs that have historically been a part of Irish work for the American market, it retained a sense of its own identity, and of working within the historic traditions of Irish craft.The work was by no means old fashioned or retrospective, but it was true to its roots. And that, when combined with an openness to new ideas, is an admirable quality. A large amount of the American work on display at SOFA 2006, especially in glass and ceramic, was too big, too gaudy, and too garish. Some of it was frankly ostentatious. America has fine makers and a highly developed aesthetic, and this was evident at the show, but there were also a large number of regrettable pieces for sale at enormous prices. It is a good and necessary thing that Irish craft is emerging from insularity, but I hope that it can maintain its character. I hope that Irish craft doesn’t put on the Emperor’s New Clothes. Finally, I think that the lack of critical writing on craft is it not without benefit. Contemporary art criticism doesn’t always benefit art. In some ways it is self serving, self perpetuating, promotes snobbery, and limits artists. Craft is a remarkably unpretentious environment. Long may it remain so. Best wishes,

Eleanor Flegg


Craft Community Forum

The Craft Forum

The Craft Forum

Subject: Craft & Criticism

Subject: Craft & Criticism

Response by: Laura Mays, Furniture-maker

Laura is part of ‘Yaffe Mays Furniture’

Response by: Sara Flynn, Ceramicist

Dear Seamus,

Dear Seamus, I enjoyed Seamus Gill’s call for craftworkers to enter into dialogue about the industry and the practice of being a Maker. In particular the idea of criticism and the role of the critic got me thinking and here are some thoughts on the subject. Criticism is vital in order for development to occur. Stagnant work is bad both for the Maker’s confidence and career. But we’re sensitive creatures and take what we do to heart, so we have to create a way of seeing criticism as a valuable tool to further the work rather than reject it and take ourselves away to lick our wounds. Easier said than done but worth the effort. Become your worst critic and the rest will sting less. Criticism has to begin ‘at home’. I believe one of the essential (and undervalued) skills required is to constantly strive to improve our work. Stand back from the work frequently and ask such questions like, in my case, what if elements were changed ie. scale, form, colour, surface quality etc? How would these changes inform the piece? True, the answers will probably put us out of our comfort zone and frustrating times may follow while we try to resolve new ideas. However it is vital to have a healthy lack of reverence to what we make and to understand the fundamental rule…the next piece might be better. In fact, the next piece SHOULD be better. As we hone our skills, tune into our materials, research further what we are making and why we are making it, the end result must surely be a stronger body of work. At least that’s what we hope for and it might not always succeed, but the challenge is exciting and mostly fulfiling. Some days in the studio the voice inside my head is one full of encouragement and anticipation of the thrill of improved work. On bad days that voice reminds me of many school reports… “Plenty of ability, must try harder”. Whether the voice is a nurturing mentor or dreaded school teacher it might just be the spark of an idea or suggestion the presents the challenges that put the excitement back in the work.

Sara Flynn

I can't begin to tell you how pleased, thrilled even, I was to read your piece in the most recent Stopress. It has been a growing preoccupation of mine that there is little or no critical thinking and writing around the subject of craft beyond the level of, as you say, thinly veiled promotion in the interiors sections of newspapers, particularly in this country. It has become such a preoccupation in the last year that I signed up to do an MA on the topic with the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Industrial Design Department.This begins in September, and in fact, since enrolling, I've been doing a bit of web-surfing and research, and finding out that there is quite a lot of debate/writing going on in blogs and websites. I'm still at the early days of delving in, but so far, I've found the following websites of interest:,, What is interesting is the range of connections that can be made with craft: political, sustainability, feminism, art and design issues (eg, ideas about authorship and value). At the moment I have no idea how I'm going to untangle some of these threads. In the meantime I continue to ponder the questions posed by Bruce Metcalf in the transcript of his lecture in the last Stopress. I very much hope that this debate/forum can take off in some way, and I look forward to contributing to it in the future. Thank you for getting the ball rolling.


Craft & Criticism International Resources

‘Critical Writing on Crafts: Who Benefits’

Lecture by Bruce Metcalf, published in CCoI newsletter Stopress 16, July/Aug, 2007). Stopress is also available to download from the CCoI website.

Web Resources to bookmark - Up-coming International Canadian Craft Conference designed to further develop critical thinking, theory and history in relation to the crafts. - Craft Research is the blog for the Craft Research team at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, UK. Their current research is entitled: ‘Past, Present & Future Craft Practice: exploration of the inter-relation between skill, intent and culture’. - Craft Culture is dedicated to publishing articles that respond to new works, ideas and methodologies in contemporary craft. It is published

by Craft Victoria. - An investigation of the role played by making in the design process. If you know of any other resources that may be of interest to this forum please send them to and put ‘Dialogue’ in the subject bar.


News and Reviews

Education Crafts Council of Ireland’s

Winners Announced An air of excitement surrounded the CCoI 3rd Level Awards interviews this year as the panel celebrated superb skills, remarkable work and flashes of brilliance. Standards were high all round as the panel selected the graduate and postgraduate showing most potential to develop careers as craft practitioners. This year two awards of €2,500 were made to Gearoid Muldowney, National College of Art and Design and Derek Wilson, University of Ulster. Derek Wilson, University of Ulster

In its second year, the CCoI 3rd Level Awards scheme is already establishing itself as an important element of the hectic run up to final undergraduate and postgraduate shows. The process of formulating a proposal for the next steps after graduation and then, in late June, presenting it to an independent panel is proving an excellent way to focus on continuing creative development towards a professional career. The awards can be used to acquire additional skills or training, for travel, research, equipment or materials, studio costs or promotional materials.

Gearoid Muldowney, NCAD

much of an interview where they will be rigorously questioned, but a conversation about their thinking and their plans. All seemed very comfortable and impressively confident.” Alice Kettle says, “It is a two-way process. We are there to be encouraging and supportive”. Many of the nominees made the most of the panel’s experience. “We’re all makers and we’ve been in business for a long time and I think many of the candidates appreciated the opportunity to ask for advice; some gained quite a lot out of it,” says Grainne Morton.

All eligible colleges made nominations this year: Crawford College of Art and Design, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Letterfrack Furniture College, Limerick School of Art and Design, National College of Art and Design and the University of Ulster.

Out of the 17 nominees, 14 were able to attend the interview. The panel, using clear criteria to assess proposals, was looking for an indication of how the award would impact on a nominee’s future. “Most were convincing applications, showing how the money would enable them to take some step forward in their development,” says Jack Doherty. Alice Kettle agrees: “This year, projects were much more clearly defined and well thought through so one could see how the proposal could fit into their practice.”

Having thoroughly enjoyed the interviewing process last year, the members of the original panel returned to select 2007’s graduate and postgraduate awardees. Ceramicist Jack Doherty, textile artist Alice Kettle and jeweller Grainne Morton were delighted to note the overall standard of submissions was even higher this year.

While merits of several strong contenders for the graduate award needed to be debated by the panel before they reached a unanimous decision to make the award to Gearoid Muldowney, when it came to the postgraduate award, all three members of the panel felt Derek Wilson’s work and proposal were clearly outstanding.

Once again nominees appreciated the positive and relaxed ambience the panel create. Jack Doherty explains, “we try to impress on nominees that it is not so

“I see an awful lot of ceramics and I’m very cynical,” says Jack Doherty, “but I was bowled over by Derek’s work. It is beautifully conceived and beautifully made.

