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Gerry Wycherley, Chairman, Crafts Council of Ireland and Minister Micheál Mar tin TD at the launch of the CCoI Strategic Plan 2007-09

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Selling into Department Stores 3rd Level Awards 07

New Postgraduate Courses

Minister Micheál Martin Launches New CCoI Strategy for Craft Sector

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RDS National Crafts Competition CCoI Bursary 07

Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheál Martin, TD officially launched the Crafts Council of Ireland’s new Strategic Plan 2007 - 2009 in Dublin on 24th April, 2007 The plan, which places the consumer at the centre of Crafts Council of Ireland’s strategy was developed in consultation with a wide range of industry influencers including craftspeople, guilds, associations and networks, retailers, other agencies and funding bodies. It was also informed and influenced by the market and consumer research which has been undertaken by the CCoI over the past 18 months. “The Crafts Council of Ireland has rightly put the consumer firmly at the centre of its thinking in this strategy. I particularly welcome this emphasis. By studying the preferences and buying habits of consumers, craftspeople can identify promising business opportunities,” said Minister Martin. “The Irish crafts sector produces first rate, highly collectible work. As global culture becomes more and more homogenised, the value of the distinctive, the individual and the local increases, thus creating an expanding and thriving market for Irish crafts.” Continued on page 2

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Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


News and Reviews Continued from page 1

design and innovation are now, more than ever, important features of the Irish crafts industry and are central to its future success

New Plan Addresses Commercial Issues Raised by Fast Changing Marketplace The national and global marketplace has changed dramatically in recent years - at a pace never before experienced. The aim of the CCoI’s Strategic Plan 2007 - 2009 is to use its knowledge of both the market and the consumer to equip the craft sector with the information and skills necessary to compete and prosper in this dynamic environment. Gerry Wycherley, Chairman, Crafts Council of Ireland said “The onset of mass production and the phenomenon of the global brand have seen the explosion

of a new consumer onto the market, one who actively seeks and desires well

designed, unique, authentic and collectable product - craft has huge potential to explore and exploit this market.To take advantage of this, design and innovation

Minister Micheál Mar tin TD

are now, more than ever, important features of the Irish crafts industry and are central to its future success. In addition, the importance of marketing Irish craft

is critical to enhancing the commercial craft offer, and plays a leading role in this strategic vision.” explained Mr Wycherley. In a practical sense the CCoI Strategic Plan focuses on four key areas:

• • • •

New Product Development - encouraging and facilitating greater

development of new products that are market-driven and meet the needs and expectations of consumers

Creating consumer awareness - highlighting the image of craft amongst consumers and developing a greater awareness of the unique, authentic and contemporary qualities of craft

Accessibility - working with retailers and craft businesses to increase the amount and variety of craft products available to the consumer, and making it easier for the consumer to find and purchase craft Craft enterprise - working in partnership with other support agencies to help develop craft businesses and to improve their skills

we have a responsibility to work with both makers and retailers to ensure that craft is easier to find and easier to purchase “Our research tells us that when consumers see Irish craft they like it - in fact in our most recent research undertaken by Millward Brown IMS in late January 2007, 87% of women interviewed expressed an interest in purchasing craft,” explains Nicola Doran, Mainstream Market Manager (see article on page 4 for more information). “Often consumers are surprised to hear that products are Irish or that they are made by hand.They also feel that it can be difficult to find craft in the current retail environment. Thus we have a responsibility to work

a discernible shift in the attitude of consumers globally away from the mass produced and towards the more unique with both makers and retailers to ensure that craft is easier to find and easier to purchase.There is so much exciting and contemporary craft out there from makers all over the county - we need to increase its profile and let consumers know where they can purchase it.”

The new strategy has resulted in the development of a range of new projects and initiatives many of which will be announced in the coming months - so keep an eye on the opportunities section of Stopress and on the CCoI web site.The overall objective of the strategy - and the individual initiatives - is to increase the profitability of craft businesses and to increase the number of craftspeople registered with CCoI over the three years of the plan. The target is to work towards a 42% increase in turnover for the sector and an increase of 29% in the number of CCoI registered craft enterprises up to the end of December 2009.

The good news for the sector is that in addition to the substantial investment being made by CCoI there are also signs of a discernible shift in the attitude of consumers globally away from the mass produced and towards the more unique. Consumers are moving away from ‘designer’ and moving towards ‘original design’ and the craft sector is ideally placed to provide the types of

individual, unique and authentic products that consumers are seeking, to enable them to express their individuality and their personality through what they wear, how they style their homes and the gifts that they give.

A copy of the CCoI Strategic Plan 2007 - 2009 is available to download at

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


News and Reviews

Gerry Wycherley, Chairman, Crafts Council of Ireland, Sarah Daly, CEO Crafts Council of Ireland with Minister Micheรกl Mar tin TD and ceramicist Alison Kay

Snapshots from Strategic Plan 2007 - 09 Launch

Gerry Murphy, Expo Events and Jean Byrne, CCoI Board Member

Mary Gallagher, Alison Kay, Ceramics, Gerr y Murphy, Expo Events and Laura O'Hagan, Board Member

Bernardine Hurley, RDS Craft Committee and Vincent O'Shea, NCG

David Shaw-Smith CCoI Board Member and Minister Micheรกl Mar tin TD

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


News and Reviews

Latest Consumer Research - The Inside Story on Pricing As part of the Crafts Council of Ireland’s policy to gather and disseminate key market knowledge, so that craftspeople can be kept informed on consumer needs, market developments and trend information, CCoI commissioned Millward Brown IMS to undertake market research on Product and Pricing. The objectives of this research were:

• • • • • •

To assess levels of interest in purchasing Irish Craft products in general and across the five key sectors

Across all sectors, the craft product on display scored better on quality and design than the non-craft product. It is clear from the research that Irish consumers are willing to pay a premium for craft products.The words used to describe craft included handmade, creative and authentic.

To estimate annual average spend on Irish Craft

Interest in Purchasing

To measure awareness levels of Irish Craft products and retailers

To identify how consumers rate Irish Craft in relation to price, design and quality for each of the craft sectors To identify what consumers are willing to pay for Irish Craft in each of the craft sectors

To evaluate how Irish Craft performs relative to ‘competitors’ in each of the craft sectors

The results will be essential in guiding craft makers and retailers alike in product and pricing strategy and in informing policy and operational activity within CCoI.

