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Show details Scotland: Craft & Design presents exquisitely crafted statement pieces from 17 Scottish-based makers at Collect 2018 - the international art fair for contemporary objects. Explore this curated collection of works by well-established makers and emerging talent with unique perspectives. Meticulously designed furniture, sculptural jewellery and innovative silversmithing sits alongside striking ceramics, experimental glass and tactile tapestry. Scotland: Craft & Design is presented by Craft Scotland and supported by Emergents. Find us in Gallery 3.4 at Collect 2018 Thursday 22 – Sunday 25 February Various opening times Saatchi Gallery King’s Road London SW3 4RY Use the hashtag #scotcraftdesign for up-to-the minute information. Front cover Angus Ross / Photography by David N Anderson

Introduction by Alyn Griffiths Scotland: Craft & Design 2018 brings together a formidable line up of creative talent, showcasing diverse approaches to making that affirm Scotland’s status as a leader on the contemporary craft scene. In line with Collect’s focus on pioneering craft practices, the makers explore new directions and possibilities within their chosen fields, often manipulating familiar materials in intriguing or innovative ways. The typical Scottish traits of playfulness and humour are evident in many of the expressive works on display, which offer a 21st-century take on the narrative quality that is synonymous with craft. A progressive attitude prevalent among Scottish makers is revealed in the varied cultural references they draw on, as well as in a willingness to adopt cutting-edge technologies. However, perhaps in reaction to the increasing digitisation of contemporary culture, there is also a focus on capturing the raw, tactile beauty of nature, with Scotland’s landscape and rich history a constant source of inspiration. This presentation celebrates craft’s role as an outlet for individual and national creative expression. Reinforcing the currently buoyant state of the country’s creative community, Scotland: Craft & Design is not to be missed. Read the full article on Alyn Griffiths is a journalist based in Scotland, his work focuses on architecture, craft and design. His work has been featured in CRAFTS, Frame, Port and Icon.

Frances Priest Edinburgh Frances Priest’s work uses drawing and ceramics to explore and interpret languages of ornament from different cultures, places and periods in history. From her studio, she creates intricately detailed ceramic objects, using clay as a canvas on which to build rich surfaces of inlaid line, coloured glaze and enamel decals. Frances’ studio work is represented in collections including the National Museum of Scotland, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Frances’ work has been selected for the inaugural British Ceramics Biennale, The Wesley Barrell Craft Award 2014 and her Atlas Arts commission Patterns of Flora | Mapping Seven Raasay Habitats received a commendation in the Scottish Arts & Business Awards. +44 (0)787 963 6358

PriestFrances francesprieststudio frances_priest

Photography by Shannon Tofts

Isabelle Moore  Edinburgh Isabelle Moore is a furniture designer/maker and educator with 20 years’ experience creating functional furniture solutions. She trained at the renowned Parnham College in Dorset and has developed her practice at home, in the USA and in Australia. Conversant with cross-media materials and techniques, she is drawn to the complex problem solving demanded by chairs and seating. Her work focuses on supporting the human body as a dynamic, moving system. +44 (0)795 159 7049

Photography by the Crafts Council Jake Curtis, Hana Al Sayed

Ruth Leslie Edinburgh Ruth Leslie is inspired by the irregularities in fabrics as well as the structural forms found within textile machinery. She finely hand-twists wire to create tactile, refined objects. This workmanship results in stimulating pieces in silver, gold and titanium that contrast subtle colours with geometric forms. Creating surprisingly light and playful to wear jewellery. The development of Ruth Leslie’s new work was supported by The City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland’s Visual Arts and Crafts Makers fund. +44 (0)781 359 1741

Ruth Leslie Jewellery ruth_lessly ruth_lessly

Photography by Laura Meer

Elizabeth Jane Campbell Edinburgh The concept of balance is integral to Elizabeth Jane Campbell’s wearable statement jewellery. Through her work, Elizabeth showcases the importance and relevance of enamelling within contemporary jewellery design. Her methodical process allows her to achieve colour, pattern and texture in a formal, structured way. For materials, Elizabeth explores those not normally associated with enamelling – stone, silver, concrete and copper. Permanent collections include the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. +44 (0)750 498 5946