9 Unusually, I wasn’t disappointed by any aspect of the finished ceramics. He is taking his work in exactly the right direction and demonstrated a way of moving his career forward. His work and his proposal fitted together perfectly.” Jack Doherty predicts that he will be a star. Grainne Morton agrees:“Derek’s work is superb, already of gallery standard: I can definitely see him making it. He was more focussed and clearly on a mission to work on the design side.” For Alice Kettle, Derek’s work was sophisticated, thoughtful and unique and had “a kind of refined presence, some quality of excellence”. She recalls the excitement the panel felt at the combination of the work and the proposal that will open Derek’s future in the international field: “He has a wonderful future,” she declares. For Derek, the future is now bright, but he remembers the weeks leading up to his final show as something of a nightmare as he mastered the process necessary to create his exquisite sculptural forms. While coping with a series of “kiln disasters” and completing other MA components, he was also compiling a detailed application for Craft NI’s business start up programme, Making It, as well as his submission for the 3rd Level Awards. Derek knew exactly what he wanted to propose to CCoI - a six week residency next Spring at the International Ceramic Research Centre, Guldagergaard, Denmark - and spent a considerable amount of time over the application. A hub for professional and emerging ceramicists seeking to advance their artistic development, the centre is an ideal place to begin building an international network. Derek can look forward to workshops, thematic symposiums, lectures and preparing for an exhibition in Denmark at the end of his stay. “As well as giving me a period away from my comfort zone, I’m looking forward to the inspiring people I’ll meet there and to interacting with the artists in residence.The idea is to broaden my horizons to reach a more European perspective.” Graduating from UU with a B.A. Hons. in 1999, Derek realised he didn’t have the skills to make a living: “Degree courses are not skills oriented. It’s all very exciting and experimental, but you are sheltered from the outside world.” He knew the CCoI Pottery Skills Course would be the best route. “Intense, strictly run and a fabulous opportunity to learn so many skills,” is how Derek describes the course from which he graduated with a distinction in 2002, before gaining three years’ experience as a production potter and going back to UU to focus on his own designs through the M.A. in Applied Arts. Derek is confident about the direction of his next move. “This will give me the opportunity to explore and learn new skills. I aim to try to get into international galleries and build a good reputation not just for myself but for Irish ceramics.” Now that he has been accepted onto the Making It programme, allowing for a

Derek Wilson

News and Reviews two year residency at UU, Derek sees his award having a beneficial ripple effect. “Because I’ll be coming back inspired by the people I’ve met at Guldagergaard, interacting with students and passing on what I’ve experienced, the award is not just for me. It is just so rewarding at the end of the MA to have this support from CCoI. I admire Jack Doherty a lot and to know that he and the other members of the panel have that faith in me is fabulous,” says Derek. His advice to this year’s final year students? “It is such a difficult point in your career - leaving college, stepping out into the big wide world. The 3rd Level Awards are so encouraging for both BA and MA students and the more you put into the award, the more you’ll get out.” The graduate awardee, Gearoid Muldowney of NCAD, impressed the panel with both his work and his approach to developing a career as a craft designer. Gearoid specialised in the metals area while studying in the craft design department, but extensive research into Ireland’s craft traditions and indigenous materials led him in a whole new direction. Following an Erasmus year where he noted how the Finns’ respect for their traditions translates into affordable hand made objects for everyday use, he set about exploring crafts in Ireland from basketry to textiles to wall building. Inspired to use traditional materials and techniques to create something relevant to contemporary life, Gearoid presented leather bags including laptop bags using felted hand knit Aran inside. “Gearoid seemed to sum up everything these awards are about: refining your making, understanding your materials, pushing out the boundaries,” says Alice Kettle. The panel admired his witty approach and willingness to take risks. “We were captivated by the uniqueness of what he was doing and his intelligent way of working, talking to industry, acquiring knowledge. We saw a flash of brilliance that can be developed and the award gives us the opportunity to say ‘run with it, prove yourself ’”. Grainne Morton was impressed with the combination of contemporary designer savvy and craft, business sense and quirkiness. “I could really see Gearoid’s bags taking off at Barney’s in New York or in the Japanese market. The laptop bags have a very clever design - using Aran as cushioning and the closing/locking mechanisms were interesting.” Jack Doherty liked the way in which Gearoid had set out to do something different from anyone else, slightly expanding the parameters, setting out to be a craft designer. “He had a very different approach to how he saw his career developing, planning to commission other makers and using traditional elements in a very modern way.” Gearoid thoroughly appreciated the opportunity the interview provided to have a debate with makers with years of experience and is thrilled that “the members


News and Reviews of the panel were excited about my work and able to visualise where it could go.They all had different ideas of how it could develop”.

The panel recognises how small the window of opportunity is around the interviews, sandwiched between degree shows and New Designers, but Alice

Being involved in the 3rd Level Awards, Gearoid has found, keeps the energy created at the end of the academic year alive and says the opportunity to get feedback from independent people outside college is invaluable: “Hopefully your tutors are honest enough to point out what is worth pursuing and what isn’t, but if not, you might come out completely deluded about your progress. Preparing for the award interview forces you to take a serious look at what you have done and explain what could be achieved in the future.”

Kettle says colleges this year seemed to have planned ahead to make the most of all opportunities. “This year it felt as if everyone knew what they were doing. Colleges and nominees seem to have taken note of the panel’s comments last time. In particular we had emphasised how important it is to bring samples of work and everyone did.”

The award means Gearoid can progress to a feasibility study with a view to achieving more marketable designs and producing a batch of perhaps 200 of two of his bags. Long term, he hopes the connections he will make over the next couple of years, from small factories to craftspeople, will lead to dynamic collaborations across disciplines.

Tutors did an excellent job in identifying those who could benefit from these awards say the panel and their statements were extremely helpful during the interviews.There were also fewer “partly formed” submissions this year, says Jack Doherty “The majority were well researched but there were still a few ‘woolly’ ones from people who saw the money as a top up”. Grainne Morton also noted that one or two submissions were a little sketchy, but says overall the standard was much higher than last year.The panel was impressed with the professionalism

Gearoid Muldowney

Alice Kettle reminds all those who did not receive an award that, as nominees, they are already the best of the best:“It is so important to have confidence when you leave college, to know that those around you value what you do, so it’s wonderful to have the endorsement of a nomination. Probably all of the nominees will do very well so, in a way, the interviews are a celebration of everything they are doing.” All 17 nominees should feel extremely gratified to have been selected, says Jack Doherty, and appreciate the benefits of the awards process. He sympathises with having blinkers on as the deadline of the degree show approaches: “You tend to be driven towards the end-of-course exhibition and not see beyond it, but you are leaving a sheltered environment and will have to find your feet in a completely different place. Applying for this award allows an opportunity to think beyond the end of the year and focus on what happens next. Leaving college and stepping out into the professional world is a precarious and uncertain business: take every step possible to maximise your chances of succeeding,” says Jack. Alice agrees:“Whether you win the award of not, the process of filling in the form and going for the interview will help. It is difficult, but healthy, to think beyond the end of the year. Otherwise, there may be a big vacuum after the show.” Grainne Morton points out the awards also offer a great opportunity to get to know CCoI and discover the range of assistance available for makers.

of the nominees: “It was interesting to see how they were applying their presentation skills, using the internet, reaching out to their markets,” says Alice. For the interview, she suggests limiting supportive materials to the strongest rather than bringing too many student sketch books. Alice Kettle sums up the panel’s enthusiasm throughout the interviews. “The nominees were very strong this year, remarkable in fact, and some of them will be very, very successful. We felt as though we were witnessing burgeoning careers.”

“The awards can be used to acquire additional skills or training, for travel, research, equipment or materials, studio costs or promotional materials”.


News and Reviews

FACT Project: Fine Art & Craft Together A 2nd Level Education Pilot Initiative The Crafts Council of Ireland is pleased to be working in partnership with local arts education providers Butler Gallery and Kilkenny County Council Arts Office to pilot a collaborative art/craft based project for transition year students. The project will run from September - December 2007 and is designed to:

• • • •

promote art, craft and design as a realistic career option improve visual literacy in schools align fine art and craft practices encourage cross-pollination of skills between practitioners.

The pilot programme aims to develop a model of practice for artists and craftspeople working in post primary schools, suitable for national replication. It will require a collaborative approach to developing a programme for transition year students, and will facilitate the sharing of skills between visual artists and craftspeople.The in-school programme will run for a period of 20 hours over 10 weeks from September to December 2007. Following a call out for interested artists and craftspeople, the following have been selected by an independent specialist panel:

• • • • • •

Frances Traynor (glass) Polly Minett (papermaking) Anne Harrington-Rees (fibre/basketry) Brigitta Varadi (textiles) Anne Mulrooney (sculpture) Debra Bowden (printmaking)

The Crafts Council would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in this project, and to congratulate those who were selected.We look forward with anticipation to the outcomes of this new venture. Further information is available from Sharon Rollston,

CCoI Education Programme Manager T: 056 77 61804 E:

RDS Announces Winners of National Crafts Competition Aileen Johnston from Glenealy, Co. Wicklow has been awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence at the 2007 RDS National Crafts Competition for her entry in the contemporary embroidery category. Her magnificent, highly detailed embroidered Book of Hours with text and illustrations features a mix of hand embroidery, beading and machine embroidery. Aileen’s work won the admiration of the group of international judges who had the difficult task of selecting this year’s winning works from over 400 craft entries. Second place overall went to Gary Leahy, Newport, Co. Mayo for his hand-made Violin Bow which also won the Crafts Council of Ireland Purchase Award.The RDS New Entrants Prize was awarded to Brian Lofthouse, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, for his F-hole Mandolin in the musical instruments section, while Geraldine Grubb, Clonlara, Co. Limerick, scooped the RDS Graduate Prize for her ceramics entry, Knell. The RDS Crafts Winners Exhibition will travel to: SpaceCRAFT, Belfast; Craft Granary, Cahir, Co.Tipperary; and, Mullingar Arts Centre, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath before returning to the RDS for the National Crafts & Design Fair in December 2007.

