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ANNUAL REVIEW April 2015 - March 2016



n our first year as a Regularly Funded Organisation I would like to express my thanks to Creative Scotland for their support. It has allowed us to build on our existing activities whilst bringing new opportunities to life. Highlights include The Craft Gallery at Scotland’s Trade Fair, the inaugural Craft Scotland Prize and our biggest ever individual sale of a piece of craft. I am also pleased to report that our new advisory group is now in place. The group, primarily made up of makers, will meet once or twice a year to review our activities and comment on initiatives, challenges and opportunities in craft that we should be addressing. In this publication we celebrate successes, whilst also giving a taster of new initiatives to come in 2016/17. Behind it all is our dedicated team and enthusiastic board. My gratitude goes to each and every one of them, in particular our Director Fiona Logue.

Jacquie Edwards, Chair


n the last year we have continued to put makers at the heart of everything we do. We offered more opportunities for CPD and added new resources online.

We took our established Meet Your Maker programme to new venues to diversify our audiences and let even more people enjoy the powerful experience of craft making. As always, we collaborated with partners who have shared our vision and enthusiasm. We strengthened our ties with England, Wales and Northern Ireland through the establishment of the UK Craft Alliance. On an international stage we represented Scotland at the World Crafts Council Summit in Mons, Belgium. These activities are crucial in promoting the position of craft in Scotland within and beyond our own borders. Above all I continue to be impressed by the energy of the craft sector in Scotland. This April we will start our planning process for 2018-21 by listening to the sector at a gathering in Edinburgh – the World Craft Café. The event was initiated by the Craft Curators’ Network and will be facilitated by Roanne Dods. It will bring together makers, curators and other craft professionals to co-create a vision for craft in Scotland for the next ten years. We will be publishing the outcome of this session and I look forward to driving Craft Scotland’s contribution towards this shared vision.

Fiona Logue, Director

Cover image: Scarf by Fiona McIntosh, ceramics by Gavin Burnett and Julia Smith, cushion by Heather Shields and lampshade by Rae Anne. Picture by Alistair Clark. Image on this page by Andy Stirling Robertson (Research Trip to Pakistan).


Craft Scotland is the national agency for craft. We work to unite, inspire and champion craft through creating opportunities for makers and audiences. We lobby for craft as an essential part of our cultural, economic and social life and work in partnership with other like-minded agencies to achieve this.

There was a real supportive feel between all the participants of The Craft Gallery and I learned so much from the community of makers.”

“ “ “ “

“ “ “ “

Great line up of speakers, discussions and fast and furious making challenges today - thank you! Fab time at the conference.”

Thanks @craftscotland for great #meetthebuyer event. Highlight for me was chatting to maker of Commonwealth games outfits Jilli Blackwood!” What a week! Thanks to Craft Scotland for an inspirational Go and See trip to NYC!”

Spent my morning at the @craftscotland #EdSummerShow, beautiful work by some very talented Scottish designers & makers. Worth a visit! #craft”

Some great printing happening today @GSofA with our @craftscotland #meetyourmaker event!”

John from #Australia had a great time weaving at our #meetyourmaker event yesterday! @craftscotland @GlobalYell”

Great conference! I went away feeling inspired and informed, and it has given me the impetus to start planning for future collaborative work. Thank you!”

What a great few days with @craftscotland seeing and meeting fabulous makers, creators and organisers at @topdrawerlondon”


Projects Meet Your Maker

Our year-round Meet Your Maker programme continued its journey around Scotland with events from Shetland to Hawick. Overall we created over 60 opportunities for makers, engaging over 4000 people in craft making at 27 different events. Beyond that we extended the programme to diversify the audience. In March we partnered with Artlink Central to bring four makers to HM Prison Cornton Vale. The same month milliner Sally-Ann Provan embarked on a project at Stirling Castle – working with students from Forth Valley College.

Summer Show

With record sales in its third year, the Summer Show at White Stuff established itself as a festival favourite. A largely sunny August and busy George Street set the perfect scene for the work of 35 makers from around Scotland. Special events including a bloggers evening added to the show. Eight of the Summer Show makers were selected to take part in the Winter Show at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, in a Craft Scotland branded space in the main shop.

Craft Tourism

During the past year more than 120 makers took part in our ‘Working with Tourism’ events which were well supported by VisitScotland, Business Gateway and the National Trust for Scotland. As a result, several makers received commissions to demonstrate and sell at tourism events and to make products for corporate gifts. Groups of makers are now getting together in key tourist areas to create craft trails and experiences for visitors.

