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Looking to the future My appointment as Chief Executive of the CCI began on April 30. It could not be denied that the past year has been an interesting one for the Council. I am confident that we have emerged from the experience with clearer objectives and a greater sense of purpose.




To give you evidence of that, in December everyone on the Register will receive a special edition of the Newsletter which will summarise current Council policies and objectives. It will also introduce Board and staff members, as well as outline the structure and activities of the Council. The purpose of this CCI directory is simple. It is to make the Council as comprehensible as possible, and encourage the fullest use of our services. The six recent regional meetings showed that the Council can and will listen to the views of the members of the Register about our services and the way we However, the only thing we can be sure of is change, and I believe that we can again see important shifts in the market for Irish crafts as the Single Market encourages a freer flow of goods into Ireland. Some of our leading potteries are already feeling the effects of imported tableware on their Showcase orders, but equally all craft manufacturers are facing increased competition, from the third world as well as from Europe. Major entrants to Irish retailing, like Habitat (and soon IKEA), are perceived to offer good 'design' at competitive prices. Their products, sourced from all corners of the world, may also prove to be serious competitors for Irish craft manufacturers in the late 9O'sÂť"'but their approach to 'lifestyle' marketing of gbods may have just as important an effect on the craft economy.

deliver them. In future the Council will continue to respond to your views. It is also equally vital for the Council to study and analyse the markets you work in, and share any information on trends we see emerging. Having been involved with the Council for fifteen years (initially as an elected Board member from 1981 to 1987, and as Director of Training since 1989), I am well aware of the trends which have shaped the current craft economy. I remember the first Board meetings I attended continually seeking ways to help craftspeople deal with the high inflation and even higher VAT of the early 80's. Then the issue was one of survival. Also having many friends throughout the crafts, I know that those turbulent years were followed by a decade of relatively steady economic expansion and increased employment.

Our largest craft retailers are already moving towards a similar type of marketing and the work of craftspeople stocked-by them is increasingly promoted as contemporary interior or fashion design. The recent spate of magazines and television programmes devoted to interior design reinforce this view when promoting craft. They also promote . craft alongside factory made product - the clear presumption being that they are judged solely on their relative merits for use in interior design. Similarly, in a recent survey at the CCI gallery, buyers were offered a choice of reasons why they made their purchase. These were 'crafted by hand', 'made in Ireland', 'quality of design', 'unique object', and 'they collect crafts'. The leading choice by far was that of 'design'. 'Crafted by hand' was only the fourth most selected reason. How concerned do we need to be about the consumer perception of craft' and design'? As the following article in the Newsletter makes

clear, the sales in our own gallery are buoyant, no matter what our customers' reasons for buying work. Can we even take advantage of the trend and ensure that yet more crafts are sold no matter what perceptions are influencing consumer buying? Issues such as increased foreign competition and changes in craft marketing must raise these critical questions - critical because the answers will shape future CCI policies. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the Council with your opinions on these or on any other matters of concern to you. Those of you who know me, or who have met me at the regional meetings, will know that I believe in dialogue and consultation with the industry the CCI is responsible for. As the new Chief Executive, I look forward to managing the Council's response to change with your support.

Leslie Reed, new Chief Executive, with samples of his tableware commissioned for a restaurant in 1995 Photograph by Tom Davitt

The Crafts Council are in shop shape

furniture for men.