Irish consumers are willing to pay a premium for craft products

Interest in Irish craft products is very high with 87% citing some level of interest. It was found to be highest among women aged 45-55 (92% interested), ABs (92% interested). There was a slight difference regionally with those interviewed in Dublin more likely to say they were very interested compared to those in Cork (47% and 35% respectively). Interest in purchasing Irish Craft Homewares was highest among the older respondents (45-55 year olds) and lowest among the 25-34 year olds. Interest was also higher among ABs than it was among C1s. Furniture generated the least level of interest with just 1 in 4 claiming to be very interested. Interest was lowest among the 25-34 year old group, C1s, those single and with no dependent children. Jewellery generated the highest level of interest with half of all respondents claiming to be very interested in buying Irish Craft Jewellery. Interest was particularly high among 35-44 year olds and those living in Dublin.

Overall the results were very positive for the craft sector with a sizeable majority of women surveyed expressing an interest in purchasing craft in the future.

Interest in buying Irish fashion seemed to be influenced by age. The oldest age segment were most interested while the youngest age segment was least interested. Interest was also higher among those who had purchased Irish Fashion products in the past. This suggests that lack of awareness of particular designers could be holding back interest levels.

However, it is clear that there is confusion amongst consumers as to what constitutes Irish craft with many citing companies such as Newbridge Silverware, Waterford Crystal and designers such as Louise Kennedy and John Rocha. The good news for the ceramic sector was that many of the larger pottery companies were well recognised by consumers.

Interest in buying Irish Craft accessories was high with over 8 in 10 expressing some level of interest. Similar to levels of interest in Jewellery, interest was highest among the middle age group (35-44 year olds). Interest was also higher in Dublin with 88% interested compared to 77% in Cork.

When asked to identify retail outlets where Irish craft could be purchased replies included Blarney Woolen Mills, Kilkenny Design and Avoca, while Brown Thomas and Meadows and Byrne were also mentioned. Yet for some of these outlets consumers perception that they stock Irish craft is stronger that the actual amount of craft they sell.

Interest in purchasing Irish Craft Jewellery and Accessories seems to exceed that of any other sector. Interest is also high in Homewares. And the results would indicate that there is significant need and opportunity to influence buyers in the under 45 age group.

Summary of Results

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


News and Reviews interest appears to be largely driven by a desire to buy Irish and support Irish artists as well as a preference for more unique designs

Purchasers of Craft

Over 9 in 10 respondents had at sometime made an Irish Craft purchase. Jewellery products, followed by Homewares were the most frequently cited purchases. Furniture was the least frequently mentioned product. Implications

• • •

Identifying Craft Producers

Newbridge Silverware, Waterford Crystal and Stephen Pearce Pottery are ‘top of mind’ when respondents think of Irish Craft producers. Louis Mulcahy and Nicholas Moss Pottery are also well known. Quite a number of fashion designers were also mentioned such as Louise Kennedy and John Rocha. Thus the reality for most consumers is that they are unclear what constitutes craft and what differentiates it. This would point to a need for the sector as a whole to better inform consumers as to the benefits of purchasing craft. Blarney Woollen Mills, Kilkenny Design Centre and Avoca Handweavers are seen as the most obvious stores where Irish Craft products can be purchased. More urban-based stores such as Brown Thomas and Meadows & Byrne are also considered important - particularly in Cork.


Rating of Irish Craft products on quality is very high - the average score out of 10 was 8.42. Ratings were highest among 45-55 year olds (8.74) and those based in Dublin (8.71). Ratings were also generally higher among those who had purchased Irish Craft products in the past, particularly those who had purchased Accessories or Fashion products in the past.

Trigger words

The words most associated with Irish Craft appear to be “Handmade” and “Creative”. It also seems to conjure up quite strong associations with being Unique, Authentic and Designer.

• • • • • • •

Interest in buying Irish Craft is very high, and this interest appears to be largely driven by a desire to buy Irish and support Irish artists as well as a preference for more unique designs

While purchasing jewellery and accessories holds the greatest level of interest for respondents, a majority have purchased homeware products in the last year Interest in fashion and furniture lags slightly behind and this could partly be driven by a lack of awareness of producers but possibly also by high price expectations Some producers are mistakenly perceived to produce ‘craft’ products . This suggests that consumer understanding of what “Irish Craft” represents is a confused and would benefit from more clarity

Despite this, consumers seem to have a high level of awareness of craft retailers Irish Craft products are generally perceived to be of very good quality

In order to appeal to a wider target audience Irish Craft would benefit from broadening the range and strength of its associations. Older women tended to be a lot more positive than the youngest age segment about Irish craft generall. Across all sectors, the craft product on display scored better on quality and design than the non-craft product

Higher perceptions of quality and design for the craft products are reflected in higher average figures for ‘willingness to spend’ for the craft products

It is interesting to note the differences between Cork and Dublin respondents. Dublin participants seemed more positive about Irish Craft generally and more willing to spend on craft products

Over the coming months CCoI will be building the results of this research into relevant seminars and workshops - please keep an eye on the web site and future issues of Stopress for more details on these. For further information on the research please contact

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter

News and Reviews

Education Craft in the Classroom Phase two of the Primary School Residency Pilot Scheme now complete Piloted in 2005, in County Cork, Craft in the Classroom trains craftspeople in designing and delivering creative crafts projects for children, as well as raising the profile of craft in primary schools. Providing craftspeople with:

• • • • •

Training in devising projects that complement the Primary School Visual Arts Curriculum Links with schools seeking to develop projects with craftspeople Support in undertaking creative partnerships with schools Funding support to work in schools Promotional support

Providing teachers with:

• • • •

Access to highly skilled craftspeople Training and support in maximising creative partnerships with craftspeople Creative ideas on interpreting the Visual Arts Curriculum Funding towards materials costs.

Craftspeople and teachers alike gathered at Kilkenny Education Centre to celebrate the completion of phase two of this excellent pilot project which enables craftspeople to engage with children using the Primary Visual Arts Curriculum as a tool to bring creative thinking and making processes into the classroom. There was great excitement as work from children in schools in counties Kilkenny, Tipperary and Waterford, where this year’s residencies took place, was unveiled for all to examine and admire. Everyone agreed that the experience had been extremely worthwhile, and were looking forward to their next children’s craft project. The next issue of Stopress will include a call out to craftspeople interested in participating in the programme when it moves to its new target area (to be confirmed) - meantime enjoy these images of the children’s work. Visit for more information.