Four Corners of Craft

We were excited to partner with Etsy UK and other arts organisations from England, Wales and Northern Ireland on this exhibition for London Design Festival. A diverse and exciting selection of contemporary craft from the four corners of our country was shown at Tent London, including work by seven Scottish-based makers.

SOFA Chicago

In November we returned to Chicago’s exposition for Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art and Design. In our fourth year we presented a particularly strong collection of work by eleven makers. It was greeted with much attention and positive feedback and resulted in our biggest individual sale in the States to date – a 17 panel wall piece by mosaic artist Line Mortensen.


Images from top: Meet Your Maker, Summer Show at White Stuff, Bryony Knox video for SOFA Chicago


Once again we supported eight Scottish-based makers through the Crafts Council’s business development schemes Hothouse and Injection. We sponsored ten places on Emergents’ Growing in Confidence programme. The scheme offers inspirational and practical business advice previously only available to Highlands and Islands-based makers. We offered 28 makers mentor training - so they’re ready to support the next generation of makers. Our online community pages got an upgrade in early 2016 in pursuit of making our website a better resource for makers.


Our 2015 conference reviewed the multifaceted career of a modern maker. Over 100 delegates gathered for one day of engaging talks and workshops from a diverse line-up of designers, makers and creative thinkers. The Glasgow School of Art were our hosts for the day, and the conference was curated by Dawn Youll.

Go & See Trips

We believe research is vital when it comes to identifying the right shows to go to – our Go & See trips this year allowed seven makers to explore Top Drawer in London and eight to travel to NY NOW in New York.

Scotland’s Trade Fair

We worked with Springboard Events, the organisers of Scotland’s Trade Fair, to create a dedicated Craft Gallery within this giftware and food trade show. This was in response to feedback from makers who wanted to present their work alongside other stands of contemporary craft and from buyers who wanted to easily find work of quality. All exhibitors took orders from the show and many reported follow-up enquiries and sales since the event.

Craft Scotland Prize

For the first time in 2016 we offered a prize of £500 for a piece of outstanding design and craftsmanship exhibited at the Visual Arts Scotland exhibition, CONVERGE. The inaugural Craft Scotland Prize was awarded to Polly Collins for her piece ‘Slow Dining’. We couldn’t have hoped for a better platform to launch the prize – the quality of making across the applied arts on show spoke for itself.

Research Trip to Pakistan

Working in partnership with the British Council, Fiona Logue went out to Lahore on a scoping visit in March. The purpose of the trip was to explore the potential for a residency programme. She was accompanied by textile artists Andy Stirling Robertson, Jennifer Kent and curator Stacey Hunter. The group was introduced to local craft businesses, craft organisations and the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. A full evaluation of the visit and a proposal on how to approach the residency programme is in development.

Images from top: Carrie Fertig at SOFA Chicago, Polly Collins winner of Craft Scotland Prize, Scotland’s Trade Fair


Making an impact Ceramicist Michelle Young-Hares on her involvement with the Craft Tourism project: I became involved with Craft Tourism two years ago when I attended a seminar designed to discuss how craft makers and individuals from the tourism industry could work together. As a concept it became glaringly obvious that there was a gap needing to be bridged between the corporate needs and the bespoke experience to be gained from individual craft makers. Firstly this made me quantify exactly what I had to offer, to see the benefits and specialities and turn that into a package that the industry can access. Even the idea that the industry was looking for this type of product was new to me. Craft Scotland then organised an event at Dovecot Studios where I was able to showcase my work and talk to companies directly. So far I have been involved with two travel operators. I ran a workshop for a group of American tourists who have since ordered multiples of my work and spread the word amongst their friends. For the other company I fulfilled a large wholesale order of corporate gifts and also did a pottery wheel demonstration at Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh. It can be hard to quantify how useful networking can be. Sometimes things can take a while to percolate through the system, but I have made some very useful connections in the last couple of years and become aware of a market niche. I have developed a product (range of ceramics) that is very well received and has taken my business into a new level of profitability and stability. I have learnt so many new skills whilst feeling incredibly supported by Craft Scotland and Sheena Kitchin in particular.