Awareness of the CCI and its retail outlet is high with both male and females, though the The retail team of the Crafts Council have men have the upper hand on percentage points reasons to be cheerful. Recently released (67% were aware of the Crafts Council shop, figures have confirmed that sales in the Crafts while only 55% of women had prior knowlCouncil shop and gallery, located on the third edge of its existence). The majority of visits in floor of the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre in both gender categories had been generated on Dublin, are well and truly up. In fact, the gross a passing-by basis, or through friends' recomtake in the first six months of 1996 has mendations. Strong cases can thus be made for increased by an impressive fourteen percent. the importance of both location and Retail Manager, Lynn Stephens responded to word-of-mouth. this news - not by basking in deserved glory - In relation to the patronage of the Crafts but by conducting a large-scale survey in order Council shop, it is reassuring to note that the to find out what it is that people like about the majority of customers are Irish (75% from Crafts Council shop, and how to ensure sales north and southern Ireland) which means that figures continue to grow. 533 people were the shop is not dependent on a tourist market. questioned over a six week period through June Furthermore, it confirms the CCI's belief that and July - randomly selected individuals who Irish people appreciate the work of their own visited the Crafts Council shop and gallery - craftspeople and choose to buy from and supand asked a series of questions relating to taste, port the industry. budget, interests and personal details. The Of the stock selected and sold in the Crafts results make interesting reading.

and know it will sell. The shop also provides an excellent showcase for my latest pieces. I will usually be able to gauge the success of a new design through the reaction I receive from my customers who visit the Crafts Council to see what I'm up to'. Berg's system of introducing his latest designs exclusively through the Crafts Council shop is encouraged by Lynn Stephens. 'Though we sell merchandise created both by established and new designers, we always like to be first with new styles and limited edition products from the well-known, widely-sold crafts businesses. This has a positive effect for us, as we get exclusive stock, but it also provides beneficial test-marketing for the designer. Jerpoint Glass are an example of the success that can develop through this sort of selling. We currently have three new glassware designs of theirs on sale in the shop - airtwist, gold speckle and rainbow - these are incorporated into the Table and Top exhibition and selling tremendously well'. The Table and Top exhibition in itself has contributed well to summer sales. Unlike many of the Crafts Council shows which are primarily for exhibition purposes, Table and Top (which runs until September 16th) is a selling display, showcasing design talent which will suit many different tastes, price points and purposes. Stephens has noted a huge response to the exhibition, especially during the first three weeks when sales soared.

The survey found visitors tend to be split Council shop, Lynn Stephens remarks though 60/40 in favour of women, though the Crafts all our pieces are classed as luxury items, we Council were impressed at the high number of have to ensure prices are both competitive and male shoppers. A quarter of all those who accessible to everyone's pocket. The survey entered the shop were on buying missions reveals that the leading price points in the shop rather than 'just looking', a comfortingly high are between £10 to £75, with the major annual figure and one which is a credit to the stock on turnover derived for work costing between £30 offer from a wide variety of crafts people. Of to £50. However, in reality, we also have huge all product categories on sale, jewellery is the interest in the priciest pieces'. Furniture most popular with women, whilst men favour designer Paul Berg is known for his fantastical wooden items. Both men and women rated carvings sold through the Crafts Council shop ceramics highly but the genders split over a and comments 'the Crafts Council shop is the only place where I can exhibit something large preference for textiles with ladies and

The success of the Crafts Council shop this year expands beyond Powerscourt and confines. To date, the retail team have been asked to advise on, and commission suitable craftspeople for work on a variety of corporate projects. The recently re-launched Grey Door Restaurant has a heritage in good, fashionable food. When they wanted to change the emphasis of their menu to reflect the best in contemporary and traditional Irish cuisine, they decided that an overhaul of the dining room was essential. Lynn Stephens worked with managing director Barry Wise and the Grey Door marketing consultants, PR Plus to create an enchanting environment using specially created pieces by Helena Brennan, Paul Berg and Michael Bell. Later in the year, the government contacted the Crafts Council retail team with regard to manufacturing corporate gifts for the European Union Presidency. Textile designers Lorraine Bowan and Mel Bradley and jeweller Declan Killian all received

Table Top exhibition opening at the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

Regional Clinic for Craftspeople

ted their individ long term benefit, ork continues into next rm the Crafts Council shop nfvedAi ajwoiect t lturej, stajn m^BX'rii : the \ferbal Arts Centre in Derry!