For a full list of 2007 Winners & Exhibition Dates/Venues visit: or t. 01-2407255

News and Reviews


CRAFT-IT Paypal A popular way to send & receive money on-line NOTE: This series of Craft-IT articles is for informational purposes only

In the last issue of CRAFT-IT (July August 2007, No: 16) we looked at the the new worldwide on-line market opportunities opening up for sellers on E-bay. In this issue we take a closer look at PAYPAL - a method used by millions of people, businesses and E-bay sellers and buyers to pay on-line and receive money safely and easily. With PayPal anyone with an e-mail address can securely, conveniently and quickly send and receive money online. PayPal never shares financial information with the recipient, so privacy is built in. This guide reviews the simple steps to set up a free PayPal account, send money and request money.

How to open a PayPal Account

1. Go to Click on “Sign Up Now!” in the box on the top of the page. 2. Choose a Personal, Premier or Business account and the country of residence: Personal accounts can send payments to and receive payments from anyone with an e-mail address for free. Business and Premier accounts are charged a small fee to receive credit card payments. 3. Insert personal contact information: In the Account Sign Up page, a user enters his or her name and contact information, including mailing address. Because this address will be used to confirm the credit card or banking information, the user should ensure its accuracy.The phone number is used by PayPal only for account verification purposes. A user’s financial information is never shared with any seller or merchant. 4. Enter the e-mail address and password: A user’s e-mail address is the account user name.The password must be at least eight characters long and is case sensitive. 5. Choose a security question and answer: In the event of a forgotten password, security questions are used to verify the user’s identity. 6. Read the user agreement and privacy policy: Agreeing to these policies indicates a user understands the rules and procedures for a PayPal account. 7. Confirm the e-mail account: Once this process is complete, PayPal will send an e-mail to the user to confirm the address. The e-mail will request the user to click on a link.This link directs a user to PayPal’s log-in page where he or she will be asked to enter the password and e-mail address. 8. Add a checking or credit card account: A user enters his or her checking or credit card account details on this page. 9. Confirm the bank account: The user’s bank account must be confirmed before the user can add funds or send money via his or her bank account.To confirm, PayPal will make two small deposits into the bank account that was added.The user should check his or her bank statement within 2-3 business days to find out the exact amounts of these two deposits. With that information, the user will log into his or her PayPal account, click the “Confirm Bank Account” link and enter these amounts.This process is an important security measure that increases the safety of PayPal’s payment network.

How to send money with PayPal:

A user purchasing an item online from a seller that accepts PayPal should rest assured that the company will not share any financial information with this seller. 1. Click “Send Money” from the PayPal account overview page: Clicking on the “Items Won eBay” tab under recent activity will also take a user to auction items that require payment. 2. Click on “Pay Anyone,” or “Pay for eBay items:” To send money to anyone, enter the recipient’s e-mail address and the amount for payment.The payment type drop-down box allows the user to indicate the transaction type (eBay items, auction goods, goods, service, etc.). Click “Continue,” review the confirmation page, and then “Send Money” to complete the transaction.


News and Reviews

If a user’s PayPal account is tied to his or her personal bank account and is not backed up with a credit card, the transaction will be based on eChecks, an electronic checking method that will take three to four business days to clear. A user that selects “Pay for eBay items,” should enter his or her eBay user ID and password.The recent winning auction items will be listed with the option to pay with PayPal. 3.The funds will automatically be withdrawn from the user’s PayPal account or bank account.

How to receive money with PayPal:

Anytime another user sends money using PayPal, the recipient will receive an e-mail notification indicating the name of the person who sent the money and the amount sent. By following these steps funds will be credited to the recipient’s PayPal account balance. 1. Click on the “Request Money” tab: A user can request money from several people at once by separating the e-mail addresses with a comma. Fill out the form and click “continue.” 2. Review the confirmation page: The confirmation page will display the recipient, recipient’s status and the amount requested. Here, a user can either edit the information or finalise the request by clicking “Request Money,” which automatically sends an e-mail request for the funds to the user. Once the user receives this e-mail request, he or she must log into PayPal to send the funds. 3.The funds will appear in the recipient’s PayPal account, instantly, once the user sends them. The funds will appear as a balance on the “Account Overview” page. With PayPal, sending money and making online purchases has never been more convenient or more secure. For more information about opening a PayPal account or sending and receiving money, log on to: For any questions about the safety of buying online visit the PayPal Security Center at or by clicking the “Security Center” link on the bottom of any PayPal page.

eBay and PayPal Online Safety Tip Sheet Shopping Safely Online

Consumers can take a few simple measures to protect themselves when shopping online. Online fraud can be deterred by using common sense and following safe-shopping guidelines, such as:

• Learn as much as possible about the product and merchant: Shoppers will feel more secure and confident if they are familiar with the merchants from whom they’re • • • • •

buying. They can learn about products from reviews and comments by other shoppers, like those available through eBay’s Feedback Profile, where users wear their reputations on their sleeves based on previous transactions. Understand merchants’ refund policies: For merchants without refund policies, consumers should investigate whether buyer-protection programs are offered to ensure that, if a problem occurs, payment will be covered or refunded. PayPal Buyer Protection offers eBay buyers up to $1,000 of coverage for qualified transactions. Choose a secure password to protect account information and change it every 30 days. Use a secure checkout and payment process, like PayPal, that does not share financial information: PayPal never discloses a buyer’s financial information to a seller, so privacy is built right into the service. Do not download attachments, software updates or applications that come in an e-mail: Often, harmful computer viruses or spyware can find and transmit information from files. If an offer sounds highly suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is: Practice the same common sense in the online world that applies to shopping offline.

How to Identify and Avoid Spoof

One of the biggest threats to the security of your online accounts and your identity is spoof, or phishing.To avoid spoof and phishing, consumers should look for the following characteristics purporting to be from legitimate companies and banks:

• An urgent request to reveal personal information: Fraudulent e-mails often request the recipient to enter sensitive personal information, such as user IDs, passwords

to online accounts and credit card numbers. Vishing (or voice phishing) is one of the latest iterations of spoof e-mails. These e-mails direct PayPal customers to call phone numbers and enter their account information on an automated voice system. eBay and PayPal will not ask you to enter personal or financial information via e-mail or automated voice system. • A threat to an account: Some spoof e-mails declare the recipient’s account is in jeopardy and that personal information must be provided via e-mail, in a Web form or calling a phone number to keep the account from being closed. Companies like PayPal and eBay will not ask you to enter personal or financial information through e-mail, in a Web form or via an automated voice system. • A request to click on a link in an e-mail, download an attachment or call a phone number: Even if a legitimate company’s name appears in the URL, links that look as if they connect to a particular site may be fake. To access a site securely, always open a new browser window and manually type in the Web site address. Do not download attachments or software updates that come in an e-mail. Neither PayPal nor eBay will ask members to download applications or attachments from an e-mail. • A fraudulent Web site that looks like a legitimate company or bank site: To help protect its members, eBay developed the eBay Toolbar with Account Guard. The Account Guard indicator on the eBay Toolbar changes color to show whether a user is on a verified or a potential spoof Web site, and alerts users with a pop-up warning when they try to enter their passwords on a site that is not eBay or PayPal.To download the eBay Toolbar, visit A user who receives an e-mail that he or she suspects may be fraudulent should forward it immediately to or

• For information and tools for buying and selling safely online, visit the eBay Security Center at or PayPal Security Center at

In the next issue of Stopess we will look at E-bay (the on-line marketplace) global buyers trends. For an up-date on the eBay seminar see page 5.

Information supplied courtesy of eBay Ireland.