For further information see page 9 in Opportunities section


Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


News and Reviews

Crafts Council of Ireland Goldsmithing & Jewellery Design & Skills Course From its workshop in Kilkenny’s historic Castle Yard, it trains a new generation of artists. Passing on the age-old skills of master craftsmen, it produces highly accomplished and disciplined graduates. It’s no wonder the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Goldsmithing & Jewellery Design & Skills Course has earned an international reputation. Established in 1993, the 2-year course is now preparing for the graduation of its seventh intake of trainees. And if previous years are anything to go by, these young jewellers are certain to make a huge impression on the industry. Past graduates include people like Seliena Coyle, a lecturer in NCAD , Keith Hennessy, workshop manager in Sheeran’s, and Lee Harding and Seamus O’Donoghue, the creative duo behind the successful Da Capo company. The course has also produced many award winners. Just last year Jerome McCann and Helena Malone won four awards between them at the RDS National Crafts Competition, taking home almost a third of the total prize fund. And Carl Parker followed his 2004 success at the RDS with success at the UK heats for the Tahitian Pearl Trophy in 2005-6. These honours are related with pride by Jewellery Trainer Jane Huston.A formidable and inspirational tutor, she has been guiding her students through this intensive course for the past 14 years and can tell you, without hesitation, what every single one of her graduates is now doing. Jane, a highly skilled jeweller herself, has been in the trade since she left art college. She was running her own manufacturing and design business in Canada when the Crafts Council of Ireland approached her to run their new Jewellery Skills Course. She returned to Ireland in 1993, after 25 years, and expected to be here for just one or two years, but she’s still going strong, already preparing for the next two year course, which starts in September. “When the course was first established, the original brief was to make a difference to the Irish jewellery industry, we’ve way exceeded that brief.” Jane is in no doubt as to the reason behind the phenomenal success of this course: ”We are the only hard-core jewellery and goldsmithing course in Ireland. We have many visiting trainers who willingly give their time and knowledge to the trainees. And our graduates are disciplined, with a good grounding and very good basic skills.” As expected, students and tutors alike embrace new technology and the course is constantly evolving. But this is never at the expense of the core skills. “We don’t dilute what we do, hand skills are of vital importance. If somebody from 300 years ago walked into our workshop they would recognise 60% of our equipment and techniques.” Indeed, a visit to the workshop leaves you in no doubt as to the emphasis put on hand skills.The young trainees, bent over their benches, intensely hammering, etching, piercing and engraving; the sheer physical effort put into their work is amazing. Jane is passionate about the need for trainees to learn from previous generations of jewellers.“This course teaches one of the oldest crafts. Our students are encouraged to visit the Treasury Room in the National Museum to see what they will become part of, and many of them are moved by the experience.” Some of the most respected names in the business work as tutors on the Crafts Council’s jewellery course.They are there to pass their skills on to a new generation. Unfortunately this legacy has become undervalued. “We are losing skills that have been passed on for generations. This cannot happen if we want to keep the industry alive. It is of vital importance that every generation shares their knowledge. I would hope this new generation of jewellers will give something back. Passing on a skill is worth something.” For the highly-skilled graduates of this course, the possibilities are enormously wide. There are many areas for them to specialise in,

whether it’s mounting, gemstone setting, enamelling, decorative surfaces, working as a gemologist, polisher, silversmith, designer, the list goes on. Once they finish the course, many young people also choose to go abroad for up to a year, to countries like Germany, Holland, France, Sweden, Finland, Scotland and England. “All our graduates are well thought of because of their strong grasp of the core skills and design ability.” But Jane emphasises that these graduates are not yet fully trained. Our two-year course is long and intense, we offer the equivalent of three years in a Goldsmithing college in Europe. But in order to say our graduates are fully trained they need to work for several years in a leading workshop, either at home or abroad, following graduation.” Demand is always high for the young artists who emerge from the jewellery course. But for the woman who trains them, what makes a good graduate? “Assuming a level of skill and ability, somebody with good organisational skills, a problem solver and a bit of a lateral thinker, so that when a design doesn’t work out, you can change direction and make it better. It also does help to have interpersonal skills because this is a business where you’re dealing with people.” That is what is expected of those who leave the course, but for those who want to join it? “Our trainees include career changers, people who have already worked in the trade, university graduates and some school leavers. Regardless of their qualifications, everybody has to show a strong desire to work in the trade. Whether that’s a school leaver who works in a jewellery shop on a Saturday morning or somebody with a couple of years experience in the industry.” For those interested in a career in jewellery, it would be worth their while to visit the National Craft Gallery later this summer, where the work of the graduates will be on show from 19th July to 6th August. Because of the quality of work and innovative design on show, the graduate jewellery exhibition is always one of the most anticipated events in the National Craft Gallery’s inspiring exhibitions programme.

The Crafts Council of Ireland’s Goldsmithing & Jewellery Design & Skills Course is open to all EU residents.The selection process is currently taking place for the next course, which starts in September. The closing date has passed but suitable late applicants will be considered if space is available. For details contact: The Crafts Council of Ireland T: 0567768104 E: or

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


Craft Community News Growing Your Business By Design The Donegal Design Directorate has announced the roll-out of the next phase of its subsidised training programme, aimed at small and micro businesses in the County.

The forthcoming training programme, beginning on May 17th in Letterkenny consists of a series of 8 late afternoon workshops along with a one-to-one mentoring session.

To register for the training programme, or to find out more about other Design Directorate initiatives, please contact Aisling Lynch, Design Directorate Programme Manager on 074 9160735 or email This project, an initiative of Donegal County Enterprise Board, is funded by Skillnets Services Ltd. under

the ACCEL Programme.The Donegal Design Directorate Accel Project is funded by member companies, the European Social Fund and the National Development Plan.

Christian Gehrke, (left) and Aisling Lynch, (right), Design Programme Manager, Donegal County Enterprise Board, at the recent Donegal Design Directorate Visual Identity seminar. Photograph: Liam Sweeney

New Shop/Gallery in Belfast

County Down Crafts will open SPACE CRAFT Shop, Gallery and Exhibition Area on Thursday 24th May 2007 at the Fountain Centre, College Street, Belfast, just in time to be part of Craftmark’s CRAFT MAP 2007 Open Studios weekend on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May. The 280m2 venue at the Fountain Centre is designed to be a focal-point for the commissioning, exhibition, promotion and sale of Craft, Applied Art and Design. SPACE CRAFT SHOP/GALLERY will enable the appreciation and understanding of Craft, Applied Art and Design and the purchase of work made by new and established Artist/Designer/Makers who depend on sales for the support of their practices.

For further information contact: Jan Irwin, Co-ordinator T: 028 9032 9342 E: W:

New Gallery for Kilkenny

The search for a venue that successfully combines studio and gallery space can be a challenging one, but the artists John Walsh and Colette O'Brien have found a suitable space in the spectacular landscape of north County Kilkenny.

Their new venture, the Hillside Art Gallery will feature watercolour, oil, pen and ink drawings, mosaic, pottery, and sculpture. At present, they are working on a body of work to exhibit during Kilkenny Arts Festival this summer. For Further information contact: Colette T:056 8833623

Foras na Gaeilge Grants Foras na Gaeilge is currently providing match-funding to assist small businesses in producing bilingual (Irish/English) language materials on a once-off basis to a maximum of €1,000.The scheme also extends to production and display of signage to a maximum of €2,000. Grant aid is based on 50% funding. Check out for further details.