To discuss any business, design or |roduction concerns, meetings can be arranged with the Business Development Manager, Emer Ferran, on the following dares 16th September at the Imperial 'ark Street, Dundalk. tember at the Great H n Hotel, Killarney. th October at the Woods Hotel, Westport. Tuesday 8th October at the Central Hotel, Donej|l Town. 14th October at the Parkway HoteMDungarvan, Co. Wf terford.

survey has provided the" aluable information witff\ an for 1997. This knowledge can't*1" the shop will contCRSftJtoTBHtese it'*1*-'

h to arrMge a meeting please choose location to you and call Breda at the Kilkenny office to arrange a time.

Crafts Council Announcements otography Seminar e Crafts Council is running a photography craftwork seminar in the Autumn. The seminar 11 cover a wide range of areas and detail of effective recording of pieces. There will be ach specific craft area. r 9th November ^ H A scent Workshop, ard, Kilkenny. ;

lan ^hurmann has been li Em^ssy, for the by th%British-Israel Kiipplicat&ms for the a announcement b\

maker es available) the visit in Israel will be the Glass Department at the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem. Mr. Schurmann will be visiting Israel during December 1996.

Lorraine Bowen, the EU Presidency provided a welcome business boost.

For information and booking please contact Nuala McGrath at the Kilkenny office. At the 'Dublin Gift Award' Cyril Forbes, Eddie Dawson and Leslie Reed

Attention all Potters We would like to apologise to anyone who was disappointed with the delay in sending out the last Newsletter and the fact that those of you who would have liked to attend the Craftworks pottery course in June did not have a chance to do so as a result.

Register of full-time professional craftworkers I would like to thank everyone on the CCI 'Register' for sending back their forms to me so quickly. We have had a brilliant response and have been inundated with additional information, specifically on courses throughout the country.

If you have any more information on courses, craft fairs, raw material suppliers or anything else you think would be of interest, please, keep it coming!! Thanks again Catherine Jordan

Delivery of goods to the Council For a more efficient service, any makers sending parcels to the Crafts Council's gallery/shop in Dublin, please make sure they are personally addressed.

General Announcements Of particular interest to N.I. craftworkers and teachers The Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships for Craft Workers and Teachers If you are a British Citizen and have an individual project, please explain on the application form your proposed project; where overseas you seek to visit, and how you consider that you will benefit from the experience. You must demonstrate that your project is feasible and worthwhile, and indicate the benefits to this country after you return. You will be expected to remain a resident here for at least three years. Grants do not cover attending courses or academic studies. For an application form, send a self-addressed stamped envelope (22cm x 11 cm) to The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, 15 Queen's Gate Terrace, London SW7 5PR. Make sure that your completed application form reaches the Trust Office by 25th October 1996. Do not send any other documents; please confine your answers to the form. If you have any questions, write to us, or telephone 0171-584 9315 The newly re-furbished 'Grey Door' Irish restaurant commissions top Irish artists Irish artists such as Paul Berg and Michael Bell were commissioned to design pieces specifically for the Grey Door. Paul Berg has designed two complementary leaning display cabinets using oak and ash wood. The award winning Michael Bell has designed four folding penance stools in black leather and maple wood. It is further planned that the Grey Door will set a precedent whereby other Irish artists will be invited to display their work at the restaurant in the near future. Renowned potter, Helena Brennan, who has contributed a great deal to Irish Craft, is expected to exhibit her new range of pottery in the restaurant from October. (Her pottery already graces the Grey Door tables).