Craft Community News

Craft Meets the Catwalk

Louth Craftmark announces major fashion event! Louth craftmark will host a major fashion and craft showcase in the Highlanes Gallery in Drogheda on 1st October 2007 at 8pm. Louth Craftmark are delighted that leading fashion consultant Eddie Shanahan, has agreed to produce the show, which will feature the work of renowned Irish designers alongside new collections in accessories, millinery and jewellery, from Louth Craftmark’s own highly talented craftspeople. At this event, specially made collections by makers such as Cathy Prendergast, Garrett Mallon, Susan Kelly, Fiona Thornton and many more will be showcased in one of Drogheda’s most glamourous events of the year. In addition the work of several of Ireland’s most exciting, and up and coming fashion designers will be on show including; Aideen Bodkin, Eilis Boyle, Caoimhe O Dwyer, Michelle Mc Carroll, Maria Cardenas, Edmund Mc Nulty, Edel Tuite and Jennifer Rothwell, winner of the ‘Brown Thomas Designer mentor programme award.’ Tickets €35. For further details contact Louth Craftmark T: 041 9803283 E:

New Website for

Westmeath Craftspeople Following on from the success of their brochure last year,Westmeath

craftspeople have now formally launched their new website so log on to

Designer Living Exhibition

Supported by Westmeath County Enterprise Board, the website profiles 26 of the county’s new and established craft and design businesses. The website provides a wonderful viewing opportunity to see all that is best in Westmeath design and craft and learn more about individual designers.

A Huge Success for Donegal Designers The first Designer Living Exhibition, hosted by the Donegal Crafts Guild, recently took place in Letterkenny as part of the Earagail Arts Festival.

The event showcased the work of over 20 Donegal designers who created a series of contemporary living spaces to exhibit their work. The serene setting of St. Conal’s Church provided a unique backdrop to the event where furniture, fittings, textiles, ceramics, jewellery and glass were collectively displayed to create sitting rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and outdoor spaces. Each piece on display was designed and made in Donegal, including furniture by Noel Cronin, Michael Parkinson, PJ Patton and Sorcha O’Donnell, artwork by Fiona Higgins and McGonigle Glass, soft furnishings by Eddie Doherty and Clare O’Presco and sculptures by Theresa Downes and Michael Griffin. Over 500 people visited the exhibition over the weekend and proceeds from the event were donated to the Dyslexia Association, Letterkenny Branch.

Westmeath will also host a 3 day Winter Design fair on 17th-20th November in the stunning Belvedere House, Mullingar. The network can be contacted through: Jillian Shaw at Westmeath County Enterprise Board T: 044 9349222


Craft Community News Sculpture in Context National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 6th September - 20th October 2007 Sculpture in Context is the largest outdoor sculpture exhibition in Ireland. This independent, artist led exhibition provides a unique platform for artists and challenges them to respond creatively to a specific location. Participating artists this year include Alan Ardiff, Anne Harrington Rees, Maureen Bushe, John Coll, Donna Coogan, Cliodna Cussen, Michael Duhan, Ger Garland, Seamus Gill, James Hayes, Cathy Herbert, Leo Higgins, Niall O’Neill, Deirdre Rogers, Henry Pim, and Brigitta Seck.

Anne Harrington Rees, ‘Linnaean Rope’

For further information see

Jane Jermyn exhibits at the 43rd International Ceramic & Sculpture Workshop (Poland) Jane Jermyn was invited to take part in the 43rd International Ceramic and Sculpture Workshop in Boleslawiec, Poland 1st - 31st August 2007.

19 artists from five countries took part in the symposium and the resulting work was exhibited in Boleslawiec Ceramics Museum, with the pieces remaining in the City's collection.

INTO LEITRIM - a new unique online guide The Leitrim Design House invites you INTO LEITRIM (a new unique online guide) to embark on a creative meander through the County. INTO LEITRIM is a gateway into a unique and sustainable way of life. Meet each maker in their studio, experience the authenticity of the product feel for the inspiration behind each gift. The Leitrim Design House website also offers on-line purchasing facilities.The website launches mid September 2007. OTHER EVENTS

The Art of Fashion 6th November 2007. Building on the success of a fabulous sell out fashion show in 2006, the Leitrim Design House brings you the Art Of Fashion produced by Mr Eddie Shanahan.

Want to do something a little different? This Autumn explore your creativity with the Leitrim Design House. Learn how to design a hat? Blow glass? Build a pot? Make wooden toys? The Leitrim Design House offers a range of lifelong learning activities. For further information contact:

Geraldine T: 071 9650550 W:


Opportunities CCoI 50% Scheme - Applications now being sought “the award gave her time to think and develop her ideas...” The CCoI 50% grant programme enables registered craftspeople to:

• • • • •

develop new product relevant to the market place take the opportunity to take time out to learn new skills explore potential new markets and commercial opportunities explore and use new materials develop work to a higher level.

The application process is straightforward. It requires applicants to explain their research and understanding of the target market for the product. An end date for product/range launch is required and an explanation of the product lifespan beyond is encouraged.


“It’s a wonderful scheme for people who know what they want to produce but just don’t have the time to create new work while running their business, if you know what you want to do then you should just go for it.” Ceramicist, Rachel Quinn “it’s an excellent tool to move your business on to a different level and just doing the work brings all sorts of benefits so I would encourage anyone to have a go.” Ceramicist, Rosemarie Durr

To apply: Application forms are available from the CCoI website at or contact Helen Loughran at: T: 048 30833605 E:

Closing date: 30th November 2007

CCoI Subsidised Photoscheme - Product Shoot This scheme will enable you to get professional promotional Product Shots at a reduced rate and for use at up-coming shows (Showcase) events and Christmas.

• Closing Date for application is Friday 5th October 2007 • Shoot takes place on Friday 26th October 2007 • Images are with the craftsperson approximately 2 weeks after the shoot takes place.

Alan Ardiff

CCoI Photoscheme uses the best professional photographers and is subsidised by the Crafts Council of Ireland, which significantly reduces the cost for craftspeople. Cost: €75 per product shot and €100 per model shot. Numbers are limited, so if interested apply now. For an application form contact:

Emma or Mary T: 056 7761804, E:



Trainer Sought for CCoI Goldsmithing and Jewellery Design and Production Course CCoI’s Design and Production Courses in Ceramics and Jewellery, established in 1990 and 1993 respectively to address the Irish craft industry’s need for high quality technical training, have over the years evolved to become internationally significant. Both are now two-year 88-week intensive courses concentrating on design and production skills, and as a result industry entry and retention levels of graduates are consistently extremely high. The Crafts Council of Ireland is currently inviting tenders for the service contract of Trainer to its Goldsmithing and Jewellery Design and Production Course.

Contract Objective:

Using CCoI’s course outline, the Contractor will be required to further develop and supply a dynamic training programme and training for a cohort of trainees in the skills of the standards required for the commercial production of high quality designed and manufactured jewellery, as per CCoI’s training mission: to enable its graduates to pursue successful careers in the field of Goldsmithing, thus raising the standard of design and craftsmanship in Ireland. If interested in tendering for this contract, please contact: Sharon Rollston, CCoI Education Programme Manager, Tel: 056 776 1804 or email for further details.

Research Missions

What some participants had to say

Financial assistance towards visiting shows

Ceramic Art, London It is a fantastic opportunity to see a great variety of ceramics, there seemed to be a wider selection than in 2005; all of it of a very high standard. It is also a great way to make and renew contacts, attend some interesting talks and buy books on ceramics.

If you want to research an event/show in 2008 and want to avail of assistance with costs, apply


Jane Jermyn, Ceramic artist visited Ceramic Art, London March 2007

Closing date: 30th November 2007 For further information an application form go to: or contact Helen Loughran T: 048 30833605 E:

Get inspired, read the reviews on Also visit the Resource Area of the CCoI website for listings of Design Museums/Craft Fairs & Exhibitions in Europe.

Origin, the London Craft Fair As a basket maker I was keen to see the work of the two basket makers at the show. Their work differed enormously, one working in willow and ash and the other in cane and fine wire. It was good to get to see their work close up and also to see how they displayed it. Again a huge contrast due to the style of each individual. I came home with my head full of ideas and inspiration. I only wish I could have managed a return trip to see week two. Teresa Downes, Basketmaker, visited Origin 2006


Opportunities Workshops/Mentoring Clinics GANS (Guilds, Associations & Networks) Development Seminar 15th & 16th November 2007 In response to requests at our recent AGM the Crafts Council of Ireland are holding a Development Seminar in the Dolmen Hotel, Carlow. This will be a strategic planning meeting for GANS for 2007/2010 and how it fits into the Crafts Council’s Strategic Plan 2007/09. All GANS Representatives welcome.