Limerick Ceramic Works

Limerick Ceramic Works is a brand new facility in the heart of Limerick city.This facility provides workspace and the use of specialised ceramics equipment to its members, as well as ceramic classes for the public. The studio was established by three recent graduates from Limerick School of Art and Design, Gemma Dardis, Tania Conroy and Sophie Ivan-Clancy. At the recent opening there was an exhibition of members’ work, which displayed the diversity of the artists and designers who have joined up with the group. This was followed by an exhibition of photography by print artist, Louise Shine who documented the development of this exciting project. "We decided to set this facility up because we wanted to continue working in ceramics when we finished our degrees.This facility is the first of its kind in the country and is badly needed in order to help young ceramic artists and designers to get a platform to work from when they finish their studies. There is space for up to fifteen artists/ designers to work in Limerick Ceramic Works at any one time and this takes away the isolation sometimes felt by ceramicists working in their own studios. We set this facility up because we felt we had no-where else to go when we finished college. The goal of this studio is to establish a strong ceramic community in the Limerick area and raise awareness of ceramics as both a design and fine art medium. "

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter



Interested in Selling into Department Stores or Garden Centres? Under the Strategic Plan 2007 - 2009, the Crafts Council of Ireland is developing a wide range of new projects aimed at increasing the amount and variety of craft available to consumers. Developing partnerships, promotions and initiatives with a range of retailers and galleries is central to this. So, if you have a product range that is not currently available through Department Stores or Garden Centres and:

• • • • •

your products are suited to these retailers’ key consumers you are committed to wholesaling you can meet the margins required by retailers you have the capacity and systems in place to meet orders and deliver product on time you are prepared to take part in project that will require co-investment attendance at workshops and potentially new product development

please send expressions of interest to by Friday 25th May 2007 A support and development programme will be provided to candidates selected for inclusion in these projects. Further information will be published on the web site in the coming weeks and in the next issue of Stopress.

Now inviting applications for the CCoI 3rd Level Awards 2007 The scheme is designed to encourage and support our most talented third level students in progressing towards a professional career in the industry. There are two awards, each worth €2,500. One is for final-year honours degree undergraduates*, the other for final-year postgraduates. The awards must be used to develop a student’s craft based practice (e.g. further study/training, travel-based research). All craft disciplines are eligible (visit for full list) and applicants must be registered as associate members of CCoI. One student per discipline per college may apply, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Only those currently studying in Ireland are eligible to apply. Applicants must be nominated by a craft tutor. Application forms are available from the CCoI offices and must be returned to CCoI, Castle Yard, Kilkenny, by 5pm on Friday 8th June 2007. All nominees will be interviewed on 28/29th June 2007. For further information contact: Sharon Rollston, Education Programme Manager T: +353 (0)56 7761804, E: or go to * or final-year undergraduates from accredited design and production courses recognised by CCoI as the highest available qualification in Ireland in a specific craft discipline.

New Postgraduate Courses For further details go to ads on page 16

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


Opportunities New Outlets for Craft?

Increasing Craft Profile in the Regions

Information Seminars

May 29th (Dublin), May 31st (Co. Cork) and June 5th (Co. Galway)

As part of activity under the new Strategic Plan 2007 - 2009 the Crafts Council of Ireland are developing an initiative to facilitate and encourage the development of Regional Craft Outlets in areas where craft is under-represented in the existing retail environment.

‘Side by Side’ Are you interested in showing your works side by side with Renoir, Picasso and Yeats? Submission Deadline 15th June 2007 The Hunt Museum in Limerick exhibits one of Ireland's greatest private collections of art and antiquities, dating from the Neolithic to the 20th Century. For the past two years, the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Collectors Events have been held in the Hunt Museum’s temporary exhibition space. We are now moving the work into the Museum’s main exhibition cases.Why not show your work in the same case as an object made in 2000BC, or hang out near a Picasso? If you would like to be considered for this exhibition please send an expression of interest outlining why you wish to exhibit in Side by Side at the Hunt Museum.You can, at this point, suggest which works you would like to be side by side with. Your submission should include images or sketches of the work you propose and at least 4 images of past work. Send to: Side by Side, National Craft Gallery, Castle Yard, Kilkenny

If you wish to visit the Museum for research purposes please bring a copy of Stopress with you to gain free admission for one person.You may view objects in the Collection at

In the coming weeks CCoI will be undertaking a call out for submissions from parties interested in developing a regional craft outlet. An intense support programme is available to successful candidates to realise the launch of a Regional Craft Outlet. In particular, consortium applications will be encouraged (craft clusters and networks working in partnership with local development agencies, Local Authorities or other key partners). For further information contact Nicola Doran at 056 7796153

Watch Stopress and for further information in the coming weeks

From Design to Production to the Shop Floor Enterprise Ireland is very pleased to announce that Bernard White will present a workshop titled “From Design to Production to the Shop Floor”. Bernard White has had many years working in the Fashion sector and has gained significant experience and expertise as owner and managing director of Henry White Ltd one of Ireland’s most successful fashion brands. In this workshop, aimed at new Irish Fashion and Cothing Designers, Bernard will be discussing issues ranging from design, finance, marketing and sales, production, production planning, distribution and after-sales service. The content focuses on delivering a more efficient product and service to your customers with a view to developing sales, profits and a successful design brand. As part of the presentation it is required that you bring with you sample size and quality control specs to discuss with Bernard who will be available on a one-to-one basis after the workshop to discuss any areas you may wish to explore further.

On Wednesday 30 May 2007 from 10.00am - 12.00pm at Enterprise Ireland, Merrion Hall, Strand Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4 To confirm your place please contact:

Catherine Wade, Consumer Products Department, Enterprise Ireland, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. Tel: +353 (0) 1 808 2000 Email:

CCoI Bursary 07

A high profile award of up to €20,000 which may be given as a single bursary to an individual, Bursary or divided between 2007two or three awardees.

Closing date: 31st August to 2007 come...branding

For further information and applications forms go to or contact Hilary Morley T: 091 528524 E:

from Caroline...

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter



HIGH TECH TEXTILES FROM THE LOWLANDS by Monika Auch Feltmakers Ireland have invited German textile designer and artist, Monika Auch, to give a two day

workshop and public lecture from 14th - 16th June in Dublin. Participants at the workshops will be asked to approach felting the Dutch way…a combination of low-tech hands on approach with high-tech

innovative materials and a lot of conceptual thinking. On Thursday, 14th June at 7.30pm Monika will give

a public talk about her work at Minor Hall, Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14. The public lecture is free and everyone is welcome. Monika’s visit to Ireland has been supported by the Crafts Council of Ireland as part of the Network Support scheme.

