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said Mr. Forbes. "My objectives


must acknowledge this fact". In a forthright and wide ranging address, the new Chairman said

For four days this January, thou-

"I will nail my colours to the

sands of the world's top buyers

mast", and outlined his objectives.

of Craft, Gift and Fashion will descend on the RDS in Dublin

•Complete, as quickly as

for the annual Showcase Dublin

possible, the review which is

exhibition, from January 16th to

currently underway and agree

19th. Apart from the usual mas-

this with the Council, and then

sive attendance from Ireland,

stage publicly the priorities,

buyers from France, Germany,

objectives and strategies of the

and presentation. Make the

the USA, the UK, Japan,

Crafts Council for the next three

Crafts Council seal of approval a

Canada and Italy, will be in


sought after accolade.

undoubtedly be the biggest and

•Enhance and further develop

•Develop strong markets for our

most spectacular exhibition of

,RnsjAN. 16th. to 19th


Mr. Cyril Forbes and Ms. Christine Ross.

attendance for what will

the training facilities which we

crafts people and their goods in

crafts, gifts and fashion ever

have, and work closely with all

the area of corporate gifts and

staged in Irebnd

training agencies to encourage

presentations especially when

and assist the training pro-

Irish representatives go abroad,

Speaking at the pre-fair media

grammes which they sponsor. I

be they Government, public or

launch of Showcase Dublin in

am not concerned whether we

private sector.

the CCI Gallery, the new

ourselves train, or other

Chairman of the Council, Mr.

agencies train, provided more

•Prepare a comprehensive and

Cyril Forbes, said that just as it

skilled people are available to

dedicated list of corporate buyers

is a great honour to be appoint-

the workforce or able to start

and target them to buy the

ed Chairman of the Crafts

their own business.

excellent goods which our crafts

Council, it is also a great

•Offer efficient skilled and dedi-

people must and can supply.

responsibility as in excess of six

cated personnel to respect, woo,

thousand jobs and over £40

advise and assist both buyers

• Encourage and support all

million pounds annually are

and crafts people.

wholesale and retail outlets of

earned from our thriving crafts industry.

Irish Crafts. •Use our influence to foster, encourage and assist any job

•Use our position to encourage

The Crafts Council comes under

creation enterprise. Create jobs.

and develop more and closer

the wing of the Minister for

•Insist upon and encourage

links with the crafts people and

Enterprise and Employment,

excellence in design, production

agencies of Northern Ireland so


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unparalleled opportunity to increase their sales, not just to the


that we can mutually prosper

domestic market but to overseas

from our combined efforts.

markets as well. Indeed, of the buyers who were in

diversity of quilt making in

Mr.Forbes concluded "It is going

attendance at Showcase Dublin in

America at the present time. It

to mean dedication,

1993, 46% came from

includes the work of quilt makers

concentration and hard work,

overseas while a staggering 16%

who have been influential from the revival of the craft in the

presents the strengths and

but with that I believe we can

of these came from the USA

create together more jobs and

alone. This in itself speaks vol-

1960's as well as younger of

more opportunities based on the

umes about the unique reputation

makers and artists.

excellence of our crafts, be they

Showcase Dublin has in the inter-

knitwear or furniture or

national marketplace.

The 41 works in this exhibition are

beautiful things, and this little

A successful outcome to

social issues of the 1990's. Quilt

country of ours, I look forward to

Showcase Dublin this year is vital

makers in the context of this exhi-

this job -1 look forward to this

if we are to sustain the momentum

bition, use the traditional tech-


which has been generated over

niques of quilt making but widen

the past few years. Indeed, it is

the scope of the medium to create

likely that it will have a major

new and vibrant work conveying

Showcase Dublin offers both large

bearing on the review of the sec-

a wide diversity of statements and

and small Irish companies an

tor which is currently underway.


anywhere in between. As I love

Now in its eighteenth year,


rich in imagery and chronicle

ensures an enormous enthusiasm for his new brief.