Annual Network Information Day 7th November in Kilkenny Information will be available on funding for 2008. There will also be an opportunity to hear case studies from groups who have received funding in the past 2 years. For further information on the above events contact Mary Whelan, CCoI T: 056 77 96131 E:

The Crafts Council of Ireland in conjunction with City and County Enterprise Boards aim to increase understanding of the changing market and how best to access it. This will be attained through training workshops and mentoring clinics. Up and coming initiatives include:

Getting your Product to Market: A six-week programme in sales and marketing

The objective of this programme is to equip craft enterprises with the necessary skills to meet the consumer demands of the mainstream and collector markets. Each business will finish with a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. For further information contact: Mary Whelan, CCoI T: 056 77 96131

or Fiona at Kilkenny Enterprise Board T: 056 7752662 E:

Craft Product Sales & Marketing Weekend clinics in Sligo Friday 19th & Saturday 20th October

Topics include: What does the customer want? | Securing Orders and presenting ones-self to buyers. | Working lunch with Retail Buyers in-group discussion. | How do I gear up to meet orders and retailer requirements? | What exactly is the retailer looking for? | Merchandising & Display. For further information contact Mary Whelan, CCoI T: 056 77 96131 or Sligo Enterprise Board T: 071 9144779

Making it in Business Pilot - Dublin

The course will provide the opportunity for craftspeople to set up their business in their home county or county of their choice. Business and marketing of a cutting edge standard will be provided to progress their business. Mentoring support, under the CCoI mentor scheme, for two years following completion of the programme. Recruitment will take place through the Third Level Colleges and CEB’s. Selection will be by application and interview. An information evening for all interested craftspeople will take place in Brooks Hotel, Dublin on Thursday evening 27th September. For further information contact Emer Ferran, CCoI T: 056 7761804

CCoI 2nd Level Programme Initiative CCoI seeks mentors for Student Enterprise Awards Programme The CCoI is partnering with Kilkenny CEB (County Enterprise Board) to help nurture tomorrow’s crafts businesses

CCoI is currently seeking craftspeople to mentor transition year students participating in the Kilkenny County Enterprise Board’s ‘Student Enterprise Awards’ programme. The Student Enterprise Awards (SEA) is a country-wide programme culminating in a national final in May each year. The SEA Programme offers students the opportunity to take a business from the idea stage, through market research to production, selling, record keeping, management and reporting. Participation in the programme encourages students to consider becoming entrepreneurs in the future, and the Crafts Council is piloting an initiative offering support to those students developing craft businesses under the scheme. We are seeking people interested in mentoring students on product design and development, and who:

• • • •

Run their own craft business Have excellent communication skills Have strong design ability allied to good making skills Preferably have experience in working with groups.

The project will require up to a 10 hour commitment in Jan/Feb ’08. Mentoring sessions will take place either in the craftsperson’s studio or in the participating schools, therefore preference will be given to craftspeople living within a 30 mile radius of Kilkenny.

For further information contact: Sharon Rollston, Education Programme Manager,T: 056 776 1804, E:



Submissions Sought for National Craft Gallery Exhibition

Image of Longing Curated by Karel Betman and Martha Haveman of Galerie Beeld and Aambeeld, the Netherlands, this unique exhibition will celebrate the influences and inspirational figures in the personal and professional lives of Irish Craftspeople.

You are asked to nominate a person, charity, institution, which has had a significant influence on your life and career, and if selected to make that special piece for the nominated person, charity, institution. The maker is therefore committing to making a piece for the exhibition and then giving that piece, free of charge, to their nominated recipient. Image of Longing will open in August 2008. TO APPLY

Craftspeople who are interested in participating in this exhibition are asked to submit 6 images of their work, a CV and a 200 word submission outlining their chosen recipient, what they intend to make, and the reasons why. A catalogue documenting the pieces and the reasons why particular nominees were chosen will accompany the exhibition. The Curators will organise an information day in the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny on Saturday 13th October 2007, 11am - 3pm. The Curators will be available to meet and discuss your proposal in group and individual sessions.To book a place

contact Brian Byrne at by Friday 5th October (booking is essential) Exhibition proposals and images should be sent to:

Brian Byrne, Image of Longing, National Craft Gallery, Castle Yard, Kilkenny,

No later than Thursday 15th November 2007.


Enterprise Week

1st to 5th October

An initiative of the South East Spirit of Enterprise Forum. As a part of enterprise week the Craft’s Council of Ireland will give a presentation on ‘Accessing the Craft Market’ which will be held on:

• 1st October at 11.30am - 1.00 pm in the Craft Granary (1st Floor Gallery) Church St, Cahir, Co Tipperary • 5th October 12.30 - 2.00 pm in Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny

The main aims of Enterprise Week are to:

• Raise awareness of the important contribution that entrepreneurs and small business make to the local economy • Inspire and motivate people to think about the possibility of starting up a business • Highlight and address topics and issues of concern to small business.

To book a place contact: Fiona at Kilkenny Enterprise Board ( T: 056 7752662 or Helen Shanahan at the Craft Granary T:

052 41473



Dates for your Diary *Please note: The November/December issue of Stopress will be published on 16th November 2007. Please forward all submissions by 15th October 2007.



Image of Longing - Information Day


13th October 2007

Closing Date for Submissions


15th November 2007

Annual Network Information Day


7th November 2007

GANS Development Seminar


15th & 16th November 2007

Research Missions


30th November 2007

50% Scheme


30th November 2007



26th October 2007



NATIONAL CRAFT GALLERY (NCG) EXHIBITIONS 2007 For 2007 Programme contact or log onto

NCG, Castle Yard, Kilkenny The Light Fantastic


30th September 2007

A Life in Colour


7th October 2007

Ecology, Mythology, Technology


13th October - 28th January 2008


18th - 21st September 2007

100% Design

20th - 23rd September 2007


The London Craft Fair at Somerset House (formerly Chelsea Craft Fair) 2nd - 7th October & 9th - 14th October 2007


Chicago 2nd - 4th November 2007

Top Drawer

9th - 11th September 2007

Maison et Objet

7th - 11th September 2007


London 3rd - 5th June 2007

Home & Gift

Harrogate 15th - 18th July 2007

SHOWS IN IRELAND The Knitting & Stitching Show

1st – 4th November 2007

Plan Expo

8th – 10th November 2007

Art Ireland

16th – 18th November 2007

National Craft Fair, RDS

5th – 9th December 2007


20th – 23rd January 2008

For more information on the above events: T: 056 7761804 or e-mail

John ffrench


Advertisements FOR SALE A unique collection of fashion & interior design back issues for sale. 500+

issues of Vogue from 1940’s. 105 Issues of The World of Interiors, Interior Design Craft, ID FX & FX publications, Image and Image Interiors, Habitat Catalogues, Designers Guild, Elle Decorate and Elle Marie Claire, Wallpaper Publication, Homes and Gardens 1960 and 1965 Annuals of Country Life, Martha Stewart Publications. Not interested in selling individual copies just collections of publications. Can deliver by arrangement in the UK and Ireland. For further information contact E:

Female Display Mannequin

(beech wood neck cap, washable cream cover over bust and beech wood finished base - adjustable height). Hague linker. Various quantities and colours of Kilcarra Mohair and of Shetland (2/9.1NM), great for felting. For further information contact Cécile T: 00 44 (0) 777 3396 140 or E:

24" planer thickniser. 2 head

multico tennaner. Dewalt radial arm saw. 28-35 KVA Lister genny. Watkins crosscut including 16ft roler banch. Watkins 71/2" cut rip saw also 1”Spalted Beech. For further information contact Pat M: 086 3279840 T: 051 377142

Tarus Mk3 Ringsaw Used

once, excellent condition, approx 14 months old. Good for cutting stained, dichroic, rippled, fused and slab glass, also stone and plastic. Cuts in all directions. Does inside and outside curves. Grinds as it cuts. Built in light and face shield. The entire working part of the saw snaps out of the water bath and can be used as a portable hand saw for larger pieces. Was £450 will accept £320 including delivery. For further information contact Helen Anketell T: +44(0)28 90797459 M: +44(0)7720080182

Dust extractor: Felder AF22, 2 (400l)bags hung in hinged frames, mobile unit, takes 120 & 80 mm hoses, single phase, € 900 ono. For further information contact Tom T: 087 22 49 625 Yarn stock clearance

- various quantities and fibre mixes of mohair, wool, merino wool, metallics and fancy yarns. For further information contact Amanda on T: 086 0634634 E:

Passap Electronic 6000 knitting machine, immaculate

condition € 800 o.n.o. For further information contact Paula T: 086 8257589 E:


For Sale: Beautiful 2/3 bedroom farmhouse on 3/4 acre with old stone buildings

and hay barn. Architectural drawings available for artists retreat/workshops. 10 miles from Kilkenny and Carlow. For further information contact Gabriella T: 087 7578255 E: Bridge street studios, 97 Bridge Street, Dundalk. Very reasonable rent. Includes access to 12 cubic ft kiln. Computer and broadband. For further information contact Fiona T: 086 840 5216 E:

“Glimakra” Standard loom.