For further information please contact Sheila Ahern E: T: 01 8699173

Research Missions Financial assistance towards visiting shows

PORTFOLIO If you want to research an event/show in 2007and want to avail of assistance with costs, apply


Closing date: 30th April 2007 For further information and applications forms go to: or contact Helen Loughran T: 048 30833605 E:

Get inspired, read the reviews on Also visit the Resource area of the CCoI website for listings of design Museums/Craft Fairs & Exhibitions in Europe.

Apply now to be part of the Crafts Council of Ireland’s digital directory of leading designer makers The Closing date: 28th August 2007

PORTFOLIO is selected by an international advisory panel and is promoted both nationally and internationally to

buyers, collectors, commissioners and gallery owners. For an application form contact: CCoI T: 056 7761804 E: W:

For further information contact:

Ann Dack, Project Manager T: 087 6490463

Master Gem Stonecutter and Goldsmith in Kilkenny On Friday 13th July, Bernd Munsteiner the German Master Gem Stonecutter and Goldsmith will be in Kilkenny with the Jewellery Design and Goldsmithing Course. At 2.30pm he will be giving a PowerPoint presentation for the trainees. It will last about 1 hour. The venue is Butler House, Patrick Street, Kilkenny (to be confirmed). You can see samples of Bernd’s work on these sites If you would like to attend contact: Amanda Walsh E: T: 056 77 61804

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Dates for your Diary *Please note: The July/August issue of Stopress will be published on 16th July 2007. Please forward all submissions by 15th June 2007.



3rd Level Awards


8th June 2007

Portfolio 07


28th August 2007



31st August 2007

Research Missions


30th November 2007

50% Scheme


30th November 2007

ENTERPRISE IRELAND DATES Jewellery Design and Market Trend Forecast

20th June 2007

Knitwear Trend Forecast Autumn/Winter ‘08

11th July 2007

Womenswear Trend Forecast Autumn/Winter 08/09

25th July & 11th September 2007

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NATIONAL CRAFT GALLERY (NCG) EXHIBITIONS 2007 Programme 2007 out now, contact or log onto

NCG, Castle Yard, Kilkenny

Wild Geese: The Irish in America


31st March - 10th June



21st April - 20th May



16th June - 29th July


London 3rd - 5th June 2007

Home & Gift

Harrogate 15th - 18th July 2007

Maison et Objet

7th - 11th September 2007

Premiere Vision

18th - 21st September 2007

Top Drawer

9th - 11th September 2007


The London Craft Fair at Somerset House (formerly Chelsea Craft Fair) 2nd - 7th October & 9th - 14th October 2007


Chicago 2nd - 4th November 2007

100% Design

20th - 23rd September 2007

IJL 2nd - 5th September 2007

SHOWS IN IRELAND Interior Design Show '+ Art 2007'

17th - 20th May 2007

Futura Fair

29th - 31st July 2007

Fรกilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show

8th - 12th August 2007

Autumn Gift Fair

26th - 28th August 2007

Plan Expo

8th - 11th November 2007

Art Ireland

16th - 18th November 2007

For more information on the above events: T: 056 7761804 or e-mail

Quilt Ar t 20

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


Advertisements FOR SALE

Mosaic Tiles For further

carving, well seasoned. Scroll saw,


For further information contact

T: 056 88 33623 Ceramic Equipment - “Kiln

and Furnaces UK” front loading

8 cu. ft. electric kiln. Fully automatic programmable controller with

BROTHER computerised

frame. 6 threads. Ideal for logos,

condition € 800 o.n.o. For further

cutout (2004). Little used, in

emblems etc. Also large range of

some props included. € 8000 new.

Slip casting machine consisting of fibreglass tank on wheels with

motorised mixer/pump/dispenser.

domestic knitting machines, sewing machines, 3-phase overlocker. For

further information contact Kate T: 056 7724600 (Co. Kilkenny)

Assorted workbenches and shelving, selection of quality US moulds from Duncan, Gare etc., a large selection

Steamer 5ft hardly ever used

bought for € 1500 will sell for

Richard M: 087 9083410

contact T: 086 4093203

T: 091 574991

16ft 3 kiln electric runs off

knitting machine, immaculate

information contact Paula T: 086 8257589 E:

“Glimakra” Standard loom.

€ 900. For further information

Double bench polishing

motor. No vacuum. Some mops.

shuttle. Warping Mill. Vertical floor model 1.88 m high and 4 m yarn. Price € 3,000 ono.

For further information contact T: 065 7087153 E:

bag. Fireclay based, stoneware body

contact Anita T: 056 7728804

further information contact

turns easily. Plastic, strong and

€ 900. For further information

Methuselah Stained

Glass sale (due to retirement)

need to be collected For Fiona T: 086 840 5216


22nd May -30th June. Glass, lamp-

Dust extractor: Felder AF22,

down prices. Also small pottery kiln,

frames,mobile unit, takes 120 & 80

shades, bases and fittings at knock

glass-racks, boards and workbenches, small grinder, 2 light-walls (6’x3’), light boxes, small portable

demonstration light box, shelving, Ann or Geoffrey T:028 31723

Shells and agates. Display cases and accessories and props.

For further information

contact Ann or Geoffrey

T:028 31723

for domestic ware. Throws well,

reliable. For further information contact Andrea T: 085 7317501 or 059 9724789

mm hoses, single phase, € 900 ono.

Customer lists, Newsletter

Tom T: 087 22 49 625

Yarn stock clearance - various quantities and fibre mixes of mohair, wool, merino wool, metallics and

Jewellery, Minerals, Crystals,

Buff Stoneware at € 6.20 per

Cross Stitch Business

cupboards, books and lots more.

For further information contact

40 x 12.5 kg bags 1117M

2 (400l)bags hung in hinged

For further information contact

fancy yarns. For further

information contact Amanda on T: 086 0634634,


for Pottery 2ft width. Contact Brenda T: 086 1080738

Electro-Plater (gold, silver, rhodium, etc). Contact Fiona T: 086 8405216



Renovated, open plan 1 bed Barn with own garden and workshop, 4

miles from New Ross and 22 miles

from Kilkenny. Ideal rural location for creative tranquility. Available from

Extruder € 120. Wheel Ratcliffe

€ 1500. Opperman Pugmill € 250,

Second Hand Slabroller

circumference. Some tools and

€ 200 ono. Filing Cabinet. 3 drawers. € 20. 2 collapsible card tables. 1m square. € 30 each ono. All will

single phase firecraft toploading


135 cms, countermarch tie-up with raddle, double warp beam and fly

of ceramic/pottery reference books. For further information contact

Thomas 028 37323

embroidery machine, as new,

complete with software and cap

immaculate condition. Shelves and

professional quality machine € 180.