careers established as a result. Previously the emphasis was on young entrepreneurs of 25 years old

The Minister for Enterprise and

Ms. Ross pays tribute to the

Employment, Ruairi Quinn TD,

dedicated and distinguished

has confirmed the appointment

service given to the Crafts

of Cyril Forbes, Chairman and

Council by Dr. John McGuire,

Managing Director of the

Chief Executive of Rehab

corporate insurance brokers

Lotteries, as the outgoing

Kennedy Forbes, as Chair of

Chairman. "We very much

the Crafts Council of Ireland.

appreciate his contribution to

This has been warmly

the work of the Council during

welcomed by Christine Ross,

his term of office".

Council is now able to open it up to people of all ages. This course is particularly suited to those who have attained a few years work experience after graduation or through apprenticeship and who are eager to set up their own businesses. To this end the Crafts Council is running an open day at the Crescent on Friday 25th February, 1994 (11.00

Chief Executive of the Crafts Council.

and under. However, the Crafts


a.m. - 6.00 p.m.). If you have any further questions on any aspect of the course please contact: Emer

Cyril Forbes brings considerable expertise in the financial

The Crafts Council of Ireland's

Ferran, Business/Design Skills

sector, allied to a long term

Business/Design Skills Course

Course Supervisor. To book a place

interest in the arts and crafts,

develops business and product

on the open-day please contact:

to the Council. This effective

development skills and has a very

Nuala McGrath. Both are based at

combination of interests

successful record of new craft

the Crescent Workshop.

Quilt making is also resurgent in

which paid tribute to the classic

Ireland, under the aegis of the

genre but also moved further

Irish Patchwork Society and the

away from its traditional base

Crafts Council hopes that by

than ever before. The workshop

bringing this inspirational

in February offers Irish quilt

the exhibition but there will be

exhibition to Ireland that it will

makers a unique opportunity to

none in the last week.

provide a meeting place where

work with her.

Admission to the performances

makers from America and Ireland can pool ideas.

Council Gallery. Performances are at 1 p.m. every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during

is £3 (£2 for concessions), the The second workshop with Susan Shie and James Acord is

The exhibition is originated by

two days long. Since 1989 they

the UK Crafts Council and Dublin

have collaborated on the "green

is the only non-British venue on

quilts" project. This has grown

exhibtion is free.


its tour. The scale of the

world wide to include over

exhibitiion required the Council

1,000 artists working with the

to site it at the RHA Gallery in Ely

concept of the artist as a healer.

The casting workshop taking

Place, where it opens on the

This workshop will concentrate

place on February 12th/13th at

25th January.

on the surface embellishment of

the Crescent Workshop was

narrative quilts.

booked out in the week it was

The Crafts Council acknowledges advertised with eight names

with thanks the assistance of the

Places are extremely limited, so

RHA, and the support of Delta

early booking is advised.

now on a reserve list. If we

Booking forms for both

receive another four applicants

workshops are available from

we will be able to run a second

Airlines and US Embassy.

EXCLUSIVE TEXTILE WORKSHOPS To further complement the

the Crafts Council. A series of

weekend workshop on

lectures on quilts will take place attheR.H.A. gallery:

March5th/6th. These workshops are aimed at people who

Contemporary American Quilts LECTURES

are already proficient in jew-

been organised.

7 p.m. at the RHA

ellery fabrication to a profes-

One is "Improvisations! Let's

Gallagher Gallery

sional level. Please forward

exhibition two workshops have

Experiment Workshop" with Nancy Crow (17th-20th February) and the other "Healing Quilts - Medicine Art" with Susan Shie and James Acord (5th - 6th March). The first of these is a four day workshop with Nancy Crow the initiator of the Quilt National Exhibition which has developed into the most

3 February Grania McElligott "Influences on Irish Quiltmakers" 10 February Valerie Wilson "The Historical Background of Irish Quilts" 17 February Nancy Crow "Contemporary Quiltmaker" 24 February Evelyn Montague "My Own Work"

in the USA.