135 cms, countermarch tie-up with raddle, double warp beam and fly shuttle. Warping Mill. Vertical floor model 1.88 m high and 4 m circumference. Some tools and yarn. Price € 3,000 ono. For further information contact T: 065 7087153 E:

40 x 12.5 kg bags 1117m Buff Stoneware at € 4.95 per

bag. Fireclay based, stoneware body for domestic ware. Throws well, turns easily. Plastic, strong and reliable. For further information contact Andrea T: 085 7317501 or 059 9724789

STUDIO SPACE WANTED Studio or workshop needed in South Dublin for jeweller and gemologist. Good light and safety essential. App. 400- 600 sq. ft. Please contact Mette O'Connor, E: or T: 087 2132131. Studio / Warehouse wanted to rent in Dublin city area . For four ceramic graduates from NCAD. Contact Mags Tel: 0861610551 or Meryl Tel: 0863994250 E:


Electric kiln, 4 cubic ft or the


nearest size. Able to fire to 1300' celcius, stoneware firings. Also interested to buy gas firing kiln. Contact Sinead on 087 1359635

Jewellers Ultrasonic

cleaning machine in good working order with heater Contact T: 087 6301335

Start Your Own Business Course - The Start Your Own

Business Programme has been designed to address the needs of

those wishing to start their own business, or those who have recently started trading. It is aimed at providing practical support, advice and guidance in a broad range of business areas, enabling participants to gain a working knowledge of how to set up a business and / or to manage an existing business. Start Date: October 2007. For further information Tel: 042 932 7099 W:

The Source Arts Centre, Thurles seeks craftspeople for

inclusion in a new exhibition running from December 2007 to the end of January 2008 at The Source Gallery. Submissions are being sought for all craft disciplines - pottery, glass, jewellery, textiles and furniture to the more obscure crafts. Those interested should contact The Source by 1st October. Full application details are available on The Source’s website Click on call to artists or T: 0504 90340

New and exciting product ranges wanted for the Market House, Blacklion, Co. Cavan . The Market House

has been in existence for 6 years as a tourist information point and a craft shop and is situated in the hometown of Celebrity Chef Neven Maguire. For further information contact T: 071 9853941 E:

Wanted Craftspeople, Sculptors, Artists, Potters

to exhibit in New Gallery opening in prime location, over retail unit, in Newbridge, Co, Kildare. Commission basis. All work that is hand crafted is required. For further information contact E:

Waterford Homecrafts Co-op is looking for new members

to participate in their annual

23 exhibitions. For further information contact Secretary Ann Camon T: 051 852317 M: 086 6069699

Wanted 4 Artists/craftspeople interested in being part of a Community Arts Project, in

Lanesboro, Co Longford. Studio 15 x 15 ft - very reasonable rent, with Café and Craft shop to the front of the workshop. The project should be up and running in 6 - 9 months. For further information contact T: 087 6306348 or 04330873

West Kerry Craft Guild is looking for new members .

To join our established co-operative gallery in Main Street, Dingle. Only quality handmade crafts accepted. A great opportunity to develop and market your product. For further information contact Betty T: 066 915624 or M: 086 1579392

Link! The New Start Up Business Network - is an

initiative of the Dublin City Enterprise Board which is designed to provide access to advice in areas such as marketing, finance, recruitment, property rental, VAT returns and taxation for smaller and start-up businesses. For further information contact Miriam E: T: 086 234 2789 W: Early booking is recommended as places on this exciting programme will be limited.


Part time assistant for Liz Nilsson Textile printing

studio in Dublin 6, is looking for an assistant to help with screen printing and finishing of interior textiles. Suitable for textile graduate or person with similar experience. Look at to see the

Advertisements type of work produced in the studio. Apply with CV and short personal letter to Liz at E: Start ASAP

Pottery Maker at Ballyelland Potter. The ideal candidate would

be an experienced and skilled thrower and have great attention to detail. Excellent pay and flexible working conditions. For further information contact Mairead T: 053 9159930 or send CV to Ballyelland Pottery, The old Mill, Castlebridge, Wexford

Setter & Goldsmith wanted for Cubby O'Connor Ltd ,

jewellery manufacturers, Dublin. Junior Setter for setting cz and diamonds to train with our Diamond mounter. Also a Goldsmith/Polisher with a few years experience or at least a very good apprentice. For further information contact Joyce Doyle T: 01 4539164 E:

Design Assistant required for Klimmek & Henderson Furniture to work with the

creative team. Principal responsibilities will be developing initial concepts into presentation material and generating production drawings. The successful applicant will be flexible and a good communicator with a working knowledge of CAD (2D + 3D) and image and/or web authoring software. An interest or background in making or manufacturing and a full clean driving license would be a definite advantage. For further information please call Knut T: 01 4589877 E: W:

Jewellery/Applied Arts Sales Person. DesignYard the leading

Jewellery and Applied Arts Gallery, wish to recruit enthusiastic, committed and self motivated individual, with lots of initiative who will enjoy working

as part of our sales team. Good presentation and organisational skills are essential. An attractive remuneration package will be on offer to suitable candidates. Interested persons should e-mail a covering letter together with CV to Lesley Townsend DesignYard, Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 8. E: W:

WORK WANTED Professional mould and model maker (MA graduates in

Design - Ceramics) offers help in your own working space with casting unique pieces or mass production of the forms. The plasterwork involves using lathe, carving model, mould making (case mould, rubber mould, press mould). Suitable for the technique of slip casting, press moulding and casting the polyester. For more information contact Boba T: 0868772068 E:

Stained Glass teacher required for Kinsale Pottery and Art School . who

is prepared to teach two weekends in 2008 (and one in 2007 if possible) to groups of 4-8 students. Weekend courses start at 10.00am on Saturday and finish at 5.00pm. Lunches are provided. Fees and materials paid for. You should have some teaching experience, be prepared to design a weekend module (ideally copper foil process, but leaded light option considered), provide tools and materials and have some flexibility on dates. To see what has been provided in 2007, check To apply, contact Adrian T: 0214777758 or email CV to E:

STANDS AVAILABLE Marlay House Christmas Craft Fair. Saturday 24th and

Sunday 25th November. Application forms now available E: T: Sonja at 087 6753358.

Designer Arts and Crafts, Natural Health/Beauty Fair

Sunday 11th November 2007. Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery, Co Cork. Open to the public 10.30 am - 6pm. Stands Available - 6ft x 2ft tables wall tables € 140 Centre Tables € 110. For further information contact T: Jennie White 023 22868 or T: 086 170 3635

Craft Fair at The Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co Mayo

will be held on Saturday 8th December with application forms available in September. The cost is € 50, and all work must be made in Ireland. For further information contact Alex Nicholson T: 087 6320705 E: or Brendan Murphy T: 087 6987340 E:

Exhibition space at a vintage

and vintage inspired fashion/ accessories/jewellery and homewares fair in Belfast in November. For further information contact Eleanor Acheson T : +44 28 9042 7415 E:

EXHIBITIONS ‘Art in Ink’ Exhibition at

Chester Beatty Library from 28th September - 21st October 2007. Workshop: 20th October For further information contact E: W: Do come and enjoy - all welcome


Advertisements 'The Turning of the Seasons',

an exhibition of members of Feltmakers Ireland at the Phoenix Park Visitors Centre in Dublin during October. There will also be demonstrations of felt-making on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2-5pm for the duration of the exhibition. For further information contact Eleanor Roche T: 01 8461510 / 087 4180369 or E:

The Mill Theatre Gallery, Dundrum Town Centre

is delighted to host a solo exhibition by Katarzyna Gajewska entitled “TERRORS AND PLEASURES” 8th September - 4th October 2007. Open Mon - Sat 10am-6pm. For further information contact Aoife O’Toole The Mill Theatre T: 01 2969340 E: W:

The Bridge Gallery - LIFE IN LANDSCAPE

an exhibition of new paintings by Shane Johnson. Opens 6th September 2007 from 6.00pm - 8.00pm. Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 2.00 - 5.00pm. For further information contact The Bridge Gallery, 6 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 7. T :01 8729702 W:

Guild Hall Craft Fair, Derry

16th - 18th November 2007. Now in its twelfth year, Derry City Council’s annual craft fair will combine a unique selection of contemporary and traditional craft products from all over the island of Ireland. For further information see W:

WORKSHOPS/ COURSES Ben Russell's 3-day woodcarving workshops in West Cork Sept 17-19 (Mon-Wed) Oct 3-5 (Wed-Fri)

Nov 9-11 (Fri-Sun, Follow-up course) Ben gives patient guidance for complete beginners and those with some experience. Learn the basics with simple exercises and develop your skills with a project: relief carving, bowls and spoons, Celtic patterns, animal carving, lettering etc. Essential information about tool choice and care, comprehensive workshop reference library, selected woodcarving tools for sale, convivial home-produced lunches. Cost € 335 - lunch, refreshments, tools and materials provided. For further information contact Ben T: 027 66133 E: The West Cork Craft & Design Guild is launching a series of exhibitions and a new improved professional website, to celebrate its first decade of successful networking and promotion. Celebrations begin with a 10th Anniversary Show curated by Sarah Foster (Lecturer at Crawford Art College) Dec. '07, at The West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, West Cork. The Guild is best known for it's high standard of craftsmanship and innovative design, inspired by the creative energy of the West Cork landscape. For further information visit website

Last call for Jayne Persico fusing classes. The workshops

are very hands-on and students produce a number of individual pieces to take home. All class materials are included in the course fees. See for full details and booking form or contact Pat Rooney T: 049 8545118 E:

One-day Digital Photography workshops in West Cork

A one-day workshop on how to get the best from your camera, in and around Bantry House or Gougane Barra hotel. Basic courses and Level 2 courses for experienced photographers new to digital. In association with Olympus. € 75. Refreshments provided, lovely lunches available at each venue. For further information contact Ben T: 027 66133 E:

Fabric Forward Workshop

a 3 day programme, 4th - 6th October 2007. It includes a 2-day workshop and an optional 3rd day drawing tour with a professional artist to the North Coast of Northern Ireland. This workshop will focus on developing creative practice and skills by utilising new digital technologies available. A package of materials is included in the price. The workshop is primarily aimed at artists/ designers/ crafts people. Participants will have the opportunity to work alongside trained researchers from the centre. Location: Interface, School of Art and Design University of Ulster, Belfast BT15 1ED. Fee: £ 200 for 3 day/£150 2 day workshop. Only 8 places allocated on a first come basis. For further information and to book a place please contact Duncan Neil E: T: +44 (0)28 90267358.

Calligraphy Classes - Autumn 2007. Beginners

Calligraphy: 10 weeks Evening Classes begin 19th September 2007. Wednesdays - 7.30pm - 9.00pm at Marian College, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Tutor : Retta Stringer - 01 269 2611. Beginners Calligraphy: 10 weeks Morning Classes begin 27th September 2007. Thursdays: 09.30am - 11.00am at New Dundrum Shopping Centre. Tutor : Ann Cannon 087 644 0632. Intermediate and Advanced Calligraphy: 10 weeks Morning Classes begin 26th September 2007. Wednesday's 9.30am - 11.00am at New Dundrum Shopping Centre. Tutor: Noeleen McNamee T: 086 844 1003. Enrolment: 10th - 14th September 2007 from 10.00am - 12.00pm daily. At: D.A.T.E. Dundrum Town Centre (5th Floor), Dundrum, Dublin 14. For enrolment contact tutors directly.

Waterford Classes is proud to

present exclusive glass blowing courses at the renowned Waterford Crystal Factory. 10th - 13th, 17th - 20th and 24th - 27th September. For further information visit

Spinning Wood Beyond the Basics - a 2-day workshop with

Anne field, 28th & 29th September, Birr Castle, Birr, Co Offaly. The workshop will be useful to those spinners who want to spin a variety of yarns with different sizes and twists per inch. Cost € 90. For further information contact Una rice, Guild Treasure, Irish Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers, Pollerton Big, Carlow.


Workshops in Stone Carving, Building in Stone, Hemp Plastering, Basket Making and Rustic Chair Making. Holycross, Co Tipperary. Throughout summer months. For further contact Philip or Liz T: 0504 43497, 086 2532474 E: W:

Surface design and textile printing - A six-week introduction

at LONGBORD printing studio, 54 Kenilworth Square, Rathgar, Dublin 6. This is a course that will introduce you to the fabulously exciting skill of textile printing, covering the basics skills and thinking behind surface design as well as different printing techniques. Tutor : Liz Nilsson, Textile artist and designer. For further information contact Liz T: 086 8307294 or

Glass bead making (2 day course) Mullranny, Co. Mayo . Oct 16th & 17th 2007. Learn to make glass beads. Beginner class includes mastering the round bead and 3 other shapes, decorative surface techniques including dots, stringers and frit. Class size limited to 6. B&B available € 34, € 180 2 day class. Train station (Castlebar) pick up and delivery € 35. For further information contact Suzie Sullivan T: 098 21888 E: W: or W: Derryaun crafts workshop Autumn workshops 2007

Sunday 2nd Sept - Kids felt making workshop, Monday 3rd Sept - Basic

25 jewellery making at The Clew Bay Hotel, James St. Westport. Friday 7th Sept - Needle feltingFleece Dog Sat 8th Sept. Needle felted figures at Derryaun Crafts Workshop, Drummin. Other creative workshops upcoming include: Wire work, silk paper making, bead weaving and felt making, dates to be arranged. For further info contact Suzie Sullivan T: 098 21888 E: W:

Hands on creative workshops in West Cork . A chance

to spend time with top professionals, learning arts or craft skills. A wide range of classes, courses and workshops, from single days to ongoing day/evening classes in a variety of locations in West Cork. For further information contact W:

SUPPLIERS Web Design - You take pride in

your craft. We take pride in designing a site for you that represents your products at their best. Visit our site for samples of work we have done for other crafts people. For further info contact: T +44 (0) 28 97565681

JDL digital - Have your work

professionally photographed for publication. Full working photographic studio 27ft x 14ft with rear access to bring in your larger pieces of art work Paintings, Jewellery, Pottery, Craft Work. For further info contact John T: 085 144 2270 E: W:

Specialist small delivery service for craftspeople and artist. Fully insured. For further info contact Katrina 086 2327541

Irish Woodwool - the ideal packaging material. Very good absorbing quality, competitively

Advertisements priced, clean, antibacterial, sustainable, compostable, ecologically recommended, aesthetically appealing. 1 highly compressed bale approx 20kg, € 20 - discounts available on orders over 50 bales. For further information contact Irish Woodwool, Clonmel, Co Tipperary T: 087 1252527 or 086 3306366

Designer Websites - As a

recent design graduate of NCAD, I offer a web design service that understands you, your business and your requirements. After careful consultation, I can design a website as individual and creative as your business. For further information contact T: 086 3001006 W:

Packaging - Wooden Presentation/Giftware Boxes . Present your exquisitely

handmade quality jewellery in our top of the range handcrafted wooden boxes created from native and exotic woods. Commissions also available. Discount on batch purchases. For more information please contact Ian or Kate on T: +44 (0) 28 90843532 or E: or E: W:

Designed 4U presentation boxes for a range of gifts and

crafts. All boxes are made to customer requirements.Your company logo can be included on the box and it can be lined using a range of materials. No minimum order. No set-up fee. For further information contact: Declan McKenna, Designed 4U T: +44 (0)28 30850122 F: +44 (0)28 30851011 E: Jem textiles are agents for Bennetts Silks in Ireland, offering a comprehensive range of silks , e.g. dupions, satins, georgette, chiffon, crepes & velvets in an extensive range of colours, suitable for bridal, fashion & interiors, and at competitive wholesale prices. For further info please contact Jacinta T: 059 9152270 M: 087 9952489 or E:

dynamite :: we think with you :: Design Consultants offering a

design, web and print management

service to craftspeople. Special rates for all start-up businesses.