Passap Electronic 6000

motorised top opening flue and

separate watchdog over temperature

Bog oak, ideal for sculptures or

information contact Colette

- Website, URL, Original Patterns, subscriptions, Online Forum and all

July. For further information

contact Pat T: 086 2624062.

Studio 7 miles from

Kilkenny, on the craft trail

includes retail shop. 1300sq ft two

floors, concrete ground floor 800sq ft, wooden second floor 500sq ft, building only 7 years old. For

further information contact Anita T: 056 7728804

other relevant material for sale. Well

Studio/Retail Space within

years. Current designer is willing to

Rural location - close to Swords

established customer base for over 9 continue to design new patterns and custom creations for new owner.

Business has reasonable annual profit with an extremely high-ranking URL and massive potential for Irish and

US expansion. Over 100 original

Gallery/Cafe/ Interiors Centre.

and Malahide. Would suit Designer, Crafts person, Artist. For

further information contact

Tina T: 087 3132795

patterns to purchase with business.

Bridge Street Studios,

Steph at T: 0504 41899.

reasonable rent. Includes access

For further information contact

97 Bridge Street, Dundalk. Very

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter

15 to 12 cubic ft kiln. Computer and

broadband. For further information

contact Joanne Mc Kenna T: 042 9351712

STUDIO SPACE WANTED Workshop/Studio Space

@ 300 sq feet to rent South Dublin area. Contact Ciara 087 2365968

Advertisements PLACEMENTS/JOB OPPORTUNITIES Joseph Walsh - designer maker of

accepting applications for the

Oaks House Hotel,Castleconnell

following positions: Production Manager Design Technician Furniture Maker

Assistant Furniture Maker

If you wish to apply for any of your Curriculum Vitae to:

Frances McDonald, Studio

Manager, Joseph Walsh Studio,

Co-op are looking for new members

E: W:

exhibitions. For further information contact Secretary, Ann Camon

T: 051 852317 M: 086 6069699


Mature Applied Arts

student seeks Summer work in

ceramic/pottery studio in return for wage and/or accommodation.

available from beg June till beg Sept. West preferred but anywhere in

Export Grants Available

- If you are in business and seeking to develop overseas markets the

DCEB Export Marketing Initiative

Fund can assist you. The fund can part-fund the cost of travel and

subsistence, trade fair attendance/ exhibiting and the creation of marketing material specifically

designed for overseas markets.

28th October 2007, Castle

Co. Limerick, invites applications

from potential exhibitors. This event attracts craft workers from all four

provinces. Closing date: 30th June

2007. For further information and an application form

contact Mary O’Connor,

Coolbawn, Castleconnell,

Co.Limerick, T: 061 377810


International Garden

Ireland considered. Fast learner &

hard worker. Contact Jacqueline on

Executive, Dublin City Enterprise Board T: 01 635 1144 E: W:

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral. The theme Ocean Tide will be explored by

leading Cork based artists in an

exhibition from 6th to 22nd June.

The show is being organised by the

Cork Textiles Network.The exhibition will also be showcased in The

Courtyard Craft Shop, Schull during Schull Arts week 15th to 21st

August. The exhibition is open to the public from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. The Cork Textiles

Network can be contacted at

The Mill Theatre Gallery,

Now Invited. Don’t miss this unique

is delighted to host a Solo Exhibition

opportunity to display or retail,

foods, crafts or art installations at

Dundrum Town Centre of Recent Work by


Irelands first festival of international

April 28th - May 24th 2007.

of the magnificent Emo Court

For further information

garden design. Set to the backdrop in Co Laois, this summer long

event will display 15 gardens for

designers worldwide. For further

information contact International Garden Festival E:

T: +353 (0)1 2889086 W.

Young energetic lady is

Open Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm. contact Aoife O’Toole, The Mill Theatre T: 01 2969340


WORKSHOPS/ COURSES Donegal Design Directorate

seeking an opportunity in Sales

Design for Business, development

Representation for an Irish

training programme. Eight modules

Company in the USA For further

will follow logical steps through the

details contact T: 087 2160457

design process. Starting in May 2007. For further information contact

For further information contact Eibhlin Curley, Assistant Chief

Exhibition of Textile Art in

Festival, Emo Court, Emo, Co

Laois July - Sept 2007 - Applications

to participate in their annual



Castleconnell Craft Fair,

furniture. The studio is currently

Fartha, Riverstick, Co Cork. Waterford Homecrafts

Elisabetta T: 086 8215794

contemporary fine collectible

the above positions please forward


Festival 2007. Stands € 45. Contact

Aisling Lynch T: 074 9160735



Craft Market, Athy, Co.

Kildare - Sunday 27th May 2007

- in conjunction with the Athy Water

Quilt Ar t 20

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


Advertisements be about the playful combination

(Tuscany) and will be conducted

introduction to Glazes and Kiln

sculpture in glass. The technical

information visit our website

refreshments, tea/coffee, and

be shown and demonstrated,

or E:

of found objects with handmade

process of lost-wax kiln-casting will

We are now seeking applications

for 2 new and exciting postgraduate courses MDes Textiles,

Materials, Product and MA

Multi-disciplinary Design at

the School of Art and Design,

University of Ulster in September 2007. For further information on MDes Textiles, Materials,

including the making of a silicon

negative from found objects, a wax

Ballydehob International

Natasha Molyneux (Administrator)

Improvisations - A performance

For further information contact; T: 01 8069010. F: 01 8555632. W:

instruments from around the globe


MA Multi-disciplinary Design

Kinsale, Co Cork. Discounted prices


Weekend Courses in

Calligraphy, Mosaic, Watercolour,

Pottery, Drawing, Pen and Ink. All

levels welcome. Personal tuition, all materials and lunch included.

For further information

contact Hillside Art Gallery, Donoughmore, Ballyragget, Kilkenny T: 056 8833623

M: 087 0539504

E: info@hillsideartgallerycom


School, Olcote, Ballinacurra,

- € 175 for two days, including

lunches. Painting and Life Painting June 9-10th. Drawing and Life

Drawing May 19th - 20th. Also

Drawing and Life Drawing 5-day

summer courses in July (16th - 20th) and August (20th - 24th) - both at

Ceramics Summer Schools on the same two weeks (€ 325).

For further information visit

W: T: +353 214 777758


Workshops in Stone Carving,

Basket Making and Rustic Chair

Making. Holycross, Co Tipperary. Throughout summer months.