I have learnt so many new skills whilst feeling incredibly supported by Craft Scotland�


Joan Fraser (Fraser Knitwear) on her participation in the new dedicated Craft Gallery at Scotland’s Trade Fair Spring: This was to be my first trade show and as soon as I’d booked it I wondered whether I really should have! I’d be flying down from Shetland and could only bring what I could carry. I worried that this limitation, combined with my lack of experience, would be only too evident in my stand. I called Craft Scotland who gave me sound advice on logistics, expectations and preparation. They even offered the loan of a table.  At the show itself the Craft Scotland team were approachable and helpful, sharing a wealth of experience and connections. They brought buyers around the stands and made introductions.   The show has benefitted my business in several ways:   1. I gained several new stockists, including exclusive galleries and boutiques. 2. I was honoured to win Best Product Award in Clothing & Textiles. This attracted buyers and continues to support promotion. 3. Another immediate result has been the enhancement of my own skills and expertise. I’ve learnt much in a short time – from product display and stand dressing to talking to buyers and representing my business. 4. Also of great value was information received from buyers. I gained an insight into their priorities, and their feedback informs my work. 5. I’ve also learnt the importance of face-to-face marketing - just getting a product out there so that buyers can pick it up, feel the quality and ask questions. Due to geographical isolation and constraints on time and money, small rural businesses can have an overreliance on distance marketing and online promotion. I’m now convinced there is no substitute for a good trade show, where buyers can take their time in sourcing stock. 6. Last but not least, I met some great people and made good lasting contacts.

I gained several new stockists, including exclusive galleries and boutiques”