Contact Tom on T: 087 2889357 E:


Craft Supplies Website cardmaking, scrap booking and other craft

ADVERTISE ON WWW.CCOI.IE You can also advertise opportunities and general advertisements (ie. Craft Courses, Craft Events, Stands, Fairs, etc.) on the CCoI website ( To do so please email details and a short description to and mark it for Web Opportunities.

supplies. Includes crafter’s forum. Ships all over Ireland. For

further information contact E:

Fibres for spinning and felt making. Top quality silk and wool tops. Gaywool dyes perfect for dyeing wool and silk. Ashford weaving and spinning equipment. For further information contact Suzie Sullivan T: 098 21888 or E: W: Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Jewellery making supplies for all your crafting needs. Create your own Wedding Invites or choose from our range of Wedding Stationary. For further information contact Marcella T: 061 327857 W:

For latest Opportunities log onto

M: +44(0)7870 389040 E: W:

NOTICEBOARD - Free newsletter to all Artists and Crafts people in Ireland. Every two weeks you will receive information about fairs, exhibitions, good suppliers, help to start your own business. You can also advertise your own business, products and classes/courses. 'Connecting Artists and Crafts People in Ireland'. For more info contact Karen Harper T: 086 8885321 or E:


Gifted - The perfect online wedding list Gifted is a fresh

approach to the traditional wedding list. We are looking for artists and creators from all over Ireland, who can expand our range of products. Gifted are committed to platforming as many home-grown creations as possible. So if you think your product or range are suitable as wedding gifts, contact Cate Sheeran T: +44(0)2890 603703

Do you have Tourist’s asking for the VAT back when purchasing goods in your shop? Moneyback VAT refunds offer the tourists the best refunds and you can also generate a rebate for administration. No cost involved. For more information contact Anthony T: 087 7716888 or W:


Exhibition Snapshots - NCG

‘The Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass’ & ‘A Life in Colour’ A Retrospective Exhibition of John ffrench

Peadar Lamb (Exhibitor) and Úna Parsons (CEO of the Crafts Council of Ireland) at the opening The Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass in the National Craft Gallery

Sandra Miley pictured with her work at the opening of The Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass in the National Craft Gallery

John ffrench and Mar y Boydell (Collector) at the exhibition openings in the National Craft Gallery

Kim Mawhinney and Killian Schurmann at the opening of The Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass in the National Craft Gallery

Eva Kelly (Exhibitor) and her husband at the opening of The Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass in the National Craft Gallery

Dr. Pat Wallace (Director of the National Museum of Ireland), Audrey Whitty (Curator, The Light Fantastic Irish Stained Glass Exhibition), Primm (John ffrench’s wife) and John ffrench, Mary Boydell (Collector) at the exhibition openings in the National Craft Gallery

Debbie Dawson (Exhibitor) and friend at the opening of The Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass in the National Craft Gallery

Dr. Pat Wallace (Director of the National Museum of Ireland) at the exhibition openings in the National Craft Gallery


National Craft Gallery - News

CCoI RETURNS TO SOFA, CHICAGO Groundbreaking, exciting and innovative: In 2006 contemporary Irish craft wowed critics and audiences alike at one of the world’s most prestigious art fairs. 2007 will be no different. Chicago’s Annual Exposition of Sculptural Objects & Functional Art is one of the key international events for contemporary craft and applied art. Over a three-day period, almost 40,000 visitors flock to Navy Pier to see work selected by leading international galleries and dealers. For the first time ever, these visitors had the opportunity to see work by Ireland’s top designer/makers. At the 13th annual SOFA Chicago, the Crafts Council of Ireland presented the work of our leading artists. Curator Brian Kennedy brought with him beautifully crafted, contemporary pieces in glass, textiles, wood, metal and ceramics. Visitors literally queued round the block for the chance to see spectacular work that bridges both the decorative and fine arts: Wonderfully organic baskets by Joe Hogan, sculptural, wearable art by Angela O’Kelly and Kevin O’Dwyer’s elegantly crafted silverware. Perhaps the highlight of Ireland’s debut at SOFA was a major sale achieved by leading furniture designer/maker Joseph Walsh. His bespoke, beautifully crafted cabinet, which could best be described as an heirloom of the future, was sold on the opening day for $91,000. Walsh will, once again, be making news in Chicago. This year a spectacular large-scale table designed and made in his studio in Cork has been selected as one of the major installations of the show. Suspended from the ceiling in Navy Pier, this floating work of art will take centre stage, signposting clearly the quality and beauty of Irish work. Following on from last year’s success, two prominent figures in the contemporary art scene at home have also been invited to speak at the event. Audrey Whitty (Curator of Applied Arts at the National Museum of Ireland) will give a key lecture on the Museum’s important collection of contemporary applied arts and Liam Flynn (Exhibitor and leading Woodturner) has been selected as a panelist for another key lecture organised by the Collectors of Wood Art. But, perhaps most importantly, Ireland’s most inspirational artists will once again be taking centre stage in Chicago, presenting to an international audience their one-of-a-kind masterworks.

Exhibitors: Baskets Joe Hogan

Ceramics Sara Flynn Jane Jermyn Kathleen Moroney Furniture Joseph Walsh Glass Karl Harron Textiles Nicola Henley

A Life in Colour -

Jewellery Berina Kelly Sonja Landweer Rachel Mc Knight Angela O Kelly Inga Reed Metal Erika Marks Kevin O Dwyer Wood Roger Bennett Liam Flynn Glenn Lucas

A Retrospective Exhibition of Irish Ceramic Artist John ffrench, 1951-2007 11th August - 7th October 2007 National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny

For review of opening see Pages 2 - 3

A Life in Colour and The Light

Fantastic open at NCG The opening weekend of Kilkenny Arts Festival saw two exciting new exhibitions unveiled in the National Craft Gallery. Hundreds turned out for the opening of A Life in Colour: A Retrospective Exhibition of Irish ceramic artist John ffrench and The Light Fantastic: Irish Stained Glass Art. Both exhibitions were opened by Dr Pat Wallace, Director of the National Museum of Ireland. A Life in Colour showcased the artists life’s work, featuring pieces from 1951 to 2007. Guests poured into the gallery to wander through a chronological showcase of his fantastically colourful creations. (See full article on page 2 - 3) Across the arch, in Gallery 2, The Light Fantastic celebrated Ireland’s proud history of stained glass art and today’s inspirational artists. This unique exhibition was curated by Mary Boydell, President of the Glass Society of Ireland, and Audrey Whitty, Curator of Applied Arts at the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks. “With this exhibition, we wanted to encourage people out of the whole ecclesiastical mindset,” said Audrey Whittey. “Glass art doesn’t have to be sculptural or object-based, it can be a panel on the wall and people should bring this wonderful art form into their homes in the same way they bring paintings.” The work itself provoked a very enthusiastic response from guests on the day and Whitty herself was thrilled with the venue. “The gallery has so much natural light, it brought the work to life. Natural light is so much better than artificial light when it comes to this material. Visitors to the gallery should come back agin to see the work in different light conditions, it will look different each time.” The Light Fantastic tours to the States in October and will then visit the National Museum towards the end of 2008.


Upcoming Exhibition - NCG Ecology, Mythlogy, Technology National Craft Gallery

Challenging existing notions about Ireland and examining the possibilities we face over the next decade. Innovative work for tomorrow's interior by Irish Designer Makers. In creating this innovative showcase, curator Brian Kennedy has chosen an exhibition

concept of Ecology, Mythology and Technology. Marrying these concepts with the

pioneers of Irish design, he presents us with the possibilities and challenges that face us over the next decade.

Ecology will feature furniture design with sustainability at its heart. Designers have

addressed issues of recycling while working with sustainable and native materials. Mythology evaluates traditional and vernacular design as opportunities for innovation

rather than nostalgia. Here, the artists have drawn from our history without aping it.

And Technology tackles the changing face of urban Ireland. Inspired by the current

debate on higher densities and taller buildings, designers have come up with

innovative solutions for apartment living. The architectural brief for each of the themes was prepared by three leading Irish architectural practices.

EMT is a wonderful opportunity for these exceptional Irish craftspeople. Given the

freedom to turn away from the demands of the market place and be inspired by their own philosophies, desires and dreams, they have created an exciting vision of the future.

More National Craft Gallery News on pages 26 - 27

For further information on the National Craft Gallery: T: 056 7761804 E: W: The National Craft Gallery 2007 opening times are: January - March: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm (Closed Sunday) April - December: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 6pm

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Crafts Council of Ireland, Castle Yard, Kilkenny t: 353 56 7761804 f: 353 56 7763754 e:

The copydate for the Nov/Dec issue of Stopress is 15th October 2007. Publication date is 16th November 2007.

Advertising in Stopress is free and is welcomed. Submissions for articles from craftspeople and those interested in craft are also always welcome. Please contact: Stopress, Crafts Council of Ireland t. 056 7761804

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