For further contact Philip or Liz T: 0504 43497, 086 2532474 E: W:

Glass Workshops in

Tuscany 2007. VETRATE


glass - a collage approach

Gerhard Ribka 28th May - 1st June 2007. Cost € 300. This class will

Wiegandt on acoustic musical

May 6th, 3.30 pm Community Hall

Ballydehob - admission € 6. African

hold intensive summer workshops in

Glass Fusing: 4th - 8th June, 3rd - 7th Sept. Painting on glass; 11th - 22nd June, 10th - 21st Sept

The workshops will take place in our studio in the very centre of Siena

Firing. All materials are included: delicious home baking. Cost € 175 euros inclusive. 'What you make is

yours to take'. Midweek Workshops

over one day - Cost € 120

April: Midweek Workshops 25th.

Weekend Workshops 21st/22nd,

28th/29th. To book and for further

information contact Patricia T: 051 563377 E: W:

Drumming Workshop (age 10 years

Glass Bead Making (2 day

exciting rhythms on African drums

Working on an oxygen/propane

lot of fun! May 6th, 5.00 pm

Italy and make a number of beads

and older). Introduction into playing and percussions, educational and a Community Hall Ballydehob.

Admission € 5.00. For further

information contact T: 028 37323

W: W:

€ 250 for the week, and the 5-day

Building in Stone, Hemp Plastering,

Casting found objects in

Jazz Festival. World Music

by local multi-instrumentalist Thomas

Kinsale Pottery and Art

contact Debbie Fraser

model and a refractory mould.

Product, contact Karen Fleming

E: and for

in English. For further

Surface Design and Textile

printing - A six-week introduction

course starting in September, at

LONGBORD printing studio, 54

Kenilworth Square Rathgar, Dublin

6. Feeling an urge to do something

course) 28th & 29th July 2007.

torch using colourful glass rods from after learning the basic techniques

of forming, shaping and decorating

with hot glass. This class is open for beginners and those who wish to

advance their basic beadmaking skills. Cost € 180 includes lunch, materials

and use of tools. For further information contact Suzie Sullivan T: 098 21888

E: W:

different? Why not try textile

Derryaun Crafts Workshop

introduce you to the fabulously

May 25th & 26th Feila na Tuaithe,

printing? This is a course that will exciting skill of textile printing,

covering the basics skills and thinking

behind surface design as well as

Summer calendar 2007

Museum of Country Turlough, felt

making workshops from my stand.

Sat. 5th May. Basic jewellery making.

different printing techniques. Come

Fri 8th June. Fun with Felt - Bangles

atmosphere Tutor : Liz Nilsson,

Fri 22nd June. Wire work/Beaded

and have fun in a relaxed and social Textile artist and designer. For further information

contact Liz T: 086 8307294 or E:

Weekend Workshops-

Saturdays 2 - 6pm - Sundays

10am - 4pm. Lunch included. We will explore the following areas of the Potter's Craft. Wheelwork;

Hand building; Clay Sculpting. An

and Beads.

Cuff. Fri 29th June. Bead weaving Beady finger jewellery.

Fri 6th July. Wire bead making

Fri 20th July. Needle felt a picture

Fri 10th Aug. Needle felted figures

Fri 24th Aug. Bead weaving - Beaded beads. Fri 31st Aug. Natural and synthetic dyeing. For further information contact Suzie Sullivan T: 098 21888

E: W:

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter



Basic and advanced stained

Web & Graphic Design

trainers Jacqueline and Bruno Tosi.

existing website into an e-commerce

provided. The 5 day course runs

without an e-commerce facility, that

glass workshop with professional

All materials and equipment

between April and September in J & B Art Glass Studio, Knocktopher, Co Kilkenny. For further information contact T: 056 7768245 M: +33 672 687995

Hands on creative

workshops in West Cork. A

chance to spend time with top

professionals, learning arts or craft

skills. A wide range of classes, courses

and workshops, from single days to ongoing day/evening classes in a

variety of locations in West Cork.

For further information contact

W: Wood carving lessons for individuals, in Cork. For

further information contact Thomas T: 028 37323


Service We can either turn your

site or design a new site, with or

represents your work at its best, is

easy to navigate and is optimised for search engines. Please visit our

website for samples of work and we would be happy to talk to you about any

graphic or web design requirements. T: +44 (0)28 9756 5681 E:

Specialist small delivery

service for craftspeople and artists.

Fully insured. Further information contact Katrina 086 2327541

Irish Woodwool - the ideal packaging material. Very good

absorbing quality, competitively

priced, clean, antibacterial, sustainable, compostable, ecologically

recommended, aesthetically appealing. 1 highly compressed bale approx

20kg, â‚Ź 20 - discounts available on

orders over 50 bales. For further information contact Irish

Woodwool, Clonmel, Co Tipperary T: 087 1252527 or 086 3306366

dynamite :: we think with you :: Design Consultants offering a

Packaging - Wooden

service to craftspeople. Special rates

Boxes Present your exquisitely

design, web and print management for all start-up businesses.

Contact Tom T: 087 2889357 E:

W: JDLdigital - Have your work professionally photographed for

publication. Full working photographic studio 27ft x 14ft with rear access to bring in your larger pieces of

art work Paintings, Jewellery, Pottery,

Craft Work. For further information

contact John T: 085 144 2270 E:



handmade quality jewellery in our

top of the range handcrafted wooden boxes created from native and

exotic woods. Commissions also available. Discount on batch

customer requirements. Your company logo can be included on the box and it can be lined using a range of materials. No minimum order. No set-up fee. For further

information contact: Declan McKenna, Designed 4U T: +44 (0)28 30850122 F: +44 (0)28 30851011 E:

Designer Websites - As a recent design graduate of NCAD, I offer a web design service that understands you, your business and your requirements. After careful consultation, I can design a website as individual and creative as your business. For further information contact T: 086 3001006 W:

Jem Textiles are agents for Bennetts Silks in Ireland, offering a comprehensive range of silks, e.g. dupions, satins, georgette, chiffon, crepes & velvets in an extensive range of colours, suitable for bridal,

fashion & interiors, and at competitive wholesale prices. For further information please contact Jacinta T: 059 9152270 M: 087 9952489 or Craft Supplies Website cardmaking, scrap booking and other craft supplies. Includes crafter’s forum. Ships all over Ireland. For further information contact E:

purchases. For more information

Fibres for spinning and felt making.

T: +44 (0) 28 90843532 or

Gaywool dyes perfect for dyeing

please contact Ian or Kate on E:

or E: W:

Designed 4U presentation boxes for a range of gifts and crafts. All boxes are made to

Top quality silk and wool tops.

wool and silk. Ashford weaving and spinning equipment. For further

information contact Suzie Sullivan T: 098 21888 or

E: W:

ADVERTISE ON WWW.CCOI.IE You can also advertise opportunities and general advertisments (eg. Craft Courses, Craft Events, Stands, Fairs, etc.) on the CCoI website ( To do so please email details and a short description to and mark it for Web Opportunities.

For latest Opportunities log onto Cardmaking,

Scrapbooking and Jewellery making supplies for all your crafting needs.