Adam Henderson

Eileen Gatt

Jennifer Gray

Adam Robertson Falk

Eleanor Symms

Jennifer Kent

Ala Mairi

Elin Isaksson

Jenny McHardy

Alan Aitchison

Ellie Hodesdon

Jess Erb

Alan Baillie

Emma Henderson

Jessamy Kelly

All About Willow

Emma Noble

Jessica Howarth

Amy Britton

Esme Parsons

Jilli Blackwood

Anaïs Paulard

Esther Cohen

Jo Pudelko

Andrea Walsh

Eunice De Pascali

Jo Walker

Andy Stirling Robertson

Euphrosyne Andrews

Joan Johnson

Angus Clyne

Filipa Oliveira

Joanne B Kaar

Angus Ross

Fiona Daly

Joanne Baker

Ann Stephen

Fiona McIntosh

Joanne Garner

Anne Marquiss

Fiona Thompson

Joanne MacFadyen

Annie Lacey

Frances Priest

Joanne Thompson

Aubin Stewart

Frances Teckkam

Jode Pankhurst

Badger and Baird

Fraser Knitwear

Jonathan Boyd

Barbara Macleod

Gabrielle Reith

Juli Bolaños-Durman

Bärbel Dister

Gavin Burnett

Julia Complin

Beth Lamont

Genna Delaney

Julia Smith

Beth Spowart

Geoff Calder

Julian Jardine

Bonnie Bling

Gillian Cooper

Karen Mabon

Braw Scotland

Gilly Langton

Kate Colin

Bryony Knox

Grainne Morton

Kate Pickering

Cally Booker

Hannah Frew Paterson

Kathryn Hinton

Camilla Garrett- Jones

Heather Andrews

Kathryn Williamson

Camille Dressler

Heather McDermott

Kelly Munro

Caroline Finlay

Heather Potten

Kirsty Jean Brabin

Carrie Fertig

Heather Shields

Lara Scobie

Catherine Aitken

Hilda Ibrahim

Laura Murray

Catherine MacGruer

Iona Barker

Laura Spring

Charonne Ruth

Isabelle Moore

Libby Galli

Cheryl Jamieson

James Donald

Lillian Docherty-Wightman

Christina Hirst

James Rigler

Linda Gardner

Christine Flynn

Jane Gowans

Linda Lovatt

Claire Heminsley

Jane Kelly

Linda McKeen

Clare Wilson

Jane Wilkinson

Lindsay Roberts

Dawn Youll

JaneR Designs

Line Mortensen

Deirdre Nelson

Janis Embleton

Lisa Arnott

Diggory Brown

Jennifer Cantwell

Lisa Rothwell-Young

Liz Gaffney

Rhona McCallum

Lorna Fraser

Roberta Pederzoli

Louise Nadin

Rosie Kimber

Mags Gray

Ruth Hollywood

Maike Browning

Ryan Hannigan

Marion Foster

Sally-Ann Provan

Marion Marshal

Sarah Hutchison

Melanie Muir

Sarah Jacobs

Merlin Planterose

Scarlett Cohen French

Michael James Hunter

Sharon Bainbridge

Michelle Young-Hares

Sheila McDonald

Mina Rusk

Sian Patterson

Mischke Lingerie

Simon Ward

Moira Ferguson


Morag Macpherson

Susan O’Byrne

Morna Darling

Sylwia Kolasowski

Moyra Stewart

Teena Gould

Myer Halliday

The Canny Squirrel

Nicola Turnbull

The Store Hus

Niki Fulton

Thomas Hopkins Gibson

Nina Falk

Tina Alexandra MacLeod

Olive Pearson Designs

Tracy Markey

Patricia Niemann

Val Burns

Paul Szeiler

Vanessa Bullick

Rachel Blair

Warped Textiles

Rachel Hammerton

Wonky Woolies

Rae Anne Sutherland

Wood & Walker


Yana Kolmogorova

Rebecca Sarah Black

Yvette Hunwick


Thank you for being part of our 2015/16 programme 9

What’s next 2016/17 is set to be an exciting year for Craft Scotland – we will build on our successful activities whilst pursuing new opportunities. Our Meet Your Maker programme will take a thematic approach as it forms part of the official programme for the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design (supported through Event Scotland). Our Summer Show, a firm favourite with locals and festival visitors alike, will make its return to Edinburgh this August. In a new initiative we will be partnering with Emergents this September to present a country showcase of Scottish craft at Tent London, part of the London Design Festival – one of the world’s most important annual design events. Our conference will take place in Dundee on 7 October 2016 with an inspiring programme curated by Kristi Vana. Finally, we are excited to share that the American Craft Council has invited us to be the guest country for their Baltimore show in early 2017. To keep in the loop with our full programme, visit our website, connect with us on social media and sign up to our monthly newsletters.

the team at Craft Scotland Website & Contact details 15 Coburg Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6ET +44(0)131 466 3870 hello@craftscotland.org www.craftscotland.org

Making Connections, Creating Opportunities Staff: Fiona Logue, Director | Gill Ramsay, Bookkeeper | Jenni Colquhoun, Marketing Officer | Jo Scott, Project Manager | Julia Ossenbruegge, Marketing Manager | Kerstie Barr, PA/Office Coordinator | Natasha McLaughlin, Project Assistant | Sheena Kitchin, Craft Tourism Manager Board: Jacquie Edwards, Chair | Catherine Holden | Ginnie Atkinson | Leah Black (joined July 2015) | Liz Williamson (joined May 2015) | Mary Michel | Sue Pirnie (joined May 2015) We thank the following board members who retired in 2015/16: Craig Chatwin and Deirdre Robertson. Advisory Group: Elke Westen | Geoffrey Mann | Jonathan Rose | Karen-Ann Dicken | Karlyn Sutherland | Melanie Muir | Morag Macpherson | Stephen Bottomley Craft Scotland is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in Scotland no. SC270245. Registered Scottish Charity no. SC039491.


With thanks Trusts

Austin & Hope Pilkington Trust Garfield Weston Foundation Leach Family Charitable Trust Martin Connell Charitable Trust Sir Iain Stewart Foundation The Binks Trust The JTH Trust The Moffat Charitable Trust The Thistle Trust The Thistledown Trust

Programme/Venue Partners and Supporters Applied Arts Scotland Artlink Central British Council Business Gateway in Argyll and Arran City of Glasgow College Crafts Council UK Creative Carbon Scotland Edinburgh International Book Festival Emergents Etsy UK Fife Contemporary Art & Craft Motel One Edinburgh National Trust for Scotland National Museums Scotland The Glasgow School of Art Scottish Destination Management Association Scotland’s Trade Fair Summerhall TV The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle University of Dundee VisitScotland White Stuff Edinburgh

Meet Your Maker Venues

An Talla Solais Bonhoga Gallery Borders Textile Towerhouse CeĂ rd Dundee Contemporary Arts Dunoon Burgh Hall Edinburgh Zoo Global Yell Incorporation of Goldsmiths Look Again Festival Scottish Potters Association Stirling Castle (Historic Environment Scotland) The Glasgow School of Art Shop Timespan Craft Scotland is the National Representative on the World Crafts Council Europe. We are also members of Culture Counts (www.culturecounts.scot), Culture Republic (www.culturerepublic.co.uk) and Arts & Business Scotland (www.aandbscotland.org.uk)


15 Coburg Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6ET +44(0)131 466 3870

Find out more about what we do www.craftscotland.org Facebook “f ” Logo


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Profile for Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland - Annual Review 2015/16  

Craft Scotland is a registered Scottish charity and the national agency for craft. Find out about the projects Craft Scotland have worked o...

Craft Scotland - Annual Review 2015/16  

Craft Scotland is a registered Scottish charity and the national agency for craft. Find out about the projects Craft Scotland have worked o...


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