EJCjewellery elizabethjanecampbell ElizabethJane CampbellJewellery

Photography by the artist

Jonathan Pang Edinburgh Jonathan Pang’s approach to making focuses on clean and simple design, executed through intricate detail and complex processes in manufacturing. Jonathan works to tight tolerances to allow precisely executed designs that are both structural and visual. His passion lies in the design and making of visually striking pieces of furniture and home décor in wood and richlite; creating valued pieces that will form the focus of any home. The development of Jonathan Pang’s new work was supported through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding. +44 (0)796 730 0343


Render by artist

Choi Keeryong Edinburgh Choi Keeryong’s artistic practice has been heavily influenced by his personal cross-cultural experience of being in a state of in-betweenness as a South Korean living in Edinburgh. Glass allows him to develop a powerful artistic language reflecting his personal experience of living in a foreign country. He aims to provide a close study of the representation and consumption of objects and the ways that taste and value contribute to our understanding of the world. The development of Choi Keeryong’s new work was supported through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding. +44 (0)778 854 4088


Photography by artist

Heather McDermott  Glasgow Heather McDermott takes her inspiration from the ever-changing shoreline and landscape of Skye, the largest island in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. Stimulating scenes of flotsam and jetsam are developed and translated in her work by utilising shapes and colours. Unconventional in size and structure, each piece of contemporary jewellery is an expression of sculptural form. The industrial nature of the stainless steel is handformed into soft geometric shapes mimicking fishing nets and lobster pots. +44 (0)751 543 2039

heathermcdermottjewellery heathermcdermottjewellery heathermcdermo5

Photography by Peter McDermott

Patricia Shone Isle of Skye Patricia Shone’s work is informed by the powerful landscape around her on the Isle of Skye. The pieces are hand-built and fired using wood, gas and charcoal to give colour and density. Patterns of natural and human history are reflected in the innately human vessel forms. As the world advances in technology and everyday surfaces are increasingly synthetic, Patricia’s work challenges the viewer with the reality of nature – wild, unpackaged and visceral. +44 (0)775 6843 728

PatriciaShoneCeramics patriciashoneceramics PatriciaShone

Photography by Shannon Tofts

Heather Woof  Edinburgh Heather Woof designs and makes contemporary jewellery from her Edinburgh studio. Inspired by rhythm, pattern and movement, Heather’s designs are characterised by clean lines and sculptural forms. Each piece is handmade with a focus on detail and beautiful craftsmanship. Heather has won multiple awards for her work, including a gold award from the prestigious Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Awards 2016. She has exhibited internationally and regularly exhibits throughout the UK. +44 (0)774 997 2527

heatherwoofjewellery heatherwoofjewellery heatherwoof

Photography by James Robertson

Amanda J Simmons  Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire Manipulating mass, heat, colour and time, Amanda J Simmons creates complex, elusive glass works. Finished using cold working processes, the intense colour and pattern reacts to the surrounding light. Each kiln formed piece is made as lightweight and thin as possible, while still ensuring strength. Her current work focuses on the Scottish landscape: investigating peat formation or capturing the huge, ever-changing skyscapes and bird life of Galloway’s open spaces. +44 (0)777 768 4546

cameoengraving dahliauniverse amandasimmonsglass

Photography by the artist

Fiona Hutchison Edinburgh As an artist and teacher working predominantly in Gobelin tapestry, content is paramount in the development of Fiona Hutchison’s work. The subject is the sea - materials and medium is textile. Her current work is inspired by the ebb and flow of the tide, the ocean’s currents, whirlpools and maelstroms. While traditional techniques and craftsmanship are important, it is the idea, the vision and Fiona’s hand that define the work. +44 (0)787 745 7332

tapestrystudio114 fionahutchison5

Photography by Michael Wolchover

Kathryn Hinton Edinburgh Kathryn Hinton’s work is based on the idea of uniting hand techniques and tooling with computer aided design and digital processes. Using new technology to design and make has shaped the style of her work. Her faceted silverware is realised using 3D printing with casting and CNC milling with press forming. She uses precious metals and hardwoods to highlight the forms and surfaces within her work. +44 (0)788 079 7451