Nancy recently attained the dis-

A multimedia exploration of

tinction of being the first quilt

Jewellery" is open to the pub-

She exhibited a series of quilts

Leslie Reed, Training and Education Officer at our Kilkenny offices.

The Crafts Council of Ireland

condolences and deepest sym"LIFE CYCLES -

at the American Craft Museum.

deposit to:

would like to extend its

prestigious exhibition for quilters

maker to be offered a solo show

your application with a £10

lic from January 14th February 26th in the Crafts

pathy to Mairead McAnallen on the recent death of her father, and to Emer Ferran for the sad and tragic loss of her brother.



EC Trading:- Importers and

artistic development of lacemaking as a contemporary art

distributors of wooden gifts to some 300 gift shops the Benelux seek new articles to

form through the research of new materials, techniques and shapes. Selected works

Temple Bar opened recently with

add to existing lines. Anyone interested should contact:Mr. Elan Chachover

will be exhibited in Brussels at

gallery. The Design Yard

the Musee du Costume et de

initiated this exhibition with

la Dentelle (29th Sept. - 20th Nov,1994).

advice and guidance of Barbara

Director Walnootstreat 3552 GS Utreacht THE NETHERLANDS Tel. 31 (0)30-437902 Fax. 31 (0)30-434641 6TH INTERNATIONAL LACE BIENNIAL

The Applied Arts Centre at "The Art of Enamelling" Exhibition in the jewellery

Cartlidge. It runs until the 31 st January. Anyone seeking further

Closing date for application May 25th, 1994. For further information

Jackie Blackman, Jewellery


Tel. 01-6778467.

Biennale Internationale

For further information on

information should contact:

Gallery Director,

any aspect of the Designyard

De La Dentelle


25th January - 5th March.

Art Contemporain

Under the patronage of HM Queen Fabiola of Belgium,

Musee du Costume


et de la Dentelle

Tel. 01-6778453,

Rue de la Violette 6

Fax. 01-6778482.

the International Lace Biennial - Contemporary Art is organising the 6th International Lace Biennial.

Cornelia McCarthy,

B. 1000 Brussels BELGIUM

The aim of the exhibition is to encourage and promote the

The Management Committee 1994

Crafts Council Staff

Chair Mr. Cyril Forbes


Mr. Michael Feeney

Chief Executive

Ms. Suzanne May

Craft Development Officer

Mr. Michael McCrory

Administrative Officer

Mr. Rudolf Heltzel

Administrative Assistant

Dr. David Shaw-Smith

Gallery Administrator

Ms. Breda Haugh

Exhibitions Assistant

Ms. Angela Forte

Shop Assistant

The Crafts Council of Ireland Dublin Christine Ross

Sean O'Farrell Margaret Jones Catherine Jordan Mairead McAnallen

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre South William Street, Dublin 2 Tel.

0 1 6 7 9 7368



Greg McAteer Siobhan Me Donald

Ms. Eveline Greif Mr. Brendan Flood

The Crescent Workshop

Ms. Hilary Pratt

Training and Education Officer

Leslie Reed

Ms. Maureen Cairnduff

Supervisor/Information Officer

Emer Ferran

Ms. Kaethe Burt-O'Dea

Administrative Assistant


Nuala McGrath

Thomastown Pottery Skills Course Trainer

The Crescent Workshop, Castle Yard Kilkenny Tel.

056 61804 or 62734


056 63754

Gus Mabelson Designed in the Crescent Workshop

Jewellery Design and Production Skills Course Trainer

by Daragh 6 Toole

Jane Huston

All information is published in good faith but without research, so please check carefully before committing yourself to work or financial outlay Please forward all further information to Emer Ferran The copy date for the next issue is 1 lth February 1994 and the print date is 22nd February 1994


launch of Showcase Dublin in thousand jobs and over £40 excellence in design, production and target them to buy the Chairman of the Council,...


launch of Showcase Dublin in thousand jobs and over £40 excellence in design, production and target them to buy the Chairman of the Council,...