Helena Brennan is the first person ever to have been invited to represent Ireland as one of sixteen international delegates at the ICWAT '96 Ceramic Workshop in Tokoname, Japan. Upon her return in August, she will make pottery using influences she has gained from her Japanese workshop - this will be on exhibit in the Grey Door Irish Restaurant from October '96. For further information and press shots, please contact Pauline at PR Plus Telephone 01-6619200 Facsimile. 01-6619209 Best of luck to the Spiddal Craft Centre The Spiddal Craft Centre are in the process of establishing a crafts/art school. Any useful tips or information that might be of help to them would be very much appreciated. Contact: John Hughes, Manager, Ceardlann an Spideil, Spiddal, Co. Galway. Opening of the 'Irish Shop' in New Zealand This shop will be opening in May 1997 and is the only shop of its kind in New Zealand. They are looking for craftworkers interested in providing work. If you are interested please forward brochures and price lists, or for further information please contact: Mrs Clare Connolly, The Irish Shop, 26 Choice Avenue, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand. Phone 09-838 5196 Craft & Gifts shop opening New shop opening in Worcester in July. Wanted handmade crafts (pottery, porcelain, woodwork, jewellery etc. any application considered) to be displayed in shop on commission basis or 30 days credit from small producers. Apply in writing (with photographs, if possible) to - Peter Collins, 24 Wrekin Walk, Areley Kings, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, DY13 OLR; or phone 0044-1902- 26544 for the next 2/3 months only. Please contact A.S.A.P. Irish Woodturners Guild Annual Seminar The Woodturners Guild will hold their annual seminar at Beechill College, Monaghan on 18th, 19th and 20th October, 1996. Fee ÂŁ78.00 (meals included). For further information or bookings contact: Tom Dunlop, Irish Woodturners Guild, Shanbogh Upper, Via New Ross, Co. Kilkenny. Telephone 051-421032

Competitions & Exhibitions 50th International Ceramic Art Competition for the young generation The 50th International Ceramic Art Competition will be held in Faenza from September to December 1997. The aim of the Competition is to stimulate research and the renewal of techniques, materials and expressive forms and methods in the younger generations. The competition is open to young people under 40 years of age on December 31st 1996 (this must be confirmed by submission of an official certificate). Each competitor may submit a maximum of three works which may be created using any ceramics technique. Application to take part using the special entry form must be received by December 14th 1996 together with a curriculum of the artist, official certification of age, critical dossiers and slides of the works which are being submitted. The Secretary's Office is at the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Via Campidori 2, 48018 Faenza (Ra), Italy. Telephone 0039546-21240, Facsimile 0039-546-27141 Sakai Cutlery International Design Competition '96 Theme Cheerful living Eligible works Kitchen Knives, General purpose Knives and Scissors Entry Conditions 1 Works eligible for commercialisation or mass production. 2 Creative works. 3 Original works not previously entered in any related competition. 4 Actual works or threedimensional models. If a panel for explanation is to be attached, only one panel of A2 size 594mm x 420mm is allowable. Number of eligible works: Three works or less per person. A set of works or a series of works will be regarded as one work. Awards: Grand Prize for one work, 1,000,000 yen as extra prize money. Gold Prize

for two works, 300,000 yen as extra prize money. Outstanding Prize for five works, 100,000 yen as extra prize money.

For entry or inquiries please contract: Sakai Cutlery Promotion Council, c/o Sakai Small Business Promotion Association 130-23, Nagasone-cho, Sakai, Osaka 591, Japan. Telephone +81-722 -558484 Facsimile +81-722-555162 Talente 1997 International Trade Fair (March 8th 16th, 1997) The goal of the 'Talente' exhibition is to present works of particularly gifted young individuals, age limit under 30. These works must reflect an intensive grappling with both formal and technical problems and must present something unique, surprising and unusual. The exhibition and especially the 'Talente' catalogue should inform and intrigue private persons and specialists about the talent of young individuals. In terms of deadlines please inform us by 30th September 1996. We must receive the complete materials for the application by the 15 th November 1996 at the latest. We will inform you as to which contribution has been selected as soon as possible. Please contact Peter Nicki or Dr. Angela Bock at Handwerkskammer, fur Munchen und Oberbayern, Max-Joseph-StraBe 4, 80333 Munchen. Telephone 0049-89-5119282 Facsimile 0049-89-5119295 Schmuck 1997 Special Exhibition during the 47th International Trade Fair in Munich 15th-23rd March, 1997. This special exhibition aims to show a very high standard of jewellery reflecting new ideas and trends. Only wearable jewellery can be exhibited. Goldsmiths are invited to send slides or photographs for the final selection in Munich on the 15th November, 1996. For further information please contact: Peter Nickl or Eva Sarnowski, Handwerkskammer, fur Munchen und Oberbayern, Max-JosephStraGe 4, 80333 Munchen, Germany. Telephone 0049-89-5119248 Facsimile 0049-89-5119245