kathryn_hinton kathryn_hinton_ kathrynhintonjewellery andsilversmithing

Photography by artist

Lucy Woodley Tain Maker Lucy Woodley spent her childhood in a small Highland fishing village. Her work takes the form of small sculptural works looking at migration past and present. These thought-provoking pieces are inspired by the plight of today’s refugees. Lucy incorporates precious metals with found and reclaimed materials, turning these into something to be treasured and creating a literal link to the past through the materials. +44 (0)778 780 4984

lucywoodley1 lucywoodley

Photography by Ewen Weatherspoon

Susan O’Byrne Glasgow Susan O’Byrne’s practice is specialised in making narrative animal forms. Her unique ceramic techniques combine a childhood obsession with papier-mâché and a continuing interest in domestic craft, folk art, line drawing and collage. Her process incorporates high-temperature wire armatures with thinly-cast paper clay, veneered with a collage of printed and patterned paper porcelain. Recent work is informed by written memoirs of her great aunt and her family’s migration to Ireland from the Black Forest in the mid-1800’s. +44 (0)775 210 4623

SusanO’Byrne susan_obyrne_ceramics

Photography by Ian Marshall

Angus Ross Aberfeldy At his studio-workshop in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Angus Ross bends, moulds, sculpts and folds wood to create site-specific commissions for private clients, interior designers and public spaces. The works’ scale varies from intricate jewellery boxes to large exterior functional artworks. As a maker, Angus is inspired by wood and woodworking processes. He co-owns a local woodland, preparing the timber to create his range of limited edition and micro-batch production furniture. +44 (0)188 782 9857

AngusRossWorkshop angusrossltd angusross

Photography by David N Anderson

Joanne Thompson  Edinburgh The circle is always the starting point for Joanne Thompson’s jewellery designs. Ancient chain maille patterns are her constant inspiration and she experiments with the scale, weight, form and texture of the chains. Her jewellery is voluminous, light, tactile and durable. Joanne translates precious metals into soft forms which flow and stir with the body. Every circle is formed, soldered and finished by hand. +44 (0)797 792 1829

JoanneThompson1995 joannethompsonjewellery

Photography by Paul Gray

Harry Morgan Edinburgh Despite being composed of the same elements, glass and concrete have a conflicting relationship. Harry Morgan’s work highlights the contrasting qualities of these materials, forcing the two into one, physically improbable piece. The use of glass in Harry’s work draws inspiration from the ancient Venetian glassblowing technique, murrine, in which each thread is individually pulled by hand from a furnace. He works to apply these traditional skills in alternative directions. +44 (0)752 803 0303

hmorgan.insta harrymorganecc

Photography by Shannon Tofts

Craft Scotland Craft Scotland is the national development agency for craft. We put makers at the heart of all we do, championing diverse and high-quality contemporary craft. We help people learn about, appreciate and buy craft, promoting the contribution of craft to Scotland’s cultural, economic and social well-being. Through our exhibitions and events programmes, digital platforms and strategic partnerships, we provide leadership for the sector. We create opportunities for makers to develop their creative and business practice, and to exhibit and sell work in Scotland and beyond. Scotland has a proud history of making and its skilled makers have a well-deserved international reputation. Makers are using traditional and cutting-edge techniques across a wide range of practices including; ceramics, glass, metalwork, textiles, basketry, furniture and jewellery. Their creativity supports Scotland’s economy and its international reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship. We are a registered charity supported by Creative Scotland. Scottish charity no. SC 270245 +44 (0) 131 466 3870

craftscotland craftscotland craftscotland

Thank you Special thanks to the Scotland: Craft & Design at Collect 2018 partners, sponsors and supporters.

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Scotland: Craft & Design at Collect 2018  
Scotland: Craft & Design at Collect 2018  

Craft Scotland, supported by Emergents, presents Scotland: Craft & Design at Collect 2018. Explore the curated collection of exquisitely cra...