Create your own Wedding Invites or choose from our range of Wedding

Stationary. For further information contact Marcella T: 061 327857


BUSINESS & FINANCE Gifted - The perfect online wedding list. Gifted is a fresh approach to the traditional wedding list. We are looking for artists and creators from all over Ireland, who can expand our range of products.

Gifted are committed to platforming as many home-grown creations as possible. So if you think your product

or range are suitable as wedding gifts, contact Cate Sheeran T: +44(0)2890 603703 M: +44(0)7870 389040 E: W:

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


Exhibition Snapshots

Wild Geese: The Irish in America

Sean O’Meallie

Andy O’Shea

Paula Stokes

John Boyd Smith

Mike Brolly

Kevin O’Dwyer, Curator

Nancy Moore Bess

Sydney Lynch

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter


Exhibitions & Events - NCG


Quilt Art 20

Continued from page 20

Continued from page 20

Avantcraft is a unique collaboration of skill, expertise and creativity. Master craftspeople and pioneering designers work side by side to develop new and innovative products. The results are unveiled in this stunning exhibition in the National Craft Gallery.

Quilt Art 20 celebrates the 20th anniversary of a remarkable artistic collective. The quilt has long struggled to be accepted as an art form. Thanks to the extraordinary skills of these artists, it is now at the forefront of contemporary textile art.

This exciting initiative by the Crafts Council of Ireland involves artists from Ireland, Portugal, France and Spain. Creative horizons are pushed to the limit by marrying the skills and vision of the designers and makers. But the real winners are the consumers. Sleek, modern and fresh, this collection of hand-made items is inspired by the Atlantic and its seductive beauty and force. The Irish element of Avantcraft was directed by internationally renowned designer Pat McCarthy. His creative partnerships included Jerpoint Glass with Triple Dee, Noel Whelan Furniture with Lorraine Brennan and McKernan Scarves with Lucy Erridge. Avantcraft began in 2005. Last year saw the new Irish products unveiled to critical acclaim in Habitat’s flagship store in Dublin. And now, two years hard work finally comes to fruition in the National Craft Gallery in Kilkenny. Avantcraft the Exhibition will also travel to Portugal, France and Spain. Avantcraft is an initiative funded by the EU and the Crafts Council of Ireland. It is supported by the

Through integrity of expression and quality craftsmanship, Quilt Art has succeeded in extending the boundaries of this age-old medium. This touring exhibition celebrates the distinctive approach of each individual. Visitors to the gallery are invited to explore the mix of abstract and thought provoking ideas, realised with an ever-changing variety of surface techniques. Many of these artists trained in other fields, and each one approaches the tactile and satisfying process of sewing, layering and joining fabric in their own individual way.The final pieces evolve from observation and inspiration in the world around us, or express personal or social issues. Quilt Art 20 consists of 22 members from America and Europe, including Ireland. As well as prominent quilt artists exhibiting nationally and internationally, many members are well-known lecturers and teachers. Quilt Art 20 runs from 9th June to 15th July 2007 at NCG. This exhibition then travels to France, Japan, Canada and Germany.

European Programme INTERREG IIIB under the Atlantic Area Partnership.

SEOMRA National Craft Gallery 16th June - 29th July 2007

Wild Geese: The Irish in America The National Craft Gallery was the centre of a massive

party recently when the Wild Gleese flocked over from the United States for one of the most exciting openings of the year.

Most of the artists exhibiting in Wild Geese:The Irish in America made the journey for the opening, bringing family and friends with them. On the night of Thursday, 29th March, everyone gathered in the gallery to meet Crafts Council of Ireland staff, Board Members and indeed each other. Some of the artists were already on familiar terms but for other it was a chance to meet other leading American craftspeople for the very first time. Friday and Saturday saw the artists taking part in a hugely successful seminar ‘Making It In The USA’. Held in Kilkenny Castle, the seminar lasted two days and included a series of very entertaining 'in conversation' sessions with Dr Frances Ruane.

Stylish, modern and beautifully crafted - visit the perfect room this summer at the National Craft Gallery. The flagship space for contemporary craft showcases Irish and innovative work for the interior.

Interested in creating a beautiful space in your home? Want to bring a room to life? Then Seomra is not to be missed. This unique exhibition features one-of-a-kind contemporary furniture and decorative objects, created by some of Ireland’s top craftspeople. Seomra just recently returned from a showing in Paris, after wowing both critics and audiences in the world’s most stylish city. These ambassadors of Irish design were invited to bring their work to the gallery at SEMA, owned by the French society for the promotion of contemporary craft.The Crafts Council of Ireland is delighted to bring this exhibition home. Visitors to the gallery have a treat in store: Groundbreaking bespoke furniture by Joseph Walsh and Sasha Sykes; Michael Ray and Karl Harron’s stunning pieces in glass and delicately beautiful ceramics by Sara Flynn and Peter Scroope. All of this work demonstrates perfectly the desirability of contemporary Irish craft. This exhibition is supported by the National Craft Gallery, the Crafts Council of Ireland’s flagship exhibition space. Based in Kilkenny, its year-round exhibitions programme provides an inspirational outlet where craftspeople can develop new and innovative designs.

This opening came just a couple of weeks after another international exhibition opened its doors in the National Craft Gallery. Tradition Transformed: Contemporary Korean Ceramics features uniquely elegant and original sculptural works from Korea. The exhibition was formally opened by Korean Ambassador Kwon, John Rak, who was accompanied by his wife Nam,Yeon Hee.

Joesph Walsh

Friday night was the official opening of the exhibition and hundreds turned up to see first-hand stunning examples of contemporary glass, ceramics, jewellery, woodturning, textiles and metal art.

Crafts Council of Ireland Newsletter

QUILT ART 20 National Craft Gallery

Geoffrey Healey

9th June - 15th July 2007

AVANTCRAFT National Craft Gallery 21st April - 20th May A fantastic fusion of craft and design. Leading European designers and craftspeople join forces with groundbreaking results.

Introducing some of the best examples of international contemporary Quilt Art. This wonderful exhibition celebrates a unique artform, combining colour, texture and stitch.

Continued on page 19

Continued on page 19

For further information on the National Craft Gallery: T: 056 7761804 E: W: The National Craft Gallery 2007 opening times are: January - March: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm (Closed Sunday) April - December: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 6pm

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The Copy date for July/August 2007 Stopress is 15th June. Publication date is 16th July 2007

Adver tising in Stopress is free and is welcomed.Submissions for ar ticles from craftspeople and those interested in craft are also always welcome - please contact:

Communications Dept. Crafts Council of Ireland t. 056 7761804

While every care has been taken in the compilation of this Stopress, the publisher cannot take responsibility for errors or omissions.



Upcoming Exhibitions - NCG

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