Reminder-Crafts Council Pottery Weekend Workshops

Blacksmithing Courses in the west of Ireland Each course comprises two weeks of tuition from Monday - Friday, 10.00am - 5.00pm daily with 1 hour for lunch and breaks for refreshments. The course covers basic blacksmithing techniques using traditional! and modern forges, and although there will be A theoretical dimension, the emphasis is on hands-on, practical work. All courses are under the direct supervision of Gerald Muller, and there will be no more than six participants per course to ensure maximum personal attention. No previous experience is required. All enquiries to Caroline Kearns at The Heritage Centre, Enniscoe, Castlehill, Ballina, Co. Mayo. Telephone 096-31809 Facsimile 096-31885 Creative Breaks

* *

Otterholt Riverside Lodge are running short courses which including spinning, silver jewellery making, interior design etc. For dates and details contact Dot or Suzanne at Otterhold Riverside Lodge, Kilkenny Road, Carlow. Telephone 0503-30404 Facsimile 0503-41318 Creative Textiles Spring 1997 The Dingle Peninsula A 5 day course with two Dingle artists as tutors. Maximum number of students is 15. For further information contact: Jill Sanderson, Minard Craft and Study Centre, Lispole, Co. Kerry. Telephone 066-57346 Embroidery Workshops Spend a day, lunch included, with a small, informal group and learn a new skill or share your own. Workshops for all kinds of embroidery are being held twice a month. For further information and a booking form please send an S.A.E. to Jean Barry, Gan Crioch, Rathcooney, Glanmire, Co Cork. Design Development Workshops Tutor - Allie Kay A series of six intensive two day weekend workshops on design, specifically structured for quilt makers and others interested in textile art, will take place at Quilt Art Workshops, The Hill House, Naas, Co. Kildare, between October '96 and April '97. Full details and reservation forms available from Crania Me Elligott at Quilt Art Workshops, The Hill House, Tipper Road, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Telephone/Facsimile 045-876121

Island Mill, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. Telephone. 056-24777 Advanced Throwing - Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September Motif of Pattern Development - Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October There are still some places left on these short pottery courses. For information and booking please contact Nuala McGrath in the Kilkenny office 056-61804. The Irish Times Holiday Guide The Irish Times publish a very successful Holiday Guide every day. This section is specifically designed to accommodate client who are involved in Tourism. This Holiday Guide has been divided into different classifications for both home and abroad. If anyone is interested in advertising a Craft Holiday, please contact: Zoe Holohan on 01-671 7191

Free Publicity for Craft workers Would you like to publicise your craft work free of charge to 15,000 homes in Ireland? House and Home, the first independent interiors magazine in Ireland, is a full colour, glossy publication aimed at promoting Irish ideas for Irish interiors. Craft workers producing furniture, ceramics, glassware, textiles and other items for the home are invited to send information and artwork for FREE inclusion in this bi-monthly publication. Send your product information, photos/trannies, and details of cost and where the product is available to: , Karen Hesse, Editor, House and Home, 58 North Great Charles Street, Dublin 1 Telephone 01-855 0477 Facsimile 01-855 0473 E-mail: dyflin @ The information will be included FREE OF CHARGE and artwork returned as soon as possible.

Retail space available


Position sought

Grafton Street area shop has retail spaces available for anyone interested in selling their jewellery/fashion accessories in a prime location. Very keen rates. For further information: Telephone 01-679 4405 10am to 12 noon.

Craftworker wanted as member for successful co-op craft shop in Ennis, Co. Clare. For further information, telephone Hannah at 061-357118.

Apprenticeship or full/ partime employment wanted in Jewellery making. Contact: Paula Lynskey at 046-27679

Hand Knitter available Home hand-knitter available for any out-work Contact Mary Kelleher: Telephone 01-283 0772

For sale

Shop Manager sought Louis Mulcahy Pottery are returning to Dublin after 21 years to open their own shop at 17 Kildare Street and are seeking an energetic, committed, experienced person to manage it. Telephone Grainne at 066-56229/56429 or Facsimile 066-56366 for further details.

Wanted Second-hand pottery kiln 4-8 cu.ft. Metal work must be in good condition. Contact: Contract Electronic Services Telephone 01-6281704 Wanted Metal worker interested in collaborating with artist to produce tables, frames, etc. Cork area. Contact Andrea 021-502373. Wanted Studio wanted in the Dublin area (preferably on the dart line). Contact Beatrice O'Connell, 4 Ailesbury Park, Dublin 4.

Position sought Textile designer looking for work. Experienced in computer-aided weaving and knitting. Specialised in fashion and fabric design. Call Catherine Schoenmakers, Telephone 01-298 0290

New Electric Front Loader Kilns, 6 cubic feet, Fibre lined, Controller, Furniture x 2 shelfs, Highly economical, Fuel saving up to 25%, Guarantee, Cost £2,450.00 Also Second Hand Kiln and Furnaces Kiln, Front loader, 4.5 cubic feet, Electric, Controller type optional, General good condition and working order, Cost £500.00 Contact Glasshammer Design, Unit 3, Liffey Trust, 117-126 Upper Sheriff Street, Dublin 1 Telephone 01-8364645 Facsimile 01-8551082

Position sought Highly qualified English ceramist seeks work within 'the arts' in Dublin environs. No job too big or small. Studio space with kiln facility also sought. Contact: Kerrie Davies 0044 1384-872054

For sale New 6 cu.ft. compressed fibre kiln for extreme efficiency, £1,500 plus controller, Contact: Contract Electronic Services. Telephone 01-6281704

The Management Committee 1996 Chairperson Vice Chairperson

Mr. Cyril Forbes

Information Officer

Ms. Catherine Jordan

Ms. Hilary Pratt

Admin. Assistant

Ms. Clare McParlane

Mr. Ed Kevin

Retail Manager

Ms. Lynn Stephens

Ms. Suzanne May

Shop Assistant

Ms. Marian Doyle

Mr. Michael McCrory

Shop Assistant (PT)

Ms. Ann Dack

Mr. David Comerford Dr. David Shaw-Smith Ms. Breda Haugh Mr. Knut Klimmek Mr. David Hargaden Mr. Jonathan Ryan Mr. Neil Read

Development Manager Ms. Emer Ferran Training Administrator Ms. Nuala McGrath Admin. Assistant

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Ms. Bernadette Madden


Telephonist/ Receptionist

Ms. Clare Doran

Castle Yard Kilkenny Telephone 056-61804 Facsimile 056- 63754 All information is published in good faith but

Mr. Gus Mabelson


Ms. Vicky Mullarkey

Kilkenny The Crescent Workshop

Ms. Anne Kennedy

Thomastown Pottery Skills Course

Accounts Assistant

Dublin 2 Facsimile 01-6799197

Mr. Leslie Reed


Ms. Kaethe Burt-O'Dea

Administrative Officer Ms. Margaret Jones

South William Street

Director of Training

Ms. Mary Jackson

Mr. Leslie Reed

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

Telephone 01-6797368

Trainer Chief Executive


The Crescent Workshop

Craft & Design Business Development

Crafts Council Staff

The Crafts Council of Ireland

without research, so please check carefully before committing yourself to work orfinancialoutlay.

Jewellery Design & Production Skills Course

Please forward all information to


Nuala McGrath.

Ms. Jane Huston

The copy deadline for the next issue is 11th October. The print date is 18th October.


It is also equally vital for the Council to study and analyse the markets you work in, and share any information on trends we see emerging....